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Summit Global Sustainability Case Study

Summit Global Sustainability Case Study

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Published by Rose Brewer Shaver

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Published by: Rose Brewer Shaver on Aug 30, 2011
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Global Sustainability

Case Study
Sustainability Requires Global Leadership: Executing a plan for reducing
a company’s carbon emissions on a global scale is an ambitious task, and one that must be evaluated carefully. This requires not only a corporate push on sustainability but also market knowledge of sustainability options in various countries. SITUATION Summit Energy client and leading global manufacturer* knew that in order to remain competitive in the marketplace, they needed to expand their sustainability initiatives globally. The client began the process by initiating a corporate-wide directive to reduce energy costs as well as carbon emissions. Across the pond, a sustainability strategy already existed in response to the changing laws in Europe. However, the same strategy could not simply be copied for use in the U.S. and Summit’s client needed both strategies to work together for a successful global approach to sustainability. LEADERSHIP Summit led its client’s team through a process to hone and clarify their sustainability goals for North America. Summit facilitated a Sustainability Exchange to prioritize objectives and develop actionable steps. During the exchange, the client’s desire to implement a progressive program as well as Summit’s knowledge and experience in a global sustainability market led to a successful outcome. RESULTS With the client’s energy data at hand, Summit led its client to develop a targeted set of action items. Summit quantified the level of investment needed from the client at the corporate level as well as provided options for savings possibilities related to initiatives reducing consumption. The Exchange formalized a plan to meet the client’s global carbon reduction goal of a 5% reduction, year over year, for 5 years - an ambitious goal. The sustainability strategy that was implemented in North America integrated well with the client’s European strategy. These complimentary strategies refined the client’s overall global approach to sustainability and have now placed the client at a competitive advantage in the European and global market where progressive environmental initiatives reign.
“Today, with evolving pressure and changing legislation, carbon management is now a competitive advantage; it’s what our distributors want. Summit has led our facilities in North America to achieve our sustainability goals.” - CEO, North America

* For strategic reasons, client wished not to be identified.

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