Kobe Earthquake, Japan 1995 7.

2 on the Richter Scale

5,500 People died

Location of Kobe

Damage in Kobe

Shows the lateral movement of the waves. Severe disruption of transport infrastructure.

Damage map of Kobe
Much of the port was built on land reclaimed from the sea. The Earthquake caused this land to liquify. Buildings then fell over.

Earthquake Engineering Research

A high rise building after the earthquake- some were earthquake-proof

What to do in the event of an Earthquake

Mexico City Earthquake, Mexico 1985
7.8 on the Richter Scale

30,000 people died

Location of Mexico City

Damage in Mexico City

Hospital was destroyed – 1000 Doctors and nurses were killed

Many houses/flats made not been built to Building Standards – so they collapsed, 30,000 people were killed

The use of International Aid in Mexico, took 2 days to arrive.

Aid from America

Mexico had very few trained rescue services – these were brought in from USA

Question Compare the impact of an Earthquake in Kobe (MEDC) with an Earthquake in Mexico City (LEDC) Include information such as: •When did they happen? •What was the damage done? •What was the impact (Primary& Secondary effects)? •How many people were killed/injured/left homeless etc? •Rescue teams and International aid?

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