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CE Info Systems (P) Ltd.
By: Dhruv Bansal IB10 8267 PGDM B (10-12)

VT2. is India's leader in premium quality digital map data and consumer navigation services.Company founded in 1992. Bx100 . X67. Since 1994.S650. S550. through continuous field surveys and state-ofthe-art mapping technology. 2-Din. Vx240.VT1.Bx200. Lx130. accurate. Vx140. the most comprehensive. oGPS Devices. robust and reliable navigable map dataset for all India. the company has built its proprietary MapmyIndia Maps. Trailblazer oVehicle Tracking Devices. VT3 oIn Dash devices.


in B2B segment it deals with the different fleet owners and the many logistics. . Primary objective of project was the sales for VTS devices in the B2B and B2C segment of consumers. transporting enterprises etc. Secondary Objective was to promote to Vehicle tracking system in the market and get market aware about the product and its distinct features from other pre existing service providers.This project deals with Sales of new segment of the company which is the tracking system devices of company.

com owww. owww.com Consider the end user .justdial.tradeindia.com owww.Collection and short listing of customer contact details from different sources like.indiamart.


oMaps oPrice oSize oCoverage oDevice handling oAccuracy oAdditional features oTouch sensibility oVoice guided assistance oAfter sale service Or updation .Factor Analysis consider different variables like.

1 % .The major factors influencing consumer preferences- The % total variance in the data explained by the abstracted factors cumulativelyo69.

2. 4. device handling Label each factor based on their dominant characteristicsF1-Accessiblity F2-Accuracy F3-Value for money F4-User friendly . additional features Size. 3. touch sensibility Accuracy Price. Maps.Determine the major constituents attributes of each factor(by rotated component matrix) 1.

27 % Vehicle Tracking Market Navigation Market 73 % .

oGeotrackers Mobile Resource Management (P) Ltd. oProcall Pvt Ltd oDigitrack .

o Price should be more competitive. o Trial facility shall be provide to customer. o Include the customization availability. o Increase the battery output for longer standby period. . o Touch sensibility should be improve.

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