* This troper is named Rian.

Now she writes her name as Rianne, to avoid confusion, but some people still seem to think it's supposed to be Ryan. She is a very effective Bifauxnen. Supply teachers are regularly confused by her, especially those who have pronunciation problems. * This troper follows the Filipino convention of a very long given name and taking my mother's maiden name as a middle name. So, I have, by Western standards, [[OverlyLongName multiple middle names]]. One of them happens to be "Maria." My still-living grandpa [[HaveAGayOldTime once]] had that middle name, [[HeGotBetter but he had it changed because his parents changed their minds and never told him]]. [[EmbarrassingMiddleName]] indeed. * This troper knows a boy named Addison. Which I found particularly weird, because around the time I met him, I was writing a fanfiction story with a female OC named Addison. * This male troper's middle name is Meredith, which is very much a female name in the USA. My mother got tired of me complaining, and showed me the original Welsh meaning, which is either "Great Lord" or "King of the Sea". Being a fan of Pokemon, my middle name on Facebook is "Seaking". ---Go back to GenderBlenderName, si--, er, ma--, er, friend. ---<<|TroperTales|>>)

GenderFlip * [[StarePris This Troper]] always roleplays as a little girl whenever possible. * On ''TheSims'' 2, [[LeighSabio This Troper]] has three marriages that are somewhat gender-flipped. One is between a [[ShrinkingViolet shy]], [[{{emo}} sensitive, introspective]] guy who [[TheMcCoy always follows his heart]], and a [[TheSpock rational]] [[EmotionlessGirl near-emotionless]], somewhat [[InsufferableGenius insufferable]] {{Kuudere}} girl who is [[WaifFu physically stronger than he is]]. (All justified by the fact that she's a Vulcan AlienAmongUs). One is between a [[IWorkAlone nonsocial]], nonreligious, WeirdnessMagnet, MadScientist type woman who brings home the bacon as a bestselling novelist and who [[ReallyGetsAround used to sleep around]], and a CloserToEarth, [[NiceGuy sweet]] man who wants kids and is somewhat on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. Another is an Ugly Wife Hot Guy. * Me, last Saturday night. * This Troper all the time when he writes, tries to invert gender relations. ** Same. *** [[LockonLockon we should form an association.]] **** [[{{Bookhobbit}} Let's!]] ***** Can I join in? ****** Anyone can join! ******* Where do I sign up! ******** [[Tropers/StongRadd I would join]], but I want to know if

MemeticMutation is right behind this group. * Okay, let's hear it. What's the strangest flip you've ever done in fanfiction? ** [[DeathNote Matsuda and Ryuk]] ** [[Series/DoctorWho Turlough]] ** [[FormulaOne Michael Schumacher]]. I don't want to talk about it. ** What? Michael Schumacher? How... What... * brain implodes* At least it wasn't yaoi incest with Ralf... *** I'm demanding links to further my own insanity **** I can't. Locked comm on LiveJournal. Besides, you don't want to know about [[NaughtyTentacles the sequel]]. In my defense, it's the [[TopGear Stig's]] fault. ***** Some say you just caused his head to explode. Brb, picking brain up from floor. * I once had an idea for a fanfiction that swapped the genders of several of the Harry Potter main and important support characters. I had some interesting things planned for gender flipped Fred and George. * Some of my theater friends and I once speculated on how hilarious some plays could be if you cast the roles as gender-flipped, but left all dialog the same. * This troper find it an interesting mental exercise to do this to otherwise [[TheScrappy annoying characters]]. I can almost put up with the crap the casts pull in the end of eva by giving them a sex change. Almost. * A local production of TheDrowsyChaperone had the Man in Chair played by a woman. * I wonder what it would be like in KingdomHearts if Sora and Kairi were Gender Flipped... * I was in a production of ''AsYouLikeIt'' in which "Lord" Amiens was played by a girl, in a skirt and everything. This led to the rest of the cast nicknaming her "Amy". * [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]] in [[@/GamerFromJump my]] {{Shakespeare}} class. What ''would'' "[[{{Othello}} Othella]] and Desmond" [[hottip:*:Granted, that's rather anachronistic]] be like? * This Troper is currently doing this with all the main characters of a story she's working on. They are [[FieryRedhead Adrian]], [[{{Meganekko}} Raven]], [[GentleGiant Joshua]], [[HairTriggerTemper David]] and [[CuteShotaroBoy Aaron]]. Gender Flips are [[HeroicSociopath Adrian]], [[{{Adorkable}} Ray]], [[HugeSchoolgirl Jocelyn]], [[BlackMagicianGirl Dahlia]] and [[TokenLoli Emily]]. Since I'm trying to set up the characters in a way that toys with a few gender roles, this is a fairly good exercise. <<|TroperTales|>>

GenderNeutralWriting * A character in [[RedSavant this troper's]] original comic was intended to be female from the page I introduced her. Because of her mask, her GenderBlenderName ('Lanier', if anyone's keepin' score) and my... [[UnusualEuphemism ''impressionistic'']] style, the main problem

in keeping this a secret was keeping other characters from using pronouns. * This troper had a hard time when he wrote a story titled "It". To make the TwilightZoneTwist work, he had to be very gender neutral in regards to the titular monster, and avoided the pronoun "it" at the same time. People actually liked it once they realized what It was: [[spoiler:The "It" in the phrase "Tag, you're it".]] ** Stephen King is a troper? *** [[{{SeenItAMillionTimes}} Heard it a million times, thank you]] **** I don't think that [[spoiler:a giant inter-dimensional spider monster]] and [[spoiler: the it in "Tag you're it"]] are really the same thing. * This troper has a tendency to slip into this when writing suspense or horror. It doesn't help that even when a name is mentioned it's about a 50 percent chance it's a TomboyishName or not. Unfortunately, some of this horror transitions into sex scenes... so her beta readers occasionally experience a brief case of Slash Whiplash. ** Ugh. This (male, heterosexual) troper was a victim to Slash Whiplash not too long ago. He was over halfway into a well-written Batman Beyond fanfiction when...it revealed itself as a yaoi work. Despite attaining new levels of squick, he forced himself to finish reading the story, because yaoi aside, it was that well written. ** This troper has experienced a case of ''het'' whiplash during a particular fanfiction. I thought I was alone. * This troper once wrote a story with Death being completely gender neutral especially since Death was not in the usual {{Grim Reaper}} mode, and realized this writing is only as hard as one makes it out to be. * ThisTroper has remained gender neutral while talking to web-forums in ''self-description''. It worked, kinda, it's just that the circumlocutions to describe possession (i.e. not using "his" or "her") are the worst. The troper is sure that it pissed off half of the forum (in which case, I'm sorry). ** Same here. Although, I'm not sure that the forum has realized it yet, and just makes assumptions. ** While playing [=MMO[=RPGs=]=], ThisTroper tries to stay gender neutral when talking to players for the first time. It's a bit awkward and usually the recipient picks up on my awkward English. It gets embarrassing when I forget and guess the wrong gender (almost always calling a lady a guy.) *** You could always use [[{{Futurama}} "shkleez" or "shklers"]]. * ThisTroper has been deliberately trying to stay gender-neutral in his writings on the web when the gender of the person isn't relevant. He mostly just sticks with singular ''they''. God bless singular ''they''... ** Not to forget ''one'', as in "[[ThirdPersonPerson One could say]]..." This troper does it even when gender is relevant, which apparently makes guessing one's gender a matter of "playing the odds," to quote another. * This troper takes steps to avoid it on forums. He has often been mistaken for a girl due to his typing. ** By your continued use of proper grammar or your topics of

conversation? * This troper hates using gender-specific pronouns, and will use "they" even when others have just used he/she and the gender is completely obvious. He's not sure why (and doesn't apply this rule to himself, for some reason). * [[{{Sikon}} I]] think of myself as gender-neutral, so recently, I started, as a self-imposed challenge, to refer to myself without mentioning any gender-specific language constructs. It's actually quite hard to do in the Main/RussianLanguage, because it means (among other things) avoiding active singular past tense verbs about myself. As a result, I've started stuttering and slurring sometimes, but it nevertheless gives me strangely persistent sense of warmth and satisfaction. Even when speaking about other people, I try not to use singular third-person pronouns unless absolutely necessary. * [[LucidSeraph This Troper]] identifies as androgen, and thus tries to use gender-neutral language on the internet. It's much easier when using the first person. And failures to do so ''do'' happen. I am certain that if you try hard enough you can find a reference to my real gender on this website. Somewhere. ** You identify as a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgen masculinizing hormone]]? *** {{rutheni}}: By now, my friends probably identify me as [[CloudCuckooLander lysergic acid diethylamide]]. Moving right along... ** I believe the word you were looking for was "androgyn." * this troper dislikes unnecessary gender-specific pronouns on principle (they should be an optional specification, dammit, not an inherent feature of the language), and tends to default to "one" or "they" depending on tone, or, in desperation, the incredibly ugly "(s)he". * To write in an absolute gender neutral language, this troper just switches to Finnish. Ha! ** Seconded. Especially for this troper, as the local dialect prefers the Finnish word for "it" as the third-person pronoun. Not that the other alternative would be any less gender neutral. * Pointedly avoided by [[{{Regiment}} This Troper]], who will argue that, in just about any language, you use masculine pronouns to describe any group that is not composed solely of women. "They" is inherently plural ("Any troper can edit their favorite page" is [[GrammarNazi wrong]]- it should be "''his'' favorite page", or "''her'' favorite bage, if all tropers are female). *** This troper disagrees! Generic 'he' as the Australian educationalist (a woman) described it, is just wrong. As far back as the early 19th century Jane Austen was using 'they' as a genderneutral pronoun. Generic he seems both old-fashioned, particularly American and very offensive. When TV adverts say 'he' about even cows with udders (NZ language is becoming more Americanised with every day this constant listener to quote Dorothy Parker - 'fows up'! ** Actually, the singular "they" has a [[http://www.bartleby.com/64/C005/018.html long and respectable history]] as an English construction. It was only in the 1800s that Hellenophile grammarians attempted to force English usage to conform

to the grammatical rules of Latin, which has no similar construction. As English is grammatically a Germanic language rather than a Romantic one (even if much of its vocabulary is Romantic), this is rather a futile exercise. *** I don't want to sound snarky, but I think the adjective you are looking for is "a ''Romance'' language". (And Greek/Hellenic is not of of those.) But I agree, English is occasionally very Romantic; just read poems by Shelley or Byron. One the subject of useful pronouns, French has its genderless ''on''. *** Yes, but "on" means "one", as in "one's favourite page", which makes you sound like the Queen. **** At least in casual, Quebecois French, "on" can be used as "we," "one," "everyone," and even "they." I don't know about its usage in other contexts, though. **** This troper really digs "one's favourite page" and constructions like that. I also would like to petition to make "dude" genderneutral, despite its origins. ***** Some of this troper's female friends already use "dude" that way. ** This troper would like to humbly suggest the above troper read 'a person paper on purity in language' by douglas hofstadter. It is written from the perspective of an alternate universe where instead of having gender-defined pronouns, the have race-defined ones (whe for a white person, ble for a black person). The peace comes across as startlingly racist and clearly shows the value of the gender neutral pronoun. *** It's brilliant. ''[[http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/cs655/readings/purity.html Brilliant]]''. ''The'' deconstruction of gender-specific language. *** Alas, not so brilliant. This so-called deconstruction relies on very specific conventions (and American-centric conventions at that) in order to carry its point across. If the term 'white', for example, held no real connotations of MightyWhitey, and 'black' had no negative vibes associated with slavery, then chairwhite and firewhite might work out just fine. I'm Chinese, btw, which uses gender-neutral pronouns so I don't have a beef with it. But forcing a language to do something it shouldn't? Bad idea. *** Not to mention that you just compared noticing someone being male or female with racism. I mean, seriously, I just spent ten years undoing my programming so that I recognize that being female has value, and now people want to erase it from the very language by blending me in with the guys. *** I disagree with your claim about the America-centricity of it. I (the troper who first mentioned it) am not American and I never even realised it was. *** It seems shocking to us, but in that alternate universe, the way they use it clearly carries no connotation either way. It's unoffensive to them even if its offensive to use, and vice versa. It strikes me as a kind of clever rhetoric. * This troper exercises a variant, and usually decides his characters' sex by dice rolls. ** [[Tropers/RobinZimm This troper]] does this for hypothetical

characters in essays (although usually by flipping a coin rather than rolling a die). ** This troper also exercises this, but always asks someone else to determine whether even or odd is male or female. * Averted in [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TroperWorks/ptitle4p4s6l6zojre a story]] this troper wrote. The intention was no one knew what a specific character's gender was, but since it was in first person, the troper just had the narrator go 'fuck it, I'll just pick a gender for them.' [[spoiler: They got it wrong.]] * This troper hopes to do this with a character in a story she's planning out. It's going to be [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]], and if it manages to take off and become popular by some miracle, she'll refuse to answer any questions relating to the character's gender as she doesn't really have a plan. She wants to see the ''hell'' that will break loose over it. * This troper didn't realize she had done this until she was asked if the protagonist of the story she had written was her. (She had been picturing a middle-aged man as the protagonist, herself...) ** Same with me only flipped; I had a ''SailorMoon'' fanfic with Naru as the first-person narrator and I hadn't thought about whether or not it would be easy to pick up the narrator's gender for readers who weren't familiar with the series. * ThisTroper sometimes uses this in their work. Just to mess with people. Sometimes, they can go on and on about a character with out revealing a character's gender (if they even have one). * This troper has [[TheFundamentalist every reason]] not to come out of the closet, but doesn't feel comfortable lying about the gender of her crushes. Since gender neutrality is nearly impossible in Spanish, she uses the word "Person" as if it was pronoun. * This troper once took a Spanish test where he was asked to fill in blanks in sentences. For example, "Los chicos son _______ (thin)." would be filled in with "delgados". Then came one question where the subject's gender was not specified (it was either "I" or "you"; this troper doesn't remember), with two blanks. This troper finally assumed the subject to be male and conjugated both adjectives to the masculine form. After the tests were graded and handed back, the teacher told us, "You got full credit if both adjectives were the same gender. However, if you had one masculine and one feminine, you lost the point. You can't be both male and female; this isn't Jerry Springer." * Utterly painful for {{rutheni}}. One of his stories features a mostly-female {{hermaphrodite}} character who's [[ItMakesSenseInContext one person but pretends to be two]]. Also, he doesn't want to use neologisms. ... If anything is this painful, I'd better be deriving some pleasure from it. * This troper is writing a story where one of the characters [[SamusIsAGirl tricks both the other characters and the readers]]. Not only that, they CannotTellALie. Pussyfooting with words FTW! * [[{{Lilacheart}} This troper]] writes a lot of fanfiction, particularly for Tsubasa Chronicles, and has a hard time writing about Mokona, since it's gender neutral. Also, in her original story, she had a bird that was important to the plot who was gender neutral, but

was referred to as both a he and a she, which is actually what made it that way. * This female troper roleplays as a male character. The problem is, her friends, who also roleplay with her, know she's a girl -- it feels really awkward to be referred to as "her... him... actually, what do I call you?" and it breaks the whole narrative flow of the conversation. She's resorted to using GenderNeutralWriting, which is ''slightly less'' awkward. ** This troper tried playing as a shapeshifter character who could change gender on a whim and didn't feel any attachment to either one. Very awkward, though the character was very interesting. This troper would just change pronouns when the gender changed, but (male) troper would also use the character's name enough so that people got the picture. Generally, this troper has found that if you can write for a character well enough that it seems like a separate person in his or her own right, then people get less confused. It also helps if the people you roleplay with are used to opposite-gender roleplaying, which isn't all that uncommon. * This troper made it quite well with a masked character in her story once, if you consider you can't change "he/she" for "it" in Portuguese. After a really long time, this troper decided to [[spoiler:trick the reader into believing that character is a male, when it's actually a female.]] * [[{{MiraShio}} This troper]] has an adventure-fantasy story in the works and will have to employ this when I introduce a character named Arias. Please wish me luck. * This troper likes to avoid all mention of their gender as much as possible, and has as gender neutral an avatar as they can manage on GaiaOnline without using an 'I am' pose. Also, at least two of this troper's RP characters are designed to be androgynous. * I'm writing a story told from the perspective of a person who was on a prison planet. One of his friends was a woman in disguise called Ed. The disguise had a pretty good reason. As Ed said: Men get raped less. I was planning to write gender-neutral about Ed, since the narrator already knew about her gender at the time he was writing his story, but since that would make things forced, I just dropped it and let him write as he remembered it, with Ed appearing male (and constantly wearing armour) to him and everyone else while he was imprisoned. And only telling how he met Ed afterwards and discovered he was female when everybody was busy trying to get their lives back on track. * There are some cases where [[{{Lullabee}} I've]] had to make use of this trope on ThisWiki to avoid spoilers. Okay, [[{{Discworld/MonstrousRegiment}} if the protagonist is a]] SweetPollyOliver and the example is bending over backwards to not refer to the wearer of the [[ManOfWealthAndTaste stylish]] [[NonUniformUniform uniform]] with any pronouns, you're probably going to catch on pretty quick, but I figure I should make a good-faith effort, and it seems wrong to actually just use the wrong pronouns. * I tried to once write a novel prologue using only gender neutral terms to describe the main character and reveal the gender later as a character developing revelation. Unfortunately, due to the way the English vocabulary works, it didn't work out.

* This troper usually writes from the POV of a robot or machine. First, this is because it thinks like one. Second, this is because robots don't have genders. This hasn't stopped it from accidently referring to a particularly attractive ship as she or to a particularly powerful gun as he. And you can't figure out this troper's gender from its text either. Ha. ** Traditionally, all ships are female, so this isn't entirely irrational. It's entirely based in supersitition - "a good ship is like a good woman: Nurturing, protective, and really fricken' dangerous to piss off." * This troper is in the process of actively questioning not only her gender identity but all gender identity, but doesn't yet give enough of a fuck not to use "she", since in her sphere it's the least morally loaded. However, she does enjoy Spivak pronouns and "one", since she's got no problem sounding like the Queen of England. * This troper loves Tagalog, partially because, with that language, gender neutral writing can be pulled off without sounding stilted or awkward no matter what point of view is used. It helps that, aside from having no gendered pronouns whatsoever, there are remarkably few gendered words. * Many gays and lesbians do this when talking about their partners to people they don't feel the need to come out to. Phrases like "significant other" and "my better half" see a lot of use. ---If a troper wants to see the original article, he or she can just [[Main/GenderNeutralWriting follow this link]]. And if a troper is looking for an androgynous character, he or she can [[LegendOfZelda follow Link]]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GeneHunting * Real life example: this troper has seen plenty of examples where a child or adolescent has found out they're adopted, and immediately start treating their adoptive parents like borderline strangers (refers to them by proper names, for example). ** I actually knew a girl who once she became aware of her birth mother treated her adopted parents like crap. Yeah I wanted to punch her in the face. * Yeah, I mean, what the hell? Kinship ties are never as cut-and-dry as "are you my blood relative or not?" Why does the revelation of a ''lack'' of direct blood ties lead to the conclusion that there are ''no ties at all?'' How could a man have raised a kid for X years believing him to be his son, find out he's not, and just, well, dump him? ** Or, for that matter, why do some people still think that a mother can't love an adopted child the same way she loves a child who came from her genetic material? ** The belief that they've being lied to their whole life factors into it. When this troper found out that he had two half-brothers he didn't

know about, he couldn't bring himself to care very much. However his (full) brother nearly went ballistic on our father because of that. * This editor's friend is an inversion. She always knew her stepfather didn't sire her (they're different races, for one thing), but he was there her entire life and raised her with her mother. As far as she's concerned, he ''is'' her real father and she could care less about some schlub who knocked up her mom and didn't care to stick around. Many adopted kids feel this way, but you don't see it in fiction as much because it's not as dramatically interesting. ** Though it does make for potential CrowningMomentofHeartWarming moments. * ThisTroper's Grandma's case contains this Trope in all it's variations. The Grandma herself deliberately averted this out of respect for her adoptive mother who was, acoording to all of ThisTroper's relatives who knew her, an unbelievably nice and caring person who dedicated her whole life to her surrogate daugther and never married because of it. However, long after her death, the afore mentioned Grandma's ''Daughther'' (that is, ThisTroper's Mom) went GeneHunting in a slightly subverted version since she was hunting for her ''grand''parents. She found one uncaring JerkAss of a woman who already had five children, but had abandoned the Grandma because she had cheated on her husband with some mysterious German and didn't want it to be known. When ThisTroper's Mom first tracked her down, she didn't anwer the letters because they came from Cuba and she feared that her relatives over there would want money from her (...that coming from someone who lived in a dirty slum, according to ThisTroper's Mom), but once those relatives were living in Europe, things changed... Needless to say, ThisTroper's family never heard from her ever again. However, there is an invertion in the case of said Grandma's biological father who went to Cuba twice to search for her... ironically, ThisTroper's grandma was at Indonesia at that time. However, now that ThisTroper's parents live in germany, they went GeneHunting for him. But since his Ex didn't even tell them his name, their attempts have been futile... * This Troper, who was conceived by artificial insemination with a anonymous donor, intends to find his biological father and let him know what responsibility he has tried to escape. ** How is he escaping responsibility when you were artificially inseminated? *** I wasn't artificially inseminated, it was my mother! :P Laughs aside, it never occured to him that everyone can use someone who is more alike than anyone else on the planet. That, and having a pretty rare combination of disorders, which are very likely to be hereditary, makes me resent him for not caring about everything I had to go through alone. *** You um realize that um people who donate sperm for woman to get artificially inseminated aren't obligated to take care of the child right? It's not like he left you and your mother. *** If you say so. :-| *** He doesn't have a responsibility for you: your mother deliberately chose to become pregnant using the sperm of someone she knew she couldn't count on for child support. Your biological father didn't

promise your mother anything and your mother was well aware of what she was doing. *** [[Tropers/OrchidbreezeofFireClan This troper]], also a child of sperm donation (who is HappilyAdopted and loathes the GeneHunting trope), agrees. Sperm donation is a ''service for women''. Some women want to have a child, but want to raise him alone (or with a female or infertile partner). Many of these women prefer to get pregnant without interrogating every man they meet about any hereditary disorders his sperm may carry, risking getting an STD, and putting the 'father' in a weird position. How about asking your mom how she, at the time of conception, felt about being a single parent? *** I think he means that the donor should never have donated, because that passed on the disorders, which for all we know could eventually be fatal. ---[[YoureNotMyFather You're not my original page!]] [[GeneHunting]] is my original page!

GenerationXerox * This troper saw his baby photo. For some reason, it was in black and white (it should be in color). It wasn't mine, it was my father's. Also, my parents (but not me) feel like I look like my father did at my age. * This troper's father lost his hearing in his right ear in the army. His mother lost her hearing in her right ear to an accident with a screwdriver. His sister's right ear hearing was lost to an ear infection. This troper is losing hearing in his right ear ''for no explicable reason.'' ** LamarckWasRight! * And again: This troper, his father, and ''his'' father, all of whom are the eldest sons in their family, all have scars under their right eyebrows from a deep cut sustained before the age of five. * This troper saw a wedding that had similarities to the bride's father's: The groom's mother did not attend. A replacement member of the groom's part was needed due to vehicle accidents, though neither erstwhile party member had been at fault. (The replacement member at the daughter's wedding was the son of the replacement member at the father's wedding.) Both men had been married and divorced before the respective weddings and both men raised two sons. * This editor's family seems to have a tendency of breaking left wrists. ** I sure hope you [[IAmNotLeftHanded are not left-handed.]] * This troper has a scar under his right eye he received on a day of sledding, in the same spot his father has a dent in his skull from a sledding accident. * This troper and his father are both very suspicious of old food for entirely different reasons (He lost his mother early on, and his family didn't do a good job of keeping expired food out of the kitchen. I've got no sense of smell and can't easily tell when food has gone off). You might say I just followed my father's example, but I didn't notice him doing it until well into my 20s.

* Looking through this troper's family tree: the first ancestor on it is a man named John O'Brien. He married a lady named Mary, maiden name unknown, and the two had one daughter, also named Mary. She grew up and married a man named John O'Brien (same last name, no immediate relation), and they had two children: John and Mary O'Brien. Again. John and Mary the Third each had the typical Irish Catholic legionbrood of children (Mary 3 again managed to marry a guy whose last name was O'Brien, hilariously); due to namings and marriages, that generation contained no less than ''seven'' John and/or Mary O'Briens. No subsequent generation has had less than five. This may be less 'Generation Xerox' and more 'the Irish have no originality', but ''still.'' * This troper's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all married the boys they went to their first dance with. (The troper and her sister have avoided this, though.) * This troper, his mother, his mother's mother, his mother's mother's father, his mother's mother's father's mother, and his mother's mother's father's mother's father all share the same birthday. Coincidentally, the same people share the same death anniversary (barring this troper, his mother and grandmother, who are all still alive). * This troper looks so much like her mother that they have been mistaken for twins, and other members of the family cannot tell their childhood pictures apart. ** This Troper's family have the same 'problem'. Extending to the fact that all of her father's family look extremely alike as well. *** This troper begs you to state that no one on either side of your family is named [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals "Joy" or "Jenny"]]. Even if you ''all'' are. Frankly, ESPECIALLY if you all are. * [[{{Tropers/Gecko}} This troper]], her parents, her sister, and (I think) her brother all have scars under their chins. * This troper took up DungeonsAndDragons a few months ago. He later discovered that his uncle, who also played the game, chose the same starting class (Ranger) and played with the father of one member of this troper's gaming group. * Subverted (?) by this troper: his scars are almost totally unlike his father's, but are related to a partly genetic illness. * [[{{Tropers/Takwin}} This troper]], her mother and grandmother all share the same astrological sign. (Aquarius.) Her great-grandmother was just a couple of weeks too early to fit the pattern. Grandmother, mom and I all also have unisex first names (Lou, Renee, Shelby) and middle names derived from an older family member. (Grandmother is named for her mother's aunt, mom is named for her mother's aunt, I am named for my grandmother.) We're all also [[{{Understatement}} a little]] crazy, but this is incidental. * This troper and his father can not be told apart over the phone by close family members. Oddly enough a family friend from Hong-Kong can tell us apart. ** [[{{Tropers/RedneckRocker}} I've]] got the same issue with my brother and I!! Strange, ain't it! ** Same with me. Though people can tell me and my dad's voice in real life apart since we don't sound anything alike, but on the phone I've

confused many a people even family into thinking I was my dad. I've also confused some people thinking I was my karate instructor as well. ** Same with me and my sister. ''Nobody'' can tell us apart on the phone. Close friends, family members, her ''girlfriend'' can't tell us apart. ** Here's an odd example: While family members and friends can't tell my dad and I apart over the phone, we aren't genetically related at all... and he's 72 years old to boot. It's complicated, but he married my grandma ages ago; the two of them ended up taking me in as their adopted son when my bio-mom just plain vanished. * This troper's family has a strange quirk on his mother's side: If there are two consecutive boys born, the second will have bad eyesight requiring glasses. * This troper and her younger sister both married men with the last initial of K who were born on the same day, 14 years apart. They and their third sister all have the same first and middle initials, so since the two married sisters took their husbands' surnames, they once again have identical monograms. * This troper once confused her brother and mother at a distance. Yes, you read that right. D: * This troper keeps being mistaken for her mother when her mother had long hair. * At least three generations of this troper's paternal line have lucked out of incredibly dangerous (and in several cases completely suicidal) battles. His father's draft number was one off from the last draft number selected, helping him not go to Vietnam. His grandfather was to be dispatched to one of the units that fought the Battle of Pusan Perimeter, but spoke French (Quebecois ancestry) and ended up teaching Parisians how to fix helicopters in Illinois. His greatgrandfather managed TWICE, once by being on the American side of the border when the Canadians were rounding up boys to go to Vimy Ridge, and once by getting shot in the leg and taken to a field hospital behind the lines shortly before the Battle of the Somme. We can't reckon far beyond that, except that apparently someone with the family name died in the Parti Patriotes uprising in Quebec in the 1830s...so presumably the string of near-misses would start AFTER that man. * This troper is training to be an engineering technologist. His brothers older brother is a scientist and his younger brother has an affinity for computers. His father is a cathodic engineer and his mother a computer scientist. His paternal grandfather was a millwright, his father was a logger, which involved fixing a lot of equipment. His maternal grandfather fixed airplanes and was a warrant officer in the Army Air Corps. See a pattern? Sad thing is that it goes back farther, probably all the way back to Scotland and Ireland, but at that point it involves events from before the War of Northern Aggression and on the internet those things are better left unsaid. * {{Tropers/DaNuke}} is a telecommunications engineering student. His father and uncle are chemical engineers. His grandfather was studying chemical engineering but dropped after his father got killed. Both he and his father and uncle went to karate when they were young. Also, ''everyone'' in his immediate family is near-sighted. ** This troper's entire nuclear family is also nearsighted, to various

degrees: this troper's BlindWithoutEm, her mother wears glasses or contacts all the time but in a weaker prescription, and her father and sister basically just need reading glasses. * This troper is mistaken for his ''half''-brother, who is ''14'' years older. Still waiting for the explanation on that one. * This troper's mother became a nurse and them used that career to finance her teaching studies, and ended running both career at same time. This troper's sister became a Occupational Therapist (a medical career related with Fisiotherapy), and is paying her teaching studies with the work from her first career; she plans to run both careers at same time, probably in the same area. The catch? ''This troper'' is the one whose looks and intellectual interests are the most similar to her mother's, and stills she avoided any potential career in either medical or pedagogical areas since them disturbed her so much. * This troper, his uncle, cousin, father and paternal grandmother have all been hit by cars and gotten away more or less unscathed. The running joke is that as we are clearly not MadeOfIron we must be genetically lucky. * [[{{Tropers/Tsochar}} This troper]] is told he looks a lot like his uncle. It's true- I was shown a picture of him and my mom, and I said "It's me and mom. Wait a minute..." I noticed ''she'' looked much younger than possible (she ages rather gracefully). * This troper's left knee is slightly wonky (although still fully operational), for no solid reason of which she is aware; this mirrors her father's trouble with his left knee, which was originally caused by a karate injury. * This troper's mother has a dimple in her right cheek, and no dimple in her left cheek. I had no dimples until a misstep getting on the school bus caused me to slam face first into the top step. Now I, too, have a dimple in my right cheek. * A friend of this troper maintains that this troper's family looks more like a family of clones than anyone else he has met. Of course we don't see it * This troper's sister has a boyfriend who shares the same name with my brother. His sister shares my sister's name, and her boyfriend has my brother's name. Creepy. ** Used to date a lovely girl with the same name as my sister and my cousin. Conversation about the girlfriend had to be ''carefully'' done. "You did WHAT to your sister?" ** This editor read the above comment and started humming Aerosmith. * In addition to the more usual aspects of the trope (this troper looks (and acts, despite not having had much contact with him) like a gender-reversed carbon copy of her father; her sister is a carbon copy of her mother), this troper's family fits in that all of the firstborn sons on her mother's side have nearly identical scars in the same place. The reason? There's a genetic quirk in the lineage where, at the age of 1 month, all firstborn sons have their pyloric sphincters seal off, making them unable to digest food. It's fatal without surgery, which is where the scars come from. * A very faintly Squick example, but every female on the mother's side of this troper's family going back at least four generations has irregular periods. There is no medical explanation, no genetic

abnormalities, and it occurs even if the females are living states apart. This troper made several visits to a doctor about the issue, thinking there was some sort of serious problem, until her mother finally revealed this. * This Troper is looking to avert this. She got into an argument with her asshole father in high school during an ugly divorce when it came to light that both her parents were having affairs. Dad threw it in her face that "it was genetic!" and that "you're gonna cheat too!". I haven't yet, fuckface. * This troper's mother, her mother, her mother and possibly her mother, were all psychologists who married engineers (though very different kinds). The pattern ends here though, as this troper is male and has no sisters. ** Clearly you must become an engineer and marry a psychologist. * This troper's father ''accurately predicted'' he would have a daughter with his wife's looks and his personality. He just didn't realize that with a geek for a wife, his nerdy side would get a bigger boost than his jock side... * This troper has a scar between his shoulder blades from a minor surgery. His brother has a tattoo of a knife in his back at the same spot. * This troper's grandfather is named Thomas and married a woman named Cathrine, Cathy for short. His son, (my Dad) was named for him and married a woman named Kathrine, Kathy for short. My younger brother was named for my Dad and Grandfather and ''is friends with'' a girl named Cathrine, Cathy for short. They're both in elementry school and there hasn't been any childhood marriage promises but it's still funny. * Reversed. This troper broke her foot in a silly sitcom-esque accident. Two years later my father went to the same podiatrist who had treated me, complaining of foot pains. X-rays revealed stress fractures in the same place I have broken my foot. * Averted with this Troper, who never had to get his appendix removed. All the males on his dad's side of the family needed to get it done at 13, but this Troper never had any actual problems with his appendix. ** Same here, except mine got their appendixes removed around college age. * One member of each generation of this troper's family has wound up schizophrenic. Unfortunately, I'm the one who got it in mine. My mother and I also broke almost the exact same spot in our backs in our late teens. * I don't look quite like my mother, but we act exactly alike when we were our ages. We both cuss a lot, were a little... adventurous (I go down dirt roads with my boyfriend, in a Jeep-- She's gone down the same EXACT dirt roads on a Jeep or Motorcycle with my dad, that came to light recently), we're both sucker hearts and we both love the arts and painting and drawing. We act a bit alike, I think... ** Hopefully not revealed by meeting each other on said dirt roads. * On my mother's side of the family, there's a trend that if there are two children, one will be a complete delinquent/weirdo/nutty while the other will be a down-to-earth/well-behaved/sane person. If there's three kids, the third will be a middle-ground jerk. This has not

failed so far, and has put this troper off having kids. * During the 80's, my father almost considered graduating early from Fairfax High School because they were cutting the honors programs due to a budget crisis, particularly AP Calc and AP English Language and Comp. Guess what classes his daughter signed up for and were cut due to a budget crises? * This troper, while listening to his mother clear out old voice messages on her phone, did not recognize his own voice in the message. He was later told that his voice on the phone sounds exactly like his grandfather when he was younger, including his method of greeting people over the phone. Looking at pictures, you find that this troper and his grandfather are practically the spitting image of one another. * {{Tropers/Tovarishch}}'s name is Caesar, his father's name also Caesar and so is his father's name. And the same name has been going on for 8 generations. More uncannily, every Caesar in the family has proficience in mathematics and a shared interest in aeronautics. * This troper, her younger sister, and her mother's all look freakishly similar in our respective baby/kid pictures * This troper had a benign tumor removed from between his shoulders, leaving a two-inch scar. His brother had a tattoo done of a knife plunging into his back at the same spot. We live in different states. * Coming from my mother's mother's side is two versions of this: First is me, my mother, her mother, her mother, and her mother all have...ahem, [[{{If You Know What I Mean}} been nicely endowed.]] The smallest cup for a long time had been mine at a C until for some reason, exercising had developed them into a D, like the others. We are all our mother's second daughters. Needless to say, this troper's boyfriends tend to be very excited for the day they are invited to family gatherings. Also on this note, all of the following, aside from yours truly, who has been rendered effectively infertile for a long time, have had exclusively daughters. * This troper's father used to troll Usenet and IRC chatrooms with a college friend of his before the internet was the internet. Now, this troper and the son of that college friend - this started before ever having heard of their exploits, mind - do basically the exact same thing. * Everyone in my family has a scar on their elbow. Only one person has it on the wrong arm, whereas everyone else has it on their left, though mine is probably the most pathetic. * My younger brother and [[{{Tropers/MonkeyPhysics}} I]] look and act so alike, the only reason people can tell us apart is because he has a habit of wearing a trilby; I once saw a picture of my father that looked like me with a 'tache (never growing one of those now); and only my mother can tell the difference between my brother, my father, my grandfather, two of my uncles, and myself - despite major differences in accent. * [[{{Tropers/Nightboomfer}} This troper's]] mother saw a picture of him in [[WholesomeCrossdresser drag]], and at first thought it was a picture of my aunt until my sister explained it. Apparently I look exactly like she did at that age when I'm wearing a dress. * Happens a lot in [[{{Tropers/EyeFlash}} This troper's]] family, since a long line of us have freakishly light eyes and even those that

don't almost all have dark hair. These two things together, however, are what have generated a whole clusterfuck of GenerationXerox from this Troper's great-grandmother - it's easier to name off her female descendants that ''don't'' look identical to her. * I was born into a family of mostly girls, only three guys being related to me by blood(Father, Grandfather, Now late cousin). So when my cousin got married and had a son, he acted a lot like me strangely. Then a few years later her younger sister got a son. Both boys act a lot like me. One sits around and watches TV a lot. The other is clumsy and broke his left wrist. Years earlier I broke my left elbow and later in the year my cousin broke his wrist, I fell and broke mine. * For the longest time, my mother swore that I look like my father when he was young. She happened to be looking at some old pictures of herself when she was younger and skinnier one day, though, and she realized that I in fact look a lot like ''her''. This male troper was not half as amused as she was. * When I was a kid I looked ''exactly'' the same as my dad did when he was a kid -- and we've got the photos to prove it. It wasn't until puberty that I started to look a bit like my mum... but I still mostly look like my dad. * This troper's mother has a picture of herself and her sister at a young age. The first time this troper saw it, she said "is that me and [my (male) cousin]? I don't remember taking this picture..." * My (maternal) grandpa (Papa) and his late older brother looked a lot a like, it's just that there's a bit of a large age gap between them. But when Papa, my great-uncle (Uncle Barry) and the rest of the family where down in Mazatlan, Uncle Barry got mistaken for my Papa's dad! Resently, though, I was looking through some photos and have found a strong resemblence between all of the men on that side of the family. I mean, you could really tell that my papa and his brothers were Great Granddad's sons. * I had this happen several times in my family: I was mistaken for my dad once on an old photo, my sister apparently has an uncanny resemblance to my late grandmother in her younger days and My father in law has pictures that could just as well my brother in law. * Avoidance of this trope is this troper's main motivation to exercise and make at least an attempt to eat healthy. All the women on her father's side of the family become morbidly obese as they get older, and to a lesser extent, all the women on her mother's side of the family as well. I'm not exactly stick-thin myself, and I know I can't outsmart my genetics, but I can at least ''try'' to do better. The women in my family complain about being fat, but maybe it would be better if they didn't eat a shit-ton of fattening foods, sit on their asses and ''never do anything!'' * There are several examples in [[{{Tropers/fidheallir}} this Troper's]] family. For example, zie and hir father have matching scars on their chins from swimming accidents when they were ten. Furthermore, this Troper also resembles a more distant family member-not just in physical appearance, but in our hobbies, relationship styles, health problems, and food preferences(this Troper was not aware of these details until recently). * [[{{Tropers/HappyDuck}} This troper's]] older brother looks exactly

like a younger version of her grandfather. * This Troper's Grandfather has/d blond hair and glasses due to nearsightness, Troper's Mother has blond hair and nearsightness, Troper has blond hair and nearsightedness I see a patten here. And I look a lot like my mother when she was a kid to boot. * This just runs rampant in my family. This troper looks a lot more like his uncle (his mother's brother) than he looks like his father. She says it's because our family's genes are like the borg; we assimilate everything. Also, we all have the same high pain tolerance and fast healing. I discovered recently that all the men on my mother's side of the family and my father, at some point or another have had several years of martial arts training, and that my mother and I have both witnessed people having strokes when we were twenty. * [[{{Tropers/JustCallMeKatsu}} This Troper's]] mother's side of the family has a history of strange religious birthmarks. I have a birthmark of a cross on my chest. My mother has a birthmark of a cross on her stomach, right below her navel. My grandfather has the birthmark of ''the Jesus fish'' on his back. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic He also happens to be a carpenter.]] * This troper doesn't believe he bears a great resemblance to his father. However, when perfectly shaven and staring hard enough, he does see a slight resemblance to his female cousin. This cousin happens to be the daughter of his father's identical twin. * This troper's parents were (awkwardly) mistaken for brother and sister when they were dating; they do look eerily alike. Due to this, my brother and I are often told that we look just like one of our parents did when they were younger. It doesn't help that, personalitywise, I have been described by my mother as 'your father, but with boobs.' * Despite being the opposite sex, everyone says that I look just like my father. I do, but even wierder is that we both have identical scars under out right eyes, we both failed out of Honors Chemistry classes in high school due to issues at home, and my first girlfriend was the daughter of his first girlfriend. * {{Tropers/MysteryOtaku}} and her friend's circa 1945 relatives were friends. There was no other apparent connections after that. * Recently, a cousin (or was it niece? I forget) was born who looks like a copy of her father, with the only differences being gender, her chin, and her ears. * I think that I can trump you all nwith the fact that ALL THE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY ON BOTH SIDES REQUIRE GLASSES TO SEE AND/OR READ. Personally, I'm nearsighted. ** Nearsightedness can be inherited. That or both sides of your family just need to take better care with their eyes... * [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} My]] dad's personality has always bugged me; his perfectionism, his control-freak compulsions, his need to always be right, his anal retentiveness. I think that I was about 20 when I realized that I had all of those exact same traits. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking We both need glasses, too]]. Also, he works as a writer, and I've recently realized that that's what I want to be (okay, maybe that's a stretch; he's a journalist and I want to be an author/essayist).

* Any of my dad's old friends find it hilarious when they see me again all grown up. I'm just like my father, though I bump heads with him quite a bit because of this(he ironically didn't get along with his father at all for the same reasons I'll list). An old friend said I was "just like a Jon Junior except in the body of a teenage girl". * While we're not related biologically, my Dad and I are so similar, its enough to convince people we share blood ties even when we look nothing alike. We're both socially awkward, yet loud and talkative when with familiar company. We both have the same [[CrazyAwesome quirky humour]], and have near identical tastes in films, books and games. (I'm not shamed to admit we're [[ProudToBeAGeek both hardcore gamers]]). Heck, people even say our ''laughs'' sound the same. * Both my girlfriend and I are kuudere, so were my mother and father. * I once saw a picture of my dad, when he was 8 years old. I could've SWORN it was me at that age.(by the way, I am a [[{{Bifauxnen}} quite tomboyish]] girl). Apparently, I didn't only inherit his snarkiness, fiery temper and {{Kuudere}}/{{Tsundere}}-ness. * Apparently [[{{Tropers/J-H}} I]] have a lot of my grandmother's personality, according to my mom (on her side), and sounded like my mom when I fell over and say 'oof' by my younger brothers. * This troper never met her father, who died before she was born, but has nonetheless apparently looks, talks, and acts like a femalecounterpart xerox of him. The similarities are strong enough that my paternal grandmother (who has, let's say... an interesting set of beliefs) decided that her dead son's soul had been reincarnated into his newborn child. Many of the shows and bands I like have turned out to have been my dad's favourites when he was my age, which freaks out my mother to no end. (The worst was when I told my mom about this "awesome Doctor Who show I can't believe I never saw it before!" only to find out that, surprise!, my dad was obsessed with it too, and the reason she hadn't shown it to me before was because she'd been afraid I'd get hooked on it the same way and force her through a repeat of the same tacky sci-fi marathons my dad made her watch. D'oh!) Go back to Main/GenerationXerox. Son says: Go back to Main/GenerationXerox. Grandson says: Go back to Main/GenerationXerox. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GeniusBonus * [[JohnnyBGoode This troper]] makes GeniusBonus IncrediblyLamePuns with his friends: mostly Shakespearean-sounding dick jokes and mathrelated puns on imaginary numbers. * [[TsundeRay This troper]] decided to put the formula for [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arc_length arc length]] in one of his {{Facebook}} status updates, in the style of one of his friends, who semi-randomly brings up the quadratic formula and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Morgan%27s_Laws de Morgan's Laws]] in casual conversation. Big mistake; to this troper's non-computer science, [[EverybodyHatesMathematics math-hating]] friends, it was a form of MindRape.

** Hell, all the more reason to put it there! ** [[MindRape NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE!!!]] ** THAT'S HOW YOU FILTRATE THE BEST FRIENDS * [[{{Iverum}} This troper]] wrote out a conversation between himself and himself over the functional time loop that he claimed to have created on his Facebook status. Sadly, only one person understood it. ** I would be very interested in reading that. ** same! ** Likewise. ** Fourthed. * On a website I was on a short time ago I was giving an example of a fictional president cheating in an election. I then said that I wasn't insinuating that any president cheated to win an election (except for a certain republican we all know about). Knowing some of the dumbasses on that site this counts as a genius bonus since I doubt many of them know that Nixon was a republican. ** You are my favorite person ever. It'd have been even better if you'd just said "a certain ''someone'' (I shouldn't have to tell you who)". Then let everyone who has proved the SevenYearRule throw their own political positions at you. It would be [[XanatosGambit marvelous.]] * This troper was doing an MTS3K on a site that was seen by little kids, so she contented herself with shouting that the villain should "Go to Venus!" Ah, space nerdity... ** I thought they should go to Jupiter to get more stupider... ** Well, someone has [[IncrediblyLamePun Venus Envy]]... *** Yes, but Venus is often compared to Hell. * When [[TheRooster This troper]] watches MST3k or Rifftrax with friends, they'll laugh with him even if they don't get the joke under the assumption that it's a reference only he's getting, and a lot of the times it is, but sometimes it's nice to throw them off. * In a discussion about [[XMen Jean Grey]], this troper said something about going to her city's Challenger Center (ItMakesSenseInContext), and a friend responded with "Interesting. Jean's touched the future, now I hope she can come back and teach." This troper and her friend were the only people on the whole site who got the reference. (At the time, a character who was being teased as Jean Grey reborn had been sent to the future, and "I touch the future, I teach" was Christa McAullife's motto.) * [[{{Popette}} This troper]] tends to throw in references to the works of Thomas Pynchon, Mark Z. Danielewski, Rimbaud, Nietzsche, Ernest Hemmingway and others into conversation and has been doing so since about grade seven. It can confuse a couple folks. * Virtually every other sentence that comes out of this troper's science teacher's mouth is either this or a TakeThat. Naturally, this troper is the only one who understands any of it. * This troper peppers his conversations with this. Analogies to Greek Literature, quantum physics, abstract math and military history are common. Most people learn to tune it out, but I get a lot of questions when I first meet people. TVTropes has not helped with this. * This troper has made some genius bonuses and made one when the Manuel on her vacuum cleaner said, "Thank you for choosing Hoover".

Which I replied with, "I'm pretty sure nobody was saying that in the late 1920's". Also she made one when she was looking in a teen vogue with Emma Watson in it in a room with moths and said, "It looks like they infiltrated Vladamir Nobokov's house". Her friends didn't get it. * This troper has referenced {{Hyperion}}, SuzumiyaHaruhi, and {{Freelancer}} in his short stories. He even spent a paragraph on a ChekhovsGun, by describing a banner, with an AK-47 on it, with the words "This belongs to Chekhov!" under it. Dammit, nobody recognized it. Ah, it's like The Smart Man's Burden. (For all you tropers, it's a reference to Rudyard Kipling. Feel free to use that one.) * [[@/{{Kriegsmesser}} This troper]] has had teachers who do this, bouncing {{Stealth Insult}}s, {{Genius Bonus}}es, and sometimes, [[ViewersAreGoldfish basic jokes that anyone who had been paying attention in class would understand]]. [[ViewersAreMorons You could count the number of people who would consistently understand them on one hand]]. * Come to This Troper's family's Thanksgiving/Christmukkah dinners. Just be sure you can keep up with a several-person, several hour-long conversation that will span politics, history, philosophy, linguistics (ever have a screaming argument about the subjunctive mood in nonLatinate languages?), economics, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and the various merits of bechemel vs. ricotta in lasagne]]. * This troper's friend actually bought a gun, and then I said "I hope you didn't buy it from that [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov]] guy." Nobody got it. Another time, this troper did the old "You changed it by measuring it!" gag. Nobody got it. But if a guy [[BackToTheFuture goes back in time and charms his mother]], they get it. * This troper has occationally thrown comments from books to people, only for most people to stare at him blankly. One he pulled of recently is when a guy [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean placed the back of a chair between his legs]], he said, [[TakeThat "Thinks he's quite a lover, but there's not much there."]] No one was particularly paying attention to me, but I suspect some people who had seen Les Miserable would have been amused. Also, he is planning a 40k Blood Angels army in which EVERY unit has a name related to blood. Some are fairly obvious (Captain Plasma stands out, but his favourite [[JustForPun is Honour Guard Hemoglobin, which was the first name he wanted to include]]), but some are really subtle (Honour Guard Kupffer will not make sense to most without using the internet...or, presumably, having a diploma in Biology). * The various jokes at this troper's D&D sessions span the range from lowbrow "That's what she said!" jokes to "It's not a blue car, it's white. He just drives fast." * This troper has a very perverted character who also happens to be a med. student, so this trope gets invoked sometimes. (And hey, if you got any ideas, tell me in case I need new material *shot*) * This troper's D&D group had an interesting problem once, involving a lot of pitchblende, a bag of holding, and contention over the behavior of neutrons in space-warping containers. * [[{{Febel}} This troper]] has been very into philosophy and metaphysics as a hobby since around 9th grade, leading to the utter bemusement of classmates (and often the teacher/professor) whenever I

would mention Kant or Solipsism in a class discussion. * This troper once made one on accident: "I don't really understand imaginary numbers; they're too complex." "*groan* Har, har." "Wait, what did I say?" * This troper was talking to a friend about a very boring movie, and said "even [[WaitingForGodot Samuel Beckett]] is saying 'damn, when is something going to happen?!'" When he laughed (genuinely), I said "ah, I know that I've found a true friend when they laugh at my Samuel Beckett jokes." * [[{{Ranchoth}} This troper]], probably more than he intends, or is healthy. The most recent example was a spur of the moment decision to throw in a reference to Rilke's ''The Panther'' in a fanfic...a GI Joe-crossover fanfic. Which was a comedy. After already making an A.E. Housman joke. (That one was probably a bit much.) * This troper's entire ''school'' is like that. For example (admittedly, this was just before a biology examination): -->Friend: I LOST MY CALCULATOR AND WE HAVE MATH EXAM LATER. *flails* -->Other friend: Tryptophan. (Otherwise known as the UGG codon.) ** Also: -->Friend: This exam was GG. Therefore I know the next one will be CC. (ATGC nucleotides in DNA, if you really must know.) ---Only geniuses can find the link to Genius Bonus. [[supersecretspoiler:[[GeniusBonus It's here, guys!]]]] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GeniusLoci * When I visit Pine Grove Lake in Pennsylvania, I swear I can sense presences that speak in the voices of the wind and water. I get no sense of physical shape, but I feel that they are aware of us, in a detatched way, as they speak to each other of things too vast for human comprehension. ---I swear, the page for GeniusLoci just seems to be...alive. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GeniusSweetTooth Post your GeniusSweetTooth stories here. '''Warning, the tales ahead are [[KnowNothingKnowItAll extremely]] [[InsufferableGenius pretentious]].''' * This troper is kind of getting there on this trope. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth which she has pet named Everest. Hot chocolate with caramel and a bar of chocolate is her favourite, due to a little place down the road. She's at the ripe old age of thirteen and, made curious by this trope, went to check out her IQ online.The

only one she found here she didn't have to pay was for over fifteens so, being quite full of herself, decided to go ahead and do it anyway. She got somewhere in the hundred and twenties. The thing is, this troper is awesome at maths (she can't compare herself to others as she is currently being homeschooled) and reckons she would be close to the top of the class (her favourite is Algebra! Especially Formula Triangles~). She is also writing a book. Yay! * This troper has an IQ of 165, scores at the top of their class, and spends most of their time either contemplating the possibilities of artificial and natural intelligence, designing ridiculous weapons capable of slinging common office items with lethal force, or playing Team Fortress 2. The one type of food this troper loves? Lemon pastries. * this troper with a deep sense with human nature, the way world works, physics, math, can read faces and tone... you get the point. my fav food? piroulines (haslenut chocolate in a cracker shaped in a cylinder) * I've never met anyone, not even competitive eaters, than can stomach as much sugar as I can. I'm a goddamned candy FIEND. I'm eating spoonfuls of Kool-Aid sugar right now. Everyone claims I'm doomed to diabetes or AT LEAST absurd weight gain--but that hasn't happened yet. I went thorough a time where I'd buy 10 milkshakes a day. That ended when I ran out of money. All this while designing contraptions capable of ridiculous things like shooting lightning out of my hands or nuke entire city blocks. (Note that neither of these work correctly--my generator can't push the current I need, so I can only deliver really nasty shocks to people and I somehow killed my 10kV power supply when I hooked it up to my railgun. But someday dammit, someday...) * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]]. Oh, so much. She's been taught well all the way up to grade 9 where she is now, so she's pretty much at the top of her class or something, and her [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Trademark Favourite Food]]? [[EverythingsBetterWithChocolate Chocolate]]. :9 * Not sure if "genius" is the right word, but this Troper is top of her History class and cannot. Resist. Sweets. At. All. * This troper has an IQ of 153, and has an addiction to Starburst. If he doesn't eat them in a day, he goes into withdrawal and starts having headaches. ** This Troper's is around 160... I really can't remember. This Troper is always craving something sweet. * Subversion: [[SirPsychoSexy This troper]] has an IQ to be estimated in the 150-160 rage, and his major jonesing is for spicy foods and seafood, not sweets. (Granted, he does like them, but doesn't eat them as snacks, or all the time.) ** This troper (with an IQ of approximately 149) likes BOTH spicy stuff, seafood AND sweets. ** SPICY SPICY MEXICAN. * [[{{Timber}} This extremely nerdy Troper]] is great at math and amazing at memorizing minute details. She's always loved candy, but became a GeniusSweetTooth out of necessity when she was diagnosed with acid reflux. Her classmates all use coffee and Mountain Dew to fuel them, but caffeine gives her heartburn from hell and moderate to

severe nausea. So, she turned to sugar. If she could live on Gummy Worms without getting dental cavities, she totally would. * My mouth is filled with the deliciousness of cookie dough icecream at this very moment. * [[{{Kinkajou}} This troper]] likes to eat candy, sweet stuff, and ice cream. He has an IQ of about 140-150. * This troper tested at genius levels when she was young and eats ridiculous amounts of sweets * This troper would wear cargo pants with a pocket full of Tootsie rolls to carry her through math competitions. * This troper is widely known as the local genius. Unfortunately, I am even more widely known as the sugar-happy hyper kid. Ever heard of a little man known as L? Yeah, those are my eating habits. * I frequently binge on sweets and junk food, plus I'm a BigEater, but I gain so little weight, I still have trouble comprehending that there are people who actually have to watch their diet. I wonder if my genius reputation and high IQ and grades somehow means my brain burns all the calories. * In my offline life, I'm well-known for two things: my intelligence (I don't know my exact IQ), and my awful eating habits. I'm constantly eating sugary snacks and drinking soda/super-sweet fruit juice. * This troper's kind of a subversion. High IQ and all, I eat nothing but sweet things, constantly -- oh, wait, what do you mean fruit doesn't count as sweet stuff? Then again, it's only ''sweet'' fruit that I eat, i.e. melon, cherries, ripe bananas... * The fastest way I've ever found to get rid of sweets is to haul them into an IT department. * If I come off a big fanfic writing or puzzle-gaming session? I'm craving two things -- fish or sweets. Good thing I live near a grocery carrying sushi that is also famous for its bakery! * [[MmmKay This fairly intelligent troper]] can't get enough gummy worms and [=M&Ms=]. I can even pronounce the [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness gigantic words]] for the artificial ingredients on many a candy product, and ''I still '''eat''' them anyway!'' * [[Tropers/{{Orihime}} This tropette]] has a 130-something IQ and is known as quite the DitzyGenius in uni. Don't get her near chocolate, ice cream, soda or pastries. She'll eat them all and won't leave anything for you. =3 * Almost played straight with this troper, I have an odd tendency to get hungry faster when I'm using my brain, which, although never recorded, is safely above 140. Perhaps thanks also to my incredibly fast metabolism, doing intense math, or computer stuff will make me hungry after about four hours, rather than six or seven. I usually pop some quick calories (read: any candy at hand) so I can continue working. * This troper has an IQ bordering 130 and is so addicted to caffeinated soft drinks that he gets a headache if he goes longer than a day without one. Needless to say, a day where the house is out of Coke before Friday is a sad, sad day. * This troper has an IQ which was recorded at almost 4 standard deviations above the mean when she was 13, and she can't have a

Saturday night without her Coke Zero and a bar of Galaxy chocolate. She, too, cannot comprehend people having to watch what they eat. Mind you, she'll probably be different when she hits her twenties. She also buys (large) sherbet straws from the ice-cream van outside her school almost every day, to the degree that her friends call her "the sherbet addict." * Subversion with this troper, she loves sweets but is prone to sugar highs in which she has the mathematical skills attention span of a six year old but when she's calm she's an ace at calculus and physics. * [[@/{{MiraShio}} This consistent first honoree]] with an IQ of 144 absolutely loves her chocolates, cookies, ice cream and cake. Mess with her sweets and she will '''slam''' you with her schoolbooks. * [[EveryonesFool This Troper]] is a college English major, thought of as smart even by his cousins, a family of academics. And he still hasn't outgrown candy. ** It's possible to ''outgrow'' candy? This IQ-160 troper makes a [[ScoobyDoo 'baroo?']] noise at the thought. * Played with by [[{{Mabus}} This Troper]], whose IQ is estimated somewhere around 150. He loves chocolate, but rarely eats other sweet things, and enjoys dark and semi-sweet chocolate as much as the regular kind. * This Troper has a relatively high IQ, and eats during every class throughout the day, even when school has just started. * [[RowsdowerSavesUs This Troper]] has a love for Vault that borders on addiction. Yesterday I drank four 20-oz bottles of it. I have an IQ of 140 and scored a 34 on the ACT, so I guess I'm kinda smart. Vault is my brain fuel. I'm also [[CloudCuckooLander completely insane]], so I guess that makes me a [[MadScientist mad genius]]. The craziness may come from all the sugary soda. * [[TheEvilOboist This troper]] doesn't know her IQ, nor does she want to. But given the fact that most everyone else at my university seem like abject morons AND the fact that I just bought two bags of Dove chocolates and a bag of orange Milanos should mean something. Also, I get super cranky when I run out of sweets--it never lasts long; soon I break down and start making cookies, brownies or cinnamon rolls. My roommates love me. Oh, and I have a ten-pound bag of sugar in the cupboard. * [[{{KamuiValentine}} This troper]] has an IQ of 140 or so with a promising future in writing, and I'm completely addicted to sweets. I use the same excuse as L, sugar gets burned off by complex brain functions. My parents joke that my writing prowess and plot development is directly proportional to the amount of sugar in my system. * Not sure about IQ, but this Troper has always performed well academically with little effort, and is hopelessly addicted to candy, mostly Reese's cups. However, this is justified in this case. This Troper is hypoglycemic, meaning his body overproduces insulin, which lowers blood sugar, meaning he has to replace it more often than regular people. * [[@/LordNadir This Troper]] has an IQ in the range of 145 to 155 and works for a biological lab but does not have much of a sweet tooth, dark chocolate covered almonds aside, but prefers sour and spicy

foods. The sour has been joked to attribute to to his acerbic wit and lets not discuss the spicy other than I have a very high tolerance. * This Troper has no idea what his IQ is, but is two years ahead of his grade in math, one year in social studies, and can hold a 4.738 GPA. He also loves many sweets, as long as they involve chocolate, powder, or some tart/bitterness. His favorite? Sweet tarts. ^^ * This Troper is often described as BrilliantButLazy, and he simply can not function without chocolate at least once a day. It can be anything as long as it doesn't have nuts. He doesn't eat his own kind. ** Hello, my twin! *** Make that triplet! *** Hello, fellow quadruplets! * This Trooper is a subversion. I have an IQ of 143, but I can not stomach sweet foods. Sugar ruins the taste of most things. * This Troper's IQ is 138, and it is well known that I can't resist sweet foods at all. I can run two large boxes of cookies in a week, easy. * I'm predicted A's in most of my exams, and have had several fillings due to the amount of chocolate and sweets I eat. Oops. * [[TehNubkilr This troper]] has an unknown IQ (his old school gave him one and estimated ~170), and he will take occasional breaks when working to grab something from the candy jar. * IQ of 152 (though, my individual scores on the test varied. I'm a high-functioning autistic; some of my scores were extremely high while others weren't as high but still above-average), and could be described as [[BookDumb Book Dumb]]. I eat things, primarily oreos, near constantly. If I run out of oreos, I eat other cookies or chips. If I run out of those, the world will end. I always have to be eating something. I'm not overweight, either. In fact, I am underweight... * IQ - 136 at last check (on the intarwebz). Appetite for sweets? Indsatiable. * This troper has an IQ of about 165. She's addicted to her sweets and her spicy. [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Her trademark favourite food? Her chili-pepper chocolates.]] She cannot live without them. They are essential for any studying binge, any meal (they make boarding-schoolcafeteria-breakfast so much better), any test, and any anime club meeting, any standardized test or AP exam, a fact well-ridiculed by her friends. I insist that whatever cosplay I make to wear to a con has a pocket big enough to fit a few bars- what if I lose my purse?! God forbid anyone touch them- or worse, ''steal them from my dorm room''. I swear they fuel my brain. I don't really watch my weight, simply because I've always been fairly average weight, and I burn tons of calories on [[TrainingFromHell varsity field hockey]]. Or varsity soccer. (Winter? Yay for flab-covering pants!) My field hockey coach banned sweets from the team van on trips to games/tournaments, but made an exception for me and my chili-chocolates. I'm just that addicted. * This norwegian troper has an IQ of 140, and a surprisingly good memory. He also scored 100 % in the math and logic parts of the military intelligence test, while also getting quite respectable 91 % in the language part. He also drinks excessive amounts of Coca-Cola, and never goes anywhere without a tiny bag of candy in his pocket.

* This troper has never had her IQ formally tested, but free online IQ tests (of various and questionable quality) usually put her around 130-135, and she got through school without studying at all (freaked her teachers out that she'd sit and draw all class and still managed to ace the tests); her mother especially likes to describe her as BrilliantButLazy. Her TrademarkFavoriteFood is milk (lactose, anyone?), she likes fruits (especially the sweet kind like grapes and cantaloupe), and has recently discovered the [[AllNaturalSnakeOil natural]] sugar alternatives [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylitol xylitol]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythritol erythritol]]. Since they don't cause tooth decay and don't spike blood sugar, she'll actually eat them ''by themselves'' if her mother will let her (she used to eat straight sugar as a child, but stopped after a while due to health concerns). * This troper also sleeps through class and was surprised to note that he got below a ninety-four on a spanish final. Last time he knew anything of the matter, his IQ was at least 145. When reading the Genius Sweet Tooth page, he also noticed that he had twenty-some bottles of IBC Root Beer in a cooler lying at the foot of his bed, three candy bars on his desk alongside four different packs of gum, a personal box of zebra cakes, and some cake which has since vanished mysteriously. * Well, I say I'm NOT intelligent, but everyone inists I am. I was just instructing my sister on how to write a good story through a mouthful of Oreo cheesecake. Mmm. * This troper, who had everyone wondering why he wasn't one of the valedictorians for his senior class(FYI-one B in his entire high school career), has made an art form out of eating loads of sweets without others noticing. It becomes a problem considering this troper's family history of diabetes. Oops... * I don't know my exact IQ, but it's probably pretty high, seeing as the only thing keeping me from straight A's is forgetting to turn stuff in on time. And I love sweet stuff. It's not as if I constantly keep piles of candy near me to snack on at all times, but if there happens to be a pile of candy near me, I can end up eating as much as half of it, ''especially'' when working. One of my favorite candies is skittles... which I [[SuperOCD sort into colors, which I them form into symmetric patterns and eat in such an order as to preserve the symmetry]]. * This troper who holds the highest mark in his Calculus class, who does not condone to cheating in any way whatsoever, has once been bribed with a bag of potato chips. God dammit. * I'm not sure about my IQ, but I be a little bit savvy when it comes to math and video games. My sweet tooth varies from time to time(i.e. from ice cream to candy bars to milkshakes, etc.), but I still crave for them when the opportunity strikes. * Whenever [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} this troper]] doesn't have her head in a book or glued to the computer, she finds time to satisfy her sweet tooth (usually with my own [[{{Granola Girl}} vegan]] baked goods, like chocolate chip cookies, blueberry bread, or apple crisp). * The fastest way to be rid of "unwanted" sweets is to bring them to the IT Department. I've seen my co-workers attack a box of donuts like

a Tazmanian Devil on speed. As for this Troper, a fanfic writing binge will leave her inexplicably starved. [[MustHaveCaffeine Strong coffee or tea]] and some kind of pie are the usual cravings. * [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in this lurker's case: She is [[{{Technopath}} intuitively good with computers]] and regularly makes top marks in her maths class. Her secret? Dark chocolate. The flavonoids help me keep calm and patient, and the sugar keeps my brain properly active. Not that anyone believes me when I say this - my sweet tooth is ''legendary''. * This troper generally likes to consider himself fairly inteligent and quick-thinking, [[{{BrilliantButLazy}} albeit lazy]] and cannot walk past his local bakery without purchasing either a couple of jam (jelly to Americans) donuts, or a chocolate muffin. * This troper has always been in honors classes since elementary school, and seldom goes for more than a quarter without getting on the honor roll since middle school [[hottip: *: she did go 2 quarters without getting on the honor roll in her first high school year, darn art class...]]. She'll also do anything for chocolate. * [[Tropers/AstraKiseki This troper]] and her aunt aren't a GenerationXerox for the most part. The troper takes far more after her father than his sister... until you bring in two details. One, we are both microbiologists (well, I'm working on my degree), and two, the best way to bribe either one of us is with ''chocolate.'' For their last birthday (their days are back to back), the Troper took her aunt to a fondue place where we ate half the chocolate in the pot straight. * This Troper happens to be a genius with computers and videogames, as well as a roleplayer and fan fic writer. Still is an A/B student even in college. Can't go a day without something sweet. ** Are you me? * Genius wouldn't be the word for it, but this troper freakin' loves chocolate. And cookies. Especially chocolate ''with'' cookies. * [[{{Tropers/Muramasan13}} This troper]] seems to have a gift for waltzing through tests unscathed and unstudied, in addition to working on nuke-resistant mecha armor in his spare time (hint: aerogel and vacuum), but he still puts the emphasis on "sweet tooth". ** To list but one example: he once was part of a ''very'' fun Anatomy/Physiology class. There was a lesson in which we were supposed to take a blood sugar measurement, eat lunch, take another measurement, and lastly take a blood sugar measurement after (direct quote) "gorging on the largest amount of sugary food and drink you feel comfortable with". To the student's collective glee, the classroom proved to be extremely well stocked with soda, candy, ice cream, and ''cake'' (overkill much?). Furthermore, there were prizes for whoever had the highest blood sugar after the final test, and who had eaten the largest amount of sugar (calculated from the listed grams of sugar on the soda, etc. and from the recipe for the cake). There were prizes for who ate the most, and who had the highest blood sugar for the final test. This troper, sadly, won neither, but still consumed ''over 2,000 grams of sugar in 45 minutes'', thanks in part to having access to actual sugar packets. After class was over, most people stumbled from their chairs in the throes of a massive sugar crash. This troper? He whipped out a stashed candy bar from his

backpack ''and ate some more''. * Tropers/SMSoldier is considered by many to be bright and works hard. He also has a craving for any sweet that catches his eye (Reeses, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Nerds, etc.). * This troper is smart in some areas and absolutely ''needs'' to eat something sweet to get herself back on track when writing a paper. * This troper is generally known as one of the smarter people among her friends, despite rarely ever studying for tests and being a forgetful procrastinator. She also has 8 different types of candies in her room right now, although one is an Advent calendar. She has also been described as having "the tastebuds of a child." A friend of mine even joked that if I don't die of excessive {{Facepalm}} first, I'll die of diabetes. * This (arguably not a genius but whatever) Troper is a pretty good programming, but never codes as well as when he's munching candy or chocolate on the side. * This troper is always told how smart she is, despite her laziness. She's also a sucker for chocolate (except dark chocolate) and will fight you if you try to take it from her. Her mother actually once banned her from eating chocolate for a month as punishment for failing a marking period. Needless to say, this troper went crazy. She got violent, ill-tempered, had outbursts and became so restless that she seemed to go days without sleep. Her mother did cut the punishment short, but only when she found said troper strangling her sister for a chocolate bar. Yeah, this troper has problems... * This troper is not going to brag about her IQ, but she seems to eat more sweets than usual when she's working on a Math problem. She considers prefacing her master thesis with "The following theorem is brought to you by [[SweetTooth a bag of candy]] and [[KlatchianCoffee a bucket of tea]]." * This troper's friend has been tested with a genius level IQ (four points higher than me) and must always have her candy (amazingly enough, she's rather thin). * This troper is very good at all his subjects, even when he's in advanced classes, and spends most of his time either writing or playing video games. His main food of choice when he's relaxing? [[ImpossiblyDeliciousFood Raspberry Danish.]] * This troper has always been noted as being an advanced reader. Relatives say she started reading when she was two (really doubtful about that). She's also notorious for being a "candy monster", seizing any and all chances for free sweets. She'll write forum posts with a piece of pocky in her mouth, with a bottle of Code Red on her nightstand. If any sweets (or pizza) mysteriously vanish then you're welcome to glare at her. * This troper generally eats healthy, but his younger brother is a computer genius that is taking a university engineering course-he has his own stash of chocolates and granola bars, and once ate an entire can of condensed milk (sweetened) with a spoon. * This troper has an IQ of about 140, and almost all her favourite foods are sweet. One of her favourite drinks is hot chocolate with syrup, whipped cream and marshmallows. The bar staff at her university accommodation were almost terrified by the sheer amount of sweetness.

Considering that she sometimes forgets to eat and is a fairly fussy eater too, she somehow doubts that it will cause any noticeable weight gain though. * This tropette is at the top of her History, English, Math and Spanish class and considered to be very smart by her peers and is quite the literal "cookie monster" A day without cookies is a day without breathing for me, not mention she's also a whore for pastries and milkshakes (but not one for candy though...). * This Troper has spent four years on the Dean's List and two on the Chancellor's at two different universities. She always, always has either a bottle of Pepsi or a cup of black coffee with ''ten'' sugars on her person. And if she doesn't, then it's a box of [[TrademarkFavoriteFood sweet milk Pocky.]] ---''Wait for your metabolic system to macerate the sucrose here, or back on GeniusSweetTooth.'' ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GenkiGirl * This troper is a Genki Girl of Mass Destruction. Any time she opens her mouth, people complain that she's too loud, hyper, annoying, etc. The best part of it all? This tropers three year old sister is a Genki Girl in training. * This troper is a GenkiGirl. In fact, this troper's friends liken her to Haruhi. Although, to the best of this troper's knowledge, she does not have reality warping powers. Moreover, this troper has NoIndoorVoice (so much so that she is required to stay 5 feet away from the mike when doing a choir solo in church and still told to lower her voice). ** If you are like Haruhi, then of course you don't know about your reality-warping powers! *** Yeah, but this troper is just sad that even this troper did have reality warping powers, she wouldn't know it. It's her dream to prove that magic exists and study it. **** "I have no interest in ordinary humans. If anyone here has magic powers..." *** Also, if this troper truly did have reality warping powers, the fact that she believes that supernatural phenomenons would not reveal them/itself to people normally would prevent it from happening. It's like a really bad placebo effect! (Although, this troper has experimented with the placebo effect in unlikely situations. Convincing yourself that you are right only raises the chance of being so to over 90%.) **** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocebo Nocebo]], I think you mean. ** Fear not the psyker. *** [[{{CaptainObvious}} I]] think you [[{{EldritchAbomination}} messed]] up the phrase pal. * This troper's 9 year old niece. He's not babysitting her ever again. Ever.

* This troper's stepsister's niece. Don't sit at the same table as her during a family dinner. * This troper's best friend. 'nugh said. * This troper's girlfriend. He sometimes wonders how he's still alive. * Me when I was younger, definitely! I used to swing my arms wildly, run around, and fall out of my chair because I was acting so wildly in school. Even today, everyone says I have a loud voice, and asks me if I drink coffee. (I don't) * This troper's Japanese teacher is this way. It can make class rather surreal at times. * http://rishi-heart-naruto.deviantart.com/ Rishi on Deviantart. She talks in third person and is incomprehensible. * [[LeighSabio Troper's]] Chinese class has one of these. A recentlyturned-14 year old freshman girl who also counts as a TeenGenius, ChildProdigy, and TokenLoli and is the genkiest person troper has ever met. * This troper's girlfriend. Which, combined with my own more calm, intellectual approach to things, makes us Savvy Guy & Energetic Girl combination. Though stangely bit more of an inversion. I'm far more calm on the outside and can control composure, but on the inside I'm incredibly passionate, love exploring, and fit alot of Keet definition and she can be more down to earth, slightly pessimestic at times until I cheer her back up. ** Are you my boyfriend? He's abit Keety and Athletic but never the less chilled...and I am very pessimistic about him and hyper active ADD caffeine/suger addict like. Too true! * This Troper's best friend. She's a deadly combination of GenkiGirl, LargeHam, BrainyBrunette, and BewareTheNiceOnes. As for myself, I am a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} with a HairTriggerTemper, {{Tsundere}}, TalkativeLoon, a {{Dojikko}} and has an AnnoyingLaugh and am susceptible to AttentionDeficitOohShiny. We're quite a duo. ** . . . {{They Fight Crime}}? * ...You just described myself and my best friend. To a T. * I'm usually fairly shy, but after a few drinks I have the energy of a two year old. On several occasions I have been described as moving at inhuman speeds just because something on the other side of the room looks fun, and I will quickly grow tired of whatever made me stop in the middle of a conversation and bolt through a crowd of people. I will also ramble, and the longer I am left to ramble the faster my speech will get. However, I can also get quite violent with my enthusiasm so I often veer into the Jerkass version of a Genki Girl. * This troper's best friend is 100% Genki Girl. This girl is full of nonstop (I mean nonstop, even at 5 in the morning) energy, randomness, and enough enthusiasm to put Haruhi to shame. * [[Tropers/{{Cheeseypoofs}} This Troper]] is a GenkiGirl with AttentionDeficitOohShiny and NoIndoorVoice. She didn't realize how annoying she was until [[ItsAllAboutMe she met another girl in her choir]] [[DeliberatelyCuteChild who was even more immature than she was.]] * Averted with [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} this troper]], though I swear that my female Sheltie is just a canine version of this. * A very dear friend of mine is so very much this. She's always

[[NoIndoorVoice vocally]] happy to see you, [[TheGlomp loves hugs]], bounces around with as much energy as several small children, and can be [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny distracted very easily]]. The good news is, she's far more adorable than she is annoying. ** You just described [[{{Tropers/Cybele}} meeeeeeee]]! * The close friends of [[{{Tropers/SomeDeadGuy}} this troper's]] sister qualify. And not just specific friends, I'm talking about 95% of ALL THE FEMALE FRIENDS THAT SHE'S EVER HAD EVER (which, is to say, a lot). Add to the fact that some of them have taken a... [[StalkerWithACrush ''bizarre'' liking to me]] in the past, and you have a recipe for a figurative headache as well as a literal one. * This tropette may qualify as one of these during my happy days, when I frequently squeal with delight, skip when I walk sometimes, sing under my breath a lot, do annoying gestures when I'm excited, and at one point one of my ([[{{Understatement}} somewhat]] of a druggie) classmates once pointed at me and said "can you imagine her ''on speed?'' She'd be like a freaking pinball!". Somewhat counteracted on most other days, when I'm just TheQuietOne who doodles in the margins of my exercise books. * [[{{EHK}} This troper}} has it bad combined with my easily [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny distractedness]], I even won a gag award for that, {{no indoor voice}}, [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} no one being able to follow a conversation of mine, my tendency to [[LargeHam overreact]] to anything, my extremely [[AnnoyingLaugh loud laugh]], and my tendency to [[TalkativeLoon always be talking about whatever pops into my head]] makes interacting with me an experience noone ever really forgets meeting me good or bad. It's honestly not cute in a male who's in his early 20s though. Most of my personal development can be tracked in how much, or little, I can control my impulses. In all reality having so much energy constantly kinda sucks. Not that it can possible get me down for long... * This troper is likened to Haruhi too often. Though i don't see how i'm more hyper and genki than anyone else. * This troper's anime club just got a freshman genki girl, and Lord help us, she's a Harley Quinn cosplayer. ** That's oddly very hot sounding. Maybe it's just because she's a Harley Quinn cosplayer... * This troper alternates between GenkiGirl and {{Kuudere}}. Yes, seriously. In her genki phase she runs or skips everywhere, hugs everyone she meets, constantly tries to rope people into playing truth or dare with her, is a major CloudCuckooLander, and comes up with more than a few {{ZanyScheme}}s. * This troper knew a girl in his last year of high school who might qualify; her cheerful, enthusiastic personality is a major part of what I found attractive about her. I had complimented her about her personality, but never directly voiced my interest in being more than just friends with her; when she mentioned during an IM conversation that she was in a relationship before and it went badly, that she doesn't even talk to the guy she was with anymore, and that she's convinced that teenagers as a whole aren't mature enough to be in relationships, etc. I felt a little disappointed at first, but thinking about it further, as someone who has never been in a

relationship at all (even now, years later) I'm thinking I may have dodged a bullet in that sense. But still, if she had been interested and I had went for it, this could have been a classic case of SavvyGuyEnergeticGirl. * There's a girl who frequents a karaoke night that I'm also often at who definitely fits this description. That's the only setting I've ever seen her in, so maybe she's actually not on ''all'' the time, but yeah, she's frequently running around the room talking to absolutely everyone, having NoIndoorVoice, dancing to every song, etc. One night she sang "Song 2" by Blur, and the host commented that it was a very appropriate song choice because "WOOHOO!" is her way of saying "hello". * This troper's class have one, but she is more annoying than cute. She liked to talk on top of her voice, laughed in a annoying way everytime she ended a sentence. Fight boys, and obviously attacking a guy she like. He told the troper how this creep him out. Not to mention that athought she is quite smart she didn't know her place and always said stuff like how her way/her thing is the best. She like to jump around, hip, sing, argue... >"< * This troper. Full stop. Funny; I've also got ADHD and I'm pretty intelligent, and so this kinda translates into neuroticism over things like schoolwork. But I'm always very, very hyper. Actually, I kinda pity my future boyfriends... * The whole reason [[Tropers/SabresEdge this Troper]] got started on the ''HaruhiSuzumiya'' series? The description of Haruhi reminded him strongly of one of his closest friends, minus the RealityWarper powers. [[WildMassGuessing Unless...]] * This troper's friend is MADE of this. She bounces on the balls of her feet and talks like a sped-up tape when she's at all excited (which she often is for no discernible reason), pounces on people, squeals when something makes her happy, and acts [[ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin freaking HIGH]] when given sugar, caffeine, and/or [[FrothyMugsOfWater Gatorade]]. * This troper's daughter is a genki girl... she just can't even just say hello without taking someone and jumping in their arms, shouts "YIPEEE" or "SUPER" instead of simply "yes" most of the time and is constantly running, jumping, dancing and climbing everywhere...and oh, before I forget, she's barely three years old. * This tropette for sure, especially around my friends. * [[Tropers/WanderingMoon This troper]] seems to attract a ton of these. Her sister's one, her twin friends are, as well as many a girl who's randomly started conversations with her because she was 'just there'. What's odd is she can't recall ever actively becoming friends with any of them, it just sort of happens. * This Troper's friend, but her stepsister puts her to shame. * This troper's [[NoIndoorVoice best female friend]] and [[MostAnnoyingSound his sister]] (trained by the aforementioned friend personally). * A dear friend of mine I've known since kindergarten fits this perfectly, complete with NoIndoorVoice. She can be terribly annoying at times, and I'm the complete opposite of her, I'm shy and love peace and tranquility. But she's adorable as much as she's annoying and I

wouldn't change her if I could. * I had a cat who was both this and TheKlutz. (Yes, a clumsy cat.) Ornaments never lasted long. * In a [[ChangelingTheLost Changeling]] game [[{{Tropers/Whitewings}} this troper]] is in, one of the other [=PCs=] is a truly extreme Genki Girl. Having spent an indeterminable period as a living statue, forbidden to move at all, she's been making up for lost time in a big way, mostly involving dashing about like a mad thing and doing whatever pops into her head at a given moment. My character's actually been making her a bit less of a genki girl, by allowing her to join in her daily yoga and meditation practices, slowly teaching her that "stop" is a value and "go" is a range. Considering she's a living marble statue, the value of this should be obvious. * This troperette is the Genki Girl of her high school marching/concert band. Her drum major has likened her to a [[CharlieTheUnicorn unicorn]] and "some kind of 80s cheerleader". She is also the proud recipient of this year's "Band Geek of The Year" award (AKA, the 'Most Enthusiastic Award') which her band director created in her honor. ---WOOHOO! Go back to GenkiGirl here! Yeah! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GenreSavvy Tropes show up all the time in RealLife, as the page demonstrates. A dose of pattern recognition can [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife really mess people up]]. ----* Halfway through the first chapter of ''FireEmblem: The Blazing Sword'', [[@/LORd this troper]] asked his brother "Is this Lyn a lost princess or something?" Not a particularly amazing guess, but nevertheless impressed the shit out of my brother. * There's a joke, "I'm gonna kill millions of jews and one clown." The expected response is "Why the clown," to which someone else replies, "See? No one cares about the jews!" {{Haven}} was savvy enough to reply "Why the millions of jews?" ** If that were me, I'd just respond with "See? No one cares about killing a clown!" *** What about Jewish Clowns? *** [[TheKrusty Still nobody would care.]] ** If you where truely Genre Savvy the answer would be "Why kill anyone?" if you where Genre Savvy, but never got a joke then you would kill the person in a way that no one knew it was you. ** [[MutantRancor My]] response would be "Nobody cares about the clown." ** [[{{Jcatgrl}} This Troper]] once responded to this, "What if the clown's Jewish, too?"

* This Troper always tells his friends about events as if life were a high-school soap opera. Things like saying "So this episode is about their relationship" or "Man, the writers are terrible." Combines with BreakingTheFourthWall * Thanks to this site and his father, [[{{KayKay}} this troper]] is now genre savvy enough to tell just why something in a movie is off. ** So, pretty much, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes ruined your life]]? * It may be pessimism/mistrust rather being GenreSavvy, but [[DarkInsanity13 this troper]] tends to know when something will either go wrong or to be suspicious of certain things before they happen. Unfortunately, she still gets caught being GenreBlind on the odd occasion, usually in terms of romance and out-of-the-blue actions. * This isn't strictly speaking a ''personal'' tale, but still fits in RealLife. GenreSavvy is arguably a synonym for "street smart," in the sense of knowing the various ways in which others will try to rip you off, whether using common distractions to pick your pocket (e.g. the "squirt mustard on you and offer to clean it off" trick) or tricking you via e-mail into giving them access to your bank account. ** You know, the Nigerian Prince got my bank account number, and the transaction ACTUALLY worked! I don't get why everyone's always all up in his business all the time. Seriously... Ehrm... He just asked if anyone wants to e-mail me their bank info- so he can do the same for you! Totally legit! * [[GwenStacyWannabe This troper]] is really weirdly good at making sarcastic predictions for the immediate future. For instance, I'll say "Hey, you know, I bet that just because I didn't bring my textbook to class today, we're gonna use it." And it will happen 80% of the time. It's quite creepy. Also, in the multiple choice tests when you have more than one answer that could be right, it's the one you think it couldn't be. ** Happens to this Troper too. Me saying "I bet the subway will get stuck in the tunnel" while in a hurry has been followed by it actually happening so many times I actually avoid saying it these days. And it really does seem to happen a lot less often, which I find rather hilarious. I even found myself wondering if I’m a subway Butt Monkey at one point. ** Happens to this troper also. I work in a pizzeria, and it seems that whenever I think of a regular customer who hasn’t ordered for a while, said customer is the next person to order. If only I could use this prognostication ability to my benefit… ** This Tropette's school has multiple doors, all of which are always locked for some reason. The second I leave to go check the other doors, someone comes to unlock the door I was just at. Most recently, I half-jokingly offered to go check the other door, because then someone with a key would come. I was right. ** Once a guy brought cookies to our english class. Our english teacher also made cookies once in a blue moon, so once the boy brought cookies, I immediately knew the teacher was bringing cookies as well. She did. * This troper has never had a boyfriend, because any guy she meets gets an immediate trope analysis, and she tends to meet too many

[[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarkers]] [[SpotlightStealingSquad with whom she would not be compatible]]. I didn't even realize I did this until I found this site. That's how sad I am. ** Well, then, maybe you could [[{{LesYay}} go turn to the other team]] if you can? Just a thought. * I, {{@/Jonn}}, once [[http://community.livejournal.com/mccloudtour/22475.html?thread=24161 1#t241611 commented]] on ScottMcCloud's blog, thus; -->'''Jonn''':I don't know who that girl is, but she's cute.\\ '''[=McCloud=]''': Which girl? This thread is drowning in girls!\\ '''Jonn''': The picture outside the cut. [[http://www.scottmccloud.com/makingcomics/tour/Photos/2006-09-20/03stairs.jpg This one]], which is undoubtedly your daughter and now I will be horribly embaressed.\\ '''[=McCloud=]''': Yup. That's Sky. ** Your words are confusing, though I figured the same thing by the fact that he actually had that pic. *** Well, he was at a college; it could easily have been a shot of a fan. However, I've also got a nearly-perfect [[DroppedABridgetOnHim Bridget-Sense]], at least when not in real life. (I've had little chance to test it thus, for obvious reasons.) I was able to figure out the lead singer of Tokio Hotel was a [[{{Bishounen}} really pretty dude]] after a five-second clip on TRL. ** My siblings and I used to watch TV by predicting the plot twists as soon as possible. My big brother asserted that he could easily be a writer. ** Also, I seem to be one of the few people who actually checks reviews before going to see movies, [[QualityByPopularVote even if they're popular]]. Hence, when RottenTomatoes said ''{{Avatar}}'' was basically a summer action movie with excellent visuals and a mediocre story, that's ''exactly'' what I went in expecting. And it was, an I enjoyed it as such. So when the people suffering from HypeBacklash complain about how the movie was "hyped" like it was the "best movie ever", I just FacePalm. * "That should be a trope" is the new catchphrase of this troper about...Well, almost anything ** This troper does that as well. *** Same for this troper! We need a club! * Having worked at [=McDonald's=], this troper always informs people not to leave the window and demand their food when the food is delayed. Because moving the drive through is more important than moving the lines inside, they get the job quicker. He has been the unfortunate person to have to hand food to parked cars that have been waiting for a good hour and are generally pissed about it. * This troper went into the woods with a friend once and proceeded to become less sober. After a til dawn discussion about the nature of humanity and tearful confessions of past abuse she lamented to her friend 'I'm not in a goofy college movie! It's one of those depressing indy flicks'. * Is this troper bad for wishing that there were more endings where the heroes lost more than one party member, didn't inevitably pair the good looking smart guy with the [[HollywoodHomely plain looking

heroine]], or didn't succeed at all? * This troper is able to predict future events based on the will of the Irony Gods. rule: the Irony Gods WILL screw you over in the most amusing way possible. The way to beat them is to make them do it in your favour... for instance, study really hard for that test coming up. stress about that test. Put your cartoon-watching schedule on hold, because that test is gonna be a killer. If you do this, the Irony Gods will make the test incredibly easy, just to make your effort worthless, and you will pass. If you don't do this, the test will be incredibly difficult, and you will fail. (Some people would argue that studying is what made the test easy, but they're just in denial.) ** This is extremely true. This Troper has actively tried to make the most ironic result of some situations be the most beneficial to herself. It's quite funny how often it works. For example, the best way to pass a test after you've actually taken it is to make over-thetop complaints on how you most definitely failed it - the grade will nearly always end up way better than you first expected. Of course, there's the downside of looking like a cocky whiner to those who got lower grades than you... But sometimes the sacrifice is worth it. *** [[YouBastard LIES!]] [[BSRaven This Troper]] did an exam yesterday. How did it go? AWESOME! How much did he study? BUGGER ALL! *** ThisTroper has never studied an hour in his life, and has never failed a test. ( Except for one teacher who [[SadistTeacher specifically tried to make me]].) ** This troper notices the same thing, and that it sometimes is ironically ironic, I.E. the god of irony are as genre savvy as me. The solution? Rig it so that the outcome is ''un''ironic, if you can tell which of the gods is on shift. ** Did you ever think that the test might be ridiculously easy if you study for it ''because you studied?'' And hard ''because you didn't?'' *** [[CompletelyMissingThePoint Well, somebody hasn't taken that many tests, then.]] * This editors brother is so GenreSavvy, that it is borderline scary. I once complained to him that I hate the slackers on my class and I'll proceed to do the final project myself. His answer to me: "Look, don't do that, or otherwise you'll have to choose a new theme, which means you'll have to do more work, but [[BrilliantButLazy you're so lazy]] that you won't get it done and you are too arrogant to ask help so you'll papers will get late, which means more work and crying, swearing and frustration for you." [[GenreBlind I didn't listen his advice.]] Guess what happened. And that isn't the only case. To extension I'm also quite GenreSavvy, once I stop and take few minutes to think what the heck I'm doing. * During the last election, this troper discovered further evidence that he is a character in a sitcom: the likelihood of the caller at the door being an attractive, idealistic young campaign volunteer was inversely proportional to whether I was wearing pants. This caused me to start wearing pants out all times out of paranoia, at which point the veritable flood of cute campaign volunteers ceased entirely. ** Oh, I loved that episode! ** This troper recommends the opposite course of action: NEVER wear

pants. Then you'll get nothing but cute campaign volunteers, AND you've already got your pants off. Head start! * A general rule of thumb: if a teacher/professor/speaker/whatever asks a question with a seemingly obvious answer, answer the opposite, because they set it up as a trick. Especially helpful when they encourage you into an action to set you up into an annoying YouBastard speech. Unfortunately, for [[{{Cliche}} this troper]], some of them have [[DeathByGenreSavvy wisened up]]. ** [[{{Cliche}} This troper]] also happened to come across an interestingly worded link on the CrowningMusicOfAwesome page. Instead of merely clicking it, he typed in the YouTube code on Google. Sure enough, it was the infamous Rickroll. ** This troper has seen the link enough that I have basically memorised the link. * Several weeks ago, [[{{Fermatprime}} this troper]] was at a concert (one with assigned seating) with several of his dorm-mates. One of them had mentioned that some online acquaintances were also coming to the concert. This troper semi-sarcastically remarked "Watch them have the seats right in front of us -- then I will ''know'' my life's a sitcom." [[TemptingFate Guess what?]] * This troper is intentionally trying to be WrongGenreSavvy; he regularly asks regions a camera could potentially be hidden, "What do you, the viewers at home, think?" as though his life is a bad reality TV series. ** Wait, there are ''good'' reality TV series? *** Good question. What about...uh...well...there has to [[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch be]] [[GoodTroiEpisode one]] ''somewhere'', right? *** There was one. It was called "The Intercept" and it was badass. The contestant was given a car with a tracking device in it, and had to evade the police until time was up. If they could do it, they kept the car. The police would do everything that they would normally do to stop a thief. They wouldn't shoot, but they would pistol whip the poor bastard if they caught up with him. The contestants did some crazy things to escape. One person drove his car into an open boxcar on a moving train. The only person who ever won was the guy who managed to break the tracking device. * Upon the conclusion of the Steelers vs. Cardinals SuperBowl, [[AcrossTheStars this troper]] informed her father, "If this were a movie, [[MiracleRally the Cardinals]] [[DownToTheLastPlay would have won]]. Or wait... [[DownerEnding maybe not]]..." * This troper awoke one morning and watched an incredibly heavy, almost alarming fog roll slowly into her small suburban town. On the phone with a friend, she remarked, "I wonder if this is the day my life turns into a video game..." (Sadly, no.) * It's kind of sad, really, that whenver a serious, dramatic trope occur's in this troper's life, she cannot for the life of her take anything seriously and begins pointing it out, making jokes about it, and laughing. This applies to lots of tropes because for the life of me I can't stop looking and seeing them. * This troper has heterchromia when it comes to this; one eye is Genre Savvy, and the other is either WrongGenreSavvy or an IdiotBall.

