** '''The Mad Bride.

''' One fan that springs to mind actually believed she was in an intense online love affair with him. When that went sour in her head, she became a Vocal Loyalist. To a lesser degree, there were others who claimed to have an "insider" in their pocket who told them all kinds of TMI stuff about him, which always seemed to fit whatever crackpot theory they espoused, and others who were convinced he was reading and taking cues from the discussion forum, even to the point where they were taking credit for things he said in interviews. It got especially precious when two Mad Brides would get into arguments with each other over who's "insider" information was more correct. "My contact said this!" "Oh yeah? Well, MY contact said..." ** '''The Insane Avatar.''' May quite possibly be the person the Mad Bride mentioned above was talking to online. Also, there were at least two MySpace users claiming to be him. ** '''The Monomaniac.''' The point where The Purist, The Vocal Loyalist and The Mad Bride intersected. ** '''The Fragger.''' Some took this to a downright sociopathic degree, to the point of digging up personal, identifying information on a fan they had in the cross-hairs with the intent of threatening or just humiliating that person publicly. *** The actor in question wasn't Orlando Bloom, has it? *** Yep, that's who it was. I take it you spent some time on his IMDB discussion board. * God, where to even start on this in my accusations!? Well, for starters there was this one duche that joined a forum that I'm a member of and saying that I "Ruined ______ for him" just because I loved it so much, or to the fact that I was heavily intrested in said game/anime/manga/what-the-fuck-ever but never really watched/played/read it. Keep in mind that this female Troper isn't a yaoi fan and will never be. * This troper's friend is a Protectionist when it comes to ''HarryPotter''. When I learned she was a huge fan of the series, I mentioned that I loved it too. Her reaction? "It's MY thing! You can't be as obsessed as me!" She calmed when I told her that I wasn't obsessed, but it still stops me from mentioning the series much around her. ** I used to do this with everything I became a fan of, to the point that I started to tell my friends they wouldn't like something before they could even watch/read/listen to it, just so I could remain the biggest fan. After getting my first internet connection(at the age of 12), and finally joining a fandom, I realized how goddamned idiotic I was being. Feeling like you have to be the biggest/only true fan in the world of something is a poisonous, and down-right exhausting feeling! * This troper cannot help but laugh at all those Ne'er do wells who are whining about developers pulling away from the PC due to all the piracy, and yet they admit to having ''never'' paid for a PC game since they learned how to pirate it. AND these include people who petition Blizzard to allow a private server (which is a violation of the Terms of Service) after they give them a cease and desist letter. AND the people who whine about how the company they bought their PC from won't repair it because they upgraded a bunch of parts. AND the

banned-from-Xbox-live crowd who thinks that they should have been allowed to mod their Xboxes. AND the people who whine about how the game developers aren't catering to their Softmodding market...when that demographic is usually hated by developers and publishers because they don't usually ''pay''. ** ''Frostsabre.'' Well to be fair, you ''are'' allowed to take an Xbox or PS3 and mod it; you aren't allowed to take that online. As for private servers 9-3/4 times out of 10 they do dishonorable stuff such as [[AllegedlyFreeGame selling]] [[InfinityPlusOneSword overpowered gear]] on the server, which can be more expensive than having a character on retail WoW. And I've never heard from [[DigitalPiracy pirates]] who claimed not to buy video games. Mention the Humble Indie Bundle and most of them would jump and say "I'll buy it." * This troper tried to play through a friend's copy of Final Fantasy VIII, and was forced to give up in a fit of rage after repeatedly being berated for "playing it wrong." I didn't get to finish the game until a couple years later when I bought my own playstation and a copy of the game. * This troper likes {{ARMA}}. He, however, does not like its fanbase. He's seen idiots hate other {{FPS}}es because, apparently, the singleplayer campaign's long periods of inactivity, compared to the "instant gratification" and "no learning curve" of other games, make it the best game EVAR! The "if it's not realistic it sucks" crowd is also annoying. -facepalm* This troper is a fan of a Japanese rock band that is quickly gaining in popularity. She encounters Fan Dumb so frequently that it makes her very embarrassed to even be a fan of said band (even though they are an excellent band), and is only a member of about two LiveJournal communities so she can keep up with the news in regards to the band (being on the other side of the world and not being great at reading Japanese and all). Within this fandom, you will find the Easily Impressed, the Willfully Blind, Chicken Little (esepcially considering half of the Fan Dumb sees the band's label as Satan), the Bloodthirsty Evangelist and the Misplaced Champion, and a number of Mad Brides. The fandom regularly bitches about how much they hate the covers of the latest singles and concert [=DVD=]s, complain how this next song is the WORST EVAR THEY'VE CHANGED TOO MUCH/HAVEN'T CHANGED ENOUGH (never mind that the band has a very distinctive style of song that they do variations on for every album and why aren't people expecting it at this point?), and then once the video comes out, will not stop squeeing about how awesome it is and how, if you dare to dislike it, YOU'RE NOT A TRUE FAN. Everything any member of the band touches or says is gold - especially the vocalist (who is seen as a creative ~* ~genius~* ~). tl;dr: great band, scary as hell fanbase. * This troper used to have a raving Hate Monger for a LiveJournal friend. Although this person claimed to be a "fan" of a popular manga series, her journal basically consisted of nothing but rants about how much she hated a character called "Hanako" (let's pretend that is the name.) According to her, Hanako is a piece of evil, misogynistic propaganda designed by the mangaka to show young girls that the perfect woman is a submissive ExtremeDoormat with large breasts. Hanako's every interaction with the protagonist was taken as

ShipTease, even though their relationship in canon is more of a LikeBrotherAndSister thing. From bashing Hanako alone, the Hate Monger moved onto bashing the Hanako/Protagonist ship and finally the mangaka, digging up quotes from old interviews to "prove" that he is an evil woman-hater. The troper eventually got so fed up that it was one of the reasons why she deleted her journal. Having switched journals, troper now has a new Hate Monger on her friends list, whose current target is ''KamenRiderDouble''. It never ends. * The ''KingdomHearts'' FanDumb seems to be currently ruled by a HateMonger for Kairi, who has written several entire essays on why Kairi is a bitch, and has done her darndest to gather followers and not allow Kairi any fans on a certain forum. When Kairi defenders call her out on this crap elsewhere, she whines about how it's "just her opinion" or "just her view on the games" as a means of copping out of a debate, which she can't really handle without [[FanHater insulting Kairi fans themselves.]] ** Speaking of KingdomHearts and SquareEnix, this troper found a [[http://asmilingmalice.deviantart.com/art/STAMPS-Square-Enix107371683 classic case of RuinedForever on DeviantArt.]] It's fine if you don't like the series/company anymore, but the stamper has made other stamps that essentially say in the description (about the same topic): "If you disagree and/or don't think like me, [[OpinionMyopia you're wrong.]] No wonder this troper is beginning to turn away from the so-called "opinions" of stamp artists on DA! *** This troper has yet to encounter any semblance of open-mindedness or even intelligence from pretty much the entire Kingdom Hearts fanbase. It's HateDom fueled by FanDumb: Disagree with this dude on that forum there, you're banned. Don't like that one game over yonder, you're a troll. If you like all the games released, you're a hopeless drone. No matter which road you take, you'll end up pushing ''someone's'' BerserkButton, and the entire community follows suit. **** And on the flipside, I've yet to encounter any semblence of intelligence from the KingdomHearts HateDom, either. If you like one game, you're a hapless drone. Say you prefer one game. you're a troll. Say you like the series ''in general'', and you're somehow gay or retarded. And I see idiots who trash the game series merely because ''there are people writing fanfiction or drawing fan art of it''. If they hate stuff merely because of that stuff, then I guess it's safe to say they hate entertainment in general! And I've seen intelligent KingdomHearts fans too, as well as stupid ones so no I'm not just ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow. ***** [[FanHater There's no such thing as an intelligent Kingdom Hearts fan.]] ****** This KH fan troper would like to disagree. I have no reason to think that I'm unintelligent. ****** I would also like to disagree. What, just because we like a game with a sizable Fan Dumb and/or silly concept means we're all idiots? You're no better then the Hatedom yourself. ******* [[NoTrueScotsman Then you're not fans]]. CONVERSE TIME! [[spoiler: [[InsaneTrollLogicBecause there are two types of people: KingdomHearts fans and people who like]] KingdomHearts.]] *** Sensors indicate InsaneTrollLogic.

* Have we seriously gone on this long with out mentioning {{Sonic The Hedgehog}}? Sweet Solaris, the amount of Elitists, Toxic Critics, Highbrow Elitists, Strawstuffers, Tinfoilers, Vocal Loyalists, Perfectionists, Chicken Littles, Willfully Blinds, and '''ESPECIALLY''' Oldtimers is [[{{BeyondTheImpossible}} simply amazing]]. ** [[{{Tropers/STK}} I]] have been lucky to not be involved with the fucktardery of the Sonic fandom, as the members of the Sonic forum I frequent are mostly intelligent. However, YouTube and DeviantArt are terrible sources of Fan Dumb. *** An intelligent Sonic forum? prove it. *** Sonic Stadium Message Board. *** I go there every now and then. It's certainly a better spot to discuss Sonic then other places, but I have still witnessed some extreme stupidity and immaturity on that forum. **** [[http://nicochi.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-in-Lava-Reef-Zone117341739 This guy from DeviantArt]] is the epitome of so many different kinds of Fan Dumb. The Sonic Stadium board can't stand him, and for good reason. He has actually stated that "It's okay to be arrogant when you're right." {{Jerk Ass}}. ***** Don't jump down my throat for this or anything, but I'm confused as to why this guy has so much hate around him. Yes, he is completely full of himself and disregards what other people have said out of hand for stupid reasons, but... this is the internet. That isn't unique to him, and he's far from the worst I've seen even in just the Sonic community. For his weird little theory he got, it doesn't seem like it deserves all the attention it gets. It makes some good points, it makes some bad points, has a lot of common sense, and more then it's fair share of 'derp' moments too. It really just seems like any other crackpot Sonic fanboy theory on what's wrong with the series and how to "fix" it that you can find in any number of places, even Sonic Stadium. To me at least, it seems like this guy got blown way out of proportion for not doing a whole lot. Unless someone want's to explain how I'm completely blind to the kitten murdering evil this guy apparently posses that I'm not seeing. ***** '''''[[{{EpicFail}} ...How in the living FUCK does that guy have watchers?!]]''''' As if that weren't bad enough, he's a {{Hollywood Atheist}}, too. ** Come on, Sonic 2006 was ''objectively'' bad! If you ''don't'' hate that you're weird! *** Granted, but still. *** Objectively? ''Really?'' *** Levels were glitched almost to the point of unplayability. That's objective, dude. **** Uh, no. No that's not. A lot of people say the same thing about [[ShadowtheHedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog]], yet I went through that without running into a single game-breaking glitch. Glitches also bug some people more then others. *** [[@/SMsoldier This troper]], while a Sonic fan, must admit at first he was did not really think high of the 4Kids VAs. Once I looked back at the potential {{Narm}} in the voices and genuine moments of the Sonic series in general, I enjoyed them as I always did back then.

I did not become a member of gaming sites back then and now (except for Mario Kart Wii), but I did remember the huge controversy of the series and decided not to get involve as this will probably worsen things. I usually see good in most things in general currently, but I can still understand some people's view as long as they are at least rational (or at least have a rational tone). As for Sonic 06, I usually like to mess around with it after I beaten the game. Back then, I had minor shades of this, but when I saw some of the fans' statements like "IGN is biased" and stuff like that, I think to myself they are just opinions and they are not that serious. *** Sonic 2006's glitches and stuff were bad, [[{{Troper/Enzeru}} this troper]] will admit, but how could almost no-one have fun with the Purple Shoe Gem glitch were you can infinitely jump in the air? Oh, and the Elise X Sonic shipping hate? I don't care how squicky it is to people, but the constant flaming of Elise for this is WAY outta line. It ''was'' what revived Sonic, and she might not have even liked him that way; she never explicitly stated that she was in love with him. And come on, have you ''seen'' what that poor Woobie has been through? '''Cut her some slack.''' ** [[@/{{Nayrani}} This female troper]] just might the rarest thing in the world; a sane Old Timer. I've played the original SonicTheHedgehog on the Mega Drive and has liked 3D games as well. Do keep in mind I can't play the NewGen game due to lack of consoles, but they don't look THAT bad even by my nonexistent hype and standards. She doesn't go to forums because they scare her. She hates most fandoms because they're full of hypocrisy and bullshit. But of course, I live in the middle of nowhere (Balkan). Nobody else sane enough to talk about this. I feel so lonely... but if it means not to be put together with insane people like that, I'm probably better off. *** Nah, you ain't alone in this. Hell, just at my [[Tropers/{{Komodin}} troper page]] if you don't believe me. *** Count me in, too. I don't like newer Sonic's as much as the older games (Sonic Adventure 1 and anything before that) but I think the negativity surrounding the franchise went waaaaaaay overboard. I hated Sonic 2006 and I don't really care for Sonic Heroes, but all of the others are at least playable to some degree. That and everyone seems to ignore that the series reception on handhelds have pretty much always been positive. ** Goodness Sonic 4 Episode 1...this troper couldn't believe the high amounts of {{Fan Dumb}} that she witnessed...'s *** [[http://www.destructoid.com/why-sonic-the-hedgehog-4-will-suck166221.phtml I think this sums it up pretty well]] *** Oh gods Sonic 4. [[UnPleasableFanbase The game that's been dubbed as bad as 06, simply for]] [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks not being the same as the originals,]] [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks and being too similar to the originals.]] Seriously, I've been in fights with people over the game's quality and their arguement had been that it sucks for both at the same time. And I wish it stopped there. People have already declared Sonic Generations the best game ever despite never playing it (I'm apparently a terrible person for pointing out that they don't know whether or not it's good yet, and based on what they usually do they'll end up complaining). There's also the people who declare

anyone who thinks the games improved after the original ones, and likes the newer games better is a false fan, while they themselves only like about three games, [[SarcasmMode cause of course you have to hate all the games expect three to be a true fan.]] Then there's the [[SonicAdventureSeries Adventure]] fans, who believe that they're a group seperate from the modern and retro fans, and therefore SEGA needs to keep them satisfied with new Adventure games like they're trying to do with the modern and retro fans. Lots of the fans are also extremely sensitive. Saying you don't like a character (usually popular ones) will get you long paragraphes about why they rock and your favorte characters suck, even if what you said was the truth (for example, Amy fans refuse to admit to her being a stalker. They seem to have stalker confused with ninja and say she has to be hidden for it to be stalking. And this troper was banned from SEGA Forums (permanantly, but I got them to let me back on) for calling Bean a duck, because he's not a duck, he's a ''dynamite'' duck.). Deserving a special mention from all these [[SarcasmMode wonderful fans]] is a guy on the SEGA Forums (the sight's down so I can't post a link at the moment) who believes his opinion is law, even over official Sonic Team members statements, makes long posts about stuff that's barely related to the current discussion (those posts will usually be insults to stuff he doesn't like and has nothing to do with what's being talked about), and uses logic from other games that have no connection what so ever to Sonic in arguements about Sonic games. It's actually so bad that most people on the forums (most of which are already major [[JerkAss JerkAsses]]) basically ignore him. * I'm just going to say it; {{Furry Fandom}}, this troper (Himself a furry) only got into the community about two years ago, and I'm often appaled or stunned by the behavior of furries towards other furries, among other things, let's count all the things I've ran into: ** If you're a wolf furry, you're unoriginal (This troper's chosen fursona, I get this a lot). ** If you're a fox furry, you're unoriginal and probably gay. ** If you're a dragon scalie, you're wierd and probably a voreaphile. ** If you're any other kind of scalie, you can just get out. ** If you're a bird, real or mythical, exotic or common, your existance is pretty much ignored. ** If you're none of the aformentioned, you're a SpecialUniqueSnowflake. ** These can mostly be attributed to the fandom's long history of being the punching bags of the internet, they're unwilling and sometimes outright hostile to newcomers, showing a sign of being new to the fandom will at best make people ignore you because teaching you is "Not their problem", and at worst, flame you until you move on because they believe you to be a troll. * [[{{Prinzenick}} This troper]] remembers one particularly bad case of FanDumb he encountered with a fan of the Archie Sonic comic. He was making a huge, hissy fit over Fiona Fox [[spoiler: turning evil and slapping Tails]] and only got more angry when he read Mobius: 25 Years Later and discovered [[spoiler: Tails was married to Mina Mongoose, with no mention of Fiona]] and was absolutely insistent that the two be an official pair...[[CompletelyMissingThePoint completely

ignoring]] that Fiona '''never loved Tails to begin with''' (it was a completely one sided romance, with Tails just having a mild, puppy love crush on her) and that the age difference between the two was so great (five years or something, give or take) that even if she did love him back, the relationship would never have worked anyways. Also, this person had no other reason to pair them up ''other'' than that they were both foxes. ([[InterspeciesRomance did i mention he can't stand seeing pair ups of Tails X Cosmo from SonicX?]]) Speaking of which, Fiona and Tails have as much chemistry together as gasoline and pancakes-they had virtually NOTHING in common with each other or any reason to have them as an official couple. I have never seen this fool since. Oh, and did i mention that he was so insistent on the pairing, that he tried to justify Fiona [[spoiler: turning over to her bad boy Scourge]] by making up complete, utter fan nonsense like "No, she was brainwashed! She would never turn her back on her love Tails!" even though it was blatantly obvious that [[spoiler: she was doing this of her own will and she even ''smiled'' out of sheer pleasure when she slapped Tails, [[HeroicBSOD which shattered the poor fox cub's heart like glass.]]]] Absolutely, positively, one of the worst examples of FanDumb and/or DieForOurShip (right trope?) i have ''ever'' seen in my life. * [[{{Ziggerfreud}} This Troper]] was hesitant in joining the steam forums of TeamFortress2 because of the VocalMinority and elitist pricks... holy shit the elitist pricks... especially the ones the call themselves pro... I blame BileFascination because the drama in there is surprisingly entertaining... that and the SelfDeprecation threads. ** Also, Hardcore Tec- [[PublicMediumIgnorance ...ahem... Music ]], has it's share of FanDumb as well, thanks to idiots with limewirelook at the youtube comments on the songs "Ubermensch" by Angerfist & "Earthquake" by Art of Fighters. [[spoiler: They're the same damn song, just mixed versions- the former is incorrectly credited, the latter isn't though... even WITH videos that explain this fact, ''the fans still argue over who made it'']] * [[MacPhisto This Troper]] has, in his mind, absolved YokoOno of all responsibility in the downfall of TheBeatles. Rather, he places the blame solely on [[YokoOhNo Linda Eastman]]. Not that he has anything against Wings (and certainly admires her beliefs in Animal Rights), but Paul became a {{Control Freak}}/{{Jerk Ass}} after they got together. * Right after ''StarWars Episode III: RevengeOfTheSith'' came out, a somewhat famous (and only half-joking) essay, ''[[http://www.jivemagazine.com/column.php?pid=3381 The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom]]'', about how real fans completely hate StarWars and everything about it came out, which needless to say, was [[BrokenBase divisive]]. -->There is a diabolical twist to Star Wars fandom, you see, that defies comprehension, and yet is the life-blood of all Star Wars fans. It is this: -->Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. ** According to the author in a [[http://www.jivemagazine.com/column.php?pid=25600 later essay]] about

the first, the article was inspired by an experience at the premiere of ''Revenge of the Sith'' in which some fans had a costume contest before the show and two kids in a homemade, cardboard-box AT-AT were actually ''[[PeripheryDemographic booed by the adult "fans"]].'' * [[PentiumMMX2 This troper]], while he likes DonkeyKong64, there was a time he avoided talking about liking it online because of the massive hate for it from purists who hated it for "not being DonkeyKongCountry 4", as well as some of the stupidest reasons like "Donkey Kong doesn't walk as cool as he did in DKC". The hate even extended into the [[Series/DonkeyKongCountry TV series]]; the purists hating the series not for the SoBadItsGood writing, but hating it because it was CG animated, which "reminded them of DK64". Thankfully, most of that has faded away, as the people who did enjoy it have come out of the woodwork. * [[{{Tropers/SuperGex}} This Troper]] used to be a Monomaniac with some shades of The Willingly Blind towards SonicTheHedgehog. They have both disappeared for the most part, but before I found this site, I became an InternetMimic towards the 3D-haters. * Programming and computer science. ''Good God.'' I can't talk about what I'm studying in this field without people telling me I'm doing it wrong! * "Not being able to [=1CC=] ''ThunderForce III'' is massive failure." * This troper is a part of the ''{{Touhou}}'' fanbase--he plays the games, browses for fanart of the characters, and indulges in the [[{{Memes/Touhou}} massive laundry list of memes]]. Yet there are aspects of the fanbase that he's not too fond of, such as some fans' stance on buying the games and the need to compare every other shooter to ''Touhou'' and tell many a [=YouTube=]-using shmup fan to "play touhou!!!1!1!!chen!!!1". * And all of the above is why this troper avoids message boards all together, I just don't have the will, energy, or patience to listen to people tell me I'm either "not a true fan", or "I just don't get it", or I'm "jumping on the bandwagon now that [whatever] is popular now". * This troper learned about Social Distortion's "Story of My Life" thanks to a friend's copy of GuitarHero. So he went on YouTube to have a peek at the video. Then he read the comments. He suspects that anything appearing in those games that is more obscure than TheBeatles has a similar supply of Elitists who mock anyone who learned about it from GuitarHero for being "not true fans", because apparently it's a crime against nature to get interested in things via a different path from these idiots. * [[TheAtroxious This Troper]] starts out on a great deal of things she adores as FanDumb. Really, really dumb. She has been the Misplaced Champion, The Litter-Bearer, The Monomaniac, the Mad Bride, The Old Timer, The Hate Monger, The Toxic Visionary (which she's actually proud of), and The Perfectionist. Usually, after her ardour for the object of her love has dulled, she becomes a normal fan again, and realises what an idiot/asshole she was being, but by that time...the fandom is just not as much fun anymore. In one example, she was on one side of a broken base, militantly up in arms against the other side and brutally tearing them down for their beliefs...until she wound up doing a little accidental research on the other side's point of view.

She switched sides ''immediately''. Another time, in a raging fit of fangirl, she post-bombed a few boards, and wondering at the less-than friendly response, she skulked off into the shadows. Coming back some months later, she re-read her posts...and realised how insane and even demeaning to the creator she sounded. [[{{Facepalm}} Wut]]. * This troper doesn't play ''{{Counter-Strike}}: Source'' online, because he's afraid that when he goes into a random, open server, he'll get kicked within 5 minutes for committing the mortal sin of being a {{noob}}. * I just got banned off of some SonicTheHedgehog forum for having the username [[CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]] ( apparently having a "retarded username" [[DisproportionateRetribution is enough to get you banned there]]). I hadn't even ''said'' anything yet. When I went on the site's IRC, the administrator randomly called me names. I asked about just why my account was banned, he just banned me for no reason. I also read their rules, which had said moderators raging at the users for spoiling parts of [[SeriousBusiness Sonic 4]]. If they were the mods, I'd hate to see the users. * This troper was never a huge yaoi fan, but when she got into DeathNote, she started reading and enjoying LxLight fanfics. Eventually though, the FanDumb became too much (not to mention all the Mello/Matt fics which she ALWAYS hated) and now she doesn't like yaoi at all. In addition, she no longer reads any HarryPotter fanfiction (except for the occasional oneshot) because of this, and once had a person tell her that she 'had no right to call [herself] an anime fan if [she] didn't watch {{Naruto}} (which she hates). * Seeing as there are no [[UminekoNoNakuKoroNi Umineko]] stories on here...I agree that yes, the complaints about the [[AdaptationDecay anime]] ''are'' justified to a certain extent (the one scene that got cut that actually made this troper angry was [[spoiler: Battler and Beato's hug in the last episode]], but that was about it). But seriously, it's gotten to ridiculous proportions now. [[CompressedAdaptation Yes, it has cut down on certain scenes for character development.]] And yes, it did something of a messy job in remembering what it left in and what it cut out. However, I have come across fans who expect the anime to follow every single chapter wordfor-word or else it's [[RuinedForever Ruined Forever.]] And apparently, using ''the wrong music'' makes it so horrible it isn't even worth watching. And then there are the [[DisContinuity Discontinuity]] claims...''ugh.'' ** And that's not all. This troper read one comment by one fan who said that if ''they'' adapted the VN, they would make it '''56 episodes long so nothing would get cut out.''' [[SarcasmMode Good luck finding the budget for that, buddy!]] * [[DarkInsanity13 I]] can't stand being on Gaia (or any forum, for that matter) and seeing the line "#1 fan of [insert character/show/pairing/what-have-you here]!" in someone's signature, because no matter how intelligent or rational you may be, it is a complete and utter ''lie''. Sure, you may know much more than the average fan, you may have a frighteningly massive collection of pictures and merchandise, and you may be able to quote over half the series/movie/whatever, but as far as I am concerned, there is no

"number one fan" for anything. On the other hand, I do admit I'm an incredibly biased fan of rock music. I'm a bit more tactful online (amazing, huh?), but I have a habit of getting angry at people who misname my favourite bands, to the point where if they mistake the band being played for another one I really detest, I'll say "of course it's not that, it doesn't suck". Also admittedly, I'm very involved in anime fandom. I'm ashamed about the things I say sometimes, and each time I get worked up, it takes me at least a day to calm down and think rationally again. I'm honestly trying to get better, but it's very '''hard'''. * This troper facepalms everytime someone trys to deny that Skillet is a Christian rock band despite the explictly religious lyrics to some of their earlier matierial, Word of God (no pun intended), being on Christian radio stations, etc. * This troper can't stand being around forums about ''WanganMidnightMaximumTune'' for more than five minutes. On one board, the thread for the region he's from is chock full of people who you'd guess to be at most 13 flinging flames at each other. * Whatever you do, DO NOT get involved with the Sailor Moon fans. Oh my God, they are terrible. They might act nice, but in truth, they're a bunch of backstabbing attention whores. I was involved with them for about two years until I said enough. ** I'm very sorry you had such a bad experience. However, we're not all like that :) * Had recently encountered an example on a forum discussing {{LEGO}} themes. Being a moderator in one of the sub-forums, I had to ask someone to calm down after utilizing the "you're not a fan unless..." argument. He was apparently so angry at LEGO for discontinuing the ''{{Bionicle}}'' line and replacing it with ''Hero Factory'' that he labeled everyone who dared not to hate HF and say something negative about ''Bionicle'' (even if it was a true fact) a hypocrite and an untrue fan, while [[DoubleStandard accusing others for the same things he has committed]]. Naturally, he took the advises and counterarguments as insults, and started talking back. When he later offended the forum administrator too, they sent him flying from the board. His next action? Re-register and make his "first" post an insult. We have another LEGO nutcase too, on the same board, this one actively hating ''Bionicle'' and its fans to the point of wishing them death... * Sadly, ThisTroper has, at times, been a part of the FanDumb. Rather ironically this was largely in response to (and then provoking more) other FanDumb. Yes - recursive FanDumb. To explain in detail: I like to muck about with... well just about any setting in which I become interested. Warhammer/WH40k, Warmachine, Star Wars - the list is fairly endless. If I get involved with a fandom I'm going to be looking for oddities, edge cases and general weirdness to exploit for my own amusement. Unfortunately after less-than-polite responses... I became a bit hard-headed and rather than simply post elsewhere on the same topic... continued going as much to irritate the detractors as anything. This alone might have been OK to a point. There is after all a certain satisfaction in continuing on to spite someone who's been less-than-kind to oneself... but I made a rather large jackass of myself in the process; thus going from "Odd guy who feuds with a

couple ridiculous people" to "Nobody likes this guy" on a couple forums. Fandumb begets Fandumb begets Fandumb... oi! (Someday I'll learn...) * This troper would like to one day find a ''DwarfFortress'' fan who accepts the intimidating learning curve as a valid excuse to not play instead of going "NO FUCK YOU GO PLAY IT BECAUSE LOSING IS FUN." ** [[CountDorku Now you have]]. ** To be honest, there isn't a massive learning curve as long as you stick to the basics. If you're trying to build computers to automate your farming system or stuff like that then you're going to hit a massive wall in terms of learning curve. It's possible to make a sustainable force with the very basics, though. * Jeroic sayeth: Beware TheElderScrolls FanDumb especially if you are in the "regular" fandom like myself. There are so many varieties to choose from, too! If you prefer Oblivion, the "Morrowhiners" will gut you. if you prefer Morrowind, the "Oblivion Newbs" will flame you. "Daggerfags" always hate you and any other Daggerfag. That's the games themselves. For the mythology and background lore, if you even mention Michael Kirkbride, Vivec, or CHIM, you'd better prepare for the inevitable flame war between people who view MK as a God, Vivec as his in-Universe avatar (and therefore the God with a capital G, of which TES has none, of the TES canon) and CHIM and related ideas as the absolute truth of TES' mythology and possibly that of the real world; versus the HateDumb of Vivec, CHIM and MK who believe the opposite, with anyone taking a moderate viewpoint flamed by both. Oh, and did I mention that the MK/CHIM/Vivec FanDumb will find a way to turn ANY lore discussion into a discussion about Vivec and CHIM, so this happens ''every single lore thread without exception?'' I didn't? Well, now you know. Further, don't bring up Sovngarde and Bloodmoon around either group, FanDumb or HateDumb, because it will spark another flamewar about whether it "proves" CHIM false or not, or whether the [[CantArgueWithElves not-elf]] whose ghost tells you about Sovngarde was just delirious. THAT led to the idea that all afterlives are... ah, well, screw it, it's a real sordid state of affairs for the TES community. ** From this troper's experience; he's yet to find proof that intelligent life exists when Tamriel is mentioned. And for the record, '''Elitist'''s don't count. I don't care how educated you are, but if you're so stuck up as to bemoan every single game ever made because "It's not Daggerfall/Morrowind" and you think it's ''developers''' faults, then I truly won't believe you ain't Stupid as a log. ** There are mature and friendly ES fans. You just have to find the right forum. The Official Forums, like the Official Forums of any video game, attract the largest number of the biggest idiots. Admittedly, the modding community for both Morrowind and Oblivion (and in many cases Fallout 3, that also being a Bethsoft game on the Oblivion engine) has its share of dramas that it's better to stay on the outside of. ** This is Jeroic again. it's been some time since I wrote this tale, and things are different. The Lore section is much more polite and diverse in its discussions now, but since Skyrim is a game in development by Bethesda Game Studios, there is not a single feature

shown thus far that has not been taken as "proof" that Bethesda are evil corporate sellouts and that TheElderScrolls is RuinedFOREVER! Mostly it's the purists and Old Timers, but there is literally no manner of FanDumb that you cannot find on the first page of the Skyrim forum on Bethesda's official board. It's gotten so bad the forum is actually ''too stupid to make a drinking game out of.'' You know how Star Wars fans hate Star Wars? Skyrim is looking the same way. The Imperial Library is much nicer. * This troper's experiences in the TenchiMuyo fandom when he first started to really get into anime soured him on fan communities altogether. The sheer amount of hate he got for getting into the show via AdultSwim, for not being in line with either the rabid Ryoko or Aeka lovers(he's a Washuu fan, for the record. Doesn't ship, just likes Washuu), and for having the gall to think that Tenchi in Tokyo was merely mediocre rather than OMGWORSTTHINGEVAR led to him being roundly yelled at by many of the fans. To this day, I only lightly step into any fandom for fear of getting burned by the FanDumb again. * This Troper likes to stay within his circle or reasonable ''WarriorCats'' fans simply because what is outside of it is scary. There are either the young fans, who for the most part aren't too bright, constantly twist the GrayAndGreyMorality into stuff like "[[DracoInLeatherPants that villain is good!]]" or "[[RonTheDeathEater that hero is evil!]]", and don't understand that imperfect characters and a depressing storyline isn't instantly bad writing, as well as a few Megalomaniacs and some TheyChangedItNowItSucks compalaints. Then there are the "true fans": All Purists with a few Old Timers and Vocal Loyalists in there who come together to cover every single variety of the Highbrow Elitist. They are also noticeably blinded by NostalgiaFilter, since as they ruthlessly tear apart the newer books, they don't realise the older books weren't exactly high literature either. And of course, the nauseating amount of FanWank and DracoInLeatherPants-ing directed at their precious Ashfur has completely ruined his character for me. Can't we just ''enjoy'' the freaking books? * This troper has characteristics of the Monomaniac, the Theocrat, the Elitist, the Misplaced Champion, the Bizarro Chicken Little (at least for fandoms of more obscure material), and especially the LitterBearer in recent years. Some of it can probably be attributed to my confirmed mental disorders (at least the more anal aspects). The Misplaced Champion and Litter-Bearer aspects definitely date back to being flamed, on the Internet and in real life, for liking the ''StarWars'' prequels; as well as spending too much time on Fandom_Wank and witnessing the FanDumb prevalent in other fandoms. * This troper is a huge fan of [[DisneyAnimatedCanon Disney]], ''HarryPotter'' and ''TheLordOfTheRings'' and has been known to have characteristcs of the Monomaniac and the Misplaced Champion. I'm glad to say I've calmed down a bit after reading stories about ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', ''HannahMontana'' and ''[[TheJonasBrothers Jonas Brothers]]'' fangirls taking things [[{{Understatement}} a little bit too far]]. Despite the fact that I'm not... their gendre, I realised that I didn't want to stoop to their level. While I'm still a big fan, [[AnAesop I have learnt to accept

that not everyone has the same tastes, and people who can't respect the opinions of others, don't deserve to let their own voice be heard.]] What can I say? ''SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped''. ** This troper can be embarrassed to call himself a Disney fan sometimes. I've given up trying to find a post on IMDb that doesn't have one bout of 'my favourite Disney film is better than yours, because you didn't grow up in the 90's' and all that sort of thing. * Speaking of Harry Potter and its infamous FanDumb, this troper is a member of an HP community which mocks said FanDumb. While I have many horror stories from that arena (and I recommend checking out the Fandom Wank Wiki for more info), a recent event stands out. While mocking commenters on a FAP thread who claimed that nobody in their right mind could prefer Bonnie Wright (Ginny's actress) over Emma Watson because Bonnie was fugly, several trolls showed up to attempt to "prove" this. As in, provide objective evidence that a majority of the male population (because of course, [[HideYourLesbians only ''male'' opinions matter when it comes to judging female beauty]]) finds Emma more attractive than Bonnie. Their "evidence"? A Maxim poll that ranked Emma the fourth hottest woman in the world...and Bonnie the sixth. They continued to troll the board for several weeks afterwards, bringing it up in posts completely unrelated to Ginny, before everyone got sick of their misogyny and started screening anonymous comments. * A girl I know hates the ending of Labyrinth because Sarah didn't end up with Jareth and, you know, TOOK CONTROL OF HER OWN LIFE AND TOLD THE ABUSIVE MANIPULATIVE BASTARD THAT HE HAD NO POWER OVER HER. * This Troper is now a semi-Litter Bearer now, appearantly. * Watch any StreetFighter ranked match replay on YouTube where worldfamous Daigo Umehara loses. The comment section WILL feature the following comments: "This isn't Daigo!"/"Daigo doesn't lose, this is someone else!"/"Daigo would NEVER lose to *insertnameofotherprofessionalplayerhere*!" * [[LimeTH I]] was once in a chat room on the website of an independent singer (who, as luck would have it, was there that day chatting with us). Though the FanDumb experienced wasn't about the singer. See, I made a refrence to {{Animaniacs}} ("Would someone please stop this man from saying 'Dragon?'"). The mention of dragons set off a guy to constantly shout [[HomestarRunner "TROGDOR!"]] (Which eventually reached it's cap when the singer herself said [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Would someone please stop this man from saying 'Trogdor'?"]]). Then said Trogdor fan went into a rant about how American cartoons suck and are horribly drawn, and Anime is infintley better, after gushing over ''Trogdor'', whose an ''American cartoon character''. Honestly.... ** [[Tropers/OldManHoOh I]] like HomestarRunner, but Trogdor's definitely not well-drawn. *** I disagree with you there. * [[{{mglittlerobin}} This troper]] is quite irritated with the FanDumb of the FullmetalAlchemist fans because ever since FullmetalAlchemist Brotherhood came out everyone automatically tosses out the first series and says the manga adaptation is "better" simply for the sake of following the manga. They don't give the first series

any credit when I think that the first series was more emotionally involving, and had a better musical soundtrack, and while it didn't follow the manga, it was by no means bad, but FanDumb makes it out to be horrible. You can't blame it for not following the story when over half of it wasn't written when it was made! ** Gotta co-sign on this one. Big time. I don't care if it follows the manga or not. The original series, IMO, is a masterpiece, and even my mom (who could give two rats about anime) enjoys it. ** While, yes, I enjoyed Brotherhood a little more, this troper LOVES both series. I don't understand how someone could just give the bird to the original they used to love as soon as the new one comes along. * God, the ''HomestarRunner'' community... The most active forum out there belongs to the Homestar Wiki, and it is currently teeming with overly dramatic Chicken Littles due to the as-yet ongoing SeriesHiatus. Some of them even have suggested holding a ''funeral'' for the series. MST3KMantra much? * This troper was forced to endure a dragon Monomaniac of all things on a forum dedicated to discussing myths and mysteries and the like. Apparently, ''every'' mysterious thing ''ever'' involved dragons in some capacity. Also, every God in every religion is a dragon. Ditto angels. [[SarcasmMode Because, you know, that makes perfect sense.]] * Hello, certain ShootEmUp-centric forum. Hello, ''{{DeathSmiles}}'' thread of bitching and moaning. * There is a surprising degree of FanDumb for Nancy Farmer's HouseOfTheScorpion; it has a large group of willfully blind monomaniacs, insane avatars and at least one highbrow elitist, (specifically, a toxic visionary). Most of the FanDumb are found posting on Farmer's personal blog, oftentimes claiming to be doing so for an elementary or junior high assignment. Most of these fans claim that this is the only novel they've read and that the experiences the characters in the novel go through parallel their own. Most of them also claim to want to be writers, and were so moved by the book that it "changed their lives forever". These fans also believe they are unique in liking the novel, and that it is only for them. Some of the fans are purists: These fans are the shippers, and also constantly make requests on what the novel should be like, including the title, and plot related elements. The saddest part is likely the fact that these fans ''actually expect'' these requests the be implemented in the novel. One fan named "chandler" goes as far to say: -->''[-I love the House of Scorpion but I dont[sic] want to tell you how to write your book but dont[sic] name it God's Ash Tray becuase that name offends me and probley[sic] otheres[sic] and theres[sic] no way im[sic] gona[sic] be able to read it with my parents please-]'' ** The sad part is most of the FanDumb are (claimed) to be between 11 and 16. They're already acting arrogant and obnoxious even though their education is still incomplete. One kid called Rikin Shah claims to be 12, and, amongst other things, shows signs of a toxic genius. ---> ''"I'm 12 and we had a poetry unit in school...I wrote a few poems about bio ethical topics and one of my poems were about cloning...For cloning to take place it would take the same species and the original nucleus of the embryo would need to be replaced by the modified nucleus. So theoretically(to current knowledge) a cow

wouldn't work to harvest a Clone."'' *** 12 year olds know '''''nothing''''' about bioethics and biological mechanisms in general. * This troper has found that ''{{NetHack}}'' players are just as uptight as ''{{Touhou}}'' players about control schemes: in their eyes, if you're using numpad instead of HJKLYUBN for movement, you're doing it wrong. ** Speaking of NetHack, this troper has a nasty habit of claiming that playing NetHack with text glyphs, especially in a command line, is the "only" acceptable way to play. At the end of the day, though, it's totally fine by me if you use tile graphics, but that doesn't mean I won't stop avoiding them like the plague. * This troper used to enjoy ''{{Anime/Monster}}'', despite feeling that it had its share of problems. Granted, most of the fans are decent, polite people. Then there's the FanDumb, which is made up of a bunch of '''Toxic Geniuses'''. Because I didn't parrot their opinion that ''Monster'' was the greatest manga ever or that Kenzo Tenma was the greatest fictional character ever, they talked down to me like I was some kind of uneducated hick. I honestly would have preferred a bunch of profane-spewing loudmouths, because at least '''that''' kind of FanDumb wouldn't have made me doubt myself. One fan in particular (who was not only a toxic genius, but also a very ruthless ''Misplace Champion'') told me that the series was flawless and that only problem was with me because I didn't "get it". On a side note, I'm pretty sure that particular fan had a crush on the lead character; make of that what you will. I still reread the series occasionally, but I don't enjoy it as much and I don't like to talk about it online anymore. ''Sigh.'' Whatever happened to ''live and let live''? ** *pats on the back* I'm sorry to hear that. Granted, I believe ''{{Anime/Monster}}'' is one of the best anime/manga out there (note that I said "one of" and not "the") and this troper loves Tenma to death, but fans should respect each others' opinions. I hate to see it ruined for you. :( * The ThatGuyWithTheGlasses forum. Dear God... I managed to pull myself out and stick to this site and LiveJournal when the Chick's "Titanic" review came out, not wanting to go though idiotic threads of people being more obsessed with her new hair than the actual review. My braincells are still in the process of returning and if I had a hat, it would go off to Rob and the other mods for managing to keep their sanity. * Let's face it, if a movie has a place on the IMDb Top 250 list, the odds are, you'll find at least one entry in that film's forum bitching and whining, to the point of trolling, about it being too high the list, or wether or not it belongs there at all. On the other hand you'll ocassionally get people who actually use the list as what they see as a successful arguement as to why their film is the best. So, in some ways, the Top 250 list has its own FanDumb. * This Troper is a Fanfic writer who usually writes Crash Bandicoot & X-Men Evolution, but has delved into Transformers, he created a forum for Crash Bandicoot's Fanfiction Archive & recently joined an X-Men Evolution one based around creating characters, now sure, it seams

cool enough, the forum starter & admin seamed nice enough, until in a character's likes & dislikes I wrote {{Deadpool}}, as both this character & Deadpool were used in a fanfic I wrote & worked on oposite teams, now this was the odest moment of my life, they apparently dislike Comic characters, they objected to using Deadpool, quite bluntly, & when I explained why I mentioned him they merely said 'I Don't care, No Deadpool' so then I apologized for doing whater it was I did that upset them & pointed out another user mentioned Maria Hill, followed by being asked 'who the heck' she is, both me & another user explained, causing their next reply to be bluntly & rudely 'I'm the Admin, so what I says goes', I've offered to just make a created character profile for Deadpool in case that will make it better but I'm still waiting for their reply. * The ''StarTrek'' FanDumb is sometimes really hard to live with. Apparently, Voyager was awful because of (among other things) Seven, the "lost in space" plot, and the weak characters. And don't even mention the JJVerse movie if you value your life. Granted, I'm a bit of a Purist, but that doesn't mean that newcomers to the franchise are evil. Heck, I've gotten a lot of people into the original series because of the reboot! * This troper used to be part of a ''{{Supernatural}}'' forum on fanfiction.net where every person was a '''Toxic Genius''' (myself included). The problem was, I grew up and accepted the show for what it is while keeping my opinions, while they didn't. The worst person there was this '''Tinfoiler''' who was also a '''Mad Bride''' for JensenAckles but professed disdain for "screaming fangirls" (I longed to tell her that she was one, but never could). She honestly seemed to feel that any female presence on the show would take away from Sam and Dean and she was incredibly vocal about it (especially about Bela). She became so close with one of the mods that I just had to leave. Also, after awhile, everyone got so spoilerphobic that we couldn't speculate over promos anymore--that was the last straw. But nothing quite beats the '''Bizarro Chicken Little''' I ran across once during the 2007 Writer's Striker who genuinely believed that since the writers were striking, we should've written episode scripts and sent them to Eric Kripke. I was pissed at her ignorance then, but now I think it's hilarious. ** The fandumb gets worse- according to those fangirls, if you don't like either Dean/Cas or Dean/Sam, then you're completely evil and homophobic. Oh, and go and mention that your fav character is one of the recurring females? I had one fangirl tell me that I'm not truly a Supernatural fan because I like Bela (yeah, I know, unpopular decision) better than either of the boys, and that I had no right to watch. *** Don't forget the fans who transfer the hate of a girl character onto the actress. Geneivere Cortese was hated on because she played Ruby, being called a evil backstabbing slut, because apparently people can't recongize fact from fiction. * My God, I'm afraid to even mention ''[[BaldursGate Baldur's Gate II]]'' anymore. I'm a big fan of role-playing games. Western, Japanese, tabletop games, video games - I don't pick favorites, I just like a good story with memorable characters. And ''Baldur's Gate II''

was a damn good story, but its fanbase ten years later, with retroactive CreatorWorship and the NostalgiaFilter in full effect, seems to be about 40% Elitists, 40% Toxic Geniuses and 20% sensible people. Don't even mention to one of them that you enjoy any RPG made after ''Baldur's Gate II''; you're not ''allowed'' to. And whatever you do, don't you dare admit to ever having played and enjoyed a console RPG, you filthy peasant. Ask a die-hard fan of ''Baldur's Gate II'' why they dislike this game or that, and the answer always seems to be some variation on "It isn't ''Baldur's Gate II''." ** It's rather ironic how RPG fans are supposed to be incredibly intelligent. Yet whenever I even look at most boards, it's obvious that they can be outsmarted by friggin ''slimes''. Let those fans rot in their puddles of stupidity - It's their own damn fault they're unable to be pleased. ** I've had the same thing happen - Only replace "Baldur's Gate II" with "''{{Fallout}}''." * I've been interested in ''TheLegendOfZelda'' timeline theorizing for a while now, but most of the individuals involved seem to have goals that go beyond simply trying to figure out the order that the developers consider the games to have happened in. People will often blatantly ignore developer's statements if they contradict a fan theory, going so far as to deny that the developers ever said that, or were invariably mistranslated by ignorant American publications because it's '''so obvious''' that the one true timeline is the one that the fan supports, despite evidence to the contrary. The sheer obsession that goes on with these people is also almost frightening. Fans will write huge dissertations on the ''Zelda'' timeline as if they were writing a commentary on Homer or a biblical concordance. These people will translate every line of dialogue from the original Japanese and then nitpick on the minor differences between the Japanese and the American version. Some fans will uphold the Japanese text as the one true canon always, while at the same time trying to argue that the American versions of some games are more accurate because they were "obviously" revised before American release. The one consistency between all camps in the timeline debate seems to be that they don't care what the creators of the series think as long as they agree with preconceived fan theories. ** Then there's the people who insist that there isn't really a timeline and call people stupid for even thinking so, despite the fact that [[WordofGod Word of God]] has said otherwise time and time again. I feel your pain. * [[Tropers/BonsaiForest This troper]] received crap from ''SilentHill'' fans for... loving ''SilentHill3'' and hating, absolutely hating, ''SilentHill2''. I didn't like the setting, I didn't like the story, I didn't find it as scary as other games in the series (it had its moments, certainly), but I did like Maria's scenario, which I found a lot more interesting. Better setting, better story, and even better level design in that mansion, imo. Don't think I'm a "true" fan? I literally bought a PSP just to play ''SilentHillOrigins''. But since fandom is SeriousBusiness, I can't dare have an unpopular point of view. * Any religious text will be full of FanDumb:

** First, you have the people who will kill you for either being a hater or never having read the book. For most of its history, Christianity has fit this bill. So does fundamentalist Islam. ** Then you have the people who don't ''want'' you to read the book, but instead rely on your interpretation. See medieval Christianity. ** Then you have the [[{{Fanon}} fan theories]]. [[IncrediblyLamePun Many border on]] WordOfDante. Naturally, even the most inane differences in fanon lead to war. ** A new religion is born from an old one. ExpandedUniverse or {{Fanfic}}? Expect a war over this, such as the expulsion of Mormons. ** An inherent element of following a religion is belief that it is real. [[ScienceMarchesOn Evidence to the contrary]] may be shoehorned to fit this (polygenesis), denied that there is a contradiction (e.g., Earth on four pillars), or it may be disregarded entirely, set up as a straw man, or even responded to with death threats (evolution, evolution, and evolution). *** As a corollary, [[{{Jossed}} evidence to the contrary of fan theories]] (e.g., [[EternalEnglish all languages springing ex nihil at the tower of Babel]]) will be treated identically. ** Have you forgotten the {{Hatedom}} for the whole genre? And while the HateDumb isn't so pronounced outside fiction and the Internet, go on certain websites and you'll see a lot of [[HollywoodAtheist them]]. Fact is, anything that elicits strong feelings in humans is going to start a fight. It's why some forums have a BanOnPolitics: politics, religion, racial and ethnic identity, family or personal honor, these things come up and someone's going to start something. * [[Tropers/LordPentium I]] like to consider myself [[IGotBetter getting better]] from this, but I've got my FanDumb moments. First of all, The Protectionist for [[VideoGames an entire medium]]. Why? Because all I've seen of females playing the kinds of games I like leads to SlashFic, and I'm a mild HeteronormativeCrusader. [[TheLegendOfZelda Link]] ain't gay, [[FinalFantasyVII Cloud]] ain't gay, [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] ain't gay (and I don't want to even see him doing the straight stuff), all characters are straight until proven gay. Except Sephiroth, he's the gayest thing since San Francisco scientists discovered gayness in the ruins of Sodom. Fact is, girls are just different, and I'm uncomfortable with that other way of enjoying the games for certain reasons. This may also make me The Perfectionist. I'm also rather selective about which installments of a series I like: I like [[TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask the]] [[TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess darker]] [[TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]] games better than [[TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker the]] [[TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass lighter]] [[TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks ones]], and you can occasionally find me complaining about WindWaker getting two sequels while the superior TwilightPrincess got none, though I don't hate WindWaker and its sequels by any means; however, that's rather light compared to my lingering bad feelings (misguided as they may be) about ''[[{{Ptitlei015gc004kw4}} Pokémon]]'' [[{{Ptitlem5qiqwn8}} Generation 3]], which I regard as a mild DorkAge even if I know it really wasn't that bad. I also get defensive of stuff I like when faced with {{Hatedom}}, in particular for Japanese games and {{anime}}, because

TrueArtIsForeign. ** Of course, I have my HateDumb moments too. In particular, that complaint about the "wrong" Zelda getting sequels? Yeah, pure Andy Titlement. And all {{First Person Shooter}}s are the same except for MetroidPrime[[hottip:*:I'll at least try to justify this by saying that my main complaint with the FPS is the unintuitive and unnatural two-stick control scheme, as I'm more used to games with simpler controls where the challenge is what's on the screen, not what's in my hands]]. Then there's my Crusader-esque hatred of [[{{ptitlewj38mw4u}} Seth MacFarlane]]'s animated shows. ** Another guy here; I've had a few works ruined for me by the knowledge that people were writing slashfic about the main characters. No, I don't want to think about Sonic rogering Tails. Not even a ''little''. I can watch ''RizzoliAndIles'', say, but when people start sexualizing characters from kids shows...? * Yeah, I'm watching the [[BrokenBase reactions]] to OtherM unfold, and the only reason I haven't fallen into fan dumb myself, is because of the MST3KMantra. It is tempting to burst a blood vessel trying to make people see things my way, but all that would accomplish is making me look like an idiot and, either way, it isn't going to change anything. * The Wii. The top complaints many people will spew is how Nintendo abandoned their fans for the casuals, how waggle controls will [[RuinedForever will ruin gaming forever...only now it's MORE ruined thanks to Microsoft's Kinetc and Sony's Move,]] and how the Wii will always be inferior thanks to Nintendo refusing to add DVD playback, a 1080p upscaler, more hard drive space, etc. On the other side of the spectrum, you have fans who think the Wii is a shining example of perfection with the games and motion controls and how everything Nintendo does is the right choice while ignoring any legit criticisms people have of the Wii or just call them a troll. * This [[Tropers/CyberTiger88 troper]] [[strike: might be]] is asking [[UnderStatement a bit too much]], but just once would he like to see a FinalFantasy6 fan that isn't out to flame and call every single FinalFantasy7 fan a whiny, emo, socially-retarded, YaoiFangirl abortion for just simply living. ** WeirdRaptor: ''Raises hand.'' You've met him. *** TheDeadSkin: ''Waves.'' Hello to you both. *** XephyrEnigma: And I say "Yo.", to the three of you. *** {{Tropers/TeamKarasu}}: Hi there! * If you want to talk about FanDumb, try the InvaderZim fanbase. It's been established that ''water'' is caustic to Irkens, yet there are hundreds of [[HalfHumanHybrid human-Irken hybrid]] [[MarySue fancharacters]] running around. * The ''GurrenLagann'' fanbase. Oh good GOD I've had many problems that fanbase. While I do think GL is a decent series, I found that these fans may possibly be even worse than the ''{{Naruto}}'' Fan Dumb. This Troper has ran into many that will get up in arms of you point out the tiniest thing you didn't like. I've been to a message board saying that I didn't like Kamina that much, and what do they do? The start bashing me and saying I'm not looking at the character well enough. I am aware that there was more to Kamina than his loud

personality, but I just didn't really care. Sure he may have been a modest guy at heart but on the outside, he was still an annoying and obnoxious loudmouth. In addition, there are fans who wont stop saying the quotes from Gurren Lagann, whether they be WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM, or YOURS IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS or even recite those damned speeches. Sure it was fun at first but then after a while, it started to get real old. Back onto the topic of GL fans getting really defensive, there was a video of some girls disscussing why they disliked Gurren Lagann. While I admit they [[CompletelyMissingThePoint completely missed the point]] of the show, the comments from those rabid fanboys were just plain mean spirited and sexist. I'd link the video here, but supposedly, it's deleted from youtube. Just goes to show how psychotic those guys can get. ** I can relate. This troper found Kamina annoying at first, but he grew on me. Plus, I don't get all the hate for Rossiu. He was simply desperate to protect the human race. He even felt incredible guilt over it and ''wanted to commit suicide''. The man is a [[TheWoobie woobie]] in my eyes. * With no disrespect to the sane fans, the Fosters Home fandom deserves special mention. At least one certain forum seems to go by the following commandments: Never like Cheese, never dislike Wilt, Frankie, or Mac, never like any villain character (aside from Terrence and POSSIBLY the Duchess), never once think the show may have gone downhill at any time, never like Goofball, NEVER EVER like the episode "Imposters Home For Make-Em-Up Pals" or any episode where Frankie is treated like dirt, never bring up most pairings outside of Wilt x Frankie and Khones x Fluffer Nutter, and never ever think of criticising even the dumbest moment on the show, aside from above mentioned episode. Prepare to get your backside tanned or yourself shunned if you break ANY of these commandments. Fun, isn't it? Obviously, the fandom's died down from a couple years back, but for pity's sakes, why so strict?! ** I think I know what forum you're talking about and what you say is (was?) on the money. It's part of the reason why I left the fandom and while I already disliked Wilt x Frankie (which is actually a CrackPairing at most and a rant for another day), this forum made me hate it with a passion. And that's only the start of it. Yeah, it was pretty much the Foster fandom's FanDumb Central. *** I also seem to remember most people (not all, keep in mind) were quite 'opinionated' about what everyone should and should not like. Spongebob, anime outside of Sailor Moon, and pretty much whatever the higher ups didn't like were frequent punching bags for them. As I said earlier, I haven't checked on the forum in years to see if everything is still like that, but I doubt much has changed since then. You couldn't critique an episode of Foster's at all. You're pretty much expected to shut up and glorify upon how awesome the show is all the time. The only episodes anyone was permitted to criticize is whichever ones the admins themselves disliked, or any episode that 'treated' a particular forum favorite character 'rudely', even if said character did something that would fully warrant such behavior against them. The episode 'Imposter's Home for Make'em up Pals' is probably the crowning example of such. Tell any Frankie fan on there that you like the

episode at all, and I doubt you'll see any signs of an intellectual discussion on why the episode isn't bad, in favor of "OMG YOU HAET FRANKIE GTFO RAAAAUGH". Probably the most laughable aspect of the forum was that it represented itself as a 'Foster's Community'. Like, really. * This troper is frankly ''astonished'' that nobody has yet brought up the HalfLife fandom. Dear god... I played Half-Life 2 (well, up to the conclusion of Ravenholm before having to postpone the rest of my playthrough indefinitely), I found it to be on the upper end of average. It certainly had its good moments, and wasn't bad... but I ''despise'' the elitist and superior pricks which apparently comprise the most vocal elements of its fanbase. Mention that you like Halo, CoD or anything else with the gall to not be the [[SarcasmMode aweinspiringly deep contribution to modern literature that is HalfLife]], [[SeriousBusiness and you're a lesser being, not fit to exist, who should be ashamed for liking such inferior trash.]] It doesn't seem to enter their minds that there can be people who can disagree with their opinion and at the same time be intelligent. Half the time, when writing up their essays on how much you suck, they're not even trying to promote the game to you - evidently you've already fallen so deep into damnation that you are not worthy of touching Half-Life with your Halo-dirtied hands. I'm sorry, no, just shut the fuck up and let me enjoy the games I like. ** '''''Agreed'''''. I find the HalfLife FanDumb to be worse than the FanDumb for ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' (Which I haven't yet seen!) or ''FinalFantasyVII'' (Which has been gravely exaggerated). Even ''{{Halo}}''. The main reason? They're not subject to FanDumb control as those fandoms are. Say you think those games are anything but Trash and you'll be asked to prove why, and you must properly cite it and write it the way you would write a dissertation. Say something negative about HalfLife, even that you thought it was good but not as good as what everyone said, and you'll be lucky if they don't murder you in your sleep. Not to mention, the Escapist forums is one big FanDumb for HalfLife and HateDumb for Halo - I see people citing reasons that Halo suck as being subjective to flat-out ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch. *** Funny, This troper (the first one) also goes to the escapist and you're right - that's where most of my negative experience with Halflife's fanbase comes from. It's probably something to do with the fact that [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] likes it... though these people are [[BeyondTheImpossible above and beyond him when it comes to sheer dumbness.]] * This troper's heard horror stories about the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' fandom and what they do to people who don't like the series, I heard a story from a friend about how he told a bunch of noisy twilight fangirls that they need to shut up because it's not that good, what do they do? Yank his arm over the booth and bend it down until it ''broke''. ** However, the holy mother of god would have to be what happened to me myself, I was at the mall around the release of the new moon movie, so naturally every "woman oriented" store was decked out with posters, cue a sneer of dissapointment, followed by this huge chick in an "I <3

edward" T-shirt walking up and starting to berate me, I tried to be unavoidant, but after a long while of pushing my buttons, I told her to screw off, what did she do next? ''Pull a knife on me'', at this point I said screw chivalry and sweeped her legs out from under her before booking it, thankfully a security guard was watching and came to my aid. * Just read the HowIMetYourMother page. It is positively dripping of Barney/Robin shippers whining about how their favorite couple got screwed over and how Ted Mosby is THE BIGGEST [[JerkAss JERKASS]] EVAR, because he's so much worse of a person, than oh I don't know, [[EnsembleDarkhorse Barney]]. It's a sitcom, people! Get your damn panties out of a wad and enjoy it. I mean, I can at least understand when fans stop watching a comedy because of a DudeNotFunny moment, but because of a relationship? That's really, really pathetic. Really. ** You think they're bad? Try ''TheBigBangTheory'' fandom on for size. '''Nothing''' is [[UnpleasableFanbase ever good enough]] for this show's "fans" -- every week they complain about either there not being enough geek jokes, or about how "the magic has been lost", and it's almost guaranteed that if someone complained about too much [[EnsembleDarkhorse Sheldon]] in last week's episode, that same someone will complain about there being ''not enough Sheldon in the current week's one''. [[JumpTheShark Shark-jump]] is now called literally ''every week'', for one reason or another. This troper stopped going to Paradox, a large Sheldon/Penny livejournal, when it devolved into a litany of fangirls whining and threatening to stop watching the show ([[{{Hypocrite}} a threat they rarely, if ever, make good on]]) because it's not going their way -- you know, despite the fact that Sheldon and Penny getting together in reality would be pretty damn insulting to our intelligence. I like the show, it makes my nerdy self and my nerdy boyfriend laugh just fine, and neither of us like to argue with anyone, so we find it's best to avoid this show's [[SarcasmMode true fans.]] * JillBug's grandfather briefly worked at BBC Radio during the '70s. When a popular character on ''TheArchers'' was killed off, many nonetoo-bright fans contacted the station to express their condolences, ask where the funeral was held, or whether they could send tributes. Perhaps they thought the show was a documentary? * I have an annoying friend who will instantly LOVE a game so much as it's made by {{Sega}}. He grew up with the genesis so i guess it's half justified but he'll scream at me if I have so much as 1 [-small-] complaint. He also hates anything else too * As a fanfic writer, I've had to deal with Fan Dumb. In one {{Batman Beyond}} fic, I had Terry and Dana break up with absolutely no angst involved; in fact, they were laughing hard enough over the circumstances that Terry's healing ribs were hurting. I was actually threatened over this- even though those two spent half their screen time fighting and had broken up more than once during the run of the show. The stupid, it burns. * Why isn't TheEscapist mentioned here? How do so many good writers attract so many frothing misogynistic morons? This female troper is literally afraid to sign up on that forum. ** You shouldn't. I've felt physical pain while reading some of those

threads. You just ''know'' that if Yahtzee mystersiously started praising Nintendo and Square-Enix, whilst slamming Valve, everyone would mysteriously have all sorts of pleasant memories and experiences with Nintendo games while citing reasons ''HalfLife'' sucks that are ''clearly nothing more than opinion''. * I admit I just don't get it when someone claims a piece of fan fiction left their favorite game/book/etc. RuinedFOREVER. I mean, it's ''fan fiction''. Someone else's opinions or fantasies don't render your own thoughts invalid, much less change the actual canon. ** That's also present in HateDumb, too. * The PC Gaming FanDumb is filled with highbrow elitism. I do know there are PC gamers who aren't just PC FanDumb / Console HateDumb, but it seems for however many people who use ''both'' formats, there are at least two straw Patricians who believe that their format makes them more intelligent than playing with another and that anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid and should feel bad about it amongst other insults. ** As a PC gamer i know that the cycle is self perpetuating most PC players are fairly quiet about it but there are still quite afew small names with huge bulging egos the size of Azathoth. ** I've been a gamer for a pretty long time now, and this one really bugs me. Partly because I can't for the life of me figure out where it started. Most people I know are reasonable enough, and for that matter most people I know, like myself, play both console and PC games, with little thought given to which is "better." And then there are those other people. The ones who claim that all console gamers (or "kiddies," as the popular term seems to be, because your choice of gaming platform somehow reflects your age) are a bunch of knuckledragging FPS fans, despite the fact that, until the current console generation, you could really only play an FPS ''on a PC'', simply due to the limitations of the technology. It gets even worse when you get into role-playing games. Apparently the quality of an RPG or even whether it should be called an RPG or not is dependent not upon its story or characters -- in other words, the ability to ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin play a role]]'' in an established narrative -- but upon the sheer amount of number-crunching and stat management required. Basically, complexity equals quality, and anything that doesn't ''require'' a keyboard and mouse is an inferior product for stupid children. Oddly enough, I rarely see such broad insults aimed at PC gamers from the other side of the supposed "war." Sure, console gamers can be idiotic in plenty other ways, but it's very rare to hear one of them insult a PC gamer for his choice of gaming platform. * I don't have much of an opinion on Justin Bieber, but his fans are freaking ''terrifying.'' If someone insults him or even so much as says they're not impressed, a slew of videos and Tweets are posted full of violence and death threats. One girl detailed how she was going to hit another girl in the face with a wine bottle because the other girl joked that she wasn't into the Bieb anymore. Another bunch Tweeted that they were glad Lily Allen had a miscarriage because apparently Allen once said something about him that they didn't like. A post to OverheardInNewYork had a boy of about three telling his

mother that he didn't like Bieber anymore. Sadly, I would not be surprised if a rash of videos and Tweets come out wishing death on a freaking toddler. Look, I get that some fangirls can be overwrought and invest a whole lot of time and emotion into the object of their affection, but there's a line between "devoted" and "the cops need to check this girl's basement for that hiker that went missing." ** Where have these rabid fans been hanging out? Because I've actually seen a lot more rabid ''haters'' than Fans. *** There's quite a few of them on YouTube and Twitter. **** I see more HateDumb of JustinBieber than I do FanDumb. ***** IMO, the dumbness seems equally distributed between fans and haters. The FanDumb people often seem to love him for his {{Bishonen}}ness and delayed puberty. The HateDumb people hate him for the exact reason, regularly due to some jealousy of his ChickMagnet factor. And then there's his music: FanDumb means that you don't really care about his music, but {{Squee}} about his "cute" appearance all the time. HateDumb means that you keep complaining about his terrible music even when nobody forces you to listen to it. * After reading some messages on VideoGame forums, it quite frankly surprises me how many King customers there are and how many fans flat out [[YouFailBusinessForever fail business forever]]. People who work in game companies have to have a place to sleep at night, materials to work with, and they have to put food on the table. This is a ''business'' - they need to make a profit to survive. * The [[DotHack .hack]] fandom. How such a small fandom can have so much FanDumb boggles the mind. If they aren't dismissing future developments as RuinedFOREVER and making essays about what CyberConnect2 should have done to make it suck less ''long before said-development is even out'' (which I sadly admit I have been [[OldShame guilty of]]), they're a grotesque hybrid of the Mad Bride and Hate Monger. ** Special mention goes to poor Atoli and Alkaid. Dear god, these two may as well be the poster children for both FanDumb AND HateDumb. To describe Atoli's fans as a HypocriticalFandom would only be scratching the surface. Alkaid's fans are calmer, but innocent they are not. That's just the admiration part of spectrum. *** Oh, and be careful when you say you ship [[LauncherofaThousandShips Haseo]] with someone other than their preferred girl. Some Haseo/Alkaid fans have not had their rabies shots. Some Haseo/Atoli fans have been known to attack regardless of rabies shots. If you like Shino in any way, please be sure to take extra safety precautions. * The number of {{Pixar}} fans who want BradBird to skip his 1906 project and move on to TheIncredibles 2 is really exasperating, the ones that want Pixar to skip every project they've planned for it are just as bad, if not worse. This troper can honestly forsee an UnpleasableFanbase that rivals ThePrincessAndTheFrog. ** Speaking of Pixar, this troper is a longtime Pixar fangirl who has witnessed quite her fair share of Fan Dumb on a forum she's inhabited for years now. Pixar makes the best movies out there and anyone who says otherwise is DUMB. Pixar has never made a less-thangroundbreaking film and anyone who says otherwise is DUMB (or,

alternatively, anyone that wasn't shaking their head in shame at this person's least favorite Pixar movie, most often [[{{Cars}} Cars]], is DUMB) Pixar is the greatest studio, nay, ''company'' out there, and anyone who says otherwise is DUMB. Anyone who likes [[WaltDisney the Mother Company]], much less *gasp* prefers them over Pixar, or doesn't credit all their recent successes to Pixar, is DUMB and has no taste. Need I go on? *** Ironically, the same is true for vehement fans of the company that inspires Pixar the most, StudioGhibli. Fans who will [[FandomHeresy tar and feather you]] if you even ''insinuate'' that a Ghibli film has flaws? CHECK. Fans who gladly spit on [[{{Pixar}} other]] [[WaltDisney acclaimed]] artists/animation studios in order to prove that there is no one who can rival the spotless Miyazaki and the Holy Land of Ghibli? CHECK. (And when these rabid fans make such [[SarcasmMode bold, truthful declarations,]] they are also inadvertently insulting films such as {{Persepolis}} and WaltzWithBashir). I may be a fan of Ghibli as well, but the smug, obnoxious portion of the fandom is LONG overdue for a slap on the wrist from saner fans. * This troper is surprised at how the main theme of ''WanderingSon'' goes completely past the fandom's head; it's about two {{Transsexual}} children, not two crossdressing children. Nitori is a girl, and Takatsuki a boy. Fans often seem like they're out for a shock factor when they describe the series. * This troper actually coined the Litter-Bearer fandumb sub-type back a couple years ago as a newbie troper based on his experiences with the pro wrestling fandom - in particular, WWF/WWE fans. I was criticizing some big generic hoss who didn't last very long, it may have been Heindenreich, and a litter-bear countered with the argument that "you can't call Heindenreich talentless, [[VinceMcMahon Vince]] hired him and I think he knows a lot more about what makes a wrestler good than you". This after said hoss in question had botched continually during a match and legitimately injured his jobber opponent. He proceeded to opine that no fan knew anything about wrestling and so they should all like exactly what Vince, as the most successful promoter, told them to like. He may have been trolling, this particular poster liked to play devil's advocate (although he was a devoted Vince defender already), but he attracted a good half dozen supporters who all happily agreed that they were witless, undeserving of having opinions, and proud that they reacted exactly as they were told to. * Nintendo fans. Dear lord. So much King Customer mentality as they cry how Nintendo abandoned them for the casuals and feel they should be entitled to more games suited for them just because they think they know what it takes to make a good game. Metroid fans are probably the least offensive out of all the Nintendo franchises and that's just putting it kindly. I was actually labeled as a blind fanboy for actually liking MetroidOtherM just because I didn't jump on the hate filled bandwagon and for actually directing their blame for the game's changes to the guy who was the co-creator of the Metroid series (they blamed Team Ninja, who only did the programming and not the directing). ** This troper thinks a lot of people don't really know how game

development works. For starters; I notice a lot of (But not all of) people's complains about how "Easy" games are were stuff that's actually FakeDifficulty or merely from a lack of experience/genre savviness. I always found it strange how the people who ''just'' started gaming had difficulty with ''SuperMarioGalaxy'' when the HateDumb was saying that it held your hand through and was impossible not to lose because they thought it was so easy and that the people who went through it so quickly were almost always the people who've been playing for years. Not to mention a lot of people just need to sit down and take a freaking business class and don't realize that they're not the sole demographic out there. Developers aren't like some kind of omnipotent all-knowing cabal who knows who ''all'' of their customers are. They don't know if you're someone who's in their 40s and has been playing since arcades or if you're a 12 year old who was just given a game system for Christmas and doesn't even know ''what'' makes Mario so super. Not to mention a lot of people don't seem to realize that not every game is going to be just like their favourite. Yeah, I was surprised by ''ValkyrieProfileCovenantOfThePlume'' because it had some stuff I loved from ''TacticsOgre'' in it, but if it was ''exactly'' like ''TacticsOgre'' then it'd just be a remake of ''TacticsOgre'' with the ''ValkyrieProfile'' license slapped on it for...no good reason. It doesn't seem like people realize that sometimes; they're the reason some games are so "bad" to them. ** [[http://bd.baldurk.org/lp/95 This LP of Prime 3]] has a lot of complaining about Other M, but Slowbeef openly acknowledges that any blame can be laid at the feet of the series' creator as much as Team Ninja, if not more so. While he produced the Prime series, he ''directed'' Other M. Yes, that's right, the most popular games in the series, the ones the fanboys like, are some of the ones he was ''least'' involved in. * The KeroroGunso fandom. That is all. * Smart Phone Wars (ex. iPhone, Droid, etc) Similar to the ComputerWars and ConsoleWars, It seems having something like a smart phone instills this chemical reaction that causes snobbery. * Adding to the technology example above, the Linux community is sadly full of those... People complaining that "Ubuntu has it too easy for the n00bs", "Linux is selling itself to EVIL CAPITALISTS!!!" etc etc... To be fair, this happens (in different ways) with Mac and Windows too. * A personal story: After watching {{The Nostalgia Critic}}'s tribute to {{Animaniacs}}, I blamed Tom Ruegger for mixing up Akom and TMS's names (Akom was mentioned durring a shot of TMS' footage) and actually complained about it on another site. Cue one embarassed 16 year old getting berated by Mr. Ruegger himself on said message board. (It was in actually, one of the show's other writers who mixed up the names). * This troper's mother is something of a protectionist when it come to the Lord of the Rings. As such, this troper is typing this entry after she was sent to her room and told to go to bed for not wanting to watch it. Just to further demonstrate how juvenile my mother was, this troper is 16. * Regarding ''FinalCrisis'', there's some intense debate over whether

[[spoiler:Batman should've shot Darkseid. Specifically, whether he should've used a gun. For some reason, there are people who think that a guy who doesn't use guns and doesn't kill should stick to those promises even when the entire Multiverse is at stake. They also claim that if he ''had'' to shoot Darkseid, then it "should've worked", since people who break vows in a last ditch effort to try and save all of existence should automatically succeed.]] * What is it with the ''{{Metroi}}d: OtherM'' fans? I can understand if you liked the game, but there's no need to strawman the claims of the people who disliked it. For example, some complained that they found Samus too whiny and insecure, and her portrayal inconsistent with previous games. Your response is to claim that they want her to be stoic and robotic, and to claim that she shows no personality in any of the previous games at all, which is simply not true. (''Fusion'' alone...) She's had plenty of characterization, it's just been a lot more subtle than Other M's "[[ThatMakesMeFeelAngry being under Adam's command gave me butterflies in my stomach]]." * Some people (most notably the British) tend to get [[{{Understatement}} pretty]] [[SeriousBusiness infuriated]] when an American company exports (or what the British say "steals") a British franchise to America. First of all to all you FanDumb and HateDumb, the original creators and the American creators agreed to it and pay loyalties to do so (Or in some cases like [[TheOffice Ricky Gervais]] and [[TheXFactor Simon Cowell]], the original creators bring the show(s) to America themselves) which means they have every right to do so. The other involves a DoubleStandard in which a British (or some other country's) work gets exported to another country or especially if an American franchise gets exported to Britain or another country, nobody complains about it. ** There's also the inversion of this, in which a work that is SoBadItsGood, ItsPopularNowItSucks, etc. in which the country of origin will be hell bent on distancing themselves from it. For example, American says: ''"[[SouthPark Blame Canada]] for JustinBieber!"'' Canadian rebuts: ''"[[MisplacedNationalism No he's yours now!]]'''' ** It's funny that the American versions of TheXFactor, WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire, etc. has gotten hate mainly because "It's not the British version." [[DoubleStandard Funny that this doesn't happen to other nations]]. ** [[CaptainObvious Of course mis-blaming or mis-crediting a entire country for one person's work is not very wise]]. * The ''Vocaloid'' fandom. My god, the Vocaloid fandom. We have misguided purists who refuse to acknowledge any Vocaloid who isn't Japanese (including Leon, who was the first Vocaloid ''period''), mad bride/grooms who obsess over one Vocaloid and insist all others are crap, shippers who complain endlessly whenever a song that doesn't feature their ship becomes popular, elitists who think only certain producers (or themselves) know how to use the software "properly"... the list goes on and on. ** I'm a Vocaloid fan myself, I don't mind people disagreeing with my tastes in Vocaloids or pairings, but I'm not very open in discussions about the latter, especially when [[{{Twincest}} Len and Rin]] are

involved. I get worried that bringing up my favorite pairing will result in an InternetCounterattack. My {{OTP}}, by the way? It's [[spoiler:Len / Luka]]. *** This troper is not a major Vocaloid fan, but has listened to a few of the (better) songs. Although I have met some nice people from the fandom, and I'm sure not everyone who likes Vocaloid is like this... but the majority seem to be nothing but perverted elitist "thou shalt agree with me" types of people more or less bent on everyone worshiping their usually-less-than-impressive work. A certain Vocaloid forum comes to mind... * This trope is why this troper (wow, that's a little redundantsounding...) is reluctant to admit in public that he is a professional sports fan. I won't say the problem is most sports fans, but the most vocal of those I have encountered are judgmental and hostile toward their team in a way that I can't imagine they would ever be toward a person they were more closely connected to, and act as though they are entitled to a win and any loss is squarely on their team being terrible, not on the other team playing well (or a little bad luck). The last game I attended, the home team (read: us) lost by one point, after an incredibly solid game, and were still roundly booed by the fans around me; the person sitting behind me didn't speak during the good plays, and complained about any tiny mistake (and the mistakes that game were quite tiny). As a person who suffers from social anxiety and is kind of extra-sensitive even beyond that, I don't read my team's Facebook page, or really talk to most fans about the game anymore; I find myself getting sad about it when my team loses, but only because I hate knowing that a reaction like this is coming. Of course, this could be fandumb on my part for wanting to insist on enjoying the wins and good seasons and just shrugging off the losses and bad seasons...an idea which is even more depressing. * This troper fanboyed ''CrimzonClover'' a little too hard in a Fora discussion involving ''{{Touhou}}''. As such I'm doing what any Fan Dumb-class gamer should be doing with their favorite game(s): Deleting it. * I have seen a Youtube comment about ''[[RollerCoasterTycoon Roller Coaster Tycoon 3]]'' which bashed the game because he believes that Atari ruined the series. One of his complaints was that the coaster designing is stiff, which ''is'' a legitimate complaint...but criticized another person who said he liked the game, saying "I bet you only like it because it has full [=3D=] graphics * I used to run one of those Character Review services and had to shut it down because of all the users who went crazy at me because I didn't fawn over their KatekyoHitmanReborn [[MarySue MarySues.]] One particularly teeth-grinding example was a girl who's OC was [[KnifeNut Bel's]] 'maid' with a suspiciously Japanese name (despite Bel being so obviously ''not''). Upon recieving critique she flew into a rage and accused me of being a jealous Bel fangirl who wanted him all to myself. Yeah, [[BloodKnight I]] [[SlasherSmile think]] [[EvilPrince I'll]] [[AxCrazy pass.]] Scarily enough, this isn't that uncommon. What is it about this fandom that attracts all the crazies? * [[Tropers/SangoOfTheDead I]] recently discovered [[http://powet.tv/powetblog/2011/05/12/my-little-pony-friendship-is-

magic-gets-snubbed-in-emmy-nominations/ this]] article made by some FanDumb of FriendshipIsMagic. I'm sorry, I can't keep going, I'm too busy speaking {{Angrish}} now at how petty the author who wrote this is. * This Trope doesn't want to but has to bring up {{Pokemon}}, which due to size has FanDumb of every type in every language it's been translated in. Ship wars, anime purists, game purists, metagamers, Stop Having Fun Guys, manga verse lovers, card game devotees, collectors, cosplayers, there's jerks in every single group. All of them are convinced some other part of the fandom is ruining the fandom for everyone. But if you'd like to see the entire group rally against you, say you liked HeyYouPikachu or PokemonTrozei. Or say you don't love Misty. The debate on which names to use alone could fill this page. Fanfic writers have their own vicious sub-levels of hate going on where the writers of insert genre or pairing here are clealy inferior fans. And if you say you liked the original 150 best, the forum will divide into Camp You Are Old and Camp You Are Right overnight. I haven't even brushed the surface here, but it's just so complicated that, like the Harry Potter fandom, an overview is really impossible. ** Amen * This troper used to like yuri/shoujo-ai. You know, anime lesbians. After some observing on how the fanbase act like, he hates it with passion. * Ever since SOCOM 4's release on the PS3, there have been a VocalMinority of SOCOM fans who won't stop at nothing but prove that 2 is the apex of the series and that 4 is the absolute black sheep of the franchise. Truthfully, the critical reception is mixed at best. SOCOM 4 doesn't do enough to stand out from the crowd of tactical shooters, but it's still decent and playable. Try telling that to the SOCOM fans only attached to the second game. [[http://www.makesocomhd.com/?gclid=CIb3rtWT9qgCFSRe7AodY3m1Xw They're holding petitions]], [[http://forums.socom.com/t5/SOCOM-4-GeneralDiscussion/How-to-restore-Classic-Mode-to-it-s-former-glory/tdp/1065178 they're screaming out what changes they want to SOCOM 4]] (mostly to make it a more polished version of SOCOM 2), and spreading SOCOM 4 hate propaganda to any possible forum that even marginally discusses SOCOM 4, like Amazon. The fact that [[http://uk.kotaku.com/5803389/socom-studio-hit-with-layoffs-sonycalls-them-routine developer Zipper recently had 33 layoffs further exacerbated this situation]], and only reaffirmed the fans' opinions that SOCOM 4 is a steaming pile of turd that's a disgrace to the series. Nevermind the fact that Zipper has a pretty good track record of listening to fan complaints, has done a decent job supporting their other shooter game (M.A.G.), and hasn't exactly had the easiest time to see how SOCOM 4 fares online, thanks to the nearly 4-week long PSN outage. As a troper who actually enjoys SOCOM 4 but hated 3 with an absolute passion (mainly because it was a poor man's Battlefield), it's getting extremely annoying to justify my love for the game without getting bashed by SOCOM 2 enthusiasts left and right. * The FanDumb for Linux. I got kicked out of IRC chatrooms for saying I didn't have a Linux-based OS.

** [[@/{{endlessness}} I]] have voluntarily left some Linux chatrooms/forums due to some FanDumb, despite being a Linux user myself. Some people seem to think that, unless you're using Linux the same way they use it, you are just a [[Noob]] which does not deserve to use their blessed operating system. * The {{Fallout}} fansite No Mutants Allowed ''is'' this trope. They refused to accept Fallout 3 as a sequel due to gameplay and extremely minor style changes (which ironically brought it closer to the style of the original Fallout than Fallout 2 was), coupled with the fact that it wasn't the Van Buren project that died several years before release and that it wasn't being made by the dead Black Isle studio. They then went on to absoluteness ''adore'' Fallout New Vegas, a game with the exact same gameplay and style, simply because the development team mostly came from Black Isle. Que {{facepalm}}. * I don't know if it happens in other countries much, but it seems there are those here in UK that take watching their soaps as SeriousBusiness. Even to the point where they hate an actor/actress for something their character has done. Sending hate mail and even harassing them in public by yelling abuse at them. Another thing that this troper gets confused about is people that believe posting a comment on youtube for the official video of some famous singer will mean that singer will read it (let alone then do what's said in the comment as in watching a video they've uploaded and help them get a record deal). * RENTheads. Dear God, RENTheads...(for the record, this troper loves RENT but the fans are scary). * Is it me or are the Left4Dead fans complete morons? Aside from them bitching about Valve Time when it comes to new content, people say that Cold Stream, a campaign made by mapper outside of Valve and is being introduced into the game itself as main content, should be completely scrapped because their little darling 3rd party campaign favorites are much better and how much Cold Stream sucks. This is all while ignoring the fact that a dev from Valve said many times that Cold Stream is in BETA and was released as such so that the community can give feedback on how the campaign can be improved. What do people do instead? Bitch that Cold Stream is garbage and demand that the L4D1 maps be released NOW. On top of this, people keep suggesting ridiculous ideas for how VS mode could be "balanced" when all their ideas really show is buffing the zombie characters to a high degree so that they can kill the survivors faster, but if you even dare to call them out on this, they will call you a casual gamer who is ruining the game! * The ''MadokaMagica'' fandom, at least during the series' run when fans would post spoilers on Twitter without warning. It made having friends who watch ''Madoka'' difficult, if you're not fully caught up. * I enjoy ''AxisPowersHetalia''...but mostly as a jab at world countries and history. Just...don't expose me to the fandom in general for too long. * I have a few moments of Fan Dumb myself, mostly as a protectionist. At one time, I felt that mainstream super hero comics and table top R P Gs are the exclusive provenance of my own exact demographic: midtwenties to something less than forty years old, male, and sort of

second generation fans with parents or other older relatives having brought them into the hobby. Never mind that the hobby can't grow if these young 'uns who are doing it all wrong don't enter the hobby. * The tornado siren fandom (mainly based on The Siren Board). Petty rivalry, snobbery, hypocrisy, general intolerance, and a somewhat scary 80's "go with the popular guy" mentality, this troper was disappointed when he joined that forum, supposedly dedicated to discussion about sirens, but instead found constant arguing, petty opinions, and much whinging over the laughable "karma" system. Same thing on Youtube, only replace "karma" with video views. Did we mention you won't go one week without seeing someone throw up an argument? Egad. And just to make things more laughable, the main group usually goes around trolling and spewing nonsense on a typical basis, and then they get angry when no one important listens to them. * The ''[[YuGiOh Yu-Gi-Oh]]'' fandom is out of control. Out of many animes that have large online fanbases (Naruto, Bleach, APH, etc.), Yu-Gi-Oh has by far the highest concentration of OMG SQUEEE!!1! yaoi fangirls. It's ridiculous how poorly thought out any fan work is. I'm a bit terrified to ever look at anything Yu-Gi-Oh related because it has a 99.98% chance of being of a shameless self-insert mary-sue or something that makes me pity people in gay relationships because some people actually think it works like that. The .02% of the fanwork that is actually worth your time then attracts the rest of the fandom that flames you for speaking constructively with the creator. NOTE: [[YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries The Abridged Series]] is not always included in the FanDumb. * [[@/SanaMae This Troper]] was, for the most part, pretty cool with the AxisPowersHetalia fandom, no matter how crazy it could get. I stayed away from the more fanservicey and squee-flled communities, but I let the fangirls have their fun- until HetaliaBloodbath2010 hit, and someone actually threatened Himaruya with ''rape'' if he didn't update. Guys, he has a family, and a job. He doesn't exist just to make comics for you. And even if he did, that would ''still'' not be an appropriate thing to say, as a joke or otherwise. I still participate in the fandom, but there's a slight undercurrent of dsgust with the knowledge that these people exist within it. * ''WorldOfDarkness'' has a huge FanDumb, and they're one of the worst cases because unlike a lot of other FanDumb, are not subject to the same amounts of Fandom control. Say you like D&D 4th edition and you get flamed. People who mindlessly enjoy ''WorldOfDarkness'' are likewise given a free pass. They're also full of Genre Aliens and Highbrow Elitists, insisting that ''every'' tabletop game should use rules or settings from ''WorldOfDarkness'', and many people insisting that other settings (especially ''Changeling'') are "not dark enough" and "dark" in this case basically means [[RatedMForMoney blood, death, gore, sex, violence, rape, and stuff classified as "mature" for the sake of having it]]. I've seen people refuse to play tabletop games merely becaus ethey aren't absolute clones of ''WorldOfDarkness'', or only give stuff like DC RP a chance if they use ''WorldOfDarkness'' rules and essentially make it DC RP InNameOnly. * The ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' FanDumb. While this troper is not a FanHater and is respectful when referring to the series despite not

liking it, it bears mentioning that the dumber portion of the fandom (and even some neutral parties!) always class people who don't like the books into this category and this category only- rabid, raging haters. Never once do they think, "The haters are probably NotSoDifferent from everyone else, they just get bothered by something in the books." No, it's always "Everyone who identifies as a Twilight hater is obviously a FanHater[=/=]Rabid, screaming, violent mobster who rages at anything to do with Twilight/someone who just hates it because hating it is "what the cool kids were doing" who more often than not [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch hasn't even read it]]/FoeYay fans who need to get lives beyond bashing a book..." etc. While [[VocalMinority a small portion]] of the {{Hatedom}} is a HateDumb, none of these accusations have any evidence supporting them to prove that the hatedom as a whole is like that. Not to mention that the alleged faults are '''''so''''' exaggerated to hell that it's now considered "what the cool kids are doing" to bash the haters. The following lines are from this very wiki: ** Internet Backdraft: Pity the poor people who take a neutral stance on the books, then mention to the diehards or the haters that they think the series is "okay". [[hottip:*:Someone is convinced that anyone who hates a book wants to kill you for saying anything more than "It was okay." [[BigWrong WRONG!]] ]] ** Love It or Hate It: Those who love it, really, really love it. Those who hate it, really, really hate it. [[hottip:*: Also wrong! StopBeingStereotypical!]] ** The Woobie: Robert Pattinson. The man took a role he didn't like for a decent paycheck and the chance to work with his celebrity crush, and in return is stalked by fans and [[EpicFail raged at by haters]]. [[hottip:*: CriticalResearchFailure! Haters pity the guy for taking the role, not rage at him!]] * End long rant- what I mean to say is that just because a VocalMinority of a Hatedom is a HateDumb doesn't mean that all haters are like that, something the FanDumb just can't seem to recognize. ** I can't read the "VocalMinority is HateDumb" with a straight face...that's one of the biggest {{Understatement}}s of the year. FoeYay doesn't even ''begin'' to describe most of the people who hate Twilight. I honestly want to tell them one thing: '''''Move. On.''''' The more you trash Twilight, [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity the more you advertise it for free]]. Yes, people ''DO'' try things out out of BileFascination. * Some of the FanDumb around ''LeagueOfLegends''. Yeah, there's the whole StopHavingFunGuys thing, but some of them also act...way too entitled for their own good. There were rumours and a lot of signs pointing to Leona, the Radiant Dawn being released on July 7th and then July 8th. However, she was delayed and of course people were mad, but one of the silliest comments I've read was "We've waited too long for Leona". Uhm...Hello? Lee Sin the Blind Monk and The Monkey King would like to have a word with you - Lee Sin was intended to be a champion ''in the beta''. He didn't come out until ''2011''. And the monkey King was announced ''before Orianna even was''. Leona was announced when, Late May-early June? * Huh this troper is surprised that no one has brought up Halo. Well

let me do my best to describe that tornado of unreasonableness and InsaneTrollLogic. Now this troper has only played 3, ODST, Reach and Wars so he doesn't know anything about CE and 2 that much,( [[SeriousBusiness Hell that's unforgivable sin number one]] ) so if you have anything on those feel free to slap them on. People complain how 3 is so much better than Reach, as in, they will never shut up about it, saying that Bungie has destroyed the series. Now while they are entitled to not like Reach, their arguments (and responses to people disagreeing with them) are stupid beyond belief and worthy of this page. They say that it isn't competitive elements in Reach, [[DidNotDoTheResearch I guess they never played Arena]] that's a nightmare for casual players. They say that it is too easy to rank up and you don't have to get your skill up, [[WhatMeasureIsANonSuper even thought only the most competitive and skillful of players could get anywhere above 30]], this troper getting stuck at 35 before giving up. They say that the bloom is stupid and is based on luck [[DidNotDoTheResearch which isn't the truth guns with bloom still take skill]] If you're at close range you spray wildly while at a range you must pace your shots,[[MovingTheGoalPosts I get the feeling that they are just lousy with the new version and they were better with the old version]] They say it sucks because the BR isn't in it and the DMR sucks...really? These people are so shallow that they say a game sucks just because one gun from an old game got replaced...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The DMR isn't even that different from the BR, it's semiautomatic, has a slightly bigger clip in terms of how many times you can pull the trigger, and it takes five shots to the head to kill instead of four thats it. That these people are serious just makes me... [[Angrish GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH]] sorry sorry, the lack of common sense here just drives me over the edge. Should you happen to come across one of these fanboys only point these facts out if you want to be called a 4 year old that sucks at Halo 3, accused of never having played CE (I guess that's supposed to be an insult and before you ask, yes someone said that to me online, when I said I thought Reach was better, he said I had probably never played CE. We're dealing with people who think that they're [[NoTrueScotsman the REAL Halo fans]]) or a COD fan. That last bit is kind of hypocritical seeing as most COD haters criticize it for being repetitive while these people are complaining about Reach [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks for one reason and one reason alone]] I'm not sure weather to try and learn to play COD and get out of this shitstorm, apologize to Bungie for all the shit they had to go through, or pray for 343 Industries because of the UnpleasableFanbase they are now dealing with. "Sigh" Nowadays I'm kind of ashamed to be a Halo fan. * MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic. How shall I count the examples? ** '''Monomaniacs'''. Guys? Monomaniacs in ''any'' fandom are really creepy and disturbing. Stop it. If you don't want people thinking you're a bunch of obsessed people, then StopBeingStereotypical. ** It is okay to recommend the show to a friend. It is ''not'' okay to repeatedly badger them when they show no interest. It is ''not'' okay to repeatedly ask if they saw the latest episode when they've said they haven't seen it. It is ''not'' okay to keep on bothering them over and over again to see the show. "No" means "No".

** Stop linking me to MLP fan art, pictures of the show, demotivational posters, photoshopped pictures of your own original pony, contests on art sites to win free fan art, artists taking commissions of MLP fan stuff, etc. I have told you on ''numerous'' occasions that I am ''NOT'' interested in the show. I'm going to start blocking you if you keep on doing it. ** Quit trolling games like ''LeagueOfLegends'' or ''TeamFortress2'' with "Brony" characters. I'm seeing people on the tribunal for ''LeagueOfLegends'' being reported for "MLP Crap" or "Brony troll". You're not funny. You're just annoying. ** Not liking the show does not mean you are gay. It does not mean you are deprived. It does not mean you are uncultured. It just means that you are someone who doesn't like My Little Pony. ** StopBeingStereotypical. * I can usually tolerate FanDumb, mostly because the vast majority of women I know who love Literature/{{Twilight}} and JustinBieber are very intelligent and down-to-earth people, maybe even more so than me, which itself is a nice reminder that FanDumb is a VocalMinority. The sort that really gets under my skin though are the '''Old Timers''', the elitist snobs who believe that children, teens and young-adults can't appreciate a film or a music album because they weren't alive when either the film was in cinemas or when the band or singer was performing live. Couple of cases in point: before and after [[ToyStory Toy Story 3]] came out, people were waxing the nostalgic about seeing the first two films in cinema, which isn't bad. But then there came the comments deriding children for not having to wait 11 years in between 2 and 3. Another example is a YouTube review that an 18-yearold did for {{Terminator}} 2, he got chewed out by a troll saying that he was too young to have seen it in cinemas and therefore wasn't qualified to review it. The reason why it annoys me, even when it's not directed at me, is because I'm a huge fan of Animation and it all started with watching {{Fantasia}} when I was 2 and a half, a film which is 48 years older than me and as much as I love TheLionKing, Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast and Pixar's movies, (all made during my lifetime) I probably wouldn't appreciate animation if I'd been introduced to it through any other film. I guess what makes it more disheartening is that these people are clearly old enough to know better, and the fact that being born in a different generation is apparently such a cardinal sin takes from elitist to disgustingly pretentious. There's NostalgiaFilter, then there's this...

FanficChopSuey * Take your basic ''{{Digimon}}'' template, i.e. X number of kids (blanks to fill in names here) go to/are sucked into (pick one) Digital World, where they are paired with Digimon partners and fight evil, fill in the name blanks with the characters from ''FullmetalAlchemist'' and ''{{Hellsing}}'', and replace your stereotypical villain Digimon with the BrainwashedAndCrazy Digimon partners of the cast of ''{{Higurashi}}'', with a few from ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. Now give the Digimon actual developed personalities, make a few characters' later Digivolved forms blatantly

unsubtle ShoutOuts, and throw in a HeelFaceMindscrew and an EmergencyTransformation at the end, and there you go. ** Also, the sequel. The character who got emergency-vampirized at the end of the last story is now working for the ''{{Hellsing}}'' organization (post-Valentine Brothers attack, pre-Trip to Brazil), and then a few characters from ''FullmetalAlchemist'' return via dimensional wormhole. And then Ed, his brother Al, and Seras get turned into Mew Mews. And then a group of goblins mistaken for vampires (yes, really) introduces ArtemisFowl into the mix. Then more interdimensional shenanigans brings in ''{{Higurashi}}'' and ''LyricalNanoha'' and the ''FullmetalAlchemist'' anime continuity into the mix. Yes I am quite insane thank you very much. ** Also, the threequel. [[ChronoCrusade Rosette and Chrono]] are thrown into the ''{{Hellsing}}'' continuity (more than 80 years in the future). Then Rosette becomes a SixthRanger in the little Mew squad introduced in the last fic. Followed by Nanoha getting even more involved in the story. * This troper is working on a comic filled with her acquaintances, fictional characters from her favorite works, and obscure celebrities (semi-famous actors if there's no such thing). None of these people have anything to do with each other in RealLife as far as I know, but they interact in my comic anyway. Some examples of my characters are Shel Silverstein, Holden Caulfield, and Bob Kenny Frank Grommitt, the one purely original character, whose name is a collection of homages. * This Troper is writing an episodic series where the casts of {{D Gray man}}, {{One Piece}}, {{Hetalia}}, {{Durarara}}, {{Sgt Frog}}, {{Naruto}}, {{Bleach}}, {{JyuOhSei}}, {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}, {{Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series}}, {{Kuroshitsuji}}, {{Eureka Seven}}, {{Baccano}}, {{Code Geass}}, {{School Rumble}}, {{Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt}}, {{Ouran High School Host Club}}, {{Soul Eater}}, {{Gintama}}, {{The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya}}, {{Sengoku Basara}} {{Katekyo Hitman Reborn}}, {{Lucky Star}}, {{Fairy Tail}}, {{Strike Witches}}, and {{Azumanga Daioh}} live together in a mansion and Hilarity Ensues. Yeah, it's crack. * This troper is working on a crossover of ''CodeGeass'' and ''ElfenLied'' with a little bit of TheBattleOfAlgiers flavoring thrown in for good measure. After posting eight chapters, I've come to the conclusion that the fic practically writes itself (the two plots mesh surprisingly well) and the interactions between Lelouch and Lucy are quite fun to write. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5327665/1/Galtons_Children]] * This troper keeps randomly plotting out a fusion of ''GunslingerGirl'' and ''LuckyStar'', which replaces the eponymous Gunslingers with the younger half of ''Lucky Star's'' roster to create something [[{{WAFF}} WAFFy]] by Gunslinger's standards and extremely [[DarkFic dark]] by ''LuckyStar's''. He's not sure if he should actually go ahead with it though (it's a bit left-field...). * This troper once wrote a crossover that started as ''StarWars'' [[FusionFic recast]] with ''{{Discworld}}'' characters. It started off a bit cracked, but by the end had snowballed and included not only many minor characters from various eras of the ''{{Discworld}}'' series but also ''Series/DoctorWho,'' and ''BillAndTed'' as well.

[[HilarityEnsues Much merriment was had.]] ** I demand linkage. %%* This sort of mentality arguably leads to much of original fiction.* Reading this article, [[ROBRAM89 this troper]] realizes that he almost wrote a story exactly like these about a month ago. It tied together, in all seriousness, ''SnowCrash, SouthlandTales'', Chuck Palahniuk's books ''Rant,'' ''Fight Club'' and ''Haunted,'' {{Primer}}, ''DonnieDarko'', another novel I was going to write, and, at least in passing reference, ''BioShock'' and ''HalfLife'' (the necessary complications those cause would be avoided by the fact that they take place in a timeline that was erased). After remembering how rarely I write, I decided that I shouldn't waste my time on a huge, sprawling story I could never do anything with outside the internet. I ended up writing seven short chapters of a SnowCrash fan sequel before having a complete creative breakdown. All that came out of this weird phase was a really, really disturbing short horror story and a realization that something is horribly wrong with me. * @/NekoIncardine is working on a ''CodeGeass / {{Touhou}}'' crossover, solely to see if he can produce a happier mood while still keeping some of the first series' tone. This has already descended into numerous typical examples of MemeticMutation from the Touhou series, and one really strange comment on region locking, to name some examples. He suspects he'll only make something stranger as things progress. ** This troper respectfully requests a link to said crossover. ** As does this troper. ** Thirded. We need a link! * @/{{Ronnie}} has a timeline for a planned fic series that combines ''DannyPhantom, KimPossible, {{Daria}},'' and ''MeetTheRobinsons'' in one timeline. It's eerily accurate to airdates... * This troper (OldShame) once started writing a fanfic titled "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tokyo". [[FinalFantasyVIII Seifer]], [[{{Castlevania}} Soma Cruz]], [[{{Chobits}} Dita]], [[{{Trigun}} Vash the Stampede]], [[MegaMan Zero]], and [[RanmaOneHalf Ranma]] (who first appears dressed as [[TheMatrix Trinity]] for the purpose of ... [[{{Stripperiffic}} attracting Vash]]) do battle against [[PhantasyStar Dark Force]] in a dimensionally-unstable Tokyo, run by [[FinalFantasyVII Rufus Shinra]], which teleports in people from various alternate dimensions for the purpose of facilitating crossovers. ** If done with tongue properly in cheek it sounds awesome. * Pretty much what @/FigmentJedi is doing with his fanfic trilogy. Primarily focuses on a universe featuring characters from the DisneyAnimatedCanon and parks, as well as monsters from the {{Godzilla}} and {{Gamera}} movies, and a few characters from various {{Nintendo}} games, ''{{Bionicle}}'' and some animated series. The later 2/3rds also shove in the titular mech from ''GurrenLagann'' just from a main character's obsession with the series leading him to build his own in the name of the RuleOfCool. * @/DannyLilithborne once wrote a ''{{SailorMoon}}[=/=]{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' crossover and is now going through great pains to remove all traces of its existence... oops!

* This troper has managed to cross over ''{{MegaMan}}'' with such series as ''[[{{TheLegendOfZelda}} Zelda,]] {{Halo}}, {{Metroid}}, Magical Doropie/The Krion Conquest, [[{{SuperMarioBros}} Mario]]'' and ''{{AstroBoy}}''. In every case I try to blend the series as thoroughly and logically as possible to avoid my concepts ending up as SnarkBait. According to feedback, I did a good job -- though being the author, I can't actually say. * @/YueRyong is currently running a {{D20 Modern}} campaign based loosely on this principle, crossing over ''{{Hellsing}}, ReadOrDie, ShadowHearts, {{Guyver}}, [[ThePrinceOfTennis TeniPuri]]'' and as many random references as he can find somewhere to slip things in. The players seem to enjoy playing "What's the DM referencing this time?" * This troper (@/{{Anthem}}) is in the process of writing a ''[[TheDresdenFiles Dresden]]/{{Inuyasha}}'' crossover. It's only got a big hunk of exposition, a couple of fights, and Dresden being a wiseass so far, though. * When this troper was a grade-schooler, she and her friend wrote a fanfic that starred both of them, and involved characters from ''{{Gargoyles}}, {{Sonic The Hedgehog}}, {{The King of Fighters}}'', and a few others she can't even remember anymore. Admittedly, though, youth was the culprit behind that monstrosity. * For @/HarpieSiren, if Disney makes it, no mater how obscure it is, it's gonna be crossed over with ''KingdomHearts''. ** At least it's ''remotely'' connected to it. * @/DarkInsanity13 (as part of an OldShame) started a fic that was basically a retelling of the ''Daredevil'' movie with ''{{Beyblade}}'' characters and [=OCs=]. Thank God she started forgetting how the movie went and that she realized it was a stupid thing to do. Mind you, since she had pushed it out of her mind, it didn't stop her from starting (but thankfully never posting) a humourous rewrite of ''{{Stardust}}'' with ''{{Bleach}}'' characters. The idea was more thought out this time around, and wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but once again, she forgot how the plot of the movie went and the basic dialogue. * OldShame for @/RadioactiveZombie - a FanSequel to ''KingdomHearts'' had some sort of bizarre alien race attack every single fictional media work ever. It primarily focused on [[{{Hellsing}} Seras Victoria]] and [[ResidentEvil Jill Valentine]] escaping an infested Twilight Town, but detailed the other events in the war. Wound up deleting it due to boredom, and he honestly doesn't remember how the writing was. Probably badly. It filed under MegaCrossover, but he had a thing for alien invasions at the time, and was happily filling in two cops blasting xenomorph expies to bits. * @/GuySmiley will not forget a long-ago chop suey a friend wrote. Said fic featured [[DragonBall Trunks]] as a gigantic Marty Stu who dominates proceedings and beds [[SailorMoon Sailor Mercury]] often; [[GundamWing Quatre]] paired up with a female character (a crossover pairing, no less!); [[PinkyAndTheBrain The Brain]] piloting a HumongousMecha; and Team Rocket transforming into furries, magical girl-style, for reasons never fully explained. It's the friend's OldShame, and I refuse to let him forget it. * This troper and a friend run a massively multi-character two person

roleplay which is basically one long Fanfic Chop Suey. When we get bored of writing characters from one fandom, we dump them and yank some in from somewhere else. The one constant is the original-series ''StarTrek''' characters - we've also had major contributions from StargateAtlantis, ''DragonBallZ'' and ''PiratesOfTheCaribbean'', as well as an assortment of original characters and cameos from just about everyone we could think of, real or fictional. RuleOfFun dominates, and it's been running for ''years''. * This troper remembers the time when one of her old friends from middle school brought up her ''GundamWing'' fanfic where the 5 main guys all go on a road trip in (if I remember correctly) a beat up yellow VW bus. (This was years before ''LittleMissSunshine'' came out and I think was around the same time that VW beetles were back in style.) To this day, I am still [[BileFascination looking for that fanfic.]] (Even though I don't even know if she posted it on the internet.) * This troper's managed to cross ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' with ''{{YuYuHakusho}}'' and ''{{Xenosaga}}''. And it actually made sense. * Well, it might more properly be filed under "{{MegaCrossover}}," but save that...@/{{Ranchoth}} wrote a five chapter fanfic that was, technically, a ''Daria, Undergrads, BeavisAndButthead, MissionHill, CodeLyoko, TheBraveLittleToaster, TheLittles, TheProudFamily, TheWeekenders, AsToldByGinger, TheBFG, TheSecretOfNimh, Fluppy Dogs, RescueRangers James Bond Jr.'' crossover. It's actually a pretty mundane, low-key political thriler. Churchill is quoted in {{epigraph}}. * This Troper is planning on doing a story where all of the major characters in ''{{TalesofSymphonia}}'' except for Lloyd and Colette with characters from various other series. Kratos would be [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] Genis- {{Harry Potter}} and...well, I think it's best to leave it at that. * This Troper has a plot bunny for a ''LifeOnMars / {{Series/Merlin}}'' crossover that will NOT go away. * This Troper once tried to do a fan fic Crossing ''Myth Adventures'' By Robert Aprin with ''Kimagure Orange Road'', but found himself unable to mesh the two. I seem to recall I planed to have Akane have a crush on Tananda. * This Troper is writing(ish) a ''Bleach/Harry Dresden'' crossover, of all things. However, he feels his Roald Dahl's ''League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'' is practically plausible. * This Troper wrote a ''Wombles'' story set in an alternate history where they revolted and destroyed humans just before World War 2 - The story focuses on organised Womble Crime in New York. ** Interesting. If you have the fic on you and it's not much of an OldShame, can I see it? If you say no, [[SincerityMode I don't mind]]. * @/{{nine}} is actually planning a [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]]/[[SuzumiyaHaruhi Haruhi]] crossover with several groups (SOSdan being one of them) on a contest to find the [[GreenRocks Chaos Emeralds]]. Yeah, he's weird; so what? ** He's also planning a crossover with those two and ''{{LuckyStar}}'' [[spoiler:with a hopefully good set-up for the opening of SonicUnleashed.]]

* @/{{Sharysa}} is writing a crossover between ''FireEmblem'' (''Sacred Stones'' and ''Blazing Sword''), ''TheLionKing'', and ''KingdomHearts''. The main plot is a juxtaposition of ''FinalFantasyX'' and ''TheLionKing'' with the side-plot of an Organization 13/Black Fang gang war, which I refer to as "Yuna gets adopted by Human!Mufasa and joins the Black Fang." According to my sister, I've turned Yuna into a {{Woobie}} because Braska dies in the prologue, I'm killing off a LOT more people along the way (because, you know, GANG WAR), and we all know what happens to Mufasa. And for the other FFX fans, [[spoiler: Tidus]]. * This troper's two main fandoms are ''{{Bleach}}'' and ''Ace Attorney''. The crossover attempts never end well, though the glasses!Aizen/Edgeworth actually seems rather promising if you're into character torture. * Much of @/{{Alice2}}'s [[OldShame Old]] (and new!) [[OldShame Shame]] crosses over ''{{Kirby}}, SonicTheHedgehog, FairlyOddparents, {{Pokemon}}, {{Neopets}}'' and RealLife, starring five {{Author Avatar}}s who are alternate universe versions of me, each with a name that is some variation of Alice or @/{{Alice2}}. The OldShame is all comedy, though...the newer stuff is mostly drama, with emphasis on {{Love Triangle}}s and the PowerOfFriendship. * Oh me, Oh my. Where will I ever begin... I wrote some spectacularly horrible fanfiction from the ages of 9-14. It eventually evolved into this huge "canon" that grew to the length of ''War and Peace''. (No, I am not joking - it's 560,000 words in the main series and god knows how much in side-material.) At some point, all of the following series were used: ThePowerPuffGirls, TheLegendOfZelda (three different ones), FinalFantasyVI, SailorMoon, DragonBallZ, Pokemon, RoninWarriors, and SuperMarioBros. I also had Batman but I eventually retconned it out. Most of it also counts as CrackFic and OldShame. * This troper thinks he can work ''{{Halo}}'', ''{{Metroid}}'' and ''FZero'' together with few seams. Likewise for ''DeathNote''/''CodeGeass'' (Key character: B.B. Think about it.) and ''{{Batman}}''. He is, however, too scared of SturgeonsLaw to try. * @/{{Indefatigable}} and her sister started writing a fanfic treatment of the original 8-bit NES ''FinalFantasy'' -- with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and two Power Rangers as the Light Warriors. * @/{{Universalperson}} is working on a ''{{FateStayNight}}'' and ''{{TouhouProject}}'' crossover that looks like it will just end up with [[OCStandIn Mima]] kicking butt. He's also considering a more general Nasuverse crossover with...*shudders* ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' * [[@/{{Kalle}} I]] can top the previous troper's crossover with my own: ''{{Touhou}}''/''PulpFiction''. With Sakuya as Vincent Vega. THE PLOTBUNNY WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD * This one in the process of writing an interactive ''{{Touhou}}'' / ''{{Dennou Coil}}'' fic. It's less crossover than probably needed for this page, though. * @/{{Mariko-chan}}'s favorite roleplay on [[{{GaiaOnline}} Gaia Online]] live on this trope. It's a chatroom roleplay that can have anything from {{Naruto}} to [[{{The Proud Family}} The Proud Family]] to {{CSI}} to [[{{RealLife}} real life]]. There's even a plot ot it,

unlike most chatroom rps: Yami, the [[{{BigBad}} Big Bad]] from Okami, kills people. ''[[{{WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome}} Through e mails]]''. * This troper has written one chapter of [[{{Watchmen}} Rorschach's]] journal as if it were written by [[AzumangaDaioh Osaka]] swapping the Watchmen cast with the Azumanga cast based mostly on RuleOfFunny(Azumanga has a much smaller principal cast so they have to be more than one Watchmen charcter, so I gave up and made Rorsaka the only constant everyone else changes randomly). ** [[citation needed... please]] ** [[http://northnightwatchmanjr.deviantart.com/art/Rorsaka-s-JournalChapter-1-114790845 Granted]] * This Troper (Aoirann) is currently working on one hell of one. It's a ''Persona 4'' Fanfiction with Chop Suey from ''Persona3'', ''Ranma1/2'', ''SailorMoon'', and ''ReadOrDie''. By typing that it makes it sound worse than it is. Tying them all together is an OC from America Who is powerful in a Persona setting but gets his ass kicked in the other three. It's BetterThanItSounds. * @/{{Terrace}} would ''love'' to read a well-written fic where the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Vandread Nirvana]] encounters the [[GurrenLagann Dai-Gurren Dan]] aboard the Hyper Galactic Dai-Gurren with the author going from there. Oh, and [[HotBlooded Kamina's]] still alive. Prefer a Hibiki/Dita pairing for the Vandread side of things, with Simon/Nia and Kamina/Yoko, with a helping of Leeron creeping out everyone on the Nirvana with his CampGay behavior. * This troper has written, and is in the process of revising/editing for coherence, a fanfic series that combines a ton of themes. Its a crossover between Star Trek and Godzilla, but heavy in AU-ness and apocalyptic tones. To wit, King Ghidorah arrived on ancient Earth and kills the Gojirasaurus before it could mutate into Godzilla in the present. As a result, its power growth is unchecked, as the mere existence of the Gojirasaurus had drawn it down in canon. By the 23rd Century, it has grown to the size of a small planet, and has annihilated the entire universe, save for the space surrounding the UFP and the species we know. The Kirk family, starting with Jim's father and going through his nephew Peter, are engaged in one level of the struggle without even realizing the creature of legend is real. * @/NeoSilverThorn pulled this more than once; most recent was an attempt at a Silent Hill/Ed Edd n Eddy crossover. Don't ask, I'm not sure what the hell I was on, either. * @/{{Mapi-chan}} is currently working on an ''{{Air}}'', ''{{Kanon}}'', ''{{Clannad}}'', ''FateStayNight'', ''CodeGeass'', and ''[[spoiler:SuzumiyaHaruhi]]'' MegaCrossover fic. To wit, Misuzu's good end in the VisualNovel happens, but she mysteriously dies one year afterwards. Yukito then meets a stranger who tells him that 2 [[{{Kanon}} other]] [[{{Clannad}} guys]] are in the same boat as him. Tying the three [[FanNickname Key Ani]] leads together is that stranger who happens to be [[spoiler:Kotomi Ichinose's uncle, whose first name was based on the protagonist Slider in the doujin VisualNovel, ''Worlds of Haruhi Suzumiya'', which [[JustifiedTrope justifies]] his AWizardDidIt! Dimensional Sliding abilities, bestowed

by, you guessed it, Haruhi herself]], and the BigBad is [[spoiler:Charles zi Britannia, with his [[TheDragon Dragon]], Kirei Kotomine and the Holy Grail]]. Typing the rest makes it sound worse than it really is, though. * JimmyNeutron plus CalvinAndHobbes plus WarOfTheWorlds plus WallE. This troper has done it. He has also done WallE plus RobotChicken. * @/{{Griffin}} would like to direct you to the OnePiece, Hidden Talents, ArtemisFowl, {{Animorphs}}, RealLife, and whatever she gets interested in crossover that she is writing in her mind. It is, naturally, insane. It involves a stuffed weasel that becomes real and human, who gets married to Griffin's AuthorAvatar, and also a young (by demon standards) fox demon who was sealed in an Oriental rug and becomes involved in a ToyShip. I ''think'' ItMakesSenseInContext... * This troper is planning out a CodeGeass/ {{Exalted}} fic, where Lelouch exalts as a Solar, Kallen a Lunar, (maybe his lunar mate,) C.C. a Sidereal, and Suzaku, (because of his "live" geass,) is forcibly exalted as an Abyssal. * This troper is writing a story featuring, um, yeah... an OC former X-Men member mentored by Burt Rutan, working for NASA, who's also a huge Star Wars fangirl and likes listening to Vangelis. * This troper should be kept far, ''far'' away from any opportunity to make ''One Piece'' AMV's. The reason: the possibility that she could make ''One Piece'' AMV's to Nakajima Miyuki songs, with maybe a few exceptions where the combination of OP and Nakajima Miyuki could actually be fitting (for example, clips from Robin's flashback set to "Boku wa Aoi Tori"). * This troper once wrote a fic combining Clamp Campus Detectives and Weiss Kreuz(came from a friend comment during a WK marathon that Omi and Nagi were escappes from Clamp and someday Clamp was going to want them back) We also had plans for CCD/Gundam Wing crossover that never came to be. * This Troper's early Fanfictioning days were ''absolutely rife'' with this. One of her earlier stories was as bizzare cross of SeriesOfUnfortunateEvents and DannyPhantom. ''With Tucker Foley as a mute''. She still does this occasionally (read: ''Very rarely''); one of her more popular stories is a [[NightmareFuel Nightmare Fuelleriffic]] mix between [[{{MystSeries}} Myst III: Exile]] and [[EdgarAllanPoe The Cask of Amontillado]]. * One fanfic This Troper once wrote (when he was about thirteen, so this is OldShame) was a variant of this: it was a TheLegendofZelda fanfiction with elements of two series he liked tossed in. It had Inuyasha-esque and TheBartimaeusTrilogy-esque djinn stuffed in. Also, he named a foretress of Hyrule Ishbal, as in the FullMetalAlchemist Ishbal. * When they were little, this troper used to tell her sister stories on long car trips. One involved NancyDrew, HarryPotter, and the [[ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents the Baudelaire children]] going back in time to save ''Anastasia Romanova''. * It's not so much a fanfic as it is a mod. This troper has been working on a mod for Sid Meier's Civilization where instead of playing as guys like Lincoln or Napoleon, you can play as King Arthur, Dr. Doom, Oedipus, Big Brother and many more. Basically The League of

Extraordinary Gentlemen in game form. * @/{{Lurkerbunny}} is in the middle of writing a fanfic about one of her favorite cartoon shows (albeit one that has needed some improving lately in her opinion). In it, an {{Expy}} of John Keating from ''DeadPoetsSociety'' starts teaching poetry at the main teen girl character's high school, and she gets a crush on him ([[AuthorAppeal Surprise, surprise]]). It then turns into a ''{{Heathers}}'' spoof where the show's [[TheLibby Libby]] [[RevengeFic is killed off]], and it ultimately ends [[spoiler:just like ''WorldsGreatestDad'' ([[AuthorAppeal Yes,]] [[RobinWilliams the]] [[MaleFrontalNudity swimming pool]] [[{{Fanservice}} scene]]).]] With guest appearances by MorkAndMindy, Luis Avalos from ''TheElectricCompany'', [[strike:[[{{Hook}} Peter Pan]]]], [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Edward Cullen]] ([[TakeThat who gets repeatedly run over by a car]]), and many others. Somewhat justified though, because the show this fic is for is ''FamilyGuy'', which is pretty much a Chop Suey ''series'' (especially these days). ** Said fic is now finished, but Peter Pan's scene has been cut. But the wheels in this troper's mind are always turning, so there will probably be room for him in her next fic. * @/LadyJafaria has two fanfics that are crossovers involving {{Disney/Aladdin}}. Now, it kind of makes sense to cross Aladdin over with TheMummyTrilogy. Just place Agrabah relatively near Egypt, have the sequel not happen, and voila, you have your ancient evil for the mummy busters to defeat. But, it does not make sense to cross Aladdin over with {{Discworld}}. This troper decided she'd do it anyway, flung an AWizardDidIt on, and called it a day. ** Same troper, less plot-relevant example. She just noticed that characters in her fics tend to eat [[YourFavorite her own favorite foods]]. When a dessert comes up, it's nearly ''always'' baklava. * @/{{Shiruvi}} is currently working on a SilentHill, {{Naruto}} and FatalFrame crossover starring Itachi, Sasuke, Pyramid Head and the Camera Obscura. Just use the same logic to explain PH's presence in the Movie and SH:H, and apply the ritual of Fatal Frame 2, tweaking it so [[spoiler:the elder, as in Itachi, sibling strangles the younger, since that whole suffix twist would only work with twins.]] PH has been sent from Silent Hill by Valtiel for unknown (read, unplotted) reasons, and Itachi and Sasuke are trying not to freak out over the ghosts of all the dead Uchiha coming back from the grave, and strangely, nobody else in Konoha notices... Expect cameos from [[spoiler:Izuna and Shisui Uchiha]]. I can't even begin to write this until I know what parts of the Uchiha past are [[{{UnreliableNarrator}} fact and fiction]]. * @/PuppyLuver and a friend have a rather extensive roleplay series that we have dubbed "Weirdies", in which anything can and undoubtedly will happen. There are 24 main characters in the main series, which this troper insisted being the cut-off point from adding any more because more than that would just be confusing. Some of the main characters include [[VideoGame/PaperMario Dimentio]], [[NightsIntoDreams NiGHTS]], [[TheMrMenShow Mr. Small]], [[SonicTheHedgehog Rouge the Bat]], and a few original characters. This does not include the various spin-off roleplays(based on the

Pokemon game series, Total Drama Island or The Mole[TV show, not an actual Mole]). And please, do NOT get this troper started on the many "parody" stories, which are more like recasts of movies with characters featured in the roleplays in place of the original characters than actual parodies. * This troper isn't a huge fan of Mpreg fanfics but nonetheless has created her own 'verse which is a {{Supernatural}} / {{Torchwood}} / {{Smallville}} crossover where Dean and Castiel are Capt. Jack's real parents and Jack had been kidnapped by Zachariah and sent to the future when he was a baby. And that Jack is really Oliver Queen's father. Oh yeah and remember Adam? Not that [[{{Supernatural}} Adam]] , the other [[{{Torchwood}} Adam]]. Yeah, he's Sam and Gabriel's son. Lots of Mpreg to go around. * This troper is currently working on a fanfic set in the Bleach 'verse where a major screwup on the series' three main mad scientists opens a wormhole in reality and draws in whoever the hell this troper feels like adding. The results have varied from easily recognizable series like Batman (so far we've got Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and at least ''three'' different versions of the Joker) and Resident Evil (Wesker and eventually Nemesis, if you were wondering) to either incredibly obscure or non-anime series, like AM, GLaDOS, Patrick Bateman, Rorschach, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and Pyramid Head. Eventually, everyone is going to unite and probably die anyway when Warhammer 40k gets thrown into the mix, eventually. * This troper has a notebook where she and two of her Nakama wrote one several years ago. The list is too long and random. Said notebook is indecipherable as none of the writers have any clue what happened, is happening, or will happen. I even found a made up name for something but had no clue what it was (which is unusual for me). Yet I got the concept for the novel I'm working from this. ....How did we do that again? * This troper wrote an [[UminekoNoNakuKoroNi Umineko]] oneshot songfic that featured snippets of lyrics from Disney princess songs, and a snippet of a Fergie song at the end. You read that right: Umineko. Disney princesses. Fergie. [[BetterThanItSounds I swear it's better than I make it sound!]] * This Troper has managed to work almost anything into the Sonic fandom rather successfully (unless you don't like the AlternateCharacterInterpretation). * @/PentiumMMX2 has done this with one of his story series. I'd love to go over every single thing I threw in there, but it'd be way too long... * This troper did a story that's an in-universe example- a nerdy kid in the late 70s is home sick and trying to think of a way to pass the time. He randomly grabs a model X-Wing Fighter and a model of the space shuttle and decides to write a story where the Rebels come to Earth... so we have a crossover between Star Wars and the 80s IMAX film The Dream is Alive. And Sally Ride has a lightsaber. * This troper is still having ideas about a FormulaOne [[AzumangaDaioh Azumanga]] crossover with all characters laid out. * This troper simply ''loves'' these. One such fic involved a crossover of NoituLove and CaveStory, while another (on FF.net right

now,) was basically TheWorldEndsWithYou meets {{Ouendan}} meets {{Space Channel 5}} meets {{Persona}}, and is a bit of an OldShame DeadFic. Of course, now I'm writing what could be considered a SpiritualSuccessor to the latter, with what I'd call a more cohesive plot. Probably the only idea I had that wasn't this was a StrangeJourney fic where the MC was writing his experiences down in a journal of sorts. * This troper once wrote a {{Daria}}/{{Sailor Moon}} fic in which Daria and Jane were, respectively, Sailor Sun and Earth, the fashion club were the bad guys, and Trent was a Tuxedo Kamen like figure. This took place on a school trip to Tokyo. I wrote this in 2000, and I'm still finding copies online. I think I've finally gotten them all taken down, the ones Geocities didn't destroy for me. * This troper is working on a fanfic primarily for AClockworkOrange, which turns into a {{Portal}} crossover in the middle and features a Corporate {{Goth}}-dressing OriginalCharacter who adores MikePatton. * Although not necessarily fanfic wise, this troper ''LOVES'' this trope. [[KingArthursDisasters LANCELOT]] AND [[{{Gorillaz}} MURDOC]] [[YaoiFangirl GET MARRIED]] AND FIGHT OFF A [[{{Pingu}} GIANT WALRUS]] AND BECOME RULERS OF [[HappyTreeFriends HTF LAND]] AND [[KimPossible DRAKKEN]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome POPS OUTTA A CAKE]] [[{{Squee}} YAY!!!!!!!!]] * I have seriously considered the idea of a ''Naruto'' - ''Mass Effect'' crossover. I am also considering writing an original story that is based on combining the original BattlestarGalactica series and ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', solely on the basis that they were both created by Mormons. Plus, it would probably improve both of them. (Not hating on Mormons in general; just ''those'' particular creations weren't very good.) * I once made a long comedic epic called Mario and Luigi's Adventure Through Movies and TV [[LongTitle (or something much longer than that)]]. Yes, this was a crossover between the SuperMario series, {{Chowder}}, SpongebobSquarepants, TheFairlyOddParents, SonicTheHedgehog, TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack, DonkeyKong, {{Catscratch}}, ToyStory, FindingNemo, TheIncredibles, MonstersInc, all the other {{Pixar}} movies, most of the characters in SuperSmashBros, KungFuPanda, {{Pokemon}}, WarriorCats, and HarryPotter. With guest appearances by DaftPunk, the Frosted Flakes tiger, and the Patriots. And AbrahamLincoln. ** I also recently considered making a sequel, starring the same characters, except with new characters from TheSimpsons, {{Kirby}}, ScottPilgrim, WesternAnimation/AdventureTime, {{Avatar}}, [[AvatarTheLastAirbender the other Avatar]], IronMan, StarWars, StarTrek, {{Pendragon}}, {{Shrek}}, {{Transformers}}, HowToTrainYourDragon, SpiderMan, TheLegendOfZelda, and StreetFighter. ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill, indeed. I'm so glad I never finished this. I would have exhausted my brain. * [[Tropers/FoxxPark This Troper]] has written an AzumangaDaioh / AquaTeenHungerForce crossover, in which the Bonkura's potluck breakfast is interrupted by the Cybernetic Ghost. There are also [[ReferenceOverdosed Quite a bit of]] ShoutOuts. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6489290/1/The_Bonkuras_meet_The_Cybnetic

_Ghost_of_Christmas Link]] for those interested. * [[Tropers/{{Melloncollie}} I]] have a weird fondness for {{Watchmen}} crossovers & [=AUs=] (please don't kill me AlanMoore). I've read WildWest Watchmen, Fashion Designers Watchmen, Steampunk Watchmen, and Furry Watchmen, among others (courtesy of the KinkMeme). Someday I would like to see SuperRobot Watchmen (an [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] Watchmen is fine too). * Our imagination. Just our imagination. * [[Tropers/AirOfMystery I've]] written or plotted what is basically a parody of {{Naruto}} High School [=AUs=]...except filtered through [[BurnNotice self-aware]] [[HotFuzz buddy cop]] tropes, and [[TheMusical with songs]]. Not all CrackFic is porn, you know. * My Role-Playing Games with canon characters always end up like this but special mention goes to. A {{Ben10}} rp with [[TheOneGuy Loki]]. Seeing how we literally run the fan club for [[KissingCousins Bwen]] we had that in mind from squire one. But the RP pretty much began with "Ben I'm a [[OurMermaidsAreDifferent mermaid]]" which of course makes them NotBloodRelated. Over the course of the RP we get [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampires]] (one becoming Gwen's adopted sister.) HeelFaceTurn for Albedo, Vilgax, Rojo, Kevin and Charmcaster. Oh, did I mention Charmcaster is Mermaid too? How about a lesbian [[NerdsAreSexy nerd?]] Also, Gwen has a pet sea monster, Ben has a [[StarWars Wookiee]] and Sartfrie form, and we expies of [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] and [[CowboyBebop Ed]] the second of which is Charmcaster's girlfriend. If that's not enough to qualify he decides that it can't go on without becoming a crossover with {{FZero}}, which may or may not be on the same planet as CowboyBebop, and since I never played one of the games I shoehorn Samus and [[SlyCooper Murray]] into the races. * This Troper, as a child, used to play an imagination game -basically, a solo, fairly quiet, LARP -- which he called Everything Meets Everything. He distinctly remembers being [[SesameStreet Grover]] catching some Pokemon. * Any photocomic that uses the toys in the author's collection can automatically turn into this, especially if the premise is that the characters [[ToyStory living toys]]. This troper actually has two ongoing-''Laughably Evil''(Which features characters from [[TransformersAnimated several different]] {{Transformers}} [[TransformersFilmSeries series]] along with {{Batman}}, [[IronMan Whiplash]], and a few {{Halo}} Spartans), and ''Sequitor'' (Still in its infancy, but will feature more characters from more different works and toylines). ---Carol Brady, The Doctor, and Inuyasha all agree you should head back to FanficChopSuey. ----

FanNickname {{Troper}}s' names for characters and other things. In other words, {{Fan Nickname}}s that haven't caught on... yet.

