Impact of Westernization on Indian Culturef

Indian Culture, which is one of the oldest & richest cultures, is now days posing a serious threat as western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping the Indian culture. It had already made its presence in Metro’s & now slowly heading towards other parts of India. Westernization has greatly effected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others. The concept of joint families is fastly decreasing every one wants to remain aloof from others. No body now bother about others and only cares about himself which is totally contradictory to our Indian culture which teaches to be a part of each other Joy’s and Sorrows to celebrate the moments together and share the grief together. Slowly all our values for which India has the pride is vanishing & western culture is taking its place. People are blindly following the western culture without knowing its consequences. Westernization has given rise to single families. Marriages are fastly breaking & our tolerance and patience has given the answer. The most effected are our new blooms, which have sprouted they find themselves stressed and isolated in this new atmosphere as there is no one to take care of them. They will not get the care and love of their Grand parents and they find themselves in crutches were some others will take care of them. It is very unfortunate that the new sprouts remain untouched and cut off from our moral values and sanskaras. In today’s Scenario were both husband & wife are working there is no one at home to look after them to inherit the sanskaras in them as our elders who gives these sanskaras to their grand children are not with them. To many cases it is not deliberate but in majority of case the children prefers to remain away from their parents which is very unfortunate.

traditions & their roots. People are only seeing money as necessity and for the same they do any thing. It is understandable that India is growing in every field and there is necessity of knowing all the cultures and their traditions. It is shocking to see that Indians are forgetting their culture and western people are seeing India for obtaining salvation. There is no harm in giving the knowledge of other cultures and traditions as Indians have made their presence in every part of world and it is very necessary that we should have knowledge of their culture. It is very unfortunate that today’s generation has very little knowledge about their culture. We have to preserve our identity. They are coming here for seeking the true peace. which is very shocking.There’s no harm in taking good things from western but this does not mean that we should completely adopt it and pretend to be western and misrepresent our identity. traditions and their language. India has earned a good name in the field of Yoga and meditation were our gurus are giving teachings to western countries how to relax themselves & how to keep themselves away from disease were in India it is contradictory to it. Children are brought up in this atmosphere. Contradictory to it Parents feel proud in giving the western Sanskaras to their children. This is not their mistake but the mistake of their parents who does not enlighten their children about their roots about their rich cultural heritage. To some extent it is fine but we should not pretend that we dislike the Indian values and likes only western culture. which is total absent there. which is really needed. One thing should be always kept in mind that western world is looking India for its honesty and its rich Cultural heritage. They are thus kept miles away from Indian culture. We should do but to the limit. It is the responsibility of parents to inherit the same and for this it is very . and also take care that our new sprouts are well versed with Indian culture and its values.

We should feel proud that we are Indian s and we have such a rich cultural heritage which is very rare and should carry this forward and inherit the same to our New blooms who r going to be our future. . To live in this comptetive world we have to make our self compatible to adopt the changing life style if it seems to be very comfortable. But we Indians follow these rules & regulations in their country but forget to implement in our country. Since India has the tradition to take good things from others but this does not mean that we will completely forget our values. We people usually underestimate our country and overestimate foreign countries.necessary that parents should also be well versed with Indian culture and traditions. Usually we prefer to buy foreign products from perfume to car bcos we think those products were more quality than ours. No doubt the western culture is versatile and has taught to be selfindependent but this does not mean that we will forget our culture at all and blindly follow it. Views of people: 1. Yah. The effect of Western culture in Indian youth can be seen in most of the actives as dressing. the way of moving with others and even western dance has gained its popularity among Indian youth. It has its own positive & negative side. the effect of western culture has changed Indian youth a lot. So. food habits. it is in the hand of Indian youth to suck only the needed things from the western culture and leave the waste that is not needed. There is something to learn from the foreigners as keeping the environment clean & not to throw the waste on the roadside. And in this mechanical world we r slowly forgetting our traditional culture which may not be known to our future generation.