** Invest in an EyepatchOfPower. * [[{{Talismann}} This Troper]] keeps getting herself in and out of trouble at school, thanks to the power of GenreSavvy. The secret: Whatever you do, don't ever think you're safe. Because when you do, the universe will think you're fine and leave you to solve your own problems. All you need to do is constantly worry until you're absolutely sure things have cleared up. ** Funny story about this one. After a field trip in high school several of us decided to skip the last period. The whole time I was paranoid that we'd get caught by the cops (who seem to always be around at the worst times). By the middle of the next week all of us were calming down since we seemingly had escaped notice, but stayed alert until we were positive that they weren't going to bust us. * ... Is it possible for a Troper to ''not'' be fairly genre savvy? ** Not really. It's what either brings us here, or a result of being here. * This Troper made a comic superhero whose main power was being genre savvy. He could predict nearly anything a villain would do before they could, which led to the in-universe belief that he was actually psychic and somehow didn't know it. * GenreSavvy runs in [[KillerClowns this troper's]] family. We have {{averted}} many, many [[HilarityEnsues sit-com hijinks]] and SoapOpera difficulties this way. The best story involves a bottle of gatorade mixed with my mother's laxatives, my father' love of gatorade... and a ''very clearly placed label,'' after my mother muttered "this is too much like the set-up for a sit-com episode..." (DoubleSubverted when I decided to let [[CousinOliver the neighborhood pest]] drink some anyway.) * The mathematical search engine Wolfram|Alpha was debuted to large media attention... during a thunderstorm. Several people pointed out that [[InstantAIJustAddWater activating a revolutionary new computer system]] [[LightningCanDoAnything during a lightning storm]] has generally not gone well in the past. * When [[{{Andrusi}} this troper]]'s grandfather (whose wife, the troper's grandmother, died nearly a year before this) began seeing one of his female childhood friends, the troper's father was GenreSavvy enough to realize "this might bother his grandkids if they just suddenly find out about it when we go to visit next week" and decided to break the news to them in advance, with a clearly well-thought-out speech emphasizing how it was what their grandmother would want, he still loved her, this would make him happy, etc. The troper himself, being equally GenreSavvy if not more so, figured out nearly everything from the first sentence or two, and ended up bored as he waited for TheReveal, even pointing out afterward that he'd "seen this episode of everything ever" and had already internalized the concept to the point that it didn't really bother him. ** Same here. A month ago (March 2010, for when it's no longer a month ago) my dad told us that our grandma had begun seeing old relatives. Both me and my brother both responded that we knew where this was going, which is why we weren't too surprised at what happened a short time later (I'm sure I don't need to explain further). * This troper saw ''{{The Matrix}}'', about which she knew zero, for

the first time the other day with some friends and was able to accurately suss out, among other things, which character was TheMole, which character would survive the EverybodysDeadDave, and ''several exact lines'' before they actually happened on screen. But it was when she got frustrated and yelled "Well, if they can manipulate the Matrix to have super-bullet-dodging-powers, why don't they just stop the goddamn bullets in midair instead of dodging them!" that everyone gave her funny looks. TVTropesWillRuinYourLife indeed. ** Whenever this troper goes to the cinema with family or friends, she knows she's going to have to apologize to them afterwards -she'll basically do just what the Troper above did with ''TheMatrix'', out loud, and people will be ''very'' pissed at her. Which is why she has stopped watching movies at the cinema entirely. * This Troper started out doing something he calls the Countdown. He starts from 5 and expects something to happen when he gets to 1 when watching a movie. He can also accurately predict what his friends think, feel, and what they're going to do, and uses this to his advantage making him a bit of a Manipulative Bastard. * [[SilverShoelaces This troper]] gets funny looks sometimes when she predicts how her friends' latest adventure will probably turn out...and turns out to be right. She also gets funny looks for her friends when she knows things they never told her (or anyone else, for that matter). It's all because, when she isn't being {{Wrong Genre Savvy}} (which is just as often), she is extremely genre savvy. * This troper is a habitual MagnificentBastard who knows what he is doing, and, when I was confronted by a few enemies(who even mentioned some parallels between Light Yagami and I) about if I was the guy who had introduced a bunch of new rules in a class, I smirked and said, "You'd expect that I would burst into villain breakdown and say that I am Kira, that only I can do this, and this and that. No, I am not the guy who did this, and if I was, I would not be killed by a few seconds and a monologue that would get me killed by the Matsuda among you." They walked off, grumbling something about if I knew they were coming * Do our actions in video games count? Because I've got one from when some friends and I were playing Dirge of Cerberus. We get to the endgame, cutscenes out the wazoo, and my buddy decides to skip. During the loading screen after he hit the skip button, I say "You know it's just going to go to another cutscene, right?" Sure enough... * In/around sixth grade, [[AMereServantOfGod this troper]] was sitting on the swing sets, when suddenly two classmates of his started arguing, and they were starting to get pretty steamed. He knew these two classmates were best friends, even to the point of looking alike, and so he immediately jumped out of the swing and shouted something along the lines of, "Stop! If you don't you two will [[FreakyFriday switch bodies to find out what the other's life is like!]] They looked at me funny, talked with each other for a few moments about how much of a weirdo I was, then walked off together, one with her arm across the other's shoulders, of this troper recalls correctly. This, of course, [[XanatosGambit was my plan all along...]] * [[{{Gerusz}} This troper]] had a dream recently. He seems to be genre savvy enough to say: "I share my room with a two-headed man, a giant squirrel and a girl who stepped out of one of my writings. Damn,

my life is a {{Webcomic}}!". (It must definitely count that he usually knows when he is dreaming... and yes, his dreams can get pretty weird) * This troper is almost psychically aware of when people are about to say or do something stupid (fiction and real life). Also, sometimes I can tell not only when a trope will come into play, but if it will be subverted (as in "no way they will let a straight use of that trope happen, [[PlotArmour this main character would die!]]"). * In this troper's book, the main character comes across a lab with a massive self destruct button. he muses on how it is obviously designed to be an alarm... then pushes it, just so he can have fun massacring the guards. * This troper was out driving in his permit. My dad told me to pull into the gas station. There where two cops coming out of the station. Instantly I thought "Oh crap! This is going to be a 'Funny story 20 years from now' event isn't it?" Thankfully I pulled in perfectly. * Much to the annoyance of my friends, I have taken to shouting "SEQUEL HOOK!" At the end of just about every movie I see. I've been wrong once. ** I have been less lucky; when I watched ''CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon'', I had a perfect idea how it was going to end ... and was [[WrongGenreSavvy completely and utterly wrong]], because it was a Chinese movie, not an American one. (And for the record, I would have preferred a "[[TropesAreNotBad cliched]]" [[HappyEnding happy ending]] to the [[DownerEnding actual one]].) *** [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} This troper]] actually liked ''HouseOfFlyingDaggers'' (another Chinese martial arts film) precisely ''because of'' the [[{{DownerEnding}} tragic ending]] - not to mention the action and the [[{{SceneryPorn}} breathtaking Chinese scenery]] as well as ZhangZiyi ([[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]], while a [[{{AcceptableEthnicTargets}} white Australian]], tends to [[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} have a very keen interest]] for quite a few Chinese and other Asian women - but '''not''' for the usual stereotypical reasons, people...) [[TropesAreNotGood He does get sick of the usual]] [[{{AmericanFilm}} trite Hollywood]] [[TropesAreNotGood happy endings sometimes]]. By the way, [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] made sure he was watching it in Mandarin with the English subtitles (he's almost always on the Subbing side of the SubbingVersusDubbing wars...) * This troper has an absolutely fantastic memory because he often forgets things. Paradox? Nah. I realize I'm going to forget stuff and I write it down. "Hm. Well we've got all of the shopping, but I have the feeling there's something else I need to-" "Milk" * This troper refuses to watch any sort of movie involving romance, since she can always guess the exact outcome.even in the rare few that don't set them selves up in the standard "he'll get the girl in the end" way. * When this troper was twelve, she in the woods playing Spotlight, a game played with torches [flashlights in America] at night, she wandered too far from the other kids, and somehow got turned around. Lost in the forest, in the dark, by herself, she was handling it okay for the first few minutes... Then she tripped and broke her torch, and promptly started getting really terrified that a psycho with a mask

and some kind of sharp weapon was going to appear. There was also a mysterious light that was flashing every so often, and she was wondering if that would turn out to be aliens who would abduct her or something. Eventually she found her way back, though, without any psycho killers chasing her, and the flashes of light turned out to be lightning, even though it hadn't rained, and for some reason that possibly defies the laws of nature, there was no thunder either. Perhaps it was too far away to hear? ** Sheet lightning doesn't produce thunder. * This Troper vows to respond to any {{Henway}} with "Would you care to tell me what exactly a henway is?" and any [[MotorMouth Longgenericinsultsayswhat?]] with "Come again?" [[SubvertedTrope Hasn't happened yet, though...]] ** The first time this troper heard that one, he didn't see the joke coming, but still responded: "Define Henway" and has used that as his stock response to the gag ever since. * This Troper once read an e-mail with this little gem in it: "The probability of dropped toast landing jelly-side down is directly proportional to the price of the floor/carpet." In other words, [[DontExplainTheJoke the more expensive the flooring, the more likely you are to stain it]]. * This Troper and his friends are GenreSavvy enough that we've stopped trying to explain problems in TV or video games. "Because the writers said so," is pretty much our catch phrase. There have been numerous occasions where we've predicted something while watch TV. * For this Troper, it has been both played straight and subverted. It's been played straight in anything this troper views, be it tv, books, comics, commercials, etc to the point of very few things entertaining me (happened before tv tropes entered her life, mind you) as well as being the only one who predicted that one of her guy bff's and his girlfriend would get back together (a long and complicated story that I don't mind explaining). It's subverted in that anything I might predict about myself never happens or happens differently. * This troper predicted the ratings machine ''all the time'' in ''{{Survivor}}'' and ''knew'' Russell was incredibly lucky to have a bunch of players who didn't even BOTHER searching for the hidden immunity idol when they practically gave them all a map to it. He just ''knows'' CBS will try and slant the show to keep Russell on as much as possible, and that the ''next'' person to try Russell's game will have to do it even ''better'' if they don't wanna be blindsided when they're not needed or thrown off early. Obviously - you can tell this troper would make a rather boring Survivor player because he'd pretty much sit around the camp all month in a pair of shorts and a swimsuit hidden under his sweatpants and with two sets of clothes, watching the idiots running around in spaghetti straps complaining how cold it is and failing at making a fire, or try and become the Fan Favourite because they'd ''always'' try and slant the show towards the Fan Favourite. He'd also be even ''more'' boring in ''BigBrother'' because he would, like Sharon and Kevin, sit around the house all summer and start playing much harder when everyone's done yelling at each other. * this troper was visiting collages with her mom in Chicago. After navigating though hevy traffic, mom said something along the lines of

"Well, it looks like we didnt lose too much time" I yeled at her to stop, because that ment we would get lost or something. Sure enough we spent the next 45 minutes driving around Chicago trying to find Northwestren because google maps failed us. We ended missing the tour. * This troper is ridiculously so. I am somehow able to predict what plot twists are about to be revealed in the first few seconds of every episode of every american TV show I watch even when I'm not a fan of it. It's bordering on precognition really and lately it seems to be working for real life too. * This troper has an incredible case of this in video games. It's quite useful. I quickly gathered such things as to [[{{Persona4}} max Nanako's Social Link early, something's gonna take her out of the picture]], [[{{Pokemon}} Make note of the first Pokemon you see a]] [[{{Mook}} Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma/Galactic grunt]] use because you'll be fighting that a lot, [[DragonAge be nice to Jowan because he'll end up a party member]] (it counts because he almost was), [[SonicTheHedgehog the Shadow in Sonic Heroes is real becaus eall evidence points to the contrary]], and his personal favorite, the entire Law of Video Game Religions: ** If a religion is an important part of the story, [[ReligionOfEvil it is either evil]] or incorrect, or at least inconclusive (until sequels make them evil/wrong). The exception is a cult. Cults are permitted to be right: However, they are required to be evil regardless of if they are or not. only [[TheElderScrolls one series]] has broken the 'evil cult' rule, and only [[LegendOfZelda another series]] has had a religion important to the story that is proven right. * This troper managed to blunt the pain of a divorce with a combination of GenreSavvy and a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech as his ex-wife was packing up to leave. Said I: "I already know how this story's going to end. I'm going to meet a girl right at the moment I think everything's hopeless. A couple of awkward initial dates and an amazing amount of patience on her part will lead to one of those stories of redemption like every chick flick you've ever seen. Fast forward a few years and I'm going to be one of those Little League dads with awesome kids and somewhere around the 'this would've been my 20th wedding anniversary with my first wife' point I'm going to look back and think 'what was I thinking back then marrying my first wife, a petty, vindictive, manipulative person who was only good for one thing and wasn't all that good at that.' And I'm going to kiss my wife and hug my kids and they're going to ask 'why the good mood?' and all I'll be able to tell them is that life is awesome and it's awesome to be able to share it with the people I love. Roll credits, fade to [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] black." And mark my words, I believe every word. ** This troper sincerely hopes that you are not WrongGenreSavvy. * This troper, while watching ''Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel", correctly guessed that a character in a wheelchair would be hospitalized within seconds of seeing that she was near a staircase. He also guessed that Toby would, at some point, [[spoiler: jump on stage and fill in for a missing chipmunk in front of his high school crush, which would make her immediately fall in love]].

* When this troper first saw the trailer to {{Marley and Me}}, I instantly (and correctly) predicted [[DeathByNewberyMedal "That dog is gonna die"]]. Apparently, you can still like the movie even though EVERYONE is telling you how sad it is. I didn't see it, I just walked in during the ending. I shoulda bet 5 bucks. * [[Tropers/PentiumMMX2 This troper's]] mom was watching some random Disney Channel Original Movie one afternoon (I don't know which one it was), when there was a scene with a girl climbing on a shelf stocked with buckets of worms. I randomly popped off "That shelf is going to fall over, and when help arrives, she'll be covered in soil and worms". Guess what happens a few seconds later... * This troper can most of the time predict what's going to happen in a movie after watching it for a few minutes unless it has a really big plot twist. * This troper's family has a standing rule: when you go out and there's even a slight chance of rain, bring an umbrella so that it ''doesn't'' rain. You know what? It works. * [[LoveIsWeird This troperette's]] friend Kaycee seems to have a knack for this. Once, we were stuck in the rain, and a homeless guy was right next to us. -->Me: We should probably give him some monetary compensation for his various losses... -->Kaycee: Food. He needs food. 'Cause if we give him some money, then the mafia will come knockin' round his door. Stay here. Hey, do you think noodles are cheap? Sure enough, she had bought food for him. I learned later that same day that the beggar used to be Dad's friend who was involved in the mafia. ** I did it again. We were watching an episode of TheClevelandShow (I never saw it before), and this Holt guy seemed to murder his mother. Me? I said, "Betting he didn't murder his mom." A few minutes later, my prediction came true: [[spoiler:It was a sex doll]]. Then Cleveland tried to get the guy a real girl. "DomesticAbuser," I said. Again, came true. Gorram you [[TVTropesRuinedMyLife TVTropes!]] * Tell me any sort of plan, offer me something to do or anything like that and I will predict possible outcomes for you. It goes something like: "I see three possibilities here: either, it is going to be absolutely awesome, it is going to fail miserably or it will be sort of mediocre and noone will remember." Come to think of it, it is a bit like what Adam sometimes does on Mythbusters before they start a test. * This Troper's mother is bizarrely good at predicting things in movies. This can range from guessing twists and events that have hardly been foreshadowed at all, to saying a character's line during the dramatic pause ''before'' said line (albeit sometimes a paraphrase). It takes something really special to catch her offguard. * Real-life {{Fetch Quest}}s throw me off a little. I once tried to apply for a job at a place run by a nice old man who'd lost the guidebook for some of the software on his computer. He said if I could work the software, he'd give me a job. Turned out the software is ''really complicated'' and the guidebook costs over $30. To this day, it makes me worry I'm still stuck on that level or won't get 100% completion or something... so, yeah, I may be a little

WrongGenreSavvy. * This troper was playing Bayonetta with his brother watching. I shit you not, within thirty seconds of meeting Cereza; --> Brother: Oh my God, it's Bayonetta as a child! * when asked how he came to this - correct- conclusion* "It's the glasses." * This troper was talking with her friends about the recent release of ''Avatar'' on DVD. I explained to them that I had never bothered watching the movie because I felt that I already knew how it would end. When asked to make a prediction, I had to assure my friends that I really had never seen the movie after responding with the following: -->'''Me:''' [[HumansAreBastards The humans]] will try to get [[MacGuffin the mineral that's under the aliens' village]] and they'll all have a big epic fight and the aliens will somehow win, [[TheStraightAndArrowPath even with their less sophisticated weapons]], and [[TheHero the main character]] will probably [[InterspeciesRomance fall in love with some alien chick]] and [[IChooseToStay decide to stay on the alien planet]]. ** When doing group projects for school, I also tend to be pretty genre savvy when it comes to figuring out who's actually going to do their work. Several times now, I've predicted that someone would not do their share (doing a particular amount of research, finishing some PowerPoint slides, bringing candy, etc.), and proceeded to surreptitiously do it for them, just in case I end up correct. My intuition is nearly always right with this, although this is one situation in which I would prefer to be proven wrong more often.... * Can't watch CSI with my parents anymore. Can't watch anything where the characters have a big reveal at the end, with a chance of someone monologuing on how they did it, with flashbacks. Unfortunately, my parents can't do anything, because I taught them the concept of [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Gun]]. Any character who's interviewed for less than a minute is usually the BigBad. The protagonist will always wait to the very last second before leaving a bomb scene so that the production team can justify burning that much gasoline to create the explosion. Said protagonist will not duck, or cower. Anyone less badass than him in the vicinity will. * [[{{KamuiValentine}} This troper]] can ''finally'' call herself GenreSavvy. She was watching television with her dad when an anime movie called Sword For Truth came on. Five minutes in a giant tiger shows up and starts munching on RedShirts. A mysterious man walks up to th tiger. She suggested the man would easily cut the tiger in half. Her dad predicted the tiger was the guy's pet. [[spoiler:I was right, cut the tiger neatly through the middle.]] * [[{{Stars}} This troper]] was at a sci-fi convention with several friends, running a booth for one person's company. It was a fun time but also somewhat stressful given that there was a clique of people we had a falling out with for reasons not worth going into. We agreed that we were just going to ignore them and be the bigger persons. Still, this didn't stop one member of the clique from being particularly obnoxious every time he passed the booth we were running. He suffered from an annoying habit of laughing before telling a joke and he usually wore loud Hawaiian shirts. By an amazing coincidence, my cosplay costume had a loud Hawaiian shirt. So I wound up doing an

impression of this guy for two people, going "ha-ha-ha. I laugh at my own jokes so you know I'm funny." They began laughing and urging me to stand up and do it for everyone. I said "No, because the minute I gather a crowd [[RightBehindMe he's going to walk through here while my back is turned]]." Guess who rounded the corner not ten seconds later, prompting an even greater well of laughter than the original impression? * This Troper has seen enough KidComs and TeenDrama's to know when some of his friends are going to hook up, how, and is a ShipperOnDeck for most of them. He is also fully aware that he is the GenreSavvy, {{Nerd}}, SmartGuy, PluckyComicRelief. * This troper's teachers asks him the trick questions. You know, the kind which have a painfully obvious answer that's actually wrong. This troper was GenreSavvy enough to realize it. That's when they started mixing in some obvious questions to throw him off. That's when this troper's WikiWalks come in handy. * This troper is incredibly GenreSavvy to the point that when a friend described the plot of the novel ''Possession'' to her (and this troper knew nothing about the book except that it was presumably a romance) she guessed quite a bit of it, much to her friend's surprise. * This troper once eavesdropped on a bunch of friends sitting togther at a restaurant talking about how one kids mother thinks "Nirvana is a metal band" and other random stuff, and suddenly this troper felt like she was in a MTV scripted comedy show. * This troper can be so {{Genre Savvy}} that school (social) life tends to bore her. (First person->) I don't particularly pay attention to who's dating who, but at one point when the subject came up said "Eh, it doesn't matter, 99% of teen relationships are doomed to fail" apathetically. Not exactly a {{Nietzsche Wannabe}}, but I haven't been wrong yet :) The other day this guy (I'll bet he's a trope, but for now lets just call him obnoxious without reason and the kind of person adults seem to think all teenagers are) after annoying me with random sh* t like "Do you like me?" (me, deadpan) "No, I hate you" said "You know how last year you didn't get dux of the school last year? I found out that you should have got it because you were top, but Hannah got it instead because you got it last year. Aren't you mad?". Hannah's actually my friend, and having {{Seen It A Million Times}} in teen (drama) shows, I realised that the aim was to create the whole "How dare you say that!" "I hate you" thing going on, and just ignored it and chuckled that I had been involved in subverting/averting something. (Subverted because I might tell my friend later what he tried XD But wait, that might have the same effect and create rising resentment that will explode years later... DAMN YOU GENRE SAVVINESS!) * This troper made the mistake of saying "I'll never have any siblings". Few weeks after "Sweetie, your father and I...". I soon realized this was working to my advantage. I guess they wont be twins. And they wont be a boy and girl. Sadly, she was right, but forgot her new powers and commented that they probably will come out healthy and happy, to assuage my mothers fears. Now, there's nothing wrong with Down Syndrome, but really, both of them? Do you know how rare that is? And this troper was stupid enough to say the dreaded line. (We all know what that is.) Now my little brother has leukemia. This troper is

now much smarter, and is happy with what she has, and will never use her soap opera genre savvy again. * This troper recently became so genre savvy,that she predicted an outcome of most events during one day at work (she works on busy trains as a trolley dolly)She was looking at people and f.eg noticed a man,soundly asleep when the train stopped 'I bet he just misses his station at this very moment'.Guess what.He woke up just before the doors closed,he sweared and rushed out of his seat, losing his stuff behind...because he almost missed his stop!. * You can't survive England without this, as this Troper found out. Having been caught in rain several times (Once it hailed AND rained hard, and all I was wearing was jeans and a short sleeved shirt. Needless to say, everything was soaked through), he now takes his coat and/or umbrella with him even when it's sunny. People look at me strangely, but he always have the last laugh when it rains, they get wet, and I'm toasty. It's also the reason he doesn't scout for girls around his area, as he knows they sleep with anyone/everyone (I'm not being sexist, it's proven) and if he screwed one of them he'd [[MockTheWeek end up ejaculating penicillin]]. * One time, during a campaign of a game of D20 Modern, the players were in New York City, being chased by Gorgons, and had to steal a plane to get out. [[DrRobert This Troper]]'s character ended up having to stay behind in a HeroicSacrifice and was killed by the Gorgons. Upon arriving in Vancouver, the players discovered New York had been destroyed in a nuclear explosion. After the session ended, this Troper approached the GM, and offered to play as a US Government agent hunting the players down, as they had stolen a plane, and were assumed to be behind the blast. This got a big shocked stare out of the GM, and he asked me how I knew what was coming up in the campaign. My response? "I'm dangerously Genre Savvy." * One time, this troper, his brother, and their friend had done something that he doesn't even remember. Anyway, his brother was coming up with this whole convoluted plan on how to make sure my mom wouldn't find out, but before he could finish, this troper inturupted him. "Why are we coming up with this anyway, Mom won't punish us if we just tell her what happened instead of trying to cover it up." They disagreed, and just for the hell of it I decided to go through with the plan, for shits and giggles. Guess what Mom lectured us on? * This troper was watching Criminal Minds with her father. It was an episode she'd already seen so she asked him halfway through what his predictions were. He then guessed two pivotal plot points and the exact point that they would save the victim. She had to hide her surprise. * This troper realized she was GenreSavvy when, after boarding a plane, she noticed immediately that a boy of around ten and his father were on the seats next to her, and that the boy was ''adorable''. She took her seat with two guesses for each one-episode characters in the "Holiday Special" of her life's sitcom. Father was either going to be a lecherous bastard who would grope her when she got up to the restroom, or he was going to be a perfectly charming man, a single dad, taking his boy on vacation to visit grandma. The kid had no other options. He was going to be an obnoxious brat, and by the end of the

trip, I'd want to knock him over the head, amazing father or not. I thankfully got the good dad option, but it cemented my belief that, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife once a troper, you never stop being one. Even when offline]] * While driving through a state that I won't mention the name of (we'll just call it Hell) with my dad (I was in the passenger's seat) I saw a cop going in the opposite direction. About a minute later I felt the urge to look back and saw the cop coming up behind us and was right about to tell my dad to pull over when the cop turned his lights on. Since we were from out of state (far enough away that my dad couldn't fight it in court) the cop fined him, even though he wasn't actually speeding (which is why I called it Hell earlier). Then, right when we pulled back onto the road I thought "watch, the state border is probably right there" and sure enough, right over a hill, was the border. * This troper plays with this trope in a rather unusual way; inflicting, I suppose you could call it, or perhaps occulting. Essentially, you force people to try to predict you on the basis of tropes that were not actually true in the first place. If you act sufficiently unusual, yet close enough to a common trope, most people will try to predict you based off of that trope. It's a fairly delicate trick to maintain, and doesn't work near as often on tropers savvy enough to consider that I may be subverting the trope. I stumbled upon it quite on accident. Generally, I was just an AsianAndNerdy NiceGuy. When eventually the latter no longer covered for the former, I got in one fight with TheBully, but ended it almost immediately in CombatPragmatist style (slipped a pencil from my hoody pocket into the left hand, had it pressed into his throat before he could blink. Resisted the siren call of IAmNotLeftHanded, but only barely.) I promptly forgot about the incident until rumors filtered back having undergone such dramatic GossipEvolution that apparently I was some sort of BadassBookworm that had learned some secret oriental martial art and had pulled a 4 inch knife from Hammerspace (only the middle part is even close to true, though it's hard to call them secret arts when they both have rather long, detailed articles in TheOtherWiki.) It was at this point that it occurred to me that being completely unpredictable is alright, but being easy to mistakenly predict is much more practical. Haven't been in one fight since. * This troper is gifted at prodicting romantic comedies almost to the point they are not enjoyable anymore...almost. This also leaks into my real life were I can tell which couples are working, not working, going to break up, get together, have an issue, one participant is gay, one participant is using the other, basically anything relationship related outside of my own overtly chaotic non-sensical self-contradicting love life. I can see it allllll. Only one break up to date has come out of nowhere..ONE! * One of This Troper's film teachers seems to have made it his life's mission to destroy the SuspensionOfDisbelief by making everyone overly Genre-savvy... * This Troper is ridiculously GenreSavvy, to the point of having been able to predict major and minor plot developments in ''both CodeGeass and DeathNote'', and accurately guessing the identity of the murderer

(and the victim, before [[spoiler: he]] died) in MurderOnTheOrientExpress. She has also predicted the major plot twist of a book's sequel a year before the sequel came out, and conceptualized and sketched a potential scene from an RPG game only for it to actually occur (albeit worded slightly differently) two sessions later. (The predicted RPG scene involved the MentorOccupationalHazard.) * This lurker is a ''real-life'' genre savvy. Especially with relationships. Seriously, I've predicted how and when and the main reason and excuse the people for three break-ups already. It's also probably the reason I'll never be getting a girlfriend - I'd be insufferably clairvoyant about the future of our relationship. ** I tend to do something similar, but with, um, ''everything''. I felt that I was edging so close to being neurotic that I stopped; imagine thinking you "know" everything about a relationship ahead of time. I'm still pretty bad, but I've learned to relax. --{{@/Jonn}} * When I started to play ShadowOfTheColossus, when I saw the cutscene where the Dormin are making the deal with Wander, I realized that, "Oh, they will turn him into a monster in the end and won't be able to save the girl". And then, [[spoiler: I checked the summary of the game and my guess was proven right]]. * When I went to see ''{{Tangled}}'' with my friends, I sat next to a family made up of a dad, a young girl, and a little boy. At the part where [[spoiler: Flynn and Rapunzel finish their duet and are about to kiss]], the little girl whispered to her brother "Something bad's going to happen." [[spoiler: [[AlmostKiss She was]] [[MoodWhiplash right]] ]]. * This troper once showed up at work early, and nobody was there. All the lights were on, and it was just creepy. I was constantly thinking to myself, "If I were in a horror movie, everyone in the audience would be yelling, 'Get out of there, you idiot!!!'" No zombies showed up though, which was mildly disappointing. * [[{{@/Tidal_Wave_17}} This troper]] is so genre savvy that he knows he is one of two things. He is either: ** A) A DoggedNiceGuy in zany sitcom who will finally get what he deserves by working and hoping his hardest '''''or''''' ** B) An UnsympatheticComedyProtaganist in a dark, independent film whose [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids idealistic dreams]] will get smashed at every oppurtunity [[CrapsackWorld just because they can.]] * Two from [[{{Tropers/Cryolemon}} this troper]]: First my ex girlfriend was genre savvy enough to not let me film us [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean doing things]] because "It'll end up on the internet if we split up" [[spoiler: It would have]]. And second, maybe not genre savvy since it was probably predictable, but I predicted the ending of the WWE Backlash 2004 main event just from the participants and location [[spoiler: It was in Canada, and Chris Benoit beat Shawn Michaels with a sharpshooter]] * When I was little (maybe around five or six), my family had a picnic with another family that had kids our age. My mom immediately sat me beside the son of the other family, who was around my age. To this day, I'm not sure how I knew about the trope (since I'd only just begun reading and they don't really use those tropes in little kid

books), but I realized she was trying to set us up to be childhood friends/future love interests. I did not want that to happen, so I went through great pains to make sure we didn't get along. I think he might still hate me a little bit. * My girlfriend and I once decided that we wanted to get a little adventurous, so we decided to find someplace to park and...[[IfYouKnowWhatIMean adventure]]. We eventually found a place and [[UnusualEuphemism commenced preparations]], but then took a look around. We were in a darkened college parking lot. Lined with tall trees. At night. I'm pretty sure there was even one single, flickering streetlight. We gave each other a look that said "if we proceed any further, we are definitey going to be murdered by a masked man," and decided we no longer wanted to be adventurous. * My friend pulled a prank on me in Minecraft. He set up a sign saying "Dig right here!", but I knew now to dig down so I moved over. I then dug while standing a block away. Turns out the blocks he had me dig up held torches, which supported the sand block ''I was standing on,'' causing me to fall far and lose lots of health. He knew as well as I do to never dig down...luckily, he gave me some glass to make up for it, as well as some pork to heal myself from the giant fall with. * A good friend of mine, who happens to be a huge {{Scream}} fan, was looking through her DVD's one day. In the cabinet, she found the DVD for Scream 4, with something inside it. She took that thing to her mother, and asked "What's this?" to which her mother replied, "I's an ice pick, a replica of the weapon the killer used in the last Scream movie." My friend thought for a second, and then said, "Mom, in the last Scream movie, lots of people were killed because they gave out the costumes that the killer had, and they couldn't figure out who it was. And now they're giving the ''weapons'' out?!" ---If you've been reading TroperTales long enough, you'd be expecting a clever link back to the original page. [[SubvertedTrope Nope.]][[spoiler:[[DoubleSubversion ...Okay, fine.]] You probably saw this coming, but head back to GenreSavvy.]] <<|TroperTales|>>

GentleGiant * This Troper's cousin is at least 6'4", well over 200 pounds, and studies Judo. Apart from how intimidating he is upon a first glance (I'm told a Wendy's employee that was being a jerk just for fun stopped immediately and was on his best behavior the second my cousin stepped forward to order), he loves kids, reads all the time, watches obscure movies, is an aspiring author, and very kind and smart. * This troper has a good friend, a towering fellow of Indian descent who's built like a bear. This friend also loves hugs and has a tendency to squeal "oh my god... the ''poodles!"'' when visiting another friend with dogs. This friend (while straight) is also known as "Pretty pretty princess." Yes, this troper has odd (but awesome) friends. ** This troper also has a GentleGiant he knows quite well - his uncle.

* [[@/HersheleOstropoler This troper]]'s girlfriend's ex-husband. She seems to like the type (though this troper himself is skinny with a short temper). * This Troper is 6'4", just shy of 200 lbs, and looks forward to playing Beanie Babies with his niece and "Rocket Ship" (lifting and "flying" around the room) with twin five year old cousins whenever he goes home, enjoys gardening, and can take an insult better than most people think (possibly because they are afraid how a large guy would take an insult.). ** Are you the cousin in the above trope!? ** I'd love to aspire to be you. [[{{EPIC}} This Troper is coming close]]: but I'm a horizontal giant, taking up boxing, and I'm quite the cuddle-bug. And all this at [[CuteBruiser 15 years old.]] * ''This'' Troper is 6'6", somewhere around 250 lbs, and loves children (especially really little ones-if you watch a two-year-old for long enough, the probability that they will do something random and hilarious approaches one) and animals (especially dogs). He's also a little afraid of actually ''holding'' small children, because he's a little clumsy and doesn't want them to get hurt. * [[ManCalledTrue This 6'3" troper]] aspires to this, but is forced to admit that he's too much a {{Jerkass}} to qualify, much like his temper is too short to make him a TechnicalPacifist. * In middle school and high school, I was an (American) football player. A [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lineman_%28American_football%29 lineman]], to be precise. Looked like a lineman, too. I was never very good, since I really didn't like hitting people. I've also never been in a fight. * This troper has a friend who is one of the tallest people he knows. That person is also brittish, incredibly friendly, and feels bad when he tells anyone anything that may, some day, offend them. Whereas I am a Jerkass who delights in insulting people shorter than I am. * This troper is an apparently rare female version. 5'10", very strong for a girl (and most boys, for that matter), adores kittens and other baby animals. Not so keen on ''human'' babies, though they seem to take a liking to her. * The star throwers (track and field) and football players at this Troper's school are some of the largest and strongest students there. But they never got angry even when this this Troper helped himself to a banquet for the football players. * My uncle is pretty much like this on a regular basis- he's also a great chef and has a voice like an opera singer. * One of this tropers best friends is a huge (6' 8", IIRC), bigmuscled guy who spends a lot of time quietly sitting in a chair, watching people go by. It all sounds like a bodyguard in the making, until you meet the guy and find him to be not only incredibly sweet and loving but also sillier than almost anyone else. Of everyone I have ever knows, he giggles the most, gives the most hugs, and is more openly emotional than most guys his age. Who knew? * One guy I know is really, really tall, but he's so disarmingly nice it's kind of odd. He's [[Main/RedHeadedHero red-haired]], though, so by all accounts the future of the world is in good hands.

* This troper (at or over 6'3" and 200lbs) is usually within this trope, though unfortunately averts this during his BewareTheNiceOnes moments (which increase in rarity in seeming proportion to his height). * This troper owns a dog who is very huge, but he's very affectionate and is generally has a very nice temperament. Unfortunately, this tends to be subverted around other dogs. My family and I learned this the hard way, after he escaped and bit another dog, forcing us to pay the bitten dog's medical bills...oh yeah, and he's a racist. Specifically, he hates black people. [[FamilyGuy Bet he'd get along just fine with Brian Griffin.]] * [[{{chitoryu12}} This troper]] is 6'4, but hasn't done anything more violent in his life than slap someone to shut him up (though if his stalker continues, that may change). He also has a friend who is almost 7 feet tall, but is so gentle and feminine that everyone thinks he's gay (he isn't). * [[{{Filby}} This editor]] is both tall and kinda fat, and hit his growth spurt pretty early, but also very quiet and sensitive. I found out after I graduated that almost everyone in high school was afraid of me because I was so big and rarely said anything, apparently giving off a "strong and silent" vibe--but it was just 'cause I was so shy! * This troper's supervisor is a really big black man, has a little tuft of hair on his head (apparently he said it's what's left of a mohawk), but he's got a really nice temperament and just an all-around nice guy. He's also a big fan of InuYasha. * There was a guy in this troper's youth group who was a good 6'3'' and built like a brick house - used to play football. He was also unbelievably sweet, gentlemanly, and prone to TenderTears. Turned out he was killer at Ballet, too. * This troper is 6'8", 440 pounds and rarely smiles in public. Helps me keep people from sitting next to me on the bus. Never enough leg room. * This Troper's first "boyfriend" was easily over six feet tall and about two feet wide... and he was fourteen at the time. ** this troper is the same way, only I am 13. * [[{{Longfellow}} This troper]] is 6'10" tall. He avoids anger with a Spock-like dedication and isn't at all sporty. * One of [[{{Smerf}} this]] troper's best friends is 6'2'' and 320 lbs, with a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tai Kwon Do, a black belt in karate, studied Brazilian jujitsu, kendo and aikido, was on the judo team in high school, played foot ball. We describe him as a "giant teddy bear." * [[{{hrdcrnwo}} I'm 6'2"]] and ~240 pounds and played American football freshman-junior year of high school. I've been told I give really good hugs, and have been called a teddy bear on more than one occasion. * This troper's best friend, is 6'3, 210 pounds and a ten year practicioner of Krav Maga, an expert marksman (Marine) and the scariest, most scarred men I've ever seen in my life. He looks like a badass straight outa the movies. In reality, he's allowed others to beat on him for fear of hurting them too bad, is a deeply religious man - studying to become a rabbi -, a dedicated father, a teetoaller

and a gardner. Doesn't carry over into his military actions, I'm afraid... But he expresses sadness at such things, that's enough, yeah? * This troper's father is tall, broad, and quite hairy. First looking at him, he calls to mind a bear, and tends to intimidate people, but he's really quite easy-going and really good with children. Most of the family on his side is like that. People's first reaction upon meeting the clan is usually O____O;;;; * Somewhere between 6' 2 and 6' 4 and about 220 pounds here. Not exactly gentle (on a bad I'm a righteous jerk) but try telling that to every kid under ten whom it usually takes about five minutes of interaction to decide I'm probably the funniest person they ever met... * This troper's older brother is 6'5, and a teddy bear. He is amazing with kids (who LOVE him) and just a general sweetie pie. He brings in homemade (he BAKES!) pies sometimes for his office, and after Christmas he brings in fruit (everyone being on a diet). * This troper is 6'6" and 300 lbs. He loves to spend time loving on his little tabby kitten. * {{Eban}} is 6'4 or there abouts (the DMV's height chart stops at 6 even), weighs god only knows how much, and is moderately strong. About a month ago I pulled a dumbass and locked myself in my back yard (chain link fence). Rather than climbing over which seemed impractical I decided to just grab the post the gate latched to and bend it until I could just swing the gate open. Also kids love me, not sure why, but they do. I bake too. And yes I had more than a few guys start fights with me in Highschool. Like attacking the big dude ever ends well. Never started fights, ended quite a few though. First grade I had two older boys attack me. Then I had two older boys on the ground. * This troper's father is about 6'1; not as tall by comparison, but very heavy and seems intimidating on first glance. One associate of ours in church once mentioned that he was afraid of him the first time he saw him. Strangely enough, all of the pets that we've had the last ten years can't get enough of this guy. * My brother is somehow simultaniously a gentle giant (HE IS BIGGER THAN OUR OWN DAD) and a jerkass. And he knows magic tricks. He's a strange person. * This troper aspires to be this (6'3" and mostly a nice guy), but will have to concede the title to a co-worker, who is more of a giant (6'8") and most likely gentler (never seen without a huge smile on his face). * This Troper knows a kid at his high school who is 6'5 and weighs 225 pounds, plays football, hockey and track (discus and shot put obviously) and the kid is only fifteen. However, this Troper and other kids at his school know that this guy is soft and mostly a Gentle Giant, who can only occasionally be annoying at times. Plus this Troper and others find it amusing seeing this Gentle Giant hang out with his best friend, who is a literal dwarf, only standing at 2'5. * This Troper is 6'7 and loves cute things. * [[{{Miso}} This Troper]] isn't a giant in the sense that she's probably around 5'4". However, her trusty combat boots add on another inch or two and combine it with her NiceHat and BadassLongcoat, and

she can be truly imposing. However, children seem automatically attracted to her ([[ChildHater much to her chagrin]]) and she loves cute things like baby animals and chibis. Unfortunately, she's a little too much of a {{Jerkass}} to truly qualify. Her brick-house half brother and guitar teacher (more tall than muscular, but still) probably do count very well, though. * This troper's ex classmate from tenth grade qualified as this. I met him for the first time at the end of ninth grade: he was a full head taller than me, he was obese but imposing, I knew he had to repeat multiple years, and the first thing he told me was: "Hey, we're gonna be in class together next year! Ha ha ha ha ha!" During the following Summer, I was genuinely TERRIFIED of returning to school and being bullied by him. When I '''did''' return to school, he revealed himself to be kind, friendly and funny, and was one of the few people I managed to befriend in my high school years. * This Troper is only 6'1, but he towers over his all of his classmates. He's usually very quiet, but can intimidate people if they try to harm his friends. ** are you me? * the Troper is between 6'1" and 6'3", weighs 260 pounds, did american football in highschool and wrestling for 11 years(first grade though senior year of high school, the last 5 years was at heavyweight, which is from 215 all the way to 275), making it to the state tournament his junior year, and is usually considered a nice guy to a fault and loves cats and for some reason kids like him (which is sort of onesided as he isn't horribly fond of human children :p) unfortunatly this troper also possesses a temper that takes quite a bit to work up, but is a textbook case of Beware the Nice Ones and will get VERY angry *I.E. an almost blind rage* (during wrestling he actually channeled that anger into his wrestling and had a constructive way to release it as well as get a burst of strength that only rage could cause) this happened enough that he got the name "killer" from his coach and teammates, and tended to not notice some injuries until AFTER the match. such as a dislocated finger, and getting all or most of the muscles torn off of his sternum. aside from the mentioned rage moments which were mostly caused on purpose aside from a few moments were he did some thing that is sort of awesome yet bad at the same time (like drop-kicking a freshman down a hill that was extremly mouthy and giving CHASE after it) , this troper is actually fairly mellow :D * This troper's father is 6'8" with a bass voice that can vibrate the plumbing. He's a laid-back literature nerd who's great with babies and animals, writes poems, and has a compulsion to feed his children's friends. This troper herself (another rare female example) is as close to six feet as makes no difference and fairly strong, but is friendly to a fault and usually avoids confrontation. They both make it a rule never to sit in front of anyone at movie theatres or the like. * [[TheHeroHartmut This Troper]] is roughly 6'2", and, as my former boss occasionally noted, quite strong physically. However, according to my sister, I'm far too nice to be intimidating. In fact, I'm a prop for the rugby team I play for, and never get into fights during matches even if provoked; I generally try to ''break up'' any fights that start.

* [[DeadBrain I]]'m around 6"5, like to wear black coats, listen to heavy metal, wear a helluva lot of necklaces and spikey things. I'm also a guy who [[ChasteHero blushes at the thought of talking to girls]], Likes to write romantic fanfics, doesn't like to watch porn ('Dude, there's totally no love there), likes children, draws, and wishes to find a true love for himself...yup I'm a giant softie. * [[KissofCamine This troper's]] boyfriend is 6'4", [[AfraidOfBlood hemophobic]], [[ActualPacifist wouldn't hurt anyone]], and owns 6 cats and 2 dogs. * This troper was told of a man who studied hospitality, the art of servicing customers in resteraunt and hotel scenarios, hoping that one day he could work on a cruise ship. Despite his willingness to help a hand and his wonderful personality, no ship would hire him because he was so big that he would intimidate the ship residents on first glance. * [[{{Xepscern}} This Troper]] is over 7 feet tall (about 7’1’’) and built like a brick house. Often times, people are scared of me. I couldn’t count how many times a little kid has hid from me, thinking I was a monster. However, I rarely get into fights, and am very quiet. I do work out, but instead of showing off my muscles like some jerk, I’m more likely to calmly read or watch anime. Oh, and I bunnies. * This Troper is not a giant, but his physique still intimidates some people, and his PermaStubble doesn't help things much. This often makes it surprising when they find out he loves to write and draw and that he tends to be a FriendToAllChildren. * A friend of this Troper's mother had an English mastiff named Big Ben. The dog was so huge it could lick an average-sized kitchen counter without lifting its forefeet. It was scared of shadows and loved people. * This Troper's friend has two huge, muscular dogs, one of them a Rottweiler. Neither of them would hurt a person unless it was from sheer enthusiastic love. * This Troper's friend at school. He's a big guy with a heart of gold, who loves things like TheMuppets (no, really) and loves sharing his [[SublimeRhyme muppet puppets]] with the younger kids at school. He also qualifies for TheHeart. Another kid at school, a tall, strong, [[DarkIsNotEvil seemingly scary]] PunkRock kid with long hair, seemed to have fun playing with a smaller kid with prosthetic legs. * [[{{@/Tidal_Wave_17}} This troper]] is 18 years old, 250, 5'11, ''once'' '''''accidentally''''' ''popped one of his friends arms out of socket''...And loves [[EverythingsMorePreciousWithPuppies puppies]], [[EverythingsCuterWithKitties kitties]], [[EverythingsBetterWithChocolate chocolate milkshakes]], and is his neices and nephews [[FriendToAllChildren favorite uncle]] who would gladly protect them from danger or die trying. * I had open heart surgery as a toddler, and apparently the surgeon was a GentleGiant. My mom says he had so big hands that she wondered how the hell he would be able to do anything to fix my tiny heart. As I'm still alive, I assume he did a good job. * This troper is one as well. Tipping the scales at a mean 280 lbs and with a 6'6" frame, I'm the last thing people want to see in a dark alley. However, I'm one part goof, two parts bleeding heart, and three

parts shy guy. I'm also a firm believer of bear hugs. My friends tell me that getting a hug from me is akin to being raped by a sleeping bag. I also suffer from acute 'cute radar.' Puppies, kittens, and small children under 10 bring my IQ down a dozen points. I think I also get bonus points for being a big brother. God help you if you piss me off to the point of no return. But odds are, you won't. * This troper is 14 6'4 200 ibs and has been compared to a giant teddy bear,I whould'nt hit a woman to save my life wont shoot a gun at anything but lord have mercy if someone hurts a lady mugs someone or does anything to hurt anyone around me * This female troper's LoveInterest is a gentle giant. He's physically large, athletic, really strong and mean-looking but he's basically a kind, shy person with a great sense of humor. I like him because he has a kind and humorous personality. * [[{{Kankurette}} This troper]] is a huge fan of the band Space, and their keyboard player, Franny Griffiths, is one of her heroes. He is 6ft 3 and towers over the rest of the band, and she was nervous about meeting him because she'd heard he was a bit of a hardman and had been in a lot of trouble as a teenager. One of her friends, who lives in Space's home town of Liverpool, reassured her that Franny was actually the nicest band member, and this was confirmed when this troper met the band and it turned out that her friend was right. Franny might have the FaceOfAThug, but he's actually really sweet and friendly, and has always been nice to her whenever she went backstage at subsequent Space gigs. * This troper is around 194cm (you do the math yourself, I'm too lazy to), and I get rather irritated when people call me this, but I'm too much of a GentleGiant to show them just how irritated I am. * This tropette is 6'3'' and is classified as this by her peers. She's nice, thoughtful, and is generally easy-going. She only attacks when provoked (but not short-tempered). She enjoys kittens and prefers art over basketball. ---Don't be afraid, we won't get angry if you go. Just click here to go back to Main/GentleGiant. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GeologyGoof [[redirect:TroperTales/ArtisticLicenseGeology]]

GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity * This Troper lives in Idaho (yes, people DO actually live here), which has "Fire At Will" (where a boss can fire you for any random reason they want). Luckily many employers won't fire you without good reason (especially with the unemployment numbers as they are these days). * This Troper's stepmom lost her dental assistant job when she left for a 3 month vacation, and her boss liked her repacement better.

Karma appears when the replacement wasn't actually good at her job and he fired her too, now he's looking for another assistant, but the second girl was a talker so no one wants to work for him anymore. * This troper has a friend who told him a story that amounted to this: "You're paid by the hour, but we won't schedule you to work anymore. We're still not going to fire you. You are welcome to quit." ** That same thing happened to this troper when he had a part-time job at a fast food restaurant when he was sixteen. Suddenly, he found that the schedule (showing work-times weeks in advance) had week after week of no work hours scheduled for him. He got the message. *** My job when I was 17 played with this by calling my in for as little as 10 minutes then sending me home. I was losing money driving to work because I was paid minimum wage. ** Some companies will do this with the understanding that the affected employee will eventually get the message. If the employee then doesn't bother checking on the schedule for a pre-determined amount of time (usually a few consecutive weeks), then the employee is taken off the payroll for "job abandonment". It's not ''technically'' being fired, and therefore looks a lot better than having a high turnover rate. ** My first job did this, when they opened up a new location and hired way too many people to run it. They stopped scheduling all the younger employees like me until they could figure out what to do. They ''did'' eventually call me back and offer me some more shifts, but by then two months had passed and I'd found another job. Hell, unless they took this as an implicit quitting, I might still technically work there. It's only been ten years. Wonder what they'd do if I showed up at a meeting. *** The management buzzword for all this is "constructive discharge". The idea is to make working conditions too uncomfortable, costly, or otherwise inhospitable, so as to force the employee to quit. The practical benefit of this is that your employer doesn't have to provide a severance package, because you weren't ''fired'', you quit of your own volition. It's legally shaky though, and if you're good about collecting evidence and your choice of lawyers, you can probably fox a fairly lucrative wrongful termination suit. I still wouldn't recommend actually ''trying'' to file suit unless you're super confident that your case is airtight, because they most likely have more money, and therefore more expensive lawyers, than you. ** A business (a fast food joint, if memory serves) did this to employees of my high school, but in a worse way - they were given hours, but during the school day, so they had to either quit or drop out and commit to being stuck on minimum wage. They only got away with this because they figured there was no way a schoolkid could keep a lawsuit together. That is, until the school principal rang the district manager, [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome and threatened to fund the lawsuit out of his own pocket if necessary.]] * I worked at a small local coffee shop for four months. My two supervisors were John and Celia, a guy who'd been a barista for 10 years, and his fiancee, who'd owned a sandwich shop in Florida for a few years. They were patient with me during training and always had some new fact about coffee to tell me. There were about four other

baristas, and we usually had a ball during work. The problem? We didn't get enough business. We knew we weren't really making it, but we all put a bold face on it, hoping business would pick up around the Christmas season. One morning in mid-December, I walked into work to find Celia alone, standing there with my paycheck in her hand and a sad expression on her face. She told me that she and John had to close by Thursday, and she wouldn't need me to clock in today - or any other day, for that matter. She had already laid off two of my other coworkers. She gave me my paycheck, shook my hand, told me I'd been great to work with, and wished me the best of luck in finding a new job. Even though I had known it was coming, I walked back to my car in tears. * I've got a friend who experienced this trope about as literally as is realistically possible. Several times in one month, he was effortlessly fired and then re-hired again. After announcing he'd be taking a day off on more than one occasion, he took his day off just as planned. Each time, upon returning to work, he learned from his boss that he'd been fired immediately. Then each time, he just got hired again. * This troper used to work at a game store as a mascot. Yes, I was Mario for about 3 months. But I never had a schedule, so I'd skip work for a week to do whatever the hell I wanted, and come in on Saturday morning, be told I was fired, then told to get the hell into the suit. This happened 5 times before I said the hell with it and quit before he could finish the "Get into the suit." * According to an old family story, this troper's great-grandfather once fired an employee from his shop for writing dollar signs on the price tags with only one vertical line (the way most computer fonts do it today) instead of two. He was rehired about twenty minutes later. ---Meh, sure. Go on and click the link back to GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity. While you're at it, here's your pink slip, loser. It's not like we really needed you here on this page, anyway. ----

GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff * [[SpiriTsunami This troper]] likes to make jokes about his college-Division III school that doesn't even have a football team, biggest claim to fame is recently passing Princeton as the ''most expensive'' school in New Jersey--but according to this week's issue of the school paper, our theological school is considered the most prestigious in the world in Korea. It all stems from it being the alma mater of a prominent missionary that visited Korea 130 years ago, apparently. ** [[JackButler This troper]] can sympathize. The cooking school at which I was trained to be a chef is considered nothing more than a minor Vo-Tech school by the general public, especially since it exists in the shadow of two nationally known universities. But among chefs and restauranteurs, it's considered the best cooking school in the southeastern United States. ** As can [[AcrossTheStars this troper]], whose school is virtually unknown - until you get into the equestrian and pre-vet programs,

which happen to be among the top three in the nation. * After visiting an aquarium with a bus full of japanese exchange students, I noticed how into Disney they all were. Someone pointed out a 'Nemo', and all of the exchange students started to squee. They then made refrences to 'Dory' and other charactors in the other exibits, and even taught us how to say 'I like to move it move it'(a la Madagascar) in Japanese. (It's ''Umedono Tsuki-tsuki'', if you wanted to know. Or, at least, that's what it sounded like. Correct me if I'm wrong.) ** This explains a lot of KingdomHearts. * [[CabbitGirlEmi This tropette]] knew two DeviantArt members who were fangirls of Kyle from ''SouthPark''. The thing is, they're French. Apparently, Kyle is a popular character in France. * This troper, after submitting his email to a penpal site in China, seems to be finding himself more popular in the LandOfDragons than he is in [[{{Land Downunder}} his own homeland]]... ** This troper knows how you feel. This troper did a similar thing and seems to be more popular in Korea and [[{{ThirtySecondsOverTokyo}} Japan]] than [[{{EagleLand}} his own homeland]] as well. This troper tends to think he is more popular in Korea because he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and some Hapkido training. * ThisTroper made an indie game that got a small bit of attention here in America, and... significantly more attention in the Czech Republic. ** [[@/{{T-Jack}} This Czech Troper]] would like to know what game that is. ** Seconded, I'd really like to know which game are you talking about. * In most of the world, the DS outsells the PSP. When [[TsundeRay this troper]] went to the Philippines back in December 2006, he found that many of his relatives had [=PSPs=]. None of them had a DS. In fact, he saw exactly one person playing on a DS while he was there during his 2-week stay. * ThisTroper, an American, has one particular video on YouTube that has had more views in Germany than in the US. Yeah. ** I have a similar story: My most succesful original fic has its strongest base...In Argentina ** I've uploaded some videos of some weird hacked video games I've found. Most of my subscribers and views are from Chile and Spain, for some reason. * Some of the biggest fans of this troper's fanfiction starring some of the {{Marvel Universe}}'s more obscure characters hail from the Philippines and Sweden. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. ** A similar case: [[{{Turtleducks}} this troper]] has a very large portion (albeit the fourth largest part) of her fanfiction fanbase hail from...Denmark. * When this troper was in elementary school (about grade 3 or 4, can't remember), the teacher once asked whose home is DonaldDuck's weekly comic book ordered to. Every one (except one) out of over 20 raised their hands. It's just that big here in Finland. * This troper has a Chinese friend over MSN who is very into American television and music. Almost annoyingly so. ** This troper has two Otaku friends who are way into anime and Japanese culture...and are Palestinian and Sudanese, respectively.

* [[TourqeGlare This troper]] has realized after reading and writing original fiction in the particular niche, that Brazilians seem to enjoy super heroes, or even non heroic people (mostly female), with Plastic Man style super powers. That is to say, the while pile of living goo aspect that 'Plas has, and not the stretchy human body aspect. * This troper was on an episode of a reality show. Pretty cool, and I did get a lot of American attention, but I swear if ANYONE ELSE from a Spanish-speaking country tries to add me on Facebook or Myspace, I'm going to kill someone. The Chileans especially seemed to love me. * This troper from Massachusetts is generally hated by the male population of her school. But when she went to visit her step-cousin in Mariland, boys flirted with her a lot. She wishes she knew why. ** Maybe the guys at your school are all assholes. * For some reason, we see a lot of asian customers at Subway who are ''really'' excited to order Roast Beef. Almost all the time they're like "Beef! Beef! Beef!" and are smiling. It's not that good...do they not have roast Beef out there that often? ** Putting something I learned today in my Modern China class to good use; beef (as well as cheese) isn't something Chinese people eat because raising cattle takes up too much land. Their main livestock are pigs, chickens, and ducks. * This American troper has lived overseas during two seperate [[SeriousBusiness World Cups]], and has found this trope to be ubiquitous in soccer loving countries without a qualifying team of their own. In Jordan, for example, the majority of people he's met are rooting for the Argentinians or Germans. * This Troper is from OopNorth and when the book she was studying in English was WutheringHeights her parents agreed to take her to the place they said Emily Bronte had based the house on. Anyway there were loads of Japanese tourists who had come to see the moor, which is saying something as it's really isolated (and windy) up there and the nearest town (a very small, wet boring one) is an hour away at least from any cities. * This American troper is from the Deep South, and has an accent to match. The people there either don't notice or find it annoying, but when I visited relatives in Boston, almost everyone I talked to loved it. ** Same for this Minnesotan troper. I've lived up here all my life, but my dad has a lot of family in Florida. Whenever we go down there, either my mom or I will have someone comment on our "accent". * An inversion, I'm a fan of the {{Asterix}} comics, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in America. You can blame my librarian Uncle for that. ** Considering Asterix is probably one of the most well-known nonEnglish European comics... yeah. * [[Tropers/SeaMaid96 This swedish troper]] liked to read the BeetleBailey magazine and bought it whenever she came for a visit back to her homeland (they don't sell it where she lives). Guess her reaction to the lenght of the Trope-page of said comic. Apparently, Scandinavians Love Beetle Bailey enough for it to ''be pointed out on the comic's main page''. Once in a while they even release a separate

mag that contains solely untranslated sketches from the Walkers' desks! * For [[Tropers/CherryLugia300 me]], it's Spaniards Love Hello Kitty. I've just returned from a vacation in Spain, and I gotta say, Hello Kitty was ''everywhere''. ** My name is mymo, I'm spaniard and find that Hello Kitty is everywhere. And by everywhere I mean, from breakfast cereals to headphones. It's ridiculous. I hate Hello Kitty, if I got to Japan I'll murder the crap out the guy who created this abomination. * [[Music/TakeThat Robbie Williams]] is one of the best known pop artists in Europe and Latin America. In the USA he's only known by his neighbours. * May be stretching the definition of the trope, but this troper and his friend who has recently discovered that they are fairly popular objects of affection for the gay community at our school. There are at least ten guys at our (fairly small) high school who have crushes on each of us. Those are just the ones who've confessed to us. * [[ROFLopadous This Troper's]] mom had recently returned from Mexico and told her a story about sitting at a bar and seeing everybody at the bar, including the bartender, transfixed on this one TV show. That show? IceRoadTruckers. Apparently, it's rather popular in Mexico from what she heard. * This Troper got a front-row seat to this. She used to have the most extensive GalaxyRangers fansite on the web. Half the fanmail about the site was in German. The three years of high-school and single year of college-level German helped greatly. And if it wasn't German, it was Brazilian Portuguese. * This Troper has an accent that is frequently mistaken for American. (I say I sound nothing like them.) When I was living in Singapore, most people thought I was weird and couldn't talk properly. Now that I'm living in Australia, people like my accent and consider it unique, and some their reactions somewhat bordering on FetishFuel. * This mexican troper has only recently found out that Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in the US, and is really baffled about this, since here it's just the commemoration of the Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla), and even though it is a day off for some schools, there is no celebration of any kind. This troper has the theory that the popularity of that day may be due to the fact that Mayo sounds kind of like [[MayIncaTec Mayan]], and since the fifth of May is a commemoration in Mexico (although most mexicans won't even remember what about, just that it is a day off), it was considered as the ideal date for an ethnic celebration. Either that, or the popularity of the date is due to being the day after [[UnwarrantedSelfImportance this troper's birthday]], in which case, thank you very much, US, I'm flattered. ** It's mostly popular in the US for the same reason why St. Patrick's Day is: it gives people an excuse to get drunk. * This Troper has asked two Japanese students what their favorite movies were. They were ScottPilgrim (which was somewhat understandable) and ''{{Armageddon}}.'' * I'm an amateur writer, and while most of my work is in Spanish (so pretty much my fiction is read by people in many contries in the

Hispanic Sphere) sometimes I write one thing or two in English (to appeal to a wider audience); so, yes, I have seen visitors from US, the UK...and then, I see that I have readers from the Caucasus region: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia: They are not TOO MANY, I know, but surely they are over-represented compared to other countries (Australia, Canada, etc...); AND YES, I know it and I'm aware of it too: I'm not famous, but come one, I like to think I am in those exotic nations XD * This Troper was really shocked to find out that DrawntoLife isn't the case in Japan. The game's filled with cute, Japan loves cute, and yet, there is NO fanart. If you don't mind, I'll be trying to find a bomb shelter that has internet connection. * This (American) Troper once had a professor from Russia who admitted that the only reason he ever, '''''ever''''' learned English in the first place was so that he could watch ''RescueRangers'' in its native language. * This troper used to live in Indonesia. In his time there, he can conclude that CounterStrike is a very popular game there. Every single internet cafe there that he has been in (and he has been in a lot) have a CounterStrike application in every one of their computers. * This Tropers [[http://limeth.deviantart.com/art/Danbo-Cubeecraft132898536 extremely popular custom made Cubeecraft template]] of [[{{Yotsubato}} Danbo]], while popular in the states, has attracted more favorites from members in forgien countries like Australia, France, Spain, Canada and more, some I've ''never even heard of''. There oddly enough weren't any favorites from Danbo's native Japan, until I put it on Pixiv, where it's picking up pageviews fast. It gives a pretty good image of how [[EnsembleDarkhorse internationally popular]] Danbo really is. * This English troper lived in Spain last year, and was amazed to discover that the Spanish are OBSESSED with Mr Bean. Could have something to do with their president looking [[http://images.icanhascheezburger.com/completestore/2008/9/25/1286685 01329378264.jpg quite a lot like him]] * This USA-an Troper has a lot of fanfic out there, but when fanfiction dot net installed the feature that allowed me to see where my hits were coming from, I found out a lot of my hits were from Finland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. This resulted in two things: I found out Finnish is sexy, and I added an Icelandic ghost to the utter insanity that was the Danny Phantom fanfic I had going. I later found out her lines butchered grammar, but since in this particular fanfic the very premise was that being a ghost messed with your perception of time and the sequence of events, it made marginal sense. Or so one reader explained to me. He may have just been being nice. * [[@/BlakeDiamond This troper.]] To date, I've had a German girl, a Japanese boy, and two Iranian girls as part of my high school's exchange program. All of them have had at least one class with me, and all of them have become friends with me rather quickly. The fact that I avoid Flavor 2 of {{Eagleland}} with a violent passion, and that I'm rather open to all cultures [[{{Understatement}} kinda helps]]. * This troper remembers years ago when used to live in Japan where Disney is popular like everywhere else. Main page example like

[[LiloAndStitch Stitch]] merchandise who always appeared in stores and arcades. One mention is Marie (the daughter cat) from ''TheAristocats''. Merchandise of her are commonly found and treated as part of the Disney Princess line. ---American: Forget it, just like those GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff, I'm going to have my ThirtySecondsOverTokyo, or maybe to that LandOfDragons 'cause mah fellow locals of Eagleland [[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} aren't biting]]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Gesundheit * My mother told me of Sankyou''. I burst out * Played very straight inevitable response to catch is "Gesundheit",

a company apparently named... ''Hachi laughing. in [[Tropers/FuzzyBoots my]] family. The a word or phrase that the listener didn't quite cueing them to repeat themselves.

GetAHoldOfYourselfMan * It just worsens everything for [[{{EPIC}} this Troper]]. [[{{Deconstructed}} It]] [[GoneHorriblyWrong just]] [[UnstoppableRage doesn't]] [[CooldownHug work]] even if you quote [[AfterWarGundamX Jamil]]. * After a particularly vicious round of paintball this troper's friend was rather stunned so that left it up to me to apply a GendoSmack and the titular line to snap him out of it. * This troper tried putting this to use on a friend of his that was having a pretty bad day. Finding his brooding insufferable, This troper preceded to punch him in the face. His friend, in turn, viciously retaliated. [[BatmanGambit This result was intended.]] * [[TheTallOne I've]] had it successfully used on me once. I freeze up in heights, and my friends couldn't talk me down. Eventually, one of them rolled up her sleeves, climbed up after me, and slapped me. Hard. It's lucky she did, because I would probably still be stuck up there if she hadn't. * [[DeltaOne This Troper]] had a friend undergo a rather shocking experience. In an effort to stop his babbling, he said the phrase above and slapped him. This Troper is not sure what happened next, but the nurses were very nice. * This troper does these to his friends by facing them and grabbing their shoulders whether they need it or not...>:) * This Tropette is prone to panic attacks and happened to have one when being at friend's house. She didn't know how to react to it and what to do. She didn't give me paper bag, nor did she seat me down, but gave me a really hard slap. It seized the panic attack just as planned. * When this troper found himself part of three man team for filming, writing and directing while he was merely an amateur. So imagine his

shock when he got a call from the person 'in charge' that they were pulling the plug. This troper proceeded to verbally [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan bitch slap the both of them]] over the phone and resolved the situation (Sidenote, one of them was trained in negotiation). * This Troper does this to himself. It works. * This troper was laughing hysterically, and someone slapped her. She stopped...[[RealityEnsues and then ran out of the room crying]], because she was in hysterics. Amusingly enough, she ''does'' do this to herself sometimes, but the point is that the slap pushes her over the edge and makes her cry/scream/generally freak out. And then it's out of her system. * This troper has (had?) a bad tendency to get hysterical due to overthinking. She had to be slapped out of one these. The friend doing the slapping was arguably more traumatised by it than I was. The reason she even did it was because she was afraid I'd start hyperventilating and she didn't have a clue on how to calm me down. * In the sixth grade, this troper's entire class went on a camping trip deep in the woods. Due to a wacky misunderstanding, about 13 of us ended up lost without supervision for what was probably about 3 hours. For the most part, we were able to keep our heads, but this troper was going through a phase where she was completely insufferable and a total drama queen. After about 15 minutes, she went into hysterics thinking she'd be eaten by a bear or something like that. Cue her best friend slapping her hard across the face and telling her to get a hold of herself. She did, and we were eventually rescued. * [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} This troper]] is planning a little mental exercise - the plan is that should he catch himself [[{{Wangst}} angsting over very minor things]], he should imagine [[{{NeonGenesisEvangelion}} Shinji Ikari]] coming onto the scene and giving him a PimpSlap, saying GetAHoldOfYourselfMan. [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} This troper]]'s intent is to embarrass himself into, well, pulling himself together, considering Shinji Ikari seems to be very much the EmoTeen (except in Master Ikari's case it's a JustifiedTrope whereas for [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] it usually isn't, though full-scale Shinji-would-be-embarrassed meltdowns and such over trifling matters are much rarer now as [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] is getting older...) * When this tropette's (male) friend was obsessing over her female friend's quasi-relationship with a guy he disliked (the first friend had a badly-disguised crush on the female friend) this troper told him this. Her point was proved when five other friends present agreed emphatically. * I'm usually the one to tell folks to get a hold of themselves. Fun fact: if someone blocks my two slap attempts, i ''headbutt'' the sap, which usually gets him/her back to his/her senses. * This troper did it once to a friend of his to wake him up. Completely unexpected, and it worked. ---(SLAP) Get a hold of yourself! the link back is right [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan here]]! ----


GetBackInTheCloset * This Troper's local comic book store (famous for creating ''TheTick'') has two rows of {{Yaoi}} on the highest shelf, most of which have no sex, all have 18+ ratings next to them warning buyers and requiring an ID to buy. While comics like ''{{Punisher}} (MAX)'' can be sold to almost any teen. * This doesn't exactly go here, but it doesn't exactly go anywhere else. This troper's father honestly expected that in the episode of ''{{Glee}}'' where Kurt attempts to go back into the closet, that he would "come to his senses" and realize he never was gay to begin with. My father is probably the only self-declared homophobe to watch Glee. Sadly, this troper is gay and must remain closeted at home. ** I sort of got off track there, didn't I? ** Wow, that really sucks! ** Aww! *hugs* But no, your dad isn't the only homophobe to watch (and adore) ''{{Glee}}''-- mine does so, as well. And he said the exact same thing while watching ''Laryngitis.'' * Happens alot to this troper and [[CastFullofGay her friends]] when they go home. When we're all at college, we are all so incredibly out and proud and comfortable we don't think about our sexualities anymore then our straight friends do. But then when I go home to visit my parents, I suddenly have to start censoring myself and watching every. single. word. I. say. It's not that bad, actually...it could be much worse, it's just very awkward and weird. My grandmother keeps asking me when I'm getting a boyfriend, too, which is both awkward and patriarchal. * This Troper is browsing TV Tropes on a school PC right now. Every time she clicks on a link to a Trope dealing with homosexuality the browser is automatically closed due to "inappropriate content". ** The strange thing is that I'm on it at school right now too, but no TV Tropes pages are blocked at all. Not even 1. Although my school opts to block Playlist sites, radio and TV sites, YouTube, forums, Yahoo Answers, and anything that gets in the way of our 'learning', TV Tropes isn't blocked. And I spend about 2 free periods on it each and every single school day, so I'm surprised it hasn't been blocked yet. Blame it on the Websense Filters. ** [[FridgeLogic How did you get to this page?]] *** Could be that the browser missed it because the trope title [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar only references homosexuality]]. ** This troper made a point of this to his high school's IT manager. After demonstrating that it was possible to access portn through a supposedly filtered internet gateway, and some ''educational'' resources that referred to homosexuality were blocked, the school sought a more accurate internet content filter. It helped too that said IT manager was pro-gay, and recognized that such information is especially helpful to confused teens trying to understand their sexual orientation in their formative years. ----

GettingCrapPastTheRadar * When advertising on the morning announcements that the cafeteria of this troper's high school would now be selling donuts: "What has a circle AND a hole?" * This troper was once reading a Science Textbook passage aloud when he accidentally said "Orgasms" as opposed to "Organisms". Thankfully the teacher didn't notice. ** Same troper 2 years later had to write a letter for English, so he wrote it to "Fuh Q". * This Troper, in English class, managed to pull this off while ending a Round Robin-style story session. The last person had written "WHO WAS I? HANSEL OR GRETEL????" This Troper ended it with "Neither. I was the witch, and this time around, those kids got properly baked." Sadly, nobody got it, because the sentence "Damn they tasted good." was added after to get it past the radar. In retrospect, the addition was far creepier. * This troper, in middle school, had to make an poster for one of the school's features, so he choose after school suspension (detention). when i put this into an acrynom, it was A.S.S. this made it onto the main hall's wall. * In music class, we had to write and perform an interview with someone that knew [[WolfgangAmadeusMozart Mozart]], and I chose his neighbor. The interview went a little something like this: --> Interviewer: Now I understand that Mozart was quite talented. What did you think about him? --> Neighbor: Yes, he was pretty good at writing and playing music. In fact, he learned to play the clavichord when he watched his sister play all by himself! --> Interviewer: (In suspicious tone) And how do you know this? --> Neighbor: Oh, um...I was...[[RapeAsComedy babysitting.]] ** Nobody caught it. * A friend of this troper was on the editing committee for the (school-wide) posters for their high school's short story competition. Behind the main text was an out-of-focus background of an angled page that was barely readable. Being mid-2005 and soon after the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you can guess what it might have said. [[spoiler:Snape kills Dumbledore. Dumbledore was killed by Snape. Snape is the killer of... etc ]] * Once, when I helped write and preformed a PuppetShow with my sister for a local talent show, I pitched in a bit about *ahem* [[GRatedDrug "magic potion"]], that basically turned one of the characters into a drunk TalkativeLoon. This didn't go without notice, however, but I convinced the librarian running it that it was a ParentalBonus that the kids wouldn't get (note that the talent show was aimed at toddlers). This made it into the final product, a personal CrowningMomentOfAwesome for me. * This trope kind of happened during the morning announcements at This Troper's high school and was {{lampshaded}}. Needless to say that announcements like this at my school tend to be a bit lame. I can't remember what the announcement was actually about:

-> Singing Girl on Intercom:[[ThePolice Every little thing she does is magic]] ->[[ThePolice Every little thing she do just turns me on]]! -> Second Girl:Whoa whoa whoa Casey! Don't you think that's a little inappropriate for singing at school? * A related story: near the end of This Troper's senior year of high school, the first remark made by our title announcer (for the morning announcements) one day was: "Seniors are in the home stretch, and [our news anchors] are at third base." The two anchors happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend. A few of us got it right away. The anchors didn't until someone told them later. * The one-act play this troper submitted for performance by his school's drama department (and it was accepted!). Highlights included references to heroin and pornography and a mishmash of vagina euphemisms. * [[SharmHedgehog I]] once got away with saying [[{{Futurama}} "Death by Snu-Snu"]] because ''nobody got the reference''. ** I'm pretty sure that they aren't allowed to punish you for watching shows that can't be shown at school. * This Troper has taken part in the One Act Play at school every year I've been able. This year we did a peice called "The Pot Boiler" that parodied such productions, complete with a [[ShowWithinAShow play within a play]]. Now, the rules specified that we weren't allowed to use weapons (real OR fake). So we got two different types of fake guns for a scene that involved the characters in the [[ShowWithinAShow play within a play]] in a stand off (and the ending where we all "shot" the playwrite). About 4-5 toy cap guns (which we painted black) and guns with flags that shot out reading "bang!". We got away with it. * [[@/PentiumMMX2 This troper]] remembers a sign at a local [=McDonald's=] back around 2002 that seemed to be made of this; with a picture of a girl dressed like a hula dancer...with "I like fries with my shake" written underneath it. I had to resist the urge to crack up; especially since it reminded me of a quote from {{EarthBound}}, which I had been playing a lot around that time. That sign was only up for a few weeks before it was taken down, so somebody working there probably caught the meaning and pulled the sign. * This troper's friend drew a blonde boy on a poster for an assignment in class. When I asked her what I should write and she said, "Take this boy's innocence away". I wanted to write it down because of the obvious implications and how in the book we read to go with the assignment, dealt with loss of innocence. * In 7th Grade, this troper included a reference to a French Tickler in a story he wrote. The teacher didn't catch it. ** For anyone else who doesn't get it, that's a type of condom. * Earlier this year, the school had a special event where the Newboys (You're a Jerk) performed. During said event, there was a dance contest for who can do the best Jerk dance called the "Jerk Off." Yeah. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe me. ** A similar contest happened at my school one day between me (a theater smart kid) and the resident casanova, except minus new boys and school-funded, but we still called it a jerkoff * In this troper's homeroom there was a 'special' African-American kid

who always danced and jerked in homeroom. I hit on this girl he also liked so he challenged me to a danceoff. I told him I didn't want to jerk off with him in the middle of homeroom and the teacher didn't say anything. Needless to say everyone was shocked at my joke. * This troper's friend once told him about a project he did in class. The project required creating a product and then selling it. He created a line of salad dressings. The names were along the lines of "Yo Momma's Sweet Sauce","Yo Brotha's Ranch Sauce" etc. The teacher never caught on, despite the muffled giggles. * Recently this troper pulled one off while playing a card game, one of her classmate was being a show off an winning every game, half way through the second game she insulted him by saying, Stop playing with your "Deck" except when she said Deck it came out as "DICK" in everyones minds leading to lots of blushing and laughter, after a short pause this troper finished by adding "of cards." * This troper's Language teacher is the absolute master of this. Perhaps the most hilarious innuendo he ever made was simply pointing out ''Shakespeare's'' innuendo in ''Romeo and Juliet''. "She will not ope her lap to... saint seducing gold", anyone? * Two examples: My teacher actually ''spelled out'' the word FUCK in one occasion, and me and a friend got away with talking about rape in front of a teacher. * This troper had a science teacher who also was good at this. Once we were studying hydroelectricity when he pulled up a picture of a dam only to yell loudly "This is one DAM picture!" Of course when he said he was obviously saying damn. The whole entire class burst into laughter. ** This tropette's social studies teacher did almost the exact same thing when we learned about the Hoover Dam. Actually, he did it twice: once he said that "...they had to move the DAM thing," and another time "Daaaaaaam!" Heck, he even said that his Secret Service codename would be Jackhammer, and his brother would be...Jackass! I guess you had to be there, but it was like our class' own CrowningMomentofFunny. * In school, a friend and I were writing a childrens' book for a competition. I decided to name a brand in the story "Reckuf Foods". For other reasons, the project never saw completion. * In this troper's geometry class the learned about the un-shortcut for triangles Angle-Side-Side or SSA or ASS. This troper always wrote it as "ASS". * Associative property, anyone? Once my math teacher mess up and taught us to use Assoc instead of...you know what. ** Oh ''man'', don't get me started on this. Once, in sixth grade, we were learning abot the associative property in math class, and our teacher used this to help us remember: --> Teacher: Let's say that Bryce and Elise wanted to associate with each other one day. The next, Bryce might want to associate with Rachel, or Elise might want to associate with Devin. *** This troper and his friends almost fainted right there. * This troper was to write an educational comic book over agnosticism. That's got potiental as is, but the ten characters involved share one house with five rooms. Do the math. It didn't go without acknowledgement by the teacher and doubletakes from classmates though.

(I didn't draw anything... naughty!) * This troper's 2010 high school performance of ''OnceUponAMattress'' featured the men slapping their female partners' butts during "Opening For a Princess", and were in turn kneed in the crotch. One or two of the girls let their guy actually slap them instead of faking it. ** Does that mean they ''really'' got kneed in the crotch? * This troper went to a family festival where a performer was doing random stunts (juggling fire, etc). While doing this however, he makes many jokes that only older people will fully appreciate. The most triumphant example of this trope happened when he made a joke about gay sex. Then he lampshaded it: "If your kids get that joke, you only have yourself to blame". Oh how I love Toronto. * [[@/SoWeAteThem My]] dad comes from Maryland, and my grandpa still lives there. We visit him after Christmas. It might help to say that Maryland is known for its crustacean delights, a fact that I regularly exploit for the sake of crab jokes. ** A case I was privy to(well, might not be as much this as [[WhatWereYouThinking What Was The Radar Thinking In The First Place]]): My dad's girlfriend has a daughter in elementary school. According to the girlfriend, there exists a copy (in the school library) of [[TheLittleMermaid The Flaxen-Haired Girl]] whose artwork was done... [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean in an archaic fashion,]] sans AnimeAnatomy. They had since checked it out before she (again, the girlfriend) noticed and (last time I checked) made plans to call them out on it. * [[@/BoldAsLove This Troper]] had a teacher that asked who bought their [[ADateWithRosiePalms vibrator]] to school when ever a cell phone went off * This Troper works for a company where she is required to follow up on documentation for various purposes. She takes great pleasure in typing the date, followed by "fu documents" in the status screen. At least one co-worker has gotten a good laugh from it. * This Troper has a friend who had to do a presentation on some sort of invention for our engineering class. His choice? The Shake Weight. Our teacher didn't notice. * Subverted. A friend of a friend once did a fully serious, A+ standard project on bulimia in school, but decided to close with the line, ''"[[CrossesTheLineTwice Bulimia: all the taste and none of the calories]]"''. She might have gotten suspended (hence the subversion), but damn all if it wasn't her {{Crowning Moment of Funny}}. * This tropette's 7th grade social studies teacher taught us an acronym, RAPPS. When writing it in parenthesis, he stopped for a minute and laughed. The class looked at the board and saw he'd written "(RAP," which (the way he wrote it) kind of looked like "crap." * This troper found RuleThirtyFour in effect on {{Google}} ''on moderate safesearch'' when searching for pics of a manga character. Not just one pic, but quite a few. Granted I should have added the name of the manga since most of it wasn't what I was looking for, but ''still''. Then I got curious, switched to ''strict safesearch and there's still a bunch of it''. ** This Troper to, got [[{{Angrish}} FUUUUUU-]] comics about Minecraft, while looking for pictures about a fantasy story we needed

to write. Same with a YAOI FANGIRLS pic. * This troper remembers a few jokes back in Highschool. One being Refering to C.A.P.P (Career and personal Planning) to Career Reform and Personal Planning. * Slight subversion. in the third grade, my class was singing a song about Ohio, that included hand signs demonstrating, the questionable lyric being "with two o's and hi in the middle", being represented with the hands being formed to make two o's, and then waving in between where you made the o's. The boys had to sing to the girls, I forgot what to do, and accidentally doing the universal hand sign for sex.(me not knowing what it was at the time till years later.) Needless to say, the teacher covered her mouth, and any girl in the class who knew what I was doing had gasped. I didn't get suspended, on the basis that I had no clue what it meant. * This troper's religion class recently started Sex Ed (go figure) and we got a quiz in the first lesson so the teacher could gauge our level of knowledge. The questions were all pretty simple reproductive stuff, so the troper's group decided they might as well have some fun with it. Answers included: ** ''What is another name for the male orgasm?'' -- Money shot (struck out and replaced with "Ejaculation") ** ''At what stage of the menstrual cycle is a woman ovulating?'' -Day 14 (try not to get "day" and "age" mixed up) ** ''What part of a woman's body is the penis inserted into during reproduction?'' -- Optional (struck out) Even better was the teacher bursting out laughing while she corrected ours. * This [[{{KnightOfLoki}} troper]]'s Spanish teacher in 5th grade once read aloud a Spanish sentence which translated loosely as "Oh Fernando, I am so happy!" but was said in a voice that sounded rather... odd. HilarityEnsues. * This troper's 8th grade history teacher would often have FunWithAcronyms to help us take notes. While explaining the Boston Massacre he wrote, "British soldiers '''f'''ire '''u'''pon '''c'''olonists '''k'''illing several". The entire class started laughing and the teacher hastily erased it once he realized his mistake. * This troper's high school history teacher did a lot of this. --> -They froze Japan's AAAAAASSSSSSSS...etts. Hah, you guys thought I was going to say asses. --> -Teenagers liked the car because it gave them more privacy. Since the car industry was booming,all related industries were booming; the steel industry,glass,leather...the condom industry...Just checking if you guys were awake! And, looking through the quotes she has saved, found another from a biology teacher. --> -For example, you and breed a horse and a mule to make an ass, but you cannot breed two asses to make another ass. Although it happens far too much in our society. *pause* Never mind. * My best friend has been learning Spanish and German just so he can insult people in front of his teachers. * This troper had an 11th grade English teacher way back in 2001 who

was a few months from retirement. He didn't censor his mouth, he showed us R-rated movies without permission slips - his excuse? "What's the worst they can do, FIRE ME?". ** The absolute most triumphant example of his non-censoredness was when he told the rambunctious class to quiet down, and two boys in the corner ignored him. He went right over to them and said [[CrowningMomentOfFunny "This is one of those things that Joe Jacobs is not supposed to say, but GOD DAMNIT, SHUT THE ]][[PrecisionFStrike FUCK UP!!!"]] The class had been deathly silent during that outburst, but we all erupted into uncontrollable laughter afterwards except for the two who had been admonished. * Played straight with a teacher and subverted by this troper when a classmate insulted this troper in a poster for a mock-election and the teacher didn't realize it until this troper told him to look up the word 'menarche' in a dictionary. Aparently the other student and this troper (Both male) were the only two in the class who knew what the word meant. ** Another example from this troper's high school was a morning announcement reminding the students about crazy sock day. The reminder started with the phrase "Rock out with your socks out!" Our teacher had no idea what it was a reference to. * This is the Assoc [[{{Chihuahua0}} Troper]] from above. A week ago, in my social studies project about surviving the Sahara desert back then, I snuck in this little jewel: "During a sandstorm, use your [[ButYouScrewOneGoat camel]] (for [[DoubleEntendre protection]]). * This troper had a friend in high school who had a school hoodie with her first initial and last name printed on the back. It read: "P. Ness". It turned out she had gotten it printed with the first-initiallast-name format rather than the more typical last-name-only for ''exactly this reason.'' * It has become a RunningGag at my school that one of our English teachers sees phallic imagery everywhere. That said, he's also one of the most interesting instructors at the school, and when he ''does'' bring up sexual overtones in a work... He's quite tactful, if funny, and mostly spot-on. However, he's put crap past the radar on other fronts numerous times, in particular when he played the copy of Swans' ''Cop'' I'd given him during homeroom. Why no-one noticed the [[HellIsThatNoise gut-wrenching industrial noise]] pouring out of his computer speakers (complete with obscene lyrics) at quarter to 8 in the morning, I'll never know... My former American History teacher actually played this one ''far'' straighter, however; JerkWithAHeartOfGold barely covers it, he was just ''warped''. The man managed to keep his job while [[CrossesTheLineTwice making morbid jokes about juvenile cancer]], mainly because he [[JerkassFacade ran the school's cancer research charity]]. So, ''yeah''. * This troper was riding with her co-workers last night to go out to dinner, and we're driving behind this car with a custom plate trying to figure out what XESTTUB stands for. Test tube, maybe? Then one of the guys realizes what it reads ''backwards'' and we start cracking up, partly at the audacity of the guy who got '''that''' past the censors at the DMV! * [[{{ChutneyProphet}} This troper's]] friends in sixth grade had to

make a list of words and give it to the teacher, who read it aloud. The list was "Sofa; King; Re; Todd; Did." Say it out loud a few times. Also, her eighth grade Core class had to write and perform brief plays involving the American revolution. One group got away with making a British soldier say to someone "You filthy [[ADateWithRosiePalms wanker]]!". * Incidentally, this troper recalls a very similar meme to the crappassing [[AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog PINGAS]] that circulated his Middle School for a while. The play, ''You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'' closes with a song called "Happiness," which is based upon the Charles Schultz Peanuts book, ''Happiness is a Warm Puppy''. The musical director cut the singers off during a rehearsal to tell them that their singing was not audible enough. She said to them, "Guys, you need to project your voice more, because I can't hear the '''ha''' part; I can only hear the '''-piness'''". She realized her mistake about a half second later, and howls of laughter ensued. From then on, it quickly became a schoolwide gag to sing the song in such an altered form, with resulting lyrics like "Penis is playing the drum in your own school band, and penis is walking hand in hand." It's even funnier if you try to envision it. * This tropette is a member of a moderately popular Warrior Cats RPing website, which is supposed to be for all ages. She and a friend had characters, the tropette's from a real Clan and the friend's from a rogue one, who had to have a "forbidden love" for a site plot, but out of sheer boredom, the two made a thread about the tropette's character sneaking off to see the friend's. The thread ended when they were in the friend's character's den, ''sharing a nest.'' It actually ended there because the friend was up really late and, since he wasn't bored anymore, he decided that was a good place to stop. But the tropette took advantage of it and made a thread about her character returning to her Clan, and went on about "she had only gone to see him, she hadn't meant for all...''that'' to happen..." and "thinking of it made her heart pound faster and her legs grow weak," and "she was surprised at herself that she hadn't been able to sleep much in (rogue Clan) anyway...". The tropette was basically constantly making references about "what they had done." The staff didn't catch the hints (and if they did, they probably thought they were too subtle to be noticed by little kids and ignored them), but a staffer would have definitely caught it if it was part of the plot for the tropette's character to have found out she was pregnant later (the thread about sneaking off and all wasn't an important or designated part of the plotline). * A bunch of girls from my parallel class got away with [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome singing "And all that jazz" from]] {{Chicago}} [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome at a concert at our school. In ''straps ''.]] And the (female) music teacher who actually coached them got away, too. You should know, that I`m at a German school, which is attended by students from ''ten'' to about 18. Well, even if someone didn`t know what the text was about, because he didn`t understand english properly... the performance was rather [[IFYouKnowWhatIMean ... suggestive.]] * This troper wrote a first person SchoolgirlLesbians drabble for school, and her friends thought it was from a male point of view since

it didn't show any hints of a female protagonist. She hasn't told them yet. * This Troper managed to sneak a gay character into an English short story by mentioning a boyfriend for him. Not only did the teacher not notice, she actually asked for a copy to show other people. Success. ** This other troper has a similar story. I'm a [[StrawmanU BYU student.]] For my creative writing class, I wrote a play about two gay guys who fall in love and get kicked out of BYU. The teacher loved it and talked in depth about it in class. Though this is more of a case of RefugeInAudacity and my teacher being awesome. * This troper's old school was made of this. Since what I was typing was reaching a rather hefty paragraph, I'll put it into bullets: ** The school system's main branch was that of the Cass schools, and the students have made sure that you'd be hard pressed to find a picture posted in any of the halls in which students wearing spiritwear didn't [[BlatantLies accidentally]] cover up the first letter. Most of the books and music stands with the name of the school on them have been similarly defaced. ** My eighth-grade English teacher managed to make a few jokes that flew over half of the class's heads-- I recall asking him once why he used longer sentences for grammar practice as the year went by, and he made a rather blatant sexual metaphor (the exact wording of which I don't exactly remember, unfortunately, but it left the more GenreSavvy students in stitches). ** The very young, sweet band teacher was also quite [[HairTriggerTemper easily frustrated]]. We all fancied ourselves quite talented musicians (which we were, for our age, but not to nearly the extent we thought), and as such tried to fix our own problems. Occasionally, this would result in a rather catastrophic mess, and when our teacher caught on she would lecture. This lecture generally ended with her writing telling us that to assume makes and '''ass''' out of you ('''u''') and '''me.''' ** At the beginning of our seventh grade year, our social studies teacher, a caring but altogether [[DeadpanSnarker sharp]] {{Tsundere}} of a woman, jokingly told us that she would always love us, but if we misbehaved she'd turn into a "witch with a capital B." She was also an excellent singer (her dream was to play [[PhantomOfTheOpera Christine]] professionally some day, and I full-heartedly believe that she can and will), and while helping a little a cappella group I was in, she told us to "pretend we were singing [''Lollipop''] to one ''fine'' mofo." Which naturally led to an interesting conversation when [[GeniusDitz one of my friends]] asked her what a mofo was. ** My science teacher, just prior to summer break, told us, "Be safe this summer, especially you [[SecretLifeOfAnAmericanTeenager band kids.]] Don't wanna end up like your parents." * My parents recently [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming got remarried.]] While I went shopping with my dad (who is also one of my best friends) for decorations, he was describing in great length the details of their first wedding, to which I smiled and reminded him that I was there. It took him a minute to remember that I knew I was a surprise (though, as I feel compelled to mention for their sake, they ''were'' already engaged, they just pushed up the wedding date a few months).

* This tropette [[TropersDoItWithoutNotability does this]] with her {{fanfic}}s. The most notable case being with [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6745467/1/Fullmetal_Eds this one]], where so far, we've had [[FrothyMugsOfWater consumption of alchohol]], [[SirSwearsALot Eddy swearing]] [[hottip: * :To date, he's used the words "damn," "hell," "ass," one expletive that needed a NarrativeProfanityFilter, and Ed ''Elric'' saying "asshole"]], and one instance of HoYay between two of the characters...all within the span of ''seven chapters!'' You might think this isn't such a big deal, but it is when you realize this is rated K+ (the FF.Net equivalent of PG). In this case, I got carried away with the swearing, and actually ''forgot'' the rating was K+, so the censors really ''were'' slacking. * This happened all the time back in my undergrad days---this is what I got for taking up psychology as my major. ** During stat class, we had to exchange and encode each other's personality questionnaires. Cue in classmates asking "who wants me?" or auctioning each other off. ** It used to be a pretty standard joke to ask about each other's bananas or who'd polished off so and so's hotdog (sandwiches). * This troper considers himself fairly intelligent but one area where he really struggles is languages (specifically Irish). So when presented with a difficult Irish composition, to save face (in his own head at least), he'll work in as many "clever" references as he can manage. A recent letter was basically addressed to the MarquisDeSade thanking him for [[CompleteMonster a lovely time in]] [[The120DaysOfSodom Saló]]. * When I worked for my sixth-form magazine as Features Editor, I rejected a whole load of crap that was then slipped into the magazine behind my back, and the other sections I had no control over were full of crap too. Charged with writing an intro for the debut issue, I wrote an extremely acerbic piece making fun of the magazine, its name, the "up-to-the-minute reviews of books released this time three years ago", the "slush pile of teen-angst poetry drivel" and "those interviews with no-longer prominent politicians that everyone aged 1618 wants to read about". I submitted it, sure it would be be rejected, but for reasons I still can't puzzle out the staff in control ran it. * This troper is the master of it at his school. He got mentions of incest, pedophilia, lesbianism, and the list goes on. Thing is, He mostly doesn't get caught because it is mixed in the humor of his projects. Whenever He gets caught he says that they were ad-libbing and mostly gets away with it the first time it happens to that teacher, usually after the third time they catch on, but that's usually at the end of the year so I am a [[KarmaHoudini legend]] for the most part. * When I was in 6th Grade, I wrote a short story. The main character's name was [[TheSimpsons Hugh Jazz]]. The teachers didn't catch on, but my class mates did when I read it out loud. * This tropette's middle school's initials were P.M.S. and the publications class took advantage of it. We wanted to do a newscast and call it PMS Monthly. We succeeded. * A kid in this troper's science class made a fake news report for a project. About halfway through the video cut to their "local news"

segment, and they said a KFC burned down. Cue Xavier (an African American kid) running across the screen, [[BigNo screaming]]. The teacher didn't pick up on it. ---Whoa! Did I actually just see them GettingCrapPastTheRadar just now?! I'd have thought the TV Tropes moderators would've picked up on that, but they must not have paid enough attention. ----

GetYourMindOutOfTheGutter * My friends always make {{Double Entendre}}s out of everything, to the point where I just have to shout this at them sometimes. * It's a cyclic in-joke among [[DeltaOne This Troper]] and his friends - one of us says something deliberately {{Double Entendre}}-ish, another one reacts, and the first one goes "[[TitleDrop Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter]] - and down into the sewer with me!" ---Here, [[GetYourMindOutOfTheGutter I'll link you back]]. * *[[ThatsWhatSheSaid snicker]]* ** What? No, that's not what I meant at all! GetYourMindOutOfTheGutter!

