The People’s Princess

Born on July 1st 1961 into the life of the rich and the royal Diana Frances Spencer had the perfect life But now as we see Her childhood was not as fabulous at it was thought to be Her parents were divorced at the age of six And a year later she was sent away to boarding school But her guinea pig, peanuts, kept her from being home sick She was very athletic but when it came to academics, she was considered a fool On February 24, 1981 Diana and Princess Charles engagement was official She had a custom made dress and picked out a £30,000 ring And on July 29, 1981, she arrived in a glass carriage at St Paul's Cathedral And was titled as a “Fairy Tale Wedding” On June 21, 1982, the first son, William, was born Diana took William, still a baby, on an over sea visit to Australia and New Zealand On September 15, 1984, the 2nd son, Harry, was born Diana kelp the gender of harry a secret from everyone including her husband Princess Diana helped those who society wanted to lock up and throw away the key She visited people with Aids and HIV During a time when people believed it could be caught by touch She visited them and shuck their hands and got people to see That they are nothing to be afraid of that they are just like you and me She supported causes such as Leprosy and homeless She supported Birthright, The Aged, and The Red Cross Her interaction with the forgotten people opened the eyes and the heat or the world And changed the way society looked at these people Princess Diana and Prince Charles were accused of cheating And the queen suggested a divorce And after many conversations, they got a divorce of course The problem was because Prince Charles married for royalty not love

If I could ask Princess Diana a question I would ask her is the reason why you became over and beyond charitable Because you desired love and affection but you married a man who didn’t so you got it threw the people you helped? Prince Diana was in a tragic car crash on August 31, 1997 She died at the hospital and went to heaven The world had been with her threw everything in her life And they mourned with her family over her death