If any of these do catch on, remember, you saw them here first! ---'''Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' [[index]] * TroperTales/{{Fan Nickname A-F}} * TroperTales/{{Fan Nickname G-M}} * TroperTales/{{Fan Nickname N-S}} * TroperTales/{{Fan Nickname T-Z}} * TroperTales/FanNicknameUncategorized [[/index]]

FanNicknameA-F '''Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:A]] * Tropers/AceOfScarabs ** iCon - The Real Gear Decepticon who bears a passing resemblence to Laserbeak and becomes an MP3 player. ** Jesus Cube - the Movie Allspark Cube ** Permaban Crusher - Goldion Crusher ** Large Huckebein Core - Large Hadron Collider, named for the Huckebein Incident in SuperRobotWars Original Generations. ** Banhammer - my beloved e9 (all Quickfire) Savage Jackhammer 7 of Fly (-39ra, 444 max dps), which is my current grinding weapon in AceOnline. ** The Great Communicator - any [[ChainsawGood Chainsaw]] I use as a weapon, because of the [[{{ComicBook/Doom}} Doom comic]] and an awesome [[LetsPlay Let's Play]] of {{Doom}} 3. * Tropers/AckSed ** Evil Borg Jayne: The terminator in ''Terminator: TheSarahConnorChronicles'', that [[spoiler:until he grows new skin]], walks around disguised like Jayne in {{Firefly}}'s "Jaynestown". ** Mumbles: Suzuki,the fake love interest of Koizumi in ''LovelyComplex'',for his voice actor's leaden,muffled delivery of all his lines. ** Dr. Stupid: [[Series/{{Heroes}} Dr. Mohinder Suresh]]. For someone who's supposedly smart,he's not the best judge of character... or good at making decisions... or rigorous in his findings. He should also know that [[spoiler:injecting oneself with an untried SuperSerum]] ''never'' ends well. The name comes from RenAndStimpy's "Ask Dr. Stupid". ** Tifa Kenpachi: Sui from ''DoubleArts''. ''Almost'' an {{Expy}} of Tifa,and ''almost'' as psycho as Zaraki Kenpachi. ** The Pink Atom Bomb: The CuteBruiser Yachiru from ''{{Bleach}}'' this troper's just waiting for her to go off. When it does,it will be ''awesome''. ** Batnerd,Otakubat: Daniel Dreiburg,the second Nite Owl in

''{{Watchmen}}''. ** Slash Goggles: Yuri/yaoi shipper extraordinaire Hiyori from ''LuckyStar''. ** Awesome Pussycat: Galeon from ''GaoGaiGar''. * Tropers/TheAdversary: ** The [[AustinPowers Fat Bastard]]: Wario or sometimes Mario ** That Fucking Muppet: Attenborough in GurrenLagann. ** Psychodelic Grave: Spear Pillar in SuperSmashBros Brawl. For being an AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield and having a hell of an InterfaceScrew. ** Renal Problem: Any kind of FreakOut, [[TheReveal reveal]] of {{Yandere}}-ness or SanitySlippage. For [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rena]]. ** Capcomtastic Marathon: A BossRush in a level right before the FinalBoss. Common in {{Capcom}} games. * {{Tropers/Aela}}: ** Hernando: {{Frankenstein}}'s Monster. ** [[MartyStu Stu]] in Shining Armor: [[KingArthur Sir Lancelot]]. *** Stu II: Spawn of Stu: [[IncorruptiblePurePureness Galahad]]. ** [[SequelHook Professor Sequel]]: [[Film/SherlockHolmes Moriarty]]. ** Series/DoctorWho: *** Earthgirl and Spaceboy: Donna and Ten, respectively. *** While I'll occasionally refer to most of the Doctors as "the Loon [[MemeticOutfit in]]/[[IconicItem with]] the X", "the [[ObfuscatingInsanity Loon]] in the [[BowTiesAreCool Bow Tie]]" gets used a ''lot'' for Eleven. *** The Amazing Technicolor Doomcoat: Go on. [[ImpossiblyTackyClothes Guess]]. *** Human Clingwrap: [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace Jamie]] [[SecurityCling McCrimmon]]. * Tropers/TheAffableParanoiac: ** Dr. Smith: [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] ** Space-Rhinos on the Moon: the Judoon and the episode "Smith and Jones" in general ** The Creators: [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Mike and Brian]] ** The Source Of All Truth: {{Wikipedia}} * {{Tropers/Allronix}} ** [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Kreia]] - "Yes, [[{{Dune}} Reverend Mother]], no Reverend Mother...someone forgot their Box of Pain in their other robes, didn't they?" ** [[BlakesSeven Servalan]] - El Presidente (from a [[DuranDuran Simon LeBon]] song) ** However, [[GalaxyRangers The Queen of the Crown]] gets nicknamed [[StarWars Darth]] [[BlakesSeven Servalan]]. ** [[{{Serenity}} Miranda]] gets the nickname "Reaver Prime" ** [[MassEffect Reapers]] are "Space Cthulhu." Sovereign is Darth Cthulhu. This is due to my comment upon seeing them - "[[OhCrap Aw, crap]]. These guys just made [[KnightsOftheOldRepublic Malak]] look

like [[{{Spaceballs}} Dark Helmet]]."

* Tropers/AmadeusWindfall ** The Deathbunny: ShakuganNoShana's Margery Daw and Marcosias. * [[Tropers/AndThenThereWereNone And Then There Were None]] ** Lera: PortmanteauCoupleName for Lombard/Vera ** Passing down the noose: A new actress playing Vera (eg, June Duprez passed down the noose to Shirley Eaton) ** Play's Ending Syndrome: Using the same ending repeatedly for each adaptation, even when said ending did not come from the book, but from the play * {{Tropers/Anaheyla}} ** [=HOEsada=] / HOE Quesada: Joe Quesada, Editor-In-Chief of Marvel comics. ** {{Naruto}}: *** Idiot: Masashi Kishimoto, author of {{Naruto}} *** God: The Raikage, this troper's favorite Naruto character. *** [=FAILchihas=]: The Uchiha clan ** {{Bleach}}: *** Barry: Barragan, the Second Espada *** Blindy [=McJustice=]: Kaname Tosen, refering(naturaly) to his blindness and his belief in "the path of least bloodshed" *** Captain Old Dude: Head-Captain Yamamoto. *** [=FAILshiro=]: Toshiro Hitsugaya. *** God: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, this troper's favorite Bleach character. *** Harry: Harribel, the Third Espada *** Sizzle: Szayel Aporro Granz, the Eighth Espada ** OnePiece: *** God: Interchangably Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece or Kaku, this troper's favorite One Piece character. * {{Tropers/Anima}} ** Snarko: {{Animorphs}}, Marco. ** Shmion: [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi both Shion and Mion]]. ** Goth Dude, Deadly Mc Goth Goth, and a laundry list of other overthe-top goth nicknames: {{HarryPotter}}. Severus Snape. ** Alpedo: {{Xenosaga}}, Albedo Piazzolla ** Bleachigo: {{Bleach}}, Ichigo Kurosaki. Used in conversation when talking about two or more characters named Ichigo i.e. Ichigo Momomiya of TokyoMewMew. ** STEEEEEEN, The Sten: [[DragonAge Sten]]. "The Sten" is exclusively used in an AndZoidberg context. ** Lose: [[DragonAge Wynne]] ** Elf-in-Boots, Elven Manslut: [[DragonAge Zevran]] * {{Tropers/Andygal}} ** Wii-condoms: Wiimote covers ** Ash Ketchup: Ash Ketchum, obviously. *** Tropers/WillZ: This becomes a high level of {{Squick}} when anyone

realizes that Pikachu LOVES ketchup a lot... * {{Tropers/Andyroid}} ** {{Buckethead}}: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=139742 Mudbutton Torchrunner]]. ** Chuck: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=140217 Brion Stoutarm]]. ** Fishbrick: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152844 Noggin Whack]]. ** The Re-Cycle: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152874 Recross the Paths]], [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152616 Redeem the Lost]], [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152619 Release the Ants]], [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152618 Research the Deep]], and [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=152836 Revive the Fallen]], a series of cards from ''Morningtide'' that return to your hand after casting if you win a "clash" with an opponent. ** [[TheyMightBeGiants Robot Parade]]: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=46699 March of the Machines]]. ** Holy Hand Grenade: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=129808 Wrath of God]] ** Black Wrath: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=122423 Damnation]] ** Raving Rabbids: The boggarts of ''Shadowmoor'', especially [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=142013 Tattermunge Maniac]] ** Fatland: The plane of Naya from ''Shards of Alara'', which is themed around creatures with high power and toughness (known to many M:TG fans as "fatties"). ** Soccer Hooligans: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=179248 Matca Rioters]] ** Krypto: [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?name=Thornling Thornling]], to go with Superman ([[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?name=Morphling Morphling]]) and Bizzaro ([[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=126810 Torchling]]). ** Water Closet: Wailing Caverns, an instanced dungeon in ''WorldOfWarcraft''. ** Cow Town: Thunder Bluff, home city of the Tauren.

** Froggo: Urdnot Wrex from ''MassEffect''. Grunt from ''MassEffect2'' is, naturally, "Froggo Jr." ** [[HomestarRunner Trogdor]], Rogzor the Burninator: Rogzor, from ''{{Monsterpocalypse}}''. ** [=FEVer=] Attacks: The combo attacks from ''JumpSuperstars'' that require use of the special [[FunWithAcronyms "Friendship", "Effort", and "Victory"]] panels. ** [[HomestarRunner Modestly Hot Homsar]]: Rin from ''KatawaShoujo'', because she's cute, has no arms, and says a lot of really weird things. ** Evil Walt Disney: Andrew Ryan from ''BioShock''. Especially fitting after seeing [[AmusementParkOfDoom Ryan Amusements]] in the second game. ** Keroro Puppet Pals: The twelfth ending of ''KeroroGunsou'', "Omotase Pekopon Icchou!", which features hand-puppet versions of the Keroro Platoon. ** Rebellious Chicken: The [[ButtMonkey long-suffering]] chicken from the opening cinematic for ''{{Fable}} 3''. Comes from the narrator's speech about rebellion, and Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" marketing campaign. ** Bitch of the Wilds: Morrigan from ''DragonAge: Origins'', a play on her mother Flemeth's nickname of "Witch of the Wilds". * Tropers/AndyWaltfeld ** Walker, Texas Gallier - The MidseasonUpgrade mecha from ''{{Xabungle}}''. Earned during ''SuperRobotWars Alpha Gaiden'' when Jiron delivered both killing blows to Aurgelmir, both times using a Soul'd ICBM Toss. ** [[TurnAGundam Diana-sama's]] [[SchoolDays Nice Boat]] - the Soleil, also for meritorious performance in the above. Namely, sniping {{Mooks}} with support particle cannon fire and having the balls to Support Defend my healers when faced with late-game universe-ending attacks. (Apparently no unit will Support Defend if the amount of unblocked damage they would take would kill them.) ** The "I Win" Button - Among my Alpha Gaiden keyboard, Walker Gallier with Haro (+a decent bit to everything) and Minovsky Drive (flight and +2 movement), Mazinkaiser with HPHGCP (+30% energy regeneration per turn), Shin Getter with Haro and HPHGCP, Turn-A with Haro and Solar Panel (+10% energy regeneration), and Brygar with Haro and Solar Panel. ** E-Saviour - The version of Eve at the end of ''ParasiteEve II'', on account of some documents on {{GameFAQs}} list her as "Saver (AKA Eve)." It doesn't help that the decreased difficulty compared to the BonusBoss version of Eve in the first game is similar to the apparent backstep in technology between ''VictoryGundam'' and ''G-Saviour''. ** [[{{Macross}} YAK AGRICULTURE]] - The bioluminescent algae everybody's fighting for in ''G-Saviour''. Coined during the screening thereof on Mogulus internet TV channel [=NeoToonami=], just before it got canned and moved channels. ** ''{{Gundam 00}} [[CodeGeass R2]]'' - This should be fairly obvious by now. I mean, seriously, 20-odd episodes of randomly allocated character development that tosses the first season's cliffhangers by

the wayside, only to end with [[spoiler: Setsuna pulling off a GN Moonlight Butterfly to half-ass {{Instrumentality}}, and Sunrise saying the actual resolution will be saved for TheMovie]]? What the crap? * {{Tropers/Andyzero}} ** Anti-Sora - Neku from ''TheWorldEndsWithYou''. Strangely looks like the lead for ''KingdomHearts'' yet desperately tries to be an EmoTeen, at least at first. The game even pokes fun at this. ** The Batcave - [[{{Tsukihime}} Kohaku's]] cavern under the Tohno mansion, where she cooks up drugs and robots. In game calls it "The Underground" or "The Magic Kingdom." *** This was from the following train of thought. "Where on Earth did Kohaku keep her Manga-version solid black NinjaMaid outfit where Shiki or Hisui don't see it? The Batcave? Wait...she ''does'' have a Batcave!" ** Big Ball of Rape: [[TheJuggernaut The Unstoppable Spheres]] that crush everything in their path from ''{{Heroman}}''. ** Chibi-SEELE -- {{The Omniscient Council Of Vagueness}}-esque group of little kid hackers in the anime version of ''[[DotHack .hack//tasogare no udewa densetsu]].'' So named in honor of the GovernmentConspiracy from ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''; and their shared past-time of talking ominiously and vaguely to each other over a table while wearing headsets. ** ''Der Sodomizer'', the incredibly phallic "Seventh Scripture" [[ThisIsADrill Drill Gun]] that Ciel wield in ''{{Shingetsutan Tsukihime}}''. ** Disembodied Whale Testicles From Hell - The guardians from ''[[DotHack .hack//SIGN]]'', which were floating singing orbs that killed you with CombatTentacles. What's especially ironic is that during the same episode that [[spoiler: Tsukasa's summoned one is destroyed, she remembers she's a girl]]. Paging Dr. Freud. Paging Dr. Freud. ** The Gayest HeterosexualLifePartners Ever -- Miyuki and Natsumi from ''YoureUnderArrest.'' They really are heterosexual throughout the plot, but [[CoversAlwaysLie official art]] always seems to depict them as seconds from passionately having their way with each other. ** [[DragonBallZ Going Super-Saiyan]] -- in ''KingdomOfLoathing'', using the Greatest American Pants ability to make combat skills cost 0 mp, then going back in time and using Krakrox's Mighty Shout Ability 29 times in one fight to double your strength and speed for 29 turns. (Normally, using the skill goes up in MP for 15*(t+1)^2 turns you have accumulated.) A fight is 30 rounds, if you don't mind losing, you can get 30 turns. The effect lasts 5 rounds, so you can use all five rounds doing this, for 150 turns worth. ** ''[[{{Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann}} Gurren]] {{Utena}}'' - the End of the World arc of ''HayateTheCombatButler''. ** The Heterosexual Ray -- Brainwashing done to Anita's old class in ''RODTheTV'' that included [[{{Cure Your Gays}} giving Hisami a boyfriend]]. ** Heterosexual [[{{Noir}} Kirika]] - Ein from ''PhantomOfInferno''. Yes, I know ''Phantom'' came first. Tell my brain that!

** Mount Spaghetti - Those meals in ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'' that consist of a very big pile of noodles and colorful bits in the center of the table. ** Pikagirl - Xiaomu from ''NamcoXCapcom''. The yellow hair with pointy black tips and the ability to shoot lightning helps ** Saint Saber: Olivie the Saint King from ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'', because she looks like a [[FateStayNight certain]] GenderFlip of King Arthur. ** Sineaters: The "brand" of Magical Girls from ''PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', whose job is to absorb despair. ** [[TheLordOfTheRings Sauron]] - Odin from ''MythicalDetectiveLokiRagnarok''. We only see him as an ominous AllSeeing Eye; either in a crystal ball or floating in the sky. ** Sombrero Man - That one guy in a suit in ''ElCazadorDeLaBruja'', wearing a sombrero and smoking a pipe while "guarding" a facility in the middle of the Mexican desert. ** Voldemort-chan - Medusa the Witch from ''SoulEater.'' Takes a child form later, and still is a master of the "I'm evil" Snake Face. * {{Tropers/Anomalocaris}} ** Browser - [[SuperMarioBros Bowser]], as a simple and lazy alteration to his name. ** Giant Cheese Stick - Those smashy-ceiling-things from the second room in Iggy's Castle from SuperMarioWorld. The thin, spiky brown ones that appear in later castles are known as Giant Pretzel Rods. ** Giovanni's Glare - The "The Boss's Way" card from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, due to it being a close-up of his eyes. Apparently, it's the evolved form of Giovanni and is even more of a MemeticBadass. ** Gorgonflarfadoofadorf - Ganondorf from TheLegendOfZelda, as an over-the-top parody of his name. ** Harry Pothead - HarryPotter. ** Nazisteel - Registeel, due to the UnfortunateImplications of its Diamond/Pearl sprite. ** Paula Deen - Bertha, from PokemonDiamondAndPearl. ** Pokemon Rapist - The "{{Pokemon}} Breeder" trainer class, as a misinterpretation of the name. Originated while looking through old Pokemon cards, but worked its way back into the main series. ** Ridley Beam - The mouth laser attacks that Ridley uses in the MetroidPrime series. Originated while watching a parody video of the FreeFallFight from Prime 3. "[[CallingYourAttacks RIDLEY]] [[NoIndoorVoice BEAM]] [[BreathWeapon FIRE!!!]]" * Anime King ** [[FruitsBasket Kyo Sohma]]- Bitch-Cat due to his constant [[{{Wangst}} complaining throughout the series]]. Yeah. [[TheScrappy I really hate Kyo]]. ** [[FinalFantasyIX Zorn and Thorn]]- [[{{Futurama}} Wingus and Dingus respectively]]. ** [[FinalFantasyIX Armarant Coral]]- Rooster-man. Come on. Don't tell me this troper wasn't the only one who thought he looked like a rooster with his pale skin and red dreads. ** ChristopherNolan- Pretentious Hack.

** [[OuranHighSchoolHostClub Honey-sempai]]- [[FruitsBasket NotMomiji]]. ** [[{{Bleach}} Kon]]- [[RanmaOneHalf Happosai 2.0]]. ** [[YaoiFangirl Yaoi Fangirls]]- Twats. ** [[FullMetalAlchemist Gluttony]]- [[IAmAHumanitarian People]] [[SesameStreet Monster]]. ** [[LoveHina Keitaro Urashima]]- Bitch-Boy. ** Naru Narusegawa- Superbitch (Because "The Bitch that managed to out-bitch [[FullMetalPanic Kaname Chidori]]" was too long). ** [[{{Naruto}} Minato Namikaze]]- [[{{Labyrinth}} Minato, The Goblin King]].

* {{Tropers/Ansemaru}} ** Shankenstein- Vamp from ''Metal Gear Solid''. I think it's pretty obvious why. ** Rapeface-Taichou- Yamato of ''Naruto''. * {{Tropers/Aoirann}} ** Wonder Boy- Tetsuo Shima from Akira. Named after a Amv clip from Amv hell 3. ** Ghost of Jesus- Takaya from Persona 3. ** Junpei/Joker- My sister and I call Joker from Mass effect Junpei and Junpei from persona 3 Joker. Put their pictures side-by-side you'll see what we mean. ** The likeable Mary-Sue- Colette from Tales of Symphonia. She has enough character flaws so you like her even though she is a mary sue. ** Uncanny Coms- The Persocoms from Chobits. How can anyone want to have one much less have sex with them? They so deep in the uncanny valley that I get creep out by them, when they not moving in the anime. ** Impossiboobs- My sister's name for Gag boobs. * Tropers/AppleItze ** Cure Stalker (Erika) and Cure Crossover (Tsubomi) for the characters of HeartcatchPrettyCure * {{Tropers/aranoki}} ** {{Pokemon}} *** Hairspray Model: Kincaid...this should be obvious. *** Izzy: Isaac. I used to know a kid with that name. *** Afro Man: Flint. Hey, it's his most prominent feature... *** Cookie: Lucas, after his Japanese name Kouki and the fact that his manga counterpart loves to cook. ** FireEmblem *** Lucy: Lucius. No offense to him, of course. *** Prissy: Priscilla. See above. *** Operation Kidnap Pent: The desert chapter in Blazing Sword. * {{Tropers/Arcadiarika}} ** {{Pokemon}}: *** Sick Baby Seahorse Dragon: Dialga. Named because, to me, its cry

in the games sounds like a, well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a sick baby seahorse]]. Don't ask. *** Pinky the Dragon: Palkia. *** The Nightmare-Inducing {{Woobie}}: Darkrai. Call me crazy, but I feel so sorry for the Pokemon. He brings nightmares to all, and he really doesn't mean any ill will. Poor thing! *** That Yellow Rat: Pikachu. I like him, but I can't help but poke fun at its popularity. *** Flame-On-Its-Butt: Chimchar, back in the day. Prior to me eventually liking the little guy, I thought he looked weird with the, well, flame on its butt. ** {{Power Rangers}}: *** The [[MartyStu Stuish]] Ranger: [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Tommy Oliver]], from Season 2 (as the White Ranger) on. *** The "TOOOMMMMMAAAAAYYYY!!!!1"-screaming Ranger: Kimberly. Should be obvious why she's nicknamed as so. *** [=WAAAAAndros=], The Male Kimberly: [[PowerRangersInSpace Andros]]. Named because he pretty much spent the entire season whining about Karone, a fact that I took to poke fun at in my fics. **** The Vampire Ranger (that Doesn't Sparkle): Andros's portrayer, Christopher Khayman Lee. Taken from an in-joke/Wild Mass Guessing in which he thought that he was a vampire. (And let's face it: a vampire Ranger with, say, Chris's personality would be a lot more interesting than WAAAAH--sorry, Andros.) *** The Backstreet Ranger, the Laser-Toting Ranger, the God of Lightspeed: [[PowerRangersLightspeedRescue Carter Grayson]]. The first nickname refers to the fact that, back in 2000, he looks like, say, early Nick Carter. [[hottip:* :Go on and look at Nick Carter when the Backstreet Boys first started out, then look at a picture of Carter. I'll wait. And no, I'm not responsible for people who have images of the Red Ranger singing Backstreet Boys songs.]] The second one refers to him [[NeverLiveItDown not living down]] the fact that he uses blasters. The third is my gushing nickname for him, which can also apply to... **** Real-Life Positive Stuenger, That Guy with the Odd Middle Stage Name, Tommy Oliver V.2.0, the God of Lightspeed: Carter's portrayer, Sean Cw Johnson. The first is named because, well, he's too darned perfect! (and is a combination of "Marty Stu" and "Ranger") The second nickname comes from this age-old fandom question: just how in the ''heck'' do you pronounce "Cw," anyway? (Also a shout-out to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.) The third refers to Sean's appearance after [[PowerRangersWildForce "Forever Red,"]] where [[ImportantHaircut his hair turned from Backstreet-ish to...somewhat like Tommy Oliver's spiky hair from said special, only without the massive gel]]. The fourth? See Carter Grayson. *** The Noble Purple-Clad Villain with the Cool Voice: [[PowerRangersMysticForce Koragg]]. * {{Tropers/Arruruerie}} ** ''TheWorldEndsWithYou'' *** [[{{Thundercats}} Lion-O]], [[TheLionKing Mufasa]]: Sho Minamimoto, thanks to people I know more than anything.

** ''ResidentEvil'' *** Ramon Saladbar: Ramon Salazar. [[HarryPotter Salazar Slytherin]] was once a victim of this, too, but it didn't stick in his case. *** [[BondJamesBond Ada Adawong]]: Predictably, Ada Wong. *** Albert Whiskers: Take a guess. There are the fandom jokes about his eyes, sure, but that was after finding out that his voice was based off Sher Khan from ''The Jungle Book''. ** ''{{Kuroshitsuji}}'' *** [[ResidentEvil "Alexia!"]]: Madam Red - she herself had nothing to do with it. It was in fact because of Grell. But a 'course, then he went and proved that they have less of a dynamic. ** ''{{Bleach}}'' *** That Antonio Banderas Hollow: Dordonii, thanks to [[AbridgedSeries Hueco Mundo Cup]]. *** {{Babe}}: Tesla. *** D-Roy Jenkins, [[ShanghaiNoon Roy Invincible]]: D-Roy Linker. *** Grimmjow and Luppi's Son: Ggio Vega. I mean, his looks and attitude... ** ''SpaceChannel5'' *** JAGUAAAR~: ...[[SpaceChannel5 Jaguar]]. It isn't so much a nickname as a need to say his name in an overdramatic singsong every time. ** ''DragonAge'' *** Joan of Orlais, Lellie/Lily: Leliana. *** [[{{Shrek}} Puss]]: Zevran. *** The Homies: The Warden's seconds from their origins - namely Soris, Tamlen, Leske, Gorim, and Jowan. The ghost who appears after the first part of the Gauntlet becomes "[[IncrediblyLamePun the Homie Ghost]]." *** My/Your/The Dalish Girl: ...[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin A female Dalish Warden]]. Of all my characters, for some reason I'm slowest to call my Dalish girl by name. Also, any of the Homies or party members can become either "Luv", "Best Friend," or "[[HeterosexualLifePartners Heterosexual Life Partner]]" at any moment for any period of time. ** ''Left4Dead'' *** [[SayMyName NICHOLAS]].: Nick. ** Fluffy Little Bastard, [[{{Naruto}} Zetsu]] Cat: StephenKing's Cat From Hell. ** The Human Comet: [[TheLordOfTheRings Denethor]]. * Atom Smasher ** Captain Oi- Captain Rex in Clone Wars, who looks and sounds like one of the cast members in SpaceMutiny. ** Master Smiley- Kit Fisto. (He's smiling because he canonically hooked up with Aayla Secura.) ** God Amongst Ships- Republic Gunship. (Seriously, does that thing ever run out of weapons?) ** Killer Queen- Padme Amidala. (For fairly obvious reasons.) ** Mighty Morphin' Imperial Guards- The guards-in-training in Crimson Empire. (Read it if you don't believe me.) ** Dr. My-Eyes- Dr. Mid-Nite. (A really bad pun on the source of his powers.)

** Tiggles- Power Girl. (A long story involving a similarly-endowed girl I once knew...) [[/folder]] [[folder:B]] * B gal ** Perkara- [[PhineasAndFerb Perry's spy alter ego]], mainly because his hat looks a lot like [[ATopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] [[NiceHat trademark hat]]. [[HilariousInHindSight Yes, I'm aware the show started a year before he actually started with the videos]] *** Mentally Unstable Baribe doll- Candace. ** Big Lipped Trumpiting Alligator Moment- [[ThePrincessAndTheFrog Louis]]... I think this speaks for itself. I planned on making a troper page on it(An inverted verison of the BigLippedAlligatorMoment, in which you suspected a character to be BLAM one, but it turns out they do popped up again, mainly for comeic releif), but I'm not very good at trope pages, and I think there's already one made that I didn't know of yet. ^^; * Blind Dead Mcjones ** Halfsugaya - for captain toushiro hitsugya after one of the later BLEACH chapters. ** The Kirk Special - my older brother actually came up with this one, refers to the move james kirk did in all of his one on one monster fights in star trek, where he would clasp both hands together, bring his arms back over his shoulder and then hit said monster of the week in the back, seemingly breaking its spine. ** Gundam00 *** Gundam Lagann - the Seraphim Gundam when it was revealed, for obvious reasons. **** GN...CANNON!....BREAKER!!!!! - when tieria [[spoiler: kills Bring Stabity]] after the reveal, yet another TTGL reference. *** Somarie - Portmanteau of Soma and Marie. *** Shin Musha Flag - the Masurao and Susanowo used by gra...sorry. bushido bob in season 2. *** Garazzocat - the Garazzo, as when you look at it from the right angle, the horns on its head look like cat ears, add to that the fact that it uses claws as it's main weapon... *** The Traitor Ribbons - Ribbons Almack, regarding his pathological need to stab people in the back, doubles as a reference to [[Warhammer40K Warmaster Horus]] *** Darth Louise - season 2 rendition of Louise Halevy ** Graham Alto - for both Graham Aker and [[MacrossFrontier Alto Sataome]], as the pair share voice actors, japanse motifs, use of transformable mecha, potential [[CargoShip Cargo Shipping]] with mecha, and have similar hot blooded moments. ** The one true god - wikipedia. ** ValkyriaChronicles *** Son of [[MacrossFrontier GARby]] - Jann, due to the similarities between him and Macross Quarter Helmsman Bobby Margot. *** Faildio - Faldio ** F** king Rico - Rico from ''Killzone 2'', self explanatory as to

why really ** Evil Cyborg Cowboy from Space - Masaki in ''LinebarrelsOfIron'' on account of his [[FashionVictimVillain wardrobe choice]] ** Attack Of the Shinji's - when any character is having a wangsty introspective emo moment, or a HeroicBSOD, three guesses as to the reference. ** Shinji with balls - Akito in MartianSuccessorNadesico. ** Taxi's of '''Death!''' - [[Warhammer40K space marine]] [[AwesomePersonnelCarrier rhino's]] that belong to the imperial fists chapter, as they're [[HighlyVisibleNinja yellow]]. ** Zaku Spiegel: the Geara Zulu from ''GundamUnicorn'' as its head looks like the [[{{G Gundam}} Gundam Spiegels]] but with a zaku face instead. * {{Tropers/Blork}} ** Space Aragorn -- Marcus from ''BabylonFive''. * {{Tropers/Bob}}: ** [[TheButcher Captain Butcher]] -- [[GodOfWar Kratos]]. He deserve that moniker. And [[VillainProtagonist not in a]] [[ChaoticEvil good way]]. ** The Boss (or any other title) -- Tropers/{{Ununnilium}}. [[GratuitousEnglish HE IS BOSS]]. ** Killer Suits -- Any {{MIB}} with assault rifles. Blatantly stolen from ''MaxPayne''. * Tropers/BobTheCarrot ** Trevor-kun -- Victor Trevor from [[SherlockHolmes Sherlock Holmes]], due to his being Sherlock's [[DeathNote first friend]]. * Tropers/BossGoji: ** G-Man: Guy Shishioh/Cyborg Guy from GaoGaiGar. ** The G-Unit: The Gutsy Geoid Guard, once again from GaoGaiGar. ** The G-Spot: Also from GaoGaiGar, the glass panel and button that Mikoto smashes to activate Final Fusion. ** Konami: [[PortmanteauCoupleName Konata x Kagami]], from LuckyStar. Occasionally referred to obliquely as "Contra Code." ** Latino Buddha: Elvis, from GodHand. ** Fist of the Plot Device: Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro's martial arts style in FistOfTheNorthStar, for it's observed quality to be able to do anything the plot needs it to. ** Gothy Gothberg: The protagonist from {{Persona3}}. ** Rambomon: Gargomon from DigimonTamers. ** Remilia's Magic Lesbian Commando Squadron: Hong Meirin, Koakuma, Patchouli, and Sakuya from {{Touhou}}. * {{Tropers/Bly}} ** Alpha-17.5 -- Captain Rex from the Clone Wars cartoon, who was originally supposed to be ARC trooper "Alpha"-17. This idea was nixed due to the fact that the names of the show's three main characters would all start with the letter "a".

* Tropers/BringTheNoise ** Canadian Chris Connection: Short-lived tag team of Chris Jericho and He Who Shall Not Be Named in {{WWE}}. [[/folder]] [[folder:C]] * {{Tropers/CAD}}: ** Tomato Guy -- Cacodemon from {{Doom}} * {{Tropers/Caphi}}: ** Superhair-koutei: Emperor Charles of ''CodeGeass''. To anyone who has seen the man, the reason should be obvious. ** Doctor God: Palparepa from ''[[GaoGaiGar GaoGaiGar FINAL]]''. ** Superbum: Sakuya, ''Dancouga Nova'' * {{Tropers/Cassy}}: ** Aru-kun or Alu-kun: Alucard from ''{{Hellsing}}''. ** Ass'ka: Asuka from ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' out of annoyance. ** Bashounet: Vash from ''{{Trigun}}'' when I feel like poking gentle fun at him. ** Demon Dantesque (Dante-like demon): Edmond Dantes from {{The Count of Monte Cristo}} ** Hohochon: Van Hohenheim from the ''{{Fullmetal Alchemist}}'' manga after he appears [[spoiler: dressed with a cute (?) womanly apron, carrying a giant soup pot and smiling stupidly]] in chapter 80. From a silly French affectionate abbreviation for guinea pig (a pet I'm crazily fond of). *** And young!Hoho for his younger incarnation in the scenes from his past. ** MC: other nickname I give to the Count of Monte Cristo with dripping irony. *** But I will Ganku (whatever it may mean) the first person who calls him "Ed" or even worse, "Edo." ** Meri: Mercedes from ''{{Gankutsuou}}'' because it sounds cute... and because it sounds like "Mary," which is the etymological root of her Spanish name. ** Naibu: affectionate nickname for Knives from {{TriGun}}, pronounced "Naibuzu" in Japanese. ** Nico or Nico-nii (big bro Nick): Nicholas D. Wolfwood from {{TriGun}}. ** [=OMGDepardieuIsEdmondDantes=]: derisory nickname for the recent French adaptation of {{The Count of Monte Cristo}}, which features Gerard Depardieu as Edmond Dantes. For heaven's sake... ** Tchaik for Tchaikowski. So sue me. ** The Coward: [[spoiler: Fei's hidden fifth personality]] in ''{{Xenogears}}''. ** [=TriBlood=]: Trinity Blood. ** Vege: A certain character from ''DragonBallZ''. ** Xeno: Xenogears * Tropers/ChrisX: ** Jack Tinpeach: JackThompson. Taken from MontyPython's sketch ''Self

Defense Against Fresh Fruits'' ** Patchuppu the Rapper - ''{{Touhou}}'''s Patchouli Knowledge, based on one certain video where she is forced to act like Parappa The Rapper ** Phantom Penguin - ''ArcanaHeart'''s Almacia, the [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Penguin Emperor]] Arcana of Ice. Because its default owner, Zenia Valov, is voiced by KaoriShimizu, who also did Lamia Loveless in ''SuperRobotWars'', who piloted the robot Angelg, which has the final attack 'Phantom Phoenix'. And there's that certain penguin who transforms into Phoenix in ''BloodyRoar''... ** Toilet Gil - Oiles Gil, The 'current' BigBad of ''KaizokuSentaiGokaiger'', due to his over the top GeneralFailure attitude and his tendency to throw a tantrum in each of the failures he brought, so the troper comes up with a detractor nickname by making fun of his name. * {{Tropers/Chromical}} ** Ungrateful Little Shit- [[AoNoExorcist Rin Okumura]]. This troper roleplays him, and has a [[AllLoveIsUnrequited compl]][[{{Tsundere}} ic]][[SlapSlapKiss ated]] in-character relationship going on with another character. (We actually like him quite a lot. ** Cyclops Zombies- Those terrifying zombie...things from FullmetalAlchemist. ** Christpose- The pose people make when they are sacrificing themselves in various media. Arms are stretched out, forming a T shape. Head may be down.

* {{Tropers/Citizen}}: ** The Janitors - The maintenance crew in ''HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi'', driving around in their nondescript van like an {{MIB}}, being vaguely menacing [[ThroughTheEyesOfMadness just like pretty much everyone else]]. [[spoiler:Further justified by the second season, where their skills at cleaning up messes are demonstrated]]. Beware, for [[IAmLegion they are legion]], and they do not forgive. ** Raging Mango - The "''Reiji Meigo''" MacGuffin from ''ShakuganNoShana'' that everyone is after. It grants unlimited power and is trapped in a typical wimpy shonen lead. Also, [[{{Fictionary}} made-up]] terms are silly. * {{Tropers/Cliche}} ** Aside from the typical SpikesOfDoom following the DoomyDoomsOfDoom naming convention of NintendoHard game mechanics, playing SuperMonkeyBall Banana Blitz has inspired such names as Accordion of Doom, Train Wheel of Doom, Oscillating Swing of Doom, etc. ** Purgatory - the Tvtropes Talk Pages, because seemingly no one knows they exist aside from veterans. ** WikiwoRd - inspired as mockery of a hilariously stupid FanDumb line involving spelling ''CardCaptorSakura'' that way because the dub left a sour taste in fandom mouths (which incidentally happens to be a CriticalResearchFailure easily verified by [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250141/ IMDb]], not that I particularly

know or care [[SpellMyNameWithAnS how it's supposed to be worded anyways]]), it has gone on to become a term referring to the tendency of people to use ugly-looking trope name splits for one-word trope names when curly braces would suffice. * {{Tropers/Conan-san}} ** Voice of Braves - Nobuyuki "Gai Shishioh" Hiyama ** Doomsday Device #[=IRL1=] - The Large Hadron Collider ** Large Hardon Collider - As above, only used for laughs. ** Asshole Mode Raiden - Yeah, Joshua from TheWorldEndsWithYou, I don't like you. ** The Anti-Spiral - [[{{Naruto}} Sasuke]], 'nuff said. ** Goldlolion Hammer - Vita's Hammer in MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha from [[GaoGaiGar Goldion Hammer]] ** Meatmouth - Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo US CEO), man's more meat than man. Plus it give a nice Kaiju feel to procedings. MEATMOUTH, PROTECTOR OF THE SHIT "GAME", SCURGE OF THOSE WHO'S GAMES REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE BUTTON. And So on. ** The Digimon God of Destruction - Black War Greymon- Voiced by the Voice of Braves himself. ** Astroboy Tamers - Astroboy 2k3, Takato's JP Va voiced Astro and the series was directed by Konaka J Chiaki, it also was the first series to follow up on the Digimon Timeslot. ** Gash Seat-Warmer Bell - Gash Bell, it had Digimon/Astroboy's timeslot for a long time before Savers took it back. ** Sailor Digiworld - Hikari Yagami, JP VA - Akari Kae. Also suffers a lot of ChibiUsa's nonsence and hence sometimes well beyond her years. ** BetterThanItSounds Surprise Sundae - The feeling of dling something to see what it's about, thinking it's primiace ludicrous only to find it's a lot better...that it sounds. This Goon will testify it's more likely than you think. * Tropers/CountDorku ** StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds: Age of TheEmpire. ** [[spoiler: [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor ten-B]]]]: Left-Tennant. [[ItMakesSenseInContext It makes sense if you naturally speak with a British accent]]. ** [[AGodAmI A God Is He]]: [[OrderOfTheStick Rich Burlew]]. ** Pretty Magic Button Machines: [=DHDs=] in ''StargateSG1'', named after a line on the JustBugsMe page for that series. ** RMFD: [[{{Warhammer40000}} Rogal Mother Fucking Dorn]] ** Older Than Me Soulban: Lucien Soulban, Black Library and ''MutantsAndMasterminds'' writer, after a line in the "Hero High" supplement for M&M. (For those who have never read it: it goes like this.) --->'''Soulban''': ''MutantsAndMasterminds'' was written by Crotchety Old Man Kenson, and as such is lacking in today's full-flavoured [[TotallyRadical hip-ness]].\\ '''Kenson''': Hey, you're ''older'' than me, Soulban! ** Dwarven Particle Accelerator: any drop-based ''DwarfFortress'' trap. Joke stolen from the DF forums. ** The Abyronation, aka Byron "Abominatus" Hall: the man responsible

for ''{{FATAL}}''. ** Kaptain Klansman: White Knight in ''MutantsAndMasterminds''. ** [[DwarfFortress Urist]] Mc[[{{Asterix}} Vitalstatistix]]: the {{Warhammer}} dwarf model being carried around by shieldbearers. ** The Good Ship Wagner: the Behemoth in ''JakAndDaxter: The Lost Frontier'', which shows up in several missions with a rather more operatic score than past ''JakAndDaxter'' games. ** Hugs Man: the Revolver Stake move in ''SuperRobotWars''. By extension, Kyosuke becomes "Mr Huggy". ** Whingey Ikari: [[NeonGenesisEvangelion do you even need to ask?]] (Googling the phrase also revealed one use in a European game forum. But the googling took place shortly adding this example, several weeks after he started using it). Again, extended into calling NGE "The Whingey Shinji Show". ** Shinji [[AllStarBatmanAndRobin Goddamn]] Ikari, [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Simonji Ikamina]]: the main character of ''ShinjiAndWarhammer40K''. ** Supermaster: watch ''Series/DoctorWho: The End Of Time Part 1''. You'll understand. ** {{FLCL}}SD, Fuck [[NeonGenesisEvangelion LCL]]: again, just take a wild guess. (I know it's pronounced "fooly cooly", but y'know what? Screw it.) ** BJOC: FrankenFran. Stands for "BlackJack on Crack". ** SupernaturalMartialArts in ''{{Exalted}}''; these can get a bit repetitive with the word "Fu", but what the hell. *** Jung Fu: Border of Kaleidoscopic Logic *** Plague Fu: Citrine Poxes of Contagion *** Kung Flamethrower: Righteous Devil *** Tae Kwon Door: Solar Hero (because of the whole "improvised weapon" thing) *** Parallel Universe Fu: Obsidian Shards of Infinity *** Krav Magi: Prismatic Arrangement of Creation *** Pornjutsu: Orgiastic Fugitive *** PolitenessJudo (not literally): Dreaming Pearl Courtesan *** Kombat Maga: Infernal Hero Style (because of that Fatality Charm) *** Punch Out Everyone On The Continent Twice Simultaneously Kwon Do: Charcoal March of Spiders ** [[SoundEffectBleep Bleep]] This Wolf Or The Earth Will Die: any of the ''Werewolf'' WorldOfDarkness games, named after a line by Geoffrey C. "{{Exalted}}" Grabowski defending the [[InterspeciesRomance Lunar Exalted method of creating Beastmen]]. ** [[{{Deadpool}} Redpool]]: Crimson Banner Executioner, the "Chosen of Battle" sample character in the Sidereals book for Exalted. So called because he's a masked guy in red with a katana. ** Other ''JakAndDaxter'' nicknames: the [[FragileSpeedster durability]] of the Havoc V12 and Firebat in ''Jak X'' has bestowed upon them the nicknames "Havoc A4" and "Mayfly". * Tropers/CorporealWolf ** CoheedAndCambria: Teh Coheedz (As in "OMG TEH COHEEDZ") ** [[SuperRobotWars Elzam]]: [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Viral]], because they have both have yellow hair, and that's pretty much it. I

think there's another yellow-haired guy I called Viral somewhere. ** [[SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration The Hagane]]: Party-Boat. There was this one time I put everyone in it. And they were fully healed by the sweet rave party. ** Any FanFiction related noun: Internet Spiders. Why not? * {{Tropers/Crake}} ** Darkman - The "evil" Matt Parkman from the future in ''Series/{{Heroes}}''. ** Pi-Boxers - Sho Minamimoto from ''{{The World Ends With You}}''. Nickname mercilessly borrowed/stolen from [[http://helyxzero.deviantart.com/art/A-mixup-with-our-buyer-89783650 this]]. ** Papa Yagami - Light's dad from ''{{Death Note}}'', because for the longest time me and my friend couldn't remember his actual name. In a similar vein: *** Afro Guy - Aizawa *** That Other Guy - Mogi **** Tropers/{{DomaDoma}}: Whoa, so I guess you remembered ''Ide''? But yeah, by complete coincidence I've explained Aizawa as "'Fro Guy" to foggy-memoried friends, and called Souichirou "Papa Yagami" just because the phrase has a nice twang to it or something. * Tropers/CrazedNinja ** {{Naruto}}: *** "Nayrudo" for Naruto, because Naruto Super Dub is amazing. *** "[[{{Pokemon}} Kabutops]]" for Kabuto. *** "Crackertsu" for Zetsu's white half. I refuse to make a nickname for the black half. **** Nice DoubleStandard. ***** What's the world coming to when going out of one's way ''not'' to offend minorities is still considered offensive? ** {{Disgaea}}: *** "That Faggot With a Rose" for Master Big Star. Actually originally nicknamed by a friend. Derived from a line of TourettesGuy dialogue: "Who's that faggot with a tuba?" *** "Maopapa" for Mao's dad. *** "Pringles" for any generic Prinny. ** {{Doom}}: *** "HOLY SHIT" for the Cacodemons *** "OH FUCK" for the Barons of Hell * Tropers/{{Creek917}} ** {{Naruto}} *** K-but and O-mar: Kabuto and Orochimaru (The first is pronounced "KAY-butt"). *** [[MaxPayne Payne]]: Pain/[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Pein]]. *** Fire Style, [[ColonyDrop Sundrop]] Jutsu: Second State Sasuke's [[KillItWithFire Down]]+[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Special]] in ''Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2'' (Katon, Taiy&#333; sh&#333;totsu no jutsu if I'm in the mood for GratuitousJapanese). *** [[{{Bleach}} Hollow]] Naruto: [[spoiler: Evil Inner Naruto,

appears in chapter 492]]. *** [[SouthPark Cartman]]: [[ThatOneBoss Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3!Deidara]]. Named after [[CompleteMonster the one character]] [[KarmaHoudini I hate most in all the world]]. ** [[MarvelUltimateAlliance Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2]] *** [[{{Naruto}} Rasengan]]: Invisible Woman's "Kinetic Sphere" attack and Penance's "Kinetic Bolt" attack. If you've seen them, you know why. *** Penny-chan: [[TheWoobie Penance]]. *** [[NarutoTheAbridgedSeries Nick Fury's Flantabulous Flashbacks]]: [[StoryToGameplayRatio The (at times) five-minute cutscenes in the sequel]]. Named after two early on in the game wherein Nick Fury has a two-to-three minute flashback. ** {{Bleach}} *** [[StarWars General Grievous]], MoonKnight, [[TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]: [[MultiArmedAndDangerous Nnoitra]]. The second is a reference to the horns he has in his ''resurección'', which take on the appearance of a crescent moon. Third is a reference to his [[MemeticOutfit spoon-shaped]] [[FashionVictimVillain hood]] *** More like a [[NoPronunciationGuide Fan Pronunciation]], but anyway: Jaegerjaquez is pronounced ['jæg&#603;r'&#658;&#601;k]. German ''jäger'' + French ''Jacques'' *** Expada: The ''[[GratuitousSpanish Privaron Espada]]''. Comes from "ex-" + "espada". *** Captain [[JudgeDredd Judge]]: Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. *** Captain ^_^: Gin Ichimaru *** Captain [[LadyGaga Gaga]]: Aizen, due to his increasingly [[{{Narm}} ridiculous]] outfits. *** Lieutenant [[ButtMonkey Pinchushion]]: [[TheWoobie Momo]]. *** Captain {{Daredevil}}: Kaname Tosen. *** Captain [[ForSCIENCE FOR SCIENCE]]: Mayuri Kurotsuchi. *** Lieutenant [[MenInBlack MIB]]: Iba. *** Captain [[FamilyGuy Quagmire]]: Shunsui Kyoraku. *** Ichithor: For some reason, [[spoiler: Ichigo's newest Hollow form]] reminds me of [[TheMightyThor Marvel!Thor]]. It's probably the horns and [[StupidSexyFlanders his long, flowing hair]]... *** [[BilingualBonus Perhozen]] for [[VillainSue Ai]]z[[{{Narm}} en]]'s newest look.[[hottip:* :"Perhonen" is Finnish for "Butterfly".]] *** Bondaizen: Bondage!Aizen. ** Others *** Twitterfic: Crossover fanfiction between '''[[Literature/{{Twilight}} Twi]]'''[[Literature/{{Twilight}} light]] and [[HarryPotter Harry Po]]'''[[HarryPotter tter]]'''. *** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Day_(Daniel_Powter_song) Bad Day]]: FreudianExcuse. Used in conjunction with {{Angst}} or {{Wangst}}: "[[{{Understatement}} I'M HAVING]]! [[ThisIsSparta A BAD]]! [[TheWoobie DAY]]!" *** [[{{Ptitlethsq3mffp09i}} So Bad It's Good]] [[OffModel Animation]]: Episode 167 of Naruto Shippuden and episode 133 of Bleach. I love it.

* {{Tropers/Cukeman}} ** Business Terms - [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Tropes]]. It beats explaining what tropes are every time I mention one in conversation. ** Captain Fail - Captain Falcon ** I love that man! - [[AceAttorney Godot]] * {{Tropers/Cybele}}: ** A Grave and His Acid Trip Level (The Final Stage of the original ''{{Gungrave}}''.) ** Mummy-Wolf Rival Guy (Bunji Kugashira's deadman form in ''O.D.'') ** Hammerspace Coffee Guy (Godot from AceAttorney.) ** Stoner Jesus (Takaya in ''{{Persona 3}}''.) ** Beam Cannon--FIRE! (Grave's Ceruberus O.D. demoltion shot) ** The Zap-O-Matic Sword (When I couldn't remember the name of the Alastor sword from the original DevilMayCry. Don't ask.) ** Tuxedo Grave (Grave's ''Overdose'' costume) [[/folder]] [[folder:D]] * Tropers/DaibhidC ** (-\S/-): ''Superman/Batman''. It's supposed to look like the combination-logo used instead of the title. ** ''DeepSpaceNine: [[StarTrekTheOriginalSeries The Original Series]]''. ''StarTrekVanguard'', a novel series about a Federation space station in a politically-charged area, during Kirk's era. * {{Tropers/Danifesto}}: ** Since I couldn't remember the names of the ronin from ''[[SamuraiSeven Samurai7]]'', I would refer to them by which rock star they looked the most like: *** Jon Bon Jovi: Kambe *** Jack White: Katsushiro *** Beck: Heihachi *** Eminem: Shichirochi *** David Bowie: Kyuzo *** James Hetfield: Kikuchiyo *** Grace Jones: Gorobei (this one didn't stick). ** Damn Wiener Kid: Shia [=LaBeouf=] ** Darth Benry, Darth Linus: Benjamin Linus from {{LOST}}, ever since the episode where he wailed on those two Middle Eastern men with his collapsible baton. * Tropers/{{Dante668}} ** An affectionate bit of fun at the expense of DisasterMovie director RolandEmmerich: *** ''IndependenceDay'': ''RolandEmmerich Breaks Shit Part 1'' *** ''{{Godzilla}}'': ''RolandEmmerich Breaks Shit Part 2'' *** ''TheDayAfterTomorrow'': ''RolandEmmerich Breaks Shit Part 3'' *** ''[=~2012~=]'': ''RolandEmmerich Breaks Shit Part 4'' (ironically, I came up with this one first after noticing a definite trend)

* [[Tropers/DaNuke Da_Nuke]] ** 575 Superamerica: Fate Testarossa's car in ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha''. It's a Ferrari, just like the Testarossa. ** Sgt. Iwakura: Mayumi Kino from ''BlueSubmarineNumberSix'', who looks a bit too much like [[SerialExperimentsLain Lain Iwakura]]. ** Madden: Madotsuki from ''YumeNikki'' ** After one of his teachers compared the roads of Slovenia to the ones from ''InitialD'', he and his friends came up with these names for these scenarios: *** Gunma Prefecture: Karavanke *** Shibukawa: Jesenice *** Myogi: Mezakla *** Usui: Prihodi *** Akagi: Blejska Dobrava *** Akina: Vintgar *** Happogahara: Slovenski Javornik *** Irohazaka: Podkocna *** Shomaru: Akroni Zelezarsky *** Tsuchizaka: Plavz ** Pelirrrrrrrrrrroja (Spanish for "Rrrrrrrrrreadhead"): Asuka from ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'', who has a tendency to roll every single R in the Mexican dub. ** T&#345;inecké železárny: Any big NoOSHACompliance district, after the same teacher as before {{Hot Blooded}}ly described the HUEG Trinec Iron and Steel Works to his entire class. Examples include the ones in ''BurstAngel'' and ''NeedForSpeed Underground 2''. ** He also has a habit of calling series by their name in another language: *** ''{{Claymore}}'' becomes ''Claidheamh mòr'', the native name of the Scottish longsword. *** ''JigokuShoujo'' becomes ''Helvetespiken'' in Norwegian. ** Wiki Mama: TheOtherWiki, aka "TOW". ** Google Daddy: Google, natch. * Tropers/DarkInsanity13 ** Fuzzy Captain ([[{{Bleach}} Captain Komamura]]) ** Ass-ke ([[{{Naruto}} Sasuke]] ** OnePiece Kicked [[HarryPotter Harry Potter's]] Ass and Stole His Magic (FairyTail) *** This is officially the BEST DESCRIPTION EVER.-Tropers/SquealingSandry ** The Bitch ([[{{Naruto}} Karin]]) ** Crazy Lady (any female character that gets angry/violent/creepy/goes insane) ** [[KingdomHearts Xemmy's Multiracial Dream Coat]] (also the Monochrome Duster of Doom). ** Most, if not all the Organization XIII members can have shortened nicknames ending in "-y": *** Xemmy *** Xiggy *** Xally

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Vexy Lexy Zexy (or Sexy...as in Sexta, six! What were you thinking?) Saizy Axy Demy/Demmy Luxy Marly Larxy Roxy Whether or not these are suitable is another issue.

* [[Tropers/DForceMaster D'Force Master]] ** D'Force Mastah Pimp Daddy Wiggidy Wiggidy Wizeman: Wizeman from the ''[[NightsIntoDreams NiGHTS]]'' series. Inspired by [[http://www.angelfire.com/anime6/parodyintodreams/main.htm Parody into Dreams]] more than anything. Also long and hard to keep track of but fun to say. ** Happies: Jackle from the ''[[NightsIntoDreams NiGHTS]]'' series, if only because he seems to have the uncontrollable happies a lot of the time. ** Buru: Deep Blue from Tokyo Mew Mew. Just a simplified version of his name. * Tropers/DialgaX ** [=~Latias' Journey~=] *** Seraphim Forme Latias (Seraphim Latias) - Latias resurrected after [[spoiler: she is killed by the psychotic Red Ranger]]. *** [[GreekMythology Talos]]cario ([[XMen Colossus]]cario) - Rukario (name used in the story) with his EleventhHourSuperpower: ([[spoiler: his entire body becomes [[ChromeChampion metal]]]]) *** Misty The Seadragon ([[AvatarTheLastAirbender Waterbender]] Misty) - Misty with her EleventhHourSuperpower: [[MakingASplash Aqua]][[KillItWithWater -kinesis]]. *** Reverse pokémon battle - The modified rules of the Battle Palace's that require the ''trainers'' to fight each other with their ''Pokémon" giving commands to them. *** Archangel Charizard ([[TalesOfSymphonia Mithos]] Charizard) Ash's Charizard ressurected after [[spoiler: a crazed Blaziken kills him in an [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath extremely brutal fashion]]]]. Distinction of this form: [[spoiler: wings made of [[HardLight light]]]] *** [[{{Transformers}} Rock]][[ThePowerOfRock timus]] [[AutobotsRockOut Prime]] - the [[HumongousMecha giant mech]] used by the Pokerockers. *** Guardian Forme Groudon - Groudon's EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler: a suit of custom made metal armor]]. *** Guardian Forme Kyogre - Kyogre's EleventhHourSuperpower: [[spoiler: a suit of custom made bone armor]]. * Tropers/DionShmion ** Maddie: Madotsuki, ''YumeNikki''.

* {{Tropers/dkellis}}: ** Super Baito Touya: Touya Kinomoto from ''CardCaptorSakura'', for being omni-competent and having part-time jobs ''everywhere''. (Especially since it was never explained in the anime.) ** MAGIC (in all-caps): Any instance of FridgeLogic that is only explainable by the [[AWizardDidIt wizard clause]]. * {{Tropers/DKN117}}: ** Rook: The Rookie, playable character of ''{{Halo}} 3: ODST''; also, the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles (half-hour drive from this troper's home) because with a bit of imagination, it does look kinda like a rook piece from chess. ** Also, plenty from ''DeadOrAlive 4'', mostly for use when frustration leads to temporarily forgetting their names: ** Kasumi: Happy Ninja ** Kokoro: Geisha Girl ** Brad Wong: [[DrunkenMaster Drunk Guy]] ** Bass Armstrong: Wrestle Guy ** Jann Lee: [[BruceLeeClone Kung-Fu Guy]] ** Tina Armstrong: Ms. America ** Bayman: Big Russian Guy, Assassinski ** Ayane: Violet ** Ryu Hayabusa: Ninja Guy, [[{{Naruto}} Kakashi]] ** Eliot: Blond Boy ** Lei Fang: China Girl ** La Mariposa: Luchadore ** Christie: Snake ** Hayate: Other Ninja Guy ** Helena: French Girl, Bow ** Gen Fu: [[DragonBall Master Roshi]] ** Tengu: Crow-Man ** Nicole-459: Chiefette ** [[SNKBoss Alpha-152]]: [[ThatOneBoss The Demon, The Bitch, Blue Death, HAX]] *** Cheap-Ass Cheating Bitch Move: Alpha's [[TeleportSpam teleportation]]. ** [[{{Naruto}} Sasuke]]: [[RedVsBlue Backstabbing Cockbite]] ** [[RealLife The Boeing 737]]: Flying Fish (due to what it kinda looks like (to this troper) when viewed flying overhead (which, considering that this troper lives in Whittier underneath an approach path to LAX, is quite often)) * Tropers/DomaDoma ** Agent Make-Me-A-Sammich: Ray Penbar from ''DeathNote'', for his... special... conversation with his fiancée. *** Tropers/ShayGuy would like to note that this FanNickname sadly loses whatever effect it may have had due to his familiarity with [[http://xkcd.com/149/ xkcd]]. ** ''Don't call him that'': a sharp hiss I've had to use more than is entirely sane with ''DeathNote'' fans somewhere in the middle of the second arc.

** Got The Text Message: what happens when someone who's managed to stay away from trollish 4Channery reaches Episode 25 of ''DeathNote''. ** The 47-Bot: the toy robot in ''[[DeathNote L: Change the World]]'' that just so happens to display the number 47 on its chest when the kid plays with it. I think it an amazingly subtle continuity nod for so {{narm}}licious a movie - and even if it's not intentional, it's ''still'' how I realized [[spoiler: the kid was Near]]. ** Death-O-Sketch: The animation style in ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' when a character says their last words. ** SG-Irrelevant: Any SG team in ''StargateSG1'' that's not SG-1. Pretty self-explanatory. ** Plague Chick: Linnea from ''StargateSG1'', before I realized {{they wasted a perfectly good plot}}. ** The Voice: Tanith from ''StargateSG1'', because he can say some of the biggest cliches you've ever heard but that exquisitely evil voice still manages to wrench my gut. ** Voldyvamp - The Master from ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', because he looks strikingly like Voldemort and I'm not talking about ''Series/DoctorWho''. ** The November Restoration Project: ''{{Bakuman}}'', because all the worst things in [[DeathNote the creators' other series]] happen in November, whereas ''Bakuman'' reserves the month for modest successes. It became clear that they were taking specific pains to avoid the November stigma when it was revealed that November 5 was the romantic lead's birthday. ** Nanamonami: Nanamine in Bakuman, owing to my intense desire to have MiyanoMamoru play him. * {{Tropers/Draga}} ** Captain Happy: Many emo/angry/serious characters like [[FinalFantasyVII Cloud]], [[StreetFighter Balrog]] or {{Batman}}. ** El Stabbio: [[StreetFighter Vega]] ** The Emo Three: [[FinalFantasyVII Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo]] ** Teh Awesome: [[{{Pokemon}} Arcanine]] ** Swordy [=McBoobs=]: [[TenjhoTenge Aya Natsume]], [[{{Bleach}} Rangiku]] * {{Tropers/DragonKazooie89}} ** Kaz: [[BanjoKazooie Kazooie]] ** Wally: [[SuperMarioBros Waluigi]] ** Christmas Pit: Pit in his green and red outfit in [[SuperSmashBros Brawl]] ** Mety: [[{{Kirby}} Meta Knight]] * {{Tropers/Drascin}} ** The Goddess, Supreme Goddess, Her: Haruhi Suzumiya, as this troper takes the mock religion of Haruhiism one step further and actually claims to profess it IRL to whoever asks and tries to substitute any mention of God in his vocabulary for mentioning Her. He even rebuffed a Jehova's Witness once by saying "Sorry, not interested, I'm a Haruhiist. But maybe you would be interested in learning about ''my'' Goddess? We are much more fun" with a wide evangelistic smile ;).

** Mini Drill Breaker: [[{{Touhou}} Iku Nagae]]'s Blow of the Dragon Fish, because... well, look at it! ** The Littlest Knight of the Apocalypse: [[{{Touhou}} Flandre Scarlet]], for being a somewhat crazy but adorable little kid with the power to make buildings explode by thinking about it or turning cities into craters with a tantrum. ** [=OhCrapI'mSoDead=]: Yukari Yakumo in {{Touhou}} fighting games. Stupid "one mistake and it's zero-to-shieldbreak-to-death" spellcards. ** That Revolting Blonde <expletive deleted>: Enju the fake dollmaker from Rozen Maiden, due to his implication directly causing two of this troper's favorite characters to go into a coma. Also used (albeit with a ''smidge'' less bile) for Rozen, the true dollmaker, because when you finally manage to create ''sentient beings'' and they regard you as a father, you should have enough basic decency to ''not ask them to fight to the death for your lulz!''. ** Jiggernaught: One of my few strengths as a Smash Bros player is my ability to absolutely ''rape'' anyone I've ever come across with Jigglypuff, leading to the pink puffball earning that nickname forever in every circle I frequent. Who do you think she is? She's the Jiggernaught, bitch! ** The world's most GAR Mahou Shoujo: Fate Testarossa, for being able to have shout outs to Char Aznable and Sanger Zonvolt while being a ten-year old child, and still be every bit as awesome as them. ** En-Garde: Gallade, who is basically a male and swordsman-ish version of Gardevoir, who I have always called just Garde. ** The Bird of Elvis: Staraptor, mainly due to hair(feather?)style. ** The Amazing Brothers Cantseeshit: RefleX's (a classic-style shoot'em up game) Stage 5 boss, who is a group of identical crafts that keep making use of InterfaceScrew, making the screen red and then shooting red bullets. Still easy, but annoying, really. * Tropers/DrDedman ** Angstvelgelion: ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. I wish I could claim this one, but a friend beat me to it. ** The Only Anime That Matters: What I call ''Eva'' when I'm feeling a bit cocky and channeling my inner rock critic. ** Plastic Nipple: ''Plastic Little''. A ''perky'' anime (oh and the characters are pretty energetic too) that looks great, and hasn't a thought in its head. ** "It's fun, but I liked it a lot better when it was called ''MaisonIkkoku''.": Another one I wish I could have made up. From an early review of LoveHina. ** Legion of All Quiet on the Western Front: Any "dark" ''TheLegionOfSuperHeroes'' story, particularly the ones after the "five year gap". ** Girl Land: The otherworldly "school" in ''RevolutionaryGirlUtena''. This one's a bit obscure, unless you're a child of a child of the 60s. ** Lupin the Sixth: ''CowboyBebop'', especially Spike. ** Junger Freud: Asuka Langley Soryuu, after her predecessor character in ''{{Gunbuster}}''. ** Furui Asuka: Rezin Schnyder from Mobile Suit Gundam. So named ("old" Asuka) because Gainax have mentioned that part of the

inspiration for Asuka was "what would Rezin have been like as a kid". Also a play off of Gundam Seed's Shin ("new") Asuka. ** The Little Black Book: Sgt. Mao's (of Full Metal Panic) book of proper drill sergent abuse. Which she lends to Sosuke while he's training the Rugby Club. * Tropers/DrZulu2010 ** {{Ace Attorney}} *** Phonyx Wrong: Furio Tigre. As a short version of Phony Phoenix and the Wrong because he's the opposite of Wright. *** Gumbyrde (yes, spelled like this): A PortmanteauCoupleName of Gumshoe/Maggey ** {{Bioware}} *** Frenchie Lesbian/Bisexual Imoen: [[{{DragonAge}} Leliana]] Because she's is what she is. [[{{ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin}} A French Bisexual expy of]] [[{{BaldursGate}} Imoen]] *** Dragon Age: Extras in action: DragonAgeII. Because of two of your party members (Isabella and Merrill) are AscendedExtra as well as being LoveInterest for [[{{Player Character}} Hawke]] hence the [[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} in action]] part. *** Mr [[{{BaldursGate}} TOB]]: [[spoiler: Sarevok]]. It was a nickname I found in GameFAQS and I have adopt it. It was given to not spoil the party member from Throne of Bhaal. *** Mr [[{{DragonAge}} Landsmeet]]: [[spoiler: Loghain]]. See Mr TOB, but after the Landsmeet. ** {{BlazBlue}} *** Chubbyzama: Hazama in "Help Me Professor Kokonoe" who is rather round. *** Professor AwesomeSex: Professor Kokonoe. ** {{Dynasty Warriors}}/{{Samurai Warriors}} *** The Bovine King: [[{{DynastyWarriors}} Cao Cao]] Because of his mispronounced name in the game who sounds of course like Cow Cow. *** Choo Choo: [[{{DynastyWarriors}} Xu Zhu]] An affectionate nickname I gave him because, again, of his mispronounciation. *** Lu Bu The loyal: [[{{SamuraiWarriors}} Honda Tadakatsu]] for being the strongest warrior in Japan, for his theme song override and for being faithful of his master. *** Yoyo Copter: [[{{SamuraiWarriors}} Takenaka Hanbei]]'s Battle Sundial. *** {{David Bowie}}: Gan Ning in DW7. *** Tits MacKenzie: Lian Shi. [[BuxomIsBetter For two obvious reasons.]] *** Boobie McGee: Wang Yuanji. [[BuxomIsBetter Again, for two obvious reasons.]] *** [[UltimateMuscle Kinniku Buster]]/Vagina Buster: Huang Gai's second Musou attack in DW7. The second name is mainly when you use this technique against women. (leading to free Panty Shots) *** Turban Man: Xu Huang, because of his Turban he got in every DW games he appeared (except in DW6) ** Others *** "GTFO of my Hotel" song/"You're busted" song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63jdWm0J2Bc Hotel Dusk Room 215's

Drunken Waltz]]. Everytime I've heard it, it's always a bad sign. *** Twilet: Literature/{{Twilight}}. an IncrediblyLamePun on Toilet, which was made to resume how the pages can work as "Twilet paper". *** [[MetalGearSolid TIME PARADOX]] ending. AgarestSenki Zero's normal ending. Which I saw and where I can resume it as [[spoiler: Leonis, you can't die! The future will be changed. You'll create a time paradox.]] *** [[ForGreatJustice Justice Freak]]: Any and every character who like to spout the word Justice and say speeches about Justice and stuff. Alternate Nickname: [[HonorBeforeReason Honor Freak]] (for those who like to talk about honor), LoveFreak (The Nickname Namer inspired by {{Disgaea}}'s Flonne and it's for those who like to say speeches about love.) and [[ThePowerOfFriendship Friendship Freak]] (for those who like speeches about Friendship.) [[/folder]] [[folder:E]] * Ecliptor Calrissian: ** The Bourne Nomenclature: A catchier name for MadLibThrillerTitle. ** The Terellian Plague: This takes some explaining. See, early in ''StarTrekTheNextGeneration,'' a species called Terellians were introduced, and they suffered from a terrible disease. From then on, the Terellian Plague is frequently mentioned in a "Sickbay? I don't need to go to Sickbay! It's just a cough, not the Terellian Plague!" sorta way in all Trek series. (Of course, in TV land, a cough usually ''is'' indicative of [[SoapOperaDisease something]] [[IncurableCoughOfDeath horrid]].) However, this doesn't stop the writers from using the name "Terellian" over and over again, for species that can't possibly be related to each other. Since then, the Terellian Plague is This Troper's name for Star Trek's plague of Terellians, as well as the phenomenon itself: when writers DidNotDoTheResearch on the very series they're writing for, and reuse the name of a person, place, or thing for something unrelated. * [[{{Tropers/Edge-of-Oblivion}} Edge-of-Oblivion]] ** {{Berserk}} *** Fetish Freak: Slan *** Sir Slick, Captain Slick: Roderick *** Voldo: Silat *** Zerg: Pretty much all demons, due to their "infestation"-like transformations and tendency to look like insects. The infested look the ground gets whenever the God Hands show up doesn't help... *** Zerg Bomb, Zerg Egg: Behelit *** Zerg Overlords: The God Hand ** {{Bleach}} *** Captain Frankenstein: Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri *** Draquiorra: Ulquiorra's Resurreccion Secunda form *** Facegrill, Baleen: Captain Komamura's helmet *** Grandmaster Badass: Old Man Zangetsu, also sometimes General Yamamoto *** Lazy Awesome: Stark, after finding out he's the #1 Espada *** Ogichi, Whitchigo, Shirosaki: The white Ichigo that represents his

Hollow personality (shiro=white; kuro=black) ** {{Golden Sun}} *** Minardi: Karst ** {{Hellsing}} *** Hanz and Franz: The Valentine Brothers. Partially sarcastic (they're skinny as rails), partially because I can actually imagine them storming into Hellsing HQ and shouting "I am Hanz and this is Franz and we are here to [[{{More Dakka}} PUMP YOU FULL OF LEAD!!]]" That and I can never remember their real names. *** Hopalong Catastrophe: Pip *** Lady Catastrophe: Seras Victoria, as a full-powered vampire; due to above plus... well, if you've read it you'll know. *** Zulu: Incognito from the anime, before he gave his name. Still sticks. ** {{World of Warcraft}} *** Belf-ula, Dracu-Belf, Vampi-Belf: The San'Layn, vampiric Blood Elf-like members of the Scourge. Sometimes without the "b". *** Bonebomber, Bonebombs: Nightbane, the skeletal dragon boss in Karazhan, and the flaming skeletons he drops during his air phase. *** Deadvar, Zombingvar: Ingvar the Plunderer, last boss of the Utgarde Keep instance, in his undead form. *** Destructo-King: King Varian Wrynn, especially during the Raid on Undercity quest. *** Draku-Pwn-Ru, Draku-Zilla: Drakuru the troll, in his Death Knight form *** Fronkensteen: Thaddius (from the intentional mispronunciation of 'Frankenstein' by Frederick in 'Young Frankenstein') *** Garden of Freakin' Eden: Sholazar Basin *** Grampa Dragon: Malygos *** Healbot: Loatheb, whose name is an anagram of it anyway *** Hippieland: The DEHTA encampment in Borean Tundra; by extension, any NPC with <DEHTA> under its name is therefore a Hippie. *** King Steve: The human king in Medivh's chess set in Karazhan. *** Mecha-Ninja: The Fel Reaver. How does it sneak up on you like that? HOW? ''IT'S FIVE STORIES TALL!!!'' *** Mordor: Icecrown (duh.) *** Mouth of Sauron: Kel'Thuzad, due to his tendency to speak for the Lich King, who looks like Sauron. *** Phil: Prince Malchezaar. [[{{Dilbert}} He will Darn You to Heck]]. *** Pizza Boss: Varos Cloudstrider, second boss of the Occulus instance. For his tendency to divide the platform you fight him on into pizza-slice-shaped "safe zones" and "damage zones". *** Pridelands: Nagrand *** Russian Roulette: The Violet Hold instance. *** Saffron: Sapphiron. No one in my guild bothers to pronounce it correctly. *** Skeletor: Kel'Thuzad again. And by extension any other Lich. *** Spot: Gluth the Plague Dog *** Tunnel of OMG Lag Death: The hallway/platform in Utgarde Pinnacle where Skadi the Ruthless is fought, due to the high number of enemies, extravagant visual effects, closely-concentrated population, and my lousy computer.

*** Yo-Yo Boss, Yo-Yo Mage: Blood Elf Grand Magus Telestra, first boss of the Nexus instance. Named for her ability to throw the party around the room after being jerked back and forth for a few seconds. * {{Tropers/Ekul}} ** ''Neo-Chuck:'' Chuck after the 2nd season finale. [[spoiler: "[[ShoutOut I know]] [[TheMatrix kung-fu]]."]] * Electric Worry ** Special Guest Star [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Miyo Takano]]: [[ToAruMajutsuNoIndex Professor Kiyama]], not least because of the baggy eyes and [[spoiler:being behind the Level Upper plot]]. ** [[spoiler: Captain Brundle]]: [[{{Bleach}} Kaname Tousen]] * Ellytoad ** The Chicken Man: Daniel Jackson from ''Stargate''. * {{Tropers/Emperordaein}} ** My Name is Kuzco: What I call the Emperor's New School Christmas special, due to it more or less turning into MyNameIsEarl in the second half. ** The Tank Cannon: The [=M60E4=] from Call of Duty 4. It's what I think it resembles ** Perpetually Bored Spectrobe: Furok from the Magi Nation Tv Series ** Captain Deadinanepisode: That Plumber that Ben teamed up with in the Pilot of Ben10AlienForce ** Panda Girl: May Chang from FullMetalAlchemist ** The Bay Bunker: The Estae map from Modern Warfare 2, due to my theory that it is Michael Bay's headquarters. ** Alex [=McGrah=]: The Master in Doctor Who: The End of Time, since he was basically a fusion of [[{{Prototype}} Alex Mercer]] and [[{{InFamous}} Cole McGrah]] ** Captain Bullshit: Not Aizen from Bleach, but Takuto from Pokemon * Tropers/EponymousKid ** ''AvatarTheLastAirbender''. You know the QuirkyMinibossSquad, with Azula, and Mai, and... Zoicite? * {{Tropers/Etheru}} ** Olga- [[{{IndianaJones}} Agent Spalko]], due to a mistake on my part, although I still do refer to her as Olga sometimes. ** [[{{AquaTeenHungerForce}} Mega Ul]][[{{Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series}} tra Chicken]]- An unfortunate side effect of seeing Ra be called by that name. * Euterpe ** SLUTBITCH- Azkadelia of Syfy's Tin Man. ** The Kickstand- [[{{Bleach}} Ulquiorra's]] Hollow mask. ** Tiny Warrior Doctor- [[StarTrek Leonard]] [[TheMcCoy McCoy.]] ** The Nines, Agent No, Dr. No- [[{{Psychonauts}} Sasha Nein.]] ** The Scootbros- [[TeamFortress2 The Scout's brothers.]] The Scootfam is Scout's entire family.

** Boyfriend In a Helicopter- [[MetalGearSolid Snake's]] [[SuperSmashBrothersBrawl Final Smash.]] ** Awesome Spy Husbands- [[MetalGearSolid Philanthropy.]] ** Kara- [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara.]] ** Big Gay Lawyers- Phoenix/Edgeworth, and by extension the AceAttorney series. ** SEEEAAAHORSE- [[YuGiOh Seto Kaiba.]] ** Snipes, SNOIPAH- [[TeamFortress2 Sniper]] * {{Tropers/EveryonesFool}} ** {{One Piece}}-I like to call Luffy and Ace the "Tenacious D's." I'm a fan of both shows, so it makes sense, given the characters' personalities and names. [[/folder]] [[folder:F]] * Tropers/FarseerLolotea ** The Big Purple Cave, the Catfish Pond: The Exodar. ** Belfywelf, Crack-Rabbit, Dopebunny, [[EverythingsNuttierWithSquirrels Eversong Squirrel]]: A blood elf, when this troper is playing Alliance. ** Belftown, the Sparkly Maze: Silvermoon City. ** Blue Soap: A [[SeriousBusiness monumental]], [[DontLikeDontRead messy]] [[LetsSeeYOUDoBetter fanwank]] that this troper [[SnarkBait made the mistake]] of [[{{MST}} setting off]]. You probably do ''not'' want to know. However, if [[SchmuckBait curiosity outweighs common sense]], a search for "draenei MarySue SoapOpera" will explain it; just don't claim that you weren't warned. ** Borewind, Breakwind, Mazewind: Stormwind City. (No, I don't like it; why do you ask?) ** Caitlín (pronounced Kathleen): A well-written EthicalSlut or GoodBadGirl character. ** Catfish, Catfish-Face, Catfish-Head: A draenei, when this troper is playing Horde. ** [=CheriSue=]: Dr. Cherijo Grey Veil, from S.L. Viehl's ''Stardoc'' series. Make a wild guess why. ** {{Chibi}}, Kewpie Doll: A gnome. ** Collecturtle, Fucking Collecturtle, Goddamn Collecturtle, Stupid Collecturtle, other variations on that theme: The Ancient Tartagon (giant two-headed [[TurtlePower tortoise]]) [[HorseOfADifferentColor mount]] that came with the collector's edition of ''{{Rift}}''. While convenient, it's quite large and looks rather ponderous and dopey. ** That Damn Eredar (often abbreviated to [=TDE=]): Prince Malchezaar. ** Dead Character Lives: A [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin specific sort]] of FixFic. May be abbreviated to DCL; alternately, when referring to specific fics, the dead character's name (i.e. [[{{Warcraft}} Taretha]] Lives or [[{{Redwall}} Laterose]] [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Lives]]) may actually be used. ** Drumorc Shamageicator: [[GodModeSue Med'an]]. From "'''dr'''aenei/h'''um'''an/'''orc''', '''sha'''man/'''mage'''/vind'''icator'''." So-called because he's a

ridiculous multi-class HeinzHybrid. ** Durn It To Heck: Durn the Hungerer. [[BossInMookClothing Just because]]. ** Fluzball, Fuzzbucket, Skitten: A cat as a hunter pet, or a druid in cat form. By extension, any cat. (As in: "You've got that fluzball on passive, right? Maybe one of the druids should go skitten and scout around. And why is there a fuzzbucket on top of my monitor when I'm trying to raid?") ** Fjord Reaver: Those [[BossInMookClothing damned storm giants]] in Howling Fjord; so-called due to playing a similar role to the fel reavers in Hellfire Peninsula. ** Florc, Flurk (and several other variations): A fel orc. (As in: "Are you ''trying'' to aggro every florc in Shadowmoon Valley or something?") ** Guarddamns: The [[GoddamnOrks Guardian faction]] in ''{{Rift}}''. ** Hellhole Peninsula: Hellfire Peninsula, for [[{{Mordor}} obvious]] [[ScrappyLevel reasons]]. ** JoClayton Weird: A descriptive phrase for a fantasy setting that deviates just enough from the [[StandardFantasySetting classic model]] to be obviously original. Named for the late author of the ''{{Duel of Sorcery}}'' and ''Dancer's Rise'' trilogies. ** Kelp Reaver: Those [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks damned whale sharks]] in [[UnderTheSea Vashj'ir]] that [[YouFailBiologyForever prey on unwary draenei and trolls]]. Three guesses why, and the first two don't count. ** Kinkade World, Kinkadia, Thomas Kinkade World: An apparent CrapsaccharineWorld seen through one of the demon's portals in ''[[{{Indigo}} Nocturne]]''. By extension, any CrapsaccharineWorld. (What can I say; Thomas Kinkade [[{{Glurge}} gives me the creeps]].) ** Mama Scary: Therazane the Stonemother, who's essentially a huge, cranky anthropomorphic boulder. ** Maple Treant, Rotten Lousy Maple Treant, Stupid Frigging Maple Treant: [[http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=12836 This mob]] in Ashenvale. He exists strictly to bedevil unwary low-level Horde. True story. ** Pigtails: [[{{Rift}} Uriel]] [[GenkiGirl Chuluun]], for [[GirlishPigtails obvious reasons]]. ** Princess Scarydras: Princess Theradras. Well, Mama Scary is her mother, to begin with. Even with that in mind, her father must have been something absolutely horrifying. ** Retvindicatrix: Female draenei retribution paladin; one of this troper's pet characters, for one. Literally, "retribution" + "vindicator" + Latin feminine suffix. ** Rohael: A [[CrossPlayer male character played by a woman, or a woman playing a male character]], in an {{MMORPG}}. Named for a WoW character that [[ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability this (female) troper]] plays on a roleplay server. ** Sparkle Enthusiast: Your typical ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' fan, when this troper is in the rare mood to be ''polite'' about them. ** Splatter: Anything that's ''trying'' to be horror media...but which, thanks to creators apparently going for {{gorn}} and {{squick}} more than bone-chilling terror, ends up being reminiscent of a Troma film. I'm looking at you, Graham Masterton.

** Tall Blue: This troper's two favorite WoW races (note one for each faction) and favorite ''{{Rift}}'' race, collectively. "Big Blue" is similar, but excludes [[AllTrollsAreDifferent trolls]] and can also mean one of S.L. Viehl's [[ProudWarriorRace Jorenians]]. ** Tékumel Weird: Describes fantasy settings that go significantly ''beyond'' "Jo Clayton weird." Named for the ''Empire of the Petal Throne'' setting. *** {{Talislanta}} Weird: Applies if a setting is at least "Jo Clayton weird" but more likely "Tékumel weird," with more of a [[TheWonderland whimsical twist]] than is common to either. ** That Little Green Stub-Tendriled MartySam: See: "drumorc shamageicator." ** Yipdrool: Admiral Ripsnarl in the Deadmines. * Fenrir ** Sideburns: [[GundamX Jamil Neate]] ** Handbag: [[{{WITCH}} Nerissa]] ** Fucking Ribbons: Both [[{{Gundam00}} Evil Amuro]] and any traprigged chest in an RPG ** Lite [[HokutoNoKen Hokuto Shinkin]]: [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Ty Lee's fighting style]] ** Da Douche: [[CodeGeass Lelouche]] ** EVIL Kyosuke: [[SuperRobotWars Beowolf]]. The title must be be all in caps. ** Shining Newtype Sword: Camille's {{BFS}} in ZetaGundam ** Canon Destiny: [[SuperRobotWars SRWZ's]] rendition of GundamSEEDDestiny, due to [[{{Discontinuity}} Personal Canon]]. ** Sniper Joe: Vice Granscenic from ''NanohaStrikerS'' simply because he kept forgetting his name and Sniper Joe fits. ** Fucking Proist: The primary antagonist of ''Gaiking Legend of the Daiku Maryu'', who is about as blatant of a MagnificentBastard as possible and is arguably a VillainSue done right. * Tropers/FigmentJedi ** Lawyer Friendly Ghidorah: The three headed dragon in the Mummy 3. I can't be the only one that saw this... ** Bob the Mentally Challenged Iguana: TakeThat American Godzilla! ** Adorable Little Death Machines: The baby birds from ABugsLife ** Commander [[TheSimpsons Skinner]]: The leader of the Southern Raiders that killed [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Katara's]] mother, mostly thanks to him becoming a loser that lives with his illtempered mother by the time Katara comes for revenge. ** Mr Dillo: Guame from TengenToppaGurrenLagann. Taken from the ButtMonkey of the {{Waterman}} Studios flash cartoons. And by extension, his Ganmen is Roybot. ** Catbus: [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Appa]] ** Foghorn Leghorn: That rooster Beastmen that attacks Simon in jail in one of the later episodes of Gurren Lagann ** The Boobs that will [[GurrenLagann Pierce the Heavens]]: The Yakuza mom in TheMachineGirl for her [[ThisIsADrill Drill Bra]]. ** Spider-Jesus: That ''The Other'' arc from SpiderMan. ** KingdomHearts Fun with Fractions: ''Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days'',

mostly for the sake of simplification. * {{Tropers/Filby}} ** [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?id=268 Al]]. Because he cleans up after [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?id=121 Tim]]. [[HomeImprovement Har har]]. * Tropers/FishStampede ** Admiral Broken: Kizaru, from OnePiece. From his almighty, insane Devil Fruit power. SuperpowerLottery? Won. ** Clint Eastwood: Admiral Akainu, because he vaguely resembles him ** The Flamingo, Pimp: Donquixote Doflamingo, because typing his name is tough, and he dresses like a pimp. ** Stubby Fists of Impotent Rage: Volus, from Mass Effect. Half their species tends to have a HairTriggerTemper, but they're about 3 feet tall and nearly spherical, with tiny little three fingered hands. ** Wall Street Journal: Weekly Shonen Jump. Due to reading both, when people use the acronym I often get confused. ** Roll Fizzlebeef: Uroge. Most appropriate David Ryder name because of how hard he was worfed. ** The Scarecrow: Basil Hawkins ** Dino'tanian: X Drake, for his Musketeer-like appearance and T-Rex devilfruit * Tropers/FlightMaster ** Following the trend of some Spanish authors who did a heck awesome DragonBall parody, here are some names yours truly and friends use that the authors never didn't: Tabla (Spanish word for 'board', really Dabra), Songo Tres (Son Gotrenks in SSJ3), Croqueta (Meatball in Spanish, the incorrect fusion of Gogeta), Kallosin (From 'calloso', spanish for 'full of warts', really Kaioshin) Kepito (spanish pronunciation for 'what a penis', it's really Kibito) ** Prince Vegeta: Lance, the Dragon Tamer in {{Pokemon}} ** Flanny-chan: Asakura from MahouSenseiNegima, taking after Flannery, again from {{Pokemon}} ** Wolf's Sharingan: Wolf Link's heightened senses, from TheLegendOfZelda Twilight Princess. ** Yami Chris, Dark Chris, ID Hanakomachi: the sudden strenght outbursts that such character has during many an episode, she's from ''Daa Daa Daa!'' (seriously, I need to do the trope page for it, someday). ** SSJ Sasuke: The guy called Soma, in the animated version of the ''Mushiking'' game. Not only is he a blonde [[{{Naruto}} Sasuke]], but is the most blatant HeelFaceRevolvingDoor on this side of the globe. ** Queen of Games: a friend of mine used such term to refer to Yuka Odajima, from the first FutariWaPrettyCure season. He says the girl is 'like Nagisa and Honoka did the FusionDance, then used a Potara to unite with Yugi's long lost twin sister'. Yep. ** Baka Troopers: Risa, Miki and Izumi from ''HayateTheCombatButler'''s Hakuo Academy, taking after ''VRTroopers'' the same way as the [[MahouSenseiNegima Baka Rangers]] took after the

PowerRangers. * {{Tropers/Freezer}} ** Captain Beckett: Capt. Johnathan Archer of ''Enterprise'' (Played by Scott Bakula, AKA Dr. Sam Beckett of ''Quantum Leap'') ** Coach Gooding: Pittburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who bears a striking resemblance to Cuba Gooding, Jr. ** Dr. Rossovich: Luka Kovac of {{ER}}, who, let's face it, is Doug Ross with a Slavic accent. ** Ensign Blockhead: Kou Uraki of ''Gundam 0083'', widely considered the dumbest Gundam protagonist ever. ** ''Home Of The Braveheart'': Mel Gibson's ''The Patriot'', which made little attempt to disguise it's similarities to Gibson's earlier, vastly-superior ''Braveheart''. ** The Kick-Me Squad: My name for the nWo Black & White. ** ''Jake 3.0'': NBC's {{Chuck}}. ** Marwan The Wonder Terrorist: [[TwentyFour 24]] Season 4 BBEG, known for his Rube Goldberg-like (yet sucessful) plots, inexhaustable supply of gun-toting minions, and cartoonish ability to evade capture. ** The [=McMahon=]-In-Law: Triple H of the WWE (IRL married to Vince [=McMahon=]'s daughter, Stephanie) ** Satanman: Spider-Man, post-One More Day. * Tropers/FreezairForALimitedTime ** '''Aah!''': A statement pertaining to the ''HarvestMoon'' series: "[[HotScientist Archaeologists Are Hot]]." Refers to the fact that I always seem to pick the archaeologist or archaeology-aligned characters as spouses in HM games. ** Cuddle H and Stubble H: Somewhat derogatory, somewhat [[AffectionateParody affectionate]] nicknames for the two most common fan-interpretations of [[BeyondGoodAndEvil Double H]]: Either as a stumbling, affectionate, ''obnoxiously'' Man-{{Moe}} GentleGiant, or an impervious {{Permastubble}}d BadAss with [[DumbMuscle lots of muscle and not a lot of brain]]. While he displays aspects of both, fans tend to either play up one or the other. ** The Douchebag, Douchebag King, Sir Douchealot, any variant thereof: Weber, the... ''something''-or-other from party RPG ''DokaponKingdom.'' For those who haven't played the game? He's made of concentrated cheapness; he pops up at random on the board to give you "cursed items." These can: Kill you instantly in a few turns, do massive damage to you, or eat all your items. And if you're lagging badly in last place? He gives you an item that can turn ''you'' into Concentrated Cheapness. An ''intentional'' GameBreaker. Infuriating. ** Emonaut: Derogative nickname for the (badly characterized) fan version of [[{{Psychonauts}} Sasha Nein]], frequently cast as a weepy [[TheWoobie woobie]] who needs the [[IntimateHealing healing wub]] of (select one): 1) Milla Vodello 2) [[{{Shotacon}} Raz]] 3) {{Relationship Sue}}naut. (However, she fully supports Sasha receiving [[TroperTales/OTP regular wub]] from Milla.) ** Hamsterball: [[{{Metroid}} Samus Aran's]] Morph Ball, due to a particular [[EpilepticTrees theory]] cooked up late one night that it works by transforming her into a hamster.

** ''Lewxam:'' Pronounced "Leew-zam." The EvilTwin of [[SdrawkcabName Maxwell]] from ''{{Scribblenauts}}.'' [[RuleOfFunny For the lulz]], I imagine him in a FoeYay 'ship with Maxwell. *** Pandawheel, Circle of Panda, Pandaboros: The absurd contraption created in ''Scribblenauts'' by summoning pandas until the level object limit is reached. Then, stack them on top of one another. They'll curve backwards and become a "wheel." And yes--it is possible to actually ''ride'' this thing. ** [=OMGSlash=]: HoYay. However, used more as a response to such than a "name" for it--for example, one would say "[=OMGSlash!=]" on witnessing a rather ''suggestive'' moment between two men, but would probably NOT call it an "[=OMGSlash=] moment." ** Rapedead: The [=ReDead=] from ''TheLegendOfZelda,'' due to the AccidentalInnuendo present in their... ''interesting'' attack. NightmareFuel indeed. ** '''The Stapler!''': Duster, from ''{{Mother 3}}''. It is mandatory to say this in an extremely deep voice, as if one was announcing a superhero. ** '''Turret Friend!''': Hacked turrets in ''{{Bioshock}}.'' Said with the kind of voice most associated with a {{squee}}. ** The Walrus: [[{{Mythbusters}} Jamie Hyneman]] * Tropers/FroggoFan64 ** Pukeca: ''{{Pucca}}''. [[/folder]] ----

FanNicknameG-M '''Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:G]] * {{Tropers/Gilboron}} ** GoldenBoy: In order of main character and female character of interest from each episode: *** Benky&#333;-Boy *** Computerma'am *** Superbitch *** Noodlema'am *** Poolma'am *** Motorcyclema'am * {{Tropers/GirlwithAPlot}} ** Squishy - [[spoiler: Fetus!Envy]] from ''FullmetalAlchemist'', because, you know, [[CaptainObvious he's]] [[UglyCute squishy]]. ** Two & a half men - [[TheNapoleon Ed]], [[BadassNormal Ling]] and [[AmbiguousGender Envy]] [[spoiler: inside Gluttony's stomach]]. ** ALM (Angry Little Midget): Edward Elric! ** LadyGaga - Envy. (sometimes 'Bastard-sama')

** [[MostCommonSuperpower Incrediboobs]] - Lust. ** Angry Emo Boy - Wrathy! (Poor guy!) ** [[CoolShades Pimp Shades]] - Greed. It's the shades. ** (Crazy) Cussing (Blood) Muppet - [[SoulEater Ragnarok]], ([[spoiler: especially after being reduced to SleepModeSize!]]) ** Non-anime example: {{Moe}} [[TheSmartGuy Genius]]: Double D from ''{{Ed Edd and Eddy}}''. *** Chibi-Greed - [[{{Schemer}} Eddy]]! *** Also, Bitchy-chan - Sarah! *** [[TheChewToy Kenny]]/Kenny-[[FragileFlower chan]] - Jimmy, because he's pretty much like Kenny from ''SouthPark'', sans getting killed. *** Non-anime, non-cartoon example: Renes-demon, or Renes-Satan, from ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'s'' ''Breaking Dawn,'' because she's basically the anti-christ. *** BS - Bella Swan's ''actual'' [[FunWithAcronyms initials]]! *** Tinker-butt, Sparkle-ass, Sparkle-chu, Pixie Fart - Edward Cullen. * {{Tropers/Gorank}} ** Dicloxii: [[SCPFoundation SCP-682]]. Made by taking its number, turning it into roman numerals (DCLXXXII), adding two vowels, and removing the excessive Xs. * Tropers/GracieLizzie ** Patrick Coleslaw: ''Gundam00's'' Patrick Colasour, it just sounds like that to me. * {{Tropers/Grev}} ** Trips: No, not [[{{WWE}} Triple H]], but the MagicTheGathering card [[http://ww2.wizards.com/Gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?name=Simic_Sky_Swal lower Simic Sky Swallower]]. Triple S. Trips! ** My So-Called Hospital: ''GreysAnatomy'', which in my opinion is ''MySoCalledLife'' [[XMeetsY merged with]] ''{{ER}}''. And reinforced when Katimski turns out to be Grey's dad. * {{Tropers/Green-Stapler}} ** [[{{Nightmare fuel unleaded}}Holy Crap its gonna kill me and it won't die the bastard]]: The Regenerators of {{Resident Evil}} 4 * Tropers/GuySmiley ** The Failure Triplets: the rarely-appearing CoolBigSis trio from {{Pokemon}}, best known for choosing ballet over rooster fights (which are SeriousBusiness). ** Sailor Broken: Usagi herself, so named for having powers that are utterly broken. Her omni-competence is annoying in the face of her StandardizedLeader status. ** Justice Shades: Horatio Caine, in honor of ''WeeblAndBob''. ** Whiny Snake: Lucas of ''{{Mother 3}}'' fame - cowardly, yes, but slays every big boss in his path in Brawl. ** Orange Demon: The Tails Doll from Sonic R. ** The Mighty Thor: Liquid Snake, who shares a voice actor with Thor. ** Luigizamo: Luigi from the SuperMarioBros movie, as played by John Leguizamo. I rather like his characterization, but it's the polar

opposite of canon Luigi. ** Colonel Mustard: Liquid Ocelot * Tropers/GwenStacyWannabe ** Almost everyone in AvatarTheLastAirbender reminds me of a superhero. *** [[CaptainAmerica Captain]] Avatar: Aang *** [[XMen ShadowKatara]]: Katara *** She-{{Daredevil}}: Toph *** Sokka [[{{Comicbook/Batman}} the Boy Wonder]]: Sokka *** {{Batman}}: Zuko (alternatively, Darth Zuko) *** TheJoker, The [[XMenEvolution Scarlet Witch's]] Other Twin: Azula *** Maiven: Mai ([[JustForPun as in]] [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Raven]]) *** [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries HarLee Quinn]]: Ty Lee *** [[{{Comicbook/Batman}} Batgirl]]: Suki ** TheLordOfTheRings *** Frying Pan of Doom: Sam *** CaptainObvious, Pretty Boy, Blondie: Legolas *** King Dom: Merry/Dominic Monaghan *** Mrs. Santa Claus: Galadriel (re: gift-giving in Lothlorien) ** XMenEvolution *** Kit-Kat: Shadowcat *** Nighty, Elfboy, Kurt [[StarWars Skywalker]]: Nightcrawler *** [[StarWars Darth]] Buckethead: Magneto *** Greaser, [[IndianaJones Mutt]]: Avalanche ** X-Men movies *** Popsicle: Iceman *** Firebug: Pyro *** Root, He Who Steals the Spotlight: Wolverine ** Lousiana Jones: [[IndianaJones Mutt Williams]] ** [[{{Narnia}} The White Witch]]: Emma Frost of the X-Men, a play on her former title (The White Queen) [[{{Hatedom}} because]]... ** Literature/{{Twilight}} *** That Book *** [[HarryPotter The Book Which Must Not Be Named]] *** Twifail *** [[SarcasmMode Eddie-poo]], Edward [[{{Comicbook/X-Men}} Frost]]: Edward *** Bella [[MarySue Sue]]: Bella ** ChroniclesOfNarnia *** Warren: the unnamed geeky boy who flirts with Susan at the train station in ''[[TheFilmOfTheBook Prince Caspian]]'' *** Phyllis: Warren/Susan. [[/folder]] [[folder:H]] * Tropers/HalflingDaniel ** For FireEmblem 7: Eliwood = Elijah Wood. Obvious reasons. * {{Tropers/Hanz}} ** For CodeGeass - Code Gassy

*** Lelouch - Ledouch *** Nunnally - Ninny-poo *** Emperor - (formerly) King Rollo (until Season 2). Currently: Kingy ** [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Simon]] (post timeskip): Super Simon *** Simon's Space Army: Simon's Redshirts ** Bam's Retarded Cousin: Wonderwice Margera of {{Bleach}} ** [[{{Disgaea}} Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?]]: [[IWannaBeTheGuy I Wanna Be The Prinny]] ** Gadolf Schmitler - Prince Maximillian of ValkyriaChronicles, based on the ZeroPunctuation review of the game. By that merit, Selvaria becomes Beva Graun, Gregor becomes Beinrich Pimmler and Jeager is Bermin Grommel. * {{Tropers/Haphazard}} ** Samurai Jesus: Kambe from ''{{Samurai7}}'' * Tropers/HarpieSiren: ** Fish-Face: Davy Jones of ''PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' ** Mr. Popularity: Sora of ''KingdomHearts'' ** Missing Persons: The various Disney characters featured in the KingdomHearts games. It's like there has to be some magical alignment of the planets to find one good {{drabble}} featuring one of them. ** {{Troll}}mura: Tetsuya Nomura, due to the fact that he seems to enjoy making the fans squirm. * Haya ** Axel-wannabe, Axel clone: Zezu from Double Arts. Just look at him! ** Hobo-chan: Phoenix Wright in [[PhoenixWright Apollo Justice]]. He's already passed through so much. Let's just add more acid to the injury. ** {{Butt monkey}}: Phoenix Wright and Gumshoe. ** Tsuna: Sora from ''KingdomHearts''. To the point where I have mixed up the names. ** Miss Halevy came back from the dead: Miss Romeyer in [[CodeGeass Code Geass R2]] after mistaking her for Loiuse's mother in ''Gundam 00'' ** Voiiiiii!: Squalo from KatekyoHitmanReborn ** Potato face and whats-her-name: Chise and her boyfriend in ''Saikano''. Having the personality of a potato does not help them. ** Psycho Karen: Aki Izayoi from {{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}. Looks like Karen, but... * {{Tropers/HeartBurn Kid}} ** The Luggage Shitter: {{WWE}}'s Randy Orton, as a play on his onscreen nickname "The Legend Killer", referring to an incident where he (allegedly) hazed another wrestler by crapping in their gym bag. ** Man-E-H's: {{WWE}} wrestler Triple H. Mostly because I think it's funny to make references to HeMan villains. ** Trouble J: TNA wrestler/part owner Jeff Jarret, alluding to the similarities between himself and Triple H (Fun fact: Trouble J is the name of the Triple H CaptainErsatz from ''Fire Pro Wrestling G'') ** Big Titty T: Originates with a friend of mine, for the WWECW

wrestler Big Daddy V, a gargantuan ScaryBlackMan with even more gargantuan and scary man-boobs. * {{Tropers/Heleentje}} ** Zombiegoat: Darkness from {{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}} * Tropers/HelenDamnation: ** Sir Dude From Two Pints, Sir Pent: Sir - I think his name is Valient? From {{Series/Merlin}}, who was played by one of the main characters from TwoPintsOfLagerAndAPacketOfCrisps. ** Hatguy: Tulley from BeingHuman, because of the hat. Alternatively, [[IncrediblyLamePun Bad Wolf]]. [[DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog The wolf is his penis]]. ** Joshua: The Big Guy, who I'm not sure even has a name, from {{Sanctuary}}. Named after Joshua from DarkAngel, who has a similar appearance and voice and is often called Big Guy by main character Max. * {{Tropers/Homestar_09 Mario_08}} ** Rebecca Schmorange - Co-Star Luma from SuperMarioGalaxy2 ** Snufit Boos [[http://www.mariowiki.com/Octoboo Octoboos]] from SuperMarioGalaxy2 * {{Tropers/Hremsfeld}} ** ''{{Bleach}}'': For the main show, none. But, somehow, on a fan RP...we've ended up giving out fan nicknames. Captain Buzzcut, for a dead military officer; Captain WHOOSH!!1, always spelled with !!1, for a dead track star; Captain Asshat (Later evolved into Captain Acwat; put Asshat into Cyrillic and you're see why) for a dead jerkwad; Captain Phoenix for a dude with a fire bankai who was OnlyMostlyDead; Vice-Captain Klutz for...[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin well... you know]]. Squads themselves have been given fannames, too; *** 2nd squad (both the captain and VC are martial artists): Squad for the advancement of punching stuff *** 4th squad: Squad pansy *** 5th squad: Squad asshat (Acwat's in there, and the VC ain't too nice, either...) *** 9th squad: Squad of Romantic Entanglement (The current captain had a crush on the former captain when she was second in command, and due to [[LesYay the authoress]] having multiple characters, the current second in command has a crush on ''her''.) *** 11th squad: Squad Fratricide. If you've seen the show, you know why... * [[{{Tropers/HSZMV}} HSZMV]] ** PowerRangers Villains: Bob, Elle, and Knox, all of whom seem to act more like villains from PowerRanger Shows rather than {{Heroes}}. ** Big Honkin' Mace: Hawkgirl from JusticeLeague and JusticeLeagueUnlimited. ** Groan-son: Smallville's JimmyOlsen, who was a bad addition in this troper's opinion. ** [[AWizardDidIt A Liquid Terminator Did It]]: Troper and his

proffessor's explination for any unproven event based off a conversation about the at the time new Sarah Connor Chronicals series. Made even more funny by the fact that there is now a liquid terminator in the cast. [[/folder]] [[folder:I]] * {{Tropers/iamtroper}} ** 'Philosophic Barbarian': Winston from ''NineteenEightyFour''. * Tropers/IggyEnigma ** Mr. Rape-and-Watch: A certain 2D fighter from ''SuperSmashBros'', namely his powerful (re: cheap) Brawl incarnation; usually in the hands of this troper's brother, who pretty much kicks his ass. ** EERRAAUUGGHH: Ike's Up+B from ''SuperSmashBros Brawl'', named after the extremely loud yelling that accompanies it. Sometimes the character himself is called that for additional silliness. ** Jigglyboobs: Juvenile nickname for yet another ''SuperSmashBros'' fighter. ** Golden Feline Jesus: Aslan from ''TheChroniclesofNarnia'', in a takeoff of the trope CrystalDragonJesus. Used in real life on his Christian friends to much hilarity. * Igordebraga ** A friend had ''Super {{Bomberman}} 4'', and he and other people who played gave names to the characters (the names are approximate translations): Bomberman = Tomato Dude, Ghost/Great Bomber = Wizard, Bazooka Bomber = [[DragonBall Freeza]], Jet Bomber = Rocket Dude, Hammer Bomber = Chain Dude. (I can't remember name Lady Bomber's name...) * {{Tropers/Im a bell}} ** Captain Bondage: Voldo, from the SoulCalibur Series. * [=Inga Rasen=] ** Bad Boy Cap: [[MarvelUniverse Captain America]]. Acquaintance of mine and I thought up while discussing one of the [[CapcomVSWhatever Capcom VS games]]. The name stuck. ** Band-Aid Eyes/Cotton Candy Hair: Nia Teppelin, from ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. ** Blue Klux Klan: The Happy Happyists, from ''[[EarthBound EarthBound]]''. ** Darth Golby: Golbez, from ''FinalFantasyIV''. An acquaintance of mine once proclaimed that Golbez was the [[StarWars Darth Vader]] of the ''FinalFantasy'' series. 'Golby' comes from {{Hyadain}}'s [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome "Appearance of Golbez's Four Lords of the Elementals"]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKRHZ4MhL3Y&feature=player_detailpage #t=152s video]]. ** ''Destroying Friendships: The Game'': ''NewSuperMarioBrosWii''. ** ''Dick Move: The Game'': ''IWannaBeTheGuy''. Search your feelings; you know it to be true.