GhettoName * This troper lives in Liverpool, UK. I recently heard a mother yelling 'BEYONCE! Get 'ere' at her errant child. Though she wasn't black. ** Also reminds me of a story told to me by someone who swore it was true because he knew the people involved ; a couple stuck for a name for their newborn decided to go with the name the hospital had assigned to her - Female (pronounced fe-mar-lay). Again, not black. *** The "fe-mar-lay" story is actually a variation of [[http://www.snopes.com/racial/language/names.asp a story that has been around since at least 1917]]. *** At least one of these names has undergone {{Defictionalization}}-long after it had been a joke and a stage name, a search of a national phone directory turned up a few Nosmo Kings, according to a ''Smithsonian'' article a bit less than ten years ago. Doubtless the parents [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood thought it was funny]], rather than bestowing the name in ignorance. * A local Sunday School teacher sears that she has taught students named "Limonjello" (pronounced Le-MON-ge-lo) and... ahem... "Shithead" (which she dared not attempt to pronounce; she asked the child, who quite innocently pronounced it "Shih-thahd"). ** Everyone knows someone who's met those guys, along with "Oranjello." It's an UrbanLegend. * There was an incident I read about in the newspaper many years ago about a man who accidentally killed his girlfriend's son while babysitting him. The son's name was [[SdrawkcabName Semaj]] - because

the father's name was James and the mother didn't want the kid to grow up to be like him. * To name a short list of what [[@/{{wandawonka}} this troper]] has heard: J'Keal, Chaiquan (Shay-kwan), arguably the name Tre, Angelique, Shanquez(Shawn-kwez), Jaeda (Jay-duh), Cyree (boys name "KAI-REE"), Dameisha (Duh-me-shuh) and Dejuandre (Duh-wan-dre). Note, that this is a list of the actual names and not the shorter, more ghetto nicknames they go by. * Subverted with this troper's uncle. His name is Darrell Chappell, pronounced DAIR-ell CHAP-el. Not only do people try to pronounce it Da-RELL Sha-PELL, but he is also a redhead from Utah. * This troper's mother is a school nurse in the {{Philadelphia}} school district, and she once had a student named "Kookie." Pronounced "cookie." That was her real, legal name. And her sister? Brittany. Troper also encountered an "Aquanetta" at one point (Aqua Net is a famous brand of hairspray in America) whilst at work at a video store and had to try hard not to snicker right in front of her. Whoops. ** There was actually a B-movie actress who went by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acquanetta Acquanetta]], an American of [[MultipleChoicePast uncertain origins]] who was presented by the studios as Venuzuelan. *** She was African-American and Indian. * This Troper grew up and lives in the south side of Chicago. Ghetto names are not noticed much, then again I do not ask everyone their name on the bus or el lines or whatever....I don't recognize many. Then again I remember names like 'Ebony' and 'Iessence' (Essence like the black magazine. Also Nay-Nay, Tay-Tay and other ghetto nicknames. Heh. * I grew up in Queens, New York. Some of my former classmates were named: Shaqueena, L'Teesha (pronounced El-teesha), Lakeesha, Jatiqua, Jamario, Quantavius, Diamond, Tuwanna, Porscha, Tuvona, and Pleasure (a boy). ----

GiantEyeOfDoom * With the release of ''MagicTheGathering'''s Future Sight, one of my friends decided he wanted to collect [[http://ww2.wizards.com/gatherer/CardDetails.aspx?&id=130342 Unblinking Blebs]] and hang them around the main lounge of our dorm, just to see if he could freak people out. For his next birthday, packaged with his gift was four or five copies of Unblinking Bleb. He arrayed them atop his fridge, and every time I visit his room, I can feel them staring at me... ** Evil Eye of Urborg is better for that job, I'd say. Though it's purely subjective... * This occurred to [[{{Magus}} this troper]] when encountering Mr. I for the first time in Super Mario 64. Eventually, giant disembodied eyeballs became one of his favorite creatures. * This troper has M.C. Escher's ''Eye Reflecting Skull'' or whatever it's called hanging on the wall over his bed (yeah, he saw Donnie

Darko when he was 14, what of it). On more than one occasion he's woken up in the dead of night, seen that staring down at him while half-asleep, and thought "''Okay, this is it -- this is the thing that's going to eat my soul''". ---Somebody get an EyepatchOfPower for my GiantEyeOfDoom! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GIFT * This troper is actually an inversion; he's crude, illogical, and generally annoying in real life, but somehow becomes more formal and polite online. I wonder why... * I'm generally an inversion as well, although the other way. I'm fairly shy and reclusive in the real world, but online I tend to be one of the most demonstrative, affectionate people out there, to the point where people have accused me of being female. Is there an inverse of {{GIRL}}? ** Wouldn't "Girl in real life" reduce to "GIRL" too? (It would be a recursive acronym too!) ** Seconded with this troper, but averts {{GIRL}} by not acting feminine either. * This trope is why he ''hates'' playing Multiplayer games online and much prefers everyone being hooked up to the same console or tied to the same power supply. People are a ''lot'' more respectful and less antisocial when they're face to face. Partly because of Operant*sp* Conditioning that doesn't work the same way - they're free from Positive Punishment or Negative Punishment on the internet. When you're playing with random people, who cares if you're placed on ignore by the other team or even your own team? You'll just go play with new ones. You'll just keep on screaming because you'll likely never see these people again. * This troper tends to be polite online, but anonymity enables him to be a bit more honest with regards to his opinions, especially on political matters. However, when my patience is tested, it sometimes shows. During one WorldOfWarcraft Random Dungeon group, I kept getting denounced by a rude tank while playing a healer, who cursed at me for minor mistakes. When I, at the successful conclusion to the dungeon, offered a "good group" and was given more verbal abuse in response, I replied by calling him out for his rudeness with a PrecisionFStrike. * This troper zig-zags depending on some circumstances. For example, when I'm moody, I tend to take it out on my online friends (and their online friends), but other times I tend to crack jokes or quote various memes or movies. The moodiness is starting to become more prevalent, though, so, in a way, it's starting to straighten out.

GiganticGulp * I am reminded of this trope every time I try to buy concessions at a movie theater. I like to support the theater by buying ''something'',

but even the smallest portions are ridiculously large. I'm especially loathe to get a drink, because I don't want to walk out of the movie halfway through to go to the restroom... * 7-11's around UofA offered a University logo cup with only 50 cent refills. It was 64 oz and held exactly as much as a 12-cup coffeemaker, and less than one of the in-store coffeepots. Since the 7-11 was conveniently right between my dorm and my morning classes, I would always pass by, empty one of their pots and then some, and sip from a mug the size of my head during class. * [[Tropers/BjornStravinsky This Troper]] used to drink coffee by the pot until he realized that he'd built up an immunity to it, and now seems to be out of luck in terms of legal and safe pick me ups. * I really needed one yesterday after going through a TraumaCongaLine.

GingerbreadHouse One year for Christmas, me and a couple of friends built a dollhousesized gingerbread ''castle''. It was supposed to look like [[HarryPotter Hogwarts]]. It didn't. At all.

GIRL * This troper is gender confused in World of Warcraft. One user was a female dranei, and the grammar was perfect when describing what she needed to do when fixing her Marksman DPS Spec. It turns out this "female" was a male who was 40 years old. This guy in question is used to this from MANY users. That male in question is also part of her guild... very creepy. He said the only reason he plays a girl character is because "I rather not look at a guy's bum as I run around." * This troper has this inverted: She plays Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft. She has spoken to her guild before and most of them know her from other guilds... so they know that she is female. Other users do not know this troper is female though, so the times she talked and they logged on the other users (ones that don't know her) exclaimed... "You're a girl?" In Team Fortress 2... it is just as bad on some servers. The first time she spoke on one server the guys proceeded to say, "How old are you," and "Can I ask you out?" * This male troper has been playing female characters for years now it just feels ''right.'' Interestingly, I've had men and women alike develop crushes on me while being a GIRL, when people generally couldn't care less about guy-me. * Subverted with this troper. All the forums she attends are dominated by geeky females. The only way you can tell who's male and who isn't is to mention Yaoi and watch the boys leave, except that one... (He's either bi or liberal enough not to freak out about the idea of two guys making out) * This troper once changed his nickname to a female one for a RP he was currently running, only to have several new arrivals to the OOC board start flirting with him (really badly). Hilarity ensued for a good five minutes before some spoilsport pointed out the IP address. ** This troper had a similar thing happen to him in City Of Heroes.

The catch was, the avatar was male. ** This troper experienced the same... And was promptly encouraged by the other co-admins to ''egg the person on'' because they never bothered to read ''the numerous posts where he indicated he was in fact male.'' ** [[TheStupidExclamationMark This male Troper]] created a female wizard character based on the [[OrderOfTheStick Order of the Stick character Vaarsuvius]] on a MUD, and despite him rolepaying her as an 'it' (like in the comic; note that she is also named 'Vaarsuvius') she immediately got hit on by a young male player who gave her all kinds of presents. This Troper didn't really know how to react due to his Asperger's syndrome and never having had a girlfriend at 28, but apparently the other player didn't notice (nor did he notice that this Troper's real (male) name was right in the player file...), so he probably thought this troper was a young girl. This Troper felt rather creeped out by the whole incident. * At one message board, a new user pretended to be a female ''porn star.'' As you can probably imagine, this ploy wasn't exactly believed as credible and at best the other users merely humored "her" believing it to be akin to a somewhat creepy fantasy role play - except for some reason "she" managed to convince the board administrators who then pretty much decided to enforce their belief into "her" authenticity upon everyone, and assured new users that "she" was the genuine article. Until yet another new user, claiming to be a "friend" of the "real" porn star persona came on and the two started duking it out. Neither persona was validated and both were banned, but the damage was done, the admins were mocked and made total fools of, and the message board pretty much imploded from that point. ** .....................................................Epic Win * Inverted at a forum this troper sometimes takes part in - for the span of around six months there was a rather popular, seemingly male user there. [[SamusIsAGirl Then sure enough...]] ** That would be Sith Lord Ali from Gaia Online. ** A similar situation exists at this troper's "home" forum, where a (male) member has a female username and is actually quite good at acting mysteriously feminine [[AmbiguousGender while not explicitly stating his gender.]] Several of the forum members (read: the admins and veteran members) know his true gender, but they don't tell anybody, because it's fun to watch the newer members try to guess. ** The same thing happened on a forum this troper used to frequent. It wasn't so much a calculated plan, though. The forum was all males (except me), we all assumed that member was male and she never really contradicted anybody. She got confident enough to pull a reveal eventually. *** If that's {{PokeGirls}} Then it's likely [[{{Hotaru}} Yours Truly]]. =3 **** There's another example, which may be the same as the above, but in a specific forum, there's a user who insists on being referred to as a female and uses a female furry bunny to represent themself. People who are smart enough to realize this bunny user is actually a man are also smart enough not to care. ** This troper is currently an inversion. I have a male avatar and

masculine username on a certain forum, so people naturally assume that I'm male. However, I still act female, which has led to the idea that I'm a flaming queen as well. ** This troper has a female avatar on gaia, but changed her name to be one of those you can't tell what the gender of is, and is rather good at dressing the avatar up to look like a boy. On gaia, it can get really difficult to even tell the gender of the avatar. * Inverted on a forum site this troper frequents, Menewsha. The majority of people there are female, and many guys are considered to be mules of girls. This usually leads to their gender being stated in their signature. * One member at a now-dead forum decided one day, out of nowhere, to announce that "he" had been fooling everybody: [[SamusIsAGirl "he" was actually a girl.]] [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity ensued,]] as his character in a sprite comic was changed and all Hell proceeded to break loose. Then shortly thereafter, he informed everybody that he was actually a guy and had, in fact, done it for the lulz. ** BluFire? Is that you? * At [[AHDotComTheSeries a forum]] this troper attends, one of these showed up; the professional quality of "her" pics and the fact that they all seemed to be posing led to suspicion, culminating in a series of pictures of other members holding up signs greeting the rest of the forumgoers by name. The GIRL didn't. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity Ensued]]. * This Troper is an admitted male. Of course, his normal Internet Nickname ends in -a (which is commonly seen as a feminine ending), and likes catgirl avatars. People won't stop telling him he's a girl. * This troper (No links, it's a secret) RP's a girl on a Kim Possible board with "official RP'ers" for characters. So far, over 1 and a half years, nobody suspects I'm a guy. [[JustifiedTrope Of course, the character is an alien...]] * Played for drama (inasmuch as an Internet trope can be) on a forum this troper once frequented. A fellow this troper knew, despite having a masculine username, [[RealMenWearPink liked such things as]] fluffy {{Shoujo}} romances, extra-{{kawaii}} anime such as ''ALittleSnowFairySugar'' and ''PrincessTutu,'' and other traditionally "girly" things to the point where he pretended to be female for some time, due to the honest belief that he would be derided by the forum for being unmanly. He confided this fact to a few friends only. When he "came out?" Not only did people get mad at him for concealing his identity (which was to be expected), but he was... derided by all the male forumgoers for being a "pink-loving wuss" who needed to "grow a pair and stop liking that girl stuff." Oh boy... ** * sigh* We're not allowed to like cute things? OTL * One user over at {{GameFAQs}} (more specifically, the ''Pokemon Emerald'' board) pulled this off successfully for over a YEAR (very convincingly, I might add), until revealing himself in July 2007 (I was actually away at another board at the time, so I didn't find out until a few months later). To any GFAQs regulars: does the name "abbyhitter" ring a bell? ** Example of a (much) less successful {{GameFAQs}} user: sometime in early 2008, a user on the ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl'' board posted a

topic claiming to be a girl who was obsessed with Ike, calling the other users "you silly boys". Sounds believable, right? Not when the user's screenname was DanielDecadence. Nearly everyone else in the topic pointed this out by posting the reply "Nice try, '''Daniel'''." {{Memetic mutation}} ensued. * This was inverted on a fan forum dedicated to ''TheMatrix'' that I used to frequent. A woman started posting under a male identity (unknown to most users), then eventually joined the forum as herself, but continued to post (and even roleplay on the local forum RPG) under both nicknames. Eventually "he" became an administrator, but I suspected something was amiss long before TheReveal, given that "he" was conspicuously absent from all real-life administration meetings while she was present, and not much was known about him, not even his real name, while the other administrators were quite open about their names and appearance - not to mention how he was gushing over her when she first joined). Finally, the administrators revealed the deception, causing some users to leave in disgust. * Completely subverted by a boy this troper know. He used a female persona, not only on message boards, but social networks as well, but wasn't a troll and is very androgynous, at the point of using HIS OWN PHOTOS and pulled this off successfully for six YEARS, since he was 11. He revealed himself as a homosexual boy with very low self-steem, and everyone accepted him back. He made various new friends since then. * This troper's ex-boyfriend used to do this all the time. Every single Internet persona of his she knew was female, both in appearance and in demeanor. He used to receive several friend requests due to his simply being a (way too girly) girl. * [[DaNuke Da_Nuke]] always asks for "timestamps" whenever he meets a girl in a forum. Many GIRL ploys have been foiled this way. * [[{{Indefatigable}} This female-in-real-life troper]], while playing a female character in an MMORPG, was continually harassed in a sexual manner by a male player. She got rid of him by asking "dude, what makes you think I'm actually a girl?" ** [[MightyJAK This male troper]] has had to use that line from time to time while playing a female character too. Unfortunately, the [[DroppedABridgetOnHim bridget drop]] occasionally backfires when the StalkerWithACrush replies "I don't mind pretending". * shivers* * This troper's friend (male) always plays female characters in [=MMORPGs=]. He does it for the free gifts (weapons, armor, currency, etc.) male players give as part of their flirting act. I believed that it would happen periodically, but I never realized the sheer volume of stuff he'd get from "suitors" until I saw it happen firsthand. ** This troper tried the whole "flirt for free stuff" * once* and was so put off by the creepy that I never tried it again. How do women put up with this in real life? *** [[SamusIsAGirl Like]] [[TomboyishName this.]] * [[{{Nomic}} This troper]] always assumes that any female character (or male one, for the matter) is played by a guy. He does know a lot of female players, the guild he's in World Of Warcraft has a very high amount of females among the active members. He usually plays male characters, but has played a few female ones as well (depending which

gender better suits the character). He never pretends to be a girl online though. Although he also won't tell his real gender unless somebody specifically asks. * This Troper has been on the internet long enough to know that on the internet, everyone is male until proven innocent. This does not mean he won't take advantage of others not knowing that(hey, in [=WoW=] the way the camera works means I'm gonna be staring at my characters ass all day. May as well make it a nice one.) though he doesn't break peoples minds often. The leader of this troper's guild is a human mage named Guyinadress. The player's no guy, and it is awesome talking about the guild with the couple of RL friends who are also in it. "Guy's problem is that, when she's got Shred tanking, she gets too aggressive for her own good. Then the RNG tries to kill her" "You do realize how weird that sounds?" "Only if you're thinking like a normal person and not an Interneter." * [[JethroQWalrustitty This Troper's]] friend does this to troll guys online, while TT's one online buddy actually wrote a guide on how to believeably pretend to be female online. * This Troper has a tendency to assume that everybody is the same gender as their character in [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPG]]s (though I know it's often not true). So naturally I thought of my guild leader on WorldOfWarcraft as a girl... until "she" referred to another character as his wife. Oops. There was also an inversion with my female friend that led to an amusing conversation on why girls would play male blood elves. * [[DarkInsanity13 This troper]] was once accused of this as well as being a ClosetPervert in a particularly ugly flame war between herself and two other (reportedly female) users. It was at that point she decided there was no use arguing over it anymore and gave up (subsequently, they did too...which she found oddly suspicious). On the other hand, her avatar in GaiaOnline has been mistaken for male once or twice, and she wouldn't be surprised if people assumed she was therefore male also. They were surprised when she corrected them. Maybe she just has a very gender neutral way of speaking... * [[RedSavant This (male) Troper]]'s main character in World of Warcraft is a female Tauren. Subverted, I guess, in that everyone seems shocked the first time we meet 'physically' and not over guild chat. * [[DokEnkephalin This troper]] has had a reliably good track record detecting GIRLs (but possibly not perfect), and anytime I've confided that I suspected, it's always come back to me that it was confirmed. But I don't get hung up on it really; RL is irrelevant to good RP, and if the RP sucks it doesn't matter what their gender is anyway, so I simply treat them as the character they present. One girl confessed when it was too soon for me to tell that she was actually pre-op transexual, and yet I couldn't see her as anything other than a girl, nor could my gf at the time, who she also confessed to. Not once did she register on our radars as a GIRL, so maybe she really was a woman trapped in a man's body. I later met her irl and she certainly looked, moved and most importantly ''smelled'' like a woman. ** Awww, that's heartwarming.

** So, like, what, you sniffed her? * This heterosexual female troper has a tendency to role play as male characters online, which has led to some interesting situations. Her OOC chatter is usually non-gender specific, as she generally doesn't talk in a stereotypically feminine manner in real life. However, if other players seem to think she's a guy, she hates to tell them otherwise, as it might ruin the way they view the character, so she just goes along with it, and is role-playing even when out of character. She was once in a group where another player's female gender was called into question, but nobody suspected this troper of being anything but male. * LittleSerge has a confession to make: I am actually a girl in real life! ** ... No, not really. I just said that for the lulz. ^_^. But, in all seriousness, I chose a female character in a DragonBall RP, just because I could. And because the human females look cool. And because I can ask for help without being called a N00b... * This Troper can attest to the fact that this behavior is not limited to the internet. It's particularly awkward when you can see the player who is hitting on your female character. * [[@/BonsaiForest This troper]]'s younger brother, when he was 9, played a female character in an MMORPG just for the free stuff people would give "her". Yes, 9 and he already learned the joys of sexism. Eventually, people befriended the GIRL, and my brother kept up the act, saying "she" was 15 in real life. One of "her" friends in the game asked the GIRL for a picture of "herself" in real life. I didn't find any of this out until my brother started looking through my list of high school pictures given to me by actual girls to find one to send to the guy so he could keep up the charade. Suffice to say that our parents had a long talk with him about this afterward. * {{Marlowe}} I once belonged to one community where for totally innocent reasons, I used Gaz from Invader Zim as my avatar and using the name "TokyoRose". Said name was a WWII reference but nobody got that, I chose it simply because of the sound. I honestly didn't think too much about it. About a month in I noticed that people were talking about me in feminine pronouns. They also seemed a little more...concerned for my health and welfare than normal. This seemed funny at first, and I didn't correct them. I slowly became hideously embarrassed at the thought I was tricking these people about who I was, but felt that coming clean after I'd let it ride for weeks would be even worse. I eventually just stopped visiting completely. * This (male) Troper plays a female character in WorldOfWarcraft. One time I was grouped with a random player and we got to talking about our guilds. I mentioned that the only other major members of my guild were my roommate and his girlfriend. They seemed baffled that I was okay with the 'roommate has a girlfriend' thing. It took me a while to realize that this was because he assumed I was female IRL and that I must be attracted to my roommate. The best part came when I informed him that I was actually a dude, at which point he [[MistakenForGay assumed I was gay]]. * This troper is female, but once registered on one website as a male for roleplaying purposes. When talking OOC on non-roleplay threads,

she often received large numbers of [=PMs=] from girls who thought it was extremely weird that a guy admitted to liking music and literature that is typically only supposed to be liked by girls. x.x * One particularly {{Main/Squick}}y example: [[http://www.thejhohcableshow.com/projectmegan1/ Project Megan]]. ThisTroper once was a member of the [=USENET=] newsgroup that was trolled (but left before this particular incident) and was ''not amused'' when he heard about it. ** This Troperette clicked the link. While she did not delve too far, she agrees with you. That's just sick. * This male troper usually tries to have equal numbers of male and female characters in roleplays. He also has a female alter-ego which he uses to sign onto websites he doesn't want to get e-mails from, but is usually too nervous to actually pretend to be a real girl for very long. * Perplexing instance: This troper met one of her friends through an online forum and assumed that due to the female-sounding username, the fashion sense, the adorable avatar and the buckets of sexy snark that they would either be a pleasantly feminine straight guy who * liked* the GIRL effect, or a [[TheSnarkKnight SnarkKnight]] Gothic Lolita. When more evidence developed against this case, I conceded that they were at ''least'' a bisexual crossdresser, albeit one with a wicked sense of humour. Not quite. Last check, this friend identifies as an androgyne and is predominantly interested in women. (However, I myself have been a victim of GIRL syndrome before, being female but with a tendency to roleplay exclusively as male characters and express stereotypically "male" interests like stealth games). * Inverted: On a YoungWizards forum, I was mistaken for a guy several times because of my username, which included the word "Wizard". Despite this term applying to both males and females in the books, people were repeatedly surprised when I'd show up in chats and be greeted with "hey gurl wassup lol!1". One (somewhat chauvinistic) guy even capslock-yelled at people for "insulting my masculinity" - I was too timid to speak up until said "defender" had finished his rant. I never realized that I sound like a man on the Internet - weird... * Inverted with [[{{Azvolrien}} me]] on WorldOfWarcraft: ''I'm'' female, but all of my characters in the game are male. I never really made a secret of it, but my old guild was very surprised when I mentioned my real gender in passing. * [[{{Night}} This Troper]] notes that the majority of the convincing females he encounters online usually identify themselves as males who intend to seek a gender change. Is there a trope for Future Subversion? * There was a major meltdown on a RPG game company forums a few years back. Two regular posters were a lesbian couple, and if you followed their photo links a very attractive couple at that. Though, the photos were always of one or the other, there was never a photo of them as a couple. Someone got suspicious and traced those photos, which turned out to be porn promo shots. Yep, the "ladies" were both sockpuppets for a male. It might have stopped with mocking ... but right before "they" were outed on the board, he had used one of his female personas to ask for the RL address and contact info for an underaged and

confirmed-female poster, ''and gotten it''. ** This was HERO Games, right? I was also there, and it was nasty. ItGotWorse a year or so later when the "couple" returned to the forums, were flamed in a rage for a day by the forumites... and then TheReveal: ''it was the forum mods who did it'' [[DudeNotFunny as a joke]]. (That is, the forum mods did it the second time around.) This despite the fury and genuine hurt it'd caused before. And when some forum members complained, they were basically told, "It's the Internet, you should have expected to be tricked, you dumbasses." * Multiverted to some degree with this troper. Male in real life and plays a male char in AirRivals (not that it matters much, but anyway). This troper managed to keep his gender ambiguous enough for someone to latch onto me thinking I'm a girl. After some time pulling his leg, I outed myself. Surprisingly, he thought ''I was actually a girl IRL and is only outing myself as a guy to fit in more''. It took several more days and reassurances (without showing anything, mind you >.>) for him to get over it. ** Not long after, this troper's friend also plays AR. Now his demeanor is very sweet aside from his occasional cursing; so sweet that most thinks he's a girl (he plays the most {{stripperiffic}} female char in the game). The real gem? The same guy mentioned above was hitting on him ''the very same day he logs in for the first time''. To be fair, he was trying to play it out before outing himself that very day. *** And the best thing is now that this troper successfully and still is actively retconning any of this troper's friend's attempts to out himself as a male, so his identity is now perpetually stuck as a girl in-game, other players flirting with him and whatnot ^_^ * In an interesting twist, [[DesertDragon this editor's]] former coworker wasn't into video games much, but a fun thing she would do with her boyfriend was use the headset while he played ''{{Halo}}'', and taunt players during the match, making them think they were beaten by a girl. This editor himself plays the trope straight in MMO's without even trying. Whenever his guild talks about relationships, he naturally chimes in about the guys he's dating, leading guildmates to believe this editor is the fabled GamerChick. It was almost sad to break their hearts. ** This female troper is terrible at Halo but always wants to use the headset when her male friends are playing, and does the same thing. She was taunting some asshole guys in her best {{Moe}} voice about being "beaten by a girl" but accidentally made a reference to the actual player being male, and shouted the immortal exclamation: "Oh, shit, I forgot I was supposed to be a girl..." * This Troper is a 19 year old bisexual female. (No, really. No, * really!* ). Needless to say, I have great fun telling sketchy folk in chats that, and watching them run away in fear. * [[{{Kerrah}} This troper]] never tried to pose as a woman on a certain forum, but everyone assumed he was a girl because his username rhymed with "Hannah". When he corrected the misunderstanding, he was accused of GIRL-ing. * For some reason, players on Ragnarok Online (or at least, the free server this troper used to play on) just... assumed that people would

be playing characters that were the same gender as they were in real life. This troper signed up with a male account based on the fact that the costumes for male characters were nicer, and due to hanging about a few close friends in the game world who all used female avatars, was constantly mistaken for their boyfriend and actually had a few players hitting on 'him'. More of a case of Girl In Real Life, I guess. * Subverted a bit with this dude that belonged to this {{Sonic the Hedgehog}} roleplay I used to belong to. It had an overload of {{Cerebus Syndrome}} and {{Mary Sue}} characters, lol. Anyways, he pretended to be a girl and played a female character, but never flirted with any male player and apparently never attracted any. A GM, he eventually quit and at the same time outed himself. He did some {{straw feminist}} rant about how he felt girls were better or some crap like that. He eventually returned as a male. He remained one of the more popular roleplayers, if only for his apparent {{wangst}}. Newer players saw it as {{snark bait}}, including this troper, but it was all good. * [[{{Filby}} This male editor]] has roleplayed female characters in online text-based games a few times (and not terribly well, I admit), though I've never deliberately concealed my real gender. * this troper tends to be accused of being a GIRL, even tho she's physically female. for some reason people just tend to assume she's a gay or bi male even when she's using a girlish nickname or avatar. * This troper has tried to play female characters various times, but due to the fact I can't seem to wrap my head around them, it never works out. * A few years ago, this troper signed up for an RPG forum. He used a gender-neutral username and referred to himself by male pronouns. For some reason all the board's females always referred to him as a she, even after being corrected. A later mini-roleplay session also involved his character being gender swapped into a girl. Is the internet trying to tell me something? * This (male) troper was on a web site for people whose pets have died. The custom was to have user names based on the pet's name. One user assumed from my user name and polite-to-a-fault demeanor that I was a female. The kicker? We're now married. * On a website with forums and chatrooms, I created an extra username based on my dog. Despite putting her picture in the profile, selecting an age of about 3 and listing some very dog-like hobbies and interests, I got a lot more Hi's in private chats than usual... * This troper had a girl named Lauren invert this on him. Apparently, she always suspected he was a girl since she considered him far too emotional (and suicidal) for any teenage boy his age. The suspicions were revealed when she talked about how "-ko", the last two letters of his screenname, is a Japanese feminine suffix meaning "female child". She would have told him to go kill himself instead of helping him out because she thought he was a girl and that females take that as "nobody wants me around" instead of "time to stop being a wuss". This troper is going along with it now and claims that he switched all the names he told her about. * This troper, in an IRC channel, came across a user with a GenderBlenderName and used female pronouns to address "her"self in the

third person who was hitting on him, even moreso after he posted his picture in the channel. Imagine his surprise when he called said user on Skype and found out that "she" was a "he." * This troper is one of them in {{MMORPG}}s all the time, mostly because it makes it easier to take advantage of people. It's not particularly hard to fool people either, just try to be nice and put emotes/smilies at the end of everything you say. * A member of a forum, this troper used to be a regular at, often claimed to be a 15 year old girl, to the point where people started to jokingly suggest that he/she is an undercover FBI agent trying to catch pedophiles. Wether this person really was a girl or not, was never revealed, to the best of this troper's knowledge. However, he/she turned out to be a fan of {{Flipside}}, when this troper brought that comic up, despite his/her earlier protests against posting or linking to mature content, with exclamations of "Hey, I'm only 15! Keep that in mind." * This female Troper has been accused of being GIRL while playing ''TeamFortress2''. A male friend, who was actually in the same room as me at the time, referred to me as "she" while talking strategy with other players, resulting in many cries of "GIRL stands for Guy In Real Life!" from anyone else who had a mic. In order to quiet the other players, I had to get on my friend's mic and explain that yes, occasionally a girl will show up on the Internet. * When a bit younger, [[{{Maniette}} this troper's]] username included the name Benny, a ShoutOut to Captain Underpants. I used this username on the KingdomOfLoathing forums, and was constantly being mistaken for male. I would tell people my username, and whoever was online knew my gender and corrected those who didn't know. * In a strange twish (Or not that strange after all the tales I've seen here) I found myself in similar yet different situation: As a guy, I'm in the majority in all the websites I visit, with the notable exception of writting/fanfiction sites, where I have to carry a picture of myself to proof I'm a dude. * On the other hand, this troper makes a habit of letting people assume she's a guy, since her opinions seem to get a lot more respect that way. When stumbling into discussions of sexism, gets extra objectivity points for being a guy and feels like a cheater. * All the RPG's I've played (not that many) have had me as a female char. Same goes for games like The Sims 2, where I play lesbian couples almost exclusively (and myself, who shared the bed with 7 Sims, both male and female...). When my brother and his friends rolled a char for me to play D&D with them, I was disappointed to see it wasn't a female... * Most of the players' genders are known in my WoW guild. However one player has (intentionally) become the source of a running joke by refusing to disclose his/her gender, post any pictures or talk in voice chat. In fact it was made worse when he/she finally decided to tell us, and revealed him/herself to be... a hermaphrodite. Right... ** Are you in my old guild? ** Something very similar happened on a WarriorCats RP forum this troper frequents. One player signed up with a 'male' gender, then some time later made a comment about being dumped by their boyfriend. Admin

replied 'I thought you were a guy?' (of course, this site has a pretty high LGBT userbase, including [[Tropers/{{Morgie}} this troper herself]]). The user replied 'no, I'm a girl, I'm just using my current fursona's gender as my gender indicator'. (They were the other furry on the site.) Fursona changed shortly after, gender became 'female' and we all ignored it for a while...except the fact that everyone would constantly refer to the user as 'he'. Eventually driven crazy by all of this, I asked the user...who was apparently a hermaphrodite. Not long after that, the user in question got permabanned for constantly stirring up drama. I had their MSN, so we talked over that and they showed me the site Furry 4 Life. I joined shortly afterwards, ran to that user's page, found their sexual orientation listed as 'gay' (generally not a gender-neutral term), decided 'eh, it could just be the fursona...'. A while later, the user started doing a webshow, and the appearance and voice of them in that was definitely male. I'm currently flitting between 'male' and 'maleidentifying herm' for his/hir gender, but really, we haven't been in touch for a while, so I'm not sure why I obsess over it so much. * Slight subversion over here -- Ryo Hoshi and {{Mystery Otaku}} of AFF.Net cannot be told enough that they are males until one gets to know them. This might be because Ryo Hoshi enjoys her mind games and doesn't tend to correct people when they confuse her for a male. Mystery Otaku mostly gets it for her extreme love of Les Yay and the fact she geeks out about Victorian mystery short stories and novels without mentioning the slash -- she finds HolmesWatson squicktastic -and generally pointing out character development...then they discover she is Heart of Perpetual Ice on FF.Net and things just get interesting from there. Especially when you know that Ryo Hoshi and Mystery Otaku are a bit of an item. To clarify: They both insist they are girls. People don't believe them. ** It's happened to Ryo in person -- despite [[MostCommonSuperpower obvious anatomical hints.]] *** It seriously confuses this troper to no end, who has seen the hints in question (they are big.) * This girl troper inverts it and subverts it. She's a girl in real life, while online plays a boy thats playing a girl. Its really fun. She also, {{In Real Life}}, dresses as a boy dressing as a girl for a part time gig at a local club. its awesome. * This male troper pulled this on some online friends of his as an April Fool's Joke. He was telling a (true) story about playing an April Fool's Joke on his boyfriend. When his friends asked if he really had a boyfriend, he said yes. He also said 'Wait, do you think I'm gay?' And they got the idea pretty quickly. Then this troper turned the tables and revealed that he was, in fact, gay, and not a girl. It was pretty fun. * This troper has a female alt on MitadakeHigh in order to play when there are too many male players. (the game has a goddamn gender limit). I keep making jokes about how I hate wearing skirts, but because of the way the game works, once I'm actually ingame nobody realizes until the end or they're dead. Leading to another (obviously male playing as female) person attempting to start a lesbian relationship with me.

--> Per(vert/son): "Lol I had lesbian sex in bathroom" --> Me: "Aha... Not quite." * [[AXavierB This troper]] started invoking this trope today with an alternate forum account. * This Troper's friend inverted this because she had a boy character on an MMO. Somehow everyone in her guild came to believe she was a "he" and was often asked to play "his" girl character for whatever reason. When she left for camp she Dropped a Bridget on them by revealing he was in fact a she. (with some backup from real life friends) * In his days of playing PhantasyStarOnline, a game where your character class determined your character's gender, this troper inexplicably was mistaken for a girl quite often, just because he was playing a female class. Tired of this constant assumption, I just decided to play along one time. After a while, I just told the guy I was a guy and was just screwing with him. He disbelieved me demanding that I call him up to prove that I wasn't a girl. Fortunately, he left before I got tired of making fun of his lunacy. * inverted with this troper at first. I had a friend tell me He thought I was "an annoying girl" when we first met on a forum, and after that... Played straight 'cause I wanted to see how many people I could fool. * inverted by this troper. She often plays male characters in [=RPG=]s, and sometimes people assume she's a boy. [[ForTheEvulz She doesn't always correct them.]] * When this troper first did a ''WorldOfWarcraft'' instance with some of his guild, he was unable to recognize the different voices of his guild mates except for one woman, "Krisi"...or so he thought. It turns out Krisi was actually male, and the female voice was from a user I ''thought'' was male. * This troper doesn't tend to do this actively, but has started purposefully keeping his gender ambiguous (unless directly asked, but nobody asks) on a forum he moderates, purely to confuse the new members. This all started after I managed to accomplish being a GIRL by total accident. The [[{{Aria}} Akari]] avatar probably helped... * My friend plays a female character on Pangya, but doesn't overly hide his gender, upon a guy joining his game, he is greeted with the Immortal chat up line "Nice legs", to which my friend responds: "Thanks, there's a nice cock n balls at the top of 'em" ** lol! That is an amazing response * Inverted by this troper under a different screen name on three different forums, PSN, Steam, and Xbox LIVE, for almost three years and ongoing since they were thirteen. Nobody has suspected a thing. Well, to be honest they've never actually stated their gender. Maybe people seem to just go by the whole 'if they seem gender neutral they must be male' or 'if they're geeky they're male' idea. 'He' doesn't bother to correct them and has no intention of doing so now. Maybe it's the username... After all it was a parody akin to Testosterone Poisoning. * [[DistaffCounterpart Gender inverted]] for [[MmmKay this troper]]. I once played under the name of [[{{Thunderbirds}} Scott Tracy]] in [[http://www.maidmarian.com/ClubMarian.htm a tropical island chat

game]], but while everyone chatted about ''relationships'' and such, I tried to break the ice by talking about television shows... needless to say... -->'''Person:''' "Shut up, Scott Tracy!" ** Never thought I'd hear ''that'' sort of thing. * All too often, ThisTroper gets mistaken for a girl online. I don't even try to act female, but just pointing out stereotypes in males and calling out guys in an otherwise one sided debate labels you as a girl. This has even occurred when I tried to parodied it with the nick "Manly Man." Let it be known, sarcasm doesn't travel well over the internet. * An interesting case of when not to try to be genre savy: I had been playing on a Ragnarok Online Private Server (RebirthRO) for a short time when I had met a female character who was more advanced at the game then me. She helped me out and we became friends. Some time later we were hanging out on the "Comodo Beach" when her In-Game-Husband popped up. It was all good fun, and quite sappy, till her "husband" revealed himself to be stupid enough to ask her if she was really a girl....... * I like Omegle, but I'm not fond of the perverted people who troll there wanting "webcam/pix/cybersex", so when they ask for my asl, instead of giving my real age and gender (which is 19 & Female) I say I'm 17 and Male, thus being no longer interesting to guys, and too young for girls. It usually works well, I sometimes forget what I was pretending to be and make slips (refer to college homework, refering reflexively as a girl, etc.) but most times the people understand why if they ask me about it. * [[Tropers/PentiumMMX2 This troper]], while he does play as a female character in online games, he's only managed to pull off being a GIRL in {{MapleStory}}. Thanks in part to GenderNeutralWriting and playing as a female Archer, I've had many people just give me items without a 2nd though (Not that I want the items, though I gladly accept them) and even had one player hitting on me once, though it was cut short when the ship we where on arrived at it's destination; denying me the chance of getting to [[DroppedABridgetOnHim drop a Bridget]] on someone. * PlayedWith by this troper. While I never do it intentionally, nor do I play more female characters than male, inevitably, my tendancy to RolePlay (and very well I might add) will lead to this. To an extent that I am often freaked out and question my sexuality. It is still firmly Straight. * Oddly enough, this happens to me. Even when I go by my real name, people STILL confuse me as being a guy pretending to be a girl and NOT an actual 15-year-old girl. Sometimes it's revered. I don't know, maybe I use gender-neutral typing? Admittedly, I do like a lot of things that people consider male-ish, like Guitar Hero, metal music, Doctor Who and Wrestling, and I'm more than a little geeky, but it really doesn't make sense when I post pictures for proof and people think I'm extremely bishouen with very pretty hair and eyes and COMPLETELY ignore the G-cups. That might not be their fault though, most of my wardrobe is black where I never have to worry about matching clothes.

** In another interesting example, I have a rockstar character that I roleplay with every now and then, and he's very, very pretty. And despite being paired with one of my girl [=OCs=], people tend to mistake him for this A LOT. Maybe it's because he wears a lot of black and rainbows? Hell, even I'VE done it and accidentally referred to him as a lesbian at one point. It also doesn't help that my sister drew and I colored a picture of him and one of his very bishie band-mates in Mermaid Melody idol drag. There was even one RP where he was going to STRIP to prove he was a guy. Everyone stopped calling him a girl real fast after that. *** OMG, [[BuxomIsBetter G-cups]]!!! You're kidding!!! I think [[StreetFighter C.Viper]] can relate to your case. * [[{{Joerc45}} This troper]] can relate, I always pick female characters in every game I play. When this troper picked up his copy of {{Dragon Age}}, I created a female mage. His cousin's reaction was "Oh here he goes, picking the chicks again"! {{Hilarity Ensues}}. * This Troper is a female administrator of a gaming forum. Despite the female sounding name, and the fact that i had coloured my own username pink, I have still occaisionally been mistaken for male. There was another forum I am a member of, and there was a member who told everyone he was female, and he was actually male. * This Troper has been accused of using this trope. It was actually the first time I had ever herd of the trope and was rather confused about the question. * This troper has used her real first name as a username, only to have people read it as [[GenderBlenderName "Michael A."]] and then insist that she is, in fact, a dude. It doesn't help that her current online handle is [[KingArthur "savagedamsel"]], which is kind of {{GIRL}}-y. * In some sort of weird example, this Troper never claimed to be a girl, and in fact never said anything about his gender at all, to a group of friends. And then he mentioned shaving his beard off, and people were confused because they thought he was a girl. * [[{{emmens}} this troper]] had this pulled on him and inverted on him in the same experience, the story is I was on a chat site and was talking with a girl, we were very friendly with eachother, then I made a joke about something on a blog (it was an inside joke) Turns out this chick was acually a {{GIRL}} (a gay transmale at that too) and went off at me about being very gullible and beleiving everything I'm told on the internet([[{{humansarebastards}} which given what I've learned here it now seems like I pretty much deserved it]]) needless to say [[{{understatement}} I was a bit upset]] a few months later I met the guy again, on much better terms, and so we became friends again...[[{{bitheway}} which lead to me developing a crush on him]] turns out he had feeling for me as well....there was a bit of a problem, turns out the 20 something {{GIRL}} was actually a full blooded period having 16 year old girl, she is now my girlfriend. ** o-o Girl who claims to be GIRL whose target has crush on her despite her claiming her to be he? Thats... Epic. And good story material to boot. *** It's practically [[TwelfthNight Shakespearean]]! * This troper fell for a G.I.R.L. after we talked for a few months. The person knew what was going on, yet they still told me the truth.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken as no girl ever showed interest in me before. And still didn't. * On Yahoo!Answers, I've been mistaken for a man several times. It doesn't help that I speak like a man sometimes in real life. I've even been mistaken for a boy one time because I wore a man's shirt that made me look flat chested. * ThisTroper plays WoW and identifies as female, however, is transgendered. Anyone on vent who complaines is immediatly kicked and blacklisted. Love my freinds ^^ * This Troper (male in real life) was playing a snakewoman on a MUSH once. Now, this isn't odd, but one female geisha-type who she was flirting with asked me (OOC) "Are you a guy in real life? Because if you're a guy you play women really well." I asked her "How did you guess?" "I didn't." Turns out another player (who I'd spilled the beans to) passed the info on anyway. [[BiTheWay Not that the geisha's player minded]], of course. * Inverted with [[{{ThaliaAerith}} this troper]] who is frequently mistaken for a guy on {{Omegle}}, even after she admits that she's a girl. It doesn't help that she apparently has masculine mannerisms and is the minority gender on most of the sites that she visits. She also has masculine interests. She also pretends to be a 60-year-old guy from India named Bhooma on {{Omegle}}. In fact, whenever she's asked asl there, her answer is male (but my answer to asl is always a lie), but sometimes, she gives away her true gender. * I once tried to see how long I could keep up a female persona before people caught on, but only posted one message before forgetting the username and e-mail address of the account. I would try again, but I don't really feel like making a whole new e-mail address just to eventually destroy it after everyone realizes I'm not a female. * This Troper has a friend had a friend who was female but joined a forum pretending to be male * ThisTroper joined LiveJournal to participate in the most popular community for a new fandom, had a twitter and a fanfiction.net account. No-one realised I was a guy, and it took nearly 4 months (not deliberate btw) until I made a post that indicated I was a guy. This lead to about 15 different "You're a guy!!!" comments. * ThisTroper keeps an account on DeviantArt to show my cosplay photos on. I've never hidden the fact that I'm a girl, but because I always ends up cosplaying guys (the girls are annoying on the animes I watch!) everyone ends up thinking I'm a boy. Usually comments go "You, sir/dude/man, are awesome", with a correction five minutes later going "Sorry, I didn't know you were a girl." Ah well. Successful cosplay, I suppose! * Whenever another internet denizen sees this troper's rather masculine picture, (hairy, unibrow, wide shouldered), they assume that This troper is a GIRL, not an unfortunate transsexual. It doesn't help that this troper doesn't follow others assumptions that transwomen like dudes, that somehow all transsexuals are male to female and are androphilic. Sorry, Beserk Button. * This troper concurs, unless this troper somehow aqquired alchohal despite being under-age and made this post drunk... though this troper bets you're taller.

* This troper has a few of those in forums and porn video sites, just so he can freak some people out when someone with a girly nickname comments on how she liked some hardcore porn. * This (male) troper once had people flirting with me on RuneScape when he had to [[NoManOfWomanBorn temporarily become a female in-game to beat a quest.]] * I'm the opposite; I actually tend to assume that most people on the internet are girls until proven otherwise. * My forum is mostly female, so I presume most new members are female if their usernames arent obvious * This troper tends to play female characters despite being male. This goes for [=RPGs=] in general, and also forum-based RP. Despite always making it abundantly clear he's actually a male (in OOC areas, etc even to the point of posting a picture in the obligatory 'post your picture' thread), people still refer to him as 'she' in OOC areas. Probably attributing the character more than anything, but it just doesn't seem to register. XD * This Troper played a female character in an IRC-based RP and actually ended up becoming really good friends with one of the roleplays resident lesbians, who thought he was a girl too. He actually worried about it for a good while, thinking she might get the wrong idea since their characters were romantically involved. But it actually turned out for the best, and they're still good friends to this day. * When playing Combat Arms, I'm sometimes asked "are you a chick?", perhaps because I type in complete sentences while playing the game. * Despite not trying to hide my gender (I basically just say nothing until I feel compelled to explain), ThisTroper routinely gets mistaken for female online. This is excusable though, as my personality is something akin to a GenkiGirl / Fangirl , and my usual forum handle is fairly non-indicative; so getting mistaken isn't really too surprising. What's been interesting though, is how differently people treat you when they assume you're female. I mean seriously, the difference is... weird; and creepy as all get-out. Spontaneous gifts, offers of powerleveling, guild invites, and... then if you politely turn them down some people get REALLY huffy about it. (It's no wonder most female players ThisTroper knows play male characters). Course many years ago I did, for a brief time (a couple weeks), experiment with actual G.I.R.L.-iness - and met the inversion of this trope... a real life woman playing a male character and intentionally passing herself off as male. (This was long before VoIP was 'normal' for games too). Given the above, I didn't blame her; but it was interesting to see it goes both ways. * This troper can pass as male or female on online chatsites, as long as it has no pictures, as this troper commented above, this troper have wide shoulders, a unibrow, and hair everywhere... in games this troper is very pleased to actually "look" female and pass (sad, isn't it?) * This male troper plays mostly male characters on CityOfHeroes, but I have a few females that I play regularly to sort of balance the mix. From my personal experience, CoH players don't make much issue over gender, as most are more concerned about balancing powers in a team

than the aesthetics of their characters. However, I tend to think MostFanficWritersAreGirls, unless proven otherwise, which is odd, since my main fandom is ''{{Bionicle}}'' which has an unusually high number of guys in it. * [[KickingK This troper]] has been mistaken for a guy on LiveJournal, which she thinks is quite talented. She didn't pick her username or avatar to be androgynous, but apparently they work that way. She has a deliberately cutesy avatar on Ravelry, the knitting/crochet community, in order to avoid this, but then found that on Rav it's assumed you're female unless you say otherwise frequently. Even if you have a male photo in your avatar. * On DCNation we got a player who came aboard and started playing a jaw-droppingly good WonderWoman. On the Marvel game, the same player picked up Venus from AgentsOfAtlas. In chat, the player frequently commented about being in beautician's school and about the annoyances of makeup. Then, my sister and the player were talking about the original ComicBook/TeenTitans line-up and what it could have been like for Troia to grow up around so many boys. Yup, turned out said player was a guy, and just shy of CampGay. ** The incident that ultimately helped to break DC Nation off from JLA Watchtower involved this trope and one of the mod team at the time, though it was hardly the main thing which caused the problems. * [[{{Tropers/Kadorhal}} I]] recently joined a Steam group for fans of ''{{Touhou}}'', and over the months since then I've met multiple people who use names of characters from that series. To my knowledge, only two of the ones I've met are actually female. * An odd twist here: I'm a male, and the website I visit the most is a place for amateur writers, and most of the members come from fanfic communities, trying to move to their own original stories; Because of [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls certain trope]], there is a HUGE number of female writers for every male one (about 85% I would say) and most of users (including me, to be honest) just assume that every writer you make contact is a girl unless they point out the opposite. I have to carry a photo or something to actually proof that I am man... * My brother, rather hilariously, signed up accidentally for an MMORPG as a girl. He'd never heard of the game, and assumed it was just some flash adventure game, so he used the name and likeness of a female anime character he liked just for kicks. Stumbling upon all the other players woke him up pretty quick - and it made him act more noobish than he normally would. ...Then he started getting flirted with. He was sort of freaked out, but let it happen because the guy was giving him free stuff and being nice when he asked for help. It seems being a girl noob is a lot more forgiving. Still, he switched servers when the guy wanted to be his boyfriend. * This troper used to hang out on the video game and fanboy forums that most people imagine when this trope comes into play. Then I joined a forum devoted to an animated series with a larger shipping crowd (not the reason I like it), and slowly came to realize I had stumbled onto one of the fabled female havens of the internet. *They* assumed *I* was a girl, without my realizing it, and when I let slip enough clues, it turned out to be a big bombshell revelation. Even today, three years later, newer members are always surprised when they

stumble on the truth, and the other old-timers get a kick out revealing it. "Loopy's a boy?!" is practically a meme of its own on the forum, at this point. * This Troper is another inversion: I don't really like attention being drawn to myself, so I usually pretend I'm a heterosexual male or at the very least keeps the gender ambiguous so attention isn't drawn to the fact that I am a girl that likes girls. And really, because of this trope, its stupidly easy lie to maintain. * Subversion with this Troper. You'd think the commentary about FanFic would give me away... * This Tropes used both male and female [=PCs=] and still had his whole MMORPG guild believing he was a girl by just being himself and not even trying to hide it. One of the actual female players figured it was due to me being sensible and not behaving like a vulgar jerkass... * On the official Nintendo forum, NSider, there was a member with the username 0CHUEY0 who led people to believe that he was a girl named Jessica. After the forum closed down, and Chuey made a new forum for our circle of friends on NSider, he eventually revealed that he was in fact a guy. Some people have taken to referring to Chuey as an "it" since the revelation. * I also inverted this for a number of years, posing as a guy due to self-esteem issues. Over time, my alter-ego fell in with a few fandoms, blogged about his (partially fictional) life and wrote a bit of fanfic on the side. After arriving at college, I lost these issues and completely abandoned the act without telling anyone. I still feel guilty about it because there were people in those fandoms who considered him a friend. * This troper gave himself a gender neutral username on the very female-dominated [[{{ptitle2ugbrwb8sjn4}} Fanfiction.net]] with the intention of making people assume he was female without technically lying. My only story on that account is told from the perspective of a female child and I thought if the presumably mostly female readers knew a guy had written it, that would always be in the back of their minds and they wouldn't be able to read it without constantly scrutinizing whether the POV character was either too "guy-like" or too stereotypically girly. So basically I combined this trope with an [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] form of MoustacheDePlume. None of the reviews have referred to me with a pronoun so far, but I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm a girl. * This troper calls it Virtual-Crossdressing and does it not out of malice, but because he simply acts more feminine online and he finds it easier when he's "allowed" to act like that. Plus he's been having some gender identification issues lately. >.> * Apparently my writing/drawing style is androgynous enough that I can pass for both. I fit the bill for a GIRL if I neglect to mention my gender. * This troper was in a guild with a G.I.R.L. who was in it for the benefits, while she was playing as a guy, for the clothes. The funny thing was we both were friends IRL, and we've gotten him to crossdress a few times(earning him the nickname 'Pretty Girl') while I'm constantly being mistaken for a guy because of my hair(even while

wearing a dress!) ---Go back to Main/{{GIRL}}. We won't tell... ----

GirlfriendInCanada * Everyone in canada? ** With some exceptions, such as openly gay men and faithfully married men. And single lesbians, I suppose. ** And those with "[[InvertedTrope girlfriends in America]]." ** This troper WAS a girlfriend in Canada. It's complicated. ** What about single men? Or do you think there is [[AllMenArePerverts no such thing]]? * This trope was one male troper's bane for much of high school, because his girlfriend actually did live in Canada. Hilarity ensued when some people took this as a tacit admission of homosexuality! * I think this one soldier's extra-marital lover was from Canada. * Shush* You didn't hear that from me. * In a variant, a common joke on this troper's country back in the late [[TheSeventies Seventies]] to TheEighties, when abroad scolarships were really common, was that [[RichBitch stuck up rich girls]] used the excuse "I have a boyfriend/fiancé studying abroad" to avoid suitors in the same vein of the old "IHaveToWashMyHair" excuse, regardless of that boyfriend's existence. * Variation: this troper and a few friends tried to convince another (''very'' sheltered and socially awkward) friend to come to a house party. He tried to get out of it...by saying he had a [[RefugeInAudacity girlfriend in]] ''[[RefugeInAudacity Mongolia.]]'' * There's this guy at this troper's college that everyone jokes is gay. He has recently started bragging (way way too much) that he got laid and has a girlfriend who goes to another college. No one has ever met her and he never shows us any photos of her. * Inverted with this troper's (female) friend, who has a ''boyfriend'' in Canada. * [[DeltaOne This Troper]]'s friend's girlfriend actually ''does'' live in Canada (she's on a year's overseas placement with university). We regularly play the relevant song from AvenueQ at him. It's become something of a BerserkButton. The best part? She's staying in Vancouver. Sadly, her name is not Alberta. * [[HackeySack This Troper]]'s girlfriend lives in Canada. He lives in Canada too. Huh. * This Troper has a friend who apparently has a boyfriend in Canada. [[GenreSavvy Suspicious much]]. * This Lurker's girlfriend does, in fact, live in Canada- but it's alright, since he does as well. * Inverted, a friend of mine eventually started dating a girl I met online. We're the Canadians though, she's form New Jersey. So yeah. * A variation: My sister has a boyfriend in Vermont. For scale, we live in ''Scotland''. ** They wouldn't happen to be Nessie and Champ, would they? * This troper once said she had [[HarryPotter a boyfriend who attended

a british boarding school.]] Never got called on it though! * Oh, if only this were true for me. I love Canadian girls <3. In any case this trope isn't as much of an obvious lie as it was in previous years thanks to the internet. I've known otherwise perfectly normal girls who have boyfriends on the east coast when they are on the west coast, which is extremely frustrating to ponder. * So, is This Troper the only one who will cop to having played this trope completely straight? She was a deeply closeted lesbian in high school who had a "boyfriend in Montana" she pulled out when necessary. He wore glasses and liked to ski. His name was Chad. * [[TheTallOne I'm]] engaged to my friend's cousin. He lives in Canada. * [[OmegaX123 This Canadian troper]], for all of about 6 months last year, had a girlfriend in the US. Now though, he's got one right here in Canada... the other side of Canada... * This Troper ''is'' the girlfriend in Canada. ** And this troper is the ''wife'' in Canada. * This troper suspected that there was something going on between two of his mixed sex group of friends that they weren't telling the others about. They both denied it, but another of the group (who fancied the lad) didn't accept this and thought they were lying, making me have doubts. Some time later the lad came to have a word with me and told me that he was fed up of me spreading rumors that there was something going on between him and the girl (I wasn't, it was someone else) and that this was causing trouble between him and his girlfriend in Cardiff, Wales. The girlfriend in Wales or Scotland is the English version of the girlfriend in Canada. * This troper's fiancee lives in Vancouver (though is not called Alberta). He's taken to adding 'and yes, I do know the song' to any sentence revealing this fact. * This troper had an on-again-off-again girlfriend in Norway, and though we've since split for good and she's in her own relationship with the man she ultimately left me for, they were the best years of my life thus far and I was lucky to meet a girl like her. First love's always one of the best, even if it's a bit rocky. * This troper subverts the trope by having a girlfriend in Norway, but by not denying the gayness of the situation: we're both girls. * ThisTroper ''double'' subverts it. Not only is he openly gay to begin with, but he's Canadian himself and he used to have a boyfriend in the UK. ** Likewise, his best lady friend had a girlfriend in Australia. (They're now married and living up here.) * This trope is the bane of my existence. I am the Boyfriend in Canada, and it doesn't help that my girlfriend is supremely attractive these days. As far as local boys are concerned I totally don't exist. Of course, this is probably more annoying for her as she constantly has to turn down boys who won't stop pestering her. * Not so much subverted as inverted, not so much inverted as Kleinbottled: In those days I was generally seen as a gay man, when I definitely wasn't either a man or gay. I had a girlfriend in Canada, and talked about her, not knowing about this expression or why the news was greeted with smirks. After a time, I got ''that'' confusion

settled, and then in quick succession my doc dropped a bridge on me by diagnosing an intersex condition, and she transitioned to male. The crowning subversion was when I went north to be his bride. * Inverted. My girlfriend is in the US, and I'm in Canada ** Ditto. Fun fact: I am horrified of the long-distance charges when I call her. Of course I only worry after I hang up following one of our lengthy phone-conversations. * This British troper's boyfriend lives in Canada. * Considering the Atlantic Ocean is spreading apart, every year I'm further and further from my girlfriend over in Britain. * This troper lives in Australia, and and her boyfriend lives America. Her friends were told that if she heard one note of 'My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada', she would punch them. * [[Tropers/{{Bananaquit}} This troper]] also *ahem!* "played it straight" in elementary school by telling friends he had a girlfriend in [[strike:Canada]] a nearby town in the same county. It worked out OK until Mom found out I was lying to my friends. * This Southern-Hemisphere troper had a girlfriend in Canada. She's now his wife. * This British troper was once in a relationship with a girl from Minnesota who identified more with Canada than she did the States. Subverted somewhat in that I never did use this excuse, or anything resembling it - I honestly kept the whole thing a closely guarded secret. ** Was this girls nickname Franny by any chance? * This troper lives in the Philippines; the boyfriend is in Australia. Some of his friends were worrying he was gay, he having minimal to no interest in girls... till they finally met me. ** Ana, is that you? * This troper is Canadian, lives in Hungary, and met his Canadian girlfriend in Paris over the summer... Cue jokes and disbelief once I told my friends about my Canadian girlfriend until I showed them her Facebook profile. * This troper ''would'' have had a girlfriend in Canada... if she hadn't dumped him right before he left the country to study abroad. Le sigh. * This troper, while living at home, would always claim to have a girl "in the city". When he moved to the city, she was "back home". Now, he actually does have a girlfriend...who lives in Michigan. * This troper was teased about his girlfriend in high school by his sister, who claimed said girl was him "doing the Canadian girlfriend routine." Later quieted when the two met. Now flipped, as said troper hasn't met her new husband, so he teases her about her "Canadian boyfriend/husband." * This asexual troper has actually played this trope straight to get rid of an extremely clingy ex- only instead of Canada, the city where she goes to college. I also use it on some people here, with a boyfriend back home. * This troper gets alot of flack for actually having a girlfriend in Canada. Well, halfway across the US, but still. I am not making her up just to get the dumbasses who think it's funny to ask out the [[ObfuscatingStupidity seemingly mentally handciapped]] girl out. She

exists. * This British Troper's friend has a boyfriend who lives in America. ---The link back to Girlfriend In Canada isn't here right now. But it'll be back... eventually. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GirlishPigtails * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]] has her hair up in these today. :3 ** And now the class bitch just pulled at them. D< * This troper sometimes likes wearing her waist-length RapunzelHair this way. She is also a type-2 {{Tsundere}} and a bit of a GenkiGirl, so yeah. * This troper had a friend who was a Kootenai Indian who always wore pigtails. Of course, this Indian was a dude . . . * This troper had not gotten a haircut between a few days before graduating high school and about halfway through junior year of college, and often put his hair in pigtails. Yes, his. * This troper wears her hair in pigtails all the time, since she finds they make her look rather cute. Yes, I, a nineteen year old female who is a bit of a tomboy, likes the fact that pigtails look cute. I feel like a rebel now. * Throughout her life, this troper has worn at least six different styles of pigtails. She currently has short, low ones, but usually does a half-up-half-down thing with high ones. * [[{{Kuzlalala}} This Troper]] likes to see 9th graders wearing these. ** [[MemeticMutation Why don't you]] [[{{Series/Dateline}} have a seat]] [[PaedoHunt right over there?]] * [[MarinaDelGrapes This troper]] couldn't care less about them and her hair never goes past shoulder-length, but her husband (who is younger than she is) ADORES putting her hair in pigtail. * [[{{Fiwen9430}} I]] have spent the last 10 years of my life wearing pigtails. My hair gets awfully knotty and tangled if I have it loose or in a simple ponytail, so plaiting it was the only easy way to keep it neat, and seeing as I struggle plaiting my hair at the back and can't be bothered doing anything posher, pigtails were the way forward. It used to confuse teachers when I didn't put my hair in pigtails as my never-changing hairstyle had become iconic. * [[{{MiraShio}} Mira-chan]] underwent a subversion; she hasn't worn pigtails in a long time (sans a production number which required the girls to have an innocent schoolgirl look), but decided to wear halfpigtails during a poomsae tournament simply because they look cute. * I spent half of Y6 and all of Y7 with my hair is pingtails/bunches. I thankfully grew out of it in Y8. * This troper had immensely frizzy hair in 6th grade, so she wore pigtails to hide it. She's since then straightened her hair and tends to avoid wearing pigtails except in humid weather, as her one friend tends to squeal, "You are sooooooo adorable!" when she does.

* I wore pigtails all the time in college -- I kind of had to, since I was studying carpentry and needed to do something with my long hair to keep it from getting in the way, without making it uncomfortable to wear a hard hat. I've got something of a babyface to boot, so just about everybody thought I was younger than I am. It made for some rather funny experiences, though; for example, at one school party when the bouncer would give you either a yellow bracelet if you're of age to drink or a purple 'dry' bracelet, I was one of the only people in my immediate group of friends who could buy beer. Most of the guys were seventeen or eighteen, right out of high school, and I remember one of them asking me incredulously, 'how the hell did you get that?' and nodding at my yellow bracelet. I actually had to pull out my ID and prove to them I wasn't bullshitting about my age. * [[{{Tropers.Pyonkotchi}} This troper's]] signature hairstyle is a pair of cute girlish twintails. because my hair is short and curly. the pigtails are extra cute * This troper is baby-faced and can't really pull off sexy or striking-looking. The only form of attractive she can come close to is "cute", so the pigtails are a pretty standard feature. * [[{{Tropers.Skorpy}} This troper]] has hair long enough to go into pigtails, but has no idea how to do more than one ponytail at once.) * For some strange reason, pigtails are this troper's BerserkButton. I absolutely hate the look of them, in other people's hair and my own, and I have no real reason why. ** I've hated pigtails for as long as I can remember. I was always dead set against letting my mom put my hair in pigtails, because I didn't remotely want to look like a cute little girl. I don't like them on fictional characters because this trope is usually in effect and I hate cutesy childishness, though I'm at least ''somewhat'' more willing to give real people the benefit of the doubt. * This troper started wearing pigtails when she started to work at a summer camp for little kids, because the kids seemed a little intimidated by the troper's knowledge of martial arts. Ever since then, I've always worn them to the point that the teachers in my high school don't recognize me if I'm not in pigtails. Her new nickname at karate is, for good reason, Pippy. * This troper like pigtails- but her hair is very short at the back and about chin length at the front, so she can't wear them. She likes to put her friends' hairs in pigtails though. * This troper often wears {{Tsundere}}-tails and Grade A or B ZettaiRyouiki as an act of being self-ironic about her tsunderesque personality.

GirlsAreReallyScaredOfHorrorMovies * Inverted when it comes to my friends. My female friend who enjoys checks with pictures of cats sitting in mailboxes can sit through TheDescent without blinking an eye, but my male friend who goes to hot topic and draws pictures of demons was clinging to people, jumping, and letting out the occasional scream throughout the movie. * Another inversion--this female troper and her male friend played EternalDarkness together. Said male friend nearly had a heart attack

at the infamous "[[HighOctaneNightmareFuel bathtub scene]]." She nearly fainted... from laughing too hard at the overblownness of it all. * Inverted: This female troper rented ''Saw'' to watch the first evening she stayed over alone in her new apartment. No problem. She enjoyed it and then added it to her movie collection. She then let her older brother borrow it. The next day, her brother called her up to ask what the hell was wrong with her, as ''Saw'' had scared him out of his wits. * Inverted with this male troper. I once told my lady-friend that if we ever saw a horror movie together, I would be the one screaming and clinging to her for comfort[[hottip:*:not [[AllMenArePerverts that kind]], I'm {{asexual}}]] instead of the other way around. * Played Straight with most movies, yet Inverted with another for This Troper's older sister. She can sit through the [[TokyoGorePolice goriest]] [[DayOfTheDead movies]] with plenty of deaths like nothing's really happening as she doesn't mind blood, but she's practically traumitized of [[ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]] for some reason. * Massively averted with this tropers sister. She loves horror movies and managed to sit through Hostel without batting an eye. (She did say it was gross though.) * Gender inverted with this troper and her friends--she rarely finds horror movies scary, but most of her male friends can't even sit still through one. * [[Tropers/{{Animenutcase}} This troper]] plays this mostly straight. Horror movies scare the living daylights out of me. Sometimes I can't even read ''summaries'' or hear other people describe them without having trouble sleeping that night. And yet, I am a big fan of the WhenTheyCry series and a lot of my favorite series have a high level of violence. Maybe I'm just more scared of real people getting hurt (even if I know it's just a film)? * [[Tropers/{{AuntZelda}} This troper]] can't stand horror movies, to the point where she gets actual panic attacks from watching even the tame ones. She can't sleep, gets all paranoid, and ultimately throws up out of terror. (She fails to see what's desirable about these results.) Her boyfriend doesn't seem to understand that she'll react so strongly and keeps trying to get her to watch scary movies or [[NightmareFuel certain episodes]] of TheXFiles. She's pointed out that he doesn't need to show her scary movies in order cuddle and make-out with her, which has appeased him for now. * [[Tropers/{{Nani}} I]] invert this ''and'' play it straight. I love horror movies ([[NightmareFetishist and basically anything scary]]), but once night comes and I have to go to sleep, that's when it starts to scare me. * Played totally straight with this Troper's friend who flipped the hell out when I showed her [[MarbleHornets Marble Hornets]] one night. * [[Tropers/{{Gfrequency}} This troper]] and his sister both love horror movies, and wonder why being scared of horror movies is considered a weakness in the first place. Horror movies are ''supposed'' to scare you. The best horror movies are the ones that have you on the edge of your seat.

* Only horror genre that I do NOT enjoy is Religious Horror (I was raised Catholic, which is already pretty brutal, but left the Church to search other paths for what suits me better.) The threat of the Apocalypse, demonic possession, [[CreepyChild Antichrists]], the inability to change the fate of the world/humanity, not being able to choose Neutral when all out there is too Good or too Evil because it has all basically been pre-destined for you...all that stuff being actually REAL is more frightening than the thought of it being just decent mythology or movie fodder. * While this troper ''definitely'' inverts this, she recently learned that her friends play it relatively straight when she brought {{The Last House on the Left}} to a sleepover and assumed everyone was going to sleep peacefully that night. * Played straight with me; I ''hate'' horror movies, and videogames. I always try to avoid them when possible, unless overpowered by a [[SchmuckBait disturbing desire]] to torture myself by watching or reading about them. Whenever I'm watching a film I otherwise like aside from a particular gory or scary scene, I hide behind my nearest cushion or friend the moment the scene comes up... or five-ten minutes before it comes up. * This troper is afraid of horror movies, but not all of them. It depends on the content. A movie like, say, ''Monster House'' is okay for her. But a movie like ''Chain Letter'' will scare her to death! * This Troper is an inversion. She's probably the only one in her game group who regularly watches horror movies and enjoys them. She is also the only girl. In addition, she regularly freaks out male and female friends alike with her ability to come up with HighOctaneNightmareFuel [[NightmareFetishist as if it's nothing]]. Of particular note was imagining [[PlayingWithSyringes what]] [[StrappedToAnOperatingTable exactly]] [[TheydCutYouUp happens]] to [[{{Warhammer40000}} psykers]] during their TrainingFromHell while the group was playing DarkHeresy.

GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals * This troper use to have a very large stuffed animal collection, some were stuffed in the closet by her mother but most of them were on her bed making it hard to get in and out of bed. Eventually her mother got more and more annoyed by the vast array of stuffed animals because apparently "young ladies" shouldn't have a stuffed animal collection that big. And so, gave it away to her cousin's kids(would that be second cousin?). After months of complaints from said troper her mother finally gave back part of her collection. * This troper has lots of plushies on her bed as she sleeps. Makes for a very crowded bed. Luckly the other plushies (mind you there are 2 large bins in the closet full of them), get attention too. ** A giant stuffed panda sits on her dresser with it holding 2 smaller pandas. Addicted much. *** This troper currently wants a bear plushie for her boyfriend plush. >_> * This troper has an entire TOWN of stuffed animals living in her closet. They all have backstories, friends, enemies, jobs, and distinct personalities. Said troper is out of high school.

* Are you me? This Troper has the same thing. * This troper is like a cross between the NotSoAboveItAll (I border on EmotionlessGirl) and the CreepyChild - or, rather, NightmareFetishist - variants; I have plushies of a nearly spherical orca, an orangutan, the [[BigfootSasquatchAndYeti sasquatch mascot]] from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, a crab, four different kinds of microbes/individual cells (although only one of them is an actual malady, and it's just the common cold), a snake, and a spider. And a vaguely humanoid ragdoll that I've had since I was a few months old, which I keep on my bookshelf out of a sense of respect. I don't treat them like {{Companion Cube}}s, though, and I don't give them names anymore (well, some of them do technically have names - for instance, the crab is [[HalfLife Lamarr]], and the orca is Dave, but they didn't stick in practice), I just like to have them around. * This troper has an aversion to conventional stuffed bears. She does however have a stuffed Pikachu that she has had since she was 3 (and it's been in pretty good shape for being with me for 12 years) And although I would rather not have any other plushie, I would kill for giant cuddly versions of [[HowToTrainYourDragon Toothless]] and [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Appa]] :D ** Creepy, indeed. This tropette always loathed teddy bears and has had a stuffed Pikachu named Fluffy since she was five. Said tropette is now out of high school and still takes Fluffy with her on every trip, hidden in her suitcase. Then, Fluffy was one of the last presents her father gave her before he died, so it has sentimental value... * Creepy child variant. In my collection of over 500 stuffies, my main shelf (the one in my room right above my computer) has a wolf, a dragon, a boa constrictor, a viper, a crocodile, a griffin (the scary, bone-crunching sort), a buffalo, a spider, a vulture, and a crow...most of the don't have names, but the griffin is Mr. Eats Your Brains, the boa constrictor is Clyde, and the crocodile is Allison. * This troper LOVES stuffed animals, and Beanie Babies if those aren't already included. There's a bunch on her bed, a bunch in her closet, a bunch in the basement, a bunch all over the floor of her room... it's gotten to the point where people will just get me stuffed animals for my birthday and Christmas if they don't know what else to get. * My best friend and I have given up on trying to wean ourselves off of plushies and still buy them sometimes for each other. Also inverted with my best male friend, who often [[{{Squee}} squees]] over cute stuffed animals. * Subverted with this troper. Stuffed animals have disturbed her ever since she was a little girl. * [[Tropers/{{Bookhobbit}} This troper]]. She's not the type of person the trope usually encompasses, though. It's just that she's had most of them since childhood, and they are her [[CompanionCube friends]], and she feels comforted when holding them. * Inverted with this Troper's ''brother in law'' Yes, he's an odd fellow. He and my sister are still loopy for one another after a decade, though. * [[Tropers/TacoNinja This one]] has hundreds of stuffed animals, Beanie Babies and Anime plushies in her cupboard, loft, bed, baskets

around bed.... For example; Djali from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Sakaki-san from Azumanga Daioh, Toni Toni Chopper from One Piece and too many Pokemon to count. I love every single one of them to bits * cuddles Sakaki-san* . It's funny because I'm a 5'8 foot tall 17 year-old who everyone - who doesn't know me - finds ''terrifying''. * This Troper loves stuffed animals. Not any one in particular, though, and she doesn't really take notice or care of them, so she'll often find random ones lying around the house, carry one with her for an hour or so, and then set it down and forget about it. Her main stuffed animal is a pink flamingo named El Tweeto. * this troper's room is stuffed animal central, mostly CareBears, but also some {{Pokemon}} and other random plushies mixed in. As she's typing this, she's currently holding on to a {{WALL-E}} plush and an EVE plush * I have Beanie Kids. Lots of them. I love them very much. Anyone insulting them will at the very least get verbally bitch-slapped. I also have a number of other stuffed toys. * This troper doesn't have very many stuffed animals, but she does have a falcon plushie. It's incredibly cute. Of course, it's probably playing with the trope a little, because in the first place falcons are fairly badass on their own, and in the second place it's mainly used as a cosplay prop. Less GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals and more [[TheMummyTrilogy Ardeth Bey]] Cosplayers Love Falcon Plushies. * I'm 21 and I've been collecting stuffies since I was a little one. My mum thinks I'm crazy, so does my dad * This Troper is guilty as charged. I've lost count of how many plushies I own. I have a big teddy bear sitting on my bed at home who keeps me company at night. * This 20-year-old troper. Most of them are at home, however, and not in my dorm room. * This troper still has a toybox from childhood, and it's full of two things: books and stuffed animals. Also, she always sleeps with a stuffed animal to cuddle. Currently it's a snake as long as she is. * [[Tropers/KatanaCat This Troper]], who sometimes borders on Cloudcuckoolander, and other times a member of the EstrogenBrigade, and sometimes other things entirely is guilty of owning not only more than she has time to count, but more than she can remember at any one time. She carries a light brown horse with a white mark on its/her face (the marking is known as a blaze, in case you were wondering) which she's has since she was 4 with her everywhere, has 3 more stuffies on her bed, and the rest are either on a shelf in her closet (wardrobe, actually) or in a box somewhere. A few of them have names the horse is called Lightning, there's a green turtle with a rainbow shell called Rainbow Turtle (hey, I was small and uncreative when I named him!), and the one on her bed are a gray teddy bear named Walter, a golden brown teddy bear in a pink tutu named [[ElGoonishShive Amanda]], and a white rabbit with blue ear-insides and a blue belly named Frost. Oh, yeah, and the bottoms of Frost's feet are also blue, and he?/she has a white semitransparent bow that obscures a pink flower embroidered on one side of its chest. You'd never expect this from the girl who hates pink and dresses and who listens to loud rock songs most of the time... also, although she

wouldn't want to add most things to her plushie collection, especially her teddy bear collection, there are a few she REALLY wants: an Umbreon and possibly a Raichu, a feline of some sort, a [[SonicTheHedgehog flying-Chao and/or Dark Chao (yes, very very expensive but a girl can dream), Tails, and almost any obscure Sonic character such as Bark the Polar Bear or Fang the Sniper (also very expensive and rare but still on the wishlist of many a fan)]]. She oh, screw this third person crap- I once would have had another panda plushie on that list, but now I can't stand pandas anymore due to [[NoodleIncident playing a board game I got out of a box of Amazon Frosted Flakes]]. I got a few unlucky rolls and ended up being stuck talking about pandas until someone else rolled a 4, which quickly degraded into talking about how annoying it is being stuck talking about pandas until someone else rolls a 4. And... oh ye gods this Troper Tales entry is huge! When I'm alone, and ONLY when I'm alone, I sometimes talk to them. Sometimes when I go to bed, I tell Frost, Walter and Amanda that even though Lightning gets the most attention, I like them too. * On a school trip where we stopped at a Six Flags, a friend of mine mentioned that she had always wanted a guy to win her a midway game stuffed animal. Cue me sneaking away while other members of the group got airbrush tattoos and returning with a three foot Daffy Duck. I got hugged. Hard. * Tropers Has a bed full of stuffed animals; mainly beanie babies and a menagerie of many different kinds: dragons, dolphins, snakes, jelly fish, seahorses, turtles, anime/game chibis (Renji from Bleach, Misa from Death Note, Vincent from FinalFantasyVII, Gaara from Naruto and a tonberry named [=TonTon=]) a Cthulhu plushie, various birds, many {{Neopets}} (I even made a family out of them) and so many others... I am 17, I scare most who I meet, I love dressing as a zombie and I love rock music... It's quite interesting to see the reactions to my room... * This troper has a love of stuffed animals and plushies, so much so that in a TheWorldEndsWithYou SelfInsertFic her brother wrote, her psyche was her [[FinalFantasyVII Vincent]] plushie. Currently she wanders her college campus with [[AxisPowersHetalia Kumajiro]] in tow and is working on getting a Stuffy of a Bat. Skulls are adorable! * This troper used to surround her bed with plushies, claiming they were "protecting" her. After she was convinced that no, they were giving her asthma, she stopped collecting them for a while... but now she will often cuddle her [[{{HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi}} Hanyuu]] or [[{{Touhou}} Marisa]] to sleep. * [[@/FairyDreamer This troper]] loves stuffed animals, but especially teddy bears. She has a such a huge collection of teddy bears that they can't all fit in one place. She also takes two teddy bears with her whenever she goes, either carried in a purse or tied around her waist. One bear she takes out with her is always the same (because it was her very first one), but the other is always different. * My dad always gets me a bear every time I have a surgery, so I have a lot of bears. I also have bunnies, Stitch, a life sized otter, a puppy German Shorthair Pointer (like my real dog), a Pikachu (it talks!) and many, many more. And the newest addition, that wonderful

invention, the dolphin Pillow Pet. I also have many little plushies. What can I say? They're cuddly. * [[@/EndarkCuli This male Troper]]'s mother rather adores stuffed critters. There are enough teddy bears in the house to completely occupy three rocking chairs, a white-furred teddy in holiday regalia (a 2008 Xmas gift from yours truly) usually occupies the passenger seat of her car when she drives to work, and half of her bed is occupied by a giant golden retriever. I myself am an inversion, as I have a fair amount of plushies, most of them based on video game characters. * My best female friend and I are 19 and we both still routinely buy each other stuffed animals as presents (I got her a [[StarTrek Tribble]] for Christmas this year). But then, my best male friend is also quite partial to them, especially turtles (his favorite animal). * Despite being quite a tomboy, [[@/ROFLopadous this troper]] LOVES stuffed animals. She still squees over adorable stuffed animals and occasionally likes to cuddle some. It's one of my girly indulgences. * This troper is huge on stuffed animals despite being an otherwise mature person. She brings them to her school and often her classmates would steal them to play with them (one time my friend used it for his skit). One is a doggie named Leia/Luke and is a hermaphrodite. Another is an Emily the Strange's Cat doll and her name is Sableye (yes, the pokemon). Her last one is a Build-A-Bear named Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore--Ricky for short. Gotten to the point that her Spanish teacher now refers to her as "the stuffed animal girl." Most of her friends find it endearing. * This troper maintains a reasonably large collection of plushies ranging from "beanbag" upto "frickin' huge" with a sizeable amount of it dedicated to CareBears and [[EverythingsBetterWithBunnies bunnies]]. It's gotten to a point where not a room in their home doesn't have an [[EverythingsBetterWithPlushies assortment of plushies someplace in it]]. People who visit often comment positively on them and has yet to receive one bad comment (even the ones behind their back weren't bad!) For disclosure, the troper in question is long out of high school, male, a [[FurryFandom furry]] (as you'd expect) and something bordering between {{Keet}} and CloudCuckoolander. Shame? Feh! * This Troper has a big pile of Pokemon plushies and other cute stuffed animals all over her bed, but her favorite is a Keroro plushie named George. No one is allowed to touch George except for me. He's my BABY. She also has a Zorua and a Reshiram who live in her locker, named Fluffy Butt [=McFuzzyfox=] (Fluffy for short) and Foxy Shazam respectively. To add to this, she has a bucket FULL of plushies who all have names and backstories. This troper is 16, and is considered to be boyish by most of her friends. Reactions are almost always hilarious. * Edgy has found this to be true with all the girls he has dated. Oh my Interdimensional Energy Being, it's too easy... * This Troper has always loved stuffed animals, and despite being out of high school, still clings to her oldest, most cherished and beat up creature, Seabert the Seal(Named for the seal from the TV show).He has 'cataracts'(Which are teeth marks from other animals), his whiskers

are bent, and he's sort of a dingy color compared to the bright white he once was...But she can literally not go anywhere for more than a day without taking him. There's also a collection that's being used to decorate the nursery, but they're more for cuteness and occasional cuddling. She even has a {{Bolt}} and [[LiloAndStitch Stitch]] from [[DisneyThemeParks Disneyland]]. * I have far too many. Of course I still get out my old toys I play with ocasionally. * [[Tropers/CrystalGlacia I]] have a pretty big collection of little ones arranged around my room to the point that they've assimilated themselves into the decor. I even made [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/wolf%20fox627.jpg a]] [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Screen%20shot%20201105-07%20at%20113432%20PM9691.png few]] [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/wolf%20fox16759.jpg avatars]] [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/bunnies462.jpg of]] [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/bunnyball4933.jpg them]]. * This tropette, as a young girl, had VERY MANY stuffed animals. Most are in the attic or her closet now, but there are probably around 10 still on display in her room, including her teddy bear, her build-abear, her Winnie The Pooh, a technicolor penguin, a bunny that smells like jelly beans, a quacking duck, and unicorn. * When I was little I had a huge "cuddly pile" (we call them "cuddly toys" rather than stuffed animals in the UK) of 300+ plushes. When we moved and I packed them all away I didn't throw out a single one, and they're still in their bags in the loft; I'll never throw them away. I still buy them now and have a decent amount in my room still. My family often ask me "Don't you have enough cuddlies?" ---Take your plushie collection back to GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals.

GirlyRun * Any other boys run like this, or just me? ** Primarily when going up stairs or very short distances, but you aren't alone. * This troper always runs like this, even in gym. She gets made fun of for it. ;~; * This troper plays video games, keeps her hair short and boyish, and loves cars and sports and Christina Hendricks, so I'm basically an uber tomboy-thing. One day, I had to run across the courtyard when I realised that I had about thirty seconds to turn in my paper before it'd be deemed 'late'. So naturally I was running to the classroom as quickly as possible, when it dawned on me that, in my own words, 'I run like a damn secretary!' Apparently, seeing someone like me run like that is pretty entertaining. * I used to have one. I was greatly ashamed. * This troper runs like this only when she's going up stairs. * This troper's grandmother. It's hilarious to watch. This troper's mother likes to imitate it a lot.

* Earlier today, this troper's friend, who was, for the moment, a rather lovely Bifauxnen --Don't ask, it's a long story-- was dashing away, running even girlier than usual. I, who was [[WigDressAccent in a]] [[ImpossiblyLowNeckline very]] [[InstantCosplaySurprise special]] [[MiniDressOfPower dress]] , was running behind in a sad, slightly bouncy attempt to catch up. ---Run on back to GirlyRun, and don't trip in your high heels. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GladIThoughtOfIt * A particularly bizarre example happened where this troper works. I'm a computer programmer, and we make heavy-duty database software for managing broadcast media stations. One of our clients sent us a bug report describing how our middle-tier server program was hogging ''gigabytes'' of memory for no good reason. One of our engineers, who I'll just call F, traced it to a change Microsoft had made to Critical Section locks (a system object that lets a program do multiple things at the same time safely) in Windows Vista. Thus began a conversation that went something like this: --> F: Looks like Vista is leaking memory because they changed the Critical Section implementation. --> Client: (to Microsoft tech support) F tells us that you changed Critical Sections and now they're leaking tons of memory. --> Microsoft: No we didn't. Send us some debug data and we'll look it over. --> Client: *sends it* --> Microsoft: Aha! There's the trouble! Your program is written in Delphi, and not a [[TradeSnark Microsoftâ„¢ Approvedâ„¢ Programmingâ„¢ Languageâ„¢.]] Clearly the problem must be in Delphi somewhere. --> F: That's ridiculous. This exact same program runs just fine on Windows XP; it only does this in Vista. YouFailLogicForever. Clearly, something changed in Vista. Oh, and look, it says right here on MSDN that you changed [=InitializeCriticalSection()=] in Vista. To get around this, you have to use the new [=InitializeCriticalSectionEx()=] call. --> Microsoft: No we didn't. We can't reproduce this problem with our [[TradeSnark Microsoftâ„¢ Approvedâ„¢ Programmingâ„¢ Languagesâ„¢,]] so the problem must be with Delphi. --> F: *looks at their attempt* That's because you're doing it wrong. Here's a sample program I wrote up in Microsoft Visual C++ that can use this memory leak to crash a high-end web server. --> Microsoft: *looks at it for a while, eventually responds* Dear F: your problem is apparently due to your heavy use of [=InitializeCriticalSection().=] This was changed in Vista to retain debug information. To prevent the issue, use the new [=InitializeCriticalSectionEx()=] call. --> F: But... butbut... I just... AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

** Thanks to this, I am now convined that all Computer Engineers get cool DeathNote OneLetterNames. ** Speaking as a fellow programmer, this example, sadly, does not seem bizarre at all, as I've dealt with variations of it dozens of times. * This troper sometimes gets into a conversation that turns on himself. --> This Troper: We should do *gives idea* --> Friend: Nah... --> This Troper: Well think of it this way: *rewords idea to sound different and easier/funner to perform. --> Friend: Great! I had a great idea! --> This Troper: But it was my idea! --> Friend: I know. * [[DeltaOne This Troper]] had a conversation once that went something like this: --> Friend: I'm bored! --> This Troper: Let's go to the zoo. --> Friend: No, the zoo's boring! --> This Troper: So what do you want to do? --> Friend: I don't know! --> This Troper: [Suggests a number of plans] --> Friend: No, those are ''all'' boring. I know! Let's go to the zoo! --> Everybody else: Great idea, [Friend]! --> This Troper: But... but... ah, hell. Let's go the zoo! --> Everyone: Yay! ** Are you sure you aren't me? This troper's family did that to him ALL. THE. TIME. Not entirely unrelatedly, he now lives on the other side of the planet from them. * [[@/{{fishsicles}} This Troper]] is just crazy enough to come up with elaborate plans that usually are stolen by friends and associates on IRC. They don't usually work. * Once in my school, we were going to make a prank to a friend --> Troper: Lets *insert idea here* --> Everyone: What the fuck are you thinking, thats not funny at all! (several minutes pass) --> Guy: Hey! Lets *insert the prank that the troper said in the exact way the troper said it* --> Everyone: Nice idea! Lets do it! --> Troper: Didnt I have the EXACT same idea a couple of moments ago? --> Guy: No you didnt --> Troper: Fuck you * @/{{HSZMV}} jokingly refers to his title in any group project as "Chief Executive Planner of Strategies that the Group will Veto for a Full 20 Minutes before the Group Leader Decides they are a Good Idea and Claims them as his/her own." On the plus side, his father did always say that if your title is longer then your name, you are probably doing well in life. * According to my friend's mother, this is how she deals with her husband. She thinks up all the cool ideas, but she makes it so that he ''thinks'' it was him. * Averted in a conversation between me (linux geek) and wife --> Me: Argh! I'm trying to write a poster and They have moved

everything around on Powerpoint 2008 (Mutter) I liked it how it was. --> Wife: Why don't you use OpenOffice thats more like the old powerpoint? --> Me: (Facepalm) but but but I'm the one who is supposed to be banging on about Open Source (hands in geek card, stalks off to write poster). * Happens to this troper ''all the time''... I think. Problem is, I can't remember if I came up with the idea first or if someone else did. It can be [[{{understatement}} rather frustrating]]. * This troper once had a Japanese teacher whose health had worsened to the point where her allergies and the prescriptions needed to treat them put her in a perpetual daze. This troper ended up having the following conversation with her while she was trying to make sushi: --> Troper: The rice smells a bit ''too'' vinegary. --> Teacher: It's supposed to be vinegary. Sushi requires vinegared rice. --> Troper: No, I mean I think you added way too much vinegar. --> Teacher: It's sushi. It's supposed to be vinegary. --> (repeat several times before this troper gives up) --> Teacher: (several minutes later, after she finished making a roll and took a bite) Yikes, this has a bit too much vinegar in it. --> Troper: *facepalm* * This troper was in a theater group in junior high, and worked with our director to write a play called ''Liberte.'' It was a comedy about the (completely falsified) story of France giving the US the Statue of Liberty. The play opens at a fancy party. --> '''Hostess''': We should give America some sort of gift. --> '''Waitress''': How about a statue? --> '''Everyone''': Nah... --> ''Beat'' --> '''Hostess''': I've got it! What about a statue? --> '''Everyone''': Yes! ---Going back to the main page at GladIThoughtOfIt is the perfect solution! * No, no, we need something better... I know, go to GladIThoughtOfIt! It ''is'' the main page for this trope. ----

GlamorousWartimeSinger * @/{{Ronka87}}: When my poppy was stationed in Quebec during WWII, Marlene Dietrich came by his station to perform a set. My poppy suffered from this bizarre form of occasional lockjaw, where his jaw would seize up and he wouldn't be able to open it for hours. The day of her arrival, his jaw locked up, so he didn't go down to see her perform. A few of his friends told her about it, and asked if she would sign him an autograph. Instead, she told them to bring him to her. When he arrived, she took a washcloth from the bar, wrapped it around his head, tapped him gently on his jaw, and his jaw

miraculously released. He never had the problem again-- Marlene Dietrich ''permanently cured my grandfather's lockjaw''. Then she gave him a kiss on each cheek and finished her set. What a woman! ** Great story! ** That's really really awesome. I say CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming. * Borderline Example: While This Troper's little sister was singing LouisArmstrong's [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming "What a Wonderful World"]] she draped herself against the piano (or piano seat, this troper forgets) in a way most [[GlamorousWartimeSinger Glamorous Wartime Singers]] would.

GlassesPull * This troper does it quite often at school...It's not very effective when you have souless eyes. * This troper pulled a couple (pardon the pun) in her thesis production of Hamlet. With 3-D glasses. -->'''Guildenstern:''' If it shall please you to make me a wholesome answer, I will do your mother's commandment. -->'''Hamlet:''' Sir, I cannot. -->'''Guildenstern:''' What? -->'''Hamlet:''' Make you a wholesome answer- *glasses on*- my wit's diseased. * [[@/ThisIsATest This Troper]] parodied this in a mockumentary on {{Spider-Man}} he did for school. In the movie's opening he asks; -->'''The Host:''' Is he a superhero? Is he a criminal? Or perhaps*pause, steps on a short wall and pulls glasses off* -Spider-Man just wants a place to be. ** This was also something of an InsideJoke with the class, as the teacher introduced the class to the Documentary genre with a decidedly bad documentary titled "A Place to Be". * I tap the side of my face to let my glasses slide forward, when i want to either stare down, show them im being serious (my eyes are quite expressive) or want to make silly faces to freak the out. Works pretty well either way * I do so whenever I need to perform a facepalm, in one quick movement. Also, I use the CSI: Miami meme whenever I get the chance. * This troper made sure to do the glasses pull as many times as humanly possible the week before he got laser eye surgery and would never have to wear them again. * When This Troper finds a worthy line, he stops conversation, ask if he can borrow someone else's glasses, puts them on, then takes them back off just to deliver the line. It usually gets me a bunch of eye rolling, and/or someone trying to hold back laughs in the corner. * [[MarinaDelGrapes This troper]] wears reading glasses, and her husband alternates between glasses and contacts. He usually wears glasses. Both tend to follow this trope without thinking about it, probably as a result of watching too many movies in their lifetimes. * This troper teaches math, and once, when a student had made a particularly egregious mistake, pulled her glasses down a bit and looked at him over them. The student in question was quite impressively intimidated.

* Cataloging YouTube ForGreatJustice. ->[=TheThreeCubed=] "Hey H, a man runs over a woman with his&#65279; car. Why do you think he did it?" ->"Well... Why is the man..." ->*puts on sunglasses* ->"Driving in the kitchen." ->YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! ->[=CptDanger35=] "Horatio, the butcher was killed instantly when the meat slab fell&#65279; off the hook onto him." ->sunglasses->"Well then, I guess... the steaks were too high." ->YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ->sychkid What Horatio Caine would say if he was in the film They Live: ->"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass." ->*puts on Hofmann lens sunglasses* ->"And I'm all out of bubblegum." ->YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! ->caitlinyano "Horatio, it seems your popularity has increased&#65279; due to Internet memes." ->"Well it appears, funny Internet memes.." ->*glasses on* ->"..are funny." ->YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! ->Gackra "Mr.Myers killed the victim over a&#65279; Yu-Gi-Oh card game" ->Well it appears that the suspect ->*Sunglasses* ->Activated his trap card YEEEEAAAAH!!! ->hansentrust Prominent US citizen murdered in Miami. hotline from the Whitehouse: ->President Obama to Horatio: "Can we solve the case, Lt Caine?" ->Horatio " Mr President" (puts on sunglasses) " YES......WE CAN" ->YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH&#65279; * A two-for-one from #site19 (SCP Foundation's IRC channel): -><that_david_caruso>: Well... -><that_david_caruso>: it looks like his past... ->that_david_caruso &#9584;&#9604;&#9473;&#9604;&#9583; -><that_david_caruso>: ...finally caught up to him. -><Jonsta>: YEEEAAAAAAHHHHH ->*** that_david_caruso was kicked by Quikngruvn (...) -><Dr_Kens>: And that's what they call... ->Dr_Kens *sunglasses* -><Dr_Kens>: A quik kick. -><that_tall_fellow>: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -><Dr_Kens>: HAHAA

-><Jonsta>: NO -><Jonsta>: GET OUT ->*** Dr_Kens was kicked by Quikngruvn (You too then.) * [[@/PriffyViole This Troper]] pulled one on an online forum, in a minor discussion on Vocaloids (Note: the answer isn't Vocaloid canon): -> Absinthe Miri: Why aren't there more LenxKaito stories/songs? -> @/PriffyViole: Because while Kaito may or may not have a crush on Len, Len is terrified of Kaito and won't go within five feet of him. You could say Len was...*puts on sunglasses*...scared straight. ->*YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH* The post should be [[http://soliaonline.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=18864&start=10 35 here.]] * Myself and my best friend, Evan, did the scene from ''CyranoDeBergerac'' where Cyrano is pretending to be a spaceman to distract De Guiche. The entire scene was a massive medley of pop culture references and improv, including Cyrano having the alter ego of MrT that came out to pity fools whenever he got irritated. At the end, as he said his final lines, Cyrano donned sunglasses and said his lines in the style of DavidCaruso.....five times. * Something fun to do: If you ever have a highly visible [[EyeScream eye problem]], pull this trope on your ophthalmologist while you're explaining it. * During this troper's first year in her high school marching band, the drum major would always wear big aviator sunglasses. At the end on practice, when we were all standing at attention, waiting to be able to leave, he would always dramatically pull them off before saying "Dismissed!" We mocked him behind his back to no end. * This troper, out of dramatic reflex more than anything, does one of these if he has to take of his glasses for ''[[CrazyPrepared any]]'' reason at school. * This troper is waiting for the perfect moment to pull off one of these. * This troper did it while singing [[{{Queen}} Bohemian Rhapsody]] at a karaoke night. You can probably guess when. * I wear sunglasses a lot so I can do this. * In the IRC chatroom this troper hangs out in, this is a standard routine for exceptionally bad puns. Sometimes someone else will do it to the punner as a response to an otherwise un-CSI'd IncrediblyLamePun, even. I could hypothetically do it offline too, since I wear glasses, but I've never spotted a good opportunity. * This troper wears regular glasses, but he occasionally whips them off and pretends they're sunglasses so he can perform a pun. This includes one very memorable time while playing Punch-Out!! with his friend. The following conversation ensued (though paraphrased since I don't remember the entire thing). --> Friend: ''I like this game. We need to play it more often.'' --> Me: ''*whips glasses off quickly* We could hold a party to play it at. *puts glasses on* I'll bring the punch.'' --> Friend: ''[[{{ThrowItIn}} *mimes punching me in the face with the Wii Remote*]]''

---Go back to the main page... [[GlassesPull if you can pull it off.]] --> '''''YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!''''' * This troper's school had a particularly badass music teacher who could silence an entire room by calmly sliding his glasses off, and glaring in the most demonic way possible.

