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Rules 2011-2012 (Last Modified 2011 August)

Rules 2011-2012 (Last Modified 2011 August)

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Published by: Hyelim Moon on Aug 31, 2011
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(1) It is obligatory for all applicants to pass an Entrance Examination consisting
of two parts. The first is a written multiple choice test, consisting of 3 subjects
(Biology, Physics and Chemistry). The second is an oral part, in which the
applicant must show proficiency in English and takes an exam in Biology and
in a chosen optional subject, in front of a committee with at least 2 members.
All applicants are required to have preliminary studies of at least one High
School semester in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, completed.

Successful applicants will gain admission either to the first year of Medicine,
Dentistry or Pharmacy Programs, or to the Basic Medicine Course.

(2) Students must declare in which main program they intend to study before
taking the entrance examination and there is no possibility for transfer
between the programs
after admission (even to the BMC program). There is,
however, one exception from this rule: transfer between the Faculty of



Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry may be permitted within one month after
registration for the BMC; a fee of USD 1500 (One Thousand and Five
Hundred) must be paid by the student for such a transfer,
and at most
20% of the students may take advantage of this exception. The entrance
examination cannot be retaken in the same year. The entrance examination is
aimed to assess the applicant‘s knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
It is also the purpose of the interview to test the applicant's ability to
demonstrate proficiency in English depending upon the fee-paying program to
which the applicant is going to be admitted. The interview will also assess the
applicant's general ability and commitment to study Medicine, Dentistry or
Pharmacy at the University of Debrecen. Transfer students must also sit for
an interview
in order to assess their general ability and commitment to study
Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy at the University of Debrecen.

(3) Evaluation of the Entrance Examination:

If the result of the applicant‘s written exam is under 40%, the applicant can

only be admitted to the Basic Medicine Course on the basis of their oral exam
results. (Even if the oral exam results would allow admission to the first year.)
Applicants may achieve up to one hundred points for each subject and up to
one hundred additional points for their language knowledge at the oral
examination. The maximum score of the oral examination is 300 points.
Minimum scores required to be admitted to the first year of Medicine,
Dentistry or Pharmacy Programs is 240, to the Basic Medicine Course 150.

(4) The Admission Committee generally consists of a chairperson and
independent examiners representing the scientific disciplines Biology,
Chemistry and Physics, appointed by the Director of the English Program
with the consent of the Dean of the Medical Faculty supervising the English

(5) Applicants are required to pay Application Processing and Entrance
Examination/Interview fees. Payment of the fees must be received by the
University before the interview in order to allow an applicant to sit for the
Entrance Examination/Interview. Proof(s) of the payment of the fees should
accompany the registration and personal documents sent to the International
Education Center, University of Debrecen in order to expedite registration for
the Entrance Examination.



The following documents are required to be submitted:

- Certificate of Education (High School Diploma or Document of
Graduation, any University/College Diplomas or Certificates);
- Documentation of citizenship and/or permanent residence;
- In case of applicants whose first language is not English, proof of English
language proficiency
- Payment can be made in the form of bank transfer, certified check or
bank draft
to be paid to the University of Debrecen, Medical and
Health Science Center. Personal checks are not accepted. Payment
must be made in United States currency. The University undertakes no
responsibility for paying bank charges on received amounts, therefore
all bank charges must be paid by the applicants/students at the time
of the initiation of the transfer. To assure proper identification of
payments, the name of the applicant should be fully and accurately
stated on all certified checks and bank drafts.

(6) The Entrance Examination will take place in Debrecen or at Recognized
Examination Centers in designated foreign countries.

(7) Applicants may be admitted to the Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy
Programs of the University without an entrance examination on the basis of
the following degrees or studies: B.Sc. degrees in natural science subjects or
having studied biology, physics and chemistry at internationally recognized
and listed foreign Colleges or Universities teaching in English language;
International Baccalaureate diploma with at least a higher level and a
subsidiary level exam in two of the entrance examination subjects (Biology,
Physics and Chemistry) from a secondary school teaching in English language
or having studied English as Language A1 in an IB (International
Baccalaureate Organization, Switzerland) school. The diplomas must be sent
for inspection to the International Education Center prior to the examination.
Applicants may be admitted to the Basic Medicine Course without an
entrance examination on the basis of the following results and diplomas: High
school diploma from an accredited secondary school teaching in English
language, a total score of at least 840 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or
a composite score of 17 or above on the American College Testing Program
(ACT) and/or minimum two A level examinations from Biology, Chemistry
and Physics. For applicants whose first language is not English, proof of



English language proficiency is required: a minimum score of 600 on the Test
of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or an A or B level Cambridge
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). The possibilities of being
admitted to the Medical School listed under the present paragraph are
equivalent to the successful completion of the entrance examination. For all
students who are admitted into the English Program without an entrance
examination a personal interview is required before registration. During the
interview the applicant must prove his/her scientific background at the level
corresponding to his/her diploma, as well as English proficiency. Similar
interview is required if the applicant is accepted on the basis of previous
studies. The deadline to submit requests for exemption from the entrance
examination is the 31st


Students who are admitted to the English program of the Medical and Health
Science Center at the University of Debrecen can start their studies in the
academic year specified in the Letter of Acceptance. The applicants can
request to postpone their studies for a maximum of one year in written form
within one month after the entrance examination, paying 1000 USD seat
reservation fee. If the student fails to register to the University within the
given period, he/she can only start his/her studies after successfully passing a
new entrance exam and completing the payment and other terms and
conditions specified in the new Letter of Acceptance.
The Letter of Acceptance is valid only for the Academic Year it is issued.


Students with previous studies in another medical school can only request for
transfer to the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center at
the beginning of the Academic Year (the deadline to submit transfer requests is

June). After completing one or more years one may restart another
program in another faculty after retaking the entrance examination. One cannot
restart his/her studies on the same faculty. Transfer students must pay their
tuition fee in one instalment before registration. EC appoints a Permanent
Committee to deal with the acceptance of transfer students into the English
Program from other educational institutes. Transfers may only be accepted
from internationally recognized universities based on the decision of the
special committee of the EC. Registration



International students must register personally at the International Education
Center and the Education Office at the beginning of each semester and present all
of the requested documents (e.g. original school documents, 4 passport photos
etc). Students must register with the University via NEPTUN - the electronic
academic system - by the beginning of each semester. Registration becomes valid
when endorsed by the EO. The EO oversees that the courses the student registered
for are entered in the Lecture Book properly. The student is obliged to provide the
information s/he is asked for on the registration form. Changes of any kind are to
be announced on enrolment, or within 15 days after their occurrence during the
academic year. After appropriate registration, the student may request the
validation of his/her Student Card. all consequences (even repetition of the
semester, re-payment of the tuition fee) must be borne by the student if he fails to
enrol before the given deadline or to register for the chosen subjects in the Neptun
System, all consequences (even repetition of the semester, re-payment of the
tuition fee). The University will not take any responsibility for the incidental
failure of the NEPTUN system; the student is obliged to report such cases
immediately to the Education Office in written form.

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