** (Mr.) [[AC:ESTUANS INTERIUS]][[hottip:*: Alternatively, (Mr.) [[AC:ESTUANS INTERIUS IRA VEHEMENTI]].]]: Sephiroth from ''FinalFantasyVII''. Comes from the first line of his most famous theme, ''One-Winged Angel''. ** Fatty Bird: King Dedede, from the ''{{Kirby}}'' series. ** Giant Space Flea From Nowhere[[hottip:*: Alternately, just Giant Space Flea]]: Zeromus, from ''FinalFantasyIV''. Amusingly enough, when I first heard of the trope, I thought that it was named after him, because he kinda does look like a giant flea to me. I soon found out otherwise, but that didn't stop me from continuing to refer to him as such. ** Hobodad: Jecht, Tidus' father from ''FinalFantasyX''. ** Kawaii Uguu: Metis, from "The Answer" portion of ''{{Persona 3}} Fes''. ** Nagisa Arisato: The female protagonist of ''{{Persona 3}} Portable''. Depending on how it's written, ''minato'' means "port", while ''nagisa'' translates to "harbor". ** Purinpuff: A portmanteau of Jigglypuff's Japanese name (Purin) and her English one. ** Purple Braid: Sion Eltnam Atlasia from ''MeltyBlood'', [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair for]] [[BraidsOfAction obvious]] [[RapunzelHair reasons]]. ** Roange: When [[MeltyBlood MELTY BLOOD Actress Again]] launched, I quickly found out that the character voice of [[ShingetsutanTsukihime Michael]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Roa]] [[BigBad Valdamjong]], was being portrayed by the same seiyuu that voiced [[CodeGeass Jeremiah]] [[EnsembleDarkhorse "Orange-kun"]] [[MemeticBadass Gottwald]]. I combined the two, and have been referring to him as such ever since. ** [[AC: SUDDENLY NECRON!]]: GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere. Every time I think of the trope, the first example that comes to mind is the final boss from ''FinalFantasyIX'. ** Sweateryams: Mitsuru Kirijo, from ''{{Persona 3}}''. ** [[ThirdRockFromtheSun The Big Giant Head]]: YHVH's depiction in the ''[[ShinMegamiTensei Megami Tensei]]'' series. ** UFO [[subscript:([[ItsPronouncedTroPAY pronounced "ooh-foe"]])]] : The UFO power-up from the ''{{Kirby}}'' series. ** Wormslut: Sakura Matou, from ''[[FateStayNight Fate/stay night]]''. * Tropers/IkuMasamune ** Hetalia: Austria the Pimp, Spain the Child Molestor, Barbados (for Canada since people get his name wrong), Falkland Islands (another name for Canada) ** D. Gray-man: The Noah of Perversion (Sheryl, because he's a perv toward Road, his daughter) ** Gintama: Sadist-san (Okita), Bastard Hijikata, Shitty Hijikata, Hijikata the Jackass (All the Hijikata nicknames are said by Okita in my fics), Napoleon Dynamite (Kamui. It's a joke from one of my fanfics) ** Fullmetal Alchemist: Canada (Vato Falman, because he's invisible like Canada), Colonel Cool Pimp (Roy), Pwetty Pwetty Pwincess (Meichan) ** One Piece: The Godfather (Capone "Gang" Bege), Yammy Riygalo

(Urouge; It's because he looks like Yammy from Bleach), Douche Bag (Akainu; For those of you that read the Marineford Arc will know why I called him that), Pedo Admiral (Kizaru; His facial expressions remind me of a pedophile), Juice Lady (Shakky; It's a joke from episode zero), Tristian Taylor (Kaku; It's because I always pictured him to sound like Tristian Taylor from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged), Seto Kaiba (Spandam; He reminds me of Seto Kaiba), Freaky Lady (Porsche), Big Pimping (Crocodile), Obese Fugly Chick (Alvida before she ate her Devil Fruit), Cyndi Lauper (Sadi-chan; She reminds me of Cyndi Lauper), Joey Wheeler (Rob Lucci; I picture Lucci with a Brooklyn accent), Professor Stein (Iceburg; I hope he sounds like Professor Stein in the dub), The Adorable Marine I adopted Into My Own Crew (Tajio from the filler episode about the curry. True to the name, I adopted him into my crew), Sabo (Kitajima from Strong World; Their facial features look alike), Bunny Boy (Smoker; It's from a fanfic), Sweeny Todd (Dr. Hogback) ** The Gentleman's Alliance Cross: Mailman-kun (The school mailman) ** Bleach: Captain Pretty Hairs (Byakuya)

* iluvtvtropes ** ''Weapons of Mass Guessing'' - for {{WMG}} as a whole. If you think about it, it's rather appropriate. * Tropers/Indigo ** Electro-Skank: Elle of {{Series/Heroes}}. ** [=EvilDaddyGlasses=]: HRG/Bennet of {{Series/Heroes}}. ** Kryptonite Kreek: ''{{Smallville}}''. ** Skankh Su-Namun: Anakh Su Namun from TheMummy. * '''Tropers/InkkiBookman''' ** {{Bleach}} *** ''Grumblebum'': Yamamoto *** ''Tsunderthighs'': Soifon *** ''Hamtaro'': Hanataro cos I get the names mixed up. *** ''Poochie": Sajin *** ''Kenny'': Kenpachi *** ''Pinky'': Yachiru *** ''Yaoichika'': Yumichika *** ''Captain Kabuki'': Mayuri due to the makeup. *** ''Fembot'': Nemu due to her artificial nature. *** "Grumby and Weepy'': Jinta and Ururu * Tropers/InsanityPrelude: ** Snorble: for Replica Riku from ''KingdomHearts: [=CoM=]''. It's actually an in-joke within her [[PlayByPostGames Livejournal RPG]]. ** GoddamnedBats!: Zubat, Golbat and Crobat. Full stop. * Tropers/TheInsomniac: ** Zombowen: Owen of {{Torchwood}} after what happened in a ''few events''. ** OOD GLOMP!: Named after a certain scene from Series/DoctorWho that

had an Ood attacking a guy. ** Missingno: The Floow from [[SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros Brawl]] for having a vague resemblance to that glitch {{Pokemon}} from the original games. The fact that you can play as Squirtle the first time you fight them hints at some connection. ** Naked Wash: Alan Tudyk in ''Death At A Funeral''. ** Network-That-Was: {{Nickelodeon}}. Really, [[NetworkDecay you should know why]]. * [[Tropers/IsaChan IsaChan]] ** The SMASHING One: 2 from ''9''. [[MemeticMutation I shouldn't have to explain this]]. ** 9(-ball): 9. [[TooDumbToLive FULL]]. [[DontTouchItYouIdiot STOP]]. ** Them Damn Kids: Collective name for Remilia and Flandre from Touhou. ** THE FUCKING HERO: 9. Must be pronounced in ALLCAPS. ** Obviously Gay Duo: 2 and 5. ** Twilame: Literature/{{Twilight}}. ** AHFUCKHOWDOIJUMPAGAIN: MirrorsEdge, due to its DamnYouMuscleMemory controls. ** Skulduggery [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Cullen]]: Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant, or, more specifically, his actions in the first book. ** GOD NOT THAT THING: [[AliceInWonderland The Bandersnatch]]. ** Wa-ta-shi: ''[[{{Vocaloid}} Wide Knowledge of Late Madness]]''. ** Mrs. Pumpkin's [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs Drug Trip]]: The PV for ''Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream''. ** The March Stitchpunk, Rabbit 6: 6 and the March Hare, respectively. ** Totally Not [[{{Vocaloid}} Miku]], [[TheWorldEndsWithYou Shiki's]] Cousin: Runo from ''Bakugan Battle Brawlers'', due to her hair and surname, respectively. ** Wrinkly Green Alien OF DEATH: [[StarWars Yoda]]'s SoulSeries incarnation, due to how much ass I kick when playing as him. ** Ple$: [[HannaIsNotABoysName Ples Tibenoch]], due to the GuiltyPleasure of a Ke$ha song that I always associate him with. ** Curl OF JUSTICE, Derpcurl: That [[IdiotHair weird little curl]] [[TheOutsiders Two-Bit]] had in TheFilmOfTheBook. [[/folder]] [[folder:J]] * Tropers/JackCain: ** Puppy Arrancar: Wonderwice Magera, who in general acts like a dog, including communicating only in noises that sound suspiciously canine. * Jarl: ** Batmanime: The upcoming series of anime shorts based on the Batman Begins, The Dark Knight films. But then the recent preview kept comparing it to the Animatrix. So... "Batmanimatrix". * Tropers/JDubya: ** Inverse [[LordOfTheRings Saruman]]: Ansem the Wise from {{KingdomHearts}}, since he's voiced by Christopher Lee, and goes from

evil to good. * Tropers/JillBug ** ''KamenRiderDouble'' *** Axel F - Kamen Rider Accel *** Beauty and the Butt - the Kirihiko/Wakana 'ship * Jisu: ** Asthmamobile: The ''First Aider'' from ''[[Game/GalaxyAngel Galaxy Angel II]]'' and ''GalaxyAngelRune''. Nano-Nano's Emblem Frame looks like a giant pair of inhalers. * {{Tropers/jketchum31}} ** Hot Topic: Black Doom from Shadow the Hedgehog. Can you say fake goth? ** Marthatwo: [[spoiler:The Sontaran Martha clone]] from Series/DoctorWho's fourth season. A shoutout to Pokemon... ** The 'Two: Mewtwo. You can't exactly call him Mew, now can you? * Tropers/JohnZ: ** Satanophone: Most [[VoiceWithAnInternetConnection audio-only support characters]], because they ''never'' call to say, "Hey, John, nice work out there, I have a Coke waiting for you back at base". ** Each of the different MegaMan series has a different, obviouslythemed nickname: *** Classic Rock: Original *** Progressive Rock: X *** Alternative Rock: Legends *** Synth Rock: Battle Network *** Hard Rock: Zero *** Emo Rock: ZX * Tropers/JoieDeCombat ** My entire weekly anime night group has taken to calling Mr. Shidou of ''HighSchoolOfTheDead'' "Sensei Rapeface," for obvious reasons. * Tropers/JosephStaleknight ** For some reason, [[Tropers/JosephStaleknight This Troper]] has recently equated the maidens from {{Rosenkreuzstilette}} with Biometals from MegaManZX, possibly due to having recently seen a LetsPlay of the latter: *** '''S'''piritia Rosenberg: Model SR *** '''F'''reudia Neuwahl: Model FR *** '''Z'''orne Sepperin ''(better than Zeppelin)'': Model ZR *** '''T'''rauare Wrede: Model TR *** '''L'''uste Teuber: Model LR (also Proto-Luste, for her ''Freudenstachel'' gimmick.) *** '''G'''rolla Seyfarth: Model GR *** Sichte '''M'''eister: Model MR *** Liebea '''P'''alesch: Model PR *** Schwer-Muta '''C'''asasola-Merkle: Model CR *** '''D'''olis Warmind: Model DR

*** And with their powers combined they form Model &#1071;, desined to fight... *** '''I'''ris: Model I[[spoiler:W]] ** '''UPDATE:''' I also call Lilli and Strudel from the same series "Mikosticks" on occasion, originating with when I tried approximating their looks in [[{{Walfas}} create.swf]]. They carried ''miko sticks'' in their hand. * {{Tropers/Joshua-san0}} * Brokencar>Barrigan: because his time-based powers make him very broken * Evil Overlord Classic>Barrigan: He acts like one, well minus an evil laugh * Wonder Lolis>Gauche and Droite: no real explanation other than hearing it somewhere on GameFAQs and liking the name * Stinger Missile>Soifon’s Bankai: Cause it really does work like one, and because of her overall theme (Bees) * Immortal Deneve>Deneve: for her accelerated regeneration * Sexy Awesome Helen>Helen: just because * Fakesuna>Shiori: she is currently taking on Asuna’s form * Moel>Noel Vermillion: Noel’s joke ending, that is all * Seth Green Pilot>Joker of Mass Effect: cause he looks like Seth Green and is voiced by Seth Green * The Giant Mecha Otaku>Kokonoe: Just look at Tager’s more comedic ending and you’ll get the idea. * Ador Abyssal>Secret: for her woobieness! Was used elsewhere first by other fans * Boke and Tsukkomi Couple: any couple (particularly yuri ones) where both members of the couple behave this way to eachother ex. Yomi and Tomo from Azumanga Daioh. * Candy Store Face: any time a character makes a face like they just walked in a candy store. * Sexy Back Samurai>Hyou of Himegami: Because all of her best fanservice is shots of her bare tattooed back. * Before the above Nickname for her, I would always refer to Helen as an Emotional Rainbow when I was first reading Claymore, due to being the most expressive than her fellow Claymores. * Joysweeper: ** Okay, I don't have a lot of fan nicknames(Calling Luke Skywalker "FarmBoy" is ''canon''), but I like sometimes referring to [[StarWars Darth Vader]] as "The evil psychic cyborg". It's even better when I'm referring to the goodguy!Vader who appeared in that one Infinities comic. He's "The reformed evil psychic cyborg". I have simple pleasures. [[/folder]] [[folder:K]] * K: ** Aniki: Son Goku in {{Saiyuki}} Reload, when he has to play the adorably {{Badass}} big brother figure to adorably random kids. After Daimon Masaru, his seiyuu's character in ''DigimonSavers'', often

called 'aniki' by his [[EmpathicWeapon Digimon partner]]. ** [[YuYuHakusho Yusuke and Kuwabara's]] Lovechild: [[DigimonSavers Daimon Masaru]] (formerly [[DigimonAdventure02 Motomiya Daisuke]]). Because he IS. Beating up a whole middle school gang while yammering on about What A Man Does? (Or, alternatively, being a BookDumb ButtMonkey with a hopeless crush on a teammate's innocent little sister.) ''So'' [=YuYu=]. ** [=Hakkai!Goku=]: Kazuki from ''GetBackers.'' For being a polite, well-mannered, intelligent, pretty, [[spoiler:slightly insane]] bishonen with SoichiroHoshi for a voice actor. (Go on, guess my favorite seiyuu.) Also, [[spoiler:Hakkai and Kazu-chan both ripped one of their own eyes out in their manga]]. [[EyeScream Squiiiiiiiiick]]. ** Krispy: Krillin from {{Dragonball}} Z. Originally started out as a way to annoy my younger brother, I later realized that it is a fairly accurate description of what happens to him sometimes. ** DeathNote Lite: ''{{Spiral}}''. I mean that affectionately, of course. I don't know which came first... But between the FriendlyEnemy HoYay, gratuitous murder, and mad, mad love affair with [[XanatosPlannedThisIndex Xanatos]]? Come on! Shame Spiral's anime never got to the AGodAmI bit... ** Diet Cokie: Pamela Harding from the ''[[BabySittersClub BabySitter's Little Sister]]'' series, because she's Karen's [[TheLibby Libby]]. Just like Cokie is Kristy's! Wouldn't Cokie babysitting Pamela be ''fun''?! ** The Only Straight Member of Fuuga: Sakura Kakei from ''GetBackers'', until I saw a very NSFW official image of her and Kaoru Haruki. Now she's just the only ''sane'' one. * {{Tropers/Kadorhal}}: ** Boobmer: The female Boomer from ''Left4Dead'', because it's funnier and took (a tiny little bit) more effort to think up than "Boomette". ** Goat: The second-player Rookie in ''{{Halo 3 ODST}}''. Originated from my service tag in-game, "[=G08T=]", which looked more like "GOAT" during actual gameplay. ** Ro-bot: [[Left4Dead Rochelle]] while controlled by an AI. Distinct from the other AI-controlled Survivors because, even with recent updates to the AI, she is still [[TooDumbToLive the most infuriating teammate one could ever play with]]. ** Couch: [[Left4Dead Coach]] while controlled by an AI. Also distinct from the other AI-controlled survivors because, while he'll actually shoot zombies, he's basically a black [[FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]] as far as intelligence goes. ** [=GLaDOSH=]: The GLaDOS Trader from the Potato Fool's Day update for ''KillingFloor''. This one's fairly obvious, so naturally I didn't think of it until after she was already gone, and apparently I'm not even the only one who thought of it. ** Staem: {{Steam}} when it's being screwy and kicking everybody off repeatedly for no reason at all. Named after spambots that would misspell its name as such when trying to trick people with claims for "free games". * {{Tropers/Kalle}}: ** AIDSMAN: Hibari Kyoya from ''{{Katekyo Hitman Reborn}}!''. ... This is all from a really complicated injoke between me and two friends,

''it's better not to ask.'' ** Walf: Wolf O'Donnell from ''StarFox'' & ''SuperSmashBros Brawl''. Due largely in part to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjmE7YZIr3w this]] ridiculously funny GagDub. * kamikamiya ** Microwave-Lad: Luke from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' * {{Tropers/KamikazeScot}} ** Brain Zap: The Haitian from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' due to the fact that his super power is basically, as my sister put it, to zap your brain. ** Evan: {{Frankenstein}}'s monster, as the monster never gets a name. Also, Evan is the name of two annoying people who were in my juinor class. Coincidence? ** Fred: The albatross from Rime of the Ancient Mariner. ** Goddamn Bear-Man: Batman, as played by Christian Bale. ** Invisible Claude Who Hangs Out With The Pigeons: Claude, from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', as people in my family tend to forget his name. ** Pedo Bait: Natsuki from Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts. ** Princess Marth: Marth from SuperSmashBros due to the fact that he has long hair, twirls around and freaking FLIPS HIS HAIR WHEN YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH HIM. ** Rat Face: Dominic Greene from {{Quantum of Solace}}, mainly because he looks just like my sister's rat. *** Useless: Fields from the same movie. ** Twoey, Crispy, Dent-ed, Lawyer Boy: Various nicknames to Harvey Dent from TheDarkKnight ** Useless Go-Go Boots: Jo, from Series/DoctorWho * {{Tropers/Karalora}}: ** Ballgown Borg Collective: The [[DisneyAnimatedCanon Disney Princesses]] as they are currently marketed to little girls, with all individual personality traits blurred out of existence and replaced with interchangeable "Princess-ness." * katie5000: ** ''{{Mobile Suit Gundam}}'': *** Angsty [=McWhine=]: Amuro Ray, for somewhat obvious reasons. He gets called "Hikaru" a lot as well, since this troper tends to get him mixed up with the guy from "Macross". *** Captain Awesome: Char Aznable (who else? XD). *** Lady Deathstrike: Kycillia Zabi. *** Bright Slap: this troper's new name for the "Bitch Slap" of yore. "Bright SLAP! I don't taaaaake CRAP!" *** (Mother)fuckin' Kai, Bug Eyes: derisive ways of referring to Kai Shiden. The second one was coined by this troper's buddy Christine. *** Degwin the Hutt: Degwin Zabi. At least, this troper thought he kinda looked like Jabba... *** Gamera, Gay-ma: Garma Zabi. Originally, this troper blanked on his name (it started with a "G"...). Later on, this troper and her friend were discussing the character and speculating on his effeminate looks.

*** Pidge: Hayato Kobayashi (poor guy XD). ** ''{{Ronin Warriors}}/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers'': *** The Red Guy: my friend Katja and I refer to Ryo Sanada this way. *** The Watery Guy, The Other Cute One: Cye Mouri (with the second nickname, it's as opposed to Ryo). *** Ninja Kitty: White Blaze is quite the butt-kicking tiger. *** Captain Ownass, Captain Badass, Captain Whoopass: generic nickname used either for The Ancient/Kaos or Shuten/Anubis. *** Super Anubis: nickname given to Anubis/Shuten in episode 14 by someone on Youtube, and later adopted by me. *** The Lame-broghini, The Lame-mobile: the nicknames my friend Christine gave to Mia/Nasutei's car. *** Badamon's Grandma: Shikaisen, from the ''Gaiden'' OVA. *** The Stabby Girl: Luna, also from ''Gaiden''. ** ''{{Robotech}}/{{Macross}}'': *** Rickaru: a mash-up of "Rick" and "Hikaru"--the character's dubbed and original names, respectively. *** Homicidal Hayes: A nickname for Admiral Donald Hayes that originated on the robotech.com message boards...it was only used a couple of times, but it stuck with me. ** ''Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'': *** Jesus Boots: name given to the Pegasus Boots, since the player could walk on a body of water for a few seconds while wearing them, before falling in. *** Bat Skull: my name for the flaming skulls with bat wings that sometimes turn up in dungeons. They may actually be called this; I'm not sure. But I like to sing it to the tune of "Batman": "duh-nuh-nuhnuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh BAT SKULL!" ** ''{{Pikmin}}'': *** Spaceman Spiff: Olimar's nickname. ** ''{{Xenosaga}}'': *** Space Jesus: chaos. Anyone who played the games would know why. *** Kosy: short for KOS-MOS. *** Space Pope: the Pope-like guy who is the head of Ormus. *** Mo-mo-mo-mo: MOMO. ** ''Other'': *** Boobs [=McKenzie=], Busty [=LaRue=]: generic nicknames for any character in a series or game who seems really busty, either because they actually are or because it seems like obvious attention is drawn to their bust in some way (tight blouse, low cut shirt, gratuitous cleavage, etc). *** The Little Bitey Guy: Domo-kun. * {{Tropers/Katsuhagi}} ** Ritsuna: The protagonist of ''{{Gundam00}}'', Setsuna, due to his resemblance to Ritsuka, the lead character of ''{{Loveless}}''. Given that they were both designed by Yun Koga, this may be a case of an {{Expy}}. ** Ugly Tie Man: Charlie Rose, for his often garish and eye scarring ties. ** Mr. Angsty Pants: Subaru from ''{{X1999}}'', started as an in-joke on several LJ communities.

*** Likewise, Sadistic Lady Mangaka for {{CLAMP}} themselves. ** Laito: Light/Raito from ''DeathNote'' after I got fed up with the name debates and decided that it was just better to annoy both factions at once. ** [=MegaMILF=]: Lena Sayers of ''[[{{Mai-Otome0Sifr}} Mai-Otome 0/S.ifr~]]'', due to her CrowningMomentOfAwesome in the first episode when she's not even at her peak yet. ** Subaru Kasugano: Subaru Nakajima of ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'' for looking and acting like Sakura Kasugano from ''StreetFighter''. *** From the same series, [[{{Xenosaga}} KOS-MOS]]: Sette, since she looks like said character with her hair dyed pink. ** [[CowboyBebop Spike and Electra's]] Love Child: Blue from ''WolfsRain'' for looking like... well, I think it's fairly selfexplanatory. ** Para and Dox: The twin axe and sword wielding bosses in ''PrinceOfPersia: The Two Thrones'' after the characters in ''{{Yu-GiOh}}'' (just imagine them saying the SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion from ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series}}'' for the full effect). ** Loli of the West: Riful from ''{{Claymore}}'', came about through an IM discussion. ** Amputee Fetishist: Irene from the same series. If you've read the manga you'll know why. ** Stupid Gunslinger Russian: Revolver Ocelot from ''MetalGearSolid''. Also, Stupid Psychic Russian (Psycho Mantis) and Stupid Electric Russian (Volgin from [=MGS3=]). Note that this troper actually speaks Russian, and refers to them in that language as well. * {{Tropers/Kayube}} ** The One-Man {{Sentai}}- [[GaoGaiGar Guy Shishioh]]. When he does "Equip", it's a henshin. Getting into Galeon is like getting into a [[PowerRangers Zord]]. And then it combines with a bunch of other machines to beat the biggest monsters around. ** Luna- Tsumugi from [=~K-ON!~=], due to her resemblance to [[HarryPotter Luna Lovegood]]. ** MILES EFFIN' QUARITCH- Colonel Quaritch from ''{{Film/Avatar}}'', by analogy with ''[[PowerRangersRPM MASON EFFIN' TRUMAN]]''. * {{Tropers/Kefkakrazy}} ** The '''KNEE OF JUSTICE''': Captain Falcon's knee smash from Melee/Brawl. Will actually physically shout the nickname on the rare occasion when the move actually connects and slams someone to their deaths. ** The Falcon Drive-By: Falcon's Final Smash. ** The [[spoiler:fuck-rat]]: Pikachu, from Brawl. * {{Tropers/KingSonnDeeDoo}} ** Superking - Captain [[spoiler: Aizen]], from ''{{Bleach}}'', due to the fact that he can practically do [[MagnificentBastard anything]] if he wanted to. Derived from the superhero name that Bender from ''{{Futurama}}'' took. ** Celestial Nightmare - The Celestial Brush from ''{{Okami}}'', when

using it for the first time ** Balgy - Ba'Gamnan from ''{{Final Fantasy XII}}: Revenant Wings'', because not only has this troper only played ''Revenant Wings'', and so has no idea how to pronounce Balgy's actual name, she also finds it shorter, and it has a nice slightly insulting ring to it, fitting perfectly with [[spoiler: when he 'joins' your party - only because he's wearing a shock-muzzle, and because he seems to ''hate every second of it'']]. >:D ** [=SkulPles=] - A {{Portmanteau}} name for the Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant books, seeing as the titles are quite a mouthful. Is applicatble to both a single book, and the entire series. ** Gunner - A shortened name for ''{{Gunnerkrigg Court}}'', since it's quite a mouthful. ** Galyx - A {{Portmanteau Couple Name}} for the [[HalfLife Gordon/Alyx]] pairing. It popped into her head one day, and just kinda stuck. *** [[IncrediblyLamePun France]] - Same as the above, finding that combining their last names (Freeman/Vance) created a rather amusing [[PortmanteauCouplename portmanteau]]. ** Sa&#1111;x/Sa&#1111;xWolf: Hutch from ''{{Alpha And Omega}}'' (on the left [[http://i718.photobucket.com/albums/ww188/kitty_fur/hutchsaixwolf.png ?t=1299358677 here]]), due to the fact that he resembled [[KingdomHearts Saix]] (similar hairstyle, yellow eyes, has a sort of X on his face, seems like the second-in command). * {{Tropers/KKDW}}: ** Miyukipedia -- Takara Miyuki from ''LuckyStar'' due to her habit of revealing random bits of trivia. ** Captain ArtShift -- Anisawa Meito also of ''LuckyStar'' ** Captain Gullible -- Sunohara Y&#333;hei of ''CLANNAD'' ** Boredom Frown -- Former British primeminister Gordon Brown (name acquired from a breif joke in an episode of The Now Show) ** Floating B*stard -- Dung Beetle from ''{{Bokurano}}'' ** Captain Jerkass -- Kodaka Masaru, also from ''{{Bokurano}}'' * Tropers/KurisuMurei: ** The Black-and-Blue Mage: [[{{Touhou}} Marisa Kirisame]] of Touhou Project ** [=UsaRei=], Reisen Uchiha: Reisen U. Inaba, also of Touhou ** Ryukario: [[{{Pokemon}} Lucario]], particularly the SuperSmashBrothers Brawl one. ** The Eastern Triforce: The [[PublicDomainArtifact Three Sacred Treasures]] and [[KingOfFighters the three clans]] protecting each one. Particluaraly since the holders of the [[LegendOfZelda other Triforce]] seemed to take a few moves from them in Brawl. (One of Zelda's taunts (the one where she forms a flame in front of her) is taken from Saisyu Kusanagi's intro pose, and Ganondorf's Side-B is based off of one of Kyo's attacks. ** Grampa Chokehold: Ganondorf. For the aforementioned side-B special. ** (9)-Tail: {{Naruto}} ** [[CaptainTsubasa Captain]] [[FinalFantasyX Tidus]]: Let's

see...legendary player of a vaguely Soccer-ish sport, and the child of another legendary player of that sport. You can see where I'm going with this. *** Captain Jecht: By extension. That and he packs a pretty good PAWNCH in Dissidia. [[/folder]] [[folder:L]] * {{Tropers/L-chan}} ** The Black Widow: Candice "Candy" White Andrew from ''CandyCandy'', due to the fact that every male who developed a romantic interest in her sooner or later either dies or endures some tragedy. ** Orochi-Jackson: Orochimaru from ''{{Naruto}}'', due to both his interest in "young blood" and his eerie, creepy pale appareance similar to certain famous singer accused of phedophiliac acts. ** Ragnavice (Ragnavicio in Spanish): RagnarokOnline, because of its addictive nature. You know it's true. * Tropers/LadyNorbert ** [=TwiPri=] -- ''TheLegendOfZelda: Twilight Princess'' * Tropers/LadyShadowflame ** Sa-sooky -- Sasuke of {{Naruto}} in his more whiny moods. ** Ass-oka -- Ahsoka Tano, Anakin's [[DisContinuity non-existent]] little {{Lolicon}} Padawan. ** Mister Fibbs -- [[StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Garak]], for his propensity for distorting the truth. ** Cardassigan -- Earth clothes aside from tuxedo on Garak, as in the Bond parody episode. Not actually a cardigan, but the name just appealed. ** Starkillah, Destroyah of [=WOOOORLDS=] -- Vader's Marty Stu secret apprentice. ** Emokin, Angstakin -- Anakin, but not all the time...only when he's angsting. Ok, so ''nearly'' all the time. ** Skywhiner -- Any of the Skywalkers in a whiny mood. ** Furry Trank Dart -- A tribble, based upon the supposedly soothing effect. * {{Tropers/Lale}} ** Javert -- Ushio of ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}'' ** The Fellowship of the Crucifix -- Jonathan and Mina Harker, Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Quincey Morris, and Lord Godalming in ''Literature/{{Dracula}}'' * Tropers/LeighSabio: ** [[CountryMatters Country Logic]] -- T'Pring, Spock's ex-wife from the TOS episode Amok Time ** SmallAnnoyingCreature -- My little sister, Abby * Tropers/LEXicon712 ** Bleachigo - ''{{Bleach}}'''s Ichigo Kurosaki. ** Ribble - [[CodeGeass Rivalz]], cuz his name isn't spelled right

*** Also, anything he says I like to call Drivalz. ** [[EstrogenBrigadeBait SOS Brigade Bait]] - [[SuzumiyaHaruhi Itsuki Koizumi]], cuz [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Even this guy wants him]]! ** Exceru - [[ExcelSaga Excel Excel]], which is how her seiyuu pronounces it. ** [[JohnnyYongBosch Ichigo]] vs. [[YuriLowenthal Sasuke]] - The ''CodeGeass'' dub. ** Team MarshmallowHell - [[{{Bleach}} Capt. Hitsugaya and Lt. Matsumoto]] of Squad 10. ** In ''DevilMayCry 4'', I also call Nero "Ichigo" and Kyrie "Orihime". Seriously they're almost Expies of those two. ** The Fucking Critic - TheNostalgiaCritic, since TheAngryVideoGameNerd referrs to himself as "The Fucking Nerd". ** [[{{Naruto}} Rasen]][[DragonballZ Genkidama]] - The Rasenshuriken, which looks like a SpiritBomb. ** [[GenkiGirl Genki]][[{{God}} -sama]] - HaruhiSuzumiya. A pun on the Spirit Bomb explained above. ** Q-Flyn - QuintonFlynn. ** ''Konata'' - ''LuckyStar'', because the show is all about her. ** Ken- "Motherf*** ing" -Pachi - [[{{Bleach}} You know damn straight who I'm reffering to]]. ** [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Tenken Toppa Gurren Lagann]] [[{{Bleach}} Sajin Komamura]]'s BeyondTheImpossible Bankai. ** The Harem - The cast of ''CodeGeass'' outside Lelouch. ** [=GARizard=] - [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash's Charizard]] ** [=Lo'L=] - [[DeathNote Light Yagami]]'s EvilLaugh (Laugh of Light); since I started watching ''CodeGeass'', I also use it as "Laugh of Lelouch". ** [=SoSorry=] - [[{{Naruto}} Sasori]], since [[spoiler:he's the first Akatsuki member to die]], but I don't use that nickname. ** [[{{Bleach}} Hollow]] Naruto - [[spoiler:Naruto's six-tails transformation]]. ** '''EPIC. WIN.''' - ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' Episode 15. *** [[{{F-Zero}} Falcon Punch]] - That one epic scene... ** [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gurren Mk. II or Guren Lagann]] - The [[CodeGeass Guren SEITEN]], cuz it looks like it has a face on it's body. ** Star Butt - [[GurrenLagann Boota the pigmole]]. ** Shirleyhime - [[CodeGeass Shirley Fenette]], who's "I Love You Lelouch" speech [[spoiler:before dying]] sounds like [[{{Bleach}} Orihime]]'s "I Love You Ichigo" speech. ** [[CodeGeass Lulu]]sori - [[{{Naruto}} Sasori]], since his dub VA is JohnnyYongBosch, aka Lelouch. ** Chiyo [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Repulsa]] - [[{{Naruto}} Chiyo]], since her dub VA is Barbara Goodson, who voiced Rita in MMPR. * {{Tropers/Leycira}} ** [[CriminalMinds Criminal Minds]] *** Agent [[DeathGlare Deathstare]] - Hotch, because of his main expression. ** {{NCIS}}, NCISLosAngeles, CriminalMinds, TheMentalist, NUMB3RS *** Dead Corpse - The first corpse seen in the ColdOpening of the

series abrove. ** StarCraft *** CaptainObvious - Overmind. [[PlayerTic This troper has the habit of selecting more than one larvae at the same time]]. If one should mutate into a more expensive creature, Overmind tend to say about the others: 'YouRequireMoreVespeneGas.' Thanks, I know, but I'll keep that tic. *** More-Vespene-Gas-Monsters - Mutalisks, for the reason abrove. * {{Tropers/Liangnui}} ** For both [[{{Prototype}} Alex Mercer]] and [[Left4Dead The Hunter]], "Crazy hoodie bastard." Taking HumanoidAbomination and OurZombiesAreDifferent representatives ''not'' seriously is sort of a hobby. ** And for ''AssassinsCreed''... *** "Alty" - Altair *** "Ezzy"/"Fairy" - Ezio (don't ask about the second one) *** "Malmal" - Malik, and thank you DeviantArt. * Tropers/LimeTH ** Sas-gay or Sucks-ke- Sasuke from {{Naruto}}, who I really hate. ** She-Brock- Kagura from {{Azumanga Daioh}}, she looks like Brock from {{Pokemon}} sort of, what with her ridiculously spikey hair and the dark tan she gets in the summer ** That stupid angel bastard- Pit from {{Kid Icarus}} whose Super Smash Bros. incarnation annoys the hell out of me. ** The Original Emo Kid- Charlie Brown ** Jesusbot- {{Wall-E}}. ** Upside-down Exclamation Point Ipod Ice Cream Cone- EVE ** Lemon Cat- Chiyo-Chichi from {{Azumanga Daioh}}. How I forgot to mention this one is beyond me, since me and my friends use it all the time. ** The High Lords of Awesome- The collective name for me and my best friend's mutual favorite characters. Consists of [[AzumangaDaioh Osaka]] as the leader, with [[VeggieTales Larry the Cucumber]], [[{{Pokemon}} Meowth]], [[SouthPark Kenny]], [[PonyoOnACliffByTheSea Ponyo]], [[WallE Wall-E and M-O]] ** Stanley the Wolf Hating Crazy Guy- Quent Yaiden from [[WolfsRain Wolf's Rain]], from his total lack of a name for several episodes and me needing to call him ''something'' ** Dr. Eggbotnikman: [[SonicTheHedgehog figure it out]]. ** [[DextersLab Mandark]]: [[DNAngel Satoshi Hiwatari]] *** [[CatchPhrase Curse You]] [[IncrediblyLamePun Darxter!]] ** [[AzumangaDaioh Osaka]] with boobs: [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Ty Lee]]. ** Mikuroobs: [[SuzumiyaHaruhi Mikuru]], after her... erm, ''[[MostCommonSuperpower assets...]]''. I also have a RunningGag of naming things after Mikuru, such as the family dog's (pending) middle name, my pet fish, and [[YoshisStory the Pink Yoshi]] ** '''''ACTION M-O!''''': M-O from {{Wall-E}}. (Capslock and exclamation mark mandatory.)

* Tropers/LooneyToons: ** "Somewhere That's Dry" -- The song "Part of Your World" from Disney's ''The Little Mermaid'', because it's practically a [[TheJimmyHartVersion Jimmy Hart Version]] of the composers' earlier song "Somewhere That's Green" (from ''{{Little Shop of Horrors}}''). * Tropers/LordAaronus ** Not a "fan" nickname per se; games like GrandTheftAuto tend to wow the computer-illiterate previous generation in my neck of the woods with their 3D graphics and engines in general, and my own mom has taken to referring to GrandTheftAuto as (translated from Chinese Hokkien dialect) "Driving Lunatic". * Tropers/LordPentium ** Rated GAY: The tag team of RandyOrton and {{Edge}}, when they were feuding with D-Generation X. The official name was Rated RKO, you see, and... *** Edge was the Rated G Superqueer. I used to love making fun of the {{Heel}}s' sexual orientations using mutated versions of their nicknames, back when I watched wrestling. TripleH himself made the Randy Orton gay jokes, so RKO became GAY, joining my personal nickname for Edge in a corruption of the team name. ** One-balled homo: [[FinalFantasyVII Sephiroth]]. Because if it isn't obvious, you need your {{Gaydar}} checked. [[http://gi100.photobucket.com/groups/m33/DIHC6X6B58/dissidiafinalfant asy004zy7.jpg Seriously, does it get any farther into]] CampGay [[http://gi100.photobucket.com/groups/m33/DIHC6X6B58/dissidiafinalfant asy004zy7.jpg territory than this?]] ** Dysangol: LadyGaga. Based on a story I'm thinking up. She's enough of a HumanoidAbomination as is, you see, I just thought I'd take it to a particular conclusion and create a whole group of [[EldritchAbomination Eldritch Abominations]]. ** The Hero of Gaming: ShigeruMiyamoto. From [[TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime The Hero of Time]] and the role of his creation SuperMarioBros in saving the North American video game scene from TheGreatVideoGameCrashOf1983. Chances are, if you're in North America and a video gamer, this guy has had some influence on your gaming life. Just as much for casuals as for real gamers, too. * Tropers/LoustarJogger: ** Mr. [=GeeDubs=]: Mr. Game & Watch, 2-D fighter from SuperSmashBros Melee & Brawl. ** R.O.B.B.Y.: R.O.B., classic peripheral for the NES, also a fighter from [=SSBB=]. ** Ganondork: Ganondorf, LegendOfZelda. ** Bastard Son Of Bowser: Bowser Jr., because the Koopalings are far superior. ** My friend calls Luigi "Awegee". Mind you, I ''hate'' it when he does that. ** Wright Hand and Rong Hand: Master Hand and Crazy Hand, respectively. ** When given an OddNameOut situation, I will instantaneously give the

character with the unfitting name the moniker "Clyde". ** Super geek time! I give nicknames to makes of trains. Trains I tell you! ** King [=DayDayDay=]: ''Supposedly'', this is the correct pronunciation of King [=DeDeDe=]'s name. ** Earlier in this list is someone who calls Lucario "Lucaruger", which has inspired me to call him Luger, after the Luger Pistol. * {{Tropers/Lurkerbunny}} ** [[MorkAndMindy Mork]]-bot, The RobinWilliams Love-bot (don't ask): Andrew Martin in ''Bicentennial Man''. ** Bananarama - Bannakaffalatta from ''Series/DoctorWho'''s ''Voyage Of The Damned''. ** ''Law and Order: Sex and Violence Unit'' ''LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit''. ** ''Series/DoctorWho : Special Victims Unit'' - ''{{Torchwood}}'' (Well, it is the "sex and violence" spinoff). ** ''Doctor Who: Degrassi'' - ''TheSarahJaneAdventures'' (actually, my mother's suggestion). ** [[TheSimpsons Homer]]!Genie - [[{{Aladdin}} The Genie]] in ''The Return of Jafar'' and the ''Aladdin'' TV series, played by Dan Castellaneta. [[RobinWilliams We all know who the proper Genie is]]. ** Seth [=MicSogynist=]: SethMacFarlane. [[RapeAsComedy For]] [[HollywoodHomely obvious]] [[DudeNotFunny reasons]]. ** CROOKED NOSE THE SIZE OF A FREAKING SEMI-TRUCK: Well, this is very specific, but it's basically become my frustrated name for the way RobinWilliams is drawn on ''FamilyGuy''. [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/80sFreakLurker/Others/fgrobin 4.png It's pretty obvious why]]. Now, I realize Robin's nose has been exaggerated in caricatures before, but the thing is the way they draw him is an unholy cross between caricature and the normal [=MacFarlane=] style which is freakish to look at and infuriating to have to copy when drawing ''FG'' fan art. ** [[TheVerse The Garry Marshallverse]]: My collective name for ''HappyDays'' and its [[LaverneAndShirley various]] [[MorkAndMindy spinoffs]], all of course created by Garry Marshall. [[/folder]] [[folder:M]] * Tropers/MacJabber: ** Busta Bs - The Ballas Gang in [[GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas GTA: San Andreas]]. Bust your...yeah... ** Chibi-Robo Set - Robo Furniture in Animal Crossing: From the eponymous character of the {{ChibiRobo}} series. ** Christmas Angel - Pit in {{Super Smash Bros}} Brawl: His alternate green costume. Power up your Wii and see for yourself. ** Feenie Bo-Beanie - Phoenix in [[AceAttorney Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney]]: Cue the "Feenie wears a Beanie in the Fourth? [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome That's awesome]]!" phrase. ** Good Girl - Euryale in {{God of War}} II. ** Pineapple Copters, Baby Pineapple Copters - Peahats and their offspring in [[LegendOfZelda Ocarina of Time]].

** Poofies - for {{Ridiculously Cute Critter}} things: Especially Rodents. ** Retardus - Thardus in {{Metroid Prime}}: {{Self Explanatory}}. Radiated Phazon Rock golem. On Hard difficulty. [[ThatOneBoss That Bastard]]. ** Saran Wrap, Sarah Lee - Sahasrahla in [[LegendOfZelda Link to the Past]]. ** Stomping Bitch - Andariel in {{Diablo II}}. I died on purpose to hear her stomping all over her cramped up room. ** Tightey-Whitey - Tidus in {{Final Fantasy X}}: Because we both played it, my sister and I incessantly argue about how the "Ti" in [[NoPronunciationGuide Tidus' name]] goes. So we were better off teasing him with his newfound nickname. ** The Undentists - The Wraiths in {{God of War}}. [[ThisISADrill The dentist drilling sounds scare your cavity-ridden teeth]]. ** Vaan the Van - Vaan in {{Final Fantasy XII}}. ** Wolfos Link - Wolf Link in [[LegendOfZelda Twilight Princess]]: Early pictures of TP's Wolf Link. At first, I thought he transformed into a Wolfos. Is he a wolf or a wolfos? [[NoteToSelf Note to my past self: he's a wolf]]. * {{Tropers/MadeofMeat}} * Dr. Libido - [[{{Psychonauts}} Doctor Loboto]], when he's portrayed as particularly sexually active in a fanfic or roleplay. Hypocritical, because I myself sometimes write him as being a manwhore. * Crispy and Cali - Another Psychonauts nickname. A shortening of Crispin and Caligosto, fairly all-purpose, but I usually use it when they're being buddy-buddy. * Jaspa, Mista Merello - JasperMorello's named spelled phonetically * Docta - [[JasperMorello Claude]] given the same treatment. ** The Creature's Daddymommy. Yep, you are now thinking of Claude MPreg. Cogratulations! * {{Tropers/Magnezone}}: ** Magneton Man: The leader of [[{{Pokemon}} Sinnoh's]] local villainous group, Cyrus. An inside joke stemming from his... ''interesting'' first appearance in my fanfiction. ** Max Lurkyface, Sr.: Another {{Pokemon}} one, Conway. Named after his striking resemblance to May's little brother and the fact that he stalks people. A lot. ** [=TGKsprit=]: Yet another {{Pokemon}} one. Refers to Mesprit (specifically, the main antagonist of ''Metal Coat''), and her rather... unique personality. The 'TGK' part came from her home fic's original name, The Galaxy Key. * {{Tropers/Malph}} ** Ass: Ludicolo because of how close "colo" is to "culo" (along with the fact that it looks like it's wearing a sombrero), and the fact that I hate every fiber of it's being (In Emerald Wallace's killed my whole team by spamming Giga Drain. And then there's Miror B.'s annoyingly defensive ones in Colosseum). ** MarySue: Generally any opponent who manages difficult things with

ease (usually used in Pokemon for anything that can survive a Super Effective attack with little damage). *** GodmodeSue: Any opponent who embodies TheComputerIsACheatingBastard. ** [[{{Metalocalypse}} Mustakrakish]]: [[{{Fallout}} Deathclaws]], because they look like Mustakrakish. ** Shrek: Fawkes (from Fallout 3) *** Panzer Shrek: Fawkes when he becomes your partner (at which point he's an all powerful tank god) * [[{{Tropers/ManCalledTrue}} Man Called True]]: ** Captain Smug-Git (Jack Harkness from ''{{Torchwood}}'', named after a nickname Rimmer gave Ace Rimmer on ''[[{{RedDwarf}} Red Dwarf]]'') ** Tranny (Adel Bernstein from ''TheKingOfFighters'', a male character who was female in the design stages) ** The following names, given to members of the Godhand in ''{{Berserk}}'' before their names were finally made clear in Volume Thirteen (the exception being Griffith): *** Mastermind -- Void, he of the bulging brain and leadership role *** Succubus -- Slan, the MsFanservice who barely covers herself with her wings *** Butterball - Ubik, who looks a lot like the Cenobite of the same name *** Daruma - Conrad, whose head looks like a Daruma doll ** Closet Furry - [[ElGoonishShive Dan Shive]]. Admit it. ** Fat Knights - The [[GoddamnedBats extremely annoying]] enemies in bulbous armor first encountered around Chapter Three of ''{{Drakengard}}''. ** Twin Bastards - Agni and Rudra from ''DevilMayCry 3''. They're both ThatOneBoss. ** Clownboy - Attenborough from ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', who really ''does'' look like a clown. ** Admiral Bowlcut - the ButtMonkey Admiral Sadaako Munetake in ''MartianSuccessorNadesico''. As good as that series is, it does a ''horrible'' job at establishing character names; I kept having to read the ''credits'' to work out who people are. ** Lesbian Folksingers - The female voices that sing a wordless melody after any moment of emotional impact in ''GilmoreGirls''. ** ''Bandai Lagann'' - The truly horrible dub job Bandai slapped onto ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. *** Kamina-stoner - The voice acting used for Kamina in ''Bandai Lagann'', who has nothing resembling HotBlooded in his voice. As per the nickname, he sounds less excited and more high. ** Frankenstein's [[FistOfTheNorthStar Raoh]] - Goliath from ''{{Castlevania}}: Order of Ecclesia'', essentially a giant, monstrous version of Raoh. Complete with Hokuto Hyakuretsuken. * Tropers/MandoKnight ** I call Ike from [[FireEmblem Fire Emblem]] "His Majesty, Lord Ike the Manly, Hero of the Blue Flame, Liberator of Crimea, Savior of Tellius, And Father of Sothe's Children" because of several factors... *** "His Majesty, Lord" after his gaining peerage in Path of Radiance.

*** "The Manly" after achieving a "prestigious" position as one of the Manly characters in [[SuperSmashBros Super Smash Brothers Brawl]]. *** "Hero of the Blue Flame" after his title at the end of the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn *** "Liberator of Crimea" due to saving his homeland from Daein almost singlehandedly... *** "Savior of Tellius" because in Radiant Dawn, he saves the entire continent [[spoiler: from the goddess Ashera]] *** "And Father of Sothe's Children" from a line spoken by Micaiah in Radiant Dawn, mocking Sothe's hero worship of the general. * [[{{Tropers/Mariko-chan}} Mariko-chan]] ** My friend and I on Gaia Online affectionaly call Xaldin and Luxord 'nymphomaniacs'. Only because we roleplay them together in a Rp, and they [[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} sleep together like bunnies]] every night. * Tropers/MasterHand ** Brigodin: The fifth boss in ''Odin Sphere'', consisting of Brigan's soul in Odin's body. For the record, I called Brigan himself [[ThatOneBoss General Impossiblepants]]. ** Queen Benz: Mercedes, also from ''Odin Sphere''. * Maslego ** Kryptids: The Monsters of the Week on Smallville. ** Tomcat: The third Wildcat in DC who can turn into a "werecat" * Maxius ** Alien Naraku: Nurarihyon from {{Gantz}}. Like the aforementioned character, it could regenerate from pretty much any damage while growing stronger in the process, gained ridiculous powers as time went on, went through a multitude of forms that became progressively more twisted, and was ridiculously hard to kill. Oh, and it died for real off-screen as well. ** The Vorpal Witch: Mio Sakamoto from {{Strike Witches}}. She got that name after she ''cut a Neuroi in half'' at the beginning of episode 1 and sliced the tail off of another in episode 2. The second Neuroi repaired itself afterwards, but that the fact that she was able to deal so much damage to it with her katana was amazing. * {{Tropers/Medinoc}} ** The [[{{Warhammer40000}} Sisters of Battle]]: Misora, Cocone, and Shakti, the witch and [[NunsAreMikos par-time nuns]] from ''MahouSenseiNegima''. ** Litany Of Furry: Chachamaru's KillSat, which is part of her artifact. Named after the [[SpaceMarine Blood Ravens]]' [[CoolStarship Battle Barge]] from ''{{Warhammer 40000}}: DawnOfWar'', the Litany Of Fury. * {{Tropers/Meagen}} ** Investigate: In the context of CityOfHeroes, "beat the crap out of". "We investigated those Skulls throughly". From all the missions

that say "investigate warehouse" to mean "[[NeverSayDie defeat]] all enemies in warehouse", and by analogy with [[LyricalNanoha Nanoha's]] "befriending". * {{Tropers/MegaTroopX}} ** Darth Kirby: The character's Spark + Cutter ability in {{Kirby}} 64. ** Anubimon: [[{{Pokemon}} Lucario]]. ** Pimpmon: Ditto, the omni-breeder Pokemon. ** Earth Razer: (That's "raze" as in "raze a building" not "a bladed shaving implement") The move Ash's Pikachu uses that damages Ground[[{{ElementalRockPaperScissors}} type]] Pokemon, even though that's not possible in the games. * {{Tropers/Meiriona}}: ** Altena-you-bitch: the BigBad of {{Noir}} can ONLY be referred to as such. * Tropers/MetaFour: ** ''GunnerkriggCourt'': *** Mr. Brass Buttons: That gaunt teacher [[AdultsAreUseless who was no help whatsoever]] in chapter 1. Named for the buttons on his jacket. *** Y: Ysengrin. *** Teal and Purple: The second pair of Suicide Fairies from "Red Returns", named for their [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair hair colors]]. *** The Salamander: That yellow lizard-thing from "A Ghost Story", due to the fire association. I can't take credit for this one. *** Evil Birmingham: That place in chapter 19 (and possibly chapter 11) where Zimmy and Gamma have periodically gone. So named because Tom Siddell modeled it after RealLife Birmingham. *** Blinker-vision: [[GreenLanternRing Blinker Stone]]-mediated clairvoyance, and its accompanying ArtShift. ** ''{{Series/Heroes}}'': *** Radiation Man: Ted Sprague, named for [[BadPowersBadPeople his unfortunate superpower]]. ** TVTropesWiki: *** Yikt-wuh: [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/ykttw.php YKTTW]]. * Metaternal ** King DEE-DEE-DEE: [[{{Kirby}} King Dedede]], cause all you need is some emphasis to make it sound like [[GuiltyPleasures Carlos Mencia's]] {{Catchphrase}}. ** Rape: [[StreetFighter Akuma's]] [[DangerousForbiddenTechnique Shun]] [[BadassBack Goku]] [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Satsu]]. ** [[{{Pokemon}} Tackle Attack]]: Any running attack in the SuperSmashBros. series that looks like a tackle [[CallingYourAttacks will have this phrase accompanying it]] sometimes, usually when it kills. Examples include [[{{Metroid}} Samus]], [[{{FZero}} Captain Falcon]], and [[MightyGlacier especially]] [[TheLegendOfZelda Ganondorf]].

* {{Tropers/Micah}} ** Principal Quark: Principal Snyder from ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' (played by the actor who played [[StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Quark]]). ** Sinh (or, in full, Kosh's EvilTwin Sinh): The second Kosh from ''{{Babylon5}}''. ** ''Clavdivs'': ''IClaudius''. ** Jayne in a Suit: Marcus Hamilton from ''{{Angel}}''. ** Teddy Bear: General Hammond from ''{{Stargate SG-1}}'' * {{Tropers/Midna}} ** "[=BiBi=]" (with capitalization): Bianca from ''PokemonBlackAndWhite''. ** "New Classic Metool": The Metools from ''MegaMan 9''. (They look like ''Mega Man 3''-onwards Metools, but function identically to the Mets from ''Mega Man 1''.) ** "GIANT FROG": [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Giant video game frogs]]. ** "Ostrich Ride ''OF DEATH''": The ostrich ride from [[ScrappyLevel the second stage]] of '''TheLionKing''. I still haven't forgiven them for it, though it's not as difficult as I often make it out to be. ** "{{Popeye}} the Whaler Man": Fatty Whale from ''{{Kirby}} Super Star Ultra'', after his uncanny resemblance to a certain cartoon dock hand. ** "Chowderhead": Kind of stretching the definition of "fan" nickname, but... A friend of mine at another internet forum as an alternate name for ''{{Chowder}}''. [[ViewersAreMorons In case you can't tell]], it's intended as a TakeThat. ** "Splashy": Splash Woman, also from ''MegaMan 9''. ** "Larl": [[{{Disgaea}} Laharl]]. *** "Et": Etna from the same game. Most of the Disgaea characters can be given a catchy single-syllable nickname, in fact. ** "The {{Touhou}} Attack": That purple fiery blast... thing that some {{Pokemon}} can use in ''[[PokemonRanger Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]]''. Named after how it vaguely resembles an attack from said series. *** "The [[YumeNikki Uboa]] Noise": The noise a Save Machine makes in both ''Pokemon Ranger'' games. Named after how eerily calm it sounds, like the music/background noise of Yume Nikki (Uboa's music is anything but eerily calm, though...). ** "Midna-chan": [[TheLegendOfZelda Take a guess!]] It shouldn't take you a lesson in Japanese {{Honorifics}} to know that that the added "chan" is a term of endearment added because... [[PerverseSexualLust well, Midna's cute]]. * {{Tropers/MiffTheFox}} ** [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh}} Yami no Niki]] - Niki's SuperpoweredEvilSide from {{Series/Heroes}} ** The [[StarTrek Mind Meld]] Machine - The tank from {{Fringe}}. ** New Professor - Eli from GhostWhisperer, mainly due to him being a JonasQuinn for the old professor. (Who this troper never actually remebered the name of.) * Tropers/MikeRosoft

** Zora the Avenger - ''Queen of Swords'' ** Encyclopedia Defamatica - Encyclopedia Dramatica * Tropers/{{MikoGalatea}} ** "[[NoodlePeople Noodly]] [[GuiltyPleasures Trainwreck]]": ''CodeGeass'' as a whole - not that it isn't an entertaining show, of course. ** A couple for ''{{Gundam 00}}'' characters: *** "[[{{Moe}} Moeria]]": Tieria Erde, because he's adorable when he's sad and doubly so when [[CryCute he cries]]. Seems like I'm not the only person to call him that, either. *** "[[LittleMissBadass Loli]][[ArtificialHuman vator]]": Hilling Care, the flat-chested, female-model Innovator. This was before I found out she's 5' 6" tall, which is a fair bit bigger than your average loli... ** "Pudding-tan": Albel Nox from ''[=~Star Ocean: Till the End of Time~=]'', because his hair colour resembles a certain type of Japanese pudding treat. No, I wouldn't use that kind of honourific within earshot of him! ** "Fridge-tan": A certain character from ''[=~Star Ocean: The Last Hope~=]''. [[spoiler:Specifically, the unnamed girl from the Black Tribe, whose [[StuffedIntoTheFridge death]] didn't do a lot of favours for Faize's sanity]]. ** "[[AttractiveBentGender Booby-Man]]": Gren from ''CowboyBebop''. ** "[[TrueNeutral Neutral]][[BrotherSisterIncest cest]]": Switzerland/Liechtenstein from ''AxisPowersHetalia'' as a romantic pairing. (Yeah, I know they're NotBloodSiblings, but whatever.) ** "Screwdriver-tan": An unnamed blonde girl who appears in volume 11 of ''NaruTaru''. I wish she actually ''had'' a name. ** "School": Squall Leonhart from ''FinalFantasyVIII'' (and ''[=~Dissidia: Final Fantasy~=]'', for that matter), all because I misread his name when I saw it in katakana in a doujinshi sample. ** "[[TheWoobie Kicked Puppy-kun]]": Jonah Matsuka from ''TowardTheTerra''. ** "[[PortmanteauSeriesNickname MadoMagi]]": My shorthand nickname for ''PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''. ** "[[DudeLooksLikeALady Mr]] PrincessCurls": Arion Rosemariné from ''KazeToKiNoUta''. I sometimes just call him "Rosie", too. * {{Tropers/Mimefan1107}} ** Crushy - Nikita Khrushchev ** Dizzy - BenjaminDisraeli * {{Tropers/mimichan3}} ** I seem to have an obsession with tsundere guys, since I have so much tsun- nicknames for them. For example: *** Tsunderia - Tieria Erde from ''Gundam00'' *** Tsunderyuu - Lord Ryuu from ''RG Veda'' *** Tsunderen - Ren Tao from ''Shaman King'' *** I also call a tsundere's wrath 'Tsunderage'. ** I also use 'yanderage' for when their smile fades... ** Megumilk: Murakami Megumi, formerly of the Hello! Project, after a

typo I made. ** Sailor Ayumu, Sailor Miki, and Tuxedo Sunflower: Ayumu, Hatori, and Sonoda from Life, because the way Ayumu tries to save all of Manami's former friends reminds me of Sailor Moon's heart cleansing, even though it never really worked. I'm still trying to find a clever nickname to compare Manami to Queen Beryl. ** I've recently got into the habit of calling Nasu Kinoko "eggplant", because that's what the 'Nasu' part means. My best friend, however, calls him Nurse Kinoko. * {{Tropers/MistressMinako}} ** Plot Device Dragon (PDD): The Crimson Dragon of {{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}, so-named because it honestly is an unexplained plot device since its auspicious debut. The name has become common use on related message boards. ** JACK ATLUS/ATLAS: Emphatic form of the character's name based off the promotional material before the series began (Takanori Hoshino: "I'M JACK ATLAS"). Also somewhat widely-used, mostly to mock the character's self-referential egoism. * Tropers/MiyuMiyu ** Literature/{{Twilight}} *** Norman: Edward, thanks to Tropers/MiyuMiyu's father having a slip of the tongue in regards to the Meyerpire. *** Stella: Bella, just to round things out a little. *** Pablo: Jacob, also to round things out. ** RealLife *** Generation FAIL: the current generation, with its skinny jeans, {{Fred}} and Literature/{{Twilight}}. * Tropers/MobileLeprechaun ** MakingFiends *** Amy Made-of-Win-frey: Amy Winfrey, the creator of MakingFiends. *** Milky: Mr. Milk *** Jethro: Malachi. This one stems from an in-joke between me and my sister that I'd rather not elaborate on. *** Comrade Vendetta, Little Sister: Vendetta, with Little Sister being a reference to [[NineteenEightyFour 1984]] ([[DontExplainTheJoke Get it? Big Brother? Little Sister?]]) ** Death Note *** K-Fed, Kirefron, That jerk, One Mister Yagami, Imagay: Light Yagami *** L-zaki: L, the nickname stemming from a combination of L and Ryuzaki. *** Freakami: Teru Mikami, because [[{{Understatement}} he's a little unstable]]. *** Natey: Near ** Other *** Strange Crappenings: A Haunting, mine and my sister's favorite paranormal show to {{MST}}. * Momo

** Old man Squa: Anime Squallo from KatekyoHitmanReborn for having white hair and sounding way over 30-something. * {{Tropers/MoonlightBomber}} ** Freddie Aguilar Undead: [[KamenRiderBlade Daichi, the Elephant Undead]]; since he's an {{Expy}} of the Filipino singer-songwriter. ** Mama's Boy: [[FinalFantasyVII Sephiroth]]. Blame CJ Collins, the infamous [[FinalFantasyVI Kefka]] cosplayer, for pounding it to my head. * {{Tropers/MoPete}} ** Iron Bitch: [[TheWorldEndsWithYou Mitsuki Konishi]] ** Sucker Fucker: [[TheWorldEndsWithYou Koki Kariya]] ** Pinky Psycho Pants: [[TheWorldEndsWithYou Uzuki Yashiro]] * Tropers/MrGuy ** Admiral Cthulhu: [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Davy Jones]] ** Ctulpihu: [[spoiler:the {{Eversion}} guy]] ** Fuckin' Ay: [[NetHack Floatin' Eye]] [[/folder]] ----

FanNicknameN-S '''Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:N]] * Tropers/NARFNra ** Asian Swallows - The swallows that REALLY carried those coconuts. ** Crazy Coins - Those enemies that appear at the start of every Gradius game. * Nasrudith ** Gumbys(Indentured servants in Colonization Civ IV) named so for the resemblance of the outfit and penalty to skilled labor. ** [[KickTheDog International Buearau of Puppy Kicking]] [[WhateleyUniverse The Mutant Commission/Control Office]]. ** [[{{Iji}} Mechanical Bastard]]: Sentinel Proxima. ** Also for {{Iji}} note that these are extreme spoilers about the best hidden secrets in the game. [[spoiler: "Iji forgot to take her medication" for Sector Z and the effects of the null driver, given it's extremely trippy nature]]. ** [[ElGoonishShive Dr. Tess]]: Dr. Ishida in MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha As. ** [[SluggyFreelance Bunbun]] [[spoiler:King when summoned from level 3 of the blade]]. in CaveStory. * Tropers/NatTheWriter ** [[SuperFunHappyThingOfDoom Super Happy Shiny]] [[LyricalDissonance Suicide Song]] - [[EndOfEvangelion Komm Susser Tod]] (Not my creation,

but I use the nickname fairly often.) ** Patrick Longname - [[{{Gundam00}} That guy named Patrick. I am very stupid and fail to remember how to spell his name]]. * {{Tropers/Nausicaa}} ** [[TheMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya The SOS Brigade]]: {{U2}} *** Haruhi: Bono *** Yuki: The Edge *** Itsuki: Adam Clayton *** Kyon: Larry Mullen Jr * {{Tropers/Nebula}} ** From {{Pokemon}}: *** [[YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Mega Ultra Chicken]]: Blaziken *** [[{{Bishoujo}} Bishieram]]: Reshiram. *** [[KOn Mugi]]: Alomomola *** Half of my team from Black has a nickname that doubles as an IncrediblyLamePun on their names: Dar-manly-tan, Hydrei-God and Eelektr-awesome. Serperior and Jellicent don't get one because "superior" and "magnificent" are already part of their names. Archeops doesn't get one because I can't think of a word that conveys badassery that goes well with it - Eelektr-awesome was already stretching it. * {{Tropers/Neo Yi}} ** Vlad Seximus: Vlad Masters/Plasmius from ''DannyPhantom''. There's a more naughty fan name this troper made with the Vlad Masters name that she'll refrain from saying. As far as I'm concerned, I think I was the first one to coin this nickname. ** Girly Boy: Danny Fenton/Phantom. ** Manly Legolas: [[JakAndDaxter Jak]] ** The Ruiner: Logan of ''GilmoreGirls'' whom this troper feels killed the show. Same rule applies to [[XiaolinShowdown Chase Young]]. * Tropers/NeoChaos ** [[http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/text/bloodninja Bloodninja]]: Amadeus the Wizard from ''{{Trine}}'', thanks to being clad in a RobeAndWizardHat, his {{Casanova}} character and his shameless attempt to flirt with Zoya in the game's tutorial level. ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_McLellan Todd McLellan]]: Master Roshi from the disastrous DragonBall [[TheMovie movie]] as portrayed by Chow Yun Fat, because Fat's appearance in that movie bears a slight resemblance to the ice hockey coach. [[http://entertainmentnow.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/dragonball5524.jpg No]], [[http://sharkspage.com/jpgs5/todd_mclellan2.jpg seriously]]. * {{Tropers/Nerdorama}} ** Instant Married Couple: Haruhi and Kyon. Also applies to similar bickering couples, in real life and in fiction. ** Giga-Rei: whatever that thing really was in ''End of Evangelion''. Alternatively, Reilith (Rei/Lilith or Rei-the-size-of-a-megalith, take your pick).

** And conversely, there is Kamina, The Anti-Rei. So named for his accomplishment of mentally pulling everyone '''out''' of the fantasyland of ultimate happiness. And being pretty much the opposite of her in every other conceivable way. ** Dr. Moriarty: Dr. M[[spoiler:atsumori]] from Y: The Last Man. Because I was reading this series (featuring a Dr. M. as a major antagonist) at the same time as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (featuring a Mr. M - really James Moriarty - as a major antagonist). ** Adrinara: Adria from ''StargateSG1'', played by Morena Baccarin. ** Relatedly, Dr. Jennifer Kaylee on Atlantis. ** Having just read Evangelion Re-Take, I've got another one: Asuka [[NotSoImaginaryFriend Harvey]] Soryuu. I wanted to use Frank, but Harvey fit the rhyme scheme. [[NotWhatItLooksLike ...I read it for the plot, I swear to God!]] ** [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Fate Testarossa]], she is A Chibi-Char! ** Desu Note: ''DeathNote''. Lame romanization joke, mostly, with some ''RozenMaiden'' reference. ** The Universe's Most Adorable Network Terminal: [[SuzumiyaHaruhiNoYuutsu Yuki Nagato]] and, to a lesser extent, the other Humanoid Interfaces. Less a nickname and more my pithy explanation of them. ** And another one inspired by ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' but eventually applied to all instances of a particular PublicDomainArtifact: The LOL-spear. ** Wasabi Peanuts: ''AzumangaDaioh''. After having seen parts of ''LuckyStar'', I can no longer state that Azu Dai is "Peanuts [[AC:[[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs on acid]]]]", but it's still rather out there, more like a mouth-burning food than an illicit substance. Plus, actual wasabi peanuts are MadeOfWin, just like the show is. * {{Tropers/Nezumi}} ** Scylla: The Tentacles from ''Half-Life''. Comes from mistaking the three Tentacles in their first appearance for part of a larger creature, and a fondness for the mythological beast that originally held the name. Still uses it because it sounds a lot more interesting than "Tentacle." ** Chicken Snuggling: The practice of picking up and putting down your chickens in the ''Harvest Moon'' series to improve their happiness levels. She got it from someone else, but to her knowledge, it hasn't actually caught on. ** Teepo Syndrome: ViewerGenderConfusion, especially as it applies to prepubescent boys. Named for Teepo from ''BreathOfFire 3'', for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who ever played the game. * {{Tropers/NigeriaLisa}} ** Pluto-tan: Maeda Irori, from HelloProject. ** Bodhisattva: Okai Chisato, again from HelloProject. ** Zacchan: Zazie Rainyday of MahouSenseiNegima * Ninkobra; ** [[GannonBanned Gannon BANNED!]] - Ganondorf's B-move in [[SuperSmashBros SSB Brawl]], to distinguish it from Captain Falcon's

[[MemeticMutation Falcon Punch]] ** Alphonzelda - Whenever Spirit Zelda is possessing a Phantom in [[TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks Spirit Tracks]] ** [[MNightShyamalan M. Night]] [[IncrediblyLamePun Shamealan]] Because it fills me with foreign shame seeing how far he's fallen from TheSixthSense to [[TheHappening Attack Of The Killer Plants]]. It may or may not hold depending on whether [[AvatarTheLastAirbender The Last Airbender]] is actually half-decent or not. *** Note to past self: Reinforce "Shamealan"... BIG TIME. * {{Tropers/Nlpnt}}; ** From ''{{Naruto}}''; *** Sauce K; Sasuke. From "Dice K"=Daisuke (Matsuzaka, of the Red Sox). I don't actually ''use'' it, but it won't get out of my head... *** High beams: Byakugan. **** Daytime running lights; [[BlankWhiteEyes Hyuuga eyes]] in nonByakugan, 'normal vision' mode. (Can also be reversed; "Those are nice cars but I wish they'd ditch the Hyuuga eyes") *** Kazekage-kun; [[spoiler: Gaara in ''Shippuuden'']]. *** Uchiha Street, Uchiha-''[[GratuitousJapanese chome]]'', The PepsiCola Bottling Company of Konoha; the Uchiha compound. *** And let's not forget [[{{Filler}} Sumaru]], The Boy With a [[strike:Car's]] Star's Name. ** The Other Zuko; Danny Zuko from ''Grease'' (Yeah, he came first. But ''Avatar'''s still cooler...) ** Volcanogakure: the Fire Nation capital in ''Avatar''. ** Comcastic: Adjective describing anything that [[Main/TakeThat sucks in a dully disappointing sort of way]]. ** Digital Edsel; 2008-up Ford Focus notchback coupe. Not my car, but if they had kept the hatchback ''that'' might have been. * Tropers/NotSoBadassLongcoat; ** '''{{Naruto}}''': *** Wooden Boy: Rock Lee. Invented before the troper even heard of NarutoTheAbridgedSeries. *** The Young NEENJUH With A Firefox Up His Ass: Naruto. *** The Second-to-Last Czarnian, BEESHAWNEN: Sasuke. *** Evil Weasel, The Last Czarnian: Itachi. Pretty self-explanatory. ** '''Left4Dead''': *** Tosspot: Boomer. A deadpan, matter-of-fact "Tosspot defused" is this troper's usual line after killing one, usually to notify other players about eliminating the threat. *** Roach: [[TheScrappy Rochelle]] from the sequel. ** '''BaldursGate''': *** The Romanian: Ion Irenicus. Mainly because it sounds like a Romanian name. *** Organ: Korgan the Dwarf. Partially based on the infamous "axe" quote he uses to taunt Mazzy. *** Janey: Jaheira. ''Note: this is a translated version. In Polish, the nickname is "Ja&#347;ka", a diminutive form of the Polish equivalent of "Jane".'' ** '''VampireTheMasquerade''':

*** Szczymiszcze ''(Shchimishtche)'', Trzy Misie ''(Three Teddy Bears)'', Plastusie ''(Clayboys)'' - The Tzimisce clan. The first two poking fun at the fact that nobody knows for sure how the clan name should be pronounced, and the last one for their ability to shape their bodies like modeling clay. ** '''VampireTheRequiem''': *** Dywany, Dywaniki ''(Carpets/Rugs)'' - the Daeva clan. *** Mehes - the Mekhet clan. ** '''{{Lost}}''' *** Esau - the nameless man officially called "Jacob's Enemy". *** Iddiott Tooslow - Elliott Maslow, the protagonist of ''Lost: Via Domus''. ** '''EntropiaUniverse''': *** Winos: Biffoids, named so for their wifebeater shirts and throaty groans reminding me of a hungover wino. *** '''Cornycowduhs''': Cornundacacaudas. *** Spike Pigs, Hedgehog Pigs: Combibos, due to the spikes on their backs and sounds they make. ** '''AllPointsBulletin''': *** Daddy Benjamin - Arlon Benjamin *** Fiat Cunto - Macchina Cosenza *** The Ant On Crack, Varchuga - Balkan Varzuga *** Zippy, Dentist Drill - Packer Vaquero, due to its high-pitched engine noise, resembling an electric toy car motor. *** Bishie - Bishada Rapier *** O-Beer, Obieraczka ''(Peeler)'' - OBIR rifle. ** '''GuildWars''': *** Mushrooms, Potatoes - the Afflicted from ''Factions''. **** Potato on Toothpicks, Potato on Stilts - Afflicted Assassin, due to its bloated torso and spindly limbs. **** Potato Pancakes - the Augmented Flesh item, due to what drops it (potatoes...). *** The Fucking Ninjas - the [[TheTriadsAndTheTongs Am Fah gang]]. They just love to drop from up high like the fucking ninjas. *** Uboga Krowa ''(Poor Cow)'' - the Fanged Iboga from ''Nightfall'', due to how its name is translated in the Polish version. ** '''SoulCalibur''': *** Elvis - Maxi, due to his haircut in 1P model. *** Siekieroth ''(Axeroth)'' - Astaroth, pretty self-explanatory. *** Kijek ''(Stick)'' - Kilik, due to weapon used. *** Zafalafel, Falafel - Zasalamel. ** Music: *** Brown - System of a Down's self-titled album. ** Misc.: *** Fish: FN F2000 assault rifle. *** Kurz, Kurczak ''(Chicken)'': [=MP5K=]. *** Klocek ''(Block)'': Glock pistol. *** Ninja Master Itagaki: Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of DeadOrAlive and a {{Badass}} in his own right. *** M. Night Shalalala: M. Night Shyamalan, the UweBoll with artistic pretense. *** The Yellow Coat Hanger: Hastur from the CthulhuMythos (due to how

his symbol, The Yellow Sign, looks). * {{Tropers/Nyperold}} ** ''AnimalCrossing'' *** Bees, Bells, and Beyond: Collective name for normal trees. *** [[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Ugly Bags of Mostly Water]] and Few Bells: The jellyfish, bane of ocean fishers during the last half of August, as they are, fins down, the least valuable fish of all, and there's a good chance that, during this period, any fish that is generated in the ocean will be this rather than the much more valuable red snapper or barred knifejaw. ** ''ChronoTrigger'' *** [[ChipAndDaleRescueRangers Gadget]]: Lucca. ** ''{{Civilization}} Revolution'' *** Most Annoying Wonder '''or''' Most Annoying of Wonders: The Great Wall of China. The game tells you that when you build it, all nations will offer you peace. What it ''doesn't'' tell you is that they make this offer '''''every. single. turn.''''' It tempts me to start a war just to shut them up about it, and it's a mercy when somebody finally learns Engineering and declares war on me. (Which is why I never build the thing anymore.) *** Waves of Culture: Your weapon in a... *** '''''CULTURE ATTACK!!''''': A massive assault of culture intended to capture cities without a single round of combat being fought. *** Treaty Blockade: You may have noticed that you cannot enter the territory of any civ you've made a treat with with any unit without starting a war with them. Players who do not wish to start wars may find themselves with stranded units, or unable to get at enemies. *** Opening the Floodgate: When units begin to be able to move via formerly-blockaded land or sea. This can happen if the blockading civ becomes your enemy, or if cultural conditions change. ** ''EndlessOcean Blue World'' *** [[SeaLab2021 Hazel]]: The dog you rescue. Oceana names him "Snorkel", but nothing stops the ''player'' from calling him something else outside the game, right? Based solely on the dog's breed and general location. ** ''EternalSonata'' *** Myopin: Frederic, when he starts a battle saying things like "You dare turn your sword to me?" to enemies who don't have swords, or "You dare to bare your fangs?" to enemies who don't have fangs. It's like he can't see them properly. *** Dolsaggy: Dolce, whose skin is beginning to sag. (Don't say so unless you're ready for battle...) *** [[{{Sonic}} Shadow]]: Fugue. If you've played ''SonicAdventure2'', you may notice that they talk in a ''very'' similar manner, and have the same color scheme. *** Fire-Breathing Moth-Lizard Koala: Non-[[HopelessBossFight hopeless]] Boss of Agogo Forest. *** Kids' Crew: The team of Beat, March, and Salsa. *** [[PortmanteauCoupleName Balsa]]: If anybody [[ToyShip Toy Ships]] Beat/Salsa, here you go. *** [[PortmanteauCoupleName Beach]]: Similarly for Beat/March.

*** [[PortmanteauCoupleName Bib]]: Prefer him with one of the girls from the sewers? *** Fission River: Fusion River, because it temporarily splits the party. *** Waltz's Handsome Check Point: Okay, well, why else would there be a random mirror in a dungeon? Named after the "handsome checks" the stereotypical ([[spoiler:but not actual]]) hero was always stopping for in that one episode of ''TalesFromTheCryptkeeper''. *** Somebody Else's Passage: Andantino's Secret Passage, which the party uses [[spoiler:before they actually meet Andantino, in order to get out of the dungeon]]. It's also such a gaping hole that it's just got to be protected by an [[TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy SEP field]] to go unnoticed like that. *** Woodblech Groves: Woodblock Groves. [[spoiler:Auto-poison at the start of every freaking battle, anyone?]] *** Tunnel of Unnecessary Ominosity: Ever gone into that tunnel from the beach at Ritardando? Ever read the creepy inscription and turned back, sure that this was some place you wouldn't be ready for? Guess what. [[spoiler:That's where Polka came from right before the first playable portion of the game, apparently]]. *** [[{{Pokemon}} Leech]] Rifle: Magnum Arm, a gun that restores Beat's HP as he shoots. *** Kinscore Fusion: The mechanic of matching a score piece you have to one held by an NPC in a session in hopes of getting an item. Named after a similar mechanic in ''TheLegendOfZelda: The Minish Cap''. *** Chopin Says: The Moving Command. *** [[AntidoteEffect The Floral Effect]]: The fact that Floral restorants restore certain percentages of your Max HP means that you'll probably put off using them until everything else is gone. ** ''FinalFantasyXIII'' *** Eidobot: Eidolons. I hope there aren't any [[{{Transformers}} Deceptilons]]... ** ''HidamariSketch'' *** Principal Shivers: The unnamed principal. ** ''IchigoMashimaro'' *** Hirohi [[LittleKidLover Misutakeni]]: Hirohi Matsui, the man from volume 4 who is mistaken for a LittleKidLover. ** ''TheLegendOfZelda'' *** The Lost Grove: The Sacred Grove from ''Twilight Princess''. It's not mapped in-game. Named after the Lost Woods. ** ''MySims'' *** Chess Nut Trees: Trees that bear chess pieces as their fruit. *** Nice-spamming: The practice of Being Nice to a target Sim over and over until he gives you something. Often the last step in... *** Suspicious Niceness: If you're a Sim in my town, and the town is at capacity, and I'm all of a sudden performing your tasks one after another and then nice-spamming you... that means you're about to be ''kicked out''. *** Suit Fruit: Card-suit Essences, which, like chess pieces, also grow on trees. ** ''My Sims Agents'' *** Specialist: An agent with only one interest, but he has it in

spades. He only helps in the event that a mission caters to his interest, but boy does he help! *** Near-Specialist: An agent with 4 of one interest and 1 of another. He's not as helpful as his specialist counterpart ''unless'' the mission's two interests jibe with his own, but he's still rather helpful if one of its interests jibes with his major one. *** Ace of Two Trades: His interests are more evenly split between the two, though by mathematical necesssity, one's still stronger. Probably a better choice to send on a mission with the same two interests than a Near-Specialist with the same two interests, as he would be better used on a different mission featuring only his strong point. *** Somewhat Specialist: An agent with three interests, two of which are minor. Doesn't have quite the potential of the higher-ups on the list, but still... *** King of Three Trades: An agent with three interests, one of which is weaker. *** Queen of Four Trades: An agent with four interests, three of which are weaker. ** ''My Sims Kingdom'' *** King Point Islands: Those stories that I do as soon as possible, because if I put them off until after the big reward, then I'm not getting King Points for them, and thus, I have no incentive to complete them. ** {{Pokemon}} *** Mantene Mro-V: What can I say? Its name always reminds me of the shampoo. ** ''ProfessorLayton'' *** [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS]]!Flora: [[spoiler:Don Paolo's]] Flora [[spoiler:disguise. Obviously, it's bigger on the inside than on the outside]]. *** Tom[[spoiler:dog]]: As if it were that much of a spoiler. I mean, come on. That's pretty much how [[spoiler:Lady Dahlia reacted when Claudia ran off]] in PL&tCV. Whenever [[spoiler: a high-society lady talks like that about her missing child, IT'S A FREAKING PET]]. ** ''{{Sonic}} Adventure'' *** A/The/That lens flare: Tikal. ** ''{{Sonic}} Heroes'' *** Flower Power: Team Rose's Team Blast. ** ''SuperMarioGalaxy'' *** Verosalina Lake: Rosalina from ''SuperMarioGalaxy'', mainly on the basis of her peekaboo hairstyle. ** ''[[VivaPinata Viva Piñata]]'' *** Romaze: The maze (with varying looseness of definition) that you have to guide a piñata through in order to successfully initiate romance between two of them. *** Crowla [[{{onehundredandonedalmatians}} De Vil]]: The Sour Crowla, of course. *** Kevorkos: Dastardos. ** ''TheWorldEndsWithYou'' *** Tin Pinigame: Tin Pin Slammer. *** Mr. [[MegaNeko Mega-Mew]]: Shiki's Lv.2 Fusion Attack. **** So Zetta Mew!: In the same vein, her Lv.3 Fusion Attack.

**** Surfin' Shibuya!: Beat's Lv. 3. *** D+B Draggers; Sexy D+B: Pins 006-008. *** Brand Boosters: Pins 011, 034, 059, 080, 103, 117, 137, 150, 165, 179, 193, 206, and 229. (Basically, the pins that boost the attack of their brand's pins.) *** Fruit Flambé: pins 062-064. (Burning Cherry, Melon, and Berry.) *** MONKEY pins: pins 081-086. (The pins that spell MONKEY when you have them all sorted by number on the Mastered tab.) *** Death from Above: pins 96, 200, 201, and 290. (Pins whose psych is called "Grave Marker".) *** [[CaptainPlanet By]] [[AllYourPowersCombined Your Pins Combined]]: Pins that you can only used if you have all of them in the same deck. *** Sis Pin: pin 262: [[spoiler:[[DeadLittleSister Rhyme]]]]. *** Character Schwag: Items that are directly related to characters in the game. Sho Minamimoto seems to have a lot of his stuff out there... *** Grinding your food: Fighting Noise mainly for the sake of digesting food, then eating, lather, rinse, repeat. This is especially true after gaining the Hollow Leg sticker, which lets you do this without hitting the fullness cap and waiting a day, and even moreso after you reach the level cap and therefore cannot increase your Max HP, BRV, ATK, or DEF by leveling up. *** Hihigashizawa - The "Another Day" version of, well, Higashizawa. Intended to be pronounced with a girlish giggle. *** EXP Thief: The Swing, Bebop, and Fusion Sharks. They eat enemies. Hey! ''I'' wanted to beat that! *** Pin Thief: Same as above, once the level cap is reached. Not used so much for the Decadravens, Easterravens, and Nefastravens, who ''temporarily'' take away one of the pins you have equipped. [[/folder]] [[folder:O]] * 0blivionmobile ** WorldOfWarcraft: *** Angry Puppy, for Chromagnus, second to last boss of Blackwing Descent. Named as such because, according to lore, it was only (re)created recently, within a year. *** Techadin, for Engineer Paladins that will really screw you over in PVP. *** Bundle Of Cute, for any female gnome (including my own) that's decked out in plate armor an weilds very sharp objects. ** Others: *** Ninjacuga, for Nargacuga of MonsterHunter. *** Not-that-[[KingdomHearts Axel]], for Axel Almer of SuperRobotWars. *** That Psychic Hammer guy, for [[ThatOneBoss Baldrin]] from ValkyriaChronicles 2. *** The Spirit of [[MacrossMissileMassacre Missilewill]], for the [[ThatOneBoss Spirit of Motherwill]] from ArmoredCore For Answers. *** [[{{Touhou}} The Strongest]], for Nineball Seraph, also from ArmoredCore. * {{Tropers/Oolie}} ** Boobamundo: Matsumoto Rangiku of {{Bleach}} for obvious reasons. ** Puffu-puffu: Orihime from the same series, after how Kon

describes... the sensation of being hugged. Also, Bigrax from another scene, and Leekgirl from the Leek Spin website. ** Freak Out: Kira Izuru, also from Bleach, due to his reaction to the Huge Hollows in the flashback episode. ** Captain Foxface: Ichimaru Gin, from Bleach. Also gets 'Captain Smexy' from time to time... ** Captain Kisama/Bastard: Byakuya Kuchiki, for his habit of calling people 'kisama', roughly translated as 'bastard', but never translated in this troper's fan dub. * {{Tropers/Orihime}} ** Inuimhotep: Sadaharu Inui from ThePrinceOfTennis, after his second Rikkai match [[spoiler: where his injuries require him to be bandaged from head to toe, like a mummy]]. ** Lolikuno: Sakuno Ryuzaki from the same series, since she looks like borderline {{Lolicon}} bait in the anime. ** Elvis Kite: Eishirou Kite, also from [=PoT=], for his hairstyle. ** Shir-Shir: Shirley Fenette from CodeGeass. ** Tsunderia: Tieria Erde from {{Gundam 00}}, since his CharacterDevelopment turns him from TheStoic into a Type A {{Tsundere}}. ** Taxi Head: Ryuuji Yamazaki from TheKingOfFighters. Just look at his hair, dammit! ** The Bitch Squad: Natsumi, Minami and Kumi from ''SchoolDays''. [[GirlPosse For]] [[JerkAss obvious]] [[WhatAnIdiot reasons]]. * osh: ** Sonic and Tails: ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha [=StrikerS=]'s'' Subaru (blue colors, runs up magical ramps) and Teana (orange tails). [[/folder]] [[folder:P]] * Pastylover2 ** [[Series/DoctorWho The Master in the End of Time:]] BLOND SIMM! *** Dream Lord: [[ScottPilgrim Nega Doctor]] *** Donna: Noble Girl *** Ten: ANGSTY! *** Rose: Whiney *** Eleven: CrazyAwesome ! ** [[Ben10AlienForce Swampfire:]] Swampy * @/PentiumMMX2: ** [[DotHack .hack]]//Lite: CodeLyoko (Because, when I first started playing .hack, I couldn't help but notice similarities between it's story and that of Code Lyoko) ** Army of Doggie Dudes: Anubis soldiers in TheMummyTrilogy ** Alpha Suzumiya: Alpha 6, after the change of voice in PowerRangersInSpace...which happened to be the voice actress who would later by the voice of SuzumiyaHaruhi.

* @/PersonOfNote:

** BlackButler *** THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD- Grell. *** Goddamn Random Whore- The chick in episode 17 of the first series. You know the one. *** Jailbait- The Sebastian/Ciel pairing. *** Devila- Angela *** Grellomp- Anytime Grell glomps Sebastian. Or tries to. When he doesn't manage, it's "Grellfail" *** Ineffectual Suicide- Grell's.. Well.. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Grell's ineffectual suicides in the first few episodes.]] *** Santabutler- Tanaka, because it always sounds like he's saying "Hohoho.* *** Cielrape- The Corset scene. *** Pulling My Bung- The fact that Grell never got this kiss promised to him. -.*** Mister Lobster Head- Viscount Druitt *** [[{{Naruto}} Curry of Life]]- The curry arc. ** {{Bleach}} *** Captain 'Stache- Yamamoto *** Captain Braid-Fu- Soi Fon *** Captain [[{{Fangirl}} FRICKEN AWESOME]]- Gin *** Captain Frontbraid-Deathlook- Unohana *** Captain Evulz- Aizen *** Captain Better-than-u- Byakuya *** Captain Ladies man- Kyoraku *** Captain Furry- Komamura *** Captain [[{{Naruto}} Neji's dad-]] Tosen *** Captain Too-Much-Screentime - Toshiro. *Prepares for fangirl wrath* *** Captain [[BadAss OTHER FREAKIN' AWESOME]], or Captain JinglesKenpachi *** Captain Plz-Die-Nao - Mayuri, 'cuz that's what I always say when he comes on screen. *** Captain [[{{Naruto}} LeeBrows]]- Ukitake. *** That lazy guy- Starrk *** Skullhead- Barragan *** Sexy Chick- Harribel *** NonUkeQuiorra- Ulquiorra, after getting PO'd at him being the {{Uke}} in 95% of GrimmUlqui fics I've read. *** Spoony- Nnoitra *** Kitty- Grimmjoww *** LOVEME-car- Zommari *** Sexypinkthang, Mr. Sword Tongue-raper, Crossdressing hotstuffSzayel *** Tentacle Stomach Disease- Aaroniero. *** Hammy Yammy, or Yammy-Chan - Yammy, because though he's violent, swears a ton, and fails miserably, I love him. ^^ *** Ichi-manwhore - Ichigo. *** "Kurosaki-kun!"- Orihime. The phrase pretty much became synonymous with her name. *** Szayel's bitch- Uryuu. [[YaoiGuys For obvious reasons, kukuku..]] *** They-Changed-It-Now-He-Talks-Too-Much - Chad.

*** Icy-hot - Sode No Shirayuki *** Psychotic Bondage Slave- Kazeshini. [[FetishFuel And I love him for it.]] *** Feathers Guy Jr.- Ruryi'ro Kujaku, which makes Yumichika Feathers Guy Sr. (Or Yumi-Chan) *** [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Team Kariya]]- The bounts. Except for Yoshino, who I call "Filler Whore" *** [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Phallic Shota Bondage]]- The scenes in the bount arc with the twins with the water doll and Uryuu. *** Lolibitch- Riruka *** Needs Moar Panties- Riruka, again. ** {{Naruto}}. *** The Butt Bow- That ginormous purple rope that all sound ninjas of note (Sans Kabuto.) Wear around their waist. *** [[{{Pokemon}} Kabutops,]] Kabs, Oro-uke- Kabuto. *** [[NarutoTheAbridgedComedyFandubSpoofSeriesShow Randomly Southern Tayuya,]] Tay-Tay - Tayuya *** Gothy- Sakon *** {{Spiderman}}- Kidoumaru *** Fatso- Jiroubou *** Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! Form Of, A Demonic Unicorn!- Sakon and Ukon's 2nd seal release stage. *** Bonehead, Kimmy, Dotface- Kimamaro *** The Harem of Grayheads- Kabuto, Kimamaro, Sakon, and Ukon. *** Sasgay Bichiha, Sauce-bitch, Failchiha, Loser, Fricken' EmoSasuke *** Totally-Not-Evil Robes of Doom- The Akatsuki robes. *** Waywayway Cooler Older Brother- Itachi *** Bushhead- Kakashi. Also, [[spoiler: Sauce-Bitch's second seal release form,]] the latter of which led to the insult "Bushhead! Your head is a bush!" *** Bowlhead Jr. And Sr.- Rock Lee and Might Guy *** The Luckiest Chick In The World- Tsunade, while being strangled by Orochimaru's tongue. *** Kaboo-boo - Any injuries Kabuto gets. Unless it's related to sex, then it's [[IncrediblyLamePun Kabuse.]] *CoughsOrochimaruCoughs* *** Kaboots, Kabutoes- Kabuto's feet, and the shoes on them. *** Black and White Cookie that can [[YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Screw the Rules-]] Zetsu *** [[PhineasAndFerb Planty the Potted Plant-]] Zetsu again. *** blonde![[FullMetalAlchemist Kimblee-]] Deidara. He blows shit up and has a ponytail. Mmhmm. *** Jedi Wannabe, Biker Dude, Stockingsbitch, the Haku and Zabuza knockoffs, Mr. McUgly, and FillerShiro- The filler villans. (Aoi, Mizuki, Suzumebachi,, Raiga and Ranmau, that fucking bounty guy, and that goddamn suit of armor.) *** David Bowie- Kakashi. (I don't feel like linking to Narutoabridgedcomedyspooffandubyadayada. ** Due to being a rabid {{Fangirl}}, I have a whole section devoted to Nicknames for Orochimaru, or things pertaining to him. *** The Sexy Sannin, Not Michael Jackson, Oro, Owo-Chan- Orochimaru, 'cuz I wub him

*** Shower Sex Tiem- Orochimaru's highly homoerotic (And sexy.) ShowerScene. *** Oro-gasm- My reaction when he walks in the room.* *** Oral Sex Dispenser- His tongue. *Ahem* Sign me up for one, please. ^^ *** Swirl of Doom- The Cursed Seal of Heaven *** Totally NOT Orochi- Orochimaru's "Disguise" during part of the Chuunin exam arc ** Fullmetal Alchemist *** ADORABLE GUY- Gluttony *** Gropeable- Lust, [[DepravedBisexual because she is.]] *** NOT KIMBLEE- First anime!Kimblee, because Kimblee ain't Kimblee without the weird hair things. *** Reverse Antennae- The weird hair things. ^^ *** Gender-Confused Palm Tree- Envy *** Dickhead- Shou Tucker *** [[GurrenLagann Spiral Kimblee]]- The close up shots of Kimblee where his eyes have Lordgenome-esque spirals in them. *** Kittyblee- Kimblee again, for my firm belief that with a different mouth shape, he would totally look like a kitten. *** Yay She Shut Up- My celebration after Rosé reappeared and DID NOT WANGST. *** Bitch McBangs- Rosé ** GurrenLagann *** Commander Fuzzball- Viral *** DEM TEETH- [[FetishFuel His teeth. Om nom nom.]] *** [[{{Bleach}} Grimjoww with a giant mecha-]] Kamina *** Flowereyes- Nia *** Scythehead- Yoko *** Camp and Cyoot- [[CampGay Leeron.]] *** Beauty, Bitch, Boyish- Since I can never remember the names of the Black Sisters, these are the names I call them. (Oldest to youngest.) *** Heat-Packing Armadillo- Guame *** Circlehead- [[spoiler: The Anti-Spiral]] ** [[XMen X-Men First Class]] *** Red Ring of Death- Havok's power initially. *** Heads, You Lose- [[spoiler: Sebastian Shaw's death.]] ** TheHungerGames *** [[SoCoolItsAwesome GODDAMN AWESOME BOOKS-]] The series in and of itself. *** Plum- Plutarch Heavensbee. I don't know why. ** DeathNote *** loL- L *** Mikami Mouse- Mikami Teru *** The Pairing Without Pronouns- L/Misa. (WTF.) *** Yight- LxLight, because a portmanteau would be "LLight," Which would be pronounced Yight in Spanish. *** Take-Bitch - Takada *** Not-so-Mello - Mello. *** Shotatard- Near *** [[Series/DoctorWho Cyberman-]] Mikami. *** [[spoiler: Most Gorgeous Kira Ever-]] Mikami, again.

** {{Pokemon}} *** Gleam and Sparkle- Palkia and Dialga *** [[{{Naruto}} Yakushi-Chan -]] Kabuto and Kabutops. *** Cheeky lil' guy- Pikachu *** [[{{Naruto}} Shino-]] Wurmple, and all of its evolutions. *** [[{{Naruto}} Manda-]] Arbok *** The Goat- Absol *** [[{{Naruto}} Zetsu-]] Carnivine. *** [[{{{Naruto}} Kyuubi-]] Ninetails. (Well, DUH.) Come to think of it, I could do a whole section based solely off of Pokemon nicknames that are Naruto references..]] ** HetaliaAxisPowers ** Chibitally- Chibi Italy.

* Tropers/PhoenixFire: ** {{Bleach}} has [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters way too many characters]] for me to keep track of them without resorting to this: *** Captain JUSTICE!: Tousen, after his only vocabulary word *** Captain {{Bishonen}}: Byakuya *** Tony: Starrk, because, [[IronMan well]]... *** Kittygami: Yoruichi, although I also use it for Kabegami in ''{{Okami}}'' *** Definitely Not Gay: Szayel (based on a joke among some friends about how "He turns into a butterfly! How much more CampGay can you get?") ** Our Hero: The protagonist of anything, ever. Doesn't matter if they [[TheHero act heroic]] [[AntiHero or not]]. ** Kittygami, Nekogami, Bunnygami, Usagigami, Drunk Sheep, Mousygami etc.: The various {{Okami}} brush gods. ** I also independently came up with a few listed in the main page, including [[{{Durarara}} GARtender]] and [[FullmetalAlchemist Godfather]]. However, the more seriously I {{fangirl}} something, the less likely I am to rename characters. * ''{{Tropers/Pichu-kun}}'' : ** [[{{Pokemon}} Lopunny]] - Trap Bunnies ** Wii's - The ultimate system of awesomeness ** Nintendo - The "Too Awesome For There Own Good" company * [[Tropers/PigCatapult Pig_catapult]] ** ''YuuYuuHakusho'': *** Old Six-Ears -- Yomi *** That Monk Dude -- Hokushin ** ''HunterXHunter'': *** Designated Eye Candy -- Kurapika *** Pedoclown -- Hisoka *** Apathyman -- Illumi *** Squick-tan -- Feitan

** ''Series/DoctorWho'': *** The Cute One -- David Tennant as [[Series/DoctorWho the Tenth Doctor]] ** ''CriminalMinds'': *** Cold Corpse -- Anyone who dies/is dead/is about to be dead in the episode's ColdOpening. You have to be [[KilledOffForReal most definitively dead]] by the end of the opening credits to qualify for this status. I'd call them VictimOfTheWeek, but, in this show, that tends to not be very specific. Serial killers, ya know? ** ''KingdomHearts'': *** TURTLE OF DESTINY -- Roxas (must be [[ThisIsSPARTA PRONOUNCED IN ALL CAPS]]) * Tropers/PikaHikariKT: ** Gamecube: Triple H. The Game+3(or cube)=Nintendo system! ** Jayjay: Christian Cage. His real name is Jay(Jason) Reso, and at the time he was feuding with Jeff Jarrett(JJ). I do call him CC sometimes too. ** Jeri-chan: Chris Jericho. Combined with Japanese {{Honorifics}}, I think it's obvious why I call him that--he's cute! ...Until he starts acting like a dick like he is now. ** Double H: Hulk Hogan. At least Hunter loses sometimes, I was rooting for Shawn to beat him the entire way(and maybe Randy, but he's become a real bastard lately. Still haven't forgiven him for the lowrider explosion either)! ** Viccy-chan: [[OuranHighSchoolHostClub Tamaki Suoh]], for his almost scary similarity to his dub VA. * {{Tropers/Pinkbaron}}: ** Yoink: The Thief from {{The Thief And The Cobbler}}, named after the exclamation, "Yoink!". ** Underbite and Overbite: The two Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures from {{Bone}}. To clarify, Underbite is the more monstrous one and Overbite is the one who [[RunningGag suggests cooking Fone Bone in a quiche]]. ** Tenacious R: [[{{Pokemon}} Team Rocket]] ** Team Netherlands: For Edward/Jacob. Named because the Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage. ** Team Columbia: For all of the {{CrackPairing}}s within the fandom. Named for Columbia's infamy in regards to crack. ** The Mating Call: The brief duet between [[BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold the Music Meister and Black Canary]] during "I'm the Music Meister". * {{Tropers/Pirka}}: ** Jambalaya - The mutant, pink multi-eyed squirrel from ''TheSimpsons Movie''. This spread from IMdB and was actually put on Wikipedia once by someone who didn't know it was just a stupid name I made up. That was pretty cool. ** Guy Oncellphone - The host on the reality show ''Treasure Hunters'', who would often appear on a cell phone to guide or give hints to the contestants. Pronounced as 'Ghee Oncellpho-neh', as if it were an actual name. ** Mantracker as played by SeanConnery - ''Mantracker'' from the show

of the same name. ** Kurorobo - The Mr. Black robot from ''Shorts'', because GratuitousJapanese makes everything sound more badass. ** Emo Chicken - Galileo Figaro from the musical ''We Will Rock You'', because he acts emo and dances around like a chicken. ** Femshoggi - Khashoggi, the '''male''' police commander from the same musical, as portrayed by - * shudder* - a woman (Camilla Scott, to be specific). {{Squick}}! ** Senator Pervert - Senator Fipp from ''{{Urinetown}}''. ** Canteloupe Scene - A scene in something that borders on {{Gorn}} when the rest of the media is, at least most of the time, nowhere near as bloody. Comes from Hot Blades Harry's quote in ''{{Urinetown}}'' that the police are going to "bust [us] up like a bunch of overripe canteloupes!" * Tropers/PokeNirvash ** Naruto: *** Princess Tiny Feet of the Filler Arc: Princess Haruna from that one Naruto filler arc with the merchants. *** Elvis Caliendo: Fat prince who was in love with fat princess that looked like what Ino and Choji's baby would've looked like. *** Bishonen Butthole ANBU: The ANBU from the filler arc with genjutsu student Yakumo Kurama, the one that painted the future. ** Orochiwakamaru: Mima's stalker from Perfect Blue, who looked like a mix between [[{{Naruto}} Orochimaru]] and [[SamuraiChamploo Oniwakamaru]]. * {{Tropers/Pocketwatch}} ** TsubasaReservoirChronicle / Xxxholic : *** Kurgalurga/Kuro-pops: Kurogane, referring to two daft in-jokes about him, one calling him "the original gangster ninja" and the other... 'Shopping tiny copies of his head onto a certain chocolatey breakfast cereal. *** Lulzanuki/Lolanuki: Watanuki when makes absurdly over the top faces in the more light-hearted moments of Xxxholic. *** The Three Amigos: Watanuki, Doumeki and Himawari. ** Persona4 : *** Pimpfox: The fox from the Hermit social link, because of the extortionate price of its services. *** Boomshakalaka: The Strength arcana persona that I can never properly remember/pronounce the name of, due to laziness, and because it came in quite handy early on in the game. I sometimes also us it when talking about Revolver Ocelot's appearance in [=MGS2=]. *** You suck, eh?: When I am feeling cruel at Yosuke, I deliberately pronounce his name like that. *** Chie-chohhhn: Chie, after Teddie's way of pronouncing it. *** Adachin: Adachi, for no good reason. *** Bärchen: Teddie. Because I can never have enough GratuitousGerman, ''ha''. ** SuperSmashBros : *** PK '''AWESOME''': Ness and Lucas' final smash, especially if I ended up playing as one in a random character select brawl.

** PandoraHearts : *** Gerard: Gilbert. Long story short, I was browsing some Japanese sites in a half dazed way when I misread the katakana for his name. ** In general: Failboat, for a lovable but inept/pathetic/sometimes annoying character. *** Non-linear ending: Somehow, this has become (in this troper's mind, at least) an UnusualEuphemism for solving love triangles/shipping dilemmas with an OT3. [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Somehow]]. * {{Tropers/Premonition45}} ** Purple Nurple of Doom: Ash's grip on Parker's chest when he attacks him in ''{{Alien}}''. ** Fake Donny Osmond: Prince Edward's (alleged) [[HoYay male lover]] in ''{{Braveheart}}''. ** The ''ChittyChittyBangBang'' slide: The slide Bond falls on in ''YouOnlyLiveTwice'' is quite similar to the slide used to trapped Baron Bomburst in ''ChittyChittyBangBang''. ** Scottish Flea: The Scottish soldier who says William Wallace [[ExpectingSomeoneTaller isn't tall enough to be him]] looks an awful lot like "Red Hot Chili Peppers" bassist Flea. [[YourMileageMayVary At least he does to this troper]]. ** [[AustinPowers Frau Farbissina]]: The female Nazi officer that notices Indy and his father tied up and accidentally entering a secret Nazi chamber in ''IndianaJones and the Last Crusade''.

* {{Tropers/prescience}} ** Tropes *** [[ScaryDogmaticAliens Scary Dogmatic Fans]]: FanDumb ** ''{{FLCL}}'' *** Mayuge ("eyebrows"): Amarao, [[BigOlEyebrows for the obvious reason]]. ** ''Gundam00'' *** Psycho Straight Subaru: Louise in season 2, on account of both being voiced by ChiwaSaitou. Especially after [[spoiler:she gets a cybernetic arm, and even more so when her eyes start changing color]]. ** ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' *** Desu Zwei: Reinforce Zwei, since she tends to pronounce her "desu"s similarly to a [[VerbalTic certain]] [[RozenMaiden character]]. Only really noticeable in the first few episodes of [=StrikerS=], but still... *** Signum Punch: The GetAHoldOfYourselfMan delivered to Teana by Signum - it's sort of like a cross between a BrightSlap and a Falcon Punch... *** Swordchucks-tan: Fate, for Bardiche's [[DualWielding Riot Zanber mode]]. *** Nuke-tan: [[PersonOfMassDestruction Hayate]]. *** ''Rebuild of Nanoha'': Nanoha The Movie 1st, in reference to ''[[NeonGenesisEvangelion Rebuild of Evangelion]]''. Whether there is actually much resemblance remains to be seen. ** ''{{Mai-Otome}}''

*** Nina Wangst: [[TheRival Nina Wang]] after she starts to think that Sergei views her as a sort of ReplacementGoldfish for Rena. ** ''{{Maria-sama ga Miteru}}'': *** She-Shinji: Touko in season 4, because the way she pushes everyone away reminds me of "The Hedgehog's Dilemma". Oh, the angst... ** ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' *** [[BreakTheCutie You Poor Bastard]]: Shinji in particular, though it applies to every sympathetic character. ** ''FanFic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K'' *** Ayanami Yay: Rei, for her... [[LesYay interesting interactions]] with Asuka and Maya. ** ''{{Saki}}'' *** Hacks: [[EnsembleDarkhorse Momoko]], since her invisibility initially looks like an absolute GameBreaker. *** Batbutler: Hagiyoshi *** [[{{Nyoron Churuya-san}} Nagatocchi]]: Yoshitome Miharu, for being a [[SuzumiyaHaruhi Yuki]]-lookalike. * {{Tropers/Psyga315}} ** KamenRiderOOO *** Shingo Izumi: Keiji-san (despite the fact that it means Officer, I mistook it for his real name) ** TVTropes *** @/SullenFrog: [[GurrenLagann Surren Frogann]] (for pot-holing me to the tropes page and that pot-holing me to the first episode) * [[Tropers/PutYaGunsOn PutYaGunsOn]] ** [[CodeGeass Code Fabulous]] ** DragonBall *** [[PowerRangers The Ginyu Rangers]]: The Ginyu Force. ** {{Glee}} *** [[IAmNotShazam Glee]]: Due to an inside joke, I jokingly refer to ANY Glee character as this. ** KingOfFighters *** [[StreetFighter Dan Hibiki]]: Robert Garcia. (I know, I know, Robert came first, and [[JokeCharacter Dan]] is [[TakeThat SUPPOSED to look like him]], but I played StreetFighter first, so yeah.) ** {{Naruto}} *** BabyGotBack [[NarutoTheAbridgedComedyFandubSpoofSeriesShow no Jutsu: Zabuza's Water Dragon Jutsu.]] *** [[NarutoTheAbridgedComedyFandubSpoofSeriesShow David Bowie: Kakashi.]] ** SonicTheHedgehog *** Let's start with the obvious: '''[[DragonBallZ SUPER SAIYAN]] [[SuperMode SONIC]].''' *** Probably The Most [[{{Expy}} Recolored]] [[OriginalCharacter Character]] Ever: Sonic. *** Probably The Other Most Recolored Character Ever: Shadow ** StreetFighter *** [[{{Pokemon}} Thundershock]]: Blanka's [[ShockAndAwe electric attack]]. And by extension... *** Pikachu: I haven't used this yet, but I should start calling

Blanka this. ** SuperSmashBros *** Barbie Falcon: [[FZero Captain Falcon's]] pink and white costume. ** Misc. *** [[NarutoTheAbridgedComedyFandubSpoofSeriesShow M. Night Shamamalama/Shamamalama-sama]]: MNightShyamalan. *** [[MyImmortal Enoby]]: ''Anyone'' or ''anything'' called "Ebony". [[/folder]] [[folder:Q]] [[/folder]] [[folder:R]] * {{Tropers/RAMChYLD}} ** Irritating Latino Girl: DoraTheExplorer. ** Evil Red Puffball (or rather, miming the announcer in GachagaChamp, [[ThisIsSparta EVIL! RED! PUFFBALL!]]): [[SesameStreet Elmo]]. Just Elmo. On the grounds that he stole Big Bird's spotlight and he's annoying. ** Purple Portuguese Pimp: [[BarneyAndFriends Barney]], even though he's not Portuguese. * Tropers/RandomSurfer ** Vikie Ge (pronounced Jgh): when Vickie Guererro married wrestler [[{{WWE}} Edge]] she would be traditional enough to take his last name, Ge. (Obviously, his first name is Ed.) ** ''The Andy Show'': ''NYPDBlue'', post David Caruso and even more post Jimmy Smits. ''The Greg and James Show'': Medavoy- and Martinezheavy episodes. Later replaced by ''The Greg and Baldwin Show'' when Martinez left and was replaced by Baldwin Jones. ** I've been trying without success to change the FanNickname "snail mail" to "p-mail." P for physical (as opposed to e for electronic); and because do we ''really'' want to piss off the category of human being for whom the expression "going postal" was named by insulting their product? *** Tropers/TBeholder: IMHO it's ok, as long as no one thinks [[http://notalwaysright.com/many-problems-to-address that "snail" stands for "@"]]. ** Mron: ST:DSN's barfly character who went unnamed for quite a while, later revealed to be named "Morn." My thinking was the same as the producers' (if a bit more literal): their name was an anagram of Norm (from ''Cheers''), mine was a full palindromic reversal. * {{Tropers/Raekuul}} ** Bubble-Girl: Recent buffy-speak name for Flurrie from Thousand Year Door. Is now a running Joke. * {{Tropers/Ravvie}} ** Jenny Phantom: Jenny from ''Doctor Who'' as she's a [[spoiler: opposite sex clone of the main character, ala Dani Phantom]] ** The Valeyard: Dark Danny from ''Danny Phantom'' - seeing as how he's an evil alternate future version of the main character...

** Not Magical But Welsh Gwen: Gwen from ''Torchwood'' ** The Risen Mitten 3.0: 'The Gauntlet' of ''Ben 10: Alien Force'' * Tropers/RayAyanami ** Super Mr. Gay: ''SuperMario Galaxy'', for the "subliminal" message in the game's logo; if you remove all the letters that don't have sparkles on them, the logo reads "UR MR GAY." ** Suck-You Bus: [[HornyDevils Succubi]] in general. ** Crotch Laser / Laser Cock: The Nova Skeletons' laser attacks in ''{{Castlevania}}: Symphony of the Night'', for the height at which they fire from. Also used by Beam Skeletons and Soma Cruz in ''Aria of Sorrow''. ** ''Castlevania: Death Note'': ''Castlevania Judgment'', for its artwork, which was done by Takeshi Obata, the same artist behind ''DeathNote''. Simon Belmont, for example, looks like Light. ** Noob Missile - The Polestar in ''Sin & Punishment''. Many players on [=GameFAQs=] ask how to defeat it; typically, their tale follows the format of whittling the missile's HP with lock-on shots, only for it to hit with at least 30 of its HP left. What they often don't know is that using the lock-on feature makes the player's gun weaker; the only way to pass this obstacle is with the more powerful manual-aim shots. ** Gradi-Banned: Think GannonBanned, but with ''{{Gradius}}'' rather than ''TheLegendOfZelda''. ** ''SuperSmashBros Anti-Tourneytard Edition'': ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl'', for the [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks backlash it's gotten from tournament-style players]]. ** ''SpaceInvaders {{Ikaruga}}'': ''Space Invaders Extreme'', for its very complex scoring system that incorporates shooting enemies of the same color (like ''Ikaruga'') and comboing enemies (like ''[=DoDonPachi=]'' and ''Star Soldier R''). As expected with any [[ShootEmUps Shoot Em Up]] that implements an advanced scoring system, he restarts stages ''a lot''. ** [[MemeticMutation Time]] [[MetalGear Paradox]] Albus: The [[spoiler:boss encounter with]] Albus in ''Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia'', because in Albus mode, you encounter Albus [[spoiler:as a boss]] even though you're playing as him already. ** Failcon Punch: The [[{{F-Zero}} Falcon]] [[MemeticMutation Punch]] in ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl''; Captain Falcon sounds like he's ''dying'' when he says it, as opposed to sounding like he's kicking someone's ass in SSB 64 and ''Melee''. It coincides with the serious [[{{Nerf}} bitch-slapping]] his [[CharacterTiers tier]] position took in ''Brawl''. ** Hardcore {{Tetris}} / Extreme Tetris: The ''Tetris: The Grand Master'' series, when bringing it up around people not too familiar with TGM. ** ''Nemesis 1.5'': ''Gradius [=ReBirth=]'', for its resemblence to the MSX ''Nemesis'' sub-series and the loads of references to ''Nemesis 2''. ** ''Cockblokus'': The board game ''Blokus''. * Tropers/RavenBlack

** Forbidden Fruit: John Barrowman. Gay and very much taken. I'm sure I'm not the only fangirl who mourns. ** Plot Device: Julia, from CowboyBebop. Also used for {{Inuyasha}}'s Kikyo. ** Edgeward, Wedge, Wedgie, Manwhore, Vickie's Butt Monkey: WWE wrestler Edge. For a very short time, also known as "That magnificent bastard". ** Vickie's Butt Monkey #2, He Who Pushes The Wheelchair: WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero, for obvious reasons. ** Hottie King, That Show With The Hottie King: TheTudors, in direct reference to JonathanRhysMeyers. * Tropers/RedShoe ** The River Chronicles: Incredibly obvious nickname for ''Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'' * {{Tropers/Rhomega}} ** Trick Box: A MarioKart item officially called a "Fake Item". ** RE 4 Wii: Double meaning with "ResidentEvil 4: Wii [edition]" and "Resident Evil for Wii". ** Red Team and Blue Team: The opposing cheerleading squads in OsuTatakaeOuendan 2. ** Harvest Day: In AnimalCrossing, the day when fruit comes back into bloom on trees, which occurs three days after they're harvested and sold. ** JAKQ: Named after the SuperSentai series, having a Jack, Ace, King, and Queen in your hand during a game of cards. Does not necessarily have to be in that order. Bonus points if they're the Ace of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, and King of Clubs. ** [[EarthBound Moon Beam Gun]]/Rifle: The Convenant sniper rifle from Halo 2, officially called a Beam Rifle. ** Pinball Physics: The set of physics in Mode 7 F-Zero games causing you to bounce around the track when you hit a wall at the right angle. ** Stabby Food: Artichokes ** Blue Eagles: The Allies from CommandAndConquer: Red Alert. ** First Game Syndrome: The tendency of the first game in a series to be automatically inferior to its sequels because it lacks the features that make the sequels better. See also SequelDisplacement. Contrast FirstInstallmentWins. * [[Tropers/RiL Ri L.]]: ** Boobs [=McGee=]: [[{{Bleach}} Orihime]] ** Ice Penis: [[BlazBlue Jin Kisaragi]] ** Ms. Sofue from {{Persona 4}} has always been Nefertiti-sensei. ** Ico: Ico and Yorda were quickly renamed [[Nation Mau and Daphne]]. ** After Damon Gant's habit of calling him "Udgey," the judge in {{Phoenix Wright}} is hereafter known as The Honorable C. W. St. J. Udge. ** Also, an anime emotional balloon with a scribble in it is called a "grumble cloud". ** [[HeavyRain NAWM'N JAYDEN. EFF BEE AAAAH]]. ** When playing ''Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light,''

[[Tropers/RiL Ri L.]] just ''loves'' to annoy Mr. L. by calling Totec "Totebag" and occasionally "Totecahedron." * {{Tropers/Rissa}} ** Nobody Cares What You Think, Raoul - Raoul from ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''. ** Random boat - Cameron on ''{{House}}'', after the inexplicable clip of a sailboat that appears with Jennifer Morrison's name on the credits (everyone ''else'' gets medical diagrams) ** New Stephen - John Oliver, ''TheDailyShow''. Named for a prediction (now confirmed) that he would gradually take over StephenColbert's vacated role as the show's effective co-host. Also "Joliver", because clearly [[OneSteveLimit we can't just call him "John"]]. ** Pizza bats - the aliens in "[[StarTrek Operation: Annihilate!]]", which look like globs of congealed cheese, fly, and make squeaky noises. ** c! and a! - shorthand for "[[AlterEgoActing character!Stephen]]" and "[[StephenColbert actor!Stephen]]", and also the name of a department store. ** Made In Scotland From Murders - ''{{Taggart}}'', punning on an old [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irn-Bru#Advertising_Campaigns Irn-Bru]] ad ("made in Scotland from girders"). And you have to say 'Murders' with extra Rs, like Gandalf. * Tropers/RitiTroll ** Dread Pirate Legolas: [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Will Turner]]. I got it from someone, but I have no clue who. (If you know someone who did, please point me to them, so I can thank them properly.) ** Fred and George: [[ThoseTwoGuys Crope and Tibbett]] from the book version of {{Wicked}}. (Even if they predate the twins by a bit) ** Actually, a lot of my personal nicknames are usually to other characters, sometimes through the actor who played them. Sometimes getting mildly obscure ** Contrary to the usual expectations of a Fiyero Fangirl, the character who earned the nickname "Sexy" is actually Boq. *** Fiyero's most polite one is actually [[{{Labyrinth}} JarethWannabe]], hopefully for obvious reasons. (He also earned a profanityladen one in reference to Series 4 of Doctor Who based on a character his OLC actor played in the first Christmas Special.) ** Also I refer to [[HowlsMovingCastle Book Howl]] almost only by his original name Howell Jenkins, since well... She thinks it sounds sexier than "Howl Pendragon" any day, and to differentiate him from his doppelganger in anime (Aka "Blackbird") who goes only by that name *** Howell is also called Robin Williams when I'm talking about Castle in the Air and his mauve suit that may or may not be a different one from his red-and-gray and blue-and-silver suits. *** And Castle in the Air Sophie is called Art. After my moody girl Feline whose facial expressions inspired my view of Sophie in Castle in the Air. ** The [[{{Farscape}} Won't Get Fooled Again]] Jazz Lounge: The Destiny Board in [[DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissida: Final Fantasy]]. Cuz it's these Jazzy-ish arrangments of World Themes. And for some reason,

I've gotten it in my mind that it's Pilot and Scorpy playing said themes. ** Jailbait/Axiom Alchemist: Zidane from FinalFantasyIX. My mother found my bootleg statuette of Dissidia Zidane awesome and I ended my description of him with "And he's 16" and she said "Jailbait" So... he's Jailbait. Moreso that his alternate universe counterpart Ed. The latter comes from my crossover with FMA where he can do alchemy. ** Evil Master of Tongue Sexiness: Kimblee from FullmetalAlchemist. Goldentime Lover (3rd OP), he does that thing with his tongue and the Philosopher's Stone. It's sexy. ** That place that Ruined Anime OPs Forever: NicoNicoDouga. Now I spend half my time trying to figure out how to fit other characters in the openings and closing of Anime. * {{Tropers/Robbychu}} ** Cuboned: A horrible reference to the original Pokeymans games; boils down to anything cute in a game that had a fate that ''should'' cause extreme distress to the player character(s), if not the player. ** Yggy-tan: [[TalesOfSymphonia Yggdrasil's]] kid form. Not sure if this one's been used before. Pronouced "Yiggy-tan" ** [=AdoraDEATH=]: Deadly kid villains. Especially ones that make you think you ''won't'' get brutally butthurt by them. ** Yellow EXP-filled birdy BASTARDS: The Firebird line of monsters from GoldenSun. They give amazing EXP and revive each other. They also have ''three'' moves and [[MetalSlime run like cowards]]. * {{Tropers/Rogue 7}}: ** [[{{Bleach}} Bankai!]]: Toon Link's (and Link, I suppose, but I play as Toon Link) Final Smash from SuperSmashBros Brawl. *** When I play as Ike, I play with his blue and white costume in homage to the [[OrderOfTheStick Sapphire Guard]]. Ike's a paladin. There's really only one name for his final smash: '''SMITE EVIL!''' ** "Asshole": Said whenever Remiel of TalesOfSymphonia spoke, once I knew who he really was. ** "Serenity": my name for Paru's ship in MahouSenseiNegima. So called because I was on a major {{Firefly}} kick when I read that chapter. ** "Leonard"- Duke from TalesOfVesperia. Named because he looks like [[FullmetalPanic Leonard Testarossa]] and appears to be equally enigmatic. * Tropers/RuthieA: ** Mr. Noah "HRG" Bennet, Copy King of Morally Gray(tm): Mr. Bennet from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', combining his full name, his nickname, his current employer, and his place on the morality spectrum. Who said that Fan Nicknames had to be short? * {{Tropers/Ruise}} ** Frenchie: Bebe from {{Persona3}}. ** King Adorkable: The Earth King from [=~Avatar: The Last Airbender~=]. ** Hobochan: Any hobo, or any character who dresses like a hobo. ** Shady Characters: The Mafia/Yakuza/Delinquents/Suspicious-looking

people. ** [[AceAttorney OMGKLAVIERGAVINHELOOKSLIKEANANGEL]]. ** Hubby: Elliot from HarvestMoon Island of Happiness ** Wifey: Dia from the HarvestMoon series. ** [[SherlockHolmes Sherlock-Fucking-Holmes]]. ** "[[{{Persona4}} Yukiko]]" or "[[AceAttorney Maya]]":[[{{Kamichu}} Matsuri]] *** Evil Stanley Hopkins: Inspector Adachi *** Super Walmart: Junes ** Space Skank: [[CowboyBebop Faye Valentine]] [[/folder]] [[folder:S]] * {{Tropers/Saieras}} ** ''SuperRobotWars'': *** Poker Face: Kyosuke, the gambler with maybe three facial expressions. *** Rape Face: Ryusei. Go to OG1's character select screen and highlight Kyosuke... *** The Lavender Baroness: Latooni. She pilots a fighter plane hen you first get her and she's better at it than Garnet and Giado. *** Shitzwald: The Schutzwald. You pretty much need Hit and Away to make these things viable, their accuracy sucks, and their mobility and armor just don't cut it. *** Care Bear Stare of DOOM!: The Grungust's beam attack. *** Neo-[[AdvanceWars Grit]]: Any pilot with innate Gun Fight or Hit and Away. *** Rage-gasm: Katina's 'frustrated' expression strikes me as a little suggestive. *** Giant Douche: Thomas. Just look at him. *** [[SouthPark Turd Sandwich]]: Tenzan. It just felt right. *** [[StarCraft Science Vessel]]: Adler Koch. I just read his lines in that voice is all. *** Mega Kirby: Lamia. Her theme song is fast and electronic like the music in MegaMan games, yet sweet and upbeat like the music in {{Kirby}} games. *** Instant Awesome: Axel. Everything's cooler with [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome 'Dark Knight']]. *** Jitter[[AtopTheFourthWall kara]]: Ryoto, thanks to his 'I am a man!' speech in OG2. *** Lucky Chariot: Huckebein Gunner L *** The Yaoi Machine: Huckebein Boxer L *** Granny Robo: Huckebein Gunner R *** [[TotallyRadical Bro-bot]]: Huckebein Boxer R *** Huckey Classic: Ring Mao's plain old Huckebein. *** [[TalesOfPhantasia Durapdahamaaaaa]]: Man, Shine's will gains suck. How can we fix this? (Sees Boost Hammer in weapon list) Ahh... ** ''WorldOfWarcraft'' *** Tuberculosis: Realm Thorium Brotherhood. When I played there it had lag issues and a rather... quirky community. *** Gnomerest Accord: Realm Wyrmrest Accord, where I had a gnome of every available class.