GlovedFistOfDoom * Glove or no glove, this troper does the fist-clench all the time.

GlowingEyesOfDoom * Red-eye is an annoying defect in photographs of people, but photographs of cats with "glowing eyes of evil" can be quite appealing -- it can even up the cute factor, paradoxically enough. I used to deliberately go for this effect, by holding the flashgun in the palm of my hand with the lens resting on top of it, so that the two axes were as close together as possible. * For some reason, this troper's eyes do this in the dark, glowing a dull red. It's quite creepy for someone to turn a corner and stare into my eyes. * I don't know if this is true, but some people say when I give them my DeathGlare, my eyes glow a bit, or at least become more noticeable in dark places. ---Maybe you should head back to GlowingEyesOfDoom. It's giving us that look.

GlurgeAddict * My eighth-grade English teacher. Oh so much. She'd read especially Glurge-y e-mails to the class. I was reprimanded a number of times for "being cynical" when I informed her that the supposed "[[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory true stories]]" were either distorted versions of reality or complete lies. ** Snopes.com is your best friend when telling off the idiots who send chain letters. I've found emailing them the link with a curt "please check your facts before clogging my inbox" works with relations who have a slight inkling of a clue. No luck for the clueless, however * My mother... * [[Tropers/CabbitGirlEmi I am]], big time. * I have an aunt who sends me {{Glurge}}y spam all the time. *shudder* ** Replace 'aunt' with 'grandmother' and that's my life. I don't have the heart to tell her those stories are a load of bull. * My friends. Oh so much. * [[Tropers/{{Korodzik}} Me]], sort of. I don't really like those inspirational/uplifting sentences that much. But... motivational posters are just beautiful. As are these pocket-sized booklets which contain nothing but some cute photos and uplifting quotes (preferably written in that pretty italic serif font). So I guess I'm addicted to glurgey graphic design, as weird as that sounds. Let's be frank... we

don't read these pretty books to see some quotes we might as well find elsewhere. We read them for that ungraspable Feeling that comes from the ''just-right'' combination of color, font, white space, size & thickness, illustration choice... When you feel that the whole world has shrinked to accommodate just you and your pretty little sappy booklet. * After being linked to it on {{Tastes Like Diabetes}}, I now listen to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL871Wbi1oc this song]] unironically. Does that qualify me? * I know entire churches made up of glurge addicts. Part of the reason I no longer attend church is that I just couldn't take the glurge. * [[@/AcrossTheStars I]] am not ''quite'' this... but I ''am'' the kind of person who listens to Westlife unironically. Hopeless romantic, and damn proud of it. * I am this... along with NightmareFetishist. Pretty nice combo. * My sister is this big time.... unfortunately. My mother is as well, though to a far lesser extent than my sis. I expect my sister to weep to and/or love something if it has the [[LittlestCancerPatient littlest cancer patient]] or such similar glurge. I often criticize things like this in front of them, to which they respond: "what's wrong with having your heartstrings deliberately pulled? Don't be so mean and negative!" they truly see ''nothing wrong'' with exploitative tripe like the [[LittlestCancerPatient Littlest Cancer Patient.]] ---Go back to GlurgeAddict. ----

GMPC * This troper recently played with this while mastering a VampireTheRequiem campaign. One of the players had to go to Arcadia to rescue a human friend from a True Fae. Naturally, the group had to be accompanied by a changeling to get there. They finally found one : An ungodly powerful (although the players didn't know it at first) beast (sheep) changeling Named Agaps. He led them to Arcadia, and died fighting his fae keeper, a mountain sized wolf, leaving the players lost in a hostile and very alien land without a ticket home. ** Actually, the group (three players) also had two vampires accompanying them, but they were mostly here to keep an eye on one of the players, and were not really the best fighters of the lot. * This troper has had an wide and interesting variety of experiences with [=GMPCs=]. So as not to hog this space, [[http://forum.rpg.net/showpost.php?p=10227238&postcount=61 I'll just give a link to the last time I explained]]. * [[@/NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper's]] GM came up with an old character of his, recycled for story purposes. Or so he claims. The truth was, the kid (being a blatant {{Expy}} of Ed Elric and named after Albel from StarOcean3) was there to save the rest of the party from {{Game Breaker}}s served in heaps against one particularly nasty case of TheMunchkin. Didn't actually help - the munchkin got busted due to her (yes, both the character and the player were female) stupidity in the next adventure and the GMPC pops up when players get

hopelessly stuck. Not that they should get stuck, but it's a whole different story. * This Troper's Star Wars GM is a king of this trope, frequently mixing it with MarySue and SpecialSnowflakeSyndrome. In our previous game, first we ran into Galen "Starkiller" Merek from TheForceUnleashed doing all kinds of awesome things and slaughtering dozens of Imperials all while we had to watch on, accomplishing nothing. That same game also had an Ewok Jedi who we had to watch kill bunches of Dark Jedi that we the players couldn't do anything against. The current game has a former PC of the GM's made into an NPC and turned up to 11. We've watched him (again) slaughter dozens of guys that we couldn't do anything against and the GM nearly killed the entire party by balancing an encounter based on his damned GMPC and not our characters. We've since run into a couple more [=GMPCs=] that do all the heavy lifting in an encounter while we're basically forced to stand by and watch. The players, this Troper included, have been near mutiny about this issue (among others) for a while and are only still in the game because it's supposed to finish soon. * This Troper's GM has a sort-of GMPC in his {{Rifts}} game, though he's nowhere near as bad as some of the other examples. He's basically a glorified APC driver, and is a bit of a coward even though he has a decent rifle that helped kill a rather big monster once. * This Troper's {{Deadlands}} GMPC is an undead, gender-flipped Chuck Norris from the DeepSouth. ItMakesSenseInContext. * [[@/{{Nerrin}} This troper]] had a friend who was really bad about this, as well as needing to be in the spotlight when not [=GMing=], which created a lot of drama in his circle of friends. As a response, said troper has become almost pathologically afraid of presenting allies who are more cool than the [=PCs=], leading to all [=NPCs=] being: 1) overall weaker, 2) less specialized in the same roles as the [=PCs=], or 3) the BigBad in secret (usually pretending to be weaker while observing the [=PCs=]). Generally speaking, my players should know by now that if someone on their side is particularly useful/talented, then he's not actually on their side. * This Troper once had a D'n'D GM who loved doing this. I only played because my friend was close friends, but the first GMPC ended up being a ninja lady who could kill you in her sleep, or two inches infront of your face. That was fun to play with, I eventually [=OoCed=] myself (my bad) and started punting the gnome member of our group on a regular basis. Now, a normal GM would have noticed that his Paladin started Gnome Punting, out of class character action, and denied it. The other time I played with him, we were all set to be lesser beings than his GMPC was, I started off as a Hound Archon slave, waiting for everyone else to rescue me some two hours later. Another poor guy (playing a human this time, but the aforementioned gnome) got stuck with a Hill Giant 'friend', which the GM had a lot of fun with, and had also made plans to make a scenario where all of us couldn't escape, and his character would live. Needless to say, bad GM, and {{Jerk Ass}}. Thankfully, this man taught me tons of [=GMing=] lessons, and I start my new Paranoia XP campaign sometime in the next couple weeks. * This Troper has gone through a rather frustrating version of this. I

was running a ''SuperRobotWarsAlpha''-themed game with a PC who was not a {{GMPC}} ''per se'' and did my best to keep him just an equal member of the group. Of course, the others said "He pretty much '''is''' the hero, quit denying it and just roll with it". Of course, as soon as I did, they started claiming he was a {{GMPC}}. Oh, the irony. While I confess a degree of PowerSeepPowerCreep, I have repeatedly apologized because it made the game less fun from my perspective, but people in the group still invoke that character's name as if it were a damning sign that I'm an egotistical MarySue maker. * This troper's GM would use [=GMPCs=] while avoiding the common problems. In one incident, the {{GMPC}} was surrounded by monsters and was at negative hitpoints. If the rest of the party hadn't wiped out the monsters next round, he would have been killed. ** Another [=GMPC=] was a genuine subversion of the stereotype. He was a drow rogue who was guiding us through Undermountain... and was a total coward, refusing to participate in combat. * This troper's now-defunct D&D campaign had nowhere near enough players to run properly, so he's provide a rogue or warlock (depending on edition). His rogue had some terrible stat rolls and ended up being treated largely like {{Nodwick}} (ZZZT), and his warlock had such dreadful attack rolls that he ended up mainly serving as a distraction. * This Troper recalls a GM who was particularily terrible with [=GMPCs=]in his D&D game. His [=NPCs=] would be the center of attention and exist soley to be better then the [=PCs=]; if the [=PCs=] didn't like them, then that was too bad. He was clearly covertly adding levels and abilities to them to keep them ahead of the [=PCs=] and to ensure that the [=PCs=] couldn't kill them. However, one of the [=PCs=] managed to outwit his worst [=GMPC=] and then kill - and eat - them. We cheered. * This Troper actually has a great experience with [=GMPCs=]. His D&D DM has one, and he usually stays back from the limelight, yet still offers help if he's asked (Obviously not TOO Much). The DM uses at really well * [[DeltaOne This Troper]] is currently [=DM'ing=] a long campaign. One of the early adventures included a low-power trumpet archon, who journeyed with the [=PCs=] for a few levels until This Troper realised that he was playing the archon as if it was his own character. A recent addition to the group was playing a character with a unusual, [[GameBreaker Game Breaking]] skillset, and so This Troper was able to send both the difficult character and the archon off on a sidequest. They are both going to make a stunning comeback in the climax, along with everyone else the [=PCs=] have helped over their twenty levels of adventure. ** Update: The campaign is now completed. The archon, the broken character, and about eighty-five other people turned up to kick tremedous amounts of arse. It was truly epic. I finally understand the importance of careful notes on the players' actions. * Averted my my DM. She was really afraid of falling into this trap, so she made her GMPC a half-orc bard, who was genuinely useless on a day-to-day basis, but did occasionally bail us out of trouble or give

hints. * This Troper co-[=DMs=] his campaign with his best friend, so, by default, both of their characters are [=DMPCs=] of the aforementioned "middle sort". However, this Troper has been trying to be conscious of the pitfalls of [=DMPCing=], reminding his friend during plot planning session that the other two (non-DM) players need to be the focus of the action. Unfortunately, this isn't quite helped by the fact that said other two players generally need a good bit of prodding to move the plot along by themselves... * This troper's former DM was somewhat infamous for having a pet NPC in every game, built entirely on [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome entertaining himself]] and will break rules to make it happen, even if those things conflict with the setting, what the [=PCs=] are allowed to do or have, etc. The worst was the Druid in ambiguously-magic metal fullplate, able to Wild Shape into a homebrew monster who was married to a Paladin with an (evil and not trying to hide it) Black Dragon for a special mount. Their plan to "restore the natural order" was to find everything with a "half-something" template and force them into 'atonement camps' so they could 'work off their offense to nature' and then be slaughtered en mass by Black Dragon breath weapons before they could commit any more sins and die with clean souls... and they weren't even villains; he expressed his surprise that we didn't join their cause after they ''gassed the half-elf ranger'' in the party. Our group didn't let him run games anymore after that, citing Paladin Hitler when the issue came up. * I once ran what was arguably a subversion. The player's were all new to D&D (3.5) so I made a Gnome Bard whose sole purpose was to a) Buff everyone else and b) tell them when they were being stupid. Eventually he also evolved into C) comedy relief. * [[DarcDiscordia I]] used to play DungeonsAndDragons, BESM, WorldOfDarkness, and various other games in a fairly large group- the average number of people at one session was around 8. Half the people in the group were, shall we say, not known for their attention spans, and so we had a new game starting every other week. Several of the games were ran by one specific guy, who'd been playing [=RPG=]s for longer than most of us. He was a good DM, except for the fact that every campaign he ran had at least one GMPC from the same extended family, the Eloc clan. The main one he used was a total powerhouse called Vahn Eloc, who'd always be several levels above the rest of us, have all kinds of awesome abilities (all gained through the DM's massive knowledge of MinMaxing), and would generally treat everyone else in the game as tools to show off how cool he was. Nevertheless, we usually had fun with the games, as the DM was a good storyteller and knew how to make things fun, even though all the battle scenes involved Vahn Eloc doing something heroic while we backed him up or failed to do anything special. * [[@/NinjaSteve This Troper's]] played [[DungeonsAndDragons D&D 3.5]], and our group consisted of four players and the DM. After our Wizard's player dropped out fairly soon into the campaign, the DM decided to play as his character. Through no real fault of the DM, the Wizard quickly became our strongest character. (Although our other characters were my Sorcerer, a Half-Orc Monk devoted to [[LawfulEvil

Hextor,]] and the JerkAss Cleric.)) Said wizard has only died once: I was currently trying my hand at GameMaster and sent the party against a Copper Dragon. The Wizard's death was embarrassing for the DM (and therefore a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for the rest of us). * The DM of this troper's first game had a ''bad'' case of GMPC-- not only did she bring back characters from her previous game, she brought them back as gods. And then had the party stuck in their realms for a good bit while they got up to hijinks. Her original GMPC, meanwhile, played a huge role in defeating the Big Bad. She's not allowed to DM anymore. * [[@/{{Filby}} This editor's]] [=GMPCs=] in his ''{{Pathfinder}}'' campaign have mostly been "iconic" characters--first [[http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/tags/kyra/v5748dyo5la5u Kyra the Cleric]], then [[http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/tags/seltyiel/v5748dyo5la02 Seltyiel the Eldritch Knight]], and later on a pixie bard. All were a little underpowered to avoid overshadowing the [=PCs=]. * [[@/{{Ripsaw}} This Troper]] is planning to DM a 3.5 D&D game one of these years. He plans to have a DMPC in it. This character will be one of the following: ** Bard (buffer and healer only) ** Warmage (Blaster only) ->He hopes that the limitations of the above character classes will aid in keeping the party the center of the game. * [[@/PhoenixOasis This troper]] averts the GMPC problem hard by not using them at all. Even in his own homebrew system. Even when it seems like it may be a good idea. I'm all of the [=NPCs=], the environment, the monsters, and the treasure table. The players have to do something. ** Also, [[@/PhoenixOasis same Troper]] my first DM/GM/whatever had a terrible problem with his GMPC addiction. His games tended to have more unskippable cutscenes than {{Xenosaga}}. In addition, he tried to make himself the GMPC when he was a player, by attempting to impose his will on the setting, doing things like talking over the GM.Yeah. So, one day I decided to get him rambling, and listened intently for a couple minutes before wandering away unannounced, with the words, "If you need me, I'll be over there." Painfully, he never got the hint, and I've not gamed with him since, as a player or GM. ** This troper formed a [[HeterosexualLifePartners Heterosexual Life Partnership]] with his GMPC in a game of Cyberpunk. Think of [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Two Guys]], but one has a robotic octopus for a face (GMPC) and the other is a [[HumongousMecha 20 foot tall battle cyborg who thinks he's Genghis Khan]], making snarky comments on how the rest of the party is being beaten up by boostergangers while lazily taking potshots with [[GunsAkimbo dual wield]] [[HandCannon hand cannons]]. * This troper's {{Homestuck}}-based GURPS roleplay has a GMPC TeamMom who's precognitive. Precognition is a surprisingly handy tool for [[RailRoading preventing plot derailment]]. * This troper plays Warlock, Caltech's offshoot version of the original D&D, where the DMPC and Killer DM problems are both averted by having the DM roll characters along with everybody else. The only

difference that this troper has noted between the DM's characters and everyone else's is that the DM is never the one in charge of rolling spot checks. Since the DM's characters are bound by the same rules as everyone else (magic pick, etc), they can't become the stars of the show, but since the DM has invested time in these characters, she's less likely to make a RocksFallEveryoneDies situation. * I had a DM who was terrible about this. In the last game he ran for us, his character was the center of the story. Not only did he act as the Rails Police, there was also plenty of evidence that he was intended to be the ''protagonist'': IIRC, he'd been brought back from the dead specifically to fight the invading forces of evil, he assumed the position of unofficial party leader without any real discussion on the matter, and he even had an elderly {{Mentor}}. Even outside of combat, he would find ways to make his character the center of attention (for example, by collapsing of a heart attack to put everyone's focus on him, then magically being okay two hours later). We eventually had to put our feet down and demand that he give our characters story roles more interesting than "DMPC's Henchwomen." On top of that, since the other player and I were both playing as [[SquishyWizard mages]] and he was a Fighter, he repeatedly informed us OOC that if we kicked his DMPC out of the party, we would inevitably die. Which, coming from a DM, implies less "a party of two mages isn't likely to survive" and more "I will deliberately [[RocksFallEveryoneDies kill your characters]] with overpowered encounters if you kick out mine." This got irritating when the DMPC's behavior was deeply offensive to my Wizard (which was often), since I'm a hardcore roleplayer and it became increasingly difficult for me to find a reason for her to remain allied with him without breaking character. I don't game with him anymore. * This Troper's Brother in law will always have a GMPC. However, he is also the type who will institute a round robin story arc where a new story arc will mean one of the players becomes the GM, making this trope a necessity. Her Star Wars game had two GMPC - the ship's AI, and the party's unorthodox Jedi. * [[Tropers/{{Meshakhad}} This troper]] encountered a GMPC who played a role in the plot, but was otherwise not overpowered. In fact, there was one incident where the rest of the party saved his ass. * [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} This troper]]'s GM is the king of this trope. Here's the (albeit short) list: ** {{Scion}}: He wass way more experienced than the [=PCs=], had an extreme AngstWhatAngst attitude and pretty much took over the plot. "Hey, let's go there!" "Why should I, that's silly?" "GO THERE OR I'LL KILL YOU!" ** Shinobi Squad (fan-made Naruto-based RPG): Even tough the GM said that all his [=NPCs=] (yeah, all of them) were created by the rules, he screwed them for his GMPC. Who was near omnipresent. -->It's so {{egregious}} that [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} this troper]] established -+>~SPESHUL~<+- (characters may vary) to describe these [=GMPCs=]. * [[Tropers/{{Cerus}} This]] Tropers GM in a star wars game had one, who honestly had some overpowered abilities, which is why my [[GameBreaker game-breaking]] D&D Crossover character kept attempting

to assassinate said GMPC. Considering that pretty much everyone in that game had min-maxed for some particular specialty. On the other hand, that character was our quest-giver for the Jedi Order. That game ended with the Republic in chaos, Luke dead, and Coruscant a deadworld portal to Faerun... That game was strange. * This troper is currently forced to include one in his campaign due to a small group and a lack of a healer. So I'm adding an alchemist. Subverted in that I'm going to have him captured and turned into an alchemical abomination by the big bad. * This troper has had a number of good and bad experiences with [=GMPCs=] (some of them mine, so a little bias), and his group has decided there are 3 basic forms they take- 1) ''Passport/Enabler''[[hottip:*:Pretty much mandatory for a starting/low level [=WoT=] campaign, as there's pretty much no other way to get a magic user on the team without Bad Things happening, or your party getting arrested. I ''liked'' Dolvira Sedai, and so did the other players. And the GM.]] characters: "Oh, you need Level 8 clearance to go to Corneria? GMPC Bob has that", "Oh, you're a famed group of hand-to-hand fighters off to war against the dreaded ShootMonkeys of Nowhere? Do you mind if I join you? I'm GMPC Alice, peripatetic Re-Animator", who basically give the party some much needed extra abilities, and the excuse to wander wherever the quest takes them; 2) ''[=Storyguardians/WizardBoss=]''[[hottip:*:Yup, this would include the minders planted by draconian [=GMs=]. That said, when I've used it, it was for a damn good reason- the party had blown their "''undercover''" mission by marching up to the {{Mook}}s lair carrying a platoon's worth of weaponry, getting in a firefight that killed scores of innocent bystanders and did millions of crowns of collateral damage to private property ''and'' inflicted serious damage to the [[AncientArtifact giant]] [[HumongousMecha ancestral]] walker the city was built on. And didn't managed to get the evidence they were after in the first place. Seriously, their characters should have been looking at [[BeyondTheImpossible consecutive death sentences]], and a StateSec minder was the only way I, or any of the players could think of that'd let them keep their skins]] characters: often the only reason the party is travelling together, these characters either hired or work for the person who hired the party, they act as impetus to stay [[RailRoading with the quest]], either by providing convenient plot exposition, or as a police/watchdog set over them. Tends to overlap with 1; 3) ''GodMode Petty Cock''[[hottip:*:Officially, in my group, this GMPC archetype is always either a MartyStu or '''BrianBlessed''', although occasionally SeanBean or PatrickStewart may be substituted]]: "The GM is awesome, and so is this character. No seriously- look at him! Isn't he AEWSUM?!?" Can actually work rather well, surprisingly, especially if the GM is using it to highlight particular exploits/builds he thinks the players may find useful, or when [[LargeHam exaggerated]] [[PlayedForLaughs in]] [[RefugeInAudacity universe]] as a satire/parody. * This Troper is GM in his group and avoids classical GMPC characters. Instead there are about four or five [=quasiGMPCs=], who pop up once every few sessions, do one or two awesome things (going [[{{Baccano}} Claire Stanfield]] on a mook in train or turning a monastery into

crater) and than disappear on the horizon for the time being, to return for some awesomness later. Works pretty well. * This tropers campaign has two GM's, both who have a {{GMPC}}. These characters include: a bard who somehow developed a split personality that is [[GodModeSue ridiculously powerful]], and a [[SpotlightStealingSquad rogue]] who often gets in quarrels with other party members, which my character can't stand, and is the bard's girlfriend. We have been told that if we have issues with the way they play their characters, lightning will mysteriously strike us on a clear day. So far the story has focused on their characters, with the rest of us only getting a little screentime dealing with our own past stories, including my character's mentor being secretly evil, which is not what my personal history of him says. Suffice to say we occasionally have issues. * My GM had such a character who he admitted he felt a need to protect and keep as innocent as possible. My character had high charisma, high social skills and was the appropriate gender. The GMPC got persuaded to join the mile high club. * This troper somehow managed to get a GMPC that was both insanely powerful, and...insanely fun for both the players and the GM...Let me explain, this guy started out as a MauveShirt, some city guard captain the players met, and quickly became an EnsembleDarkhorse in the group, which managed to convince him to join the party. Two sessions later, the group decided that the MauveShirt was actually [[MemeticBadass awesome incarnate]], a reputation which the GM did his best to make the character live up to. CrazyAwesome [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity Ensued]] * This troper plans to have a temporary GMPC inquisitor for his [Dark Heresy] campaign, largely because 3/4 of the players are unfamiliar with the verse and he largely going to be a Exposition Fairy. He is however planned to be phased out rather quickly and relegated to mission/quest giver * My gaming group, consisting of myself and three friends ([[AndZoidberg and sometimes a colleague from work who doesn't do much and hasn't learned a thing about the game despite playing for nearly a year]]), has been GM'ing round-robin style for the past year and a half or so, starting with ForgottenRealms, moving on to {{Eberron}} and planning for DarkSun this summer. So technically, all of our characters fill the GMPC slot in one adventure out of every four. Fortunately, we're a self-deprecating lot, so our characters tend to either step out of the spotlight, run into some manner of comical misfortune or wind up injured by the end. It's worked out well thus far, and provides considerably more opportunities to explore the backstories of the party members than the average campaign. * My gaming group features a GM for a {{Pathfinder}} game that has a number of [=GMPCs=] that he brings in to either accompany players, move the story/action along when the time is wrapping up, or make up for missing players. Unfortunately this leads to massive {{Railroading}} in that the [=GMPCs=] are all many levels higher than the [=PCs=], preventing us from attacking them no matter how stupid our characters think they're acting. One especially egregious character, Lt. Lann, was a living suit of armor who literally slayed

almost an ''entire ship'' of bad guys by himself. Another, Vorkuta (the GM had been playing Black Ops recently and was running out of name ideas), spoiled an attempt at a stealthy slave break-out by stepping out in front of the miners and shouting "You are free! Go!" before the [=PCs=] had the chance to try and eliminate the guards. When challenged, the GM said that it would be a REALLY bad idea to try and get rid of Vorkuta. ** I also have a GMPC for a PerfectDark campaign that recently started up, but he's only made a smidgen more powerful than the [=PCs=] and the majority of his stats were fairly rolled, making him only a replacement team member in case we're lacking people. * [[@/{{Renagade}} This Troper]] Can't help but have a GMPC in every game he runs. However, according to my players, I'm pretty good about it. My most famous and well-liked GMPC is the Half-Elf [[SpoonyBard Bard]] named Vincent I always play, and he's about as effective in combat as you'd expect the Bard to be, but he's also very good at quickly identifying Magic Items and keeping the party alive, so my players thank me for him. * In a definite TropesAreNotBad example, one of the campaigns in my DungeonsAndDragons group had the GM playing a pixie wagon driver because we had to travel via wagon but nobody wanted to put ranks in Ride or Handle Animal just for that. The GM gave him a very endearing personality and only pitched in to do things where we absolutely needed the help (or we decided, hey, we have a pixie here who can turn invisible and crap, let's use this), and the rest of us were all rather fond of the little fellow by the end of the campaign. He even had an odd sort of ShipTease going on with the party's Gnome sorceror. * This troper's running a Labyrinth Lord (One of those D&D retroclones released in recent years) campaign, and put together a halfling thief GMPC. He's not too bright, and the party's (Consisting of a half-orc fighter and a human magic-user) official policy when dealing with weird artifacts is 'throw the halfling at it'. So yeah, fun. * This troper once got recruited into a friend's D&D 3.5 campaign. At first it seemed like a typical fantasy adventure: Our goal was to gather three magic crystals that together could kill the evil god who ruled the land. However it turned out that only the ChosenOne GMPC could use those crystals and she was protected by another superpowered GMPC bodyguard. The campaign soon fell apart once it became obvious that the [=PCs=] role was to act as meat shields for Team GMPC and be a source of comedy for the DM. * This troper has no choice but to use them... Running a quite tactical DnD game, my players have a bad case of ''warlord syndrome'': That is, they're wont to recruit anything that can hold a weapon and isn't an enemy. Look, a Giant battlemage! Let's recruit her. Hey, that drunken Paladin was cool... Let's hire him! Eventually I get forced to run a whole load of [=GMPCs=]. Thankfully, since there are ''so many'' of them, no GMPC steals spotlight. Also, I'm quite fond of ''retiring'' the merc ones straight after serious loot is had. * In this BESM campaign, the GM had a character that was an expy for Revolver Ocelot in a samurai setting who told us what to do and such. So when it came time to fight him, everyone was doing called shots to his right hand.

* I have made fairly effective use of GMPCs in my games. A {{Ravenloft}} game with only two players included a StaffChick healer GMPC, who was intended primarily to provide healing but wound up marrying one of the PCs. My first LegendOfTheFiveRings game had the players working for a magistrate, a definite NonActionGuy who acted to railroad the plot... until the third session where their investigation brought them face to face with a member of the FiveBadBand, who proceeded to one hit kill the GMPC and kill the PC who acted as his bodyguard, spinning the campaign in a completely different direction than the players had been led to expect. ---Roll an even number, and you can go back to {{GMPC}}. <<|TroperTales|>>

GoddamnedBats * Up here in BC, Canada, this troper has Goddamned Birds. Robins, sparrows, herons, crows, eagles, almost every kind of bird you could imagine. And they all seem to have reached a consensus that in the summer, they should all start calling at once at around 4 in the morning almost every day. If you don't close your window, you are guaranteed to wake up. If you do and your windows are thick enough, you can sleep through it, but you'll be overheated instead, because of how bloody hot it is in the mornings. * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]] lives in [[LandDownunder Australia]], and for her, during the summer, it's Goddamned Mosquitoes. I am ''serious''. I '''HATE''' mosquitoes. Every summer, no matter what we do, it's always mozzies mozzies mozzies. Thank the Gods for mosquito nets. But if we forget to put it up... mozzie bites all over. [[{{Angrish}} FAKSJFHASJKFHWNFAJKLGNASKFAWJKFNAWFWBFAJSBFJKASNKLNKLAF]] [[ClusterFBomb FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!]] ** This troper is an Indian living in Australia. After visiting his family a few times in 'winter', he can safely say that we've got it good here. ** Mosquito bites aren't this Troper's problem. What this troper really gets is the constant buzzing.. the neverending always so close buzzing to your ears.. keeping you awake.. and awake.. never letting you sleep.. always awake.. and so loud.. and you can't slap them away.. no.. they. are. still. there! *sob* *** Ugh, [[Tropers.ReikoKazama I]] can attest to ''that'' as well. It's just... >.> [-[[MostAnnoyingSound bzzzzzzzzzzzzz]]-] [+GO THE [[PrecisionFStrike FUCK]] AWAY YOU STUPID THING.+] That's the only way to describe it. * This troper's kitchen and bathroom had, for a few months, Goddamned Cockroaches. As many as 4-7 would appear on the kitchen floor late at night, and sometimes there would be one in the bathroom that would surprise the ever-loving fuck out of him. Only after liberal application of cockroach spray did they finally go away.

* Here in Belize, we have what is locally known as "doctor flies". They're pretty much yellow horseflies that can land on you so subtly that odds are you wont feel them. Then they'll bite you, and if your lucky, you'll feel it. Otherwise, the sudden jolt of pain wont hit until about 3 seconds afterwords, giving him 3 more seconds of potential biting time. They fly away before you can smack them. They [[TheDeterminator will land on you again.]] They are incredibly common here. * This troper's parents tell a story of Goddamned Cockroaches from their first apartment in Key West, Florida. They were so bad that the parents went out, bought as many Bug Bombs as they could find, and basically fumigated the place for a couple days. Later, as his father was ''sweeping out piles of dead cockroaches'', the landlord walks by, horrified at the condition his apartments seem to be in. ** This troper's apartment building also had an epidemic of Goddamned Cockroaches about 15 years ago. The entire building(a former hospital)had to be fumigated, which meant all tenants had to vacate the premises between 9 am and 5 pm on that particular day. And what did we return to? Goddamned Dead Cockroaches, of course. This troper nearly puked several times during the cleanup operation. * This troper also had this. Only with ants. They would especially come crawling in at the beginning of summer and during the middle of winter. Eventually, they found their way into the sugar bowl. Our basement is also infested with spiders and (much to her dismay) silverfish. ** This troper's house has Goddamned Ants also. They're the weeee evil little kind that you cannot keep out without vacuum-sealing. So far they've infested (and been vigorously sprayed into departing from) her closet, her kitchen and living room, and her brother's (gungy) bathroom. EWWWW~ ** Goddamned Ants in my shower. Ever time i want to bathe, I have to check the area for the buggers to eradicate, even more fun, most of them are winged, indicating that they want to start a colony in my bathroom * At this troper's cottage, it's Goddamned Groundhogs. At home, Goddamned Stray Cats. At his aunt's, it's Goddamned Crows. * FUCKING FLIES GET OUT OF MY HOUSE I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY HAND. I have a vendetta against them. ** So does [[TacoNinja this one]]. [[SlasherSmile They all must die]]... *** Can [[TroperOnAStick I]] invite you two to our kitchen? **** Can [[{{Takashi.0}} I]] come too? **** [[Tropers.ReikoKazama Reiko-chan]] wants to come too! Seriously, my house can become ''infested'' with the bloody things at times. Swear to God... annoying as hell. KillEmAll is what I say. * This troper has dealt with ants, flies, fleas, and some tiny bugs that fly around his head whenever he goes outside and has an affinity for his orifices. None of said bugs would ever JUST DIIIEEE! Or at least go away. ** Try dealing with Goddamn WASPS. *** Wouldn't those be more DemonicSpiders? They can actually hurt you. * Visit Jamaica, especially in the country, you'll have every

Goddamned Pest you can think of. Goddamned Roaches, Goddamned Spiders, Goddamned Ants, Goddamned Moths, Goddamned Mosquitoes, Goddamned Geckos, Goddamned Flies... [[IncrediblyLamePun God damn it.]] ** Hmm, everything else sounds bad, but geckos are pretty cool. *** Geckos in Jamaica bite. *** I wasn't aware geckos had teeth, but OK. *** That's Jamaica for you. * This troper almost had his head taken off by literal goddamned bats. * This troper's garage is absolutely filled with Goddamned Cockroaches. * [[NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper]] also has a problem with goddamned cockroaches and spraying bug spray everywhere doesn't help. * Similarly to an above story, this troper's parents had their first apartment in Queens. After they started finding eggs, her father, as a precaution, bought a can of Raid and just sprayed around the corners of the house. He hit right under the dishwasher and all a sudden a thousand or more roaches ran out. They ran out of spray, resorted to hitting them with a broom, and then were ''chased'' out of the apartment. They had to move after that. This troper's mother swears to this day that after she ran out, she turned around and saw a roach on the top of the door, looking right at her and ''laughing''. * Goddamned fleas. Also goddamned fruitflies, but they weren't trying to eat me at least. Easier to get rid of, too. ** Dear god, the goddamed fleas. This troper has a dog and a cat and treats them with flea repelent and medicine every month, cleans her house top to bottom with incesticides and bug bombs, and they STILL come back! They're SO gross to! Paracites...'''BLECH...''' * This Troper remembers traveling to a nearby Native American Reservation and noticed that it had a very obvious Goddamned Dog problem, with their being around thirty stray dogs running around every block there (and most of said dogs looked part wolf or just plain big). This Troper even remembers seeing five year olds there shooting at the dogs in around for them to get away. Luckily, this Troper does not have to live on said dog invested Native American Reservation. * Goddamn Mosquitoes graduate from nuisances to ParanoiaFuel potential DemonicSpiders when you've [[BodyHorror just been reading about bot flies]] * [[ChicaMuscia This troper.]] I swear, all goddamn insects must be out to get her. Ants in the computer, and bed bugs in her parents room. GODDAMN CREATURES!!! * For six months out of the year this troper deals with Goddamned Gnats. It gets to be a problem especially when they [[{{Squick}} fly down my fucking throat.]] * DIE GODDAMNNED MOTHS, YOU DON'T BELONG IN THIS WORLD! I once found a goddamned moth in ''the shower''. ** In Ceramics class I found a few in the recycled clay bucket. Yechgh. * Goddamned Bedbugs! This troper found out his bedroom was infested with the damn things, it seemed like no piece of furniture was free of bedbugs hiding within every nook and cranny, and then they started to spread and nowhere in the house was safe! Even after we've had an

exterminator come in, a few survivors still pop up every now and then. ARRRRRRGH. * Kind of minor compared to most examples above, but: Goddamned spiderwebs. The spiders ''themselves'' are okay, as they are outside where they belong, it's just that they choose pretty inconvenient places to make their webs, and are really damn persistent about it. For instance, if you go into our tool shed without taking a look at the doorway first, you're liable to get a face full of spiderweb, and no matter how many times it gets destroyed either accidentally or on purpose, it'll be back in the same place for you to walk into again. ** Similarly, [[Troper.KatanaCat This Troper]] used to have a problem: her family keeps chickens, but whenever she went outside to chase the rooster so he was so scared he would shut up, she would get a face full of spider web because some damn spider had decided to make its web with part of it attached to a tree she would end up chasing the rooster around. After a while, it seems the spider gave up and decided to make its home elsewhere. Thankfully. * This troper is terrified of slugs and snails, and wouldn't you know what just loves to live on his porch and outside doorjams? Goddamned Snails! * This troper's football field seems to have a problem with GODDAMN BEES. * Oh my CHRIST, my friend's apartment was full of GODDAMN FLIES. Especially after he stopped doing his dishes because his girlfriend left him. Worst night ever. * This troper once had a few silverfish catch a ride in with some mail. Over a year later, I still kill at least two a day. * [[{{Quillpaw}} This troper's]] mother would tell stories of how, before this troper was born, the house was infested with literal Goddamned Bats. These days this troper's high school is swarming with Goddamned Yellowjackets (ironic, considering that's the school mascot). * [[MmmKay This troper]], now, "GOOD GOD, ANTS!!!" This troper, childhood years, "Yum, ants-- Ah, one of 'em bit my tongue!" * When YonTroper went camping, the campground was infested with Goddamn Bees. Apparently, they're attracted to the salt in the sweat on our clothing. * In the Southeastern United States, during summer, anywhere with woods will have all kinds of Goddamn critters, including [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiggers Chiggers]]. The first sign you have that you've been attacked is that you start to ''itch''... and by then it's already far too late. [[http://www.geocaching.com Geocachers]] run into all of the above, including Goddamn mosquitoes, the kind that think [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deet DEET]] is a spice. ** Same troper here: while looking for a geocache during recent cooler weather, I walked through a entire field of Goddamn Brambles - some kind of thorny plant that zealously grabs hold of clothing and often snaps thorns off in said clothing as the trapped person pulls away. Not to mention all the Goddamn [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_ant Ant Piles]] in that field... * [[{{Ithanyx}} This troper]] suffers from those goddamn ladybugs

every autumn. They use his balcony as gathering ground and move into the aparment despite closed doors and windows. * This troper once set a huge piece of gum on my nightstand right before he went to sleep. When I woke up, it looked like an entire colony of ants was stuck in my Orbit. Apparently, they had all gotten stuck trying to take it back to their colony. * For me it's goddamned bees. All summer I have to swat the buzzing bastards away from me. I also have anothe creature who is refered to as "The Amazing Motherfucking Stinkbugs", that can survive freezing cold, burning hot, and lack of food and water for a long time (one survived in the window through a really cold winter with no food or water). * Goddamn neighbourhood children. A lot of people with young children have been moving into this troper's area lately. Really really annoying children. They swarm all over this troper whenever she leaves the house, and she can't slap them because it's "cruel" or some crap like that. * {{Miso}} has Goddamned Ants. And flies. And bees. And crickets. And the occasional spider. It was a bizarre situation in 2009 when she had Goddamned Ants from the usual April to June period, then they ''came back'' during a rainy October and stayed all through November and December; she's lucky she only has to deal with the flies in the summer because the little bastards annoy her to no end. And people wonder why she likes to stay inside. * Goddamn mosquitoes...I have allied myself with spiders, because they eat mosquitoes for me. * On and off, for the past year, this troper has had Goddamned Lice. Squick. * This troper used to live in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, and our GoddamnedBats used to border on DemonicSpiders territory(literally - Black widows and brown recluses were never uncommon), along with Goddamned Scorpions, Goddamned Ants, Goddamned Lizards, GoddamnedBats, and occasionally Goddamned Coyotes. * This troper has always hated Goddamned Cockroaches, but his sister is even worse. One was crawling on her arm once and she screamed so loud her neighbors thought her boyfriend was beating her and called the police. * This troper is surprised that Iraq hasn't made this list yet. The flies. THE FLIES. They are 3x as big as anything in the USA, nigh invulnerable, and go straight for the eyes. To this troper, the flies are AlwaysChaoticEvil. ** The only reliable method of death to the flies seems to be cutting them in half, with scissors. Midair or not. The trick is to anticipate their take-off. * June bugs. [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]] ''June bugs''. For those who don't know, from June to August, the Dallas area in Texas gets swarms of these annoying dark brown beetles, about the size of the upper part of one's thumb. They are ultimately harmless, as they don't bite, but they have a nasty habit of ''dive bombing'' people. And they sound a LOT like wasps when they start running into things, so you tend to get freaked out to begin with, as wasps ARE somewhat dangerous. * Goddamned Asian Lady Beetles. This troper wouldn't mind them so much

if they weren't trying to get inside the goddamn house and on him. There was one summer (before I moved into this apartment) where there was just a goddamn swarm of the little bastards. We had to use a shopvac to get rid of them all and to sweep up the bodies of dead beetles on the porch, because they were ''everywhere''. * Goddamn ants, we put up those things that give delayed-action poisoned food to the ants so they can share it with the colony and kill the whole lot, and all we're doing with those things is feeding the pests! Goddamn Boxelder (is that how you spell it?) bugs too; they swarm the outside of the house from spring to fall, and some camp out inside so they can last the winter. * Wanna know what're the most annoying animals in the world? GODDAMN HUMANS! * The UK does not get mosquitoes...So its GODDAMNED MIDGES AND WASPS. * This Troper has apparently suffered a plague of Goddamn Pigeons over the entire summer, when I was conveniently away and unable to defend my balcony... I came home to find a few cubic decimetres of crap, feathers and Goddamn [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]] Fleas! GAH! It was so bad I had to call in reinforcements for cleaning it up, bribed with beer and pizza. I'm buying a gun, illegal or not. * Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, whatever you call them, GET AWAY FROM ME. * This troper's got GODDAMN MOSQUITOES everywhere he goes. They flock to me as soon as I go outside, and if they get in the house they always end up by me because my light is usually the only one on. But then I found out that bats eat mosquitoes, so I put a bat box in my backyard. Which was hijacked by [[EverythingsWorseWithBees Hornets]]. My God. So I couldn't go outside because the Goddamn Mosquitoes hunted in my yard and the Goddamn Hornets nested there. * Two story mansion. 12 foot ceiling minimum. occasional bat flies though house to scare the shit out of everyone. * This troper did one bordering on DemonicSpiders: In ''MagicTheGathering'', there are two types of Saproling tokens. Your typical Saproling token is 1/1. The second is generated by Saproling Burst. Saproling Burst comes into play with seven fade counters. You remove one per turn. You can also remove one to put a Saproling token into play; this Saproling token has X/X, where X is the number of fade counters left on Saproling Burst. There's also a card called Coat of Arms, which gives all creature +X/+X, where X is the number of creatures with the same creature type in play. You see where this is going. ** Sliver Queen, Heartstone, Basal Sliver... Then throw the Coat of arms down, there's your goddamn bats... or Demonic spiders depending on the added effects. * This troper's parents always leave the door to the backyard open during the summer, because our dog goes in and out of the house a lot, and we can't put a doggy door in. This results in a lot of large, LOUD flies getting into the house. And they always end up in my room. * For [[Tropers.KatanaCat This Troper]], it's a number of things. At one point there were galahs (a kind of [[LandDownunder Australian]] parrot that's gray with a pink belly and lighter pink crest) that would fight over territory every morning. Very loudly. About an hour

before I would actually want to get up. Also, in the summer, flies. Lots and lots of flies. ''Swarms'' of them, gathering just outside every door and window. And some of them ''ALWAYS'' get in. Also, mosquitos. Made even worse by the lack of mozzie nets (they just kinda disappeared). And then there's that rooster that crows any time it hears someone, even if it's someone going to bed at 5 AM because they were browsing TV Tropes all night. We (yes, we, I'm 13 as of the time I'm typing this) ended up naming him "Mr. Noisy". And there's also magpies, which seem to wake up at 5 AM only to decide it's time to wake everything ''ELSE'' up. Oh, yes, and ants. Leave so much as one drop of honey somewhere in summer? Hundreds of little sugar ants will come in to eat it. Same thing goes for if you don't either close the tub of honey REALLY well, or put it in the fridge. And it seems they can find a way in through the plastic wrapper for a lollipop (and presumably any other kind of candy you might have somewhere in the house). I know because I went to have one once, only to find that said sugary treat was being eaten by about 20-40 ants. It was the last one, too... oh, and before I forget about this one: MICE. There was one house we lived in where there was this... ''plague'' of goddamned MICE. It turns out it was because just about everybody in the area aside from us was using a lot of pesticides that had been killing the mice, and the damn mice came to us because we didn't use any. They still died, but not as fast as they would have if they weren't in our house. I swear, we have the worst luck... * Here in the Bay Area of California, there are seagulls. Many a new car has been soiled by them. Not to mention they always try to eat your sandwich at lunch, especially since most schools aren't enclosed and always have a door to the outside, sometimes even missing an ENTIRE WALL. * here in Waco, Texas near my house we have the god damned mosquitoes they breed like rabbits on Viagra and swarm all over the neighborhood from as early as April to as late as October. * Our new house seems especially attractive to spiders of all kinds. You are well advised to check the shower stalls *before* use...my sister once reached for the hot-water knob and screamed loud enough to be heard across the street. Apparently a wolf spider the size of a quarter had decided that was a nice spot to hang out. * Last summer, [[{{Tropers/Myaku12}} this Troper]] has Goddamned Stinkbugs. They're stubborn, so they don't want to move, they stink like hell if you squish them,and they're EVERYWHERE. This Troper also has insectophobia, thus making her freak out [[{{Understatement}} quite alot.]] * This troper has GoddamnedLadybugs.--'Whats that smell?' 'Oh, it's just a dead lady bug, don't worry.' is now common to hear whenever it's summer/autumn. It is also not uncommon to find squashed lady bugs in places such as the inside of the cupboards, the bathroom ceiling, and next to your face when you wake up... ---Go back to [[GoddamnedBats Goddamned Bats]] by crawling through this cave full of....goddamned things. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GodIsLoveSongs * This troper [[PlayingWithATrope played with this trope]] back when she was a freshman in high school and ended up coming up with the flipside to the "God is love"/"God is my boyfriend" song: In the song, the narrator compared her [[SmugSnake boyfriend]] to God, in that he [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean loved everyone in general]], and thereby abandoned her and turned all his other girlfriends against her. Hopefully the analogy makes at least some sense - still, she was only fourteen when she wrote it. ** I'd like to read that. It sounds unusual. * Almost every poem I found in ''TheBible'' section of fanfiction.net was one of these. * This troper was searching for a radio station on her clock radio, and finally settled on some corny love song. Cue her laughing hysterically when she realizes that they're singing to God, not trying to get in some girl's pants. * This trope is why [[JapaneseTeeth this troper]] facepalms at 90% of the Christian music industry. If these people would put the effort into the songs to make them sound ''good'' rather than making them preachy... ** Ninety percent of the Christian music industry, or [[SmallReferencePools ninety percent of the Christian music that gets played on Christian-music radio stations]]? * Question: If God is Love Songs, does that mean Atheism is Break Up Songs? Take any BreakUpSong, replace the words "honey" and "baby" with "Jesus" and the word "babe" with "God" and you've got an atheist anthem! * This troper goes to this nearby church from her apartments once in a while (not because she wants to but because of urgings from her friend and roommate). MY GOD WAS IT AWKWARD. Almost every meeting was made up of songs about god's love, obedience to the lord, happiness and eternal friendship, etc. What was even stranger for this troper was just how into it the members were, almost as if in rapture. Nonetheless, they were nice people. ---Let's all sing GodIsLoveSongs together. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GodivaHair * When my hair was at it's longest, it could be used to cover my nipples. It probably is an inversion, as I have rather thin hair. It was long enough to cover them, but it was so thin that the nipples would probably play peek a boo. * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]]'s hair is pretty close to this. * This troper's GF seems to be attempting this as I once found her measuring her hair and how far it is from the top of her head to her nipple. Considering she'll try anything to turn me on I can only

imagine the antics she'll pull in a couple of months. * [[MmmKay This troper]] is working on it... it works if I slouch... sort of... * This troper's only does it if it's wet. It's too curly, otherwise, although it makes a cool kind-of caressing effect... ** Same, although the curls are usually sausage-y enough that I can pull it off. A friend even joked that if she ever does a live action version of TheVentureBrothers, she wouldn't mind having me play The Master in the form of Lady Godiva. * I'm close to this. [[{{FanDisservice}} I'm a fat guy.]] * I was almost able to do it before I cut my hair. I'm also a guy, but I'm not fat. * My hair was like this until I cut it super short. My hair is really thick and the longer it is, it gets "heavier" and is much harder to wash and dry. * While in kindergarten, this troper once had a teacher's assistant named Natalie who had hair all the way down to her feet. ** I think that falls under [[RapunzelHair another trope]] * I had hair like this as a teenager, and I'm almost back there now (it's almost to my bum). It's a pain and a half to deal with, but I like having long hair, and most of the time I just braid it if I don't want to mess with it. * Before a recent hair cut my hair just reached this. Now if only it wasn't horridly thin... * For some reason I can only seem to do this with my left nipple. * I can pull this off, but I'm hoping to grow my hair down to my hips/knees/forebar... * [[BillieMarie This troper's]] hair is very thick and down to her waist, but completely impractical unless I wear it in a plait. * [[{{Tropers.Russtopher}} This Troper]] had a chemistry teacher in high school with waist-length blond hair. One (cold) day in class a girl conversed a little loudly with her friend and said "Your nipples are showing!" The teacher smiled and brought her hair from back to front. * This troper could pull it of since his hair is long enough.. all he lacks is the correct gender. * This troper's hair is long enough to cover both her chest AND crotch. While a pain to deal with, her long hair is also something she adores. * When this troper was a wee lass, she hated wearing clothes and thus ran around in the buff (inside the house anyway). Good thing she had this hair. * I used this in a cartoon I made in college involving a bathing woman. How many people get an "A+" rather than a reprimand for using blatant, if modest, nudity in a school project? * This male troper knows a girl whose hair is certainly long enough to fit this trope. Funny thing is she would probably never find good use for it. Shes one of those "shy among locker room nudity" types * This troper actively uses her Godiva Hair when wearing her pajamas with no bra underneath--long hair can be quite useful when hiding one's rather large, bouncy breasts. * This troper can cover up her nipples almost anytime she's not

wearing a bra with her Godiva Hair, although it sometimes refuses to work, due to the fact that her hair tends to bounce around a lot, as well as the fact that she doesn't exactly enjoy taking 45 minutes each day to brush it. But hell, it's decent for walking around at night. * This troper's hair is nearly waist-length, but too thin to provide any real coverage unless wet. * This troper's hair is long and thick enough to do this - only uses it when wearing clothes with no bra though. Too shy for even lockerroom nudity. ---Return to GodivaHair...assuming you can see the link hidden behind those curls. <<|TroperTales|>>

GodModders * This Troper has frequently been called a Godmodder, hacker, noob, glitcher, cheater, and everything else since he even started playing games when he was like...8 years old. The trend is endless, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Halo. Every game I play it's impossible to avoid the {{Scrubs}} who just can't accept there are people (way) better then them. Also, I have a hard enough time trying to get game mods to work, least of which script cheats. * [=TheForce.net=]. Constantly. Especially Havac. * ThisTroper almost swore off Forum RP for good after his first experience ever ended with his character (itself not exactly a shining example of fair play) was godmodded to death by the referee's GMPC. I still refuse to play with anyone who gives their character perfect, precise aero- or geokinesis, especially in freeform RP. ** I hope you attempted to contact the people in charge of that forum, first, and tell them what their ref was up to. A good rule forums can have to avoid that is that character death is up to the handler and no one else. Still, even I, a mod on an RP forum, have godmodded once. Exactly once, though, to be fair: a newbie had introduced a Gordon Freeman knockoff who was superpowerful and godmodded a senseless, unprovoked attack on another character, so, in reply, I had my character introduce the pointy end of a blade to his character's head. Luckily, the mods of the thread (I wasn't one at the time,) had been watching the guy and decided that my action was somewhat justified. They let it slide. The newbie, though, never returned from his shame. ** I try to avoid doing things like that, but I also tend to be the loonie of any RP I play in, so stuff like that tends to end with me declaring war on the offending god-modder. I do this by using any way that is legal to end the issue, [[CherryTapping especially if it's humiliating]]. I admit, it turns into a cycle of revenge, but I can handle that... * [[@/PentiumMMX2 This troper]] ran into this problem when playing with his younger cousin ages ago. When we played just about any multiplayer game (Usually MarioKart or SuperSmashBros, but we also frequently did MarioParty), he'd always think I somehow cheated when I

managed to beat him...ignoring the fact that he would have his younger sister try to distract me by being very annoying when it became obvious that her brother wasn't going to beat me. * This troper knows first hand how irritating god-modders can be in freeform RP. When they start actually taking over your characters, you know it's time to complain. ** This was actually the only form of godmodding this troper had heard of. I feel like posting an example. ** Godmodding is: *** "I kill your character. Your character is dead." *** "What did you do?" *** "My character made your character bleed to death." *** "What if my character is a robot?" *** "Fine, then I hit your character with my sword, chopping it in half. I then chop it into quarters, eighths and 64ths." *** "You missed. *** "No I didn't. Your character is dead." * I once ran in a forum RP that was actually going fairly well, except for when we ended up short two characters from two players leaving due to complications. The replacement managed gain the ire of every single other player within TWO HOURS of being introduced. For one, his characters (he had two) were both powerful psychics in a setting that had no supernatural elements, his first act was to kill the two missing players characters who had been PutOnABus, he then proceeded to kill off FIVE major [=NPCs=] (and 2 minor ones) derail the hell out of an ongoing romance subplot ("I'm super powerful and stuff, so she should fall in love with me instead!") beat up the main antagonist (who's player wasn't there at the time) and worst of all: had very poor spelling. * This troper runs a small forum roleplay site, and has been for six years. One member, though a very good roleplayer, has a HORRIBLE tendency to godmod. In one instance in particular, he tried to make up rules that didn't exsist because he claims to be a RL martial artist and he thought he was "fixing" the game. Then, he tried to take about 20 turns worth of actions in one post in an attempt to auto-kill the other character because this other person was just as good an optimizer as he is, apparently a challenge brings out his urge to cheat. * [[{{/Tropers/Archer250}} This troper]] is an admin of a small [[{{CallofDutyBlackOps}} Black Ops]] 24/7 Nuketown server. And this piece of shit keeps bragging about his "skills" while obviously wallhacking, using a M60 (The server's RCon editor crashed so it didn't ban him). He stated that it was my fault, killing him in the first round. The piece of shit had the audacity to ORDER me to apologize. What this shit doesn't know is that I know the server's master password so I manually banned him for life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I call hax!" "What? Why?"

"You sniped me from across the map!" "So?" "You're using a [[CripplingOverspecialization shotgun!]] Go back to GodModders, jackass!"

Godspell * Memorable bits from productions I have seen: ** the Pharisees as "three dumb blondes" ** During the "secret" part, John the Baptist comes out and says "What the good master is trying to say is '[[TheXFiles The Truth is out there, trust no one!]]'" ** BeavisAndButthead telling one of the stories and being temporarily sidetracked halfway through because the ceiling of Pittsburgh's Byham Theater has "naked chicks" painted on it. * From this troper's production: ** For "No servant can be the slave of two masters," the two masters were Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. ** The man who was on his way from Jersualem to Jericho tried to get away from the robbers by [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIoG4PlEPtY backin' up, backin' up, backin' up...]] ** For the Prodigal Son parable, the title character referenced [[Main/CharlieSheen Charlie Sheen]]. ** The parable of the man whose land yielded heavy crops was preluded by the narrator singing a snippet of "Money" by Pink Floyd, with the pit band bassist playing the bassline. ** Cast members were allowed to call out people in the audience who were texting, recording the show, being rude, etc. ** During the parable of Lazarus, the demons in Hell began singing [[Main/JustinBieber Justin Bieber]] to ward off Judas when he tried to cross the chasm. Also, when one of the demons tried to cross the chasm to get to Heaven, she was stopped with a, "[[Main/SassyGayFriend What. what. WHAT are you doing?...she's a stupid bitch.]]" * I've seen several good productions of this show, and what makes it awesome is the improvisation factor. Three different versions of the Tale of the Prodigal Son: ** In the 80s, I worked on a show where the robber was played by the "Frito Bandito"; he accosted the traveller with the demand, "Hey, Senor, give me all your Fritos!" ** A few years ago, I saw a production where the Samaritan took the injured traveller to a motel where the other actors flared their hands like flashing lights and chanted, in a robotlike monotone, "Vacancy. Free Wi-Fi." ** In a recent production I saw, the injured traveller was passed by a [[CharlieSheen man in sunglasses shouting, "Winner!"]], and a [[JustinBieber pageboyed teen singing an incomprehensible lyric]], before being helped by the Samaritan, [[SarahPalin a beglassed woman in a skirt suit]], who rode him to the inn on her moose, Bullwinkle, while chirpilly telling him, "I'm a maverick!"

GogglesDoNothing * This Troper has three pairs of gogles for day wear: mini, motorcycle, and steampunk. They "do nothing" but they look great with any outfit! * {{Coximind}}: I have a pair of safety glasses I wear at home. * [[TsundeRay This troper]] wears [[{{Meganekko}} glasses]], but the lenses on them don't do anything. ** This troper has a friend who occaisionally wears Buddy Holly glasses because they look cool. Oh yeah, and they don't even have lenses. * This troper had an idea for R&D goggles in ''{{Paranoia}}'', which plays with this - they work fine at whatever it is they do (currently planned to be night vision, if he can get a group together), unless they're worn by a mutant. And in ''Paranoia'', everyone's a mutant. ** So of course, complaining to the tech department is going to result in getting executed for treason... genius. Pure genius. I applaud your GMing skills. On the other hand, someone's bound to try to get round it by becoming a [[SuperRegistrationAct registered mutant]] * [[{{Quillpaw}} This troper]] is friends with a girl who wears goggles like a headband...just because she can. I find that extremely awesome. ** [[ThisIsSparta That. Is. AWESOME.]] ** Hey, I used to do that, too! * This troper loved [[{{Digimon}} Digimon]] when she was a kid, and had wondered how to find some non-swimmimg goggles to wear, just for the hell of it. Anyone know where to find em? ** Same place I got my bowler from.. http://www.badgersden.com/ Reasonable prices too. ** This troper found a pair at Menards that were sunglasses and goggles (called 'em sungoggles). I wore them like the above troper, but they had utility on a bright day! (Until they broke...) *** This troper found a pair of welding goggles at his local welding shop and wears them like a headband like the above two tropers. He warns you, however, that if you do this, don't wear them too tight; he once wore them far too tight for far too long and the indentation remained for something like three days. * This troper once wore sunglasses over ordinary glasses. One friend commented on their uselessness since their wearer was about to attend a presentation in a dark room. After explaining that the dark room had blacklights, she then said "why would you go to such a pointless presentation? UV lights are bad for your eyes" and subsequently facepalmed upon remembering the function of sunglasses. * [[AMereServantOfGod This troper]] cannot, for the life of him, figure out the purpose of fingerless gloves. That said, he still wants a pair. ** This troper is in a wheelchair and needs the fingerless gloves to keep her hands from getting too calloused from hours of going from point A to point B. They're so much more convenient (except in the dead of winter) than regular gloves. ** This troper likes to save on bills (and energy) by turning the heat

lower during winter and just wearing more clothes indoors. Fingerless gloves keeps his hands sufficiently warm, while allowing a more natural feel while typing. ** This troper plays a woodwind instrument in marching band. We need fingerless gloves in order to properly close the holes in the keys, or in some cases to hold onto the instrument. ** This troper....just likes the look and feel of a good pair of leather driving gloves. They make him feel badass. ** This troper is a mountain biker. His hands get numb and start to hurt very quickly without the extra padding that gloves provide, except dexterity is necessary for the gears and brakes... Fingerless gloves! ** This troper does a lot of weight lifting and fingerless gloves protects against blisters. ** [[JET73L This troper]] reads a lot. You can't turn the pages properly with gloves on, and you can't hold a book if your hands are numb. Plus they look cool (although [[TooManyBelts the 6cm-wide strap across the back of each does nothing]], since they were made ''exactly'' too long to adjust the size by closing them and and just makes them look more [[BuffySpeak gauntlet-y]]). Also subverted, since if he's wearing a {{hachimaki}}, it's guaranteed to be tying his hair in place at the back, and has most likely been adapted for comfortable use as a blindfold/sleep mask, breath dust guard, or both. * This troper has a backpack he's recently started carrying around, in order to be {{Crazy Prepared}}. One of the items in it is welding goggles. They serve absolutely no purpose besides, theoretically, overly awesome sunglasses. * Heavily subverted with this troper. She rides a scooterbike, and her goggles really help her when some big 18-wheeler farts exhaust or throws dust in her face. * This troper has a friend who once wore a pair of what looked to be ''welding goggles'' to a [[SeriousBusiness quiz bowl match.]] Why? Because they looked ''awesome''. (And intimidation is a big part of the meta-game too.) * This troper was given a briefcase/bookbag/laptop carrier that has way more pouches than he knows what to do with. There are 14 different compartments, and about half of them are completely unused. It also happens to feature [[TooManyBelts purely aesthetic belts]] as part of its "style". Come to think of it, a pouch overload has happened to this troper several times before, with backpacks, luggage, ''wallets''... * [[{{Nomic}} This troper]] said this line at a con he attended as a responce to some peopel selling steampunk-style goggles that, indeed, did nothing (they weren't even see-through). They looked wicked tho and he would've bought a pair had he not just used his money on an authentic army officer's peaked cap. * {{Subverted}}, {{This Troper}}'s aviator goggles double as sunglasses, but she avoids wearing them in public because she does not want to be started at. * ThisTroper really likes goggles. (As well as [[ScarfOfAsskicking scarves]] and pins, but that's besides the point.) She doesn't have a pair, but would totally wear them all the time despite the fact that

they'd have no purpose. (She has done the same for scarves and pins though, like wearing a scarf when it isn't cold, and... Well, really, pins don't do anything anyway.) ** [[TheWorldEndsWithYou They do if you're dead...]] * ThisTroper has a pair of welding goggles as well as a full-face welding mask, both fully functional. What does he use them for? To keep the smoke out of his eyes when he's barbecuing. * Averted with this troper when he was on the swim team. His goggles were prescription and he would often where them both in and out of the water instead of changing to glasses. On the one time he lost his glasses, he wore his goggles for the day and looked pretty dorky doing that. * Played through and through. This troper doesn't believe there is such a thing as goggles that actually ''keep'' the damn water out of your eyes so you can dive for pennies in a swimming pool. (Which is hard to do when you ''can't see because your eyes are closed and the chlorine hurts!'' ** That's why I wear a scuba mask while doing that (they usually work well). ** When I was small, I would keep my eyes open underwater anyway. I got used to the cholorine, and I could still see, it was just fuzzy. Eventually though, the chlorine started making my eyes foggy for almost an hour after I got out of the pool, so I switched to leaky goggles. No lasting eye damage to report, my eye problems are from staring at a computer screen all day. * This troper wears googles on her head (as a headband) frequently. To pretty much everywhere. She has two pairs, one yellow and one orange. (Which she found in a tourist shop at Myrtle Beach. And they aren't swimming goggles, either) * {{Subverted}} like a similar Troper above. [[TheRenaissanceRaver This Troper]] has a pair of goggles that also double as sunglasses purchased at her [[OpenMindedParent parents' insistence]] at an anime/gaming/general fandom convention. Their reasoning: they went well with her standard punk appearance and were practically necessary for the [[NiceHat aviator cap]] they were also getting her because the entire family was apparently getting a hat. ([[ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself A lot of people asked her what character she was cosplaying that entire weekend...]]) She wears them all the time (so long as she can find them.) Not only has it become one of her signature accessories (the other being her headphones around her neck/on her head), the Drama teacher at her school has frequently referred to her as Amelia (as in ''Amelia Earhart'') whenever they pass each other in the halls. * [[{{Nasrudith}} This troper]] wears headphones above his ears due to good hearing and really not liking the feeling on his ears. He can hear it just fine through conduction. Ironically the only time he wears them properly they're for noise cancellation. ** I do the same with headsets, mostly because my glasses+headset was not comfortable. * Beta Maxis here (really need to make a page, I contribute semioften). I got a joke pair of glasses WAY the hell long ago that were sunglasses shades, pink with yellow and blue dots all over the place

with black visors, for no other reason than they looked ridiculous. Still have them somewhere. * This troper quoted it in Chemistry when we first got our goggles. It was entertaining. * Subverted by this troper, as her goggles are a vital part of her riding gear when she's out on her motorcycle and they double as welding goggles when she's at work, but also played straight when she wears them every other day of the year, too. * A fanfiction reviewer mentioned to me that she was given goggles before gym class. She said she got excited at the chance to feel like a certain anime character...only to deflate the moment it was apparent her head was so small it ended up hanging around her neck. * This troper wears goggles on his forehead for absolutely no reason, though they're actually part of a [[FinalFantasyVII Reno]] cosplay he's working on, but he still wears them in everyady life. Though they ''do'' do something-- leave red marks on his forehead (hur hur). Combined with sunglasses and big chunky headphones, people sometimes remark that they doubt if he has skin on his face for all he covers it up. * My ex girlfriend had a pair of safety goggles she stole from Chemistry class once on a random impulse. She kept them for the heck of it, and this inevitably developed into a RunningGag. Whenever someone in our group of friends said or did something particularly sickeningly sweet or squicky, she would pull out the goggles to protect her eyes before looking at them again. More often than not, she would say, "Nope. Still burning my eyes. AAAAAAGH!" And now you know why I loved her. * This troper wanted a pair, but was temporarily way-laid by the fact that he had no CoolHat cool enough to do them justice. He then decided on a different pair anyway, to go with his SteamPunk gloves. * I bought my beloved pair of steampunk goggles at an anime convention a year ago, and I wear them all the time. I was under the impression that they had no real purpose...but then one day, I was sitting outside for lunch at school, and it was really sunny. Turns out those goggles on my forehead are actually functional sunglasses, plus they make my eyes look all round and mirrored and crazy. ''Awesome.'' * I usually wear a belt that do absolutely nothing to keep my trousers were they are, simply because it's handmade (by me), and if I do say so myself; it looks awesome. * This Troper ({{Zloke}}) Has a pair of goggles that were made from welding goggles. But 1. I don't have a cool hat yet, 2. I already need glasses, and 3. they actually do something (they have a light) and I could just get prescription lenses for them so I can see when I use them. * Steampunk. That is all. * This troper has a goggle fetish, so the goggles definitely do something for him. * This troper usually carries a fully filled water bottle but he almost never drinks from it. When ever he's thirsty he finds a nearby fountain, vending machine or fast food place. I've been lampshaded about this my excuse is that it's my emergency water. The bottle now has water that is two weeks old and stuff inside it eww.

* This Troper has a pair of steampunk-ish goggles that he wears on his hat for additional non-functionality. * This Troper loves all aspects of steampunk, fashion included. She received a pair of welding goggles for Christmas and wears them as a headband or around her neck for the aesthetic value, despite being a writer rather than a mechanic. They DO have tinted lenses, and so may gain some functionality when summer rolls around. * This troper (due to stupid federal regulations) is forced to have goggles on his fire helmet, despite the fact that a) Whenever he's inside a burning building he has a full facemask on for air supply. b)They fog up instantly when used. and c)When crawling through small spaces they get caught on shit. Absolutely pointless and useless * Averted for this troper. I wear sunglasses regularly, even in weather that wouldn't really warrant them for anyone else, because a side effect of my Asperger's Syndrome is that I'm oversensitive to light, and tend to find [[LightIsNotGood being in a place lit by direct sunlight extremely painful]]. * I'm gonna wear sunglasses for my PaperThinDisguise, but they don't do anything. * Just because they look cool ([[DigimonAdventure and remind me of my once happy childhood]]) this troper tried to wear swimming goggles on his head, however the elastic snapped on each pair I've ever gotten. Then I found out it represents immaturity and child-like-[[BuffySpeak ness]] and I wanted to wear them even more. * Somehow, wearing lenses of any kind diminishes my ability to see. It's different when wearing glasses to correct astigmatism vs wearing non-correcting safety goggles just to protect the orbs. Normal fencing masks render me completely blind, where bandanas mildly interfere with my vision, despite their non-interference with my physical eyes. * This troper has a pair of steampunk goggles from Anime Boston. They do nothing, they only fit well on my head over a hat because I'm too lazy to adjust the strap, and I can't wear them over my eyes anyway because I need my glasses for everything and I don't have contacts. But they look cool.] * This troper has a pair that had two sets of lenses: one regular and one tinted like sunglasses. She lost the regular lenses, though, so all they can do is be sunglasses. Actually, she should probably try and look for the regular lenses. * This Troperette is trying to save up $$$ so she can buy her guy some goggles for their 1-year anniversary. Goggles SO do stuff, they make loved ones happy. ---My GogglesDoNothing, but damn if they don't look fantastic. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GoldFever * [[Tropers/KatanaCat This Troper]] has a minor example: She found out that the ring-multiplier codes (each ring is worth X rings) for Sonic

2, among other sets of cool codes, can be set to different things for each player. When she was picking out codes to use while playing against a parent, years ago, she got in trouble for giving herself a better set of codes than her mom got. So essentially, she got Ring Fever and (I think) made it so she wouldn't lose her rings when hit and got 8 rings for each one she collected, then got in trouble for unfair codes. People have looked over my shoulder when I set up the Game Genie codes (because we always use a few) for multiplayer games ever since.

GoldfishPoopGang * This troper, compared to his friends, sucks at Mario Kart. Doesn't stop him from (desperately) trying to beat them, though. * It could be argued that those who insult others needlessly might become this, as a person grows a thicker skin and the harassers run out of things to say.

GoMadFromTheRevelation ---One day, this troper will cease to exist; however you see life or death, there was a time where you weren't sentient, and that will probably happen again. Cue this revelation occurring every night before this troper goes to sleep in the form of crippling panic attacks, so instead she spends hours at a time on [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel High Octane Nightmare Fuel]] just to have something more tangible to be afraid of. ** Why be scared? You won't be aware that you are dead when it happens? My childhood fear of death came from a misunderstanding of what death. I thought I'd still be aware and feeling after I died, and I'd be buried "alive," with all the people I know looking down at me buried in the ground. Being conscious and buried and being like that forever is what scared me infinitely more than not existing anymore. ---In a sci-fi story I wrote this happens to an AntiVillain. When he finds out [[ArtificialHuman what he is]] he has a BSOD that destroys his mind, turning him into a [[NietzscheWannabe disillusioned]], [[AxCrazy unpredictabily violent]] {{Jerkass}}. ---Your parents did the deed at least once. * Grandparents too. ** Well, I'll never sleep again. *** [[Memes/CodeGeass Notto disu shito agen]]... ---Sauce on food... is a form of lubricant. And said food... goes down your throat. ---[[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]], upon learning the nationality of Iris's [[WhatTheHellIsThatAccent voice]] [[Horrible.VoiceActing actress]] in {{Mega Man X}}4: --> [[GoMadFromTheRevelation Gk-- she's]] ''[[GoMadFromTheRevelation

Australian]]''[[GoMadFromTheRevelation ? And yet she-- how-- why-utter disgrace to-- giving us a bad name]] [[{{Angrish}} sdfkjaslkdfjlasd,jalfkgjgnjdsghlkasdjfklsjdflajlfkjasldfjlk]] [[YourHeadAsplode *dies*]] ---(random passer-by): Learning how MicroSoft's VFAT filesystem actually worked very nearly did this to me. Iä! Iä! VFAT fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh VFAT Redmond wgah'nagl fhtagn! VFAT was the filesystem that MicroSoft created to give the illusion that the operating system could handle filenames longer than eight characters with Windows 95, you see. And the true filenames were-- the more I learned about it, the more astonished I became that it could work at all, given the manner in which-- the manner in which-- Iä! Iä! ---[[{{Gigaspine7}} This troper]] reguarly breaks down into an incoherent mess at the first sign of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. * Who DOESN'T? Although fir me it's more of an enraged mess. ** I don't. *** I do when I see it in stores for the first time in late ''September.'' ** I really hope that was an intentional pun. (I nearly went mad at the revelation that so many native English speakers can't tell the difference between homophones...) ** I can and do, I just like to pronounce my {{Verbal Tic}}s, I pronounce fur like a hillbilly. *** I wear Santa hats on every month except december. Then I wear a cowboy hat and a gas mask. [[HilarityEnsues I do it for the reactions.]] ---[[@/PentiumMMX2 This troper]], at age 10, had this happen when his sister broke the news to him that Santa was not real. At first, I didn't believe her (After all, she always liked to tell me lies to make herself seem more intelligent), but then, I began to feel the effects; realizing that something I believed in for my entire life up to that point was, in fact, a lie. However, once I calmed down and really looked closely at the details, I realized that it was completely impractical for a single man to deliver gifts to every single child across the world in a single night, among other things. After that, it was like a weight was listed off me; realizing that I didn't have to try and be a saint around that time of year anymore, and I could instead be my normal, laid back self. * For this troper, it was age 7, when my mom told me she was the tooth fairy. I went from an epic breakdown and tears to a frothing rage at her for lying to me. Interestingly, this was one of the turning points where I realized my parents were not the perfect beings I thought of them as, and that they had the ability to deceive, and it felt like the very fabric of my world was being ripped apart. Clearly, some of the madness stayed with me, as I now have almost no tolerance for someone lying to me, and if I think someone is trying to pull a fast one on me I get very angry.

---This troper went stark raving mad when she figured out all the terrible things that were going on in the world, and what was worse, she was indirectly a part of it. She read about how people in other countries were basically enslaved to make the things that people want in industrialized nations, and it caused her many a HeroicBSOD. Then somehow, she realized she shouldn't blame herself, as being a buyer is the only way to survive in a capitalist nation. Summary: this troper got better. * This troper went through the same thing. This includes the got better part, by focusing on trying to do whatever good can be done. (The "emptying the ocean with a teaspoon" business is often frustrating, but it's better than the 'ol [[DespairEventHorizon Despair Even Horizon]].) ---This troper felt [[EmptyShell dead inside]] when he found out that the movie ''{{Coraline}}'', for some reasons, isn't going to be released in his country (no, don't ask where it is). Also counts as RantInducingSlight since he almost never says everything about the (fundamentalist-dominated, hypocritical, incompetent and corrupt as all hell) government until that point. Yes, he got his hand on the movie by legally questionable methods, and declared it the best movie he's ever seen, which naturally led to more cases of this trope when the movie [[AwardSnub failed to win any major awards.]] ---After having finished reading ''1984'' for the first time, I felt completely dead and hollow inside. This thankfully only lasted for an evening..temporary insanity, thank god! ---[[{{Ptitlepgy6ymio}} My reaction]] to the end of the movie ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'', in which (you ready?) [[spoiler: the wind-compass-thing at the top of the City Hall of Heartland magically transforms into BillyPreston, who somehow has the magical ability [[BackFromTheDead to resurrect Strawberry]] (the main character's dead girlfriend), to turn Mr. Mustard and his {{Mook}}s into a nun and the ''Pope'', and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking to sing a surprisingly good cover of "Get Back"]].]] ---The ending of ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]''. Oh my god, the ending of ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]''. At first, I was like, awww... but then I realized that [[spoiler: Akane and Ranma never did get married after all. Well, if they did get married, I mean, then it wasn't shown in the manga.]] Cue bewildered rage and foaming at the mouth. ---This troperette puts five bucks in the fact that people [[FoeYay ship Ash and Paul together]]. Once she discovered that, she hated Paul a lot more. ** This troper might sympathize with you if she had any idea who the hell Ash and Paul are. ** For those of you who are similarly unaware, they're Pokemon characters. ** [[YourHeadAsplode MNAUGH!]]

---This troper nearly went insane from playing the icecream vandestroying bonus stage in ''GrandTheftAuto 2''. ** Many of my harder college classes nearly drove me insane too. ---This troper went completely insane, to the point of SMILING insane when an extreme case of online interaction gone wrong occurred to her and a close relative. There was a girl that this troper's relative had been rp'ing with, and she constantly made things that were nonsensical in her posts. When people tried to correct this girl, she'd claim she "had a disability", was suicidal, etc. It even went so far as her leaving a ''[[NightmareFuel PHONE NUMBER OF A MENTAL WARD SHE SUPPOSEDLY WAS BEING COMMITTED TO]]'' so this troper's relative could see "what their cruelty has done to her." This troper and her relative came together to form a harassment case against this girl, and not only was the evidence we presented (her posts and private messages) considered 'easily able to edit), but the Moderators of the website in question didn't do a thing, not even a slap in a wrist. So, as a reaction to that, this troper started smiling, almost laughing maniacally, thinking this. "Well, since no one will be punished for breaking the rules, we better just let everything slide, bow down, apologize to our harassers on the internet, and tell them how WRONG we were for wanting to have the rp fun and fair! Instead, we get to just watch as the Mary-Sues of these kinds of people rule us all!" ---This troper had this kind of reaction the first time she went on the ''9'' forum's Mature Board. Needless to say, the shippers of the fandom have very.... creative imaginations. ---This Troper went mad and became lost on the verge of becoming a NietzscheWannabe upon the very moment of ''meeting the Internet''. He was consumed by anonymity, the promise of omniscience, and the {{GIFT}} [[TheVirus of the network]] and alienated himself and other humans on the geographical and physical scale because of it. The omniscience, however, was actually more cursed. He came to the full realization of his childhood traumas and realizes that God doesn't exist, while upon studying several philosophies over the global network that is the Internet he came to the conclusion that humans suffer and cause nothing to each other but suffering. The worst and most maddening part is, we are nothing but anonymous molecules who try to define and question this [[strike:EldritchAbomination]] universe, and we do that through fiction, which is alas, a fiction that we cannot fully realize and contact with because of our damning physical limitations! After all, we humans try our fullest to make sure that LifeImitatesArt. And you know what? He declared physical existence as meaningless and absurd and fantasized about all humans and fiction melding with each other through the Internet aka {{Instrumentality}}, hoping to become anonymity and fiction itself! [[LaughingMad Hahahahahaha!!!]] It might be true that after all, Ignorance is Bliss. ** Ignorance may be bliss, but I'd probably be happier not knowing that...

* This tropers friend read a HighOctaneNightmareFuel fanfiction to him OUT LOUD, which I later discovered magnifies the horribleness exponentially. I spent the rest of the weekend in a state of shock, and from that day forward, people have told me I am a much darker, more sadistic person who feels little to no emotion. * Hmmm, /b/. I heard this place is [[{{Understatement}} really horrible]], but I'll buck up and take a look. Hmm... porn there, bad memes there, nothing I can't handle... wait... Dissected-Chan... they can't be serious... OH GOD NO * This troper actually felt like banging his head against his desk when he heard this line from the film version of LostInSpace [[hottip:* :I didn't see the whole film, just the Nostalgia Critic's review]] - "Within these eggsacks lives a monster race of SPIIIDERS!!!" So, not only did the spider bite turn Dr. Smith into a mutant spider thingy, it also changed his sex? Furthermore, how the hell could he reproduce? Was there someone else in space with his condition? Does he reproduce asexually? It makes no sense! This is stupid! [[ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Explain, movie!]] [[ShoutOut EXPLAIN!!!]] * EarthShatteringKaboom* * When this troper first started watching NeonGenesisEvangelion, she spent one lazy summer afternoon digging up whatever information the Internet held on the series. After reading a review for TheEndOfEvangelion that described the way the apocalypse was portrayed, she figured that it couldn't be that bad. She then stumbled upon said apocalypse via an AMV, which is, to this day, the most [[{{understatement}}most horrifying portrayal]] of the end of the world she has ever seen. It was only after watching the AMV that she went mad from the revelation; she felt like a hollow shell and was on the verge of tears for the rest of the day. ---[[AndWeMustScream This Troper]] often lost his hold onto sanity, often because he knew [[NietzscheWannabe the universe is simply a hell made up of other people which could be a particle from the perspectives of eldritch abominations]]. He often went into grueling moments where he lost his sanity, such as NSFW media over the Internet, but the most maddening part is, that he ''actually'' liked going mad from the Revelation! He did hated the sanity of humanity for making humans look like the idiotic zombies that they are..... ---You know, I had a bad day once too. Normally everything in the world is out to kill me, or barring that, crush me underfoot. I thought I was used to it by then. Believed I would die alone and unmourned, insignificant, welcomed it. I used to blame everyone else for their cruelties. Humans are scum, [[TheMatrix Humans are a virus]], frustrated by the inability of everyone around me to grasp the most simple of concepts and their CONSTANT patronization. But the day they finally crushed me, I suddenly realized it: [[TomatoInTheMirror I was the cruel one, I was the monster for hating them, lashing out at them, the vicious brutality I exhibited towards them all gleefully.]] They were acting on society's preconceived programming, but I always had the capacity to be BETTER than that, because I was always different. And I didn't. I wasn't. They stomped me down one more time where I'd

fallen on the grass, and [[HappyPlace I saw the clouds overhead and realized that they really were beautiful.]] That realization cured my depression... And made me worse. [[DarkWorld Far]], [[TranquilFury FAR]] [[MadOracle worse]]. ** ...dear God, are you TheJoker? ---[[{{Persona4}} Mitsuo]] is [[GurrenLagann KAMINA]]!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ** This troper literally [[AndIMustScream screamed out loud]] after reading this. She will now never play {{Persona 4}} or see anything related to GurrenLagann ever again. ---The continued disheartening news about politics, Big Oil, climate change, etc. may be driving this troper towards insanity. ---This troper went mad when he discovered something worse then 2 girls 1 cup: [[TvTropes This entire]] [[PrecisionFStrike fucken]] [[TvTropes place]]. It had turn me from a naive, good little asian boy, patriotic to his country and his family, to a deranged, insane, would-be [[AxCrazy Mass Murderer]]. But I got [[BoredwithInsanity Bored with Insanity]]and [[IGotBetter got better.]] [[OrIsit Hopefully]] ---[[{{Chanto327}} This troper]]'s girlfriend literally broke down and started sobbing once he showed her what a nebula was, and she saw the sheer beauty of it. ---This Troper's reaction at the passing rumor of a BackToTheFuture remake...starring Justin Beiber. BTTF is one of her favorite movies, and she didn't think much of Beiber, but when she heard that, and read the article...It would be an understatement to say it was an ''understatement'' that she raged. Hard. At the computer, she was both {{Angrish}}-ing out loud and key-mashing over skype when she heard of this. In a way, it was also a bit of a BeserkButton, but just the thought of having her favorite live-action movie defiled by a remake was enough to make her want to renounce Hollywood. And for the next couple of weeks, her friends would tease her about this by mentioning it, setting off the same reaction, though it lessened every time. Now, however, since the prospect of such a remake seems very slim, I realize that I may have flown off the handle a little. Oh well. ** This Troper had the same reaction when he read rumors of an ''IClaudius'' remake... starring ''LeonardoDiCaprio.'' '''[[FunnyAneurysmMoment I made that joke 10 YEARS AGO, for fuck's sake!!]]''' Now, granted, he did turn out be a pretty good actor, but still... [[NoJustNo No. Just... NO.]] ---Fairly predictably, this troper suffered a bit of this when he realised what HPLovecraft had implied while reading The Shadow Over Innsmouth. He has been noticeably more edgy since then. I'm not making this up, (Spoilered for sanity's sake) [[spoiler: it is mentioned that, at one point, sailors from Innsmouth had to mate with very funny looking fish to survive. He even mentions further that the children would look human, but would slowly become more like water creatures.]]

[[MemeticMutation Now roll for sanity.]] ---This trouper needed weeks of adjustment after learning that he is colorblind, and was for the past 25 years. The feeling of deceivement from one's own eyes still haunts him from time to time. ---This Troper took a moment out of making breakfast to think, really THINK, about life. Life, the universe, everything. The fact that there are MILLIONS of people on this planet, all self aware, just as I am. And then I thought about everything ending. I have not stopped laughing manically. ---This Troper is going to live long enough to see a Star Wars remake. * [[ThisCannotBe THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!]] [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!]] * Unless the OP is a genetically engineered newborn or a highlander, then no one in this thread or involved with Lucas Films [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Is leaving intact.]] * ...............*has gone to {{happy place}}* ---This troper read through this page and much of the HighOctaneNightmareFuel page; none of it disturbed him that much. It's not so much that I've gone mad from the revelation but I've realized that I may well already *be* mad. ---This troper has been to every *chan on the net, including a few that have risen and fallen in my brief, but thorough time. I watched videos of Russian soldiers being decapitated with a knife during the Chechnyan conflict, people obliterated in accidents and even infanticide and the following cannibalism. I've seen all flavours of sick shit, but I can already see my personality softening. I'm a complete bastard, no doubts there, but I'm still a capricious, cowardly, opportunistic sack of failure that can't even muster up the motivation or scope to have something to aquire by precise planning. I sort of just...am. I don't have a purpose because the constant selfdepreciation and psychological conditioning I put myself through to become stronger robbed me of the ability to really want anything beyond someone to talk to, or someone I could love. My systematic obliteration of my susceptibility to gorn and all things horrific burned out my awareness of self. The entire scenario is an existential nightmare. I'm not really sure what to do. I think I may need something more than the usual cup of tea tonight...I just can't take pleasure in anything anymore. If I don't have a reason then action has no logic behind it. I don't have enough emotion to be fueled by that. I've neither the energy to hate or the strength of mind to go through another bout of suffering in the name of 'love' before being discarded. I want something more than these four walls I call home. * If uou can positively go mad by the revelation. That happened to this tropette. That is all I'm saying... * My god! Are you me? * This trope happened to this troper when his dad told him the family's dirty secrets. Believe me, knowing your mother's relatives scammed your father and used you to take more money from him, as well

as realizing your family is a WWIII on-going isn't good for your sanity, especially when you thought only one side of your family was the rotten one and then you realize everyone's rotten as they come. After that, I took the same belief as our Joker-like friend above, along with a deep hatred for God and Reality. We are drifting blindly in a dark, empty universe, with either a jerkass, lazy and sadistic God with the poorest sense of humor in history of humor or nothing but our own illusions to keep ourselves hanging, while the comets and black holes inhabit this cold dark space could destroy us all at any minute, or the sun could simply blow up and deep fry us all. And we keep on fighting over politics, money, gender, nationality and skin color because we must occupy ourselves with the most mundane thing, so we won't all GoMadFromTheRevelation that we are sitting ducks and there's no God out there to pray for salvation and no afterlife nor paradise. We are stuck between Eternal Suffering and Oblivion... ** And considering the size of the Universe, I re-quote Death from Supernatural: " This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that’s barely out of its diapers. So I invite you all to contemplate how insignificant you all are and everything that you believe in is." *** [[DefiedTrope On the other hand]], if that ''is'' the case, then a existentially meaningless good time is just as valid as a existentially meaningless miserable time, so why not kick back, chill out and have some fun? [[TheHedonist One way]]... [[TheMadHatter or another]]... ---I subjected myself to prolonged exposure to the WildMassGuessing section..... I knew it! All those fan theories.... MAKE SENSE!!! [[CthulhuMythos Iä! Iä!]] Tv Tropes fhtagn! * Yeah, today I know that Haruhi is The Doctor in Instrumentality. And that ''makes sense''. Those playing the [[TVTropesDrinkingGame drinking game]] should empty the fifth now. ---* For this Troper,it was a realization that hit him randomly,when he was younger.The day this troper realized that every person is similar to a character in a play.Everyone plays their part,and that even when they think they are different,they are still similar.The worst was,when he realized how most people believed in the word: "Deserve."By believing that someone deserved pain for an action that was caused to them,the person was able to cause harm to others with very little regret or care for the pain they inflicted.Cue this troper becoming paranoid,to the point to where he mapped out plans ahead of time,depending on the circumstances.He started to sleep with a box cutter under his pillar,hang curtains up so no one would spy on him when he's asleep,and even taught himself to wake up the moment someone managed to open his door after he locked it.Why?"Because sometimes dangerous people live in your house,or could be family members.It got to the point,where when he went to a supposed scary Halloween store,his friends found out that nothing there scared him.They asked what scared him,and this troper replied calmly."[[HumansAreBastards People scare me..Normal People scare me the most.]]" Ironically,unlike

most of the other examples,he didn't become pessimistic.He is still as helpful as ever,and willing to help anyone.[[CrazyPrepared Just don't be surprised if he happens to have come up with a plan]] on how to fight you beforehand,just in case things don't work out too well on the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism and you attack him. * Aversion: The knowledge that HumansAreBastards didn't make [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] go mad ''per se''. Instead, it made him more or less a TotalitarianUtilitarian and gave him the ambition of [[{{TakeOverTheWorld}} subjugating the entire Earth]] in preparation for creating [[{{TheComputerIsYourFriend}} an AI goddess]] [[{{Instrumentality}} that would destroy the minds of every human rendering them into a hivemind and make their bodies identical sexless cybernetic drones]]. As for himself, he would be the [[{{HiveQueen}} primary human-computer interface]] [[{{AGodAmI}} between the AI goddess and the rest of the new posthumanity]]. * After seeing the trailer for Beastly, [[Tropers/LadyAmi this troper]] literally started screaming at the television. In Klingon. Just the THOUGHT of Mary Kate Oleson playing Kendra the obese, ugly witch girl. Or how much of the plot was changed. Or the Beast being fur-less. Or- *Twitch* 108! DOES NOT COMPUTE! 108! DOES NOT COMPUTE! 108! DOES NOT COMPUTE! * This troper's realization that the Mick Jagger autograph hanging by her TV isn't from after a concert or anything, but rather from a time her mom banged Mick Jagger caused this. ---One day, my friends handed me a link to [[TVTropes a web site]]. Fresh off my calculations of the mathematical center of YouTube (in a Six Degrees of KevinBacon for Hollywood or Six Degrees of AdolfHitler for Wikipedia kind of way), I did the same for that site. It was some one season anime that I'd never heard of. Being bored, I watched it. Suddenly, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes made sense]]. ---Finding out that mayonnaise is actually just processed lard, and I'd been eating it on sandwiches for ''years''. I had visions of a machine sucking the lard out of fat people's stomachs and turning it into mayonnaise through some complicated process...and then spitting out neat little jars of mayonnaise, ready to go to the supermarket where poor, uneducated fools like my past self would buy them and spread the contents on our sandwiches, never knowing the evil to which we were subjecting ourselves... ---All the bad things that happened in my life...The ''horrible'' things that I believed were all my fault for so many years...All the things I felt people blamed me for and no one disproved that it was...All the things I thought happened because I did something wrong...They weren't my fault...Years I blamed my self...It wasn't my fault...And there was no purpose behind any of it...Nothing...'''''Nothing'''''...*Cries* ** [[SincerityMode Would you like a hug?]] ---The moment I realised one kid who bullied me in school to the extent of making my life hell didn't even hate me. He thought it was fun, to insult, harass, steal from, lie about and shove the shy kid with

glasses. My response was to hit him with my chair while ranting. ---This troper just read summaries and bits of {{Cupcakes}}. [[http://eonity.deviantart.com/journal/41769661/ That is all]]. ---This troper loves [[ThePhilosopher philosophy]] and nearly lost it with the discovery of solipsism. [[IGotBetter I got better]] ---Now that you're laughing maniacally, go back to GoMadFromTheRevelation. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GonnaNeedMoreTrope * Upon being told by a particularly spiteful GM that "EverythingIsTryingToKillYou", I managed to squeeze in a "[[BadassBoast You're going to need more]] [[BuffySpeak thing]]". [[SmugSnake And then I died.]] ---This page isn't [[AllBlueentry all blue]] yet? I'm GonnaNeedMoreTrope. ----

GoodBadBugs * Not sure whether this counts, but putting it here anyway just because. [[Tropers.ReikoKazama I]] was browsing YouTube one day... and I found [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycwIgcEGz40 this]]. * This Troper has a non-videogame example at his local Wal-Mart [=McDonald's=]. Briefly, the cash register automatically gives a Value Meal discount if the meal matches something on the value menu. Meanwhile, if bought outside of a Value Meal, Coke is $1. So, he buys his usual meal a la carte and gets both the $.99 discount for the large Coke and the $.69 discount for the Value Meal. Granted, this does mean [[TakeThatUs I'm penny-pinching McDonald's]], but hey, cheap food. * This Troper encountered a random glitch when playing NeoGeo Battle Collesim. When I went to exit training mode as Kyo and Iori, the here comes a new challnger screen came up and all of a sudden I was playing a single player arcade mode game. * This troper found a weird one in Megaman Xtreme. He fell into a pit in a level, but instead of just, you know, dying. The game reset itself. Weirdly, the game wasn't just reset, the colors were all wrong, with a weird border around random sprites that he didn't even know had a border. He continued onward into the game, and found some weirder symptoms. Random areas in the background were pitch black for no reason, X was orange for no apparant reason, and any time anything fired a projectile, the game slowed to a crawl. This was completely epic at the time. Unfortunately, we couldn't recreate it. * This Troper noticed something interesting in her copy of

[[MassEffect2 Mass Effect 2]]; whenever she plays through Thane's loyalty mission and the C-Sec officer mentions the Shepard VI doing its delete-you-on-the-way-to-real-problems schtick, Tali goes "That's pretty extreme, Shepard." Cut to the usual shot of Shepard's rebuttal- only without the Shepard, who reappears in the next cut. This happens every single time, and this Troper finds it oddly funny. * This Troper (Beta Maxis) found that by partially unplugging the headphones to his iPod Nano, the main music and lyrics were dimmed and let all the background instruments be heard like the harmony and melodies switched n prominence. It makes some songs epic or at least on par with the song played normally, including DragonForce songs. ** This is known as [[http://www.beatlesagain.com/btoops.html Out Of Phase Stereo]] and can be done very easily with anything that has a headphone jack, so long as you're listening to something that's in stereo to begin with. It can be a pretty neat way to hear background elements of songs you wouldn't otherwise pick up on, although apparently there's a slight risk of damaging your headphones that way. * Inverted example: [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} this troper]] always was [[{{NightmareFuel}} creeped out]] by the [[{{StarfishAliens}} cocoonthings]] in the Creature mode of Spore. Especially when he knew they were in a nest that was formerly a nest of creatures the species he was playing had [[{{DeadlyEuphemism}} cleared out]]. Although he has now learned through lurking on the Spore.com forums that they're just loading screens (for want of a better wording) their sheer resemblance to the {{Film/Alien}} eggs creeps him out and instinctively keep his critters away (the fact his ideal Spore species he wants to play out is an omnivorous but cute little guys but who turn out to be absolute bastards in Tribal stage onward to Space basically speaking...it's jarring seeing cute little things then seeing the Gigeresque cocoons...) ** Oh my Spode, I'm not the only one! ** [[ItGotWorse It gets worse.]] Try using the intimidating roar or the siren song abilities next to the cocoons. The visuals for creature reactions can be seen eminating from within the cocoons. The creatures in those cocoons aren't sleeping, or hibernating. [[AndIMustScream They're fully awake and aware.]] [[NightmareFuel Sweet Dreams.]] * One time while shopping at Cosco, this troper's mom found packages of fresh tuna sold for very cheap prices. The price of fresh tuna has skyrocketed and continued rising these last few years, so she assumed it must have been mislabeled. Now she regrets not getting more. * A horrible, horrible subversion: The FinalFantasyVI "invisible sketch" bug. "I've got all this equipment, ''and'' spells I would never normally use? Awesome! I can't finish the battle? That's too bad. My game's been deleted? Oh, [[ClusterFBomb fuck! Fucking fuck on a fucking stick! Fuck, man, fuck!]]" * This is likely rare to happen, but in Dead Rising 2, under some circumstances, your weapon might not break when it's meant to. This troper came across this with the vaccum cleaner/saw blade weapon which didn't break when it was meant to (I believe I was hit around the same time I got it's final use in), and this as such resulted in leaving with with a weapon that gave me 125PP (I didn't have the proper card, only the scratch card) per kill, killed all zombies in one hit, and

leaving me largely invincible (the only times I dropped it was in the outside area [[spoiler:where the snipers reside]]). Came in rather useful as this pratically left me as a one-man army and helpd me score a 1000+ body count in one multiplayer sitting. My friend was just like "IT STILL HASN'T BROKEN?!" the whole time! * This troper has had several weird happenings from the Glitch Gremlin: ** First time I beat ''KingdomHearts358Over2Days'', Riku begun to attack the wall for some reason. I've ''never'' gotten him to do that again. ** In ''GuildWars Prophecies'', some glitch sent me from a mission where I was gathering Chosen for the White Mantle (I forget which one) to Aurora Glade. So imagine my confusion when all of a sudden, I was ''fighting'' the White Mantle when the previous cutscene I saw had shown the ''Shining Blade'' as the enemy - so I was like, "...what the hell?" ** ''{{Bully}}'' gave me ''so'' much fun. There was one time where I saw someone stuck in the stairs, and the prefect once went after me and got stuck in the wall. Then in another mission, I was trailing Lola and a prep she was dating...and a car ran over the prep. There was also one time where I managed to knock out Algie with an egg - and this was in ''one hit'', too. ** One fun glitch in ''TheSims''. I was ignoring all my neighbours, and then suddenly, I got a message that someone had died - and they weren't in my family. I found where they were and there were literally ''four neighbours'' who were standing on the edge of my property after having rang the doorbell several days ago yelling for food. They literally just ''stood there'' until they died. ** Another silly glitch in ''PhantasyStarIII'', Ayn hit someone for a thousand damage with a physical attack. I've never been able to replicate that. ** (same troper) During my playthrough of Pokemon Heart Gold, for some reason, my Typhlosion (With Pokerus) gained 22 defense on a level up after I beat Jasmine. The Effort Values seemed to have infected all of my pokemon, since my scizor and Nidoking gained over 10 defense on a level up. * Whilst doing some personal programming for a project and adding a fancy fadeout effect for a enemy, this troper had accidentally set the enemy to create a new instance of itself and teleport somewhere else in the map instead of creating the fancy fade effect of itself and teleporting somewhere else. Cue this troper flooding a room full of the accidental replicating enemies then trying to kill them all. * This troper got to the last secret in ''TombRaider III'''s Lud's Gate stage by stealth-killing the guard that alerts the frogman who closes the secret, causing the frogman to glitch up and freeze in place, although you die if you touch him. * [[TroublePanic I]] was playing [[RatchetAndClank A Crack in Time]], when one of the late-game [[FullMotionVideo FMV]]s (involving six minutes worth of time travel) decided to play twice. [[FlatWhat Wut.]] It was [[StableTimeLoop rather]] [[MindScrew confusing]] when it happened, but afterwards the controls were locked until Ratchet [[DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist died]].

