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The Reveal

The Reveal

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Published by Rose Locke

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Published by: Rose Locke on Aug 30, 2011
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THE REVEAL by CL Casting

INT. BATHROOM OF RANDOM ATLANTA BAR – NIGHT We see two girls chatting in a bathroom. ROSE (30’s), a lovable, vivacious, (voluptuous =), chuck-wearing extrovert, is bent down trying to desperately get the double knot out of her Chucks. She is speaking with JAMIE LYNN (20’s), a doe-eyed girl with hippie-length hair, tiny but fiery, she has never once been spotted without a cup of coffee in one hand and her cell phone in the other. Tonight is no different. ROSE LOCKE Hey Jamie, Have you heard about this new casting company everyone's talking about… CL-JAMIE LYNN CATRETT Casting? Yeah… but no one knows who it is or what they're casting. Theories? Jamie gulps down more of her coffee. She is interested to hear what Rose has come up with. ROSE LOCKE What's that artsy newspaper in town… Creative… L something? That's got to be it!! Rose is getting increasingly frustrated with her shoe string that just broke. JAMIE LYNN CATRETT GET NEW SHOES, Rose! And no way! Doesn't make any sense. Bet you twenty the C is someone's last name. ROSE LOCKE I already have 27 other PAIRS of Chucks, Jamie. I don't need new shoes, I need new shoe laces. And if that's true, then who's the L? Both girls raise their eyebrows at the same time. They love a good conspiracy theory. Jamie drinks more coffee. Just then, we pan to KELLI WILCOXEN, a level-headed, former nurse that dates a burlesque magician. She is banging on the hand dryer to try to stop it from blowing non-stop. Some kid had obviously flipped the air to go the wrong way

KELLI WILCOXEN Who knows? Who Cares? Giving up, Kelly grabs a hand towel. KELLI WILCOXEN (CONT'D) I bet they're a scam. I mean, no one's ever heard of them, right? We notice, for the first time, ASHLEY MARIE, a tall, gorgeous model that is putting her lip gloss on in the mirror. Cue dreamy lights and slow motion. The camera pans up long legs as we reveal her hair being gently blown by the hair dryer that was agitating Kelly. Ashley walks sassily to the other girls. ASHLEY MARIE Well.. Maybe they're from LA, and that's why you've never heard of them. Ever think of that? All I know is I'm going to submit .. TONIGHT. Your loss if you don't. Ashley turns back around and poses herself in front of the hand dryer. Magically, Rose, Jamie and Kelly are caught in some sort of Ashley-trance, not blinking. How does her hair do that, they wonder? Only Jamie dares to take a sip of coffee. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise and the camera turns quickly to reveal SEANIE ZAPPENDORF (41) Asian female. She hasn't aged in twenty years and always means business. She has been listening in a nearby bathroom stall, and she looks mad. All of the girls freeze, including Ashley. Seanie snatches Jamie's coffee and throws it in the trash; she pounds on the hand dryer and it stops blowing. Rose stuffs her shoe strings into her chucks, and stands up quickly. Ashley hides her lip gloss behind her back. SEANIE ZAPPENDORF (In broken English) CUT THE CRAP. YOU NOT FOOLING ANYONE! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU NOT FROM LA!! YOU FROM ATLANTA!!

Everyone turns to look at Rose and Jamie. Seanie storms out. SLAM TO BLACK From the darkness we hear Seanie yelling. SEANIE ZAPPENDORF (In broken English) AND WHY YOU DRINKING COFFEE IN THE BATHROOM?? TO BE CONT'D..

Introducing Catrett Locke Casting Company We look forward to working with you all very soon. In order of appearance, we bring you the ladies behind CL Casting - Casting Directors Rose Locke and Jamie Lynn Catrett, and our wonderful assistants Kelly Wilcoxen, Ashley Marie, and Seanie Zappendorf CL CASTING… because we love to make movies.

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