** ''MahouSenseiNegima'' *** Camwhore: Chisame *** Perma-wedgie: Asakura ** Other: *** DO NOT ENGAGE: DemonicSpiders in general. *** Kung Fu Werewolves: A recurring class of DemonicSpiders in the WorldOfMana series. *** '''SHUT UP!''': A specific form of GoddamnBats or [[GoddamnedBoss Boss]] which casts spells non-stop. Named for silence effects. *** Shusuke Narmagai Arc: The shining jewel of underacting that is ''{{Bleach}}'''s Shusuke Amagai filler arc. * {{Tropers/SAMAS}} ** Am I the only one who now refers to [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Commander/Admiral Zhao]] as [[TheDailyShow Senior Fire Nation Correspondent]]? * {{Tropers/Schol-R-LEA}}: ** Vampire Hunter J: Robert Neville, in ''I Am Legend''. played by Will Smith in the 2007 adaptation (note that this is before the film has been released; in the original novel, the character is endlessly defending himself against [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire-like]] infected humans). The name is from Smith's character Agent J in the ''MenInBlack'' films, and the anime ''VampireHunterD'', of course. ** [[{{Uke}} UKKE]]: name for Dargon Chesterfield's organization (better known as JFO or the Britjas) in ''ItsWalky'', which were one of the enemies of SEMME. For some reason, this pun never caught on, though almost everyone got it. * {{Tropers/SilverAgito}}: ** Takeru-El: A play on Superman's real name, coming from his BFS display in the final episode. * [[{{Tropers/Scrounge}} Scrounge]] ** Subwoofer: The little dog from ''Crimson Tide''. ** Guardian Kamen: Seiki from ''SailorNothing'', after he [[spoiler: gains powers to protect Himei]]. ** Optimonkey: Optimus Primal, ''{{Transformers}}: Beast Wars'' onwards ** Barky (The Smashy): ''[[{{DuelMasters}} Duel Masters]]'' card [[http://www.wizards.com/duelmasters/dm_autocard.asp?name=barkwhip_the _smasher Barkwhip, The Smasher]]. ** Similarly, "Lizard Head" and "[[{{GoddamnedBats}} Annoying Iguana]]" for [[http://www.wizards.com/duelmasters/dm_autocard.asp?name=pyrofighter_ magnus Pyrofighter Magnus]] ** Decepti-Cop: Barricade, from the 2007 ''{{Transformers}}'' movie. ** Squid Head: Vilgax from ''[[{{Ben10}} Ben 10]]'', or, less often, Davy Jones from ''[[{{PiratesOfTheCaribbean}} Pirates Of The Caribbean]]''. ** Salt Shakers: The Daleks from ''Series/DoctorWho'' ** Puppy Raptor: Guilmon from ''DigimonTamers''

** [=GeoAgumon=]: Agumon from ''[[DigimonSavers Digimon: Data Squad]]'', as he's been redesigned a bit and has straps on his hands similar to those of his evolved form, [=GeoGreymon=]. ** The Pigtail Noise: A sound effect from ''AzumangaDaioh'' heard when Chiyo-Chan is walking, causing her pigtails to bounce. Nickname inspired by "The Geddup Noise" from ''HomestarRunner'' ** Lowemon: Dai Shi, of the ''PowerRangers: Jungle Fury'', for his resemblance to the [[DigimonFrontier Digimon]] of that name. *** Also, Anakin, for the black armor and clunky acting. ** Hit Her: Tomo from ''AzumangaDaioh''. Because she's [[{{Jerkass}} Tomo]] ** Robo-God: [[{{Transformers}} Primus]] ** Trilomon: Scorpiomon/Anomolocarimon from the various ''{{Digimon}}'' series. This exlanation's gonna take a bit... The American name (Scorpiomon) is wildly misleading, but the Japanese name (Anomalocarimon, from [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomalocaris anomalocaris]]) doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilobite trilobite]] is another prehistoric crustacean, but better-known and with a catchier name... Hence, Trilomon. ** Crotchet: Crotchety old man Ratchet form ''TransformersAnimated''. ** Pizza Dojo: Jungle Karma Pizza, of ''PowerRangers: Jungle Fury''. ** The Kowasaki Ninja: Prowl, of ''TransformersAnimated''. ** Ocean's Leaven: The kitchen staff from ''Rataouille'', comprised of criminals. ** Evangelimon: The second half of ''DigimonTamers'' ** Sailor Broken: [[SailorNothing Himei]] herself, because I thought that's who Tropers/GuySmiley meant when he used the nickname. Kept it due to her awe-inspiring power and ferocity and her [[BreakTheCutie host of traumatic experiences]]; broken in both senses of the word. ** Vorpal Kitty: Kamineko of ''AzumangaDaioh'', by comparison to a famous KillerRabbit. ** Megahead Mk II: Megatron of ''TransformersAnimated'', a disembodied head at the time the nickname was coined. The "Mark Two" is to distinguish him from the ''Beast Machines'' Megatron in his [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Grand_Mal "Big Floating head"]] body. ** [[GoddamnedBats Goddamned Batting Practice]]: Pretty much any game or minigame on the Wii that involves hitting a baseball. ** Scarfmon: Kudamon of ''[[DigimonSavers Digimon: Data Squad]]'', for his general place draped over commander Samson's shoulders. ** Tandoori Owl: Falcomon, also of ''Data Squad'', because he looks like an owl and the TitleBin has a weird effect on my head... But the dub voice reminds me a little of the Blue Rajah from ''Mystery Men'', so what the hell. ** Hell's Prawn: Lucemon Larva Mode, from ''DigimonFrontier'', as he looks distinctly shrimplike. Also Abamon (after Abaddon), because there were rumors spread that Chaos Mode and Shadowlord Mode were originally going to be named Apollymon and Behemon, repsectively. ** Murderball: Meta Knight in ''SuperSmashBros: Brawl'' ** The Watchdog: Seargeant Angua of ''{{Discworld}}'', being both a werewolf and a member of the Watch. ** [[OneMarioLimit The Other Chiyo-Chan]]: Chiyo Tsukidate of

''StrawberryPanic'', because she is called Chiyo-Chan but isn't [[AzumangaDaioh the Chiyo-Chan most people mean when they use the name]]. ** Witwickypedia: [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page Teletraan One, the Transfrmers Wiki]]. Portmanteau of "Wikipedia" and [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Witwicky Witwicky]]. ** The Ducktor: Paradox, from the ''{{Ben 10 Alien Force}}'' episode of the same name, because he's voiced by David [=McCallum=], who plays Ducky on {{NCIS}} and is a ''Series/DoctorWho''-ish time traveller. That is, it's Paradox who's the time traveller, not David [=McCallum=]. But you knew what I meant. ** Mjolnir: Ultra Magnus's hammer from ''TransformersAnimated'', because it's a huge hammer that calls down lightning. ** Fonzie: The ''[[Ben10AlienForce Alien Force]]'' version of Kevin, due to his CharacterDerailment turning him into, well, Fonzie... ** Scoobacca: Fiskerton of ''TheSecretSaturdays'', because he sounds like the bastard offspring of ScoobyDoo and [[StarWars Chewbacca]]. ** The Boy Who Wasn't: [[HarryPotter Neville Longbottom]], because the prophecy that made Harry Potter into The Boy Who Lived could have just as easily applied to him if Voldemort had chose differently that night. ** That Bastard: Willy Pete of ''{{Empowered}}'', a CompleteMonster. * Tropers/SeanTucker ** Doombitch 1.0: Asuka from NeonGenesisEvangelion. One person she overtly loves gets shot by an assassin. The person she covertly loves is the series ButtMonkey who goes through one of the most horrific BreakTheCutie processes ever. *** This makes Yoko from TengenToppaGurrenLagann "Doombitch 2.0". ** Ricebane: Alucard from {{Hellsing}}, so named because he is the total antithesis of Anne Rice-style vampires. * Tropers/SeasideMessenger ** Mexikrillin: Chad from {{Bleach}}, for being part-Mexican and TheKrillin. ** The Ragelope (pronounced like "antelope"): The demonic and angry looking reindeer (!!) summoned as a move by Nrvnqsr Chaos in MeltyBlood. * Tropers/SerenitySquid ** Vampixies and Wienerwolves: The so-called vampires and werewolves from Literature/{{Twilight}}. *** Brain Cell: Leah Clearwater, [[OnlySaneMan because she's the only character in those books whose got any brain cells]]. *** Mutant Hellspawn: Renesmee. ** Alien Clown Girl: LadyGaga, due to her [[BeyondTheImpossible unusual]] [[ImpracticallyFancyOutfit style of dress]]. ** Wonderbra: WonderWoman, for [[MostCommonSuperpower obvious reasons]]. ** Giant Bucket Full of Angst: [[MarvelUniverse Earth 616]]. ** Magical Flower: [[{{Firefly}} Malcolm Reynolds]], [[http://aicweirdo.livejournal.com/589119.html because]] [[http://aic-

weirdo.livejournal.com/591976.html of this]] [[http://aicweirdo.livejournal.com/593564.html fantastic]] [[http://aicweirdo.livejournal.com/594989.html parody]]. ** Hippie Space Monkeys: [[Film/{{Avatar}} The Na'vi]]. ** Interview With The Emo: InterviewWithTheVampire [[hottip:*:These nicknames were inspired by the movie. I haven't read the book.]] *** Lestat - The Crazy Blond Guy *** Louis - [[ShapedLikeItself Emo Brad Pitt]] *** Claudia - Little Miss Psycho [[BringItOn Cheerleader]] * Tropers/SerenYGogledd ** Legs Eleven: The [[Series/DoctorWho eleventh Doctor]], because his first line was about legs - and the bingo term. * {{Tropers/Sgamer82}} ** The First Lady: Henry Taylor, the President's husband on ''[[{{ptitleer2yom57x65f}} 24]]'' ** The Birdfeeder Twins: CreepyTwins Sorath and Tiriel of ''ShakuganNoShana'', due to their introductory scene showing Tiriel feeding Sorath mama-bird style. *** Boomquins: The self-destructing mannequins used by Friagne in the ''Shana'' movie, after ''WorldOfWarcraft's'' "Boomkin" Druid form. ** The Outer Luckies: Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori, and Patricia of ''LuckyStar.'' The idea came when this troper's friend called them the "[[SailorMoon Outer Senshi]]." ** Miniko: Vanessa, a girl from episode 13 of ''MichikoToHatchin'', who looks and acts like a younger Michiko. ** Cut'cha Gnomes: The Leper Gnomes in the ''WorldOfWarcraft'' zone Dun Morogh, for the way they'll say "I'll cut you!" sometimes when they attack. Partially inspired by ''The Mark & Brian Radio Program's'' "Cut'cha Guy" character. *** Queue Eye for the Straight Guy: The green eyeball that appears on your minimap when you're queued to enter a group for a Dungeon or Battleground. *** Tsundere of Grief: The Maiden of Grief boss from the Halls of Stone dungeon, due to her lines being half-angry half-sad, such as when you defeat her "I hope you all rot! I never...wanted...this." *** Lord Sandygar: Earthrager Ptah from the Halls of Origination, as he uses the same model as Lord Marrowgar ** Yu-Ri-Oh!: The anime series ''{{Main/Saki}}'', which is best described as ''{{Main/Yu-Gi-Oh}}!'' [[Main/XMeetsY with Mahjong]] and Yuri overtones. *** Captain Sharingan: Mihoko Fukuji ** Minijo: Ichijo's little sister in ''PaniPoniDash.'' ** Furious George: My niece's nickname for George, the ape from ''{{Rampage}}''. ** Naoito: Naoi Ayato from ''AngelBeats'', for his resemblance to ''{{Persona 4}}'s'' Naoto. ** Chekhov's Sniper: Eiichiro Oda. Seriously, just look at the ''OnePiece'' page entries for Call Back and the various Chekhov tropes. ** Moesball: A friend's nickname for ''TaishouYakyuuMusume''

** Shrinking Violent: ShrinkingViolet Arashiko Yuuno from ''{{MM}}!'', for her tendency to [[DoesNotLikeMen reflexivly attack men who touch her]]. ** Dark Chiaki: Hitoha Marui from ''{{Mitsudomoe}}'', due to her resemblance (personality-wise) to [[{{Minami-ke}} Chiaki Minami]]. *** Mugi-brows: Yuki Yoshioka, who has eyebrows like Tsumugi from ''{{K-on}}'' ** Best Student Council [[AC:Ever]], or just [=BSCe=] for short: The student council of ''GokujouSeitokai'', a play on the English dub title of ''Best Student Council. ** Wingwongs, for the Jockeys in ''Left4Dead2'', due to their habit of riding your head, a friend's referring to them as "facehumpers", and FaceFullOfAlienWingWong * Sgtangua8 ** [[{{Sandman}} The Corinthian's]] little brother: The Joker from The Dark Night. ** ''CodeGeass'': I like this show [[NarmCharm too much]]. *** Fabulouch: Why not? *** Emperor Liberace: Emperor [[spoiler: Lelouch]] for his FAAAABULOUS outfit. *** The Purple Ranger or Adam 2.0: Zero, because of his awesome mask and because he's voiced by PowerRangers JohnnyYoungBosch *** Miwway Von Shtupp: It's twu, it's [[http://static.minitokyo.net/view/01/22/351101.jpg twu]] *** Moon Child-sama: Tianzi for her similarity to the desctiption to [[TheNeverendingStory The Childlike Empress]] *** Prime Minister Pervy Bastard: Genbu Kururugi for reasons shown in the side stories. First [[spoiler:planning to marry lil' Nunnaly in the sound dramas]]. Second [[spoiler: plotting to kill her in the first light novel. He was planning to sell her to a brothel before changing his mind]]. ** Namina or Neville Norris: Neville Longbottom in Book 7. ** Tidusley Awesome: [[FinalFantasyX Tidus]] for acting, well, ''Totally Awesome'' ** Spoony Perv: The oddly dressed [[{{Bleach}} Arrancar]] Nnoitora. ** Adam Lambert: [[{{Naruto}} Sasuke]], for his odd hair and that his fab Shippuden outfit. ** Miss Chuck, Chuck-chan: [[FullMetalPanic Kaname]] ** The B Team: The BlackLagoon Crew ** Annoying Fairies: The Na'vi ** The [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Cullen Family]] *** Harpo The Sparklepire, Eyeballs Jackson: For Jackson Rathbone himself, even when he plays [[TheLastAirbender Soh-ka]] *** Fairy Girl: Alice *** Blandie: Rosalie *** Chaz: Emmett *** Doc: Carlisle *** Whats-her-face: Esme ** AvatarTheLastAirbender LiveActionAdaptation *** Ongst, Little Red Riding Hood, [=ChipMonk=]: Aang, I mean Ong. *** He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: M. Knight Shayamalan.

*** Miss Exposition, Miss Valium: Katara *** Creepy Uncle: Iroh, I mean Eeroh, since he always seems to try to get Zuko laid. *** Doctor HOOOOOOOOOOOO!, Theoden: Pakku *** Harpo of the Antarctic: Soh-ka *** [[MoribitoGuardianOfTheSpirit Chagum]]: That kid who I assume is Haru, it's the hair. ** Hadward and Belmione: The [[TheTwilightSaga Twipire]] looking Harry and Hermione from the vision Ron got from the locket in TheDeathlyHallows Part 1. * [[Tropers/ShapeshifterTheTroper Shapeshifter]] ** Auros or Morningstar: Mike Morningstar from Ben10AlienForce *** Morningstars: the marks the above character [[spoiler:leaves on the arms of his victims]]. ** The trigger-happy pinhead: Manny, from the same show. ** The Rocatoo: the mutated cockatoo from the episode "Washington B.C." of Ben10 * Shareth ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahimsa Ahimsa]] Boy: Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender ** The [[LooneyTunes Roadrunner]] State: the high-speed hyperactivity caused when, in an attempt to trigger the Avatar State, an Earth Kingdom general gives Aang what is clearly some form of highlycaffeinated beverage. ** Big Chief Gottum-Chicken-On-My-Hat: [[spoiler:Phoenix King]] Ozai, also from Avatar. ** Spoiled Brats (the Dragon-Blooded, who are [[RoyalBrat used to being in power]], Bureaucrats (the Sidereal Exalted are basically one big CelestialBureaucracy), and Omnicidal Maniacs (The deathworshipping, [[OmnicidalManiac psychotically nihilistic]] Abyssals): The three main antagonist {{Exalted}} types in the tabletop RPG of the same name. ** Icicle-taichou, Asspickle-taichou: Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. ** Twins Minor: The 'Autobot Twins' from Transformers: ROTF, as opposed to: ** Twins Major: The Lamborghini twins from the original Transformers cartoon. ** Little Gothic Teddy-Bear: [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh}} Yugi Motou]]. * {{Tropers/SharPhoe}} ** Sol Badgirl: Fujiwara no Mokou from [[TouhouProject Imperishable Night]]. A somewhat anti-social, now-ageless being who was once a normal human that can harness the power of fire and has an eternal vendetta against someone they can't seem to defeat for good? [[GuiltyGear Now why does all of that sound familiar?]] ** Ewan [=McGregor=]: A particular NPC in [[{{Fallout}} Fallout 3]] that looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi from [[StarWars Episode III]]. ** [[GuiltyGear Not-Sol, Not-Ky, Not-Potemkin, Not-Jam, etc.]]: Most of the characters from {{BlazBlue}} as they bear more than a passing resemblance to their metaphorical predecessors. (The ones listed are

Ragna, Jin, Tager, and Lithci, by the way.) S'all in good fun, though; I still enjoy the game thoroughly. ** [[{{Bleach}} Bankai Of The Sea]]/[[NinjaGaiden Master Of The ChakyChaky]]: Both refer to {{Ponyo}}, specifically the scene in which she uses the entire ocean to get back to Sosuke without breaking a sweat. And "Chaky-Chaky" is an UnsoundEffect referring to when Ryu Hayabusa runs across water. ** Mr. and Mrs. Cheating Hax: [[FistOfTheNorthStar Raoh]] and [[{{Touhou}} Yukari Yakumo]]. Need I say more? ** [[DevilMayCry Nero]]-[[{{Bleach}} chigo]]-[[CodeGeass louche]] [[{{Trigun}} The Stampede]]: My nickname for JohnnyYongBosch, since those are the main roles I know himn for. Well, besides [[PowerRangers Adam]]. *** [[DevilMayCry KYY]][[SayMyName RRII]][[MakeMeWannaShout EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!]]: Any female character that Nero-chigo-louche cares deeply for. * Tropers/ShayGuy ** Snail-Rei: Amefuriko, the weird snail-in-a-raincoat demon from ''{{Karas}}'', so named because she looks like [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei I]]. (She's either really cute, or really ugly.) *** Rule34 verdict? [[http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/amefuriko/1 The former]]. ** Lilith: The giant naked Nia in the Simon arc of ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. A reference, of course, to ''[[NeonGenesisEvangelion The End of Evangelion]]''. ** Kittan's Angels: Kiyoh, Kinon, and Kiyal, also from ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. ** Bizarro-[[CardcaptorSakura Tomoyo]]: Lilie, the ''PrincessTutu'' character prone to squealing over the MagicalGirl lead's cuteness and trying to make her cuter. ** Rodef: Renesmee from the fourth ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' book, ''Breaking Dawn'', a reference to Jewish views of abortion. ** Featherbot: [[TsubasaReservoirChronicle Clone!Syaoran]], thought up right after reading volume 16 and therefore possibly completely inapplicable. (Also, "fleshbot" as a common noun, for the soulless pseudo-humans being talked about.) ** [[KimiNiTodoke Kazehaya D. Shota]]: For his resemblance to [[OnePiece a certain rubber pirate]]. ** [[{{Bone}} Mim]]: The Green Death from ''Film/HowToTrainYourDragon''. * {{Tropers/Sikon}} ** Squalak: The fan theory that Alek "Squint" Squinquargesimus from the ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' comics is a younger version of Darth Malak. ** Sideways spa: The Stargates from, well, ''{{Stargate}}'' and ''{{Stargate SG-1}}''. Name coined by fellow Wookieepedia user Thefourdotelipsis. ** MINO (Mai In Name Only): ''{{Mai-Otome}}'''s portrayal of the title character of ''{{Mai-HiME}}''. ** Wevangeliwon: ''Rebuild of Evangelion''. (Well, it's really spelled

that way.) *** Also known as "Webuild" * {{Tropers/Shini}} ** Emoboy - [[DCComics Superboy Prime]], especially after the "Carving a giant S-shield into chest" scene (followed by dozens of caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving on my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin yells) ** Dr. Woobie - [[MetalGearSolid Otacon]] ** [=McHat=] - Any character with a Nice Hat. ** Fetishman, Bondage Freak, Leatherman, Gasman - [[MetalGearSolid Psycho Mantis]] - currently her gaming group has a contest to come up with the silliest nickname for him. ** Mik-Ky - [[GuiltyGear Ky]], due to the character's similar personality to Mikhail from Animamundi (and the Voice actors do sound similar). Troper suspects someone might be doing the same for Mikhail. ** Pink Fluffball - [[DotHack Gaspard]] of GU - for obvious reasons. ** Monkeytail - [[DotHack Silabus]] - just look at his hair. ** Gohan Jr. - [[FinalFantasyIX Zidane]] ** Dr. Zorro/Dr. D - Georik Zaberisk from Animamundi: The former for his "Thief" disguse and heroic introduction, the latter for the fact that he and [[VampireHunterD D apparently go to the same Haberdashery and Barber]] ** Bitch With an Internet Connection - [[MetalGearSolid Rose]] ** Boxman - Snake, after an interesting gaming incident. ** The Bug Lady - a certain {{Psycho Electro}} from Kingdom Hearts due to her hair. ** M. Night [=ShalaladingdangAwooooga=] - for you know, the guy with the {{Twist Ending}} movies that the really, really weird last name no one can remember. ** Girl-Doug - {{Pepper Ann}} ** Chickenfucker - [[TheMuppetShow Gonzo]] * Shiruvi ** Moesuke - Sasuke Uchiha, after seeing the preview for {{Naruto}} Shippuden 141. (Seriously, how ''adorable'' is he in that flashback!?) ** Oro-tan - Orochimaru ** 100% MOTHERFUCKING LOYALTY Uchiha - [[{{CrispinFreeman}} Ita]][[{{CodeGeass}} chi]] ** BlobMonster needs water badly - Suigetsu ** Lelouch of the Red Sand - Sasori ** The Goddamn Batman - Howl in the dub of Howl's Moving Castle. * Tropers/ShyTenda ** Robo-Jesus' Brother Bob - [[{{Transformers}} Ultra Magnus]] * Tropers/SiBadGui ** Evil/Angry Looking Loli: [[SchoolDays Setsuna]] ** Mr. Swirlythumb: Makoto's goofy friend Taisuke, based on [[http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p168/arroganceXneko/Taisuke_1.jpg this]] * Tropers/SilentHunter:

** Weapons Grade Idiot (Charles Logan, ''[[TwentyFour 24]]'') ** Adrica - former nickname for Chloe O'Brian from the same show, since he had an early desire to smack into a planet at high speed. As he grew to like her, he dropped the nickname. ** Dr. Kaylee - Dr. Jennifer Keller from ''StargateAtlantis'', since she's played by Jewel Staite. Others have used the nickname, but he came up with it independently. ** Stuffed Owl - the TV adaptation of ''The Magician's House''. ** MnogoNukes - Russia's nuclear weapons, with thanks to @/{{Koveras}} ** The Five Nukes - the five permanent members of the UnitedNations Security Council, due to their being the "nuclear weapons states" in the Non-Proliferation Treaty. ** Jambo - Jennifer Garner in any of her action roles. He thought about "Jarpo" for her comedy roles, but that would insult TheMarxBrothers. ** Saffron in the City - Joanie from ''MadMen'', by virtue of being played by Christina Hendricks, being rather sexual and evil. ** Goth Nancy: Niamh, from ''I'd Do Anything'' ** Joss Nancy: Jessie, from the same TalentShow- because she reminded him of Joss Stone. ** Mr. Shouty: Peter Boyd from ''WakingTheDead''. ** Shouty Man: ''WakingTheDead'' ** 2.4 Deputy Head- a character from ''WaterlooRoad'', due to his actor being in ''2.4 Children''. ** Labby - Abby TheLabRat from ''{{NCIS}}''. Came about as the result of a typo when he was writing a post. He kept it. ** Naked Backside - a five-part BBC mini-series called ''Criminal Justice'', after the main character got naked 7 times in two episodes. ** Calleigh Cleavage or Calleigh Décolletage: Calleigh Duquesne, from ''CSI:Miami''. He'd hoped to use "Calleigh D-Cup", but she's too small for that. This suits her dressing style better. ** Candleford Kaylee - Laura, from ''Lark Rise to Candleford'', as she reminds him of her. ** Sheriff Nina - Isabella from ''Series/RobinHood'', because she looks like the ''24'' character. * Tropers/SiriusLoveGirl ** Hallucinamber and Hallucikutner: For the hallucination versions of Amber and Kutner from {{House}}. ** Loliguns: [[spoiler: Lilinette]] from BLEACH, who is a loli that, well, turns into a pair of guns. ** Wendy and Thomas: For young!Sakura and young!Syaoran from TsubasaReservoirChronicle, when it was getting too hard to keep calling all three versions by the same name. * Tropers/SirPsychoSexy: ** Has a lot of nicknames for his pet fandom, YuYuHakusho. *** [=HomoMcSchizopants=] and His Bitch: Sensui and Itsuki, respectively. Also calls the pairing thereof [[PortmanteauCoupleName ItsuSen]]. *** Captain Weeaboo: Yomi, for his {{Fanboy}}-like tendency to base the entire culture of his (Makai) province on Japan.

*** Jeffrey Dahmer: Karasu, for the resemblance of his favored... erm... activities to the notorious serial killer. *** Corporate Kira: Sakyou. If you've seen both YYH and DeathNote, it's self-explanatory. *** Maid Suit Man: Mitarai Kiyoshi/Seaman. It's [[{{CrackFic}} best you not]] [[WholesomeCrossdresser know why]]. *** [[spoiler: Mr. Hungry-For-Pussy, The Ultimate in Dick-Thinking: Raizen]]. *** [[NeverMessWithGranny Kickass Granny]], The Girl Ahead of Her Time: Genkai. ** Gurogashi- YoshihiroTogashi, for [[FetishFuel obvious]] [[{{Gorn}} reasons]]. Alternately, [[HoYay Hogashi]]. ** "[[FamilyFriendlyFirearms Where Did They Get Sei-kou-ki]]" for the moment in {{Bleach}} where [[spoiler:Aizen, Gin, and Tousen]] are carried up to Hueco Mundo. Also calls [[spoiler:Aizen]] "[=McHypnopants=]" or "Sensui Wannabe", for obvious reasons. Too obsessed... ** "Bitch Make Me A Sammich" to sum up the relationship between Light and Misa in DeathNote. ** {{Kirby}} will always be "Oral Sex on Legs". I mean he [[DoubleEntendre sucks, blows AND eats]]!! ** [[{{Gundam}} Newtypes]] for [[{{Gundam00}} Innovators]]. I mean, they're almost the same thing, right? * {{Tropers/Skazka}} ** Russian [[{{Sandman}} Corinthian]] - Nikolai from ''EasternPromises''. ** Wardo - [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Edward Cullen]]. *** Lizzle - [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Carlisle Cullen]], out of sheer horror at how many fangirls mispronounce his name "Car-LISLEY" or "CarLIZZLE". *** Proust - Edward and Bella taken as a couple. Courtesy of GrowingUpCullen. ** Gretel - [[ThePhantomOfTheOpera Meg Giry]]. ** Big Gay Teenage Murderers - Leopold and Loeb, and by extension, Justin and Richie from ''Murder By Numbers''. Courtesy of a LJ comm of the same title. ** Sham - Sam Winchester of ''{{Supernatural}}'', when used in the context of "Sham and Dean". Derogatory. *** The Pinup Car - The Winchester boy's Metallicar. So named because of certain promotional photos of Dean casually sprawled all over it. ** Squiggly Feelings - PerverseSexualLust or FetishFuel acquired at an age where one did not fully understand it. Also used as a specific nickname for the [[{{Sandman}} Corinthian]]/the Ninth [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor]], as necessary. ** Swedish Documentaries - Horror movies, namely ones my younger brother isn't allowed to watch. Can be used specifically to refer to ''LetTheRightOneIn''. *** ''Doorway to Norway'' - See above. *** [[{{Monster}} Retrohan]] - Oskar from ''LetTheRightOneIn'', despite the fact that both Monster and Let The Right One In are set in the 80s. Different parts, but still.

** Knifey Wifey - [[{{Sandman}} Coco]] from ''The Corinthian: Death In Venice''. ** Foxypants - Revolver Ocelot from ''MetalGearSolid 3''. So called because, naturally, he is a foxy foxpants in foxy pants. ** The [[RockyHorrorPictureShow Transylvanians]] - Various vampire extras from ''InterviewWithTheVampire'' *** Vampire Douchebags - The aforementioned vampire extras; also, Lestat and Louis. *** [[{{Barbie}} Kelly]] - A certain [[CreepyChild child vampire]]. *** Jean-Baptiste - An extremely minor character, who apparently qualifies as a gilded youth, and probably dies before about a halfhour in. [[EnsembleDarkhorse Has his own fancomic]]. *** [[RockyHorrorPictureShow Brad]] - A certain interviewer-boy with interesting glasses. (Also, on a more personal basis, "Dad", due to... a resemblance to my father. Not always fun.) * The Sweaty Twins - Roy and Pris from ''BladeRunner'', taken as a unit. * Towhead - [[HPLovecraft Herbert West]]. Occasionally spelled, when a term of abuse, "toehead". ** Bizarro Towhead - Herbert West from ''ReAnimator''. ** Maxwell - The Lovecraft short story's narrator, derived from a roleplay where the character absolutely ''had'' to have a name. Correspondingly, Dan Cain is Bizarro Max. ** Abby - Dan Cain's girlfriend, due to a complete inability to remember her name. After the ''{{NCIS}}'' character, due to their corresponding levels of adorableness. * Tropers/SlackerSpice ** Chalk E. Cheese - [[GirlGenius Silas Merlot]]. Now all I gotta do is come up with a word for "into" that starts with an E... *** EDIT: Exposition, mainly because he's been doing a LOT of talking lately... ** Fogli-roll: Suddenly switch to a different scene following an important plot point or plot twist ** General Bust-his-ass - General Rieekan from [[StarWars The Empire Strikes Back]], so named because the actor also portrayed FawltyTowers guest Mr. Hamilton, who repeatedly insisted that he (or Basil) should "bust his [the absent Terry's] ass" for not having his meal ready. * {{Tropers/Sneebs}} ** the Benjamin Linus Hour - {{Lost}}, because dear old [[MagnificentBastard Ben]] is probably the main reason this show is worth watching. ** Black Molar of Death - A Zaibach Flying Fortress from {{VisionOfEscaflowne}} ** Cotton Candy Perm - [[{{CodeGeass}} Princess Euphemia]], because I'll be damned if her stylist isn't a circus clown! ** Cue Ball - [[{{Lost}}John Locke]], for his evident chrome-dome ** Dildo of the Ages - Any plot-specific sword, staff, or other [[{{FreudWasRight}} suggestive]] object which is imbued with magical or otherwise plot-relevant elements. ** (The) Eyebrows (of Death) - [[Series/{{Heroes}} Sylar]]

** Lady Snowblood - Suiguintou in the first season of {{Rozen Maiden}}. I stopped after she became an Anti Villain in Season 2 ** Meme Theory: the Animated Series - StandAloneComplex, [[ViewersAreGeniuses naturally]]. ** Mister Evil Kazoo - Gohda from StandAloneComplex, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kYq1Fhet5w due to his lietmotif]] ** Raping Time - A curb-stomp battle with extra stomp ** Rules Rapist - Any individual or group who uses cleverness to get around constraints of a contract or bend the rules of a game ** [[spoiler: Shou]] F** ker - [[spoiler: Shou Tucker]] from Full Metal Alchemist, given [[spoiler: his CompleteMonster status after transmuting his daughter and the family dog]]. You can't deny that the title suits him. ** Stabby Time - Used to describe whenever {{Dexter}} is yielding to one of his compulsions. To a lesser degreee, any situation where someone goes {{Ax Crazy}} or gets [[{{Berserk Button}} rubbed the wrong way]]. ** Strawberry Shortcake - Hina Ichigo from {{Rozen Maiden}} ** Titty Jack - Any {{MsFanservice}}, although this nickname originally described [[StarTrekVoyager Seven of Nine]] ** Unseasonal PMS - Any time the Tsun-Tsun side of a {{Tsundere}} goes off * @/SNobleJr ** Not by me, actually, but one of my friends has given [[LittleMissBadass Cinque]] from MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha the nickname "[[EyepatchOfPower Pirate Loli]]". * {{Tropers/Sparkysharps}} ** Superbitch - [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Asuka Langley Soryuu]]. ** Frilly [=McSnarkypants=] - Miles Edgeworth from ''AceAttorney''. ** Lord Tightpants - [[{{Labyrinth}} Jareth]]. All of you know ''exactly'' why. ** Mini-[[{{Disgaea}} Etna]] - Agito from MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha ** Buddy Block - A cinder block from that game HalfLife 2 that this editor managed to hold onto throughout the majority of Ravenholm. ** +20 Box of Sneaking - That silly cardboard box that [[MetalGearSolid Solid Snake]] is so keen on using all the frickin' time. ** Spazzanuki - Watanuki from {{xxxHoLic}} ** Captain Smashy - Hawkgirl from JusticeLeague ** Pointy-eared Prettyboy: [[LegendOfZelda Link]] ** Crack Monkey - The ridiculously hyper Friend/Rival guy from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (I think his name is Jun or something similar) ** Mass Murdering Fuckhead - [[{{Anime/Monster}} Johan Liebert]], based on EddieIzzard's nickname for Adolf Hitler in one of his standup shows. ** Dr. Gendo - Dr. Tenma of AstroBoy who, in Naoki Urasawa's ''Pluto'', bears a disturbing resemblence to Gendo Ikari thanks to the more realistic art style and the addition of ScaryShinyGlasses. ** Awesome Diabeetus Man - [[{{Anime/Monster}} Dr. Reichwein]], because he looks like disturbingly like Wilford Brimely from those

Liberty Medical ads. The difference, of course, is that the Liberty Medical guy never kicked two thugs' asses with his awesome ex-border patrol skills. ** Dr. Woobie - [[{{Anime/Monster}} the other]] Dr. Tenma. Half because of the need to not [[NamesTheSame confuse the two]] and half because he's such a big damn [[TheWoobie woobie]]. Also occasionally Dr. [[TheMessiah Jesus]], especially [[AstonishinglyAppropriateAppearance when he forgets to shave]]. ** God-Na - [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]]. 'Tis a [[IncrediblyLamePun pun]], see. ** Inspector Spock - [[{{Anime/Monster}} Inspector Lunge]], [[TheSpock for obvious reasons]]. ** Dr. Batman - BlackJack, [[{{Expy}} because he so is]]. ** Da Gurl - [[GirlGenius Jenka]], to go with the [[FanNickname Da Boyz]] ** [[GirlGenius Maxim]]-Of-Dreams - [[NeverwinterNights2 Gannayev of Dreams]] who, lack of NiceHat and faux-German accent not withstanding, bears a suspicious resemblance to the Jaeger. ** Chainsaw-Tan - [[{{Disgaea}} Princess Sapphire]], because no {{Yandere}} worth her salt is complete without a WeaponOfChoice-based nickname. ** The Bat-Getter - Ryoma's black Getter in ''GetterRobo: Armageddon''. Seriously, it's giant robot Batman. ** Gousuke - ''[[GetterRobo Armageddon]]'''s version of Gou/Go. He's TheStoic, he pilots a giant robot, and he's voiced by TomokazuSeki. [[FullMetalPanic You do the math]]. * Some Guy From Iceland ** Spoiler warning: All these nicknames are for [[MetalGearSolid MGS4]]. *** Metal Gear Evil: [[spoiler:the part where you are on top of Drebin's APC and are fighting the braindead PMC. Named after how much the PMC solders reminded me of zombies from Resident Evil]]. *** Ms. No bra: Naomi *** Ms. Needs a Bra: [[spoiler:Big Mama, AKA. EVA]] * Tropers/SparkyLurkdragon ** SkiesOfArcadia - I've played it so many times over the years that quite a few of the antagonists have gained nicknames. *** Galcian: Lord G *** Ramirez: G-dog, CrystalDragonJesus (part of the rather involved in-joke that led to "Lord G") *** Alfonso: Fonzie, [[AnimalCrossing that crocodile]] *** Vigoro: Admiral Cock, [[{{Pokemon}} Vigoroth]] ** ...as well as some of the good guys. *** Centime: Professor Oak *** Piastol: [[RaptorRed Raptor Blue]] ** Jijiju: the Pikachu in HeyYouPikachu and PokemonChannel, after the way my little sister says his name when playing HYP. ** Captain Potty: The random guy who talks to the general in Shadow the Hedgehog's second level opening cutscene. ** LostInShadow

*** [[TheLegendOfZelda Tingle]]: The pudgy little humanoids that float with two balloons. *** [[StreetFighter Dalshim]]: The humanoids that attack by stretching their arms at you. ** The Lava Whale: The boss fought right after getting the Grapple Beam in MetroidOtherM. ** PokemonBlackAndWhite *** N = Narinder Harmonia, meaning "lord of men". The meaning would seem to fit Ghetsis' tastes. N is just an alias he uses since he, like the Pokemon, believes in the power of [[IKnowYourTrueName True Names]], and "Human" would be an even weirder alias. * Tropers/SteelBeast6Beets: ** Doctor Cackle - Both Hojo from FinalFantasyVII and his {{Expy}} Vexen from KingdomHearts: Chains of Memory due to their awesome EvilLaugh. ** Old Man Chatterbox - [[MaechenPeriod Maechen]] from Final Fantasy X and [[FinalFantasyX2 X-2]]. This one is more than obvious for the people who played the games. ** Princess Hotpants - Ashe from FinalFantasyXII, which was actually taken from the example listed in LadyOfWar. ** That Cyan Bastard - Tabuu, the final boss of the Subspace Emissary Adventure mode from SuperSmashBros Brawl, since I believe he bears a uncanny resemblance to That Yellow Bastard from the SinCity movie. * Tropers/SpaceChief: ** Ché: Stoner from ''EurekaSeven'', due to his appearance and the fact that it is impossible to take his given name seriously. ** Grinchcrotch: The part of Jim Carrey's costume that the live-action version of ''How The Grinch Stole Christmas'' was seemingly obsessed with. It is likely that the Grinchcrotch could hold its own in a fight with David Bowie's crotch in ''Labyrinth''. ** Reporty [=McStubbleson=]: The newspaper reporter who travels with Mao in ''BloodPlus''. ** Rick Wakeman: Richard Wakefield from Arthur C. Clarke's later ''Rendevous With Rama'' novels. Imagining Rick in the role made the books a lot more fun to read, considering how [[DarthWiki/{{Ptitlew9bltta3dv6n}} they're usually seen...]] ** Rickrole: The practice of imagining Rick Wakeman taking the parts of other literary characters. Thought up while adding the previous entry and realizing I had a potentially excellent pun on my hands. ** Shinjigami: Hanatarou Yamada of ''Bleach'' fame. Voiced by Spike Spencer. ** Wormface: The character from the MST-ed movie ''{{Squirm}}'' who gets infested by evil worms. The name comes from a wonderful scene in the film in which he incoherently screams at the hero, ''[[{{Narm}} "You gunna be dah worm-FACE!"]]'' * {{Tropers/Stickmeister0}} ** Boogalah: Aku-Aku from CrashBandicoot. Named after what he shouts upon releasing him from his box. I didn't know his real name for a while. And I was 5.

** Lucksman: The Huntsman in TeamFortress2. The Huntsman tends to luck-based since players run into the arrows. This has actually caught on in the server I regular. * Tropers/SpaceJawa ** [=AutoMario=] and Luigibot: Skids and Mudflap from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Because it's easier than remembering which name is what color, and we all know [[SuperMarioBrothers which brother wears red and which brother wears green]]. ** The Bootie: [[SuperMarioBrothers Kuribo's Shoe]] ** Caphat: [[StarWarsTheCloneWars Embo's]] NiceHat. Because for all intents and purposes, he wears [[CaptainAmerica Captain America's shield]] on his head. ** Culinaricons: The transforming allspark-created appliances from Revenge of the Fallen. ** [=MicroSylar=]: Sylar's microwave-powered teen travel "buddy" from Season 4 of Heroes. ** Seagull Corps/Seagulls: [[GreenLantern The Orange Lantern Corps]] ''([[FindingNemo Mine!]])'' ** Shadow Attack Batman: Batman piece from Justice League HeroClix set with the 'Out of the Shadows' ability (more commonly known as OOTS Batman). ** She-Stark: Pepper Potts in the version of armor Tony Stark built for her. (I didn't come up with it, but that doesn't mean I can't help spread it!) ** From SonicX: *** C&C: Cream and Cheese *** Crazy Gramps: Grandpa *** Doc Robo: Dr. Eggman *** [[strike:Agent]] Mr. Creepy Pants: Mr. Stewart the Secret Agent. *** Chaos Gems: Chaos "Emeralds" (Green: Chaos Emerald, Blue: Chaos Saphire, Yellow: Chaos Amber, Red: Chaos Ruby) ** Venomsaurus Rex - The Venom Symbiote controlled [[TyrannosaurusRex T-Rex]] from [[{{Wolverine}} Old Man Logan]] * {{Tropers/Specialist290}} ** Giant Landscape-Dominating Combat Walkers - The [=AT-AT=] walkers from ''StarWars: Episode V''. ** The Terminatrix - Aigis from ''{{Persona 3}}'', particularly for her quasi-emotionless speech patterns and her battle quote "[[ShoutOut Hasta La Vista!]]" in the ExpansionPack. ** The Boatmurdered Gambit - The tactic that Lelouch / Zero employs against Cornelia's Britannian forces in Episode 10 of ''{{Code Geass}}''. So named for its loose resemblance to that employed by the DwarfFortress of [[http://fromearth.net/LetsPlay/Boatmurdered/ Boatmurdered]] for dealing with goblins. * {{Tropers/Spidey3000}} ** Shinobi Jesus: In Naruto, the Priest of the Six Realms. Of course, as fun a nickname as it is, I'm probably not the only one that thought of it.

* {{Tropers/Strawberry}} ** Captain Fetus - Phoebus from the Disney version of TheHunchbackOfNotreDame. ** Ernie and Bert - Hiro and Ando from ''Series/{{Heroes}}''. * {{Tropers/Sukeban}} ** Wookiebus: [[StarWars Chewbacca]] + the [[HayaoMiyazaki Catbus]] = Appa from ''[[AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar]]''. ** Captain Cthulhu: [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Davy Jones]]. ** Earl Grumpypants, Chibi [[{{Hellsing}} Integra]]-kun: Ciel from ''{{Kuroshitsuji}}''. ** Adam: [[spoiler: fetus!Envy]] from ''FullmetalAlchemist'', after its resemblance to the ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' entity. * superslinger2007 ** [[BubbleBobble Bub, Bob, Coro, and Kulu]], no [[{{Woolseyism}} luns/runs]]. *** Furthermore: used for every single representative of each in the series (even BB Plus) despite official alleged descendant claims and character credits. ** Bubbobs: A term for bubble dragons in the BubbleBobble series. Stemmed from an old [[{{Tetris}} TetriNET]] theme pack based on the NES version. ** Bwock: A made-up word, used for "pronouncing" :\ in a drive listing such as C:\, and may also be used for :// in [=http://=]. ** [[BubbleBobble Coro]]: [[LuckyStar Yutaka]]'s pink hair and short height causes reminders of the Bubble Symphony character. ** (Fricking) Caramel dancing: Alleged DetractorNickname for Caramelldansen because a YouTube user who watched HomestarRunner overused it in his video series. ** [[{{Portal}} GLaDOSification]]: {{Synthesizeritis}} when done in a multi-step process (according to the Portal commentary, "pitch contrained, pitch modulation suppressed, and the fondant moved up", all of which are Melodyne functions) on a '''slightly singsongy speaking''' voice for a computery effect like [=GLaDOS=] herself. It's working quite well on [[LuckyStar Kagami]]. *** NOTE: There is a difference between [=GLaDOSification=] and "{{Kesha}}fication". Use Melodyne/Autotune on all of a sentence, not part of it; that's jarring. ** [=GLaDOS=] the Administrator: [[{{Portal}} GLaDOS]] when taking on the role of [[TeamFortress2 the Administrator/Announcer]] with the latter's voice (brain backups). Named as such due to ss07's {{Wiki Walk}}s for [[HeyItsThatVoice voice actors]]. ** [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast The Impossible Quizzes of Doom]]: DetractorNickname for {{The Impossible Quiz}}zes... [[DoomyDoomsOfDoom of doom]]. ** [[UnfortunateImplications LHS]][[hottip:* :This does not refer to the left-hand side of anything.]]/[[FunWithAcronyms light-hearted songs]]: Any happy song that is so catchy and not rocky enough that it has [[TastesLikeDiabetes gone over the threshold of tolerance]], such as "Sunny Day Disruption" stated below, and Mitsukete Happy Life, a song by Mikuru from her 2006 character album. Pass the hard rock.

*** {{Subverted}}: A song from the 2009 Mikuru album named Hen desu, Kowai desu ("It's strange and frightening"): not hated but actually tolerated! *** Basically, on the MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness, below about a 5. ** "Little Miss Psychopath": Used indecisively between [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rena, Mion, and Shion]] due to early assumptions. (And [[spoiler:Rika the victim herself]] because of season 2 episode 8) *** [[StarWars Death Star]] bait: Any character who is known to have a {{Yangire}} LaughingMad moment or have acted psychopathically (Looking at you, [[spoiler:[[AceAttorney Shih-na]]]]!), because ss07 [[AlterEgoActing the character]] had a grudge against alleged psychopaths (the characters of ''[[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Higurashi]]'') that obviously had moments that fit this criteria and, after travelling through time, he threatened to destroy Earth using the Death Star II itself in 1983. (Of course, he had to fail: he would cause a TimeParadox as the user was born in 1991.) ** "Sunny Day Disruption": Alleged codename/DetractorNickname since November 9, 2007 for [[HaruhiSuzumiya Hare Hare Yukai]], the DancingTheme, because part of its actual title means "sunny", and of course, this song was a factor in causing ss07 the character's mind to head to craziness. ** [[{{Series/Heroes}} Sylar]]: Answer to every single alleged paranormal being in chain letters. *** Sylar bait: Any chainer who spreads chain letters. Why Sylar would seem to want their stupidity/gullibility is beyond any of us, but he may as well get rid of their brains anyway. ** {{Terminator}}-clone: Besides ss07 the character having a T-clone of his own (InNameOnly; did not contain an endoskeleton), {{Linkara}} had one known as Mechakara. ** [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast The W]]: Warner Music for [[strike:what happened]] [[NoExportForYou what's still happening]] on YouTube. [[IThoughtThatWas Not related to]] TVTropes' {{WMG}}. * {{Tropers/Sylocat}} ** The Man Who Saved Disney: John Lasseter (and company) ** Mr. "Are You My Mummy?": StevenMoffat ** The Devil Incarnate: Ted Turner ** Cthulhu On Prozac: The Flying Spaghetti Monster ** AAH! WHAT IS THAT THING?!: Alan Hale, jr. ** Sheep In Wolves' Clothing: [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee's]] fanboys on ''The Escapist'' forums. * [[Tropers/SylviaViridian Sylvia Viridian]] ** Emperor Klavier: Klavier Gavin from the AceAttorney series, due to his resemblance to Emperor Peony from TalesOfTheAbyss in both design and personality. * [[Tropers/SynjoDeonecros [=SynjoDeonecros=]]] ** Evil Semen Stain of Doom: The Light of Destruction from ''{{Yu-GiOh GX}}''

** Furry Condom: Miles "Tails" Prower from ''SonicTheHedgehog'' (especially if he's your partner; if you've gotta ask why, you shouldn't know) ** Contact Rituals: The new Synchro Monsters in the ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' card game. ** Deflated Basketball: ''{{Transformers}}'' Unicron's toy (due to its relatively flat "bottom" in Planet Mode). ** The Mythfurries: The "Myth Toons" cartoon characters used during the "Finger in a Barrel" myth (less because of their FunnyAnimal/FurryFandom look, than because someone has already RuleThirtyFour them under that name, and I cannot get the association out of my head). ** Island of Misfit [=MacGuffins=]: Duel Academy Island in ''Yu-Gi-Oh GX'' (due to the sheer amount of {{Red Herring Twist}}s that are thrown in and dropped, or suddenly pop up as being very important even though doing so flies in the face of what was already established about it by then). ** Slutty Kruger: ''[[SuperSentai TokusouSentaiDekaranger]]/PowerRangers SPD'' {{Mentor}} Doggie Kruger, because he's never seen any RuleThirtyFour-inspired FanArt of the character where he isn't being dominated by another guy. ** Mobius, Thestalos, Zaborg, Raiza, Granmarg, Caius, and Kuraz (AKA the Monarchs): the various elemental armors in ''{{Castlevania}}: Circle of the Moon'', due to their similarity to the elemental Monarch monsters in ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}''. (For the record, Ice Armor, Fire Armor, Thunder Armor, Wind Armor, Earth Armor, Dark Armor, and Light Armor, respectively.) ** Michael Jackson: Trueman/Mr. T from ''Yu-Gi-Oh GX'', mainly because of the scene where he creepily goes after a 6 year old kid with a look on his face that screams "I am going to '''''RAEP YOU'''''". ** Real Gear Gobots: The Deformer/Morphtronic monsters from ''{{Yu-GiOh 5Ds}}'', due to their similarities to the "Real Gear" line of ''Transformer'' toys, but without any of their coolness. ** Offensive Racial Stereotype Man: Oilman from ''MegaMan Powered Up!'', mostly due to how stereotypically plantation slave black the Robot Master and his stage are, but also due to a similar reference to an "Offensive Japanese Cloud" in a ''WarioLand'' LetsPlay. ** Fuck You Frog: Flip Flop Frog from the ''Yu-Gi-Oh'' card game; its effect is one half of a frog combo that says "fuck you" to the opponent's monsters, the opponent, in turn, responds with "Fuck you, frog!", and its official name is such a tongue twister, you'll be uttering "fuck you, frog" under your breath after the billionth time you screwed up trying to say it. ** Mogwai: Moja from the ''Yu-Gi-Oh'' card game, because its card art reminds me of a demonic Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. *** Gremlin: King of the Beasts, the horrible, horrible "upgrade" to Moja from the same set Moja comes from. Remember the warnings: do not expose to sunlight, do not get wet, do not feed past midnight... ** Goatse: "True Form" Nightshroud from ''Yu-Gi-Oh GX'' season 4. ** Lolcatron: Ravage from the ''Transformers: Shattered Glass'' continuity. ** Creepy Pierrot Dude: Lazar from ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}''. Affirmed with

his deck being made up of jesters. ** Chaos Emperor Dragon, Envoy of the End: Kyurem from ''PokemonBlackAndWhite'', to match the other ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' nicnkames of the other legendary Dragons. ** E-Hero Dark Panther: Liepard, due to it's use as the Ultimate Assister matching the ''Yu-Gi-Oh'' monster's effect of stealing the effects of other monsters. [[/folder]] ----

FanNicknameT-Z '''Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:T]] * {{Tropers/Tabby}} ** The Original Order of the Phoenix: "The Twelve" (Kaito Nakamura, Angela Petrelli, Maury Parkman, etc.) from Season Two of ''Series/{{Heroes}}''. ** Goldfinger: Bob, of same. ** Not The Rat: Martha Jones of ''Series/DoctorWho'', whom she has indeed named a pet rat after. ** Made of Suffering: Dangerous Davies, of ''TheLastDetective''. Well, he ''is''. ** Tabby is also fond of odd nicknames for her favorite ''KimPossible'' [[CrackPairing crack pairings]], none of which lend themselves to a good PortmanteauCoupleName. *** Evil Teal Babies: Drakken/Shego *** Shotgun Babe: Shego/Motor Ed *** Sick and Wrong: Ron/Shego *** Team Insanity Ray: Ron/Barkin ** Emy: TheMiddleman. Hey, if he gets to call his sidekick "Dubby"... ** The Good Ship Awesome: All her favorite characters as a collective, most of whom have been granted some form of Awesome title. The ship is commanded by [[{{Chuck}} Captain Awesome]], of course. * {{Tropers/tehSandwich}} ** XXXXX-maku: BulletHell with "XXXXX" being an object or a theme. *** [[http://cokane.com/games/beryllium/ Neutron-maku]] (Go Beryllium!), [[http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/index_e.html Tronmaku]] (Anything by Kenta Cho) and others I forgot. ** '''{{Touhou}}''' '''Related:''' *** Magical/Youkai Gandhi/Martin Luther King Jr.: Byakuren Hijiri, the Final Boss from ''Undefined Fantastic Object''. ("Youkai Jesus" is rather inaccurate since she is more of a Civil Rights Movement leader than a messiah.) * Tropers/ThatWackyGerman ** Giant BIG: WWE Wrestler The Great Khali - Because he is a giant and he is BIG.

** The Doc, The Doctor, Doc S, The S-Man: Chainsaw Majini in Resident Evil 5 because of his resemblance of Doctor Salvatore from Resident Evil 4 ** Bob: Every mook in any FPS. Application: Spot enemy. Say "Hi, Bob.". Headshot. ???. Profit. * Tropers/TheAngryColossal ** Dewey: Albert from ''MegaMan ZX Advent'', due to him reminding me of the BigBad of ''Eureka Seven''. *** Three Sages Council: The Sage Trinity from aforementioned game. ** [[spoiler:[=HanekomAAAAAGH=]]]: The BonusBoss from ''TheWorldEndsWithYou''. ** Lugnette: Slipstream from ''TransformersAnimated'', due to her similar purple and teal color scheme to Lugnut. ** Curry-flavored [[LargeHam ham]]: TimCurry. ** [[MegaMan Mega Moe]]: {{Rosenkreuzstilette}}. ** Pokemon [=G1=]: {{Pokemon}} Red/Blue, which seems to attract a defensive purist fanbase like a certain ''other'' [=G1=]. ** Pineapple-duck: Ludicolo. I know it's supposed to be a kappa, but seriously, LOOK AT IT. ** Pimp Crow: Honchcrow. It's that "hat". ** [[{{Metalocalypse}} Hatredcopter]]: The ''TransformersAnimated'' version of Megatron. ** Maxwell's Demon: [[spoiler:Kyubey]], due to certain entropy-related revelations. ** Chainsaw Hayate: Haruna from ''KoreWaZombieDesuKa'', due to me never being able to remember her name at first and her hair resembling Hayate from Nanoha. * Tropers/TheChainMan ** 16th Century's [[HokutoNoKen Kenshiroh]]: Kanetsugu Naoe from ''SamuraiWarriors'', since he [[MemeticMutation fights for love]]. ** American {{Godannar}}: The eponymoush robot from ''{{Heroman}}'', for looking like Godannar and having stars and stripes. ** [[EurekaSeven Anemone]]: [[OvermanKingGainer Cynthia Lane]], since they look the same. Works backwards, too. ** Bertofuente: Buenafuente's show when [[EnsembleDarkhorse Berto]] hosts it. ** The Better [[NamesTheSame Misaka]]: Shiori Misaka from {{Kanon}}, because I like her much more than [[ToAruMajutsuNoIndex Mikoto Misaka]], whose popularity I don't understand. ** [[MazingerZ Boss Borot]]: Megahammer from ''SuperMarioGalaxy2'', for looking like Borot and [[BreatherBoss being about as strong]]. ** Chumino ("Unimportant"): Fumino Serizawa from ''MayoiNekoOverrun'', for being just a regular, typical {{tsundere}} with no special traits and the least memorable [[UnwantedHarem haremette]]. ** [[{{UsefulNotes/Spain}} Cuenca]]{{moe}}: ''SoraNoWoto'', because it happens on (Not)-Cuenca and is about moe girls. ** [[GGundam Darkness Finger]]: Ganondorf's Side B special in ''SuperSmashBros Brawl''. ** Double Fisting Attack: ''GaoGaiGar'' 's Hell And Heaven attack. Since that's pretty much it.

** [[GunXSword Fasalina]]: Mikako from ''SoraNoOtoshimono'', for their uncanny resemblance. ** FREE EXP!: Any {{mook}} from ''FireEmblem'' who attacks during Enemy Phase, misses and gets killed by the counterattack. ** Las Frescas (The Fresh / Easygoing Ones): The girls from ''FreshPrettyCure''. Good enough for a friend of mine to use it too! ** '''GANONDORF PUNCH!''': Ganondorf's B special in ''SuperSmashBros'', for being the Falcon Punch, but done by him. *** '''GANONDORF KICK!''': His Down B special for the same reasons. ** ''GaoGaiGar'' 's [[TheSimpsons non-union mexican equivalent]]: The El Dora V from ''GunXSword'' (Even though it takes from all the Braves, not just GGG) ** [[GaoGaiGar Goldion Hammer]]: The Golden Hammer from ''SuperSmashBrosBrawl''. Especially if [[HeyItsThatVoice Link]] is wielding it. ** [[HokutoNoKen Hidebu]]: [[DudelooksLikeALady Hideyoshi]] from ''BakaToTestToShoukanjuu'', because his FanService[[SpotlightStealingSquad hogging]] tendencies make me want to [[YourHeadAsplode blow his head]] (Or rather, [[AdaptationDecay the anime writers']]) ** Klutz: Kurtz from ''FullMetalPanic'', thanks to reading his name in katakana wrong. ** [[SuzumiyaHaruhiNoYuuutsu Kyon]]masa Kato: Kiyomasa Kato from ''SamuraiWarriors'', for being voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. ** Manzanita ("Little Apple", but also a flamenco singer's stage name): [[PunnyName Ringo Akai]] from ''OokamiSanToShichiNinNoNakamaTachi''. ** [[LyricalNanoha Nanoha]] and [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rika]]: Kouryu and Anryu from ''GaoGaiGar FINAL'', because of [[YukariTamura their voices]], and one is associated with light (Starlight Breaker!) and another with darkness (CreepyChild). ** Nipple Beams: [[TekkamanBlade Tekkaman Evil]]'s PSY Voltekka, since it looks like it comes from his nipples. ** Nodovaca ("Nodocow"): Nodoka from ''{{Saki}}'', for having GagBoobs and the show pointing this out OnceAnEpisode (I wasn't pleased) ** Old Ratchet: SatomiArai in any role she yells a lot. ([[ToAruMajutsuNoIndex ONEESAMAAAAAAAAA]]!) ** [[FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]]: Brom from ''FireEmblem''. It helps his daughter is called [[NamesTheSame Meg]]. ** [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rika Furude]]: Sunako from ''{{Shiki}}'', for running over water on the Ending like Rika does (And being both {{creepy child}}s) ** [[GGundam Sai Saici]] with {{twintails}}: Iris from {{Pokemon}} ** [[GGundam Shining Finger]]: [[ToHeart2 Tamaki Kousaka]]'s [[FacepalmOfDoom face grabs]]. ** The Summer of {{Yuri}}: Summer of 2009, because it [[AgentAika aired]] [[AoiHana a]] [[NeedLess lot]] [[HayateTheCombatButler of]] [[BakeMonogatari animes]] [[UmiMonogatari with]] [[{{Canaan}} yuri]] [[KanaMemo content]]. ** [[GunXSword Van]]: [[WelcomeToTheNHK Satou]]'s avatar in the MMORPG, for looking a lot like Van thanks to TheRedMage hat. ** Young [[LosSerrano Diego Serrano]]: Fard from

''FireEmblemTheSacredStones'', since he looks like Diego when he was younger (and had hair) and both of then have [[BrotherSisterIncest incestuous children]]. * {{Tropers/TheCuza}} ** "[[JackieChanAdventures Ratso]]": The Common Infected wearing dark suits in the original ''Left4Dead''. ** "''Guitar Hero: Daft Punk''": ''DJ Hero'' ** "Jon Keyhol": Fake [[{{Lost}} John Locke]]. My cousin and I started calling Locke himself this after he made a misnamed reaction image of him. When Locke got an imposter, I gave the name to him and started calling the real Locke by his actual name again. If you didn't already guess, it's pronounced "keyhole". Note the missing 'h' from "Jon" and the missing "e" at the end of "Keyhol". Very important. * The Deke ** Chocolate Boy: Mello from ''DeathNote'', due to his habitual eating of the cocoa-derived sweet. ** Breasts: Any character who falls under [[MsFanservice this]]. * {{Tropers/TheAimz}} ** Pimp Master Z and Pimp Master Raph: [[SoulCalibur Zasalamel and Raphael Sorel]], respectively. ** Amy the Pokémon: [[SoulCalibur Amy Sorel]], due to the fact that she only says her own name in ''Soul Calibur III''. ** P. Hiddy: [[SilentHill Pyramid Head]]. ** The Laranator: [[TombRaider Lara Croft]]. ** Wobble Wobble: Pretty much any character with JigglePhysics. ** Sad Ako: [[{{Onimusha}} Ako]], just because it sounds like [[TheRing Sadako]]. Yes, I know there is no resemblance between the two. Don't ask. ** The Three Stooges: [[LegacyOfKain Faustus, Marcus, and Sebastian]]. ** Richard O'Brien: [[LegacyOfKain Marcus]]. ** Pimp Master G and Gimpy J: [[{{Klonoa}} Ghadius and Joka/Joker]], respectively. Yes, I do realise I have an obsession with "Pimp Master". ** Coco Pops: [[CrashBandicoot Coco Bandicoot]]. ** Dragon Ball C: [[CrashBandicoot The last two cutscenes in ''Mind Over Mutant'']]. ** The Welkinator, Jann the Man, Nads, Maxwell House, Uka Damon, the Marmoset: [[ValkyriaChronicles Welkin Gunther, Jann Walker, Nadine, Maximillian, General Georg von Damon, the Marmota]]. The penultimate one is because John [=DiMaggio=]'s voice for Damon sounds an awful lot like his voice for [[CrashBandicoot Uka Uka]]. * Theenglishman ** I have a special nickname for the original GodOfWar's Very Hard difficulty: ''[[IWannaBeTheGuy I Wanna Be the God]]''. * {{Tropers/TheShadow}} ** ''Green Zone'' is [[TheBourneIdentity The Bourne Ecology]].

* {{Tropers/Tiara}} ** Wheatlies - Wheatley from ''Portal 2'', because his [[SarcasmMode wonderful hacking skills]] could need some help. ** Yuffatara - Yuffie in her ''Dirge of Cerberus'' and ''KingdomHeartsII appearances'', since her [[MaeWhitman voice actress]] plays both of them. ** ''FinalFantasy'' *** Firion XI - Firion due to his [[SomethingAboutARose obsession with the Wild Rose]] and [[KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories Marl]][[KingdomHearts358DaysOver2 uxia]], no. XI in Organization XIII, having [[PetalPower rose-like petals]] appear at times. *** Totty - Shantotto *** Sgt. Chaos - Chaos, since he shares the same voice actor as [[ModernWarfare Sgt. Foley]]. *** Red, Flying Nissan/Nuke-Namer - Altima/Ultima from the original FinalFantasyTactics and the PSP remake, respectively. ** Kainer - Reiner from ''ValkyriaChroniclesII''. ** Atomic Nuke-Gun - The Supernova from [[JakAndDaxter Jak 3]]. ** Hypocrite - Bernard Marx of ''Brave New World'', after he [[spoiler: gains popularity of bringing John the Savage into their society. He goes and does the things he despises, i.e. take ''soma'' and sleep with a number of girls.]] ** Author-Unfriendly - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, because of its over-simplistic and redundant style of writing and the [[MindScrew effect]] that it may have on authors. ** Book-Burning - Sending cards from your Library to the graveyard in [[MagicTheGathering Magic]].

* Tropers/TromboneChild ** Joe&Lou, Bob, and Fred: [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Pintel&Ragetti, Kohler, and the Bo'sun]]. ** {{Angel}}-Wannabe: [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Edward Cullen]]. ** Plot-Twist-Palooza: ''Series/{{Heroes}}''. ** Mr. Clean: [[FinalFantasyVII Rude]]. ** Creepy Lizard-Man: [[Series/{{Heroes}} Mohinder Suresh]]. ** Human Plot Device: [[Series/{{Heroes}} Claire Bennet]]. ** Human IdiotBall: [[Series/{{Heroes}} Hiro Nakamura]]. ** Caffeine-Boy: [[Series/DoctorWho The Tenth Doctor]]. ** Evil [[StarWars R2-D2s]]: [[Series/DoctorWho The Daleks]]. ** The Stig: [[InglouriousBasterds Hugo Stiglitz]]. ** {{Hamlet}} [[RomeoAndJuliet Mercutio]] Murdock: [[TheATeam H. M.]] [[ObfuscatingInsanity "Howlin' Mad"]] [[TricksterArchetype Murdock]]. * Tropers/ThunderPhoenix ** ''TheMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya'': "The Squealing Wienie" for Mikuru (Cause she'll do whatever Haruhi says, and it seems like sixty percent of her dialogue is "AAAAHHH!", "EEEEE!", or "NOOOO!"), and "Smiley" for Koizumi (obvious). * {{Tropers/TMOH}} ** Mrs Clicky: Saeki Kayako (the ghost lady) in TheGrudge, thanks to

the creepy-as-hell sound she makes and my inability to remember her name while watching the movie. ** Carcer Jr.: [[Discworld/UnseenAcademicals Andy Shank]], who could've been the real thing if the timing and plot circumstances had been just a little different. [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/Discworld Or maybe they're just related]]. ** Carcer Onna Boat: [[{{Nation}} First Mate Cox]], because he ''is''. ** Donna No-Bull: From Series/DoctorWho, of course. Because she don't take none from anybody. Also, I like [[IncrediblyLamePun Increcibly Lame Puns]] * Tropers/TheToonGeekette ** Pinky and the Brain: The pairing of Ty Lee and Azula in the ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fandom. And while we're on the subject... ** Damn Dirty Hamster: [[PinkyAndTheBrain Snowball]]. Well, he ''is'' voiced by [[PlanetOfTheApes Roddy McDowall]]... ** Dr. [[{{Firefly}} Mal]]: Nathan Fillion's roles as an OB/GYN in both ''Waitress'' and ''DesperateHousewives''. ** The Order of Awesome: [[spoiler: The Order of the White Lotus]] in ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'', after [[spoiler: The "Sozin's Comet" special revealed that not only are Piandao and Iroh members, but so are Master Pakku, Jeong Jeong, and '''King fucking Bumi'''. '''HELL YES!''']] ** The Okayfeathers: The trio of pigeons in ''{{Bolt}}'' that bear a bit of a resemblance to the Goodfeathers from ''{{Animaniacs}}''. * {{Tropers/TnAdct1}} ** ''MahouSenseiNegima'' *** The Haunted House Ditchers: A group that consists of Ayaka, the twins, the cheerleaders, and the Sports girls. Named after how they ditched running the haunted house during the second day of the cultural festival in order to watch Negi take part in a martial arts tournament. *** Asluna: [[spoiler: Shiori/Luna when she's posing as Asuna]] ** ''FullmetalAlchemist'' *** Mr. Sparkle: Armstrong. ** ''TheSimpsons'' *** The Ninty-Minute JerkAss Homer Episode: ''TheSimpsonsMovie'' * Tropers/TragicTheDragon ** ''{{Lost}}'' (I'm as bad as Sawyer): *** [[CrapsackWorld Craphole Island]] / Craptastic Park / Mu-Mu Land: The Island *** [[TheMessiah The One]]: Desmand *** Creepy [=McWeirdo=] / B'enry: Ben/Henry *** Eyepatch Magee: That guy with the eyepatch whose name she can't recall at the moment, as she has been calling him Eyepatch Magee too long. *** Big Effin' [[TheWoobie Woobie]] / Big Fun/ Big Funisher: Hurley *** Doctor Emopants / Doctor [=McDreamo=]: Jack *** The Real Leaders: Alternately Sayid and/or Locke

*** Emobeard: Jack's... well, duh *** "J.J. Abrams Does Not Care About Hobbits": Charlie's story arc in the final season where he appeared *** Pablo Honey: The much-derided Nikki and Paulo from season three. ** ''Series/{{Heroes}}'': *** [[strike:Mutants]] People Of Unusual Genetics: The Heroes *** Man-Nurse / Nurse Emobangs / Peter the Pest / ad infinitum: Peter (Suffice it to say, he is not her favorite character.) *** Hiro Protagonist: Hiro Nakamura's FutureBadass self. *** The BlessedWithSuck Twins / Pablo Honey Reloaded: Maia and Allegandro. *** Organization XIII: The "first generation" of People Of Unusual Genetics introduced in season two (and kind of screwed over by the Writer's Strike). ** ''KingdomHearts'' *** Organization [=STFU=]: Organization XIII of ''KingdomHearts 2''. *** Gorram Manbeast: Goofy (mostly for getting in the way). *** Harvard Square: Traverse Town ** RealLife *** Traverse Town: Harvard Square [=XD=] *** [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids Not A Damn Playground]]: The Harvard Museum of Natural History in particular, and any "why are there twoyear-olds running around unsupervised" setting in general. *** [[CuteButCacophonic Shriekers / Noisybirds]]: Starlings *** [=NPC=] Birds: House Sparrows (think about it) *** The "GottaCatchEmAll !" School of Ornithology / Pokebirders: LifeListers (This'd take some explaining, so just [[http://babbletrish.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-do-not-understand-thiskind-of.html read my blog post]] on the subject.) ** ''{{Pokemon}}'' *** The Pink Nightmare: Chansey *** Slutty the Bunny / Slutbunny: Lopunny ([[FetishFuel Just look at it]]; it's not like they weren't asking for this.) *** Thundercat: The Shinx line. *** The Three Legendary Gremlins: Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit, the trio of legendary Pokemon from ''Diamond / Pearl''. ** Various *** ''Harry Potter and the GainaxEnding'': Book Seven, seeing as it completely dumped the "Year at Hogwarts" structure and was just DarkerAndEdgier all around in her opinion. *** Emohawk: Tobias of ''{{Animorphs}}''. *** Darth Damon: Johnny Damon, after trading to the Yankees (Red Sox fandom = SeriousBusiness.) *** [[UncannyValley Uncanny Valerie]]: The female trainer in ''WiiFit'' *** Revenge of NintendoHard: Some of the balance games in same, but especially the Advenced level of "Balance Bubble". * {{Tropers/Triplex}} ** Neo-80s Legion: The version of TheLegionOfSuperHeroes written largely by Geoff Johns, because it's based closely (but not exactly) on the 80s Legion. Hate it, as an example of the ''writer'' telling us

TheyChangedItNowItSucks when I didn't think so. * Tropers/TroublePanic ** During an ElfenLied session, I fell into the habit of calling Mariko (number 35) "[=SanGo=]" thinking there was [[SevenIsNana some sort of naming scheme going on]]. * Tropers/TwinBird ** Gendo Cleaver: [[ElGoonishShive Mr. Verres]], due to his quick shifts between {{MIB}} and BumblingDad, not to mention the ScaryShinyGlasses. * Tropers/ThatOnePerson ** {{Akira}} *** Nude Boy - Akira, really, they asked for it. *** Biker [=McCool=], Caneda, Korea - Kaneda *** Super Psychic Man, The Ultimate Emotional Meltdown - Tetsuo Shima *** Our Heads Asplode - the rest of the bikers ** {{DeathNote}} *** Not Raito at all - Light Yagami *** L O L - L Lawliet *** Video Game Dude - Matt *** Mafia Don Whatsitsgender - Mello *** Makuta - Near, because there is the chance Near had been playing with the toys from the start and organizing Bionicle's storyline ** Oban Star Racers *** Krazy Krow - Canaletto *** emoetta - Molly ** {{FullMetalAlchemist}} *** Zeltha V's brothers - The characters turned into armor, named for a very BadAss character in my novels *** Diamond Dude - Greed *** Lady Death - Dante *** The male Nuttymadam - Gluttony *** Poofy - Wrath *** Hitler, with melons - Fuhrer King Bradley ** {{Warriors Orochi}} *** Knight of Blood - Orochi *** Mr. Nightmare Fuel, The Killer with a Hug - Kiyomori *** Tsundere without the dere - Da Ji *** Fat Bastard - Dong Zhuo *** Betrayer Mcbestgeneral - Lu Bu ** And, because one of my weirdest dreams ever featured a tvtropes page of one of my books, here are my characters with nicknames! *** Weirdo Stalin - Ceres *** Armor Man of Awesome - Zeltha V *** Brain in a Jar - Omni *** Idiot Ball Incarnate - Matthew * {{Tropers/Thatother1dude}} ** [[EyesAlwaysShut No-eyes]]: [[TheMelancholyOfHaruhiSuzumiya Koizumi Itsuki]].

** [[TheOtherWiki The Other Other Wiki]]: [[http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page Teletraan 1]]: The ''{{Transformers}}'' Wiki. ** "[[DesignatedHero The Blight Warriors]]": The Light Warriors of [[EightBitTheater 8-Bit Theater]], used in the actual comic [[http://www.nuklearpower.com/daily.php?date=080408 here]], and I'm listing this in case it doesn't catch on. ** The Angry Jerk - [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Zuko]]. *** After a [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar certain scene]] in "The Southern Raiders", I've begun using the 4chan nickname "[[spoiler:Master Cockblocker]]". ** Alf - Arf of ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha''. ** Leo Supreme - [[spoiler:the lion turtle]] from the GrandFinale of ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'', due to a [[HeyItsThatVoice very familiar]] [[TransformersAnimated voice]]. ** The {{Battletoads}} - the toad summon clan from ''{{Naruto}}'', more specifically [[spoiler:the squadron accompanying Naruto when he returns from the toad village]] seen [[http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/430/02-03/ on this page]]. ** The Space Pope - The Bishop job from ''FinalFantasyTacticsA2'', because it's a humanoid reptile that wears a pope hat. ** [[RedVsBlue Team Killing Fucktard]] - Kamjin from ''SuperDimensionFortressMacross'', who manages to stay a major officer despite frequently killing his own men (his ''in-series'' nickname is "the ally killer") and general lack of tactical ability for most of the series. * {{Tropers/thatotherguy}} ** {{Wangst}}y little boy: Mostly [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Zuko]], sometimes Aang. ** The Void of No Return: Why TvTropes, [[TvTropesWillRuinYourLife of course]]. * Tropers/TheGunheart ** [[EvilDead Captain Supermarket]]: Sam Axe from BurnNotice. * {{Tropers/TheWeirdo}} ** The Good Doctor, for Dr. Minoru Kamiya, AKA the Doctor, from YuYuHakusho. He referred to himself ironically like this in the Brazilian translation of the anime, roughly: "Well, I figured I'd have to play the good doctor...". * A troper who's too lazy to give himself a name: ** Mr. Cursebringer/ Cursebringer-sama: The cursebringer angel from Baroque. Named such due to the number of times he's given me the exact item I needed. * {{Tropers/Tofu}} ** Mr. Sharply Dressed- Wesker from Resident Evil, since he wears sunglasses at night ** Son Of A Bitch- Lord Burroughs from Clock Tower 3, because [[BerserkButton HE IS A DOUCHEBAG RARFLEBLARGLE]]

* Tropers/TwoGunAngel ** Judge Pervert: Judge Turpin of ''SweeneyTodd'', for reasons that [[DirtyOldMan should]] [[{{Ephebophile}} be]] [[WifeHusbandry fairly]] [[{{Squick}} obvious]]. ** The Scream Queen: Sindel of ''MortalKombat'', so named due to her [[MakeMeWannaShout special ability]]. ** Angel of Death: Tequila's spin attack move from the John Woo game ''Stranglehold'', so called because when you execute the move with GunsAkimbo, Tequila's arms are outstretched like...well...you get the picture. ** Pain in the Ass Elementals: The Pain Elementals of Doom II, due to their [[MookMaker habit of spitting annoying Lost Souls at you]]. ** Butt Slam: Mario's GroundPound attack from ''[[SuperMarioBros Super Mario 64]]'', because you're basically coming down on them [[AssKicksYou ass-first]]. ** Super Saiyan: The Super High Tension state in the later ''DragonQuest'' games, due to its ''very'' striking similarity to a [[DragonBallZ certain anime also created by]] [[AkiraToriyama the game's main character designer]]. Also used with certain powerful [[LimitBreak Heat Moves]] in the ''{{Game/Yakuza}}'' series, due to Kazuma powering up like a Super Saiyan complete with blazing blue BattleAura immediately before said attack. ** Shun Kero Satsu: Suwako's spellcard "Curse God - Red Mouth (Mishaguji)" from the ''{{Touhou}}'' fighting game ''Unthinkable Natural Law'' due to its resemblance to a certain [[LimitBreak super move]] by [[BloodKnight Akuma]] from ''StreetFighter''. ** Demon Lord Batman: Griffith as Femto from ''{{Berserk}}'', due to his evil-looking red hawklike hood and his sinister red CapeWings which make him look like a demonic version of Batman. ** Princess Kirby: Yuyuko of the ''{{Touhou}}'' series. Because she's pink and a [[BigEater bottomless pit]]. Got this one from Danbooru. ** Gun Sign ~ Diamond Fusillade: Mami's attack from the first episode of PuellaMagiMadokaMagica, due to looking like something out of a freaking BulletHell. ** Big Red: The Gnoll Chieftain from ''Vindictus''. He's big, he's red, and he's got a [[DropTheHammer big damn hammer]] that he likes to smash you with. 'Nuff said. ** Falcon Kick: Fiona's Amaranth Kick from ''Vindictus''. * {{Tropers/Tyrfing}} ** [[HotBlooded Nekketsu]]-Oh [=GaoGai=][[MemeticMutation Gar]]: ''GaoGaiGar''. * {{Tropers/T-bone61}} ** {{Naruto}}: *** Air Grampa - The Tsuchikage. Who cares about having back problems when you can just float everywhere? *** Master Crash - The Raikage, given his [[ThereWasADoor preferred method of travel]]. *** Shark Week - Kisame's OneWingedAngel. *** The Business - Killerbee, badass and Eight-tailed Beast host

extraordinaire. Because if you're fighting him, the business is probably what he's giving you. *** The Raepflame - Amaterasu. Or at least that's what Sasuke [[ConvectionSchmonvection wishes]] it was. * {{Tropers/toalordsothe}} ** {{Bleach}}: *** Mr. Hat and Clogs: Kisuke. *** The Bitch Curl: Aizen's Hair. *** OMG: Yama it could be read as Oh My God or as Old Man Genocide both of which work for him. *** [[AllStarBatman The God Damn]] [[BlazBlue Hakumen]]: Tosen after his Vizard Mask. *** Satanic Hakumen: Aizen after his One Winged Angel. ** {{Naruto}}: *** Handjob: Deidara *** Hannibal Vector: Zetsu *** Kenny The Shark: Kisame *** Hunchback [=McGee=]: Sasori before he grossed the {{Bishounen Line}}. *** Edward: Hidan *** Cool Steampunk Land: The Hidden Village of Rain. ** {{OnePiece}} *** Cool Fedora Guy: That one dude who's always hanging around with Garp [[/folder]] [[folder:U]] * Unknown Troper ** Colonel MacGyver - this troper's name for Colonel Jack O'Neill as played by Richard Dean Anderson from StargateSG1. ** General Picard - General Hammond, also from StargateSG1 who is also bald and serious. ** Nicknames for the folks from ''Series/{{Heroes}}'': *** Hiro Nakamura - The Matrix *** Peter Petrelli - Xerox *** D.L. Hawkins - Casper *** Ted - The Microwave *** Nikki/Jessica/Traci - Tyler Durden *** Noah Bennett - Jack Bauer: The Next Generation *** Maya - The Andromeda Chick *** Nathan Petrelli - [=JetBlue=] *** Micah - Jimmy Neutron *** Bob - Goldfinger (another Troper beat me to it) *** Sylar - Super Lecter *** Ando - Samwise *** X-Men: The Next Generation - ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' ** I have a got a few nicknames for characters and places, so here we go: *** MegaMan Geo-Omega - Geo Stelar when merged with Omega-Xis (This

comes from the two separate characters and the fact that he calls himself MegaMan after beating Taurus Fire) *** Moping Spot - Vista Point, so named because that is where Geo goes to mope in the first MegaManStarForce game *** Emo Boy - Geo's mopey personality that appears twice per game ** ''StarOcean: The Last Hope'' is a prequel to the series, details the early days of human interstellar space exploration, involves first contacts with both new and known races, and because of its newness is much prettier and sharper-looking than any of the previous entries in the series. Because of all this, this troper will always refer to it as ''Star Ocean: [[StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]''. [[/folder]] [[folder:V]] * Tropers/VampireBuddha ** Mr. Bad Vacuum Cleaner - Kirby from ''TheBraveLittleToaster'', because my sister and I have trouble remembering his name when we were kids. [[/folder]] [[folder:W]] * {{Tropers/whitetigah}} ** [[{{Naruto}} Orochimaru]] - Orco Mario (Italian for "Mario the ogre"). Originated when I was discussing with some friends name changes in a hypotetical {{Macekre}} of the animated series (which Italian public TV is infamous for); somebody came up with this name, and it stuck. ** Scruffy: JamesBond as played by Daniel Craig. The reason should be obvious. * Tropers/Wildwest666 ** Mussolini's Nazis - Nickname for the Pazzis in Assassian'sCreedII since Pazzis sound like Nazis and Mussolini was dictator of Italy. ** RGDMH - Acronym for "Restarted Game Due to Missed Hug." this is from the meme of, when you miss the quicktime event of giving Leo a hug, you feel so bad that you want to restart the game. * Tropers/WillZ (Warning! Some game spoilers) ** My Little Pony: Epona from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. ** Mr. Ed: The horse "Epona" from ''Twilight Princess'', once you start talking to it. ** "Thag Smash!" Those annoying dark nights (Darknuts?) that love to bash you to death in wonton fashion. ** The Mexican Gengar, El Gengar, Mucho (or Mucha) Gengar: Ludicolo from ''{{Pokemon}}''. ** Thrilling battle!: any battle consisting of a Magikarp with "splash" as its only move. ** 5-second encounters: any time you go into a cave in ANY pokemon game. ** Darth Emo: Anakin Skywalker as an adult. ** Darth Playboy: Anakin as a kid - He hit on Padme more as a kid than an adult!

** "Flip-up": Double-tapping the "up" button then landing with a kick. The only move you'll ever need to win Jade Empire. I did this the whole game and never lost. ** Spaz-monkey: The name I gave the main character in ''JadeEmpire'', because of the aforementioned trick. ** Bitcherella: Bastila from ''{{Knights of the Old Republic}}'', when she gets "converted." ** Hair-Trigger Muppet: Attenbro (Muppet [=McBeamspam=]) from ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. ** Marfa: Martha Jones From ''Series/DoctorWho''. Most of the Brits, Especially Tennenat sound like they are making fun of her because of this. ** Poindexter: "Normal" from ''DarkAngel'' 100% dork through-and through. ** [=SniperBroad=]: Yoko from ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', especially since her rifle is designed off the .50 caliber Barrett "sniper" rifle. ** Penis [=FireSlug=]: The Magcargo when played by the user has a very "unusual" head shape, to say the least... * Tropers/WillyFourEyes ** ''AdvanceWars'' *** General Snifit: Sturm, the BigBad of the first two games. ** ''BlazBlue'' *** Taokoto: Taokaka. [[CatGirl Cat-like mannerisms]] + attraction to [[MostCommonSuperpower large breasts]] = [[{{Mai-HiME}} Mikoto Minagi's]] lost cousin? Maybe the two of them could seek out [[StrikeWitches Yoshika Miyafuji]] and have a great big ol' party. ** ''{{Bleach}}'' *** Lieutenant Loli: Momo Hinamori, childhood friend of Toshiro "Captain Shota" Hitsugaya. ** ''{{Castlevania}}'' *** [=AluCHARd=]: Soma Cruz from the "Sorrow" arc. White hair? Check. Expert in multiple weapon disciplines? Check. [[spoiler:Vampire]]? Check and double check. ** ''{{Disgaea}}'' *** Axel Folly: The FakeUltimateHero from ''D2''. *** Freshman Mao: The main character from ''D3''. ** ''DominicDeegan: Oracle for Hire'' *** Mominic: Miranda Deegan. ** ''GalaxyAngel'' *** Auntie Milfie: Milfeulle Sakuraba. I know she's only 17 in the original manga/video games, but "Milfie" is much easier to say...and spell. Nickname is analogous to "Uncle Miltie", a popular nickname for the late, great actor/comedian Milton Berle. ** ''{{Golgo 13}}'' *** The Maze to Nowhere: The [[ScrappyLevel seemingly endless seventhlevel]] of the first NES game. ** ''{{Gradius}}'' *** Cheerio Head: The ring-shooting Moai statues. ** ''LuckyStar'' *** Hi-yuri (or Hi-yaoi-ri): Hiyori, [[YaoiFangirl for obvious

reasons]]. ** ''{{Mai-HiME}}'' *** Haruka Von Karma: Haruka, for her relentless pursuit of justice that parallels a certain [[WhipItGood whip-wielding]] ''Ace Attorney'' prosecutor. Would have been funnier if Haruka was one of the [=HiME=] and fought with a whip (she is in the manga, though), but [[MemeticMutation A Morningstar Is Fine, Too]]. *** Rei of Light: Alyssa. A play on her "golden light" motif and a recurring joke on this wiki about her being an [[{{Expy}} ersatz]] [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei Ayanami]]. [[AlasPoorVillain Too bad she had to die so soon...]] *** Sailor Midori: Midori. Same love of justice as Haruka, [[SailorMoon different mentor apparent]]. ** ''{{Mai-Otome}}'' *** Chiezuru: ''{{Mai-Otome}}'''s version of [[ChivalrousPervert Chie]]. Could be considered a portmanteau of Chie and Chizuru from ''{{Bleach}}'', or Chie and Shizuru. What do they all have in common? [[SchoolgirlLesbians Three guesses, and the first two don't count]]. *** Erstin HoYay: [[SelfExplanatory Uh...]] *** Mini-Mai: [[{{Expy}} Arika]]. *** Toady-M: Derisive nickname for Tomoe. Also, the Walking Idiot Ball, for other characters' tendency to [[WhatAnIdiot make really stupid decisions]] whenever she's around. *** {{Zorro}} Gallagher: Some say Sara (the First [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Pillar]]) looks like Comicbook/{{Batman}} in her Robe. I disagree. ** ''MakaiKingdom'' *** King Dork III: King Drake III, the DirtyCoward of the ''MakaiKingdom'' overlords. ** ''ShikigamiNoShiro III'' *** Princess {{Deadpool}}: First stage boss Yukari Horiguchi v2, who seems [[MediumAwareness all too aware that she's part of a video game]]. ** ''SonicTheHedgehog'' *** ''[[GodOfWar 'Hog of War]]'': The Werehog sections of ''SonicUnleashed''. * Tropers/WolfKazumaru ** Agent Homeboy - Blurted when he couldn't remember John Smith from Fringe's real name. ** Agent Teapot - Charlie Francis from the same show. Wolf isn't good with names, no he isn't. * Tropers/WoolieWool ** Admiral Asshole - Admiral Tolwyn from Wing Commander ** B.J. - The MUG Root Beer dog, after his resemblance to [[Wolfenstein3D a certain video game character]] ** [[MemeticMutation BOOOOOOOOOOOAT RUUUUUUUUDEEEEEER]] - Trivium, after the famous mondegreen video ** [[StarShipTroopers Brain Bugs]] - Combine Advisors from HalfLife ** Canned Meat - [[SoulSeries Nightmare]] ** Craptopsy, [[{{Metallica}} Cryptallica]] - Cryptopsy with Mike

[=McGachy=] ** [[LinkinPark CRAAAAAAWLING IN MY FUUUUUUR]] - [[SonicTheHedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog]] ** Demon Burger - The band DimmuBorgir ** Drug Fiend - The rival from [[{{Pokemon}} Pokémon]] Diamond/Sapphire/Emerald. He's gotta be high on ''something''. ** Gaylord Focker - Roy Focker from SuperDimensionFortressMacross ** John Kerry - Jeffrey Sinclair from [[BabylonFive Babylon 5]] ** Lar$ - Lars Ulrich of {{Metallica}} ** Lord Crispy - [[LordOfTheRings Lord Denethor]] ** [[MartyStu Marty Winstu]] - Mace Windu from StarWars ** [[ButtonMashing Mashi]] - [[SoulSeries - Maxi]] ** Misterr Ayinderrson - [[TheMatrix Hugo Weaving]] ** N'Flaymez - In Flames ** [[FinalFantasyVII Seph]][[DragonBallZ geta]] - Magus from ChronoTrigger ** Shut Up Button - a button that silences tutorials and [[ExpositionFairy Exposition Fairies]] ** [[PortmanteauCoupleName Son]][[HoYay adow]] In a Giant Latex Condom - [[SonicTheHedgehog Silver the Hedgehog]] ** [[MetalGearSolid Snake]] - Christian Bale's Batman ** Team Bowl Cut - [[{{Pokemon}} Team Galactic]] ** [[TheMatrix The Architect]] - Dr. Breen from HalfLife ** The Wizard, [[LordOfTheRings Gandalf]] - Jordan Rudess of DreamTheater ** Thong Lady, Big Tit Woman (BTW), Skank-Whore - [[SoulSeries Ivy Valentine]] * Wrybread ** Calgon and [=MacPherson=]: Tom Zarek and Felix Gaeta in Season 4 of (the new) ''BattlestarGalactica''. So named because they're [[SpaceMutiny a charismatic, Machiavellian schemer and a mid-level crew member who walks with a pronounced limp, who instigate a Mutiny that, coincidentally, happens in space]]. ** Chinese Food Simpsons: My name for ''Simpsons'' episodes of recent years, which, while not exactly bad, tend to be forgettable to the point where three hours after they're over you can't remember a single thing about what happened. [[/folder]]

[[folder:X]] * {{Tropers/Xyzzy}} ** 10nant - the tenth [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor]]. ** DJ Davros - somehow caused by 2:24 of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXboNhHGJLw this video]]. ** Scarfboy - the fourth Doctor. Meant to be vaguely derogatory. ** Imdib - quicker to say than the four-syllable acronym [[http://www.imdb.com IMDB]]. * Tropers/{{X2X}}

** ''{{Batman}}'' *** Rasta Joker - [[MonsterClown The Joker]] in ''TheBatman''. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5PEkOCRmtk Just look at him.]] ** ''{{Bleach}}'' *** AfroSamurai - [[FunnyAfro Zennosuke Kurumadani]]. Of course, Zennosuke is a ButtMonkey used for ComicRelief while Afro is [[SamuelLJackson Samuel]] '''[[PrecisionFStrike MOTHAFUCKIN']]''' [[SamuelLJackson L. Jackson]]! *** Titty Kitty, The Cat's Me-Ass - [[CatGirl Haineko]]. [[BuxomIsBetter T]] ''[[HourglassHottie and]]'' [[HartmanHips A]]? ''[[FetishFuel Rowr]]''. ** ''{{Castlevania}}'' *** The Power of [[SNKBoss Geese]]! - The [[BlowYouAway Pneuma]] glyph in ''[[CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia Order of Ecclesia]]''. It allows you to throw out [[KiAttacks Reppukens, Shippukens]], [[TheSameButMore Double Reppukens, Double Shippukens]], and [[LimitBreak Raging Storms]] like no one's business. ** ''DevilMayCry'' *** Dergil - The Vergil that stands-in for Dante in Vergil's story in ''Devil May Cry 3: [[UpdatedRerelease Special Edition]]''. It has a good ring to it (I like it better than [[FanNickname Vante]]). Plus, if you're familiar with the end of the game [[spoiler:(and by proxy, what happens to Nelo Angelo in ''1'')]] and [[MeaningfulName know what a "dirge" is]]... ** ''Encyclopedia Dramatica'' *** {{Squick}}ipedia - ''99.9% of the site''. Quick! Somebody pass the BrainBleach! ** ''FinalFantasy'' *** [[JustForPun GARland]] - [[BloodKnight Garland]]. [[TookALevelInBadass He took]] ''[[TookALevelInBadass several]]'' [[TookALevelInBadass levels in badassery]] in ''DissidiaFinalFantasy''. ''[[ButWaitTheresMore And]]'', he's voiced by ChristopherSabat! [[AdaptationalBadass Now, he]] ''[[WhosLaughingNow will]]'' [[MemeticMutation knock you all down]]... ''hard''. (This one may have ''actually'' caught on with the fanbase.) *** ''Final {{Fanservice}}'' - ''Dissidia'' itself. It appeals to ''everyone''. From a [[{{Stripperiffic}} nearly-naked woman]] with {{naughty|Tentacles}}... [[PowerPerversionPotential er...]] ''{{combat tentacles}}'' to a BlueBishonenGhetto to [[TheSmurfettePrinciple Terra]] transforming into a [[CuteMonsterGirl furry]] to a CuteShotaroBoy to ''[[FoeYay/{{Ptitlefjcz80qe}} tons]]'' of FoeYay (of ''both'' the hetero and homo variety), the game pretty much covers most bases. *** The Mighty Exdeath - [[FinalFantasyV Exdeath]] due to his status in ''Dissidia'' as [[FountainOfMemes a walking meme]] and the fact that his English voice actor [[HeyItsThatVoice was also the voice of]] M. Bison in ''StreetFighterIV''. ** ''FireEmblem'' *** Ye Broken Lord - Ike in ''[[FireEmblemTellius Path of Radiance]]''. Good stat growths? [[LightningBruiser Check]]. [[UnbreakableWeapons Unbreakable]] [[{{BFS}} sword]] [[InfinityPlusOneSword that is gained near endgame]]? Check. An

exclusive abilility consisting of a first slash that heals you according to the amount of damage you inflicted and then a second slash that ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill halves]]'' [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill the enemy's defense]]? [[GameBreaker Check]]. I swear, he's probably the only character who can ''[[SoloCharacterRun single]]'' maps with ludicrous ease (even the ''[[BonusDungeon extra ones]]''). It's a good thing that they [[{{Nerf}} toned him down a bit]] in ''Radiant Dawn'' and made him a MightyGlacier in ''[[SuperSmashBros Brawl]]''. Transfering those kind of abilities would put him ''[[BeyondTheImpossible above]]'' [[CharacterTiers God Tier]]. ** ''{{The King of Fighters}}'' *** Tristan - Nameless, the [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute Jonas Quinn]] [[SublimeRhyme stand-in]] for [[{{Akira}} Tetsuo]]... ahem... ''[[CaptainErsatz K9999]]'' in ''The King of Fighters 2002: [[UpdatedRerelease Unlimited Match]]''. Why? His [[DeadLittleSister dead]] [[StarCrossedLovers love interest]] is named ''[[ThemeNaming Isolde]]''. *** [[CompositeCharacter Blankuma]] - Silber in ''XI'' (originally from ''Buriki One''). Seriously, he looks like [[StreetFighter Akuma killed Blanka]] and decided to wear him as a garment. ** ''[[MarvelVsCapcom Marvel vs. Capcom]]'' *** Kiss Kiss, '''[[MemeticMutation BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!]]''' - [[DevilMayCry Dante]][=/=][[{{Darkstalkers}} Morrigan]][=/=]{{Deadpool}}. [[DontExplainTheJoke If you don't get it]], [[MoreDakka bullets]] are provided by #1 and (''especially'') #3, while the kisses are courtesy of [[HornyDevils the sole female of the group]]. *** The Chair Team - DoctorDoom[=/=][[DoctorStrange Dormammu]][=/=][[TheUnexpected M.O.D.O.K.]] in ''[=MvC3=]''. The first two start out with a SlouchOfVillainy on their thrones, while the latter ''is'' the chair. *** When All Else Fails, [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks Throw S***]] [[GhostsNGoblins Arthur]][=/=][[{{Darkstalkers}} HsienKo]][=/=]ViewtifulJoe. The first two are pretty much HyperspaceArsenal incarnate, and the third is quite bad himself. ** ''MegaManX'' *** Colonel Flag - [[BigBad Sigma]]. My dad heard me doing a spot-on impersonation of the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgLr19eYoH8 much-maligned voice acting]] in ''Mega Man X4'' (mainly the lines "Where's that red Maverick that wiped out Garma's unit?" and "I don't want any more of my people being sacrificed.") and came up with this one. The name's stuck ever since and has become a several years-long [[RunningGag in-joke]]. *** [[UrbanLegendOfZelda Shen Long]] - Magma Dragoon in ''X4''. A {{Shotoclone}} with [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Akuma]]'s [[IconicItem prayer beads]], and [[PlayingWithFire fiery versions]] of the [[EnergyBall Hadouken]], {{Shoryuken}}, and [[DynamicEntry Temna Kujinkyaku]]? He's even a BloodKnight like Akuma. You ''don't'' stand a chance. ** ''MNightShyamalan'' *** M. Night Shamalalabangbang - Yes, that's ''not'' his name, but it fits considering the idiotic, [[TheUnreveal unfulfilling]]

[[DullSurprise nature]] of most of his movies. "[[RobotChicken What a tweeest!]]", [[SarcasmMode indeed]]. ** ''ResidentEvil'' *** Ouroboros Chain Drive - Wesker's {{badass}} [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNs0pF5iCVo scene]] from ''ResidentEvil5'' where he tosses his iconic CoolShades at Chris and then proceeds to dish out a ''[[TheMatrix Matrix]]''-esque [[CurbstompBattle asskicking]] to Chris and Sheva. Eat your heart out, [[TheKingOfFighters K']]. *** Ouroboros Raging Storm - Wesker's attack in the FinalBoss [[BossBattle battle]] where he plunges his CombatTentacles into the ground, causing them to encircle him and shoot up towards the air (see [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77xv1mn2deY 0:25]]). [[FatalFury Geese]] [[ArtOfFighting Howard]] [[TheKingOfFighters himself]] would be proud. [[GratuitousEnglish PREDICT]][[MemeticMutation ABO]]! ** ''{{Soul|Series}}'' series *** Ziggy - [[TheAtoner Siegfried]]. Because it sounds funny (and the "Sieg" in his name is pronounced "Zieg"). Sometimes shortened to [[ZeroWing Zig]] for the sake of shouting "[[MemeticMutation Move 'Zig']]. ForGreatJustice!" It also coincides with [[CrispinFreeman his VA]] in ''SCIII'' and the [[MemeticMutation more famous]] '''[[CodeGeass STORM OF LOYALTY!!!]]''' *** The Nutcracker - [[LadyOfWar Sophitia]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sun9k-HXuGA due to]] [[GroinAttack a particular move of hers]]. *** Crystal Medieval [[FinalFantasyVIII Blasting Zone]] - Siegfried's [[FinishingMove Critical Finish]] in ''Soulcalibur IV''. ** ''StreetFighter'' *** [[ThatOneBoss That One Guy]] - [[FinalFight Guy]]. Not only was he a dominant force in the ''Alpha'' series, but the fact that Guy wasn't included in the original ''Street Fighter IV'' shot his MemeticBadass status [[UpToEleven through the roof]]. As one [[YouTube YouTuber]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mONhnRcAivk best said]]: "Guy is boss. He owns so hard, they&#65279; didn't invite him to ''[[StreetFighterIV Street Fighter 4]]'' because ''[[RuleOfCool he already won]]''". [[AndTheFandomRejoiced Cue Guy's entrance]] in ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM1LpLC7dfU Super Street Fighter IV]]'' with the [[BadassCreed words]] "[[PreAsskickingOneLiner The power of Bushin-ryuu shall be my quill]]." and the ability to make the [[{{Naruto}} Primary Lotus]] even more awesome. RESPECT. *** [[ThePoorMansSubstitute The Poor Man's]] [[QuintessentialBritishGentleman Dudley]] - [[ScaryBlackMan Balrog]]. After [[LetsFightLikeGentlemen fighting like a gentleman]], going back to Balrog is the equivalent of [[TookALevelInDumbass taking]] ''[[TookALevelInDumbass several]]'' [[TookALevelInDumbass steps backwards]]. A lot of people are going to enjoy trashing around Rog with Dudley in ''SSFIV''. ''[[AndTheFandomRejoiced A lot]]''. ** ''Film/{{Transformers}} Transformers'' *** Angus, The Bearded Scotsman - [[CoolOldGuy Jet]][[BadassGrandpa fire]] in ''Revenge of the Fallen'', thanks in part to his [[FakeNationality inexplicable accent]] which came off as Irish/Scottish instead of the usual [[FakeBrit British]].

*** Sam [[{{Mondegreen}} Wit-wicki-wild-wild]] - C'mon. His last name sounds like WillSmith's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEaX4ApC_EU rap]] from ''Film/WildWildWest''. ** ''YuYuHakusho'' *** Doll Man - [[NotSoHarmless Shorin]]. It doesn't help that he shares a faint resemblance to [[DragonBall Chiaotzu]], who is also given the same nickname. *** Girl Man - [[{{Bishonen}} Kurama]]. I blame my dad. *** [[{{Mondegreen}} Kookaburra]] - [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Kuwabara]]. *** New Age ''SpeedRacer'' - The English dub, at first. Whenver a new (major) character was introduced, or a technique or item was unveiled, the show would take a pause in the action 75% percent of the time to explain something, even if it was [[ViewersAreMorons easily noticeable]]. Good grief! If it's called a "Rose Whip", [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin what the heck do you think it is]]? I was expecting the {{Narrator}} to start prattling on about how [[LateArrivalSpoiler Racer X was Speed's older brother]]. *** Shorty (Mc)Quicksilver - [[LightningBruiser Hiei]]. [[/folder]] [[folder:Y]] * {{Tropers/ytdn}} ** Klan Klein and Klan Gro&#946; - The Micron and Zentradi forms of Klan Klan from Macross Frontier (Klein and Gro&#946; mean Small and Big in German, repectively) [[/folder]] [[folder:Z]] * {{Tropers/ziddy}} ** Nicknamed every member of the TalesOfVesperia cast- "Awesome Guy" for Yuri, "[[TheScrappy Other Collette]]" for Estelle, "Goggles" for Rita, "Pirate Dog" for Repede, "Cannon Fodder" for Karol, "[[MsFanservice Captain Fanservice]]" for Judith, and "Other Zelos" for Raven * {{Tropers/Zephid}} ** Berserker - the blind bastards with the giant retractable claws in ''ResidentEvil 4.'' ** Atari Dumbledore - Arcueid Bumstead in ''{{Tsukihime}}''. Damn [[FourChan 4chan]]. ** Doo-hoo-hoo-hoo (like crying) - Neil in ''TheYoungOnes''. ** Those f&#65533;$ing babies! - the Grotesqueries in ''{{Drakengard}}''. ** God of the Ticks - Yu Yevon in ''Final Fantasy X''. * {{Tropers/Zuzubrion}} ** Church of Hinata - The [[{{Naruto}} Hinata/NaruHina]] {{FanDumb}}. The nickname came about while this troper became a fan of HayateTheCombatButler and visited forums for that series. The series [[{{EnsembleDarkhorse/Anime}} Ensemble Darkhorse]] there had her fandom call themselves the "Church of Hinagiku" and this is what prompted this troper to call the Hinata {{Fandumb}}, simply because

they act like the character is a goddess who could do no wrong. ** Old School Sonic AKA Physics Age - The [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] games that featured mainly physics based platforming. While most games in this Tropers opinion are from the Genesis era, Sonic Advance of the SonicAdvanceTrilogy is the only game past Adventure to qualify because to this troper it plays EXACTLY like how the old school games were. ** Neo Sonic AKA [[Narm/SonicTheHedgehog Narm]] Age - The [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] games that spent most of their time trying to tell a story than anything, and only end up being a heaping helping case of Narm which is where the nickname comes from. Everything from Sonic Adventure to Sonic06 fits in this category. ** Rush Sonic AKA Boost Age - The [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] games that have begun to spring up as the standard for Sonic, sometimes called "New School Sonic" among his friends. This Troper seeing it as starting with [[SonicAdvanceTrilogy Sonic Advance 2]] and moving to the latest [[SonicColors Sonic Colors]]. The notable thing is the boost meter and semi-automatic roller coaster-esque level design. ** TEH BOSCH - Johnny Young Bosch. Simply because he's one of my favorite dub voice actors and I haven't invented nicknames for anyone else yet. [[/folder]] ----

FanNicknameUncategorised [[redirect:TroperTales/FanNicknameUncategorized]]

FanNicknameUncategorized '''Do not add any more to this page. Please, add your own entry in alphabetical order.''' ---* Nappa - A nickname to Yammy of Bleach because his voice sounds uncannily like Nappa of DBZ, it doesn't help that they have the same arrogance, are with a character that can handle himself completely, as well as able to be punished by the main character relatively easily (When he's not arguing with his evil side). * Nappa the nanny - The original Nappa's nickname for me, I found at on these forums at some point, check Yammy for reasons why this is his nickname. * Doucheke - Sasuke Uchiha, just, Sasuke Uchiha. * Awesomus Prime - To me, the Transformers Animated version of Optimus, doing some of the coolest stuff (Like going Haruko Haruhara on Soundwave's ass), but this name may also apply to the Original, Beast Wars, Armada, among other versions. * Electro - A nickname I don't use often, but it's for Elecman of the Megaman Series. * The Flash - Another Megaman nickname, for Quickman. * Those fucking bastards - Nickname for those stupid {{Die For Our Ship}} people. * Theme Park from Hell - Nickname for Eggman Land in Sonic Unleashed, since it indeed looks like a theme park from hell.

* Bob, Foot Soldier/Agent of THE FOOT - A nickname for the playable Foot Soldier in TMNT: Smash Up, name came from a conversation with my sister. ** Deadpool - Another Nickname due to the uncanny skinnyness, making him look like Deadpool stole a random Foot Ninja's clothes. * The [=TransFighters or StreetFormers=] - Nicknames for the 5 Guardians in the 2007 TMNT movie, due to the Nostalgia Critic calling them "What the cast of Street Fighter would look like if they ate the Transformers." ** Rhison - Name for the horned and supposed leader of the guardians due to his resemblance to Bison eating Rhinox. ** [=CheeDhalsim=] - Name for the small one that looks like Dhalsim if he ate Cheetor. * Ninja in Blue overalls - Mario, yes, ''that'' Mario, seriously, his acrobatics, the fact he can jump off walls, among other things. * Espada!Xykon - [[{{Bleach}} Barragan Luisenbarn]], after his released form's uncanny resemblance to a particular villain from ''TheOrderOfTheStick'' * Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald WEAPON - Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, respectively, from the Gen3 {{Pokemon}} games. * Delta Attack Squad - the Mover enemies from the FFVII games, after their insanely powerful 'Delta Attack' move. * Jedi Jim - The Rebel counterpart to "Darth Bob", the TIE pilot who likes to crash into you in ''StarWars: Rogue Leader''. He shows up in the two bonus missions where you play as Darth Vader. * Chiclets - ''RockBand'''s equivalent to [[GuitarHero Skittles]]. And like the Skittles, ''[[TheTetrisEffect they're every-wheeeeere!]]'' * [[{{Bleach}} Madame Ikkaku - Madarame Ikkaku]]. Started as an accident over MSN, is now used among this troper's Bleach fan friends. * [[{{Bleach}} Gay Satan - Aizen]] This tropers father named him such because of his strong (story wise) resemblance to the religous BigBad, and also his large habit to have buckets of HoYay floating around him. * Agent V Megatron - See the reasons for Movieverse Megatron and add in for ''VForVendetta''. * Trope example: Cheap 3-D - ConspicuousCGI * After [[FateStayNight the Unlimited Blade Works Movie]] this troper and his friend call Shiro: [[StarWars Shiro Skywalker]] due to his mad sword [[ImplausibleFencingPowers deflection skills]]. ----

FanOfUnderdog * [[DiscoGlacier ThisTroper]] is a fan of literal underdog [[{{Pokemon}} Flareon]], the TierInducedScrappy of the [[FanNickname eeveelutions]]. It's not an unlikable Pokemon by its own merits, but one of the many cool Pokemon that unfortunately got the shaft from Game Freak gameplay-wise. It [[NeedsMoreLove needs more love]]. ** I like Flareon too, mostly because I love fire-types and Flareon is cute. * For This Troper, it usually falls on being a fan of a series' [[{{TheScrappy}} scrappy]]. Not matter how much hatred that particular character or series has, I will look past all the vitriol and find

redeeming qualities that most people are too quick to dismiss or outright ignore. * I never had a big problem with [[Left4Dead2 Rochelle.]] In fact, I kind of like her. She's not my favorite, but I do enjoy her lines. I have a soft spot for IncrediblyLamePuns. ---Sure ''someone'' has to be a fan of [[FanOfUnderdog this page]].

FanonDisContinuity ->''"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"'' -->-- '''Adam Savage''', ''{{Mythbusters}}'' This page does not exist, and if it did, it ''definitely'' wouldn't involve tropers purging their brains of the horrible abominations wrought on their favourite media in the most annoying way possible. Note: This is very subjective. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityAnimeAndManga Anime and Manga]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityComicBooks Comic Books]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityFilm Film]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityLiterature Literature]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityLiveActionTV Live Action TV]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityMusic Music]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityNewspaperComics Newspaper Comics]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityProfessionalWrestling Professional Wrestling]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityRadio Radio]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityTabletopGames Tabletop Games]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityTheatre Theatre]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityVideoGames Video Games]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityWebcomics Webcomics]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityWebOriginal Web Original]] * [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuityWesternAnimation Western Animation]]

---[[FanonDiscontinuity What's a main trope page?]] What's TV Tropes? I certainly haven't spent hours with dozens of tabs staring at this one wiki. ----

FanonDiscontinuityAnimeAndManga Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as

seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* Man, I love how Inuyasha didn't drag on for seven seasons with no ending, finally wrapping everything up in season four, with Kagome FINALLY returning to her own time for a good, Inuyasha ending up with Kikyo and Shin--a demon fox boy? I have no idea what you're talking about! Inuyasha never contained an annoying demon fox boy! * Boy, it's a good thing ''[[GaoGaiGar [=GaoGaiGar=] FINAL]]'' didn't kill off all the heroes in the last 30 seconds of the series, isn't it? I mean it would've been ''the lamest thing ever'' if they'd been caught in a collapsing pocket dimension and decided that despite having both dimension-warping tools AND access to ZAH POWAH that they had no way of getting themselves home. I mean, not only are they SuperRobot heroes, they even have "never give up" written into their freaking bylaws! ** No, no, you see what happened was simple, they were just exhausted from the fight but wanted to let people know what happened, so they sent the kids ahead of them. Then, as the Universe collapsed around them, Guy freaking got up, used the final Genesic tool and opened a portal back to his home universe. Sadly, they were on the ''other'' side of the universe and it would take a few years to get back. Thankfully they landed on a planet and got repairs to the robots. Sadly, [[{{Voltron}} King Zarkon]] decided to screw things up and the Braves teamed up with Voltron, and it... Was... AWESOME!!! * And as long as we're on the topic of SuperRobot shows, ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' did ''not'' suddenly mutate into a military sci-fi action series with its' third season. What actually happened was that the Aces joined up with the Main Branch's mobile divisions and Nanoha's circle of friends got turned into a multidimensional HeroesRUs-type group with a chief who bears a very suspicious resemblance to [[GaoGaiGar Kotaro Taiga]]. There is no such thing as military politics in ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' and the only {{Obstructive Bureaucrat}}s in the series are the ones who get [[DefeatMeansFriendship befriended]]. ** Speaking of which, I am ''so'' glad that they didn't decide to do a movie that writes out every secondary character just to give one character more screen time and backstory and make it impossible for newer viewers to enjoy said movie. I mean, the movie where the secondary characters picked up arms and were kicking ass of giant robot mooks while the two mains fought against an incredibly powerful BigBad? Man, that was AWESOME! ** As far as [[Tropers/LanceOmikron ThisTroper]] is concerned, TheMovie is not RecursiveCanon, and they didn't make any audio dramas that suggested this. After all, it would make very little sense to do such a masterful retelling of the first season, only to turn around and basically say "Nah, none of the improvements we made to the story are actually canon". * For the record, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}'' ended after the Ceremonial Duel. There was never any series about [[YugiohGX a school that teaches kids how to play children's card games]], and there sure as hell wasn't a

series about [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}} playing card games on motorbikes]]. No, sir. ** AMEN. They would not be stupid enough to tarnish the name of one of the most engaging stories in all of {{shonen}} by making spinoffs dedicated to marketing more cards. ** One of the best stories in the series was seeing Joey develop into a stronger duelist. I mean from defeating Marik in duel (Though not completely since it wasn't an Egyptian God Card that delivered the final blow), even though the Shadow Game took its toll on him rendering unable to move on in the tournament, and managing to make it in the top four once more in the [[{{Filler}} KaibaCorp Grand Prix]]. There was no way he would [[CantCatchUp continue to decline in rank]] so much that he would, I don't know, ''lose in the 2nd round'' and turn him into a glorified FailureHero. And he sure as hell wasn't made into a butt of a joke based on a card, let alone one [[WithFriendsLikeThese his friends laughed about]]. ** Also, Mai defeated Tea in their {{Filler}} duel. She did NOT sacrifice a game-winning move just to prove Tea right about ThePowerOfFriendship; she's a much [[ActionGirl better duelist]] than that! *** And a bad {{Filler}} that was, as it [[CompletelyMissingThePoint completely missed the point]] of Mai's CharacterDevelopment in order to keep her a bland ActionGirl. [[YankTheDogsChain And poor Tea...]] ** There sure wasn't any spin-off of the original ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'' that copied ''{{Pokemon}}'' called Capsule Monsters, (despite it having roots in the original manga), which 4Kids did not fall from its good dub of the Japanese series to expand on its CashCowFranchise. No, sir. Nothing existed like that except for an impressive soundtrack. * ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}}'''s fourth season sure had an odd way of numbering its episodes. It skipped 161, 162, 165, and 166. ''Especially'' 165. Also, in episode 176, [[spoiler: after Fubuki magnificently tied with Fujiwara and both of them disappeared into the world of Darkness, Fujiwara simply came back, because Darkness is the master of his own domain, leading to Judai and Johan having to defeat Fujiwara again, this time working to break Darkness' hold on him. There was definitely nothing about an elaborate time travel scheme or mind trick in order to determine the darkness inside Fubuki's heart or anything like that. That would just be dumb, and insulting toward Fubuki's character.]] * ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}}'' was rather interesting, what with the fact that Judai was able to defeat such powerful enemies as The Three Phantom Demons and the Light of Destruction just by being able to rely on his friends when he needed them and trusting in his Elemental Hero deck. I mean, can you imagine how stupid it would have been if Judai was the reincarnation of some ancient magical prince who had the power of "Dark Justice" and all the rest of the cast was derailed into being useless, simply to emphasize how special Judai was? * Similarly, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds}}'' was also quite interesting in how ballsy the writers got; killing off huge swaths of characters without taking it back? Showing through Kiryu that sometimes relationships get irreperably broken? Not to mention the way Aki and Luka got to duel against Rex alongside Yusei and Jack, and how after the destined battle of the Signers versus the Dark Signers, the dragon birthmarks

faded from existance, their purpose fulfilled and everyone was able to move on with their lives. Really, dragging things on with a meandering third season that never goes anywhere and just piling on filler after filler after filler would have been such a stupid thing to do, no group of writers could be dumb enough to try that! * [[SuzumiyaHaruhiNoYuutsu Yay for second season, but why is it only six episodes long? I mean, there's no way, NO WAY, could they waste the season and animation budget to repeating same eight episodes (that fits into one episode) due to arc being called "Endless Eight" after the month it takes place in. That would be ridiculous.]] ** Seven episodes? Second season? There was just one episode about [[spoiler: Kyon and Mikuru traveling back in time]], there was certainly no five episode arc about the SOS Brigade trying to make some movie. If they did make an arc that's basically the same thing over and over again, it would just consist of the original cycle, a cycle where Kyon and Koizumi are somewhat aware of what's happening, and the cycle where they end their predicament. Other than that, there was only one episode. *** The abovementioned time-travel episode was also the first season finale, which brought everything full circle. The only other Haruhi anime made afterwards was ''the Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya'' movie. ** Uuhh... guys? We ''did'' get a second season. But for some reason they decided to air it over Youtube in five-minute segments and added a "-chan" at the end of Haruhi's name. Do you want proof? Nagaru Tanigawa (yes, ''that'' Tanigawa) himself wrote the source material ''and'' one of the episodes recycles footage from the first season when Asakura remembers [[spoiler:her being disintegrated]]. Further proof? It was actually entertaining and faithful to the spirit of the first series. In short, it was everything a second season (which otherwise [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean never materialized]]) was supposed to be. * I can comfortably call the follow-up one-shot of ''DeathNote'' DisContinuity because it's pretty clear that Takeshi Obata, at least, wasn't involved, what with the change back to Cloister Black font and [[spoiler: Near suddenly catching the puberty train at age nineteen]]. Obviously, it's the complete OOC of L and, even more, Mello (he got where he was by winning an ''apathy contest?'' On a subject he's shaken the living daylights out of an old man over?) that really initiate the rejection. ** The art doesn't look quite the same either, so I can definitely believe Obata wasn't in on it. I skimmed through the one-shot out of morbid curiosity and proceeded to ignore it entirely. And while we're on the OOC note, after how the series ended, why is Matsuda willing to defend Kira again? Or- why would he be, if this one-shot existed, anyway. *** For a quick example of the OffModel art on display, look at [[http://www.mangareader.net/113-4125-29/death-note/chapter-109.html the task force]]. And yeah, [[YouFailBiologyForever Near hit puberty at 19]]? The Ohba/Obata team may have made some [[DidNotDoTheResearch research errors]] (L asking the FBI to investigate - the FBI is USexclusive; Light's use of a bag of gasoline when gasoline actually dissolves plastic, etc.), but none ''that'' bad!

*** Who's Near, anyway? Mello caught Kira, everyone knows that! **** No no no, there is no episode 37. Light and Mikami killed [[TheScrappy Near]] and [[KarmaHoudini they lived happily ever after.]] ** L got bored of the lack of challenge and asked Rem to kill Kira and take the notebooks back. Misa was stricken mute. Watari got a race car. ** Those last three rules about everyone, including all of our favorite characters ceasting to exist after dying? Totally fake. What kind of angsty OuterLimitsTwist ending would that be? *** Actually, the rule wasn't that everyone ceases to exist after death. Their souls literally ''go to the world of nothingness'' when they die. Which is also terribly depressing. Everyone gets the same fate as a murderer like Kira when they die? That's so unfair, it has to be fake. **** I personally believe Ryuk wrote it in just to screw with Light. Think about it- when Light asks him "Is there heaven and Hell?" if Ryuk answered "Yes" there was the chance that Light would stop using the Death Note. There goes Ryuk's fun. So he lied. * Yep, it's a classic good ending for ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. Simon has a son with Nia and Kamina is the godfather. They all shed a tear for Rossiu, who died in a HeroicSacrifice earlier on. ** Nia did not vanish immediately after receiving her wedding kiss, and Simon [[SourGrapesTropes most certainly did not reject his chance to]] [[DudeWheresMyReward receive the happiness he deserved]] simply to deliver a clumsy Aesop. The series either ended on their kiss, or it was a complex ruse on the part of Nia and Simon to get some privacy after years of de facto figurehead status. Afterwards, Simon and Nia enlisted in the ranks of the government's army and lived long, happy lives together. Simon most ''certainly'' did not end up a lonely hobo. ** Viral still gets to live as an immortal fleet commander, though. He gets his wife and possibly finds a way to create children so he can have the family he wanted. ** It hasn't been written yet, and probably for good reason: Kamina is not dead, neither Nia, and Simon didn't leave everything behind. They're having a [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Q6AINBZ3DP2KKLDFQUSODPJ 7RVILDAFY.jpeg happy ending]]. ** Also, Kamina and Yoko got married, and Kittan was named the godfather of their second child. Kittan didn't die, people! *** Kamina and Kittan DID die. You have to have ''some'' death in the series. [[CrackShip Yoko and Viral hooked up together in the end.]] *** Well, yeah, but then they came back from the dead and stuck around, being awesome as usual. Otherwise, how do you explain why Kamina's in the above image? Eh? * TengenToppaGurrenLagann is all about doing the impossible and kicking logic to the curb, right? Not having almost the entire supporting cast ''die'' in the last few episodes for a bunch of completely pointless {{Heroic Sacrifice}} explosions. ''No one'' dies, because in that world, people are just ''too badass'' to die. Simon and Nia get happily married, Kittan comes back and marries Yoko...[[{{Incredibly Lame Pun}} you know the drill.]]