** Funny you should mention that game. I had a similar event near the end when I died while [[spoilers: chasing Azimuth]] and suddenly returned to the start as Ratchet, with two ships and no where to go. Freaked me out a bit before I got everything back to normal. I think it was caused by trying to warp to the very last level and then leaving it the same way. * I had an ''awesome'' experience with MineCraft, although it wasn't the source of the bug. See, my computer's graphics card was screwing up, and it changed certain shades of color. One of these changes was from black to green. It was annoying at first, but then I realized that it basically gave me ''[[HolyShitQuotient night vision]]'' in Minecraft. * I was playing LegoStarWars just for kicks, when I crashed into something on a speeder and died just as a cutscene started. Then when the cutscene ended, I had no health. I could walk around with ''no health'' and shoot people. I was entirely invincible, too–when I got hit [[MadeOfIron the shots just bounced off]]. Sadly, it ended when I hit a vehicle. * [[{{Tropers/Kadorhal}} I]] had started a playthrough of ''[[TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening Link's Awakening]]'', in which I started off by going to the doghouse world, grabbing the Magic Rod, and playing through the entire game with it. I really like it, though I've noticed [[AwesomeButImpractical pretty much everything in the game is immune to it]] for some reason. ** Also, I managed to get [[http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj23/WolfZword/5aces.png five aces]] to appear in one game of Solitaire. ** Me again; I've noticed that if I hit right mouse while reloading the SPAS-12 in ''[[BattlefieldSeries Bad Company 2]]'', my character will load 8 new shells, regardless of how many were still in the gun. Also, a friend of mine has discovered how to combine water and lightning elements in ''{{Magicka}}'' (the two normally cancel each other out). ** I once played ''[[{{Half-Life}} Sven Coop]]'' with my brother right after installing, without restarting as the installer suggested. For that one game only, I was able to use [[BribingYourWayToVictory the armor-powered electric crowbar]]. * [[Tropers/{{Dallenson}} Me]] in Minecraft, I have this blackout crash glitch of unknown causes (PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX), but this glitch causes You're inventory to save but not the enviroment (including chests), this caused it to clone a fresh diamond pickaxe, a half-durability diamond shovel, and a (Near) fresh diamond sword, along with several dyes. What is frustrating is that it happened a day before and made Me LOSE some of My tools of value, That would be a legit reason to use invedit. ** My brother was playing {{Dead Space}} 2 and Isaac became a pair of dis-embodied legs, I saw this while talking to someone and how She was un-phased by Isaacs "Exotic" form, then it became a pair of legs and a floating empty helmet. * [[Tropers/{{Twentington}} This troper]] thinks that the ''WheelOfFortune'' game on {{Facebook}} has an incredibly helpful bug. In literally thousands of spins, I have only hit Bankrupt twice.

Either I'm insanely lucky, or the Wheel is programmed strangely, or both. * Time for the rare non-game example. [[Tropers/{{Salnax1}}This Troper]] went to summer camp at a local museum of science in middle school. There were several computers available that were used to display specific movies and websites. So, naturally, this troper learns that by repeatedly opening and closing files, it is possible to force the program to close, providing easy access to sites like Newgrounds.com. He decided to show it to his peers in order to distract them from possibly being bullies. Summer campers take advantage of that bug to this day. ---While play Pikmin 2 on sublevel 2 of the Citadel of Spiders, a Yellow Wollywog ended up not dead with 0 HP unable to do anything. I took advantage of the situation to get revenge. ---Get back to GoodBadBugs with infinite HP and all the weapons!

GoodHairEvilHair * In the Soul Patch/antihero category, for added strangeness, one of my church's former priests sported the soul patch....

GoodHurtsEvil * Perhaps it is a bit of an exaggeration to call it this trope, but this troper feels psychologically stressed by expression of heavy optimism. It's just so... bright and cheery... and... irrational. (Personal opinion, I know.) This is more of [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism Idealism hurts Cynicism]] in a person who is convinced [[FinaglesLaw Finagle]] and [[MurphysLaw Murphy]] were onto something. * In a recent game session in which @/FarseerLolotea played, it turns out that "[[EldritchAbomination atrocity incarnate]]" can be fatally sickened by a nice dose of {{Heel Face Turn}}/{{Heroic Sacrifice}} [[DeathEqualsRedemption cocktail]]. ----"[[ClassicalMovieVampire I vill drink your bloo-]] is that a Rosary?" "Yes! Now back to the [[GoodHurtsEvil Main Page]] from whence you came!" "[[IncrediblyLamePun Damn]] [[OhCrap it]]!"

GoodIsNotNice * [[{{neoYTPism}} This troper]] interprets the case of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PxI3efVVeI#t=3m16s Oscar the cat]] as an example of this. He's said to be unfriendly to patients, except when they don't have long to live (he seems to always know) in which case he cuddles up to them. It's as though the cat not only knows said patients are about to die but uses its cuddling to have people die

happy... and reserves his cuddling for that particular purpose. -->'''Dr. David Dosa''': He is not a cat who will spend quality time with residents on the ward, unless they're about to die; he's not a cat that likes to spend a lot of time with staff; he keeps to himself * This troper's mother was known for not caring how her actions may offend others for she was mainly concerned about where she and this troper's dad will get money for their family's next meal when this troper was still younger. In a height of crisis and increasing anxiety, an acquaintance of my dad asked him if he wants easy money by being involved in drug smuggling. My father who initially set aside his principles asked my mother if she wants to go through with it. She immediately answered no and sensing my father's hesitation, she said "What if those drugs you smuggled got into the hands of our children's bus driver and caused him to run the vehicle into a truck? How will you forgive yourself for that? And how would you explain your recklessness by being involved in this crime? By being covert about this, I doubt you will turn yourself in because to start with, you already made a deal with your conscience." Needless to say, my dad never went through with it, and from then on promised himself to never get into anything that will make him doubt his values. He had greater appreciation of my mother that despite seemingly uncaring about people, is incredibly resolute in maintaining integrity and considers how her principles may benefit her and everyone involved, including those she doesn't know. * This can apply to a lot of theologically conservative Christian churches. While they are famous for their "hate-mongering speech", they usually give generously to the needy in various donations etc. ** My church is about as unapologetically consevative as they come, yet if you need money, food or just about anything they'll give it to you regardless of your religious beliefs (or lack thereof). The only "price" you have to pay is when they attempt to convert you in the meantime. * Found in a {{Reddit}} [[http://www.reddit.com/r/geek/comments/gcjiv/do_nerds_lack_empathy_co mic/c1mlgf2 post]]: --> I dunno. I'm just mean to people, but at the same time, I can be pretty nice for no reason. For example, I donated $400 to the Japanese relief effort. Someone came up to me yesterday and told me, "it's so heartbreaking what the japanese go through," to which I replied, "I don't give a shit". * This troper does this. He will hold open doors for people. He will randomly talk to people on the bus. He tries to be kind to most people. Heaven help you if you annoy him, though. Remind yourself of the differences between niceness and virtue by [[GoodIsNotNice heading on back to the main page]].

GoodLookingPrivates * I distinctly remember going *thud* when I saw my ridiculously attractive (female) counselor appeared in full Army ROTC service dress... while riding bareback on a white gelding. With firelight backlighting her. * During a journey home from a school trip to Devon, my classmates (twelve other girls) and I learned that we were travelling near an army base. As we pulled into a petrol station, we noticed an army truck next to us... And four incredibly gorgeous, tall, well-defined officers. Needless to say this left us all speechless. * I am a US Naval Sea Cadet. My MAA in boot camp told me about how girls literally swarmed them and the numbers I got during a beach clean up, several Sea Bees telling them of how they scored dates in foreign countries, countless random Marines and Navy and Army. Of course, I spoil the moment and ask if they've been attacked by rabid hippies. So far, one has been. ** [[{{Prioris}} I]] have a friend who was a Royal Canadian Air Cadet. I found myself generally worrying for his safety whenever his drill team was called to perform in public - a young man who looked like your average civilian geek out of uniform magically transformed into a {{Squee}}-inducing stud in his [=FSgt's=] dress blues. * [[@/GamerFromJump I]] was at Fort Benning, generally a No (Wo)man's Land (they train infantry down the street from where I was). However, this didn't apply to the battalion office, to which I was on temporary assignment. More than a few Good Looking ''Sergeants'' in there. Of course, being two grades lower than the second-most-junior person in there, professionalism was the rule. * I knew a girl in college who was pretty cute on her own. Then she enlisted in the Air Force, I saw a picture of her in her Class-A dress uniform. I really should've gotten her number BEFORE she became the hot airman. * As a military brat, I've been party to this more than a few times. Needless to say, now that I'm in high school, I have started enjoying it quite a lot. * I have always been somewhat jealous of the good looks that one of my sets of cousins all seem to have, also each of them is a BadassIsraeli and all serve (or will in the near future) in the armed forces (one is a jet pilot) and could all quite easily kick my ass.... even the girl who is two years my junior. * My hometown holds a big WorldWarII re-enactment weekend every fall. This inevitably results in plenty of good-looking guys in vintage (and modern) uniform...including (disturbingly) my own brother. * At the Larp I go to on the mainland during the summers there's the brotherhood of Fenris, a group of highly militaristic Norse warriors and likely the best shieldwall in the system. Why? Becaus the majority of them are in the actual army, thus why they go on drills/manouvers, are rediculously well organised, use actual strategy, are all in peak condition and top it off with a uniform of black plated leather with matching shields. They are also the reason why the young women of the wolves faction gravitate irrevocably toward the Fenris boys' campfire when they're not busy being the majority of our high command and the entire command structure of the church of Tyr.

* My boyfriend is a few years older than me, and ended up graduating and joining the army while I'm still in high school. He was cute enough before, but in fatigues or dress uniform, he's gone from a 7 to a 10. I've got a picture of him inside my locker, and one of my TEACHERS even told me he was hot. * My grandfathers WERE this trope. One of them is now six feet under, and the other got promoted to a Warrant Officer in the RAF, which is the best a non-commissioned officer can GET, and is now (I think) the head of the Royal Air Force Association in this particular region of England. ---This hunk will escort you back to GoodLookingPrivates. ----

GoodParents * To every parent of every troper who feels so moved as to write their story on this page, thank you for putting a little more good in the world. [[AbusiveParents Some of us]] never got it, but it gives me hope to know it's out there. * [[TheTallOne I]] was astoundingly lucky to wind up with a set of these. Mom, Dad, I doubt you'll ever read this, but you're amazing. You do so much, and I owe everything to you. If _I'll never be able to thank either of you as much as you truly deserve. You're both completely wonderful people, and I love you both so much. * Same. If according to the internet, all the other parents in the world are abusive, drunkards, divorced et cetera, I must be truly lucky indeed. * Dear Mom and Dad, you might not know this, but everyday I am glad that I have you two for parents. No matter what the world says, I as a petty teenager love you both to bits and hope that you will guide me like you always do when I have to go. * I consider myself extremely to have the parents that I do. Mom and Dad, you set such a great example for my life and I know you'll always be there for me. Mom, thanks for reading "big" books to me. And Dad, thanks for introducing me to Star Trek and Star Wars when I was little. I wouldn't be the nerd I am today without you guys. ** Are you me? Just asking. * [[Contributors/{{Muse}} This troper]] is lucky enough to have a set of these. (first person time!)I am so, so grateful for everything that my parents have done, the love they have shown, the dreams they have given up, all for my siblings and I. Mommy, Daddy, I love you more than words can express. <3 * [[@/GamerAmI This troper]] is thankful every day that he ended up with the parents he did. For one thing, they are both older than typical parents and are both former hippies, so they didn't freak out about little things as much as other parents do and had the perspective to know what ''was'' worth getting worked up over. They are always there for me, whether I need a shoulder to cry on or just some company, and they raised me to be independent, assertive, compassionate, honest, hard-working, and all other manor of positive qualities. When my doctor told them I may have AspergerSyndrome, they

didn't just hang their heads in grief and put me in special ed; they sent me to behavioral therapy for years so that I could learn to actually get along in the world, rather than the world needing to adjust itself to me. That may be the thing I am most grateful for. Considering what a difficult child I was, it's truly amazing what they have done with me. Mom, Dad, I love you both so much. * [[HopelessRomance This troper]] was lucky enough to have these. They have told me multiple times how hard they tried to have a baby before Mom got pregnant with me and how excited they were when they found out they were having me. Mom might be a bit overprotective and I may get angry with her because of it, but I still love her. Dad might push me a little too much with learning guitar, but I know he does it because he doesn't want to see me waste the opportunity. (I was the one who wanted it in the first place.) I know they support me no matter what and I'm very greatful for it. No matter how much we yell at each other, I know it'll be ok because we love each other. I know I'm a little spoiled, but I've never been a brat because they taught me to be greatful for what I have. Without them, I wouldn't be the kind hearted girl I am today. Mom, Dad, if you're reading this, I love you so much and I'm greatful for everything you've taught me. * [[Tropers/KamuiValentine This troper]] is perpetually grateful for her wonderful loving MamaBear and PapaWolf. Her mom watches anime with her, is a third dan black belt in martial arts, and is one of this troper's best friends. Her dad is a cool guy who has a lot of knowledge in weapons and military strategy, and this troper's always willing to indulge him in a game of Madden (even though she's terrible at it). Both of them put up with her ADHD and dyscalculia quite well and support me through stuff. She loves her BadassFamily and does her best to make sure they know how much she appreciates them! * [[{{SMsoldier}} This troper]] is new here. Anyway, he would like to say his parents are the best he ever had because although they spoil him, they made him work hard for it. They can be a bit overbearing sometimes, but when they see that something is wrong, they made sure they set things right. They helped him and his brother in their time of need and spent plenty of time with him doing some activities (playing games, reading, talking, etc.) He could not have been happier than to be with them and would like to say to the following tropers that their other parents are cool too. Because of them, he made good grades and made a fresh start in college, even if he did not go and hang out as often and has disabilities that are not fully explained. This page is uplifting to him. Thanks for everything, Mom and Pop. Your son will always love you. * [[Tropers/{{Animenutcase}} This troper]] is truly blessed to have the parents she has. They aren't perfect, but they've been so patient in raising me, especially in the years before it became clear that I had Asperger's Syndrome. * We really are lucky, aren't we? Now go out there and ''tell'' that to your parents IRL. * [[Tropers/GamerAmI This troper]] did just that; he e-mailed his entry on this page to his parents. They were so touched that they were brought to tears. The rest of you should really tell your parents what you have said here, too.

* This Troper's parents <3. Super wonderful. I wouldn't be anything today without them. Love you, mom and dad! * This troper has a great mother, and probably ''the'' best stepfather anybody could imagine. * While my mum has pretty huge mental problems and ran away to get a divorce, she was fantastic when my brother and I were much younger. My dad on the other hand, has always been amazing, looking after me when I've lost the ability to walk and putting off a hernia operation so he can continue to do so. I'm both incredibly guilty and extremely thankful. * My parents are the kindest people I know. I am massively proud to be their daughter. * This Troper was born to people to whom he honestly believes are the best people he could ever has been born too. They each have had hard childhoods, but they moved on and grew stronger form it specifically because they wanted to be good parents. And honestly, they have done an awesome job. Mom, Dad, I am so very very blessed to have you as my parents. * This Troper can't help but feel like one of the luckiest people in the world. Even though my parents are divorced, they both still love me dearly and I just can't help but feel bad for anyone who didn't grow up with such wonderful parents. * Averted by this troper who's father is such a piece of garbage the troper refused to keep [[{{DoNotCallMePaul}} his name]]. ** i think they have a trope for that... * my parents were slightly off from perfect, but i knew growing up that they did the absolute best that they could. I owe my morals, my work ethic, and my faith to them, thank you mom and dad. * My parents are not prefect but I know they love me and they did their best to raise me and my three other loud siblings. I love you mom and dad! <3 * [[FearOfTheUnknown ThisTroper]] is lucky enough to have wonderfully intelligent and open minded parents. Not only that, we share a great majority of our interests, and are generally people I am friends with, and would be even if we weren't stuck together by blood. * Mom, Dad, thanks for everything. I love you both. * Mother is an all-round excellent human being, and Father was almost on par with them. However,[[FailureIsTheOnlyOption the vicissitudes of life meant they never could spend as much time with myself and my brother and sister as they wanted, and still give us enough to eat]]. In particular, I was always a very large kid and am now grown to a 203 cm, 125+ kg monster who probably eats 3500+ calories a day, and at the height of my growth, when I was 14-16, it was [[BigEater even worse]]. Food is not cheap where we live (if it's cheap anywhere), and we actually subsist on inflated prices and the worst salaries, compared to the rest of the European Union. Worse, their harsh lives combined with some of the most difficult children this side of the MoralEventHorizon have substantially eroded Mother's physique and Father's psyche. - Rottenvenetic * This 28 year old [[MadamKristina troper]] loves her parents with all her heart and tells them so every single day. * Like my parents. Just so long as they know that [[HatesBeingTouched

I don't do hugs]], we all get on very well~ ---Head on back to GoodParents. Don't worry, Mom and Dad will cover for you. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GoodSmokingEvilSmoking We've [[IncrediblyLamePun smoked out]] a few good stories about GoodSmokingEvilSmoking from RealLife. ---* While [[{{Indigo}} I]] know that blanket generalizations are not a good idea, I have to admit I have encountered a significant amount of of JerkAss behaviour from smokers. I understand they feel infringed on by the laws that restrict them, but sheesh! ** ...including my own mother. I developed a sensitivity to cigarette smoke as a kid. When I complained about her smoking around me, she'd blow smoke in my face. By the time I reached adulthood, and we had better information about secondhand smoke, I had asthma. *** I think many people would consider that child abuse. ** I've also encountered people who [[LawOfDisproportionateResponse called me a Nazi]] for saying I was grateful that certain public places had been declared No Smoking. I am not myself a JerkAss; I think making it illegal to smoke inside your own house or your own car is ridiculous. *** I do and don't agree. On the face of it, yeah, it seems ridiculous to forbid people from smoking in their own homes/cars, but what if they have kids? Don't children have the right to grow up healthy? Kind of hard to do that if the adults they live with are filling up their sleeping spaces with smoke. **** And because of a "what if?"-condition, everyone should be banned from smoking inside their vehicles or homes? I strongly disagree here; Every parent should be smart enough to not expose their kids to second-hand smoking, and those who don't understand that should've considered the limitations that parenthood causes. And this doesn't even come from a person who smokes inside himself; I always go outside for a smoke, unless there's a designated place for smoking inside. *** Even when I smoked, I made a point of going outside to do so (also makes it a lot easier to quit when you get fed up of freezing your butt off 10 times a day!). If people come to visit, they're told they can only smoke outside. * This troper has actually read a letter to the editor on this subject. The opening paragraphs were structured similarly to a complaint about some nasty '-ism', including the writer and her husband basically having to 'flee' from California due to the prejudice... but when the writer revealed that it was all due to the fact that she and her husband were smokers, every scrap of sympathy that this troper might have had for them vanished. * [[LullTheConqueror This troper]] is not a habitual smoker, but

embodies this trope nicely when he does choose to smoke. A cigarette by itself marks him as "one of the lads." He also has a long cigarette holder for when he wants to appear aloof and slightly fey; a pipe to evoke an easygoing, avuncular image (or alternatively to mimic J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, since it's exactly the same kind of pipe seen in the Dobbshead); cigars for the CorruptCorporateExecutive image; and a large hookah for purposes of sitting on a cushion and looking exotic and mysterious. He also has nasal snuff to make him look aristocratic. And yes, he's seriously not a regular smoker... just a versatile one. * When this troper was younger, the majority of her friends (sadly) had separated parents, with them living with their mothers, all of whom smoked. She remembers them swearing to never smoke (as well as some other things). Now, this troper isn't a fan of smokers either, and hates the fact that she has to walk through a crowd of them every morning and afternoon when going and leaving school, as all the smoking students congregate along the sidewalk and (annoyingly) around the crosswalk in front. She found it incredibly ironic that after drifting apart from these friends in high school, one with asthma was a smoker, as well as another which had once threatened to leave her home if her mother continued to smoke. The other one she isn't sure about, but hasn't heard the greatest of stories about her. * This troper's a ten-a-day, rolls-his-own smoker and loves it. Specifically, the indoor-smoking ban in the UK means that he tends to make some really great friends when he pops outside for a quick fag (and it's even more fun using that phrase around Americans, to whom it means...something ''different'' from what it does here). ** But any American who pays the slightest bit of attention to context can usually figure it out. After all, how would you [[FridgeLogic smoke a human being?]] *** Good god, does the phallic imagery need to be any less subtle here?! *** Actually since 'smoke' can be a euphamism for 'kill' you could be saying that you are going out to 'kill a gay person'. ** Emperor Zombie managed it in the Screw-on-Head cartoon. *** Its true, there's a certain we're all in it together feeling among those standing outside the pub or the like. * [[BooBooBob This Troper]] is a habitual smoker (read: addict) who, while understanding the plight of the non-smoker, feels that antismoking bans are ridiculous. There are more short-term health problems caused than reduced due to being outside in inclement weather and the laws themselves are unconstitutional based on the fact that they have taken the right to choose away from business owners. Non-smokers always have the right to leave or refuse to patronize an establishment that allows smoking. The next person in line may now use my soapbox. :D ** 1. Going outside in bad weather to smoke might be worse for your health, but it's better for the health of all the non-smokers still inside the building, who are already doing all they can for their own health by, you know, not smoking. 2. Patrons of a smoke-friendly establishment might have the option of leaving, but ''employees'' of that establishment don't. You can't just switch jobs as readily as you can switch restaurants.

*** If the ''employee'' is so anti smoking, why did they ''apply'' to work in a place that allows smoking to begin with? That's where arguments like this fall apart. It might be hard to switch jobs, but if the employee didn't want to be around smoke ''they wouldn't have applied to a job where people are allowed to smoke around them''. If they applied to said job knowing people would be smoking around them, and decide they don;t like it ''it's their own damn fault'' It's called '''personal responsibility'''. If they didn't allow it when you started but do now, the boss is being an ass, but that's his right. *** That doesn't make it not an option; especially given how many service workers for restaurants statistically don't work for one employer that long, and usually have multiple potential employers within a small radius. Note, as well, that between a fourth and a third of all restaurant workers report smoking (depending on location). I'm sure ''that'' isn't unpleasant... **** Even in a seekers' job market, switching jobs takes time. Suppose you're a restaurant worker with an acute sensitivity to tobacco smoke (asthma, allergy, etc.), and your employer decides to make the restaurant smoke-friendly. What are you supposed to do, just quit and be unemployed until you can complete the job-hunt process with a smoke-free restaurant? Bear in mind that food-service jobs generally don't pay too well, so you are unlikely to have savings to live on in the interim. What if all the restaurants in the area play follow-theleader and start to allow smoking? **** Restaurants, fine. But bars? If you don't want to work around smoke, work at a restaurant. Also, it's not as if there are any minors in the bar being protected by the ban. **** It's the health of all the workers and patrons, not just minors. ***** Okay, let's put this in another way; Why ban smoking in places, which have already been established as smoke-friendly, and where both the workers and the patrons accept it? Couldn't it just be an option to keep the place smoke-friendly and inform about it at the entrance, and if someone has a problem with that, that someone could just go find another bar? Shouldn't be that hard. The point is, I don't have anything against places banning smoking of their own interest, but when it's mandated by law in spite of the owner's, the workers' and the patrons' interests, it's bullshit. * This troper was the ''Only'' kid in his neighborhood that did ''not'' smoke, and we were the only completely non-smoking family on the block, this only gave the neighborhood kids all the more reason to ridicule and tease me. * This troper used to walk to school every day and had to hold his breath when he passed by a group of no less than a dozen smokers that stood outside the school, otherwise it was like walking into Auschwitz on a Monday. Because of this he stares daggers at anyone who stands by him and asks "mind if I smoke?". ** Drama Queen much? This is why I A) don't even bother asking and B) completely ignore all the pansy [[DeathGlare little glares]] and pointed coughs. *** The above troper is part of the reason why some people hate smoking so much; not so much that it affects your health but that people have a blatant disregard for your health. Don't smoke when

you're in a public place and non-smokers are ''forced'' to be around you, it's incredibly disrespectful. There's a time and a place for smoking. *** Coughs are not pointed for me. **** For the original poster; How about staring daggers at the people who DON'T ask? It's in my opinion quite dumb to discourage a courteous smoker from asking permission in the future. Oh, and "Drama Queen much?"-fellow? Fuck off, you're giving a bad name for smokers who actually have some manners. ***** I've got plenty of manners, but if someone is going to act like a pissy little bitch, they shouldn't be surprised when that's how they get treated. As far as 'giving smokers a bad name' goes, I think you attribute a degree of world-wide importance to my actions that they don't actually possess. * This troper doesn't smoke, and doesn't understand why so many people assume that he does. It got very annoying when people were asking him on the street for a light. ** OH NOES! Someone thought you were a dirty, dirty smoker!! Call the police! *** Uh, what? What's with this reaction? * You know what? SMOKE MY POLE * This troper has taken up smoking cloves (yes, I aspire to the Cool Smoking suspension) and once applied the logic of pro-equality movements (namely in relation to Gay Rights) in a rather tongue-incheek manner one frigid day (I also grew up around and currently reside forty minutes outside of Buffalo, New York; make of that what you will). Turning to a friend who so happens to be both a fellow clove-addict and a lesbian, I cried in my best falsified indignation: "This isn't a personal choice! This is a lifestyle! Why should we be treated as inferior citizens for it? What happened to liberty and equality under the law?" When she pointed out what exactly I'd just done, we decided to start a new political organization: [[RefugeInAudacity Fags For Fags (or: F-Cubed). We plan to bring tobacco, cloves, marijuana, shisha, and what-have-you to all underprivileged inner-city gay youths.]] ** And just an addendum to all the debate of regarding finer points of etiquette and smoking?honestly, folks, I've been on both ends of this argument as a former asthmatic and as a smoker. While it's courteous for a smoker to stand a decent distance from entrances, to ask before lighting up when in mixed company at close quarters, and to assume that enclosed spaces over which the smoker holds no form of ownership are not kosher within which to smoke, non-smokers need to lay off the proselytizing. Yes, I choose to smoke; yes, I can respect your choice not to smoke. The dirty death-glares and over-dramatized, self-induced lung-hacking are unnecessary and rude when a few simple, polite words would do. Would it be acceptable to walk into a [=McDonald's=] and start protesting obnoxiously the very idea of ordering any food there and talking loudly about clogged arteries, aneurysms, heart attacks, type-two diabetes, and obesity as customers go about their business? No. The same concept is in play: manners. Other people have just as much a right to make unhealthy choices as you do. *** Some of us are so terribly sensitive to cigarette smoke that we

are trying desperately to NOT hack-cough when we catch a lungful walking past because we don't want to seem rude. Yes, I have the same problem with road repair and roof work in some cases. It's the tar, not the nicotine. But my point is that not all of the lung-hacking is self-induced or meant to make a point. ** The difference being, if I don't want to eat at [=McDonald's=] because I disagree with unhealthy food, ''I don't have to eat there.'' If I am trying to walk into a building and someone is standing right by the entrance smoking a cigarette, ''I have to walk through the smoke to get in.'' So, it's really not the same thing at all. As Isaac Asimov said "When you drink around me, it doesn't destroy my liver; when you smoke around me, it does affect my lungs." *** Faulty logic. If you are not uber-sensitive to smoke due to a condition like asthma, just walking by smoker does absolutely nothing to your health. The only way a healthy person can be affected by second-hand-smoke (other than just disliking the smell) is when he has to live or work with an insensitive smoker in a closed building. The usual "on the street" second-hand-smoke is far too diluted to be harmful. **** Yes, but every bit of secondhand smoke breathed in contributes to eventual health problems. **** So does every bit of secondhand vehicle exhaust breathing. The low quantities of smoke you get can easely be absorbed by the body. ***** No. No it isn't. As said below by another troper, if you smell it, it's much more harmful than car exhaust because it's very heavily concentrated. Also, this troper would be polite about it... if it weren't for the fact that when he used to be, people would almost always just tell him something along the lines of "screw you". I know a few aren't assholes, but the majority have stated their unwillingness to be courteous. ****** First of all, you can smell car exhaust. You don't notice because the smell is pretty constant, but if you go from a quiet street to the center of a city you'll definitely notice. And the dangers of secondhand smoke are really exaggerated. Being able to smell something doesn't make it dangerous. Second, saying that smokers are assholes but conceding that maybe afew aren't is still a gross generalization. I don't smoke, but you have to understand that many people smoke when theyre aleady stressed, and they are constantly getting shit from people like you who are afraid of the slight danger to their health of being ear a smoker, while they're breathing in the smoke directly. And a lot of people have brought up asthma, but I know smokers who have asthsma, and none of them have had an asthma attack from smoking. * Smoking Ohio Tropers, raise your hands now. * This troper is highly sensitive to cigarette smoke- it gives me terrible headaches and makes me sick to my stomach. Therefore, I feel justified to glare at smokers, since their habit literally makes me sick. Combine that with the fact that my grandmother died because of her smoking, and her smoking gave my grandfather cancer, and you have someone who is very anti-smoking. I'm not anti-smoker- I've got several friends who smoke, but they only do it outside in their own backyards- however, the ones who feel entitled and that they are some

kind of "opressed minority" like the letter mentioned above really piss me off. There was an incident last summer at camp when I was a Leadership program participant- sort of like an in-between camper/counselor combo. We were walking a bunch of younger kids to a cafe, and one of the 5th-grade boys, seeing a smoker, said "Hey, he's smoking!" Not as an insult, just as a statement of fact. The smoker ''blew smoke in the little boy's face'' and said "Tastes good, doesn't it, you little twerp?" I told him that was an inappropriate thing to do to a small child, and he called me a bitch. And smokers wonder why non-smokers don't like them... ** That guy was a jerk. But to say all smokers are jerks based on that is stupid. I'm not a smoker, never have been, but smokers ''are'' an oppressed minority. Smoking is '''legal''' but people who chose to are constantly treated like criminals. In my experience, religiously "anti-smoking" people tend to be much bigger jerks than the supposedly "evil" smokers. * When I was in college there was often a crowd of smokers right outside the door, littering and letting smoke drift inside. I go to RenFaire and all the smokers there that I've met don't litter and stand so the smoke isn't in your face. Thus proving that it isn't smoking that's the problem so much as self-centered lazy twats. * This smoking troper would like to remind you all that for every smoker you see, there are two you don't. I, for example, almost never smoke at a bus stop if there are other people there and if I do, I position me in a way that the wind direction blows the smoke away from anyone else. I, too, hate those pricks that think it's OK to light one when they're standing in the middle of a group of people. If you have one annoying smoker in a group of people, it doesn't mean that all the others are non-smokers. It just means that the others aren't assholes. * Oh, another thing that JustBugsMe: If you dislike smoke outside because of the taste, that's fine, but please don't act like it's because of your health. If you aren't in a building, the smoke is so deluted that there's actually more harm from car exhaust. ** NOT true. If you can smell it that means it is definitely concentrated enough in that area to be MUCH more harmful than car exhaust. **** You fail chemistry forever! There are many things that are detectable long before they are dangerous. Second hand smoke requires ''years'' of ''constant exposure'' (ie: 10 or more ''hours of exposure per day'') to have ''any effect whatsoever'' on a healthy person. And for people with respiratory disorders, it's no more worse than any other kind of smoke. *** If you are both outside, and you can smell it, it's likely not the smoker's fault that '''you're too damned close to them.''' If you're both near the entrance to a building, look around. Where are the ashtrays? They are likely next to the smoker. 95% of glare-downs by non-smokers I get is outside a place of business, in which the ashtray is close to the entrance. ** This non smoking troper actually likes the smell of cigarette smoke and didn't mind hanging around with smokers, until she was diagnosed with asthma. Now, even in the supposed diluted street smoke, her lungs can get irritated and whatnot. She has no problem with smokers still,

as long as they aren't asses who light up right next to her without asking. ** This troper is a habitual pipe smoker, who has yet to receive any complaints about smoking anywhere. Then again, smoking a full pipe takes more than twenty minutes, meaning it's very hard to do "on the fly", and usually means finding a place to sit where smoking is allowed. Smoking four times a week rather than five times a day helps too. ** This troper once had to shoo off a new neighbour asking for sugar because he was standing at the open door smoking. And then he had the gall to accuse this troper of being rude. I'm sorry, but it's bad enough at the door to public buildings. Letting smoke into the house of somebody you don't know is ''unacceptable'', and is just as rude as telling you to leave immediately. ** This troper works in a hotel that is completely non smoking, though you can smoke outside. Yet, we still get the occasional guest who decides they'll light up in the room despite signing our No Smoking policy. Then there are those smokers who will smoke right in front our sliding glass doors and thus allow the smoke to come inside. * This troper used to nag her middle-aged smoking neighbor to stop smoking, but eventually stopped being a BrattyHalfPint and realized what a JerkAss she was being. * [[PurplePantherGirl This Troper]] was nine when her teacher taught us about the dangers of smoking. I promptly went home and ripped up all my father's cigarettes before flushing them down the toilet. My father ''did'' quit, and as far as I can see, it didn't bother him. Though now I frequently say (when asked) that I would rather shoot myself than smoke. Why lose thousands of pounds to something that just kills you? ** Because we're adults, can make our own choices and it tastes good, that's why. * This troper has spent her life around smokers, thus has grown used to the diluted smell of it floating about the house. This doesn't stop her from coughing rather profusely whenever her [[JerkAss older brother]] decides to blow some of the blue haze into her face. * This troper can tolerate a lot of things in the people around her. But she will give you hell if you light up a cigarette anywhere near her husband, who has asthma. It's a bit of a BerserkButton; she had to rush him to the emergency room one night when someone's cigarette smoke triggered such a severe asthma attack that his face turned ''gray'' and she honestly thought he was going to die. * [[{{Kaizykat}} This Troper]] grew up in a household where both of her parents smoke. They always smoke outside and always make sure they are far enough away from other people when they smoke in public. They don't smoke around kids or nonsmokers. She gets rather irritated when people go on and on about how horrible and inconsiderate ''all'' smokers are. She doesn't mind when people say that ''some'' smokers are rude, but when people imply that her mother and father are horrible she gets a little miffed. * This tropers father was almost a chain smoker, though he was polite enough to go outside to smoke. Also pleased with New Zealand's ban on smoking in work places, never had the lung capacity to hold my breath

all day. * I have some kind of prejudice against smokers, and I always feel a little anger towards anyone I see smoking. I know it's wrong, but it's still there. One of the main reasons I respect my dad so much. (He quit smoking) ** Me too. Living in NYC and having to breathe in someone else's carcinogenic fumes ''every goddamned day'' has fanned the embers into an inferno. Humans should not be leaking smoke from their mouths unless they are secretly robots. *** Robots dont have smokes coming out of their mouths.... * This troper had to hold her breath when going into school because of all the smokers hanging around the doorway...right in front of the no smoking sign. Made worse when I was weakened by tonsil surgery. However, I disagree with the stereotype that ALL smokers are EVIL. * This troper's campus has an area outside for people to smoke. It's also where most people without cars wait for their rides. There may be as many as ten smokers out here at any given time. After class I came out to wait for my ride...just as a freak rainstorm started. Do the arithmetic here: Troper with asthma + 10 smokers + freak rainstorm in the middle of November. * Just to provide some actual data, cities that impose smoking bans see reductions in heart attacks of ''25% to 40%.'' That's ''huge.'' New York City had ''4,000'' fewer heart attacks in the year after the ban. (See ThatOtherWiki, Smoking Bans, Effects On Health.) So, let's be clear here: ''Smoking bans save many lives.'' ** This troper's wife had an aunt who was 100 years old and a smoker. She was in excellent health until the smoking ban in Ontario was extended to retirement homes. (Really, someone who has lived for 100 years should have earned the right to not have to leave her own ''home'' to light up a smoke). She ended up dying do to complications from being outside in cold weather, which she wouldn't have been without the ban. Tell ''her'' that smoking bans save lives. * [[MisterAlways This troper]] smokes occasionally (in his own words,"not with regularity, usually when it's offered"). He considers himself to be "jolly smoking" rather than "good" or "evil". He also lights them with matches, rather than a lighter. To evoke a bit of a [[TomWaits Waits]] vibe. [[Narm It doesn't work when he needs to strike off three or four before it catches.]] * [[IDoBelieveInFairies This troper]] always smokes away from entrances, politely asks if he can, and holds in the smoke so as not to accidentally blow it onto babies, kids, or into the faces of people who decide to walk A FOOT IN FRONT OF HIM (seriously, there's like 10 feet of walk there folks, use it!), and yet I still get glares from people, and I still get ridiculously fake hacking coughs from some people. I consider myself a nice person, I will smoke in the pouring rain rather than under the overhang here at my college, in NEWARK of all places(we're not known for our clean air). I would rather get soaked than impose on someone, but I swear to god, the next person who vehemently (and I mean Shakespearian levels of ham here people) fake hacks at me is gonna get a cigarette in the frickin' EYE. ** To be fair, cigarette smoke does irritate some people's throats, including mine. I don't fake-cough though, that's a fricking douchey

thing to do. ** [[CoolLoser This troper]] completely empathizes with this original poster. What's more upsetting is if I excuse myself to the outskirts of an outdoor party to have a cigarette with a couple people who don't mind and from several feet away get a loud "HACKHACKCOUGH" chorus from a group of people huddled around the beer cooler. I have the same smoking habits too; I rarely feel the desire to smoke unless I'm stressed out or in a social situation and then I limit myself to no more than 2 in a 24 hour period and take great consideration of the people around me. * So far as this lurker is concerned, smoking is an inherently JerkAss thing to do. You're emitting foul-smelling fumes with absolutely no societal benefit to show for it. Even if it never causes harm to anyone, it's as rude as deliberately passing gas in someone's face-except without the excuse that it was necessary. *** In other words, anyone who does something you find mildly annoying is evil. As far as I'm concerned, people making out in public places is a jerk ass thing to do, trying to do a ban on it wouldn't be any ''less'' of a jerk ass thing to do though. ** At least you'll always have that great feeling of being to look down on people, because you're so much better than them :) ** [[TacoNinja This one's]] brother is a heavy smoker and she almost hates him for it. He only smokes in his room so now the entire upstairs reeks of cigarette smoke and I can't visit his room without getting smacked in the face with a year's worth of accumulated fag stink. It seems like a JerkAss thing to do to me too. * This Troper is a non smoker, and while he thinks people shouldn't smoke he's pretty much leaves people to their own devices, I only really have a problem when they deliberatly blow it into my face, which doesn't happen all that often and it's usually just my friend being a douche. * There's no such thing as 'good smoking', forever. He's a non-smoker who lives with two lifelong chimneys. He has no bedroom as the house is too small, and as such no smokefree bolthole to retreat to. Pissedoffness ensues, as he is forced to inhale the cloud, as well as breathe in a very erratic harsh-exhale tiny-inhale way to try to minimise the smell (and the effect on his lungs, although that's probably not gonna work). He did once literally pull an emergency stop when he caught his mother lighting up in his car. The phrase "Get the [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]] out of my car and don't come back in until you've put it out or finished" was uttered. And yes, I swore at my mother. Happens all the time. She swears back. :-) ** Although I am ironically not totally in favour of the smoking ban. Call it DoubleStandards, but I reckon the owners of establishments like pubs should have the [[TakeAThirdOption option]] of including a designated, segregated smoke-room away from the bar if they want to, rather than kicking everyone out onto the street so anyone wanting to get through the door gets a face full of the Cloud of Death. Anyone who says "in the street it's not harmful" is talking out of their arse. ** Smoking bans do not save lives. Everyone dies. The hate filled anti-smokers would do well to watch the South Park episodes The Death

Camp of Tolerance and Butt Out. ** Yeah, but it stops people from dying from preventable issues such as the cancers smokers are going to get. The lung issues people get around smokers and that butt ugly smell they have. * This troper does not believe in good smoking. You are killing yourself. It's basically suicide by fire in this tropers oppinion and I have made people quit smoking before. It;s just gross. Like do you want to die young and breathe from a tube? ** This Troper is an ex-smoker who even six months later is still on the smokers side, if a person wants to smoke they should be able to, if a person can`t be around it they should run the other way! (I don`t much care to be around the smoke myself, so I avoid it whenever possible) * This troper uses Camel Snus, and occasionally smokes handmade cigars, but still doesn't like cigarette smoke. * This troper comes from an area where most people smoke. Her grandfather is a chain smoker, and she always liked visiting him when she was little since she always really liked the smell of cigerette smoke. She'd sit by his feet and smell the smoke while he chatted with her. Her father has asthma and he smokes too. * This troper is rather conflicted on the subject of smoking bans. On the one hand, business owners should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding smoking in their establishment. On the other hand, I really do like to TASTE my food when I'm eating it. ** I don;t know where people get the idea that a bar or restaurant is a public place from. It's a privately owned business and if the business owner wants to allow smoking it should be their prerogative. If you don't like the smoke in the air, eat somewhere else. ''personal responsibility'' goes a long way. ---Go back to GoodSmokingEvilSmoking. Or maybe you'd like to try the patch, or the gum? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GoofyPrintUnderwear * This troper doesn't having any goofy print boxers. They are all solid colors....*sigh* * [[{{Dysfunctional}} this troper]] has shamrock,family guy, and simpsons boxers. * I don't think there's anyone who DOESN'T have a pair of these, even if you keep your underwear as plain as possible. Seriously, prove me wrong. For this troper, every Christmas always brings another pair of goofy boxers he'll never wear, like Family Guy or ''Guitar Hero.'' Yeah. ** Or who hasn't owned some at some point. ** This female troper is a no-nonsense not a girly-girl type who gets pink and floral underwear from her mother. One pair was yellow. That was a 'wtf? Seriously?' moment. ** I think most of us just don't say so because there are just so many ways you can make an aversion of this trope sound interesting without

''also'' telling about someone who plays it straight. ** [[GoingCommando I don't wear underwear.]] * This (female) troper has a set: ** Elephants on purple, with 'Junk in the Trunk' round the waist band. ** Owls with glasses on white, with 'Couldn't give a hoot'. ** Zebras on grey, with 'You drive me wild'. ** Pink monkeys on blue, with 'Going bananas'. * This Troper's glad to be a girl... panties don't come in ''nearly'' the same variety of weird prints. OnTheOtherHand, in some cases (such as the inevitable dorky Halloween underwear) [[PerkyGoth she really wishes they did]]. ** Trust me, they DEFINITELY come in the same variety. * This troper has Jim Beam, Captain Morgan, and Texas flag boxers. And wears them regularly. * This troper has a pair of boxers with polar bears and igloos, and a pair with penguins in Santa hats - and is entirely unashamed of wearing them year-round. They're just that damn comfy. * When this troper was younger, his grandmother sent him a pair of Bulbasaur-print underwear. He no longer wears it and doesn't even know where it is. ** Okay, Frakk goofy, those sound awesome. I want some. * My brother used to have 1) black silk boxers with [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything bunches of bananas]], 2) [[CanadaEh Canadian flag boxers]] with the big red maple leaf right over the crotch. * Thoroughly averted with this troper. The goofiest any of his underwear gets is actually having a color (rather than grey or black). * This Troper regularly wears his Spongebob Squarepants-face boxers. They have "Woo" and "Hoo!" written across the front. They're awesome. * I don't really have goofy underwear, but I do have a drawer full of boxers that look like they should be worn by a 70 year old man (though that's not really goofy since most boxer-wearers have at least one pair of these). * A (female) friend of mine has boxers with little printed crabs on them. DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything? * Subverted by this troper's friend, who had SuperMarioBros underwear that was exposed and unanimously agreed upon by the class to be awesome. ** Weirdly enough, [[JapaneseTeeth This troper]] is wearing Super Mario Bros. underwear as he types this. He also has GuitarHero underwear, Grinch underwear, and Snoopy underwear. * This (female) tropes wears FinalFantasy boxers as pyjamas ** You must tell us where you found them. [[MalachiteDragon I]] MUST POSSESS THIS THING. *** The troper herself made them *** [[EpicWin Epic win]]! ** I do the same thing with my Super Mario boxers * [[TacoNinja This one]] thoroughly enjoys wearing her lady-boxers with little scarf wearing pandas printed on them. She also has 'HipHop Hippo', 'Eye Spy!' and 'Head in the Clouds' printed ones. * {{Turtleducks}} happens to have a pair of men's boxers with Homer Simpson printed all over them, saying "MMM CHOLESTEROL", which she

wears as pajama bottoms. * Mostly averted with this troper, who mainly wears underwear with mainly primary colors, plaid, or cool tribal designs. Then you get to the navy blue boxers with polka dots in varying shades of light green. * This troper's friend has a pair pf Sasuke Uchiha boxers — made so they just so happen to look like he's groping her. ** ...O_O * This troper used to have a pair of pink girl boxers with penguins on them and own a pair of generic animesque striped panties. * [[CrashGordon94 I]] avert this trope, having only generic singlecolor or simple pattern briefs. * This troper has a male classmate who wears his pants slightly low. She has seen penguins, paisley, lipstick prints, guitars, and cacti. * This troper's best male friend has changed in front of her enough times for her to recognize the shamrocks and the lighthouses. * I love this trope. I think I have about 3 pairs of plain pants. My personal favourites are the ones with the cartoon deer on them * I have the seven dwarves of Snow White underwear, one dwarf for every day of the week. (I'm 18) * Back when this troper's mother still thought she was hetero and cis, her mother decided to help her with the laundry when she wasn't around... and discovered lipstick printed panties. * This troper has a pair of panties with a large green frog on the front, its kinda funny when she tries on pants at the mall. ** This troper has pink panties with green frogs all over them. If an item of clothing has a frog on it and comes in my size, my family will buy it for me. * This troper enjoys his lucky Star Wars underpants. And also wears Batman underoos under his circus clown costume. And regularly drops his pants during performances. * I once wore my favorite SpongeBob panties (bright yellow with SpongeBob's face right on the crotch) under a party dress at a Bar Mitzvah. Everyone got to see just what my favorite Nickelodeon show is when I stood too close to a breakdancer, whose foot caught under my very voluminous skirt as he was doing a headstand. * I was playing volleyball with my cousin, and he was wearing smileyface-print boxers. How did I know that? As he raised his arm up, his shirt went with it, exposing the smileys. I said sarcastically, "I guess your underwear's happy to see us." * This troper is dying to find Union Jack undies. And a bunch of other flags too. Flag undies are teh pwnz, and I need MOAR! * This troper has Cupcake panties * This troper owns glittery purple Batman panties. * This troper has a friend from Italy who occasionally sends gifts to his friends back in the States. Once, all the girls received European city themed socks, and the guys received underwear with panels of Spiderman comics on them. * This female troper owns exclusively black hipster briefs... with the exception of a pair of purple girl boxers with prints of monkeys wearing cowboy hats. * This troper is currently wearing blue boyshorts with pink dinosaurs and speech bubbles saying "rawr".

* This troper has christmas light boxers, moon and star boxers, and cherry-pattern boxers. My sister has cheesecake panties and glow in the dark elmo panties. * My mom used to get goofy print boxer shorts for my dad every Christmas, but one year he told her to stop, so she started buying them for me instead. Thus far there's been Guitar Hero, sleighs flying past the moon, Mickey Mouse, and probably a few more I can't think of. * When this troper is in a situation that calls for a suit and tie, there's about a 90% chance of a pair of Superman briefs underneath those formal clothes. * My teacher recently revealed her spongebob boxers to the class by accident when her pants ripped. She claimed they weren't hers, but later admitted to being a big spongebob nerd after wearing spongebob pajamas on pajama day. * This troper buys a lot of odd boxers; ones with cartoon characters, video game characters, and comic book characters on it. It's considered socially okay though, since he's a teen. * Let's see now... the flamingo print girl-boxers, the cow-print girlboxers, the ones with 'babe' written in rainbow-coloured shiny letters across the butt, the red and white spotted once... yeah, I like these ones. I also bought my friend a pair of space invader boxer shorts for christmas. * This (female) troper likes to sleep in boxers during warm weather, especially ones with weird/cute prints. Being caught in ghost-print boxers during a late-night fire drill in her dorm earned her the nickname "Spookybutt", which lasted the rest of the year. * This troper's closest proper brush with this trope was a pair of boxers he wishes he owned, that he saw at a store one day. They were imprinted with {{Xbox}} logos, which would have enabled him to call them [[IncrediblyLamePun Xboxers]]. * This troper has many different star patterns, Superman, Sesame Street, dinosaurs, M&Ms... And the boxers she keeps in her backpack to sleep in in case of surprise sleepover are patterned with hotel signs saying "For Rent, Available Now". * I use to own boxers with pineapples and palm trees on them * This female tropette owns a pair of yellow Pikachu print panties...and another pink Jigglypuff print one. * This she-Troper has Halloween-themed boy-shorts/panties: owls, cats, brooms, candy corn, pumpkins...in various shades of purple, hot-pink, orange and black. One for everyday of the week, weekends are for NightmareBeforeChristmas Jack Skellington panties! * I know a guy who wears a pair of these to every date, for a reason to keep his pants on. * [[@/KatanaCat This Troper]], being immature as she is, has many of these. They are paisley, or with strawberries, cherries, butterflies, flowers, or a number of other patterns. The most embarrassing? Teletubbies - very old and I have almost no idea how they still fit after about 10 years. ** Also, she has given all her original characters these. For instance, [[MsFanservice Violet]] [[MemeticSexGod the]] [[FurryFandom fennec]] has the hotel signs mentioned farther up the page, [[BunglingInventor Fern the]] [[SeldomSeenSpecies swamp wallaby]] has

pink [[ShowWithinAShow HyperCat Ultra]] panties, and [[CloudCuckooLander Max the butterfly]] has lighthouses, glow in the dark rabbits, and [[AllDesertsHaveCacti a desert with cacti]]. Sadly, some characters are aware [[AnimeAnatomy their fur covers everything]], and so being [[HalfDressedCartoonAnimal HalfDressedCartoonAnimals]] one of these characters cannot be involved in a gag where theirs are revealed without first putting on some clothes for some sort of special occasion. * I haz Plastation boxers. they are AWESOME. * This troper recently (By recently I mean yesterday) started an OC requesting fic for a new team of characters for my XMenEvolution fanfiction. One of the questions I asked was 'sleepwear/underwear' so I know what to picture when imagining them asleep. One of the OC's sugested had a girl who wears halloween themed cartoon underwear to sleep. * [[{{@/Anomaly188}} I]] have ACDC print pajama pants that I wore when I was dorming in college. Other than that the only embarrassing clothes I have are boxers with purple/pink lines on them. I never wear them since they were stocking stuffers and I have much more plain boxers available. * I have three pairs of boxers red, blue, and black with white polka dots on them. * Someplace in my closet is a set of peach underwear with hearts printed on it. Not sure why my cousin gave this to me for Christmas ** The goofiest example I've heard of yet: somewhere in Florence, there is a store that sells men's underwear...with the 'equipment' of Michaelangelo's "David" printed on it. ---Go back to GoofyPrintUnderwear, and why the hell do you have that pattern? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath * This troper's friends have taken to searching every video store they enter for ''"Gay Shaolin Monks Slaughtering Evil In The Temple Of Doom"'', including asking the store clerks for it. One day, the popular demand for this movie will be perceived so great that it will certainly be made! * This troper's final video for her English class last year was called '''"Die To Live Another Day Again Tomorrow, Part III: The Deadening"'''. * This troper thinks of [[spoiler: Gears of War]] when he hears about this trope. * This troper wrote a story where some characters were trying to pick a B-Movie to watch, with the candidates including ''"Zombies in the Aquarium"'', ''"Attack of the Gruesome Spaghetti Sauce Monster"'' and ''"Invasion From Planet X"''. * This troper had an awesome physics teacher, who when asked what title a graph should be given, was always happy to oblige by telling

the hapless student they should call it "The return of the revenge of the son of TheMummy, Part 2". ** Sounds like every physics teacher I ever had. * My bio teacher would tell us to pick any random title for labs, and he would read them to the class. These were usually something like this. * My dad used to tell This Troper a ridiculous story about a band called Iron Death Witch. * After this troper explained the complicated plot of her current novel to a friend in hope of help with the title, said friend suggested I call it "EVIL SEX DRUG OVERDOSE!". * For my IT collegework, I will be creating a game called ''Exploding Zombie Chainsaw Killers II: Explosions of Chainsaws''. * ''Underage Hookers From Hell''. ---Hey, have you seen this? It's called ''Returning With Awesome Swiftness of Click to the GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath''. Sounds Tropealicious. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GoshdangItToHeck * I have an observant catholic friend who will never ever ever EVER curse. Even "damn" is out of the question. However, he did say "shit" once when he was very young and figuring out what it means, and I was able to get him to say "damn" too. Score for anti-censorship! * Same troper as above, I don't often curse, at least without true purpose, like when I'm really angry or for emphasis. But when I'm around my father, he constantly says "watch your language". I can understand that, but when he tells me off for saying "goddammit ads annoy me", it's a bit much. * This troper occasionally asks "What the Frank Sinatra?" when something odd happens in polite company. * This troper was sitting at her school, and watched a kid run up to another kid and shout, "Gosh Dang you to Heck!" and then run away. How odd.... * This troper's cousin said "Aww fiddle!" as a response to a bridge being out. I came to see what happened and simply blurted out "Shit." * This troper will hold a fist up to someone who makes him mad, and raise, quickly, his pointer finger to freak them out, rather than flipping the bird. * This Troper will on occasion replace the 'F*ck' with 'Fudgecakes'. * This troper is particularly fond of "Son of a drunken werewolf!", although she has not yet had an opportunity to use it in real life. (However, in one of her stories and in a roleplay forum . . . she has.) * Shortly after the birth of her niece, this she-troper resolved to stop swearing like a sailor, instead using 'Frak', 'Son of a Combine', 'Son of a Templar', 'Son of a beesting', 'Son of a Dusk' and 'Son of a Dusk'. She's also found herself cussing in Italian which

seems....counter-productive, as her niece is bound to learn/understand the language sooner or later. * This Troper always says "gosh", which in her rather posh english accent works quite well, but tends to prompt mockery. But she gets mocked if she says "fuck" as well due to the accent. Can't win. * [[@/StarePris This troper]] always winces when reads or hears cursing. The closest he has ever does to cursing is using the expletive from Pirates of Dark Water. * The most this troper has ever sworn was when he was four or something and screamed to his brother in pure joy "I'm gonna kick your *** out of your *** !" Otherwise, I just say "crud". I think I might of said "this is crudding insane" at one time or another... * When this troper learned that 'porra' (a Brazilian expletive) was the name of a kind of candy (churros) in certain Spanish-speaking countries, she started using 'Churros' as a curse word. Her exboyfriend used to say 'Cheetos!' a lot. * This troper has used a variety of odd expletive stand-ins. Examples are Jiminey Cricket, Jiminey Christmas, shizits, shiznitz, frazzle, bananarama, frugglebutts, schnikey, crapola, polar bear, and vermillion. When needed, however, this troper can swear like no other. Ever witnessed a formerly mild-mouthed teen suddenly shout "Go assfuck your hermaphrodite mom, you moronic jackass bastard of a cuntfucked crack-whore lardass condom-fail! May your dick forever be tiny and your balls blue, doucheface, and your rectum be wrecked by your stepdad's ding-dong." Yes, ding-dong was included. * This Troper has a friend who says "What the french toast?!?!" In addition, this troper says Dadburnit, after one to many western shows. * This troper, after growing up in a swear-strict household, has grown up using "phoo" most often, and for slightly more agitated expletives "dam". Of course, when questioned about this, it's always the beaver kind of dam. Also, my brother grew up saying "flipping", but has by now broken his programming and can drop F-bombs whenever he likes. How I envy him. * This troper's favorite euphemism is "Sweet fancy Moses in a sidecar!" It's not just more polite... it's ''loads'' more fun to say. ** This Troper is fond of "Jesus H. Christ on a Motorbike!" *** [[@/EddieVanHelsing This troper]] favors "Jesus H. Crispetycrunchety Christ on a Harley-Davidson with a bottle of whiskey in each hand and Mary fucking Magdalene riding pillion". **** That... kind of defeats the purpose of alternative swears. **** Are you a fan of Sam and Max Freelance police by any chance? *** Whereas this troper is a fan of "Jesus Turing Christ!". *** "Christ on a bike!" It rolls off the tongue easier, I find. *** I prefer "Jesus Christ on a motorbike/battlemech" *** This troper usually just yells whatever nonsense comes to mind in place of swears, leading to such gems as "Son of an orange!" and "Flip you, balloon!" *** For me, "Christ on a pogo stick!" (This must be said in a Scottish accent) *** For some reason, 'Holy Jesus on a pogo stick!' sounds so much more funny to me. *** "Jesus Christ on a crutch!"

*** "Holy f*** in' Moses!" *** Math geeks *** I prefer "Holy guacamole and a side of chips!" *** "Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches!" *** "Sweet zombie Jesus!" *** 'Jesus Christ on a crutch with antlers!' *** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5180337/11/Dear_Joker "Jesus H. christ on a Ritz cracker!"]] *** "Sweet son of a creeping Jesus on a crutch!" *** "Sweet tap dancin' Jesus!" *** "Jesus Harold Christ in a souped up sidecar!" *** "Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick!" *** "Jesus Hebrew Christ on a flipping pogo stick!" *** "Chresus Jist!" *** "Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick"...the guy clearly likes pogo sticks *** "Dear Sweet Mother of Zeus" *** "Christ on a bike!" *** A friend of mine favors "Jesus pissing monkeys!" *** "Christ in a cream cheese sauce!" *** "Jesus deep-fried Christ riding a tricycle!" *** "Jesus H. Hetfield!" *** "Nicene creed it Bob, you were supposed to have it finished!" *** [[@/{{Sakan4k}} This Troper]] prefers "Sweet Buttery Christ" or "Son of a Biscuit" in times where she cannot swear. * [[@/SapphireFlame This Troper]] has learned to suppress the urge to swear IRL for fear of saying one at the wrong time, so I end up playing this trope pretty straight. * This troper uses this kind of terms in instant messenger and chatsoftware and swears [[ConLang in strange languages]] in real life. So, yeah, another one playing this trope straight. * [[@/{{Magnezone}} This Troper's]] parents loathe curse words in all of their shapes and forms. Curse words that include use of the word 'god' in 'vain' (meaning, "Oh my God!") Once the fourth generation of {{Pokemon}} came out, I discovered a lovely little stand-in named Arceus. Having pleased/confused my parents, the term stuck. * [[@/AstraKiseki This troper]] shouts "EXPLETIVE" and "CENSORED" rather much. What adds to the comedy is when the audience knows I have TourettesSyndrome. * [[@/JohnnyBGoode This troper]] completely inverts it. I decided regular swears were not strong enough, thus I invented "shitballs", "hairy fucking ballsac", "shitcakes", and "shitcakes on a creampie" RuleOfFunny. ** This troper used shitballs ALL THE TIME! ** This troper's claim to fame: "what the shit?!", pales in comparison to the rest of these inventive swears. * This troper has recently taken to using "FORK!" as an expletive. He doesn't know where it started. * [[@/BeckyBlue This troper]] happened to twist her ankle hard in the hallway just as the principal was passing was passing by... ended up yelling "SON OF A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISCUIT...." ** This troper was going to add that, except that it was her friend

saying it. I think we went to the same middle school. * This troper very rarely curses, but when I do, I like to mix this with the more... uh... "raunchy" search times. IE "That gosh darned * u** !" ** I take it you either read {{xkcd}} or think like the author, your choice. * This troper was taking a science test in her school's science department office, also known as where the science teachers hang out if they don't have a class to be teaching. She heard one of them shout, as several books fell off a table, "Oh, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS!" I was snickering to myself for the remainder of my test. ** This troper wonders if the teacher in question was a fan of LittleWomen, as that was Jo's favorite expletive. * [[@/EddieVanHelsing This Troper]] once heard a guy yell "Judas Priest" instead of "Jesus Christ". ** I'm ''so'' stealing that. * This troper's nephew cried out "Ohhh... Tartar sauce!" during one {{Dynasty Warriors}} 3 game that wasn't going so well. And I myself have said "Expletive deleted" on more than one occasion during moments of frustration. ** That tarter sauce example is from Spongebob. The second one is from Futurama. *** [[CaptainObvious Thank you.]] * A somewhat comic-specific example, but this troper has heard [[FantasticFour "Space Jesus on a surfboard!"]] used as an exclamation... * Due to a particularly eventful query on the livejournal community little_details, [[@/{{Skazka}} this troper]] has of late resolved to only use profanity suitable to Victorian adolescents. Like "dash it!" and "drat" (which I already use copiously), "mercy!" "heavens!", "for shame", "goodness", and "oh, bother!". ''Less'' G-rated, we have the appellation/exclamation of "hellnonce!" It has just the right connotations, both blasphemous, sexual and generally abusive to the subject, and-- it's just plain fun to say. Come on. Say it. Also, "Sweet Christmas!" and lately, in one particular instance, "blistering blue barnacles!" (And... "fook".) * This troper uses just about every swearword she can think of, including a few she invented herself, meaning that fuck can be swapped for frick in a conversation, but for no real reason. * This troper plays SSB with someone who doesn't curse at all. Which makes the amusing situation where I'm dropping F-bombs pretty much every second, and then she gets frustrated with a "Dang it!" * This troper says "dag nab it!" a lot, for no other reason than it's kind of fun to say. And if "friggin'" counts, then that too, primarily thanks to reading too much DinosaurComics. And there was the time when he was in the backseat while his family was driving somewhere, his car door flew open because it hadn't been closed tightly enough, and for some reason his first reaction was to let out a frantic cry of [[BigNo "CRAAAAAAAAAAP!!!"]] ** [[@/SpaceJawa I'll]] occasionally combine the two into one larger "Da(n)g Frikkin' Nabbit!" if I'm feeling particularly upset. * This troper tends to use the word zen to censor himself whenever his

parents are around. The phrases used include, but are not limited to: *** "Holy ZEN!" *** "Sweet merciful ZEN!" *** "What in the name of ZEN!?" * I'm not 100% sure this exactly counts, but this troper, Biffbiffley, has been trying to say "poopie" instead of the obvious other word. He has a friend with a two year old and knows from experience that kids will repeat what they hear. * Oh, Fudge. ** [[TheSimpsons Fiddle-dee-dee! That will require a tetanus shot. I'm not going to swear, but I am going to KICK THIS DOGHOUSE DOWN!]] * [[@/SharmHedgehog Me.]] Not even on the Internet. * Ah, Conch Fritters. * This troper had a bizarre accident at church the Sunday before Christmas 2008; she was directing the Sunday School Christmas pageant and fell off the altar. (Yeah.) She very badly injured her knee, to the extent that she almost fainted from the pain. Still, she managed to remember where she was and how many kids were surrounding her, so she restrained her scream to a mere "Oh, [=SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHoot=]." * This troper, for purposes of humor, once called an obvious lie "bullpoopy". ** [[@/{{smittykins}} This troper]] has heard "El toro poo-poo," and is also fond of the actual Spanish translation: "La mierda del toro." Sometimes, in an attempt to cut down on her swearing, she will say, "Phooey," "Foosball", or substitute a raspberry/Bronx cheer for the offending word. * This troper has played far too much Fire Emblem, and thus has taken to using the word "blast" in place of the usual curses. Alternatively, he uses miscellaneous grunting and snarling. * [[@/{{Seanette}} Another troper]] uses the word "bleep" as an expletive. * [[@/OurPoorBrains This troper]] picked up the phrase "mother-humping toad-sucker" from a friend and still uses it here and there. * This troper has been trying to censor herself for the sake of her best friend's little siblings, so she's taken to using gibberish instead. * One girl made a swear-box in DT the word to avoid having to pay up me and a friend of mine replaced certain words "F*** " was replaced with "Fish", "S*** " was turned into "Sugar" and "Damn" was just not used. However when we found out the money was for charity we just swore on purpose. * This troper frequently shouts "Son!" and "Son of a Bic!". Yes, the pen. ** What makes this even funnier is that the name of the company in Europe was Bich, but they changed it to Bic in the US for fear of mispronunciation. * What the fuzz, you fuzzy buttfuzz?! * [[@/{{Zilo}} This Troper]] uses terms such as "What the flip?" or "What the bleep?" and her sister has come up with the inventive "What the {{Halo}}?" * [[@/{{Nausicaa}} This troper]] has started using "cockatoo" on a

regular basis (blame {{U2}}). She also uses [[FatherTed feck]] and "Sweet Brigid/Diana/Isis!" It just seems more creative that way. * This troper, a {{Legion Of Super-Heroes}} fan, is prone to yelling "Oh Grife!", "Grife-sprockin'-darn it!", or, my favourite, "Dear sweet Garth!" * this troper has been using "buttfudge" for over two decades - altho at her more vehement moments she's called people a "fut nucker" instead (and got it mistaken for a misspeak of "fartknocker" while in high school, because for some reason that became the in faux swear). while this troper can and does actually swear from time to time she tends to go into "auntie mode" and refuses to cuss on the job (partially because having a brother over a decade older than her allowed her to learn several cusses that could easily get her fried). * This troper actually says "son of a biscuit," "son of a boogie," "fudgebuckets," and, I kid you not, "Garfunkle." * [[@/{{Smashy}} This troper.]] Not so much on the internet, but in real life... When you have trouble saying Hell in church... * Thanks to a certain website, this troper will sometime say 'Fark!' * This troper keeps using 'Goatse!' in place of cuss words. Not so much as a GoshDangItToHeck aversion, but because he's convinced that it should be accepted as an actual cuss word. It sounds like one, it rolls off the tongue easily, and it conjures unpleasant mental imagery; what more does it need? * Thanks to influence from certain Sci-Fi shows, this troper's favorite curses are "[[RedDwarf smeg]]" and [[{{Firefly}} random Chinese-sounding words]] * I used to say "zarking" a lot, particularly in sixth grade, when the {{Tsundere}} I like would hit me frequently, and I would say "that was zarkin' painful!" Eventually I got over this trope, and now I'm everyone's favorite sufferer of [[TourettesShitcockSyndrome Backstage Fucking Coprolalia]]. * Never in my life I've heard my father cursing. When he's upset, he says stuff like "May the rooster bite it!" I myself avoid swearing when I'm with my family. * To avoid getting in trouble at school when frustrated (and also to avoid inadvertantly teaching her young nephew any bad words), this troper would often say "Oh fudge!" or "Fugedity fudge fudge!" [[CaptainObvious It should be obvious as to which swear THAT one is intended to replace.]] * This troper has a very strange vocabulary due to the fact that her parents get ngry when she says even just "dang it". It is not at all uncommon to hear her shout something like, "Oh, snot!", "Holy cappuchino!", "What the buzzer!", "PANCAKES!", and "You llamastealing, fish-walking, pigeon-holing cheesehead!". And, of course, she uses the word, "Duke" as a substitute for any swear word, even though that's because of an extreme hatred for Duke Devlin from Yu-GiOh. She's also fairly certain that if ever dying in extreme pain, her last words would be, "Oh, fudge buckets." * This troper can often be heard playing video games and yelling, "Frickin' knickers!" and, "Ruddy dingus!" at the top of her lungs. She also yells, "Bother!" and "Oh for the sake of Nicholas ruddy Flamel!" * This troper is quite fond of saying "Holy underbite, Batman!", and

"What the bleepinheimer?!". And by saying, I mean screaming at the top of my lungs. It's quite fun! * This Troper's best friend quite frequently says 'fiddlesticks', quite seriously. * While in speech I'm fond of the good old-fashioned ClusterFBomb, I make a concerted effort not to use that particular word in writing unless it's called for-- not out of being bluenosed, but rather because I think it's overused. Any other profanity is more or less fair game, but if I'm really upset while blogging, expect a lot of punctuation framed by the letters f and k. * Science, dammit! * This troper tried coining the substitute "holy sponge!" After all, [[IncrediblyLamePun sponges are the holiest thing she knows.]] It didn't stick though, and she's still a sailor mouth. :Ph ** Same idea, different 'swear'- Holy cheese. Or, alternively, Swiss cheese or Swiss, although that one takes a little more explaining. Also, when my sister is annoying, I tend to call her an Italianspeaking Greek (because that was the first thing to pop into my head one day and it stuck, although I might have to watch that if I meet anyone Greek who speaks Italian...). And then there's cowcrap... * This troper usually makes use of replacement swear words around kids younger than 13 - such as "malarcky" for "bullshit", "twighumper" for "faggot" (makes sence in context), and "puffer" for "you fucking junkie". Once, he was callled on this by a 15-year old, who, with a Butthead-like snicker, said " You should just say 'fuck' and 'cunt' around kids, you big wuss." Responce: " Shut your filthy little cockhole, you son of a triple-cunted whore. Go play with a dead hamster in a dumpster truck filled with headcrab abortions." ** I felt so smug. * The kids in this troper's church youth group have adopted the humorous tendency of yelling "Oh, not-a-church-word!" instead of an actual epithet. ** Similarly, this troper's Catholic school and "not (school name) safe!" (And for some reason, "douchebag" got truncated not into "deebag" but into "dew", and from there into "morning dew!") * "Bob Saget." for general "oh shit" and "dammit" moments. Also, "You SQUID." Squid is also used as a term of endearment, but if with an angry tone displays a more irritated expression. * This troper was using "Frack" as an alternative to the F word long before he even knew about Battlestar Galactica. * This troper (Rainbow) has a variant where she curses in Japanese (words like "shimatta") because of watching anime and having learned Japanese, so it's still sort of cursing but most Americans won't know what she's saying. Otherwise I use "darn" and "heck" even in fanfics or else I represent cursing in symbols like in comic strips. Part of it is I don't want to get in the habit of cursing in case it would get me in trouble (like in a job) and it feels weird to be an atheist and say things like "damn" and "hell" when I don't actually believe in those concepts. However, I'm not above making puns using the word "ass" and I do sometimes refer to my females dogs as bitches, especially the Tsundere one. * Averted and played straight by this troper. He swears like a sailor

around his house, but tries not to in public places. He still tries not to say "fuck" around other people, though. * My mother is still not above sticking soap in my mouth for swearing. Therefore, around her I tend to use [[GoddamnedBats "BATS!"]], after a certain trope. She still hasn't figured out where it came from, [[TvTropesWillEnhanceYourLife but she can't argue with it.]] * [[@/DominusTemporis This troper]] is generally like this. I almost always say "darn" and "heck," with "crap" usually being the worst that I say. I do have loopholes (if I'm acting, it doesn't count), so when I actually ''do'' swear, those who know me are quite surprised at how forceful I can be. * This troper uses "freaking", "effing", "damn" and "crap" all the time, and I also often say "BEEP!" out loud, but I'm still trying to convince my mom to let me use swears in my stories to make the characters sound more convincing. I got a break when a teacher asked me about the real meanings of "b** ch* and "b*** ard* , so I explained that I read their real, non-offensive meanings from the dictionary-which my other teacher pronounced as "[=DICtionary=]". But my mom DOES allow me to quote swear-riddled stuff... * Some girl I knew in a forum popularized the expression "son of a fruit". If you translate it into Spanish, it's a million times better. * [[@/{{Bluemage}} This Troper]] made an oath to not swear, cuss, or whatever it is we call it nowadays. He uses 'dang' and forms of 'frick', but no actual obscenities or profanities. 'bloody' is used, but only as a less pedestrian synonym for 'very'. Heck, up until a few years ago, he wouldn't even say 'ass' or 'hell', despite being nontheist. ** Among my friends, it's well-known that my oath may be broken, [[{{EarthShatteringKaboom}} if ever there is a situation dire enough to (in my estimation) warrant using real expletives.]] The day I swear is the day they know things are ''really'', '''really''' bad. I could probably use this for lulz (read: heart attacks), but it'd be a waste of an oath that's lasted over 15 years now. ** I also enjoy swearing (in an older sense) by random gods. Usually Norse, but the occasional "By Jove!" makes it into my speech. * This troper remembers during a game of Sham Battle that a classmate of mine said, "What? * insert person name's here* can't throw for-Cue our short-tempered teacher looking his way -Cuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrry." * This troper invented the word Fark. He also says crab instead of the other word that starts with cra because his sister considers that swearing. He doesn't give a cunt about letting his mouth go fucking batshit on the internet though. * While [[@/{{hrdcrnwo}} this troper]] does swear, I use [[AnchormanTheLegendOfRonBurgundy "By the hammer of Thor!"]] on occasion. * I always say "What the fudgemonkeys?" or Diddlphiddle. I can swear up a storm though. Mainly because of my ADHD... * Frakking heck when this troper is just regular annoyed. Something considerably ruder if he's genuinely pissed off. This troper rarely actually swears but expect a {{Precision F Strike}} if things have {{Gone Horribly Wrong}}

* This troper uses "Seittoga!" An anagram of send it to Gaza if you follow my rationale. Sounds like gratuitous japanese too so this Occidental Otaku is unexpectedly pleased. * "Sod! Sod Sod Sod Sod Sod!" "Oh! For the love of Mike!" "Sweet Mary O'Grady" * The F in WTF stands for Föehn, of course. * Son of a Monk, What in the name of the Dark French Emperor? are the ones I use most commonly and a Monk! when trying to not say damn or fuck * This troper rarely uses proper swears unless he feels it'd be amusing, instead mainly using pseudo-swears ironically like "Gawsh durnit", or usually less-offensive terms like "blimey" and "crikey". He also went through a brief phase of using [[FinalFantasyX2 "disasteriffic"]] which he thankfully grew out of... * This troper has three. The first one, if you consider it to be one, is at the time where one would normally swear, I just start making stuttering sounds (one of my friends compared it to Scrat of Ice Age). The second is Wobbuffet, and I truely don't even know how that started, it just did. The third and most recent one is "Oh crepe!". It was started by accident, we were making crepes (if you don't know what that is, French pancakes), and one of my friends accidentally spilled batter and exclaimed "Oh crepe!". It just stuck on after that. * [[Tropers/CaptHayfever This captain]] is fond of "bleep", both as a word & a sound effect. He also enjoys the mild forms like "dang", "shoot", "heck", "stinking", "freaking", "screw", etc., as well as throwing in a few odder choices like "scrub you" & some complete gibberish from time to time. Once he was in a silent movie, & got away with just mouthing his character's profanity during filming, though the cast did actually speak most of the dialogue while on camera (for the sake of cues, reactions, etc.) * [[@/MmmKay This troper]] recently has enjoyed the roll-off-thetongue-ness of "Jeesum-crow!". * I use: "Shoot!", "Darn it! Fix it!" (Like darning a sock is fixing it), and "FUNKY FREAK!" or "Funky Freakin'" * This Troper has a 4 year old nephew to look after and started to instinctively restrain themselves to "dash it". Then they realised what it sounds like. * [[@/INFJeff This troper's]] curse words of choice are "SHORTS!" and "CORPSE!" . That second one's a little weird. * My catchphrase might as well be "Frakking heck!" Freaking hell is common as well. * [[@/TheRenaissanceRaver This Troper]] consistently pulls explicative-substitutes from {{Farscape}} on a regular basis, ''especially'' around her parents. At school, explicative vocab is limited to damn, shit, ass, and hell. The {{Cluster F Bomb}} that tends to show up is always phrased: "Frell, dren, yotz, and hezmana!" * This troper was raised in a no cuss household, even words like hell and damn were taboo. Of course this made other people laugh at him when he refused to cuss. * Dangit to Heloise! (Hecko, dangit to crap, etc.) * Monkey Feathers!! * A friend of mine pointed out that every swear becomes completely

family friendly if you add an "R." Birch, shirt, fork, arse, dram, are all real words, and everything else is just gibberish. * This Troper will curse if sufficiently perturbed, but will generally spout gibberish when surprised or agitated. His brother is fond of "Crud Muffins!" * Aw, pellets. * This troper once screamed "SWEET MOTHER OF SHAKESPEARE!" while playing Kingdom Hearts with her nephew. Her older brother overheard and proceeded to mock her by using the most ridiculous faux-expletives his creative little mind could imagine. The sad part, or maybe the best "fridge off" possible-I haven't yet figured out-is that I started using some of them. * This Troper stutters even when saying 'hell' in the completely literal sense. Therefore, 'Crap' is my trademark, while I also use 'Fricking' and 'sheissekopf', 'you female dog,' and/or, 'donkey'/'arse'. Not to mention 'shwartzendoogle', and 'Tick'. This seems to be a source of great amusement to my cussing friends, apparently. * This American troper uses "bugger" in place of "fuck" nearconstantly, and [[GoodOmens Bugger all this for a lark]], when something's particularly frustrating. You'd be surprised what swearing in other dialects will let you get away with. * This Troper has a co-worker who makes a point of expressing his discontent with the following string of expletives: "Curses! Maledictions! Imprecations! Baaaad Woooords!" * This troper's mother scolds her for saying "frickin'". Especially annoying as she no longer lives with her mother and has gotten used to using big-girl swears... ** I know. I haven't lived with my mother for 3 years, 21 years old, and she still admonishes me when I curse (my older siblings also get this treatment). I think she's still getting used to me being an adult. ** You're lucky. This troper's mother once gave this troper and her sister a (long) lecture for saying that something sucks. This troper's mother swears almost as much as this troper's teenage classmates. ** This troper's mother lets his little brother's f- and s-words get under the radar the whole time, but being better-mannered (at least around the parents!) this troper limits himself to "crap" and "this sucks"... and gets told off ''worse'' than he would for, say, "shit". I don't get it. * A NPR interview played with this trope (the interview was about FCC regulations, fining broadcasters for not bleeping out swear words...) turning "F---" into "Floss". * [[@/{{alexduckie}} This troper]] expresses her frustration with EXPLICATIVE FREAKING EXPLICATIVE BAD WORD! "Freaking" is probably the worst word she says. Her 11-year-old younger sister uses worse language than she does. * This Troper doesn't use any profane words at all. Instead he replaces them with completely normal (not in context) words. This results in very strange sentences. "That freaking walrus faced laser [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys monkey]]!" * This troper's parents used to scould his brother and him for using

bad words, but now don't really mind (this troper is 18, so he can talk like an adult, but his brother is only 15 and will occasionally get in trouble for using bad words). * As stated above, there really are those people who absolutely despise swearing and have never used a curse word in their lives, this troper included, because they are vulgar, immature, and revolting. Not to say I haven't gotten used to hearing that stuff all the time, but their are those who are above it. I myself will never swear, ever, and am proud of it, because it means less shame on me ** And god knows you need to avoid all the shame you could bring on yourself, since you already have a poor domain of the English language (''their''? Seriously? And you should start sentences with capital letters) At least my vulgar, imature, revolting self can use proper grammar and spelling when cursing. And I myself will never use a Troper Tales page to voice my prejudice against a part of the population that literally comprises thousands of people just because they use words that I myself don't like, ever, and I am proud of it, because it means less shame on me. * Usually when I'm with my friends, I just say 'damn', 'bloody' and weak stuff like that. When I'm with my mum, though... Well, let's just say I have to make words like 'damn' sound like they aren't swearwords at all. (For your information, my mum won't even let me say 'GoshDangItToHeck'.) * This troper's brother just said, while playing Wii, "I don't give a rat's hat!" That's a new one in my book. * This troper uses "Isht!" and "Son of a mother!" The latter often gets a response of, "Uh... yeah, most sons have mothers." ** Filho da mãe (Son of a mother) is actually a pretty common G-rated curse word in Brazil. It's the not-curse-word of choice for the people that dub American films from English to Portuguese. * [[@/{{Sonica}} This troper]] might be an Aussie, what with us saying swear words like it's no problem. However, I would tend to refrain from swearing big ones out loud in public, which often stuns my friends if they actually hear me say the F-word or something. Generally, I use "crud", "bloody", "b-tard" (literally "bee-tard"), "effed/effers"... * Words like 'Donkey-butts' and 'damn these collections of fecal matters to hell' are not uncommon here. Also 'friggin' a'. Don't ask what the 'a' stands for; I honestly have no clue. ** Probably a** hole. * I have decided to replace many instances of "Jesus Christ" (or just Jesus) with "Jebus Crist" (or just Jebus). There's no religious reason behind it, I just like to mix it up some times. * After years of swearing I've started using different varieties to spice things up. I've began using "bitch-tits" in place of whatever word would end sentences like "aww, crap". I also replace the f-word with another one (meaning cigerette in England). It makes no sense at all, but it works. * I have a friend who got me and another friend started on exclaiming "Good Ghandi!" when things go wrong. Personally, I substitute with the F-word with things like 'fudge'. However, I've found if I'm extraordinarily angry and trying not to swear because I can get in

trouble, I go "FUDGE RIPPLE SUNDAE!" Also, after watching Wicked, I know substitute 'shit' for 'Shiz'. So I sometimes exclaim "Holy Shiz!" without thinking xD * This troper is in the process of replacing his traditional swear words/phrases with their Chinese equivalents a la {{Firefly}}. * This troper's ''entire school'' is like this (BYU, in case you had any doubts). You can't go through an entire day without hearing someone say "flip," "freaking," "goshdang," "heck," "crap/crud," or "darn." After spending a while here, it's a bit of a shock when you leave the bubble and hear ''actual'' swear words. * This Troper loves saying 'OH MY PORK!' after {{Mother3}} , She also occasionaly says 'You dastard!' After playing {{Fire Emblem}} . And when she gets really mad, she says 'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP so then BEEP BEEP And so you'll have to go to the grocery store without pants.' Beeps are pronounced. * Stolen straight from Sci-Fi, if this troper ever really has a reason to say anything more drastic that Shit, I use Frak. * This troper wrote a story in which one of the characters was a fighter pilot who normally swore a lot, but got a spell put on him that turned all of his curses into harmless replacements because another character did not want him to swear at Disney World. * Coming from a very non-swearing household, this troper has gone through quite a litany of words to replace expletives. Foreign swear words flew under the radar pretty well (bugger, arse, bloody heck). Mom nipped 'merde!' in the bud though. Then there is the cornucopia of other phrases still in use, including but not limited too: ** 'Oh crap-fritters.' ** 'Fraggy frag!' ** 'Hoo-dang!' and 'Dagnabbit!' ** 'Shoot a monkey.' and 'Monkey-bugger!' (What I have against simians, I just don't know.) * This Troper does this when he gets mad. It tends to get ridiculous, with him just spouting out the first words that pop into his head in a maniacal chain that makes no sense whatsoever. "Garrr...frigging...ninja spider on a saintburger with WAFFLES!" is a rather tame example. * This troperette says, "Freesh". * This troper doesn't swear. Half because it would really freak out the people who know me, and half because when I'm angry or injured enough to warrent swearing, all that comes out is [[{{Angrish}} "ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!"]] * This troper often uses "zark", "[[TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Zarquon]]," "frack," and "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED]" (the brackets are not pronounced) as well as "What the fudging cheese monkeys?" * As a Mormon, this troper is guilty of using the following: fetch, flip, dangit, oh blinking heck, crap, good night nurse, and my favorite being Son of a Bison! ** Our people are the absolute masters of this trope. *** Indeed. Nowhere else but the Jell-O Belt can you go and hear people say "Oh my heck!" unironically. * One of [[@/CrashGordon94 my]] friends has a [[CloudCuckoolander nice-but-zany]] mom who really encourages this (even to the point of

not letting her kids say "fart"), my parents are similar, I personally say stuff like "Crap" "Damn" and "Hell" a lot, [[PrecisionFStrike and stronger stuff only on occasion]]. * This male troper's reaction to seeing Goatse for the first time? (after knowing about it for a good year or so, but still): "Whoa Nelly." * Ohhhhhh, '''S'''ugar '''H'''oney '''I'''ced '''T'''ea! ** Ah, a {{Madagascar}} fan, I see! ;) * This troper when normally says "Ach, crivens" but under special circumstances will exclaim things along the lines of "Blasted son of a whore-fucking bugger" * Odd with this troper as I swear a lot, but sometimes (even when I'm alone) I find myself censoring myself with things like "Son of a....", "Son of a biscut eater!", "Motherfletcher!", variations of frig and frick instead of fuck, shiznit instead of shit. My wife is fond of "Son of a motherless goat!" and "Scheiße". * Son of a Bean Dip Mother Frito. * Fudgemonkeys! * This troper's high school classmate's mother used "Fuckaduck" (in front of a car-full of students!), which really doesn't count. * This troper is a big fan of "shiz" and "shoot", because she really DOESN'T like cursing, it just... starts coming out! So it ends up being a "OH, [=SHIiiiizzzz=]...." * I'm not really that big of a creative cusser, most of the time sticking to a simple "fuck". The only one I've managed to come up with that stuck and didn't sound forced was: "Santa Ma-fucking-Ria!" Actually, no, there's another one: "Fuck me running with a crowbar!" * This troper says " Mother-fuhrer." Instead of the obvious, but it's really a insult, cause he really hates Hitler, and he's very vocal about it. He also tried "Shiznik" instead of shit, but it didn't really work. * This troper and her friend know this guy named Josh who is really annoying and AmbiguouslyGay. Whenever we see something that reminds us of him, we always say "Oh my Josh!" * After watching the infamous curb scene in AmericanHistoryX, this troper yelled, "That was ''unpleasant''!" His boyfriend at the time gave him a withering look and said, "Anyone else would have said 'Christ, that was fuckin' rough!'." This troper has also been known to shout, "You're not nice!" when anyone else would have said, "You fucking twat!" * This troper's grandparents are very strict about swearing. Since this troper is rather fond of sci-fi, Transformers, and Megaman, she uses " Motherboard-defragging" in place of "motherfucking", "defrag" in place of "fuck", "slag" in place of "damn", and "bolts" in place of "shit". There was also that time she said "Son of Wily" in place of "Son of a Bitch". Her grandparents have never caught on to the creative efforts so far. * This troper picked up her friend's habit of saying "No dip sherlock" instead of "No shit sherlock". Although at the time I'd never heard anyone say "no shit sherlock"... * This troper rarely, if ever, swears, and is fond of creative euphemisms. Being a science geek, she is just ''waiting'' for the

chance to use "Cryophile!", "Arginine!" or "Succinate!" as a substitute swear word. * This troper is oddly fond of "Oh, for the love of [[HarryPotter Quidditch]]!" * [[@/TheTallOne I]] have always yelled "FARK!" in times of stress, but somehow, 4Chan and other sites have entered the mix. I will also yell "Kittens!" in tribute to one of my favorite MythBusters episodes. * If anything goes wrong, I cut my curse short, so I end up saying "Oh Mother Fu-" Other phrases include: ** Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. ** Oh my giddy aunt ** Chuffing Hell ** Frigging Hell * This troper, in an effort to cut down on his profanity, often just screams "dah!" in place of actual swearing. * This troper's relatives from a farm in the midwest. Now this troper is used to way worse stuff ("motherfucker" is just the beginning...), but you know what? It has something... charming. * This troper has invoked this many times. The most notable of these being "Son of a monkey's uncle." Lampshaded once when someone asked "Wouldn't that be the monkey's cousin?" * This American troper uses 'Holy Roman Empire', 'mother Russia', 'dear Lord', and 'oy'. * This Troper doesn't cuss. She won't beat you with a crowbar if you cuss, but she chooses never to do it herself. And so, she has these choice words: ** Holy schnitzel! ** OH SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS. ** David H. Jones! ** Holy Snapple! ** Sweet Elvis on a pogo stick! ** Monkey-fighting/monkey-fighter * This troper has the bad habit of swearing like a sailor while playing video games, particularly Mario Cart. When playing with friends, (in the presence of younger siblings,) I had to tune down my language a bit, resulting in, "OH YOU LITTLE.... jerk. I don't like you." * This troper uses tends to say "FUDGE CRACKERS!" and "SWEET JEEBUS!" * This troper is forced to do that, as she has extremely conservative Catholic parents and a mentally challenged sister * [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} This troper]] lets the nerd characters in her [[TheVerse Storyverse]] use the phrase "What the hack!". First, it's nerdy and second the concept of hell isn't that familiar there. * This troper has used "What the bloody!" and the related "Bloody freep!". (He blames Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer for adding "Bloody" to his vocabulary as a curse word.) He has also said "Ah, nutbunnies." on occasion (quoting ''{{Freakazoid}}''). And occasionally, "Dagnabbit!". His older sister used to say "Frigginfraggin", though he is fairly certain she has gotten out of the habit. * This troper, while able to say swear words (Usually damn or crap), often says "SWEET MOTHER OF (insert some form of saying here)!" whenever he's either doing voices or making a comic (normally to make

it funnier). He also says the Battlestar Galactica swear word "Frak" somewhat often. He also tends to subvert this in a few of his comics due to a character who swears often. * This Troper (Poopskin -- Linking hates me) has started using [[ScoobyDoo "JENKIES, VELMA!"]] in place of expletives as part of an effort to stop swearing quite so much. * It's sort of a thing in this Troper's part of Ireland to substitute "duck" or "buck" for "fuck" whenever the latter would be inappropriate. * [[@/Chihuahua0 This Troper]] can only say dumb, but not even stu*** or id***. And it takes a little more effort for me to include curse words in my writing, as you can see. * [[Tropers/RosesSpindle This troper]] wishes I could remember to use one particularly geeky oath I thought of more often: [[MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail "Son of a hamster and a man who smelled of elderberries!"]] * [[AvertedTrope Incredibly averted]] with this troper. He almost always swears, and almost never uses any of the GoshDangItToHeck words. ** Similarly averted not only by this troper, but by his ''Catholic'' school as well. There are at least two teachers here who regularly swear in front of their classes, and most of the others don't even mention it if someone accidentally swears in front of them (intentional swearing, though, isn't taken as lightly). Only the religion teacher, the (lone) resident nun, and the principal seem to have a problem with all cases of swearing. * This troper has no problem with swearing and does it all the time, but my mother is GoshdangItToHeck played ramrod straight: she never swears except in the most extreme of circumstances, and even then she takes the time to apologize for her language, even if it's just me around, and when she knows I swear constantly. I've given up telling her it doesn't offend me in the slightest. * When not actually swearing, this troper uses a lot of alternatives such as "pooperschnickles" "crudpuppies" and "for the love of _____" which can be filled in by anything including Pete, banana pancakes or unicycles. She also can cuss in five different languages, but often picks benign words that are fun to yell, such as "basura" (garbage). * This troper remembers seeing a teacher in his school reprimand a boy for saying 'If I don't get this homework done, I'm fudged.' Worse yet, it was his favourite teacher. * [[{{Tropers/Joerc45}} This troper.]] "Ah, balderdash!" "That's rubbish!" [[FinalFantasyVI "Son of a submariner"!]] * This Swedish troper frequently says "jisses" or "jösses" which are similar to the English "gee" and "jeez" in that they probably originated as a substitute for "Jesus". Other than that, I swear entirely too much, except when I'm around children. Then I unconsciously stop swearing, which I guess is good since I'm studying to become a teacher. * [[@/MiMiOfTheStars This Troper]], while never shying away from a curse in real life (aside from around her parents) often uses "FACK!" when writing. The other kids in her French class have also taken a liking to "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR."

