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Looking at the World Through the Eyes of the Unknown

Looking at the World Through the Eyes of the Unknown

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Published by: sally126 on Aug 30, 2011
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Tanieka Brown English prepatory 098 Rough draft Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Looking at the world through the

eyes of the unknown

Someone that made an unexpended difference in my life was my uncle tony. He taught me bad things happen to good people and that life is short so we should live everyday like it s our last. I grew up around a lot of my family and I loved each and every one of them, but to e my uncle tony was my favorite. Even though my father was around when i was a child my uncle was my father figure. He taught me about life. About how not everyone gets the things they want unless they work for it. My uncle was a blessed man. When he was young her got shot in the back which caused him to become a paraplegic, but that didn t stop him. He was still an upbeat person even in a wheelchair. I spent many more years learning from my uncle. I was a naive girl with no worries when my mother decided to move us to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was really sad that I was going to leave my uncle. When it came time for us to leave I was devastated. No one could get me to talk to my mother the entire trip (which took 2 ½ days) to Vegas. I started the fourth grade that same year. I went through school like any other kid with lots of friends. My freshman year I came home from school with my older sister when my mother told us that she had to talk to us. My sister and I listened very closely, because when she has to talk to us it s normally important. She told us uncle tony had died. I wouldn t believe it no matter what people said. He had gotten really sick. She said she was going to send us up there by bus. When we got there everyone was glad to see us. A t the wake I promised that I wouldn t cry. I walked up to the casket and he looked like he was sleeping but I knew better he was dead. I gave him a kiss and sat down in my seat. My father started talking and I started crying I don t remember what he said but it hit me hard. After the burial we went home, and while on the bus I decided that I would live life everyday to the fullest for my uncle whose life was cut short.

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