* What's all this nonsense I keep hearing about Lelouch being dead? He'd have to stay after that whole faked death thing just to keep his plan from falling apart. ''CodeGeass'' cannot be ended so easily! ** lelouche lamperouge -> rurushu ramperouge -> R.R. -> R2. he's not dead. though WoG says he is, anyone who watched the show and caught the sort of "[[RobotChicken what a TWEEEEST]]!" that it played by knows better than to believe that. he's got the code, he's got the geass, he's R.R. what's not to see? :) *** WordOfGod is a lie. Remember Nunnuly? Didn't she die due to a misshot n2 bomb, if God is to be believed. *** If I'm not mistaken, WordOfGod didn't say he was dead, it merely said that he died. If he got the code from killing his father, he did die, but did not remain dead. ** [[CodeGeass Lelouch]] [[spoiler: didn't die]], and opened up a pizza place with C.C. And [[spoiler: if he did die]], he didn't practice GoGoEnslavement towards his siblings, and use a term hinting at BrotherSisterIncest [[spoiler: right before he died]] to his sister. ** Wait, Lelouch died and Nunnally's still alive? Whuh? From what I heard, after he became emperor, he married both Kallen and C.C., Sayoko married Jeremiah, they killed Ohgi and Villeta during their wedding, and Pizza Hut rules the world. That is how Code Geass ended! *** Let's not forget Nina. She never did a complete 180 in terms of personality after firing the FLEIJA bomb, and after the end of the war she committed suicide because she couldn't stand to see the "Eleven" gain their freedom while she still hadn't avenged Euphemia. Oh, and during the final episodes, the Knight of the Round ladies (Monica and Dorothea) got some more advanced Knightmare frames and proved themselves to be very dangerous opponents. What's this thing I heard about them being WTFPWNT in a mere five seconds? Anti-Britannia propaganda, I guess. ** [[BrotherSisterIncest Incest, what incest?]] Seriously though, whatever ''romance'' there is between Lelouch and Nunnally is probably just some crazy fan's theory. ** What is this R2 your talking about? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not a long string of AssPull and CharacterDerailment. ** [[spoiler: Euphinator]]? Massacre Princess? What the hell are you talking about? [[spoiler: Euphie]] lived and married Suzaku obviously. And for the record [[spoiler: Shirley and Lelouch]] also did not die. ** I like to ignore R2's Shirley sub-plot up until she gets her memory back. From there, I can see how it works, though I don't particularly like how it ends. But before then, we have Lelouch asking Shirley about breaking up a relationship - which wasn't even phrased in a manner to be helpful for his situation - and getting together with her. For the latter, it's obvious: Lelouch killed her father. She forgot, but he didn't. Is he truly so easily manipulated that he does something so morally reprehensible as that, simply because it didn't fit the mood? And for the former... Why does the person who, in side materials, stops an arranged marriage between Nunnally and Suzaku's father because of his love for Nunnally, consider marrying a little girl to some nameless punk under his command? Did he forget that he's spent years trying to avoid being a political tool? Does he not

realise that his good friend Milly, to whom he owes much, has repeated her final year of schooling in a desperate attempt to avoid such a fate? Does he think that being told it's a bad idea by every woman who is even remotely important to his organisation - from the ancient immortal, to his self-declared wife, to his weapons designer - is not enough to make a conclusive decision? Does he think it's a good decision to irritate the man with the sword who cut down the last five people to try that before they could even speak? Does he not realise that he just spent the last three episodes ruining an identical plan, made by some people he thinks are pathetic and disgusting, and the one man who he truly loathes? That he gives a short exclamation on the righteousness of love was also pretty silly. * Hey, remember ''{{Naruto}}''? It was that fun series about the three ninjas-in-training and their teacher traveling the world, having the proper mix of quirky antics and adventures? It's a good thing they didn't do something dumb like, say, introducing a billion characters in a combination exam/fighting tournament, so that we could keep watching the main three play off each other and grow as characters. Though, it's a shame they never found Sasuke's brother. That fight would have been epic. Also, Haku was a girl. ** This editor would like to think that there never was a TimeSkip in ''Naruto''. The series has just been a mess since. And while it was at least readable, he completely lost interest after the Itachi reveal. ** As far as this troper is concerned Sasuke returned to Konoha after defeating Itachi, and Itachi was never a good guy. ** Pain never pulled out his mass resurrection Bull Shit in ''{{Naruto}}''. And Naruto is still a badass. And Sauske's hilariously moronic plan got him and his team spectacularly mauled by all 5 Kages and their guards at once, in one of the most glorious beatdowns in fictional history. ** This Troper seconds ''Naruto'' not having a time skip. Naruto defeated Sasuke in the final battle. Sasuke was then arrested for his betrayal while Orochimaru and Kabuto were killed by Jiraiya and Tsunade's combined forces. ** Huh? Sorry to correct you, but Sasuke never did betray Konoha, instead deciding to listen to Kakashi and stay so he could continue his CharacterDevelopment into a loyal member of the team who cared about his friends more than revenge. What do you mean by all this [[TookALevelInJerkass taking A level in Jerkass]] and CharacterDerailment? * It finally happened. This troper could not accept the ending of a story. He finally got around to ''[[NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]]'' after [[HypeBacklash hearing about it for years.]] Luckily, this ending turned out to be one of Shinji's nightmares and after all the angels and other bad shit was taken care of, everyone was still incredibly messed up but [[ThereAreNoTherapists eventually came to terms with it and moved on,]] like they had been for first 60 chapters or so! I reject your reality and substitute it with my own. ** Don't feel bad. ThisTroper has never seen ''anything'' in his fandom life that has inspired as much DisContinuity, FixFic, and every other type of desperate attempt imaginable to escape the knowledge of the actual canon ending(s) than ''Evangelion''.

** I don't what you people are talking about. The ending of ''Evangelion'' is thus - Asuka was committed to an institution. The new Rei is another helpless devotee to Gendou with no memory of her former self or her close friendship with Shinji. Misato is living alone in her apartment again having to live with the guilt of killing the man she loved and pushing the Children away by making them do something that wrecked them emotionally and mentally. And Shinji is discharged by NERV since there is no use for him, now far worse then he'd even been if he'd never gone, spiritually destroyed and forever living with the knowledge that he had one person who gave him unconditional love and he knowingly killed him - left possibly suidcial and with wounds so deep he'll never want to speak to his old comrades at NERV, or indeed anyone, ever again. Beautifully dark and depressing. And before you say "no" look me in the eye and tell me it's not as good as two what-the-fuck final episodes made out of recycled footage and LSD or a movie in which [[KillEmAll the entire cast is killed]]. *** It's not as good as two what-the-fuck final episodes made out of recycled footage and LSD or a movie in which [[KillEmAll the entire cast is killed]]. Don't test fan-fic writers. Deep down inside, we're all psychotic idealists. *** Yours still sucks. The ending I saw had Everyone Live. Just this once, everyone lives. HAPPY END! *** That's a pretty good one, I'll admit. But mine has all these alternate universes connected to each other. [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann And in one, there's this kid named 'Simon'. And he's got this drill, see...]] **** You know... this troper, at first, thought that LordGenome was an older and inmortal Shinji Ikari. ** Evangelion? Yeah, that [[BeyondTheImposible incredible awesome]] series about a boy [[ShinjiAndWarhammer40K who discover a box full of Warhammer 40000 miniatures and is recruited by his abusive parent]] ** In relative contrast, I completely accept the Canon Ending(s) of Evangelion. Especially as a Symbolic exercise in futility, immaturity, and depressive suicide. HOWEVER, I will not accept the Series as another Sci-Fi Mecha Anime about fighting Space Aliens. Neither will I accept that all Life on Earth was created by said Space Aliens. Giant Robot Mother Gods are hard to swallow, but nothing on earth is going to make me believe Space Aliens are Gods. Seriously, that's the best you could come up with? SPACE ALIEN GODS?! * ''[[YesPrettyCure5 Yes! Pretty Cure 5GoGo]]'' ended with a series of scenes that most certainly did ''not'' involve Karen and Rin somehow finding time to carefully tend to a seemingly INFINITE flower garden, all by themselves, while still having time to carry out their normal lives without disruption. Also, [[{{Shipping}} Milk]] [[SchoolgirlLesbians can]] [[VoluntaryShapeshifting still]] [[InterspeciesRomance become]] [[ShipSinking Kurumi]]. * ''GundamSEEDDestiny'' is generally hated by long-time Mobile Suit Gundam fans, even the ones who enjoyed the original ''GundamSEED''. This comes about for many reasons; particularly, how certain characters can [[ContractualImmortality survive anything]]. For instance, there's the time when Mwu survived an anti-fortress cannon

obliterating his mobile suit, and the other time when Kira got a sword through his Gundam, and it exploded in a mile-wide blast. This troper prefers to think of anything that happened after the latter event as being a dream of Shinn's, rendered comatose by the Freedom's explosion, and allows for some ridiculous events to disappear entirely, including the resurrection of Kira and Mwu (Neo was just a coincidental likeness), the X-1 Destroy becoming a non-threat compared to the Minerva crew, Durandal's Destiny plan and funnels being able to hover in mid-air. ** Or you could just say the ''SuperRobotWars Z'' version of the ''SEED Destiny'' events are canon. You get a likeable and threedimensional Shinn, a ''well'' handled relationship between him and Luna, [[HesJustHiding Stella lives]], Kira's actions are not accepted by the world at large, etc. What's not to like? ** This Troper was interested in GundamSEED, but after Kira and Flay had sex, he decided that the best thing to do was pretend that said scene never happened. ** Stellar lived, and Shinn hooked up with her after she was cured of her conditioning. Luna certainly didn't inexplicably fall for the guy who shot her little sister. * This Goon will always say ''DigimonAdventure02'' was canceled after the Digimon Kaizer arc, between the Nightmare Fuel that resulted in Chiaki J. Konaka geting the seat for Tamers and the concentrated awesome of T.K's CrowningMomentOfAwesome, Toei, being the international house of failcakes they are, had to cancel it. ** I've been hearing the most frightful things about a finale where they reuse a {{Big Bad}} of the former season and the kids defeat them by talking about some stupid dream and then immediately move on to an epilogue where Yamato becomes an astronaut and ends up with Sora...... thankfully those rumors were never true. ** Also, Lucemon was unleased almost immediatly after Cherubimon was defeated in DigimonFrontier. There were no boring ten-something episodes with Takuya and Koji completely [[SpotlightStealingSquad taking over the show]] and the good guys being [[CurbStompBattle curbstomped]] by [[BoringInvincibleVillain boring invincible villains.]] That would be enough to put anyone of of {{Digimon}} forever. * Tropers/GentlemensDame883 has friends who pretend the Orange Islands arc of ''{{Pokemon}}'' never occurred. ** Orange WHAT? The AnimatedAdaptation of ''{{Pokemon}}'' never made it past it's first season! ** Lucario does not exist. I don't know who this ugly Anubis-wannabe wolfaboo thing is, but Mew was never in any films with it. Mew only exists in the first movie with Mewtwo, and possibly in Mewtwo Returns. Incidentally, apart from Mewtwo Returns, there were no movies made after the first Pokemon movie. EVER. Also, Ash grew up and hung up the Pokeballs a long time ago, so I don't know who this retarded recolor kid is who's running around now, dragging out filler after filler after filler, and Team Rocket finally found some peace when he did, instead of living as the poor comedic relief to suffer through each episode and never be happy. THE END!!!!! * There was only one season of the original ''Pokemon'' anime, and it

seemed to be missing a lot of episodes. It went rather continuous up until Ash had six badges, but the next episode after he got his sixth badge was "Pikachu's Goodbye". From there, we were fine up until the episode in which Charmeleon evolved, which seemed to be over remarkably quickly, possibly hinting at something that was supposed to happen later in the episode after Jigglypuff had finished singing. It then skipped to the battle with Blaine, an awesome two-part episode that left me wanting more quality, but then there was a bunch of sadly justified filler, much of which (like the one with the giant Pokemon or the one with the surfing Pikachu or the one where Jessie caught the Shellder) was actually pretty good, followed by the Indigo League. After Ash's elimination at the hands of Bizarro-Ash, however, the next episode has Ash and Misty--''just'' Ash and Misty, which at the time seemed [[{{Shipping}} like a good thing]]--on some island, where Charizard gets hurt in a battle with a Poliwrath and ends up trusting Ash. Also, Ash somehow has a Snorlax now, and his Pidgeotto is inexplicably missing. Then we end up fast-forwarding to another league on these islands, where a more obedient Charizard kicks ass. He then continues to kick ass for a little bit in Johto, but leaves to train with other Charizard, pretty much ending the original series, as he'd become the only real reason to watch by then. ** I think the ''{{Pokemon}}'' anime got canned in America after the eighth season. That really sucks since they were only like 15 episodes into the Battle Frontier arc. ** Ash won the Indigo League and became a Pokemon Master. Nothing else ever happened to him. Ever. ** True that. There was then a new Johto series after that; with a new main boy, a new female and male travelling companion, a new rival, and two new Team Rocket members (but with these ones being frighteningly competent rather than [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain bumbling.]]) It was a NEW SERIES, there's no way the anime producers would squander the potential and limit the concept to a random three-part special about Raikou. ** Dawn won the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Which is the best thing that could happen, really. There's no way the authors would make her lose for the umpteenth time to her rival, thus making all of her progress null and void. Oh, and May won the Hoenn Grand Festival, beating out both Drew and Soledad. * Although it has been purged from the proper page now, there was once a troper who saw fit to believe that [[spoiler: the Euphinator incident]] in ''CodeGeass'' and everything beyond that never occurred, instead giving Lelouch and the rest of the characters a happy ending. * In ''{{Bleach}}'', after a long, hard battle, and with the help of the captains, Ichigo finally defeated Aizen and his accomplices at the Soukyoku hill, and managed to extract and destroy the Hogyoku. After returning home, he sees a more powerful Grand Fisher attacking his family, and after a long, hard battle against one of the most powerful hollows in the world, manages to save his sisters and his non-Soul Reaper father, and when he visits his mother's grave for the next time, several months later, realizes that he has found a new purpose for living. ** Actually, Ichigo has never gone to Soul Society.

*** Yes, that's right. Rukia got her powers back and left in peace. Life went on as normal. ''Life went on as normal.'' *** '''[[MemeticMutation WRONG!!]]''' Rukia did get her powers back, but then she decided to stay in Karakura Town with her new friends and also because she and Ichigo had fallen in love. And they all lived happily ever after. ** And now a word from our very own forums: --->'''Tropers/WanderlustWarrior:''': ''And could someone please tell me what the point of this arc so far has been? I'm not complaining about series I don't like, I used to like bleach, but its quality went to hell soooooo long ago.'' --->'''{{Tropers/Noimporta}}:''' ''Defeating Muramasa and the rouge Zampakutous to save soul society.'' --->'''[[{{Tropers/KSPAM}} K*SPAM]]:''' ''I believe he is referring to the manga...'' ---> ... --->'''{{Tropers/Noimporta}}:''' ''Oh, but that ended after they rescued Rukia, so I figured they were talking about the anime.'' *** Yes, yes, yes. The series ended with Rukia rescued and Aizen being destroyed by the entire Soul Society. No Hueco Mundo, Espada, Vizards, or anything came after it. ** Agreed. Oh, and for the record Ishida defeated [[MonsterClown Mayuri]] in a spectacularly epic fight and avenged his grandfather. Sacrificing his powers for a failed ultimate attack? Mayuri escaping by turning into blue goo? What bad Fanfic have you been reading? * ''SailorMoon'' finishes with the end of the fourth season. The rest is just really bad fanfic. ** I thought it ended with the second season... *** Third season. And a shorter OVA that's heavily based on the manga arc about Dead Moon and did NOT overfocus on Chibi-Usa, nor did it put the [[FanNickname "Outer"]] Senshi [[PutOnABus on a bus]]. *** Season 4 is a shorted OVA and Season 5 is some glorious GaoGaiGar thing where Senshi are dying all over the place and horribly at that and the nature of life and death is explored. **** The anime also kept some of the best parts of the manga(Eg. Beryl's backstory, Pluto's role in R, Minako's seriousness, ect.), and Naru wasn't demoted to extra, and developed a bit of a hidden BadAssNormal as the seasons progessed, even if she was an interesting character if she didn't. * What do you mean [[FushigiYuugi Nakago]] [[KarmaHoudini went to heaven]] after his death in ''FushigiYuugi''? All because he [[FreudianExcuse had a bad childhood]]? After jumping over the MoralEventHorizon the way he did, he has obviously been dropped to Hell. ** Tasuki ''didn't'' attempt to rape Miaka in the OAV-- What are you, crazy? He was brainwashed, sure, but he fought it back, and that's why Miaka fell for him after all. You thought she'd actually wind up with that cardboard cut-out [[strike: Tamahome]] Taka? * In ''{{Bleach}}'', Aizen most certainly does not stab Momo with his sword after the reveal that he is still alive and now the BigBad. He instead gently renders her unconscious with one of his Kidos and takes her with him when he and his followers escape to Hecho Mundo.

Afterall, every Hades needs a Persephone... ** I thought that's what Gin was for. * In ''{{Bleach}}'', Harribel died after being frozen by Hitsugaya. After bieng slashed by Kyoraku, Starrk revealed that he had a Segunda Etapa, and Kyoraku, Love and Rose only managed to defeat him by using their bankais. ** No, no, you got it all wrong! Halibel brutally slaughtered Hitsugaya and then escaped with her life. Talk about a KarmaHoudini... *** Hitsugaya was demoted for incompetence shortly before this, of course. **** Wow, What have you guys been reading? Hitsugaya freezes Harribel but she escapes. Hitsugaya notices Aizen about to stab her and he brings up an ice wall to defend her. Starrk and Harribel joins the shinigami alongside Starrk and they, alongside the visards, crush crush Gin and Tousen. Then Ichigo appears and He and Aizen duke it out and Ichigo wins. **** All of this of course happens in a beautifully paced 20 chapter epic that was so awesome Kubo's taken an extended long break to try to come up with something equally awesome to top it. * Gosh, it's too bad ''RoninWarriors'' never made any more {{OAV}}s after Gaiden! * I have no idea what the people above me are talking about, but I forone can't wait for {{Bleach}} to stop this sudden filler streak and finish with Aizen's escape - which would no doubt be followed by a long period of subterfuge and infiltrations as all the sides of the Winter War are revealed over a few years, demonstrating the strategic prowess of centuries-old warriors. Many heroic sacrifices will no doubt define the future outlook of the protagonists as they all relavtively evenly master their powers and develop tactical warfare methods. Because after revealing a Big Bad like Aizen, we are no dount in for something that will redefine the very Shonen genre, and definitely NOT a dragged on exposition of like two months whre Ichigo gets powers plopped on - and the others barely improve - and Aizen becomes an illusion spammer while the Shinigami and "Espada" whatever that could mean - poke each other floating in the air. Nope. Because Aizen will not decay into a standard (read: crap) villain. ** Excuse me? Aizen's escape? What kind of [[PlotHole incongruent]] CrackFic have you been reading, fellow troper? Don't you remember the manga ended with Ichigo's [[spoiler: Final Getsuga Tenshou]] defeating Aizen's Bankai after both they and Isshin [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment take a cup of coffee]] [[RuleOfFun and talk about their goals in life]]? I remember it, and it was a short, beautiful, epic 5 chapters fight. *** Also, Nelliel goes to the human world and marries Ichigo. Karakura town turns into an in-earth base for the Seireitei, where all of the soul reapers live now (except for Hitsugaya because he stayed in hueco mundo but nobody cared about him) and [[TiteKubo Kubo]] has recently announced to start working on a short, gunslinger-themed 100 chapter manga. Aizen's escape? bleach continuing? No, that would just be an [[XanatosGambit evil plan]] from a professional {{Troll}} to laugh his as off at us. * I don't know what [[{{Gundam0083}} Nina Purpleton]] was thinking,

making Kou shoot her so he could finish Gato off. Well, that's UC Gundam for you I guess. She certainly didn't survive to smile at the man she'd stabbed in the back! * [[VisionOfEscaflowne Van and Hitomi's]] kids are so cute! I'm so glad those two stayed together! * KatekyoHitmanReborn is well into an arc that's engaging and adds more to the series' mythology, and certainly does ''not'' involve time-travel and some kind of impractical, implausible weapon from a box. * ''DragonballZ'' ended with the Cell saga. And Goku survived. Shut up, of course he did. So there. ** From what I saw, Goku died in the Cell saga and remained dead in the Buu saga, which is also where Vegeta died by a HeroicSacrifice of [[RedemptionEqualsDeath redemption]] and where Evil Buu was destroyed by GOHAN launching a giant mystic blast at him. *** Thank goodness they didn't do something stupid like resurrect both Goku and Vegeta. That would totally contradict the theme of the new generation succeeding the old one, a theme that's been around since damn near the beginning of the series. ** Oh shush, you, whoever heard of the Buu saga! What nonsense! (Ahem) ** This troper likes to cut it off at the end of the Cell saga as well. The Buu saga could have been great if they'd tried, and it had some good elements (Shin and Kibito are ''cool'') but then ended up weighed down by too much nonsense and silliness. (Eight-year-old super saiyans? ANOTHER "layer" of the pantheon? Piccolo, AKA [[BadAss Awesome Incarnate]], running in horror from a squealing pink blob - no matter how formidable?) This troper takes great pleasure in writing fanfiction where Goten and Trunks are barely approaching the power of the eight-year-old version of Goku - who, by the way, was revived directly after the Cell saga using the Namekian Dragonballs. So there. *** Shin and Kibito aren't enough justification for the Buu saga existing. [[PerverseSexualLust But Videl is.]] So THERE. ** What is this ''Dragon Ball GT'' of which you speak? Is it a fanfic or something? Last time I checked, the ''Dragonball'' saga ended with Buu's death. Then Goku went off to train Uub to be his successor so he could FINALLY pass the torch to someone else. It's not like he became a kid again or became some kinda Super Saiyan 4. Hey, Super Saiyan 4 actually sounds like a good idea, but it would ''definitely'' have gold hair, and not something stupid like ''red monkey fur'', or, I dunno, ''the same hair color as his normal state''... *** Umm... actually this one's canon. *** GT was a lot of fun! I loved it's back to basics style of hunting for the Dragon Balls without any of the ridiculously longs fights in DBZ. I'm just glad that "Baby" guy didn't make his way to Earth and turn everything to shit, and I'm especially glad they didn't rehash the Janemba movie and have everyone break out of hell and fuse two Android 17s together for no logical reason... And it was great how none of those dark dragons in the final arc sucked. It'd be pretty lame if most of them only took one episode to beat. ** While we're on the topic of ''DBZ'', who's this Garlic Jr. that everyone's talking about? Is he a fan character or something? *** Oh, he was in one of the better movies. He totally never appeared

in the TV series though, as it'd be absolutely ridiculous to try and shoehorn a character from a NonSerialMovie into canon. I wonder why people seem to think Broly appeared in a third movie? How could you bring him back again? I mean, it's not like they'd resort to making him some kind of sludge clone... ** Cell? Buu? Vegeta? Gohan? ''Dragonball '''Z'''''? What are you people on? ''Dragonball'' ended with Goku's fight against Piccolo Jr. at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Everything was tied up: Goku became the strongest man in the world (surpassing even God himself), the most powerful evil being in existence was soundly defeated (and even given a second chance at life), Chi-chi finally found Goku and fulfilled her vow of marriage with him, Goku's tail was forever removed (preventing any future giant monkey attacks and allowing Kami to bring back the moon that Roshi had destroyed six years earlier), Goku turned down a chance at godhood (a common occurrence at the end of a legendary tale), and everyone commented on how Goku had completed his path to manhood. Perfect place to end the series. I mean, what were they going to do if it continued? Reveal that Goku was actually a space alien or something? *** I wholeheartedly second this. ** You're all delusional. The clearly series ended with the Frieza arc, with the nature of the Dragon Balls and Goku and Piccolo's people revealed in its entirety, a thoroughly evil being named Vegeta sacrificing himself to help the cause of good (and ''staying dead'', preventing any chance that he could be EasilyForgiven), Goku becoming the most powerful warrior in history and pulverising the greatest evil in the universe, and after travelling across space for a while vaporising bad guys with a gesture he eventually goes home and lives a long, happy life with his family. There wasn't a series of increasingly silly creations of an idiotic MadScientist that were inexplicably more powerful than Frieza, and there was ''definitely'' not everyone and their cat going Super Saiyan at the drop of a hat, destroying the entire point of it. There was a brief incident with a sorcerer attempting to resurrect a powerful magical creature, but that was dealt with swiftly because there wasn't a certain thoroughly evil being around to make an idiotic FaceHeelTurn. * [[WallofIllusion I'm]] not sure how [[SoulEater Asura]] got into [[spoiler:the Death Room in episode 48,]] but I do know that HumongousMecha, one of which I suppose [[HandWave kind of]] [[WishFulfillment has a reason to exist]] but the other of which absolutely does not, were not involved. * [[ViolinistOfHameln Kestra's]] 'Lie' was actually true. The real king of Mazoku just uses his name. Pandora was not tricked. Kestra was a real person, traveller, loved Pandora and his kids and was tragically killed by the real king of mazoku who uses his name and appearance to taunt people. That is all. * One of the most touching scenes in ''PrincessTutu'' was when Fakir managed to turn Duck/Ahiru into a human and got together with her. Sure, they could have done some sort of BittersweetEnding, but come on, Ahiru deserves it right? ** Huh, what bittersweet ending? I mean the series' only 13 episodes, and the thirteenth has a pretty happy ending.

*** But of course. All that chatter of [[spoiler:[[RonTheDeathEater Mytho turning evil]] and [[OneSceneWonder some French-speaking dude]] showing up in one episode for no apparent reason and never appearing afterwards]] is all just bad fanfiction. * Yukina of ''YuYuHakusho'' never said she wanted Hiei to slaughter her people for living without emotions. At the end of the series, he, having finally had his "fee" for Shigure waived, admits to being her brother and the two have an emotional reunion, during which he ''actually'' smiles. ** This "Three Kings saga" that some people talk about? Never happened. The last episode came after the end of the Chapter Black saga, in which Yusuke defeated Sensui through being posessed by a Mazoku demon. Sensui died peacefully, having achieved what he wanted and inwardly [[DeathEqualsRedemption realizing]] that his All HumansAreBastards ideology was DEAD.WRONG. So naturally, when Itsuki tried to challenge the heroes' ideology, Yusuke responded with an epic ShutUpHannibal. Yusuke then volunteered to stay behind in Demon World to look for the Mazoku and beat him down for interfering with his and Sensui's fight. Said Mazoku, who was NOT Yusuke's "father" ('cause c'mon, Yusuke's no demon) was the GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere FinalBoss of the series. The last episode then had Yusuke returning to Earth and everyone having [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming that beautiful reunion on the beach.]] * [[{{Naruto}} Chouji and Neji are dead, okay?]] And don't even think about pulling a DisneyDeath on them, Kishimoto. That would horribly cheapen their noble sacrifices. ** Hinata also died. And Sasuke was inevitably killed as well. That way, one person on each team died. This is a manga about ninjas and war, there must be prices to pay. *** No, Hinata lived to make good on her AnguishedDeclarationOfLove and hook up with Naruto. Shino is the one on her team who got offed. * At the end of TowardTheTerra, everyone was able to live to see the Mu and humans get along. No one died in a literal RocksFallEverybodyDies deathfest. Except for Keith, who sacrificed himself to defeat the Grand Mother and break the human race away from her control. He and Jomy had the Pandora's Box conversation, and Keith forced Tony to take Jomy back the the Shangri-La. The Elders were able to bring all the Canaries and Physis AND themselves back to the ship. Leo pushed the girl out of the way of the falling rocks and dodged them himself. EVERYONE LIVED. * ''{{Gundam 00}}'' only had one season, a second was never made. ** Which is a pity, because I was enthralled by a show centered around the Trinity siblings. Remember? Deconstruction of the Super Robot genre? Making the uniformed and colorful protagonists [[BloodKnight Blood Knights]]? Painting Setsuna and his allies as well-intentioned extremists who were NotSoDifferent? Okay, the Nena/Michael vibes were a little risque for shounen, but since they were all clones it's okay! * The ''[[MartianSuccessorNadesico Nadesico]]'' movie never happened. The games that were [[NoExportForYou only released in Japan]] never happened. And, just to top it off, [[spoiler:Tsukumo]] didn't die. * What do you MEAN [[TrinityBlood Caterina joined Rosenkreuz]] because she was jealous of Abel's feelings towards Esther!? That sounds like a

bad fanfic. Esther never [[{{SpotlightStealingSquad}} hijacked main character status]] away from Abel in the anime and Noelle managed to ESCAPE the Silent Noise incident. * [[{{Hellsing}} Alucard]] and Integra's reunion in the last chapter did NOT, and I repeat DID NOT, have any romantic or sexual connotations at all. Also, Major was never a cyborg (he just had access to really good anti-aging serums courtesy of zee Doktor) and Walter was brainwashed. BRAINWASHED. ** What's this I hear about Hirano-sensei [[WordOfGod declaring Alucard genderless]]? That's ridiculous. He's DRACULA, remember? Dracula was very clearly male. Seriously, what have you been smoking? * ''{{Chobits}}'' didn't end with the declaration that persocoms don't have real emotions, but only fake, simulated emotions. That was just a bad dream that I had. * In ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]'' while [[LovableCoward Genma]] did a lot of crummy things, one thing he didn't do was [[MoralEventHorizon throw his wife over a cliff in his pursuit of a 20 dollar medal]] to pawn. Did. Not. Happen. Obviously the clumsy ditz slipped on her own, probably while fantasizing about her fetish for manliness and swords, okay. ** Indeed, it did not happen. Not the way you describe it, anyway: Genma was fleeing from Ranma to prevent him from meeting his mother. At one point during the chase, he crashed into a tree, and the momentum ripped Nodoka off his arms and over the cliff. Genma himself was horrified until Ranma springboarded off his head and we lost sight of him. The medal? Didn't even figure at ALL at that point in the story. Why did you feel the need to belittle Nodoka, anyway? * Thank goodness the ''{{Rurouni Kenshin}}'' anime ended after Kenshin's final battle with [[BigBad Shishio]]. [[spoiler:Saito]] [[HeroicSacrifice died a hero]], and he certainly [[spoiler: wasn't able to [[AssPull miraculously]] escape from the inescapable inferno]]. Kaoru managed to end the series as a {{Badass}} {{Action Girl}} - she was ''not'' left stammering Kenshin's name repeatedly until he came to [[DamselInDistress rescue her]]. I'm so glad that the plot was rounded off nicely and that it [[OvertookTheManga didn't drag]] [[{{Filler}} at all]]. * That scene where [[AzumangaDaioh Osaka]] wakes up Yukari with a frying pan and a spoon sure was funny. Also, Kagura/Tomo never beat anyone up for having hiccups! What kinda show are ya watchng here? ** Also, "Sakaki" is her first name. * In ''{{Samurai 7}}'', Kyuzo [[spoiler: survived the final battle. I'm glad he didn't die in some stupid way, like, I dunno, Katsushiro accidentally shooting him to death.]] ** I'm so glad that the writers killed off Heihachi first. I mean, all he did was jabber on and on about rice and sloppiness. Wouldn't it have been absolutely crazy if they had killed off [[spoiler:Gorobei]] first? I mean, [[spoiler:he was a far more human and entertaining character. So glad the writers saw it that way too. Yep. This troper is leading the high life.]] * The ending of ''VideoGirlAi'' sure was awesome. It's a good thing Ai was made human as a result of Youta's climbing all the way up that glass staircase to rescue her, and we didn't have to wait for 9 more

volumes of tedious melodrama to see them finally get tobe happy together... * The anime of InuYasha had only two seasons. Isn't it cool that we're finally getting the third season now? * Man, the "Spectra's Last Stand" two-parter (not episode) of BakuganBattleBrawlers was very well-done. When Dan and Spectra started brawling, the action was intense right from the get-go. I mean, in the first five minutes, Drago showed his increased power by annihilating Metalfencer. The action got more intense until the first episode ended with a cliffhanger of Maxus Drago and Maxus Helios (which had not been seen for the entire BT System arc). The second episode continued the action, with a fight so savage that the mechanical Bakugan were eventually ripped apart. Helios went absolutely berserk, screaming that he was the ultimate Bakugan, ripping out the safeguards for his mechanical parts. Ultimately, his recklessness led to his demise, as his mechanical components started to malfunction. Despite Spectra's urging, Helios kept fighting, declaring he'd sooner die than lose to the likes of Drago. He ultimately built up so much power that he exploded, but not before unleashing one final attack that broke through Drago's toughest shields and scarred his face for the rest of the series. Afterwards, Spectra was in utter shock, saying that if he hadn't fed Helios' ambition the way he did, Helios would still be alive. He ultimately repents, ripping off his mask and crushing it under his foot. All in all, it was an epic tale, much better than if Helios and Spectra had done a heel face turn for no good reason. I mean, that would be stupid! ** Also, isn't it great that Dan and Runo were such an awesome BattleCouple in the sequel? * Wasn't it funny how, at the end of {{Spiral}}, we never actually found out what that whole Blade Children thing was about? And wasn't that scene with Narumi and Hiyono riding off into the sunset together and living long, full lives really wonderful and heartwarming? I mean, I practically cried. * In a variation, to this troper, {{Bleach}} characters losses against [[spoiler:[[BigBad Sosuke]] [[VillainSue Aizen]]]] do not count. Therefore, several characters, including [[spoiler:Kyoraku, Komamura, Hitsugaya (Harribel died by being frozen; see above), Yamamoto, Urahara and Yoruichi]] remain undefeated. * The {{Minami-ke}} anime only has one season, there was never a second season which replaced the comedy with lots of [[FanService fanservice]] or a third season which retains the spirit of the first season or an OVA. Nope, no siree. * The Shunraiki / Spring Thunder arc of TsubasaReservoirChronicle didn't happen. CLAMP totally didn't take one of the most beloved and iconic characters they've ever created, [[spoiler:kill her, and reveal her to have been a clone this whole time]]. This troper would sooner accept ''[[NoEnding the Beetrain ending]]'' than this. * ''PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' clearly ended with [[BabiesEverAfter Panty and Brief as the parents of a lovely baby boy]] who has Stocking as a godmother. There's no such thing as [[spoiler:Stocking slicing Panty in [[NumberOfTheBeast 666 pieces]], revealing she's actually a demon, Corset popping out of Brief's penis,

and the two scattering Panty's pieces like bread crumbs to another city to lure Brief into unlocking the gate to Hell]]. That would be just stupid of Gainax's part. * Mohiro Kitoh sure knew where to end the {{Narutaru}} manga, 62 (that's sixty-two) chapters and no more. I loved how in the end [[spoiler:Shiina and her mother get a second chance at building a family after her father's death. Also loved how Akira, after making Shiina snap out of her HeroicBSOD - signifying strong character development in her part -, was implied to having been able to accept who she is and what she has done in order to possibly lead a normal life. Sure, not all was happily wrapped up: Tsurumaru, due to radiation poisoning, is still implied to die soon after, although thankfully he and Shiina managed to consummate their relationship and spent their last moments together. Also, only Kitoh knows what the deal was with those thugs raping Mamiko and her being Shiina's dark counterpart since [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment the whole situation didn't lead anywhere]] and was not important to the resolution of the plot ''at all.'' A finely crafted BittersweetEnding if there ever was one.]] * {{Inuyasha}}... that was just a beautiful series finale, wasn't it? The scene (shortly after Naraku's epic defeat) where Inuyasha uses the sacred jewel to revive Kikyo, thus purifying it, was just so unexpected. And the bittersweet scene where Kagome realizes that, though the bond the group shares will outlast the ages, she belongs in a different world. After a string of tearful good-byes, she removes the beads from Inuyasha's neck as a final gesture of love and wishes him well. I know I certainly cried as she disappeared down the well for the last time. But then the epilouge, where we see how everyone fared -- Kagura and Kanna living on their own; Sesshomaru still travelling with Jaken and Rin, who loves to visit human villages whenever she can; Kohaku working with Kirara as a demon slayer; and finally, the main characters themselves. Inuyasha and Kikyo with their children, Miroku and Sango with their twins, all juxtaposed with scenes of Kagome finishing school and getting ready to start a new adventure in her own time. Just perfect, all of it. * {{Black Butler}}: Grell is transsexual? [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial No, no, he just wants to be a transsexual, that's what Word of God meant when they said that he is-...I mean...um...YOU LIE!!]] * Wow! I just watched the ending of the first {{Full Metal Alchemist}} anime- so wonderfully bittersweet with hope for an eventual reunion between Ed and Al. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Thank God they didn't make a movie which screwed it all up by adding a poor replacement of a semi love interest, ridiculously advanced technology for the era, loads of meaningless character deaths and poor Winry with absolutely nothing left!]] Because that would have been the biggest cop out ever! * The {{Mai-HiME}} finale was the most epic one in recent history. Mai and Kagutsuchi! Mikoto and Miroku! Miyu and uh, uhh... Miyu's arsenal! All kicking the ass of the Obsidian Lord, together. I loved how Mashiro went and summoned every single HiME that hadn't died, powering them all for a while at the cost of her own life. The ninjas were a nice touch. The epilogue was so sad yet happy, as it was implied that

as long as they stuck together they'd eventually be able to overcome the emotional fallout, but they'd never quite get back to normal. What? That didn't happen? I only imagined that because after I saw the immense gyp that was the finale, I went BSOD and my brain came up with something to keep me happy and functioning? LIES, I SAY! LIES! ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityComicBooks Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* Every mythology-based character is either powered by a form of black magic, or a mutant, alien, etc. The dieties based on such polytheistic mythology themselves are such beings with delusions of grandeur who have somehow lived for hundreds of years. This does not hold true for things that are consistent with my own religious beliefs. * ''{{X-Men}}'' has a lot of this. Personally, I've found that I'm generally happier when I convince myself that Rogue was in none of the X-men movies, nor was she in X-men Evolution, and it seems unlikely that I'll see her in the upcoming Wolverine series either. Rogue can fly. Nightcrawler, I also keep telling myself, was oddly absent from ''[[XMenEvolution Evolution]]''; not even in a cameo appearance, like in the Fox series. There was a teleporting guy, but he wasn't visibly Christian in any way, so it couldn't have been Nightcrawler. ** And Chuck Austen never wrote about Nightcrawler or Iceman, and certainly did not [[NotAsYouKnowThem derail them into something unrecognizable]]. ** The Rogue that appeared in the X-men movies is not Rogue, she is simply someone with similar powers. The real Rogue was brought up my Mystique, absorbed Marvel Gir's powers, left Mystique and joined up with Gambit somewhere between Origins: Wolverine and the first movie. She is in no way romantically linked to Iceman. ** Mikhail Rasputin may have been a mutant like his brother Colossus, but it doesn't matter because he's DEAD. He died in a tragic launchpad accident that was absolutely an accident and NOT anyone's meddling. Besides, ChrisClaremont specifically compared his death to Apollo 1, so if any insensitive writer actually DID bring him back to life as a villain, that would dishonor the memories of those three real-life astronauts. * Batgirl went off to find herself after issue #73 of her own comic. [[YourMileageMayVary She may have shown up in]] the new ''Outsiders'' book during Dixon's run, but we have no idea what happened before or since... let alone who that FauxActionGirl that took over the League of Assassins, got beat up by Robin, and followed Deathstroke around was (maybe a clone with a defective braintape? please?).

* Archie only made a three-issue mini-series based on ''NightsIntoDreams''. They ''definitely'' din't follow it up with a sequel that went against everything the game was about. * Hal Jordon is still the Spectre, because the J.M. [=DeMatteis's=] book of that name was amazing. Also, the Spirit of Vengeance was not seduced into destroying all magic. It would just be silly to think that the symbol of the Wrath of the Presence (that was given a mission of Redemption) could be talked into something like that by his evil opposite. ** Superboy Prime is just the collective tantrum of a bunch of Fan Boys who cannot get past the fact that the Silver Age ended, not a serious villain. *** As the Silver Age over, Barry Allen and Kara Zor-El are still dead, their tragic sacrifices showing what an ominous threat the CrisisOnInfiniteEarths really was. Peter David's Supergirl book has just passed issue 150, and Linda Danvers is still awesome as Supergirl. Cir-El what? Stop making up silly names. **** Harbinger isn't dead. DC wouldn't randomly kill off the most appealing character introduced in the best and most important story they ever did. No way. ** Lex Luthor did not throw away his giant, multinational corporation which was the perfect cover to commit all sorts of nefarious deeds to descend into cliched villainy. As we all know, Lex Luthor is far more terrifying in Armani that he ever will be in green and purple spandex. ** One of the many shocking results of Infinite Crisis was that Dan [=DiDio=] was revealed to have never existed. There was much rejoicing. *** As a benefit of this, DCComics can have a [[CrisisCrossover crossover]] that doesn't require the death and dismemberment of countless people and dozens heroes each time to come across as urgent or serious. Instead they use smart plotting and strong writing to convey the danger. ** When Batman met Damian, his long-lost son, the first thing he did was give the kid a good spanking for being such an unlikeable little ass. Damian promptly became a more heroic character from then on. *** In fact, Damian is quite respectful of women, seeing as his mother is a ''kick-ass assassin.'' * Isn't it great that John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are the main Green Lanterns and still getting decent development and screentime instead of serving as sidekicks to someone who's as personifyable as a cardboard cutout? And that the latter actually did stuff that was useful during the Sinestro Corp war besides watching Hal do stuff and being possessed to make Hal look good? Like the above post said- Hal is still the Spirit Of Redemption. * [[Tropers/WookMuff This Troper]] was really confused when the Marvel Universe stopped publishing after Uncanny X-Men #350, especially as it really seemed like there were 3 pages to go from the end of that Issue. Oh well. * Barbara Gordon was never de-aged. She was still an adult when she was Batgirl. ** You know... Jim Gordon and his wife Barbara [[{{retcon}} adopted a girl who was called Barbara (Jr.)]]. [[AuthorsSavingThrow When the

Gordons did divorce, Barbara Jr. chose to stay with her daddy]]. * When Aunt May was shot towards the end of ''Civil War'', Mephisto did come to Peter to make a deal. Pete went to Dr. Strange and told him of the situation. The Sorcerer Supreme, along with some other major mystics come to Peter's aid and kick Mephisto's butt. Aunt May then dies. ** And Peter and MJ are still married, and they have [[SpiderGirl a daughter named after her deceased great-aunt]]. Screw you, Quesada. ** Peter is married to MJ, they still have their daughter, and every now and then, they visit Aunt May in the nursing home. *** Alas, Aunt May has gone to her final peace, just as she wished; Peter is with MJ and raising their son, with all the strenght of character imparted to him by both his departed surrogate parents. * The following incidents were caused by Scarlet Witch's power raging out of control and are in no way to be considered XMen canon: ** "[[FanNickname Xorneto]]" *** Additionally Xorneto killing Jean after the full manifestation of the Phoenix Force (since, that would just be silly, she could resurrect herself at will with the Phoenix Force) never happened, and Jean is still married to Scott. Although their marriage may not be perfectly happy (because no real marriage is), Scott would never cheat on Jean with a bitchy ice queen, even on the Astral Plain. **** Jean's family was not StuffedIntoTheFridge at once, because the crap about the Phoenix force needing compatible DNA is just crap. The PF can work with who it likes. *** Not to mention Emma is not a bitchy ice queen. She went on to teach other mutants Xavier's way after Generation X, and it still working to do for others what she couldn't do with the hellions. She's in a relationship where she didn't just declare she loved him to cover up fooling around with him. *** Quinton Quire also never gained access to the Phoenix Force, since it is an actual, sentient force of nature and not a state of mutant evolution. ** Angel Salvadore ** Gambit never went blind and gained tarot card powers. He did not voluntarily become the horseman of Death. Also, he and Rogue are in a fairly happy relationship *** Mystique never shifted into a student and came on to Gambit in an attempt to break up said happy relationship, either. ** Chuck Austen's run on the X-Men never happened, meaning that the following particularly grievous violations of canon never happened: *** Polaris did not go insane, she did not become a total bitch-queen to Havok after HeGotBetter, and Havok most certainly never never dated [[CanonSue Nurse]] [[RelationshipSue Anne]]. Furthermore, as was established earlier in the canon, Polaris is not Magneto's daughter. **** In fact, Nurse Anne wasn't actually a real person- it was the [[MarySue Mary Sueish]] delusion of a an insane comatose person. Oddly enough, this instantly made her a much more interesting and welldeveloped character. *** Nightcrawler's father is not the demon-mutant-satan, he was never in training to be a Priest not to mention never, ever, ever the victim of a conspiracy to be made the next Pope. Nightcrawler's mother is

Destiny and his father is Mystique just as it was always intended. *** Warren Warthington III is not a pedophile, therefore he never was romantically involved with Husk. He also doesn't have angel-bloodhealing powers. And he most certainly didn't stroll into a hospital and show off his wings so that the doctors would transfuse his blood to patients just to test it on people. I mean, that would be a violation of a bunch of safety regulations, not to mention just plain dumb considering the anti-mutant hysteria. *** Juggernaut did actually reform, but he never slept with She-Hulk. ** Joe Casey's run never happened either. I mean really? Banshee using mind control to make villains act as his agents? That's just silly! ** What's this about technological repowerment, and didn't Apocalypse leave Earth after being thwarted in his bid at conquest the last time? Certainly Marvel wouldn't be dumb enough to circumvent No More Mutants by such cheap methods! ** There are only ''two'' Summers brothers. '''TWO'''. There is not a third brother, nor is there a fourth half-brother. ** Scarlet Witch? No, no, no, you're thinking of someone else. She never went crazy! She's still an Avenger, with Hakweye, Vision, Wasp, Hank Pym, and co. Her going going crazy and most of the team being replaced with people who don't belong like Sentry, Luke Cage, SpiderWoman, {{Wolverine}}, and {{Spider-Man}} was a joke that Marvel played. There's no way Marvel would let someone write a story like that without remembering that she did remember her children and remained sane. * [[{{Spiderman}} Norman Osborn]] has been dead since the 60s and he never had a relationship with Gwen Stacy. * Oh boy, I'm so glad Wildstorm came out with those ''{{Thundercats}}'' comics back in 2004, giving the fans new adventures and backstory to embrace! My favorite part was when Lion-O caught on to Mumm-Ra's scheme and escaped from the Book of Omens in the nick of time to save his people from total enslavement in a grand {{Big Damn Heroes}} moment, with [[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} Crowning Moments of Awesome]] for everyone. It most certainly did ''not'' lead into a [[{{Squick}} childhood-stomping]] [[{{DarkerAndEdgier}} nightmare]] that culminated in [[spoiler: Wilykat making the [[{{WhatAnIdiot}} depressingly stupid decision]] to betray the others]], separating the two characters I had the biggest soft spot for, when rescue was almost literally right around the corner. What? Sex slaves? Someone's been reading ''way'' too much bad fanfic! Now do me a favor and pass some of that {{Brain Bleach}}, please. Please? * YoungJustice is still together, and all of it's members are alive and reasonably well-adjusted. ** In particular, I was surprised at how well Cassie Sandsmark is currently and has always been handled. In no way whatsoever has her character been diminished from its initial awesomeness. I would also like to say that I approve heartily of the splendidly good way her relationship with Conner has been handled, and how even after his apparent death, she of course remained faithful to his memory and most assuredly did not go running off with Conner's best friend, especially because said best friend would never ever think to dishonor his best

friend's memory in such a way, and because said best friend is only very good friends with Cassie anyway. ** Conner Kent? Kid Flash? Never heard of them. Someone must have punched the universe and caused a momentary lapse of sanity where people confused poorly-written fan fiction with real continuity. *** Kon-El, in fact, does like visiting Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville, and he's affectionate towards them, but he likes living in Hawaii. Also, he didn't freak over his Luthor DNA. He burst out laughing because it revealed [[FoeYay just how gay Luthor is for Superman.]] * [[spoiler: Johnny Alpha is dead]], and the ''StrontiumDog'' series is concluded, period. As much as ThisTroper would love to see new stories, the franchise reboot that [[HandWave dismissed all previous stories as never having happened]] just doesn't exist. * Cry For Justice? Don't be silly. After all even DC isn't bloodthirsty enough to [[spoiler: [[StuffedInTheFridge fridge sweet little Lian Harper for a cheap shock.]]]] Though that does sound like AGoodNameForARockBand... ** Dunno which one you read. [[DCNation Ours ended with]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Sue Dibny borrowing Hal's ring and beating the shit out of Dr. Light]]. [[http://community.livejournal.com/jla_watchtower/tag/cry%20for%20just ice Link]] *** And Jean Loring is perfectly sane and still living happily with her husband. * [[{{Tropers/Popette}} A certain]] {{Scarecrow}} [[{{Tropers/Popette}} fangirl/troper]] doesn't know what you're talking about when you say Scarebeast. Haha. Scarebeast. What a silly name. I bet it would look even sillier. * There is no such thing as Buffy season eight. JossWhedon wouldn't sell out like that; continuing a property that was wrapped up ''twice'' for money. The writers particularly didn't: ** [[spoiler: Hook up Xander and Dawn]] ** [[spoiler: Make Buffy have a lesbian fling for no good reason.]] ** [[spoiler: Have Angel turn out to be TheBigBad. Not Angelus. Fully souled up Angel.]] ** [[spoiler: Have Buffy start boinking said BigBad]] ** [[spoiler: Kill Giles]]... Okay that DOES sound like something they would do. BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! OKAY? * I've been reading the {{Marvel}} ''TransformersGeneration1'' comic. After Simon Furman took over from Bob Budiansky as writer, he brought back Megatron. This was no problem for the UK fans, who had seen him blasted into the London sewers by the space bridge explosion in order to be fought by the Autobots and Action Force, and then resurrected by Shockwave in order to defeat Galvatron. For American fans, however, Megatron had been dead since "Gone but not Forgotten!", and so Furman {{retconned}} Megatron into having not been ''actually'' dead, but wandering around the Dead End for a while with no memory. Thus, the guy that had been featured in the UK comics was revealed to actually be a clone of Megatron made by Straxus, who was persuaded to commit suicide by the real Megatron. Since the whole thing is rather awkward, bizarre, and not very good, I prefer to disregard both "Two Megatrons!" and Megatron's own explanation in "The Resurrection

Gambit!" in favour of the idea that Straxus died, and the Megatron who brings Ratchet to Cybertron is the same guy we'd seen in "Ancient Relics!" and "Time Wars". * Am I the only one who is thankful that Dave Sim ended ''{{Cerebus}}'' after the ''High Society'' arc? I mean, sure, Sim was at the top of his game, but could he have honestly stayed there if the series continued? I mean - and, bear with me, this is pretty crazy what if things got so derailed that [[spoiler:Cerebus ended up as both a rapist '''and''' a child-killer?]] Then again, I probably don't have enough confidence in the man. I mean, it's not like he's the type who would eventually pad his later books with [[WallOfText ludicrous amounts of text]] to the point where it couldn't really qualify as a comic anymore. Right? * As a fan of Stephanie Brown, I must say that despite her troubled past, I'm glad she had a successful career as Spoiler before moving on to take up her close friend's mantle as Batgirl after Cassandra Cain temporarily took some time off to assess her life. I'm also very glad indeed that Tim has been so supportive of her aspirations and did not break up with her for no good reason. * Fables never had a spinoff series, and ended with #69. The empire decided they were more trouble than they were worth and decided to ignore Fabletown; Fabletown, in turn, realized that the Homelands were completely different from the places they remembered, and acknowledged there was no way in hell they had the resources or power to control and rule a multitude of worlds, leading to an acceptance of the Mundy world as their true home. Things were never completely sunshine and roses, but they lived their lives peacefully enough; the 'interesting times' they lived through had drawn to a close, so while they continued on, there were no more tales to tell for the comic. * Whedon never took over {{Runaways}} after Vince left. A writer who picked up where Vince left off with Alex in limbo and the Nico/Victor relationship instead of going on a pointless time-travelling adventure coming Nico and Victor to break up, for the Runaways to pick up TheLoad, and a pointless staff upgrade. No, that didn't happen. Instead, the kids explored the orgins of the Gibborim and who knows what happens from there. * [[{{Comicbook/TheAvengers}} Disassembled]] never happened. Wanda most certainly did not go batshit at the revelation of things she already knew and start killing off her friends (and influence She-Hulk to kill off Vision and put Wasp in a coma) just to preserve her psychotic delusion of children who'd never existed, yet had somehow already been reincarnated. Subsequently, because Disassembled never happened, none of the {{Crisis Crossover}}s that came after it happened either. ** Of course! So after the [[{{Runaways}} Gibborim]] incident, Wanda insisted on taking [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Nico]] [[EthnicMagician Minoru]] in to teach her magic that ''didn't'' involve cutting herself, and help her deal with [[TheMole Alex's]] betrayal. Another motivation was that she remembered her children and wanted to try motherhood out on someone real. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], [[CaptainAmerica Steve]] took the opportunity

to get the other kids into Avengers/X-Men custody, so they could keep their cool stuff with them and live more healthy lives. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], [[PintsizedPowerhouse Molly]] [[NiceHat Hayes]] is, in fact, a favorite with the [[XMen X-Men,]] particularly Shadowcat, even though her crush on {{Wolverine}} fades. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], [[SnarkKnight Gert]] [[JewishAndNerdy Yorkes]] lives in Avengers mansion with [[TheKidWithTheRemoteControl Old Lace]], alive and well. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], [[BadassNormal Chase]] [[AbusiveParents Stein]] decides to work with Heroes For Hire when he turns 18, so LukeCage keeps an eye on him (and helps him look for a good ring when Chase wants to propose to Gert; she accepts). *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], when Gert's future self came to warn them about [[AscendedFanboy Victor]] [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot Mancha]], it's handled much more sanely and Excalibur is not formed. At all. Hank Pym and Jan van Dyne adopt Victor. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], when [[GenderBender Xavin]] comes to [[ArrangedMarriage marry]] Karolina, the Avengers coax her into ''getting to know her'' before marrying her and a peace is made sans marriage. Majesdane does not blow up. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], the {{Runaways}} are still accidentally sent into the past, but Victor never falls for [[FieryRedhead Lillie]] because he's in love with Nico. They still meet the Yorkes, and Nico still does her "The Show Must Go On" spell...but she leaves them with the knowledge that their actions will give their daughter a happy, fulfilled life, rather than [[AndIMustScream knowing that she will die.]] Klara is still brought to the future, and she's immediately taken in by She-Hulk, who insists that she needs a confidence boost. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], when [[YoungAvengers Iron Lad]] came for help, the Vision assisted him in finding [[RealityWarper Billy]], [[HalfHumanHybrid Teddy]], and [[SuperSerum Eli]] by hooking some of his tech into Nate's armor. TheAvengers firmly refused to allow them out on patrol, so they snuck out and made idiots of themselves at Kate's sister's wedding. [[BadassNormal Kate]] saved their asses and and met [[{{Sizeshifter}} Cassie]]. They joined up. *** When [[DoomedByCanon Nate]] had to go back, [[TheSmartGuy Jonas]] still came from the armor, so Wanda and Vision adopted him. *** [[PapaWolf Scott Lang]] wasn't exactly happy when Cassie became Ant-Girl, but she was, so he decided to just make sure to ''be there'' when she needed him. Then the emotional abuse was discovered and [[IronMan Tony]] managed to get Cassie into Scott's custody. [[YouDoNotWantToKnow He never gave details, and no one really asked.]] *** When [[SuperSpeed Tommy]] was discovered, and who [[DifferentAsNightAndDay Billy and he]] [[LukeYouAreMyFather really are]] were also discovered, Wanda and Vision [[HappilyAdopted

adopted]] Tommy and brought the Kaplans into Clan Magneto, who [[HumansAreBastards wasn't happy about it or the adoption of Nico and Jonas.]] Then he met them and decided that these were pretty cool humans, [[HoYay and Charles needs to immediately meet them.]] *** When Teddy's heritage was uncovered, [[MsMarvel Carol Danvers]] adopted him. *** In this world where the Scarlet Witch never went crazy and adopted [[{{Runaways}} Nico]], [[XMen Emma Frost]] never dated Cyclops. He and Jean Grey are still married and attempting to cope with the fact that {{Deadpool}} is dating Cable. Emma is snickering at their misery behind their backs. * Wolverine does not have bone claws. His claws are forged from pure adamantium and are bionic implants in his forearms designed to turn a man with a pacifist power (healing) into a living weapon, which ends up causing his life to spiral out of control. The bone claws was a delusion implanted in his brain by Professor X to keep his morale up because his fragile mind just can't reconcile with the idea of not having claws. Yeah, thats it. * Colossus is not the descendent of Rasputin. Rasputin did not somehow live on in the minds of all his descendants acting like the devil on the shoulder causing them to do terrible things. Colossus was responsible every time he made a questionable decision, it was not Rasputin's influence on his mind. His brother did not go into some timeless abyss just to trap Rasputin and foil Rasputin and Sinister's plans after nearly all of Colossus' relatives were killed. * The {{Punisher}} MAX canon ended when Garth Ennis quit. End of discussion. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityFilm Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* [[StarWars The Rebels were entirely responsible for the victory at the Battle of Endor.]] The Ewoks tried to get involved, but they were largely useless and retreated after nearly getting annihilated by the vastly superior Stormtroopers. [[RockBeatsLaser Any other outcome would be ridiculous.]] ** Well, the Rebels ''did'' have a little help. You know, all those escaped Wookiee slaves from the Death Star's construction crew, hiding out in the forest. Chewbacca's family reunion was very touching, and then very much into producing piles of dead stormtroopers with their limbs ripped off. ** The Force needs no crude matter for the Jedi to channel it. Certianly not any form of microscopic organism.

** Anakin fulfilled his destiny and destroyed the Sith Order once and for all. His grandson certainly never became one and they DEFINITELY never conquered the galaxy again. ** For that matter, the Empire never reunified and defeated the Republic. ** You know that rumor that there was going to be a race of amphibious creatures native to Naboo that were going to appear in Episode I? I almost wish they existed, they might have been cool. They certainly wouldn't have had a stupid-sounding accent, and they would certainly not feature much in the actual movie, just show up a bit in the battle at the end and do some cool stuff. They would have also had some cool weapons, not anything stupid like spears and catapults. ** I am ever so glad that the Ewoks were only briefly shown on screen instead of what was rumored to be a much larger appearance. I'm so happy they chose to go with the Wookies instead, as their assistance in the final battle truly was inspiring, and the fight scenes were epic. ** There were certainly no ''Star Wars'' films with "Episode I" or "Episode II" in the title, with trade disputes and evil banks and adolescents failing epically at being romantic. There were plans for a film with "Episode III" in the title but was never completed, surviving only in the novelisation by Matthew Stover. ** There's some weird rumour going around about how lightsabers work, something to do with crystals and energy loops. But that's just silly. ** The "Prequel Trilogy" exists, and here's a run down of what happens: The only thing that happened in Star Wars Episode I was the fight against Darth Maul. Qui-Gon and Obi Wan killed the shit out of Maul together, then Qui Gon decided to retire to some far off location and not tell anyone his address. Between Episodes I and II Anakin just kinda showed up out of thin air and wasn't a smart-ass little shit. Episode II had a lightsaber fight and nothing else. Between II and III Anakin and Padme (who aren't married) got really drunk and ended up boning. Episode III had some lightsaber fights, including an epic battle between General Grevious (who is still awesome like in the Clone Wars mini-series) and Obi-Wan that took up a large part of the movie. Then Anakin finds out Padme's preganant with his kids and attempts to throw her down the stairs as a quick abortion. Obi-Wan stops him and they battle. The battle takes them into the "Volcano Room", where Obi-Wan beats Anakin, causing him to fall into the lava. Then Anakin becomes Vader and is suddenly cool. For some reason they released all 3 seperately even though the whole thing can easily fit on a DVD. * Lily [[spoiler: died]] in ''{{Cloverfield}}'': it's the ''only'' way the poorly written lead-up to the end can feel any better. I don't care how, but she does. Oh, and Rob [[spoiler: survived]] the bridge crash, while [[spoiler: Beth didn't]]. * [[EddieVanHelsing This troper]] refuses to believe that there were ever sequels to ''TheMatrix'', a fourth ''IndianaJones'' movie, or a ''StarWars'' prequel trilogy. ** [[Tropers/RobinZimm I'm not sure what you're saying]] - I thought ''Raiders of the Lost Ark'' and ''Star Wars'' were standalone films themselves.

** [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]] shares your sentiments, Van Helsing. An Indiana Jones movie with aliens in it? What malarkey! That ''never'' happened! EVER. * There are only three ''{{Halloween}}'' movies: ''[=Halloween=]'', ''[=Halloween=] II'' and ''[=Halloween=] H20''. ** Or alternatively, there's just the first, second and ''Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers''. * {{Saw}} VI: Shelby is the first on the Carousel Trap, while Aaron is the fifth. Shelby is killed and Aaron is spared. Plus, [[spoiler: Brent realizes the worst destiny for William is letting him live with the realization of what he has done until then, and pulls the lever to 'live'.]] ** ''Saw VI?'' Huh. I was always under the impression that the studio deliberately prevented any sequels from ever being made to the original. I mean, the open-ended finale was just so haunting, that, in a rare instance of artistic integrity, the studio opted to leave it at that. * [[Film/{{Watchmen}} Doctor Manhattan exposed Ozymandias, and lived happily ever after with Silk Spectre II, his anchor to his humanity. The US and Russia waited it all out, and eventually made peace. Rorschach didn't die, and indeed continued to enjoy beating the crap out of criminals, and eventually resolved differences and returned to his partnership with Nite-Owl.]] Yes, I went there. Alan Moore isn't perfect. ** This Troper would like to add that as soon as she owns the DVD she is stopping the movie at "All Along the Watchtower." The movie has a great note at that. Rorschach and Nite Owl have resumed their Life Partnership (HoYay or Hetero?), Dr. Manhattan and Silks reach a turning point in their relationship, and not TWO RIDERS, but two flippin' SETS are heading to the [[strike:Watchertower]] evil lair to stop Adrian NOT the Great copycat and save the world. It's triumphant, badass, do you REALLY need more for the ending of a superhero movie? [[DownerEnding Cynicism]]? Well, idealists live longer. *** I'm just happy that Ozymandias's big-screen debut was very true to his comic-book counterpart. It would have been just awful if the movie stripped him of all moral amgiguity. *** My favorite part was where Dr. Manhattan not only stops Ozzymendias's plan before NYC is devestated, but then proceeds to give the blond bugger a verbal beatdown and completely deconstructs his arguments and justifications. * ''Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines''? Non-existent. ** John Conner never said, "No problemo," "eat me," or "shine them on." * In ''StarTrek: Nemesis'', Data did die as depicted onscreen, and then [[AWizardDidIt Q said "Screw That!" and restored Data to the Enterprise.]] ** Hell, yes. Or, Data set his phaser to blow up the Doomsday Whatever on a timer and beamed the hell out of there with Picard. And Remans are just a scary story Romulans tell their kids to get them to behave. ** [[StarTrekV Spock has no brother.]] The Enterprise never fought God in a can. Kirk and McCoy have never sung "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." After the whale incident, the Enterprise crew's next big adventure was

TheUndiscoveredCounty. Okay, the little [[HoYay hug thing]] on the bridge maybe happened, but after a different incident where Spock [[BigDamnHeroes saved Kirk's ass.]] ** Ah, nostalgia. The Star Trek franchise is one you really have to root out from the past. Pity they didn't reboot it with an alternate continuity this decade. * ''[[TheMatrix Matrix: Revolutions]]'' ends with The Architect surprised to see Neo, Smith, Sereph, and The Merovingian all burst into his office and proceed to kick his ass. Trinity. Does. Not. Die. Damnit. ** Matrix... ''Revolutions?'' Is that, like, a comic spin-off, or...? *** No, no, you're both thinking of that potential script that was floating around the 'Net. Fortunately, Reloaded turned out ''much'' better than we feared; Neo was ''not'' a BoringInvincibleHero, the female characters were ''not'' [[{{Chickification}} reduced to extensions of or complications for the male characters]], and we never met the program who was supposed to be [[strike: [[LittlestCancerPatient The Littlest Plot-Point]]]] "Sati." I mean, why would the Wachowskis derail a perfectly good sciencefiction/action series by [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic smothering it under haphazard symbolism]]? Also, wasn't the third movie amazing, tying up all the loose ends and leading into the MMO? I loved the scene where we finally saw the Merovingian fight and the Oracle ''do something''... Hey, message me in-game, okay? I heard they've got a new event planned for next week! * This Troper really enjoyed ''Film/{{Spider-Man}} 1 & 2'' and is wondering what is taking them so long to make a third movie. ** Huh? I saw ''Spider-Man 3'' just a while back. Man, am I glad that those rumors about Sandman being Uncle Ben's ''real'' killer turned out to be completely false. ** Spider-Man 3? I certainly don't recall a Spider-Man 3. Especially not one where they make an unnecessary love triangle out of Harry/Peter/Mary Jane and make the latter character insufferably whiny...or have the nerve to put Venom, a rather beloved Spidey villain into the movie for the last 15 to 20 minutes tops only to kill him off...that would be ludicrous... ** Similarly, this is the approach [[Tropers/GwenStacyWannabe I]] take to the ''Film/{{X-Men}}'' movies. Too bad they never got the chance to show the Phoenix Saga on the big screen, it would've been so ''awesome!'' I also wish we'd gotten to see Beast and Angel, but oh well. * The Movie ''Film/{{Serenity}}'' did not happen. [[spoiler: Wash is alive damnit!!!]] * sobs* ** And not only him, but [[spoiler: Book]] too. Both of them and [[spoiler: Inara]] went back to ''Serenity'', [[spoiler: Wash and Zoe]] had three or four adorable children as did [[spoiler: Kaylee and Simon]], and [[spoiler: Mal and Inara]] finally [[spoiler: got over themselves and]] got together. (Also, River is being trained by Wash to be a pilot.) And they all had wacky adventures together and the Alliance never caught them. :-) *** Also, the Alliance was stunningly portrayed with both sincere, non-psychopathic members as well as the snooty rich and sociopathic

Knight Templars, thus adding a level of realism sorely needed in a sea of two-dimensional Bad Guy portrayals. * Out of the first 5 ''Nightmare on Elm Street" only 1 and 3 exist. The second film is just readings from the previous main character's diary. 4 and 5 are a pipe dream. ** What is "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3"? There was only one movie. In it, Freddy wears a red-green sweater with solid red arms, not striped ones. And his face has red marks and doesn't simply look melted. And the front door of the house is blue, not red. And Freddy taking souls is simply ridiculous. Same with his wise-cracking character. Unfortunately, Nancy probably dies offscreen after the last scene where she is trapped in the car. Also, what's that Springwood that they all talk about? They don't mention where the movie takes place, but the screenplay says it's in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and since we don't have any official source that overwrites it, that's the canonical location. * The thing this troper admires most about the movie ''{{Shrek}}'' is how Dreamworks managed to resist enormous temptation to completely milk the film for all its worth and give it endless sequels. Because, you know, that could possibly harm the original's satirical integrity and put it on the same level of the entity it was trying to mock in the first place (namely, Disney). ** Well, maybe there was ONE sequel. But that's all. *** Yeah, I heard they did fine with the one. But thank the gods they had the good sense to stop there! *** This troper always found it odd that they skipped a number when naming said sequel. *** Yeah, Why'd they skip 3? ** Shrek The Third happened. But Shrek Forever After is a totally different series. * Realizing that they may possibly be terrible beyond imagination, they stopped making movies after ''StarTrek First Contact'' leaving the franchise on a high note. They also stopped making ''Star Trek'' TV shows after ''StarTrekVoyager'', not necessarily a high note, but certainly not as bad as things [[StarTrekEnterprise might have turned out]]. ** This troper always wondered why the Star Trek movies went straight from IV to VI. I read a rumor on the Internet that "Star Trek V" was going to be some weird metaphysical thing about the crew meeting God, but was canned due to lack of money. Then again, it also claimed William Shatner was slated to direct the film, so I must assume it's a hoax. * You know, I'm kinda surprised that they haven't made another MissionImpossible movie yet - I mean, I enjoyed those two spy movies they made with Tom Cruise after, but I really liked the idea of the spy ''team''. Isn't that good for more than one movie? * You'd think that with the technology for Hollywood to make liveaction ''{{Transformers}}'' movies, Japan would make a live-action ''{{Gundam}}'' movie. I sure hope it's an epic set in Universal Century, features lots of good character development and spectacular mecha battles (and of course, striking a balance between the two), and has an amazing story. And they certainly won't go and have the

Federation collapse under its own weight from stagnation and corruption just to be replaced by another corrupt bureaucratic Federation-like entity under another name before the movie even starts. That would be so clichéd. Maybe we'll even see the Federation learn from its past mistakes so that grows into a (somewhat) better society for the time being. * At the end of ''Film/{{Avatar}}'', the Na'vi reached a settled agreement with the humans where they could mine {{Unobtainium}} without harming the Pandoran ecosystem. The didn't send them back home, because that would be needlessly cruel and set up an InferredHolocaust ** Relatedly, the Na'vi certainly didn't declare victory as soon as the humans left and didn't bother with any continued communication, because then the humans would send the actual military and carpet bomb the planet. ** Similarly, the Earth ecosystem was not destroyed. It was badly damaged, but made a full recovery ** What the hell is Avatar? * Man, I'm glad that Sarah, John, and The {{Terminator}} prevented the war against the machines completely. The ending with Sarah watching John and his daughter play in a park really made me feel good, y'know? ** Marcus died? Yeah, right. Everyone knows that he was able to survive, what with being an essentially mechanical body wrapped in skin. If Tony Stark could do it, surely Marcus could do the same. Hell, a car battery could've done the trick. * Jenny dying at the end of ''ForrestGump''? What the hell kind of ending would that be? * I'm glad they made ''Rocky Balboa'' after 20 years. ''Rocky IV'' wasn't very conclusive. ** It's effectively CanonDiscontinuity that ''Balboa'' is the real ''Rocky V'' anyway. * Shoshana didn't die in ''InglouriousBasterds''. Her plan went off without a hitch. After her role in ending the war was discovered, she became the first person in history to simultaneously hold the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Victoria Cross, Hero of the Soviet Union, and the Legion d'honneur. The sequel will focus on Shoshana and the surviving Basterds moving to Israel and joining the Haganah. ** Soshana died by her own plan ''only'', with MARCEL AT HER SIDE. The soldier guy died instantly, and Soshana and Marcel's plan was printed in the papers the next day. They won the awards posthumously. ** What are you talking about? Everyone knows that Shoshana died! ''Everyone'' in the theater did; the new movie's gonna deal with with Basterds attempting to adjust to the civilian life, and a little thing called the [=USSR=]... Also, Zoller didn't suffer some kind of horrific [[AuthorsSavingThrow last-ditch effort]] to give Shoshanna justification for burning an otherwise nice guy alive; he ''did'' get shot, but it was a clean instant-kill, and he died with a dignity that removed a large chunk of sympathy for Soshana. Plus she didn't win any awards, since, y'know... EVERYONE IN THE THEATER DIED. So no-one was left to bear witness, and the operation was labeled a freak accident until several years after the war, when the investigation's results are declassified and the accolades are given to the Basterds.

* Bourne ''series''? What series? There is only one movie, and it ends with them living a new life happily together. ** The beginning of the ''Bourne Ultimatum'' was so upsetting (and [[JitterCam visually abusive]]) to this troper that she ended up returning the film not ''twenty minutes'' after renting it. Seriously. * It's a good thing [[ArmyOfDarkness Ash]] never traveled through time killing deadites, that would have been STUPID! They may have even called it Evil Dead: A Fistfull of Boomstick! How idiotic! * What second live-action ScoobyDoo movie? I've never heard of it. In the end of the first movie, though, Velma gets together with that adorable drummer she met on the train, and they live heppily ever after (well as happily as they do). She never wears a dorky orange "catsuit", and she doesn't try (and fail miserably) to seduce a fellow nerd. SHE HAS ETHAN!!!! *sobs* ** Sure, the casting wasn't perfect but it's such a shame they made only one ContinuityPorn-filled ''Scooby-Doo'' film called ''Monsters Unleashed''. Warner Bros. wouldn't go so low as to flog the dead horse of Scrappy-Doo being TheScrappy and becoming a ''villain'' in the year ''2002''. That would be RIDICULOUS. * Thank god Disney didn't ruin that great [[TheSantaClause Tim Allen Christmas movie]] with subpar sequels, right? ** They ''did'' do one sequel, but it was good, not subpar, especially due to Tim Allen [[LargeHam hamming it up wonderfully]] as an evil Santa toy clone. * ''HoneyIShrunkTheKids'': 1, Amy is blonde, and 2, Wayne has only one brother, and his name is Gordon, not Randy! The TV show is ''not'' part of the series whatsoever! * ''FinalFantasyTheSpiritsWithin'' - Grey is dead?! Just what the hell are you speaking of? He isn't dead, he never was and even if he was somehow (what a stupid idea!) he was resurrected and lived with Aki HappilyEverAfter after saving the world and the Phantoms. And General Heine simply couldn't have used Zeus, because he never made it from the City, where the General tried to kill the witnesses of his betrayal - Aki and Grey - but was shot and consumed by the giant Phantom. End of story. ** They only made one FF-based film. It's called Advent Children. * ''PiratesOfTheCaribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl''. What a strange (yet wonderful) twist on an [[ElectricBoogaloo excessive mouthful of a title]], suggesting sequels but not stooping to the level of crapping out the rest of an unneeded trilogy! I mean, it'd be nice to see some character development in the way of Norrington (possibly involving the growing of beards), make Elizabeth more of a Badass or give Will a personality, but, hey, it's just lovely to know that the filmmakers won't get carried away and miss out on the concepts firmly established in the first film. Like the fact the ''British Navy'' has no concept of the supernatural. I mean, if they did, the writers might get tempted to write flimsy sagas that are not about the crashing of normality against the very rare fantastic beings, which would be interesting and provide better writing fodder, and become ALL about those fantastic beings, and forget most of its original wit, pacing, and logic. Talk about a bullet being dodged there! ** There are even more things that could have gone wrong with sequels.

Imagine if they had fanned the flames for a Jack/Elizabeth relationship, thereby causing countless ridiculous shipping arguments! Or killed off major characters, only to have them resurrected almost immediately afterward! Or make a possible love interest for Jack [[BrotherChuck inexplicably vanish]] so as to fan said shipping flames! Or (this one's pretty far-fetched, I'll admit) what if they had made Jack have hallucinations of even crazier doppelgangers of himself, in the process proving that there can indeed be far, far too much of a good thing?!? But they didn't. Because that would've been just stupid. ** What do you mean, there were rumors it was going to be a trilogy, but that was vetoed by the higher ups. Man, I can't believe that there was going to be padding that was a WackyWaysideTribe, and Will and Elizabeth set out together, being an awesome BattleCouple the whole time, except for a brief time when Will was tricked, and Jack tried to make a pass on Elizabeth, but she told him off. After she became Pirate King and he became the new captain of the Dutchman, she looked at the reasoning, and [[http://annewalsh.trycanta.com/fics/Beyond_Worlds_End/1 this happened]]. * There was never a second ''{{Highlander}}''. There Can Be Only One. * [[RepoMen There was no Neural Net, there never was.]] It along with communism is just a RedHerring. Yeah, all those stunts Remy did was all real, it was no dream. * This troper once had an English teacher who insisted that ''TheTrumanShow'' ended ambiguously, as Truman's ship crashed into the sky backdrop. It kept the metaphor of Christof being God as subtle as possible, and did not have an over-the-top happy ending with generic footage of people cheering. * ''{{Dragonheart}}'' NEVER had a sequel. As depressing as the ending was for the film though, the book happily filled us in some gaps and clearly pointed to some hopeful happy endings, like Bowen and Kara getting together. However, there is no "son of Draco", and some ridiculous Knight-wannabe boy and Kung Fu Action Girl killing some man-who-was-an-Asian-dragon with terrible CG NEVER EXISTED. * It's great that ''[[RepoTheGeneticOpera Repo The Genetic Opera]]'' didn't include some silly teen-angst pop song in the middle of it. That would have totally screwed up the storytelling. * ''{{Aliens}}:'' Ellen Ripley, Corporal Hicks, Bishop, and Newt escaped safely on the ''Sulaco''. There wasn't another egg on board, there wasn't a fire resulting in an escape pod crash which pointlessly killed everyone except for Ripley, Ripley was never infected with a Queen embryo and never killed herself, and she ''definitely'' was never cloned. ** That sounds like the script they were going to use for third movie. Sounded awful. I'm glad in the finished product none of the characters appeared, though it was a nice touch in that scene where they're flicking through all the past encounters with the Xenomorphs, and it shows a photo of "Survivors of Acheron." Both Ripley and Hicks, well into middle age (Hicks has grey hair!), an adult Newt, and Bishop... looking the same as always. And in one piece. * So I read the script to ''StarTrekGenerations'' yesterday, and man

did I spot something stupid. Apparently they were gonna kill Kirk off by literally dropping a rickety bridge on him. What an idiotic way to kill of an iconic member of the StarTrek universe! Good thing they went with the final plan of having him drive the Stardrive section of the Enterprise into the rocket. [[HeroicSacrifice Thus saving the crew of the Enterprise and the world.]] * The ''Saw'' series ended after three movies. Jigsaw [[spoiler: died of cancer and will never return]], Amanda [[spoiler: died too]] and that idiot Hoffman never took Jigsaw's place. Jigsaw's job is finished. * This Troper's teacher once insisted that we should never talk to her about the second and third ''[[TheMatrix Matrix]]'' movie. They never existed. * El Mariachi's tale ended with ''{{Desperado}}.'' He and Carolina drove off into the sunset, lived happily ever after, and had many children who went on to be great musicians or book-store owners, but they were never again troubled by people trying to get revenge on them. ''OnceUponATimeInMexico'' was a completely separate movie that just happened to have a character called El Mariachi in it, who happened to be played by AntonioBanderas, and who happened to have once been in a relationship with SalmaHayek. There was no connection between this third movie and the first two. * In something of an inversion, this troper chooses to put the two ''TheIncredibleHulk'' in the same continuity (along with the rest of the MarvelCinematicUniverse) by ignoring the backstory in the second where Banner volunteered for the experiment rather than intervened to save someone else. The BroadStrokes help. * ''{{Speed}} 2'' never happened and Jason Patric's character doesn't exist. Also, [[{{OTP}} Annie and Jack]] are still together. * Wasn't X-men First Class awesome? I adored how much of a role Darwin had in the final fight. I also loved how they managed to avert that whole cliche of the black guy dying first. * There is only one {{Transformers}} movie and even if they made more, Sam and Mikaela stay together in ALL OF THEM. ** And they certainly wouldn't have wasted the time of the viewers in one of the sequels by making them stomach two horribly, borderline offensive stereotyped twin bots for a massively high duration of the film--not when there are so many other cool Autobots that needed more screen time and were less annoying. Oh and Devastator? Totally didn't have balls--that would just be STUPID... ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityLiterature Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them.

---* This fan can't and won't believe that Brian and Kevin have written any sequels, prequels, midquels or anything else relating to the ''{{Dune}}'' universe. ** This one is willing to accept that such books exist, just not that the authors had any kind of notes or instructions from Frank Herbert whatsoever. Hence they only count as fairly average {{Fanfiction}}. * The purpose of Leto II's 'Golden Path' was to free humanity from the trap of precognition forever. This is why Leto II let himself die at the end of ''God-Emperor of Dune'' once he knew that Siona & Duncan's children were inherently immune to being seen by prescient vision, and also that the Ixians had perfected the 'zero room'. So after several millenia of sacrifice and galactic-scale social engineering, the last Kwisatz Haderach was finally able to free humanity's destiny from ever again being controlled by any messiah, mutant, or oracle. This was just the right ending for the whole ''Dune'' myth arc, and nothing was ever written after it. ** That ''is'' the Golden Path. Leto actually ''explains'' what the threat to humanity was in God Emperor of Dune; unstoppable prescient machines that eventually and inevitably wipe humanity out. ''That's'' why he made humanity completely unpredictable via higher dimensional calculation; to prevent humanity from ''going extinct''. *** And this is ''why'' the rumors that books exist with words like 'Heretics' and 'Chapterhouse' in their titles are lies and damned lies. *** No he doesn't... it was stagnation and control vs. freedom and actual natural selection. No machines implied in that book. **** You're right, no machines were implied; they were stated ''right out''. Siona has visions of them during her time with Leto, when they were both in the desert. **** Siona has visions of a possible ''past''. Machines of that kind were prevented from ever holding a threat towards humanity again due to the events over 3500 years before-hand. The Golden Path had nothing to do with machines. * This troper takes an odd perspective - he hates the ending of the fourth ''TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' book, but can't wipe it out of existence because he loves the fifth book. Even the [[spoiler: Earth and all Earth in the entire Mish-Mash doing the big firework]] wasn't enough to make him dislike Mostly Harmless. ** This troper ignores the Mish-Mash completely and insists there's still more Earths. I DON'T CARE IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, THE ENDING IS JUST THAT DEPRESSING. *** Hey, infinite Earths mean infinite Arthurs, Fords, and Trillians who were offworld at the time. ** This troper is torn between his liking for Fenchurch and his liking for Random Dent, meaning he is pretty much forced to accept the Quintessential Phase as the least worst ending. ** This troper is pretty sure that the fifth book ended with [[spoiler:Arthur's death]], and ''only'' [[spoiler:Arthur's death]]. Although depressing, at least it ''makes sense''. (That was actually how I read the book. This whole mish-mash thing you're talking about is not something I got from the text.)

** Fifth book? What are you talking about? The trilogy ended when Marvin saw God's Final Message to His Creation, of course! ** This troper is confused when people refer to it as a trilogy. It's a radio series in twelve episodes or "fits", with a two-part novelisation. ** I liked the ending of [[H2G2/AndAnotherThing the sixth book]], when Arthur reunited with Fenchurch, settled down on that planet from the fifth book and lived happily ever after. * The sequels to ''RendezvousWithRama'' are much better if you interpret them as a parody of everything wrong with {{sci-fi}}. The scene where the {{Yakuza}} ''hire evil robot Abraham Lincolns to machine-gun the resident infestation of alien octopi on their planetsize spaceship'' is [[SoBadItsGood particularly enjoyable]]. * [[EndersGame Ender and Bean]] [[WriterOnBoard never got religion.]] * ''HarryPotter'' (non)example: No offense to Ms. Rowling, but the name "Albus Severus" just screams AllJustADream. ** Percy died. RedemptionEqualsDeath, right? Right? Of course. No twins were harmed at all in the narrative of these books, certainly not so that Percy could have a BigNo[=/=]MyGodWhatHaveIDone moment. ** Neville killed Bellatrix. End of discussion. *** But he also killed Nagini, right? Because [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome that was awesome]]. **** Yes. Yes, he did. His newfound badassery in book seven shall remain entirely intact. ***** And then he and Ginny got married and all was well. Wasn't that a great ending? ****** No, no. Neville killed Bellatrix alongside Molly Weasley, who wanted to avenge Ginny since Bellatrix killed her. ***** If I may respectfully disagree, Mrs. Weasley did indeed kill Bellatrix, in revenge for ''hurting'' Tonks. But Tonks didn't die, and neither did Remus. They decided to go on a long trek around the world and had a lot of adventures, which is why Harry lost track of them. ** Cho who? *** You mean the girl Harry managed to invite to the Yule Ball before Cedric did and ended up dating completely non-awkwardly for the rest of the series until they finally got married and had a family in the epilogue, right? **** No, I think he's talking about the girl who Cedric married in the epilogue because he totally didn't die, and neither did Dobby for that matter. ** Epilogue? What epilogue? ** Harry and Luna started a relationship after the events of ''OOTP'', and eventually married and had a wonderful and eccentric family, not starting another GenerationXerox. *** Yeah, I remember that. Great decision on Rowling's part. Something like, I don't know, Harry/Ginny wouldn't have been nearly as good. *** Finally some else remembers that. I keep being told by these crazy people that Harry and Ginny got together after several books of not interacting in the slightest and Ginny had gotten over her infatuation of Harry. Them in a relationship would just be silly. *** Ginny? You mean Ron's little sister who remained a background character thoughout the entire series and was definitely never

shoehorned into the main cast and made Harry's official love interest with little to no build-up? That Ginny? ** Hedwig didn't die needlessly! After Harry realized there was no way he was going to talk his friends out of risking their lives for him, he decided that at least he wouldn't put his beloved owl in any more danger. It was a tear jerking ShooTheDog moment and symbolized the end of Harry's childhood by having him make the very adult decision of releasing his owl. (It was established that Hedwig knew how to hunt, so he wouldn't be abandoning her to starve to death.) **** And don't worry, she still came to visit on occasion. *** The seventh movie actually got that part ''right!'' For the most part. *** I remember that part! I thought it was too sad and was about to declare it Discontinuity, but then I got to that scene near the end, where they finally reunite for good after the battle is over. [[HeartwarmingMoment *sniffle*]] ** Snape is not dead. Obviously. Nor did Remus look like a creepy pedophile in the movies, no way. They cast Ralph Finneas as Remus ''and'' Voldem--I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And he got to keep his hair, too. Somehow. ** Snape was never in love with Lily, and he was on Voldemort's side all along. Moody never died. The epilogue doesn't exist. New wand rules that don't make any sense were never introduced. And what's this I hear about [[StrangledByTheRedString Harry and Ginny getting thrown into a relationship with little to no realistic build-up]]? I could have sworn that Harry got together with Luna, and Ginny with Neville. *** What are you talking about? Snape DID love Lily and he was on Dumbledore's side. At the end of the books, having survived, he made peace with Harry, [[ButNowIMustGo left Hogwarts and went to find himself again]]. *** No no...he definitely never was in love with Lily, making that the only unbelievable and incredibly selfish reason that he would have to be on Dumbledore's side against Voldemort and further confirming that Lily Potter may have in fact, been a Canon Mary Sue. Nor that said saintly Lily would stop being his friend after having a really nasty slip of the tongue and a really, REALLY bad day of being bullied. Nor that the only reason he helps Harry at all is because he's reminded of Lily via Harry's eyes and that possibly couldn't have been the ONLY reason that J.K. Rowling hinted at for years as to why Harry having Lily's eyes was important...or that Harry would name one of his children after said man simply because of this selfish if not borderline creepy obsession he had for his mother, even if it did help the Wizarding World...no, no, that's CAN'T be right. I believe Snape did definitely survive and simply wasn't as bad as he seemed for various reasons and that Dumbledore (and later revealed to Harry) knew, was forgiven, then went off to find himself again. *** After he apologized to Harry and became his new godfather. That was a great book overall. I love how short it was, skipping right from the wedding to Luna's house where they destroyed the locket. * Thrawn did not die at the end of the ''[[StarWarsExpandedUniverse Thrawn]]'' trilogy. He anticipated [[spoiler:Rukh's betrayal]] and was [[spoiler:wearing body armor underneath his uniform]]. After this

minor setback, he crushed the Rebel fleet at Bilbringi and went on to reconquer the galaxy and was proclaimed Emperor. ** Which essentially makes Thrawn the biggest VillainSue in history... ** And Luke's clone at the end of the ''Thrawn'' trilogy had no name. Certainly not something as lame as [[MyNaymeIs "Luuke"]]... *** This is why CloudCuckooLander villains should not be allowed to pick names! ** Kevin J. Anderson's short story "Therefore I Am" doesn't exist because it would have turned a one-appearance background character from the films into a nigh-invulnerable MartyStu who would have effortlessly conquered the entire galaxy if not for dumb luck. ** There are rumours of a trilogy of novels by Anderson involving something called the "Sun Crusher" and the [[TooDumbToLive stupidest]] [[FauxActionGirl Imperial Admiral]] to ever walk the earth. But there is no evidence that Kevin J. Anderson ''ever'' wrote a ''StarWars'' novel. '''''EVER.''''' *** The entire body of his nonexistant continuity is masturbating - as heard from those poor souls in that alternate universe where his work exists. The denizens of that universe also hate Karen Traviss, whose work also does not exist in this universe and and also consists of masturbating. ** Not to mention something about those rumored [[NewJediOrder "Yuuzhan Vong"]]. *** The Yuuzhan Vong were a dream by Luke Skywalker, who woke up the morning after and went, "Bugger me, that's bloody impossible, what a ridiculous notion". And his wife and he lived happily ever after. ** Alternatively, The StarWars ExpandedUniverse ended with the end of the NewJediOrder series. After the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated, both the Empire and the New Republic remained in peace for a thousand years or so, and Jacen Solo never turned to the dark side. *** What "Yuuzhan Vong?" The stuff Luke and Mara dreamed up after making the mistake of eating Han's cooking? *** It then spontaneously reemerged in StarWarsLegacy. * You know a while back I heard about this idea for a ''StarWars'' story where the rebels were attacked by a bunch of Borg ripoffs after the battle of Endor. Thank god that was never written! ** Why the hell are people treating this "Mara Jade" character like she's in canon? Everyone knows that she's just a fan-character in that rambling fanfic Tim Z. is still hacking away at; yet, some people keep insisting that she's supposed to be in-universe proper? Now look, I know she's hot, I know there aren't many female characters in the Star Wars universe, but do you really want to accept into canon a character who's so blantantly a fanboy's lust-object? Or even more disturbing, a ''fanboy's female roleplaying character''. For ''that'' kind of fantasy. * shudder* * Anyone ever read Jane Yolen's ''PitDragon'' trilogy? ... Anyone think the third book never should've been made? ... Yeah. ThisTroper too. ** ThisTroper is worried about the news of a potential fourth book, because the publishers can't count. * This troper will never be able to accept Extras, [[TrilogyCreep the fourth book in the]] [[{{Uglies}} Uglies series,]] as canon. For that

matter, entire spans of Pretties and Specials are nonexistent, and I have absolutely no idea who these "Zane" and "David" characters I keep hearing about are... * My copy of the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' series is a book with most of their pages in blank, and only TWO sentence: "This book do NOT exist. By the way, vampires do not spark with the sunlight, they burn to their death." ** My copy of the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' series ends with Chapter 18 of New Moon, when Bella and Jacob have make-outs and the phone rings off the hook in the background because everyone is too busy to get it. ** And because everyone should have a happy ending, let's completely ignore canon and Edward can end up with Tanya. Or the Volturi's receptionist Gianna, who actually did get changed into a vampire. Who's with me? ** Actually, depending on what mood I'm in, I can actually change canon. See, otherwise, Bella has some character growth, and Leah gets a happy ending! With Jacob! ** Jacob turns out to be a [[HarryPotter wizard]], and casts a spell that turns Edward human so he and Bella can be HappilyMarried and give birth to their completely normal daughter, Nessie. Meanwhile, Jacob marries Luna Lovegood and they have Lysander, who grows up and marries Nessie. *** So Jacob's not a werewolf, he's an animagus? Makes sense. ** My own storyline involves [[spoiler:Renesmee being aborted]] and Bella and half the Cullens not being foolish at best and insanely suicidal at worst. Bella still [[spoiler:became a vampire, though...]] *** But if [[spoiler: Renesmee was never born,]] then how could she become a BadAss vampire hunter, team up with [[{{Hellsing}} Alucard]] and kill all those wierd, emo Sparklepires? ** My copy of ''Breaking Dawn'' is actually the sort-of-canon metaTwilight parody Stephenie Meyer made with "Breaking Down". She theorized that Bella was [[DrivenToSuicide going to commit suicide]], but changed her mind at the last minute. She still slipped, though, because she was just that clumsy. And then [[YaoiGuys Mike ran off with Eric]]... ** Mine ends sometime after the first with an epilogue stating that [[TooDumbToLive Bella dies]] due to her horrible taste in lovers, and [[StalkerWithACrush Edward got an ankle bracelet]] for his troubles. *** Mine's similar. The second book is a just a few pages. Edward kills Bella before a terribly haunting monologue about how dumb she is to get in the car of a stranger and devote herself to someone she barely knows. She dies staring at his topaz eyes. Her death is on the nightly news and people are warned about devilishly handsome strangers who call themselves vampires, but nobody cares too much because she never did anything. The Cullens brutally torture all of Forks Angelusstyle and create more vampires. They take over the world, using humans as farm fodder. Fangirls cry. Okay, so mines a little messed up. ** This Male Troper has substituted a reality that makes Twilight an absolutely fascinating piece of literature. He remembers reading once that Vampires have hypnotic powers as part of their repetoir. So, since the book is entirely from Bella's point of view,

UnreliableNarrator is in full effect here. It explains Bella's devotion, her months-long depression upon the break-up, and so forth, and in doing so makes Edward the main character. Picture this; you're a vampire, just want to be normal yadda yadda, and one day out of desperation, maybe you didn't even mean to, you see the pretty girl in class, not the hottest or the smartest but the sort that gives you a bit of a crush, and perhaps not even meaning to, perhaps thinking of the life you may have lead had your father not gotten a little hungry one midnight and found that there were no cookies left, you use your unholy powers and supernaturally charm the panties off the poor thing pernamently. Naturally Edward is overcome with crippling guilt, he knows that these powers are only used to lure in prey, for one, and his view of being a monster comes not from him being different, but doing something he finds unforgiveable in himself. He staves off turning Bella into a vampire, cementing this careless, adolescant choice (let's say he's really only 17 in real-life years, to edge off the creepy factor.) Eventually, he finds himself so desperate for love, he finds himself slowly giving in to his own desires, completing the process and giving in to his bestial nature, knowing that at least some spark of the love Bella has for him is genuine. This blending of Stroker's Dracula mythos creates a novel with themes of selfforgiveness, desperation for love and human weakness, the vampirism representing the capacity for ruthlessness in romantic and social pursuits in us all. Furthermore, This Male Troper has altogether too much time on his hands. ** You know, I actually absolutely loved the Twilight series. There were a lot of really badass moments in it: when the vampires and werewolves had a war, when Bella's canon friend Eric turned out to be Victoria's apprentice instead of some new OC, and especially when the Volturi fought the vampires in the last book. The best part, though, was the series epilogue when Bella finally figured out that she fell for Carlisle's scheme of using his hot son to attract new killers to his clan. What an amazing Reveal! * Not too far off, the Eva/Cthulhu Mythos crossover ''Children of an Elder God'' ended after Chapter Nine and the battle with Hastur. Nothing else happened. Nothing at all. Damn, that story was great? Wasn't that story great? Stopping at Hastur, I mean, what a move! Who could have saw that! Thank Cthulhu that story stopped while on top, before it began to absorb itself in its own mythos, mutating into a sickening monstrosity that made me pull out more hair than ''actually'' encountering a Great Old One. Yep, nobody grew wings, mouths, split personalities, or tentacles, turned into a Deep One, tentacle-raped someone else, had their semen turn into a frog monster, or met Nyarlatho-Jesus. Absolutely none of that happened. And I have a good feeling about the Shinji/Rei paring. Yeah, that's gonna' turn out alright. It's ''all'' gonna' turn out all right. (Imustn'trunawayImustn'trunawayImustn'trunawayImustn'trunaway...) * What's this you say about a third ''{{Dexter}}'' book? Don't be ridiculous, that can't possibly have existed. ** There's a third ''{{Dexter}}'' book but it does NOT contain supernatural elements. * [[{{Tropers/Nomic}} This troper]] considers August Derleth's

''[[CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]]'' mythos stories DisContinuity. They simply don't fit in Lovecraft's cosmology and trying to incorporate them into it just gives this troper a headache. ** There is no August Dereleth. That's all just a bad dream you had. Lovecraft wrote a story so awesome that it caused people to actually lose SAN. Rolling on the 'Random Insanities' table from the ''Call of Cthulhu'' RPG, many people rolled 'Hallucinate an author who tries to put classical Greek elementalism on the Great Old Ones, purports that all the Elder Gods are undeniably good and all the Outer Gods are undeniably evil, and describes Cthulhu as a green version of the blob with tentacles'. Whoo! Thank Cthulhu you can make a SAN check, and the effects only last 1d10 hours! *** No no no. August Derleth ''does'' exist, and he's mainly remembered for writing [[SolarPons one of the best Sherlock Holmes patiches ever]]. The part where he wrote Cthulhu Mythos stories though? Definitely a dream. * DavidEddings' series ''The Dreamers'' only consisted of three books. There never was a fourth, none of the gods died, and everyone remained friends, so all the changes they made never got wiped away when the non-existent elder gods basically never turned the series into a ShootTheShaggyDog series. I mean... that could never happen, it'd ruin the point. * [[TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Arthur Dent lived happily ever after with Fenchurch.]] Douglas Adams never suffered a CreatorBreakdown which caused him to [[DropABridgeOnThem drop a bridge on]] Fenchurch, Arthur, and every Earth in every universe. * My copy of ''HisDarkMaterials'' ended with Will and Lyra finding a way to meet each other again once in a while, and finally ending up together ''for good''. No, I don't care if I am CompletelyMissingThePoint. Screw you, DiabolusExMachina. ** Lyra got what was coming to her for being, of all the Mary Sues, the Mary [=Sueist=]. Also? Pullman did NOT derail what was looking to be a wonderful, engaging world of magical Victorian steampunk by forcing in an anti-organized religion (specifically Catholic) diatrabe that ultimately made the books little more than the atheist equivalent of [[JackChick Chick Tracts]]. ** What's all this talk of Will and Lyra [[RomanticPlotTumor falling in love]] [[StrangledByTheRedString for no reason whatsoever?]] Mr. Pullman wouldn't sink to those levels surely? Not if everyone keeps saying he's so great, right? ** For some reason, instead of writing it in a book, Mr. Pullman decided to post the ''actual'' finale in the form of this [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/35939 excellent story.]] * This Troper will not acknowledge the existence of the last two ''{{Everworld}}'' books, ''Mystify the Magician'' and ''Entertain the End.'' Those books are so [[CharacterDerailment damned]] horrible that just thinking about them sours my enjoyment of all of them. In my mind, the series ended after they escaped Atlantis, and then Senna opened the gateway and sent her whiny-ass friends back into the Old World for good. ** In ThisTroper's continuity, she found the Great Scroll of the Gods, wiped out all the pantheons, and then became the DimensionLord of

Everworld. * No ''{{Dragonriders of Pern}}'' books were published since ''All the Wyers of Pern'', there were a few short stories handling the last of the Abominators and further intergration of some technology but nothing else. I am eagerly awaiting the Final Fall novel. * I thought it was very daring of Sheri S. Tepper in ''The Fresco'' to [[NoEnding cut off the story]] right after [[spoiler:the titular fresco is cleaned]]. The changed emphasis from ending it there really puts the {{Anvilicious}} elements in a new light. * [[DarkTower Randall Flagg]] had an epic confrontation with Roland and was shot and killed right before Roland [[spoiler: reached the Tower]]. There was never any spider/man hybrid thing named Mordred. That would just be silly ** Wow, that reminds me of this really awful fanfic alternate ending of the Dark Tower I read. It turned out that [[spoiler: the Crimson King was a total wuss, was trapped at the top of the tower and was killed by a kid with a pad of paper.]] Hey, are you referencing that really bad Original Character fic? Where [[IHaveManyNames Walter/Randall]] fell victim to TheWorfEffect simply because [[strike:King]] the fanfic author had to rant about his new philosophy of what evil was, regardless of [[strike:his]] the creator's original continuity and dramatic tension? (Takes a breath.) What a terrible fanfic. And that lame spider didn't even die in an epic fashion. At least they kept the awesome MindScrew ending in the book... * {{Artemis Fowl}} met up with Minerva again. They enjoy playing chess and discussing the rather convoluted formulas of magical time travel thanks to a project with demon warlocks, and are in fact testing out this 'dating' thing. AS THE PROPER, HIGH-SOCIETY INTELLECTUALS THEY ARE. Holly and Trouble are meanwhile happily down in Haven as a P.I. couple with Mulch as a best friend. Time Paradox? Opal Koboi returning in yet ANOTHER novel? Arty and Holly being the fandom favorite pair and kissing? His plans being absolutely convoluted and ridiculous and near Idiot Ball-like, such as flying a plane with a toy monkey? Nope, not ringing a bell at all. Also, Foaly still exists, and he is just as snarky as ever, even with his new mate Caballine. * This Troper refuses to recognize Anne Rice's Vampire Chroniclesafter the first two books- as canon. The story [[JumpingTheShark went downhill]] somewhere in the middle of Queen of the Damned. * There are no sequels to ''TheGiver.'' Great book, oh yes, one of the classics of our time. But it doesn't need a sequel. A sequel, let alone two featuring poorly-built, alternate Communities and weird pseudo-magical mumbo-jumbo, and which overall lack the entire subtlety and grace of the first book, would be just silly. * Why do people keep insisting that a relative of Bram Stoker wrote a [[{{DraculaTheUn-Dead}} sequel]] to [[Literature/{{Dracula}} Dracula]]? The whole idea is absurd. ** Oh, agreed! And what's this I keep hearing about Dracula and Mina being in love and having a son together? Now that's just ridiculous-everyone knows that Mina's true love and the father of her son was Jonathan and that Dracula was lusting after Lucy. * [[AnitaBlakeVampireHunter Anita's]] plane went down at the end of ''Obsidian Butterfly'' and she did not in fact become a self-righteous

rapist GodModeSue. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityLiveActionTV Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* {{Wizards of Waverly Place}} was always a corny show, but atleast they didn't add some love-interest characters, like [[MarySue Juliet]]. Even worse, what if a werewolf version of [[{{Twilight}} Edward Cullen]] snuck into the series and became Alex's boyfriend? Thankfully, her artist (not werewolf) boyfriend was only in the series for one episode. ** Also, the fourth season is revolving around the Russos travelling around the world trying to create a wizard world rebellion while avoiding the goverment rather then something like the whole thing turning out to be a test by Professor Crumms. One that results in Alex and Justin being knocked backed to level one in training and Max being in the lead cause that would be stupid. Also, this never leads to him being turned into a little girl for a few episodes. * The Doctor doesn't leave the parking break on. That doesn't happen. Neither does it happen when any other TARDIS materialises or dematerialises. That noise is meant to happen and River Song deactivated a vital component of the TARDIS when she thought she was switching off the brakes. In fact, why not, that's what leads to the [[spoiler:TARDIS exploding.]] * [[BattlestarGalactica Helo]] [[spoiler: never came into the bathroom, and most certainly would have been able to tell Boomer apart from ''his wife of roughly two-and-a-half years.'']] ** There was never any Circle. Jammer's still a member of the crew, dammit, he did not get killed for being a collaborator with the Cylons [[spoiler: ''by'' Cylons and the ''wife'' of a Cylon, who never hesitated to think that maybe they'd made a bad decision in all those executions.]] Gaeta did not [[spoiler: get his leg amputated, eventually snap, and get shot for leading a mutiny.]] *** The Military Coup led by Gaeta succeeded. Adama was executed for his crimes of aiding and abetting the Cylons, As was Helo. Starbuck and Apollo were gunned down in a failed attempt to save their life. And three of the final five were executed for being Cylons. Following this outcome, Galactica ended the very next jump it made when it was ripped in two. I refuse to believe that a coup supported by the overwhelming majority of the fleet could be honestly beaten back by only 6 people. **** You forget one of the six was Bill Adama. He could take the whole fleet with one steely glare.

**** Adama was executed. He was never saved by Starbuck and Apollo, because Apollo was executed in the hanger. Starbuck's gambit of shooting one of the 4 armed guards in order to get them to drop their weapons, got them to kill Apollo there, and then engage Starbuck in a firefight. Whether or not she survived that doesn't matter, they never made it the the brig together. And then never got to Adama. **** Racetrack and Skulls jumped into a sun when they miscaculated the jump back to rescue the people stranded on Caprica. Iraq/Occupied France InSpace did not happen, and neither did all the subsequent Final Five bullshit. Tigh still has two eyes. Pegasus and Cloud Nine are still with the fleet. **** Despite being one of the few people very satisfied with the BSG finale, this troper nevertheless prefers to believe that Sam woke up from his coma and joined Galen in Scotland where they lived happily ever after... * The ''BattlestarGalactica'' finale. Right after Lee gave his insane speech about abandoning civilization and essentially destroying his own culture at the hands of primitives, we flash forward to a gleaming high-tech city with flying cars, and a teacher's voice giving a lecture. "And that, children, is when President Agathon beat the bad crazy man until he could no longer speak. Which is why we celebrate this day every year as 'The Day Helo Saved The Human Race.'" * In a similar vein, [[BuffyTheVampireSlayer Willow]] is bisexual (with a preference for women). ** Also Kennedy doesn't exist. * I just can't get over the idea of the Borg Queen on ''StarTrek''. I thought it was a complete reversal of a well-established threat, and I refuse to accept it as canon except by supposing that the queen is no kind of queen at all, but a mouthpiece like Locutus. The borg, for me, were significant as a story point because they were a collective linked up by computers like a giant, instant ballot box, making their organizing system essentially a very streamlined democracy with hyperefficiency and moral blindness worked in there. They were the darkest possible democracy-type, in short, and it made them the greatest possible evil. Turning them into another total dictatorship destroyed... or rather would have destroyed all the irony and applicable lessons that the collective brought to the table by its nature. ** I felt that the Borg Queen took the Borg from functional Comunism to Stalinism. ** ThisTroper finds it perfectly simple to reconcile that interpretation with the events of ''Star Trek: First Contact''. Later seasons of ''Voyager''? Scurrilous rumors. ** Borg Queen? What are you talking about? The Borg are a single, collective entity so large and alien as to essentially be a terrifying force of nature. An unstoppable enemy that can't be talked to, reasoned with or understood. * Oh, and [[StarTrekVoyager Paris and Janeway never turned into lizards and had lizard babies.]] I mean, [[{{Squick}} ew.]] ** Even Brannon Braga [[CanonDiscontinuity agrees with that]]. * Who the hell is the [[StarTrekEnterprise "Captain Archer"]] you speak of. Temporal War, Xindi, this never happened.

* While this editor accepts ''StarTrekEnterprise'' into ''StarTrek'' {{Canon}} on a good day, he throws out anything to do with the "Temporal Cold War". What is the point of a prequel series having such timeline damaging shenannigans to the point fans start theorising the series is an AlternateUniverse. A series set in the future, fine, but in a prequel series? Luckily the opening episodes of season 4 [[FixFic fixed]] that. Also this editor refuses to accept there was an episode of Enterprise featuring the Ferengi because he refuses to believe that they stayed out of the Federation's way for two centuries just because some starship captain said so. And the GrandFinale was certainly not a pseudo-''StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode featuring Riker intruding into the events of the story, although the bit with the starship captains giving the "Space, the final frontier" monologue can stay. ** And Trip is ''perfectly'' FUCKING ''fine'', thank you very much. See ''[[http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/The_Good_That_Men_Do The Good That Men Do]]'' for details. ** ''Dear Doctor''? Was made up by the Dominion to misrepresent the Prime Directive. Also, the Kyrians made up ''Tuvix''. * Sadly, [[StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Gul Dukat]] was killed by the Dominion for his failure, and Kai Winn suffered horrific brain damage in a heated shockball game that caused her to drop into a coma and [[LifeOnMars imagine]] that Dukat returned disguised as a Bajoran to release the pagh'wraiths. Which don't exist. Given this was a dream, she didn't question how [[TooDumbToLive easily]] she was corrupted by Dukat. Sadly, she never regained consciousness, and no-one ever heard this story. Ever. ** Additionally, as the pagh'wraiths don't exist, Jadzia couldn't possibly have been killed by them, and she and Worf lived happily ever after. Ezri was also a product of Kai Winn's diseased imagination. *** Leaving Julian to grow up and seek a mature, healthy relationship instead of a co-dependancy with said non-existant counselor, preferably with Garak. * [[SeasonalRot Season 3]] of ''StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' either did not happen or was a bunch of exaggerated and/or fabricated reports by Captain Kirk. ** Except for "The Tholian Web." * [[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Picard and Crusher]] came to their senses and got together in the immediate aftermath of "Attached". There was none of this "I don't want to ruin our friendship!" nonsense. ** Alternatively, the novel ''Death in Winter'' is canon. * [[StarTrekVoyager Chakotay]] hooked up with Seven of Nine at the end? What you talkin' 'bout? ** I really have no idea, because I remember in the finale, Janeway offered to let [[spoiler:Seven]] stay with her until she adjusted to life in the Alpha Quadrant. [[Tropers/BlossomMorphine This Troper]] thought it was CrowningMomentofHeartwarming. * That whole stupid storyline with Mulder either being kidnapped by aliens or having a terminal neurological problem Scully completely failed to notice just did NOT happen on ''TheXFiles''. Therefore, the last alleged episode of season 7 does not exist, nor do seasons 8 and 9. And TheLoneGunmen are most definitely NOT dead! They're still doing

their thing and just as adorably weird as ever. * ''TheWestWing'' ended with season 4. Leo, Toby, and Will were never completely [[CharacterDerailment Character Derailed]] and [[spoiler:Fitz]] was never {{McLeaned}}. And they didn't ruin John Hoynes in order to write John Wells into a corner, either. He may not have been the greatest guy, but he would never do something utterly moronic like tell his lover state secrets. ** You managed to make it that far!?! WOW! [[{{Tropers/A-l-e-x-99}} This Troper™]] wishes he had your stomach. I hate Emily Procter with a bloody passion because her voice is so grating to me, so for me, ''West Wing'' only lasted ONE season and was a complete FLOP 'cuz it fucking SUCKED! And, on a related side note, ''CSIMiami'' doesn't exist. ''(puts on sunglasses)'' At all. ** What is this nonsense about Sam Seabourne joining a law firm after losing California 47th? He miraculously won and served until he was recalled from the House to take over as Deputy Chief of Staff under Joshua Lyman. * What never happened on ''Series/DoctorWho'': (deep breath) The Doctor is not half-human, The Time War never happened, [[TheWesley Rose]] [[RelationshipSue Tyler]] does not exist, The Doctor and his companions [[NoHuggingNoKissing never fall in love with each other,]] The Doctor [[{{Flanderization}} is not Jesus,]] "The Doctor's Daughter" featured [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin the Doctor's actual daughter]] instead of some sort of clone...echo...girl...thing, [[HumongousMecha The CyberKing]] does not exist, there is no [[{{Wangst}} excessive crying]] in the new series, Donna was not transformed into a {{HalfHumanHybrid}} and then made to [[TraumaInducedAmnesia forget all her travels with the Doctor,]] David Morrissey is the next Doctor instead of [[EstrogenBrigadeBait Matt Smith,]] the Ood were never [[CharacterDerailment derailed]] from spine-tingling {{NightmareFuel}} into a generic {{Monster of the Week}} and the "Daleks become humans" story was given the [[TheyJustDidntCare respect]] and intelligent writing it deserved. ** You forgot about: Martha Jones was never born, Donna Noble took the traveling offer the Doctor made at the end of The Runaway Bride and Series 3 happened with her instead, Rose Tyler either never had to let go of the clamp or stayed put in Pete's World, once she was gone the Doctor got over her and never brought her up again, Donna Noble regenerated into a full Time Lady and [[VictoryGuidedAmnesia wasn't mind wiped and]] [[FateWorseThanDeath reverted back to being]] TheScrappy, Handy!Doctor was made to combine with Proper!Doctor instead of being [[StrangledByTheRedString thrown to Rose like a cheap doll in order to]] [[CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds resolve the Rose/Doctor ship they were toting up until the very end]], the Series 3 finale was given the [[TheyJustDidntCare respect]] and intelligent writing it deserved. *** Well, I can play too. Policeman investigating what now? The series began with Rose Tyler trying to hand lottery money to her boss but stumbling into the [[strike: Autons]] Nestene duplicates. *** The Doctor was able to block the Time Lord-part of Donna's mind successfully without having to take away her memories, and she continued to travel with him throughout the specials until succumbing

to it in ''The End of Time'', where (along with her grandfather) she was critical in stopping Rassilon's plan and ends up dying peacefully in the Doctor's arms (making Dalek Caan's prediction that "one will die" true). During his 'goodbye' tour before regenerating, he takes her body and Wilfred to the Ood and buries her there, with the Ood singing a bittersweet lament and Sigma promising that her song will never end as long as there are those who sing it. He also regenerates there during the song, takes Wilfred home and says a final goodbye to him before leaving in the TARDIS. Something quickly goes wrong and greatly damages the interior of TARDIS and spins it out of control, which leads directly into ''The Eleventh Hour''. There was never any mind-wipe or walking on egg-shells by her family and everyone that knows the Doctor (not to mention the Doctor himself) for the rest of her life lest she 'burn up', and her story was ''not'' ended by her getting married and still being unable to remember anything about her adventures ''ever'', and the Doctor trying to make up for this by giving her a lottery ticket. *** While we're on the subject, Mickey Smith certainly didn't spend all that time [[TookALevelInBadass taking levels in badass]] and [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap getting out of the Scrappy heap]] just to see Rose paired off to a human clone of the Doctor before he gets hitched to Martha in the most awkward case of PairTheSpares in history. He and Rose are very happily married in the parallel universe, as they should be. * ''Series/DoctorWho'' ended after Season 1 of the revival, going out on an all time high. It did not go on to contradict it's own canon in ways such as having the Doctor paradox "Britain's Golden Age" out of existance or Rose inexplicably remembering her time as Bad Wolf for no adequately explained reason. It did not plunge the Doctor into the depths of hypocrisy by having him both condemn the desire for immortality and continually change his mind regarding whether genocide is an acceptable means of dealing with alien threats depending on what way the wind is blowing, nor did he become a [[Main/FantasticRacism Fantastic Bigot]] or begin having [[Main/OmniscientMoralityLicense delusions of authority over the entire universe]]. There were never any teases regarding averted regeneration sequences, any instances of alien threats being defeated with [[Main/HollywoodHacking Time Lord leet haxxor skillz]] or cases of the Doctor giving psychic lobotomies to any of his companions. Rose was never [[Main/CharacterDerailment derailed]] from her essentially likable characterization from Season 1, nor was she fobbed off with a clone Doctor in a parallell universe. * Martha managed to properly call the Doctor out on making Rose out to be a godlike figure, and he stopped comparing the two after the first few episodes of Series 3, and the they eventually parted as really good friends. The Master didn't die at the end of Last of The Time Lords, he and the Doctor are travelling together through time and space, saving planets and having slashy moments- copious amounts of snarking are involved. Donna joined them later, there was no Time Lord metacrisis or Reality Bomb, she remained fully human, and left the TARDIS many years later of her own free will to live happily ever after. Rose realised her infatuation with the Doctor was a passing thing, and that she loved Mickey after all and married him on the

parallel world, and never felt the need to return. * There was some 60ies Doctor Who show in Britian but the TV movie and 2005 - 2010 run of Doctor Who was completely independent of that show and set in an alternate universe. I am so sad when they announced there wouldn´t be a season five unless the Master returns alive and well from the Time War with John Simm as actor. * On ''{{Torchwood}}'', [[DrJerk Owen]] and [[HotScientist Toshiko]] never died and actually had their [[CartwrightCurse date]]. What's more? It was completely awesome, even if it got interrupted by Weevil hunting. ** That would have just made it more awesome. ** Ianto is alive and well and making Torchwood into an organization staffed by sane, competent people. *** When he and Jack aren't having sex on every available surface of the new Torchwood Institute in Cardiff. *** To quote the internet, ''"no one’s dead. No one is ''going'' to die. Screw you RTD."'' ** Gwen Cooper went away. Far, far away. *** No, she didn't, she realized that shagging her coworker is a bad idea, as is crushing on her boss, and worked on her relationships with Rhys and her friend Andy. Rhys helps the team out from time to time and Andy is their real police liaison. Gwen is thanking Ianto for helping save her wedding by covering for him and Jack when they need it. **** She also stays put in Wales to raise her child with Rhys, and most certainly does not go to America because she's "bored". ** ''Torchwood'''s still-flawed first season was sadly cut short into seven episodes [[hottip:for those who care:Everything Changes, Ghost Machine, Countrycide, Out of Time, Combat, Captain Jack Harkness and End of Days, though on that one read on]], which, while still not as good as ''Children of Earth'', concluded with Owen pulling all the time-displaced humans from that day back through the Rift, and ''then'' leading into the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode where Jack chases after his "right sort of Doctor" through time. [[ThatCameOutWrong Or something]]. Abaddon? Billis? Who are they? * Most of [[{{Dollhouse}} "The Hollow Men"]] didn't happen. Only the awesome things [[spoiler:the return of Topher!Victor, ninja!Victor, Topher's BatmanGambit, Mellie's sacrifice]] did. ** Also, Bennett is still alive and she helped fix Topher after he went crazy, and then after they stopped the thoughtpocalypse they settled down and [[{{Firefly}} River and Simon Tam]] are their descendants. * This troper wishes that the episode of ''TheGoldenGirls'' where Rose's boyfriend Miles [[spoiler: is revealed to be an accountant named Nick who's in witness protection after helping to convict a mobster]] never happened. * To that effect, [[TwentyFour Jack Bauer]]'s father Phillip is [[spoiler:still alive]] as well. One of the show's best villains in years, given a death that [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat nobody could survive]]? I'm too GenreSavvy to believe ''that''. * [[TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody London Tipton]] remained in Boston, and sent her {{Doppelganger}} to attend school aboard the ''S.S. Tipton''.