* This troper tends to substitute "God" for "Buddha", although he has been trying to think of something else since embracing Buddhism in his Christian beliefs. * [[@/{{MiraShio}} Effcracker frazzle fuzz]]. * This Troper is often says "Frick!" rather than the more vulgar fword. Due to certain settings with small children, she also has to limit her use of "shit"; it still slips out, but it comes out as "Shiiiioot!" And then, after playing TheWorldEndsWithYou, she has taken to saying "Oh my Composer" or "Oh my <said Composer's name, listing it would be a spoiler>". * This troper swears like a sailor, with 'for fuck's sake' being her favorite phrase. Her LDS aunt seems to swear almost as much (she loves to use 'Goddammit' a lot). Her other Christian aunt prefers replacement swears, to the point of replacing 'fart' with 'fluff'. * Half of the time when something goes wrong, I [[ClusterFBomb swear a lot]]... the other half, I use these while around more sensitive ears(young kids, grandparents, ect) or [[RuleOfFunny just for fun]]. For example: ** "BLEEP!" ** "Count" for fuck, after a certain Youtube video. ** "For the love of cheesecake/bagels/*other random word*!" ** Son of a cupcake! ** "[[{{Shipping}} Fruking"]] (I don't even support that pairing, or any pairing, really.) ** [[AxisPowersHetalia "Maple"]]! ** "Holy deep-fried Jesus on a tricycle!" ** "Buttbuttinate"(which is "assassinate" through a [[TheScunthorpeProblem word filter]].) ** [[StupidMarioBrothers Son of a Goomba!]] ** [[AxisPowersHetalia Kolkolkolkol...]] ** Fffffish! ** I also like saying sentences like "You *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP*ing *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* son of a *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* [[HotelMario instruction book]] *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* you with a *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEP* so you'll have to *BLEEP* sideways." * I am not allowed to swear so I sometimes say "Dadgummit", when I'm frustrated. My best friend is fond of saying, "What the Gravy?" He also started saying, "I'll be Go to the Market" until his parents told him to stop because it was so ludicrous. Maybe I should start saying that! * [[Tropers/MonkeyPhysics I]] am pretty foulmouthed (comes with being a student), but in polite company will substitute "shitbunnies", "arsemonkeys" and "buggernuts" with "sweet [[FAble jumping bananas]]" and "great flying donkeyblankets". Most of these are made up on the spot. * This troper used to meet up with friends and play Mario Kart during lunch back in high school. I do a lot of trash talk when I play games with this particular group of friends (its all friendly though), but there were rules against cursing. So to replace my often used "douchebag", I used "jerkbag". Of course, if I met with these friends outside of school then all bets were off.

* This troper cusses often, but still has a tendency to use some somewhat strange replacements, especially around her grandmother. For example: ** "For the love of cupcakes!" ** "Oh my Raptor Jesus Batman." ** "Jesus Christ with a handbag!" ** "Son of a banshee!" "Voldemort's nipple!" and others from a certain Potter Puppet Pals video. * This Troper grew up in a household where swear words were not allowed, including "damn" and "hell". "Darnit!" is probably the harshest word she ever uses. * This troper has two personalities--one around her friends, which is the real, unadulterated her, and one around her mother, which is a carefully constructed, censored version of the first (The 4Kids version, you might say). The real one has no problem swearing or discussing "inappropriate topics" but the 4Kids version must use a multitude of amusing euphmisms, including "fiddlesticks,", "carp," "fruit," and some incomprehensible "Fffffffurrriig" sounds, along with a loud "Ayeee!" as an expression of pain. * After watching the bonus features for HotFuzz (specifically the one where they parody this trope) we decided to subvert this by saying "Jesus Rice" or "Cheese and Christ". * This Troper has never used any swear words or expletives which are part of my peers' vernacular. If I ever move to England, however... * This Troper, being an atheist, never really likes saying things like "For the love of God" because it seems vaguely hypocritical, and [[BerserkButton he can't stand hypocrisy]]. So he replaces "God" with "Eternity:" "For Eternity's sake," "Eternity preserve us," "Eternity knows," etc. He still says "Goddammit" a lot, if only because "Eternitydamn" just sounds silly. And around his younger cousins (one's ten and the other's six), he tries to censor himself, largely with British swears they wouldn't know, but sometimes he slips due to [[ClusterFBomb having a terrible potty mouth]]. * This troper's female friend used to play this trope straight all the time, until I got annoyed and "liberated" her by shouting "Stop holding yourself back, you pu**y!", to which she responded with weird enthusiasm. [[GoneHorriblyRight She's been a]] [[SirSwearsalot Lady Swearsalot]] [[GoneHorriblyRight ever since]]. * ''Frostsabre.'' Anytime my Spanish (IV) teacher starts to sound like he's swearing, he'll just whistle. He called the change between the percentage grading system to the points grading system "a pain in the [whistle]." ** "Shiatsu" replaces "shit" and "four/fore" replaces "fuck" when I speak around kids. Also I heard "WTF" expand to "Where's the fiesta?" When I don't wish to say "dammit" I say "Daggit" or "Gaddaggit." My favourite one I'd like to use (rarely if at all)? "You can't say ''these'' seven on TV!" * This troper used to not swear at all simply because he has a large enough vocabulary that he feels it's unnecessary. Eventually he decided that, as an atheist, damn (and goddamn) and hell aren't REALLY swears TO HIM, so he uses them regularly now. He only ever uses more intense swears when he's quoting someone, performing as someone else

(making it not count as him saying it), or, on very rare occasions, deciding to surprise with his friends by deliberately letting one slip out out of nowhere. After watching Firefly recently, he has (oddly enough, completely naturally) started using gorram without even thinking about it. He makes up for all of this mild language by using LOTS of BlackComedy and GallowsHumor. * This troper and his friends have the classic "See you next tuesday" to replace a particularly bad word. ** C U Next... Yeah * This troper finds that adding the name of different baked goods to swearwords makes them sound much less offensive, personal favourites being "Shitbiscuit" and "Twatmuffin" * This troper was once playing cards with her younger cousins while her grandmother was in the room. Mindful of the situation, I yelled at my cousin to "quit throwing the flippin' cards at me!" I still got yelled at by my grandma for swearing, because "I know what you meant!" * This troper went to junior high school with a kid who shouted "Sacajawea!" whenever he was surprised. * [[Tropers/{{Nrjxll}} I]] don't swear under any circumstances, although I'm not sure why, exactly. I see no real reason to change this, although I will make fun of myself for it. * This troper's little sister often feels she uses the f-word too much and substitues it for imaginative alternatives. "What the fish!" sounds hilarious. On another note, this troper's mother and father are extremely anal about swearing. This troper once got a lecture for calling some supermodel 'hot' as that's a 'negative word'. * another Mormon here :) This troper has a very bad swearing habit( something she's been working on!) she likes to use 'book swears'- so along with dang, gosh and heck, she's got "sweet Mila of the grain', 'horselords', 'mouse-dung',.... also, words starting with the letter 'p'. mostly Pikachu. so, often times, you'll hear" oh, fu-breeze, purple pikachu!" or something like that * This troper almost fits this to a T,except he says "Damn" and "Crap" all the time,Using "Arse" for "A*@", "Buck" for "B*&^%",and "Frickin'" for "F%^&*(",and he never has said OMG away from the letters alone, and GoldDarnIt instead of,...yeah. But he'll more likely just selfcensor than come up with substitues. He will avert the trope if he gets real pissed off,by then however you've probably hit a BeserkButton and should stay away from him. * [[Tropers/MoonlightBomber This troper]] heard of a substitute expression for "S.O.B." from a local radio talk show host who was infamous at swearing at corrupt government officials (mostly policemen) -- and is now trying his best to tone down his language so that MediaWatchdogs won't suspend him. The substitute expression? "Son of a beach resort!" He's eager to try saying it himself. * I've found that I can get through life only going as far as "screw", which I find to be farther than "crap". * [[Series/DoctorWho SKARO!]] * I've used "darn", "fork", "shittake mushrooms" and "arse" (I'm not British) around my mom. If she's not there, I am free to swear as much as I want. * I don't really like swearing, though I do it on occasion. I normally

say "Oh gosh" (though I do sometimes use "Oh God" now, especially off the computer), "heck", "bugger", "arse", "balls", "darn/darnit/dangit/(very rarely) damnit". I like saying "fuzuck" because of the censored 'fzck', though I don't do that often either. I don't even like typing swears, to the extent that I prefer "fukkin" to the actual adjective. * * [[@/TheHeroHartmut This Troper's]] father sometimes makes fun of this by jokingly remarking [[IncrediblyLamePun "Cheese is priced almighty!"]] ---Oh, for the love of TroperTales! Click the goram link and go back to GoshdangItToHeck! ----

GoshHornet * My dad, my brother's friend, and I were heading into the woods behind my house to saw up a fallen tree for firewood (my brother was getting gloves and was going to catch up). When we got to the spot I felt a sting on my hip but thought nothing of it. When my dad started sawing I saw a yellow jacket on Josh (my brother's friend) and tried to swat it away only for it to turn on me. Then Josh said I had a few on me and we realized we'd pissed off a nest. After brushing more off (luckily we were all wearing sweatshirts, so most of the stings didn't effect us) we got heavier jackets (including my dad's old bunker coat from when he was a firefighter), gloves, bee spray, a towel, and a plastic storage box lid (the last two are great for smacking them out of the sky) and went in for a second attack. When we got back there we looked for the nest and couldn't find it. Then the neighbor's dog (who, for some reason, likes to hang out with us and was a few feet away from us at the time) started rolling around on the ground as around 20 bees swarmed him. My brother ran up to him and went apeshit with the towel, which cleared most of the bees and scared the dog enough to get him out of the way. As I lead the dog back to our house to make sure he was ok the other 3 found the nest (which was right under where the dog was rolling around) and killed it. Luckily the dog is quite large, so the stings only effected him a bit. * This Troper is deathly alergic to bees. * This troper HATES bees, which is ironic, since her first name means "honeybee". ** Melissa, right? * Around this corner of the US of A, we have [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_wasp paper wasps]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowjacket Yellowjackets]], both painful little bastards. Back when we were in grade school, my brother and a friend of his went climbing up a tree in our front yard. All was well and good until a black and yellow insect buzzed past my brother's face. Then another one. And another. His sudden scream of '''"BEES!"''' marked their hasty exit from the tree as the wasps [[ZergRush came after them.]] Brother and friend both set some kind of land speed record getting from the tree to the house - and one of the wasps got into the house.\\

The first thing I knew about this is that they both came crashing through the door, raced into my bedroom, slammed door, and took stock of their injuries: at least five or six stings each, bleeding. Next task: dispose of the intruder. Killing the wasp took about [[MadeOfIron four or five direct hits]] with a flyswatter!\\ Dad got the basketball-sized nest out of the tree the following winter, and my biology class got a nice show and tell piece. * This Troper has a good one that even occurs [[ThisOneTimeAtBandCamp at Band Camp]] for BonusPoints. My high school band's Band Camp takes place at a Seventh-Day Adventist college, where no meat is served due to their religious beliefs. Since most of the band members are generally not Vegetarian, [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing we have a cookout at a nearby park every year where hot dogs, burgers, and all manner of tasty picnic foods are served]]; we also generally play various games and hang out. One year, we were all playing tag, and one band kid was chasing another. The chasee jumped over something and when he landed, it accidentally disturbed a nest of ground wasps. The poor chaser got caught in the crossfire when the whole nest swarmed all over her, getting in her shoes, under her clothing, up her shirt, in her hair everywhere. The rest of us playing ran out of the wasps' range; meanwhile all the parent chaperones came rushing to strip the poor girl and get her to a hospital for the stings. She was alright and back on her feet the next day for the Band Camp Dance; we even awarded her a tube of ointment to her as a joke, which she took pretty damn well for someone who got [[ZergRush Zerg Rushed]] by an entire nest of wasps. * I use to never be scared of bees, but this encounter changed that FOREVER. I went downstairs to play cards, but right as I sat down I felt a sting. As it turned out I sat on a bee. Ever since then I've been terrified of anything that stings. * I'm deathly afraid of bees. Like, I'm more afraid of them than the scariest thing on the internet. Once, I saw my cat staring at something in the corner beside the couch, and reached down to get it. Something flew into my arm and I looked down. It was a bee. I spazzed the freak out and hid [[TooDumbToLive outside]] until my cat ate it. * I got stung by a bee when I was about 3 or 4, and now I have a phobia of bees and anything that stings. Also, about 4 or 5 years ago, a bunch of bees decided to build nests near the house. Everytime I saw a bee, I would swat them, and I wouldn't stop until they were clearly dead. Then Fallout New Vegas came out, and I got introduced to the [[DemonicSpider Cazador]], a gigantic flying bug that stings you. Needless to say, I go overkill on them whenever I see them. Also, even if I kill the entire nest and there are no red marks on the compass, I still get paranoid. * The first bee I ever saw stung me. Since then I have done everything in my power to avoid them. there were a couple of times when a bee got into MY CAR, and I didn;t discover it until I WAS DRIVING. Amazingly, both times I was NOT stung, and I pulled over at the first opportunity and let it fly out by opening the door of the window it was clining on and stepping the hell back. I've only been stung twice in my entire life, amazingly. * This troper once got stung at Girl Scout Camp. Because Girl Scouts

[[TastesLikeDiabetes "always leave a place better than how they found it"]], we were looking around the cabin for trash. While I was at the side of the cabin I noticed a bee on the back of my ankle and screamed and swatted at it. It stung me which made the screaming louder (I was pretty young).[[WhatAnIdiot By the time the chaperones decided to do anything about the little kid who was out of their sight in the woods and screaming her head off]], my dad had heard me from the main building, and ran through some woods and over a small creek to see what had happened.

GotMeDoingIt * This Troper has a friend who constantly said "Your Face" as an allpurpose retort. One day, the following ensued: -->Friend:"Those car rims are nice." -->Me: "Yeah, well so's your face!" ** Do I know you? That seems awfully familiar! *** ...Are you my sister? She makes sure that I NeverLiveItDown. * This Troper started talking in four-word sentences due to trying to figure out a specific ''Series/DoctorWho'' spoiler regarding such a sentence, then spread it to a GaiaOnline guild. * Once, when This Troper was reading six-word-stories, she started writing six words a post on message boards, and if that wasn't feasible to get her message across, it became lines of six words each. * [[Tropers/CountDorku This troper]] has managed to pick up a habit of making "New Rules" from watching ''Real Time with Bill Maher''. Once. And one advert. * I had gotten a habit of casually reffering to some people with Mister or Miss, I got someone else do- do I really have to tell you? * This troper tends to speak like whatever TV show she is {{Archive Binge}}ing. At the moment it's [[StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Star Trek TOS]] and TheWestWing, which has lead to some strange collusions of lack of contractions, excessive use of "you know", and repetition of phrases. ** Apparently StarTrek makes this happen. This troper's been watching TNG and has found herself doing Data's head tilt thing. * This Troper lives his life this way. Not only will he speak like the characters in [[StarTrek TV shows]] or [[TheMatrix movies]] he is watching, he will act like them too. Completely subconsciously, too. ** Same thing as this troper! Word of advice, don't adopt 'The Simple Life' as a guilty pleasure. ** Also happens to this troper. Most frequently, I talk in the pseudoWestern style of {{Firefly}}, tilt my head in confusion like [[{{Supernatural}} Castiel]] and can't help but say 'fantastic' just like [[Series/DoctorWho Nine]]. * This troper would [[ArchiveBinge binge]] on Series/DoctorWho for hours on end, then get stuck in a British accent, while talking far too quickly for comfort. ** That is the exact same thing that happened to me a few years ago. (It was a bit more intentional, though, since I was going through an Anglophile phase at the time.)

** This troper actually needs to hear someone else doing an accent in order to pick it up. His friends weren't happy with him after he watched a marathon of ''Torchwood'' and ''Doctor Who'' and forced him to watch American television until his accent changed back. * This Troper was once caught imitating Adrian Monk's hand gestures in public. ** You too? Actually I've caught myself doing that a lot, among with pressing [[HouseMD my cane]] to my forehead(early eps have it more) Although people don't notice much when [[CloudCuckooLander I]] do it. * After seeing IronMan, this troper unconsciously started talking with Tony Stark's speech pattern. It had to be pointed out by her two best friends (who found it ''hilarious''). * During one family get together, this troper got caught in the middle of a hurricane of puns, courtesy of her uncle and her father. This troper finally got so sick of the puns, each worse than the last, that she finally spoke up. She meant to say "This isn't funny anymore." What came out instead? "This isn't punny!" * This troper doesn't know who it was who started adding the clever phrases that link back to original articles from the TroperTales pages, but they've got her doing it now. * I unintentionally picked up a British accent while in London, which I hardly noticed until my mom pointed it out. ** I do that just reading HarryPotter! ** I do that while playing the [[{{Gorillaz}} Plastic Beach Game]]. Including the obscure cockney phrases Murdoc, 2D, and the repairman constantly spew. It's kind of fun , even if no one understands you. ** I once ended up ''thinking'' in a British accent after listening to the ArtemisFowl audiobooks. ** I ended up thinking and reading in BenCroshaw's voice after a ZeroPunctuation ArchiveBinge. ** I can tell when my roommate has been skyping with her friend from Britain since she picks up the accent. Then, if I listen to her too long, I pick it up too. * Something like this happened to [[Tropers/{{Roihu}} this troper]]. His friend started talking in Spanish for no apparent reason other than to bother him. While they were talking, the troper continued talking in English while the friend continued talking in Spanish. After a couple more exchanges, this troper started talking in Spanish as well. He caught himself rather late (after ~5 words) and his friend [[OverlyLongGag never fails to let it down]]. * This troper has repeatedly caught himself singing songs his siblings have listened to a lot. * This troper's friend is the master of finding and catching accidental innuendos so that he can say "That's what she said." Aaaaand yes I did do this back to him without even realizing it. *** Are you my sister as well? * In a D&D I was in I was playing a dark brooding TokenEvilTeammate while one of other players was playing a perv who made obscene coments about everything (we were both trying to roleplay low Charisma in different ways). After a fight where he died and I lost all my Wisdom, I found myself 'picking up the slack' for his old character, purely unintentionally. I decided that, while I hated said character, I was

so used to his perverted antics and offensive humor that, in my weakened state, I was unable to function without them and so had begun to "channel" him. * The word "[[{{Discworld}} wossname]]" has officially entered [[Tropers/{{Artemis92}} this American Troper's]] casual vocabulary, and is unlikely to be leaving anytime soon. * This Troper was in denial when she began to watch {{Glee}}. One can only take so much of her mother watching it in the next room over before the songs just become TOO catchy. On another note, I have a friend who always comes up with the most wicked catch-phrases and stupid comments. Within two days, you can expect EVERYONE in our immediate friend group to be addicted to using said phrase. * [[Tropers/{{Eccentric}} I]] always seem to pick up random phrases and behaviors and never notice until they're pointed out to me. From copying my friend's characteristic head nod to using the phrase "Jeezy Creezy" because of {{Eddie Izzard}}: If there's an interesting habit, I catch it. * Remember CowAndChicken? Remember the Red Guy? Remember how whenever he was annoyed or mocking someone, he would talk in a singsong voice that at times almost bordered on opera? ...Guess what mannerism this troper only just realized she picked up at around the age of nine or ten. * This troper, currently in a production of ThePiratesOfPenzance, has been annoying everyone she knows humming the songs and making up new words to the tunes. A few days ago, she caught her otherwise uninvolved roommate singing "With catlike tread" to herself. * This troper gets annoyed at her brother whenever he quotes a Disney movie or song (specifically anything from AliceInWonderland) because someone (whether it be a character in something he's watching/reading or an actual person he's talking to) said something similar to a particular line. Cue him grinning whenever she unwittingly finds herself doing the same, and her swearing at the realization of what she just did. * I'm bad about this myself, particularly after perusing SesquipedalianLoquaciousness. My brother, on the other hand, used to pick up speech patterns - ranging from a British accent to JiveTurkey within minutes. He's gotten better about that, though. * Thanks to watching hours of Series/DoctorWho lately in preperation for Ten's regeneration, this troper has started using the Doctor's 'weeeell' catchphrase. She seriously wishes she would stop, as it's getting a little annoying, but it's become a habit. ** Ditto! Except I wish I could say it stopped at "well." I've also picked up "Allons-y," "brilliant," "fantastic," and even bits of the accent sometimes. Although Harry Potter, Discworld, and Monty Python were equally to blame for that last one. ** Now you've got me wondering if I picked up "weeeelll" from Ten. (Usually it's easier to tell...) * Whenever [[Tropers/ToddTheT1000 this troper]] watches or plays a game he particularly lies, he always finds he emulates certain character's distinctive mannerisms, speech style or even their general demeanour. It's better not to approach him when he's watched a medley of Jimmy Carr, for example...

* This troper does this all the time. Notable examples include saying Japanese words or phrases (such as nani or etto) after watching anime or being around Japanese-obsessed friends, picking up on Sora's idle hands-behind-head stance, and most recently lapsing into a southern or Cajun accent now that I'm into X-Men (Gambit and Rogue being two of my favorite characters) * This troper's best friend has the habit of looking for psychological reasons behind every little pain or ache. Now I can't hear someone coughing without asking if they are afraid of saying something. Also, on a less crazy note, too many anime made me use "nya" and "[[TsubasaReservoirChronicle Hyuu]]" when I don't know what to say (and I spread this to my boyfriend) and something to the effect of "it's all futile details" when I deliberately overlook simple logic or, I don't know, laws of physics in my reasoning. The latter has become a meme in my class. * While at university, [[Tropers/ScionofGrace this troper]]'s choir did a tour in Australia. One week in, and the entire group had switched to an Aussie accent. * This troper will unconsciously mimic other people's accents or verbal tics over time. Sometimes he does it for fun. ** Similar for this troper when he was younger, except it would even include things like when someone would talk to him when they had a sore throat. * This troper has rather embarrassingly caught himself walking with an imaginary cane after starting to watch ''{{House}}''. * [[Tropers/PentiumMMX2 This troper]] was a little [[{{Understatement}} odd]] after a double ArchiveBinge of SuzumiyaHaruhi and Series/DoctorWho; spending an entire night watching all my [=DVDs=] of both. For a while the next day, I had a tendency to talk about modifying the flow of data to invent the VHS tape 30 years too early, among other things. * This troper tends to subconciously nod her head a lot during conversations. Her friends have told her that she got them doing it. * [[Tropers/{{MiraShio}} Mira-chan]] has gotten other ''straight'' people to use gayspeak. * Playing BanjoKazooie for extended periods of time once caused [[Tropers/{{blakyoshi7}} This Troper]] to start rhyming without evenoh no, it's happening again! * A large scale case occured to this troper's friends on one camping holiday. One guy started speaking with a stereotypical [[{{British Accents}} english farmer accent]] as a joke. By the end of the week I was pretty much the only one of us (and there were nearly twenty of us) who hadn't started dropping into the accent every other sentence. * I have this chandelier in my bedroom that my mom ''constantly'' bangs her head on. When I banged my head into it, my immediate response was "Oh, ''great.'' Now she's got ''me doing it!''" * This troper's friends have come to the conclusion that her typos are contageious. If you talk to her for long enough, you WILL start to typo thing as well. * This troper, after reading and highlighting Huck Finn for a class, found herself wanting to write "cain't" and similar things in her final essay for the book.

* [[Tropers/OrchidbreezeofFireClan This troper]] has a lot of problems with this. She uses a lot of British slang, some that [[TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy is just plain weird and unauthentic]], and often spells with a weird hybrid of European and US-American spellings. She speaks with more Spanish/geekspeak than appropriate for her audience. Thanks to PhineasAndFerb, she always answers yes-or-no questions with the word 'yes' or 'no' said twice. She also, embarrassingly, uses cat etiquette around humans, thus having a weird and unfortunate habit of not making eye contact when she’s trying to make a good impression. Oh, and she has a lot of Troper habits, like Tropespeak and markup, but [[TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary we all know that feeling, right?]] ** Wow. Take out the PhineasAndFerb and you've created an entire list of my strange speech habits. Are you me from an alternate dimension or something? * After taking a course on Shakespeare in college, This Troper had a tendency to lapse into iambic pentameter that lasted for several weeks. She still does it occasionally when writing papers. * During one school holidays one of my friends came over so much that he begun speaking like me, common use of expletives, random babbling. This got so bad his mom begun refering to him by my name, which caused him to swear. He's stopped coming over as much now but still occasionally falls back into it. * I've caught myself doing a lot of things. Sometimes I find myself tapping out The Master's beat(I just did it as I'm typing), once the word 'Twoleg' entered my thoughts somehow, I ''have'' to sing any japanese song that plays on my computer that I've heard before(I don't sing well), staring at statues for a moment, randomly spouting Double and Accel's catchphrases, and "Brilliant" is permenantly in main vocabulary as is Allons-y. ** This Troper, [[SilverAgito above]] posting, will also find a chorus of Exterminate and Exterminiren in my head. * Not only have I picked up Ten's catchphrases, but physical mannerisms as well, the head-tilting, the ear-scratching,the headtouching,as well the british accent. and anytime I spend too long in the 'verse, I pick up their particular manner of speech and have to remind myself to stop. and as a result of so much tv I speak in a weird mix of American and British accents, but I tend to lean towards British since Doctor Who is my favourite show.Thanks,Ten.you caught it off Rose, now you've infected how knows how many! * I had an unshakable Brit accent for days after bingeing on ''{{Coupling}}'', finishing the entire series in two days. My sense of humor has also become markedly British as well. My father, a major [[EagleLand Brit-Hating American]] has been mocking me for a long time... * Once this troper spent the whole weekend reading the entire Warriors series (which contained 19 books at the time) and for the next few weeks used Clan terminology, like referring to spring as "newleaf", cars as "monsters", noon as "sunhigh" and an idiot as "being mouse brained." ** That happened to this troper too, to the point then when I had to walk my dog and she squatted on my neighbors lawn, I went "No you

mouse brain! This isn't our territory!" * This troper's mannerisms appear to be contagious. Her friends will often find themselves clapping once at the end of a sentence for emphasis, or saying "Here, take this," whenever giving something to someone else. * After reading Harry Potter, watching Monty Python, and in general hanging around British-y things for too long, This Troper, when ranting, now sometimes delves into a British accent. It's gotten so bad that my sister now mocks me about it, and I've got to consciously keeps myself from doing it at school. * [[MattyChanHazel This Troper]] is now mostly unable to stop herself tapping out the Master's [[EarWorm "drumbeat"]] from Series/DoctorWho. I did it in a ''GCSE'', and it helped me concentrate! ** I do the same thing with Love Lockdown. {{What}}? ** me too! ever since the first episode with that beat I constantly hear the drumming and do the tapping. * For acting, I practiced a British accent. Now, when I swear at my computer, its in a British accent. * Try reading original Edgar Allen Poe and then writing if you're prone to picking up writing styles. You'll suddenly find you use fancy words and ramble a lot. Since I caught myself doing this, I will not write after listening to say, Huck Finn. * This Troper learnt English outside the US, where she lives now. She spoke with a very distinguishable London pattern. After a while, the accent went away, and New Jersey won the battle, but I still use British spelling for words like ''colour, flavour'' and despises the word ''learned''. On a completely unrelated note, [[AxisPowersHetalia Italy]] introduced me to the Tic "''Ve~''", which I now consider a necessary part of asking a question. * This troper's friend and co-worker is originally from Southern California. I begin to subconsciously imitate his accent after talking to him for an extended period of time. * Not only will this Troper pick up a British accent, but I'll also start speaking in a Japanese accent if I watch too much subbed anime. (I can't speak Japanese) This Troper also has assimilated Ten's "Weeell..." and Nine's "Fantastic!" * This Troper once stayed up WAY to late reading Tropes (like that's new). When she stopped to go to bed, ''her brain started defining her bedroom objects like they were tropes.'' The Troper Tone got in her ''head''! * This Troper gets rather unhealthily obsessed with things, and they usually affect how she acts in some way or another. When she was in her David Tennant phase, she ate MUCH more than normal and put way more stuff than usual in her mouth (especially when fangirling about {{Blackpool}}) When she was obsessed with {{Lewis}} she started enjoying the smell of cigarette smoke more than she should. When she was obsessed with {{Hustle}} she started looking for ways to nick things from people's pockets or hide somebody's pen without them noticing (only did it once though) When reading her way through Poirot novels she has started to speak like somebody from the 1930s, and she has also started to say tropes out loud every time she sees them on TV etc

* This Troper has found himself tapping out the Master's rhythm on multiple occasions, and has a habit of picking up the mannerisms (verbal and physical) of whomever he is speakings to remarkably quickly, to the point he has to consciously remind himself not to do so in case people believe he is mocking them. On other levels, This troper spent his Uni days in Dundee, and thereafter knows that he has had too much to drink when he slips into a broad Stirling accent (flatmates from Stirling). Also, his ex-girlfriend has given this Troper a habit of occasionally (unnecessarily) pluralising verbs and proper nouns with an appended 's'. This example had to proofed against stray 's' several times. * This troper will tend to start speaking in whatever accent she has just heard on a tv program, or whoever she was talking too, if they have a southern or other accent. Usually southern, living in Florida. * Once I went on a binge of Yu Gi Oh the Abridged Series laaateee at night. The next day, to my irritation, I couldn't stop saying things in an incredibly hammy way and acting like random characters. It was all I could do to not spout any catchphrases and I got weird looks from a lot of people. I also tend to pick up vague mannerisms from my school teachers and steal phrases from my friends. * Now that this troper has seen TheRoom, he always greets everyone with "Oh hi, [name]" * [[@/RedWren This troper.]] Reading ''{{Discworld}}''. The Igorth. That [[strike:ith]] is all. * You may be one of this troper's coworkers if you ever find yourself saying "no worries", (and you're not Australian), "groovy" and "oy" a lot. * After listening to the ConfessionsOfGeorgiaNicholson series on audiobook, [[Troper/AdelePotter I've]] begun THINKING in a British accent. * This Troper has been reading the ''{{Uglies}}'' books lately, and has embarrassingly caught herself saying "brain-missing" and "prettymaking." Good God. * [[{{BladeSatoshiX}} This Troper]] has ElmuhFuddSyndwome and occasionally, his best friend pronounces R's as W's by accident. [[BuffySpeak He also ends random words with -y]] and now this troper does too. * After watching {{Kanon}}, this troper picked up Sayuri's "Ahaha~" [[VerbalTic tic]] and uses it while online. He also picked up a tendency from his friend to say "Uue?" as a substitute for "Huh?" or "What?". * {{Redwall}}'s vermin speak with a pseudo-cockney FunetikAksent. This troper's found herself dropping into it occasionally, particularly agreeing by saying "Yerss, yerss indeedy!" For some reason I also sing along to TheDecemberists in a vermin accent sometimes. Would be easily explainable if Colin Meloy sounded like that, but he doesn't ... Sounds great with "Culling of the Fold" though. * This troper goes to I Can Haz Cheezburger a lot. Now some words he types end in "Z" for no reason. * Whenerver this Troper finds a character she really likes from something she likes, she sometimes starts borrowing their traits. For example, when she started reading ''ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents'', she

caught herself emulating Violet Baudelaire's trademark tying back of her hair to think. After seeing ''[[TheDarkKnightSaga The Dark Knight]]'', she caught herself emulating the Joker's licking of his lips when she was thinking about things. * Inversion: after reading JohnnyTheHomicidalManiac, this troper hasn't been saying '[[spoiler:wacky]]' as much... ** But played straight in that she'll occasionally pick up mannerisms from characters she likes. Unfortunately, most of these characters are batshit insane, so she's picked up the KubrickStare (from [[AClockworkOrange Alex de Large]]), the occasional (sarcastic) rant worthy of [[{{Psychonauts}} Boyd Cooper]] and a PsychoticSmirk (from a lot of characters, too many to count) as a reaction to the most mundane things. * [[Tropers/PoochyEXE This troper]] has a tendency to pick up mannerisms, both verbal and physical. "[[BattlestarGalactica Frak]]" and "[[TopGear Oh, cock]]" have both worked their way into my everyday vocabulary, as well as "oy" and a couple Yiddish words from the use of YiddishAsASecondLanguage. So on one occasion, I consciously lampshaded my own tendency to do this. -->'''Me:''' I played so much ''FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'' over the weekend that I've developed the urge to add "kupo" to the end of my own sentences, kupo! * In a certain fandom, one or two popular people said 'damn' or 'dayum' in their sentences to express amazement or shock at something. Next week, almost every impressionable 14-19 year old is saying it, too. However, they just tend to blurt it out whenever they can. * The dorm above mine all started saying "true facts" and totes because one girl in the suite (maybe one girl for each phrase, can't remember for sure) always said that. After hanging out there a lot, I find myself using them too, even after I got home. ** Also, growing up on Joss Whedon shows eternally tweaked my syntax and vocabulary. * This troper finds himself talking like TheJoker after he watches TheDarkKnight. * This troper has this in spades ** After reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, I picked up the following: *** Rubbing the side of my face, along the stubble, when thinking or stressed, just like Roland does, and Eddie picks up in the story. *** Twirling my hand to denote exasperation, or have someone continue a story, again, just like Roland *** Using High Speech phrases, such as "Thankee" and "Hear me very well". ** I also picked up words from watching Firefly, most notably the ubiquitous "shiny" ** I also picked up the habit of using words of fear as intensifiers (i.e., "terrifyingly beautiful"). Not only have my friends started doing this, but some of my students from last year while I was teaching English in Spain started doing it as well. Warms the cockles of my heart. * This troper definitely has a tendency to make use of Buffy Speak. * This troper, embarrassingly, says Can-[[CanadaEh

e]][[IncredablyLamePun h]]-de-ah after her friend started to. * This troper finds himself often using his friend's substitute swear of "oh shiznits." * This is how this troper adapts most things,especially accents. After watching LordoftheRings,all he does half the time is speak like Gollum,the rest is divided between a Texan accent,a British accent,and Christian Bales horrible sounding,but EarWorm version of Batman. * This troper reads so much {{lolcats}} that their incorrect grammar and broken sentences have gotten into her way of speaking - "I can has the happy now?" * This troper has an accent which involves not pronouncing Rs. She talked to her friend from England via voicechat and after a while they realized they were mimicking eachother's accents * This troper, who was born and raised for a few years in New York, moved to Georgia when she was six or seven. When I returned to New York ([[BeyondTheImpossible the first time of three]]), I hadn't yet picked up on the accent, but had begun to throw in Southern phrases here and there (such as "jacked up"). The second time, I started to use those Southern phrases more often. The third time, I had a slight accent and the Southern phrases were used all the time. After a while, IGotBetter. ** Unfortunately, now that I speak Spanish, I tend to develop a Spanish accent at random times. ---Drat! Now you've got me [[GotMeDoingIt linking to main articles]]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GotVolunteered * {{This Troper}}'s grandfather used to tell her a story of an officer asking for volunteers in WW2, the officer strode onto the parade ground and had the sergeant line the men up and told them to take numbers "1,2,3,1,2,3,1..etc" until all the parade had a number. He then told all the number threes to take a step forward and told them they had just volunteered for a mission. My grandfather swore it was a true story and that he was the sergeant involved. ** This sort of thing happens all the time in the military when an officer/NCO asks for volunteers to do a job and gets nobody. We've even come up with a word for this phenomena. Voluntold. * This troper's dad repeatedly does this to me and my brother. * [[KingSonnDeeDoo This Troper]] was once 'volunteered' by a friend, when some women doing a Belly dancing display at fete, wanted some participants. Said troper's friend volunteered her by waving their arms about madly, poiting at her, and exclaiming her name. * This troper does this to her husband all the time, within limits. He's extremely tolerant of it, however. * Frequently done by one of my teachers, usually goes something like this: "OK, we need a volunteer. Anyone? No? [Someone's name], could you please put your hand up? Thanks! You just volunteered." * Since [[DarkInsanity13 this troper]] doesn't have a paying job, her

mother often gets her to do random tasks around the office of the charity where she works. When asked by the other workers, she likes deadpanning "I got voluntold/conscripted." It's why she isn't sure whether or not it's considered volunteer experience or work experience (especially since it sometimes involves desk work). ** This happens to me all the time. It's volunteer work unless somebody gives you a paycheck. * This troper is picked by his parents to do many tasks. When I was little I actually asked about this, and they told me it was because I was the only person that "they could trust to do it right". * this troper was volunteered to be a helper at a cub scout camp one summer...*shudders* * This troper works as an English teacher in Korea, and whenever he doesn't get volunteers to speak (which is often), he happily volunteers random students. He suspects that most teachers have fun doing this - certainly he does. * Every officer of this troper's historical honor society were "voluntold", including the President. The officers who replaced us were, happily, actual volunteers. * ThisTroper was volunteered to be a camp counselor for several years. I wanted to weep, but couldn't. Those brats can smell weakness from miles away... * ThisTroper works at Japanese schools, and students are always getting voluntold to do one thing or another, either by teachers or by each other. If one student grabs another's hand and puts it up, I'm all too happy to call on the poor victim for an answer... * [[strike: [[@/{{MiraShio}} I]] am a constant victim of this trope in school.]] I didn't ''choose'' to write this! * This troper's mother is rather fond of using this on me whenever manual labor could potentially be involved. Thing is, I'd be more than happy to help if someone would just ASK NICELY, but I'm either voluntold or hit with {{But Thou Must}} every single time. * In middle school, this Troper's P.E. class was forced to do a gradewide track and field meet, where we were divided into teams and each person on a team did a different event. Our team was supposed to meet at recess to figure out who was doing what, but this Troper was conveniently never told when this meeting was. Guess who got volunteered to do the longest run? * This Troper sometimes likes to say, "Volunteering someone else is still volunteering." * This Troper's old workplace would do that all the time. If you've worked your 40 hours in the week and there was still stuff to do, the manager would say "Thank you for volunteering extra time." See, that way they wouldn't have to pay overtime to anybody, ever. * This Troper has often voluntold friends or even random strangers who look mildly interested to help out with random projects I'm involved with. [[BavarianFireDrill 2/3rds of the time they come along without complaint.]] * Edgy's mom volunteered him for numerious church functions. Like mowing the church lawn on his only day off in a six-day work week, vacation bible school, or for the church Christmas play. * At summer camp, in order to pick somebody to clear away the trash at

meals, the tradition was for the last person to do something like put a napkin on your head, was stuck with it. Woe betide the person who tried to have a conversation or who got up to use the bathroom during meals. ---I didn't volunteer to go back to GotVolunteered... ----

GrammarNazi [[strike: R u a dramer nazi? no 1/ put it her.]] Are you a grammar nazi? Then put it here. * [[Tropers/TheGameMaster This Toper]] is a grade Q grammar nazi. ** Of note is that [[HypocriticalHumor Irnoy]] is his catchphrase. * I'm a relaxed grammar nazi most of the time, but my roommate is even more ridiculous than me. * [[Tropers/KatanaCat This Troper]] is also a Grammar Nazi, despite her numerous typos. * I'm not a grammar Nazi, but my teacher is ''ridiculous''. On the first assignment of the year (given on the first day of school, due on the second), I got a B. Why? Because of two grammar mistakes. I put the comma outside of the quotation marks in one sentence, and used a period instead of a question mark on another. It's just a high school English class! I know that I should have caught those mistakes, but dropping the whole assignment an entire letter grade for two grammar mistakes was a bit too much, especially since the assignment was supposed to be graded on participation. If it was a grammar assignment, it might make sense, but it was a "getting to know you" list of questions about study habits. And her grading keeps getting more and more ridiculous. ** Putting the comma outside of the quotation marks is CORRECT anyway! *** It depends: "I killed Bob," said Alice, "then I killed Charles and Derek is next on my list." here the comma belongs inside the quotes because it is part of Alice's speech. "I killed Bob", turning to face Aeryth, Alice snarled "and you are next." is correct because there is no comma in Alice's speech. * This troper is despised by certain writers on Fanfiction.net because of her reviews on their atrociously-written stories. Sorry, but if you can't take the time to run your story through a basic spelling and grammar checker, I'm not going to torture myself by reading it. ** My friend had bad spelling, but her spell-checker was atrocious. Villains arrest Heroes and chain them with manacles. My friend misspells "Manacles", spell-checker insists that the Villains chain the Heroes with "maniacs." When she wrote with pen and paper there were occasional mis-spellings and occasional getting there/their/they're wrong. When she wrote by computer and spell-checker, there were dozens of errors and every single there/their/they're was wrong. ** Now this troper wonders if the above troper is secretly her.... * This troper started pointing out all of a friend's typos and errors during an Msn conversation. Our first one. We'd never met before (we

were mutual friends) and I irritated the crap out of him, so he started calling me a grammar Nazi (helped along by the fact that I had German words in my screen name). It's now a running joke and we're practically best friends. * Can I have permission to correct every spelling mistake on the page? ** ''May'' I have permission to correct every spelling mistake on this page? *** You already have permission. That is the way wikis work. *** Separate guy here, but I fixed a few simple mistakes that looked accidental. Grammar does not have an e, dammit. * [[Tropers/{{Artemis92}} This Troper]] freely admits to this, to hating gratuitous use of XtremeKoolLetterz, and to [[StylisticSuck occasionally misspelling words on purpose]]. * [[DarkMan I'm]] not a written grammar Nazi, however I have a very precise way of speaking and it makes me batshit insane when my words are taken to mean something entirely different. * This, so much so. It's more spelling than grammar, though, for me, but grammar is still important! I mean, is it too much to ask for someone to glance down at their keyboards and try to, at the very least, make sense? I'm sorry, but if it takes thirty minutes to decipher a sentence that you typed, I really don't think you should be on the internet. * This troper isn't so much a grammar Nazi as he is a spelling Nazi. Even if it takes me twice as long, I spell out every single word in a forum post. ** Not to be a capitalization Nazi, but it's "Nazi." Not "nazi." * This troper is definitely this: if something doesn't make sense grammatically (or is incorrectly spelt), I will normally register it (whether I will point it out depends on the seriousness of the mistake and what the work is). I also do not use text speak (unless it is the only way to get my point across in a word count), speak fairly obviously (by this, I mean that I do not employ subtle meaning or aim to cause confusion when I speak (frequently results in accidental innuendos if I'm not paying attention to what I'm saying)). My sister, annoyingly, is the opposite of me, which results in frequent notes of "things to bring up when she gets married that will annoy her about her previous spelling mistakes" (my personal favourite is when she recently spelt "Handkerchief" as "Han chief" [[{{Narm}} in her A-Level Othello essay]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny and mispelling Cassio (she forgot to add one "s" to his name) when her copy of Othello was next to her, still unopened.]] [[OhCrap Her English teacher is the head of the subject and the strictest teacher in the school.]] Anyone who has read Othello will find that particularly funny. Those who haven't...[[GeniusBonus won't.]] [[FridgeHorror I hope she isn't considering a job as a professional writer, because I don't think anyone other than me will have a chance of understanding anything she has written. Which means I'll have to be her editor/proofreader/publisher/whatever role fits the description.)]] * This troper had an English professor in college who would have us analyze poems and then give us sentences from the analysis with grammatical errors and we would have to correct them. * This troper is a grammar Nazi and a songwriter. [[SarcasmMode

PERFECT!]] * This troper lives in Norway, runner-up country in the "birthplace of Gratitious English" contest. I have a tendency of annoying people with even the smallest grammatical errors (Like someone pronouncing the word "warfare" as "warefare") It's starting to annoy quite a few people. * This [[strike: tropper]] Troper is somewhat of a [[strike: grammer notsee]] Grammar Nazi. He CRINGES whenever someone mistakes "Your" for "You're" and vice versa, and even corrects other people's spelling mistakes. If this troper recalls, he even made someone {{Ragequit}} due to [[strike: my]] this Troper's good grammar. * This troper remembers a day in Social Studies class when one kid misspelled "Nazi" as "Nahtzee". It didn't end well for him. * This troper just has one question for the Grammar Nazis on this page: What the hell is the problem with putting prepositions at the end of a sentence? I like putting my prepositions wherever I want about the sentence! * When this troper sees something like "your a bad. [[YouMakeMeSic [sic]]]," he lampshades this by calling out [[GodwinsLaw Godwin]]. * My pastor's father is a bit of a Grammar Nazi, combined with a bit of {{Deadpan Snarker}}dom. For example, when my pastor was a kid and he said something like, "I'm anxious about the big game tonight," the father would say, "No, you're ''excited'' about the game. You'd be anxious if you woke up in a bear cage." His response to, "I was so angry my head literally exploded."? "You recovered well." * One of my friends tried to be funny and put a grammatical mistake on a poster which she placed on the door of our English teacher's classroom. We were out of the building before she felt the need to run back and correct the mistake. * This troper's a bit of one. ---> '''Troper''': *peeking over the shoulder of a friend, who's texting his girlfriend* ...you misspelled amazing. ---> '''Friend''': [[PrecisionFStrike FUCK YOU!]] * This troper bears a Grammar Nazi badge of honor (metaphorically speaking). * Yeah, this describes me pretty well. Friends know not to let me [[BerserkButton see them text]]. * I used to work as one. I was a copy editor for a company that has a department that processes science journals. I got fired about 2 weeks ago, and some of my old habits from the Grammar Nazi department are still in effect. Funnily enough, I got axed because my error rate went up due [[EverybodyHatesMath to confusion with statistical copy]]. * After learning the proper use of the word "whom" (which, funnily enough, was in German class) this troper feels the need to correct anyone that uses "who" in the wrong place. ---Return to the [[GrammarNazi main page]], filthy ''Unterschreiber''. ----

GrandRomanticGesture * TruthInTelevision: Around here, I've seen a love confession written

on a big banner stretched across trees on the edge of the nearby forest, and another one drawn in big letters with paint on the asphalt walk. * A friend of mine's girlfriend was deeply stressed out with her studies and kept saying she wished he's just whisk he off to a desert island. He couldn't afford to do ''that'', so he went to her house, put down a ground sheet so it would be easy clean up and got buckets of sand from the beach, fake palm trees etc so when she got home he was waiting for her on a desert island. I swear, that guy chokes me up. * 7 years 7 roses, feat, Little random notes of significance between us. Didn't go off quite to plan but it felt good and I wanted to do it since year 7 (04), on Valantines day 09! I'm not even a really romantic, hopeless person so it took alot for me to do it! Go me! Did I mention I was poor when I did it and I basically gave up buying musical things for two months to get it done! ----

GrandTheftAutoEffect * This Trope is the epitome of my entire musical experience. I can't be the only one who walks in slow-motion when I hear "I Ran" or starts doing that crazy dance CJ does when I hear "Hollywood Swinging". * Final Countdown makes this troper think about crashing planes into buildings since I suck at dodging buildings in SaintsRow 2. What were you thinking? ** Same troper here (I think, my memory might be fuzzy), I also tend to think of an immortal Summer Glau smashing through cars (my cheat character was made with a guide to look just like her (which I tend to put in hot outfits due to my PerverseSexualLust)) with Working For The Weekend due to it playing on The Mix ALOT. ** [[{{OODavo}} This troper]] always listens to Klassic FM in [=SR2=], and thus associates any and all classical music with insane stunt jumps, rocket-launching from the back seat, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking driving in the left lane.]] ** [[{{Doulifee}} This troper]] associate classic music with his friend who drive truck in real life and was wrecking everything around him in GTA 3 (with a truck) while listening loud to 'la traviata'. * This Troper can't listen to The Beginning is the End is the Beginning without thinking about a glowing blue penis. Thanks, Watchmen Trailer. ** This troper just lost The Game, thanks to you, and a friend who irrevocably associated (among other things) Doctor Manhattan's penis with The Game. * This troper ({{Chandagnac}}) will always associate Coldplay's first album "Parachutes" with the Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye. I went there one hot summers day a few years ago and that album seemed to be playing ''everywhere''. Also, I associate the final chapter of ''Preacher'' with ''Sweet Child o' Mine'' by Guns n' Roses, for some reason. * ''Way'' too many for [[Tropers/{{G-Mon}} this troper]] to name. One odd example (to him, anyway) was hearing Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran" in ''GuitarHero Encore: Rocks the 80s''... and recognizing it from

''GrandTheftAuto: Vice City'' commercials (and an in-game radio station he can't remember the name of offhand). ** I believe it's V-rock. ** Wave 103 in fact. * The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' and 'Won't Get Fooled Again'. [[{{CSI Miami}} YEEEEEAAAAAAAH!]] * Inversion: My big brother usually had the best computer, so I'd usually play games in his room. He's very enthusiastic about music, and would tend to binge on a particular albumn after he got it, while I would in turn tend to binge on particular games when I got them. This caused associations between certain songs and games to be burnt into my brain, like ''Mr. Krinkle'' and ''Shadow Keep''. * ''Vice City'' got [[{{Pepinson}} This Troper]] into 80s music in the first place. ** Same thing with this troper. This troper while before playing Vice City had an interest in 80 music after playing Vice City this troper grew more in love with 80's music. Thris led to this tropers father telling him that he was born 30 years too late. ** And again with this troper. It also helped that VC was my first GTA. And what a GTA to imprint the music in my mind. In fact, I believe that upon ending the first cutscene and gaining control of the car, I immediately sped down the sidewalk mowing down pedestrians to "Billie Jean". Is it wrong that I tear up when I think of that memory? * Non-videogame: this troper first heard Jason Mraz's Remedy while reading X-men, and now cannot hear the song without thinking of them. * In high school [[{{Silvercat}} This Troper]] downloaded a bunch of NES roms. Now there are certain 90s songs that are permanently associated with BubbleBobble. * When ever this troper hears the song "Faithfully" by Journey, he immediately starts thinking about Elecman level in Mega Man. The same can be said when the reverse happens. * This tropers is an ace combat fan and played through every Ace combat from 1 to 6. So when 6 was out he spent a CrowningMomentOfAwesome trying to destroy the agaion with 'Legend will never die' from Mint Jam in the background. The style is very close to the dynamic song of the first ace combat. This song is now forever associated with massive dog fight and missile dodging. * Due to this troper's tendency to play music while playing video games, {{Metallica}}'s ''the Black Album'' is now forever associated with Final Fantasy 7. ** In a similar situation to yours, when I bought Death Magnetic, I endlessly listened to it while playing FinalFantasyXII, so every time I listen to a song from it, I end up thinking about said game. ** I didn't listen to this while playing the game, but for some reason ''Imaginations From The Other Side'' by Blind Guardian (and other songs by them, such as Punishment Divine) makes me think heavily of FinalFantasyIX. For a slightly more specific example, due to an AMV I made to experiment with video-editing, now I associate ''Bright Eyes'' with Garnet. * For a similar reason (and because said troper originally couldn't get the sound working with this particular game), [[{{Meltemi}} this troper]] cannot help but think of Princess Maker 2 every time Immature

by Ayumi Hamasaki is played. * This Troper was playing [[{{The Simpsons}} The Simpsons Game]] and heard Rock You Like A Hurricane on the last level. The he played [[{{Guitar Hero}} Guitar Hero III]] and lol'd when he saw it on there. * This troper will often mention hearing songs in ''SanAndreas'' when they manage to pop up on the real-life radio. ** I can't ever hear Two Tickets To Paradise or Free Bird without thinking of CJ flying a jet. It's just so jarring to hear them without the sound of a jet engine in the background. ** Once i was flying to Morocco when my Ipod was playing Two Tickets To Paradise: Those sweet memories of crashing my jet weren't helping! ** The local rock station plays some of the songs from San Andreas once in a while. Since I only listen to the radio in the car it feels pretty normal to be in a car while hearing ''Mother'' (by: Danzig). Although it's kinda weird that my car isn't upside-down in a ditch or sinking to the bottom of a body of water when the song comes to an end. * Pearl Jam's Ten with the DOOM novels, Metallica's Black Album with Super Caesar's Palace, The Offspring's Smash with 1984(!!!), and Nirvana's MTV Unplugged with the NES ROM-hack of Earthbound. * [[{{chitoryu12}} This troper]] is a very avid player of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Grand Theft Auto, so he gets this in spades. Ironically, he once suffered the Grand Theft Auto Effect while playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, recognizing a song ("Them Bones" by Alice in Chains, for instance) from Grand Theft Auto and always ended up thinking about it. In fact, he recently heard Ratt's "Round and Round" on the radio while in bed, and subconsciously began fretting and strumming on an invisible guitar controller because he memorized most of the song. ** The same troper also suffers the effect with Maroon 5 and Foo Fighters songs, as he used to be a near-constant player of Star Wars Battlefront 2 before he lost the CD code after getting a new computer, and he would often play a 2 hour long mix playlist of all his music, which had a lot of Foo Fighters and Maroon 5. It's quite [[{{SoundtrackDissonance}} strange]] playing slow love ballads while zooming through space, corkscrewing around missiles and lasers, but strangely fitting as well. ** Also in a non-video game example, he first heard Maroon 5's "This Love" while reading ArtemisFowl for the first time, and thus always thinks of the book when he hears that song. * [[{{gadeel}} This troper]] associates the {{Fallout}} series with jazz music, and now associates the genre with super mutants and nuclear wastelands. ** Same here. I will always associate ''I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire'' with a BadAss video game, and not a love song. ** On a similar note, [[{{Ramiel}} this troper]]'s little brother recently saw a performance of "Anything Goes" by one of his high school choirs, only to associate it with his older brother grinding super mutants to a chunky paste in Washington D.C. ** [[{{Crion87}} This troper]] is much the same with 1940s-era big band in general. He associates it with either Fallout 3 or WorldWarII. * This troper often listens to music to help him think of scenes for a

story. Now, he cannot listen to certain songs without thinking of the scenes associated with them. * ThisTroper associates {{Stargate}} with an indy-genre song he played on repeat constantly while reading the book (he was really into the song at the time). * I often find myself picking up new albums after hearing a single track in a videogame or anime. Recent additions include: Tsunami Bomb ({{Disgaea}}), Kerli ({{Burnout}}), The Delgados (GunslingerGirl) and Paramore (RockBand). * I used to use this as a study technique. I would listen to [=CDs=] on loop while studying certain topics, and then on the test thinking of the msuic would help me recall the books. * This troper will always associate Tears for Fears' 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' with [[WorldInConflict T-80U main battle tanks]]. * Non-video game example: [[{{This-guy}} I]] used to visit YTMND. I saw [[http://conanshead.ytmnd.com/ this one]]. Fast forward to a time, and I heard the song on the radio, remembering it was somewhere on YTMND… Fast forward again to art class (where they played music while we worked) and I heard it there. And I remembered what YTMND it was on. Fast forward another time and I got a CD from my parents' shelf that somehow had the song, which I learnt was called Pressure and was by Billy Joel. And that's the story of how Pressure became my favourite song and why my favourite music is from before I was even born. Though Pressure may have been surpassed by Close To The Edge by Yes or Prelude/Angry Young Man, also by Billy Joel. * This Troper has associated Amy Macdonald's ''This is the Life'' with ''Trainz Classics 3'' ever since seeing a (since deleted) music video on Youtube. * This troper has days where entire days are accidentally devoted to bands and/or songs. There was a John Mayer song marathon of sorts going on in his house. He left to go to the mall, where he turned on the radio only to hear more John Mayer. When he arrived at the mall, a television was displaying a recording of Mayer in concert. Finally, when he got home (after listening to more Mayer), he turned on the TV... only for a celebrity news program to talk about John Mayer's latest girlfriend. When this troper managed to change the channel, it was a music countdown, with John Mayer as the number one. Eventually this troper broke down sobbing and shouted to the ceiling "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME, GOD?" ** It's less amusing than it sounds. * Thanks to a YouTube video, this troper cannot hear Shinedown's "Lady So Divine" without thinking of [[{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]]. (Not that she's complaining.) * For his 13th birthday, this troper got the first three Dune books, Queen's "Greatest Hits" CD and his first and only stereo. "Is this the real life..." now equals gom jabbars, ornithopters, thumpers and sandworms. * This troper does her best to associate things with songs on purpose using this method. It makes things interesting. * This troper spent an entire summer listening to Lifehouse's ''No Name Face'' and ''Stanley Climbfall'' albums over and over again while devoting herself to Petz. Sure, it's not a [[{{Stop Having Fun Guys}}

typical videogame]], but I'll be damned if I didn't spent half of my childhood playing it. * [[NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper]] nearly automatically links Crystal Method's "Name of the Game" with Splinter Cell (intro music) and Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" with Guitar Hero 3 (both due to the song appearing in the game and a videoreview in the form of a lyrical parody). ** And, lately, listening to the end of The Who's "Who Are You", he can't stop thinking of a title card saying [[{{CSI}} "Series created by Anthony E. Zuiker"]] ** And yes, Robbie Williams' "Let Me Entertain You" is inexplicably linked with [[ActuaSoccer soccer]] (footie for you Brits). * [[{{hrdcrnwo}} This troper]] can't listen to "Take on Me" by a-ha without hearing the Boss' voice from SaintsRow 2 singing it. * [[{{Nodonn}} This troper]] tends to read books in one sit, while listening to the same music. This leads to weird combinations like {{Footloose}} songs being linked to {{Death Note}} in my mind. * A Bittersweet Symphony will be forever associated with TheSagaOfDarrenShan for [[PurplePantherGirl this troper]] * This troper listens to other music when playing video games, and this caused certain songs to get associated with a game. For instance, this Troper can't listen to "Under Pressure" by Queen without thinking of Phoenix Wright:Ace Attourney on the DS. He was listening to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush when Aeris died. He is glad he doesn't have feelings. * "Lovers In Japan" by Coldplay brings to mind two sets of memories for this troper - the long walks to and from her two local comic book stores in the summer of 2008, and playing through [[WildArms3 Wild ARMs 3]] for the first time. Hell, she'll go further and say that song and the album it's from are officially Summer 2008's soundtrack, for this troper! (And then on the other hand, there's the way certain Beatles albums remind her of days wasted reading ''really bad'' {{Farscape}} and {{Yu-Gi-Oh}} fanfiction as a wee little geek-intraining....) * Anyone who has ever seen [[http://meatspin.com Meatspin]] (Warning: {{NSFW}}) will never hear "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" the same way again. * Due to a series of events that are [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial in NO WAY caused by watching any AMVs at all]], this troper will forevermore associate Nekozawa from OuranHighSchoolHostClub with happy, jumpy, techno dance music. * This Troper watched RunLolaRun, and spent a week trying to figure out why the running music sounded so damn familiar...until she rewatched episode 27 of Yu-Gi-OhTheAbridgedSeries. * This troper (ZombieNeith) can't play Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band in GuitarHero II without thinking 'I'm doing the TopGear song'. * [[{{Roihu}} This Troper]], for some reason, had Pokemon Stadium's Mewtwo Theme on a loop while reading the Pokemon Special Yellow arc. Now whenever he listens to the theme, pictures of the Yellow Arc appear on his head. * This Troper has been accused of causing it thanks to her fanfic, A Soul's Songbook. According to her friend, she can't think of Maka's skirt without the Offspring playing in the back of her mind.

Incidentally, this troper's been infected with this as well, by listening to the new Depeche Mode CD on repeat while reading Kuroshitsuji. All of a sudden, Wrong has a whole new meaning... * [[DrNamgge This Troper]] has brought numerous CD's off the back of various games. To this day he can't help but visualise certain Tony Hawk's levels/Burnout racetracks/EliteBeatAgents patterns. Particularly jarring whenever these songs pop up in RockBand / GuitarHero, as he'll end up singing along fluently, getting nostalgic of the music, and consequentally failing. * This Troper has forever fixed 'Bittersweet Symphony' with [[CruelIntentions mourning the death of a sex addict,]] and, because my brother played the Bon Jovi song 'It's My Life' constantly during a summer holiday when I read the fourth Harry Potter book, I know can't help but picture a WW2 style epic battle between [[HarryPotter Harry Potter]] (surfing on a broom) and [[BigBad Voldemort]] (flying). I mean, the words sound right for it and everything. 'I ain't gonna live forever! I just wanna live when I'm alive!" Because Harry doesn't try to make himself immortal like Voldemort, right? He just wants to live a normal (wizard) life, without any 'destiny'. * This Troper (being the Aspie that she is) has the unfortunate ability to recall music used in movie trailers. This is a good thing when the trailer is for a movie I actually ''like,'' or when the song is an appropriate fit; unfortunately, this is usually ''not'' the case.... * [[{{Valex}} This troper]] takes it to a ludicrous extreme; one specific part of White Walls by Between the Buried and Me, and one room in DOOM. To be more specific, it's the really slow part of White Walls and the room directly after the door you need a key for in Toxic Refinery. * This troper now relates Mario to Ozzy Osbourne, all because of a YouTube video I made that mixed random Mario-related video clips and Crazy Train together. * This troper can't read about ''GIJoeTheRiseOfCobra'' without The Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow", which plays during the credits, [[EarWorm starting to play in his head.]] * After only one day of playing BrutalLegend, BrocasHelm's "Cry of the Banshee" has become one of these for [[{{Xaris}} this troper]] * Thanks to FinalFantasyII, [[{{Varasek}} this troper]] will always and forever think of a woman lying on a bed and seductively saying lines such as "Come to me..." or "What are you waiting for? I don't enjoy being teased" every time he happens to hear Swan Lake or anything related to it. * In addition to any song from Radio Los Santos and Radio X, I always think of San Andreas when listening to the albums "Curtain Call" by Eminem and "Country Grammar" by Nelly due to me having them as my custom soundtrack. * Four Non Blondes' "What's Up" with The Witches by Roald Dahl. Somehow. Also, this troper went on holiday with her family (their first real holiday in a good damn while) and her brother and sister had put together a mixed CD. Now there are several Evita or David Bowie songs that make her remember that holiday (and the song At Last by Etta James. Especially that song.).

* Due to my sister's tendency to endlessly repeat songs that she likes, the Venice levels of Tomb Raider II will instantly spring to mind whenever I hear any of Shania Twain's songs. It's... unpleasant. * This troper always thinks of the final few panels of Deathnote whenever he listens to the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack. * Of course, the ''GrandTheftAuto'' series. ''GrandTheftAutoIV'' lampshades this when the hip-hop station DJ announces Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" and says that he is going to play it "again, again, and again." ** Due to their inclusion in "GrandTheftAuto:San Andreas", any song that plays on "Radio X" or "KDST" (2 of the 3 stations I listen to in the game) causes me to want to speed. *** "Welcome To The Jungle" was probably in our heads before ''San Andreas'' came out. It just took us time to find something to affiliate it to. *** I now associate Patsy Cline's ''Crazy'' with careening wildly through fences at 100 miles per hour. This is...not something I would have predicted. *** I now associate White Wedding with two things, GTA San Andreas, and backstage during my school's production of Grease. I also think of cows and crystallised ginger when I here songs with German lyrics from listening to too much Das Ich and L'Âme Immortelle while on a road trip (in an area with a lot of cows) and eating chrystallised ginger. * This troper's entire interest in eighties music comes from Vice City, and the only rap songs he knows played on WildStyle, Radio Los Santos, Or Playback FM. In addition, since he didn't start listening to K-DST or K-ROSE until his first time being exiled from the city and left with nothing to do but trucking missions, he can't hear Green River without thinking he should be behind the big wheel hauling cargo. * {{Rhythm Game}}s in general often end up imparting this same effect. ** As implied above, the ''GuitarHero'' series and ''RockBand''. ''Guitar Hero'' is noteworthy in that it was the first to license first-string music. Most previous music games had a roster of relatively obscure artists due, once again, to the monetary and contractual hassles of securing popular music for a video game. Much of the music in the ''Guitar Hero'' series enjoys significant airtime, evoking this effect depending on how much one played a particular song. *** Ironically enough, the ''Guitar Hero'' series ends up falling under this trope due to the overlap of several of the songs between it and the two ''Grand Theft Auto'' games mentioned above. *** The ''GuitarHero'' series' less famous predecessors, ''Frequency'' and ''Amplitude'', also evoke the same effect from time to time. ** While the average Western player of ''[[OsuTatakaeOuendan Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan]]'' isn't usually exposed to groups like Morning Musume or Orange Range, many songs in ''EliteBeatAgents'' still get played a lot, such as Madonna's "Material Girl", David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and the VillagePeople's "Y.M.C.A." *** This particular troper found himself ashamed when he briefly

became excited to hear Ashlee Simpson's "La La" play over a store's radio shortly after playing through ''Elite Beat Agents''. ** ''DanceDanceRevolution'' also falls into this a lot, especially because of its [[{{Sequelitis}} many versions]] and [[JustOneMoreLevel addictiveness.]] *** Most affiliated are "Butterfly" by smile.dk and "Cartoon Heroes" by Aqua. *** More so for ''PumpItUp'' which included several licensed American pop songs in its home release. Try playing it and ever being able to hear the chorus of "Take on Me" and not think of the particular step pattern associated with it. * ''Tony Hawk's '' Series. This editor can remember screaming along with (the heavily censored version of) Guerrilla Radio. ** This troper finds certain songs spring forth memories of particular levels. *** The same goes for me. I was once at a party where a particular hip-hop song was being played. I started laughing and began singing along to it. This perturbed my friend, as I am the whitest person he's ever met, and I had to explain to him that it was the same some that started playing on the Airport level of THPS 3. **** 'Los Angeles' was the only solo Frank Black (as opposed to Pixies) song this troper sang along to at the Frank Black show 'cause it was used in one of the DS Tony Hawk games *** Me too. To "Blitzkrieg Bop", my first reaction was "Hey, it's that Tony Hawk song!" **** Same here. I can't hear the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Pop" ''or'' [[strike:Black Sabbath]] Motörhead's "The Ace of Spades" without having that same reaction: "That's from ''Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3''!" *** It's "Superman" by Goldfinger for me, from the original Tony Hawk's. **** This troper just had a massive flash back after reading the above. *** For me, the major ones are Primus's "Jerry was a Race Car Driver" from the original and Powerman 5000's "When Worlds Collide" from the second game. ** Dust was used in THPS2, got me into Cypress Hill. Still thinking of the skate when I hear it. *** Not sure what version you played, but Dust was NOT in the us Playstation version soundtrack for Tony Hawk 2. Anyway, when I think of THPS2 I start thinking of Blood Brothers from Papa Roach, Bring Tha Noise from Anthrax & Public Enemy, No Cigar from Millencolen, Running In A Cyclone from Dub Pistols, and the censored version of Guerilla Radio mentioned earlier. Also I always think of the New York level and getting slammed into by the taxis and hearing the drivers curse you out. ** Don't forget Police Truck by the Dead Kennedys from the first game. Instantly recognizable for me once I encountered it again in RockBand. * Also, the ''SSX'' series, which is basically Tony Hawk on snow. [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs No, not ''that'' snow.]] * ''GranTurismo'' does this as well with its library of licensed lyrics. 'Dragula', to this troper, is indelibly linked to the second

game in the series and Laguna Seca raceway. ** Gran Turismo 3's music was usually too low for me to hear it, but I do remember the terrible English version of 99 Luftballoons(sung by Goldfinger of all people,) playing almost constantly in that game. ** Of course, the first three Gran Turismo games had an ''unfortunate'' problem with music: the track played when you started the race would loop itself, rather than skipping to a new track when it was done. Normally not a problem on short three minute races, it was insanity-inducing on hours-long endurance races. * This editor last played ''CrazyTaxi'' in 2002. He still flashes back to the game whenever The Offspring's "Way Down The Line" plays. ** I have the same effect whenever I hear "All I Want." By the Offspring, I can't drive a car in real life with this song on because it makes me think of flying through the air in a runaway taxi. *** Upon being released for Rock Band as downloadable content, most message board users reacted in glee upon finally finding out the name of the song. "YAH YAH YAH YAH!" ** "Ten in 2010" would have the same effect except that you'll never hear it on the radio. * All songs in the ''NeedForSpeed'' series. This troper can't hear "Riders on the Storm" without waiting for Snoop Dogg. ** Crystal Method's "Born Too Slow" is 'The music from NFS Underground's main menu' in this troper's mind. *** And then there's Lil Jon's "Get Low", the opening screen song. ** This troper can't listen to "In My Head" by ''QueensOfTheStoneAge'' without thinking of the little graphics that pop up during [=NFSU2=]. ** NFS got me into Static-X with the wonderfully synth-backed "The Only". ** Need For Speed: Pro Street's edit of "Almost Easy" by "Avenged Sevenfold" is so horrible that I now have to yell the censored line every time it comes on the radio or my Ipod (which doesn't censor the song). --> "Original Line:""I left you bound and tied with suicidal memories" --> "Pro Street edit:"" I left you bound and tied that love would outweigh ignorance" * The main themes from the ''FIFA'' series. ** ThisTroper can't think about FatboySlim without thinking about "The Rockafeller Skank" and the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vUYRyVsL9I particularly awesome remix]] of that song, wich is the main theme of FIFA 99. * Particularly dangerous with the ''{{Burnout}}'' series. This editor must remind himself when he's driving that he's on an intersection and not a crash junction whenever My Chemical Romance's "I'm not Okay" or RiseAgainst "Paper Wings" plays in his music collection. ** I'm not sure how you managed to think you were at a crash junction, considerring Crash Mode offerred no music at all. *** Probably something to do with how he thinks of Burnout when he hears the song (adurrrr). Most people's fondest memories of Burnout are Road Rage and Crash in my experience, so it makes sense. ** This troper had it pointed out to him that he drives more aggressively when listening to any of the songs from Burnout 3 he has

on his iPod. This creates a problem as my friends and I will want to listen to Funeral For a Friend while I'm driving, but are a little scared of what will happen. ** TheStinger for [[ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee's]] review of ''Burnout Paradise'' was "Your homework: Name every song that has been in both a Burnout game and a Guitar Hero game." ** This troper has something of an inversion going on. As I don't normally listen to the style of music played in the games, hearing most any song by some of the more prominent bands makes me think "Sounds like Burnout music." *** That's not an inversion, that's an exact description of the actual trope. * ''{{Audiosurf}}''. This troper can't listen to a few songs (like "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" or "Over The Hills And Far Away") without remembering what track they create. ** That is, of course, entirely your own fault. ** This troper just gaped in shock at the examples you just gave, as "Over the Hills" is the Ur-example of the Audiosurf song that does the exact same thing to him. * On the special features for ''[[JohnMaddenFootball Madden NFL 2005]]'', there is a documentary about the music of the game. The music producer tells a story where a rock band featured in Madden 2004 (which this troper cannot recall) once played the same song during a live gig. The audience began chanting "Touchdown!" in response. ** Similarly ''All-Pro Football 2K8'' was criticized in reviews for overplaying their one big name track: Rush-"Tom Sawyer" * This troper hears Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocket Full of Sunshine" in [[TheSims Simlish]] every time it's played now. Though I'm not sure if it was listening to it in-game or the music video that did it in for me. ** This Troper heard MXPX's "Late Again" in Simlish first, and was surprised to hear the actual words. ** Personally, this troper was surprised when he heard Flim by Aphex Twin. I had always assumed it was a Sims 2 only song. * ''TwistedMetal: Black'' has 'Paint it Black' and whenever I hear that song, the game pops to mind. Also, Twisted Metal 3 or 4 had 'Dragula' and Rob Zombie even had a car in that game. I can always picture the first level, The Junkyard, perfectly, when I hear that song. ** This troper can't think of Twisted Metal without thinking of "Dragula" or "When Worlds Collide". I'd imagine that if I ever listen to them while driving, I'll start trying to fire weapons at ice cream trucks. *** Funny that people so easily associate Rob Zombie with the absolute worst Twisted Metal games in the series. I hated Twisted Metal III but do remember that Superbeast always played on the LA Quakezone level. * Thanks to ''{{Fallout}} 3'', for years to come, people will associate Roy Brown's "Butcher Pete" with one thing: Super Mutant brains being splattered against the wall in slow motion. ** But I ''do'' want to set the world on fire! With my Fatman mininuke launcher! ** The same clip from the Fallout 3 commercial opens the Megadeth

song "Set The World Afire," causing both songs to be permanently associated with VATS carnage in This Troper's brain. A trope two-fer! *** ''And then'' they used that same song in ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' when Sylar meets his "father" in Season 3. Given that the first season was about averting a nuclear explosion... ** [[OlderThanTheyThink Give me a kiss to build a dream on...]] *** This troper is unable to listen to this song without hearing minigun fire and Ron Perlman talking about war. ** This troper just has to hear the opening piano part of "Civilization" to mentally hear "Bongo bongo bongo I don't wanna leave the Congo" all day. ** ''Maaaaybe...you'll think of me...when you are allll alooone...'' ** This troper was shocked to hear one of the instrumental songs on Fallout 3's soundtrack in (the film adaptation of) ''{{The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas}}'', of all places. * ''BioShock'' has assured that this troper will never be able to hear "Beyond the Sea" again without associating it with being trapped in Ayn Rand's underwater mutant city. ** "''How much is that doggy in the window...?''" ** This troper started playing Bioshock 2 the same week she bought the Kick-Ass soundtrack. As a result, the Banana Splits theme song and "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us" by Sparks now evoke fond memories of drilling splicers to bits. On a related note, this troper's brain is an...''interesting'' place to be. *** This troper proposes marriage. * GTA's creators, (now called Rockstar North, then called DMA Design), were doing this with ''{{Lemmings}}'' back in 1991 with old and out of copyright tunes. "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" and "Ten Green Bottles" are forever heard in MIDI by this troper. (Pedantic: Actually they were MED files, not MIDI.) ** They were MIDIs if you had ''Lemmings for Windows''. * Both ''True Crime'' games followed this trope, but they also featured an advance button to skip through songs. ** This troper associates "An Honest Mistake" by The Bravery with True Crime: New York City. * Non-game example: This troper's ex-girlfriend would often listen to a single song off a CD when going for drives that would last for about 30 minutes each way, for over a week. One minute and thirty seconds long. That's 40 times ''a day''. * ''{{Prey}}'' had a jukebox in the bar that had a number of licensed songs on it, and you could flick between tracks during the run-up to the alien abduction. When said alien abduction hits, the music abruptly changes to Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper", as the alien ship rips up and abducts the ''entire bar''. It isn't actually one of the tracks you can select, making this scene a CrowningMomentOfAwesome. * It wasn't in the actual videogame, but a famous trailer video for ''{{Gears of War}}'' used a cover of "Mad World" by Gary Jules. Sales for the song spiked after the trailer was released, and this troper always thinks of Gears when he hears the song. ** The same can be said of the first movie to popularize Gary Jules version of the song, DonnieDarko, with the original version mostly

forgotten thanks to these two uses of the song. ** ''[[Left4Dead Left 4 Dead]]'' has a shortened version of "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow in one of its trailers. Now this troper is quite addicted to that particular song. ** The ''Call of Duty: ModernWarfare 2'' trailer used a shortened version of Eminem's Till I Collapse which soared in popularity after said trailer came out. This troper recently viewed two instances of the relevant song on Youtube, combined they had something like eight million views. Very popular indeed. * Not from a game, but this troper can't hear Europe's "The Final Countdown" without thinking of Gob from ''ArrestedDevelopment''. ** This troper can't hear the same song without thinking of [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] countdown of ''Countdown''. * ''SaintsRow 2'', being very much in the style of GrandTheftAuto, also has in-game radio stations and is thus susceptible to the same effect. In particular, the metal station likes to play "Bat Country" a lot (at least while this troper was playing), and this troper also has fond memories of cruising recklessly to the tune of "Colony of Birchmen". ** Alternatively, hijacking a hearse only to find that the previous driver was apparently listening to Jamaican hip-hop. This troper could not stop laughing for a good several minutes. *** And the first SaintsRow is the whole reason that ThisTroper started listening to The Editors, thanks to their song "Munich" being on the soundtrack. * This troper can't hear Mahler's [[OminousLatinChanting "Symphony of a Thousand" opening, "Veni, Creator Spiritus"]] without thinking of the sixth chronological episode of ''HaruhiSuzumiya''. ** And [[LEXicon712 this one]] can't hear Shostakovich's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFIqQrcpbro "Symphony No. 7 'Leningrad'"]] Invasion theme without thinking of [[DeepImmersionGaming "The Day of Sagittarius"]]. * Here's a particularly weird example. This troper thinks of [[NUMASeries Sahara]] TheMovie whenever he hears Van Halen's "Panama". The really weird part? [[ItMakesSenseInContext The song wasn't even in the movie.]] ** This, but weirder, inverse example: This troper can't watch the English dub of FullMetalAlchemist without getting Stairway to Heaven stuck in her head. As sung by Gregorian Monks. [[ItMakesSenseInContext Don't ask... It involves a long car ride and]] VicMignogna. * Though heard fairly rarely, the opening theme to ''{{Civilization}}'' IV (which is the Lord's Prayer of Christian fame, sung in Swahili) will always make this troper think about whether to play as Asoka of India or Bismarck of Germany for his next game. ** Erm, not to mention [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_in_Civilization_IV some of the greatest works]] of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Dvorak and Brahms. And pretty much everything John Adams has ever written (just kidding). * Rob Zombie's ''Dragula'' is a particularly extreme case of this, due to it appearing in a good number of games right around the turn of the millenium - while it could be said to make sense in the context of SledStorm, it makes a fair bit less so in GranTurismo, and almost none

in (the English release of) JetSetRadio... And that's just what ThisTroper can think of offhand. ** It also plays in the club scene in TheMatrix, so that's what this troper thinks of. * ''SidMeiersPirates'', all versions thereof. ThisTroper bought Handel's Watermusic just to listen to some of that stuff in non-PCspeaker format. * Seriously, if you've ever played ''{{Loom}}'', then Tchaikovsky's SwanLake is just a cheap cover version. * Hearing Theory of a Deadman never fails to make this troper think of ''{{Fahrenheit}}''. * [[CSIMiami YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!]] * While not all that popular, whenever I hear music that matches Quarantine, the Pc Game always sends me back... * BrutalLegend Every time I hear "We Are the Road Crew" or "Angel Witch" I think of jumping my rocket car over a wooly mammoth. Granted I have to put those songs on myself, but that was the game's fault as well. * A much earlier example of this is "Carmaggeddon", causing this troper an unresistable urge to want and drive over pedestrians and crash cars whenever Iron Maiden plays in his car. * A non-video game example: [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel has ruined many]] [[SoundtrackDissonance masterpieces of classical music]] for a lot of people. ** And for a Video game example..Parodius of course. * I associate George Gershwin's "An American in Paris" with StarTrekTheNextGeneration due to one night when I was up late watching reruns and noticed how much better the horn sections of the suite fit the shots of the Enterprise flying through space than the boring incidental music that was actually on the show. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_%27N%27_Roll_Racing Rock N Roll Racing]] had a small set of licensed metal/hard rock songs for the soundtrack, and due to technical limitations of the time they were all instrumental versions. While my memories of the actual game are fuzzy by now, I still must have played it a lot at the time - it was the first place I ever heard BlackSabbath's "Paranoid", and even now when that song gets in my head, 90% of the time it's the repetitive-as-heck instrumental version as heard in that game. * This troper is horribly, ''horribly'' susceptible to this effect. After 4 years of playing ''CrazyTaxi'', I ended up buying an Offspring CD. ''An Offspring CD''. Good lord. And after a few years of Guitar Heroing, I just last week bought an ''Ozzy'' CD. And ''liked'' it. For obvious reasons, I am not even ''touching'' a copy of ''Band Hero''. The last thing I need is to start liking TaylorSwift. * This troper likes to listen to music while playing games and reading. For some reason, she would listen to Metallica's "Master of Puppets" CD constantly while playing ''Super Mario 64'' when she was in middle school. Thanks to that, listening to that CD will forever remind her of playing Mario. * Not strictly this trope, as it doesn't deal with music, but for lack of anywhere better to put it. This Troper played less than an

hour of ''JustCause 2'' at a friends house. Going outside he heard a plane overhead and my first thought was whether it was in range of his grappling hook. On realising how stupid that is, I noticed all his friends were staring at the plane, half-heartedly flexing their arms obviously imagining the same thing. * ''{{Glee}}'' has done this for god knows how many pop songs. * This troper has a very odd inversion: I used to bunk with my cousin, who was as different from me as possible. I would often play Super Mario 64 on an emulator; he would usually blare bad music. Due to one particularly notable incident, I now associate the Jolly Roger Bay stage with ICP's "Mass Murder". Talk about SoundtrackDissonance. * [[TheStray This Troper]] tends to associate Fatboy Slim's "Gangster Tripping" with White Wolf's "Kindred of the East" supplement for VampireTheMasquerade. * ''{{Initial D}}'' and eurobeat. Just avoid listening to the CD in your car. **This troper always listen to this when he drive back home at night. * This troper associates the WorldOfWarcraft area Nagrand with {{Rush}} songs. * This troper recently surprised his dad by humming a song. That song was "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire", and then I proceeded to complain that it was a cover. Thanks Black Isle! * I will always think of Las Venturas when I hear America's A Horse with no name. * Probably 80% of the music this troper listens to comes from video game soundtracks. Impacto by Daddy Yankee, and Siente el Boom by Tito el Bambino remind me of the reggaetón station on GTA IV. F.I.G.H.T. by Unwritten Law? I heard that on Midnight Club 3 and Burnout Revenge. And too many other examples this troper doesn't have space for to name. * [[{{Tropers/Pittsburghmuggle}} This troper]] always played Tetris listening to the ''JesusChristSuperstar'' soundtrack - forever will the two be mingled. * This troper got {{Fire Emblem}} for GBA and Weezer's Green album for the same christmas, and I listened to the album a lot when I was playing the game. For a long time, whenever I played the game, or listened to the album, I would always be reminded of the other. * "[[BlackTide Honest Eyes]]". I've heard that song thanks to the StreetFighterXTekken trailers, and right now I can't stop listening to it. * Everyone I know who likes Extreme's "Play With Me" has either seen ''BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure'' or played ''GuitarHero Rocks The 80's''. * [[{{Tropers/Plumbum}} I]] always find my new favourite song from a video game. Examples include [[{{Paramore}} Misery Business]] thanks to SaintsRow 2 [[30SecondsToMars Edge Of The Earth]] and [[ChiddyBang Opposite Of Adults]] (That normally I wouldn't listen to in a month of Sundays) thanks to NeedForSpeed: Hot Pursuit. * Before ''DragonBallZ'' had been fully released in America, [[{{Tropers/Thanos6}} I]] spent a whole day reading the scanlations of the Buu Saga. While I was reading them, somehow my music player started repeating one song: "Hot Fun In The Summertime" by

SlyAndTheFamilyStone, but I was too caught up reading to bother changing it. I can't think of one without the other. ** Likewise, when I first discovered the Crime Library and started reading through their serial killer archives, I'd accidentally put "Send Me An Angel" by RealLife on repeat. I can't hear that song now without thinking of horrible murderers. * When I hear such songs as "[[BrainPowerd In My Dream]]", "[[BlueCometSPTLayzner Lonely Way]]", "[[MartianSuccessorNadesico You Get to Burning]]", and "[[GundamSEED Realize!]], I immediately think of SuperDeformed mecha shooting lasers while their pilots [[HotBlooded yell at each other]]. Thanks, ''SuperRobotWarsJ''. * Me and my friends somehow ended up associating the Starman music from Super Mario Bros., [[{{RickRoll}} Never Gonna Give You Up]] by Rick Astley, the chorus of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive, and the chorus of Friday by Rebecca Black (don't ask) with penis-shaped missiles (also don't ask) chasing one of the many pseudo[=NPCs=] in our RPs. ---Return to [[{{GrandTheftAutoEffect}} that page with that one song]]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GranolaGirl * This troper knows a girl like this, but he suspects that it might be a facade to win friends and generally look like an insufferable hipster. * My 9th grade biology teacher was a bit like this...She carried a staff with a claw on it to school and held a meditation course (part of the prayer: Jewish school, you know) where its members learned about their power animals. She's also a published author. ** Clawsatff? Awesome. * This troper definitely counts. She lives in Southern California, and sometimes scares people with how crazy leftist she can be. However, she prefers [[{{Goth}} lots of black]] to tie-dyes and really, really loves her meat. Oh, and she also happens to be kinda smart. Come autumn, she'll see you at [[StrawmanU Berserkeley]], also known as "that hippie school". * I live in San Jose. The liberals here are the nice, non-ANAL (Angry New Age Liberal) types that seem more on par with Libertarians than Liberals, and the closest thing to this was a friendly (if somewhat eccentric and snarky) history teacher who was Christian and mocked a lot of radicals. He hasn't met any conservatives, but they're mostly moderate (read: like Eisenhower). There's probably some Black Bloc or Maoist[=/=]Communist enclave around here, but they don't show their faces. I have, on the other hand, heard horror stories about Belmont, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley, which cause even the democrats around here to facepalm. * My mom is the epitome of this. * [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} I'm]] definitely a Granola Girl. I'm a vegan animal rights/liberation supporter, and I'm very into Tibetan

Buddhism, Native American spirituality, astrology, Wicca, and other things of that nature. I think my preachiness about various topics could also easily qualify me as a SoapboxSadie (for instance, when we got bigger plastic bags at the fabric store where I work, I said, "great, one more plastic item to add to the giant plastic cocktail in the Pacific Ocean"). As that example shows, I'm also a big environmentalist (my dad gets annoyed sometimes at the amount of things I try to recycle each week), as well a feminist, an anarchist (mostly due to my belief that anyone can be corrupted by being an authority figure), and a human rights (gay rights, civil liberties, workers' rights, etc.) activist, and [[DoesNotLikeShoes I would not wear shoes if it was not required]]. Admittedly though, I'm also something of a subversion of this by being [[{{Deadpan Snarker}} sarcastic]], [[{{Jade Colored Glasses}} cynical]], and [[{{Broken Bird}} somewhat unhappy]] and [[{{Grumpy Bear}} grouchy]]. * I'm a mild version of this trope - animal and human rights supporter, wears tie-dye, and never drives anywhere. * This troper has attributes of this. Although I do drive, eat meat, and use a lot of non-biodegradable stuff, my childhood and teenagerhood in Washington State have instilled in me a deep sense of guilt about the environment. So I'm trying to get more environmentally friendly. Now that I'm at college, I walk everywhere and drink only out of a steel water bottle. * This troper's college roommate was like this. Not only was she a vegetarian, but she also supported animal rights, going as far as to save a [[TheWoobie dying mouse]] from a snow bank and taking care of it until it passed on. ** Aww... * A ''lot'' of my teachers. There's a reason my school has the reputation for being a bunch of hippies. Oddly enough, my history teacher from last year wasn't one. * This troper doesn't eat meat, or kill bugs, or hunt/fish despite living in Wisconsin. She's also a practicing Wiccan/spiritualist. She drinks out of an aluminum water bottle, makes a point to buy products with as little packaging as possible, eats food from the organic urban garden in her backyard, walks/bikes around town rather than driving, and doesn't use cellphones in fear that it will kill bees. * I [[http://forum.mariowiki.com/index.php?topic=2050.0 found a Granola Boy]]. (Note that, due to a mod of the site being hacked, one member's posts got deleted). * This troper is sort of a Granola "girl"; she identifies as female but doesn't [[AmbiguousGender think of herself as completely being any gender so]]..Yea. "Sort of" since she really doesn't care for politics but she just happens to be a Buddhist, loves animal, nature adoring pacifist. It's one of her ([[TheQuietOne very]] [[TheStoic few]]) notable traits. ** This troper once again. I'm a granola [[{{Transsexual}} boy]]. He's quite liberal, a bit of a feminist and masculinist (he has some very interesting views on gender and thus fits due to his gender varient and anti-binary thoughts), is still a Buddhist (and follows the five precepts; thus doesn't kill animals and is a pacifist), is an animal rights activist, is vegan, and still adores nature. He isn't into

"natural" stuff, but happens to just cook basically everything he eats (including bread) for health related reasons and taste preferences; he also isn't really into "free "love at all, quite the opposite (I'm psuedo anti-sexual at times). It just happens he likes tye-dyes too. * [[{{Tropers/Kersey475}} This troper]] used to have a crush on a girl since Kindergarden (being his first crush). But as they got older, he doesn't crush on her anymore due to the fact that she became [[GranolaGirl this trope]] along with becoming a psuedo-{{Goth}} (dressing in black), [[{{Pettanko}} flat]]-[[ACupAngst chested]], and the fact that she doesn't like anime (this troper is more right-wing in his political thinking, loves meat, believes BuxomIsBetter, and is an {{Otaku}}). ** She ''became'' flat-chested? How did she look when you knew her in Kindergarden? D: *** Sorry, I meant she got older but was still flat-chested. * Being American Indian, it is not surprising that this troper lost his virginity to one. * This troper DoesNotLikeShoes, doesn't like it when animals are hurt (except for cockroachs), and has a HairTriggerTemper. She considers herself this. * This troper is somewhat of a granola guy. He is anti-capitalist, sticks up for environmental causes, is totally vegan and has as much respect for hunters/fishers as he does for child rapists or the Ebola virus. However, he does also conceal carries a .40 S&W handgun, own a civilian Saiga AK-47 and 12 gauge pump shotgun. He's also a devout Catholic who supports gay rights and freedom of all religion. * I had a Human geography teacher who definitely fit this trope, along with StrawFeminist and StrawHypocrite. We spent an entire year getting lectured on the evils of Western civilization and white men. This teacher was of the opinion that war and conflict are completely European in origin, and that most societies were enlightened and equal until being overthrown by those horrid, horrid white men. For those of you wondering, yes, this teacher was [[BoomerangBigot white]]. She was also dumb as a post, telling us, among other things, [[CriticalResearchFailure that the white eggs you see in a store are bleached and that the Pope had recently announced that priests could marry.]] * This Troper is, I think, a subversion. I eat healthfully, I reuse and recycle, I [[SoapboxSadie can preach about politics and social issues]] until I'm blue in the face, and I care about animal rights and the environment. However, I vote Republican. Certain members of my family and certain classmates, who vote Democratic or Green, were mystified at this paradox. What, I can't support free trade and recycling at the same time? ** Are you me!? I'm all this, plus a Mormon who supports gay rights. And a "flexatarian." * [[{{Tropers/Joerc45}} This troper]] knows two girls like this. One is a {{Brainy Brunette}} {{Cloudcuckoolander}} agnostic liberal, and serves as a {{foil}} of sorts to this atheist liberal/libertarian {{Only Sane Man}}. We do agree on a lot of different issues, though (gay rights, drug decriminalization, etc). The other one is a {{Pettanko}} Christian {{Yamato Nadeshiko}} who's a little on the

[[ShrinkingViolet shy side]]. Although she's also a bit of an [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} oddball]], she's quite [[BrainyBrunette intelligent]] and is a [[TheIngenue total sweetheart]]. I guess you can say she's a {{foil}}, too. As far as our personalities go, the three of us do have one common thread: We're all {{Actual Pacifist}}s. [[spoiler:I'm secretly in love with them, in case you were wondering.....]] ---Going back to GranolaGirl is totally good for your energies, man. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GratuitousEnglish * Probably doesn't count since English is this American troper's first language, however I do often use British terms and pronunciations (chemist instead of pharmacist, "al-ooh-min-yum", "VIT-a-min", etc.). ** Same here. ** Well how else do you pronounce it? Vi-TA-min? *** VY-ta-min. ** I do the same thing with spelling. ** GratuitousBritish. ** Zig zagged with this American troper's black chemistry teacher who apparently was born in Britain but moved to America. "Al-U-min-um" but "VIT-a-min" with only a short I and "go to university." * [[{{Tinweasel}} This editor]] purposefully and knowingly purchased a shirt bearing the Japanese words "{{Baka}} Gaijin" (literally, "Stupid Foreigner"). ** This troper bought a similar shirt and wore it in downtown Kyoto during his trip there. Combine this with a large afro and there were many staring eyes indeed. *** BoboboboBobobo Bobo Bo? ** Not a very smart move to buy a shirt like that. Gaijin is a derogatory term. The proper word is Gaikokujin. ** This troper bought a heavy drinking friend a rather good looking shirt with "Alchoholic" on in in Japanese. I shouldn't have told him what it said. ** This troper's dear, sainted mother bought him the exact same one. I felt so loved. * This editor has found a (deliberate) example in a textbook for learning Japanese. It was an example of how Gratuitous English can confuse a native English-speaker; the book's Australian protagonist was thrown off by these lyrics in a J-Pop song: ''Positive dance, friend feel''. Guess what's one of this editor's favourite Engrish phrases now? (Her all-time favourite is one she made up herself on purpose. I SPEECH GOOD ENGLAND!!) * After reading this page, I now want to try to make it seem like I only know a little english and that I'm foreign when a stranger tries to talk to me, just for laughs. * [[NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper]] subverts it - due to being pretty good with the language, but using the American terms and

pronunciations while being an European (and English taught in European schools is of the British variety). * This troper (German with one English grandmother) had a pretty good knowledge of English even before learning it in school (which is required in German schools) and was frequently shocked by how bad his classmates were at speaking the language, to the point of silently cursing (in English!) when they got a word or pronunciation wrong. * This troper's best friend went to Vancouver knowing almost no English at all. The first thing he said when he arrived to the customs booth was "I DOESN'T KNOWS SPEAKING ENGLITCH". These words later became ArcWords for the entire Vancouver trip. * This troper once visited Mexico on vacation and saw a T-shirt with the the phrase "¡Soy muy FASHION!" No, T-shirt, you are not very fashion. * I am bilingual and sometimes tend to mix expletives to create terms like 'Fuckarse Wankshitdick!' * When this troper went to Athens, Greece there were several shops that sold t-shirts that were covered in this. Many of them had lewd sayings or were outright vulgar. (ex details sexual acts) I even saw two people with shirts that said "fuck" in big bold letters. ** This Spanish troper once saw a kid wearing a t-shirt that said "BULLSHIT". ** This Brazilian troper once saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said something about "Sexy Goddess". * [[{{Roihu}} This Troper]] uses English a lot when speaking Spanish because he doesn't know many of the words, despite it being his first language. ** This Mexican troper often finds the word she wants to use in a phrase in English...and having no luck remembering the translation to Spanish just uses the word in english adding the spanish termination to conjugate them as it were a spanish word. It also happens when the word has no equivalent in Spanish. And strangely enough, people understand it. Such abominations as "drowneando" (drowning + ahogando) can appear. ** This ecuadorian troper thinks outside Mexico, Panamá, or Puerto rico this trope fits a large amount of high class Latinoamerican kids.'' Es tan cute!'', ''Osea, disgusting!'' and of course all the fantastic spanglish ''Stalkeando'' (Stalk+ acosando) ''frekeó'' (freak out+ asustó)... * This Troper's school had japanese exchange students a few months ago. Hilarity ensued. IE, apparently japan has no Hooters. Japan does, however, have christmas carols in english- "Wee weesh yu a meri curiistumas, wee weesh yu a meri curiistumas, wee weesh yu a meri curiistumas, and a happi new yeaa". The girl who was singing it had no idea what it meant, but it was very cute. Plus, apparently, the japanese love card games. * [[NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper]] uses English expressions when playing English-speaking characters during TabletopRPG sessions, mostly puns and movie quotes. His current crew has no problem with that, but one of his previous Game Masters needed to have some puns explained to her. * Inverted! Damnit I am an englishman! They are LIFTS! Not ELEVATORS!

