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Cancer Book

Cancer Book

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Published by: mageroi on Aug 31, 2011
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Minerals such as selenium, zinc and manganese are effective
forms of antioxidants. They serve as “assistants” or “helpers” for
many antioxidant enzymes. The enzyme super oxide dismutase
helps convert super oxide into hydrogen peroxides. The cytosolic
form of this enzyme needs copper and zinc as co-factors. The
mitochondrial form of super oxide dismutase needs manganese.
Consuming minerals such as selenium reduces the risk of cancer.
Fruits and vegetables are very high in antioxidants. Unfortunately,
the food that we take everyday cannot provide the amount of
antioxidants needed for cancer-fighting purposes. For example, one
orange only contains about 65 mg of vitamin C. To get 2,000 mg, we
will have to eat 30 oranges a day. Similarly, to get the 400 IU of
vitamin E, we will have to eat almost 5,000 calories of food a day.

There is also no single antioxidant that is better than others.
All of them work together hand in hand.
They also serve to
regenerate one another. Vitamin E’s antioxidative power, for example,
can be regenerated by vitamin C. Hence, they work synergistically.

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Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine

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