** The Suite Life on Deck was just a horrible dream. *** Indeed it was. What ACTUALLY happened was that the boys remained at the Tipton throughout their High School years, only leaving to go to college. Some years later, a grown up and more mature Zack met up with Maddie again. The two began to reconnect, eventually falling in love for real and got married. * Oh man, ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' was ''so awesome''. Why did they only make one season? ** And then a miniseries focusing just on what Noah Bennet would have gone on to do. But at no point was there a flying pretty boy. No way. * [[Series/{{Heroes}} Sylar]] having his mind wiped and morphed into Nathan Petrelli? What are you talking about? Claire used her blood to heal Nathan and Sylar was burnt, burnt and burnt again until he was nothing, so that he couldn't do anymore harm. Angela Petrelli did not make Matt do anything stupid. ** WTF are you talking about? Sylar died at the end of Season 1, after Hiro stabbed him! ** And Charlie most certainly did not decide to marry some unknown, unnamed person at the end of WWII and have four random kids with him. She waited faithfully for Hiro to meet up with her in the present, knowing that she's just taking TheSlowPath and that he'll eventually rescue her. He did, and they now have a grand time teleporting around the world and acting like happy tourists. *** Alternately, Hiro's powers had an oopsie and they ended up in an alternate dimension where [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=031Dshcnso4 guns shoot flowers]]. Unfortunately, this new dimension seems to lack barber shops... ** Mohinder did not become a MadScientist ProfessorGuineaPig by betraying a patient coming to him for help! That was just an idea put forth by Sylar to make him come to the Dark Side. Instead, he worked with Peter, Matt, Hiro, Ando, Charlie, Audrey, Claude, Elle, Monica, René and Daphne to form an organization to warn and protect specials from the Company and Sylar, while performing good works for the public. * ''{{CSI}}: Crime Scene Investigation'' was canceled at the end of Season Five. ** And the spin off Series lasted a couple of seasons, and resolved the main characters' backstories, and no there tragically was never a CSI set in New York. *** Funny, this troper remembers this sequence of events a little differently. {{CSI}} went well up until the 8th season, when it was cancelled. The show ended with For Warrick, the second half of the two part series finale. {{CSI:Miami}}, the first spinoff, lasted about 3 seasons before being cancelled. However, they decided to create [[{{CSINY}}a spinoff set New York]] and that show is excellent, or at least it was before they took a hiatus after the 5th season. It's been two years and I don't believe it's coming back anytime soon. *** Grissom never retired or left, and was always happier with bugs than Sara. Incidentally, Warrick is not dead, and Greg is still the annoying lab boy he always was. Also, in Miami, NOTHING HAPPENED AFTER SEASON 3 AND SPEED LIVES. RYAN IS A MYTH. That whole 'Tim dies' episode was just a terrible ploy by the New York gang to try and

divert attention onto them, which failed miserably. * ''{{Babylon 5}}'' - Legend Of The Rangers NEVER HAPPENED ** There was a one-shot where they did an X-files parody - I always found it off that they did a one-hour 'movie', but it was good. ** There is no Byron in season 5, but there is the Drakh War and the Telepath War. Crusade went on to have four more ''wonderful'' seasons that made up for the weaknesses of the first half of the first season. * This troper has a friend who maintains that [[{{Firefly}} Wash is not dead.]] ** Wash dead? What Big Damn Movie? Firefly ended (unfortunatly) after 14 episodes. The crew continues to keep flying. Everyone is still alive. Simon paid people to get River out of the Academy and didn't conduct the BadAss rescue himself (thereby leading to questions why he never did anything Badass during the series). River has not turned out to be a freaking Slayer and remains sadly still 'touched' thereby continuing to be a compelling character. Also, there is no hovermule!!! *** Uh... What? I seem to remember Simon being a Crouching Labcoat Hidden Badass in the series, so the movie made perfect sense. Although you're right about Wash and Book not dying; don't forget the Operative! Man, was I relieved when we saw him again in the second season; he was too interesting a character to just forget about. * In ''[[TwentyFour 24]]'', Jack managed to fake his death at the end of Season 4 and finally parted with his life as a CTU agent forever. ** And he had never been in &#1057;hina, neither had Audrey. (Don't get me wrong. I like Renee Walker as well as Jack/Renee. But what happened ( sorry, I mean what never happened)to Audrey.. it's so wrong. ) Chinese man kidnapped him?! Nonsense!!! We are here speaking of Jack Bauer! And neither Michelle nor David Palmer are dead, and Tony is definitely not a terrorist. * [[{{Life}} Dani Reese never got with Tidwell.]] She continues to think of him as disgusting, and there are more than a few hints of {{UST}} between her and Crews. ** Who the heck is Tidwell? I liked how Lt. Davis eventually came to realize Crews was a great cop, and she and he and Dani worked together to bring down the corruption in the LAPD. * [[{{NCIS}} Jethro Gibbs]] is still very much involved with Hollis Mann. What is this nonsense about her retiring to Hawaii? There is no way in hell Gibbs was stupid enough to let go of the best thing that ever happened to him. ** Uh, no. Gibbs is with ''Jenny''. You know, Director Shepard? Badass Lady who took down those guys, in that diner, and got away with it? They balance each other out, Jenny and Jethro, and besides, every group of kids needs their parent. (And did you see the pilot for the flashback miniseries? We finally got to see them escape with Ducky across the English Channel!) *** Nonono. Jethro and Jenny are the TeamMom and TeamDad who are BetterAsFriends but still super super [[{{Nakama}} close]], and Jenny is [[ShipperOnDeck totally behind]] Jethro and Hollis' epic romance after finding Hollis worthy, of course. Who is this Leon Vance character of which you speak? ...oh, right, the ''Deputy'' director of NCIS. Duh. That flashback miniseries, though, was epic. As was Jenny's

smackdown of those guys in the diner. * ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' got cancelled after the "Once More With Feeling." In the canon comics that followed, Buffy's OTP Anya and Xander didn't [[ShipSinking Ship Sink]] and in fact are HappilyMarried. Willow didn't go down a magic druggie road, Tara decided to stay, grew a spine, and set her girlfriend straight because lesbian love saves the world, without a DepravedBisexual will destroy everything. Spike and Buffy got together, and provided her with enough IntimateHealing and satsication they decided to rub it in Angel's face, drove to Los Angeles with Dawn who got boinked by Conner instead so there was never that whole Cordelia/Conner squick! Sounds like the most extreme discontinuity bad!fanfic yet? Better then say the silly theories that say Tara and Anya would've died, Willow goes Dark Phoenix, Spike gets ensouled, and Giles abandons his (children) Scoobies. ** No, ''Buffy'' ended the way it was intended to, with the Season 5 finale "The Gift". Buffy made a HeroicSacrifice that there was no way to reverse. Had she come back, she and everyone around her would just wind up going through CharacterDerailment. *** Sooner or later, we're going to find out that the Scoobies are still dreaming their dreams from "Restless" and Seasons 5, 6 and 7 never actually happened. ''Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...'' ** Wait... I'm confused. What's a "Dawn"? Is that what you call that hideously obnoxious little sister that Buffy never had? ** One second... Who is that guy Spike you are talking about? I remember one, but he was a bloody souless vampire who got killed in "What's My Line, Part Two", just as planned. And how on the Earth he and Buffy can be in love with each other? *** I thought he was that guy who had a chip put in his head and was great comic relief but realised his crush on Buffy was unrequited after the sex robot incident and remained "just friends' with her (y'know, like the actor playing him ''wanted'' to happen?) ** I'm so glad the series ended after three seasons, with the Scoobies watching the school burn down, bidding a bittersweet farewell to their adolescence. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would've been if they'd sent off most of the cast to a CaliforniaUniversity, given Buffy a wooden boyfriend who was part of an equally boring science-based vampire hunting conspiracy, had Buffy turn into a cavewoman by [[DrugsAreBad drinking beer]] just so they could get [[MoneyDearBoy government money]], made Willow turn farcically evil, and spent two seasons with all the characters alternately giving each other cheesy motivational speeches and [[{{Wangst}} whining about how alllll alooooone]] they were? ** You know, I can actually handle most of the dumb things that happened in season 4, and the idiocy in season 6. I managed to grow to like Dawn and Tara, despite the former being annoying and the latter doing nothing, and then dying shortly after. I can evend eal with the comics. And this is all because Xander and Anya are together in all of them, and by season six were happily married. What? You're telling me they never got married? Bah, that's ridiculous. * [[DarkAngel Logan and Max]] got rid of that inane virus and got HappilyMarried. Alec got over his relationship issues and got a

girlfriend. Cindy also got a girlfriend. Ben, who had been revived by Manticore because that's easy, was gradually eased back into sanity by Max and Alec. Joshua killed Ames White as poetically as possible. Max saved the human race. ** Also, do you remember that episode (''Borrowed Time'') where they got an antidote that gave them 12 hours - only for Max having to leave for a mission and return with two minutes left? Since the original estimate of the creator of the antidote was ''14 hours'', my immediate response was: "Maybe it's ''two hours'' and two minutes." ** Normal wises up and realizes his life would be substainally easier if he would be less of a douche. * ''{{Andromeda}}'': No one made the assinine mistake of firing Wolfe. * {{Alias}} ended when they brought down SD-6. No amnesia, no marriage, no likable characters killed by evil duplicates or sent into witness protection, no prophecy plots gone out of control. It ended there. * There never was an episode of ''ThePrisoner'' called "Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darling." The powers that be never put Number Six's mind in some other guy and sent him out of The Village to run an errand for them. Number Six never had a fiance. That's all just crazy talk made up by crazy people. * [[{{Supernatural}} Sam and Dean]] never went up against a racist ghost truck. I don't know why anyone would create such a blatant lie. They never ran into a giant suicidal teddy bear, either. ** Of course they never ran into a giant suicidal teddy bear, the show got canceled after season 3. It ended on a complete cliffhanger, dam you network executives! * ''{{Oz}}'' only lasted 5 seasons. If they had a 6th season, they would have had to resort to stupid, OOC stuff like [[spoiler: Alverez going gay]], [[spoiler: Ryan forgiving his father]] and [[spoiler: Emerald City exploding]]. AGAIN! * I can't wait for the LifeOnMars finale that's going to come out soon. What do you think will happen? I'm hoping for Sam to go back to 2007, be happy with the lessons that he's learned from 1973 and face life with a new, relaxed, positive attitude. ** I really liked how they faded out on the roof to the credits and Leonardo DiCaprio had a cameo in the stinger with a scene that looked like that one from TheDeparted . * [[{{Tropers/Meshakhad}} This troper]] has ''two'' possibilities regarding the ''{{Angel}}'' episode "I Will Remember You": ## The whole bit where Angel went off to hunt the Mohra demon without Buffy, and ended up having to convince the Powers That Be to fold time and undo everything, was a shared nightmare between Buffy and Angel. Buffy woke with a start, and went with Doyle to kill the Mohra demon easily. They all moved back to Sunnydale. ## The entire episode never happened. Season One of ''{{Angel}}'' only had 21 episodes. JossWhedon sketched it out, but decided that [[Main/EvenEvilHasStandards it would be too cruel]]. ** Angel in love with Cordelia Chase? ANGEL? Come on, man, it is'not even funny. At all. ** Also, the Season Five episode "Damage" had a slightly different ending. After calling Buffy, Angel agreed to hand Dana over to Andrew

and his slayers, who were better equipped to take care of her. Buffy also spoke to Spike, and assigned him to be her liason to Wolfram & Hart. Buffy is aware of everything that happened for the rest of Season Five (as Spike was passing her info). The first issue of the BuffyTheVampireSlayer Season Eight comic shows the systematic extermination of every Wolfram & Hart branch on Earth by the Slayers after Buffy finds out what happened in "Not Fade Away". ** Angel never destroyed the Ring of Amara, using it to become a more effective Champion. Doyle was never killed by a stupid cult that wasn't mentioned ever again using an even stupider weapon that wasn't mentioned ever again. Angel either killed Darla the moment they met or staked her the moment she was a vampire, and definitely didn't have sex with her to form an annoying baby that became an even more annoying adolescent. Relatedly, Angel never had a DespairEventHorizon because he [[VillainsNeverLie believed a supremely evil being]], instead using the opportunity to invade the realm of the Senior Partners and either destroyed them completely or removed their link to Earth, shattering Wolfram & Hart. Wesley TookALevelInBadass without having to betray his {{Nakama}} and get his throat slit. Holtz eventually accepted he would never face Darla and Angelus again, living the rest of his life in obscurity fighting vampires. Aforementioned annoying baby/adolescent, having never existed, certainly didn't [[SpotlightStealingSquad steal the spotlight]] of two entire seasons, creating IdiotPlot after IdiotPlot and willingly serving and aiding an EldritchAbomination. Eventually, with Wolfram & Hart gone, Fred rescued from Pylea, and Buffy dead (which isn't reversed, because ''Buffy'' seasons 6 and 7 don't exist), Angel, Doyle, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and Fred join the remaining Scoobies (and Spike) in WalkingTheEarth and fighting the good fight. The end. ** I thought it was really weird how ''{{Angel}}'' went straight from season three to season five. And that season three was only half the length of a regular season. * The storyline on ''{{Neighbours}}'' featuring the grandchildren of Max Ramsey and Anne Robinson is not happening. No matter how likeable and well-acted the characters are, they is no way in canon they can exist. * This troper can accept the sixth season of ''Series/{{The Avengers}}'' on the grounds that Tara isn't nearly as lame some fans would have us believe, but surely within a year Emma got divorced and returned to Steed, and they lived ambiguously ever after. There was definitely no '70s' revival in which they are still apart. They're much too close for that; what the hell are you smoking? Also, Steed and Cathy eventually buried the hatchet, and she and Emma are now close friends, and every fanfiction writer knows who she is and gives her the recognition she deserves. * Also, [[TheManFromUNCLE Napoleon and Illya]] stayed at UNCLE and were lucky enough to live to retirement age. They definitely did not simultaneously quit for different reasons, enter ridiculously OOC professions and not talk for 15 years for no apparent reason. Seriously, they are CLOSE. Why would you even think that? ::headdesk:: * The ''[[HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys Hercules]]''/''{{Xena}}'' stories ended with Hercules reconciling with his divine parents in

"Full Circle", and with Gabrielle sacrificing her life to stop Hope and Dahak, and save Xena, in "Sacrifice, Part 2". No, Gabrielle and Hope did not come back in an episode that changed Hope from a viciously powerful antichrist figure into a snivelling Gabrielle imposter accompanied by her Frankenstein-monster son. Xena and Gabrielle did not eventually embark on a bloodbath and slaughter almost the entire cast of Olympians for some vague reason involving her prophecied child and an ill-concieved mish-mash of Greek mythology and Judeo-Christian monotheism. Gabrielle's death in the final episode was a shame, but I'm sure they'll make a great movie about Xena dramatically rescuing her from the underworld someday. * Y'know, one of the best scenes of ''TheWire'' is toward the end of the series, when Dukie takes the money that Prez gave him and uses it to get his college degree in mathematics. And then the part where he used that knowledge to become a software designer, and he and Randy founded a successful company together and got off the streets for good? Great stuff, man. Great stuff. ** I thought it was awesome the way Kenard was about to shoot [[spoiler:Omar]], but then [[spoiler:Omar]] looked over at him, and Kenard got so scared he wet himself, dropped his gun, and ran away. And then, when [[spoiler:Marlo went straight but couldn't resist the call of the streets]], the first person he ran into was Omar, and Omar blew him away. Oh, and Daniels remained the commissioner. * Wait, what? What is all this nonsense about [[{{Charmed}} Prue dying]]? Leo and Piper having a baby? What? 8 seasons? The show got tragically cancelled after just 3 seasons. And it ended on such an anticlimax, too. ** Yeah, imagine how stupid it would have been. The Power of 3.5? A spare charmed one that neither of the ancestor spirits looking out for the girls, nor their mother's White Lighter, ever mentioned? Then they could have some weird storyline about how the three girls, including the spare, died and got magical makeovers for some bizarre reason? They could even have theme episodes, where the girls get turned into goddesses or superheroes, or genies, or their teenage selves, and lots more time travel. That sure would suck. *** No, they did have the sister, but it turns out being halfWhitelighter is convenient for hunting demons long-distance. She comes to visit when they really need backup, and thank God she orbed in at a lucky moment or else old!Phoebe's story would have died with her and they wouldn't have been able to save Source-possessed Cole before things really went to Hell. *** The Siren never actually put a spell on Cole. He was just pretending. Come on, man, he is too powerful for such things! So instead of trying to kill Phoebe he finished the Siren and saved the day. Then he and Phoebe once again became {{HappilyMarried}}. Cole becoming evil, an Avatar, and creating an {{AlternateUniverse}} is nothing but Paige's dream which she didn't tell anyone because it is ridiculous. Also Christy wasn't killed by her own sister. She was captured, {{Brainwashed}} and now she is helping the Charmed Ones, and their children. Also we saw only one Cupid and it was in Season 2. *** What are you talking about? The way ''I'' remember it, Cole realized he was being screwed over, seeing as how he's the only person

in the Halliwells' circle who didn't get a free pass post-possession, and he left town. Of course, he did come back two seasons later to knock sense into Leo before the Avatars got to him, and ''then'' he and Phoebe made up. **** Also, Andy ''never'' died. He was saved by Prue and they ended up HappilyMarried. * [[TheBigBangTheory Leonard and Penny]] aren't dating. Instead, the five of them continue to have epic geeky adventures together with no awkward {{UST}} in sight. Also, Stephanie came back from [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse whatever dimension the writers sent her to]] and ''she'' is dating Leonard. ** I have no problem with Leonard and Penny dating. I do have a problem with people who keep trying to convince me that Leonard has a mother and that she's been in a couple episodes. ''That'' is just nonsense. * The first and third seasons of ''FridayNightLights'' were so awesome, it's truly a shame that the writers' strike prevented the second season from ever getting off the ground. It would have provided needed continuity with the seasons before and after it, and I would have enjoyed seeing the consistent, well-thought out characterization typical for the show. Instead, I have to read crappy fanfic about Landry killing Tyra's rapist and hiding the body, or Matt sleeping with her grandma's caretaker, or Landry joining the football team. The real thing would have been * so* much better. * [[{{Bones}} Dr Zack Addy]] is still an active researcher at the Jeffersonian. I have no idea why people say otherwise. Also, Angela and Hodgins are still dating, Angela does have a husband that she can't remember, but he hasn't appeared yet. And they never did an episode in London. No, not even if it supposedly did have [[{{Torchwood}} Suzie Costello]] in it. ** I really like the direction they took, though, by having Brennan and the gang mentoring more grad students, now that Zack got his doctorate though. Especially the one played by Michael Badalucco... I am glad we got multiple episodes with him. ** Me too. Zack started to get so flanderized for s bit, but I'm really happy the the writers pulled back and made him such a well rounded character before puttinghimonthebus. It was a great way to send him off - as a young man, emerging into a new sense of self. * The mess that was the finale of the second season of BBC ''Robin Hood'' never happened, nor did the trainwreck that was [[strike:the finale of]] the third one. In fact, the episode where Marian had to promise to marry Guy to dispel his suspicion and where everybody (especially Marian) acted like a fool (and which, in hindsight, foreshadowed all this mess) was probably some preliminary script; in the end, the makers came to senses and realized that when Marian learned that the necklace from Guy of Gisbourne was stolen, she could have returned it herself and told Guy off for ''daring'' to offer her jewellery he had stolen from his subjects as a gift. * Abby [[spoiler:kill [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Henry]]]] at the end of ''HarpersIsland''? And [[spoiler:escape with her ShallowLoveInterest Jimmy]]? Of course not! What were the writers thinking? She realizes that [[spoiler:she loves Henry and lives

happily ever after with him alone on the island]]. Oh, and [[spoiler:Cal and Chloe escape too, having survived the stabbing and fall off the bridge]]. ** On the island? Wait do you mean - Manhattan or something? Because there is no way a sane person would live on the island where two crazy guys killed all her friends. Henry is clever enough to realize it, just as he was clever enough to frame Jimmy and to get him killed. So Henry and Abby left the island, moved on and now they are HappilyMarried with perfectly healthy children. Naturally, Abby doesn't have any idea who is her husband or what he has done. And yes, they were in the same boat with Madison, Cal and Chloe. *** [[TheScrappy Madison]] died, dammit! It was just off-screen. You may not have noticed. **** And so did [[TheScrappy Shea]]. Do you remember she was harpooned? Poor Richard, losing his wife ''and'' daughter. Oh, and [[HarpersGlobe Robin]] didn't make it either. * {{Scrubs}} enjoyed a seven year run on NBC that went up and down in quality as is expected with any popular television program but ended with a really great eighth season on ABC that perfectly wrapped up almost all of the major characters' plotlines while giving us enough ambiguity to dream up our own versions of what happens to cast after the end. * {{All My Children}} ended when Bianca and Maggie went to Paris together. [[CharacterDerailment There was no cheating nonsense, no Bianca stabbing her sister on the back, no Reese and, certainly, no Zarf.]] Nope, that did not happen and you can't prove it did!! * [[BuffyTheVampireSlayer Warren]] is dead. End of story. * Such a shame there's been no RedDwarf since 1999. I wish they'd make more! Even a three-part Easter special would be great...right? ** ...What eighth season? I thought the nanite-rebuilt ''Dwarf'' subplot was abandoned when Doug Naylor was working on pre-production for TheMovie. I remember a timeskipped special about a decade later though. * The [[StargateSG1 Asgard]] didn't commit mass suicide in "Unending". They destroyed their planet and bodies, but their minds were downloaded to the new computer they installed on Odyssey. Hermiod is now the AI for the ''Daedalus''. One day, the humans will find a way to give the Asgard new bodies. ** Also, the battle between Adria and Morgan wasn't so long and of course didn't last forever. Morgan won, took all Adria powers and sent her right to Stargate Command to atone for her sins and to achieve ascendancy on her own. At first, nobody was happy about it but sooner and later they all accepted it. The former {{Big Bad}} now works with one of the SG teams and is responsible for a {{LoveTriangle}} between Vala, Jackson and herself. And Cameron fell in love with doctor Lam, although her father isn't very happy about it. * [[StargateAtlantis Wormhole drive? What wormhole drive?]] Zelenka just found a way to boost the engines. And no amount of power can make a Wraith hive ship immune to drones. * And the mess that was {{Stargate Universe}} didn't happen. The Icarus base members walked into an unstable wormhole and died. And a more competent crew got sent along the way. THE END.

* The last scene of the season six finale of {{House}}? [[CharacterDerailment DID. NOT. HAPPEN.]] * What is all this BS I keep hearing about [[That70sShow Forman]] breaking up with Donna, moving to Africa and being replaced by some unfunny, long-haired douche? Or Kelso and Jackie splitting for good, the former eventually knocking up some librarian? Fie! * Three of my favorite {{Survivor}} winners are Colby Donaldson from ''Australian-Outback'', Boston Rob from ''All-Stars'', and the VillainProtagonist Russell Hantz from ''Samoa''. The jury sure made an awesome and wise choice voting for them to win, because ''they'' deserved it. ** Jerri Manthey winning ''Heroes vs Villains'' was awesome! * How about that ''{{Lost}}'' finale, eh? Me, I was so glad they reunited Sayid and Nadia, rather than do something silly like pairing him up with Shannon in a thin excuse to justify a Maggie Grace cameo... ** Say, why do so many people think [[spoiler: Charlie]] [[StupidSacrifice drowned?]] As far as I remember, he ended up back in the 70's just like everyone else and eventually got off the island to make lots and lots of babies with Claire. * I just love me some TwinPeaks. It's a shame it only lasted 18 episodes, but it was a blast while it lasted. I seem to remember a movie that wrapped up everything nicely rather than bringing up a boatload of more questions: After Laura's killer is found and laid to rest, an unstable Ben Horne reenacts the American Civil War. Once Audrey helps her father regain his sanity, Agent Cooper forgets his earlier problems of loving another woman and proposes to her. And they lived happily ever after. The end. [[MarySue Annie]] and [[GaryStu John Justice Wheeler]]? Who are these people you speak of? * [[MalcolmInTheMiddle Malcolm's]] family manipulating him into becoming PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?! That's crazy! [[CharacterDerailment As if they'd sink to that level]]. Everyone knows Malcolm graduated normally and went on to live a perfectly happy life. ** Malcolm left the family due to the abuse he endured and because Reese was getting all the attention. He now lives as an eccentric writer in New York. * Odyssey 5 may not have been finished, but at least Manny Coto realised and told the fans what was going on. * ''KamenRiderKiva'' ''clearly'' ended with Nago and Megumi's wedding going off without a hitch, and Wataru subsequently going back to making a violin as good as the Bloody Rose. What the hell are these 'Neo-Fangires' you're going on about? You're crazy, man. * [[Tropers/{{Sandy87}} Sandy87]] would like you to know that {{Medium}}'s GrandFinale ''did not'' contain [[spoiler: Joe dieing and Alison spending 41 years alone before finally being TogetherInDeath with him; the whole episode was an even bigger Mind Screw than originally thought and he ''really did'' survive the crash and come back to them, and then they ''both'' died old and happy and were TogetherInDeath.]] * ''That70sShow'' ended after one season. Kelso never took over the show, Eric never had a sister, Tommy Chong never randomly showed up,

Randy never replaced Eric and they didn't spend six years stuck in 1979. * It's such a shame that {{Glee}} was canceled after season one... ** Ah yes, but at least in season 1 they were able to give Brittany and Santanna a moving, thoughtful storyline instead of just leaving them as a (slightly offensive) lesbian joke before the season's end. It's also great that they gave Kurt a boyfriend who is really deep, complicated, and has a purpose on the show outside of singing and gazing dreamily at Kurt and that all the heterosexual parings are so compelling, powerful, and based on their deep understanding of one another and subtle and nuanced character interactions. * Even though many fans wanted a third season, it's probably for the best that H2O: Just Add Water ended after season 2. * Roseanne was a great show that lasted ''eight'' seasons. I know nothing of this lottery nonsense, Dan dying from his heart attack, or David and Darlene and Mark and Becky not really being married. * ''{{Jeopardy}}'' is the greatest game show there ever was, and it didn't throw out its iconic synthesizer theme and the classic [[JeopardyThinkingMusic "Think!"]] theme from the Art Fleming era, nor did it indulge in having clues read by celebrities and a whole "Clue Crew", who would slow down the show by taking '''forever''' reading them. Also, it didn't double the dollar values, because it'd be unfair to rank those winners next to all the past Jeopardy! champions who had to fight tooth and nail to earn as much as they did. And it '''definitely''' didn't do away with the five-victory limit, because why would want to watch the same schmuck utterly annihilate his opponents for six months? * One of the best things that came from ''PowerRangersSPD'' was that we finally got evil Power Rangers. Not [[PowerRangersInSpace robots]] or because of an [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers spell]] or even because [[PowerRangersNinjaStorm they opposed the good guys]]. They were evil by their own merits and wanted to be [[FaceHeelTurn "on the winning team."]] Surely they wouldn't do something stupid to ruin it by adding in an {{Asspull}}-ish reason such as... Being under the influence of the BiggerBad just to make sure that all Power Rangers are truly good. Surely they realize how stupid and cliche that would be. * It's a shame Firefly was canceled after the first season. But hey, at least they never made a movie where two of the best characters died, so if they get the rights sorted out, they can make another season of awesome. I'm also glad they kept things on the "science" side of science fiction, by having River's mind-reading ability being the result of her incredible intelligence allowing her to read peoples' body language with incredible precision. It would have sucked if they made her some kind of magical psychic or something. * What are you taking about? They never made a third season of {{Merlin}}. But if they did, Morgana would be in character. Certainly not a CompleteMonster who manages to [[{{Jerkass}} out jerkass]] Uther and smirks gleefully at every opportunity she has to make people who care about her miserable. And surely, after a suitable period of {{Angst}}, that whole poisoning thing with Merlin will be forgiven and they will go back to being friends, saving Camelot and being {{Badass}}. Because the Dragon, who is rarely trustworthy, was lying

out of his scaly arse when he said Morgana was evil and the series didn't follow the original myth that well to begin with. * [[{{Smallville}} Lana]] went to France at the end of season 3, and STAYED THERE. She never ever appeared in the show again after that. Ever. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityMusic Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* This troper likes {{U2}}'s otherwise disliked album "Pop", but believes that ''Miami'' should be stricken from the record. See? [[strike:Miami]]. * Music/{{Chicago}}, for me, made their first seven albums and then vanished. What a great, innovative, catchy, creative jazz-rock ensemble. ** ...for me it's a bit longer, but they died when Terry Kath got stupid and blew his brains out. * {{This Troper}} thought Kai Hansen sacked the rest of the band in 1989 and then renamed the new lineup Gamma Ray, though they still perform old Helloween stuff live. ** This troper mostly agrees with you, but there is still a pretty good band called Helloween. She doesn't know why they named it that, though, given that it was ''bound'' to get confused with that great band that released ''Walls of Jericho'' and the ''Keepers'' albums. * Panic! At The Disco did not change their name at all. Anyone who tells you differently is insane, I tell you! ** They didn't even change it to FallOutBoy? *** This troper [[Discontinuity/{{Meta}} is going to pretend that wasn't said]]. Especially since Fall Out Boy [[FollowTheLeader came]] ''[[FollowTheLeader first]]''. ** Ryan and Jon didn't leave the band. They just formed their own side project, and all rumors that they went and called it something as silly as The Young Veins has been dispelled. * This troper is unable to hear the song ''Funkytown'' -- there's just static where everyone else seems to be able to hear something. It starts, and then static. "Want to take you tooo... cccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ** You're lucky to know the song's name! * I don't know who this Ministry is that made all those albums after the awesome ''With Sympathy''. They must be alien impostors. ** Not even ''Twitch''? It's more experimental, but neither the guitars nor the barked vocals were present yet, and this troper finds

it the more interesting and less dated of their two synth-based albums. ''With Sympathy'' does have its share of catchy tunes though. Amusingly, Al Jourgensen would of course agree that there was some other Ministry that recorded that album for [[OldShame completely different reasons]]. * Contrary to what this troper's sisters think, Nelly Furtado ''is'' a sell-out to her old folk-songs, and those hip-hop songs she's recorded are just a dream. * ''Pop is Dead'' was a rather catchy song by...I'm not sure what band did it, but I know it ''wasn't'' {{Radiohead}}! * There was no Pacifier studio album in 2002. The only Pacifier album this troper will acknowledge is the live album, and that's because it's mostly Shihad songs (and therefore awesome). * MyBloodyValentine before 1988? Stop pulling my leg! * Music/{{Boston}} never made a fifth album entitled ''Corporate America'', and they CERTAINLY [[CharacterDerailment would never let that buffoon Anthony Cosmo compose any of their songs.]] ** What is this mad talk about more than one Music/{{Boston}} album existing? * This troper loves The Veronicas, I really do, but they never made a song called "This Is How It Feels", and they also never made a song called, "Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were). * There is no such song as One Tin Soldier. Everyone who thinks they've heard it was hallucinating. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial It is ''not'' stuck in my head right now.]] I am ''not'' about to cry, because that song isn't real. * Stan Bush did not [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3_EXxwDpq0&fmt=18 do a crappy emo remake]] of "The Touch". That is just not happening. * BlackSabbath existed from 1970 to 1975, released 6 albums, then split up and permanently retired the name. In 1980 most of the members started a HeavyMithril band with Ronnie James Dio that was called, um, something else, and put out a couple of reasonably good albums. Said band never released a live album though, especially not one featuring Dio singing "Black Sabbath", "Paranoid", "War Pigs", "Children Of The Grave", "NIB" and "Iron Man"; The results probably would have sounded pretty ridiculous. ** You forgot that BlackSabbath had a brief reunion in '78. Sadly, it was TooGoodToLast and they broke up again almost immediately. Just don't believe anyone who tells you that there was an album released on September 25th, 1976, however. * On a similar note, I Am Ghost never released a second full album, and certainly did not change their entire image to pander to the scene/teen image group. They thankfully realized that their music would lack the edge that their leaving female vocalist gave it, and decided to disband. * What the hell are these albums, ''The Party's Over'' and ''It's My Life''? Talk Talk's career began with ''The Colour of Spring''. Anyone who says otherwise is '''wrong'''. * Man, Evanescence was good while it lasted. Too bad their only album was "Fallen". ** Are you kidding? Their only album was "Origin". I'm still waiting

for them to release anything in Britain. * TheSmiths NEVER released a horribly anvilicious song called ''Meat is Murder'', although they did have an album called ''Meat is Tasty'', filled with nine (I repeat: NINE) wonderful tracks. The title should be no surprise, as Moz himself dismisses PETA and has never been involved with them. He just developed an even greater sense of tonguein-cheek as he grew older, that's all. * There is no such KingCrimson album as ''Islands'', and they certainly never played New Wave music in the early 80's. And those electronic rock and industrial leaks we've heard floating around are promising, but really need more work... * Judas Priest? Hoo boy, this is gonna get complicated. Their debut album was ''Sad Wings of Destiny'', and they put out several masterpieces. They showed a fairly promising, more commercial sound on their fifth and sixth ''British Steel'' and ''Screaming for Vengeance'', but they never released any follow-up, only a bare few singles, until their big comeback on ''Painkiller''. Sadly, they broke up immediately afterwards. At least they reunited for 2005's ''Angel of Retribution'', but we're still waiting for that promised ''Nostradamus'' concept album... ** Which hasn't come out yet. There was a doujin band who released an album with that exact name in 2008 and sounds ''kinda'' like the original Judas Priest. Except it's not well done like its 2005 release. * You know, I rather enjoyed Death Magnetic. For it being Metallica's first album since 1996, they came back rather impressively. I was worried about them continuing that hard rock sound they had on Load, but I'm glad they dropped it after one album. And it's even better they had some time off to really work, so that they didn't make any awful album or do anything embarrassing. ** Don't you mean first album since 1988? * It's odd what happened to Billy Corgan. He made three brilliant albums with the Smashing Pumpkins, including the genius Siamese Dream, then completely dropped off the face of the Earth. He never did or said anything in public again after Melon Collie, but I guess it's good that he did so before he got crazy or something. * It's too bad Linkin Park didn't make anything else after Meteora. ** No, no, there are two albums after Meteora. Hybrid Theory and A Thousand Suns. But the song "The Messenger" in which Chester whines like a douchebag to acoustic guitar instead of just screaming a little after Mike's lead vocals and the Anvilicious Minutes to Midnight? Never happened. Incidentally, they NEVER did ANY ridiculous remixes with rappers. Nope, none. The song Krwlng is a nice homage from whatever guys remixed it though, but it was totally not done with the band's permission. * Too bad The Beach Boys never released any albums after Love You in 1977. It's a shame with Brian looking like he was back in top form again. I wish they could have released several albums in the 80s and 90s as well, as they certainly would have been great and memorable. ** Well, you are forgetting that ONE SOLITARY single "Kokomo" which they got together that one time in the 80s to do. Though they certainly never did something as dumb as adding Uncle Jesse from

''FullHouse'' to their lineup around this time… * Marilyn Manson's Golden Age of Grotesque was a decent-enough album, not great but not bad. Heard rumors of more to follow, but nothing's happened yet. * Genesis was an amazing symphonic-progressive-rock band whose only vocalist was Peter Gabriel and only released four albums in the 1970's, starting with ''Nursery Cryme'' and ending with ''The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway''. Once Peter Gabriel left, the band realized it would be awfully silly to record anything else together except for occasionally appearing on the solo records of their onetime frontman. Oh, and what is this madness about Collins releasing solo albums and doing stuff other than drumming? * John Tesh never went gospel. He is still counting his "Roundball Rock" money and only released one live album from Red Rocks. It was entirely instrumental. * JimiHendrix did no albums without the Experience, who only consist of Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. * JohnLennon stood by his promise to retire from music-making after his 1975 ''Rock and Roll'' all-covers album. What's this about him recording two albums' worth of sappy elevator-music ballads, of the sort he [[HypocriticalHumor once exorciated]] Paul [=McCartney=] for churning out? * After ''Quadrophenia'', TheWho released the double-A-sided single "Who Are You / Rough Boys," (the latter of which was a group performance, not a solo Townshend one) then called it quits while they were ahead and while Keith Moon was still alive and remotely capable of playing. They most certainly didn't put out three successive {{Synthesizeritis}} albums with uninspired vocals and ensemble playing, two of them with an inferior drummer; nor did they embark on an endless series of going-through-the-motions reunion tours. * Hole released only one album, the angry yet melodic and compelling ''Live Through This''. Both the ugly, cacophonous ''Pretty on the Inside'' and the AOR-friendly sellouts ''Celebrity Skin'' and ''Nobody's Daughter'' (to say nothing of Love's solo album) were heroin withdrawal-induced hallucinations on Love's part. * TheVelvetUnderground called it quits after their third, self-titled album, the double-A-sided single "Rock and Roll / Sweet Jane," and the posthumous ''[=VU=]''). By no means did Lou Reed agree to pen an album "loaded with hits" (read: Eagles-lite pop-country ballads). * This Troper has noticed that some people have the bizarre idea that PinkFloyd produced an album named "The Final Cut". I would like to remind those people that such an album never existed, and Roger Waters left the band immediatly after TheWall was released. * The greatest hits done and dusted, Paddy [=McAloon=] permanently retired the Prefab Sprout name in 1993. He absolutely did not go on to sully the name by using it to release an album of complacent MOR, a half-baked country album, or a gospel album consisting of undeveloped demos. * Powerman 5000 were an awesome [[BuffySpeak industrial-dance-rockthing]] from the 1990’s. They broke up shortly after the release of Anyone for Doomsday?, lead vocalist Spider disappearing from the public eye completely. Yes, there is a terrible punk band with the

[[NamesTheSame exact same name,]] but I don’t see why people think that Spider has any connection to them at all. Similarly, the overmuscled balding man who works for FearNet and sings occasionally decent [[RobZombie Zombie-esque]] horror-rock took the name in homage and has nothing to do with the original. * WithinTemptation's 5-song EP Mother Earth in 2000 was an excellent start to introduce them to the world. It's too bad they didn't release any live albums until An Acoustic Night at the Theatre... But that was so good, it made up for it anyways. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityNewspaperComics Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* The orginal [[FunkyWinkerbream Penance]] was not 'The Real M'. Monet St. Croix always has been and always will be a combination of 2 different mutant twins. ** Yeah, and Monet and Synch never hooked up out of the blue, derailing the obvious relationship between Synch and Jubilee. Synch also never died, as they never brought "regular" students into the academy. * Charles Schulz laid ''{{Peanuts}}'' to rest in the [[TheSeventies mid-seventies]], shortly after the CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Mr. Sack" storyline, with the ''coup de grâce'' of the "Peggy Jean" arc which allowed Charlie Brown a fleeting moment of true love and happiness at last. (What? No, that arc ''didn't'' appear in the early [[TheNineties nineties]]; Schulz was still happily retired then.) Snoopy didn't have any siblings (certainly none that spent all their time talking to a cactus); nor did he turn into a ''{{Garfield}}'' clone, renouncing his rich fantasy life to laze around all day thinking about cookies. * Johnny Hart never turned ''{{BC}}'' into his very own answer to [[JackChick Chick]] [[AuthorTract tracts]]. * Bill Watterson ended ''CalvinAndHobbes'' before it could turn into one long AuthorTract, starring the parents, about everything wrong with society today, and before Calvin became so [[CharacterDerailment defanged]] that he ''behaved'' for Rosalyn the babysitter. And the final strip saw Calvin and Hobbes causing hilarious mayhem as usual, not [[TastesLikeDiabetes schmaltzily]] rhapsodizing about how "magical" the world is. ** Well, [[YourMileageMayVary that's the way your paper ran it, fine.]] But in my version, whatever else happens, Calvin ''never'' sold the planet Earth to aliens for a few leaves. Dude! * Say what you will about ''ForBetterOrForWorse'', but it did pull a

good fake-out with [[TheWesley Anthony]]. I was surprised when Liz came to the same conclusions that I did; i.e. he was a bland, boring guy whose marriage problems were entirely his fault. I love how the strip ended with her marrying an interesting man who truly loved her and being able to return to her exciting career. Lyn Johnston had me scared for a moment there. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityProfessionalWrestling Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---Here are the things that never existed or happened in the various promotions of the world of ProfessionalWrestling. ---!!! ECW * ROLLLLLLERJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! * Man ECW was a great wrestling promotion. Good thing Paul Heyman realized he couldn't keep the company afloat and closed it. I did like the fact that the WWE allowed several of it's wrestlers to return for the ''One Night Stand'' pay-per-view, and glad they didn't do something stupid like a WWE "invasion" of the show. I also like the fact that someone managed to put out a couple of good ECW DVD's to remind us of how great the company was. I'm just relived that [[spoiler:Vince [=McMahon=] didn't buy the company, fire half the roster, have some generic, personality-less monster win the ECW title, win it himself and then loose it back in a pay-per-vew angle with Donald Trump]]. That would have been stupid. !!! TNA * Vince Russo? Never heard of him. * Tara lost her Knockout Division title to Angelina Love through a "[[EasilyDistractedReferee clean]]" pinfall. No lockboxes or pet spiders were involved. * Super Eric? What's that? * They never hired a no-name football player with an explicit no-touch contract clause as a publicity stunt. Said no-name football player with an explicit no-touch contract clause never was a tag team champion, either. ** And they most certainly never had some girl from ''JerseyShore'' appear on Impact for a segment centered around a gimmick based on her show, let alone at the cost of $15,000 for a one night appearance, considering they have [[http://www.cagesideseats.com/2010/9/29/1719902/an-examination-oftnas-appalling-treatment-of-talent more important things to worry

about]]. * RIP TNA, 2002-2010. We hardly knew ye. !!! WCW * Vince Russo? Never heard of him. * David Arquette never won the world title. !!! WWE * nWo invading the {{WWE}}? The nWo never invaded the WWE. ** Admit it, Scott Hall first hitting the Razor's Edge (and JR calling it as such) was an awesome moment. *** True, everything after though never happened. * Speaking of invading, WCW and ECW never invaded WWE, especially without their proper leaders, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heymen respectively. * What's an Attitude Adjustment? Isn't that the FU? ** Actually, it's a glorified fireman's carry used by some jabroni pretending to be JohnCena, and doing a ''terrible'' job at that (Since when does he use "poopy" as an insult?). The guy doesn't even have a [[WeaponOfChoice padlock chain]]. ** It's because JohnCena quit weeks before his {{Wrestlemania}} 21 title match. I heard they were forcing him to change his entrance theme and also his {{delinquent}} gimmick for a modern-day HulkHogan. He didn't liked ''any'' of those ideas. * Contrary to what you may have heard, the cruiserweight title was never held by an old man or a leprechaun. * Vince [=McMahon=] never had a leprechaun as an illegitimate son. ** What's this "leprechaun"? Who's this "Hornswoggle" everyone talks about? * Vinnie Mac also never tried to resurrect ECW as the WWE's "C" show. (Or ECWWE/WWECW as some people like to call it.) ** For that matter the ''WWE'' doesn't exist. It'll always be the WWF to me. * It's nice to see that Vince realizes that young kids are becoming a part of his core audience. In fact he's in talks with NBC to get a new PG-Rated show exclusively for them. I mean there's no way that he'd do something stupid like say, make all the shows PG to the point where... I don't know... Blood is grounds for stopping a match, and someone like, for instance, ''StoneColdSteveAustin'' will get bleeped for saying the word 'ass' on TV! Clearly Vince isn't that stupid. * BryanDanielson didn't get fired for fake choking someone with a tie, in fact, he's still employed with the company to this day. ** [[HilariousInHindsight Uh]]... ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to, nor was this page ever called Discontinuity Professional Wrestling. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityRadio Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as

seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* This editor is of the opinion that the very end of the Quintessential Phase of the ''[[TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Hitchhiker's Guide]]'' radio show (which attempts to FixFic the fifth book) never happened. Not because he's particularly attached to the [[spoiler:KillEmAll ending]], but because it doesn't make any sense: if [[spoiler:the Babel Fish]] could do that, then firstly it would have done it before, and secondly, [[spoiler:the Bird would have retroactively given Arthur a reason to get rid of it.]] ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityTabletopGames Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* Dragons in 4th edition ''DungeonsAndDragons'' ''most explicitly do not'' [[LamarckWasRight inscribe any of the stuff they learn into their DNA]]. Not even if [[OrderOfTheStick the big scary wizard who lives by the coast]] [[AWizardDidIt says]] [[WordOfGod they]] do. ** What on earth are you talking about? First, we're still at 2nd edition, and TSR does DND. Wizards are the MTG guys. *** You missed the Memo. We're at 3.5 now. :) **** At any rate, there's obviously no Fourth Edition, because surely they'd have announced a ForgottenRealms update by now. Right? ***** This just in: Paizo have released a semi-official Fourth Edition called Pathfinder! Took them long enough. *** I loved the "Complete" series. I wonder why it never had anything for psionics? *** Supposedly, somewhere in the official 3.5 material is a base class called the "Monk", which uses unarmed attacks and kung-fu moves. I've checked all sorts of splatbooks, but I still haven't found it. Surely, it must be a well-balanced class with full BAB, and not a steaming pile of useless class features that are completely incompatible with each other. Of course, it might just be a hoax, like the alleged "samurai" class in Complete Warrior. *** Truenaming was a cool idea. Too bad it was never printed, since no one could come up with rules for it that worked. ** ...they don't? But that's ''awesome''! ** Wizards of the Coast still haven't released an update of ForgottenRealms for 4th Edition, and given that they've released another - fairly interesting, admittedly - campaign setting recycling

many of the names (and one or two ideas - but too few for it to look as the actual ForgottenRealms given an update), it looks like they won't. * Published adventures for {{Deadlands}} Classic were pretty consistently good. Especially the Devil's Tower Trilogy. It had a fun MacGuffin, it featured Stone, one of the [[{{Determinator}} best]] [[CompleteMonster villains]] in the setting, there were fun plot twists... too bad there was no third adventure in the trilogy, right? There was some talk about an adventure called "Fortress of Fear", but it was never published. [[{{Discontinuity}} There's no way]] a great trilogy of adventures would be built around a GodModeSue [[RecycledINSPACE from the future]] armed with the only weapon that can harm an essentially [[ImmuneToBullets immortal killer]], with player characters only along to watch the show. Nobody would treat an RPG adventure that explicitly says that the characters don't get to change anything about the plot. Pairing this ridiculous premise with a "plot" composed entirely of incoherent, disjointed scenes that don't form an entertaining story is right out. And it's silly to assume that an adventure would be given more backstory that the characters can't realistically learn about than actual, y'know, story. And [[spoiler: revealing that there are [[FantasyKitchenSink aliens]] behind it all]], even though they don't fit the setting at all... [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial there's no way]] anything would be published for Deadlands that has a weak plot, lots of {{Railroading}}, [[DeusExMachina ridiculous resolution of the conflict]], [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome drops one of the villains]] without ever mentioning what happened to him, despite him being plot-critical earlier on. What would make them publish something like that? Surely not the fact that [[MoneyDearBoy they wanted to introduce]] the Hell on Earth setting badly. * Say, speaking of ''MagicTheGathering''? Remember back in the Time Spiral block, they originally planned to have all the Planeswalkers depowered into mortal wizards who could just move to different planes? I'm so glad that Wizards vetoed that idea! Isn't it great to have such a caring story development team? I mean, you just know that they'd never do anything like kill off a fan favourite character like, say, Jaya off-screen and only mention it in passing. * What's my favourite ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' army? Why, the Squats, of course. I'm glad that Games Workshop is finally bringing them back into the official rules. Took them long enough. Although I must say that I have to applaud them for quietly retconning the Squats out of canon for the time they were gone, instead of deciding to give a giant middle finger to the fans by having them explicitly driven to extinction. ** [[BaseBreaker What are "Squats"?]] ** For some reason this troper keeps readings things about factions named "Necrons" and "Tau", which is weird as the existence of the former would drastically alter the backstory of the setting and the latter would seem painfully out of place and not at all thematically consistant, and no-one would ever think they would be good ideas. ** This troper is glad that the 3rd Edition rules never went away, if it did, the new editions would probably illegalize the Craftworld

Eldar codex rules, making a player who used a craftworld Eldar army, such as Iyanden, very disgruntled. ** I'm just glad that I can still run my Alpha legion cultist army backed up by demons. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityTheatre Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* What sequel to ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''? ** Every production of ''Phantom'' I've ever seen ends, like the novel, with the Phantom letting Christine and Raoul go off together and then [[RedemptionEqualsDeath dying shortly thereafter]] (symbolized by his vanishing at the show's conclusion). End of story. The Phantom never went to New York, owned an amusement park, or wrote ''vaudeville'' music of all things, and he certainly didn't [[spoiler: sleep with Christine on the night before her wedding to Raoul and then abandon her because he was too big of a coward to deal with the consequences of the act (because that would be a very heartless thing to do, and [[EvenEvilHasStandards even Erik has standards]]). Even assuming Christine would be the sort of person who ''would'' sleep with one man and then go off and marry another, which of course she isn't.]] And Raoul never [[RonTheDeathEater becomes a drunk gambler]] out of a third-rate fanfiction. * [[RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead Rosencrantz and Guildenstern]] live. * ''{{RENT}}'' ended at [[spoiler:Angel's funeral]]. The big ending number was the [[DarkReprise reprise]] of [[spoiler: "I'll Cover You."]] * ''IntoTheWoods'' only had one act. {{Deconstruction}} be damned, I ''like'' HappilyEverAfter. ** This is actually CanonDiscontinuity in some productions. (This troper's middle-school drama club did such a production; he didn't even know there ''was'' a second act until he read about it on TVTropes.) YourMileageMayVary on whether it's CompletelyMissingThePoint or simply a different, LighterAndSofter version. ** It's perfectly valid, called ''IntoTheWoods Jr.'' ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityVideoGames Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* When it comes to SuperMarioBros, it goes: ''Donkey Kong'', ''Donkey Kong Jr.'' and ''Mario Bros.'' which all play in New York (fuck the backstory from ''Yoshi's Island'', Mario was born in Italy, then went to Brooklyn, as was the generally accepted canon in the 80s and early 90s), then ''Super Mario Bros.'', ''Super Mario Bros. 2'' and ''Super Mario Bros. 3'' in the Mushroom Kingdom, Subcon and Mushroom World. And that's it. End of story. Are we really to assume that Bowser has a castle and a huge rock shaped like his face in Dinosaur Land, a place where he only went because he followed Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool when they took a vacation? (Or he had followed them if this would have really happened.) And what about the Koopa Troopas? Suddenly they walk on two legs? And the Fire Flower, which looks nothing like the real one, suddenly changes Luigi's clothes to green and white instead of red and white (because, you know, red is the color of fire)? * This Troper keeps hearing a bizarre rumor that you spend almost half the ''{{Halo}}'' trilogy fighting boring space zombies called the flood. That isn't true. You're up against The Covenant and only The Covenant. Also Microsoft realized that gamers are getting tired of the series and decided not to milk it forever. Reach will be the last Halo game. * I'm still wondering what happened to the ''{{Star Fox}}'' team. They certainly didn't split up, Peppy certainly didn't take up the mantle of commanding the Cornerian fleet, and they did not battle a species of space-fish. ** Why do people keep mention some handheld game called Star Fox Command Mission when it doesn't exist? I mean, I keep hearing reference to a horrible...horrible fanfiction sounding story where Fox pulls a Spider-Man (movie 1 ending) on some imaginary, horrible fanfiction Mary Sue sounding character named Krystal, who then runs off to join his adversary and rival and even DATE one of them, uh, Panther isn't it? And then said annoying Mary Sue and her lame antics keep getting brought up by the equeally annoying fanfiction BFF of hers named Lucy, who supposedly is Peppy's daughter--Peppy doesn't have a daughter! And certainly not one he has generic 'misunderstanding' issues with! This sounds far too much like bad fanfiction trying to be a soap opera...there's no one this happened in a game with shotty controls and a horrible difficulty curve! ** As far as this troper is concerned, Pigma and Andrew are still a part Star Wolf, Fox only fought on foot in the ''SuperSmashBros'' series and in the multiplayer of Star Fox 64, Falco certainly never left the team at any point in the series, and there was no game where [[spoiler:the plot is [[HijackedByGanon Hijacked By Andross.]]]]

*** What are you talking about? Star Wolf is Wolf, Leon, and Panther, that's it. And luckily, the fandom's showing more creativity than was expected of them; ''waaaaaaay'' less Wolf x Fox, MUCH more Wolf x Other Members Of Star Wolf. Also, wasn't TheReveal about Wolf's rivalry with [[strike: James]] Fox great? *** Panther? Oh, I know who you're talking about. He was previewed in that Gamecube Star Fox game, right? Gee, it's a shame they sure didn't finish it! ** Team Star Fox consists of Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Miyu, and Fay. Team Star Wolf consists of Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andy (not Andrew). Great Fox? Landmaster? Blue Marine? What are those? Star Fox is two space-based flight (and in the second, mecha) games for the Super Nintendo. ** Why does everyone keep talking about some Krystal person? Surely Nintendo wouldn't make some tacked on love interest for Fox. Of course they wouldn't. Adventure is about Starfox trying to find and defeat Andross once and for all. And at the end of the game Falco and Fox hook up. Starfox has and always will be all male. * ''{{Banjo-Kazooie}}'' never had a third game. The series ended in 2000 with ''Banjo-Tooie''. While there may have been a game by Rare for the Xbox 360 with vehicle construction and usage, it has nothing to do with Banjo-Kazooie. ** That vehicle game was a completely different game. Then Microsoft told Rare to make it a ''Banjo-Kazooie'' game. [[StarFoxAdventures Just like a certain other game Rare was working on before Microsoft bought them, forcing them to scrap it before it could hit the shelves]]. * Likewise, what ever happened to Donkey Kong after ''[[DonkeyKongCountry Donkey Kong 64]]''? All that he's appeared in since is Mario spinoffs. ** There was a ''Donkey Kong 64''? *** I heard about it. Was supposed to be real advanced - with 3D platforming that still retained the linearity and simplicity of earlier games, while even managing to weave exposition into gameplay without having to search randomly to find the next vague objective. I thought that they ran in to money problems and couldn't release (and definitely did not release a free-world game of 'ehh' quality)... shame, because it sounds like it would've been epic. *** In a way, I'm glad The DonkeyKong series is not making a comeback, because, they could do something really stupid like replace all the country enemies with tikis or not have any water levels and they could make it too much like NewSuperMarioBrosWii. *** Isn't it a little too early to call [[RuinedFOREVER discontinuity]] on that? * I heard that there's this great ''Batman'' game called ''Arkham Asylum'' coming out featuring the Joker and lot of other batman villains... too bad Harley Quinn doesn't make an appearance, nope! And she certainly wasn't put in dressed like a ''SoulCalibur'' reject, no sir. No one would be that stupid. ** No, Talia did ''not'' rape Batman; why would the man even say that? He might dislike the Demon Head's clan but he still has enough respect for them not to make such baseless accusations. Sure, Damien's a

little rough around the edges, but Bruce isn't gonna make it worse with that kinda crazy claim. * I'm so glad The Tetris Company was nice enough to not impose some sort of stupid "Tetris Guideline." A proper console ''Tetris: The Grand Master'' game is possible after all! * ''Area 51''? Isn't that a LightGunGame series? Man, I miss that, and what do you mean there's an ''Area 51'' FPS? * [[UrbanLegendOfZelda Schala lives]] in peace in Alghetty in the year 12,000 BC with her brother Magus after being freed from the Dream Devourer after only a few days of captivity in the secret ending of ''ChronoTrigger DS''. ''ChronoCross''? What's that? Oh yeah, it's a real fun game from 2000 that tells an alternate, completely noncanonical side story about the world of ''ChronoTrigger''. Lynx beating Lucca in a fight? Ha! I've read fanfics more plausible than that! ** What? ChronoCross is a sequel to ChronoTrigger, and a good one at that. Didn't you see the ChronoTrigger gang alive and well in the [[GainaxEnding ending]]? That was some good trickery on Square's part. Could you imagine the [[BrokenBase uproar]] that would've occured if they had ''really'' [[KillEmAll killed them off]]?! * PhoenixWright got disbarred and that's the end of it. Apollo Justice works on his own, not with the help of a lawyer-turned-hobo who hijacks the story to be all about himself. ** Who the hell is Apollo Justice? The only videogame attorney I know of is Phoenix Wright, and he definitely NEVER got disbarred. He, Maya and Pearls are still saving the innocent, with help from Edgeworth and Gumshoe. *** Oh, and he started dating Iris again. *** You forgot Diego, he got released on parole after the events of T&T thanks to Phoenix, after his own charges were deemed temporary insanity due to grief. He now owns a coffee shop and helps out as much as he can. **** Don't you worry your pretty little head about Diego. I'm pretty sure that even though he was supposed to be given a softer sentence than death, he still died on his own accord. *** This section of the discontinuity page was dreamt up by Lotta Hart after a large cheese supper; everything in the games happened. She also never dissapeared, and is married to Spark Brushel. * This Troper happily accepts ''[[AceAttorney Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney]]'', but is irritated that it forces him to accept the bonus case in ''[[AceAttorney Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney]]''. He has decided to accept the introductions of the relevant characters, but not the poor writing or Edgeworth's CharacterDerailment. ** There were no indications ABOUT AS SUBTLE AS WRITING IN ALL CAPS!!1! that 1-5 IS NOW CANON!!1! in [[AceAttorney Apollo Justice]]. None whatsoever. Not a single one. There was no {{RetCon}} of Edgeworth's reason for leaving. Also, this should already be obvious, but the police officer who testifies in the flashback trial of 4-4 [[CharacterDerailment is NOT Gumshoe]]. * Gee, the ''SonicTheHedgehog'' games are good, aren't they? I wonder why they stopped making the 3D games after Sonic Adventure II... ** Hmm? Sonic Adventure 2? No no...the only 3D Sonic games I remember

are Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed, you know with the games using one of if not all of Sonic's usual and only cast of characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Eggman. Oh, and Eggman isn't constantly tricked by the 'monster of the week' and remains the final boss...at least in Unleashed. And there is no Chip and no odd Gundam/giant robot like fight at the end. And all the characters have developed into there own and suffered no character development setbacks...oh, and Amy is more of an action girl that Sonic truly and honestly learns to like and later love, not some annoying, creepy, obsessive stalker that constantly confuses him for any male hedgehog in shoes and gloves (how could she when Sonic is the only one?), and constantly chases him around, insisting that he's already her boyfriend and that she's going to force him to marry her... ** ''SonicUnleashed'' exists, you know... *** But ''"werehog"'' isn't even a word, let alone a gameplay element. *** You're being irrational... *** Nevermind. ''Unleashed'' exists, but fortunately, Sonic Team decided to leave out the Werehog stages at the last minute. *** Instead, they had a bunch of Ãlwolf stages, where Sonic turns into a wolf, because playing as a man that turns into a pig would just have been silly outside of ''TheLegendOfZelda''. **** [[WillyFourEyes I]]'m of the opinion that ''SonicUnleashed'' is the ''only'' [[PolygonCeiling 3D Sonic]] game made by Sega. *** What are you saying about a "Werehog"? Half of the game were speedy routes and fights for Sonic... [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome and the other half game is a plataform for Mario]]. The game was the greatest hit of the whole videogame story reuniting the two greatest. Why would anybody want to ruin that kickass game inserting a... werewog? whaverhog? werewug? never mind... * [[SonicRiders Sonic Free Riders]]? There's no Sonic Free Riders. Nope. The last game in the series is [[SonicRiders Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity]]. The awesome racing game with a cool original concept. There were no Riders games after that. Wave and Storm weren't reduced to just being ways for Jet to get complements, and Jet never changed his voice. Vector on Team Rose? That's stupid. Vector's on Team Chaotix. * There's two versions of ''GHOST Squad'': the arcade version with a card slot, and the Wii port. The [[BadExportForYou crappy American version]] is just some dumb GameMod that a wannabe leet haxor made. Said hacker made the Evolution version as punishment for making an abortion of an export. * There was never a ''{{Metroid}}'' FPS for the Nintendo DS, with a poorly done single player mode, and too much emphasis on multiplayer. It would help that it didn't have anything to do with the other ''Metroid'' games plot-wise. * ''MetroidOtherM''? That's an actual ''Metroid'' game? I thought it was a pretty good $50 drink coaster myself! * Ivy in ''SoulCalibur'' remained sexy but reasonably proportioned, as the game did not turn an awesome character into a stripper with ridiculous implants. That wouldn't insult their female gamers (and the intelligence of their male gamers). * [[FinalFight Poison]] is was, and will always be '''[[DroppedABridgetOnHim A WOMAN]]'''.

* ''ThunderForce VI'' got cancelled, a damn shame about that. At least Sega got out the awesome soundtrack! * More games after ''[[SpyroTheDragon Spyro Year Of The Dragon?]]'' No ''way'' that ever happened. ** I know, right? I gues they ran out of level designs... * You know, it's a real shame that they never bothered making any new ''ManaSeries games'' (or doing [[UpdatedRerelease Updated Rereleases]] of old ones) after ''[[NoExportForYou Seiken Densetsu 3]]'', cause those games were pretty awesome for their time. I guess the series as a whole was just TooGoodToLast. ** There was the spinoff ''Legend of Mana'', but that was the ''only'' spinoff. Square certainly did not make any more ''ManaSeries games'' after that. * Suikoden was a great series. I mean sure it only had 2 (or was it 3) games, but they were all it needs! ** 1,2, and 5 were the only games. 3 is a best officially a light novel official fanfiction that no one made a game of, and 4 does not exist. * ''{{Kingdom Hearts 2}}'' was great for many reasons, but mostly because no one ever said "We totally owned you lamers". ** I also enjoyed the fact that they kept the CosmicHorror Heartless as the villains, since the idea of darkness and ultimate evil is much more in line with the FF and Disney manifesto than, say, a bunch of pretty boys with elemental superpowers and a tenuous relation to the plot. I also loved how, should they have been there, they would have posed a credible threat, moved as an organization rather than just have members showing up here and there for seemingly arbitrary reasons, and not put us in a weird place where we aren't sure if they're sympathetic or not. I also love how they kept everything vague, mysterious and wonderful, like a fairy tale, rather than ruin the mystique with a bunch of strange, clumsily written elements retcons that [[KudzuPlot contradict each other and always raise more questions than are answered.]] I also enjoyed how they kept the sense of adventure and self-discovery by keeping exploration a key point of gameplay, rather than having the less-than intricate combo system take over and screw up the magic system. Sorry, I'm still a tad bitter >_> *** Funny, 'cause I remember the game having a lot of the aforementioned stuff, particularly the evil Organization of pretty boys with elemental powers. But what I DON'T remember is a ''musical level in Atlantica'' and a subplot about Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth that climaxes in ''another'' cheap optional boss fight with Sephiroth. *** There was a musical level in Atlantica. Shame only "Under the Sea" was the only playable song in that area. *** I squealed to hear the voice of Leonard Nimoy, famous for playing wise men, as the new Ansem the Wise. Even better was how all the Xehanorts were voiced by Christopher Lee, the uber-villain of Hollywood. Wouldn't it just be stupid if that was the other way around? ** There was never a Riku mode in ''Chain of Memories'' that clumsily tried to say that DarkIsNotEvil (which goes against the first game completely) for the sake of having Riku fall prey to the SpecialSnowflakeSyndrome and [[CharacterDerailment ultimately become a

generic emo loner.]] There was only an unlockable event in which you played as Riku and got to take on Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, and Repliku. And when Riku did show up in [=KH2=], he sure as hell wasn't running around looking like Ansem! ** Why does everyone keep telling me there's a remake of CoM where Vexen's awesome banter keeps getting cut off midsentence and he takes a level in jerkass? And why does everyone think Axel is so much more moral in it? Silly. They're all complicated. Axel's not good during CoM, and Vexen's not bad. ** In ''Birth By Sleep'', Riku and Kairi were just infants in their worlds, met and blessed by Terra and Aqua to be their successors. Ven's heart was reincarnated as Sora in the end, just as Xehanort was found by Ansem. Sora was "born from Ven's sleep", tied closely together with his nemesis, and his Nobody gained the appearance of his previous body when Kairi restored his rightful one. It all makes much more sense than the theories going around that Sora's heart was individual from Ven's, came in contact and healed Ven's when Sora was just ''born'', and somehow was able to merge with Ven's later as a result, with Sora being aware of this at age 4 but forgetting later. And there was certainly no secret ending saying that everything in the universe is connected to Sora and that Sora can revive everyone who has died and ease all suffering and pain out there. Nomura wouldn't stoop to making such a blatant MarySue of Sora like that, after all. Oh, and the crap going around that all games from KH to [=KH3=] are some sort of interconnected, [[KudzuPlot convoluted]] "Xehanort Saga"? A myth!] ** I remember Sora and Ven being separate people, and I remember Xehanort becoming Terra, but I really liked how they didn't ruin the lightheartedness of the series by having the best friend trio have any stupid falling-outs or get separated in a heart-wrenching way in the end. I'm so glad the secret ending shows Aqua finding poor abused Xion in the realm of darkness, putting to rest all rumors that old racist jerk Ansem the Wise is still alive! I was wowed by the actual questlength time you got in each world, especially when Terra visited the Enchanted Dominion. I was really glad they didn't overdo the difficulty of the ice cream rhythm game or make you do it to an annoying song. I love how they named it "Toontown" instead of something stupid, and gave it a wonderful design. I love all the noncliched Keyblades, too, and getting to meet Pleakley in Deep Space and Laguna in the Mirage Arena! I loved the new combat system, which brought back the same commands used in the console games with the PS2 technology. The story of Pete's banishment was well thought out--he really deserved his punishment, and had to wait a long time before Maleficent sprung him! I squealed when Aqua broke free of the darkness instead of having to wander it for ten years of Fridge Horror on the player. And probably best of all, I love how Ven, Terra, and Aqua didn't have to put up with any sort of jerkass mentor. I mean, the sort that accidentally does all the evil work that Xehanort wants (like trying to kill Ven, failing Terra when he was able to control the darkness just fine, etc.) without much of Xehanort's help, and the game doesn't seem to acknowledge it, trying to paint him as a hero and honoring his memory with symbolism or any of that crap. Especially not

the kind whose hatred of darkness is so great that he'd probably kill Riku if they ever met. Now that would be silly! Oh, and for the record, my heart was warmed when the end talked about the fate of the world being in the hands of "those three heroes," referring to the longtime friend trio of Sora, Riku, and Kairi. [[spoiler: TROPER IS EXTREMELY BITTER.]] ** The best part about Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness, is his deliciously sleazy voice provided by Billy Zane. It was a real treat to hear him again in sequels, especially in Birth By Sleep. Just to be clear, he was NOT voiced by anyone else. ** I was sort of disappointed when Nomura said he was going to end the series after Kingdom Hearts 3...but it's been a great ride, hasn't it? I look forward to seeing the many other projects he can bring his creativity to, like another TheWorldEndsWithYou, or maybe something totally unexpected! Boy, I'm glad I won't be [[CashCowFranchise buying Kingdom Hearts games]] [[FranchiseZombie all my life]] [[KudzuPlot while hoping for resolution that will never come!]] * It's a shame they cancelled Dream Drop Distance. I was looking forward to playing as Sora, Riku, and Kairi during their Mark of Mastery. It was gonna be so great, having her TakeALevelInBadass instead of what I was afraid they'd do, which would be to cut her from this facet of the iconic trio, presumably because she's a wimpy female. * When this troper heard about a game starring the Organization, she was so excited! But what's this poorly-thought out, oddly-titled, {{Character Derailment}} monstrosity people keep talking about? Nomura has been working so hard on making sure that there are no {{Mary Sue}} angst-buckets that become black holes that draw away attention from the REAL protagonist, which should be Roxas. Also, I heard it was supposed to be a wonderful foray into the events of Roxas' life and his reaction to [[spoiler:his "best friend" murdering everyone in Castle Oblivion]] which would ultimately lead to his [[spoiler:defection from the Organization.]] Now, Saix actually [[spoiler:betraying his leader?]] That's so ridiculous! Good thing that never actually happened. ** Also, Xion? Who the hell is Xion? *** Oh, come one. That's not just CanonDiscontinuity, that's ''in universe'' discontinuity. *** I think there was a Xion...but she lived. I mean, what would be the point of making us go through that entire game just to spiral down further and further into depression with Roxas? I love that last scene where they're all eating ice cream together, and Roxas tells them, "I'll be back," before going to fight Riku. It's so great to know he had people he could really trust all along! Also, I'm glad this was able to take a more complex look at the Organization's neutral motives, and didn't try to do anything stupid like paint them as outright evil because the creator happened to be bitter at the yaoi fangirls. (I mean, the yaoi fangirls are making up your profit margin, and some of us, even if we don't like Org-yaoi, like it when they're COMPLICATED like Namine SAID they were.) * ''DrawntoLife: The Next Chapter'' had a very satisfying ending. It turns out that Mari was posessed by Wilfre, who's ultimate goal was to

absorb all the color from the world and overthrow the creator. Read more about it [[http://wattledee11.deviantart.com/art/DTL-2-AltEnding-Challenge-142002855 here.]] * FinalFantasyX had an excellent, if bittersweet, ending, and I'm grateful that Square resisted the temptation to make a sequel. ** I know, right? And they'd especially never ruin Yuna by making her, I don't know, an IdolSinger wearing skimpy outfits and trading her wonderful strength and devotion to her goals for being apparently horribly in denial of the reality of the end of the first game, right? ** What? Yuna's been a Gunner all along, and Tidus was never a playable character who could whine at us; he was an NPC who got more substantial CharacterDevelopment. * In CrisisCore, there was absolutely no such character as Dr. Hollander and no such thing as "Project G." Angeal and Genesis were products of Hojo's experiments and both of them were KilledOffForReal halfway through the game ''before'' the events leading up to the Nibelheim incident occured. Also, we never did find out where Lazard went missing to. My theory is that Cissnei found him and the two of them hooked up, which is why we don't see those characters in [[FinalFantasyVII Final Fantasy VII itself.]] * The only arcade versions of ''GHOST Squad'' that exist are the one with card slots and the ''Evolution'' UpdatedRerelease. Sega was kind enough not to release a crappy watered-down version with four mission levels and four weapons. * What do you mean, Nasir turned traitor? No, the tratior was some random solider. Nope. {{FireEmblem}} also never released the sequel to Path of Radience, and Ashnard's dragon lived happily ever after with Eva. And Ike, Soren, Zihark, and Ranulf lived happily ever after with each other as lovers. ** No, Nasir did turn traitor, but Ena and Raijion do live happily ever after. They did make a sequel but Ike wasn't obscenely buff and Micaiah has purple hair, better stats and a pet bird who was the goddess Yune in disguise, who in part Four shows herself physically rather then adding a sue trait to Micaiah by possesing her. and Mist and Rolf's voice actors didn't suck so much. * TombRaider Legend was so underwhelming, plus it ended on a cliffhanger that never got resolved! It's probably for the best, though. Could you imagine if they made a sequel where Natla returns, Lara's mother becomes a zombie and half the story was released as XBox360 exclusive DLC? That would be just ''stupid''! * Some time after ''[[{{Knights of the Old Republic}} Knights of the Old Republic 2]]'' the protagonists of both games returned home and, after groveling apologies to their respective crews, got on with their lives. They did not get poofed out of existence so LucasArts could hawk an MMO. "Revan never returned from unknown space", my ass... ** I'll see it and raise you. In this Troper's family, Revan is a woman, Exile is a man. Furthermore, Carth and Canderous (still in clandestine communication with one another) got tired of waiting and re-joined forces to find 'em and haul them back - like it or not! Never returned? Glad that ended up on the cutting room floor. That's as bad as the alleged last five seconds of QuantumLeap. *** I have no idea what are you both talking about. Male Revan fell in

love with Bastila, followed her to the Star Forge, killed Malak and conquered the Republic. While doing so Revan regained his memories, so he made his empire stronger and then crushed True Sith. The story ends with Revan ruling his Galaxy Empire with Bastila as lover/apprentice/Empress (Of course the tradition of apprentices killing their master is no longer exists - what a waste of human resources ). Lightside Ending? What is it? Ah, yes, you mean Juhani's {{DyingDream}}... Or was it Joley's? No matter. ** I'm sorry... What was that about a ''sequel'' to KnightsOfTheOldRepublic? Man, that would have been great. Too bad BioWare never continued the series. Obsidian? What do they have to do with KOTOR? * Man, TheElderScrolls IV: Shivering Isles was great, but whatever happened to that game they were going to make set in Cyrodiil? I was really looking forward to exploring the equatorial rainforests, learning about the conflicts between the Nibeneans and the Colovians and all the other political intrigue you'd expect in the capital of a continent-spanning empire, and seeing the huge canalled Imperial City in all its splendour. I just hope they don't end up releasing something with a landscape ripped straight out of How to Make a Generic Fantasy Landscape, all the political intrigue neutered, and an Imperial "City" the size of a small village. ** What? Dude, that game did come out, and it's great. It ends with Mankar Camoran dead and his plans to summon the Oblivion Gates thwarted for good, Martin being crowned as the new Emperor of Tamriel and taking the throne, and everyone celebrating. That's how it ends. It most certainly never involved a metaphorical [[BittersweetEnding bittersweet]] GainaxEnding. Just an awesome coronation. * The cell phone game ''Surviving Hollywood'' didn't break up Kate and Mike over something ridiculous just to pair her with Tony. After all, she forgave him immediately for doing the ''exact same thing'', so why would they put in a DoubleStandard for the sake of [[StrangledByTheRedString using the red string]]? Besides, the episodes leading up to that one made it very clear that they loved each other and wouldn't let anything get in the way. And Sallie had long since dumped Tony, so there was no reason at all for her to get angry at Kate. No, Mike and Kate are happily married, and they occasionally travel the world together in between movies directed by Tony, who settled down with Sallie after his crush on Kate finally faded. Chelsea and Iris remained in the picture as good friends of the four (although Iris took a while to cool down), and all the other major and minor characters stayed friends with them as well (except for Mr. Green -- Timothy and Lisbit, however, made {{HeelFaceTurn}}s). All in all, everyone lived happily ever after. ** No, no, no...TenchiSolution! * After Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight and disappeared forever, [[TheLegendOfZelda Link]] woke up... ** What do you mean? The Mirror of Twilight never broke. Link, Zelda and Midna spent the following years working together, ensuring a peaceful coexistence between the Twilight world and Hyrule. *** Exactly what I meant. The sequence we saw at the end of the game was a nightmare, after which Link woke up with a start, turned around

to see Midna right there next to him, and went back to sleep with her in his arms. Awww. (THEN see the whole abovementioned Link/Zelda/Midna sequence.) *** Yeah, wasn't that scene so beautiful and sweet? It still makes me misty-eyed. Too bad some defective copies cut off the ending before that point. * On the subject of Zelda, [[MajorasMask Tael went up into the moon with Link instead of Tatl]]. They wouldn't give him that nice character development scene and then just ignore it, right? * ''{{La-Mulana}}''[='=]s [[BonusLevelOfHell Hell Temple]] treasure is...nothing. Yeah, that's it. The 35th and final room is a completely empty room. The feeling of accomplishment is enough. The [[spoiler:[[FanDisservice Skimpy Swimsuit]]]] is but a hack made by some troll. * ''EliteBeatAgents''[='=]s "Let's Dance" stage ends with the Colonel keeping all the money to himself and forgetting about his gold-digging wife. * You know, it's too bad they never made a sequel to ''{{Mercenaries}}''. That was a great game. * I wonder why they never made a Punisher game after ''ThePunisher''. * The ''SoulCalibur'' series never had any console-specific bonus characters, and there's no way the creators would put [[StarWars Jedi]] into the game. ** The Soul Series stopped at 2.5, when Talim defeated Zasalamel/Abyss. No other characters were introduced after Raphael and Amy simultaneously beat down some Korean guy's punk ass, before getting purified by Kilik. * [[FireEmblem CANAS WAS NOT KILLED BY CONTINUITY ERRORS.]] THE END. * Man, I'm so glad that ''PhantasyStar'' continued after ''End of the Millenium'' to focus on the long-term effects of not having the environmental control system in place and the obsolescence of a solar system while the good people of Algo are struggling to live. Otherwise they would have to totally negate every principle of story development in the PhantasyStar series, possibly by making a string of really stupid MMO's based on some stupid plot twist in the third game (which coindidentally also does not exist.) * The FinalFantasy Series? Each one takes place in a new universe. There have never been any direct sequels. Such a shame. Square also quit while they were ahead with X, realizing that any changes they tried to make to the series would never please the UnpleasableFanbase. (With the possible exception of the many GaidenGames. Those two secret characters in DissidiaFinalFantasy? Completely original, although [[RitiTroll I]] wonder why the music doesn't fit in with the rest of the Jazz Lounge-ish original stuff.) ** Final Fantasy X? I'm still waiting for Final Fantasy VIII! *** VIII? The seventh game was Final Fantasy Tactics, right? That game was great. You know, I heard there's a hidden character named Cloud, but I just can't find him. *** You, fellow troper above me, are MadeOfWin. It's a shame indeed that the only FinalFantasy game that has been released after this one is Dissidia. And about Cloud, it's just your imagination: that was just the first name a bunch of {{Gackt}} fanboyish writers

[[MyFriendsAndZoidberg ... and Tetsuya Nomura]] tought of when discussing about the character who would be the protagonist in the beta version of VII (you know, that game "released" before FFT). * ''{{Rayman}}'' didn't meet psychopathic Bunnies that have fixations on toilet humour and parody, he just continued to have adventures with his probably-gay friend. * Wow, having [[TheHero Asbel]] and [[CuteBruiser Sophie]] hook up at the end of ''TalesOfGraces'' was a stroke of genius! I mean, how often do you see such an [[StarCrossedLovers impossible]] yet [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming ultimately well-done]] romance? For a second, I was afraid the game would end by [[StrangledByTheRedString forcing]] Asbel with the much-less interesting [[TheScrappy Cheria]], and that they would hook up with little logic or setup. But hey, this is the ''Tales'' series. They gave us great couples like [[TalesOfSymphonia Lloyd / Colette]] and [[TalesOfTheAbyss Luke / Tear]]. Why would they disappoint now? ** [[HoYay Asbel and Richard]] are such a great couple! I am so glad they didn't hook up Asbel with Cheria. ** [[TalesOfTheAbyss Luke/Tear]]? I love Luke/Tear! It was so heartwarming how she always stood up for him, and I knew they were meant for each other when she apologized to him on the ferry, [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming showing that she knew him better than anyone, even Guy]]. It takes a strong character to face the fact that her beloved brother became a horrible murderer, and I loved how Luke and Tear stuck together and helped each other get through it all. It's great to see a romance where the characters actually respect and support each other. Wouldn't it have been terrible if she'd been [[InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers replaced by an emotionally abusive pod person]] who constantly insulted Luke to make herself feel better about her own inadequacies after Akzeriuth? The Tear Luke loved would ''never'' have pinned the blame for Van's actions onto Luke. * ''[=~Tetris: The Grand Master~=] 4''[='=]s version of Arika Rotation System is going to have move reset? Ha, what kind of a sick rumor is that? * If you ask [[{{Tropers/Tovarishch}} me]], [[{{Resistance}} James Grayson]] never did [[{{BLAM}} ''what he did'']] with Raine Bouchard in that basement; therefore, he just went to Paris, [[spoiler:killed Mallery for being a selfish coward, euthanized Raine]] and settled back as a British Army officer. And the Chimaera never overran the Liberty Defense Perimeter in Resistance 2. * There are only eleven official TheKingOfFighters games. To think that a championship team could be decided with a simple five-stage time trial...Herr Bernstein will have none of that, no sir! ** The game you are describing is a [[ObviousBeta beta test]] that got a disk release because they had no game to attach the beta code to. They called it XII so people would buy it. * The only ''SpyroTheDragon'' games are ''SpyroTheDragon, Ripto's Rage, Year of The Dragon'' and ''Heroes Tail''. Bianca only appeared in 3..Bianca only appeared in 3...I swear she only appeared in 3. ** Heroes Tail? * I've done it! HundredPercentCompletion of ''SuperMarioGalaxy2''! With the completion of [[spoiler:"The Ultimate Test"]] I have all

[[spoiler:241]] stars! ...what's that? [[spoiler:"The Perfect Run"]]? A [[spoiler:242nd]] star where you have to do it all again with [[NoDamageRun only one health]] [[NintendoHard and no checkpoints]]? There is NO SUCH THING. Stop trying to spoil my victory with your vicious lies. [[spoiler:...[[HeroicBSOD * whimper* ]]...]] * Remember GodOfWar: Chains of Olympus? The fight with Morpheus at the end was ''[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome incredible]]''! However, some people think that there was no fight, and the developers decided to shoehorn in another plotline with Persephone and Atlas. What they don't know is that that was a completely different game. * There were only 2 GameboyAdvance Castlevania games. Mighty Kombat claims to be doing a lets play of a game that is not a Castlevania game. It was some unreleased game called Harmony Of Dissonance. After all, who would make a Castlevania game with overly bright graphics, ridiculously easy gameplay and horrible music? And why do I hear that IGA developed it? What are you people smoking? * What are the [[{{Pokemon}} Hoenn and Sinnoh regions]] that all the kids are talking about? ** Although I wish they'd created more Pokemon, I think that the 151 existing ones are more than enough. ** This Troper LIKED Hoenn even more than even Johto and Kanto, but this Sinnoh? Let's pack a bunch of extra useless in-game features and just tack on some ugly extra evolutions to Pokemon that already didn't need them and completely IGNORE this thing called plot? You must be dreaming. ** Unova does not exist. It was just a bunch of horrible fan sprites someone claimed to be canon. Black and White are only rumors with a bunch of features Nintendo really should implement if they ever decide to release another Pokemon game, which is unlikely. *** Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova definitely exist but I'm sure glad they didn't make a generation with awful looking Pokemon loaded up with horrible stats. They certainly did not cripple the region they were supposed to be showing off by tacking on Kanto at the end of it leaving both regions feeling like they're lacking in something. They certainly did not give the new Pokemon of the region the short end of the stick by featuring the original 151 far more then them and even throwing a bunch of them out to the very end of the game where there is very little reason to use them by then anyway. *** Unova does exist. However, Game Freak definitely gave evolutions to the Pokémon of previous generations that seriously needed them. *** What's an Unova? IsItSomethingYouEat I mean, I know an Isshu, but certainly that can't be the same thing, nor could it be some crappy English translation. And once Black and White hit stateside, I really hope they don't mess up a ton of the names or even the Yin-Yang theme of the legendaries... *** EV training does not exist. It's a lie though up by StopHavingFunGuys to make us feel like n00bs. * It's really a shame MegaManBattleNetwork ended after the third game. Wish they'd make a fourth, no way they'd screw it up with lame and overly repetitive [[TournamentArc Tournament Arcs]], not Capcom! * PerfectDark Zero doesn't exist. * For some reason, I keep hearing about these weird "Ultimania" things

that Square-Enix supposedly released to supplement the ''FinalFantasy'' games. Too bad they never really existed and aren't really canon, especially since they were never translated into English. * So they apparently remade the first Game/MegaMan game for PSP. It's a good thing that they didn't add any new Robot Masters, huh? ** Actually there was one new robot master, Time Man. The Japanese version had another one called Oil Man that was removed from the American version. ** [[{{DontExplainTheJoke}} Way to overlook]] [[CompletelyMissingThePoint the sarcasm, genuis]] * I heard this weird rumor they were giving TeamFortress2 a massive back-story ... must have been some FanFic that got a lot of press. I mean, what kind of insane games developer would write a story involving AbrahamLincoln, a legal battle over gravel mining, lifeextension technology in 1890, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking kangaroos]] anyway? Oh, and the Engineer never cut off his hand. Just because he can build a mechanical hand doesn't mean he will. * [[{{Iji}} The Komato]] are and have always been evolved dinosaurs. Seriously, with that build, what ''else'' could they be? Certainly not something with the same common ancestors as humans and apes... * [[{{Castlevania}} Sonia Belmont]] [[InvertedTrope totally existed]]. And she absolutely founded the Belmont clan. Also, Dracula's real name is and has always been Vlad Tepes. Leon Belmont? Matthias Cronqvist? Who are those guys? Must be fancharacters. * SquareEnix really confused me with how they number the FinalFantasy games I mean FinalFantasyI to [[FinalFantasyIII III]], [[FinalFantasyIV IV]], [[FinalFantasyV V]], [[FinalFantasyVI VI]], [[FinalFantasyVII VII]], [[FinalFantasyVIII VIII]], [[FinalFantasyIX IX]], [[FinalFantasyX X]], [[FinalFantasyX2 X-2]], [[FinalFantasyXIII XIII]]? Anyways, I'm still glad that they're decicated to creating good games instead of numbering them like normal and creating other, [[FinalFantasyXII inferior]] [[FinalFantasyII ones]]. ** Nonono. You're close, but mistaken. The numbering goes I, III, IV, VI, VII, IX, X, X-2, XI, XIII (plus Tactics, Tactics Advance, and Dissidia). XIII gets some criticism I find odd though- why do people keep talking about this "Hope" kid? No such character exists. And Sazh, awesome though he was, shot himself in the head after seeing his son turn to crystal before his very eyes, in what is easily one of the FF series' most gutwrenching moments. *** No, there are only three games: [[FinalFantasyI FFI]] on the NES, with [[FinalFantasyIV FFII]] and [[FinalFantasyVI FFIII]] on the SNES. The supposed third and fifth games are actually spinoffs which expanded on the Job System from FFI. The games that apparently came out after those? They don't exist. * Just ask this troper about the latest Sonic game. He'll only respond with "FanGirls are what caused Sonic to end." This pretty much applies to any video game. * ''SyphonFilter 3'' and ''Logan's Shadow''. The former is mostly a [[MissionPackSequel mission pack]] of prequel flashbacks, and has canon [[ContinuitySnarl continuity problems]] (Mara is [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat shot in the head]] at the end, but comes back

in the fourth installment), the latter is a [[PostScriptSeason postscript]] cash-in. * FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings never happened. * It's a shame we never got a MegaMan 9: nowadays' technology could make it so awesome. It certainly wouldn't be a ROM hack of a NES game, nor would it be made to look like one, because that would be just stupid. ** Yeah, as ridiculous as a Mega Man X7 made with that same technology you're talking about: CGI, 3D, a multiplayer game... because of course, [[SarcasmMode those were features present in each and every Mega Man game and that's what it is about]]. Why having kids play BanjoKazooie, when you can technolyze your favorite platformer [[JumpingTheShark at the time you ran out of ideas]]? But now that I think about it, what's that Mega Man X7 people keep talking about? I just can't seem to find it as part of this universe. *** And now that we're speaking about MegaManX... Repeat after me: '''[[TheScrappy AXL]] DOES NOT EXIST'''. He never did, and he never will be [[TheWesley given a role as a plot important character]] of the last games which [[PlotHole were supposed to give the X-verse a tie-in]] to the [[MegaManZero Zero saga]]. Thank god he's just the MartyStu type of character from a bad, amateur FanFic, don't you think? * Man, The [[{{DevilMayCry}} Devil May Cry]] series is awesome, Although it is a bit weird that it went straight from Devil May Cry 1 to Devil May Cry 3 with no Devil May Cry 2... * It's weird that they named the sequel to ArTonelico CrossEdge instead of ArTonelico2: CrossEdge, isn't it? It's a pity they got rid of much of the well-loved cast and changed the location, but at least most of the new characters were interesting instead of completely unsympathetic. It's also a pity there's no new [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome song magic]], but we all know that {{Gust}} is a company that writes [[AtelierSeries strong female characters]] and would never do something as disgusting as making them strip, and ''forget'' writing a BrokenAesop that claims that child prostitution is actually A-OK! * I'm saying it right now -- ''{{Portal}} 2'' is going to be amazing, but, that's only an alternate continuity. In the ''first'' continuity, Chell actually got to ''escape'' the Enrichment Center, not [[spoiler: be dragged back inside that nightmarish hellhole by a [[NothingIsScarier unseen mecha.]] She's earned it, dammit!]] * There are no ''BloodyRoar'' games after the second. There was a simplified fan game for the Playstation 2 and that was it. There was certainly no ''BatmanAndRobin''-type Bloody Roar games that killed the franchise and destroyed its reputation. * Despite its flaws, the Wii sure is a great console... let's just be happy they didn't decide to bundle the consoles with a mediocre sports game that would use motion controls exclusively, in a way that just makes you flail your arms around, and would seem to set the standard for what others [[DidNotDoTheResearch would imagine Wii games in general to be like...]] because that would just be a stupid idea. And even if they did, there's no way they would think of making several even worse spin-offs, or, god forbid, a sequel! No, that's just silly.

* [[@/SoWeAteThem I]] actually liked the SonicTheHedgehog series, even for a little while after the 2006 port. While I love all the games that were released during the Gamecube era and before, in terms of storyline, I draw the line at SonicAdventure 2. It just seems the best place to end it, with all the CharacterDevelopment everyone recieved; Shadow found a cause he believed in [[spoiler:and sacrificed himself for its sake]]. Rouge had been implying she would give up her hobby in favor of settling down, Eggman for once seemed to be rethinking his life's mission, the entire cast seemed to have matured considerably. It was the perfect note to end it all on... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Plus, it was before they gave Rouge that]] [[SonicHeroes unflattering costume change.]] * Who else here's currently obsessing over ''MortalKombat9''? Great game, isn't it? Very fun. The story mode was a nice addition, too. I just want to ask who wrote that TrollFic where Sindel kills everyone at the end? I can accept that she recieved a power boost, but the game obviously shows that the heroes were able to get their act together and beat her as a team. They did ''not'' all stand around casually taking her on one-on-one and getting killed from stupidly wimpy attacks, and you can bet that Liu Kang never lost hope in his cause. I'm looking forward to the next game, so we can see them all taking on Shinnok. That's gonna be ''awesome.'' * I'm so glad that Drakengard ended with Caim and Angelus earning their happy ending instead of making five endings that got progressively worse and instead opted with an odd human/dragon pairing rather than having the dragon sealed away only to be made evil in some nerd's ''sequel'' with replacement sues and having the world practically end. So happy they DIDN'T do that and let the psycho man and the dragon try to live through their PTSS for character development. * I'm surprised that it took them seven years to realize they needed to make a sequel, or rather a prequel, to DeusEx. I mean, you'd think that they'd start working on a sequel pretty quickly, considering the success the game had. Then again, they'd probably ruin it by dumbing down the RPG elements, making all weapons magically use the same ammo, enormously shrinking down level sizes to the point where they're too small to navigate, and not deciding which ending in the original game was canon. Let's just hope this prequel coming out soon doesn't make any of those blunders. * Good thing Square Enix is still delaying the release of FFXIII. Hopefully, when they clear up all the confusion, it won't be a linear game that lacks all the features of a fully functional RPG such as different dialogue choices, mini games, and an overworld map. There is no FFXIII-2 either. Square Enix is actually listening to the requests of their fan base and working on remakes of Final Fantasy VI and VII instead. * I am really looking forward to this new AssassinsCreed game where Desmond gets to do some assassinating for once. Thos Ezio and Altair blokes are surely interesting but Ubisoft wouldn´t be dumb enough to release interquels with them recounting the stuff we already have seen them doing. * I really love Persona 3 Portable and how they added a female

counterpart to the game. I especially loved the ending where she used the powers of her S-Links to create a seal to keep Nyx sealed away and that Shinjiro, out of love for the Femc, offered to sacrifice himself to power the seal instead of her so she could live. After all, despite surviving bullets via a magic pocket watch,he only had about a half year left to live due to the medicine that he, Revolver Jesus and his Strega friends were taking to control their personas. After the battle, everyone kept their memories and showed up at Mitsuru and Aikihiko's graduation. The ending song was NOT of Aigis singing on how Femc died and Femc fell asleep in Aikihiko's arms because she stayed up all night singing karaoke in the mall. THE END [[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityWebcomics Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* As far as I know, Ellen of ''ElGoonishShive'' was ''always and truly will be'' bisexual, as in attraction to ''either'' gender, not some bullshit about someone ''[[NoBisexuals who's only interested in women]]'', because (and I feel [[IncrediblyLamePun Punfully]] justified to say this ;P) that's just [[{{Wallbanger}} gay]]. ** I remember El Goonish Shive. It was a great comic. It's a shame that Dan Shive ended it after Painted Black to move on with his life. Apparently, he'd just run out of ideas- get this, he was going to make Grace's birthday party last more than a year worth of updates! Good thing he decided to end it at the top of his game. * There was no point in ''{{Misfile}}'' where the main Ash / Emily / Missi plot was taken over as the main focus, especially not during that story's most compelling point at that moment, by the plight of some random psychopath who came out of nowhere and his shrew of a girlfriend. This storyline would not have ended with [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop the implication that cars are more important than the people you love, either]]. This troper also likes to think there are only three angels as a part of the plot - Rumisiel, Vashiel, and Cassiel are it. There are of course others in heaven, but only those three have been a part of the story. * This troper prefers to think that the cast of ''PennyAndAggie'' only ever consisted of the titular characters and Karen. ** T Campbell never spent over five months on the IdiotPlot ShaggyDogStory "Dinner for Six"; it only took a few weeks, max, in real-world time for Nick to see Charisma's true nature and break things off for Aggie's sake. Similarly, Campbell ran "Minjung" as a completely separate short-run webcomic; he knew better than to unduly prolong the suspense over the Penny/Rich plot by shifting for an entire month to a story that took place in an entirely different

culture and with an entirely different cast of characters from ''PennyAndAggie''. Also, the WillTheyOrWontThey motif involving the title characters never stretched out into a YoyoPlotPoint; instead, it was resolved shortly after Aggie's dream-realization, in "The Lady and the Tiger," that Penny loved her. (In order to avoid [[{{Natter}} Discussion On The Main Page]], I'll forego mentioning ''how'' it was resolved. To each their own Discontinuity on that matter.) * ''SailorSun'': The whole saga was just a dream of Brad's. ** Alternatively, Honey and Brady are not the product of a one-night stand that Bay doesn't even remember and was ''not'' [[XanatosRoulette set up to the finest detail]] by the people she worked for. * ''TheWotch'': Anne was able to separate Mimg Mei and Prof. Sakura, having him realize his mistakes and adjust his life for the better ''and'' letting Ming Mei live her life. Afterwards he moved somewhere else. It also happened to the ''Cheer'' girls/boys, [[EpilepticTrees thus leading to Joanna and the others being real girls and the jocks to not be jerks anymore]], thereby erasing all UnfortunateImplications. Also, Scott and Ivan are returned to normal by Miranda, who realized the mistake of her ways, and Julie is undecided as to whether she wants to go back to being a girl or staying a boy, then deciding for the second option. * For this troper, my example of this trope, relating to the webcomic SexyLosers, has to be spoiler marked out, for people's safety. [[spoiler: Natsuki did NOT die. She was NOT fucked to death by Kenta's mom, the urn containing her ashes was NOT used by Kenta's mom as a dildo, and she did NOT visit Mike in that parody of AChristmasCarol. Also, she, Kenta, and Kenta's mom had a threesome.]] * Man, ''{{Homestuck}}'' was such an awesome comic. Why'd Andrew have to drop it before we got to see what the ectobiology process was? ** At least he was kind enough to give us a short prequel starring the trolls, ending with a very fun Flash minigame called Alterniabound. My only question is, what's the deal with this "Vriska Serket" fantroll everyone's talking about? She wouldn't fit in the comic at all. Surely Andrew wouldn't sink so low as to create a CompleteMonster VillainSue just to piss off his fans, and even if he did, they would most certainly not get an irritatingly vocal fanbase blindly defending them. Just like he wouldn't dare upset the fans with pointless ShipSinking or killing off fan-favourite characters like Bro. And even if the comic did continue, Eridan would never have been [[CharacterDerailment derailed]] into a traitorous psychopath. ** What? Equius and Nepeta never died. And even if they had, there's no way it would be at the hands of clueless, lovable Gamzee. Gamzee would never do such a thing, even if he did somehow run out of his pies. It's not like those pies kept him from becoming a murderous psychopath or anything. Gamzee remains the Faygo loving juggalo we all know and love, while Equius and Nepeta are very much alive. In fact, none of the trolls died. Especially not the popular ones like Tavros or anything. Hussie would never do that to his fans! I swear, the things these fans come up with. * Remember ''{{Megatokyo}}''? That crazy, apocalyptic webcomic where an {{Otaku}} in denial and a CloudCuckooLander from the US arrive to Japan and make every single wacky hijinx they can think of? Yeah,

awesome comic. But there's one thing that bothers me: how did the story suddenly switched, from chapter 3 to chapter 8 and on, skipping the chapters in between?? Because, I mean, there's [[NoJustNo no way]] Megatokyo could have turned into a poorly made, harem-type soap opera where [[OutOfCharacter characters suddenly stop showing the personality]] they just builded for more than 300 strips [[{{Flanderization}} without any logical explanation]]. * Oh man, the resolution to ''{{RPG World}}'' sure was awesome wasn't it, I sure am glad that the creator didn't turn into a whiny little pussy and prematurely cancel it. That would have been horrible! ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityWebOriginal Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* For this troper, ''NeoPets'' ended shortly after Meridell's release. It was cool for a little while, but then the site tragically went belly-up as it disappeared beneath loads and loads of [[MerchandiseDriven merchandise.]] ** Seconded in essence, but let's change the cutoff point to the second Meridell storyline, because that was the shiz. * [[LinkarasAtopTheFourthWall Linkara]], who fights and wins against all sorts of comic book abominations, did not let himself be beaten and tied up by Bennett the Sage. He was not stupid enough to have posted a fanfic that stole a plot from ''Series/DoctorWho'' when he was 13, and if he was, then he took it off the web long before he became a comic book reviewer. Linkara did not swear or give the Sage the finger. The Sage did not take 4 punches to the head without taking a scratch. ** What are you blabbering about. Linkara reviews comics. I mean, it would be silly for a show focusing on amusing comic reviews to have piss-poor pseduo-action in it, wouldn't it? * [[{{Kickassia}} That whole mess]] down in Nevada was just a masshallucination caused by too much FanDumb. TheNostalgiaCritic never became competent enough to take over a country. [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] never became a KnightTemplar who almost had his best friend killed. Film Brain did not become a hyperactive YesMan lapdog for the Critic. ''[[TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]] is '''not''' Insano.'' That's just crazy. So it must all be a hallucination. ([[CrowningMomentOfAwesome One hell]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny of an amusing]] one, though.) * I haven't had time to fully draft a better scenario, but [[GaiaOnline H2K9]] DID NOT END THAT WAY. IT DID '''NOT'''.

** Of course it didn't. After a massively epic battle that ''certainly'' spanned more than just one page (and wow, did anyone else have doubts the art team would spring for twelve full pages and a splash? Kudos, guys and gals!), the appearance of one lone earthworm shattered the delusions of both demigods, simultaneously draining their power (because it's based on their belief too, y'know) and robbing them of anything to war over. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5505134/1/Song_of_the_Earthworm Kind of like this.]] And then [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5505926/1/Empty_Handed this]]. Because the best way to end an epic war is with an epic fight and a {{Tsundere}}. ** On the subject of GaiaOnline, you know that massive overhaul of the ''zOMG!'' intro? The one that removed the entire train station, did a horrible and incomplete job of providing the all-important crash course in Gameplay 101, and worst of all obliterated the main setup for TheReveal? Well, it never happened. There was no such overhaul. None. [[TwitchyEye * twitch* ]] ** [[ThisIsSparta Johnny. K. Gambino.]] '''[[ThisIsSparta Is. Not. Dead.]]''' Given his history of being NotQuiteDead, this may well be canon, but until he comes back, I'M RETCONNING IT! * ''StrongBadEmail'' ended beautifully with "email thunder" and its numerous {{Continuity Nod}}s. It's nice to know that Strong Bad will never fall below the point where he resorts to pointlessly cruel gags like, blowing up the Lappy or ridiculing Strong Sad every week. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanonDiscontinuityWesternAnimation Note: This is a very subjective trope. The visceral response to FanonDiscontinuity can baffle other fans who don't take the event as seriously, or even *gasp* like the event. In short, do not delete things off the page solely because you disagree with them. ---* ''TheSimpsons'' ended with its 9th Season. Nuff Said ** The final shot of the series was of the Simpsons leaving New York City as "New York, New York" plays in the background. "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" is the best GrandFinale in the history of television. Thank God it ended when it did; if they'd have gone on even one episode longer they might've done something stupid like an episode where it gets revealed that Principal Skinner is really some guy named Arman Tamzarian. *** Even the townsfolk of Springfield [[CanonDiscontinuity agree with that]]. ** I know numerous people who believe that the Simpsons lost nearly all of its charm after season 5. I happen to agree with them in retrospect.

** For some reason, nine years after the show ended, a video game was made featuring the show's characters. *** Really? I don't remember any such game. ** There has been talk of a [[TheMovie feature-length movie]] for many years. With anything after Season 9 unable to sustain a coherent plot for 10 minutes (let alone an entire episode), I doubt a 90-minute movie is the next logical step. I'm glad they didn't go ahead with the production. *** What are you talking about? The way I remember it, they made a feature-length film years after the show ended. Now, if only I could un-see the subversion of PeekABoo... ** Ah... in 2003, there was a game of this called ''{{The Simpsons Hit and Run}}''. [[GreatPikminFan This troper]] heard that there was going to be a ''seventh'' level that follows tree house of horror episodes, complete with zombies! However, zombies were over used in ''The Simpsons'', and the level looked hard. Six levels were just fine. ** As sad as i was when it ended with "Simpsons Tide" a reaal heartwarmer where Homer finally showed his love for Bart, as exited was I when the Simpsons returned for the onetime-special Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind 9 years later. I am only glad they did not use some sort of Science-Fiction memory machine in that episode and limited it to Homer struggling with himself and his guilt. Also have they ever found that lost episode where they made some big reveal about Skinner? It was supposed to air after "The City of New York vs Homer Simpson". * Kim got the last line in ''KimPossible''. She's the titular character after all, and thus deserves the last line (like Lilo got in the finale of ''LiloAndStitchTheSeries''). It was not given to Dr. Drakken, the villain. There was also no silly episode where Kim got her mind wiped and nor did she spend most of one episode in stupid outfits after her old one was wrecked. This editor would also rather pretend that the there was no {{Aesop}} delivered about ''having'' to fight Dr. Drakken with old technology in that Amish episode (but hey, I enjoyed that episode). ** There was no episode involving Ron's dad becoming sycophantically (I ''cannot'' belive I spelt that right first time) obsessed with Ron not thinking he's a hero. ** Isn't it awesome that after [[TheLibby Bonnie]] had her hysterical breakdown in Homecoming Upset, [[ActionGirl Kim]] [[{{Karma}} walked away grinning?]] *** No, it wasn't awesome! Remember, Bonnie became a lot nicer to Kim after "Bonding"? Hell, the two have actually gone on missions together a few times (and might I say, they make a very sexy team, though I see why they had to pair Kim up with Ron). Now, what happened would've made a lot more sense if the writers had done something stupid like give Bonnie AesopAmnesia after "Bonding" and Bonnie went right back to being as mean as ever, but we all know that didn't happen, right? ** Kim and Ron getting together was AllJustADream. It was actually Josh in the last season. The writers made a typo, the animators didn't know until too late, and the rest is history. ** And Bonnie and Junior stayed together, of course. Just cause the pairing wasn't mentioned again doesn't mean they broke up.

** And Ron managed to hook up with Tara. Kim helped Ron prepare for his date with her and, aside from the Monkey Ninjas attack, had a wonderful evening which ended with a peck on the cheek. Despite the new challenges their respected relationships bring, Kim and Ron's friendship remain strong as ever. I mean the writers would never [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot waste a perfectly good opportunity]] for CharacterDevelopment, right? * Incidentally, [[StarWarsTheCloneWars Anakin never had a padawan name Ahsoka]]. ** Either that, or she dies horribly, but not before [[TheForceUnleashed Galen Marek]] gets to see and (and copy) that reverse Shien grip... ** I am glad there weren´t any follow-up episodes to Hostage Crisis that were so randomly thrown together BigLippedAlligatorMoments that hurt you when you watched them and Quinlan Vos still has a cameo to do in which he doesn´t act like Anakin with dreadlocks. * ''SpongebobSquarepants'' only lasted 3 seasons and ended with a movie. ** Well, maybe there was ''one'' more season after that... ** To expand on this, Spongebob and Patrick somehow managed to make Squidward completely snap one day. Squidward kills both of them and when the cops arrived on the scene, he shot himself to avoid capture. Afterwards, nearly the entire city celebrated the deaths of the sadistic sponge and his moron sidekick. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs was put in Prison over corruption charges. ** Triton? Who is he? King Neptune only has one child, a daughter named Mindy, who is next in line to the throne. Also, he ''is'' the same one later seen in TheMovie, albeit now suffering hair loss (he is over 5000 years old, after all). ** In a similar vein, ''TransformersGeneration1'' lasted two seasons and ended with a movie. There were no further seasons in which Rodimus Prime [[CharacterDerailment became a jerk]]. *** Wrong, the movie ended with Optimus Prime doing the sensible thing for once and [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim firing a shot through Hot Rod to kill Megatron once and for all]]. Starscream became the new leader of the Decepticons and was quick to hammer out a ceasefire deal with Prime. *** While we're at it, I'd like to point out that the Unicron Trilogy did ''not'' wrap up with Prime defeating Megatron through ThePowerOfFriendship. That would be, if I may be un-PC for a moment, ''incredibly retarded''. Personally, I never thought that Hasbro would ever let the Decepticons ''win,'' but the 'Cons deserved it and I'm glad I lived to see the day. * As for ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'', Jet [[spoiler: didn't die. He ''might'' be in a wheelchair, but he certainly didn't die]]. Killing characters off-screen via WordOfGod is bullcrap and I don't acknowledge it. ** They didn't 'kill him offscreen,' they clarified his death, there's a difference. *** The term is GoryDiscretionShot. ** Avatar had no season 3. It was tragically canceled after season 2's cliffhanger, and we will never see all the pointless, trite filler,

the characters exaggerated to hallow, bland shells, awkward dialogue, and poorly resolved plot points. *** What are you talking about? There was a 3rd season, and it had a really epic finale. Too bad it only had 10 episodes, I'm sure they could have come up with something to bring it up to 20 like the other two seasons. Surely the other 10 episodes wouldn't have been pure filler, or something stupid like that. ** [[spoiler: Combustion Man]] is alive too. He's too awesome to have been killed. In fact, he not only survived but got another metal limb. To increase aforementioned awesomeness. Also possibly learned Alchemy. ** And I'm certain that they wouldn't have left any unanswered, plot driving questions like WHAT HAPPENED TO ZUKO'S MOTHER?!...and they certainly wouldn't have Zuko ask about it and then NOT have the fans hear the answer... ** This troper is quite satisfied with the series' finale. He's even more satisfied with the live-action film. The decision to have it directed by Tarentino was pure genius. Can you imagine if it was done by some disgraced hack like Shyamalan? *** I'm unsure if it was Tarentino who directed the movie but I'm positive than it was Jerry Bruckheimer who produced it. ** Ty Lee was [[spoiler:at the Jasmine Dragon with everyone else after Zuko's coronation]]. It just wouldn't seem right for her to be left out. (Tiny detail? Yes. Bugging the hell out of me? Oh yeah.) *** Yeah, really! You cannot have Mai there just because she's Zuko's girlfriend yet not have Ty Lee to be there too. **** Also, there is a cut to a sad, somewhat lifeless Azula in a straight-jacket during Fire Lord Zuko's speech about hope and healing, giving it double-meaning which seems fitting enough. As evil as she was in the past, having Azula reveal a disturbing FreudianExcuse and then suffer a [[TearJerker soul-crushing]] VillainousBreakdown...and never show her again afterward...That would be just too cruel. ***** And Ty Lee was there, being a champ and helping rehabilitate her poor, deluded friend. Which is why she wasn't at the Jasmine Dragon. * ''{{Gargoyles}}'' only had two seasons and ended with the episode "The Journey", which was the last one of season 2, not like some people think the first one of a "third season". There's no such thing as "third season", no sir. ** That's CanonDiscontinuity. * The all-time best episode of ''TheRealGhostbusters'' was JMS's masterpiece, "Midnight on the Lady M", which was the first animated cartoon ever to win the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation. Also, the series never made an episode in which the Ghostbusters traveled on the Space Shuttle to a nonexistent space station and met a bunch of parodies of ''StarTrek'' characters who kept saying Egon "reminded them of someone", especially not for airing in 1987, i.e. during the hiatus between the ''Challenger'' tragedy and the next shuttle flight. No, sir. * [[{{Aladdin}} Jafar]] never bothered with returning and you can't tell this troper otherwise. ** What are you talking about? Aladdin never had any spin-off movies for Jafar to return too... * The movie ''LiloAndStitch'' only has one sequel, ''Stitch has a

Glitch'', which, while not as good as the original, still has some great moments and, overall, the same feeling. There was NO anvilicious, mediocre TV series populated with [[FlatCharacter onedimensional new characters]] and cliched villains (and pre-existing characters becoming one-dimensional), nor two other movies associated with the TV series. * This troper refuses to acknowledge the Hit Entertainment ''FiremanSam'' episodes due to Elvis being turned into a complete blockhead and the addition of the Flood Family to appease the politically correct brigade. * ''{{Futurama}}'' only had ONE movie; Bender's Big Score. ** Movie? Futurama had movies? No it didn't. ** So wait, it ended with [[spoiler: THE WHOLE FREAKING UNIVERSE BEING RIPED APART]]? That's pretty scary... ** Futurama ended with [[{{Shipping}} actor!Fry and actor!Leela]] kissing. i don't care what any of you say! ** "The Late Phillip J. Fry": whoo, the writers sure dodged a bullet. While it was a bit of an AssPull for the death of the universe to turn Farnsworth's forwards-travelling time machine into a backwardstravelling one, it was certainly better than anything else they could have come up with. Though I'm not sure if a TemporalParadox was created or not; ''someone'' had to leave that message for Fry in the year One Billion. SequelHook! * After her small cameo in the finale of ''DannyPhantom'', Danielle was indeed present at the celebration of Danny, thus suggesting the Fentons took her in. After all, the writers wouldn't skip such an easy way to tie up a loose end in the episode, right? ** This troper is at the opposite and would rather that little CopyCatSue have [[spoiler: died]] in "D-Stabilized". In fact, she rather she didn't exist at all. "Kindred Spirits" was a great episode, but what clone? There is no clone; there's only two half ghosts: Danny and Vlad. *** Couldn't agree more...I mean I certainly don't remember a CopyCatSue named Danielle. Being a half ghost is unique and I'm sure the writers wouldn't stoop so low as to add a bad fanfiction like CopyCatSue done to DEATH in Danny Phantom fan-fiction into actual canon! ** Vlad did not get smacked by that asteroid in the last episode. No, he flied away in the depths of space in all its poetic tragedy, ending his chapter with emotions, not undeserved comedy. ** Danny and Sam never had any feelings for each other and definitely didn't end up together. Danny and Valerie finally became an official couple right after the end of the episode. *** Were we watching the same series? Danny and Sam stayed friends, Valerie vanished, and - in a risky move for a kids' show - the vibe between Danny and Jazz remained. I knew her resemblance to MJ wasn't an accident! *** Of course Sam and Danny ended up together and then there where another 4 seasons of awesome with Sam becoming even less of a Mary Sue than she was and Tucker hooking up with Jazz while remaining a main character. *** Whaaa? There wasn't a season where Sam and Danny got together and

the plot lines began to revolve around them and only them to the point that it became sickening to watch and somehow made the show loose what little enjoyment it had as they awkwardly hinted the obvious that they liked each other over--and over-- and turned Same into a borderline Mary Sue (takes a breath)...so how could they bombard us with more seasons of that crap only they're actually together? Just like the show CERTAINLY didn't the drop the ball and quickly tie up what could have been great future storyline plots like Danny's old suit that Vlad perfected in a waste of a cliche` episode that had his sister Jazz completely out of character and destroy the suit in a completely lack luster way! Nor did they leave certain things unresolved and not bring back awesome villains like Dark Danny... * ''TheFairlyOddparents'' special "Wishology" did ''not'' happen, and therefore Trixie never kissed Timmy. Why would she do that anyway? She clearly always hated him. ** Bullshit. She always secretly liked him. The few episodes where she was a complete snob with no hints of a deeper side underneath indicate that the creators like to brainstorm new episodes after a long trip to the bar or nightclub. ** Jorgen was lying when he said he was going to hit the ResetButton; either that or he changed his mind after the movie ended. All episodes aired ''after'' Wishology take place ''beforehand''. ** No, you're all mistaken. "Wishology" happened, and Timmy kissed Trixie and they started dating. Tootie was involved in the events, eventually decided IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy, and decided [[CharacterDevelopment to try to find happiness without relying on Timmy]]. After it was all over, the Fairy Council decided to make contact with humans openly to try for peaceful coexistance. Crocker and Vicky preformed {{Heel Face Turn}}s and joined Timmy and his friends and parents as agents to keep the peace between the realms, there was no LaserGuidedAmnesia, and that was the last episode. ''Ever''. Also, there was no episode about Trixie going batshit and trying to kill Timmy, and her {{tomboy}} nature was a big part of the Timmy/Tootie/Trixie love triangle, along with [[ASharedSuffering the shared suffering]] of Vicky between Timmy and Tootie, giving a good and well thought out love subplot to the series. They certainly didn't ignore both of these elements in favor of {{flanderization}}, that would just be stupid.-Tropers/MichaelJJ *** Also, who ever started that rumor that Cosmo and Wanda had a son? That would be stupid. ** And nobody would ever even consider making a live action movie with Timmy dumping his godparents for a BeautifulAllAlong Tootie. *** Oh, definitely. Besides, how could Tootie be in the movie when she's been placed into foster care and is undergoing intense therapy? * Don't you all remember that great last episode? It was called "Bad Heir Day," and at the end of the episode Butch Hartman proved he had been listening to the audience, and let Crocker keep Poof as DJ. Of course, DJ turned into a human to be more like Crocker, and forgot all about his parents and godbrother. Sure, Timmy was rather sad about it, but after Poof turned human they could no longer track him down and find him, and only know that he is alive but not a fairy. But if, by chance, the series is continued again, Poof would be a sub-sub-

character who only appears with Crocker, and NOT a main character who goes to some dumb fairy school with Foop. * [[@/GreatPikminFan I]] know ''TotalDramaIsland'' had some flaws: Ezekiel did get too far into the game, Owen's early loss was way too predicable (though justified, he looks like the guy where over exposure to him would get [[TheWesley really annoying really fast]]), and Duncan could have stayed longer and become an antagonist. But still, '''why was there only one season?''' They could just do a ''Total Drama Rain Forest'' or ''Total Drama Desert'' with new characters and possibly some returning if the writers can't think of enough. It's not like the later seasons would bomb by dissing fan favorites, I mean they would ''never'' [[TotalDramaAction remove Cody and Noah who are loved by the fans but lost early, or Eva who also lost early and needed more screen time]]. And they would ''never'' [[TotalDramaWorldTour shove in a cliche and unneeded love triangle and have fan favorites Bridgette, Lindsay, or Izzy lose early and add unnecessary songs each episode]]... right? ** Ezekiel got really far? Pfft, no man, you're getting him confused with NOAH.... * [[{{Tropers/pagad}} This troper]] is in the middle of watching ''SamuraiJack'', and has decided that all the "comedic" episodes (like "Jack and the Farting Dragon") didn't happen. Or maybe they were AllJustADream. How can you follow tales so heartbreaking and poignant as "Jack Remembers the Past" and "Jack and the Monks" with a story about a farting dragon with MontyPython-esque [[TheDungAges Dung Ages]] peasants? In any case, this troper is filtering out all these unnecessary episodes which are thankfully outnumbered by the many SoCoolItsAwesome episodes. ** Samurai Jack would never end an episode with a baby dragon just burning everything and leaving the actual dragon completely out of the ending. The true episode was Jack fainting from the dragon's stench and dreaming the whole episode up, along with that episode where he was eaten by a two-headed worm thing that granted wishes. It never happened. * ''SouthPark'' ended with the ''Coon & Friends'' trilogy. Also, Mr. Garrison never had a sex change. * In ''FamilyGuy'', [[spoiler: [[strike:Lois]] Peter really killed Stewie, it wasn't a simulation, and that was the last episode. EVER.]] ** Incidentally, that episode was at the end of Season ''3''. Because, you know, there were only 3 seasons. *** There certainly weren't any later seasons in which all the characters suffered from ridiculous amounts of {{Flanderization}}, the Long Gags got drawn out to more than 5 minutes, and [[{{Anvilicious}} Brian kept dropping Anvils]] in every other episode. ** Cleveland never got remarried and moved to Virginia. He simply went on a journey of self. ** I thought it ended after "Peter's Two Dads". "Drunken Irish Dad" was the perfect way to end the series. ** Surely it ended with the story of how Quahog came to be, with Griffin Peterson vs. King Stewart the Turd in a contest to win Lady Redbush's heart. * Remember that part in ''CloneHigh'' when Abe and Joan got together,

Ghandi had his choice of any lady he wanted, and Cleo was left all alone while JFK and Ponce made fun of her? That was awesome. * The ''InvaderZim'' episode "Gaz Taster of Pork" was never meant to be canon - it was made as a joke episode intended for the enjoyment of the staff (outside of Jhonen Vasquez because of somewhat being {{jerkass}} ), but due to some dumbass intern it got sent to Nickelodeon and the people involved with the DVD. Dib never held the IdiotBall and Gaz never made that many death threats end of story. And therefore it's noncanonicity disprove any ideas that Gaz is evil! Stop making hatefics! ** Also, Dib never became the main character for the second half of the series. That'd be stupid, after all, since we all tune in to watch the silly screaming alien man and his dumb robot, not Kid Mulder. ** No, no, Dib needed some airtime. He did not turn into a complete moron and stopped caring about his plans falling through, however, like some idiot pessimist. YOU'RE MAKING IT UP!! * ''LionKing 1 1/2''? It doesn't exist. Nope. There are two ''Lion King'' films and a Timon and Pumbaa TV seires. END OF. ** You're confused, my good sir. There was no Lion King 2. Lion King 1 1/2 was the name of the awesome self parody; even the title is a joke, becuase 1 1/2 implies that there WAS a Lion King 2. Which there wasn't. *** Considering Nala and Simba had a son in the first movie (seriously look at the coloration) Lion King 2 never happened. *** Yeah, really. There was NO Timon and Pumbaa TV series. Nor did those two get way too much cameo screentime in HouseOfMouse. One movie centering around them was enough. * Isn't it great that Disney didn't milk the hell out of ''TheEmperorsNewGroove'' with, like, a spin off TV show or anything? ** Are you kidding? They made an awesome show out of it! I especially like how they kept the show set at Kuzco's palace instead of something stupid like, I don't know, a [[HighSchool high school]] or something. * {{Barnyard}} was just a movie. It ended with the birth of baby Ben. No [[{{Back At The Barnyard}} televsion show]] was ever made. * [[{{Fantasia}} Chernabog]] never showed up on ''HouseOfMouse''. There was no episode of him admitting to being [[VillainDecay afraid of the dark]]. * A ''BeautyAndTheBeast'' Christmas movie that takes place ''during'' the events of the original film? Never heard of it. Surely even Disney would shy away from such an awkward attempt to milk more money out of an established masterpiece... * ''BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' is a great show. Baby Doll never teamed up with Killer Croc. Hohoho that's absurd. Baby Doll was only in one episode in the DCAU. Everybody knows that. * Babs and Bruce never, ever dated in the DCAU. Ever. ** Absolutely whole-heartedly agreed. Because if that ''had'' happened, it would have completely tainted the way I see ''BatmanBeyond'' and the DCAU as a whole. ** Not to mention the silliness with some fans insisting that Terry was Bruce's son. Fortunately, the writers realized that would cheapen their relationship with such a over-used ploy in an otherwise excellent episode.