AAAARRRGGGHHHH * [[BTIsaac This troper]] once came across an episode of Dragonball Kai, with ENGRISH sudtitles. It contained several interesting sentences ("The Balls are mine!"), bad sentence structure ("Damn you Freeze (sic!) I won't stop till you be okay!") and things to which there is just no excuse ("Give me that! I'm gonna need this drug!" Vegeta takes back the scouter from the medic he gave it earlier). Needless to say, it was hilarious. Too bad it was the only episode available from this group. * This troper's Chinese friend speaks in Chinese to her grandmother, but she uses the English words for basically everything (so it's "[Chinese] hall [Chinese] bathroom [Chinese] school]". * This troper has a friend who is an exchange student from Taiwan. He ''constantly'' mispronounces the phrase "as big as" like "big ass". Hilarity ensues. -->'''Friend:''' I caught a fish. It was big-ass salmon. * This troper had a fine laugh at a subbing of Gundam 0080. * This troper's school trip to Japan included an encounter with convenience store clerks who _did not know the Japanese word for map_ (chizu) but responded to the English word. Of course, they may have thought we wanted cheese (chiizu) * [[MisterAlways EVERYONE IN THIS TROPER'S COUNTRY.]] Mostly swears. ** That said, he himself has been known to engage in this. He was once ranting against a teacher, and because he was having trouble expressing himself, he switched to English halfway through (just gives you a larger range of vocalization, you know?), then back to Dutch, then finished in GERMAN. It'd be a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome CMoA]] if he hadn't gotten suspended. *** This Troper is prone to switching between languages when cursing as well. She'll go from English to Japanese or German and will occassionally trow in the single random French curse she knows. Interestingly, my German professor (That is both the class and her nationality) apparently only swears in English. We asked after she realized that she'd forgotten something important and burst out with "Shit!" * I have 'wonderful' mix of my native language and English as my parents used to work some times ago in English speaking country (so I have no idea how is for example gate at the airport in my language or boarding pass) and I've done IB (how was supply and demand in my language). Studing Computer Science in London does not make it much better. * ThisTroper has seen (in France of all places) a Chinese restaurant named Take Away Chinese Fooding. Um, okay... * This troper comes from Hong Kong, but considers English as her first language rather than Cantonese/Chinese since her Chinese is terrible. Thus when she talks in Cantonese, she tends to talk in an odd jumble of English and Cantonese. She once even accidentally slipped in far too many English words in her Cantonese speaking examination at school, causing her to fail Chinese Language. * This Brazilian troper likes to speak English words randomly, because she knows more English than Portuguese, getting to a point that she ''even has to ask how an English word is pronounced in Portuguese.''

** Are you [[Tropers/{{endlessness}} me]]? * This argentinian troper responds to strange stuff with a solid "What the fuck?" (AI NOU ENGLISH) ** This other argentinian troper actually finds lulzy some T-Shirts with random english texts like "Love is time and fun", "Just Do Iti" (?), "Run against the wall" and other weird concepts. * This troper is studying at a business school in Russia. In addition to the fact that much of the modern business terminology comes from English, all of the professors have either studied or worked in the US, and even the cloakroom staff are fluent in English (a justified requirement, since we get quite a few exchange students from Western Europe). This results in people peppering their speech with English words, phrases and idioms. Interestingly, the people who subvert this trope the most are the teachers of ''English'', who get mad if we leave business terminology untranslated when translating a ''Financial Times'' article into Russian. * This troper, who lives in Quebec, hears some of this everyday. French-speaking Quebecers tend to slip in English words and expressions in their sentences, resulting in things like ''C'est trop cute!''. That would be the equivalent of an American saying ''That's so [[{{GratuitousJapanese}} kawaii!]]'' * [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} This troper]], speaking German, often slips into GratuitousEinglish. A month in Texas and years of writing English prose do that to you. * This Troper's Mum is a linguistics professor, as such she studies this among other phenomena in our country (Singapore). Slipping into another language while speaking is apparently called "code-switching", and happens a lot in Singapore as it's a multi-racial, multi-lingual country. In fact, Bahasa Melayu features too many "corruptions" (also a linguistics term) of English words, which are official. For example, "kereta" for "car", "restoran" for "restaurant", "demonstrasi" for "demonstration" and so on. With Mandarin, Singaporean speakers replace words they do not know with their English equivalents. One particular phenomenon is the conjunction "then", which finds it way into almost everyone's Mandarin Chinese speech. ** ThisTroper once gratuitously pointed out that the English conjunction in question is "than" rather than "then" and then, to avoid hurt feelings, observed that native speakers mix them up often enough. * [[{{Tropers/RAMChYLD}} This troper]] hails from Malaysia and observes that the same thing happens here. However he considers English his primary language and speaks in English unless the need to converse with his illiterate grandma or with Malay friends arise who're not proficient in English arises. His mom, however, had a mostly Chinese education, spending only her last two years in a Catholic high school, and thus knows just enough English to get through with life. HilarityEnsues when she tries to write long e-mails in English. His dad, tho, like the rest of his paternal side family, and this troper himself, hails from a Methodist school and thus speaks English proficiently. However, if this troper gets too tired, he may temporarily lose his proficiency in the language and sprout gems like "I wish I was Monte Cristo" and "I bought Mister Roger's

Neighborhood". * [[Tropers/{{MakiP}} This troper]] and her brother have the habit of cursing in english instead of their native spanish, and ocasionally using words like "cool" and "groovy" * This Dominican troper gave up trying to explain to people that she could speak perfect Spanish, and therefore did not need anyone translating into "English" (note the quotation marks there, please!). A particularly magnificent example of this trope in action was when I met a girl named ''Daisy Margarita''. For non-Spanish savvy tropers, Margarita is [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment the Spanish name for the Daisy]]. I was slamming my head against the wall for a whole afternoon after that... * This Finnish troper will occasionally insert English words in her speech where Finnish words would do. However, this is because she sometimes ''can't think of the word she needs'' in Finnish, but can offer the same word in English. The opposite also happens, of course, but that's more understandable. * Me and my family are from England and speak English, but my little brother seems to use the American words for some things-have no idea where he got that from. * [[Tropers/PutYaGunsOn This American troper]]'s first and only language is English, but uses British slang in the same way Bakura does in YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries for two reasons: 1. I plan to cosplay him some time, and 2. It's fun. * This is incredibly common in Sweden. This Troper is very annoyed by how many Swedes think a perfectly ordinary sentence is witty just because a word has been replaced with an English one. ** Are you me? Even though I'm Danish, but still. * A lot of young people in my country loves using English words like "please", "fuck" and "shit" instead of our own language, although here it's actually considered as a part of our slang. They're pretty much understandable to anyone and used in proper context. That is, until you hear them try to read it in English classes. It's laughably awful, to say the least. ** Is the country by any chance Venezuela? Because they have that in here...and some chronic disorder to mispronounce the word 'loser'... *** Far from it, but I wouldn't be surprised if any other countries used it the same way. Also, my Information Science teacher always says "Mind your language!" fully in English whenever somebody swears in the class. * When my parents started teasing me to learn english, my response used to be "why? My world is already open with the phrases 'I don't speak english', 'where's the bathroom?', 'My name is X', [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking 'chicken! hen! floor!']]..." just because I HATED english so much. Everything changed after I met classic rock, but that's another story... * My Chinese teacher got his English language learning from a ''Russian'', and wound up with some mangled pronunciations. Poor guy couldn't figure out why the translation of "Bing (1)" (ice) was so funny, until we figured out he ''meant'' "eyess", not "ass". Other highlights included "boat" ("bought") and "fora-ginner" ("foreigner"). We would up teaching each other.

* This troper recently came back to school after a period of illness, and the first thing he heard was that the school now became 80% more international because of the gratutous use of English. * I do it all the time. I also, according to my friends, have an American accent, although I'd never been in the USA (I'm Greek, born and raised.) That has maybe something to do with the fact that I watch all movies without subtitles, and I also spend lots of time on the Internet. My favourite use of GratuitousEnglish is [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch adding "bitch" at the end of every sentence]]. * This Troper, being very eager to learn other languages, often says somethng in English rather than Spanish, so very few people understand what I'm saying. Also, sometimes I don't remember how to say a word in Spanish, so I say it in English. * This troper played on line chess with someone from Japan. He was not very good at it. Every time he lost a piece, he'd let loose some Japanese, followed by DAMMIT BAD SHIT! * This troper's grandparents are Spanish immigrants. They have lived in the U.S. for 40 years and speak Spanish most of the time, but they often put in minced English words for terms that they didn't have much experience with, often with the spelling and pronunciation changed-the boiler is...''la boila''. A fence is not the correct ''cerca''-they say ''la fensa'' (the fence-a). It's actually pretty funny, especially when they do it on purpose for comic effect. They're awesome grandparents. * [[Tropers/ElodieHiras I]] am French, and me and [[ItMakesSenseInContext Elodie often talk to each other in English so people around me won't be able to understand what we say to each other and discover our]] [[SpiritAdvisor unusual]] [[ImaginaryFriend relationship]]. I also sometimes [[DamnYouMuscleMemory blurt words in English instead of my native language equivalent]], and also uses English words to lampshade tropes happening in my TabletopGames sessions. ---Did you understand a word he was saying in that GratuitousEnglish? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GratuitousForeignLanguage * This Troper met a Dutch man on a festival. He asked where she is from and by hearing "Poland" he smiled and said a short phrase, adding proudly that he learned a traditional Polish greeting from his friend. What he really said was 'put a pencil in your ass'. Well, Poles are pretty fond of teaching swearwords to innocent foreigners. * This troper's girlfriend is a Romaniafile. That is, she is enthralled with and loves everything from or about Romania (the reason is a kind of {{BiTheWay}} version of an Oedipus Complex involving some woman from her work). Cue her using Gratuitous Romanian with her friend, me, and anyone else Romanian whom she can find.

** This [[GrammarNazi Romanian troper]] is shocked to discover there is such a thing as a [[MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Romaniaphile]]. It's ironic how much this [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign Romaniaphilia]] is inverted by the Romanians themselves as the use of GratuitousForeignLanguage, especially GratuitousEnglish is almost universal. * This troper can speak a bit of Chinese, and constantly swears, announces the date, and shoits at people in it. * This troper's cousin is American, but has taken French and Spanish, has lived in Egypt and Serbia, and has a German best friend. She's only fluent in English but peppers her sentences with fragments from all of these languages. * Somewhat broken-down or inverted. A few people at my school started saying some crazy phrase to my face (constantly). I ask them what it means. One says, "Oh, it's motherfucker. IN SERBIAN." After a few minutes of thought, I realized I'd just need to shut up for that day and consult my friend Vanja, who lives in Serbia. He basically broke down the fact that, in Serbia, there is no phrase such as "motherfucker", there is no phrase that would roughly be the equivalent of "motherfucker" and that "fucker" was a joke between friends. I went back to the people and said, "There is no such thing as 'motherfucker' in the Serbian language." They started chanting their phrase again. Cue knowledge of Serbian culture to completely stop them mid-chant. * This Troper is lucky to A)Be friends with a buttload of Colombian/Chilean people and B) Know a shitload of spanish. So when he and them encounter real jerks, he insults them in Spanish. * This Dutch troper has always liked learning foreign languages. Probably as a result, I'm ''extremely'' prone to this trope. One- or two-word sentences are often in a foreign language, just because it's the first thing that pops into my head. "Hello" and "thanks" are hardly ever said in Dutch. ** Same here, except with a lingua natura of English. I had to turn it down when working as a cashier, but the fact that I knew enough of several languages to get by apparently got me the job in the first place. * I'm English born 'n' bred with a Cockney/Midlands accent, but that doesn't stop me spouting French, Japanese and Italian. The worst offenders are "konnichiwa", "(domo) arigatou", "sayounara", "bonjour", "merci", "baka", and "si". ** Likewise. I don't remember the last time I thanked anyone with anything thing "merci" well..maybe the corruption of merci beacoup "Murky Buckets" * This troper reguarly speaks to others in French, Russian and German at random intervals. Arguably subverted, though, in that this troper is actually reasonably fluent in French and Russian. * Gratuitous Latin is a lot of fun. ** YES. "Here's the pencil you dropped." "Tibi gratias ago!" "[[FlatWhat What]]." * This troper lives in South Korea within a sub-culture of English teachers. We often throw in Korean words such as "bali" (hurry) in our conversations without thinking about it. Because of this, this troper

finds himself slipping when he visits friends and family back in the US. * This troper once in an A-level English exam, when referring to the concept of catharsis, ''spelled it in the Greek alphabet''. Partially justified because that emphasised the use of the original Aristotelean concept rather than the more general sense the word has today, but still, looking back on it now, it seems unnecessarily show-offy. Still got a very good mark (for the essay, not for that single word!) * This troper is very close with her cousins, who were recently adopted from Russia, and will speak with them in a kind of garbled Russian/English. Therefore, she has a habit of slipping up and using gratuitous Russian while speaking with her friends, who often have no idea what she said. * This troper loves foreign languages, but is fluent in few. As a result, she'll be spouting phrases in Finnish, French, Spanish, German, and Norwegian constantly. She will almost never say "Thank you", "Hello", "Goodbye", or the like. Since Latin is the language she's closest to being fluent in, she'll also often think of her sentences in Latin, then say them in English. Oh, and because of how much she's said them, she now ALWAYS say "Ja" and "Non", unless she consciously wills herself to say the English words. * This troper's biggest hobby is studying foreign language, and I love to use foreign words-ESPECIALLY German and any Nordic language. * This Welsh troper has a lot of friends who like to slip random Welsh words into English conversation. This can be quite fun, and it's resulted in this troper always referring to a microwave as a "poptyping". * This German troper has the habit of using not only English and Japanese, but also Russian, Icelandic, Polish and Hungarian words. Especially curses. And while speaking English, she loves using random German words just because. * This troper plans on doing the Coldplay and write and name a song in a foriegn language and have the rest in english. Sounds like fun. * This troper was born in the Philippines and knows four different dialects, plus English and Spanish, and so does my family. Having moved to the US, he finds it utterly amusing at the confused looks on friends' faces when they come over to his house and hear him speak to his family. Speech at home fluctuates between any of those languages multiple times mid-sentence. It also leaves guests highly confused. * This Troper, after beginning to learn Norwegian, began writing "Hei", "Nei," "Ja," and "Takk" when [=IMing=] her best friend (who uses gratuitous German herself) and now can't seem to stop, even when texting and [=IMing=] other people. * This troper's family has this in spades. My parents have it the worst - they'll start a sentence in English, pepper it with French and switch to Vietnamese half-way through. * Dwi'n siarad Wenglish all the amser. :) * My English language teacher at Charles University was a native English speaker, but occasionally used Gratuitous Czech in the class. * This Troper uses "shut up" in 15 different languages. All the languages mentioned in the index plus Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Arabic, and Portugese. Aside from that, it's a mix of Japanese,

German, French, and Spanish. Mainly Japanese. * For some reason [[@/SgtFrog1 this troper]] finds Gratuitous Foreign Language to be very irritating. Now don't think I'm one of those hyper-patriotic nut-jobs from {{Eagleland}} who constantly shout "YOU'RE IN AMERICA, SPEAK [[strike:ENGLISH]] AMERICAN, DAMMIT!". I don't care if you can speak other languages. If you can, that's great. But if you can fluently speak more than two languages, please don't be a show-off and randomly mix foreign words into a conversation. Also, if you're using Gratuitous Foreign Language in order to increase your fluency with that language, please keep in mind it only works if you're speaking to someone who is fluent in the language you are trying to learn (or at least is studying the same language you are trying to learn.) Otherwise, the person you're speaking to will give you weird looks. If you've read this far, I'm very sorry you had to read this rant. I guess sometimes ItJustBugsMe. * This troper like to use gratuitous italian, expecially using it to cuss out teachers. * This Anglophone troper loves languages and is taking French II and teaching himself German and Russian; this troper can barely think or speak in English anymore. He thinks he got his love of languages from his mother who can speak French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. * This Austrian troper is an Anglophile and VERY prone to speaking English in unfitting moments(with something that sounds like a posh British accent from the fifties). She also has a knack for British profanity. (To my defense, at least I´m somewhat good in English)The sad thing is, around here almost everyone understands English. Guess I have to learn Polish now... * This troper, studying French and Spanish at a University where those two languages, plus German, Italian and Russian are also studied, can often find himself in a group where around 25% of the words spoken are not English. Myself, I often say 'va bene' instead of 'cool' (in an acknowledgement/affirmation sense), or fantastische, or substitutions of various foreign words in place of the English, either because they're easier/more fun to say, or because I've spent all day using foreign languages and English doesn't come naturally * This Russia-obsessed troper tends to lapse into Russian in certain situations, such as when looking for something that he knows the name of in Russian. "&#1043;&#1084;... &#1075;&#1076;&#1077; &#1091;&#1095;&#1077;&#1073;&#1085;&#1080;&#1082;?... &#1053;&#1077; &#1090;&#1072;&#1084;... &#1040;! &#1042;&#1086;&#1090; &#1086;&#1085;!" He also tends to speak Russian to the cats he lives with. Hm... If everything's backwards there, does that mean that [[InSovietRussiaTropeMocksYou in Soviet Russia, you own cat?]] * This troper, studying Catalan at university, often finds himself starting sentences in Catalan (specifically Mallorcan Catalan) because he spends so much time thinking about the grammar (it's kinda tricky, and 'til you've got it it bears thinking about). Cue confused looks from people in shops, on the bus and pretty much everywhere else. And one massively failed attempt at chatting someone up. * This troper tries to talk to her pet bird in German and a bit of Spanish. Filipino, also, every now and then, hoping that it would learn those phrases one day. Then again, it's not a parrot or any

species that mimics human language, so all those tries are in vain and plain stupid. Nice to know it understands a bit of English, though. * [[{{@/Nakayama90}} This troper]] speaks Mandarin and Japanese, and will speak in both randomly throughout the day. Occasionally when frusturated at work, I will (quietly and subtley) swear in one of said languages. * This Troper has a friend who uses Gratuitous Latin in many inappropriate places throughout the day. Like when we're working on an English project. Or chatting at the mall. It gets annoying after a while. * Tropers/AdelePotter tends to cuss people out in Italian (not fluent, but know quite a bit) or Spanish (barely know anything but the cuss words). ---Return to GratuitousForeignLanguage, ''olkaa hyvät''. ----

GratuitousFrench * my theater class place (a big place, capitol if you ever heard of it) is divided in french and English everyone (no, really) in my group (french) can speak perfect English or near perfect, and only about 10% of the English group can speak french, so when an english talk is going on and we start speaking french about something, they treat it as this * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama Cette Troper]], ayant appris le français à son école primaire, parfois cela. Par exemple, en ce moment! xD Auto Démontrer Entrée, tout le monde? (Dieu, je souhaite qu'il y ait une trope pour cela ... Au contraire, nous vous [[SelfDemonstratingArticle Auto Démontrer L'article]], ce qui est assez proche de la même chose, sauf, bien, tu sais. Et oui, au cas où quelqu'une se demande, je suis l'aide de Google Translate pour ce. Je ne sais pas assez de français pour être capable de faire autrement! XDDD) ** Translation: [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]], having learned French at her primary school, will sometimes do this. For example, right now! xD Self Demonstrating Entry, anyone? (God, I wish there was a trope for that... instead we get {{Self Demonstrating Article}}, which is pretty close to the same thing except, well, you know. And yes, in case anyone's wondering, I am using Google Translate for this. I don't know enough French to be able to do otherwise! XDDD) *** If you need to use Google Translate to type a fairly simple passage, maybe you should put your pretensions aside and not do it at all. Randomly spouting off in French makes you look pretentious if you speak it well. It just made you look a pretentious idiot if you don't. * [[SilentHunter This troper]] in several of his articles here including using ''par exemple'' * Ce Tropeur likes to use "bon fait, monsoier" in an ironic sense in conversation. ** Surely, you mean "bien fait, monsieur"? ** Indeed I do. Goddamn adverbs. * This troper likes to use a mixture of French and Spanish (mostly using French, but filling in with Spanish when her vocabulary fails

her). She also likes to yell nonsense phrases in french at her brother to see if he understands. (He doesn't) * Whenever I play Yu-Gi-Oh, I announce the start of my turn with "Ces't moi"(It's me) and the end of my turn with "Ces't tu"(It's you) ** Peut-être ferais-tu mieux d'orthographier ton annonce "C'est à moi": being grammatically correct is always cooler. *** Unless it's in French. *** And it would be "C'est à toi" instead of "C'est tu". *** Spending time with a native Frenchman and watching French films has taught me(who has taken 3 years of the language) that proper grammar is generally ignored for sake of convenience. As a matter of fact, that same native Frenchman was in my French class and confirmed that the majority of the grammar that we were learning in French III was actually rarely used outside of occasional use in novels, much like in English. It's just easier. **** This (native Frenchman) Troper would like to point out that this does not mean you can just throw a bunch of random words together and expect them to make sense. This purported "absence of grammar" is more of a parallel system that has its own very strict rules for what makes sense and what doesn't. * This troper has Japanese class right after her French class (yes, she is taking two languages; no, she is not insane). Half of the time, she'll turn around and have an entire conversation with the person behind her before realizing she's been speaking French for the past fifteen minutes. * Thanks to spending 11 years of his life watching Fort Boyard, this troper has been known to randomly say "C'est pas vrai!", "Nonononon, c'est trop tard!" and "Sort! Sort! Sort!" under his breath at random moments. ** This Troper took French and does the same with "C'est pas vrai!" due to a series she watched in the third year. Cafe Des Reves shall someday be bought by this troper just to hear Dede say that until his friend told him to stop. * This Troper's mother used to be a French teacher and still uses French randomly. The Troper's answering machine is in English, so said mother will always leave messages in French to counter it (she doesn't speak English all that well). * {{Caphi}} translated the GratuitousEnglish-using womanizer douchebag Ameth into a GratuitousFrench-using womanizer douchebag in a partial translation script of ''{{Tales of Hearts}}''. He had to ask for help from a French-learning friend. * Every sentence this troper said for two weeks while he was in France. ** Additionally, one girl the above troper knows uses the Very GratuitousFrench phrase, "Oh la Vache!". Interestingly and perplexingly at his homestay this troper heard one of the kids (a native french speaker) uttered the above phrase. This troper promptly laughed his ass off. *** For those not in the know, it roughly translates to "Holy cow!" *** Though the translation isn't perfect: "Holy cow!" usually expresses surprise, but "la vache!" is an exclamation of annoyance or disgust.

*** I beg to differ. I'm French (native speaker and all) This expression "Oh ! La Vache" has both meanings. The real meaning depends on the tone. * [[JohnnyBGoode This troper]] occasionally slips into French, usually when depressed or talking about girls. Luckily for me, I have a few friends who speak French, and we occasionally continue the conversation in French until we get tired. * This lurker's mother has put her daughters into the habit of saying "Excuse me" in French around the house (however, since this lurker takes Spanish, she has no idea how to spell said French phrase). This has led to the daughters occasionally saying 'excuse me' in French, followed by 'please' in Spanish. ** It would be "excusez-moi". ** Excusez-moi por favor, that's half badass. ** Hey, I'm not the only one! I once barely stopped myself from addressing someone as "Merci beaucoup, señora." ''Barely.'' * [[AllanAokage This troper]] scatters it throughout his speech. The most common is "moi" instead of "me"; he is only waiting to be called on it and to then mark it down as OldShame. * [[{{Rogue 7}} This Troper]] is fond of utilizing "Tres bien, monsieur" as sarcastic praise. Otherwise, despite taking classes for 8 years now, he despises the language. * This French troper adds random French words in her English speech. I especially love to yell [[{{The Matrix}} nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de salopards de connards d'enculés de ta mère]] when I want to swear in an english-speaking country. ** Similarly, this Quebec troper, having missed a train by seconds, reflexively let fly with a resounding ''Hostie de saint-sacrement de criss de câlice de tabarnac!'' The Barcelonese were bewildered. Learn to swear in Québécois. It'll open whole new vistas to you. * This brasilian-ecuadorian troper spend her firts years of school in France. To recall the alphabet, a simple math rule or the monts I have to speak french. * This Troper's mother, sister, and several friends will speak in French for no other reason than to get a laugh at my expression of "What?" * Annoyingly, a classmate of this troper's decided that, to show a character was French, he had to spout off random French phrases, while the rest of his lines were in English. This, [[{{Adaptation Decay}} along with other things,]] made for quite the English period. * This troper went to high school with a rather holier-than-thou attitude who did this all. the. damn. time. So what, you're taking French 1 and you suddenly think interjecting French adjectives every other word and giving everything else a poorly-rendered French inflection makes you fluent? Or cool, for that matter? Funnily enough, we duct-taped him to the school flagpole for entirely different reasons. * This Troper likes to swear under his breath in French, sometimes out loud, as well as the occasional cry of "[[{{Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series}} Ta mere joue les jeux des cartes en enfer!]]". French is one of his friend's {{Berserk Button}}s, so he speaks in it whenever he wants to annoy her.

** [[GrammarNazi For the record]], it's "Ta mère joue aux cartes en enfer!" or "Ta mère joue à {{Yu-Gi-Oh}} en enfer!" * This Troper has a little project with a group of friends that includes a (British) character of her own design who affects a permanent, appalling French accent. When brainstorming ideas for his character she uses random phrases that probably make no grammatical sense, but because of this she uses 'je ne comprends pas!' even in regular situations. * [[{{Popette}} This troper]] uses far too much French. It isn't for any particular reason, she's just too scatter-brained to remember to keep speaking the same language. * This troper has a tendency to lapse into gratuitous anything she can lay her hands on. Unfortunately, as of late, this is French. * This Troper counts almost exclusively in French. It's less of a desire and more of an annoying force of habit. He also has a nasty habit of shouting "NON POISSON!" (No fish) when trying to get a point across. ** No... Fish...? Mind explaining that one? * This troper says the French word for a lot of things and can't remember the English ones. Thanks, bilingual pre-school and kindergarten! E.g. bibliotheque, boulangerie, l'ordinateur, several colours. * I read out all my birthday cards in French for no apparent reason. * This troper, though anglophone, has lived in Quebec more than half his life and occasionally does this ''without even knowing it.'' Sample dialogue (it was late and I was tired): -> This book is great. I'm really learning a packet of showses from it. -> Uh... -> ...What did I just say? -> "A packet of showses." -> A packet of -- oh my ''God.'' ''Un paquet de choses.'' A bunch of stuff. I've lived here for too long. Similarly, we all have stories in which we've forgotten that "concertation" or "subvention" aren't actually English words. Or ended up having an entire conversation with another anglophone in French. * This Troper only took ONE semester of high school French. Seven years later, she still occasionally thinks/speaks to herself in French. * Cette Troper a pris un cours d'espagnol avec un garçon français. Nous étions les seules personnes qui ont parlés français. Un jour, le professeur a commencé un film en français, mettant son droit aux lèvres. Nous avons rit quand la classe ne remarquait pas pour cinq minutes. * This troper has a habit of using "Párdon?" when he mishears something, as well as the (probably grammatically incorrect) use of "Párdon et moi?" (I haven't sat in a French class for three years, to be fair). Funnily enough, nobody particularly notices. Then again, he also has a habit of counting up to ten in Italian and using [[GratuitousGerman "Schiser!"]] when annoyed, despite never having sat in a German lesson (and using "Si!"). The funny part is he is British and very good at studying English Lit, so he should be beyond this.

* When I get bored, I like to say the only five or six words I know in this idiom to annoy people. And I once met someone that did it, too, but it's different because she was french. I think so, I never quite spoke to her but she got frisky over a map of France and was in my english class for idiom impaired, so she must be... * [[Tropers/SukiSelfDestruct This troper]], though in French I, adores speaking random (admittedly basic) French to friends. It got hilarious when my friend and I had a conversation... I was speaking French and she was speaking Mandarin. Also, after a couple years playing Psycho Killer on RockBand 2 and making up random lyrics to the French parts ("I don't know French yet! I'm learning it next year!"), I was very happy to play it one day and pronounced everything right. ''Psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?'' * This troper was acting in class (English class, of all places), where she was a mother who was at the doctor's with her daughter. After the doctor explained that the daughter had the flu, this troper exclaimed, "Pauvre petit bébé!". * This troper is forced to learn French at her school. Yet, she somehow managed to say "Bonjour!" when she actually meant "Merci". In her third year of learning French. Also, she has the strange habit of exclaiming" Baguette!" in the most unfitting moments. * Ever since playing {{Recettear}}, this troper has gained the habit of using [[ForeignCussWord merde]] if he starts getting frustrated with something. * This French Troper often has to fake an english accent on Gratuitous French words to get her point accross when speaking to native English speakers. * This troper has a friend who constantly switches between French and English. As a result, I have to look up what he says to understand. He is unwittingly teaching me French, and I like to sometimes speak to him in what little French I know. * This tropette is an eighth French, quarter Scottish, and mostly English, took French for all [[BritishEducationSystem 5 years of high school]], and sometimes exclaims "Merde!" or "[[GratuitousGerman Scheiß]]!" when no French or German speakers are around. Her father also likes to converse in French sometimes, usually "Ça va?" "Ça va bien, merci." * This troper recently realized that, after taking two years of French, she has been accidentally thinking and even speaking in French when angered or irritated. French is not her first language, or even her second. It's her third, but she finds it very easy to speak French because Spanish, her second language, is very similar grammatically. * This Troper took French for 5 years in high school and college. Favorite phrase is now "C'est la vie, c'est la merde." Translated liberally: Life is shit. * This Troper does this all the time to improve her French. Practice makes perfect after all. ** I do the same, having just recently been told I'll be taking the class come autumn; of course, I've yet to branch out from ''bonjour'', ''mon ami,'' and a few exasperated mutterings of ''mon Dieu'' when I'm annoyed or impressed. * This troper found that after five years of French her brain defaults

to it the moment she is placed in an environment being spoken. As a result she became very guilty college German class. Example: The teacher would This troper would respond, "Ich heisse Blah blah comment?" Retourner à la page GratuitousFrench. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

where no english is of this trope in her ask "Wie heisst du?" blah. Tu t'appelle

GratuitousGerman * Apparently this troper speaks german nonsense when she is drunk and feeling antisocial. I was told by a fellow german student that I called everyone at the party "broken in the head" and that I wanted to "swallow isolation and repeat history" * [[@/JBridge This Californian troper]] tends to use scheiße (shit) as an exclamation, usually when something bad happens. Since I don't actually speak German (though I am part-German) I'm trying to drop this. ** This troper uses that too. He actually learned it from one of his high school teachers, who was using it to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar get crap past the radar.]] We blew his cover when we asked his brother, another teacher, what it meant. *** This troper does as well. One time he cursed it under his breath and the German exchange student looked surprised. Whoops. *** This troper does it too sometimes when she needs to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar get crap past the radar.]]. She also tends to call people who annoy her 'schwein' (pig). Both words are very satisfying to say. **** Actually, I don't know if it's just me, but I think a lot of people can tell what "schwein" means (swine ring a bell?). But that probably comes from living near a place called "Schweinfurt" for the last four years. *** Note from an actual real life German: "Scheiße" does literally mean "shit". But translating it to english as "fuck" would actually do it more justice. **** This troper, another real life German, disagrees. I think "scheiße" as a curse word is pretty similar to the englisch "shit", while "fuck" is a level more rude... Actually, the english word "Fuck" is used pretty commonly in Germany (at least by younger people), a friend of mine who once visited the USA and just continued using this habit until he got told by a seemingly very shocked hotel employee "Don't use the F-word!" **** "Fuck" in German pretty much has the same effect as "bastard" in English, as in it's not considered very offensive anymore. "Fick" (not sure if that's the right spelling) on the other hand is just as offensive as "fuck" in English. This Troper went to a German School for a few months and learned this first hand. **** I don't know whether it's the correct spelling, but the word isn't used that way. "Ficken" is a verb which means basically the same

as "to fuck" (in the sence of having sex), but is slightly less insultng. Then there is "fick dich", which translates neatly into "fuck you" and is about as offensive. * @/JethroQWalrustitty [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar used mild german swears]] (mostly "Donnerwetter!") when working at a kindergarden. ** Actually, to make it a swear you would have to say "zum Donnerwetter" (literally 'to thunder-weather') which would translate to something like "to hell with this". "Donnerwetter" is rather an exclamation of regard or admiration. ** Heh. You do know that kindergarten is the German for "childrens' garden"? You're using German profanities at a German-named institution. ** @/{{Popette}} also uses "zum Donnerwetter" as a swear word, although not for any particular reason. *** This German troper never heard of it before. Is it some kind of a long-forgotten cussing word from the eighties? *** And ''this'' German troper mostly knows "Donnerwetter!" from Goofy in German dubs of Disney stuff. (By the fact that even ''Goofy'' is allowed to say it, you can tell that it is [[GoshDangItToHeck really not offensive at all]]. You could even use it in a ''German'' kindergarten and get away with it!) *** It was never that offensive to begin with - Pumuckl, a traditional german children's tv show produced in the eighties (and its radiocounterpart which dates back even further) was produced in the extremely conservative state of Bavaria, and even it used Donnerwetter without giving it a second thought. It helps that swearing aloud, especially at no one in particular (such as when you're angry or mess something up) has a long tradition in Germany... *** [[Tropers/MidnightRambler This Dutch troper]] will occasionally say 'Donnerwetter!' when unpleasantly surprised. Or, when ''particularly'' unpleasantly surprised, 'Götterdämmerung!' [[RichardWagner Which is an awesome opera, by the way]]. * @/DokEnkephalin did it habitually for years after coming back from Germany, even moreso when brother or sister were near and answering in German phrases. It doesn't seem gratuitous if you've moved to a big community of Army brats who were also over there, since we all picked up on the same expressions, but it did keep our civilian friends in the dark. And now that I'm studying Japanese, I try to make use of some phrases for the sake of practice, yet I somehow keep coming up with German. ** Say, did you by any chance visit the MIS, BIS or the International School in the Artillery Caserne in Garmisch? I'm from there. We've got quite a special attitude to ''Gratuitious German'' there. You are (mildly said) not encouraged, to swear either in German OR in English. Our reaction? ''Tshoerrt!'' * This troper's mother seems to think that swearing in different languages =/= actually swearing, and says scheiße instead of shit. * @/{{Alkthash}} will swear in German at work. Or say perfectly innocent things like "Could you get me more onions?" in German and watch people react as if I had called them a goat-fucking bastard. * This troper does not speak German, yet swears in German. This is because his ''great-grandmother'' was German (and swore in German),

and each succeeding generation of my father's family has picked up the habit from the generation before. * This Troper invokes this often, mainly because it's one of the hazards that comes with being a German major. * This troper occasionally [[BlindIdiotTranslation Babelfishes]] his less serious forum posts into German for the hell of it. * This Troper has recently started taking German lessons. Since she obviously needs to practice pronunciation, she's started randomly using German phrases around friends and family. The fact that they don't understand a word of it just makes it funnier. * This Troper is a German student and the day her class learnt the words for various bits of genitalia was the day at least ten detentions were handed out. Scheisse. * This troper managed to pull of GratuitousGerman, GratuitousSpanish and GratuitousJapanese all at once by calling a very happy toddler wearing a T-shirt that featured Miffy & "Hello Kitty" holding hands: Muy Sehr Kawaii !!! * @/{{Magus}} came up with a nice BilingualBonus for the name of an attack in a game he's creating. It's "Diese Brezeln Machen Mich Durstig". * @/{{Pocketwatch}} has a completely terrible GratuitousGerman habit when in familiar company (friends or family), to the point of occasionally having to automatically translate what I've said before I'm asked to. Some jokes and puns I've come up with only make sense to my friends who are also learning German, which is a little bit annoying. Sometimes I just say random phrases I've learned for the hell of it. ** It also applies to my friends who are learning German - our text messages commonly contain an unholy mixture of English, Irish, German, maybe some French or a tiny bit of Japanese, and then... Mangled versions of words combining some languages, [[FunetikAksent deliberate phonetic spelling]], in-jokes and in-jokey slang. (Muttimus or Muttimus Maximus being a favourite when talking about mothers, for example.) We have ''lots'' of fun. ** My best friend complained about my terrible habit once, since she does French: -> Her: You know I can't understand when you randomly speak German. It's kind of strange. -> Me: Well, what I was saying was "Do you have a room free?" Like you would if you were in a hotel or B&B. * This Troper uses scheiße and dummkopf as [[UnusualEuphemism Unusual Euphemisms]] for English swears. He also uses "Schnell!" when he needs people to hurry up. * @/{{Blau}} is German, so the very idea of using ''gratuitous '' German does not really apply, however, I really like to insert phrases that were used as gratuitous german in movies or shows, even keeping the English/American accent. "Sitzen! Machen!" * Curious subversion: @/{{Crion87}}, instead of using Gratuitous German, sometimes uses Gratuitous ''Dutch'' - to be particular, he used a lot of the Dutch guttural throat noises (I forget what they are called). He's trying to get out of that habit because he isn't actually Dutch-descent (Welsh, Scottish, German, possibly Polish, but

not Dutch). * Gratuitous German has become something of a geeky trend at this troper's school, not leastly because our German teacher is quite attractive. (Much of the mangled German has to do with how hot he is-such as calling him, literally, "a fox", and "very, very hot". As in the temperature. Which does, in that construction, mean something more in line with "sexy"/"horny". Agh.) ** Calling him a "Fuchs" (fox) doesn't mean anything about his sexappeal or attractiveness in general. Actually it's about intelligence and - sometimes - being treacherous. * This British Troper has a running in-joke with a number of friends involving the words "Krank", "Krankenhaus" and "Krankenwagen", or; Sick, Hospital and Ambulance. Also "Achtung! Wienacht!" although thats more due to a certain song. * @/AirshipCanon is using it in his RPGMaker [[Game/ZionRecordOfIvala Game. Most things Freizkielien...]] * @/{{Lemurian}} likes to say that he says good morning all through the day, up to 2:00 am, when he starts pretending to know German. Ja, ich sprechen sehr gut imachineren deutch. * This troper had an English teacher who used "Bahnhof" as a general exclamation or swear. For those not German-inclined, Bahnhof means ''train station.'' He only used it because it ''sounded'' like a swear (because Everything is Angrier in German, obviously). ** In actual German there's also an expression "Ich versteh nur Bahnhof" ("I only understand train station," or perhaps more idiomatically, "All I heard was 'train station'"), sometimes shortened to just "Bahnhof!". It means you actually didn't understand anything of what you've just been told. * This troper uses German swear words constantly, and finds it easy to speak German in conversation. The problem is that this troper has never studied German other than a few phrasebooks, and is in fact taking ''Italian.'' For the past four years! * This troper was reading a book with his friends when the book said that the German word for "team" is Mannschaft. Hilarity ensued. * @/{{Katana}} recently went on a school trip to Germany for a month. While my german isn't particularly bad (although I'm likely to get the tenses wrong), one student in particular, who basically came over to get drunk, thought that "Entschuligoo" was proper German. Cue {{Facepalm}}. * In a science lesson I dropped something and said: 'Verdammte Scheiße aus der Hölle!' but I also tend to come out with 'Jesus Christus auf einem Scheiß-Motorrad!' * My best friend does this constantly. So much so that I've learned basic German just from her. Also, I use "guten tag", "ja", and "dumbkopf". * OK, I'll admit it. I once convinced a friend that [=FrauSchtücker=] was German for "penis". * This troper sprinkles his words with German just for the hell of it. * This troper has a habit of saying "danke" instead of "thank you" for some reason. It kind of helps that it's some of the only German she remembers from her two years of German class... (Thankfully enough, she doesn't use much GratuitousJapanese despite having taken a class

for it too.) ** This troper can also identify with that. She learned it in German class at highschool. This said, it's occasionally come in handy, such as helping out German folks she's met online ("kann ich ihnen helfen?") However, using German in front of Dutch folks (usually without realizing she's doing it -- it's just become so ingrained) tended to result in giggles from them, with them providing the correct Dutch alternative ("danke" = "dank je" for them, for example. This troper also loves their, "you're welcome": "graag gedaan" [sp?], sometimes just shortened to "GG".) ** Same. I went to Austria a few years ago, and since then Danke/Danke schun has just sort of stuck. I occasionally use other basic German words (Auf Weidersehn instead of Goodbye), but its 'Danke' that gets used the most. * This troper is American-German and once used her semi-fluency to avoid a scam artist that was hanging around the local strip mall. (I'd been approached by a few different guys previously) This troper is also particularly fond of yelling "Ich wünsche dir Gesund!" to friends/people when they annoy her. Little do they know... * This Troper's nickname is Grafsburg, which he only recently found out would mean something like 'Count's Castle' in German. * This Troper's (American, English-speaking) family inexplicably peppers their conversations with phrases from various other languages. Perhaps the strangest is ''ufnet die Tur'' (spelling?), which we use as a command to ''close the door'', although as far as This Troper can make out it actually means quite the opposite. ** Proper spelling would be "öffnet die Tür", and it does indeed mean "''open'' the door". * After a semester of German, this Filipino troper is rather guilty of this. ** Likewise, this troper and his friends will speak pretty basic and probably wrong German to each other. -->He: I only played MGS back on PS1. -->Me: Woah, Das Altschulen. ** At this troper's public school, it was a common trend to reply "JAWOHL MEIN FUHRER" after anything a teacher said, despite the fact German wasn't even taught at that school. *** Be grateful. A native speaker of German overhearing you would probably kick your ass for this kind of stuff. Nazi jokes aren't exactly considered very funny here. **** YMMV, this troper can lol, for instance, a lot at Alfons Hatler of ''Der Wixxer'' "fame". Or Extra3's NNN. Then again, she's callous and not 100% German. ***** But that's making fun about Nazis, not claiming that all germans are like Nazis 60 years ago. ** This German troper prefers "Jawohl, Herr Obersturmbannführer!" *** Seconded, by another german. Also adresses friends (in-jokingly) randomly as "Reichsführer-SS", Heinrich Himmlers rank, simply because it´s uncommon. ** @/{{Taicat}} spend her childhood at least once per year in Germany and lived in Silesia part of poland (once Prussian partition and german territory) was influenced with German for whole life.She likes

to call everything 'Scheise'. *** Also I should mention that Silesian dialect/language is mix of polish/german and slovakian influences.Especially german * There are certain dubious advantages to growing up in the family I did. One of them is the rule that if you say something in one language, you are not allowed to reply in the same language unless neither party knows how to say it. On one hand, it means I know how to ask for the bathroom wherever I may roam. On the other this rule leads to the assumption that everyone understands when you ask, "Verstes du das?" or "Konst du Duetch?". It's even worse for the odd German guy I meet, who hopefully asks me if I speak his language. I may have broken a few hearts on account of my habitually dropping their language into mine. (Apologies to any actual speaker of German for my bad spelling. Our rule did not extend to the written word, nor were we picky about enunciation.) * @/TheGrooveyOne ''loves'' the German language. He doesn't actually speak it, but he's prone to using German exclamations for added "oomph". His favourites are "Achtung [baby]!", "Einspruch!" and "Raus, raus!". He ''is'' of German heritage, though...that may have something to do with it. * This troper tends to refer to himself as ''dummkopf'' occasionally when he does something stupid, and prefers ''danke schon'' to thank you, confusing the recipient. Even though this troper doesn't swear, if he did, he'd swear in German. * This troper swears a lot in several different languages, German included. * This troper loves German. A lot. And ever sence she got into TeamFortress2...she sprinkles it on almost everything. * This troper and her boyfriend sprinkle GratuitousGerman in our conversations. Usually pet names but she also swears and he likes to quote [[PunchOut Von Kaiser]]. * @/NotSoBadassLongcoat sometimes uses the phrase "Alle gitarren mussen fur den Sieg rockundrollen!" (and done in an over the top "Hitler Public Speech" way or, when in print, using [[http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/9382/rockinjp8.png Gothic lettering]]), picked up from a satirical article in local computer magazine. ** Also, "duppen w raketen und schuuu! Ausnach Kosmos!" (Ass-en into the rocket-en and whoosh! Away into space!) as a method of getting rid of someone, "O mein Gott! Das ist fenz (''pronounced "fence"'') around mein plott! Und zwei klofeslinen[[hottip:* :Yes. "Clotheslines". No. That's not a real German word.]]!" and throwing things "''ausnach'' trashcan". *** Most of that wasn´t real german...it sounded more like the language they made up for TheGreatDictator. * I couldn't find a "Gratuitous Dutch" page, so I'll post it here because it is related. This American troper grew up in next door to a family of Dutch immigrants and was very close friends with their son. Naturally, I picked up a fair amount of Dutch, which I continued to use. I later became (and still am right now) an exchange student to Germany. I learned German pretty fast, but the close "feel" of the two languages has caused me not only to speak German with a

[[{{Understatement}} somewhat conspicuous]] Dutch accent, but also throw in random Dutch words with my German, e.g., I never say "aber" for "but"; I always replace it with Dutch "maar." Why this is, I do not know. I can only chalk it up to my upbringing. I still can't figure out why I can't get "aber" or "und" to come out of my mouth, though. ** I do that too. The difference? I've never met a Dutch person in my life, nor am I of Dutch descent. I just really like the sound and feel of the language. I don't usualy talk to other people in Dutch (partly because I study it very casualy and don't really know that much), but I do sometimes swear at my friends and then refuse to tell them what it means. I also talk to myself in a mixture of actual Dutch and Dutch-sounding Simlish. I like to think my accent is pretty good, because I listen to a lot of Dutch music. * I do swear in English, but am known to swear in Italian and German, as well as mutter other, less then pleasant things using my patchy, incomplete knowledge of those languages. * This Troper often says ''ausgezeichnet''. It has a nice ring to it. ** And Mr. Burns catchphrase in the german dub. * This Troper often insults other people in German. This has arguably gotten worse since she started practicing getting "in-character" for her Medic cosplay. * One of [[@/GeneralGoose this Britalian troper's]] friends at school gets pissed whenever I say "Du hast mittelschmerz" to him. I also regularly swear in German and Italian. ** "You have middle pain" what does this even mean? *** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mittelschmerz Here.]] * I definitely do this. I have been known to say "Guten Nacht" at night, "tschüß" when leaving, or when parents are leaving, saying "Danke" instead of "thank you", bitte instead of "you're welcome" and for no thank you, and pronouncing the town we live in the German way. It doesn't help that we live in Germany, and have lived in Germany for the last four years. So, maybe since I use these words in Germany, it was rubbing off on me. ** Also, I could find a place for gratuitous Finnish, so I'll just add it here (even though the two languages sound nothing alike). When my mom and I speak in Finnish to each other (sadly I have a small knowledge of the language) my father has no idea what we're talking about. * I've got a few. In high school I would say "scheisse" to GettingCrapPastTheRadar, which was especially important in my private Christian school. I still say it every now and then, because I find it to be very satisfying. Also, I used to occasionally refer to my sister as "schwester". My Dad will use snippets of German every now and then (he's half-German and took three years of the language in high school while also speaking it at home). * This is how this Troper knows he's been playing too much Silent Hunter and CompanyOfHeroes. He routinely answers with "ja?" or "da?" (Russian, ironically), gestures with "schnell!", thanks people with "danke schon", and has replaced "hey!" with "achtung!" * My mom is German, and my dad knows German, so sometimes he'll say a German phrase to her.

* This Troper is long accustomed to greeting his professors with "Morgen", bidding people "danke", and swearing using all manner of German. He tends to string words together ("Scheisse-verdamtenkopf!") in ways that make no sense but are satisfying still. Random German words tend to wander into his conversations, as well. * This troper has been studying German for a few years and prefers to swear in German since it sounds much eviler and for GettingCrapPastTheRadar at work. She also tends to yell "Schnell!" at people to hurry up, a habit she picked up from her father who is German. * This Troper has a tendency to yell at his cat in German. The cat understands it no better than English, French, Spanish, or Esperanto, which I also speak to him. * This Troper has learnt German for the past three and a half years, and is going to Germany at the end of the year. She tends to swear in every language at hand - English, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Pig Latin - and, just the other day, called a microwave ein Stück Scheisse. A piece of shit. * This Troper tends to think in a half-German, half-English hybrid, even though my experience with German is limited to 4.5 years of school instruction. So, while I might say something like "I must go to the hotel", I'm probably thinking "Ich muss to the hotel gehen. Mach schnell, dummkopf!" * This Troper moved to Germany with her family, where she swims with a German coach. Said coach speaks English fluently, but shouts instructions and insults in German (he know how intimidating it sounds.) Needless to say, when he followed me state-side for a meet, he was referred to by most of the other swimmers as " that crazy German coach." * This troper is Austrian (and studying abroad in the US) and when his cousin is visiting we like to say "HART WIE KRUPPSTAHL" (Hard as Krupp-steel) at every opportunity. Earns us a few strange looks every time... * This American troper uses 'Nein', 'Ja', 'Danke' and other simple German words in conversation. ** This Irish Troper does the same. Probably has something to do with [[strike:the large amount of AceAttorney fics she reads]] her Maths tutor who studied in Germany and now sometimes speaks German so often, his stories sometimes become incoherent. He does translate once he realises what he's doing though. * Graffiti on bathroom wall at the University of Washington: "Ich scheisse in deine totenleute!"(I shit on your grave?) ** A better translation would be "I shit in your deadpeople". Totenleute doesn't mean grave, there's no such word. The closest match is "tote leute" (dead people) or "töten leute" ("to kill people", but in reverse order), and it should be written apart. Plus, the "in" was probably supposed to be "auf". *** Well, if they meant "I shit on your grave!", the proper translation would be "Ich scheisse auf dein Grab!". "Ich scheisse auf eure Gräber!" would be the appropriate phrase if "I shit on your graves!" was meant. * This Trope was actually fun and has turned into a RunningGag between

my twin and [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} me]]. She took two years of highschool German. I took three (and a year of it in college). One time, when we wanted to argue, but didn't want Mom involved, we resorted to this! Ten years out of college, and I can still ''read'' the language well enough to decipher a trouble ticket - but my grammar and phasing is too hideous to actually reply to the customer. * This troper and her friend do this alot. It was even more gratuitous back in 8th grade, when we were looking forward to taking German Freshman year. I enjoy saying "Mit Senf" even though in most situations, ending a sentence with "mit senf" is irrelevant and confusing. Mit senf... (I don't even like mustard that much.) * As a german student, this troper does this without thinking of it much. After one especially bad bout of it, she acually said "Warten, weshalb bin ich deutch sprechen?" ("wait, why am I speaking german?). Thus lampshading her own habit. ** This troper does this in reverse since he lurks in various english forums. It was especially irritating for his parents since they only had russian in theyr school-days * This Swedish troper hasn't said "thank you" in Swedish for years (it's "tack" by the way), opting instead for "danke schön." * This troper enjoys making up many strange German insults, such as "Sohn aus ein mutterlos Ziege!" (Son of a motherless goat), "Kinderlecken Franzoze!" (Child-licking Frenchman), and "Du Jahr-tot Reinigerin!" (You year-dead cleaning woman). * This tropers German friend does it, usually when she can't find a word in Greek that fits. When she realises it, she tries to explain what she just said by translating it (BlindIdiotTranslation style). HilarityEnsues. * This german Troper used english for quite a while, sometimes it gets mixed up. Either I forget the german word, but know the english one, or forget the english one, and know the german. It get´s particulary confusing at times when I ask people the corresponding word and hope they know the translation. It grows into GratuitousGerman when talking to english speaking fellows. And, after one particulary lenghty Internet-call session with an american, my first few sentences to my mother where english, then I realised she couldn´t really do much with that. He has also refined his accent to the point where he has to proof his german-ness to people, usually by loads of GratuitousGerman in Hitler or Rammstein style, or just plain insulting them in a calm, but very NSFW manner. Hilarity ensues. * This Troper was accused of this once when speaking Mongolian. My only actual knowledge of German comes from this page and Omniglot's Useful Phrases index, but usually I can't remember any of it. I did, however, have a friend in high school who dropped German into everything because she thought it made her cool. * This Troper uses German randomly to screw with his friends, who don't know anything other than "Guten Tag". ---Gehen Sie weg! Gehen Sie zurück zu {{Gratuitous German}}! Schnell! Jetzt lass ihn doch mal ausreden, du Arschloch!

GratuitousJapanese * TruthInTelevision - This troper knew a whole group of girls that did this. At first it was, like, cool, you guys like anime, too but it quickly got annoying, especially since all of them thought it was so clever that they could do this. After a month of this, I just left and started eating lunch with the good ol' boys (not my words); surprisingly, this was an improvement. ** Ah yes, there's a group of people at my school that do this as well. It got annoying fast, particularlly when they didn't know what they were saying and pronounced everything wrong. That and, they know nothing about Japan outside anime. ** One of the people this troper happens to hang around at school only goes by "Oni" and randomly adds japanese to his speaking, often making otherwise sensible statements incomprehensible. *** ...Ogre? *** According to Eyeshield 21 it also can stand for "really" in the pronoun sense. Or whatever Ikkyuu uses his verbal tic for. *** That's not as bad as someone who wishes for everyone to call him by the name "Kawaii." * I have a friend who frequently uses "baka" as an adjective, and then [[HypocriticalHumor calls me out whenever I speak a foreign language because "this is America".]] ** I regret ever teaching my nooby friends ''baka''. They used it too much and IT DROVE ME CRAZY. Of course, I do sometimes mumble to myself in Japanese. I used to say ''kuso'' alot but it just morphed into "ksch" eventually. *** Hey, I do that "ksch" thing too! And yes, it also came from "kuso". * This troper suffered this fresh off his trip to Japan when he was still a [[OldShame failtacular teenager who thought he was cool randomly injecting Japanese swears into conversations.]] Now he leaves poorly pronounced Japanese to his Otaku friends, who now look as silly as he once did. They'll grow out of it... * Go to an anime convention, ''any'' anime convention outside of Japan, and you are bound to run into people who do this. * TruthInTelevision here -- this troper is guilty of using several such phrases in RealLife, most recently picking up "mendokuse" ("troublesome") from ''{{Naruto}}'''s Shikamaru. He defends the rest of them as being picked up when he actually went to Japan. ** {{Tsundere}} is actually beginning to enter this troper's vocabulary. Since stealing from other languages is pretty much the entire basis of English, I figure it's fair. *** There really isn't an English equivalent for the word anyway. *** Yeah, it's not quite so gratuitous in that particular case. ** Top troper also defends his use of "Yare yare daze" as being situationally appropriate, muttered under his breath most of the time, and really fun to say. *** Same here. Also, I often say "kuso" in my head, mostly because it relieves stress more than English curse words for some reason. Probably because I imagine Ichigo or Renji from Bleach saying it.

**** The best curse words almost always have sharp, harsh sounds like "ch" and "ck". [[PrecisionFStrike FUCK!]] [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH!]] *** This troper uses both "Yare yare daze" and "Muda-da" when the situation is right. *** This troper sometimes thinks or mutters "yosh..." or simply "sh..." when playing something and advancing well enough out of habit just because he watches too many Let's Plays on NicoNicoDouga. It simply feels better than "Ok" and shorter than "Alright". I suppose. * This troper's Japanese tutor managed a variation of this (Japanese tutor in both senses of the phrase - she's a tutor of the Japanese language, as well as a tutor from Japan). We were learning how to talk about family members, so one of the other students gave an example: "Watashi no otouto no namae wa Christopher desu". (My little brother's name is Christopher.) The tutor wasn't sure how to spell "Christopher", so she wrote it in katakana, having wrote the rest of the sentence in romaji. Justified, since this troper would imagine that a name such as Christopher would be difficult to spell using a writing system different to the ones you've used since you first learned to write in the first place. ** I'm back! Since I couldn't do Japanese for a second year I did Italian instead. Since Italian pronunciation is different to English pronunciation, I came up with a cunning plan to get both the spelling AND the pronunciation of certain words down properly - use katakana! * One of this troper's old friends from middle school used to jokingly say "[Name] no baka!" whenever I said or did something stupid. * [[Tropers/CabbitGirlEmi This tropette]] was learning Japanese since the age of 11. I like to use words such as "nya" (meow), "urusai!" (shut up!), and "futsukushii", which apparently is used when somebody witnesses something truly amazing. I also like to use "baka". * This troper's obnoxious fourteen-year-old otaku-lite sister is very fond of the word "baka". * [[@/DarkInsanity13 This troper]] (as part of an OldShame) used to say random Japanese words both in her normal conversations and online. Thankfully, she's grown smarter and no longer calls cute things "kawaii" unless she's specifically doing so in Japanese. But she allows herself random phrases from anime and that ([[{{Eyeshield21}} Butsubusu! YA-HA!!!]], [[{{Bleach}} Bukkowarechimae!]], [[{{Naruto}} Yattazo-kore!]]) on the odd occasion. Her favourite phrase is "korosuzo" (I'll kill you). ** That is also this troper's [[OldShame old shame]]... ** My old shame as well; I used to be a stereotypical weeaboo. I still love manga and anime, and am quite interested in general Japanese culture, but I don't use any of them but "baka" anymore unless the situation seriously calls for it. Sadly, my friends still do, but not with the frequency that they did back in middle-school, thank gawds. I also do what the below example does with the spelling, occasionally, though... My usual screenname also includes "-san" (Night-san), but that's an old nickname from a forum I administrate that stuck, and I have no intentions of dropping it. I may also address friends with honorifics... but there's no English equivalent to that, and it's more of a thing of endearment.

* A bizarre variation occurs with this troper. He uses no ''actual'' Japanese, but he frequently spells words how a Japanese person would pronounce them. His favorites are "Baibai" and "Sankyuu~". ** [[NorioWakamoto Herro every-nyun! How ah you?]] [[AzumangaDaioh Fine, Sankyuu!]] *** [[MemeticMutation OH MY GAH!]] ** This troper does this occasionally too; probably because's it's [[RuleOfFunny funny]] and oddly cute. She also occasionally spells out peoples'/characters' names the way someone with a Japanese accent would pronounce them, such as calling herself "Ari" once or twice. Of course, she also likes to write with a [[GratuitousGerman German]] FunetikAksent from time to time... ** Exchange "spelling" with "pronouncing" and you have [[ILikeCrows me]]. * This troper realized today that he randomly referred to his friend with a -san at the end of his name. This troper does not randomly speak in any other japanese, or use honorifics with anybody else, just this one random person. ** This troper also addresses one friend with "-san", but only to that person, who is this troper's Japanese Language [[SempaiKohai senior]]. Besides, the name "Artosan" is easier for me to say than "Arthur" or "Art". This probably has something to do with this troper's lingual background. * [[@/WhiteRoseDuelist This troper]] was threatened by someone at a restaurant when he made a joke about her boyfriend. She didn't realize that I understood every word she said. * This Troper read a horrible FairlyOddparents fanfic where, despite there actually being no Japanese to speak of in the show, the author decided to show off their otaku skillz by adding -chan or -kun to all the names. * Who needs baka when thanks to Tv tropes, you know what hakuchi means? I also love acting like or parodying weeaboo just so that if someone says I'm a weeaboo, I can respond with, "Weeaboo? [[ButNotTooForeign I'M PART JAPANESE]] [[JustAddBitch BITCH!]]" However, I've never actually said it that way, nonetheless, I still joke that my racial heritage gives me "25% bonus defense against weeaboo attacks". Also, watashi find watashi fun to say, or at least, watashi would if it didn't remind me of [[NightmareFuelUnleaded Wide Knowledge of]] [[{{Vocaloid}} the Late Madness]] ** That's not a really good idea, since according to Encyclopedia Dramatica, being part Japanese is still no excuse for acting as a weeaboo. Quite the contrary, it only makes it worse. Well, it did the last time I checked. *** According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, a good portion of this wiki's contributors do not exist. ** According to common sense, overplaying a part of your heritage just to be annoying is no excuse for being a weeaboo. * This troper has a Classmate/friend (age twenty-two) who has the rather annoying tendency to shout out "yatta!" and "sugoi!" among other gratuitous Japanese words. * This troper unwittingly curses in Japanese occasionally, mostly by muttering "kuso", but it's soft enough that people who do hear it will

probably think that he was hissing instead. I hope. ** This troper does that too. He also uses "baka" for insulting people under his breath, primarily so they won't realize that they were insulted if they happen to hear me. * This troper thinks about using JapanesePronouns for some situations. But who'd get it? * This troper frequently calls her father things like "crazy, narcissistic idiot" in Japanese. After all those years of him talking about her in Spanish to her mother, right in front of her, she'd say it's well-deserved revenge. Plus, he treats her mom and her like crap. * This troper had a Japanese nickname before using random Japanese words for names was cool. Approximately 19 years ago, her grandmother hosted some Japanese exchange students, and they nicknamed this infant troper "Nikoban," because she cried a lot. (She doesn't know what it means ''exactly,'' though. And, hey, she was a baby. Can you blame her?) Her parents still trot out the "Nikoban" nickname from time to time to embarrass her. * This troper knows several people who talk like this, but she only allows two to get away with it. One, because she's a bona fide scholar of Japanese history (and thus knows what she's doing), and the other, because he's a real life CuteShotaroBoy who acts so much like he stepped out of an anime that it'd feel weird if he ''didn't'' say things like ''"Arigato!"'' * [[@/ZekeSulastin This troper]] has a tendency of naming all of his [[EveOnline internet spaceships]] after words gleefully pulled from a J<>E dictionary, following themes based on ship size (i.e. frigates are -akari, so the Taranis interceptor = ???? : moonlight; cruisers are -rai, so the Ishtar HAC = ?? : spring thunder). Delving into the more 'fangirlish' tendencies exemplified by [[ChisSweetHome kawaii koneko-chan desu!!! =^-^=]] is also utilized by this troper when attempting to be sarcastic ... * The only thing coming even close to GratuitousJapanese that I can stand hearing or seeing is the "Japanese-style" emotes, such as >_> ._. or even =^-^= on occasion. If you speak a word of Japanese in everyday conversation (unless completely appropriate in context) [[BerserkButton you'd better be fluent]]. (Note that I'm not fluent, but I don't insert random words in sentences ever, either.) ** I agree completely. * This Troper doesn't mind reading or typing Japanese-style emotes for informal English typing. The "^_^" has the same meaning and aesthetically, is nicer to look at than a ":)" ([[YourMileageMayVary to me, at least]]). I find emotes a matter of style and if someone wants to express an emotion in Japanese emotes, I feel that it seems silly to force him/her to use English emotes. To me, emotes, be they in English or Japanese, have the same value. For actual gratuitous words...I prefer that they be kept out even in informal typing; unlike emotes, it is NOT a matter of style and it definitely detracts from the text quality. Words with no equivalent (such as tsundere) or specific terminology from another language (such as phrases from Latin when appropriate) are fine. ** Meanwhile, I get frustrated if somebody starts proclaiming that the Japanese culture and its conventions of language and conversation

(e.g., prefixes and addressing others last name only) superior to others. I wish they could appreciate their original and/or current culture and conventions a bit better... * After having studied Japanese as long as she has, things just slip out sometimes. Occasionally, she ends up actually ''thinking'' in Japanese when emotional or sleep-deprived enough. Yare yare. * I occasionally mutter "Baka..." under my breath if someone ticks me off. And I also keep saying "Sagoi" (that the romanisation?) realising I used it out of context and hitting myself in the face. * This troper is lucky enough to have been taught basic Japanese sentence structure by his former neighbour, and can thus legitimately say some things in gramatically perfect Japanese. However, he has often accidentally said "baka" instead of "bugger", causing many of his otaku friends to become confused.... * One day, this troper started referring to her friends in English, but with a Japanese accent and honorific (but only in her mind). For example, when meeting her friend Kit, she'd say "Hi, Kit!" but in her mind, would be thinking "Kittu-kun!" She also [[OldShame used to be a complete otaku]], to the point where she thought she knew Japanese from watching subbed Naruto. * This troper will occasionally use a cutesy "Sankyuu~" but over time, it's mutated into [[{{Prison}} "Shank you!"]] * This troper, fluent in Japanese, has several, almost habitual, Japanese {{Catch Phrase}}s, mostly [[VerbalTic Verbal Tics]] that show up when she's stressed or startled. ** "Ittai nani o kore..." Basically a Japanese way to say "WTF?" *** This Troper was ''wondering'' what "[=WTF=]" is in Japanese! Now if only I could remember it... Well, probably not tonight, as I need to study for a test in my actual Japanese class. And it's a Take Home Final, as well ^_^ Anyway, with two college quarters of Japanese and a third coming up, I can use at least limited Japanese in online gaming. Romanji only, though, cause Roblox has ''serious'' font limitations. And I have to deliberately avoid certain phrases (especially some ?form verbs) because they would be [=SafeCensor=]'d. Oh, and sadly, I am not Japanese in real life. (Despite my wiki handle) If I was, I'd be trying to learn English, and then what I'd be typing would probably actually go in [[TroperTales.BlindIdiotTranslation Blind Idiot Translation]] instead. **** I've heard "dondake" is quite similar to "WTF". ** [[RurouniKenshin "Oro?"]] (Note that this troper has not seen Rurouni Kenshin in years.) ** This troper also has a habit of referring to herself in the third person, though almost never in public. *** Do you refer to yourself as "this troper"? Because that'd be hilarious. **** Only on the wiki. And I only refer to myself in third person when speaking Japanese. ** This troper is also a Bokukko. *** Pics, plea... Oh, Bokukko, not... forget I said anything. ** [[KansaiRegionalAccent "Nandeyanen?"]] * [[@/InkkiBookman This little troper]] not only uses the odd Japanese terms like baka to call someone an idiot but other foreign words like

Danke ''(which is German for Thanks)''. As for using Japanese terms in fansubs, I believe that its best to stick with 'common' suffix terms like -san, -chan, -sama and -sensei as most anime fans know these terms and a few other Japanese words that might could end up in the English lexicon if used often enough. * [[@/BossGoji This troper]] is prone to using Japanese exclamations("oi oi," "ikuzo," "yattaze", "ora," and so forth) instead of their English equivalents. Why? Because if you're an American and you shout "muda da!" in public, you merely look like a weirdo. If you're an American and you shout "your efforts are futile!" in public, you look like an ''insane'' weirdo. * This troper likes to use the word "kawaii" in its context, since there isn't a readily apparent English equivalent. ** Except for, you know. The translation. ** I'm pretty sure "cute" can cover "kawaii" for almost everything. *** This troper has found what got called 'kawaii' and what gets called 'cute' to be actually a bit different in practice. If 'cute' is a litter of mongrel puppies, 'kawaii' is a basket of kittens. However, this is more important if you're trying to get your Japanese friend to go squee over a gift. ** What about "adorable"? Pretty much every "kawaii" things can be "adorable" to me. * This troper is guilty of this, though I have taken the effort to learn how to say everything correctly. * This troper used to speak like this. Now she knows a group of girls who do this all the time, and it is one of the most annoying things she's ever heard. The super-squeaky voices, the gratuitous honorifics, the terrible pronunciation...She is sincerely sorry she ever acted that way. * This Japanese-speaking troper is a media geek/anime fan just as much as the rest of you if not much more and I'm often annoyed by gratuitous Japanese when used in real life. And no, saying English steals from other languages is not a viable excuse. It's socially awkward and makes you look like an idiot. However, it's acceptable when absolutely needed, like when discussing something from Japanese media to somebody who actually knows about it. (Titles, names, quotes or anything that will otherwise lose its meaning when said in English.) I guess you could say I hide my powerlevel so to speak. * Example of how my family (both sides) and I talk at get-togethers: "Our next-door ''tonari'', that ''kanemochi'' guy, he's got a lot a money but he spends it all on ''gohan'' for his nasty ''kitanai'' dog -- * tch* what a ''bakatare''." This is the extent of our Japanese. ''We're all Japanese(-American).'' At least it gave me a tiny edge in HS Japanese, but not much: --->Sensei: That's great, but what does ''Itadakimas''' and ''Gochisosama'' mean? --->Me: Uh... --->Sensei: What's "restroom" in ''Nihongo''? --->Me: ''O-benjo''! --->Sensei: That's a (really, really, ''really'') crude way of saying it; the word is ''oterai'', or ''toire'' for western-style. --->Me: ''Nan des' ka?''

--->Sensei: * sigh* (Thank God that ''perfectly fluent white guy'' couldn't stay and the new teacher was an easygoing Japanese guy who barely spoke English). Ironically I grew up just before the popularization of anime, so the usual "My ''nakama'' is ''sugoi''!" doesn't apply and I only started using exclaimations like ''sugoi!'' after taking Japanese. Oh, and I still really, really suck at Japanese, but I'm pretty good at Engrish! * This troper finds this trope quite annoying and almost completely avoids it, with two exceptions. I sometimes want to use the word ''nakama'' in conversation, because there's no precise equivalent in English for the concept I'm trying to get across. And when I'm eating sushi, I'm '''strongly''' tempted to say ''itadakimasu'' as I break apart the chopsticks. ** [[@/PigCatapult This troper]] does the same thing. When nakama comes up (which it does when I have to explain to folks that my [[{{Nakama}} older brother]] isn't ''actually'' my sibling), I usually pause first to explain "Well, there's not really a word for it in English, but the Japanese word 'nakama' describes it pretty well. Nakama are closer to each other than friends, but not romantically involved with each other," because, for some reason, people seem to get ''that'' explanation, while "We're not ''actually'' siblings, but we treat each other ''like'' siblings" just makes them confused. ~_~ (On the upside, most people I explain it to tend to agree with me that "nakama" is a ''very'' useful word, and English would do well to adopt it as a loanword.) ** Talking about nakama, it's a bit hard to explain its meaning in Portuguese... Because nakama has te same pronounciation as "na cama", that means "on the bed". Now TRY to explain something about a person who is your "on the bed". *** Go ahead and say ''itadakimas''', I bet the sushi chefs appriciate it. * This troper managed to pull of GratuitousGerman, GratuitousSpanish and GratuitousJapanese all at once by calling a very happy toddler wearing a T-shirt that featured Miffy & "Hello Kitty" holding hands: Muy Sehr Kawaii !!! * [[@/{{LittleMai}} This Tropette]] uses GratuitousJapanese a lot, sometimes unintentionally, because she tries to think and speak things in japanese so she can learn it properly - there's no one to practice, goddamnit! Also, her japanese teacher is also pointing the fact that she addresses herself as "ore"... ** If you are taking a foreign language class and have nobody else to practice on, then saying the things you learned outside of class is a good idea. So by all means, speak Japanese whenever! You have a good excuse 'ore-sama'. ** This troper has the same problem with trying to learn Spanish and Japanese. Especially since his school doesn't actually offer Japanese. This wouldn't be a problem, except he has developed a habit of answering with "hai" and "iie" to teachers/friends/people who generally don't know any Japanese. Not to mention all the Japanese and Spanish Facebook statuses he has had. [[{{GratuitousSpanish}} ¡Qué molesta!]] Yare yare... ** This troper does this too, but only do this when she's alone(she

will never do it around other people because she understands that it gets annoying fast). She occasionally will use gratuitous Japanese with other people but that is only when she is quoting a character(such as quoting Nozomu and saying "zetsubou shita!"). * This troper, in the seventh grade, had a text-based RP with a friend, that she decided to adapt to {{Animesque}} comic form after she became interested in manga and anime. She also had already known a smattering of Japanese by that point, as well as JapaneseHonorifics that she learned on this very wiki (this was back in 2005). So, as a result of this incredibly limited knowledge of Japanese, as well as a belief then that TrueArtIsIncomprehensible, she wrote half the dialogue in really, really badly-mangled Japanese, worse than Babelshit. Now that she isn't as much of a ''baka'' as she was then, she is unable to look at these old comics [[OldShame without shuddering]], even if she ignores the [[NightmareValley zombie people drawn in the panels]]. * This troper has a bad habit of randomly inserting words (properly pronounced, thank you very much!) into her English sentences. She didn't realize it until one of her friends asked her what the hell "asoko" meant (this troper was attempting to point out where the bathroom was). She also calls her two best friends "oneechan." Justified in that they really are her big sisters, and it's kind of awkward to say that in English around parental figures. Or adults who get confused easily. * This troper has the tendency to shout "YATTA!" when something good happens to her, and is also prone to saying "itadakimasu" before she eats, but other that those two phrases, that is the extent of her use of Gratuitous Japanese, as she does not want to be seen as a weaboo. * Thanks in no small part to his rampant playing of ArtofFighting (And using Ryo in TheKingOfFighters), [[@/MightyKombat This Troper]] sometimes shots out "OSU!!" when something good happens to him or when he kicks a nice amount of ass on a video game. "OSU!" was Ryo's victory sound when he won a match in AOF and KOF. ** This Troper has a tendency to utilize "Osu" as well...picked up from his (very American) karate class. * This Troper, after learning a little basic Japanese (and some more eclectic words from anime subs), has a tendency to add 'ne', to the end of sentences when typing online, and to occasionally swear in Japanese (Of course, I gather expletives from a lot of languages). Of course, this is the nature of the English language, right, to eat other languages and use their words. One wonders if I'll find catchy words in Latin (the language I am currently studying) to insert into my speech patterns. * This troper combines this with GoshDangItToHeck. He's known to say things in Japanese when irritated. Thankfully, in context and tone it's pretty easy to tell what "kuhso" and "shimata" mean and he's never yet had to explain himself. * This troper has a friend who enjoys tacking on a "-chan" at the end of everyone's name. This friend happens to have a name that starts with "Ba", so we call her "baa-chan" in return. ** An [[PokemonQuartz unfortunate]] nickname. * Thanks to ''{{Kaiji}}'', this troper's inner monologue occasionally

contains ''kisama'' (bastard) and ''shikashi'' (however). * This troper started using "kawaii" jokingly because she thought it was pretty funny for some reason. Now it's become a part of her vocabulary and she tends to say it without realizing. Same with "chan", which she'll sometimes use if she thinks someone is cute. Or just feels like sounding like a dumbass. Not sure if this counts, but she'll also add "u" onto the end of random things, like "brbu" or [[Left4Dead "grabbin' a molotovu"]]. Not really sure why... These all mainly apply to online, by the way. Except she tends to call dogs "puppu's" irl. * Subversion: this troper named his ronin character in LegendOfTheFiveRings "Kurinto Itsuuda". Yes, the "su" is missing, for the sake of simplicity. * Two examples from this Troper: In English class, when he changes the date on the board, he writes in it Japanese as well as English. My English teacher once asked me if I was writing something nasty, but I told him it was just the date. (Sometimes, if the seniors spam the white board, I DO respond with some kinda insult, either in Japanese or in Lolspeak.) Also, I sometimes speak in mixed Japanese/English with other students who are in my Japanese-language class, in other classes. Like math. It doesn't help that the person who sits next to me in math class knows Chinese instead, but he can speak English. Too bad he can't help me with my "nihongo no shukudai" :D (too lazy to put that in kana) * This troper has a very good friend (of Asian descent) who loves to spice up her conversations with a lot of Japanese sayings. Could've been a justified trope, except that she's, you know, American Born Chinese. Her grandmother hates this. * This troper, despite being pretty much the only member of her friendship group NOT to study Japanese [long story involving very annoying grade 6 teacher] uses both curses and suffixes on occasion; referring to one friend as 'Marilyn-chan' [after being assaulted for the Gratuitous German 'Marilynchen'], and once getting caught saying k'so - by the Japanese teacher [who just looked amused, thankfully]. * This troper has ended up with a few japanese expressions in his daily conversation after a lot of anime. The problem is that almost noone around him understand him, so he has to explain what he just said all the time. Mendoukuse... And all of his friends now has nicknames in GratuitousJapanese with proper honorifics. Oh yes, and everytime I stop time in a game, I HAVE to shout [[JojosBizarreAdventure ZA WARUDO!]] * This troper's sister randomly drops 'piku' (or 'pikku' or 'piiku' or however you'd like to spell it- I've no idea myself) into her speech. She doesn't even know (and nor do I) whether it means anything at all in Japanese- it just SOUNDS Japanese and ''oh so kawaii desu ne~~~''! The worst bit is, I find myself using it by accident. ** My research (which consists of looking at the first page of a Google search ("piku means")) suggests that "piku piku" means "to twitch". I can only assume she's encountered a character who [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud says sound effects out loud]]. * This troper here is part of the admittedly small anime fan group at my school, and two of us regularly use [[Gratuitous Japanese]]. I'm

the more prolific one, and have given everyone Japanese-shortenednames-with-cute-honourific nicknames. I also used to use "baka" a lot, but I'm cutting down, and I don't use "kawaii" anymore. Everything else in the fangirl Japanese dictionary is fair game. I have no excuse, but it did help me get to the top of Japanese class. * This Troper speaks enough Japanese to sound natural. Because of this, he will speak in Japanese every other sentence or so, especially when mad. Though, for some strange reason, his speech style tends to be... stoic-ish, one could say. Like, saying "sore wa ore no pen '''de wa''' nai" (what this troper would say) instead of "sore wa ore no pen '''ja''' nai" is like "That '''is''' not my pen" instead of "That''''s''' not my pen," respectively. When mad, he sinks into "slang" Japanese, like "sorya ore no pen ja nee yo/darou! (that ain't my pen!)" * I doesn't speak Japanese very well, and most of what I know is [[KansaiRegionalAccent Kansai-ben]] (this is due to a string of coincidences that has resulted in practically every Japanese-speaking person I know being from the region, all in either Nara, Kobe, or Osaka). So he goes and says "aho" and a couple other such words in situations that call for it (being in China, this gets some dirty glares, thus it is usually pulled in situations where I don't want to be bothered). Also "Nyoro~n", but I'm not sure if that counts since it's... not exactly a word. * I once saw someone say kawaii desu ne with all seriousness. I always thought that that was one of those things that only showed up when people were mocking something that never happens. * Due to complicated circumstances, this troper and her father are the only people in her family that speak Japanese, so they frequently use it to talk around people, and out of habit this troper says "tadaima" when she visits. * [[@/AXavierB This troper]] has recently taken up saying "kuso" instead of "shit" or "damn". * Me and my sister thought that Hiro's exclamations of "Yatta!" on ''Heroes'' were cool for some reason. Now we yell "Yatta!" whenever we succeed in something we've been trying to do for a while. * I occasionally use "so so" and "ne?", but only in my head. Also I catch myself thinking using fake-Japanese equivalents like "[[ThisIsADrill Doriru]]" and "Buredobureka". * When This Troper went sailing with his uncle recently, he spotted not one, but ''two'' boats with GratuitousJapanese names. One was not entirely gratuitous, being named the "{{Baka}} Maru," translating approximately to "Stupid Boat", or possibly the "U.S.S. Idiot" ("Maru" being a suffix traditionally attached to the names of Japanese boats); the other, however, was simply named "The Maru". The owner probably thought they were calling it "The Boat", but it's more the equivalent of calling a boat the "U.S.S.", "H.M.S.", or whatever prefix is appropriate in your particular country. * Darkurai has taken to using words like nakama and tsundere that don't have any equivalent english word. He also tends to mutter "baka ne" under his breath when he doesn't want the person he's speaking to to understand him. In a more specific example, for a TV Show that my friend was working on, one actor has a scene where he

[[SpeakingSimlish speaks in tongues]]. He's not very good with that, so I tried to help him with it. It eventually came to me making up a gibberish phrase for him to memorize. I managed to throw in "hikari" where the subtitles on-screen say "Tremble before the light!" * This Troper uses the word baka on a regular basis since they feel that it's more fitting then most of the English equivalants due to its origin. They're also toying with the idea of trying to get into the habit of saying 'Itadakimasu' at meals as a sort of secular alternative to saying grace. * This Troper has a decent knowledge of Japanese. I sometimes say "kuso!" when mildly annoyed and refer to the object of my ire as "temee" or "onore." I also tend to use several catchphrases such as "[[FistOfTheNorthStar Omae wa mo shinderu]]", "[[JoJosBizarreAdventure Yare yare daze]]", "[[JoJosBizarreAdventure Muda!]]" (I will do the entire Dio meme at the drop of a hat and do a decent WRYYY!), "[[Dancougar Yatte yaru ze!]]" (especially while playing SRW Alpha Gaiden), and the occasional "[[GaoGaiGar HIKARI NI NARE!!!]]". I have also just memorized "[[TengenToppaGurrenLagann ORE O DARE DA TO OMOTTE YAGARU?!?!]]" I sometimes refer to myself as "ore" with "-sama" and sometimes "-kono." Of course there's the other little words that I use like "nani?" and "baka." ** Sorry, but this is NOT 'decent knowledge'. When you fully master both Kana systems, fully understand at least 1000 Kanji, read and understand written text from a textbook, and are able to exchange a few replies with a tutor, you will have the right to say you know the basics. Decent Japanese knowledge means you can read a daily newspaper, and buy your daily food, and generally find your barings in an average town in Japan. So shut up and stop bragging. You're only insulting people who actually bother learning the language. *** Since he's playing SRW, I can give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyhow, fuck off, you're being an asshole. **** Asshole? Not so much. Strict and demanding when it comes to things like literacy or common sense? Most certainly. ***** OK, let me clarfy. I know a number of words and some basics of grammar and use them often, so poor choice of words on my part with the whole "decent" thing. Also, I didn't mean to brag, I just get wordy on subjects thst interest me. So, my apologies (and congratulations. Seriously, I'm jealous) to those who have learned the language and were offended by this. I guess I should go ahead and mention that the game had an English patch. Heh heh... * Being the only non-Japanophile in a group of 12, This Troper is very much prone to hearing this. A LOT. ** We apologise immediately for all the pain we have caused. * This troper spent two months in Tokyo last summer, and ''still'' hasn't managed to completely switch back to English. The various conversational 'noises' that make for natural Japanese conversation have stuck. * This hikikomori troper has never had any Japanese classes as such classes were never made available to her. She taught herself katakana (which she sometimes uses for names or writing sentences in Japanese), is learning hiragana, knows some sentence structure and kanji, often says 'sankyuu' rather than 'thank-you' (in fact, she used to say

'gomen' to people who did things for her without being asked) will swear in Japanese, and refers to two girls she knows as 'nee-chan' and 'imouto-chan' If she's hyped about something that's Japanese, she'll tell you the terms she's learned and any name puns she's come across (with [[{{Yu-Gi-Oh}} Mutou Yuugi]] still being her favourite name pun). She can also recite the [[SuzumiyaHaruhinoYuutsu Hare Hare Yukai]] at fullspeed and, if prompted, will also yell [[DetectiveConan "Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu"]]. However, she also says "I'm here", 'excuse me' and 'thank you' in Gratuitous Italian and swears in GratuitousGerman, and can say [[PhoenixWrightAceAttorney "Objection!"]] in every language the game's audio has been recorded in. She's native English, but one part Maltese. ** And her father thinks she's speaking 'American' whenever she says anything related to the previously stated languages. He happens to hate US English with a passion because it's not English and therefore not an acceptable 'language'. *** So we spell a few things differently and have a different accent, that doesn't make it any less English than Commonwealth English. It's not like we ''purposely'' attack anything British, we just drop a few silent yuus and change a few jee-aitches to effs to make it written closer to how it's pronounced. * As a person who has known nothing but respect and admiration towards Japanese culture, long before it became trendy, and currently studies Japanese language and customs, [[@/BTIsaac this troper]] feels seriously offended by any unnecessary use of gratutious Japanese, and honestly believes that every other decently educated person SHOULD think the same way. Any attempt at abusing a language or justifying the abuse is a sign of vulgarity and a serious lack of proper education, and should be discouraged through disciplinary action. ** As the above troper who uses Japanese only for cursing, I agree that intentional abuse of a language should be discouraged. I only use Japanese for cursing because I never curse in English and don't really want to start (that way I can deliver the most powerful PrecisionFStrike ever when things ''really'' get bad). * Yeah, I found this trope really annoying, [[BerserkButton and I mean it]], but whatever: I decided to make a deal with all my otaku friends: Everytime they use any random Japanese word, I would use some [[YiddishAsASecondLanguage Yiddish and/or Hebrew random term]], and yes: They find that very annoying too (But I have to admit it: It's kind of funny, somebody call me "baka", I call him "schmuck" and that's pretty much all) * Averted by a classmate and our math teacher. Who can both speak perfect Japanese, and often abuse this to say things without us understanding. ** And inverted with what sounds like a really mean thing to say but isn't meant in a harmful fashion is calling our religious friend a "ten" because the japanese for ten sounds like "jew". Trust me it's a lot more innocent in context, and while I never used it, the people who did stopped after said math teacher caught them. * This American trouper has been living in Japn for several years. When I go back to visit family, I slip into this ALL THE TIME if I don't just switch languages completely! I honestly don't mean to. It

often takes my brain a few seconds to realize that nobody in the room understands me. Drives the family nuts. ** Yeah, but is not the same, I would say you have a practical reason, a justification (You know: You actually went to that country...) * Thanks to [[OnePiece One Piece]] (and other Japanese shows), [[@/TacoNinja this one]] has taken to muttering in Japanese. She still maintains that she is not a "''weeaboo''" since she wants to learn the language so she can go to Japan one day, and not to look cool (in fact, speaking GJ out loud is a good way to get '''WEEABOO!''' bombs thrown at one and laughed out of the room). * Does Gratuitous Cantonese count? This troper's picked up a few verbal tics from his Singaporean friends, which combined with the normal Kiwi ones often results in "Yeah Cool eh la?" * This troper is studying proper Japanese, and as such makes it a habit to occasionally write his status updates on Facebook and Twitter in Japanese. Since he gets worried that his friends on Facebook might call him out for making frequent videogame-related updates, he sometimes writes such updates in Japanese to throw off those who don't understand it. * This troper has a friend who ''always does this''. When she calls, she says, "Konnichi wa, Kei-chan! Genki desu ka?" to which I promptly facepalm (she should've said moshi moshi, anyway). Whenever she hands me something, she says, "Douzo". Whenever I speak Japanese back to her, she tells me that I'm doing it wrong despite the fact that I've been learning it for two years. ''And that's only the beginning''. * While this troper DOES sometimes find herself saying "Nani?" as opposed to "What?" ''in her head'', she would never say it out loud and finds it annoying when others do: Her best friend is prone to laughing like 'kukukuku'. * [[TwilightLord I]] do this like ALL the time, though I often translate it by saying the same thing in English afterwards (i.e. "Yamete! Stop!"). I do say a few things untranslated though: Nani? (What? usually when someone calls my name) Nani ga kore? (What's this?) Desshou? (Right?/Isn't it? usually used in a situation like "Hey, this game's pretty good." "Desshou?") Naze? (Why?) Iya. (No.) Dame da. (No way.) Ma, taku... (Sheesh...). I say "Gochisousama" after dinner every day, occasionally adding "-deshita", except when I didn't enjoy the meal, in which case I use "Oware da" (It's over) instead. I have also been known to exclaim "Kuso!" when very pissed (so it's more like a yell than a mutter) and "Yatta!" when VERY excited or happy. (It has to be really extreme though). When giving my parents rent I used to say "Hai, dorobou" - roughly "Here, thief", which they never asked me about. I've also done Shikamaru's "Mendokuse na..." plenty of times, as well as Kakashi's "Yare yare da ze" AND Naruto's "Yaruttebayo!" When unsure, doubtful, or disbelieving (even in a surprised kind of way) of something I usually say "Ii no ka? Ii no ka?" (Are you sure?/Is this okay?) and "Subete wa que sera sera da" ("Everything is que sera sera") as a bizarre way of saying "Don't worry about it." (I also do use "Daijoubu", although I tend to translate that, and "Ii ne" too.) Yes, I am very strange. (And by the way, Japanese isn't the only language I use. I'm like a GratuitousForeignLanguage master over here. Spanish, Italian, French,

