I Am From..

Lindsey Burton

I am from God, my creator, my father, my holy inspiration.

I am from life, it gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I am from a split family, where everything around me is back and forth.

I am from living, and always to the fullest.

I am from puzzle pieces, of the ones that I am closest to.

I am from music, country, rock, Christian, and a little rap.

I am from love, the kind that gives you butterflies.

I am from friends, we are here for each other, always, forever, until the end.

I am from driven, hard work, it will always pay off.

I am from family, surrounding me with love, care, and happiness.

I am from being strong, on occasion I fall, and become fragile.

I am from myself, an outgoing, devoted, and sociable, kind of gal.