* A sequel to ''{{Mulan}}''?! What are you talking about? * Whaaat? Ariel and Eric having a kid (that then ages 12 years)? Pfft, it's like you're going to tell me that Ursula also had a horribly cliche "forever-in-my-sibling's-shadow" sister. Away with you and your foolishness. * ''{{Sixteen}}'' ended with a [[spoiler: heartwarming scene in which Nikki's parents see how much Nikki's friends care for her and decide not to move, and that's that. There's absolutely no way Nikki would ever throw more than a decade of friendship away by turning down their offer and moving away from them anyway]]. Nope, no way that would ever happen. [[spoiler: What a happy ending, huh?]] * I absolutely refuse to acknowledge the "Vilgax" that appeared in the ''Ben10AlienForce'' Season 3 premiere, as the real Vilgax. ** Alien Force? Never heard of it. I think your thinking of some dumb ''Ben10'' FanFiction. ** This Troper does not talk about Ben 10: Alien Force (Or, if angered, will rant about it). ** I do remember a rumor 2 years ago that there was gonna be a sequel series, but it never really happened. Oh well, at least we'll always have the live-action tv movie that was surprisingly decent. I'm glad the director managed to work in the 3 (sadly) underused Halloweenthemed aliens along with other fan favorites to make a sound 10. I also liked how it revealed Ben's secret identity to the world, man, why wasn't this put in theaters! * There were only three episodes ever completed of the second season of ''InvaderZim'', all of which are double the lenght of the average episode, and a few scripts, and the full outline of a two parter and movie if they got that far, but ended on of their scripts with [[DownerEnding Zim dead, and Dib left in the control of his arch rival for the rest of his life.]], thus earning its TooGoodToLast status in her eyes. * I can't wait for that new Quagmire spinoff! Wait, what's this about a Cleveland show? Certainly everyone knows that you don't give a spinoff to the most boring character on a show! Certainly Seth [=MacFarlane=] isn't that dumb! * Teen Titans had seven seasons. One season was devoted to a character arc for Starfire, and the last explored the origins of Slade and his myserious desire for an apprentice, which somehow links him to CuteMute Jericho. ** Nope, it only had six seasons: The first belonged to no one, just having the gang gel as a team and deal with the awesome that is Slade, the second was Beast Boy, though Terra actually stayed dead and totally never came back in a lackluster of a series finale, the Third was Cyborg's, the Fourth was Raven's...though the Trigon saga was played a bit darker and straighter and totally didn't end on a rather lack luster note...and the fifth season ended up being Robin, with the appearance episode happening mid way through and leading to Slade finding Jericho, who is still his flipping son. And doesn't die. And doesn't have a batshit insane sister... * There was no show named ''AllGrownUp'' and there was no third ''{{Rugrats}}'' movie. Tommy grew up to be the adventure loving mechanic he is in the timeskip episode and Lil is still quite alike to

her twin bro and messy, like that episode. Susie has nothing to do with singing. ** Who's this "new Rugrat" they keep talking about? Rugrats had four babies; Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, and they had the toddlars Angelica and Susie. If there were "new rugrats," they certainly wouldn't be a brother for Tommy or a sister for Chuckie. And the two movies were funny, the first one with the four babies and Angelica getting lost in the woods and Tommy and Chuckie fighting, as well as the sweet second movie where they go to Paris for a vacation and [[spoiler: Chuckie gets a new mommy. But why do so many people think Kira had a daughter?]] Too bad the Rugrats never met the Thornberries, but atleast they won't grow up and have a [[AllGrownUp spin-off series which was similar to a dumb old sit-com.]] * This troper wonders why they left Kaa out of Disney/TheJungleBook. I suppose his BadAssMentor role in the books wouldn't fit with the film's FAMILY tone. Oh well, better to leave him out than turn him into a creep pedophile who sings whole songs about molesting children before finally eating them that would traumatise some children enough to discourage them from watching the film for up to a whole decade. After all, it is a '''FAMILY FILM.''' * You know, Disney may have made some horrible sequels to their classic films, but at least they never made a painfully mediocre, LighterAndSofter, ClicheStorm sequel to TheHunchbackOfNotreDame. * Aversion: Your humble contributor once had a friend complain about [[WinxClub Musa]] saying something ''really'' bad about guys. I later pointed out that this was in fact a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BJ8PJynRn0 4Kids change]] and Musa had originally said nothing of the sort and that she should just ignore the [=4Kids=] change. Her response basically amounted to, "I don't like it either, but it did happen, so I can't ignore it." * Who is this Chase Young people keep talking about in {{Xiaolin Showdown}}? I recall the main villain being a bumbling but still somewhat capable albino geek named Jack Spicer. He most certainly did NOT get backseated into a status as the kickable dog and major butt monkey who never got any sort of help at all. And that episode where all the villains actually stopped fighting EACH OTHER so they could beat on him, only it was Kimiko disguised as him? Never existed. All a lie. Chase Young the filthy dragon-eater isn't real, he's likely just some pretty illusion conjured by a lonely 1500+ year old ghost hag. Who incidentally never got her body back after the SECOND time it was destroyed. ** Chase Young was the villain in the second season. He never appeared beyond it, though. * ''{{Tangled}}'' was one of the best Disney movies ever, but it's kinda sad that Flynn was KilledOffForReal while Rapunzel ended up in an ArrangedMarriage with some last-minute addition prince. True, it would have been a bit too obvious if Flynn came back to life and he and Rapunzel ended up together, but ''c'mon''. * It's weird how Disney released {{Disney/Cinderella}} III: A Twist In Time without having a Cinderella II in the middle. Oh well. At least they never got the crazy idea to make a fraudulent sequel to {{Bambi}} sixty years after the original.

* In Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Goofball never existed, Bloo never acted like a JerkAss, Goo only appeared once, Peas never existed, and Cheese was never seen since his debut episode. * ''XMenEvolution'': Kitty never got back together with Lance, and she and Kurt became a couple after they finally worked out the raging {{UST}} between them. What the heck is this nonsense about Kurt hooking up with [[ShallowLoveInterest some chick named]] [[RelationshipSue Amanda]]? Even if it did happen, surely it wouldn't last, right? * ''TheLandBeforeTime'' was a pretty good movie, all right. I'm glad they didn't make any sequels - that would have [[{{Sequelitis}} really ruined it]]. * ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'' had a great last season, but why does keep getting the facts wrong? That girl in tea shop, Jin, was NOT forgotten about, Zuko told her to flee Ba Sing Se before the Fire Nation invaded causing her to believe that there was still some good in him, which causes her to find the Gaang, join them to the Fire Nation where she eventually convinces Zuko to make a HeelFaceTurn, Mai? PFFFT. Yeah, they had a brief thing but everyone knows that she never really loved Zuko and betrayed him, revealed herself to be a spy for Fire Lord Ozai, got involved in Zuko's fight with Azula until Jin showed up, Then Jin and Mai fought, Mai asked her why she bothered defending Zuko which led to Jin's CrowningMomentOfAwesome, a ''[[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech Reason Why You Suck]]'' speech which contained the greatest ''CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming'' in Western Animation history, I don't have to tell you what happened, you can '''NEVER''' forget that scene, and Mai was defeated, and imprisoned away with Azula. Katara? She was with Sokka, Toph and Suki, invading the Fire Nation fleet, where she actually '''''did something''''' instead of watching Zuko's fight blankly. also Sokka didn't lose his sword and ''actually used it''. Aang decided not to shave off his hair after Katara told him he looked cooler with it, After Ozai was beaten, Iroh became Fire Lord so Zuko could travel the world with Jin to find his mother, There was ''20'' Episodes, not ''21'', '''Emblem Island Players''? Everyone knows that a was mediocre fan animation, Aang and Katara kissed under the sunlight, which acted as a transition to a DistantFinale of their wedding and the birth of their first son, after that, they went to the balcony where they kissed all those ago, they're there with Baby [[AvatarTheLegendOfKorra Tenzin]], Sokka, Suki and then Zuko and Jin showed up with their baby with Zuko's mother behind them, they all smiled at each other, looked at the sunset and they all lived happily ever after. [[SureWhyNot Also, Ty Lee married Haru]]. * I remember the phase 3 story revolving around the {{Gorillaz}} album called "Plastic Beach." [[TheHeart Noodle]] [[CharacterDerailment didn't become]] some generic, revenge-filled, silent protagonist; or if she did, the writers knew to develop her character by allowing us to see her reflect on her loss of innocence. Russell's got more development other than anger at Murdoc, and it certainly had nothing to do with him merely becoming a giant mode of transportation for Noodle. Murdoc never went from often having more focus than the others to practically robbing the spotlight from them at all times. And

[[TheWoobie 2D]] NEVER became a [[{{Wangst}} angsty,]] [[DeadpanSnarker snarky little prick.]] He may have tried to stand up to Murdoc, but would instantly revert back to his sunny disposition (much like he did when The Fall came out). I know, the story couldn't be fleshed out due to budget reasons, but these weren't the characters I fell in love with...well, here's to hoping for a Rise of the Ogre follow-up that cleans up some of these elements. * Pocahantas didn't go to England and fall in love with John Rolfe. John Smith recovered and came back to America where they lived a long happy life together. ** Who started that rumor that Disney made any "Pocahantas" movies. If they did, [[DidNotDoTheResearch the facts would have been mixed up,]] and something stupid, like the ages probably would have been changed to make some dumb love interest with Pocahantas, in real life a preteen at the time, with- ohhhh, John Smith, who was a thirtysomething year old man. * DextersLab was a sad two seasons. There was no reboot series, and Mandark's parents are never seen. That would be absolutely ridiculous. ---[[TroperTales/FanonDiscontinuity There was never an index page to return to. Troper Tales? what's that?]] ----

FanPreferredCouple * [[{{Tropers/HG131}} HG131]] ** ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Buffy/Willow. Between the heaping amounts of subtext, the [[{{WAFF}} awwwwwww]] factor and my being a YuriFan, it just seems way more right. I'm also a fan of any combination that you can make with Buffy, Willow, Faith and Dawn, including threesomes and foursomes. They all work together. * {{Tropers/Cameoflage}}: ** ''{{Narbonic}}'': Dave/Lovelace and Helen/Madblood. I always thought those pairings were cuter together than the rather blah Helen/Dave. In particular, sabotaging Dave and Lovelace's relationship didn't win Helen any points with me. {{Troopers/RandomChaos}}: ** ''{{Ben10}}: Gwen/Ben, This troper faverouit paring of all time. He Runs the DA group for them http://bwen-group.deviantart.com/ {{Tropers/ElvenQueen}}: * ''{{X-Men Evolution}}'': Kurt/Kitty. I've always thought this pairing was much, ''much'' better than Lance/Kitty and Kurt/Amanda. The fact that the latter two pairings both seemed like a case of [[Main/StrangledByTheRedString Strangled By The Red String]] does not help matters. {{Tropers/GirlInGlasses}}: {{HarryPotter}}: I'm not a Ginny hater by any means, but I have a soft spot for Luna/Harry fic. I like Ginny in the books, but she does seem

to bit a bit RelationshipSueish at times, and I hate her in the movies because she is such a flat, uninteresting character. Oh, and Snape/Lily is one of the two OTPs I've ever had, but if they got together, we wouldn't really have a plot. And I like the heartbreak of it all. {{Skins}}: I preferred Cook/Effy. Freddie was too boring for me. In Gen 3, I prefer Mini/Franky to Franky/Matty, but I don't think that's where the writers are going with that. {{Tropers/TheTalkingToaster}}: {{Chuck}}: This troper massively ships Chuck/Casey, though less so from S2 onwards (when Sarah suddenly developed some character). Also Chuck/Awesome. ---I always thought [[Main/FanPreferredCouple the main page]] should have got together with BetterThanCanon.

FanRemake * ThisTroper (one day) wants to remake the {{Marathon}} Trilogy in the Source Engine. * Tropers/{{Miru}} wants to remake SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom. It will be a crossover, and perhaps run on Source. There will be Chao Garden. * This Troper is going to do a live action version of the final scenes of DeathNote. * This Troper hopes plans to write a {{Hentai}} based on {{Uncharted}} 2. ---FanRemake: Source. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FantasticNuke * [[@/{{Peteman}} This Troper]] had a Forgotten Realms campaign where Beholders were helping Githyanki clear out Underdark Illithid settlements (as well as whoever else struck the Beholder's fancy) with the remnants of a long dead war god. They functioned much as fantasy nukes. * Locate City. [[MinMaxing You know the rest]]. * A forum role-play this troper was involved with was heavily based off of {{Okami}} ... eventually, someone got the idea that [[MagiBabble channeling the direct essence of the setting's primary deity]] would literally be a thermonuclear weapon. This troper blames late-night AlienSwarm binges for something this ludicrous. <<|TroperTales|>>

FantasyKitchenSink * [[@/WhiteRoseDuelist This troper]] was in a ModernFantasy TabletopRPG where all of the major religions were correct. The

characters personally met a number of angels including Gabriel and Michael, the Wiccan Horned God and many types of TheFairFolk, among others. * [[@/{{Icalasari}} This troper]] is working on a game that pretty much is this (although with proxies in the case of deities), to the point that people in it accuse other people of worshipping false gods, working with demons, etc. * [[@/{{Bookhobbit}} This troper]]'s current universe has, let's see, ghosts, vampires, zombies, golems, faries, dwarves, elves, dragons, ghouls, brownies and boggarts, changelings, anthropomorphic personifications, spirits(different in some ways from APs), gnomes, gremlins, werewolves, and an inadvertently-created new race currently known as Monsters. Oh, and there's probably a pantheon of gods hovering around in there some place. 'Magic' includes traditional sorcery, alchemy, voodoo, etc. All of this is intentional, mind you. I just like FantasyKitchenSink. * [[@/{{NarniaRanger}} This troper]]'s current WorldBuilding project includes Talking Animals, Oni, Eastern Dragons, Tokkaebi, Garuda, Rakshasa, Kitsune, Samurai, Kirin, TheFourGods, Dragon Kings, Sharkmen, Kappa, Turtle Islands, wizards, witches, Tikbalang, Aswang, and the Chinese Zodiac. It's intentional, as well; one of my main influences is TheChroniclesOfNarnia. * One of This Troper's stories was going to involve vampires, werewolves, and faeries banding together to defend humans from the zombie apocalypse. Troper has since seen the wisdom of dialing it back a bit. * [[@/{{Endlessness}} This troper]] is writing a roguelike which will involve pretty much everything he can think of. Too bad that it is in DevelopmentHell. * [[@/TitoMosquito This troper]]'s own [[TheVerse universe]] has [[{{Mayincatec}} Aztec warriors]], {{snake people}}, demons, mutants, [[DifferentlyPoweredIndividual metahumans]], pirates, angels, superheroes, God, pantheons of gods, two versions of {{the Grim Reaper}}, aliens, ninjas, time travel, supercomputers, witches, [[ActionGirl normal teen girls]] and [[ActionMom mothers]] who can [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower whip people's asses]], magic, Ki, among others. * All of [[@/{{Pastylover2}} this troper's]] works has aliens, vampires, werewolves, superheroes, dark dimensions, time travel, monsters, ghosts, split personalities, BadassNormal, giant spiders, immortals, dead people who are not really dead and demons. ---Go looking for God, Osiris, Buddha and the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the FantasyKitchenSink. <<|TroperTales|>>

FanWank * SonicTheHedgehog has all sorts of terrrifing FanWank concerning Angel Island and Knuckles. ** First, several bios for [[SonicTheHedgehog Knuckles]] stat that he

is the last echidna in the world. So that means [[SonicAdventure Tikal]], [[SonicStorybookSeries Sinbad, Sir Gawain]], and the many Ecdinas from SonicChronicles '''ARE ALL DEAD'''. *** This Troper had it set that the Echidnas from Sonic Chronicles are a different variety and that Knuckles is the last of his variety. Tikal, Sinbad and Sir Gawain are all spirts, the latter two being of past lives of Knuckles. **** Perhaps they literally ceased to exist because of Silver's time thing. ***** I have also come to a conclusion that the guys who wrote the bios did not do the research. ***** Chronicles probably is non canon. *** Second, Sandopolis and Red Mountain was probably built by Echidnas. The Hydruro must be echidna ghosts. knuckles is being chased by his own realtives, ''even the above mentioned''! **** I'm not too sure about Red Mountain, but I do agree about Sandopolis **** Third, Marble Garden has figural human heads. Human conquest, anyone? ***** Eggman conquest * [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Tropers/Icalasari This Troper]] did research into what the beasts are. According to the research, Raikou is based on a thunder spirit (the raiju (thunder animal or thunder beast)) which can take the form of several different animals, one of them notably being a tiger. Entei is based on the shishi, or stone lion. And Suicune is most likely based on the Kirin, or parts of it (the kirin being an amalgamation of animals, it only appears in areas ruled by a benevolent and wise leader, and can walk on water. Suicune constantly flees in the games, only facing you (in Crystal, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver) when you are either close to being or are a Pokemon Champion, and with how the games keep having your character praised as a friend to Pokemon, and the fact that one would have to be a good strategist (in the game universe) to be a Pokemon Master, well, that covers both portions required). The appearances are also uncanny

FarewellMyFriend * [[AcrossTheStars This troper]] and her best friend. It's gotten to the point where our friends call us married (he's a guy) because we bicker LikeAnOldMarriedCouple. Longest it's lasted? About a week. * This troper mediates stuff like this all the time. It doesn't help that everyone has dated each other or is crushing on each other. Unfortunately a couple have become serious, and one of my friends absolutely despises me now for god knows what. ---<<|TroperTales|>>


* DokEnkephalin: I had a girlfriend who, when I first met her, was completely unable to arch a brow, and found it to be a fascinating and attractive ability in others (I'm rather proud of my own brow-arch.) Perhaps her skin was too tight? It was years before she was able was able to move her eyebrows independently, but she was thrilled with herself the day she was finally able to pull off an arch. It was quite sexy, so I was pleased as well. * This troper can do this. Just not on purpose. * This troper can do it, but she can only arch her right eyebrow. ** When did I get a opposite gender clone? ** Same for [[{{Tropers/Illusionist}} this troper]], only with the left eyebrow. *** Here too, but she did train it when she was younger. I think I just didn't care enough when my left did arch to make my right arch too. * This troper knows a person who ''can't'' do it, but decided to fake it [[SpecialEffectsFailure using her finger]] for a play we had to make. Particularly, in this one line that went on like "shall I..(eyebrow)bring someone?". [[CrowningMomentOfFunny The rest of the cast never got tired of watch that.]] * [[SkarmoryThePG This troper]], all the time, even when inappropriate. Especially when inappropriate. But oddly enough, only the left one. * Among his friends, [[Tropers/SabresEdge this troper]] is known for doing this. He's normally a DeadpanSnarker, so he channels his LargeHam tendencies into his eyebrows. Apparently things get kinda weird when he [[UpToEleven arches both eyebrows while frowning]]. * This troper only found out recently that not everyone can do this. ** Ditto. * I can do a move I jokingly call the "alternating Spock eyebrow", since I can move both eyebrows independently. People often comment that it's an amazing trick, and that someday my kids will say, "Mommy, mommy! Do that thing with your eyebrows!" Combine this with my epic eye-crossing skills and it's an awesome (though headache-inducing) party trick. The funny thing is: this is perfectly natural to me, and I cannot imagine how people can't move their eyebrows. It's as much a mystery to me as my eyebrows are to them. * This troper is the only member of her family who can do this. As one of the biggest DeadpanSnarker in the family, I use this to my full advantage. Especially whenever my brothers do something stupid. *[[{{Tropers/Screennameless}} This troper]] has actually possessed misaligned eyebrows since birth. She likes to joke that she looks permanently skeptical. The explanation? No human body is perfectly symmetrical, but this troper's entire right side of her body is noticeably "lower" than the left by a few centimeters. It's most obvious in her facial features because her eyeglasses allow for easy comparison. The right eyebrow is aligned with the top rim of her glass frames. The left eyebrow is about two centimeters above the rim. * This troper ''taught herself'' to do this during the course of an afternoon in front of a mirror. Since she can also wiggle her nose side to side, she knows she's got pretty strong facial muscles. * [[{{Tropers/ABadDriver}} This troper]] does this all of the time.

With both eyebrows. Is it any wonder that he abuses it when he [[DeadpanSnarker Snarks?]] [[LargeHam Or when he]] [[ChewingTheScenery does something worthy of]] {{BRIAN BLESSED}}? * I've actually been asked if I sculpt my eyebrows. No, they really do grow [[http://imageshack.us/f/651/001auh.jpg/ like this]]. Coupled with my [[BadassBeard fierce mutton chops]], the effect is striking. * I have had a teacher who's eyebrow arch is infamous among the students at her old highschool. It helped that the same teacher was the biggest Deadpan Snarker in a school with over 50 faculty members. * Averted with me, I can't raise my eyebrows very well at all. I've practised and I can do it a bit sometimes, but it nearly always involves having to squint my other eye slightly (can't help it). I'm hoping I'll just randomly be able to do it one day...

FashionableAsymmetry * This troper, who is a fan of FingerlessGloves and arm warmers, has a habit of wearing either only a single glove or mismatched gloves (sometimes different lengths). Usually because wearing those particular mismatched gloves is more comfortable than either matched pair, or because I was wearing two gloves before but one hand got uncomfortable faster than the other. I've also occasionally left the house wearing two different colors/patterns of Converse (once on purpose to see if my friend noticed, once just because I wasn't paying attention when I put my shoes on). * [[HappyFork This troper]] once went to the movies with his family directly after picking his father up from the hospital for lack of anything better to do. Having not been in a hospital since I was young, it sparked some childishness in me and I ended up stealing a hospital glove. I combined that with a monocle and [[NiceHat kickass hat]], and, needless to say, I was more Asymmetrical then Fashionable. The glove did come in handy with the popcorn, however. * {{Tropers/Mary}} likes wearing mismatched [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh highs]] with her skirts. She also likes to put her hair into one ponytail on the side. "It's not half a pigtail, it's twice a ponytail! ...I know, it doesn't work that way." * ThisTroper has a puppy whose ears were asymmetrical when she was still very young. One week one would be down, the other sticking up, the next week it would be reversed. It wasn't fashionable so much as irritating to those with OCD, but eventually the ears righted themselves. * MutantRancor here. A while back, I saw an acquaintance of mine wearing one pants leg rolled up, with tall striped socks. She was wearing one Converse Chuck (on the side with the rolled-up pants leg) and one girls' dress flat shoe. I intended to ask her if she was going for [[TitleDrop fashionable asymmetry]], but didn't get the chance. * [[@/{{Bisected8}} This troper]] has a first aid kit on [[CrazyPrepared one side of his belt]]. Sometimes he also wears a handwrap on one side of his had to make inking easier while drawing (since the best way to do it is to keep your fingers still). * This troper's cat is a tortoiseshell, which means she has patches of different colors all over her coat in no particular order. She is a

beautiful little cat. * A feather on one side of a hat? [[NiceHat Can be pretty nice]], as [[Tropers/SabresEdge this troper]] can attest. A feather on [[UpToEleven both sides]]? Now you're just being silly. Not the only time either: my Scout troop used red epaulets; the summer camp I worked at had green ones. What do you do when your troop arrives and you've finished two weeks of staffing? Answer: you confuse the hell out people as you walk around with [[TakeAThirdOption one red and one green]] epaulet. I call it Boat Lighting (MismatchedEyes). * I like to wear one yellow glove and one pink glove in cold weather, and always wear odd socks * I sometimes wear my hair in one ponytail on one side(kind of like [[{{Pokemon}} Misty]]). Many people has commented that this is pretty cool. * This troper's brother showed up to an Ugly Sweater party with a teal and pink, asymmetrical Zach Morris-looking sweater. And managed to pull it off, the bastard. * This troper frequently wears mismatched socks (mostly out of laziness), including, on at least one occasion, one black sock and one ''[[RefugeInAudacity rainbow-gecko-print]]'' sock. Astonishingly, nobody ever notices. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FashionHurts * This Troper tried many, many times, but high-heeled shoes left her feet some and half-skinless ''every time''. * [[Tropers/{{Seiryu}} This troper]] works at a fashion retail store (don't judge), and as part of the mandatory dress code, I am required to wear shoes without any symbols or names on them. The only shoes that fit this description that I can afford are Vans. And I hate these shoes. They're plain, they have no arch support, and they feel two sizes too small. And yet, my managers are impressed with my fashion sense, and I have gotten multiple compliments from friends and family for wearing those damn things. * When This Troper was younger, she had a pair of pajamas that had something pointy and sharp in it. Turns out, my mom accidentally left a pin stuck in the pajamas. She got it out, though. * This troper loves heels, but the highest she will wear is 3 inches. Any higher will make her feet hurt. * This troper typically wears sneakers. He's only worn high-heels once, when he was five years old.. They hurt and he could barely walk in them. For his middle school graduation, he wore flats (though he'd rather have worn loafers). They were one size too small, which he didn't notice until he began walking with them outside.

FatherIWantToMarryMyBrother * This troper babysat a pair of siblings, 2 years apart, and the little boy said he was going to marry his big sister, and they were

going to have baby kittens. Nevermind not marrying your sister, this troper couldn't convince the boy that people don't birth kittens. * This troper has two younger brothers who are twins, and she remembers clearly when they were around seven and used to say they would marry each other so they could live together forever. It's a funny case because they're both males. I don't think they were aware of what a marriage actually means, of course. Although it did get a bit weird with time, seen as they still want to live together forever and are constantly jealous of each other. I try not to think too much about that... * [[MandoKnight My]] sister was like this to me when she was little. As per the trope, it was more cute than creepy/Squicky. I'm still one of her "more favorite" brothers... ** [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean And then what happened?]] * This troper's male cousin used to have a claim to be in love with her when they were both tiny. It led to such adorably hammy moments such as him exclaiming dramatically, when told he had to ride in a separate car on a trip to the zoo, "But I want to ride with my love!" He also swore up and down he would marry me when we grew up. Fortunately, he grew out of it. * When this troper was six, she told her parents that she would marry her dad if they ever got divorced. Instead of laughing about it and telling me that marriage wasn't like that, my mom asked me, very seriously, if I liked my dad like that. It was creepy, but then, Mom's a hippie who takes things too seriously. Oh, and once I had to explain to my eight-year-old cousin what "gay" meant. She used to live in Massachusetts, and when I told her that it was legal there, her first reaction was, "So I could have married my mommy?" * This troper's sister proposed to her cousin at the age of 6, his response was "We aren't old enough yet, sorry." * This Troper proposed to her older half-brother when she was four. I gave him a ring shaped like a fish. By the end of that week I was demanding the fish ring beack because I found a cute kid at school I wanted to marry instead, because his mom has a pink car. * When I was about six years old, I met two of my big cousins for the first time. They were in high school. I promptly declared that I loved them and imagined marrying one of them when I was older. Fortunately, I never said that out loud so my family can't tease me about it. * This Troper's brothers both do this. It comes across as very, VERY sqicky. ** Are they little kids? Then you really shouldn't think of it that way, the squick is something you are putting in to it that doesn't actually exist. On the other hand, if they are older than... yeah. *** One of them is nine, and he knows about the birds and the bees. The younger one was more innocent. They've stopped now, I think they were just going through a phase. * This troper and her older brother got along horribly when they were younger (luckily they're friends now). When this troper was little, she thought it was because her brother was in love with her and secretly wanted to marry her and be king of Unicornland with her someday that he was mean to her. He was just jealous of her. ** Also, her 32-year-old half-brother (from her dad's first marriage)

seems to be awful fond of her. When she was younger, she absolutely despised him for no apparent reason (she once wrote "We don't really like you!" on a Christmas card to him). When he'd phone, her dad would always yell "K*** ! Your favorite brother M*** is on the phone for you!" and she would go [[BerserkButton berserk]]. Luckily, though, she grew out of it. * This Troper said this once when they were four, only regarding a cousin who was also four. They were in church though, and told it every adult who came near. Mother was quite embarrassed. * This Troper has a vague memory of proclaiming to her father that she'd marry her older cousin one day. No one seems to remember, so I'm safe from being teased. * This female Troper's five-year-old sister currently wants to marry her. I kindly explained that sisters don't do that, but she's persistent. * [[Tropers/TheTallOne I]] wanted to marry my dad when I was little. I remember I made him a ring out of a twist tie, and had a 'wedding.' I (obviously) grew out of it, and am now incredibly {{Squick}}ed by it. My parents thought it was really cute, but I want BrainBleach just thinking about it. ** This Troper did that too, and is now extremely squicked out by it. However, she didn't announce it and was just extremely possesive of her father. [[{{Squick}} *gag*]] * When this troper was a very little girl (4-5 years old) she somehow had it in her head that she was engaged to her cousin and would have to marry him when they grew up. This was probably from watching the Disney ''Sleeping Beauty'' too many times (arranged marriage plot) and the fact that the cousin lived near her so they used to play together a lot. * This female troper's 3-years-younger brother wanted to marry his mother and would grab her boobs when she talked with other men. Then he wanted to marry his female nursery school teacher and gave her presents. Then he wanted to marry this troper herself and ''ran after her trying to kiss her'' which creeped her out immensely. * CandyEntrails' 7-year-old cousin once expressed her desire to marry him and have, like, 10 children. Much laughing ensued, including some from the cousin. * When my brother was 7-8 years, he told my mom he wanted to marry her. Of course, considering his age, it was just cute instead of squicky, and we all just laughed. * As a child, this troper explained quite clearly that she would grow up to marry her father. When family members asked what would happen to her mother, the answer was always a boggled 'Well duh, Mom will marry my brother!' It felt quite symetrical. * When I was 6 I wanted to marry my cousin, who was my age. We were both really shy in grade school, & it seemed like we matched. I grew out of it when I was 9. * This ''female'' troper wanted to marry her mother when she was three/four. She vaguely remembers a proposal [[ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels while she was taking a bath with her]]. [[{{Squick}} Brrrr.]] * This troper's little brother, when asked who he wanted to marry when

he got older said her. Also, this troper's friend when she was 5-6 declared that she wanted to marry her younger brother. Her brother replied with disgust, and the friend told that him 'he'd understand when he got older'. * One of this tropers cousin once said to another one of his aunt's that he wanted to marry her when he was little. * This troper once had a dream that she married her brother and that they were the King and Queen of this fantasy kingdom. Cue the next morning where she's telling her mom. "But you can't marry your brother! It's completely wrong!" My mom got very squicked by it, despite the fact that I was only five at the time. * This troper used to play a game with her cousins where they were all married to each other. Her older cousin got to marry her little brother, her younger cousin got to marry her younger sister (as they were the same age), and she was the priest who married them. [[CompletelyMissingThePoint And then she grew up and found out girls can't be priests in Catholicism.]] ---Father, I want to marry the [[FatherIWantToMarryMyBrother main article]]. <<|TroperTales|>>

FauxActionGirl * [[LeighSabio This troper]] kind of is one of these. Despite being in both tae-kwon-do and weight training, she is horrible at both, hinderingly wimpy, and unable to run a mile in under thirteen minutes. ** But as long as you and no one else thinks your gender is an excuse not to try as hard, or expects less of you because of your gender, you're not this trope; you're in the process of CharacterDevelopment. *** As of playing foosketball in weight training today, I may have just been upgraded to full ActionGirl status. * [[@/{{Xandriel}} This troper]] ends up with a lot of these in RPs. I'm more comfortable playing female characters, but I don't want to end up god-moding or outshining anyone else, so I usually just let the others win fights. Maybe I should just stick to StaffChick types. * In my personal animal FanFic, a female cat named Wolf is a highly trained ninja personally trained by the best ninja in the world. She even bested him in a fight. However, lately she has been reduced to cowering from a fight and constantly forgetting her ninja training. ** A cat... [[FridgeLogic named Wolf]]? * This troper has been training in martial arts for more than 10 years, but is dead-afraid of the prospect of ever getting into a real fight for fear that she would turn out to be one of these. * This troper, though considerably powerful and has had a few months of kickboxing training, still is extremely nonathletic and wimpy.

FauxlosophicNarration * Tropers/{{Excel-2010}}. I find it's actually very easy to use this as an escape. For example, whenever I'm forced to call on artistic

abilities I don't have, instead of trying to draw ''something'' to satisfy the instructor, I write a contradictory sentence as small as I can on the top of the paper and [[ContemplateOurNavels try to rationalize it on the way down]]. When it's time to submit, I have something on the order of 1200 words on a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper that makes little sense unless it's read from the top, which only the most dedicated will ever do. Since the entire spiel is improvised, it's likely hard to read. I recommend this only against people who are famously or contracturally compulsive. Sometimes I go to art panels in conventions and write this down for the peace and quiet and as a writing exercise.

FauxYay * I did this to my friend around the girl my friend has a crush on. What's better? He escalated it [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean]]? * Me and my friend do this just for laughs. And people buy into it, all the time. * This troper does it with her friends all the time. Non-theater people usually don't realize we're just acting. ** Same for [[{{Bookhobbit}} This troper]]. * This troper attends a gender-separated school, and both groups get up to this all the time. You may commence completely unwarranted nosebleeds. It's mostly for kicks and giggles, though things have been known to get awkward. * This troper was having problems with [[TheLibby the resident popular girl]] flirting with the guy she liked so one day (partially because of a dare) in the middle of class I went up to her and shouted "I love you!" and hugged her. She and most of the grade were notably freaked out but I became a hero amongst my group of friends. Oh and since it was middle school for some reason people actually believed it to be true. Also for some reason my teacher didn't really care. * Not sure if it counts, but this troper, upon notcing that all her other friends were pairing off, immediately started to act all snuggly with her single friend just to freak everyone out. The friend went along with it, for the record. * [[TsundeRay This troper]]'s friend was planning on pretending to be gay for April Fool's Day, with this troper proposing to be the pretend boyfriend. It didn't come to fruition, though. ** Not quite the same, but yesterday (April Fools Day) this (female and otherwise asexual) troper sent a message to a female friend confessing my love for her. In my mind, I was thinking that she would be less likely to laugh in my face (erm...avatar, since it was online?) if there was a possibility of it all being a joke. She then stated that she was bi, which I took as an actual fact, which it wasn't, forgetting what day it was. Oh well, [[TheMuppetMovie you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.]] * Have you ever been called "gay" as a generic, uncreative insult that doesn't mean anything? Whenever someone says this to me, if its a guy (and it is ''always'' a guy) I just say "[[CampGay Really? Thats FABULOOOOUUUS!]]" and hug them if they are close enough that I don't have to walk over.

** You win, sir. * People acting this way for attention is a BerserkButton for [[BigBlue This lesbian Troper.]] ** [[{{Tropers/Haldo}} Ditto.]] Especially since it usually involves enforcing stereotypes. * My friends do this all the time, but their acting is way over the top and sometimes lapse into a Shakespeare-ish drama featuring the [[{{DamselInDistress}} Dude In Distress]] and his WhitePrince. * Occurred in This Troper's high school marching band with both genders-- the color guard and some of the female woodwind players for LesYay, and some of the low brass for HoYay. It was always played for laughs, but one occasion was most memorable: before the yearly trip (on which we were going to an amusement park as well as a competition) our director [[ShipperOnDeck mentioned that he always liked the park because he could find out what]] [[CrackPairing wacky couples]] ensued. We were all a bit weirded out by this; cue the low brass section deciding that every time they passed the director in the park, they'd jump on each other. * [[DokEnkephalin ThisTroper]] does it whenever someone tries to tease him with a potentially gay situation and expects the knee-jerk ewwies that het guys are supposed to do. For example: A girlfriend set up a pic of me with another guy and before taking the shot, said "Look, it's a picture of my gay friends!" Well, she got a shot of me groping his package and licking the side of his throat. She later informed me that he really ''is'' gay, and a little turned on. I had to laugh, because ''she'' was the one embarrassed about it! (I really have no shame...) * This Troper does it to his friend - but only when his friend's girlfriend is around. His girlfriend has, on more than one occassion, told me to keep my hands in her sight at all times. * This Tropes does it on a certain forum he's frequenting, just for the lulz. He leaves "I LOVE YOU" messages on random people (of the same gender)'s pages; when someone comments on another person's "gay" signature, he pipes in with "I LIKE that kind of signature!"; and even outright stating "I'm gay"... on April Fools' Day. It's far too fun. * This Troper isn't sure if this counts as a Troper Tale, since he was not involved in any way other than seeing this on TV. However, there was a generic talk show (all I remember is that there was a white female host to the show) that had a segment on a woman and her lateteens-to-early-twenties daughter who pretended to be a lesbian couple on order to avoid being hit on by guys. He caught this bit maybe a decade ago at the latest... * This troper was at the mall today with my also-female friend, and we were, as usual, acting wonderfully gay (it started as gag for our friends, but continues in our private time-still just for kicks). We were sharing a milkshake (drinking from two straws, faces a few inches apart, looking into each other's eyes--yeah, it was a little too strong even for me) and generally being les when some guys approched us. I'd looked at them, table ooposite of us, a couple times, just cuz the public kept giving us weird looks and it was fun look around and see...... but I guess it looked like we were being flirty and acting les FOR THEM, and they wanted our numbers. Ensue awkward "no

thanks..." * This Troper. Horribly so mostly because he's pretty much a walking embodiment of ForTheEvulz. * (From a male troper) ...and then there was that one time a friend of mine slept over and we spent the whole night flirting with each other and jokingly trying to get into each other's pants (in between bouts of true confessions, him complaining about people, me talking about my ginger fetish, and him trying [and failing] to convince me that he knocked up his extremely conservative girlfriend). It was...quite a bizarre experience to say the least. We agreed never to speak of it again, for obvious reasons. Off-topic: Dude stole my [=iPod=] and changed my Facebook status at one point. * ThisTroper has had to do SEVERAL double takes at the guys in her youth group. They all do this, as a group. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. It's like some kind of unstated rule. * This troper does this by some sort of weird habit with all her friends. She goes from normal (actually closeted) bisexual to EVERYONE GET IN MY PANTS. It's worst with her [[FiveManBand group's]] [[TheChick girliest member.]]They often flirt, pretend to be a couple,and in general [[MainSquick creep]] everyone out. They've even changed their relationship status to "It's Complicated" on Facebook. * Often done in my group of friends in order to weird out one member of the group who is very traditionally homophobic. He generally reacts with a combination of disgust, exasperation, and [[HilarityEnsues hilarity]]. ** Recently the same troper and a {{Bishonen}} friend were at a sleepover with a couple of (platonic) lady friends. They were aware that the girls were both [[YaoiFangirl Yaoi Fangirls]], and [[GayBravado teased them the whole night, hugging, stroking, groping, even almost kissing a couple of times]]. Needless to say, the girls were ''beyond'' turned on more than once, the less restrained one actually had to change her underwear. Most surprising/disturbing of all though, the troper actually got a little turned on himself once or twice. Enjoy ladies. * This Troper and her boyfriend do this to make each other jealous. He and his friends are all over each other in front of me, and in front of the class. And so my best friend and I hold hands, say 'I love you' and almost kiss. Whistling and clapping from teenage boys ensue, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, who always loses. * This troper and her friend do this for shits and giggles. She calls me her boyfriend, steals my jacket, and will glomp me without warning if my back is turned. * It would probably surprise people how often this happens with LDS Missionaries, all behind closed doors of course... * This troper does it for the laughs with all of his male friends. I like to keep people guessing, and it certainly stops my parents from asking about girls and generally nosing in on my life. * [[{{Tropers/Screennameless}} This female troper]] was nicknamed Faux Beau by one of her female friends. The term originated from a time we went clubbing. She couldn't escape a drunken man and signaled me to help her. I grabbed her hand and yanked her out of his grip, which is usually enough, but when he started to stagger after us, I pulled her

into my arms, gave him a shove, and snapped, "Back off my girlfriend!" Never mind that I'm the straight one and she's bi... ---Oh! Have you met my new girlfriend, [[Main/FauxYay Main Page]]? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FavoriteTrope Let's take a break from [[PetPeeveTrope negativity]] and show that TropesAreNotBad. ---!!!Organized alphabetically by troper handle. * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope A-C}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope D-F}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope G-K}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope L-N}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope O-R}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope S-T}} * TroperTales/{{Favorite Trope U-Z}} ---Go back to [[SugarWiki/FavoriteTrope Favorite Trope]]. We know you love it. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FavoriteTropeA-C [[foldercontrol]] [[folder: {{Agent Alpha}}]] * BadassBookworm * BadassCrew * RuleOfFunny * RuleOfCool * DeadpanSnarker * FirstPersonSmartass * PsychoForHire * PrecisionFStrike * AntiVillain * VillainProtagonist * EarnYourHappyEnding * CombatPragmatist * KnifeNut * FiveManBand * FourTemperamentEnsemble * PowerTrio * ActionGirlfriend * BattleCouple * GenreSavvy * MagnificentBastard

* TheChessmaster * SurvivalMantra * KnightInSourArmor * UrbanFantasy * CharacterDevelopment * HiddenDepths * {{Deconstruction}} * {{Reconstruction}} * LargeHam * EvillyAffable * AffablyEvil * LesYay * WarriorPoet * And so many, many more... [[/folder]] [[folder:Anomalocaris]] * BadAssGrandpa * BigDamnHeroes: Though I hate typing out the trope name... * BossBattle: By far my favorite parts of any video game, especially with [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome awesome music]]. * BreakingTheFourthWall: Especially if it's a [[MetaGuy specific character]] who does so. * ButtMonkey * ChewToy: Hilarious to me. * CowboyBebopAtHisComputer: Also annoys me, but sometimes the mistakes are just too hilarious to be angry about, like "[[IAmNotShazam Met]][[RougeAnglesOfSatin rod]]". * CrowningMomentOfFunny: Face it. We all love to laugh. * DivideByZero: Slowly becoming overdone/too well-known for my liking, but I still find it hilariously [[LogicBomb wrong]]. ''0^0'', on the other hand, takes this UpToEleven, but most people don't realize it. * EldritchAbomination: Everything about them, provided they're full of AlienGeometries and [[DivideByZero wrongness]]. * EvilIsCool: Villains really do tend to be great characters not in ''spite'' of their evilness, but ''because'' of it. * GoodBadBugs: I love Super Metroid for this reason. Rarer in newer games, but at the same time the few glitches tend to be mind blowingly bizarre or funny. * HoistByHisOwnPetard: Especially if accompanied by an IronicEcho. * LargeHam: Of course. * MemeticMutation: How ''do'' I shot web, anyway? [[DoABarrelRoll Press Z or R twice]]? * NonStandardGameOver: Especially the kind you [[ShmuckBait just can't resist doing]]. * ScaryScorpions: They're just plain cool. Of course, as my name suggests, I'm also fond of anomalocarises. * SlippySlideyIceWorld * StockPuzzle: Especially when given a twist. * TooDumbToLive * VideoGameCrueltyPunishment: The kind that you want to do just because of the punishment, like [[LegendOfZelda attacking Cuckoos]] or

shooting teammates. [[/folder]]

[[folder: AtlasEXE]]: For all the tropes I hate, there are some that just fill me with glee: * LargeHam: Known for making an otherwise bad movie watchable and a good movie even better. I love hams of every kind. * Stripperific: All you prudes who scream sexism can kiss my ass. It's also on my pet peeve tropes list, but I still enjoy ladies in sexy outfits. * CombatPragmatist: Guy with a sword! The answer: use a gun. And if that don't work, [[TeamFortress2 Use more gun]] * Fanservice: Provided they make the game first and then add the fanservice, [[DeadOrAlive not the other way around.]] * RuleOfCool: Because Realism is not always interesting. * BoundAndGagged: I'll admit, I'm a bondage fan. You happy now? * MaleGaze: Because someone else mentioned FemaleGaze. That, and I enjoy pissing off the politically correct. * BestBossEver: Whether it be awesome music, being fun to fight, awesome character involved or a combination of the three, Epic Boss Fights get my blood pumping. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: I believe that a good soundtrack can make a good movie/game even better. * AcceptableBreaksFromReality: I would personally kill to have a hyperspace arsenal. * BigFriendlyDog: I love dogs, especially my Bernese Mountain Dog at home. * MemeticMutation * PapaWolf: It's refreshing to see a father that cares about his children for once. * BiTheWay: We've got plenty of straight and gay characters in fictions, so how about some bisexuals that are not depraved rapists. * VirtualPaperDoll: What can I say. I love to customize my avatars. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Arcadiarika}}]] * BadAss: In all shapes, sizes, personality traits, and genders. * BalloonBelly: I will have to admit that I'm...fascinated...by this trope. Shut up. * ComicBookFantasyCasting: Imagining an actor who is the physical basis for a character is a bit interesting. * CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Because there isn't anything more enjoyable than a favorite character doing something BeyondTheImpossible. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: ...except for this one, where listening to good music is more enjoyable. * FetishFuel: Sometimes I jam-pack this trope in my stories, whether it's intentional or not. Something for everybody! :D * GuiltyPleasure: See [=~So Bad It's Good~=] below. * LampshadeHanging * ShownTheirWork: Research is fun. Period.

* [=~So Bad It's Good~=]: Watching something stupid/fun that's far more enjoyable than the serious stuff. * WhatTheHellHero: Is the hero messing up? Call him/her out! Don't hesitate to do so! [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{Azzamacazza}}]] * StuffBlowingUp * FunWithAcronyms * OurMonstersAreDifferent * StockSuperpowers * HelloInsertNameHere [[/folder]] [[folder: {{BearyScary}}]] Because TropesAreNotBad, I'll list some of my favorites, as well as some of my favorite things that have been [[IncrediblyLamePun all troped up]]. * Acrofatic * AwesomenessIsVolatile: The [[VitriolicBestBuds vitriolic best bud]] to BeyondTheImpossible. * BeyondTheImpossible: It'll punch your face off, steal your boy/girlfriend and you will nevertheless have to resist the strong urge to thank this trope. * CrowningMomentOfFunny: Especially the TVTropes wing. Don't know where to start on TVTropes? Try here. * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DidNotGetTheGirl: Or [[FinalFantasyX boy]]. * DivideByZero: *''splat''* [[IWannaBeTheGuy You jumped on a number]], [[IWannaBeTheGuy you retard]]! * DudeShesLikeInAComa: '''Not''' the trope itself, but the name. * JerkWithAHeartOfGold * ''Left4Dead'' * MemeticMutation: [[BadDudes Are you a bad enough dude to read all of these pages]]?: * MemeticSexGod: That sound you just heard came from your pants. They want you to go here. * MostAnnoyingSound: A guilty pleasure. * ''MyImmortal'': Because it's [[DisSimile tragically hilarious]]. The page image? I don't know who made it or where it came from, but it is MadeOfWin. * Narm * OffModel: Another guilty pleasure. * PlayerPunch: Pure TearJerker material. * RobLiefeld * SoBadItsGood and, if you're feeling brave, its DarkerAndEdgier cousin, SoBadItsHorrible. Please use responsibly. * UncannyValley: With lots of great links to some truly cringeworthy material, like the technical version of SoUnfunnyItsFunny. * VillainousGlutton

* WTHCastingAgency [[folder: {{Beholderess}}]] * Badass (Well, who doesn't love them?) * ColdBloodedTorture (Ok, ok, I admit it, it's a bit of FetishFuel for me...still, like to see the hero prevailing over everything, even that) * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming (Excuse me. Something in the eye...) * DarkIsNotEvil (Because it isn't. But is cool) * DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu * EarnYourHappyEnding * FriendlyEnemies * GuileHero (Because brains>brawn) * HeelFaceTurn * HonorBeforeReason (Well, I'm hopelessly romantic) * HumansAreCthulhu * KnightInSourArmour * LovableTraitor * MadeASlave (Ok...another FetishFuel) * IncorruptiblePurePureness (Yes, I like it when people are able to stick to their convictions and keep kindness in their hearts no matter what) * TalkingTheMonsterToDeath (It's much more fun that just beating them to death with a heavy object!) * Tricksters * WorthyOpponent [[/folder]] [[folder:{{bettername2come}}]] * Adorkable * DreamingOfThingsToCome * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * HeterosexualLifePartners * IHaveYouNowMyPretty * IncorruptiblePurePureness * MamaBear and PapaWolf * NoFourthWall, LeaningOnTheFourthWall, BreakingTheFourthWall * RefugeInAudacity * StalkerWithACrush * TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive * VitriolicBestBuds: Type 2 [[/folder]] [[folder:BigBlue]] * BrickJoke (Will always make me laugh for about five minutes.) * EarnYourHappyEnding (I love a happy ending, and even more so if I'm not sure I'm going to get it) * CooldownHug (I don't care how cheesy it is) * TheLinus * CheerfulChild * AmbiguousInnocence (The reason [[PeterPan Peter Pan and Wendy]] is one of my favorite books.

* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther * BaitAndSwitch * ParentsAsPeople * {{WAFF}} (I'm a sucker for a good d'aww moment.) * BreakTheCutie * HoYay and [[HoYay LesYay]] * TomboyAndGirlyGirl / SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan (Goes with the whole HoYay / [[HoYay LesYay]] thing.) * KissKissSlap * SlapSlapKiss * {{Tearjerker}} (I love a good cry) * MusicalEpisode (YES.) * BabiesEverAfter (I can't help it. My estrogen is insatiable.) * VitriolicBestBuds * FriendlyEnemy * PunchClockVillain ("Mornin', Sam." "Mornin', Ralph.") * GirlsLove (BoysLove too, but GirlsLove is generally better written) * ButchLesbian (Yo.) * ToyShip (D'awwwwwwwwww. But please, let's keep it clean.) * {{Shotacon}} * EruditeStoner * SomethingElseAlsoRises * MeaningfulBackgroundEvent * MayDecemberRomance (''Boy howdy'') * CoolOldGuy * GrumpyOldMan * CoolOldLady * ScrewPolitenessIAmASenior (noticing a pattern?) * CurseOfTheAncients (dagnabbit!) * RetiredBadass * HowDareYouDieOnMe * ThePowerOfFriendship * PleaseWakeUp * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * BewareTheNiceOnes * DumbMuscle [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Bisected8}}]] * MuggingTheMonster - One of the ones I launched. Of all the tropes I made pages for, I like this trope the best. I love the irony of it. * UsefulNotes.DigitalDistribution - Another of my own launches. Some of my best non-fiction (i.e. best) writing. * MagnificentBastard * {{Metrovania}} - My favorite VideoGame genre. * TheCaper - I love seeing plans slowly emerge, particularly if the protagonist is subtly mocking the villain as they pull off XanatosGambit after XanatosGambit. * XanatosGambit - The same satisfaction as above. [[/folder]] [[folder: BlackSheepGirl]]

* CrapsaccherineWorld: Always interesting * PatrickStewartSpeech: It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. * EarnYourHappyEnding /WorldHalfFull: Nothing more inspiring than seeing the heroes pull through after everything being seemingly hopeless * HeelRealization: The concept of a paradigm shift fascinates me * FishOutOfWater: * HumansAreFlawed: Because it's true * OverlyLongGag: I know it's cheap humor, that doesn't change the fact that it's hilarious * LampshadeHanging * DeadpanSnarker * BrokenMasquarade: All forms are welcome, see HeelRealization * TheUnmasquedWorld: Again, paradigm shifts are fun * MagicAIsMagicA: Always good to have * CloudCuckooLander: * FightingFromWithin: I always like to see this and seeing them prevail is always a CrowningMomentOfAwesome. * JustifiedTrope [[/folder]] [[folder: BlackWolfe]] * AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever * BigDamnHeroes: A dramatic, last-minute entry by the heroes is always welcome. As long as it's not a complete AssPull. * HotAmazon: [[MemeticMutation Hot Amazon is hot]]. * LampshadeHanging: Metahumor can be refreshing. * LoveableRogue: Always wanted to be [[StarWars Han Solo]] as a kid... * OverlyLongGag: Don't ask me why, I just love these. * SaveTheVillain: I like my heroes to be heroic. Sometimes that means holding the IdiotBall because, hey, HonorBeforeReason. * TheChessmaster: When used well, it's a lot of fun to watch this guy ([[DistaffCounterpart or gal]]) work. * ThirtyGambitPileup: Again, if used well. * XanatosSpeedChess: Watching a couple of [[TheChessmaster Chessmasters]] go head to head can be a blast. [[/folder]] [[folder: Blade Wolf]] * FourStarBadass * ColonelBadass * SergeantRock * AuthorityEqualsAsskicking * TheRival (Personal favorite. Every good character needs a strong Rival.) * ArchEnemy * TheDragon * TheLancer * TheBigBad * SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfFunny * SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfAwesome * SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming

* EnsembleDarkhorse * MagnificentBastard * FiveManBand * FiveBadBand [[/folder]] [[folder: BoldAsLove]] * LampshadeHanging: I attempt to apply this to RealLife * EarnYourHappyEnding: Just makes the ride more fun * XanatosGambit: Ain't nothing like a well thought out plan [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption unlike the other option]] * GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave: I'm quite partial to a certain foxy [[{{Aerosmith}} grandpa]] * ThisIsSPARTA!: INDEED! IT! IS! * BaldBlackLeaderGuy: That guy rocks * TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: All man! Some people need this * DiscriminateAndSwitch * TVTropesAsAGatewayDrug: cracked.org * ZanyScheme: I may or may not watch DisneyChannel to get my fix of theses * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: Make the everyday EPIC! * FridgeBrilliance: The best trope in my opinion * HetIsEw: HoYay and LesYay is where it's at * LargeHam * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * {{Unfunny}} * TemptingFate * DoingItForTheArt * {{Metaphorgotten}} * CrazyAwesome * CloudCuckooLander * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking * DeadpanSnarker * ParentalBonus * EpicRiff: Like a good hit for me * CakeEater: I'm one of these big time * EnsembleDarkhorse * HiddenDepths * BreakingTheFourthWall * ButNotTooBlack: When averted of course * CharacterDevelopment * BeyondTheImpossible: Great even better when mixed with * RefugeInAudacity: So crazy some deny it even happened * ScrewDestiny * FetishFuel * DeconstructiveParody * BuxomIsBetter * TheWorldIsJustAwesome: It is... * SophisticatedAsHell: The only way to truly get your m*therf*cking point across [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{Bookhobbit}}]] * NoFourthWall * LadykillerInLove- What? Don't look at me like that. * ScaryShinyGlasses * SteamPunk * BadassBookworm * AxCrazy * DeadpanSnarker- Who doesn't love 'em? * {{Tsundere}} or {{Kuudere}} * SpockSpeak * {{Metaphorgotten}} * BluntMetaphorsTrauma- Actually, I like most tropes dealing with metaphors... * MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels * EarnYourHappyEnding * CardCarryingVillain * AntiVillain OR AntiHero. Both rock, in my mine, despite the overuse of the latter. * NobleDemon- Because calling them out on it is funny. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * SerialKiller * BunnyEarsLawyer * ThePowerOfLove and/or ThePowerOfFriendship- Yeah, yeah, I know. I only take occasional breaks from cynicism to enjoy it. * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking [[/folder]] [[folder: BroDiddley]] * EarnYourHappyEnding (You'd better fuckin' earn it). * BittersweetEnding * DownerEnding * PoweredArmour * MechanicalHorse * InASingleBound * {{Telepathy}} * {{Unobtainium}} (Helps me to justify the four above). * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * BirdRun * In FetishFuel and/or Porn: ** IKissYourFoot ** FootFocus ** TickleTorture * BadassPacifist * SoBadItsGood * RiskStyleMap [[/folder]] [[folder:BrogaGlas]] * ActionSurvivor * AnyoneCanDie * ArtificialLimbs * BadassBystander

* BlackAndGreyMorality * DeathOrGloryAttack * {{Eyedscreen}} - Oddly enough, ''only'' when it isn't used on a character's eyes. Over a climactic showdown, this is solid gold. * [[GentlemanAdventurer GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!]] * HopeSpot * [[LargeHam H]][[IncomingHam A]][[WorldOfHam M]]. * LeParkour * PunkPunk - All variations welcome. * SceneryPorn/ SceneryGorn * ShownTheirWork/ ViewersAreGeniuses/ GeniusBonus/ ExpospeakGag * StupidJetpackHitler/ Ghostapo * TechnologyPorn * TheOphelia * {{Yandere}} - D'awww! * ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld/ CoolAirship [[/folder]] [[folder:Calamity Jane]] * AmazingTechnicolorPopulation * AmericanRobot: OH YEAH! * ArtEvolution * BeyondTheImpossible: Almost always accompanied by a 'THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!' [[{{Squick}} Unless it goes in the other direction.]] * BrickJoke: guaranteed to get a laugh out of me. * CastOfSnowflakes * CrazyAwesome * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Yes! * LittleMissBadass: Something wholeheartedly awesome comes out of a place you ''never'' expected it to! ''EPIC WIN ENSUES.'' * MadeOfExplodium * PinkBoyBlueGirl: Heteronormativity is fine. Shaking it up a bit is fun. * PureAwesomeness * RousseauWasRight * StuffBlowingUp: Makes me giggle like a maniac. * ThereWasADoor * {{Unicorn}} [[/folder]] [[folder:Camroc G]] * AnalogyBackfire * AnimeHair: With a few exceptions... *cough* ''[[FinalFantasyX Seymour Guado]]'' *cough* * AskAStupidQuestion * AtomicFBomb * CharacterDevelopment * CrowningMomentOfAwesome: And... * CrowningMomentOfFunny * DoubleEntendre * EvilLaugh: There's a reason it's so popular.

* FatalFlaw: Those Ancient Greeks got it right. * FlawExploitation: A very clever trope, if used well. * FreudianExcuse * HotBlooded * KirkSummation * TeenGenius: Probably because I was one. * LampshadeHanging: Possibly my favourite of all. * LimitBreak * LovableRogue * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: As long as they develop them properly. * MagnificentBastard * {{Mythopoeia}} * OminousLatinChanting * OrchestralBombing * ShutUpHannibal * ShutUpKirk * ShutUpKiss: ''[[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming D'awwwww.]]'' * ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: I just really like this trope for some reason. * WorldBuilding * XanatosGambit [[/folder]] [[folder: Carls493]] * ArtEvolution * {{Badass}} ** BadassAdorable ** BadassArmfold ** BadassBeard ** BadassFurry ** BadassMustache ** BadassNormal ** MemeticBadass ** TookALevelInBadass * BuxomIsBetter: My primary FetishFuel. [[{{Ptitleem16myh5}} Yeah...]] * {{Crossover}} * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * CutenessProximity * ElementalPowers ** PlayingWithFire ** MakingASplash ** DishingOutDirt *** GreenThumb: Plants or dirt, both can apply for Earth. ** BlowYouAway ** AnIcePerson: This can sometimes apply for either Water or Wind. Do you prefer freezing wind or frozen water? * EnsembleDarkhorse * GrowingTheBeard ** MegaCrossover ** MassiveMultiplayerCrossover * {{Moe}}: To varying degrees. Compare AzumangaDaioh's {{Moe}} Factor

to LuckyStar's and {{K-ON}}'s. * RuleOfCool * RuleOfCute * SuperMode: The [[DragonBall Super Saiyans]] and [[{{Expy}} Super]] [[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] are some of my favorites of this trope. * TestosteronePoisoning * WidgetSeries [[/folder]] [[folder: chaosbydesign]] * {{Affably Evil}} * {{Knight Templar}}/{{Well Intentioned Extremist}}/{{Anti Villain}} I love a sympathetic villain. They're more interesting * {{Anti Hero}} Okay, so they're done a lot. I still like them though. * {{Growing the Beard}} * {{Anyone Can Die}} Makes things more interesting when nobody has immunity. * {{Punchclock Villain}} I like the different approach to evil this one often has; also they're often funny. * {{Lady of War}} I love seeing an elegant woman kick ass. * {{Action Girl}} Hell, I love seeing any woman kick ass. * {{Genre Savvy}} * {{Dangerously Genre Savvy}} I love an intelligent villain. * {{Magnificent Bastard}} Come on, who doesn't love them? * {{Character Development}} * {{Deadpan Snarker}} * {{Bi the Way}} Not enough of these. * {{Badass Normal}} There's really something to be said for kicking ass without superpowers. * {{Foe Yay}} Because it's fun. * {{Cool Old Guy}}/{{Cool Old Lady}} * {{Noble Demon}} * {{Deconstruction}} [[/folder]] [[folder:Cliche]] * AffablyEvil (Wanna create a greater dischord between the villain's evil deeds in constrast with appearance? Invoke this trope. In fact, a polite villain tends to seem just that more evil) * {{AFGNCAAP}} (Yes, your player character lacks a set character. It's called using your imagination) * AntiVillain (Unlike the overused and somewhat [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] AntiHero, this trope still adds a lot of character depth in its various incarnations. Most of all, it's a reminder that antagonists have feelings too, a good moral for humanity) * BadassNormal (because it shows anyone can be a meaningful contributor to the cast, not just a [[ChosenOne "select few who possess the predisposition"]]. * BewareTheNiceOnes (I have a thing for bipolar personalities like this) * CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass (How shockingly awesome is it to see that bumbling fool maul on big bad baddies threatening the rest of the

team? This is one trope that rarely gets tiring to see) * EnsembleDarkhorse (the producers may underestimate the importance of support characters, but it's great to see the fanbase does not) * FridgeLogic (It's fun figuring this stuff out) * JerkWithAHeartOfGold (it's really touching to see a tender heart behind a harsh facade. Bonus points because it [[AuthorAppeal reminds me of me]]. Related: HiddenHeartOfGold) * MagicalGirl (I adore the general optimistic spirit of the genre, okay?) * MercyInvincibility (Oh, the horrors of having this trope subverted) * MinionWithAnFInEvil (unrealistic, but very much the RuleOfFunny) * RousseauWasRight * ShutUpHannibal (Way to stick it to the villain, man, or woman) * StoicSpectacles (are awesome) * TradeSnark (In our commercialized world, use of this is fun and appropriate) [[/folder]] [[folder:Counter Blitzkrieg]] * {{Reconstruction}}: I had it with all these deconstructions thinking it's cool and edgy, I want my old tropes back. * DistressedDamsel: For some reason seems to be getting a lot of hate and liked to be used as a synonym for bad writing. But really, what's so bad about it? I actually like those old fairy tale stories. * RescueRomance: Ditto. * BlackAndWhiteMorality: Why not? It may not be realistic, but that's why it's called fiction. * TheCape * {{Eagleland}}: Type 1. [[PatrioticFervor Go America!]] * CompleteMonster: While it's nice to have AntiVillains or villains to committed a HeelFaceTurn, sometimes it's better to have a villain who completely irredeemable. * HeelFaithTurn: Contrary to the anti-religious, religion can be something that saves people from not only the depths of Hell but also the depths of Hell on Earth. * AlternateHistoryWank * NeutralFemale: Please, while TheHero is fighting the BigBad stay the [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]] out of the way. For some reason, FanDumb missed the point and bashed this tendency like there's no tomorrow. Well, I for one thinks that staying out of the way, which would keep yourself safe and also prevent [[NiceJobBreakingItHero hindering the fighting hero]], would actually be the friggin' sensible thing to do. * HonorBeforeReason * HappilyMarried * YamatoNadeshiko: The traditional Japanese idea of the ideal woman, as is mine. And I'm not even Japanese. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Crowley}}]] - RuleOfCool is in full force, here. * BadassGrandpa * TheCape ([[AntiHero Antiheroes]] are nice, but...) * EarnYourHappyEnding

* GlowingEyesOfDoom * GogglesDoNothing * HumongousMecha * LawfulGood (Ties up with TheCape.) * RedEyesTakeWarning * TransformationSequence (Yes, {{Padding}}, I know.) * WingedHumanoid [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Cukeman}}]] * BreakingTheFourthWall * MagnificentBastard * NoFourthWall * ThereWasADoor * ...and probably a number of others I can't think of at the moment. [[/folder]] ----

FavoriteTropeD-F [[foldercontrol]] [[folder:{{DalesKaine}}]] * CurbStompBattle: The word itself sounds so badass. * ShutUpHannibal: Because I'm so freaking sick of villains rambling about their motive and crap. That's what I would do in most case. * AntiVillain: There's something about villains with heroic motive that draws my interest. * NobleDemon: Bit similar to above * MoralEventHorizon: I don't know why, but finding a reason to absolutely hate a character is so exciting. * CompleteMonster: There's nothing more satisifying than to see this kind of guy getting his/her ass handled. * PracticalYetAwesome: Because life just can be so. * DissonantSerenity * HighOctaneNightmareFuel * TearJerker * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming [[/folder]]

[[folder:{{Demetrios}}]] * Cloudcuckoolander: Because that's me. :) Okay, maybe not as much as the characters on the page, but it is a lot of fun. [[TheElderScrollsThreeMorrowind A bitter mercy, perhaps, but mercy nonetheless]]. * LargeHam: I don't speak as loudly or over-the-top as the examples on the page, but I do speak very dramatically. It always catches the audience's attention the best. :) * IncorruptiblePurePureness: If I was in one of those IWishItWereReal scenarios, I would ''so'' be a Paladin. * IncrediblyLamePun: For puns that are incredibly lame, we sure do use

them a lot. :P * PatrickStewartSpeech * Whichever trope describes the way the [[{{Warhammer 40000}} Eldar]] speak. Look, I know [[ManipulativeBastard the Eldar aren't the nicest folks around]], and their women are nowhere near as nice as they are attractive, but I love the super-poetic way they speak. :) * ValuesDissonance: I know this might seem counter-productive, since this trope is usually presented as a bad thing, but I enjoy reading about differences between cultures, both real and [[FantasyCounterpartCulture fictional]]. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Dinru}}]] * AerithAndBob - ...what? * {{Tsundere}} * ItWasHisSled - ... [[/folder]] [[folder: DivineRose125]] * ActionGirl ** ActionMom ** ChefOfIron ** CuteBruiser ** HotAmazon ** HotChickWithASword ** LadyOfWar ** LittleMissBadass ** NeverMessWithGranny * [[MomentOfAwesome All]] [[FunnyMoments the]] [[HeartwarmingMoments Crowning]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome moment]] tropes. * {{Adorkable}}: Who says nerds can't be cute? ** NerdsAreSexy: Oh yeah... * AerithAndBob: Makes things a lot more interesting. * AngstWhatAngst: It's okay to angst a little, but don't do it ''all'' the time! * ApologisesALot * AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther * {{Badass}} * BadassGrandpa * BadassPreacher * BadassAdorable * BewareTheNiceOnes * BigDamnHeroes * {{Bishonen}} * BoisterousBruiser * BreakingTheFourthWall ** LeaningOnTheFourthWall ** NoFourthWall ** LampshadeHanging * ButForMeItWasTuesday * CharacterDevelopment: Because it's really good to see that. * CheerfulChild

* ChewingTheScenery ** HamAndCheese ** HamToHamCombat ** IncomingHam ** LargeHam: The hammier the character, the better. ** WorldOfHam * CloudCuckooLander * CoolOldGuy ** CoolOldLady * CostumePorn * CrashIntoHello * CrazyAwesome * CreepyChild * DanceOfRomance * {{Determinator}} * DroppedABridgetOnHim: I don't care if it's part of UnfortunateImplications, I love it and it's really funny (in fiction anyway). * DudeLooksLikeALady * EarnYourHappyEnding: I'm an optimist at heart. * EnsembleDarkhorse * EvenEvilHasStandards * EverythingsCuterWithKittens ** EverythingsBetterWithBunnies ** EverythingsPreciousWithPuppies ** RidiculouslyCuteCritter ** EverythingsBetterWithPlushies * FiveManBand * FridgeBrilliance * GenkiGirl * GenreSavvy * GentleGiant * GodIsGood * GoodFeelsGood * GorgeousPeriodDress * HappilyEverAfter: I love these type of endings. * HappilyMarried: We don't get things like these anymore... * HeartIsAnAwesomePower * HeelFaceTurn * HoldMe * HotBlooded: I love these type of characters. * HotScientist * HugeGuyTinyGirl / TinyGuyHugeGirl * IWillWaitForYou * IncorruptiblePurePureness * {{Keet}} * [=~Let's Get Dangerous~=] * LittleMissSnarker * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: I love shows that has a lot of characters. * LongHairedPrettyBoy * LoveAtFirstSight: I am a sucker for this.

* LoveConfession: So sweet... * LoveRedeems * MamaBear ** PapaWolf * ManicPixieDreamGirl * MagnificentBastard: Because they're just plain '''''awesome'''''. * {{Megane}} ** {{Meganekko}} ** BrainySpecs * TheMessiah * {{Moe}} * MostWonderfulSound: That makes the game really awesome. * {{Nakama}}: Of course. * {{Narm}} ** NarmCharm * NinjaMaid * [=~Noblewoman's Laugh~=] * NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Because heroes beating the crap out of villains = awesome. * TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou * OppositesAttract * PimpedOutDress * ThePollyanna * ThePowerOfFriendship: I love it when people overcome all obstacles. * ThePowerOfLove: Same as above. * PluckyGirl * ReallySevenHundredYearsOld * RealMenLoveJesus * RealMenWearPink * RebelliousPrincess * RedOniBlueOni * ReincarnationRomance * RetiredBadass * RousingSpeech * RousseauWasRight * RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething * RuleOfCool ** RuleOfFunny ** RuleOfCute ** RuleOfSexy ** RuleOfGlamorous ** RuleOfRomantic ** RuleOfFun * SceneryPorn * ScrewDestiny * ShutUpHannibal * SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan * SleepCute ** LapPillow * SnowMeansLove * SpoiledSweet * SureWhyNot

* TeacherStudentRomance: Because I'm a sucker for that type of thing. * TeamMom ** TeamDad * TeamPet * TechnicalPacifist ** ActualPacifist ** BadassPacifist * ThemeMusicPowerUp * TomboyAndGirlyGirl / SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan / PinkGirlBlueBoy / PinkBoyBlueGirl * TookALevelInBadass * ToyShip: Just as long at it doesn't turn out to be [[{{Squick}} squicky]]. * {{Tsundere}}: Or more specifically, the type B ones. * VictoriousChildhoodFriend * VitriolicBestBuds * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * WholesomeCrossdresser: I really love these type of characters. * WideEyedIdealist * WiseBeyondTheirYears * WorldOfCardboardSpeech * WorthyOpponent * TheWoobie ** IronWoobie * YamatoNadeshiko * {{Yangire}} * ZettaiRyouiki [[/folder]] [[folder:{{DragonMaster}}]] * FiveManBand * FragileSpeedster * LightningBruiser * HenshinHero * TransformationSequence * TransformationTrinket * TheStarscream * BadassTeacher * OurDragonsAreDifferent * LivingMotionDetector * BadassBookworm * CulturedBadass * TheGunslinger * MagicalGirl ** ... what? * ActionGirl * CuteBruiser * HeroAntagonist * SteamPunk * AffablyEvil [[/folder]]

[[folder:Eddie Van Helsing]]]] * LadyOfWar: There's nothing like a classy lady with a sword -- unless she can sing, too. * HotAmazon: Thank you ma'am. May I have another? * MagnificentBastard * AntiVillain * DarkerAndEdgier: When done right, the results are awesome to behold. * XanatosGambit * HeroicSociopath * VillainProtagonist * {{Meganekko}} * MegaNeko * HotLibrarian * NerdsAreSexy * MoreDakka [[/folder]] [[folder: {{emeriin}}]] * ActionGirl * AlterEgoActing (fascinates me) * AttractiveBentGender * BiTheWay * BoundAndGagged * BrainsAndBondage * BreakTheCutie * CreepyChild * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * DistressedDamsel (but no DamselScrappy-dom, please) * EarnYourHappyEnding * EstrogenBrigadeBait (as long as he's not ''just'' there for fanservice) * FetishFuel * FetishFuelStationAttendant * FridgeHorror * {{Guyliner}} * HighOctaneNightmareFuel * HoYay * IncestYay * JamesBondage (same thing as the DistressedDamsel; don't be the DamselScrappy) * JerkWithAHeartOfGold * LauncherOfAThousandShips * LargeHam (BrianBlessed, I salute you) * LesYay * MeanCharacterNiceActor * Meganekko * MissFanservice (same thing as her SpearCounterpart) * NoYay * PerverseSexualLust * PetTheDog

* RealMenWearPink * SelfDeprecation * StepfordSmiler * {{Squee}} (adorable!) * SuicideAsComedy (because of issues, I tend to like it better than people trying to talk seriously about it and getting it wrong) * TearJerker * ThrowTheDogABone * TroubledButCute * {{Twincest}} * UnkemptBeauty * WhamEpisode * WhamLine [[/folder]]

[[folder:{{Entan}}]] * MythArc * GirlsLove * LadyOfWar * TheHighQueen * BadassBookworm * ActionGirl * WomensMysteries * MistressAndServantBoy * SchoolgirlLesbians * LovelyAngels * GirlsWithGuns ([[GirlsAreJustBetter noticing a pattern?]]) * JigsawPuzzlePlot * NerdsAreSexy * WhipItGood * {{Gayngst}} (I'm in a weird place with this one. I really fucking love Delicious Lesbian Angst, but in mild-to-moderate amounts. Too much and it just becomes yet another type of pandering, and frankly offensive.) * EarnYourHappyEnding * {{Tsundere}}/{{Yandere}}/{{Kuudere}} * MetaGuy * MadArtist * TwoFistedTales * WeirdScience [[/folder]] [[folder:Ettina]] * EarnYourHappyEnding - My entire sense of purpose in life depends on the belief that RealLife can be like this if good people are determined enough. * XanatosGambit - Particularly when done by the heroes, and you can see their reasoning throughout so it isn't just an AssPull. * GrayAndGrayMorality - I like ambiguity. BlackAndGrayMorality and WhiteAndGrayMorality work too if they're done well. * GenreSavvy - If they're GenreSavvy without Lampshading or

BreakingTheFourthWall. This is part of why I like heroes doing {{Xanatos Gambit}}s, because they're usually GenreSavvy. [[/folder]] [[folder: [=~Excel-2009~=]]]. * ADayAtTheBizarro * ActorAllusion - For some reason, references to dudes are always funny. * AllThereInTheManual - I love authors who go out of their way to explain every last detail of their fictional universes. Better them than the [[EpilepticTrees fans]]. * AntiquatedLinguistics * BadassNormal - Designing these characters is much more challenging than creating superheroes. * ChewBubblegum - The greatest PreAssKickingOneLiner ever. * ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike - Writing negative reviews about shows I feel deserve them is a great way for me to relieve stress. * ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch - [[HypocriticalHumor As long as I'm the one doing it.]] I'm pretty good at faking having watched something, even if all I know about it comes from the FanDumb. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome - I listen to songs from video games around other people [[GeniusBonus only if they wouldn't guess it came from a game]]. Most of them are orchestral or electronic arranges of such songs. One of my mom's favorite songs is a piano arrangement of the Theme of Love from ''Final Fantasy II''. * LittleMissSnarker - I want to see the result of a fight between [[GalaxyAngel Vanilla H]] and [[BlackCat Eve]] before I die. That's all I ask. I have the former as a {{MUGEN}} character, but... * DeadpanSnarker * DoingItForTheArt - I want to see passion in your art. The more enthusiastic you are about pushing your art as close to perfection as possible, the more I can appreciate it. Even if your work turns out to be SoOkayItsAverage, I'll still remember your dedication to make your show all it could be. * ExpospeakGag - My favorite language exercise. I use this all the time to ask permission for things I would never be allowed to do otherwise. I'm going upstate to attend a technology in popular culture symposium[[hottip:* :Anime convention]], dad. I'm studying film, after all. I'm a regional champion of making things [[BetterThanItSounds better]]/[[DarthWiki/WorseThanItSounds worse]] than they sound. * SugarWiki/FictionIdentityPostulate - More than any other, this trope is what inspires me to create any fiction at all. * FinalExamBoss - The action in a game can't really come to a head if it doesn't invoke all previous knowledge. I'd hate for any skill to be wasted. Just make sure it isn't shoehorned in. * GeniusBonus - Crossovers are fun to me because I know where most of the characters come from and my siblings don't. * HeyItsThatVoice - One of the main reasons I enjoy watching cartoons. I think every big voice actor should have an OVA that [[ActorAllusion pits all of their roles in a battle royale]]. [[AzumangaDaioh Yomi]] vs. [[{{Persona3}} Mitsuru]], [[RieTanaka anyone]]? * HypeAversion - See my userpage.

* ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne * InsistentTerminology - She's not Laura Bailey, she's '''''Miss''''' Laura Bailey. He's not Azuma, he's '''''The''''' Azuma. I also write my dates in European order just to be different. I also spell and pronounce certain words wrong intentionally just because I like how they sound or roll off the tongue better than the right way. I could go on but this list is long enough as it is. * LadyOfWar * LargeHam * MagicAIsMagicA - I'm writing up a system of magic myself that I plan to use in my own works. I love any large-scale system that's used extensively as a plot device. The more extensive and consistent it is, the better. * MeaninglessMeaningfulWords - A primary component of the Calwellian Method. * {{Metaphorgotten}} - These never get old. * NiceJobBreakingItHero - More often than not, I get in trouble for doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing. Watching others get it for doing the same is one my favorite recurring themes, whether played straight or for laughs. * TroperTales/PetPeeveTrope - Pointing out stuff I hate in television shows is somehow much more cathartic here than in my own blog. * {{Retraux}} - Video games in particular, but I love any authentic callback to an era far past my time. * SelfDeprecation - Even though (or perhaps because) I loathe political humor, I appreciate and respect politicians who take time out of their schedule to appear on comedy shows just so they can laugh at themselves. * ShoutOut - It's funny because I'm the only one who gets it. * ShownTheirWork * SpellMyNameWithAThe - Spell it with a hyphen, too. My generic name is The-Excel which was established in 2005, but I use years in places where my name can easily be changed out. It started with Excel 2004, gained the hyphen in Excel-2006 to visually shed OldShame and continues to ruin wikis since Excel-2008. If you see any names that don't normally have a "The" in a Main entry, it was definitely me. ** Incidentally, the entry reads "Some people want you to put a 'The' before their name. Avoid these people." Not bad advice considering my views on certain properties that seem to be overwhelmingly popular here. * SteamPunk * SurprisinglyGoodEnglish * ThemeNaming * TitleBin - The ridiculous and excessively clever names for many tropes is one of this site's biggest draws for me. * TitleDrop * UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny - See GeniusBonus above. * {{Unfunny}} - There are few things I love more than middle-age-toold people trying to act street. * WordSaladTitle * ZeroWingrish - My second favorite language exercise. My favorite kind of Engrish is [[SurprisinglyGoodEnglish the kind that still makes

perfect grammatical sense]] but still would make any English teacher cringe beyond redemption. [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Falconfly}}]] * StepfordSmiler * DarkReprise * TheStoic * ShownTheirWork * DepravedBisexual * GiantFlyer * FeatheredFiend * LightIsNotGood (I got really addicted to this trope) * OurDragonsAreDifferent * OurAngelsAreDifferent * GodIsEvil * VillainSong * BoysLove * WhatMeasureIsANonCute (subversions, obviously) [[/folder]] [[folder: FlametailVonKarma]] * AffablyEvil * AllLoveIsUnrequited * AnyoneCanDie * AxeCrazy * CloudcuckooLander * CompleteMonster * CrackPairing * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DarkIsNotEvil * DefrostingIceQueen * DownerEnding * EpilepticTrees * GambitPileup * HeroicSociopath * HighPressureBlood * IdiotHero * JerkAssFacade * KillEmAll * KillItWithFire * {{Kuudere}} * LightIsNotGood * LoveChart * LoveDodecahedron * ObliviousToLove * PsychoForHire * RalphWiggum * RedOniBlueOni * ShrinkingViolet

* TearJerker * {{Tsundere}} * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids * {{Yangire}} [[/folder]] [[folder: FourthDerivative]] * AngstySurvivingTwin * AntiVillain * Arcadia * BittersweetEnding (Or beginning, or middle.) * BrotherSisterIncest (That's right, I said it. And I ''know'' I'm not the only one.) * CrowningMusicOfAwesome (I'm very likely to forgive most other flaws in a work if it has excellent music.) * DeadLittleSister * DefeatMeansFriendship * DreamApocalypse * IllGirl * IWillWaitForYou * LotusEaterMachine * MayflyDecemberRomance * {{Nakama}} * ParodySue * RoadMovie (Somewhat related to WalkTheEarth) * SceneryPorn * SnowMeansDeath (Especially when combined with...) * SnowMeansLove * SympathyForTheDevil * TearJerker (See below.) * {{Utsuge}} (I'm rather infamously a complete sucker for what a friend of mine calls "Depressing Japanese Things.") * WalkingTheEarth * WeAreAsMayflies * WildMassGuessing / EpilepticTrees (One of my favorite pastimes.) * TheWoobie * WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds [[/folder]] [[folder: FreezairForALimitedTime]] * AntiVillain (It's quite a feet to make me sympathize with someone and still want them dead) * AwardBaitSong (...What? I grew UP on the movies that made that trope!) * BunnyEarsLawyer * EarnYourHappyEnding * EpilepticTrees (I love a good zany theory) * EverythingsBetterWithPenguins * KingOfAllCosmos * KnightsTemplar (They're more interesting) * LevelAte (Om nom nom) * MinionWithAnFInEvil (You always feel kinda bad for those guys... and

they're funny.) * {{Mons}} * NerdsAreSexy (Because the ARE, dang it) * NothingIsScarier * OurMonstersAreDifferent * SurrealHorror * WidgetSeries [[/folder]] [[folder: FruityOatyBars]] * {{Adorkable}} - [[BuffyTheVampireSlayer Willow]], [[{{Angel}} Fred]], [[Series/{{Heroes}} Hiro]], I wuv them! * AntiVillain * AscendedFanboy * TheAtoner - I just can't get enough of them, partly because of my own personal issues and partly because they tend to be both woobies and BadAss. * BadassAngster * BiTheWay - Hi, we exist and we're normal people! Well, umm, some of us are normal people. * BlackAndNerdy women, who are sadly rare in media. * ButchLesbian portrayed positively (not "eww" and not implying all lesbians are butch). Underrepresented, and welcome. * TheChessmaster * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * DeadpanSnarker * TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything * DoingItForTheArt * DoorStopper if it's any good - I love a book I can jump into and live in. * EstrogenBrigadeBait * GambitPileup * GenderInvertedTrope - induces my feminist squee. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar - thumbing noses at censors is so much fun! * GoodBadTranslation - SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB. * HotLibrarian * HotScientist - [[Series/{{Heroes}} Mohinder Suresh]] and [[{{Xenosaga}} Shion Uzuki]], be mine. * HurtComfortFic - There, I've admitted it. I love scenes of a woobie getting emotionally or physically hurt and comforted by another character, whatever the medium in which they appear. It's a combination of "awww" with FetishFuel, and the chance for some interesting CharacterDevelopment to boot. * JerkassWoobie - Characters who are jerks for a reason are fascinating (and often quite realistic), as long as the narrative and other characters don't totally disregard their jerkiness due to FreudianExcuse. * JigsawPuzzlePlot * TheKnightsWhoSaySquee * LargeHam * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters - I love ridiculously complicated works where you need a glossary to keep track of everyone.

* MagnificentBastard - of course. * MatzoFever - Half the people I've dated or had crushes on in RealLife have been Jewish, even though I'm not. * MythArc * NarrativeFiligree * NerdsAreSexy * {{Retraux}} * SophisticatedAsHell * StarCrossedLovers - I admit it, I'm a sucker for tragic love stories that make me cry. * SurrealHumor - [[HomestarRunner "I was raiiised by a cup of coooffeeee."]] * ShownTheirWork * {{WAFF}} done well. * TheWoobie (*hugs*) * YamatoNadeshiko with a core of steel. [[/folder]] [[folder: Fudogg]] * AnyoneCanDie and AllDeathsFinal * BlackandGreyMorality * CompleteMonster: Villains should be villainous. They are called ''villains''. Their acts should be horrendous. The audience should hate the villain and want nothing more than to see them get what they deserve. * CrowningMomentOfFunny: Sure, why not? :) * DarkerAndEdgier * DeadpanSnarker * LastVillainStand: Is there anything more satisfying than a climatic battle to the death? * DisneyVillainDeath: Cliche or not, a villain plummeting to their doom just feels very climatic to me. * EarnYourHappyEnding: If (and only if) it's done well. If done well, you just might want to jump up and cheer. If done poorly, through the use of some AssPull, you end of with the series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. * EverythingsPreciousWithPuppies * EvilIsCool: It's true. They've got the best songs and there's a good chance the best designs, costumes. Plus, 7,8,9 times out of 10, they're more interesting than the hero. * HeyItsThatGuy and HeyItsThatVoice: I like seeing actors that I know in films and hearing voices that I recognize. * MythArc: I agree with Wicked223. While two 11-minute cartoons can be enjoyable, there is nothing there. There is no story. * TheWoobie * VillainSong: They always have the best ones. Always. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * LoadsandLoadsofCharacters: When I write, I love creating new [[strike:characters]] villains. * HoistByHisOwnPetard [[/folder]]

FavoriteTropeG-K [[foldercontrol]] [[folder:Garanik]] * Most of the evil to good on the HeelFaceIndex, to be honest. Specifically: * LoveRedeems * TheAtoner * GoodFeelsGood I've just always loved the idea of good prevailing. I might be a little on the Idealist side of the [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism sliding scale]] * BoomHeadshot * {{Mons}}: I might be a little addicted to {{Pokemon}}. * BountyHunter: Samus from {{Metroid}}, mostly * PowerArmor: for the same reason. * {{Determinator}}: Something that I always thought was cool. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{GigaHand}}]] * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming (Sometimes, I want a good sulk) * CrowningMusicOfAwesome (Gives you something else to enjoy about a movie/video game) * DarkIsNotEvil and the [[LightIsNotGood opposite]] (Gives variety to the protagonist's abilities) * LogicBomb (Logic is a hobby of mine) * MegaManning (and of course, the [[MegaMan trope namer]]) * OverlyLongGag (Not all the time, these things are hard to get right) * ScrewDestiny (Especially if the world is heavy on the BecauseDestinySaysSo) * ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill (Disagree, and I'll [[DisproportionateRetribution stab you in the heart, empty 20 magazines in your brain, drop a whale on you then proceed to nuke said whale]].) [[/folder]]

[[folder:{{GREGOLE}}]] * ActionGirl ** BlackMagicianGirl ** CuteBruiser ** CuteWitch ** MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily * AerithAndbob * AffablyEvil * AffectionateParody * AnimalReactionShot * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking * AwesomeMcCoolname * AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther * BadassTeacher - I'm the child of one.

* BecomingTheMask * BeyondTheImpossible * BiTheWay - Bisexual people can be fun. I would know. * BloodyHilarious - I'm a Troma and Peter Jackson fan. * BunnyEarslawyer * CloudCuckooLander * CrazyAwesome * CreepyChild * CrowningMusicOfAwesome - While a "good" trope in and of itself, I'm a person who places a lot of epmhasis on musical score, so it touches a special nerve for me * CuteMonsterGirl - To a certain extent. That is to say, I like cute female monsters who aren't blatantly different from the rest of their species. I like monsters and I like girls. What's not to like here? * DarkIsNotEvil - Being a creature of the night and something of a minor goth, I have a fascination with this trope. * DeadpanSnarker - I do this in front of the TV myself. I like when a series catches on. * EarnYourHappyEnding - I love a happy ending, but the whole thing is much stronger when I watch the protagonists work their way up to it, against adversity. * EatsBabies - I love children, so nothing makes me instantly root against someone than learning they like eating them. Is that messed up? * EverythingsBetterWithIndexes - I like animals. * FetishFuel - I'm a human being with a libido and an interest in fiction. I confess, I like an occasional bit of carnal appeal in my stories. ** BareYourMidriff ** MagicSkirt ** MinidressOfPower ** MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily * FreakyIsCool * FriendlyEnemies * FromNobodyToNightmare * GeniusBruiser - I know some. * GentleGiant * GenreSavvy - It's nice to be able to think on the same level as the protagonists sometimes. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * HiddenDepths - I like to know even the minor and periphory characters have the love and attention of the writers. * ImAHumanitarian * ImmuneToBullets - I like this trope in almost all my monsters, and in an age where we can't seem to wrap our minds around the idea of something we can't gun down and be on our way, this trope is more precious to me than ever. Which brings us to... * ImplacableMan(or woman. Or Monster.) * ItHasBeenAnHonor * Kaiju * LargeHam - Quotable stories are often the most fun. ** HamAndcheese

** WorldOfHam * Heart IsAnAwesomePower - It IS! * HeelFaceTurn - A good chemistry among the heroes and villains is a good thing, and I like being able to keep that chemistry, even when evil has been defeated. * IKnowYouKnowIKnow - Trying to keep up is half the fun! * LampshadeHanging - Sometimes a story must follow unusual logic to stay rolling. I can accept this if I have to, but acknowledging the weirdness is a welcome way to take some of the load off. *MakeMyMonsterGrow - I don't know what's more fun, the trope or screaming it loudly. * Meganekko ** NerdsAreSexy * Moe - All things in moderation, but when properly handled, an endearing character can add something to a work for me. * MusicalEpisode - I've never met one I didn't love. * MyFriendsAndZoidberg * Nakama - It's touching to see in action. One of my own greatest values. * NightmareFuel ** NightmareFuelStationAttendant ** NightmareRetardant * NoodleIncident * Our Monsters Are Weird - The classics can be fun, but I like REALLY going out of my way to make my monsters unique. * OverlyLongGag * PurelyAestheticGender - While my own views on gender politics basically eqaute "We're the same, get over it", and thus few active tropes can summarize that, this one does nicely. * RammingAlwaysWorks - Dramatic and fun to watch. Why let reality get in the way? * RealMenWearPink * RefugeInAudacity - Somewhat meta, but my fondness lies particularly towards in-story examples. * ScrewYouElves - SuperiorSpecies is NOT one of my favorite tropes. >_> * ShutUpHannibal - Extra points if you're caustically snarky * SissyVillain - The sissier the better, especially when played for laughs. * StarfishAliens * StrangeMindsThinkAlike * TearJerker - I'm an emotional person. * TheSummation * ThrowTheDogABone * TitleDrop - Make it as blatant and out of nowhere as possible! * TrappedInTVLand/Cyberspace * TheUnfrozenCavemanLawyer * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * WingedHumanoid * WorldOfCardboardSpeech * WouldHitAGirl - Down with the outdated social moors! [[/folder]]

[[folder:{{Grognor}}]] * AffectionateParody * HeelFaceTurn * {{Determinator}} * LargeHam * DanGreen * BrooklynRage * VoiceActor [[/folder]] [[folder:AGuy]] * {{Badass}} * BigDamnHeroes * ColdSniper * DefectorFromDecadence * EscortMission (in cases where the thing to be escorted can defend itself and doesn't suicidally move ahead of you) * FallenHero * IAmSpartacus * InsigniaRipoffRitual * KidHero * LockAndLoadMontage * NeverMessWithGranny * NintendoHard * TheCavalry * TheManyDeathsOfYou * TookALevelInBadass [[/folder]] [[folder: HappyMan]] * AffablyEvil: because villainy isn't incompatible with politely * BadassLongcoat * CuteWitch * EarnYourHappyEnding * ElementalPowers * FaceHeelTurn / HeelFaceTurn * FiveBadBand: it's great to see that villains do understand the importance of teamwork. * FridgeBrilliance * TheGunsliger: if you think that swords are cooler than guns, then you need to read ''TheDarkTower'' * HotAmazon: love women who can kick ass * HumongousMecha: Robots are cool. Giant robots are even cooler. * InstantAwesomeJustAddMecha * LargeHam: what? it's funny! * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: variety is the spice of life. * MagicalGirl: they are incredibly charming ** DarkMagicalGirl: even moreso than the previous. * MechaMooks * RescuedFromtheScrappyHeap: this trope indicates two things about the writers: 1. They LISTEN to the fandom, and 2. they CARE for the show.

* RousseauWasRight * ScrewDestiny * StuffBlowingUp: because explosions are funny. {{Bomberman}}, you're my hero! [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Haven}}]] * MundaneUtility * ItRunsOnNonsensoleum * WaveOfBabies * DidAKoreanPersonDie * RuleOfCool / RuleOfFun [[/folder]] [[folder:heartlessmushroom]] * AmusementParkOfDoom * AztecMythology * AngstWhatAngst: Its alright to feel hurt about the past, but dont let it control your life * BadassNormal: Seeing someone who has no super powers beat the living snot out of someone who has is simply awesome to behold * BerserkButton: When done right * BountyHunter * DeadpanSnarker: also known as Mr Lampshade * DidYouJustScamCthulhu: You can tell how awesome and dangerous a MagnificentBastard if he/she pulls this off. * EldritchAbomination: Bonus points if its appears in an otherwise family friendly universe. * EstrogenBrigadeBait: Minus the troubled past, thing * EvenTheGuysWantHim * FlyingBrick playing a villain role ** SmugSuper villain is a good idea too * GeniusBruiser * HumanoidAliens: The more alien the better. [[StarfishAliens just not too much]] * LargeAndInCharge * LetsGetDangerous * LovecraftianSuperpower * ShirtlessScene and FanService: I love a bit of hotness from both genders * StarfishAliens: Those who can pull out plausible emotions on these guys deserves a medal * StormingTheCastle * TechnicalPacifist * TheChessmaster and his [[MagnificentBastard evil twin brother]] * TheTrickster: Im a sucker for this kind of characters. * TookaLevelInBadass * ZombieApocalypse [[/folder]] [[folder:HighFive]] * GettingCrapPastTheRadar

* HeyItsThatVoice * HoYay, HoYay, HoYay. By far my favourite - I can enjoy otherwise terrible shows because of it. * SassyBlackWoman. Yeah, I know. [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Honeybrown1976}}]] * NostalgiaFilter * DeadpanSnarker * GettingCrapPasttheRadar: The sneakier, the better * [[MsFanservice Ms. FanService]]: Thank You! * EstrogenBrigade: Yummy, yum, yum * HotDad * HotMom: I love company. What can I say? * CrowningMusicofAwesome: When the rhythm's right, it's right * CrowningMomentofAwesome * CrowningMomentofFunny * DeathbyRacism: When a bigot dies, an angel gets its wings * AcceptableTargets: I'm sorry; but, some groups need a good poking fun of (as long as racism, sexism, anti-religion, etc is not part of it) * BabyGotBack: Self-explanatory * {{Older than they look}}: Self-explanatory * {{Fetish fuel}}: Yum [[/folder]] [[folder:Hopeless Romance]] * DanceOfRomance * JustFriends * LoveConfession * MarryForLove * OppositesAttract * LoveAtFirstSight (I'm such a hopeless romantic.) * AnimalReactionShot (It's funny.) * DoubleEntendre * MagnificentBastard * PimpedOutDress (They're always fun to stare at) * CoolOldGuy * CoolOldLady (Especially when they're sassy!) * CharacterDevelopment (Obvious. Growth via Character Development is always wonderful to watch.) * TeenDrama (When it's relatable instead of over-the-top.) * FridgeBrilliance * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMusicOfAwesome [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Icarael}}]] * AffectionateParody * AmbiguouslyGay

* {{Angrish}}: Great for a laugh. * AntiVillain * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking * BigBad[=/=]BigGood * BigDamnHeroes, GunshipRescue, TheCavalry-- Something in reinforcements arriving in time to kick ass strikes a chord deep inside me. * BeyondTheImpossible * {{Bishonen}} * BiTheWay * BoysLove * BrainsAndBondage * CampStraight * CompleteMonster- Because some villains work better, or only work, when they're ''really'' evil. * CoolVersusAwesome * CrazyAwesome * [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Crowning]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Moment]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming of]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Anything]] * CuteShotaroBoy: For the [[{{Moe}} adorable]] factor. * DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu * DroppedABridgetOnHim * EldritchAbomination * EvenEvilHasStandards * FetishFuel-- Err.... yeah. ** DiamondsInTheBuff ** DudeShesLikeInAComa: [[GuiltyPleasures ... I have issues.]] ** InnocentFanserviceGirl: And the GenderFlip version, the InnocentFanserviceBoy. ** MarshmallowHell: The best hell of them all. ** {{Meganekko}} ** NaughtyTentacles ** ScrewYourself ** SexyShirtSwitch ** ShirtlessScene ** TwinThreesomeFantasy ** WholesomeCrossdresser * FunctionalMagic: It's fun to see how many ways you can justify the existence of magic without copping out and going "AWizardDidIt". ** GeometricMagic ** HermeticMagic ** VancianMagic * FutureBadass * GirlInABox * GoodIsNotDumb: Don't ever confuse goodness with naivete. * GoodLookingPrivates * GreyAndGrayMorality: I like it when both sides have good and bad points. * HighOctaneNightmareFuel: Just to see if I can scare myself. * HoYay-- Because gay subtext is fun. * HumansAreGood

* HumongousMecha * KnightTemplar, WellIntentionedExtremist, HeWhoFightsMonsters- I can empathize with them, since I sometimes think like they do and I can appreciate their aims, even if their actions aren't very "good". * LargeHam ** WorldOfHam * LovecraftLite * MagnificentBastard * MoreDakka * MyFriendsAndZoidberg * NobleDemon * NoodleIncident * NoodleImplements * PeopleJars * PoweredArmor * PuttingOnTheReich: [[CompleteMonster Say what you will about]] ThoseWackyNazis; you can't deny those uniforms look pretty good. * RousseauWasRight-- I believe that most people have a reason for what they do other than malice, most likely [[HanlonsRazor incompetence or ignorance]]. * RuleOfCool * RuleOfFunny * SpiderTank * TankGoodness * ThePowerOfFriendship * ThePowerOfLove * ThePowerOfTrust * TinTyrant * UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans * UpToEleven * WhiteAndGrayMorality * WorldBuilding: It's really fun to work tiny details into your world that make it unique. Now the problem is translating the text to pictures... * WorldOfBadass * Anything on XanatosPlannedThisIndex. * YaoiFangirl: Again, YaoiFanboy. Besides, I like their pervertedness. * ZombieApocalypse [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Imipolex G}}]] * {{Faust}} (seems to me a pretty deep archetype) * BunnyEarsLawyer * RandomEventsPlot (should be used more, I think) * GoMadFromTheRevelation * AboveGoodAndEvil * CrapsackWorld * HannibalLecture * BrilliantButLazy * WhoWantsToLiveForever * {{Gorn}} (although it depends on the exact nature of it) * TheLibraryOfBabel

* TheLostWoods * MostCommonSuperpower (I'm allowed one turn-on trope) * AbsentMindedProfessor * BadassLongcoat * AfterTheEnd * DarkWorld * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking (good for a chuckle) * {{Doorstopper}} (my perpetual goal is to write one) * WalkingTheEarth * CrossoverCosmology * MadArtist * ReclusiveArtist [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{improbabilityx}}]] * BavarianFireDrill * CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon * FlatWhat * INeedToGoIronMyDog * ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne * MyFriendsAndZoidberg * NoodleIncident * PuffOfLogic: How I want to die. * SarcasticConfession * ShutUpKiss * TheSoCalledCoward * ThisIsForEmphasisBitch * UnusualEuphemism * VerbalBackspace [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{Ingonyama}}]] * AcceptableBreaksFromReality: A '''must''' for anything I read/watch/play. Realism is for the real world. * IncorruptiblePurePureness: It comes in all kinds of flavors...you don't have to be a milksop to be incorruptible. And when it's mixed with {{Badass}}ery, [[{{Squee}} well...]] * HoYay * AmbiguouslyGay, StraightGay, HardGay, WordOfGay...anything that isn't CampGay is awesome to me. Heck, even a little camp gay is fine, as long as it's not overblown. Just don't make a habit of [[BuryYourGays burying them]], or I will be [[BerserkButton very put out.]] * HomoeroticDream: Well, I ''am'' a SlashFic writer... * GladToBeAliveSex: Yup. Total FetishFuel. * VisualEffectsOfAwesome * [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Crowning]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Moment]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny of]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome ANYTHING.]] Of course these being subjective, everyone's gonna say that and mean different things, but still, there it is. ^_^

* CallingTheOldManOut: Because I have father issues. * WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Feeling sorry for someone is one thing. Being sorry for them and '''afraid''' of them at the same time? Beautiful. * IronWoobie: Same thing, basically. I cannot ''stand'' {{Wangst}}, so these folks are the ones who hit me the hardest. * CaffeineBulletTime: Because it's ''funny.'' * MagnificentBastard: The best kind of villain, and sometimes [[TheMentor mentor]], is the one you love and hate at the same time. * TheDogBitesBack: Sensing a theme here? I'm not big on helplessness, even from the designated victims. * AffablyEvil: Just because you're destined to take over the world and usher in a thousand years of darkness doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it. * PetTheDog: For reasons mentioned above. * HeyItsThatVoice: I have several favorite voice actors who I've trained myself to recognize. Gives me a little {{Squee}} of joy when I hear them in something new. * ThisisSPARTA: Sometimes this can be a fantastic mode of delivery, other times deliciously cheesy. * FlatWhat: Thank you, [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Raven]] and [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/DoctorWho2007CSVoyageOfT heDamned Doctor Ten]], for being so brilliant in your flatness. ^_^ * CloudCuckooLander[=/=]CrazyAwesome[=/=]ObfuscatingStupidity: Because the best kinds of brilliance are the ones you never see coming. * GentleGiant: at least half my favorite characters ever are either this or... * WarriorPoet * GeniusBruiser: I likes 'em smart and I likes 'em strong. ^_^ * BadassBookworm: I likes 'em smart and I likes 'em capable. ^_^ * DoingInTheScientist: Because not everything should have a rational, reasonable explanation... * MagicAIsMagicA: ...though it ''should'' always have rules. * ActionGirl * YamatoNadeshiko * EstrogenBrigadeBait * SatanIsGood (though I'm not big on GodIsEvil) * GreyAndGreyMorality * GreyAndWhiteMorality * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids * '''ScrewDestiny'''. Oh so very much. * RuleOfCool * RuleOfFunny * RuleOfSexy, at least where the guys are concerned. I know, I know, DoubleStandard. Shut up. :p * NerdsAreSexy * HollywoodNerd * CoolSword * DoesntLikeGuns (Well, I don't...) * GunsAreWorthless * ElementalPowers

** PlayingWithFire ** AnIcePerson ** DishingOutDirt ** MakingASplash ** ShockAndAwe ** BlowYouAway ** GreenThumb ** LightTheWay ** DarkIsEdgy ** WindsOfDestinyChange ** and of course, [[strike: WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway]] '''HeartIsAnAwesomePower!!!''' * {{Nakama}} ** AFriendInNeed ** ThePowerOfFriendship ** ThePowerOfLove ** ThePowerOfTrust ** ThePowerOfRock (OK, I'm done!) * HeelRealization ** HeelFaceTurn ** HelpFaceTurn * HealingHands: Too few ComicBooks understand the importance of an inhouse [[TheMedic medic.]] * GoodFeelsGood * ReasonableAuthorityFigure ** BigGood (We have '''plenty''' of UltimateEvil running around out there, the other side kind of needs some love too) * EvilCannotComprehendGood * BelligerentSexualTension * DeadpanSnarker * BuffySpeak (beats the holy hell out of TotallyRadical!) * SceneryPorn * WideOpenSandbox: Nothing beats the thrill of exploration. ^_^ * ForHappiness (My personal motivation, and creates way more fun characters than ForGreatJustice!) * GoodIsNotDumb: I have a genius IQ and subscribe wholly to the RousseauWasRight trope. Living proof. * WorldHealingWave: Instant CMOA and CMOH, just add this (when it's deserved, of course!). * And best of all, EarnYourHappyEnding. 'Cause hard work ''should'' pay off. [[/folder]] [[folder: InsanityPrelude]] * [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Crowning]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Moment]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming of]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Anything.]] * BeyondTheImpossible * WhiteHairedPrettyBoy... eheh... * MagnificentBastard * FanDumb (it provides endless [[SnarkBait amusement]].) * BadAss anything

* VideoGameCaringPotential * WideOpenSandbox * EverythingsCuterWithKittens * FreudianSlip / DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything / DoubleEntendre [[/folder]] [[folder: Insano]] * Adorkable: I actually count as one sometimes. * AffablyEvil/ EvillyAffable: Never know when these guys are gonna snap. * AntiHero: 'Cause they're darker than most heroes. * AntiVillain: Cause they're lighter than most bad guys. * TheAtoner: 'Cause these guys are some of the most sympathetic. * BadAss: For obvious reasons. * BeyondTheImpossible: Oh, how far can the escalation go... * BigBad: The villain does [[TheVillainMakesThePlot make the plot]], after all. * TheChessmaster: No explanation, too obvious. * CrazyAwesome: Being cool in the strangest ways. * CrossesTheLineTwice: It's funny, dude. * CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Oh yeah. * CrowningMomentOfFunny: AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Aww... * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Because soundtracks add to the mood. * DangerouslyGenreSavvy: Taking advantage of story conventions makes a character cooler and even more deadly. * DarkIsEvil: It's a classic. * DarkIsNotEvil: But change is always welcome. * DeadpanSnarker: I live with plenty of these. * Determinator: Won't be stopped. Which makes them totally {{Bad Ass}} * EarnYourHappyEnding: They're not for the weak-hearted. * EldritchAbomination: I'm entertained by the otherworldly. * EnsembleDarkhorse: Stealing the show and looking good at it. * EvilIsCool: Uh, yeah. * FaceHeelTurn: Always keeps things interesting. * FallenHero: They're usually very sympathetic, and provide a good contrast to the heroes. * FromNobodytoNightmare: Reminds me of where evil can come from. * GeniusBruiser: Knows a few. * GenreSavvy: It's nice to have someone who recognizes story conventions. * GuileHero: Since when do villains have to be the smart ones? * HannibalLecture: I love these, especially when they work. * HeelFaceTurn: It's actually pretty nice when the bad guys turn good. * HeroicSpirit: The iron will of the good guys is sometimes the only thing that keeps me from rooting for the villains. * HeroKiller: Kicking around the protagonists like dogs. * ImplacableMan: Nothing ever gets to them. * ItHasBeenAnHonor: Shows the respect held by two characters between each other. * KirkSummation: The heroic version of the {{Hannibal Lecture}}. * LampshadeHanging: It's funny when this happens.

* LargeHam: OOOVERRR THE TOP! * LightIsGood: Another classic. * LightIsNotGood: Because these villains are very unique. * LightningBruiser: Knows a few of these, too. * LoveRedeems: Of course it does. * MagnificentBastard: Because they're unbearably cool like that. Bonus points if they're also a {{Complete Monster}} * ManipulativeBastard: I like the kind of people that can get into your head... * Nakama: A great value in stories and real life. * NoodleIncident: Makes things funnier and more mysterious. * OhCrap: I like seeing people squirm like that. * PatrickStewartSpeech: Because [[HumansAreSpecial we are special]]. * RefugeInAudacity: It's funny when people do that. * RousseauWasRight: I still think people are inherently good, too. * RunningGag: If funny enough, may cross with {{Overly Long Gag}}. * ScrewYouElves: I will never ever believe in that "{{Superior Species}}" crap. * ShutUpHannibal: It's awesome when the heroes refute the villain's lectures. * TheSummation: Summing things up is indicative of the character's intelligence. * ThisIsGonnaSuck: Making "oh crap" snarky. * WellIntentionedExtremist: I like their goals, and sometimes even their methods. * WhatTheHellHero: It helps to get called out for [[KickTheDog kicking dogs]]. * WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Because they're cool. * WouldHitAGirl: Done this before. * XanatosGambit: Because it shows brilliance. * XanatosRoulette: Because it shows more brilliance. * XanatosSpeedChess: Because it shows both brilliance and adaptability. [[/folder]] [[folder: JapaneseTeeth]] * AccidentalInnuendo * BeyondTheImpossible * CoolVersusAwesome * FanService (What?) * MundaneUtility * MundaneSolution * NinjaPirateZombieRobot * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome [[/folder]] [[folder:JohnQuixote]] * EnsembleDarkhorse * BadassNormal [[/folder]] [[folder: JuiceBoxHero]]

* CloudCuckooLander * DeliberateValuesDissonance * WallBangHer * FoeYay * BrainsAndBondage * ...okay look, SexIsInteresting. * {{Deconstruction}} * Passing TheBechdelTest * FlowerFromTheMountaintop * TheLostWoods * UnreliableNarrator * {{Yandere}} and {{Yangire}} * GratuitousForeignLanguage [[/folder]] [[folder: Kahran042]] * AffablyEvil / EvillyAffable * AffectionateParody * AlienSky * BigBadassWolf * [[BreakingTheFourthWall Breaking]], [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Leaning On]], or PaintingTheFourthWall * BrickJoke * ChekhovsGag * ChessMotifs / TarotMotifs * CloudCuckoolander * Crowning Moments, whether of Awesome, Funny, or Heartwarming. * DarkIsNotEvil / LightIsNotGood * DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment * DiscontinuityNod * {{Dissimile}} * EarWorm * FairyBattle * FoodPorn * FridgeBrilliance / TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything * FridgeLogic, if only because it often begets Fridge Brilliance. * GameplayAndStoryIntegration * GayOption (I might not take it, but I like at least knowing it's there.) * GeniusBonus * GrayAndGreyMorality / BlackAndGreyMorality / BlueAndOrangeMorality * HaveANiceDeath * HoYay * HotChickWithASword * KindheartedCatLover * LemonyNarrator * MartialArtsAndCrafts * MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover * MeaningfulName * MythologyGag * NonStandardGameOver * NostalgiaLevel

* PlotCouponThatDoesSomething * PunchClockVillain * PuzzleBoss * SceneryPorn / SceneryGorn * ShownTheirWork * SignificantAnagram ...a gray hymning tarantella wish. * SpoofAesop * StealthPun * StylisticSuck * SuspiciouslySpecificDenial * ThrowTheDogABone * TitleDrop * VillainSong * {{Wackyland}}, especially the former TropeNamer. * WorstNewsJudgementEver [[/folder]] [[folder: KaiYves]] * ButWhatAboutTheAstronauts- I love it when someone actually remembers them. [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Keeyla}}]] * AnimalStereotypes * AntiHero * BeastAndBeauty: My absolute favorite romance trope. I think it's freaking adorable. * BigLippedAlligatorMoment * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CursedWithAwesome * DarkIsNotEvil * EarnYourHappyEnding * EnsembleDarkhorse * FridgeBrilliance * FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire * GentleGiant * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * GlamourFailure * HarmlessVillain * HilariousInHindsight * IAmWhatIAm * LampshadeHanging * MamaBear / PapaWolf * MemeticMutation * {{Narm}} * OppositesAttract * PetTheDog * ReluctantMonster * SceneryPorn * StarCrossedLovers * TomatoSurprise

* VillainsOutShopping [[/folder]] [[folder:Keltik]] * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * {{Tearjerker}} - Basically, anything that gets emotion flowing. * {{Metafiction}} * CloudCuckooLander - And an example of one! * MindScrew - I enjoy thinking about what the hell is going on, rather than just knowing. * JigsawPuzzlePlot * ThemeMusicPowerUp * ThisIsADrill * AnachronicOrder - Done well, it plays tricks with you, gives you bonuses for paying attention, causes dramatic irony, or just gives you the pieces of the puzzle in the wrong order, so you're forming three corners and the middles without a picture. * {{Badass}}, especially BadassNormal and BadassBookworm * {{Determinator}} * '''''LargeHam''''' * BreakTheCutie * BewareTheNiceOnes * MundaneUtility * ClassicCheatCode * EpicRocking * CuteBruiser * And many, many others that I can't remember the names of right now. [[/folder]] [[folder: Killer BOB Dole]] * CompleteMonster (I actually don't hate a lot of these villains. They come across as more darkly awesome to me.) * AntiVillain (When written well.) * EvenEvilHasStandards (It's cool to see a villain get horrified by an even nastier one. Which is probably why I like Complete Monsters so much.) * VillainSong * BadAss * SerialKiller (There's something compelling about a murderer who you know is going to strike again.) * Griefer (I know, it's mean, but some of the videos they post are really funny.) * PunchPunchPunchUhOh (These usually lead to awesome fight scenes.) [[/folder]] [[folder:KillerClowns]] * BadassNormal: Wits, strength, and sheer determination are earned, not given, and thus far more impressive than any superpower. Especially when they're used to defeat foes who ''do'' have superpowers.

* CrazyAwesome * CutLexLuthorACheck * {{Deconstruction}}: Less so than {{reconstruction}}, though. * FaceDeathWithDignity: Preferably by uttering some variant of the following: ** AsLongAsThereIsOneMan ** FacingTheBulletsOneLiner ** IDieFree ** MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning * TheFettered * GallowsHumor: Has saved my sanity on many occasions, and the best way to deal with things going wrong. * GirlsLove: GirlOnGirlIsHot is, at this point, a mere side-benefit; I'm a softie like that. * GrayAndGrayMorality: Life is complicated. People who do things ForTheEvulz are rare, and usually don't pose much of a threat because SanityHasAdvantages. Most people are trying to provide for themselves and the ones they hold dear; while acknowledging this does make telling a good story harder, if done well it makes it so much richer. ** Exception: this rarely ends well in ProfessionalWrestling. * HeartIsAnAwesomePower * IronWoobie * KnightInSourArmor: Yeah, the world's not always perfect. {{Wangst}} won't make it any better, and neither will [[HeWhoFightsMonsters becoming little better than those who ruined it]]. These guys know that when the going gets tough, you have to [[Film/{{Zombieland}} nut up or shut up]]. * LadyOfWar: The market is so oversaturated with {{stripperiffic}} heroines it's boring. * LargeHam: It's always good to enjoy your work. * LethalJokeCharacter: The best kind of character. * PrecisionFStrike * NobleDemon: A part I frequently play. * RealMenWearPink: A wonderful source of both comedy and HiddenDepths. * {{Reconstruction}} * SanityHasAdvantages * ThouShaltNotKill: I've talked to a few {{shell shocked veteran}}s in my time, and one thing is clear: RealityIsUnrealistic. Killing people is amazingly hard in RealLife, especially when you can clearly see your intended target, and it has all sorts of [[BadDreams side]] [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone effects]]. This trope looks like HonorBeforeReason, but it's really TruthInTelevision. ** Exception: If the hero has been [[WhatMeasureIsAMook butchering mooks]] left and right, he might as well give their leader the same treatment. To do otherwise just plants the seeds of MoralDissonance; is the leader of an evil organization somehow a better human being than his underlings? * VillainSong: Always the best sort of song. * WidgetSeries: In videogames; I'm neutral to it in other media types. Don't know why. * WorldOfHam [[/folder]]

[[folder:K Man]] * ActionGirl: What would you rather have a girl who you constantly have to worry about if she will be safe and not kidnapped by meer mooks who you always have to rescue if that happens or a girl who can take care of herself, keep up with you and look awesome fighting beside you? Also CuteBruiser and LadyOfWar by extension. * AutobotsRockOut: How do you make a CrowningMomentOfAwesome even more awesome? Cue the asskicking music. * ArmorOfInvincibility: No matter how strong an InfinityPlusOneSword is you need good armor to kill the BonusBoss. * BadassAdorable: Thank MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha for this. * BadassNormal: People who can beat up super freaks without any powers earns respect in my books. * BattleCouple: Much better than just the guy or the girl fighting. What a great way to spend time together don't you think? * BladeOnAStick: This is a real medival weapon. * BunnyEarsLawyer and by extension CrazyAwesome * CompleteMonster: Kicking the snot out of [[FinalFantasy6 Kefka]] was one of the most enjoyable moments ever in gaming. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Epic music makes everything awesome. * DarkIsNotEvil: I happen to like DarkIsEdgy but I'm not evil. * {{Kuudere}}: Calm, cool, collected and awesome. * GenkiGirl: I one day hope to get a girlfriend like this. * LargeHam: [[StarWars POWER UNLIMITED POWWWERRRRRRR!!!!!]] * {{Mondegreen}}: [[DissidiaFinalFantasy TASTY ARROW!!!]] * NarmCharm: When something is funny because its silly * ShieldBash: Who says shields are only for defending? * TheStoic: Great way to add color to a cast or series * {{Tsundere}}: Only if done right mind you. [[/folder]]

FavoriteTropeL-N [[foldercontrol]] [[folder: LadyNorbert]] * LadyOfWar * BunnyEarsLawyer * BerserkButton * ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin * ShapedLikeItself * WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway * TeamMom * ThePowerOfFriendship * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * Almost anything in TroperTales * And of course, ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Landstander}}]] * CloudCuckooLander (see also- Jay's Dad on ''TheCritic'', Adam West

on ''FamilyGuy'', both masters of this trope) * FunnyBackgroundEvent * PhlebotinumDuJour - I'm just fascinated by that kinda thing * FemaleGaze - We need more of it! * ShirtlessScene - Of course;) * RefugeInAudacity * DidAKoreanPersonDie * ItJustBugsMe - whining is ''fun''!:) * BittersweetEnding * CrowdSong * {{Calvinball}} * {{Kwyjibo}} - Just reading that page made me fall over laughing. * PrecisionFStrike * TheCoconutEffect - Again, I'm just really fascinated by this and RealityIsUnrealistic. [[/folder]] [[folder: Latte]] * BigDamnHeroes - Makes me want to cheer! * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming - Even I get cynical sometimes, and I can always use some warm fuzzies to make it better. * ShutUpHannibal - Also for the cheering. * VillainSong - Because they tend to be the best! [[/folder]] [[folder: LatwPIAT]] * Main/LadyOfWar * Main/Cyberpunk * Main/PostCyberpunk * Main/TheStoic * Main/EmotionlessGirl - Though I prefer it if they intersect with stocism, snarking or the uncanny valley * Main/ViewersAreGeniuses - Treat me like I deserve, you dimwits! * Main/ShownTheirWork - Oh, you have a schematic with dispersion, range, light-lag and intensity calculations for your space laser? Why, yes, I'd like to see those. * Main/ColdSniper * Main/DeadpanSnarker * Main/SubvertedTrope - What? * Main/{{Deconstruction}} - I'm serious! * Main/LoveAtFirstPunch * Main/SlapSlapKiss [[/folder]] [[folder: LeighSabio]] * ActionMom * ShownTheirWork * TheSpock (Ironic, in a way, because I'm the [[TheMcCoy furthest thing from that]]. Or maybe not so ironic, see below) * WhatIsThisFeeling * NotSoStoic * BadassNormal

* HiddenDepths (Done right, not when someone does it in such a cliche way that they're just playing into a different stereotype) * ObfuscatingStupidity (I just ''love'' it when the {{dumb blonde}} [[TheCutie cutie]] turns out surprisingly {{badass}} or intelligent!) * TheSnarkKnight * TheHighQueen * TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask * GodIsEvil * SubvertedTrope * TrueArt (Let me explain: by true art, I don't mean whatever the critics call true art, or whatever's [[TrueArtIsAncient ancient]], [[TrueArtIsForeign foreign]], [[TrueArtIsAngsty angsty]], or [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible incomprehensible]]. I ''do'' mean those works that manage to be universal without pandering to the LowestCommonDenominator.) * ReverseFunnyAneurysm [[/folder]] [[folder:{{LLSmoothJ}}]] * ActionGirl - What? I like girls who can fight! ** CuteBruiser ** LadyOfWar * BreakingTheFourthWall ** AsideGlance ** LeaningOnTheFourthWall ** LampshadeHanging * BuxomIsBetter - What can I say, I like girls with big boobs. * CatholicSchoolGirlsRule - I'm a sucker for this. * CharacterDevelopment - I like my characters to have actual progression, thank you. * ChivalrousPervert * CombatStilettos - Hey, they have potential to become deadly weapons! You're just not thinking far enough. * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMusicofAwesome - This is what will make me look for the soundtrack. * DarkSkinnedBlonde - The perfect woman, [=IMHO=]. And I don't mean the fake kind (You know what I'm talking about). * {{Determinator}} - There's nothing more respectable than someone who works against the odd for their goal. * {{Fanservice}} ** FanserviceWithASmile ** InnocentFanserviceGirl * FridgeBrilliance - It's awesome what you'll find in those unexpected moments. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar - Fuck you, MoralGuardians! * HighlyVisibleNinja - They have their own style! * HotBlooded - They can bring excitement to a fight. * HumongousMecha - They're just cool! * LargeHam - Can make an otherwise-dull show exciting. * MixedMarriage - I don't see why there isn't more of this, honestly.