They choose a method that is quite easy. If we citizens are able to adapt easily to the western wear why can’t we follow the same culture in maintaining the quality product.2. In my opinion the western culture has influenced us in many good ways like they have made us move along with the world. What I suggest is to get to know about the western culture but that should not affect OUR INDIAN CULTURE in a bad way. 3. in joint family he has to adjust with everybody but in the case of nuclear family he is free bird with less responsibility. get to know about their mannerism and neatness of the surroundings. enjoying lifegiving freedom for women and giving an equal respect to others. But no one is interested to develop the same concept and Technology in India. to follow their dress codes it’s our understanding of it. Yes we all know that Western Culture is affecting Indian Youth. People always take things for granted. 4.g. Wearing Jeans and minis is not enough to acquire the western culture. For e. Western culture has never said to go to bars. which . HI. I think one is good enough to decide which is good or bad. One thing we have see when a person in saw industry can produce a errorless code why cant he make a country a clean free. Many of us think that if one is influenced by western culture its not that you have to forget your culture. but most of them are interested to know about the latest trends and la test brands of clothes and cars released in to the western market. If you are really interested in getting addicted to the Western culture. The culture always lies in citizens.

In pubs both men and women are in drastic stage. minis. Instead of taking bad things of it let us take good things out of it like their communication skills. How there is head and tail for a coin. t-shirts. it is the thing to be strictly punished. micros.. AND MINIS ETC. And there r many things to be taken from the western culture. it bringing us with the fast moving world. etc. there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth. 5. now the Indian youth moving with jeans. THERE HAS BEEN AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF EFFECT OF WESTERN CULTURE ON US.OUR YOUNG GIRLS ARE WEARING SKIRTS. What I want to say nobody can be forced to do things unless he wants to. BUT ON THE FLIPPER SIDE THE WAYS OF LIVING HAS BEEN GREATLY ENHANCED WHICH IS GOOD FOR SUCCESS AND GROWTH OF THE COUNTRY AND HELPFUL FOR IT IN HEADING TOWARDS SUPER POWER AHEAD OF USA.SPECIALLY ON DRESSES IT HAS MADE ADVERSE EFFECTS. here we can proud of that western culture. In past in India men were our traditional dresses. it should be punished. ATTIRE AND WAY OF LIVING OF CITIZENS. But when we consider the pubs. WHICH EXCITES THE BOYS LEADING TO SOME SERIOUS CRIMES SUCH AS RAPE ETC.makes it good or bad. but now it is entirely changed. their technology etc. SO IT IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR CULTURE. MICROS. IT CAN BE EASILY FELT BY THE FOOD. by taking drugs. SO I FEEL THAT IT HAS BOTH GOOD AND BAD EFFECTS . And we need to felt sorry for that. 6.

called ‘modern’. Secondly.7. We’ve now become a copy – cat to all other nations and we may lose our individuality. we want another image. India is not an imposter to other nations. So how did we get part of their culture over here. it never has been. Joint family tradition. But the cultural legacy that we are showing to the whole world is becoming a thing of history in metropolitan cities.traditional country. If you have ever thought of that. we don’t want to be the olden – day . but will if the people of today continue to do everything they see on cable TV. erase that thought because the image we’ve got planted in our minds is terribly wrong. Mere mention of the word 'India' signifies a place of cultural heritage as well as diversity. counseling. through electronic media that everyone wants to be just like them. I Strongly believe that there is a substantial influence of western culture on Indian youths. On one side we enjoy our so-called rich culture and really admire it but on the other side we find discotheques full of young guys and girls. We don’t want to look like imposters to all other well – developed countries. Individualization has broken up the joint family system. you ask. Youth of today is more interested in their privacy rather than enjoying their lives with others. The reason is because. one of the biggest assets of India is now vanishing under the shadow of the so-called western culture. This stage is the most vulnerable period of life where the youth need guidance. Nuclear families are taking place of many years' old values. education and care by parents. paving way for the youth to fall prey to drug addiction. even in the 21st century. which still hasn’t become the so . their culture has become over popularized here. . Because of that India has lost her identity from all other countries.

with no such problems. I’m not saying that India should stop everything they’ve learnt from western countries. so that we could have a future in our own way.why can’t we be our own as well? . for the people who fought for us.India is an independent country now and has been for a while. Everyone is his or her own countryman . which we’re not. for India to keep her dignity and to be a leader to other countries. we the people of today must be our own country and not be some other country. So. which we are not used to. but to have some individuality from other nations and to set an example to the other 3rd world countries and give out the message that there are other nations to set an example on. not with any other way. The reason behind that is because our ancestors fought for us.

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