* MsFanservice - The only ones who are annoyed with this are usually [[EstrogenBrigade the ones]] [[DoubleStandard who have no problems with the]] [[EstrogenBrigadeBait Spear Counterpart]]. * PlatonicLifePartners - ''[[{{Understatement}} Really]]'' need to see more of this, '''especially''' without the RelationshipUpgrade. * RuleofCool ** RuleofFun ** RuleOfCute ** RuleOfSexy ** RuleOfGlamorous * ShownTheirWork - Makes it more appreciative when you know this isn't just made up or an AssPull. * Stripperific: All you {{Straw Feminist}}s screaming "sexism" can [=STFU=]. Especially if [[{{Hypocrite}} you're]] [[DoubleStandard the ones who say nothing]] if it's from the guys (Hercules, He Man, etc.), especially the [[YaoiGuys Yaoi Kind]]. * ZettaiRyouiki * ThemeMusicPowerUp [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Loracarol}}]] * All of the Crowning Moments. All of them. * {{Fantopia}} * {{Loracarol}} * {{Tearjerker}} * TroperWorks/TheSharedUniverse (Got to Pimp it somehow. X3) [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Luceia}}]] * AlternateTimeline * AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield * BadassLongcoat * BadassLonghair * BeyondTheImpossible * BishonenLine * BloodKnight * BoysLove * ButForMeItWasTuesday * ChewingTheScenery * [[Main/OurElvesAreBetter Elves]] * ElegantGothicLolita * EvilLaugh * EvilMeScaresMe * FoeYay ([[Series/DoctorWho Doctor/Master]] [[Main/OneTruePairing OTP!]]) * FutureBadass * FutureMeScaresMe * GambitPileup * GirlsLove * GodIsEvil * HasTwoMommies * HamAndCheese

* HamToHamCombat * HaveWeMetYet * HoldingHands * HomosexualReproduction * HonorBeforeReason * HoYay * ImpressivePyrotechnics * IncomingHam * InLoveWithYourCarnage * InterplayOfSexAndViolence * IntertwinedFingers * KidFromTheFuture * KnightInSourArmor * LadyOfWar * '''LargeHam''' * LipstickLesbian * LivingForeverIsAwesome * MadeOfExplodium * MyFutureSelfAndMe * OneWingedAngel * OminousLatinChanting * OrgasmicCombat * PlaceBeyondTime * RageAgainstTheHeavens * RapunzelHair * SatanIsGood * SexIsViolence * StableTimeLoop * TemporalParadox (When handled in an intelligent manner. [[Main/TimeyWimeyBall Which is rare]].) * TimeCrash * TimeTravel (When done intelligently in a way that makes sense and is internally consistant.) * TheFettered * TheMcCoy * {{Ubermensch}} (When of the Fettered variety) * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic * WorldOfBadass * WorldOfHam * XanatosGambit (yet not as much as...) * XanatosRoulette * XanatosSpeedChess * YouCantFightFate (When used in time travel plotlines.) * YouGottaHaveBlueHair [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Malygos}}]] * AntiVillain: I prefer my villains complex. * Badass: Who doesn't love badassery? * BadassAbnormal: Love it, though not as much as the next two. * BadassGrandpa: Don't mess with this old guy.

* BadassNormal: Hell yeah. You use magic, I KICK YOUR ASS WITH A SWORD. * BatmanGambit: See Xanatos Gambit * TheChessmaster: Qe5. Checkmate. * ChessMotifs: Love chess. * ColonelBadass: Fuck yeah. * DeconstructedTrope: I am just that cruel of a person sometimes ^_^ * {{Determinator}}: Fuck yeah. * DiscOneFinalBoss: As long as it's executed well, it can be extremely awesome. * {{Fanservice}}: DON'T JUDGE ME. * GambitPileup: Best. Trope. Ever. * MagnificentBastard: Because epic win results. * ManipulativeBastard: Magnificent Bastard - Chessmaster = still good. * WoobieDestroyerofWorlds: Love it. I don't know why, but..I just do :) * XanatosGambit: Because it is pure win. I love it when characters are able to come up with win plans. * XanatosSpeedChess: See Xanatos Gambit, but cooler and more realistic. [[/folder]] [[folder: ManWithoutABody]] * {{Retraux}} * GeorgeLucasThrowback (Except for, oddly, ''StarWars''. It's just me, Sir Alec Guinness, and [[{{Queen}} Freddy Mercury]].) * {{Anthology}} (Particularly if there's either a lot of connectivity between stories, or a really good FramingStory) * SoBadItsGood ** {{Camp}} * GodIsGood * EverythingsBetterWithCows (Because it is.) * {{Deconstruction}} (But only a well-done one. I like art that makes me think.) * VillainProtagonist * MemeticMolester ([[TheBigLebowski Eight year-olds, Dude.]]) * SerialKiller * RaygunGothic ** {{Zeerust}} * BodyHorror * UglyCute * TheGrotesque * MagnificentBastard (Don't we all love these guys?) * EmpathicEnvironment * SnowMeansLove * CultClassic * AntiquatedLinguistics * DastardlyWhiplash (Which I see almost as a fashion plate.) * YouTubePoop * ClusterFBomb (Fuck yeah.) * SmallTownBoredom (Provided the character is allowed to leave without the author calling them [[AndThatsTerrible a bad person]].)

* UnluckyChildhoodFriend (Not in an "Isn't it sad?" way, but in a "Ha ha! Cry some more!" way. Romances between childhood friends are [[PetPeeveTrope disgusting]].) * EarnYourHappyEnding (Despite some of my other favourite tropes, I'm a sucker for idealism.) * TropeName (Because of A Reason.) * LargeHam (But only when that's how the character ''should'' be played) * JustAMachine (When it ''is''. [[/folder]] [[folder: MarkLungo]] * CastOfSnowflakes: It's good for the creators, it's better for the audience, and it's more like RealLife. * TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything[=/=]FridgeBrilliance[=/=]ShownTheirWork[= /=]ViewersAreGeniuses: It's great when creators use intelligence in writing their stories--and even better when they don't assume that ViewersAreMorons. * EarnYourHappyEnding: HappilyEverAfter can be implausible and {{Glurge}}y, and I usually hate {{Downer Ending}}s. This is the perfect balance between them. * GoodFeelsGood: And why shouldn't it? ** BeingEvilSucks: The corollary to the above trope. * MultinationalTeam: Especially if the creators take care to avoid NationalStereotypes. * NerdsAreSexy: I'm one myself, after all. * StartOfDarkness: A good villain always has a convincing motivation... ** MotiveRant: ...and is able to explain it. *** ShutUpHannibal: Of course, a good hero always can always explain why the villain made the wrong choice. Forcefully, if necessary. (By which I mean a counterargument, not a punch.) * ThouShaltNotKill: A necessary trope for my favorite fictional heroes. * ZeroWingrish: Always amusing trope this is! Laughs are dependable! [[/folder]] [[folder: MetalmanJWily]] * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} -- It's what I am and if I changed my roommate would be wanting her cloudcuckoolander back. And it's almost always the endearing trait of a favorite character of mine in canon. * BadassBookworm -- I love them. I know more than one in my real life. I am one in my real life. * RuleOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * ClusterFBomb -- Something I am known for. Something I adore. * ShownTheirWork -- Because I -WILL- call you out if you don't. I'm looking at you SMeyer. * BreakTheCutie -- Because I am so horribly evil sometimes.

* MegaManning -- Do you expect a Mega Man fan to NOT have this trope as a favorite? * TakeThat * {{Tsundere}} * {{Twincest}} * RapunzelHair -- My favorite human male characters have this. Case in point [[KingOfFighters Duo Lon]]. * TookALevelInBadass -- My favorite characters often do this. [[/folder]]

[[folder: Mistermister]] * ActionGirl * AffablyEvil * AerithAndBob * TheAragorn * All the {{Badass}} tropes, but mainly ** BadassAdorable ** ColonelBadass ** BadassBookworm ** BadassGrandpa ** BadassNormal ** LittleMissBadass: Probably the one I like most out of all these. * BloodKnight * CompleteMonster: It makes it all the more enjoyable to see them come to their end. * CowardlyLion * CurbStompBattle * FantasyKitchenSink * GambitPileup: Even more '''YES.''' * GoodParents: I'm surprised at how small this trope is. * HappilyMarried: So warming. * HeroicSociopath * HotChickWithASword * HumiliationConga * MagnificentBastard * ManiacMonkeys: For some reason, I always liked seeing alien monkeys as a race of bad guys, mostly because I don't like seeing [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent reptiles used instead.]] * RatedMForManly * SchizoTech * SlapstickKnowsNoGender: I'm not sexist or anything, but it's so refreshing to see a female character as the ButtMonkey in these times. * {{Steampunk}}: YES YES '''YES.''' {{Clockpunk}} is also very good. * XanatosGambit: Yes. * XanatosRoulette: ''YES.'' * TheWorfEffect * WorldOfBadass: Oh yeah. I always make sure that whenever I make up a new world, everyone is at least able to hold themselves in a fight. * WorldOfHam [[/folder]]

[[folder: MonsterDog]] * CrowningMomentOfAwesome - Especially where regards the MythBusters. * RefugeInAudacity - I could fill a whole TroperTales page with these. * ScrewySquirrel - My inspiration and my muse. * ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill - Truly. * MoreDakka - Especially when combined with ATeamFiring. * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} - Here it is, thirty-five minutes after goobling, and nothing is furning! * BunnyEarsLawyer - I can't wait to finish my CPA education so I can be a Bunny Ears Accountant. * DeathByGenreSavviness - Because lampshades should be used for asphyxiation purposes. * GadgeteerGenius - I can't be the only one who REALLY wants to nail Lucca from ChronoTrigger, can I? * NoodleImplements - A key part of my favorite stock joke - "It's amazing what you can do with (various bizarre Noodle Implements) and too much free time." * CaughtWithYourPantsDown - My very favorite personal Troper Tale came from this trope (the one about the girl and the cheap line that worked.) [[/folder]] [[folder: MrEtaoinShrdlu]] * HungryJungle / TheLostWoods - the fact that I [[TheOtherRainforest kind of live in one]] may have something to do with this * PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad - not the trope, but works that satirize it * SadistShow / KafkaKomedy * TakeThat * WhatMeasureIsANonCute - once again, works that make fun of it * WideOpenSandbox [[/folder]] [[folder: Mr.Zimpy]] * {{Villain Protagonist}} * {{Hero Antagonist}} * {{Anti-Hero}} * {{Anti-Villain}} * {{Byronic Hero}} * {{Tragic Hero}} * {{Designated Hero}} * {{Designated Villain}} * {{Villain Song}} * {{Batman Gambit}} * {{Thanos Gambit}} * {{Xanatos Gambit}} * {{God is Evil}} * {{Satan is Good}} * {{Crapsaccarine World}} * {{Did Not Do The Research}} * {{Video Games}}

* {{Wild Mass Guessing}} * {{It Just Bugs Me}} * {{Good is not nice}} * {{Light is not evil}} * {{Dark is not evil}} * {{Nightmare Fuel}} * {{High Octane Nightmare Fuel}} * {{Affably Evil}} * {{Evilly Affable}} * {{Yangire}} * {{Yandere}} * {{Who you are in the dark}} * {{The faceless}} * {{The voiceless}} * {{The Spook}} * Just to save space, lets say the entire fucking website [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Mswordx23}}]] * AtomicFBomb * AudioErotica * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Because it's used ''everywhere'' on this site! * {{Badass}} * BadassBack * BadassLongcoat * BigDamnKiss * BigFancySword * BigFreakingGun * BigWordShout * BrickJoke: One of the best kinds of gags. * CallBack * CensorDecoy * TheChosenOne * TheCloudCuckoolanderWasRight * ColdOpen * ContinuityNod: This troper ''loves'' continuity. * CrazyAwesome * CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Of course. * CrowningMomentOfFunny: Laughing until you run out of breath is always welcome. * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: D'awwwwww. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: A show/movie is nothing without kickass music. * DeadpanSnarker * {{Determinator}} * DontSaySuchStupidThings * DopeSlap * EvilIsSexy: GuiltyPleasure * ExtremeMeleeRevenge * {{Fanservice}}: FreudWasRight indeed. * FightScene: This troper loves these

* FlatWhat: For some reason, I find them ''really'' funny. * GambitPileup * GetAHoldOfYourselfMan * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * GilliganCut * GonnaFlyNowMontage * {{Gorn}}: [[CompleteMonster ...What??]] * GoshDarnItToHeck * HelloNurse * HeroesPreferSwords * HeroicSecondWind * HesBack * HypocriticalHumor * IAmNotLeftHanded * IdiosyncraticWipes * IGotBetter * IncrediblyLamePun * {{Irony}} * IveHeardOfThatWhatIsIt * {{Jerkass}} * LampshadeHanging: All time favorite! * LesYay: [[AllMenArePerverts ...What?!]] * LogicBomb * MemeticBadass * MemeticMutation * MsFanservice * {{Ninja}}: Ergo, InstantAwesomeJustAddNinja. * NinjaPirateZombieRobot * OhCrap * OrIsIt: The End...? * PrecisionFStrike * PrepareToDie * {{Pun}} * PureAwesomeness * TheReveal * {{Revenge}}: Oh, '''YES'''! * RightBehindMe * RuleOfCool * RuleOfFunny * SarcasmMode * ShipTease * ShoutOut * SpiritBomb * {{Squick}} * StealthPun * StuffBlowingUp: Who ''doesn't'' like this? * SubvertedTrope: I love these, and it gets even better when it's a DoubleSubversion. * TakeThat * TearJerker * TemptingFate * TerribleTrio: Ergo, GoldfishPoopGang, IneffectualSympatheticVillain,

and other related tropes. * TheRalphWiggum * ThisIsGonnaSuck * TimeTravel * TooDumbToLive * TooMuchInformation * TropeName: Explanation. * WhamEpisode * WhatAnIdiot * WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * ZigZaggingTrope: I love it when a trope can't decide where it wants to go. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Mullon}}]] * XanatosGambit (Who doesn't love a good complex plan) * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} (Always good for a laugh) * DeadpanSnarker (As long as they are more on the funny and less on the bitter) * CompleteMonster (Probably because of a dislike of the FreudianExcuse) * {{Stripperiffic}} (What, I'm only human) * {{Fanservice}} (See above) * EarnYourHappyEnding (I don't like the BittersweetEnding, but I want the HappyEnding to be an achievement) * TheChessmaster (As long as they're not a SmugSnake about it) * VictoriousChildhoodFriend (Since they know all about each other and have for a long time, it seems most natural to me) * GiantEnemyCrab (Usually an interesting and creepy enemy) * GenreSavvy (It's like a ShoutOut, but with the character being smart) [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Mysterynovelist}}]] * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CuteShotaroBoy * HoYay--in small amounts. * ISurrenderSuckers * NightmareFuel--sometimes; ironically enough, this troper is a total scaredy cat! * ShownTheirWork * TemptingFate * ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs * TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty * {{Tsundere}}--sometimes * WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs * WhosLaughingNow * XanatosGambit [[/folder]]

[[folder:Mystik]] * BoredWithInsanity - No clue why I like this one so much. Maybe it makes a character just seem that much more awesome... * CelibateHero - The [[UnfortunateImplication implications are certainly a whole lot better than]] GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex. It's easier to sympathize with a character who isn't a slave to their hormones. * CloudCuckooLander - I know full well of the thin line between Genius and what is percieved as insanity, and I get optimistic about people who seem absolutely crazy (not stupid). It takes [[UnderStatement a ''lot'']] to make me optimistic. * CoolOldGuy / CoolOldLady - Maybe it's because I can actually believe these characters have the intelligence and life experience to pull off whatever it is that makes them so cool. Which leads to... * GreyAndGreyMorality / BlackAndGreyMorality - A much more thought inducing scenario than BlackAndWhiteMorality. ** Particularly since one person's [[BlackAndWhiteMorality Black and White]] is another person's [[BlueAndOrangeMorality Blue and Orange]]. * ManipulativeBastard / TheChessmaster - Say what you like about the moral implications, anyone who can pull this off is frankly awesome in my book. ** MagnificentBastard takes it UpToEleven. If he is at least MorallyGrey rather than a CompleteMonster, I will love this character. * OlderAndWiser * OverprotectiveDad - As a teenage male, I canhonestly tell you that this guy's actions is usually a lot more justified than you think. * TheDumbledore * TheStoic - Can be done very, very well to make a character I envy and/or find ridiculously awesome. Though if the point is to dehumanize the character, I won't be laughing. * XanatosGambit - When it is used more deeply than the typical handwave for the villain staying ahead. ** GambitPileup - Though it is hard to pull off without seeming silly. ** XanatosSpeedChess - When used by a MagnificentBastard and done believably, this is beyond awesome. [[/folder]] [[folder: nacho47]] * GrayAndGrayMorality: I like when it isn't clear who is the bad guy and who is the hero. * DarkIsNotEvil / LightIsNotGood * VillainProtagonist * AntiHero * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: Because it is. * ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin * LargeHam * MagnificentBastard * BigDamnHeroes * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking [[/folder]] [[folder: Nasuella]] * AnimalStereotypes (Subversions and aversions, to be exact.)

* AntiVillain * BigBadassWolf * BlindIdiotTranslation * DeconstructiveParody * DoingItForTheArt * EarnYourHappyEnding * FunnyAnimal (''Especially'' if done well.) * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * IAmWhatIAm * KillerRabbit (Any animal can be dangerous/badass. Yes.) * NinjaPirateZombieRobot * OurMonstersAreDifferent * RuleOfCool / RuleOfFunny / RuleOfFun * SelfFulfillingProphecy * ShirtlessScene (I'm shameless.) * ShownTheirWork * ShutUpHannibal * SophisticatedAsHell (Love wordplay in general, but this is easily my favourite.) * VillainSong * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome [[/folder]] [[folder: ncfan]] * ActionGirl: Namely, I like these: ** BadassPrincess ** DarkActiongirl ** LadyOfWar ** NeverMessWithGranny ** PregnantBadass ** Subversions of RealWomenNeverWearDresses ** RebelliousPrincess * AntiVillain: Especially a Type IV. * BadassNormal * BattleCouple * BewareTheNiceOnes * BigDamnHeroes * BodyguardCrush: There are two examples from CodeGeass that are just so freaking ''cute''. * TheChampion: We all want one of these. * CharacterDevelopment: Don't we ''all'' love this one? * CoolOldLady * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DeadpanSnarker * DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu * EarnYourHappyEnding * EvenEvilHasStandards * FireForgedFriends * FridgeBrilliance / FridgeHorror: Because I'm twisted.

* GenreSavvy * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * HiddenDepths * HonorBeforeReason * IGotBetter: Sort of a love-hate relationship; I love it when a character I like does it. * JerkWithAHeartOfGold * KnightInShiningArmor * LargeHam * MagnificentBastard * OddFriendship * ParentalBonus * ShutUpHannibal * ThrowTheDogABone * XanatosGambit [[/folder]] [[folder: NeoSilverThorn]] * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * RuleOfCool * ThemeMusicPowerUp (''The Calling'' and ''Deja Vu'' from TheWorldEndsWithYou never fails to get me pumped.) * ScaryShinyGlasses (I swear by this trope even today. As do several members of my family.) * EducationThroughPyrotechnics (Two friends are utter pyros. As was most my sophmore chemistry class.) * TrouserSpace (Technically Vest Space for me, to the point where I've referred to the last pair of vests I've owned as "Vests of Everything.") * {{BFS}} (Because I'm not big on guns, but when I go for guns, I invoke...) * {{BFG}} (On a HumongousMecha scale, thank you.) * HumongousMecha (My obsession in life) * InstantAwesomeJustAddMecha [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Nerdspringer}}]] * ShownTheirWork * GenreSavvy * ConversationalTroping * JigsawPuzzlePlot * RuleOfFunny * MagicRealism * FantasyKitchenSink * RobotBuddy * TheMultiverse * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * FantasticRacism * CrossoverCosmology * GambitPileup * OntologicalMystery * ArtificialHuman

* TheyWalkAmongUs * AllOfTheOtherReindeer [[/folder]] [[folder: NewKidOnTheBlock]] * ActionGirl ** HotAmazon ** LadyOfWar ** LittleMissBadass ** CuteBruiser ** HotChickWithASword ** BadassPrincess ** BlackMagicianGirl ** DarkActionGirl * {{Badass}} ** BadassNormal ** BadassAdorable ** TookALevelInBadass ** BadassPreacher (Who says a pastor can't be badass?) ** BigBadassWolf ** ColonelBadass ** WorldOfBadass ** OneManArmy * SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan * GodIsGood * '''{{Adorkable}}''' * AngstWhatAngst * GoodFeelsGood * TheMessiah * IncorruptiblePurePureness * BigDamnHeroes * CreepyChild * CharacterDevelopment (Of course!) * SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan (As long as the sensitive guy isn't considered a "wimp" by the FanDumb, and the manly man isn't portrayed as a {{Jerkass}}.) * TomboyAndGirlyGirl (As long as the girly girl isn't either an obnoxious [[TheLibby Libby]] and/or bashed by the FanDumb for being feminine, and the tomboy isn't a StrawFeminist.) * PinkBoyBlueGirl * BoobsOfSteel * MsFanservice / HelloNurse (I'm a shameless bastard. XD) * GirlOnGirlIsHot / GuyOnGuyIsHot (See above.) * ShirtlessScene (Gah... StupidSexyFlanders!) * CloudCuckooLander * GenkiGirl * {{Keet}} * ThePollyanna * ChasteHero * MagnificentBastard / MagnificentBitch (They're so freaking awesome!) * AssholeVictim (I love it when the jerk gets what's coming to him / her.)

* ApologisesALot (Because I think it can be very cute.) * CampStraight (Hurray for breaking gender stereotypes!) * ShrinkingViolet (Although I ''hate'' it when the male version is portrayed as the ButtMonkey.) * CreepyChild (I've always loved creepy little kids.) * ReallySevenHundredYearsOld * VictoriousChildhoodFriend * {{Yangire}} * LargeHam * AffablyEvil * IncrediblyLamePun * RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething * '''NerdsAreSexy''' * CoolOldGuy * CoolOldLady * BadassGrandpa * NeverMessWithGranny * MamaBear * PapaWolf * {{Moe}} * EnsembleDarkhorse * TheWoobie * {{Nakama}} * TeamPet * TeamMom * TeamDad * ThePowerOfFriendship * StupidSexyFlanders (Unfortunately, [[YourMileageMayVary or thankfully]], I happen to be extremely prone to this trope...) * RealMenWearPink * RealMenLoveJesus * CutenessProximity * TookALevelInBadass * SlapstickKnowsNoGender (Down with the {{Double Standard}}s!) * AerithAndBob * SpoiledSweet * MatzoFever * LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters (Because I'm a character whore.) [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Nonexistent Troper}}]] * {{Adorkable}}: What I aim for. * PinkBoyBlueGirl: It helps that I'm not very manly myself. * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * DeadpanSnarker: As long as there's idiocy abound, then there will always be a niche for these men and women in society. * LightIsNotGood: After all, one cannot judge vice based on appearances. It's also probably because corrupt light-wielders are more likely to be... * WellIntentionedExtremist: Because very few people believe that what they're doing is wrong unless they're being forced to do it. * ActionGirl: And LadyOfWar for a change of pace.

* BadassAdorable, CuteBruiser: Aww, you're just the cutest thing- wait a second, [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu did you just punch out Cthulu!?]] * PintsizedPowerhouse: See above. * CuteShotaroBoy: A cute exterior ''and'' a fairly dignified personality? Sounds good to me. * LittleMissBadass: Blame [[{{Film/Kick-Ass}} Hit-Girl]]. * XanatosGambit: Shows that the BigBad has really done his homework. * {{Magitek}}: Magic is cool and technology is cool, so why not mix the two? * CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass * CrowningMomentOfFunny * AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield: [[DistractedByTheShiny *Is distracted by the shiny*]] * EldritchLocation, {{Bizarrchitecture}}: There's just something special about a surreal location. * QuirkyMinibossSquad (and WolfpackBoss by extension,) DualBoss: [[ThePowerofFriendship The Power]] [[{{Narm}} of]] [[SonicHeroes Teamwork]] knows no alignment. * LargeHam: I just love these guys, especially since I verge into this trope occasionally. * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: Dramatic [[MemeticMutation potato chip eating]]? '''F*** YEAH.''' * {{Deconstruction}}: Can make for some pretty interesting premises. * {{Reconstruction}}: A nice way to put a new spin on an old or cliche trope. [[/folder]]

FavoriteTropeO-R [[foldercontrol]] [[folder:{{Peanut}}]] * MarySue * TastesLikeDiabetes * RuleThirtyFour * PornStash * LargeHam * EverythingsBetterDeepFried * BreadEggsMilkSquick * BigLippedAlligatorMoment * EverythingsCuterWithKittens (weird, I'm more of a dog person) * ItJustBugsMe * SweetDreamsFuel * Oh, by the way, is this for your favorite tropes toread on TvTropes (like the list above), or the favorite tropes to see in fiction? Just let me know... I AM sorta squicked by some Rule Thirty Four stuff. [[/folder]] [[folder:PentiumMMX2]] * {{BFS}} (I like using gigantic swords in games) * BowtiesAreCool (I wish I still had my bowtie)

* CrowningMusicOfAwesome (Because everything is made better with an epic soundtrack backing it) * {{Meido}} (To me, this is the DistaffCounterpart to a bowtie; it's equally as cool) ** NinjaMaid (What's more awesome than a lady kicking ass while dressed like a maid?) * MoreDakka (Bigger guns are always better) * WholesomeCrossdresser (It's a great source of humor) [[/folder]] [[folder:PhoenixdaughterAM]] * {{Reconstruction}}: That should be a great indicator. * EarnYourHappyEnding: There must be trouble! But everything works out. * CuteShotaroBoy: ...*blush* * NiceGuy: ...are so hard to find. * WarriorTherapist: Espically the 'heroic' varients. * DanceOfRomance * ThePhoenix * OurMermaidsAreDifferent ** MermaidProblem: A mystery! Theory, even they don't know and it's an event when couples figure it out. * HiddenDepths * HeroicBSOD: Best paired with... * GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Rounded out with... * HesBack * SayMyName: [[GuiltyPleasures An indulgence]]. Speaking of which... * LargeHam * HeadbuttOfLove [[/folder]] [[folder:PhoenixFire]] * {{Antihero}} * BadassAbnormal * BadassLongcoat: Probably obvious from [[DGrayMan some]] [[FullmetalAlchemist of my]] [[DarkerThanBlack favorite]] [[TheDresdenFiles series]]... * BlessedWithSuck * DarkIsNotEvil * DeadpanSnarker * DisabilitySuperpower * ElementalPowers * GenreSavvy * GreyAndGrayMorality / BlackAndGrayMorality * GuileHero * HeartIsAnAwesomePower * LethalHarmlessPowers * MagicAIsMagicA * MundaneUtility * SophisticatedAsHell: Probably because ''I'' talk like that. * TheStoic and StoicWoobie [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{Pinata}}]] * {{Badass}} (of any variety, but preferably female as you'll see below) * ActionGirl * CuteBruiser * LadyOfWar * AntiHero * AntiVillain * AssholeVictim * BlackAndGrayMorality (noticing another pattern...) * DeathByIrony * DisproportionateRetribution * ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill * {{Fanservice}} * FanserviceWithASmile * HadakaApron * PlayboyBunny * GoGoEnslavement * CatholicSchoolgirlsRule * {{Gainaxing}} * AbsoluteCleavage * {{Stripperiffic}} * AnythingThatMoves * MyGirlIsASlut * LesYay * SchoolgirlLesbians * LipstickLesbians * PaleSkinnedBrunette (This, to me, is the embodiment of physical perfection.) * ContemptibleCover * AnyoneCanDie * AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs * TheDeterminator * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * BloodyHilarious * HighOctaneNightmareFuel * {{Squick}} (yes, really) [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Praetyre}}]] * CompleteMonster (Rather ironically) * SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfFunny * SugarWiki/CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DepravedBisexual * DepravedHomosexual * JigsawPlot (Love it, for all the reasons mentioned in the article) * MagnificentBastard * MillionMookMarch * MonsterClown * MythArc (I like series with overall plans, rather than alternating

adventures) * RiskStyleMap * RuleOfFun (I generally love one of two approaches when it comes to realism. One is it make it a strong case of ShownTheirWork and effectively create an extrapolation or simulation of what you are depicting, the other is to go all out silly (such as the physics of {{Fallout}} or TeamFortress2.) * ShownTheirWork * SissyVillain * TheSummation (I like seeing all these plot threads come together in a spectacular fashion. It's like setting up a great firework show- the payoff is after you set them all, and carefully) * XanatosGambit (I love complicated, intricate plots that take us places to places and are planned with great precision by a great mastermind) * XanatosRoulette (Ditto) * VillainousCrossdresser (Because it's ''[[RuleOfFunny funny]]'', dang it) [[/folder]] [[folder: Premonition45]] * ALittleSomethingWeCallRockAndRoll: When done well, like in ''BackToTheFuture''. * AirInAGString: Speaking as a violist, I've known lots of awesome girls in orchestra. * AlasPoorVillain / AntagonistInMourning * AndTheAdventureContinues * AntiVillain ** PunchClockVillain ** WellIntentionedExtremist ** WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds * BadassBookworm / GeniusBruiser * BewareTheNiceOnes * BigDamnHeroes * BreakTheHaughty * [[ThisIndexWillBeImportantLater Chekhov's Index]] * CelibateHero: A man doesn't have to be a casanova to be badass. * ChewingTheScenery: When done well. * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMusicOfAwesome ** EpicRiff * EarnYourHappyEnding * EnemyMine * EvenEvilHasStandards * FanService / FetishFuel ** GoGoEnslavement: Two words: [[ReturnOfTheJedi Slave Leia]]. * FridgeBrilliance * FriendlyEnemy * GadgeteerGenius * GeniusBonus

* HeartwarmingInHindsight * HilariousInHindsight * HonorBeforeReason * LetsGetDangerous * MagnificentBastard * MamaBear / PapaWolf * NeutralGood: My favorite Good alignment. * TheObiWan ** ObiWanMoment * PatrickStewartSpeech * ThePowerOfLove * RousseauWasRight * SceneryPorn * ShownTheirWork * ShutUpHannibal * StepfordSmiler * TearJerker * ThrowTheDogABone: It's good to see unlucky characters get a break. * TookALevelInBadass * UnpopularPopularCharacter * VisualEffectsOfAwesome * WhatTheHellHero: If the hero's acting unheroically, let him know! * TheWoobie ** IronWoobie ** WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: I know [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment I listed it twice]]. That's because [[BlazingSaddles I like it]]. * WorthyOpponent [[/folder]] [[folder:PrivatePrinny]] Well, not everything is bad, here is a list of the tropes I like! * ActionGirl: Except when the woman is a shallow misandrist, of course. * ActionSurvivor: A normal person able to survive catastrophes and bad situations is better than a superpowered badass. * AffablyEvil: Being a villain and also polite and charismatic are not opposites. * BumblingDad: Well, I find these very adorable and funny, of course, when they are not treated like crap and they have a good heart inside. When he is used to show us how cool and intelligent is the mother, I puke on it. Examples of likeable [[BumblingDad bumbling dads]] are [[FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]] and [[TheSimpsons Homer Simpson]] before their massive {{Flanderization}}. * CombatMedic: I´m really tired of fragile healing females. * CompleteMonster: I really love this type of characters, of course, if they are well written, are fearsome, repulsive, merciless and cause [[EvenEvilHasStandards horror from other pussy villains]] Also, I really like complete monsters when they are people who looks innocent and delicate, but are ruthless and rotten in the inside. Bonus points also, if the atrocious villain is female and subverts [[CloserToEarth Closer To Earth]], [[HighHeelFaceTurn High Heel Face Turn]] and other

stupid tropes about the inherent goodness of women. I salute you, [[DarkStalkers Bulleta/BBHood]]! * DarkActionGirl: I prefer them over the heroic ones, because I love aggresive action heroines. I also love EVIL villainesses who are not slaves of the HighHeelFaceTurn. * DeadBabyComedy: To me, the best type of comedy, far better than shitty sitcoms (unless the sitcom in question is a DeadBabyComedy, like FamilyGuy), because, to me, this comedy shows us the hypocresy of our society, that tell us it´s okay to laugh at [[AcceptableTargets some people]] but it´s not to do this to [[UnacceptableTargets another people]]. Also, I love to see politically incorrect things being mocked, and shows like [[SouthPark South Park]] are my favorites. * EarnYourHappyEnding: Instead of whining about how hard and unfair life is, fight for your believings and don´t give up. This is far more realistic than tropes like [[DownerEnding Downer Ending]], [[ShootTheShaggyDog Shoot The Saggy Dog]] and relatives. * EldritchAbomination: I´m a fan of abominations from the uncanny abyss who mock nature and cause terror in humanity´s heart. * EverythingIsBetterWithPenguins: Well, as you can see if you read my nick, I love penguins... * FaceHeelTurn: This can provide a great conflict among heroes. * FromNobodyToNightmare: One of the better villain sources. * GoodBadGirl: Every trope subverting the idiotic [[AllWomenArePrudes All Women Are Prudes]] is welcomed in my house, but this is one of my personal favorite, because it´s very realistic and shows than a woman who likes sex is not a nazi. * GroinAttack: When the man in question is a complete dick, it´s very satisfying to see his balls getting crushed. Too bad this trope is generally used with the wrong guys. * HeelFaceTurn and HelpFaceTurn: When they are well written, are believable and the character in question are really a good person, but he/she is just misguided (for example, when the character are the son of the bad guy or really thinks the villain have a good goal), or is really remorseful for his acts (and don´t try to justify their behaviour with a ridiculous excuse) or is a [[PunchClockVillain Punch Clock Villain]]. When it´s this way, the redeemed guy or gal is a wonderful example of [[CharacterDevelopment Character Development]] bonus points if he or she make something awesome in form of an [[HeroicSacrifice Heroic Sacrifice]] or something else. On the other hand, don´t expect me rooting about someone going to the side of good if he was a [[CompleteMonster Complete Monster]] or a monumental son of a bitch and the good guys just forgive him. This a gigantic [[DethroningMomentOfSuck Dethroning Moment of Suck]] to me, and yes, [[HighHeelFaceTurn females are included]]. * HighOctaneNightmareFuel: I´m a fan of survival horror games. * JerkWithAHeartOfGold: One of the best forms of [[CharacterDevelopment Character Development]] in my opinion. * LadyOfWar: One of my favorites, women that can fight and also are elegant and refined will surely gain my heart. * LittleMissBadass: Because a little girl who can kick your ass and laughs at you in the process is very, very cool. * MascotMook: I really like [[SuperMarioBros goombas]], [[MegaMan

mets]], [[DragonQuest slimes]], [[FinalFantasy tonberrys]]...they are very cute and charismatic. * MookFaceTurn: Yes, most of the time, mooks are just people and you can just talking instead of ramming with a sword yelling like a moron. * PluckyGirl: Because I like brave and determined heroines, so very much, this is also one of the best things to do with a [[TheChick Non Action Girl]]. Among these are my favorite girls, like [[FairyTail Lucy]]. * PuzzleBoss: One of the reasons I like videogames like [[TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]] and {{Metroid}} * ThatOneBoss: Because they give me an absolute epic fight and I feel incredibly good when I beat them. Of course, when defeating the boss in question is more about strategy and skills than [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard cheating]] * ThePollyanna: A really admirable type of character, one of the reasons I love [[SouthPark Butters]] especially in the Raisins episode. And don´t forget [[ElfenLied Nana]], one of the most amazing pollyannas ever created. * ShutUpHannibal: When someone has guts to counter TheReasonYouSuckSpeech gave by an asshole, humiliating him or her in the process, it´s just a CrowningMomentOfAwesome to me. * SlapstickKnowsNoGender: Yes, I find funny (very funny) when girls are hit and [[BeautyIsNeverTarnished their beauty IS tarnished]] because I´m sick of guys getting slapsticky beaten whereas women are free from it during decades, call me a CompleteMonster if you want, [[CardCarryingVillain I will be proud]] * StrangeGirl: I prefer this type of female characters far more than our cliched CloserToEarth TokenMinority superwomen, thank you. * WhosLaughingNow: It´s also absolute amazing to see a [[ButtMonkey Butt Monkey]] beating the crap of his tormentors. * TheWoobie: To the point that I´m waiting for bad things to happen to the character to feel sorry about him or her. Dood! [[/folder]] [[folder:{{PurePurity}}]] * Main/{{Incorruptible Pure Pureness}}: I like very pure-hearted characters because they shows us how to stand up for what is right and good at all times. * Main/{{Virgin Power}} * Main/{{Mary Suetopia}} * Main/{{Princess Curls}} * Main/{{Ojou}} * Main/{{Mystical Waif}} * Main/{{Yamato Nadeshiko}}:Polite, modest, and feminine characters are a joy to see. * Main/{{Spoiled Sweet}}: Although these characters may be a bit prissy, a lot of them tend to be sweet. When these characters are well-developed, there is a good balance of flaws and virtues. * Main/{{Purity Sue}} * Main/{{Mary Sue}}

* Main/{{The Chick}} * Main/{{Actual Pacifist}} * Main/{{Moe}} * Main/{{Princess Classic}} * Main/{{The Ingenue}}: Naive characters make me smile. * Main/{{Shrinking Violet}}: As a Main/{{shrinking violet}} myself, I like seeing these characters because I can relate to them very well. * Main/{{The Power of Love}}: Love is very powerfull, meaningful, and beautiful. * Main/{{The Woobie}}: They tend to make me sympathetic towards them. * Main/{{Be Yourself}}: Because people are constantly expected to be everything but themselves. [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Rainbow}}]] * TheStoic (especially female) * SchoolgirlLesbians * EdibleThemeNaming * AerithAndBob * CuteBruiser * DarkIsNotEvil and LightIsNotGood * ForeheadOfDoom * MultinationalTeam * StellarName * WholesomeCrossdresser * TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse * StereotypeFlip * AwesomeMcCoolname * FunetikAksent (I like reading characters that have obvious accents, or even if it just says that a character has a thick accent. The use of this trope in the ExcelSaga manga is what makes me squeal over Sumiyoshi and his little sister.) * EverythingsBetterWithRainbows * EverythingsBetterWithSparkles * EmotionlessGirl * KidHero (I don't care if it's unrealistic, I like stories about kids who save the world, especially magical girls.) [[/folder]] [[folder: ARandomSerf]] * CrossesTheLineTwice * Crowning Yadda Yadda Yadda * EvilLaugh * EvilSoundsDeep * GettingCrapPastTheRadar * LargeHam: Specifically, when applied to villainy and villainous music. It's just so...[[EvilTastesGood delicious.]] * NothingIsScarier: When done right, it really is. * OhCrap * OminousFog * OminousLatinChanting * OminousPipeOrgan

* RuleOfFun * VideoGameCrueltyPotential * VillainSong * VoiceOfTheLegion * WhamLine, especially when it elicits an OhCrap reaction * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Reimu}}]] * AcceptableBreaksFromReality, and [[RuleOfIndex other related tropes.]] * AddedAlliterativeAppeal ([[AtopTheFourthWall I love alliteration.]]) * BadassNormal (oh so much) * BeautifulVoid * ButterflyOfDeathAndRebirth * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * ElegantGothicLolita * EpilepticTrees * FetishFuel (well, duh.) ** DressedToKill ** GeekyTurnOn ** {{Meganekko}} * FridgeBrilliance * HeartIsAnAwesomePower * JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind * TheLibraryOfBabel * LittleMissSnarker * {{Magitek}} * MindScrew * SceneryPorn * ShoutOut * StuffBlowingUp * WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs [[/folder]] [[folder: RitiTroll]] * ActorAllusion: When done well. It can be worse than MemeticMolester if it isn't. * DopplegangerCrossover: Again, when done well. Which I haven't seen much of. * Come to think of it, a lot of my favorite tropes are based on them being done well. [[/folder]] [[folder:RobinZimm]] * AbandonedArea and subtropes * ActionSurvivor (''so'' much) * AwesomenessByAnalysis * BadassNormal (see above) * IncorruptiblePurePureness[=/=]HonorBeforeReason ** TheCape ** KnightInShiningArmor

** KnightInSourArmor ** TheLastDJ * ClosedCircle * EarnYourHappyEnding * EverybodyLives * FirstContact * IndyPloy * LateToTheParty * MundaneUtility * TheOner * OntologicalMystery * OverlyNarrowSuperlative * UnaccustomedAsIAmToPublicSpeaking * VirtualPaperDoll * WhatDidIDoLastNight * WhatYouAreInTheDark [[/folder]] [[folder: Rosebud64]] * {{Bishonen}}: I have a thing for pretty boys. * IJustWantToBeSpecial: This trope ''totally'' applies to me, and its nice to know I'm not alone. * TheHighQueen: Beautiful, smart, ''and'' powerful? Yes, please! ** LadyOfWar: Same as above, but can kick ass. ** HotAmazon: When the LadyOfWar-or really, any ActionGirl will do-is attractive ''because'' she's {{badass}}. * WishFulfillment: Goes without saying, really. [[/folder]]

FavoriteTropeS-T [[foldercontrol]] [[folder: SapphireFlame]] * Badass * CrowningMomentOfAwesome and its subtropes ** CrowningMusicOfAwesome- Because you can't rock out to the OTHER type of [=CMoA=] ** CrowningMomentOfX, in general, actually * DeadpanSnarker- Probably because they remind me of myself * EarnYourHappyEnding- I personally think that this is probably ''the'' most satisfying type of ending of all. * FetishFuel- Yes please * GagDub and GagSub * GeniusBonus- I'm unfortunately lacking in higher level education (hey, I'm young) so ViewersAreGeniuses just confuses me, but I ''do'' like it when someone at least acknowledges that some viewers aren't morons. * '''LargeHam''' * MagnificentBastard- Even while I'm hating their guts... I'm still impressed with them. * OhCrap- This ''never'' gets old. Ever. I dare someone to prove me

wrong. * RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap- I've always admired writers who don't take the [[PutOnABus easy way out]] and work towards making their characters likable. * RuleOfCool- [[LaserBlade Laser Swords]]? {{BFG}}s? [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Galaxy-sized Mecha with massive drills]]? Yes please. * ScrewYouElves- It's just so satisfying to see someone say "up yours" to the Mary Sue race. * SuperweaponSurprise- Particularly Types 1 and 3, since it tends to lead to [[OhCrap another trope I like]] * TheToblerone- We need more of these, really. * TooDumbToLive- When played for comedy. * XanatosGambit- I admire anyone who manages to do something this clever [[/folder]] [[folder: SaraJaye]] * BoisterousBruiser * Crowning Moment of anything * LadyOfWar. Perfect mixture of badassery and femininity. * LampshadeHanging. Always good for a laugh! * {{Shorttank}} * GentleGiant. A lot of my favorite male characters are these. * TeamMom and TeamDad * EverythingsCuterWithKittens. Because it's true. :P * PokeThePoodle. Something about a nice person trying to be evil and failing tends to be hilarious. * HoYay and LesYay, but not to the point where HetIsEw. * BreakTheHaughty if it's done well * AnyoneRememberPogs. I'm a sucker for campy nostalgia! * ThePowerOfFriendship. Because I am a sap. * SpaceWhaleAesop. Bonus points it [[SouthPark it actually involves a whale going into space.]] * SpoofAesop, because they're usually hilarious. Like this one here: -->'''ORSON:''' As you can see, kids, there's a lesson to be learned from this story. -->'''ROY:''' Yeah. You don't repay money you owe, a dinosaur squishes your head. -->'''ORSON:''' That's pretty much it. * RelationshipUpgrade and by extension, VictoriousChildhoodFriend. I'm a sucker for these kinds of relationships. * RescueRomance if it's done well. * {{Nakama}}. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar. Someday I must ask these writers their secrets. * CoolOldGuy and CoolOldLady, mainly because growing up [[FamilyMatters Estelle Winslow]] was one of my favorite TV females ''ever''. * BadassGrandpa * '''LargeHam'''!!! * {{Kuudere}}

* JamesBondage if it's done well (I quite like seeing the gender roles reversed, but if the girl's ''only'' motivation in taking a level in badass is True Love and nothing else that's no better than the age-old DistressedDamsel device) * RealMenWearPink: Because manliness is not measured in eating nails for breakfast or kicking six asses per minute. * ZettaiRyouiki * CloudCuckoolander: They're just so much ''fun''! * NightmareRetardant: I dunno, I just...really like when something is too ridiculously funny to actually give me nightmares. XD * NarmCharm * IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight: Only when it's done well, though. If it's one of those "oh noes, my one true love is going RAWR and attacking me at random, I must snap her out of it with my magic kiss/cry and flail until the magic fairy godmother gives me shiny magic powers to stop him!" scenarios, I'll pass. * HilariousInHindsight: "Oh hey, this character just made a reference to rainbow-colored monkeys. * 4 years later* Hey, the star of that new show about the rainbow-colored monkeys looks familiar..." * {{Ensembles}} and CastCalculus on the whole: From a fan's standpoint, they're fun to watch. From a writer's standpoint they're fun to play with. Specific favorites are FiveManBand, FourTemperamentEnsemble and ThreeAmigos. * DanceOfRomance: Especially when accompanied by a good song. * BreakingTheFourthWall and other Fourth Wall tropes: It's just good classic fun! * StylisticSuck and its subtropes: Cause sometimes you're just in the mood for a good old HamAndCheese-fest. * SleepCute and LapPillow: Be it platonic or romantic, these never fail to make me squee and melt into a puddle of happy. * GoodIsNotDumb: Because it stomps the idea that only ~edgy~ antiheroes and villains have any brains in their heads, and that good people are stupid and gullible and easy to trick. [[/folder]] [[folder: ScionOfGrace]] * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * GuileHero * TheTrickster and associated tropes, particularly BugsBunny and ChaoticGood * ActionGirl * MagnificentBastard * All the [[BadAss Badass]] tropes, particularly BadassNormal and TookALevelInBadass * LetsGetDangerous * LivingShip * MundaneUtility * GenreSavvy * HeartIsAnAwesomePower - It totally is!

* {{Reconstruction}} * TheStoic * LargeHam - the Trope page for all the Ham tropes is guaranteed to make me smile, as are the Large Hams themselves. * EarnYourHappyEnding - It makes it that much happier. * MostWonderfulSound - So many in real life... * {{Nakama}} - I has it. * PapaWolf * MamaBear * HappilyMarried - We need more of these, dangit! * BelligerentSexualTension * WhatMeasureIsANonCute and WhatMeasureIsANonHuman when they are subverted, inverted, or averted. * CharacterDevelopment * DeadpanSnarker * DarkIsNotEvil * GoodIsNotNice - Especially when it's clear that Good is still ''good''. * HeelFaceTurn * FridgeBrilliance - I love discovering the scope of the writer's genius. * ThePowerOfLove * NoodleImplements * ThrowItIn - accidents sometimes work out better than all the planning in the world. * SceneryPorn * IntoxicationEnsues * CloudCuckooLander - I love these people. They are MadeOfWin. * CrazyAwesome * CelibateHero - I firmly believe there are way more important things in the world than sexuality. * HappyRain * {{Determinator}} - because after all, my first literary love is [[TheLordOfTheRings Sam Gamgee]]. * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking as well as BreadEggsMilkSquick - they're just funny. * LawfulEvil * XanatosGambit, XanatosSpeedChess, ThirtyGambitPileup, and... IndyPloy. [[/folder]] [[folder:SerenitySquid]] * AbsentMindedProfessor * AerithAndBob * AmazingTechnicolourPopulation * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking * AwesomeAnachronisticApparel * {{Badass}} ** BadassBeard ** BadassBookworm ** BadassDamsel

** BadassNormal ** CulturedBadass ** LittleMissBadass ** WorldOfBadass * BatDeduction * BewareTheNiceOnes * {{Bifauxnen}} * BoisterousBruiser * {{Camp}} * CardCarryingVillain * CargoShip * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * CoatHatMask * CoolOldGuy * CreepyChild * CyberCyclops * [[DidYouJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu Did You Just Have Tea With Cthulhu?]] * TheDumbledore * EldritchAbomination ** HumanoidAbomination * EmergentHuman * EverythingsBetterWithBunnies * EverythingsBetterWithLlamas * EverythingsBetterWithMotorcycles * EverythingsDeaderWithZombies * EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods * EyepatchOfPower * FawltyTowersPlot * FourTemperamentEnsemble * FracturedFairyTale * TheFrizzle * GambitPileup * GeniusBonus * GeniusBruiser * GogglesDoNothing * GoodIsNotDumb * HappyRain * HaveAGayOldTime * HoYay * {{Hellhound}} * HurricaneOfPuns * InsectoidAliens * LadyOfWar * '''''[[LargeHam LARGE HAM!!!!!!!]]''''' ** HamAndCheese ** HamToHamCombat ** WorldOfHam * TheLibraryOfBabel * LooksLikeCesare * LovecraftLite * MediumAwareness * TheMessiah

* MinoredInAsskicking * NeverMessWithGranny * NinjaPirateZombieRobot * NoFourthWall * NoodleIncident * PlanetEris * PunchClockVillain * RatedMForManly ** TestosteronePoisoning * RealMenWearPink * RenaissanceMan * {{Retraux}} * {{Rule of Cool}} * {{Rule of Funny}} * SceneryPorn * SoBadItsGood * StealthParody * StuffBlowingUp * StylisticSuck * '''''[[ThisIsSparta THIS! IS! SPARTA!]]''''' * TricksterMentor * UglyCute * UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny * VoiceOfTheLegion * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * TheWonka * YiddishAsASecondLanguage [[/folder]] [[folder: ShadowQueen]] * BadAss * DemonicPossession- I added the picture there. * GodSaveUsFromTheQueen * HighOctaneNightmareFuel- I'm always trying to get that creepy pic of the Tails Doll on there. But they say it's a meme thing. What about Notability? * VideoGame/PaperMario * WorthyOpponent- I also add the pic there. * XanatosGambit [[/folder]] [[folder: ShotgunNinja]] * AlternateCharacterInterpretation * {{Asexuality}} * CloudCuckoolander * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * FanPreferredCouple * HeroicSociopath * MisaimedFandom * ShrinkingViolet * ThemeMusicPowerup

[[/folder]] [[folder: SilverMoonDance]] * EarnYourHappyEnding: Happy endings are better when you ''work hard'' to get them. * {{Nakama}}: This one needs no explanation. * MamaBear and PapaWolf: It's nice to see parents that actually ''care'' for their kids. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar: It's fun to spot those dirty jokes and wonder how they got away with it. * [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Crowning]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Moment]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Of]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Anything]]: Everybody loves crowning moments! * VillainSong: They always have the best ones. ''Always''. * LaserGuidedKarma: It's nice to see villains get what they deserve. [[KarmaHoudini Guess which trope I absolutely despise]]. * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: It's always hilarious. * FridgeBrilliance: I just ''love'' the feeling I get when I realise how well thought-out something is. * CallingTheOldManOut: Tired of your AbusiveParents giving you hell? Don't be afraid to let them know you ''you'' feel! * WhamLine: The more shocking it is, the better. * StuffBlowingUp: It always gets a chuckle out of me. * TheDogBitesBack: Hats off to karmic retribution! * FaceDeathWithDignity: It's pretty heartwarming to see someone in peril calmly accept their fate and go through with it. * PreMortemOneLiner: Can be a CrowningMomentOfAwesome if pulled off right. * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: Who knew [[DeathNote eating a potato chip]] could be so awesome? * DeadGuyJunior: Aww! He remembered his dead father/friend/mentor/whatever! * GeniusBonus: Heck yes, [[TheWorldEndsWithYou Sho Minamimoto]] and his [[GoodWithNumbers calculus jokes]]... * RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Nice to see that the creators care about the show and actually ''listen'' to the fans. * SorryILeftTheBGMOn: It can be freaking hilarious. * EnsembleDarkhorse: Minor characters deserve some love, too! * RidiculouslyCuteCritter: I ''love'' cute animals. * LargeHam: Let's be honest here - who ''doesn't'' love hammy characters? * WhenSheSmiles: Hold it. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming I've got something in my eye]]. * ShownTheirWork: Do research when writing - it'll do you a world of good. * VideoGameCaringPotential: It's pleasant and rewarding. * VideoGameCrueltyPotential: On the other hand, torturing Sims is ''fun''. * TheWoobie: Most of my favourite characters went through a lot in their lives, what more can I say? * HolyShitQuotient: I just like going "OMGWTFBBQ" every once in a while.

* HighOctaneNightmareFuel: Sometimes, I ''love'' scaring the s**t out of myself. * EverythingsCuterWithKittens and EverythingsPreciousWithPuppies: You know it's true. * CowboyBebopAtHisComputer: Though it can be annoying, some of the mistakes are fun to laugh at. * DoingItForTheArt: I salute creators who understand that money isn't everything. * InherentlyFunnyWords: There are some words I can't say without cracking up. Which is ''great''. * SeldomSeenSpecies: I like it when smart creators avert SmallTaxonomyPools. [[/folder]] [[folder: SiriusLoveGirl]] * HoYay * EveryoneIsBi * ManlyTears * PsychoElectro * TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou * BadassBookworm * BadassLongcoat * BadassNormal (Can you tell I like badasses and badass things?) * HeterosexualLifePartners * FastballSpecial * JerkWithAHeartOfGold * NobleDemon * MeaningfulEcho * Meganekko * ItHasBeenAnHonor * Leitmotif * WorldOfCardboardSpeech [[/folder]] [[folder: SMsoldier]] * PowerofFriendship- What can I say? I am a sucker when it comes to a bonding of friends. * CrowningMomentOfAwesome, Heartwarming, and Funny- Looking at those moments brighten my day. * GettingCrapPastTheRadar- My favorite type of humor because it's like FridgeBrilliance: It's funny once you realize what it meant. The people behind the works can be crafty when they want to be! * NightmareFuel and HighOctaneNightmareFuel- I can be bit of a scaredy cat at times, but I do like to scare myself sometimes. * FridgeBrilliance and FridgeHorror- I like to realize the brilliance and horrors of different works. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * MamaBear * PapaWolf * WidgetSeries- It feels so good to watch a series that's funny and trippy at the same time. * {{Nakama}}

[[/folder]] [[folder:{{Solandra}}]] * ActionGirl * BecomingTheMask * BewareTheNiceOnes / LetsGetDangerous * BreakTheHaughty: Ahhh, karma. * Bruisers of the [[CuteBruiser cute]] and [[GeniusBruiser clever]] kind. * CharacterDevelopment * CloudCuckoolander: Probably because I'm sort of one myself. * CovertPervert * DeadpanSnarker * EarnYourHappyEnding: I agree that this is the best type of ending if pulled off well. * GenreSavvy * HappilyMarried: As long as StrangledByTheRedString doesn't come into play. * HoYay * LoveRedeems: Hey, I'm a romantic optimist at heart! * {{Kuudere}} / {{Tsundere}} / {{Yandere}} * ShownTheirWork: Self-explanatory. * StepfordSmiler: Because I am oddly ''fascinated'' by what can be concealed/waiting underneath a flawless, porcelain-perfect exterior. * TrueLoveIsExceptional: Once again, so long as StrangledByTheRedString isn't seen in the vicinity. * WellExcuseMePrincess [[/folder]] [[folder:{{SonicPanther}}]] * AxCrazy * BlackAndGrayMorality * GreyAndGrayMorality * HeterosexualLifePartners * HoYay * EveryoneIsBi * HaveAGayOldTime * TranslationTrainWreck * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * EnsembleDarkhorse * StraightGay * EpilepticTrees * ChaoticNeutral * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * BadassPacifist * SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion [[/folder]] [[folder:StardustRain]] * ActionGirl * AliensInCardiff * AlternateCharacterInterpretation

* ArcWords * BadassBookworm * BadassLongcoat * BecomingTheMask * BilingualBonus: mostly because I get the good end of it. * ButterflyOfDoom * BreatherEpisode: they can really come in handy during those emotionally intense marathons. * [[ThisIndexWillBeImportantLater Chekov's Anything]] * CerebusSyndrome (when done right, like OrderOftheStick, because I like deeper plot and CharacterDevelopment. When done wrong...you get cancercancercancer) * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * {{Cyberspace}} / {{Metaverse}}: I love the social constructions of the internet and I love media that explores the imagination and limits of it. * {{Deconstruction}} * EarnYourHappyEnding * FacingTheBulletsOneLiner * FandomNod * Hoyay / FoeYay: I like my ships mind-screwy and full of delicious tension. * FiveManBand * FunnyAneurysmMoment: I'm not masochistic, just an appreciator of irony. * GenreSavvy: it's always nice to see someone who knows what's going on. * GeniusBonus * HiddenDepths * HoistByHisOwnPetard * IronicEcho * JigsawPlot * LaResistance * LateToTheParty: figuring out what the hell happened before is half the fun. * LastStand * TheLibraryOfBabel * MagnificentBastard * MindScrew: okay, maybe I'm a little bit masochistic. * MultinationalTeam: the preciously few times when done well and avoids stereotypes. * MythArc * MyFriendsAndZoidberg * {{Nakama}} * NotSoStoic * ObfuscatingStupidity * PaintingTheFourthWall * PuttingTheBandBackTogether * SceneryPorn * ShownTheirWork * SteamPunk

* StraightGay * SlashFic * SugarApocalypse: one of my favourite webcomics is ''BreakfastOfTheGods''. * TimeTravel * TitleDrop * TookALevelInBadass * TwoLinesNoWaiting * UrbanFantasy * XanatosGambit, XanatosSpeedChess [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Starscream}}]] * DeadpanSnarker * MamaBear [[/folder]] [[folder: Stevobread]] * AffablyEvil * AlasPoorVillain * BadassNormal * BattleCouple * BigDamnHeroes * BloodKnight * BossBattle * BreatherEpisode * CrowningMomentOfAwesome/ CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DanceBattler * {{Determinator}} * EmotionlessGirl * EnsembleDarkhorse * EvilIsCool * LampshadeHanging * MagikarpPower * ObfuscatingStupidity * ShrinkingViolet * SpockSpeak * StalkerWithACrush * TheStoic * StudentTeacherRomance * TookALevelInBadass * {{Yandere}}/ {{Yangire}} [[/folder]] [[folder: StongRadd]] * ClusterFBomb - "Fuckwad" is an UnusualEuphemism for "Stupid motherfucker who can't fucking shut the fuck up for five fucking seconds". * CrowningMomentOfX in general * MindScrew - He's a mindfuck himself. * NoodleIncident ** NoodleImplements

* PrecisionFStrike * TookALevelInBadass * UnusualEuphemism * YuriFan - He might be one himself. [[/folder]] [[folder: Stoogebie]] * {{Adorkable}}: I'm totally in love with this trope! * AmbiguousGender: A MindScrew for sure, but no less fun! * AntiHero: Maybe it's their darker characterization that makes them more relatable, or the fact that DarkIsNotEvil, but either way, they make the best characters! * AntiVillain: Like the above, but it gives you a good reason to root for them! * BadassAdorable * BadassBookworm * CrackPairing: Because it's funny! * CrazyAwesome: Because normal-awesome just isn't enough! * CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Who doesn't '''''love''''' this trope!? * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Same as above! * DeadpanSnarker * FetishFuelStationAttendant: It depends on the character, but also on how you define "fetish," but I definitely like having a few! * {{Moe}}: For someone who frequently enjoys action-adventure with [[StuffBlowingUp explosions]] and {{Fight Scene}}s, I can't help but gush over a character that makes me wanna '''hug''' them!!! * MoeCouplet: When two people look so cute together, you just can't help but love it! * {{Pettanko}}: Because flat chests ''are'' sexy! ** PetitePride * ShipTease: Not an avid shipper, but I tend to do this in my fanfics here and there, if only to shake up the readers with some "ship service". Also, it lets two characters interact without them turning into an OfficialCouple. * TheSmartGuy * VitriolicBestBuds: Nothing says best friends like two people dishing out verbal abuse to each other! * TheWoobie [[/folder]] [[folder: SunnyV]] * MindScrew - I don't know why, either. * {{Tearjerker}} * JigsawPuzzlePlot * CastOfSnowflakes * GirlsWithGuns * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming - Self explanatory. * TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture * {{Cyberpunk}} - I want this genre revived so ''very'' much. * HighOctaneNightmareFuel - See MindScrew. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{TacoNinja}}]] * AdultChild * BadassAdorable * BadassNormal * BiTheWay: Bi people are awesome * BigEater * BigBadassWolf * BigDamnHeroes * BigLippedAlligatorMoment * BreadEggsMilkSquick * BreakTheCutie * BrokenBird * ChivalrousPervert * CloudCuckooLander * CrazyAwesome: The best kind of awesome * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * {{Determinator}}: My favourite show is {{One Piece}} - You can see where that one comes from. * HeroicBSOD * HoYay * EroticDream / HomoeroticDream * JerkassFacade * KubrickStare * {{Kuudere}} * MyFriendsAndZoidberg * {{Nakama}} * NoSenseOfPersonalSpace * NoHoldsBarredBeatdown * NightmareFuel * NightmareFuelStationAttendant * NinjaPirateZombieRobot: I am one myself. ^_^ * PapaWolf * RuleOfCool * RuleOfFunny * StraightGay: Please... quit it with the rainbows and limp wrists... I'm sure many people are sick of the stereotype. * ShoutOut * TakeThat * TallDarkAndBishoujo * TallDarkAndHandsome * TroubledButCute * TheWoobie: I am one. Pretty much all of my Woobie characters are based off of me. * TheLibby: Since I have dealt with them in real life I enjoy seeing them getting whooped in fiction. * UglyCute: See {{Oddworld}} to find out where my obsession began. * WorldOfHam: HAM IT UP! YOHOHOHO~! (A world made out of ham sounds mighty tasty too). * YaoiFangirl: I am one (except Yaoi sucks).

[[/folder]] [[folder:{{Tadaru}}]] * {{Angrish}} * ArsonMurderAndJaywalking * BadassBookworm * BeyondTheImpossible * BigNo * BreadEggsMilkSquick * BreakingTheFourthWall * CloudCuckooLander * CrowningMomentOfAwesome, CrowningMomentOfFunny, CrowningMusicOfAwesome * DeadpanSnarker * DrivenToSuicide: Only when it doesn't happen to him. * ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin * FMinusMinus * HundredPercentCompletion: Love/hate with this one, actually. I like games that keep track of completion, but going for it can me nuts. Especially with a certain popular series that forces you to go to events to get the Mons you need to achieve it. * KyuAndDanRanks * LargeHam * {{Meganekko}} * MetalSlime * OhCrap * OverlyLongGag: The longer, the better. * OverusedRunningGag: There just is no such thing to him. * PinballScoring: If done right (i.e. actually uses the lower digits and not just in the alternate manner of keeping some other count). * RefugeInAudacity * RuleOfFunny * SecretTestOfCharacter: Only in fiction; not in RealLife and especially not when it's done to him. * SelfDeprecation * SelfReferentialHumor: Both likes it and he can sneak it into just about anything, including this sentence. * StatGrinding * StuffBlowingUp * TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything * ToiletHumor, {{Fartillery}}, {{Gasshole}} [[/folder]] [[folder:The Tambourine Man]] Because they fit my worldview: * BeingEvilSucks * GoodFeelsGood * HeelFaceTurn * RosseauWasRight * EarnYourHappyEnding * GrumpyBear (cynicism does not make you smart) Because they tend to be funny:

* NoodleIncident * NoodleImpliments * EpicFail * LethalChef * DoorJudo Others: * YouAreNotAlone * WereSoProudOfYou * MarathonBoss * StuffBlowingUp * ThePowerOfTrust * InstantRunes * EvolvingAttack * GuileHero * ThirtyGambitPileup (particularly comedic examples) [[/folder]] [[folder: The Toon Geekette]] * AffectionateParody * AutobotsRockOut * AudioErotica * BoisterousBruiser * CloudCuckooLander * CrazyAwesome * EarnYourHappyEnding * HappilyMarried * HilariousInHindsight * ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne * LargeHam * MachiavelliWasWrong * MamaBear or PapaWolf * {{Reconstruction}} * {{Retraux}} * RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap * ShutUpHannibal * TheSongBeforeTheStorm * SophisticatedAsHell * TheUnfunny * VillainSong [[/folder]] [[folder:ThatStrangeGirl]] * DesignStudentsOrgasm: Ah yes, I have a fondness for clean and colourful art concepts. * PlatonicLifePartners: In a society where romantic is shoe horned into most media, these are a joy to find! * WhenSheSmiles ** CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: When WhenSheSmiles is combined with this, I'm sold on the series. * FridgeBrilliance: Aha-moments are awesome! * StarCrossedLovers * EarnYourHappyEnding

* BittersweetEnding * KnightInSourArmour: Yes, I have a thing for bittersweet settings and tropes... But also... * MoeAnthropomorphism: I love this trope so much! Everything can be made cool and interesting if you anthropomorph it. * HollywoodPudgy: Because most of it says "No, it's okay. You're perfectly normal the way you are." [[/folder]] [[folder:Thexare]] * GrayAndGreyMorality * WellIntentionedExtremist * AntiVillain and AntiHero * NobleDemon ** The above are for related reasons. It is very rare for me to appreciate a CompleteMonster in a work, and nearly impossible for me to write one. The way I see it, if some of my readers want the "bad" guy to win, that means I'm doing something ''right''. * PaleSkinnedBrunette * LadyOfWar ** Um... [[AuthorAppeal another related pair]]. * NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: I enjoy playing with it. [[ArsGoetia Andromalius]]? Callsign of one of the most morally rigid mercenaries in space. Thanatos? He's far more concerned with [[OurDemonsAreDifferent his kind]] than yours, but he's their ruler; it's kind of his job. But despite the fact that in general they're relatively nice, they can and will kick your ass if you give them a reason to. [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Timber}}]] * FutureMeScaresMe * FutureBadass * GenreSavvy * DeadpanSnarker - helps that she herself is one * {{Bifauxnen}} * HitlersTimeTravelExemptionAct * VetinariParadox * RefugeInAudacity * HeroicBSOD * BeyondTheImpossible - and kick reason to the curb! * EducationThroughPyrotechnics * ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill * ThirtyGambitPileup * NoodleIncident * EpilepticTrees * ScaryShinyGlasses * ThemeMusicPowerUp * LotusEaterMachine * MagnificentBastard * LargeHam * PaintingTheFourthWall / BreakingTheFourthWall / NoFourthWall

[[/folder]] [[folder:{{Tjatter}}]] * AntiVillain * AmbiguousGender * AnyoneCanDie (and to some extent KillEmAll) * {{Asexuality}} * {{Backstory}} * BadassNormal (Magic and superpowers are overrated.) ** BadassBystander * BigBadFriend * BiTheWay * BreakTheCutie (I might be a bit sadistic. Especially if it leads to BewareTheNiceOnes) * BreakTheHaughty * CharacterDevelopment * ChekhovsGun * FoeYay - Pretty much the only pairings I'm interested in shipping. Could have something to do with me being asexual and more interested in people beating each other up rather than hugging and kissing. I ship to achieve anger and awkwardness, yay! * CombatPragmatist * CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass * CrowningMomentOfAwesome (is it possible not to like that trope?) * {{Determinator}} * GreyAndGrayMorality (Good vs. Evil is overrated, too.) * HeterosexualLifePartners * JerkassWoobie * KnightTemplar * LastStand * MindScrew * NoHoldsBarredBeatdown * OntologicalMystery * PaintingTheFourthWall * ParentalBonus (Because it's awesome when re-watching childhood movies) * ScienceFiction * LateToThePunchline * UnreliableNarrator (I really wish I'll be able to pull this off succesfully as an author one day) [[/folder]] [[folder: TrickyPacifist]] * ActionGirl (when done well, obviously) * ActualPacifist (when not depicted as a [[StrawmanPolitical straw pacifist]] or killed off, which is usually the case) * AntiVillain * BadassBookworm * BadassFamily * BadassNormal * BadassPacifist (naturally) * BadassPreacher

* CasualDangerDialog * ChaoticGood * ChaoticNeutral * CharacterDevelopment * TheChessmaster * ComedyThroughSuperiorFirepower (though it'll be the death of me one of these days) * ContinuityNod * CrazyPrepared * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * CrowningMomentOfFunny * DarkIsNotEvil (damn right) * DeadpanSnarker * {{Deconstruction}} * {{Determinator}} * DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu (take ''that'' Elder Gods--or are they the good guys? Ahn, I don't care) * EarnYourHappyEnding * EverybodyLives * FacingTheBulletsOneLiner (I may go down, but I'm going to get in one last [[DeadpanSnarker smart remark]] before I do) * FridgeBrilliance * FutureBadass * GagDub (hilarious) * HandicappedBadass * HannibalLecture (particularly if it's applied by someone other than the villain or applied ''to'' the villain) * HeelFaceTurn (Especially when it ''doesn't'' involve RedemptionEqualsDeath) * HeelRealization (can be so satisfying) * HesBack * IGotBetter * IndyPloy * InsultBackfire * ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne * LadyOfWar * LaserBlade * LeaningOnTheFourthWall * LemonyNarrator (TerryPratchett is one of my favorite authors) * LoveRedeems * MagnificentBastard * TheMessiah * MythologyGag * NeutralGood * [[NiceGuy Nice Person]] * PrecisionFStrike * {{Reconstruction}} * RousseauWasRight (naturally) * SaveTheVillain played straight * ShoutOut * ShownTheirWork (when it isn't boring, anyway)

* SubvertedTrope (especially when it's a subverted cliche) * SweetDreamsFuel * ThePowerOfLove (you heard me) * ThisIsGonnaSuck (cavalier is awesome) * ThouShaltNotKill * TookALevelInBadass (so satisfying) * {{WAFF}} * XanatosGambit [[/folder]] [[folder: TromboneChild]] * HumansAreSpecial * HumansAreBastards * HardGay (those guys are ''hot'') * EveryoneIsBi * BiTheWay * DepravedBisexual (Thank you, [[{{Torchwood Captain]] [[EvilCounterpart John]] [[AnythingThatMoves Hart]].) * DepravedHomosexual * EveryoneIsGay * SlashFic * YaoiFangirl * EvenTheGuysWantHim * EvenTheGirlsWantHer * BrainyBrunette * FieryRedhead * ActionGirl * EvilCounterpart * MirrorUniverse * BunnyEarsLawyer * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * TearJerker * TheWoobie * AffectionateParody * TakeThat * DeadpanSnarker * NightmareFuel * FetishFuel * DisneyAcidSequence * PowerTrio * FiveManBand * BadAss * BadassLongcoat * BadassBookworm * AntiHero * MagnificentBastard * MusicalEpisode [[/folder]] [[folder:{{TsundeRay}}]]

* AxCrazy * BulletHell * ChallengeGamer - Specifically, meeting (particularly in RealLife) other gamers who are this. "That guy is playing ''[favorite arcade game that most players play casually]'' at a not-casual level! [[strike:[[FanHater He has no life!]]]] [[FoeYay I wanna get to know him...]]" * CharacterDevelopment * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * DeadpanSnarker * DefrostingIceQueen * TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything * [=* =]{{facepalm}}* * HarderThanHard - Sometimes, for shits and giggles, I turn up the difficulty all the way up to see what it's like. * HelloInsertNameHere - Part of the reason I'm enjoying playing ''DevilSurvivor'' right now--it adds to the immersion factor. Bonus points if the protagonist is also a HeroicMime. * IThoughtItMeant and IThoughtThatWas * KnifeNut * Exceptions to PacManFever - I've seen PacManFever played straight so often that whenever someone is accurately depicted playing a video game (particularly a real one) at a high level, I get pretty impressed. * TastesLikeDiabetes - '''HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG''' * [[{{TroperTales/PerverseSexualLust}} Troper Tales: Perverse Sexual Lust]] * UnexpectedShmupLevel * {{Unfunny}} * WeaknessTurnsHerOn * {{Yandere}} and {{Yangire}}: [[NightmareFetishist ~_^]] [[/folder]] [[folder: {{Tyrekecorrea}}]] * OhCrap * TakeThat Especially in children's media. SesameStreet got HighSchoolMusical good. * ScrewThisIndexIHaveTropes * DeadpanSnarker * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * IncrediblyLamePun * CrowningMomentOfFunny * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CallingYourAttacks * ByThePowerOfGreyskull * TheMessiah I love them so much. * ArsonMurderAndLifesaving * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome * WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs * GetAHoldOfYourselfMan * PunctuatedPounding

* ThrowItIn * SureWhyNot * HarpoDoesSomethingFunny * ThisIsSPARTA * LightIsGood * {{Determinator}} * MoralityPet [[/folder]] ----

FavoriteTropeU-Z [[foldercontrol]] [[folder:{{Umbee}}]] * HighOctaneNightmareFuel * {{Gorn}} * BedlamHouse * AIIsACrapshoot * EldritchAbomination * LesYay * HellIsThatNoise. The most reliable source of NightmareFuel out there. * EverythingsCuterWithKittens. Because it is the absolute truth. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome * MindScrew * WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic. Or at least, parodying it. Same with... * TrueArtIsIncomprehensible * DeadpanSnarker * SummersFamilyTree * ILoveTheDead * EyeScream. [[NightmareFetishist By this point, you should be noticing something.]] * SerialKiller * SoBadItsGood * HamAndCheese [[/folder]] [[folder:WeepingWillow]] * BadassPacifist * BilingualBonus * CallingTheOldManOut * CoolOldGuy and CoolOldLady * DarkIsNotEvil * EarnYourHappyEnding * FightingFromTheInside * FridgeBrilliance * GeniusBonus * GoodIsNotDumb * HeroicWillpower * HonourBeforeReason * IAmWhatIAm

* IncorruptiblePurePureness * ShownTheirWork * ThouShaltNotKill * WiseBeyondTheirYears [[/folder]]

[[folder:{{theweirdwarrior}}]] * CoolOldGuy * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * ADayInTheLimelight * HeroicBSOD * BadassInDistress * EnsembleDarkhorse * MagnificentBastard * CompleteMonster: These are the guys (and gals) where you just LIVE to see them get what's coming to them. [[KarmaHoudini Go ahead and guess which trope I absolutely despise.]] * CloudCuckooLander * FixFic (when the creator of something takes a huge misstep; don't get mad, get even!) * HighOctaneNightmareFuel * CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming * AwesomeMomentOfCrowning * XanatosSpeedChess * UnwittingPawn * ShutUpHannibal * HeelFaceTurn * FaceHeelTurn * MissingMom * TeamMom * NiceHat * FromNobodyToNightmare [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Wheezy}}]] All of these tropes can be jaw-dropping when done well: * SceneryPorn, especially in animation and VideoGames * EldritchAbomination * SoundtrackDissonance * A dash of HighOctaneNightmareFuel can liven up any series. * {{Nice Hat}}s * [[SubvertedTrope Subversions]], [[AvertedTrope aversions]], and {{Deconstruction}}s. * ShownTheirWork * SurrealHorror * SilenceIsGolden, when used in moderation. Not to mention the obvious ones, like Crowning whatever of Awesome, etc. [[/folder]]

[[folder: {{Wicked223}}]] I don't usually come across something that makes me wanna cheer. These are the things that do. * AncientConspiracy: If it's done right, and is a central part of the story, you can't go wrong with one. * ArtEvolution: Yay, the art's not ugly anymore! Drinks for everyone!! * ColonyDrop: There's nothing not awesome about dropping a friggin ''planet'' on something. * CombatPragmatist: Fighting dirty? No honor? Pshaw. * CurbStompBattle: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THE N00B GET PWNEDAhem. I especially love it when the recipient is a SmugSnake. * DidYouJustPunchOutCthulu: You did? [[BadAss Guess what you are now.]] * DoNotAdjustYourSet: The concept is very good and all, but what I love is the ''name''. It's just... wow. * EarnYourHappyEnding: It's so much more satisfying when you have dive down into despair to reach the other side. * HannibalLecture: Watching someone getting {{Mind Rape}}ed with words is just awesome. ** ShutUpHannibal: Watching said [[MindRape Mind Rapist]] getting utterly chewed out is even MORE awesome. *** WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Watching them tear themselves down while doing so is ''transcendently'' awesome. * MoralEventHorizon: What's that? I'm allowed to hate this character now? ''Excellent.'' * MythArc: I ''hate'' shows without overarching plotlines. ** ContinuityCreep: See above. Screw ContinuityLockout, it's called an episode guide, you lazy bums. * WellIntentionedExtremist: You're so much more entertaining when you have a coherent goal in mind than just KILLKILKILL. * WhamEpisode: Because I love to go [[{{HSQ}} OMGWTFBBQCHIKN]] while watching a show. [[/folder]] [[folder:WitheredRoses]] * AntiVillain * BadassBookworm * {{Bishonen}} * BunnyEarsLawyer * ChivalrousPervert * {{Cloudcuckoolander}} * CrowningMomentOfAwesome * CrowningMomentOfFunny * DeadpanSnarker * ElegantGothicLolita * HeterosexualLifePartners * HoYay * LargeHam * LastSecondWordSwap * Rule of anything * SexyBack

* ShirtlessScene * SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion * ZettaiRyouiki [[/folder]] [[folder:{{Zfish9}}]] * XanatosGambit: I love these. I love seening a plan go off without a hitch, or have a plan with many many backups to make almost any problem irrelevant. * TheChessmaster: Goes with XanatosGambit, Naturally. * GroundhogDayLoop: I have an obsession with time travel/manipulation of time. This trope is one of my favorite uses of it, when done well. * CrowningMusicOfAwesome: ...oh sorry. I was too busy listening to the music to notice that the boss killed me. * BigDamnHero: You just got to love these moments. as long as they're not [[AssPull ass pulls]]. * DeadpanSnarker: [[HilarityEnsures For teh lulz]] * BreakingTheFourthWall: once again, for teh lulz * LampshadeHanging: Hand in Hand with the previous one * GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Bonus points if it was a show I saw when I was little and I'm rewatching for the crap they snuck in. * GenreSavvy: I love it when the characters have a clue on what's happening. It's also why I dislike horror movies. No one has a [[PrecisionFStrike F*cken]] clue how to live. * BreakTheCutie: Hello [[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Higurashi!!]] * HolyShitQuotient * EnsembleDarkhorse * EarnYourHappyEnding: No fun if they're given the happy ending now, is there? * MemeticMutation [[ZeroWing All Your Memes Are Belong To Us!]] [[/folder]]

FavouritismFlipFlop * This troper has a classmate who does this ''all'' the time, and always for her teachers. We'll be doing groupwork, someone will have a suggestion and she will immediately veto it. The teacher happens to overhear and say it sounds like it could be a good idea, which leads to her "Yeah, that sounds ''awesome!'' Let's try it!" (Repeat five times daily.) ---Going back to FavouritismFlipFlop is a terrible idea! Oh, Jane thinks it's good? It's a great idea!

FearOfThunder * ThisTroper has had a dog that completely freaks out during thunderstorms, demands to be let inside and hides under the table. ** This troper has two cats - one of which is fine with thunderstorms

as long as she's indoors and dry, but the other becomes almost paralyzed with fear and usually hides under the nearest piece of furniture, shaking violently, if anything so much as sounds similar. She's a rescue cat, so we theorize something awful happened to her as a kitten to bring this on. ** This troper has a rescue cat who was originally found in a storm has no problem with thunder. The dog who has been pampered and spoiled literally his whole life has extreme freak outs and needs to be right underneath the nearest person. ** This troper's rescue dog has panic attacks in response to any loud ''bang''. Thunder, fireworks, balloons being popped... We're pretty sure this is due to some past trauma, but as his previous owner lied to the rescue shelter we'll never know exactly what. ** This Troper has these problems with her dog. ** [[{{Attackrat}} This troper]]'s rescue dog hated thunderstorms, but hated the idea of seeing his family in danger even more. Cut to one cloudy afternoon, where instead of cowering on the porch as per usual upon hearing a storm approaching, he ''herded us inside.'' This included [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming planting himself in front of my mostly-deaf grandmother, who was mowing the backyard and couldn't hear the thunder over the lawnmower, and refusing to let her continue until she realized something was wrong.]] I miss that dog. ** This troper's grandma's dog is afraid of ''wind''. ** This troper's cat used to be fine with thunder, but developed a fear of it for some reason. She crawls around almost flat on her belly and hides in the basement mewing. ** This troper knew a dog that ''gnawed through a metal cage'' to get inside because she was so terrified of thunder. If she was inside, the thunder would make her go insane and want to get ''out''. The only way her owners could get her to calm down during a storm was to freaking sedate her. ** The reason why dogs are freaked out by Thunder is because the dogs sense of hearing is much higher than a humans. Thus if they hear something that is loud to a human then it is MUCH louder to a dog, ergo. they want to hide away to somewhere quiet, unfortunately this means that since the thunder is so loud they can't escape it, so they freak out. ** This troper had a dog that was afraid of lightning and thunder because, when she belonged to my step-grandpa, lightning had set their house on fire. * This troper has a friend that has this phobia. She has her reasons though. * Subversion:For whatever reason I woke up in my parents bed next to my brother (get your mind out of the gutter). I was woken up by the thunder, and but surprised to see my brother, but he thought I was woken up and frightend by the thunder. * This troper is scared spitless by thunderstorms. The lightnig is awesome, but the thunder is so loud and painful on her ears that she's come to cringe at the mere mention of tunderstorms. Even as a teenager, she was brought to tears at the roar of thunder. * I'm pretty sure I got my phobia at age 10 when my friend was showing how to get from my house to hers... and she took off at the first

boom, almost too fast for me to follow. Of course, this happened in an area I wasn't familiar with. * This troper tried to condition a gf out of fear of thunderstorms, but she was terrorized of them, trembling the entire time, whimpering and startling at every flash or thunderclap. And it made no sense; she grew up in a major city with tall buildings and taller lightning rods to guarantee protection. I grew up in open desert plains and I've always gotten a thrill out of thunderstorms since I was a toddler. But I didn't make much progress with her phobia, the best I could do was keep her intermittently distracted until the storms passed. * This troper has been struck by lightning. Twice. First time hurt like a bitch, but the second was kinda fun. ** You are made of freakin win. * This troper, as a young kid, used to be absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. Growing up and experiencing a few big ones while coming through completely unharmed has conditioned him to the point where he looks forward to them. * My fourteen year old sister, who is otherwise mostly reasonable, is deathly afraid of thunder. I keep telling her to grow up, but she still freaks out. She ''has'' gotten better lately, though. * Subverted in this case, this troper LOVES lightning and thunder, and literally {{facepalm}}s at the fact that her sister is fine with lightning, but terrified of thunder. Really? One you can hear, the other makes you the main dish at a barbecue. Still don't get it. * This troper is scared of lightning but not thunder. This stems from the fact that someone told her a story, when she was like 9, about people being burnt to a crisp by lightning. Thunder is more of a relieve, since it means that yet another one missed her. * [[Tropers/{{Dallenson}} This troper]] only has this fear during the night, alone, in the dark it make it acary, last night (when this edit was made) There was a storm at around 12:00 PM but the sky glowed orange a bit (From the City lights) It wasnt to scary * [[PurplePantherGirl This troper]] ''hates'' thunder. One time in class, a storm started and I leapt three feet in the air and landed on the desk. * TruthInTelevision for [[MagmarFire this twenty-year-old troper]], IN SPADES. It probably started when, a few years ago, lightning hit his house (twice or thrice) ''in the same year.'' One of those times, it was even on a clear day--sunny and everything, if he recalls correctly. * This troper is terrified of storms while in a vehicle or at home, but absolutely fascinated and thrilled by them when she's anywhere else. This might have something to do with the fact that she was struck by lightning when she was in first grade, while standing at the end of the long driveway of her house, and sitting in a car and then a bus immediately afterward. * I'm only worried for my poor computer's sake. Otherwise, it's a nice light show. * This troper used to fear thunder in his younger years. Now he only gets scared by it if it's due to a lightning strike that's really up close (like when strikes right at the house's window). * This troper is, after a stint of 2 to 4 years without a good thunder

storm, afraid of lightning. He'll probably get over it just in time for his new fear of catwalks to kick in. * This troper is afraid of thunderstorms. Not as much in the day time, but they're scarier at night. Luckily, I live in an area of Southern California that rarely gets thunderstorms. * This troper is deathly terrified of thunder. Ironic given as I don't mind lightning at all and actually think it's rather pretty. It's to the point where I'll even try to run out of a classroom during class. IN COLLEGE. * This Troper didn't think much of it, but whenever a loud clap of thunder catches her by surprise she ducks and cries. It evolved to full on phobia of thunder AND lightning when a large storm hit, the power went out, and she was left all alone with no matches for candles. Twas a dark and scary night... * This troper, for absolutely no reason ''at all.'' * [[{{Tropers/LunarDance}} This troper]] has been terrified of thunder and storms in general ever since she was little. This troper happens to live in north-central Texas. When I was a kid, one day we were put under a tornado warning while I was still in school, so they had everyone huddle up in the hallway. My mother came to pick me up from school early, and as we were walking back to the car... well, we still have debates on what exactly happened: she claims that we [[TooDumbToLive took shelter under a tree]] when lightning struck it, while I remember as it hitting a tree across the street from where we were parked. I think the whole thing kind of traumatized me, because I still get really jumpy and antsy during thunderstorms... to say nothing of what happens when the tornado sirens go off. ''That'' puts me in full-on panic attack mode. Eesh. My cat's the same way too, she runs and hides at even the tiniest rumbles of thunder. <<|TroperTales|>>

FeeFiFauxPas * A common assignment in psychology and sociology courses is to commit one of these deliberately, then write about the reactions. Usual suggestions include standing too close to someone in an elevator and sitting down to a meal and chatting with random strangers in a cafeteria. This troper ate a banana sideways, ear-of-corn style, in front of his girlfriend's parents, while said girlfriend, in on the scheme, tried desperately to not burst out laughing. * This Troper had one of those assignments, and he wore a giant Russian style hat everywhere. He got a lot of weird looks. * A drama class at this tropers college had a similar assignment. This troper decided to carry around a big black umbrella all day and only open it indoors. He also affected the following VerbalTic. ** Bell nuts Good morning how are you? Monkey trumpets ** BTW, nobody caught on that I wasn't in the class. * This troper does it all the time by accident. He also has some strange fashion choices, including wearing goggles (only when he thinks he'll get away with it) and wearing a tatty old denim jacket

(which he's repaired himself in places) along with a blue waistcoat (because it has so many pockets). * While at a religious friend's house, I started in on my food, as it looked delicious. I complemented the chef, and received many, many horrified looks from her family, as I had eaten without saying grace. I just about crawled under the table, I was so embarrassed. ** And thus why religious families annoy [[MalachiteDragon this troper]] to no end. It's food. If you wait, it's gonna get cold. You can pray to your money-grubbing invisible man in the sky if you wantI'm takin' care of more worldly concerns first. *** Your blatant disrespect of family tradition and religious beliefs is very telling as to the nature of your character. **** (Not the same troper as above) So is [[TakeThat your criticism.]] And, yes, [[{{Jerkass}} mine,]] before anyone can counter. *** It takes less then half a minute to say grace. I'm not exactly religious myself, but geez. Show a little respect. *** To be fair, not every religious family says grace. The family had no * real* justification to be all that mortified if they had not informed that troper of that custom. Alternately, they could have taken it upon themself to say grace first. Incidentally, this troper agrees with MalachiteDragon on the food getting cold thing; he was once asked if he wanted to say grace, to which he declined, and cracked a joke of the food-getting-cold nature. This actually subverts the trope, believe it or not - he knew the family were ''just being courteous'' - he knew them to be irreligious, but they didn't know he was as well and didn't want to commit a FeeFiFauxPas themselves. *** Original Poster, here: The reason for my embarrassment had more to do with the fact I knew that the family was religious, and I forgot. We're actually both Catholic, except they're far more devout than my family. And they're lovely people, and certainly weren't trying to guilt or shame me, it was an honest error on everyone's part. We were also eating with a priest. * [[{{Odile}} I]] was eating dinner with my family when my step-mother mentioned something about her father. I can't even remember what she said about him, only that I replied with "Because he was a [[DirtyCommunists Communist]]? The table went dead silent and my stepsister got up and stormed out of the room. As it turns out, yes, it was because he was a Communist, so it wasn't entirely a FeeFiFauxPas, but that was the most awkward silence I've ever had to endure. * [[{{Phartman}} I]] spent some time working the door at a small casino, where part of my job was to greet every customer who walked in (I tolerated this because they let me carry a revolver), so what did I blurt out to the overweight black guy who walked in wearing suspenders and a red beret? "Hey, ''[[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6E1v1F7I9Fc/Rz2PvRUqEI/AAAAAAAAA6I/qv7UpUl8aZk/s400/14235__rerun_l.jpg What's Happenin']]''?" He nearly died laughing. * This troper is edgy about strangers getting into her personal space. In France, it is customary to kiss people on the cheeks, even people you met two hours ago, as a form of greeting. These two facts collided somewhat disastrously on a school trip. ** This troper had a Spanish housemate at uni a couple of years ago -

she (as all Spaniards would) insisted on introducing herself with that. Our landlord and landlady were similarly greeted when met the first time, to which the landlady commented "Well that's not how it's usually done here, but...". This troper just about managed to keep a straight face. * A friend once said "hey, long time no see" to a blind guy, and after apologizing and talking to him for a while she said "see you later" and then covered her mouth with her hand to avoid saying anything else after that. ** Interesting. I have a blind friend who uses "see" metaphors all the time because it's just the way people normally talk. She would probably have just laughed it off had that happened to her. ** In my experience, most blind people are so used to this being a normal part of speech that they aren't concerned about it, and many or most use these expressions themselves. Does tend to make the sighted people talking to them self-conscious about it, though, which is probably a good thing. ** People who live with disabilities for a while generally don't care when you bring it up. In American Sign Language, the sign for "I heard" (as in, "someone told me") is to point to your ear. * A friend once related a story about how he was absentminded in a supermarket when a woman with a baby stroller walked by and without thinking he said 'wow, what an ugly baby'. How hilarious. * This troper had a friend who was trying to hook up with this girl he was working with. She mentioned that her dad was a teacher at his school(and mine was well) and asked what he thought of the school. My friend answers rather casually until it came to this one gym teacher who had a vendetta against him. My friend goes on an on about this teacher, how effeminate he was, how my friend thinks he's secretly gay. Keep in mind this is before he even asked who this girl's father was. Needless to say, he didn't get the girl this time. * [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} This troper]] ended up paying a bit of...ahem...an excessive compliment to a woman (we'll call her Tall Girl, because she's a bit taller than [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]]) whom he thought it was only JustFriends [[{{OlderThanTheyLook}} (possibly in her late twenties or early thirties, though she looks a bit younger than that)]] ... --> Me: I actually think that, [[{{Asexuality}} were you not interested in anything]], [[{{ThatCameOutWrong}} I'd at least consider making you my girlfriend]]... --> Tall Girl: I've never had that said to me before... --> ''Tall Girl hugs [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]]'' * '''Further:''' Perhaps she wasn't as asexual as I had assumed; the next day that I met her, she was acting a little ''too fondly towards me'' (we didn't hit it off then) - but it was a bad move, considering Tall Girl is not only a single mother ''to a severely autistic daughter'', but she also has quite a few anxiety issues as well as likely having a low self-esteem...an inversion of DamnedByFaintPraise all-around, and [[{{LookingForLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces}} possibly leading to]] [[{{PoorCommunicationKills}} severe headache and/or heartache later...]] However, she is still the sort of person whom [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] would feel very much like

[[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} being close to]] - even if her charm is more of being TheWoobie than anything else - but OverprotectiveDad and MamaBear tag-team would disagree wholeheartedly with anything such, but fortunately [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] hasn't seen her in a while. [[{{ProperlyParanoid}} But he's always wary though...]] * This Troper was making fun of The Last Airbender with a group of friends, and shouted out "BRING ME YOUR ELDERLY" (a la Slumdog!Zuko at the South Pole) just as an elderly couple walked past. Needless to say, he was mortified. * This troper came home one day in seventh grade, and her mother asked her what she was doing in Home Ec. This troper replied that she was learning about young children and caring for them. Her mother jokingly asked if she learned about spanking them, which this troper misheard as "shaking". She wasn't paying very good attention in class that day, and thought that SIDS had something to do with Shaken Baby Syndrome. That led to SIDS being brought up and the discovery that her mother's twin brother had died of SIDS. Cue end of jokes and beginning of awkward silence. * This troper recently ate in a school canteen with a number of friends. Having a habit of wrapping his leg tightly around the table leg when eating, he was mortified to find that he had wrapped his leg around A leg, but it was that of his limerent object, not of the table. * This troper stumbles into them now and then, but one in particular that came to mind happened in High School. While waiting for the class to start, I turned to a friend of mine and asked if he wanted to play a quick game of chess. To which he said sure. Now, knowing that White always goes first in Chess and not everyone else knows that, I tended to try to claim it at the beginning and did so with my standard "I'll be white, you be black." Suddenly I heard the other kids in the room burst out laughing and, in the middle of putting a piece on the board, looked up at my friend who was THE ONLY BLACK KID IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL (And everyone knew it) who simply stared at me silently for a moment or two before saying "I don't want to play anymore." and walking to a seat. THEN I realized what I said. ---Go back to FeeFiFauxThumbISmellTheBloodOfAnEnglishman...I mean FeeFiFauxPas...ahem... ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FeigningIntelligence * This Troper bluffed his way to an A in AP English because he was able to make up crap that sounded intelligent. * I did better in Pre AP World History making junk up than I did when I knew what I was talking about. * Gentlemen, welcome to every day of my life. Only thing it doesn't work for is math and you can copy those answers. * This troper works with a girl who is dumb as a rock, yet constantly acts and even thinks she is much smarter than she really is. This has

lead to such memorable phrases as "tuberculosis is leprosy of the lungs." ** Well they kinda do the same thing, somewhat, a little bit... ** And the bacteria that cause the diseases are fairly closely related. Both are Mycobacterium. *** [[DumbassHasAPoint ...The hell?]] * This troper took a [[strike:crash course]] WikiWalk on StarWars, of all things, to impress a male best friend. It actually worked as long as he did most of the talking. * [[TheTallOne I]] am fairly intelligent, but there are many things I'm simply uneducated about. I tend to act like I know everything, and it's actually fairly easy to call my bluff, though few people do. I can be an InsufferableGenius, so maybe people simply don't want to deal with me being pissy. ** Likewise, I am (or so they tell me) pretty smart, but poorly educated on a shamefully wide assortment of topics. I usually try to make up for this by inferring common-sense conclusions (a.k.a. "facts") whenever discussing a topic of which I don't have formal knowledge. It works more accurately and more often than you'd think. PlayedWith, somewhat, in that I am, generally speaking, more interested in interpretation than fact. * [[SaTi1984 I]] more or less got through all the schools in my life using this technique, with varying success, but once [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome managed to get an A]] in elementary school at a history class, although I had literally no idea of what I was talking about. * ThisTroper greatest fear is that he has unconsciously been do this his whole life and that everyone he know had humouring him 'oh he thinks he is normal' sort of way. yes i have security issues, how ever did you guess? ** ...are you me in male form? I just use big words in my daily speech so I don't forget what they mean and because they sometimes have better rhythm than regular words. ** I sometimes do this because I forget the shorter words. They get stuck on the tip of my tongue. * To use this trope in Speech and Debate Extemporaeneous speaking is to survive. You have thirty minutes to research a subject and need to make a five to seven minute speech on that subject. It isn't uncommon (for me at least) to have found nothing after a half hour and know literally nothing about your subject. Try faking for five minutes straight. * This troper has come into agreement with actual students of philosophy that philosophy is the ability to talk a lot about nothing using fancy words. * This is why i always pick extremly obscure topics for topical talks. For example, when everyone had to talk about a common teenager-issue, i picked Hikkikomori. Since everyone only knows what I tell them, or some basic facts at the most, it doesn't matter if I invent some details. Please note that this technique was adopted mostly because of the jerks in my class, who enjoy asking really detailed, complicated questions to anyone holding a presentation, hoping they won't be able to answer them and thus appear uninformed.

* I got 19/20 in a debate by just knowing what two or three web pages said about nutrition. The team I was up against all got 15/20 or less... the problem is both of my partners knew nothing about the subject and hence the total mark dropped to 39/60. And we lost. This is a case of the trope not working for my partners. Which is sad, seeing as how by just ''understanding'' a little bit of my topic to be able to explain my point, I got 19/20, and "didn't even use notes" (because I made it up on the spot). Point is, it worked for me because I actually knew what the fancy words meant, but if you're dumb enough not to look up the meaning of the words you're using, you're screwed. * I am actually a fairly intelligent person (try playing me in Trivial Pursuit), but I've learned a few tricks on how to improve that image. The best way I've found time and time again is to read the Wikipedia article on the next class lecture the day before, skim it and a couple of its links and find something that would not be common knowledge. Then, day of the class, ask a question on it. "So, when you talk about the Divine Right of Kings, is it similar to the idea of the Mandate of Heaven in China?" This makes you look intelligent in a number of different ways with only having a cursory knowledge of the issue at hand. For one, it makes you look curious, which is much more liked by teachers than those who just show off; for two, it makes the teacher think you've already learned about this; for three, if you ask a question the teacher doesn't know the answer to, you look ''smarter than the teacher''. Just a warning about using this, though: It's an ''augmentation'' method, making someone with a decent amount of intelligence look like they know far more than they do, rather than a direct faking of knowledge. Trying to do this without any knowledge of the subject ''will'' make you look like an idiot. ** This is downright evil! * [[Tropers/SlvstrChung This troper]] is fairly sure his coworker does this all the time. The coworker [[TooDumbtoLive pretends he can read]]. This troper is preparing his two weeks' notice. ---This Hyper-Spaced Connection will tranport you in return to FeigningIntelligence. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FellOffTheBackOfATruck * According to my dad, this actually happened to him once when he was in junior high. He was biking home with some friends when a truck drove by and a big box fell out. Inside that box? Dozens and dozens of kitchen knives. He and his friends took them home, where his mother called the company whose name was printed on the boxes. They thanked them for reporting it and let them keep the knives, reasoning that they were probably damaged in the fall. Apparently didn't stop them from being damn high quality knives, though. To hear dad tell it, those knives lasted ''forever''. * Shipping companies often have to deal with cargo that has being damaged in some way that the customer refuses to accept it (sometimes just a torn box, a couple dented tin cans in a crate, a bolt that has

fallen off and turns up in the bottom of the box), so they turn around and sell the refused merchandise directly to their employees or members of the public "in the know" at drastically discounted prices in order to recoup cost. The reason for the "damage" may well include the box in question falling off the back of the truck. * [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} This troper]] used this phrase when someone asked a friend of hers (an [[LetsPlay LPer]]) asked him about where he got a specific game. Made hilarious by the fact that it was a free online game that happened to be on a server only the two of us knew. * In Peoria Illinois there's a store called UFS. UFS stands for Unclaimed Freight Service. Apparently it's things that were meant to be delivered but never picked up or refused. This included a surprisingly vast and cheap selection of many spirits. Upon explaining the idea behind the store, a friend became confused and asked "So, all this stuff fell off the back of a truck?" * This was apparently where much of the stuff my Uncle gave us came from. As a child I blindly believed him. * When you father runs a terminal for a shipping company you get access to a good amount of random stuff in the same way as the above UFS. When my friends would ask me where the palate full of 2 liters of coke or huge tub of plastic green army men came from I'm sure the way I matter of factly said "Nobody claimed it at pick-up" smacked of this trope. * Most stuff that "FellOffTheBackOfATruck" is either A: damaged B: refused by the receiver C: Overage (shipped too much), or D: Someone screwed up in another way. I work for a trucking company, so we'll occasionally get all sorts of interesting stuff. A whole pallet (92 cs) of Egg Nog one year (bleh), pallet of clementine oranges, potatoes, chicken, turkey. Shippers aren't perfect, and sometimes they ship too much of something, or something the customer didn't order, something the customer just doesn't want anymore (usually they got it cheaper elsewhere). Rather than pay to ship a few cases back the shipper will say screw it and write it off. * Watch out for [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_van_speaker_scam scams based around this]], in particular the speaker van scam. They tell you a line about getting extra boxes, having the boss say to get rid of them, and pretending they are [[BlatantLies high-quality being marked down heavily.]] * A friend of this troper's brother once managed to get hold of dozens of pairs of Nike trainers. Exactly ''how'' they "fell off the back of a lorry" (to use the British version of the phrase) was never established. * This troper's brother works at Target. The store got a shipment of some kind of sandwhich that was supposed to go to a Super Target. Rather than pay to ship it to the proper location, they grabbed some cookies and stuff off their own shelves and offered the employees free lunch. ---Oh, this link here? Don't worry, nothing wrong with it. It just FellOffTheBackOfATruck, that's all.

FemaleSuccessIsFamily * This troper once made a [[TheBaroness baroness]]-like character to play VampireTheRequiem whose only motivation was to have success on her own. She was a [[DiabolicalMastermind Ventrue]] childe of a male [[TheCaligula Prince]] (yeah! I know it's redundant) that only succeeded because of HIS influence and machinations. Even when she was alive she was only remembered for being daughter of her father and wife of her husband. She managed to [[SubvertedTrope subvert]] it and as the time passed by she developed [[FetishFuel dominatrix tendencies]], and not only [[IHateYouVampireDad killed her sire]] but also ascended to prince(ss). Sad thing is, she was [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity completely insane]] when that happened. Her name? [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Regina]], [[MeaningfulName of course]] * This troper got subjected to this a lot at a former job, where most of her coworkers were married women with children of varying ages. Although they were usually pleasant to troper, she was often not taken very seriously because she didn't (and in fact can't) have children. ** Interesting story, yet that's not what this trope is about. (Succes is having a family vs. Succes due to male relationships) * This seems to be my family. So far we have my Mother (never worked or owned a house, never married, Her only son is her biggest accomplishment), Grand Mother (married and cheated on, never worked, only owned a home due to her ex husband feeling guilty, her biggest accomplishments were just having two kids). My Grandfather's second wife (never owned a house, never worked, only accomplishment was two kids and was also cheated on). The only other woman is her daughter (never owned a house, not married yet, has worked before but i think is already on welfare and is nearing her late 30's). Women in my family don't seem to amount to anything. I don't think it's strictly because of this trope, but for most of them so far, that has been their only successes. * I don't know if kids watch too much tv or if this is inherent but yesterday the nine year old I babysit shouted to the boys she was playing with that she's not anyone's sister or mother or daughter. * Subverted with my mother, thankfully. She is a teacher and already worked at Petrobras, greatest Oil Company here in Brazil, I think. Not the true example of a successful woman, but she isn't to be underestimated. My cousin also seeks to subvert this, as she wishes to study and work out of country, her current aim being Japan([[ApocalypseHow Good luck]] [[DespairEventHorizon with that]], [[ItGot Worse I think...]]). Played straight, however, with my paternal grandmother. Not only she, as far as I know, never worked and stayed married with someone she didn't like for most of my father and aunt's lives(Keep in mind that my grandfather was, as far as I know, a CoolOldGuy, though some of my dad's stories reveal he wasn't a CoolAdultGuy or ReasonableAuthorityFigure), but she seems to be TheFundamentalist of this trope, her entire life revolving around cleaning her house over and over and over again, and usually travelling with her rich sister/my grandaunt(Another Subversion of

this trope) and her fancy houses when she's tired of my father([[TakeOurWordForIt Who unfortunately has to live with her and nothing more should be said about this rather unpleasant state of past events]]) and me. She's an crone of a past age and hates my mother for working out of house and generally acting to what she truly thinks. And for raising me in some other way than [[DontMakeMeTakeMyBeltOff spanking the life out of me for every perceived crime against God's Rules of Children Raising]], said crimes being trying to talk with my cousin during lunch/dinner([[SeriousBusiness Which she thinks should be all silent and blessed, much like her obsessive care for the house and other people's lives within it]]) or use the computer instead of go play with non-existing friends or just being plain different from what she was as a kid(By the way, she IDOLIZES her father, who was a successful businessman in bus travelling and, now that I think of it, might actually be a reason to double subversion of my grandaunt's success, cause she simply inherited most part of his riches, I think...). Frankly, I don't think [[DyingAlone she'll even make emotional impact when she dies]], cause that woman just killed every possibility of me seeing her as a family member worth mourning over, and I might just fake sadness and crying so my father won't get shocked and think me as CompleteMonster, though I think he WILL understand my LackOfEmpathy. [[ItGotWorse Actually, she might be an example]] [[BeyondTheImpossible were the Female couldn't succeed even in Family Regards!]] My previously mentioned aunt is well on this path too, for many flaws she gained from my grandmother. ** And now, there's my maternal grandmother, who is a polar opposite in personality to my other grandma, but I have my doubts on whether or not she plays this trope or subverts it. Right now, she's retired and all her kids are adults now. While my grandfather still works a lot, she seems to just stay on the house all day, reading or something. Still, I heard stories of her working till my uncle was born and she's a more ReasonableAuthorityFigure than my grandpa. It is more likely justified for two reasons. One: she raised my mother, uncle and adopted aunt while my grandfather worked all day, so it's not like she had much space. Two: She's an old lady, so she's not as active as she was back in the day. Still, I think she's [[CoolOldLady one hell of]] [[NeverMessWithGranny a grandmother]], who's travelled and learned a lot! [[NoodleIncident Even a thief on the refused to steal from her]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny and called her]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Lady"!]] On a similar note, there's my maternal grandaunt(Grandfather's side), who is very rich and was City Councilor once. Yep, most women in my family tend to subvert this trope. * This troper would probably count as a subversion, if it's not at least played with. True, I inherited my smarts from my dad's side, but only thanks to ''genetics''. To be honest though, my family isn't exactly "wonderful" on either side, in terms of, uh, "success," be it [[BrilliantButLazy paternally]] or [[TakeOurWordForIt maternally]]. However, I've got some of my poetry published (and won a contest with it), and I'm taking up Tae-Kwon-Do, which isn't exactly something my relatives do. Also an aspiring artist, somewhat-decent singer, and currently writing a book. ----

Sure, sure but you're a just a woman so go back to FemaleSuccessIsFamily and tell me about your dad. Man, ''he'' was awesome! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FeminineWomenCanCook * I probably am a subversion. I absolutely loath cooking. I like baking a pie or something like that, and I like eating food, but I hate cooking diners etc. I was once told by a female classmate that boys would probably not like me because of that. I laughed in her face because of this ridiculus assumption. I will find me a man that can cook and likes it, thank you... * This. This is me. I'm an Independent Successful Career Woman, and I have a grand total of about three recipes that I can pull off. (We eat out a lot.) * Inverted in my family; my mother is a rock climber with an adoration of long, challenging walks and quite manly clothing, and a dislike of dresses, fashion, and the feminine, I'm a lesbian and not of the lipstick variety, and my sister is never home so she doesn't count, and yet we all cook quite well. * On the other hand, a Canadian exchange girl described my mom as "one of those ol' fashioned moms who know how to cook". * This is me as well. I can bake potatoes and make cake and brownies from a mix. I have made passable cookies, but other than that I eat a lot of frozen things and sandwiches. * [[FreezairForALimitedTime This troper]] is a real-life subversion. While she's very tomboyish (Heck, she pretty much only hangs out in the VideoGame sections on this site), she's also a pretty good cook, and she would probably {{squee}} herself to pieces if she ever met [[GoodEats Alton Brown]]. ** Objection: this troper's a heterosexual male noncook, but would do the same thing. ** [[{{Tropers/Ventisia}} This Troper]] is pretty much this, minus the Alton Brown, haha. Also, my friend's mom, who's basically a second mom to me and a lot of other people, [[{{TheLadette}] drinks, smokes, curses like a sailor, loves anime...]] and is one of the best damn cooks I know, good enough to have been one of the top 10 chefs in Louisville before she had her car accident. * This troper is the ultimate subversion of that: she's pretty tough, she grew up on a farm and hauls bales, pulls rye, and isn't afraid to take on a boy in a fight. However, not to brag- but I am a very good cook and one of my friends once called my triple-chocolate cookies "orgasm-worthy." I also second the [[{{Squee}} Alton Brown squeeing]] of the above troper. * This troper's mother is a subversion of the Independent Successful Career Woman type. At one point in her life she was going to work in a restaurant, but academics called. * This troper is a tomboy who cleans up nice when she sets her mind to it; but she is proudly an awesome cook. She's convinced her boyfriend

to try spinach, and has had people repeatedly ask to be adopted. A few years ago, she baked cookies from Thanksgiving to Superbowl Sunday, and people would start asking for them around Labor Day. * This troper, an Independent Successful Career Woman who deals with massive computerized lighting rigs and creating her own * very* precise recipes for blood, guts, and [[TooMuchInformation anything else you can think of from horror movies]] for a living...burns microwave dinners. And this is a heartbreak to her uber-cook father-now and when I was a growing up, my dad did ALL the cooking. * This troper's mom can kick your ass and doesn't take shit from anyone, and makes some damn fine pumpkin bread. * Proud to be a subversion! This troper (Hazuki) is a "chapstick lesbian" (halfway between butch and femme) but loves cooking to an almost unhealthy degree. Luckily she's also very into health food, so the deliciousness coming out of the kitchen isn't lethal in the long run. Come the holidays, however, beware the spinach pie...even all fat-free cheeses and whole-wheat crust don't help when you can eat 3/4 of one of them yourself ;-; * If [[DarkInsanity13 this troper]] put her mind to it, she could probably be a decent cook. She's just too damn lazy to really make anything. It doesn't help that her friends think she's a LethalChef under the belief that she's out to kill everyone. * This troper is an unusual sort of subversion-rather than being butch or Successful Career Woman, she's the shy and geeky engineering student who's acing her math and science courses. She's also a pretty good cook, especially good, old-fashioned Southern food. Sometimes she thinks her friends only tolerate her for her biscuits and cornbread. * While [[{{Lockea}} this troper's]] housewife mother and {{troubled but cute}} younger sister can't cook, she and her father are both excellent chefs, most well known for inventing inexpensive family meals. Of course, since this troper is a self professed girly-girl at a male dominated engineering school, this may be a subversion, or just going along with the flow. * Subversion for [[{{Malchus}} this troper's]] family--it's the father who cooks and he also owns a restaurant business. This troper's younger brother has also become interested in baking. This troper's mother, while mostly traditionally feminine, isn't much of a cook. * This troper fixes her own bicycle and cares not for clothes, but can pretty much whip up anything with a recipe as a guide and make it delicious. She's also a total slob. Many people have commented on the irony. * Subversion for this troper. I'm proud to call myself a tomboy and I can cook up a mean steak and pot roast (better than my mom's according to my dad), and my classmates have told me that my secret recipe banana fritters are to die for. * [[{{Leradny}} This troper]] is the feminine half of an identical twin pair. She learned the basics of cooking surprisingly well (particularly in French cuisine) while her sister is indifferent at best. A twist: this troper flails around mentally whenever she has to ''say'' the names of the things she cooks and just goes to said sister for help on pronounciation. * [[{{Night}} This troper's]] girlfriend has occasionally admitted

embaressment that he is the better cook of the two. * [[{{Pichu-kun}} This]] rather [[{{Tsundere}} tomboy]][[GamerChick ish]] troper cannot cook. Though,subverted,due to the fact I've only cooked once. Chocolate cookies in her Real Meal Over,for Christmas. They turned out somewhat burnt,and it they would have been worse if her mom hadn't helped. I can most likely cook,but I'm too scared to [[ScareEmStraight try]]. * [[{{Lullabee}} This troper]] can kind of cook. I'm not up to cordon bleu standards, but I can make salmon, various pasta dishes, cookies, cakes... My younger sister, who's much more of a {{Tomboy}}, can't make a single thing from scratch and is terrified of putting things in the oven. I'd made a pie from scratch at her age. It might not spring from the fact I'm more girly than she is so much as that she's never had to do so much cooking because she's had me around to do it. * This troper's wife is an uncute tomboy. She's also a Ph.D chemist, a highly competitive runner, an elite equestrian, and chair of the Chemistry Department at our local university. Oh, and did I mention she's fit and strong enough to lift a hay bale with either hand? And yes, she is an excelent cook... but I end up doing most of the cooking because she just doesn't have the time! * In an interesting subversion, in this Troper's household her father does most of the cooking, though her mother can certainly cook (is it anything that she's a successful college professor?). Anyway, said troper and her sister are both good cooks, and obsessed with food. * I play it ''straight'' even if I'm a tomboysh lesbian and a good cook. My Latino mother and her family (three aunts and a grandmother)think that if you don't teach your girl how to cook you have failed as a family forever. So they put all their energy into making me able to bake cakes and do elaborate dishes. They suceed, and I'm glad. * Um, no, [[{{MiraShio}} I'm not the most feminine troper]] out there. But I can totally cook. * Double-subverted by [[GentleGiant my roommate's dad]], who's the most dedicated cook in her family. As such, my roommate and her mum bought him a big, shiny chef's knife as a gift. It terrified him too much for him to ever use it. Apparently, girly guys can cook, too. * [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} This troper]] is a subversion, in being an [[TheLadette adult tomboy]] who can cook just about anything (even making oven fried chicken and meatloaf for my family (not bad for a [[GranolaGirl vegan]])). My current specialty is veganizing my favorite baked goods (chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, etc.) by substituting bananas for the eggs (which works especially well in the pumpkin bread). * [[{{Clevomon}} I]] can not cook. I have been laughed at by the guys who live on my floor when I asked if you're supposed to peel the carrots before cooking them. I have been forcibly stopped by my RA when she decided that she was afraid for my safety when I was trying to chop sweet potatoes. My personality? Closer to DitzyGenius than tomboy, but the trope generally holds. I stopped wearing skirts (more because of dislike of pantyhose than anything) when I graduated high school. I'm trying to learn now, if only so that I'm not a laughingstock of my floor anymore.

** If you bought the carrots from the store, it's usually a good idea, since the sprays stores use to keep carrots fresh will make the peelings taste bitter. If you bought the carrots at the farmer's market and they HAVEN'T been sprayed, washing them off will usually do. Taste the carrot first. If it's bitter, peel. * [[JillBug This troper]] is fairly mannish and doesn't mind not being your stereotype of "feminine", but likes to see what she can whip up in the kitchen and considers herself a pretty good cook. An evening in the kitchen for her usually involves a lot of slamming plates around, kicking the oven and Gordon Ramsay-style swearing, but no one has ever told her that her efforts weren't appreciated. * My mom's cooking is mediocre at best... But my dad's an excellent cook. * [[Troper/TheToonGeekette This troper]] is somewhat of a subversion, since I usually fall somewhere in between TomboyAndGirlyGirl, yet I can cook and bake pretty damn well. It helps that pretty much ''everyone'' in my immediate family, man or woman, feminine or masculine, is a good cook. * This troper is another tomboy who can cook! On Christmas and Valentine's Day she made impeccably decorated sugar cookies, each one different from the last. She meant to for Easter but forgot. Anyway, cooking is way fun. Feminine guys, masculine guys, in between guys and feminine girls, masculine girls and in between girls should all do it and not pass it off because it's too "girly". And if you make it, you get to lick the spoon! * [[{{Mouser}} Straight example here]], or at least I like to think so. I graduated from culinary school, often cook at home, and aside from having geeky interests and not being very sentimental, am very girly. * This, tomboy, Troper is practically incapable of cooking. Her girly sister, on the other hand, is a pretty good cook. On the other hand, this Troper is the unofficial baker of the family - something her sister has trouble with. * [[{{Tropers/Katsuhagi}} I'm]] a fairly butch lesbian, but I seem to be pretty well supporting myself with my own cooking. I can also make pies and deserts pretty well. It helps that my mom and dad are both pretty good, even if dad mainly sticks to grilled cheese. * [[Tropers/IronicMouse This troper]]'s sister is a subversion. She is halfway between TomboyAndGirlyGirl and is a great cook. Her chocolate chip cookies are to ''die'' for. * This troper is a man. This troper's sister is quite the tomboy (she did long haul trucking). We can both cook very well. * Subverted for my family. My dad loves cooking, and when we're at his house, we often get to taste lots of new and exciting dishes. My mom, on the other hand, mostly seems to make the same 12-15 simple dishes over and over again. ** Also, I'm kind of tomboyish myself, but I'm great with all kinds of [[SweetTooth desserts, cookies and snacks]]. My carrot cake is pretty awesome, for example. * The women in my family are all more likely to burn food than the men. Even i barely know how to operate an oven and i have never burnt anything. I also know a 25 year old woman (straight, attractive,

girly, etc) who has never cooked a meal in her life. * Living breathing subversion here- a GirlyGirl who is a great cook...when she isn't being a CordonBleughChef with an odd love of honey and mayonaise, oftentimes together, * Main/{{This troper}} subverts this trope. I am very feminine but I lack a lot of cooking skills. I tried baking cupcakes but they got stuck to the paper foils and did not look nice but they tasted good. * This troper is considered by many to be quite tomboyish (with bits of girly traits tossed in), but I completely lack cooking skills---I can't even whip up macaroni and cheese on my own. Strangely enough, the only thing that I do know how to make are cookies and relatively simple french desserts. * Strange case with me; total girly-girl who wears nothing but dresses and loves [[AllGirlsLikePonies typically]] [[GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals "girly"]] [[AllWomenLoveShoes things]]. I also love to bake (And I'm not too bad at it, if I do say so myself), but anything that isn't from The Baking Bible and the like seems to [[GoneHorriblyWrong go]] [[LethalChef horribly]] [[EpicFail wrong]]. I think it's an experience thing; I've baked since I was a child, but I'm still slightly afraid of the combination of sausage meeting frying pan. * This Troper is definitely a subversion. The first time she was picked to provide snacks for a group, everyone was surprised that she could bake, and she has suspicions that it might be due to the whole ButchLesbian thing. Besides baking more or less perfectly (seriously; when she makes items involving fruit her mother asks her if she counted the individual pieces of fruit) This Troper can cook ratatouille, chicken, salmon, pork tenderloin, Indian and Thai curry, several Italian pasta dishes, pancakes, waffles and French toast. And makes a pretty good Caesar salad dressing. * This troper isn't very feminine but able to cook. However, she learned all her best tricks and recipes from an old boyfriend. ---Go back to Main/FeminineWomenCanCook, or to [[Main/LethalChef The Rest Of Us Can't]]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

FetishRetardant [[foldercontrol]] [[folder:Behaviors]] * When a girl, er... [[SouthPark queefs.]] I know that in some [[{{Understatement}} very]] good positions, or after vigorous fingering it can be hard to avoid * {{Tsundere}}s. I don't get how guys can get turned on by a girl being totally bitchy and telling them to get lost, what big losers they are, etc. If anything, that kind of girl would just make me feel worse about myself than I already do. ** Indeed. Acting like a bitch/idiot can turn the most beautiful woman into a hag in two seconds flat.

** [[{{Crion87}} This troper]] thoroughly agrees with the above. ** This troper would respectfully like to say that not ''all'' tsunderes are type A, and the point of a tsundere is to have more dere than tsun in order to ''not'' make her look like an abusive bitch that's being described. The people above are taking a type A tsundere to the extreme, where there is so little dere it doesn't even balance out. A tsundere's behavior is not supposed to be so incredibly harsh (let alone ''abusive'') that people lose all affection towards her. ** It's a YMMV thing, for me the type you describe crosses the line twice. *** [[MightyKombat This troper]] would like to blame recent anime exaggerating or outright misinterpreting Type A Tsunderes from "girl who's cranky and is a bit of a bitch but ultimately has a soft side" to "Psycho killer bitch who beats up on the hapless IdiotHero or ChivalrousPervert or ShrinkingViolet boyfriend for little to no reason and [[KarmaHoudini still gets away with it]], because the boy [[DoubleStandard deserves it for some contrived reason]]". In either case, I don't really like Tsunderes anyway and would mu