German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and even Finnish are not safe from me.) * This troper had a weeaboo in theater class. And had to proofread their scripts. And explain to them why an anime fanfic written half in mangled Japanese wasn't a good way to promote reading in English among 10 year olds. * headdesk* * This troper purposely will say "Nihongo wa jouzu desu, ne?" (Your Japanese is good, you know?) in a sarcastic tone, to imply that using FangirlJapanese isn't going to work with me, around people who don't get Japanese culture or the language. She's also fond of swearing in Japanese and [[GratuitousSpanish Spanish.]] * [[@/RiL This troper]] has been guilty of GratuitousJapanese since high school, when she used to bother her friends. Now she's engaged to a half-Japanese man whose parents are both fluent, and her gratuitous Japanese fits in a little better with her future new family. * [[NotSoBadassLongcoat This troper]] reacted to GratuitousJapanese with snarking at least two times. Once, he joked that "Domo Arigato" means "May you have an alligator in your house", due to "domo" sounding similarly to "dom", the Polish word for house. Another time, when some weaboo said "gomen" to him, he replied in English "OK, I'm going!" and upon seeing the weaboo getting confused, he explained "You said 'go, man', so I'm going." Also, he often parodies Japanese accent while playing LegendOfTheFiveRings. * [[@/TaeliaRose This troper]] does her damnedest to not do this, but finds herself saying various Japanese-by-way-of-TV-Tropes words and phrases, like {{tsundere}}, {{nakama}}, and {{lolicon}} (which hardly even counts, really). Of course, this is mingled with enough gratuitous personal loanwords from other languages that her friends assume she's making it up anyhow. * Although I loathe to admit it as it is now an old shame, at one point I would liberally sprinkle my writing with gratuitous Japanese names and phrases. Now I avoid the language like the plague and it just makes me furious for some reason whenever I hear it. * This Troper will repeat Japanese to herself (usually objects, phrases, greetings etc) in an effort to remember them - she is planning to take a Japanese course though, and it really is a good way to learn languages, especially new words. Reacting to shocking news with a loud 'eeeeeeeeeh?' is always a fun way to start anyone's day. And using words like 'konpyuuta' and 'sou desu ne?' (complete with raised eyebrow) counts as learning -and- annoying people! She doesn't tend to use Japanese in conversation though, though her teen-writing is something best left unmentioned. GratuitousGerman in conversation? Hell yes, but she is semi-fluent, so maybe she has leeway? And if she doesn't she -will- forget everything. * [[@/{{JET73L}} This Troper]] tries to avoid GratuitousJapanese (as well as GratuitousSpanish and GratuitousGerman, but has been learning French for little enough time that the most tempting phrases to use are already in the English vernacular). However, for words for which there is no ready English alternative, such as the bothersome "nakama" and most of the -dere tropes (both of which are easily avoided outside of TV Tropes and anime club discussions), it's necessary, and it's easy to forget which words are in what language when not

concentrating. The situation actually got to the point where it can be easier to bring up a term or phrase in Japanese (hopefully under my breath, instead of at normal volume) to keep it in mind while trying to phrase it in a way that will not easily be misunderstood. Sometimes (such as with "...ne?" replacing "...no?" as in, "...isn't it?"), said troper has actually been doing it long enough to forget the source without being reminded one way or another, especially when it is easily understood even to people who wouldn't understand the meaning of the word but for the context. * This trooper is guilty of writting a Pokemon Fanfiction involving GratuitousJapanese when she was 15. The japanese was used as "ancient language of a psychic tribe". Feel free to laugh, I deserve it. To my defense, I may have been 15, but still had the mindset of a naive 9 years old. 3 years of excessiv internet access and TV-tropes taught me better. * This troper [[OldShame used]] to do this, especially with the word ''kawaii.'' Until her brother (who is actually taking Japanese) told her she was pronouncing it as kowai(scary). * This troper sometimes like so say 'iku wa yo!' when excited, but only in front of her arguably more fangirlish friend. She also thinks in random Japanese fragments sometimes, with a little bit of Filipino mixed in. (At least the Filipino is justified...) * This Troper was one of those stupid girls that did this. She's since grown out of it, save for calling her best friend "Aniki". * A few people in this Troper's Japanese class have started using ~????? ("~da soudesu") from time to time. According to Sensei (who, incidentally, taught them the phrase in the first place), it is a Japanese slang term roughly equivalent to "[=~That's What She Said~=]". * This troper often uses "souka" (sp?) in appropriate context. ("You're a bloody idiot!" "Souka....") * This Troper is very fond of this trope. "MATTE YO, ZERO!" "Boku wa Ookami desu yo." {{Hilarity Ensues}} when I write in Japanese in the blackboard. "What's written over there?" "1,2,3,4." "Oh..." * This Troper isn't particularly fond of Japanese emotes, and she tries ''extremely'' hard not to use 'kawaii' or 'desu' or what have you in random conversation [[strike:in fact it annoys the living hell out of her]]. But she's studying three languages, so people are often greeted in a mix of French, German and Japanese. I wouldn't call it 'gratuitous,' though, since it stays out of the rest of the conversation.?Which brings up a random thought: Why is it that gretting someone with 'Guten Tag' is ok, and yet saying 'Ohayou' or something of the sort will immediately get you branded as an Otaku? ** Also, she's added 'ne' to the end of her sentences to indicate 'isn't it?' before she knew it was Japanese, so she doesn't count this one at all. * This troper will admit to slipping into GratuitousJapanese and GratuitousGerman (occasionally, GratuitousDutch or GratuitousSpanish) when tired or confused, can't find an english word to properly express a feeling or thought, or if this troper is just plain unhappy. The Japanese comes from learning it as an interest, the German from studying it in school, and the Dutch and Spanish from having friends

who speak the language (one is Dutch, the other is Hispanic). It's more usual for this troper to slide in to GratuitousJapanese, though. * This Troper used to be a [[OldShame Dorktastic Otaku]], and as such would type GratuitousJapanese a lot. Now that they are less of a dork, they tend to use GratuitousFrench (taking French classes and all) And GratuitousGerman. Don't really know why. * [[@/LoneCentrist This Troper]] who's attempting to learn Japanese, took is brother and mother out to lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. At the end of the meal, he thought he'd be clever, and tell the waitress "Totemo oishii" (Very delicious). When the waitress came over and he said his bit of GratuitousJapanese, cue the waitress interpretting that as "Ohh, he must know Japanese" and a very long Japanese phrase on her part, which this troper still doesn't know what she said, but know's it ended in desu-ka... meaning it was a question... maybe... This troper just smiled and nodded, and she said arigato, and walked off... making this troper feel quite stupid. * Having finished watching TengenToppaGurrenLagann, I now have the very irritating (to me, as I like to think I'm not a weeaboo) tendency to use "Ikkusé!" in place of "Let's go!". Damn you for being so infectious, Kamina! * This Troper loves using the phrase ''Anta baka''? I blame [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Asuka Langley Soryu]] and my status as the [[OnlySaneMan only normal and knowledgeable person in our house]] [[KavorkaMan who is surrounded by an]] UnwantedHarem. * [[@/{{MiraShio}} I'm]] sort of guilty of this. "Sort of" because I use Japanese a lot, but only in the presence of people I'm warm towards--not necessarily attracted to (sans one), but certain people I prefer over others. Now it's more of Gratuitous Korean, but that's only because said language has a better transliterator than the previous. * This troper tends to mix this and GratuitousGerman. It can lead to some intesting thought trains when watching subbed anime- "Nein, baka, don't do that!"- and she's gotten pretty good at a proper feminine "Kawaii!!" While the random chunks of Japanese she knows do mainly come from anime, she tries to learn more about Japan through other mediums, so she feels justified in using it. * I curse in front of people I don't want to know I'm swearing in Japanese (like parents), and I went shopping for friends and we we're looking at headphones and I said "Here's a one by Sony" And my friends claimed I said it with a Japanese accent to it. And I was accused of saying Kawaii (ick, don't EVER say that you say cute) but I was only saying Kawai, the brand of piano. * In May 2003, this Swedish troper inadvertently picked up the phrase (and intonation of) "Un, un" ("Yes"/"Sure"/"I see"/"OK, so...") from [[GuiltyGear Zappa's story mode]] and has been using it since. He also uses the interjection "Yoi-sho!" (used when lifting something heavy, starting to work on something or otherwise exerting yourself) and the phrases "Yoshi..."/"Yosha!" ("Good!"/"Well, then...") as naturally as the virtually international "OK!", the delivery ranging from dry to uncharacteristically energic. * -raises paw guiltily- I confess, I do this, but I don't overdo it. * This troper's "friend" speaks it aloud to herself EVEN IF NO ONE IS

LISTENING and also when amongst people who DON'T KNOW A WORD OF IT AT ALL, getting horribly frustrated with them when they don't understand her and also giving everyone she knows grammar lessons when they specifically DON'T want them. And rants for HOURS AND HOURS every time someone even makes a VAGUE error in pronunciation or spelling. And loses ALL respect for people when they don't like a part of Japan's culture. Now, I study the language myself, but probably because of her I HATE people who do this. NOT EVERYONE SPEAKS JAPANESE, GET THE HELL OVER IT. * This troper mainly likes anime and manga herself since the plots and characters are unique. She had met many people who like it and trying to learn Japanese just by watching. Now some are freakishly accurate since they look past anime with subs, but there's some that JUST DON'T GET IT. They think they have to speak in the super cute voices that little kids make. I mean, I study the language, but I make sure that I don't speak it out loud like this, "Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka?" Never, I just practice it by myself and not at school or anything. The worse part is that many don't know Japanese culture past the things everyone knows {kimonos, pagoda, Tokyo, ninjas, etc.} and anime/manga. I study many other things other just medi?. I also look into their interesting history without being a little too obsessed over it. It makes me face palm myself on how much their failing at it. GOD. SAVE US ALL. ** The above troper kind of admits she does this though. Especially since being influenced about having manners from her half-Chinese/half Filipino mother, she has those mannerisms towards people like adults and people of higher status. And sometimes she ends up humming a song in a tune of a Japanese song she heard, * Face palm goes here* * This troper has sworn to himself that if he ever gets a tattoo (not likely), it will be either the characters spelling out "Random Japanese Characters" or "If you can read this, can you tell me what it says?". * This troper does this purely to annoy her friend, who hates this trope with a passion. When asking what something is, I'll point to it and say, "Nani kore?" or "Nani sore?" (depending on what I'm referring to). Drives her mad, it's fun. * This troper has deliberately started doing so. Justified, since I'm trying to learn Japanese, and the best way to do so is to speak it as often as possible. * This Troper's weaboo friend will send me messages consisting ''entirely'' of Romanized Japanese. I got my revenge by replying in [[GratuitousRussian Russian]]. * Kurausu has "Nya~" or "Nyan~" as her verbal tic. And the occasional "Uu~", both of which she picked up from anime. (Specifically Tokyo Mew Mew and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni) At least she hasn't sunken to using Gash's "Unu~" yet. * This troper does it for the sole purpose of confusing people. It mainly involves asking people "[[NeonGenesisEvangelion Anto baka?]]", though. He does have a policy of one language a sentence so it doesn't get out of hand. * This troper mostly does it with his siblings who are also anime fans, or to just mess with my friends. I probably use "Baka" the most

as a joke insult, usually with the more emphatic "Bakame" like Excalibur from [[SoulEater Soul Eater]]. * There's a Chinese restaurant near where I live called the ''Sakura''. Making this bit of GratuitousJapanese even worse, most of the time I don't mind going in, giving my order and waiting, but the one time I phoned in my order in advance, ''the staff could not even pronounce the name of their own restaurant correctly''. * This troper has a bad habit of singing Japanese songs under her breath, which isn't too bad I guess, since I at least know how to pronounce the words I'm humming underneath my breath. Too bad my friends don't really bother to read the subs. Cue the gibberish that kind of resembles Japanese. * This troper, being fluent in Japanese, absolutely hates hearing people use gratituous Japanese. Having a mother that is Japanese, speaks Ivy League level French and English, also hates people using gratituous Japanese and frequently berates my father for speaking in a combination of English, Japanese, and Mandarin. * This Troper is actively learning the language of Japanese, but has only gotten to the point where he can confuse people, Ask how someone is feeling, say he doesn't speak japanese, and say yes and no. Every once in a while he says "Karuma Ringo" just to confuse people, and has started answering all yes or no question with "Hai" and Iie". Ironically in relation to the Car Apple thing, it infinitely annoys him when people use Kawaii and baka incorrectly, use multiple "Desu"s, and mispronounce Desu. * This troper doesn't bother with inserting Japanese words into normal conversation, because he isn't good enough to pull off grammaticallyaccurate sentences, and because there's a Japanese GrammarNazi in class. However, he enjoys using this trope to pull off BilingualBonus and numerous ShoutOut to the various anime that taught him Japanese. * This Troper, when with a certain group of friends, love to sprout this to the point that our sentences are deliberately half-Japanese, half-English. The inversion: we are all fluent in Japanese and in fact met on a scholarship trip to Japan. This Troper also wants to stab people who play this trope straight. * This troper tries no to do this, but she uses four different languages on a dayly basis and sometimes confuses them and accidently adds some Japanese into the mix. She has never used 'kawaii' or 'baka' before, though, because she never uses their equalents in other languages anyway. The biggest problem is when she watches too much anime and starts saying things that would be normal in Japanese but don't exist in German/Hebrew/Russian/English. She recently found a nice replacement for one of them, saying "I'm going" and "Hello home" when she leaves and returns home, but she still has to stop herself from saying "Itadakimasu" every single time. * [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} This Troper's]] godchild. A bit justified, as that is said godchild's college major. She's got her mother and me doing this. * [[{{Tropers/Sakatsu}} This Troper]] knew a lot of people in high school and college who did this. Sometimes their accent was horrendous calling manga mainega. Every time I hear MAINEGA I cringe visibly and auto-correct. Gratuitous Japanese was one of the major reasons why I

did not hang around the anime club closely...I didn't want to be found an idiot since I take my language seriously. Mostly I'm the inversion of this type who jokingly, if I'm hanging with other J-learners, use this trope perfectly making a mesh of Japanese and English into paragraphs or switch between the two if there's a suspect eavesdropper. Also, I only use sempai/kohai with other Jlearners/Japanese people. ** I only use -sempai and -kohai with other Japanese learners too! * This girl often sings in Japanese, especially in school, where she is always singing Dango Daikazoku. She also answers questions with "hai" or "ie", and uses "arigato gosaimasu". The only thing I hate from knowing Japanese, is that I have to explain other people what did I say... * [[@/SoWeAteThem I]] know some students who spouted this quite a lot in middle school. My uncle did this periodically as well, and I've been known to fall into this: I often refer to label owners in Japan (where I buy [=CDs=]) as [surname]-san (something I've also approximated when ordering in Europe, using, for example, Sr., M., or Herr) refer to the Japanese teachers in college as "sensei," and once attempted to comfort a depressed high-school pal by saying "daijobu." * This troper is basically fluent in Japanese, and often finds herself in a situation where she needs to explain something English into Japanese for her Japanese mother. Consequently, in important conversations with teachers, I slip in a 'dakara' or 'desukara' at the beginning of sentences (approx. meaning: 'so what I'm saying is'/'so basically') as there is not a formal equivalent in English. Not cool when trying to make someone understand you better. * This troper also got mildly irritated with the people shouting out Japanese swear/sex words, so to get them to get out of her sight, she taught them the rudest of rude words ever to be known in Japanese. They don't need to know I actually taught them 'watermelon'. * This troper spent two years learning Japanese in high school. She occasionally think words in Japanese (her brain throws in 'watashi' and 'ureshii' every now and then) and due to continual exposure to {{CLAMP}} persists in referring to cherry blossom trees as 'sakura' no matter who she is talking to. This habit drives her crazy as she loathes GratuitousJapanese. * This troper and her fellow otaku classmates have this habit. We say "souka" or "sou da ne" instead of "ah, okay, I get it" or "I agree". I often ask "nande" or "nani" as well. We happen to curse in Japanese as well. And of course, who could ever forget about screaming "kawaii"? * This troper used to say "kah-WHY" back in her 12 year old weeaboo days. Nowadays she swears off Gratuitous Japanese, but once subconsciously said "hai" instead of "yes". Luckily the person she was talking to didn't catch it, as she believes she'd already said hi to them. * This troper plays MagicTheGathering and built a ''Scars of Mirrodin''-centric Myr deck (trust me, I'm going somewhere with this). Not long after said deck was first built, his local game store, where he bought the cards to construct said deck, started to carry ''Scars of Mirrodin'' booster packs in Japanese. Having recently started getting into anime, this troper now buys a pack or two of said

Japanese cards whenever he goes to that store, and every so often he opens the Japanese version of a card already in his deck in English. Several substitutions later, he now has about a fifth of his deck in gratuitous Japanese. (And a couple GratuitousItalian cards, but that's another trope entirely.) * [[@/{{Tadaru}} This troper]] will occasionally throw in a Japanese word or phrase when he's otherwise speaking English because it's easier or more convenient to express in Japanese than in English. Somewhat [[JustifiedTrope justified]] in that he's passed the JLPT N2 and is waiting on the results of the N1. * One of this troper's best friends has a tendency to speak mild Fangirl Japanese (calling random things "kawaii" and occasionally using "-chan" and "desu"), but thankfully she avoids the irritating levels of this trope. * This troper began taking Japanese Language class, but ultimately dropped it due having great difficultly remembering even basic word's/phrases. But that didn't stop the few word's that did stick from finding their way into his everyday life, such as 1 to 1000 (and he'll often say the time or the price of something in Japanese without thinking), The three main greetings (Ohaiyo, Konichiwa, Konbanwa) and some expressions (Sagoucho, MaMa, Oiishi, DokiDoki and such). Needless to say, this irritates his Korean Girlfriend to no end. * This troper once sent a fufufufufu (i.e. Evil Laughter-Gratuitous Japanese version) text to a friend who responded by asking if I was say fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou. Has stopped me from using it ever since. * This troper is taking Japanese class and she has a good reason to throw in random Japanese too. At least for this year. There's a foreign exchange student from Japan who has much trouble speaking English and this troper tries to make it easier, even though she is having much difficulty speaking fluent in Japanese, by throwing in Japanese words that she knows. However, this doesn't stop this troper from talking to non-Japanese speakers by saying "hai", "iie", "arigatou", "sou", and "nani". Anything more complicated, I avoid saying altogether otherwise I will get slapped. * For one girl I know, her conversations are less "English with Gratuitous Japanese" and more "Japanese with Gratuitous English." I'd feel a stronger urge to slap her if it wasn't for the fact that I'm CONVINCED she's escaped from an anime somewhere. It is the only thing that makes sense for anything about her existence. * This Troper, after spending four weeks at a camp to learn Japanese during the summer, has a terrible habit of randomly slipping Japanese words and phrases into her speech. For example, she always ends up saying "sumimasen" instead of "excuse me" to the point where she's proud of herself when she says it in English. * TruthInTelevision: ThisVeryWiki. * This troper used GratuitousJapanese twice in one of my webcomicsOnce was actually just an english phrase typed in a japanese font, and another time was a more straightforward example: "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Desu." * This troper noticed how PokemonBlackAndWhite encourages GratuitousJapanese. At least the game tells you what the phrases mean

in English and the pronunciation guides. * A few years ago, this troper watched BokuNoPico and for a few months afterwards said "Itadakimasu!" before meals. In the same year, she watched a certain {{Gackt}} video rather a lot, and took to saying "Iku wa!" at... uhm... *BLUSH* times. * My friends and I know that there is such thing as going too far with this, but my friends and I are also learning Japanese slowly. We don't go too far into it (One of my friends coming close, but not enough to be annoying) The rules we have with it are 1. Only do it with our buddies. They won't all me a weeaboo which gets them punched. (I yelled at my BF for calling himself that, that word sickens me) 2. Don't make horrible mixed sentences. Not since my idiot days have I said "That inu is kawaii" or anything. I keep it at one language per sentence. Of course, it doesn't stop my BF and I from using it a bit to have easier conversations, since we both are very bad at communicating and forget English words. I recently started calling him Anata, since the english word isn't nearly as awesome. If a girl calls a guy "You" it seems rude, but this way it's also dear! I know, I suck. I also have the habit of yelling [[{{Touhou}} Yukkuri Shiteitte, Ne?]] and responding to just about ANYTHING my sister says with So, Nanoka!? Also everyone I know thinks my Animesque sound effects suit me, like going "Ah!" randomly, and always replacing any response to people calling my name with "Neeeh?~" My BF says "Ubwah!?" so yeah. Hate us, we won't really care. ** I forgot to mention my cat named Kuro-Neko...yeah...That was because every animal I name turns into the opposite thing. Like naming animals things that mean "Loved" or whatever always has it where they turn evil. So I gave up and gave him a name I KNEW he couldn't ruin. * This troper has a friend who insists that because she is ~actually learning Japanese~ (while still being a weeaboo in denial), it's perfectly acceptable for her to speak the damn language ''more than she does English''. Furthermore, she does it in an incredibly annoying, 'cutesy' tone, like she's come straight out of a harem anime. * This Troper is Japanese on his Mothers side and Scottish on his Fathers side, so it's quite common for him to use Japanese in the household, but outside, even his ''Japanese Mother'' blares at him to "'''SPEAK ENGLISH!!!'''"...[[FlatWhat What.]] * This Troper finds himself using [[{{Gintama}} "Zura ja nai, Katsura da!"]] as a swear, does this also count as a [[GoshDarnItToHeck Gosh Darn It to Heck?]] * This Tropette, while not an offender in real life, abuses this from time to time over the internet. Heck, my ''pen name'' is [[FightingIrish Celtic]]''[[{{Kawaisa}} Kawaii]]''! You'll also find it in my fanfiction with one or two characters. However, there's one [[OriginalCharacter OC]] who's [[JustifiedTrope justified]] in that her [[{{Jerkass}} mentor]] made her call him Sensei (which she does, along with using the honorifics ''-sama'' or ''-sensei'' in place of this, presumably to be semi-defiant). On the other hand, the same character has used ''nii-san'' (ironically, both [[DidNotDoTheResearch incorrectly]] and [[AccidentallyAccurate correctly]], as she's [[YoungerThanTheyLook actually very young]] but looks fifteen-ish),

''baka'' ([[HypocriticalHumor at someone for using too much Japanese]]), and ''kuso''. ** I've actually [[AndKnowingItIsHalfTheBattle admit this]] in some of the author's notes in my stories, where I've expressed that "It's my fanfic, I'll use way too much Japanese if I want to!" [[NotMakingUpThisDisclaimer No, really]]. * This troper does occasionally speak Japanese, so that I may confuse people. I try to avoid saying things like "kawaii" and stick to regular phrases, like "hai" and "honto ni", but that [[{{Squee}} doesn't always work out]]. I also try to avoid using Japanese in fanfics, because I know I'll use them wrong. My pen name [[DidNotDoTheResearch already means "what" in Japanese.]] [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that "Nani" was my nickname before I even knew what anime was. * The troper is part Japanese and is deeply offended by a Man Child who thinks he is reborn Japanese and is a reincarnated samurai from watching anime! * It's bad enough when your friends do it, but imagine having your own mom does it over the phone to be cute with her friends in Japan! Sure, its justified, but its awkward to hear her complain about how my friends say kawaii then have her say "Arigato!!! *high pitched laughter*" and other assorted tidbits a little later. The worst part? If she talks to her for too long, ''my mom actually begins to pick up on her accent'' (it's... a family thing - I get this problem too, especially with English, Chinese and Japanese people). On a related note, this Troper will soon be studying Japanese to return to Japan and drop by said friends (they're family friends). * The anime club insisted on this at my old college. It became so obnoxious that I quit going, and when confronted by various club members, lapsed into Mongolian in an attempt to convey my frustration via example. "Uhchlarai, bi tanyg oilgoson gui, bi cha dakh gui, this is how incomprehensible you are to me!" It didn't sink in, and as far as I know they're still there greeting each other with Japanese suffixes and r's instead of l's, adding things like ~nyaa and ~suu onto their sentences to be cool, wearing cat ears and eating Pocky all the time. And to add insult to injury, '''they thought I was speaking German''', too. * (Edgy) Despite having been anime club president, I wanted to rage everytime I heard this from my friends. * I have a friend that drives me INSANE with this sort of thing -- she says random Japanese words with no context, in high school insisted on giving everybody a Japanese nickname and would only answer to the Japanese name she'd given herself, and is always singing anime theme songs out of tune. What's worse, to me, is that her life goal is to "move to Japan and become an ESL teacher!" but she is constantly blowing off any chance to actually learn real Japanese because "Oh gosh, I have plenty of time for that! It was nice of you to go out of your way to get this book for me or send me a link to a language site, but I have plenty of time to learn, I shouldn't start as soon as possible! I just want to watch anime!" Plenty of time to learn, despite having almost finished high school and not being able to say much more than "kawaii desu pocky, onee-chan!"

* This troper and her friends sometimes jokingly use gratuitous Japanese, but we're more poking fun at the general practice of using gratuitous Japanese. For example, after watching Gurren Lagann and working in the tech classroom: "Watashi no do-rill!" It's all in good fun, and we don't seriously mean to speak Japanese. "Kattobingu" from the new {{Yugioh Zexal}} has made it into our joking conversations, as well as the occasional "Sankyuu!" while wearing a silly face. ---Now you can head back to the supa supa kawaii GratuitousJapanese page! Sayonara, Desu[[strike:[[MemeticMutation DESUDESUDESU]]]]-chan! Arigato! ----

GratuitousSpanish * Oh, for God's sake, look at my [[{{Tropers/MexicanJuice}} name]]. It'd be weirder if I DIDN'T toss in Spanish in there every once in a while. I do have a particular habit, though. Whenever I hurt myself (which is often), I tend to first yell out in English, then mutter to myself in Spanish. Dunno why, but I always noticed that. And of course, I'll converse with family entirely in Spanish, except for my little brother. With us it's mostly English, although I'll still use Spanish without a second thought. * This troper reasons that learning Spanish in school gives her the authority to break into random fits of Spanish words and have people think she's saying something. ** ... And people will think you're cussing them out. [[@/{{Wheezy}} This troper]] enjoys looking at people and saying things like "[[TalkativeLoon ¡Sacapunta! ¡Hay un pescado enfrente de tú pais!]]" (Pencil sharpener! There is a fish across from your country!) And watching people angrily demand to know what he just called their mother. * This troper knows a Mexican woman who, although she speaks English perfectly, counts to herself in Spanish. ** This troper read an article that stated that no matter how fluent you are in a language, you always revert back to your native language when doing math. So yeah. Not exactly gratuitous. ** Counting, at least for the first few dozen integers, is generally drilled into schoolchildren as a rote skill. They therefore have memorized it exactly the way they learned it - including the langauge it was learned in. ** I've heard that the Germans in WWII actually weeded out spies by making them do long division and read it aloud in German. If German was not their first language, this proved to be painfully difficult. Agreed that math is one of the few things that you need your native language for. *** ...or was it the French/Dutch/English weeding out GERMAN spies this way? Oh, I can't remember. Some army did this to weed out spies in WWII, que es todo lo que sé... creo que * This troper is native in English - except for the word "Ontario," exclamations of pain, which are still Spanish curses, and whenever he thinks to himself. This has increased since starting college in the

United States. ** What does Ontario mean? It's a Canadian province. * This spanish speaking troper will occasionally cuss rather loudly in Spanish, should the situation, such as a stubbed toe warrant it. He also randomly tosses out a Spanish word to mess with people's heads. * [[@/{{Kilyle}} This troper]], has turned ''into'' this trope around her nephew and, to a lesser extent, her mother, in an attempt to teach them some language tidbits. Her nephew knows simple commands in Spanish now (Abre la puerta, apaga la luz), which are given ''always'' in Spanish, never English, and is also starting to pick up a little American Sign Language... next on the list is Japanese. * This troper is so very Anglo it's ''painful,'' but after her best friend started throwing GratuitousGerman into his speech after taking German classes, she retalliated by throwing in Spanish from her own classes. She now counts to herself in Spanish usually, and responds to unfortunate things with a "No me gusta" or an anguished ''"¡No quiero!"'' ** You're not alone! This troper does the "No me gusta" thing as well. * This english-speaking troper is learning three languages, and sprinkles conversations with gratuitous phrases in all three, to the point where her mother and some of her friends that are learning other languages know what she means when she uses them. * This Southern Californian troper doesn't usually partake in this trope, but ''everybody else at his'' (almost entirely Englishspeaking) ''high school'' did. Except his sister, who uses Gratuitous French. * This troper is learning latin, french, mandarin and occasionally arabic. He also makes conlangs and sprinkles his speech with phrases from all of them. It's fun. * One of this troper's friends (who took Spanish in high school) is very fond of this. She says things like "No quiero...that thing-o." ...yeah. * I now flip between (okay-[[VerbalTic ish]]) French, (horrible) German and (spiffy) English on a whim. I can't swear in French or English or German at school, however, because my French teacher knows all of them plus five other languages. I also occasionally call people 'estupido', but that's it. * This troper will curse in Spanish when doing it in English isn't an option due to setting. * No one in this troper's family is of Hispanic descent. So you can imagine this troper's surprise when she heard her dad swearing in Spanish during some very rough traffic... * When this troper and a group of friends tried to go to Haagen Dazs, only to find that it has just closed, one of them began yelling "Por que?" Now this troper often does this, as well as "Que?" ** Well, if you yell it in frustration, it ''is'' legitimate Spanish. * This troper works at [=McDonald's=], which can be quite the Mind Screw at times....so she once asked a Spanish-speaking customer "if [they] wanted their meal large-o." ** Grande. Grande. * It goes both ways: ThisTroper's native language is Spanish and he curses in English (British or intentionally mispronounced) and French.

* This English-speaking troper has the daily mantra of ''"¿Dónde están mis zapatos??"'' * This Troper occationally curses in various languages that are not his native (Finnish), back when working at a kindergarden, this was a pretty good policy (still avoiding english or swedish curses. Scheisse and Donnerwetter were a-ok) * This troper's highschool might as well make all signs bilingual despite the fact we live in OHIO. It's normal to hear some of the higher level spanish students holding conversations in spanish just to piss people off. The Marching Band (a large grouping of language students and general Cloudcuckoolanders) could make loudly shouting "Por Que?" the unofficial slogan. As for me, I like to visit the spanish 1 classes when I have a free moment just to see the puzzled look on freshmen's faces when I speak with the teacher in spanish. * Having learned both Spanish and English are almost the same rate, This Troper (chilean, btw) speaks in spanglish to varying degrees, depending on context. My curses, particularly, tend to be strings of swears in both. Very useful when you can't remember a word, too. Also, when our class did a trip to the US, we were ''overjoyed'' at the freedom of speech it gave us. Since basically nobody understood chilean spanish well enough, it meant we could basically shout (and sing!) ''anything'' (including profanities) to each other with no recrimination. I heard that someone told the teacher to "suck it" to his face.... ** Oh, so it's true that there's chileans everywhere. Hola, weon(a), como estai? Cachai que igual debe ser harto dificil pa' la gente entender un español tan cantadito y tan flojo como el chileno, lo que he de decir que es la raja. My sister once went to USA and said profanities at her heart's content. She and her friends even started faking a fight and shouting, enjoying the faces of the people who came to ask what happened in lame spanish. 'Que es pasando?', 'hay problema?' and 'puedo ayudo?' ensued. *** La jeringa (jerga) chilena es bien dificil de entender para el que no este familiarizado con la misma, inclusive para otra persona que habla español neutro, algo parecido pasa con la jerga argentina y la jerga peruana. * Admittedly only semi-related, but This Troper speaks fluent English, except when she swears, when it's as likely to be Arabic, Chinese, Malay or Tagalog that comes out of her mouth. She had a...shall we say interesting childhood. * This troper's sister is enough of an anime fan that she's actually bothering to teach herself ''proper'' Japanese - and she's taking German classes. This troper, meanwhile, is enough of a TomStoppard fan that he occasionally lapses into Dogg. * Just to mess with peoples' heads, this troper counts by alternating languages at random between English, Japanese, Spanish and French: One, Ni, Tres, Quatre... * This troper is an inversion: Despite being a native Spanish speaker, he often swears or talks to himself in English. ** This troper curses in English too, mainly because he can do it without other people being offended. ** This Spanish speaker troper can top that: I swear as much as you

probably do...in Yinglish... [[YiddishAsASecondLanguage Yiddish as a third language, anyone?...]] ** Oh yes -- This troper loves messing with her (also Spanish) friends' heads. She'll start muttering in English about how obnoxious they are or how much she hates this thing they do, only for them to ask what she just said. She'll almost always answer with "Oh, nothing." In English. ** This troper too thinks in english (sometimes), but only swear in english with the {{ClusterFBomb}}, just sometimes * This troper frequently, instead of saying "what?", will use "que?" (among other tiny bits of Spanish-- give him a break, he's only in Spanish I). In writing, this isn't a problem. In speaking, however, it comes across as "... 'kay.", meaning that anything he's inquiring about wind up being cut short. ** I think a better pronounciation of que is 'keh', sounds like meh. * This English speaking troper has occasionally used Spanish grammatical patterns and expressions while speaking Mandarin, as in "wo a las si dian ban me shuijiao" (translation from Spandarin: I go to bed at four-thirty). * [[@/{{Gerusz}} This troper]] occasionally swears in Spanish and uses "Qué?" instead of "What?" (it's actually shorter than it's Hungarian non-rude equivalent). Some other Spanish words also occur accidentally in his speech, but they are usually unnoticed. * About a year ago in [[@/{{Neo_Crimson}} this troper's]] high school throwing random bits of Spanish into normal sentences became quite the fad. 9 times out of 10 it was absolutely terrible, pronunciation was mangled, words made no sense, and people would occasionally just make words up (often adding an "o" to end of English words). Oddly I was one of the few people genuinely annoyed by this [[{{FanNickname}} "Spanglish"]] fad. Everyone else saw nothing wrong with it, thought it was a riot, or didn't care. * One can determine just how angry [[@/AcrossTheStars this troper]] is by what language she's swearing in. If it's English, she'll get over it pretty quickly, if it's Spanish, then it'll take awhile longer, and if it's Italian, you're screwed. ** Me too. If swear in French it's ok, Portuguese is more serious, Spanish is war. * This troper and his best friend once spent Halloween as Pancho Villa and Zapata. We had enthused conversations consiting entirely of. "Viva Mejico!" "Tierra e Liberdad!", "Porfirista", and, of course, "Amigo." * This troper automatically translates subtitles (badly) in his head into Spanish. It gets very distracting because ''it won't stop.'' Also speaks in better Spanish at inappropriate times [[{{Troll}} to annoy family and friends.]] * This troper, despite English being his first and preferred language, has had dreams entirely in Spanish. It's very annoying. ** This Spanish troper has had whole dreams in English, and she didn't actually realize it until she woke up. * This troper, who is very Anglo but is currently learning Spanish, tends to pepper her vernacular with Spanish words and grammar, usually without meaning to. For instance, she often says que and como and whatnot instead of who, what, when, where, why, and how. When eating,

she'll say things under her breath like "Muy picante..." Not to mention, for emphasis she sometimes writes sentences with the upside down question mark or exclamation point. She has no clue why this happens... * This troper managed to pull off GratuitousGerman, GratuitousSpanish and GratuitousJapanese all at once by calling a very happy toddler wearing a T-shirt that featured Miffy & "Hello Kitty" holding hands: "Muy Sehr Kawaii!!!" * This Spanish troper thinks she speaks pretty decent English for someone who has only been to an actual English-speaking country for seven days, and also some stunted French, but is still known to unconsciously revert to Spanish in the middle of conversation in both of these languages. Which is doubly pathetic since her normal speech is full of crazy [[MemeticMutation mutated]] Spanglish. When she can't make out what you said, she'll ask "''qué?''". When you really surprise her she'll exclaim "''WHAT??''". It's somewhat useful, as cursing in mangled English helps her disguise the fact that she's a walking ClusterFBomb. * This troper grew up in a family of many languages (Quebecois and Metropolitan French, Greek, Latin American Spanish, Yiddish and Catalan), yet never learned any of them fluently (except English, obviously). So why is it that when humming a tune and I decide to set lyrics to it, I gravitate towards Catalan? I'm not complaining, now that I'm the lyricist for my band, it gets me plenty of tail, but I find it odd as I know no more of it than I do any other language I grew up with. * Most of this troper's family speaks a bit of Spanish, so Spanish phrases tend to pop up without explanation here and there, and no one bats an eye. Although if it's overdone people (notably the youngest sibling, who hasn't had as much Spanish education just yet) tend to get annoyed. * This troper is Texan so it's not uncommon for him to slip in some Spanish when he needs to. Although considering he barely remembers what he learned in high school and college, well it's a crapshoot sometimes. * This troper's first language is English, but after five years of Spanish classes, she usually resorts to Spanish in some situations. "Oye," "¿Qué pasa?", y "¿Dónde está?" are used daily. Puede pensar en español, también. * This troper takes Spanish classes. So far, the only use she's found for it is calling various animals her 'fuzzy amigos'. She has no idea why. * Tropers/RedWren has found that people who will ignore her if she says, "Excuse me," listen when she says, "Perdòneme." [[HilarityEnsues This ensued.]] * This Troper mainly does this to mess with people, porque cuando sus padres entender espanol, su hermana no entiende una palabra. And he'll sometimes lapse for some unexplained reason... like he just did. Its pointless fun! * This troper used this in the middle of his Japanese class when he couldn't remember certain words, even though he barely speaks Spanish and primarily speaks English. At one point, his teacher, a kind,

middle-aged Japanese woman, asked him what the Japanese term for "lawyer" was. He could only respond, "...Abogado?" The whole class was taken aback. * I call my mother "madre", despite the fact that I don't speak Spanish at all. * This lurker's father used to speak basic Spanish to his wife when he didn't want his daughters to understand him. His wife had never taken Spanish, but she still remembered some French from high school, so they could have a very limited conversation in two languages and understand each other. Then the daughters started Spanish. After a few years, the mother decided she would have to learn it, since she didn't like the idea of three teenage girls speaking a language she didn't understand too well... * [[@/{{Roihu}} This Troper]], for whatever reason, doesn't say "What", much anymore. It's either "Que?" if I'm talking or "iQue?" if I'm typing it. The reason for the "i", I think is the emulator... * This troper learned certain bits of Spanish as child, in selfdefense -- when informed by somebody that they'd actually spent several years in this troper's hometown without getting a chance to speak with a native Spanish-speaker...the first thought was "'''How!?''' [[FridgeLogic Did you run away from anybody who ''looked'' Hispanic?!]]" (Some parts of town would have to be outright avoided, because of the many store signs in Spanish.) * [[@/{{Arruruerie}} This troper]] has a close acquaintance who loves him some PoirotSpeak - albeit he's also a LargeHam and a HandsomeLech ([[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench yes, that's relevant]]). His language insertion of choice, however, is Gratuitous Russian, followed by this, followed by GratuitousFrench. And he pulls it off, or at least he doesn't sound irritating in the slightest. * @/TheTallOne and her brother are both fluent in Spanish, and frequently lapse into it, just for the hell of it. * This troper is quite fond of the exclamation "Madre de Dios!" I also know a few Spanish insults that I mutter under my breath sometimes when people piss me off. * This troper and many of his (mostly white) high-school friends took to shouting "Tengo hambre!" loudly and randomly during our Jr. and Sr. years. Drove the teachers we had in common nuts. * [[@/MisterAlways This troper]] likes going "...Que?" when somebody befuddles him. Usually because it then befuddles THEM,[[XanatosGambit granting me time to recover from my initial befuddlement.]] * Years of watching subbed telenovelas have left [[@/TaeliaRose this troper]] with a tendency to shout "¡Mentiroso!" instead of "Liar!", not to mention the gratuitous use of "te quiero," "cómo se dice," or an anguished "por favor." * I had a friend (well, not really a friend, more like an annoying dude who always seemed to be around) who, after 1 year of junior high spanish class, believed he could speak perfect spanish and would try to confuse me by saying things in it. He stopped when I told him I could actually understand some of what he was saying (I can't speak spanish, but I know the very basics and some of the curses/insults). * This troper lapses into it from time to time as a means of keeping it fresh in his head. And as a means of insulting/confusing people by

trashing them in three or four languages simultaneously with the added help of Japanese and French. * [[@/{{Agent Alpha}} This troper]], beyond the usual substitute curses and exclamations, will sometimes converse with his mother in Spanish, usually to exchange potentially offensive remarks within earshot of someone, ¿''sabes''? * Spanish was my major in college, and I reached the point where I would slip into my second language without realizing it. One example happened while I was picking up pizza with my girlfriend, and I asked her to open the door for me because I was holding the pizza. She glared at me, took the pizza out of my hands and went out the door herself. I had no idea that I had actually just said ''"abre la puerta, por favor."'' * One of this troper's friends, even when talking online. * This troper is known for inserting bits of gratuitous ''Esperanto'', for example cursing ''"Damne!"'' . It even has permeated the relationship with his girlfriend; he calls her ''karulino'' ("dear (female) one") and she responds with ''mia koreto'' ("my little heart"). Yes, we both are very corny. And, I've been thinking about the untappped FetishFuel possibilities: Esperanto also has naughty words... * This troper's whole class has taken Spanish for three years. Most of us do this to some extent. -->Friend: * insert gratuitous Spanish here*\\ Troper: * waits for translation* * This troper curses in English despite the fact that Spanish is my native tongue; I feel Spanish curses are so harsh and crude. However, I speak in a mix of Spanglish when talking to my brother (and my sister, now that she speaks more English due to having a Taiwanese husband.) When talking to friends in English, I throw in Spanish phrases, words, and exclamations such as, "¡Uquela!" and "tacuache" (instead of "possum".) ** Also, this troper frequently does this with her best friend when we a situation warrants a "what?" Her: "What?" Me: "¿Qué?" Her: "Nani? * This troper hasn't taken Spanish in over seven years, but still uses random Spanish words and phrases ("Yo tengo...) along with his Gratuitous German and a smattering of French and Latin just for kicks. * This mexican troper inverts it. When I'm alone, I talk to myself in English, and in my school, it's common to use english curse words, that unfortunately, are recognized by our teachers. Currently, the only languages to safely curse are Japanese, Korean and Klingon. * This troper is currently in the habit of saying "¿que?" when she can't think of anything else, in more of a FlatWhat way. It'll pass. * [[@/{{Joerc45}} This troper]] does this at times when I'm trying to make a point to family/friends who speak Spanish. * If I were to stub my toe or something else equivalent to that, "Dios mio!" comes out. If someone cuts me off in traffic? "Pinche cabron!" I've also been known to say "Me duele la cabeza," "Pansa llena, corazon contento," and other little tidbits of Spanish in a continued effort to master the language enough to my first generation Americanborn, Mexican-American mother's liking. We also have an in-joke involving spotting ostentatiously "Mexican" people and saying,

"Mexico, ven por tu gente!" (nb: Diacritical marks are absent because I was never good with that in my Spanish classes.) * This troper native languages are Spanish and Galician and speaks English, and everyone knows that I can switch at any moment to Galician (even if I'm speaking with someone that doesn't understand Galician). ** Eres malvado/a [[HypocriticalHumour ¿Sabes lo horrible que es hablar con alguien a quien no entiendes? Especialmente en gallego...Diaaablos.]] *** Evil? Not really, I just grew up with both languages. If I start to speak in Galician, most sure is that I didn't even noticed that I switched languages (I know, I'm weird). **** I'm going to tell you something. Ti non es o único ao que lle pasa. A algunos nos pasa de cambiar de castellano a gallego, o colar palabras en Koruño. BTW, I thought I was the only troper from Galicia. **** Koruño? I'm from Ferrol, and I'm also guilty guilty of using "Ferrolano". * This troper and her roommate both studied four years of Spanish in high school, but only the roommate pursued a minor in it in college. In order to help her practice and keep up, I've resorted to mixing Spanish into my everyday lexicon. It doesn't help that, in high school, our class was infamous for speaking Spanglish more than either English or Spanish. My family actually picked up some Spanish because of how often I used to use it around home. * Does it count if you live in Venezuela? ** I don't think so, or else I would fit in here too... * I saw a very pitiful and brief scene with a few girls in a locker room... -->'''Girl 1:''' Ooh! Me gusta...your...zapatos. (<-all pronounced horribly wrong)\\ '''Girl 2:''' Huh? What's that mean again?\\ '''Girl 3:''' It's me gusta tus zapatos. She's saying she likes your shoes.\\ '''Girl 2:''' Oh, I thought zapatos meant pants. * After attending a summer camp in Spain [[{{Tropers/Guardyanangel}} this troper]] cannot stop herself from babbling random Spanish words to her predominantly English-speaking friends and family. And it's not just Spanish. This phenomenon has spread to the occasional Gratituous Sindarin (she's a [[LordOfTheRings LOTR]] lover), as well as smidgens of many other languages (most not studied by this troper.) \\ Additionally, she has had the odd privilege of being able to carry on a conversation with words from several different languages thrown in, the majority of them from languages not studied by her (and sometimes her fellow conversation-maker,) without any confusion. She and her fellow classmates consider it a twisted "perk" of being international school students. * I am fond of this. I am also fond of the fact that I do not plan to ever learn Spanish. I also love how people know it's a word salad and look at me like I'm crazy. Whenever people start speaking Spanish, I feel the need to interject with "No comprende por favor. Como estas? POR QUE?!" (I'm sure this is full of spelling errors. Like I said, no knowledge of the Spanish language.)

* This troper occasionally replies to his mother in Spanish, for no real reason. She doesn't speak the language. --> '''Mother''': Can you come down for a second? -->'''Me''': Claro que sí, ¿que quieres? -->'''Mother''': What? -->'''Me''': I'm coming! * When this troper was tutoring at an elementary school (with sevento eleven-year-olds, more or less) he overheard some older student accusing another student (who was Hispanic) for saying something like "Don't touch my culo." (I don't know whether or not he said that) ** When we learned the imperfect tense in Spanish class, a classmate would say something like "Hablababa" because of the regular ending for "hablar." Ditto for accent marks, as we slapped our hands on the table each time we heard/seen one. * This troper and a friend can both speak Spanish, and we tend to use it more than English, especially when gossiping/discussing schemes in front of an audience. Teachers hate it. * My mother is from El Salvador, and though her English is very good, will tend to lapse back into Spanish on certain occasions, usually if she's talking back to my father (Irish American) whenever they're just teasing one another. If he's just bullshitting, her favorite response is "Ah, va a cagar." Literally, it means "go take a shit." What it implies is "You're full of it." As for myself, I toss in the random swear word, and if I'm talking with any other of my friends who are also Latino, we'll tend to throw in random Spanish words and such, usually subconsciously. * In [[MonsterHunter Monster Hunter Tri]], since I don't have a keyboard, I try to rely on shoutouts, which are in whatever language you play in (in my case, Spanish), regardless of what language the other players speak. * This troper studies Spanish and Catalan at university, and spent last year living in a Catalan-speaking area of Spain. I often start speaking Spanish without realising, and flit between Spanish and English with my school friends, who don't speak any Spanish, much to their annoyance. I also speak predominantly Spanish with my mother, who has just finished a course in Spanish at GCSE (roughly end of high school level?), which is good for her, and fun for me (I can still cuss her out without her completely understanding). Finally, I speak in Gratuitous Catalan with my Catalan class because there are only five of us, they're my best friends, and Catalan is such a niche language in the UK that we're unlikely to be understood. It's fun. * This troper likes to speak to one of my friends in Spanish so that no one else can understand us. When I'm angry, I yell at people in Spanish and they have no idea what I've said to them. Sometimes, though, I just throw Spanish in to sound cool. * [[@/TitoMosquito This troper]] hablas poquito español. ** Y se nota. *** ¡No seas malo! * This troper is Spanish on her mom's side. English is her first language, but since she grew up speaking some Spanish she's fluent in Spanish and English (though her Spanish isn't native-speaker-good, she speaks it just fine). At home, her mother will sometimes speak Spanish

(which is also not her mom's first language), to which, depending on her mood, this troper will sometimes answer in Spanish. She and her mother often hold conversations half in Spanish and half in English. ** Eso no es el famoso spanglish acaso? * This troper is a native spanish speaker, but likes to curse in Italian. * I used this in a fake advertisement in my {{Homestuck}} ElsewhereFic. [[http://forum.fortescomics.net/index.php/topic,1012.msg33368.html#msg 33368]] {{Lampshaded}} with the line, "Hablamos mal masacrados español a través de traductores en línea![[hottip:*: [We] Speak badly butchered Spanish through online translator!]]" ---Vamos al Main/GratuitousSpanish, ese. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GraveHumor * This troper used to have a book full of these - "The Book of Tombstone Humour" by Richard [=DeAth=]. His dad may have nicked it.

GraveRobbersFromOuterSpace * In one game, I ended up with the following three cards: the characters "Nymphomaniac Cheerleader" and "Bookish Girl With No Boyfriend", and the location "Back Seat of the Car". Apparently it was going to be one of ''[[GirlOnGirlIsHot those]]'' movies....

GreasySpoon * This troper, originally from North Texas, has a real soft spot (likely in his clogged heart) for decent greasy spoons, like a wellrun International House Of Pancakes. "Decent" usually doesn't include a chain the likes of Waffle House, which is the "bad" version of this trope. Even having dined at every other kind of restaurant and finedinging establishment there is, sitting with friends at a table just a little too small, with coffee everybody admits could be better (but is good enough for what you need), about to eat some rather, yes, greasy (but tasty) food... it's a feeling a lot like home. Also, if you're there at the right hour (ie, late), ''it's quiet''. * This troper and her friends have a place that we've been frequenting since High School (most of us have graduated college by now), and there is just nothing like meeting up there late at night after a movie/concert/show and enjoying meals that no doctor would approve of. Onion rings, chicken finger sandwiches, chocolate banana milkshakes and kahlua pulled pork. Now THAT is [[Good Eats]]. * This troper is a regular at an unbelievably small (Just a bar with about 10 seats with some tables outside) one of these, to the point where I am known by name by the staff and am greeted with "The usual?"

when I walk in. They also happen to have some of the best damn hash browns in DC. * Beth's Cafe in {{Seattle}}. Truly a wonder to behold, especially on weekend nights around 2-3 AM. The waitstaff and cooks are {{DeadpanSnarker}}s, the jukebox belches out anything from heavy metal to {{Journey}}, the walls are covered in patron artwork (they'll give you crayons if you ask), and they are famous for 12-egg omlettes. --Why don't we grab a bite back at the {{Greasy Spoon}}? Just don't order [[{{Masochists Meal}} the Special...]]

GreenEyedEpiphany * This Troper was a victim, but instead of "found another boyfriend" it was "moved halfway across the country." * Somewhat inverted for this troper, who didn't realise he liked the first girl until he was with someone else. * Somewhat averted in this troper's case. The other guy getting a girlfriend was exactly what she needed to realize that she didn't have a crush on him after all. * This troper had a case when he found himself confessing only when he found out the girl he liked was screwing...her pool boy. * When I saw my friend in this situation, it took me laughing loudly in her face for her to acknowledge it. * Subverted in my case as this troper and him only started to really flirt and hit it off and make jokes about each other and have chemistry AFTER he got a girlfriend. Before we were pretty neutral, to each other, [[BelligerentSexualTension now though]]. I ain't even jealous. He jealous I'm single and he's in a relationship. He started it!!!!! * This troper once cared for someone very deeply. Too bad it took a fit of blazing jealousy for me to realise it. Do you know how hard it is to find a NiceJewishBoy in Australia? * [[Tropers/OriginalHobbit This troper]] Has had this happen to her three times, with the same guy: ** The first time was after I broke up with him. He had entered into a relationship with my best friend (I said it was fine, thinking I wouldn't care). Anyway, as soon as I saw them kiss, I wanted to throttle my ''best friend'', just so she would stop kissing him. ** The second was a few years later, after he told me he was dating the [[BiTheWay girl]] I had dated after I broke up with him. *** The third time was when I saw his relationship status change on Facebook. I saw the girl he was with and immediately thought she wasn't good enough for him. I started saying that he could do better and I realized it was because I wanted to be with him. * [[@/StolenByFaeries This troper]] was shocked into realizing that she had a serious crush on a guy rather than the small one she thought she had, when she found out another girl liked him too. This troper immediately wanted to kill the other girl in a vicious manner. * This troper realized she liked a guy after a rumor spread quickly that he might have killed himself... at the same time a girl told me

she liked him and couldn't take that she'd never get to say so. They got together shortly after. He's now dating a new girl and this troper is trying to lose her epiphany-wrought feelings. (and failing) ---Fine, go Back to GreenEyedEpiphany . See if I care! [[BeatPanel ...]] Please come back. ----

GreeneyedRedhead * {{Tropers/Grish}}'s older brother is one of these. * This tropers mother. * I am one. * This troper, and fittingly, her cat. * This troper will admit to following a random redheaded woman around for a full five minutes just to catch a glimpse of her very striking and pretty green eyes. Unfortunately, I thought asking her for a picture would plunge me into stalker territory and didn't ask for one. * This tropette's [[HeterosexualLifePartners HLP.]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I am totally not jealous.]] [[BlatantLies Really.]] * While this troper does have red hair and green eyes, she doesn't quite fit the "love interest" requirement. Whatd'ya say? Any tropers out there looking for a passionate, yet sensible (female) love interest?

GreenVersusPurple [[redirect:TroperTales/SillyReasonForWar]]

GreyAndGrayMorality * This troper draws comics in his school notebooks. Originally, it was BlackAndWhiteMorality, in which the antagonist was pretty much...an excuse antagonist who seemed to be delighting in pissing off the kids and getting them in trouble for apparently no good reason, while the kids' pranks are retaliating to him. But in the more recent works, this isn't entirely the case, as sometimes, the kids are the ones going first, some of the attempts to get them in trouble are actually ''him'' telling their parents. Yeah, he enjoys the kids getting in trouble, but at the same time, they bug him first most of the time. * [[DJMarred This troper]] believes that no one's fully good or fully evil. For instance, Hitler loved his dog, was a vegetarian, and was a family man. My philosophy is kinda like what happens when RousseauWasRight and HumansAreBastards collide in a collision course. In that everyone has the potential to do ''both'' good and evil deeds. ** That doesn't sound like it's very uncommon. [[Tropers/BoundByTheMoon This troper]] feels the same. * This troper is into GreyAndGreyMorality when he's in a good mood. But when I'm [[BlackAndWhiteMorality angry]] or [[BlackAndGreyMorality upset]]

* This Troper wrote a story in which two nation-states are fighting, [[WellIntentionedExtremist both beliving they're good]], but both commiting war crimes and slaugtering the other's populace. * This Troper is ''near'' absolutely certain absolutes don't exist. Pure good is impossible, pure evil is impossible, everything is relative. Yes, I know psychopaths exist, and if some theories of the multiverse are to be believed so do monsters made out of "PureEvil". If they can't help to be that then it's not their fault, even if we do have to end their lives for the better. And if you choose to be that then you weren't before, so there's no little semantic trick there. * This troper believes that RealLife runs on GreyAndGrayMorality, but only to a extent. While everyone has the [[RousseauWasRight capacity to do good]] AND [[HumansAreBastards the capacity to do evil]], a lot of people lean towards one or the other or they're [[TrueNeutral neutral]]. He imagines that the world operates on a balance between BlackAndWhiteMorality and GreyAndGrayMorality, as while good and evil are clearly defined, he is fully aware that there is no such thing as [[PuritySue pure good]] and [[CompleteMonster pure evil]]. ---You can go back to [[GreyAndGrayMorality Grey Morality]] or [[GreyAndGrayMorality Gray Morality]]. Which one do you choose? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Griefer * This troper tends to grief a lot in Call of Duty World at War. Once he acquired the flamethrower, he entered a "hardcore" team deathmatch. He proceeded to set fire to all his teammates, screaming,"[[TeamFortress2 SPY CHECK!]]" the whole way. He then calmly grenaded himself in a corner. In a game with no respawns, such a move equals an instant loss. * This troper finds that Left4Dead is ''perfect'' for griefing, with levels practically designed expressly to screw over your teammates (No Mercy's first few being excellent examples). I'm particularly proud of pissing off one of the founding members of PMS Clan. * This troper's gym class was ''full'' of Griefers. If you won the game we played, then you got more grade points meaning your grade was on the line. This meant that people weren't playing to win..they were making sure other people ''couldn't win''. This meant that people were doing all ''sorts'' of bullshit that wasn't a part of the rules. ** During Golf, ''nobody'' was being a sport. At ''all''. They would cough when you're lining up a putt, poke you, hit you with the club, kick your ball away from the hole, throw their ball at you, tickle you, etc. ** During American Football/Rugby, they would just tackle. Yes I know that's part of the game, but shouldn't you be tackling people who have ''the ball''? And isn't the rule of '''touch''' to ''not'' tackle? Players would literally just give the ball to one player then wrestle on the field so the others wouldn't get the ball. ** During Hockey, people would just beat each other with the hockey

sticks and the goalie would stand on the puck so the fights would continue. ** And let's also not forget the griefers who just decided to get revenge. During Baseball and Kickball, people would either purposely strike out or hit the ball and just ''stand there''. During Dodgeball, people who wanted to get back at the screwballs they hated would just stand there and become easy targets. Capture the Flag people would just sit down and never bother trying to play the game. And if you've ever seen the opening for ''{{Daria}}'', the animators and writers had probably went to my school, because people were doing ''just that''. *** What were they doing? I never watched Daria. **** Standing in place and letting the ball bounce by. * This troper does admit he had a griefing once: in MapleStory, they summoned a giant, over Level 100 monster which could not use any ranged attacks beyond one directly in front of it with poor radius. I go behind it, attack it, and lead it over to a swarm of conveniently placed newbs waiting for an event. * My little does this while playing Left4Dead. He's a terrible shot, so he does a LOT of friendly fire damage, so people will shoot him, and he shoots back, and then [[TheTallOne I]] am forced into my TeamDad routine, saying "I don't care who started it, I'LL END IT!" ** This troper griefs in both ''{{Left 4 Dead}}'' games, but only if another player does nothing but spam voice chat with annoying sounds or music to drown out the chat and sounds in the game or mashes a binded key that plays a character's death scream repeatedly. On a few occasions, this troper has also foiled griefing on his team: *** Before the crescendo event in the 2nd map of Death Toll, I had been shot and there weren't even any zombies nearby. I gave the attacker the benefit of the doubt but I also hung back to watch him in case he did turn. After the crescendo, I hang back and my team encounters a Tank. I helped out by sniping it with the Hunting Rifle. It had incapped someone before it died and the person that shot me then proceeded to blast the downed victim. I quickly zoomed my scope on the jerk and shot him until he was incapped, then I voted him out. *** In one game in the first map of Crash Course, some person spams music over the voice chat and the server we played on did not make the vote system work. To annoy him, I wrote in the text chat that I could just easily mute him. He then procceeded to make half assed insults to me. After the team died to a Tank, the griefer then proceeded to try and kill me with fire, his gun, and anything else. I then ran ahead to find a new gun while he gave chase. I grinned as I found an Auto Shotgun and the griefer was still a ways behind me. After he arrived, I blasted all my rounds into him and killed him. Sadly, my other teammates did not seem to grasped what had happened (or maybe they were working with him, I dunno) since I had killed him right in front of them and explained what happened. They went and got him out of a closet after he respawned. *** Griefing has grown tenfold by the sequel, to the point where many people demand Valve to implement a system that punishes griefers. Vavle's response? "Play with friends." * What started as this Troper and his friends' attempt to make the other team on Halo 3 feel better by standing still and letting them

catch up for a while evolved into something...more. I'll spare the details for now, but by the next match we were doing choreographed routines while the other team won by a landslide, leading into the next match where we were put on different teams. We of course got together and started the routines up again, eventually causing ''everyone else playing'' to stop killing each other and watch. With our newly-formed party (most of the people present at that game), we went on to Neutral Assault mode (in which a bomb is placed in the center of the map for one team to carry over to the other team's base). We promptly took the bomb, ran it back to our own base, went to the waterfall on the map, kneeled down, held the bomb up, and started praying to the Water God. Eventually, our entire team was in on it as the other team looked on in confusion and tried in vain to recover the bomb. Score: 0 to 0. * I've decided that I do, in fact, have a superpower. Unfortunately, that superpower can be called "griefer magnet". While I've definitely had some good online games, more than half of them have been ruined by griefers. Since I'm led to believe that griefers are fairly uncommon, the fact that I encounter so many so frequently (once even starting a Halo 3 deathmatch that consisted entirely of griefers that made a point of camping around every spawning point, grabbing every rocket launcher on the map and targeting me since I'm a girl [their voice spam made their reason for attacking me abundantly clear]) has made me stop playing online with people I don't know. Even that's extremely rare; I still prefer to play with someone in the room, but that's because I find that it's a lot more fun. ** I hear that (less the "I'm a girl" part). Hell, I've completely given up on online gaming, especially [=MMOs=]. Why pay a monthly fee to be surrounded by assholes? ** It also doesn't help that the attitude of some people when it comes to public games is "Deal with it, play with friends, or just don't play at all." *** Slightly justified in a sense that playing with friends only is the only way to avoid people seeking to ruin games. It's mostly not justified since you paid to play the game and probably are paying more to play online if it requires a subscription fee, so if you can't play due to people greifing others and you don't have anyone else to play with, that's your money being wasted. The main reason for the quote above this line is people are usually sick of hearing others whine in forums about how their game got ruined by a {{Jerkass}}. * I give Griefers and Trolls hell. I tell cyberers to press f5, I derail troll threads by telling people exactly what it is, then post silyl pictures and fads, if someone crashes a game for points, I refuse to leave or communicate with them, beyond a setance or 2 telling them this, and if someone cheats or griefs a game im in, i explictly attacck them any time i see them again. Someone stole 1000 points from me, so I made sure to make her lose 2000 points over 4 or 5 games and think very carefully before doing it again * This troper once played a game of Empire: Total War using the Indian factions. One of them didn't say much, but the other took way too much pleasure in making the thing into a CurbStompBattle. * IN my high-school gym class, there was a girl who had the tendency

to cheat at touch football by moving slightly closer to the guy trying to touch her, so he'd miss her shoulders and grab her chest. * When this troper was put in the same team as one of his enemies in Gym, he normally got off the game court to avoid the situation. Once, this didn't work and he was forced to play. So, he started hitting and taking the ball off the players of his designated team - he did it twice before the teacher got him off the court. * I'm proud to call myself (or at one point have called myself) a Griefer hunter! Back when I was playing ''UrbanDead'', I maxed out all my combat skills, and spent my time tracking down [[PlayerKilling PKers]], generator smashers, and assorted louts, then introducing them to my fire axe. It was probably not quite as effective a measure as reviving the slain and replacing the generators, but damn if it wasn't ''satisfying''. ** You may or may not have saved my life. I am forever in your debt. ** This troper and his friends do similar to the one above. If a particularly obnoxious player enters a game one of us is playing, soon enough all of us will be in the game counter-greifing. Especially grievous examples will result in us following said player to other servers. ** This troper was one of those PKers. We kept getting inexplicably revived even when our group affiliations were promenantly displayed. Good times, good times. * When I played Medal of honor: The Rising Sun as a kid, I found the weirdest thing: a computer griefer. There were computer players you could pick and all from one country were together. When we had Tanaka on our team (he was supposed to be one of the best) he would kill steal, trick us into killing him and he had one crazy thing that the worst. He would attack us when enemies were close, but not quite kill us because killing allies was a score penalty. He was hell. * This troper had an experience on WorldOfWarcraft that probably indicated I was a more fastidious griefer than I really am. After being killed several times by the same person, I finally turned the tables and won a fight. Deciding to get some pay back, I killed my opponent five times in a row before he stopped respawning, so I assume he had logged off and I went back to questing. After two classes and a nap, I was back on my character in the same area to find my old rival just coming back to life, so what do I do? Immediately kill him again of course! It must have seemed to him like I camped there for HOURS waiting for him to come back! ** When was this? I remember logging onto another character to play because I was being camped, logging on several hours later, and the person was ''still there'' corpse camping me. * On a lighter note, TeamFortress2 is home to quite a few servers that allow, nay, encourage quite a bit of harmless fun: want to dance on your Dispenser as an Engineer? Convinced you're a Rare Endangered Spycrab? Want to go Sniper and hump the air (or other players)? Host a Heavy Sandvish picnic on the control point? Go for it! * This troper's home island has its own LARP system that it shares with its sister island, and I've been playing for 2 years now. At the last tavern night I realised the full extent of my griefing nature as I had recently discovered I had 28 unspent points (nearly 3 adventures

worth of points, meaning a sizable power boost) I used these points to get more health, the ability to torture people, some minor poison use and the entire requisite list for poisons, the inflict wounds list. It's a short list but gives abilities like poison application, bleed effects on attacks and inflicting diseases when I work with wounds. Over the course of the next tavern I manipulated the plot writer into giving me (and my nebulous organisation of mercenaries and mad scientists) the uniform, body and facial moulding of the spy of an upcoming antagonist organisation, allowing me to derail his longterm plans with torture, poison, abduction, disguises and vivisection for fun and profit. I also offered to help some injured characters, whom I told I'd make them forget they were even injured [[InsaneTrollLogic I tended their wounds and inflicted the amnesia disease on them]]. With the current plotline one person's character has sparked a recent international conflict that caused the death of a newbie's character (he's a kakashi wannabe that introduced ninja lands into the system), I am planning to use this as an excuse to verbally destroy him before knocking him out, dragging him to a lab, cutting him open and stealing not only knowledge of his physiology, but his sharingan knockoff ability, purely {{For the evulz}}. * NewSuperMarioBrosWii is one of the best games for griefing in. So much potential. ** Once I was playing that game with my mom, who wasn't very good. I felt like teasing her so I picked her character up and chucked her off the edge of the level. It was totally worth it. * I love Griefing. Something as simple as "doing what i want" (ie: firing guns randomly, getting in vehicles, nothing remotely close to actively trying to affect people's gameplay) is enough to get people angry. It's mostly the type of people who have "unofficial" (which mean useless) rules and cry if you don't follow them. Though it would be hard to grief these people if they didn't take gaming so seriously that it makes them rage. It's just for fun, and griefing is fun when you find people that can't handle anything but "their" way. ** People like you are just as bad as StopHavingFunGuys. * I'm a greifer on Halo: Custom Edition. Here are some things I've done. ** One time a teammate died during capture the flag, and dropped the enemy team's flag. I brought the flag all the way back to the enemy base while my teammates were shooting at me, trying to get me to stop. I got killed as soon as reached the enemy base, and the flag was returned. I did this again during another game of capture the flag. ** Another time, a drove a teammate to the enemy base, when he went to get the flag, I drove away. He got the flag for around five seconds before the other team killed him. ** Also, if friendly fire with explosives is turned on, I betray my teammates (even if they have the flag) with grenades until I get booted from the sever. ** I'll blow up Warthogs when people on my team get in them. * A friend of this troper was once playing XBL in Halo 3, and came across a group of [[MeanBrit rude British kids]] who were mocking him about how America had gotten hit by 9/11 and denied that England and America were allies. They continued mocking all of the terrorist

attacks that had hit America. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Then my friend brought up the Underground bombings, which shut them up for about twenty minutes.]] ** Congrats, you're all thoughtless jerks. *** Correction: A few of them were thoughtless jerks. The OP and his friend just wanted to shut them up. * [[MarioKart Mario Kart Wii]]. While online play can be enjoyable for a while, you're bound to, inevitably, run into a good number of these. This troper has seen, among other things, people routinely picking courses that had extremely narrow bridges (such as N64 DK Jungle Parkway and Maple Treeway) then proceeding to hang out there and crash into everyone trying to pass, people who would use the invincibility star ''multiple times on the same person'' completely without provocation, people who would routinely spam the same course that was just picked entirely to annoy everyone else, people who would travel backwards and cut people off (often with the invincibility star), people who would spend the entire race just going through entire rows of item boxes so you wouldn't get any, and people who did more than one of the above. And this is before we even get into hackers... ** And then you had the people who would camp by the item boxes, not even racing at all. They would just throw whatever items they had at anyone passing by. * ''LeagueOfLegends''. UGH. While it's still better than the [[StopHavingFunGuys number one argument in favour of Eugenics, Sectioning, and forceful neutering to reduce testosterone in some males]] that is the [[WretchedHive DotA & HoN Fanbases]], I had these. Numerous times I lost a match because a bunch of people decided to leeroy in and try to attack turrets without someone else to draw fire away while I was quite literally the ''only'' person trying to lane at all. One particular round everyone else kept leeroying and then three out of the five decided to quit because they were most likely on dummy/Troll/SockPuppet accounts that only played free champions. However it wasn't all bad; Renekton was Jungling at first but upon seeing everyone leave and start acting generally incompetent, proceeded to fall back with me and hold off our base for 20 minutes before all five of them pushed the middle. Another round was a CurbStomp battle because one person was in the game, but stood at the summoning pool the entire game scratching his ass, while the person who went to the centre lane recalled before Annie bot could get to him and then proceeded to spend the rest of the game leeroying in and getting himself killed and allowed the champions to level up ridiculously fast. Also another time; I had someone who just spammed the chat with "I wax me ass goo." ** Another time, I wound up in a bot game where Mundo and Nasus were intentionally feeding and sabotaging the game (How do I know? Mundo had ''Mana Regen'' items when he doesn't use Mana, and was intentionally charging turrets) I as Nunu wound up getting massively fed and wound up carrying with only one death, as Vayne wound up getting killed just by the fed-by-Mundo bots coughing on her. * I love running into the spawn-camping kind on MondayNightCombat- I pick my 'Turret Wrecker (Rate Of Fire/Armor/Skill Recovery)' Assassin class and win the game by playing objective completely unobstructed.

* [[Tropers/{{Gunarao}} This Troper]] will admit he loves to do this whenever he plays Modern Warfare 2 online. The most annoying thing to do is probably killing teammates as they patiently snipe, preferably with the throwing knife. * RagnarokOnline had an item called the dead stick, which I liked to call the griefer stick. Using this item would summon a random monster from the game -- anything from a level 1 poring from the tutorial to a level 99 boss that could two-shot a player of the same level. You've probably already figured out why I called this item the griefer stick. * This troper was actually able to befriend a griefer, causing a [[FaceHeelTurn Face Heel Turn]] and gaining a powerful ally in [[MineCraft Minecraft]]. As for the other two, I sicced [[DiabolusExMachina the admin]] on them. * Once in Mabinogi, Edgy was going to ride his horse to the next town. A guy needed a ride so I took him with me. He told me he'd be going AFK during the ride. So, I dropped him off in front of a bear. I soon recieved angry messages regarding the guy's displacement and death. * Transformice is perfectly made for griefing. Whenever I'm the shaman, I always either jump off a ledge, meaning no-one gets cheese, or spirit everyone off a ledge or something similar. And whenever I say 'peace' on a map with another shaman, the other shaman WILL die. ---Go back to {{Griefer}}! Please? Come on! I promise I won't throw that high-level monster at you or camp your corpse! And I won't throw that grenade on you! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GroinAttack Ever gotten the old fashioned "Trauma to the Groin?" Ever given one? We want your tales. ---* This troper was walking up a ramp towards a group of friends when [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PsychoPartyMember one of them]] spontaneously lunged towards me and [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BerserkButton kicked me in the nuts]]. I responded by punching him in the face, removing at least a few of his teeth and his braces. I felt pretty badass at that point and have been considered so since then. My mother however had me call said friends house later that night and I ended up apologizing to his younger brother. That felt slightly less badass. * This Troper's family used to have a trampoline. Me and my father would wrestle on it. Little Kid + Violence + Parent. He ended up in pain basically every time. You know, my parents later tried to have a second kid. I wonder if the reason it never worked is because I accidentally sterilized him. * Dear God. This male troper has two stories, both very {{Squick}}, so feel free to tag these as spoilers if you want to. Once, I was chasing my sister around the house because she had the remote to the TV, on the way, I [[spoiler: ran into the door getting a splinter stuck up in there.]] Another incident was where I was trying to [[spoiler: jump

over a barbed wire fence, missed it, and punctured my scrotum with one of the barbs on the barbed wire.]] I went into shock afterwards and had to be taken to the hospital. The underwear was fine, though. * This female troper was given one of these accidentally once. She and a (male) friend were in a particularly silly mood and somehow ended up ''folk dancing.'' Cue agonizing kick to vulva so horrible that all of the guys (and most of the girls) in the room were wincing. * My GF did this to me once by accident. We were lying next to one another and snuggling when I ran my hand along her spine. Apparently I touched a nerve or something because she suddenly had an involuntary spasm where her knee shot out and hit me square in the nutz. Almost threw her out of the bed for doing that. ** Was anyone filming it perchance? Maybe for, how do you say, the tubes? * By a strange reason This Troper seems to be a groin attack magnet, in absolutely ALL classes of any sport, he ends up in the ground shouting "MY BALLS!!!" I remember one particular time, having to lift another player in rugby, as I was lifting him, his leg moved violently in the direction of my ballsack... I ended up in the ground not being able of lifting myself for about 5 minutes ** This troper's younger half-brother might as well have a bullseye on his nuts as well. * My GF, entirely on accident after I hugged her. Her back is ticklish, her leg was between mine. It didn't hurt as bad as it could've though, thanks to lookse pants weighted with junk. ** Are you me? I know this happened to me at one point or several. (PS I'm Dirge) * This Troper has been practicing Judo for about six years. In a match, I went for an [[http://judoinfo.com/images/animations/blue/osotogari.htm O-sotogari]], but ended up just pushing my opponent forward. They then pulled me while I was far out and did a [[http://judoinfo.com/tomonage.htm tomoenage]]. Rather having the foot land on the abdomen, it went straight onto my family jewels. As if having a foot with the force of your body weight on it wasn't bad enough, I was then '''lifted up into the air and thrown''' by my testicles. I also landed improperly because I was in so much pain. Ouch. ** This male troper took up Soo Bahk Do and took a nutcracker during a promotion test. * This Troper gave an unintentional groin attack once during Combatives training. In trying to get his opponent under him, he pulled his leg up, sending his knee right into his opponents balls. It was like in the TV shows as the guy curled up in the fetal position. This Troper forfeited out of courtesy and took the 20 pushup penalty for losing. * This is this Tropers favoured method of attack, and this troper also has balls of steel, scoring a goal in football (soccer) with his balls (by accident) from an absolute stinger of a cross, and managed to get to the half way line before collapsing in agony. * This troper once got kicked in the nuts...by his girlfriend...after sex. I was climbing off her when (she said) her leg jerked up from a

post-orgasmic spasm and caught me square in the [[UnusualEuphemism Philosopher's Stones]]. * This troper had quite a funny one. He was climbing a tree and slipped. There was a sharp branch a while down and you can guess where it landed. Needless to say he visited the hospital later that day after one grew twice the size and went black. Thankfully I can't feel groin attacks anymore. * This troper has both given and gotten shots to the nuts during his middle school days. The Main/GroinAttack this troper most remembers was a hard knee to the balls from a middle school buddy of his that had him curled up on the blacktop for a moment, though puking was not involved. Being friends, we got over that in no time. * [[DarkInsanity13 This troper]] frequently threatens, attempts and succeeds at Groin Attacks when annoyed or feeling particularly violent/evil. Her friends and family know that if she gives you a certain look, you better protect your balls. It's great to rule with an iron fist (or a swift kick in this case). It's also entertaining to describe [[http://darwinawards.com/personal/personal2000-07.html certain]] [[http://darwinawards.com/personal/personal2001-16.html Darwin Awards]] and seeing the guys ''squirm''. Psychological groin attack! * My husband winces at seeing a GroinAttack played out on our TV screen. Is that normal for men? ** Yes, yes it is. The original poster is always amused to see every guy in the general vicinity wince or flinch when a GroinAttack is made (on purpose or otherwise). Yes, she is sadistic and very mean, what of it? * This male troper once received a soccer ball to the groin... and shrugged it off after about 10 seconds and continued playing soccer. ** This troper once experienced this very thing. Hardly even any pain. He'd like to think he's just that tough, but it was probably just a (very) near-miss. * This troper was nine when it happened. All the fathers watching on the sidelines simultaneously went "Oooooh." while looking pained. * I once took two consecutive groin shots from a star soccer player. After the first, I obviously kept playing. After the second, my gym teacher was amazed when I kept playing. He was less amazed when I blacked out about forty-five seconds after my stoic declaration of "I'm good." * I somehow manage to accidentally give these to ''myself.'' ** It happens, such as when coiling up an extension cord really quick and not paying attention to where the free end is whipping around when you're almost done. ** Or ::cringe:: doing the laundry and trying to shake loose a rolled pant leg by whipping the pair of pants downward. An extra ::cringe:: if the pants are jeans. Webcomic author David Willis actually illustrated this once. * This Troper has had times when he's dropped something, gone to catch it, and smacked himself in the nuts with the backswing. * This troper administered one to his cousin via ''electric shock.'' * This troper was once talking a friend about his karate class. She asked him how it went. He said "Alright... but I got

[[UnusualEuphemism kicked in the chutzpah.]]" Despite the unusual choice of words, this troper understood perfectly, and proceeded to laugh herself sick. * Might not qualify, but this happened to my sister when she was sparring with someone. She told me that the next thing she knew she was on her knees. Also, this troper knows someone whose wife kicked him while he was wearing a cup. She ''shattered'' it. As the story goes, he didn't realize what happened until she started screaming because of the blood. * [[{{Uncle Tofu}} This Troper]] practices Shaolin Kung Fu. I am very happy that every kick involves placing a hand to protect the groin and the basic stances make such an attack impossible from all but the most bizarre angles. * Friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism once described the J-shot to [[{{Azaram}} this troper]] such that the following eyewatering made him miss most of the rest of the conversation. It involves swinging a wicker sword up the inner thigh to hook the edge of the victims cup, pulling it down and making the...er...dangly bits start to fall out, then the cup snaps back against them, trapping them between cup, groin and thigh. * [[{{UnbatedBlade}} This troper]], at a collegiate fencing tournament, actually toppled a Cadet from the United States Naval Academy with one of these, and earned himself a free 2 minute time out while said cadet picked himself up off the floor and caught his breath. * [[RedRajah This troper]] was the only girl on her soccer team and played defense. During one game, she was knocked down by a rather aggressive player who decided to be cute in running her over. As he ran towards her, he didn't see the fact that her leg rose up with the cleats pointed right at his crotch. A teammate of his pushed him out of the way in time and said player left her alone for the rest of the game. * Self-inflicted example: This troper once worked construction with a guy named Joe who created a 'Spanish Windlass' using a 24 Oz. Carpenter's hammer as a toggle. (A spanish windlass is a clamp made by using a stick to twist a loop of rope. It's basically the same mechanism traditionally used to power catapults) All went well until he got a hankering for a cigarette and decided to ''to place the hammer between his knees'' to free his hands so he could light up. Well, you can pretty much imagine what happened next: The hammer slipped, accelerating in a 270 degree arc before the waffle face precisely nailed his 'dangly bits' ''from behind''. Needless to say Joe got the rest of the week off...and enough ribbing to last him the rest of his life. The nail jokes alone went on for ''days''... * [[BooBooBob This Troper]] has a Prince Albert piercing. The day I got it, I was scheduled to play Dr Scott in the local Rocky Horror show. The girl playing Janet decided, at one point, to sit in my lap. I'm pretty sure dogs could hear my single, high-pitched "meep" in neighboring counties. The audience was a bunch of sadists. They laughed... a lot... The kicker? She did it AGAIN at a restaurant after the show. This girl was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. * My girlfriend got in a fight with her best friend last week and

suffered a thrown dictionary to the vagina. She hates this person now and has been complaining to me nonstop about the "bitch" every day since. ** For good reason. This troper, um, ran into a gate. Multiple times. Then tripped over it. Thankfully, the latter couple times only got me in the soft part of my thigh, leaving me a mass of bruises, but... ow. The thought of someone causing similar pain deliberately... * Be prepared for a few of these if you ever decide to take up spinning poi. * [[{{Gecko}} This troper's]] soccer coach once challenged the strongest kicker on the team to kick the ball between his legs. He regretted it. * This troper was woken up by his younger sister hitting him there with his own tennis racquet. * This troper was doubleteamed by two girls in an arm-wrestling match. * If we're counting accidents, there was the time this troper's brother was using a baseball bat to hit tennis balls for our dog, and didn't notice me behind him... * This "troper" (more like a reader of tropes) heard a story from his stepdad. Apparently when he was biking, a bee somehow managed to get in his pants, and...it stung him right on the tip too. Painful. ** This Troper had a similar run-in with an ant. Not pleasant. * One time at daycare, this troper (maybe 7 or 8 years old) received a kick to the groin. She dropped like a rock. The boy responsible, however, wasn't punished for it because according to the woman in charge "girls don't have anything down there". Bull. Shit. ** As a fellow female troper, [[FreezairForALimitedTime this kickedin-the-crotch troper]] sympathizes and can confirm that ''it hurts like hell'' for women too. (In her case, though, it was an accident. They were playing in a backyard pool, and her friend's foot lashed out to push him forward... and accidentally hit her in the groin. He was EXTREMELY apologetic.) ** Agreed. This troper's mother nailed that sensitive area falling off her bike seat and onto the bar (straight-across 'men's bike' bar, not slanted 'women's bike' bar). The sight of blood prompted a visit to the clinic, where she was told she'd basically lost her virginity. ** This male troper has successfully managed, twice, to hit a girl in the crotch. It was an accident the first time. He was about five then. * This troper managed to get herself in the crotch by accident. During a high school gym basketball round, I got knocked over and fell straight down. Well, my foot turned sideways under me and guess where the sharp bottom edge of the tennis shoe ended up? Needless to say, I sat out for a while. I now have MUCH more sympathy for boys. ** Also, I had the bike variation as well, around age 8. The wheel slipped off the sidewalk into a storm drain and the seat went straight up. The resulting blood prompted my mother to give me The Talk on periods. * During elementary school, this troper was bear hugged from behind, and ON REFLEX, swung his arm back, grabbed the guy's happysack, and yanked hard. Quite amazing, considering how he was facing away from the said hugger the entire time.

** This female Troper hangs out with a mixed group of girls and boys. The boys like to sneak up on the girls and bear hug them or cover their eyes. Most of the girls squeal. This Troper? Let's just say the guys don't try that with me anymore after one blacked out. * This troper's History teacher was hit in the groin during baseball practice with a bat. He complained constantly and limped very slowly around the school for two weeks. * Groin attacks are fairly common at this troper's high school. My friend was annoying me once, so I threatened to hit him in the crotch if he didn't shut up. He didn't take me seriously. Next time he annoyed me, I casually walked away, but as I passed him, my fist lashed out. When I looked back, he was doubled over on the floor. This also sparked three other 'sackings' against this friend; He got it again less than five minutes later, and twice in the first period the next day. * [[MinusZero This troper]] has two examples: ** The first is a great one - two punch combination. I find that the elbow and knee can do the most damage. A move I am now feared for (And I'm a muscleless nerd) is to, while casually walking by somebody I was just in a situation with, pull my arm in towards my chest and then let it release directly into the stomach of the victim. ItGotWorse. Some human reflex is to grab the stomach with both hands and slightly widen the legs. Turning around 180, my too-strong-for-my-own-good knee is at a perfect angle for a crotch shot with a power level of over nine thousand. ** Secondly is a case of gym class. The teacher, for some convoluted reason, allowed 2 popular girls whom I hated with a passion that could be compared to [Insert Pop Culture Reference Here] to both be goalie in floor hockey. I get a breakaway, and figure that they deserve to be punished. A slap shot makes a perfect GroinAttack on the left goalie, and since the floor hockey puck is rubber, bounces back. Slap shot the right goalie. Still score. Watch 2 people I hate writhe in pain and go unnoticed. * This short troper is downright lethal when using the jujitsu throw Tsuro Goshi. It involves swinging the hip round to throw your opponent. Ostensibly it should connect with the solar plexus, but it invariably strikes her opponent's groin. She does, however, win plenty of bouts. * [[DrLombriz This troper]] was explaining the "headbutt to the ovaries" from Maddox's [[TheAlphabetOfManliness Alphabet of Manliness]] to a friend and [[TheDitz an incredibly thick girl he knew.]] He went through the motions, explaining that you need to have an excuse to be down there, so "try proposing," and the ditzy target did nothing as I was explaining it before this troper grabbed both of her hips and, well, headbutted her in the ovaries. [[EvilLaugh Mua ha ha ha...]] * I've gone through the whole page and I have a tale that tops THE WHOLE PAGE IN SHEER HORROR. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH. THIS IS AN ENTIRELY TRUE TALE. A friend of mine who was a medic at a Singapore army camp told me about an incident where the flag got stuck halfway up the flagpole. Flagpole has two prongs, one sticking up and one facing down, to wind the line around to secure the flag. One of the

soldiers jumped up a few times to try to unstick the flag. Long story short, he got hurt. Apparently there was a huge amount of blood, and the thing in the testicle that resembles a coiled up string actually UNRAVELLED ABOUT ONE AND A HALF METERS OVER THE GROUND. My friend actually had to collect the cord in order to casualty evacuate the soldier to the medical centre. Last they heard was that he was discharged from the army and has significant mental problems now. If you for some reason happen to visit any Singapore army camp, you will see that, at this point in time, almost all the flagpoles have a large yellow box surrounding them and the words "DO NOT JUMP" or something similar written in large letters inside. * This troper has accidentally done it at muay thai (thailandese kick boxing) practice. She was trying to do the kra-tuk (don't remember the exact writing just the spelling) that's basically a move where you clasp your hand behind the neck of your opponent and pull him toward you while pushing your knee to get him in the stomach. I was the only female in the whole group and I was used to be the little one (174 cm against men of average 185 - 190 cm) in the bunch of tall and burly man. My instructor keep insisting that I was aiming to high and that I've got to aim lower, a mechanism I ended to incorporate. So, when a new-comer of roughly my same height came in and start practicing with us I miscalculated and ... It didn't help that my instructor was the founder of the muay thai italian lega, the promo of the annual worldship match that happens in my hometown and kept insisting I need to be more aggressive (he was hoping to get me in the female circuit [he failed] and in the female circuit aggression could be a life-saver from what I've seen) since I was too 'soft' and 'afraid of hitting too hard'. I don't think the man who got my knee in his groin would actually agree, since I decided to put it all in that particular kneehit (I weighed, at the time, roughly 74-76 kilos) * The Women's Self Defense class this troper took taught us (among other things) many variations of groin attacks: the above-described technique with a knee to the crotch, the classic kick, a heel to the crotch (if grabbed from behind), and ''grabbing the guy's testicles and pulling. Hard.'' The aim is to disable the attacker as quickly as possible, so women are taught to aim for the groin ForMassiveDamage. ** This troper also took a self-defense class, offered in his freshman year for P.E. credit. A video near the end of the year had this as a viable tactic, along with gouging the eyes. It wasn't just for women, though. It was just supposed to be defense against any male attacker. I have to say that it works if you twist hard enough. * This troper's freshman year during cross-country and track seemed to consist of this (as sack-taps anyway), from two upperclassmen. Somehow, we're all really good friends. It probably helped that I got some very sweet revenge at the end of the track season. ** This troper also unintentionally performed a groin attack on a fellow student that same year, it being unintentional probably being the only thing saving it from being a {{Kick the Dog}} moment. My friend was humping/jumping against one of the school doors, and I was on the other side. These were the kind of doors that you can push open, instead of having a handle. So I wait until he starts jumping again, and kick the door open. My timing worked out so that the edge

of the door caught him full on in the crotch. One of my friends is convinced that the previously mentioned sack-taps throughout freshman year were reverse Karma for the massive ding on my {{Karma Meter}} for doing so. ** This troper was subject to several "cup checks" over the course of his high school football career. Such checks were usually issued by upper classmen and consisted of a quick but strong backhand tap. * This troper still remembers an incident in the local news when a little old lady was attacked by a nude druggie in her home, and dropped him by grabbing and crushing his testicles. * This troper once watched a truly epic one among his coworkers at his summer job once. It involved the attacker lying in wait around the corner of a building. The attackee never saw it coming. He was down on the pavement for quite a while, swearing heavily the whole time. He got him back later in the day with a GroinAttack of his own. * This (male) troper once had an...interesting... experience involving a bucking horse and an australian saddle. I'll leave the details to your imagination, I wish I could leave them up to mine. * This troper has been kicked, flagpoled and frisbee'd in the balls before. If he's still potent, it'll be a miracle. * This troper was on the [American] football team in middle school. Once, when trying to field a punt, he let it slip through his hands. While not wearing a cup. The next five minutes were spent in agony, doubled over on the field. * [[SMDeathwind This troper]] has two to his name, both on French soil. The first was at Eurodisney in January last, on a bucking bronco that happened to be in the Disney village. This being a school trip, I (first person is easier) had the "bright" idea of spreading the word to everyone that I was going to be an idiot and try and ride it. I was successful, at a fairly high cost to my testicles. The second Groin Attack of doom came at the end of May last year, on another school trip to France, this time to an adventure camp at Lou Valagran. Everything was fine to start with, until I ended up having to climb a pole and jump for a trapeze. Now, this would ordinarily have been fine, as the harnesses were well secured. Unfortunately (though I only discovered this too late), I had the crappy harness. I climbed the pole. I jumped for the trapeze. I missed. My reward was my straps flying straight up to the crown jewels. I screamed. Needless to say, I was -not- one of the people clamouring for another go. Combine these with [[NoodleIncident that goddamn chilli]], and I'm just going to stop going to France. * Speaking of Disney, This Troper went on the Tower of Terror, and on the full drop, his souvenir mug somehow found its way between his legs during the free-fall. The landing was very unpleasant. * This Troper learned early on that girls are not immune. When they were little at birthdays and whatnot, the children would be isolated form the Basset Hound in the living room, with a barrier preventing the dog from entering. His sister was stepping over the barrier using the Ottoman, when the bit of furniture slipped. Ouch. * [[JapaneseTeeth This Troper]] has fortunately not received too many of these, but several of his friends have; one got hit in the nuts by a baseball from a pitching machine (during baseball practice). He

missed school the next day. Another guy got hit with a lacrosse ball during gym class, after which lacrosse was removed from the curriculum. The same friend also got whacked in the nads with a hairbrush. The brush broke, leading to countless "[[MemeticBadass Balls of Steel]]" jokes. (He still had trouble walking for a while.) * This troper's breaks and lunch times often resolve around everyone getting into either a big fight or in a huge pile together on the floor (don't worry we just say "Get off" or "stop it" if we want someone to stop kicking our ass). Anyway a bunch of people had managed to get me on the floor and one of them started teabagging me. What did I do to get out of the situation? Punch upwards and (accidentally) hit him in the groin. I'm sure I saw a couple of people just wince nearby. * This troper's brother won a fight with a boy three times his size by kicking him in the groin. * [[Tropers/{{G-Mon}} This troper's]] younger sister tries to do this to him a lot, usually when they're teasing each other. Fortunately for him, her aim sucks... and when she ''does'' land a hit, he can usually ignore the pain long enough to punish her. * This Troper's Aunt was telling the family about this guy who got a groin attack at a ski resort. By the time the story was over, all the men had left the room. * This Troper (The same from the Tower of terror Incident above) remembers being on the receiving end of this trope combined with ThrowTheBookAtThem. Hardcover. 1/2 inch wide. right on one of the little strings. I still get recurring pains in [[ICallHimMisterHappy Sinistree]] (that's the left one, FYI) * I was once fencing a boy. He had me 'legged' (I was on my knees), and when he came in, my sword came up between his legs and the tip slipped underneath his cup. Cue moaning in pain. The funniest thing was, his mom got it all on video. * Someone in my class during a technology lesson did this to me, with a file. He just hit me with it. Nothing was removed, but it still hurt. I'm just glad that he wasn't brandishing one of the many saws in the class. Of course in the same day I also got a shoe thrown at me. Guess where it hit me. I also got elbowed there as well, all in the same day. And in my school fencing taster, THE CUP MALFUNCTIONED! And once someone pushed an attractive girl towards me, on the way towards me she brought he knee up and... ouch. Also immediately she accidentally got me with he foot again. She said: 'That can't hurt that much!'. I called her an idiot and she did it again on pupose! * This troper has had a combination GroinAttack and CantGetAwayWithNuthin. Playing some handball back in the days [[AustralianSchoolSystem of the old school yard]], one of the other guys, on retrieving a ball, threw it and hit me with a deliberate groin attack. Cue a ChaseScene which ended up in a building. Cue SternTeacher (I wouldn't go so far as SadistTeacher) hearing the noise and asking why I was chasing the other guy. Cue {{Detention}}. [[CantGetAwayWithNuthin For me only.]] * This female troper was watching some kids play four-square, and one of the boys was trying to be cool and tried to bounce the ball between his legs. He hit himself in the nuts. It was hard to feel bad for him when it was just so stupid looking that she had to look away and

laugh. * Five minutes ago as I type this, my mate James decided to fart on my bed, in retaliation for this I decided to chuck my deodorant can at him, not aiming for anything, it hit his left testicle. He fell to the floor in agony, ready to kill me. Then he started laughing and going into hysterics. To make matters worse he went to the toilet to check everything was ok, he caught his dick in the zip. * A DungeonsAndDragons example: Party vs. barely-dressed trolls. Party cleric is dual-wielding maces. Makes a pair of called shots to the groin to disable one. First roll: Natural 1. Second roll: Natural 20. DM: "You hear a squishing sound. All male characters roll a DC 15 will save vs. sympathy pains for one round." * Another D&D story: My original group uses a mix of older editions and home rules, including critical hit charts. Instead of simply increased damage, we roll a d100 to determine something interesting happening. One of my friends was running a ranger named Nanoc who rolled a crit with his bow on one of the giants we were fighting. Quick reference to the chart and we see "Genitals/breasts torn from body, 2d6 extra damage; bleed to death in d10 rounds." From then on we called him Nanoc Eunuch-Maker. * At lunch one day in high school, this troper and his friends were experimenting with water-bottle cap projectiles. Don't ask. One cap went under the table, ricocheted off the floor, and hit me in the nuts. Cue a TourettesGuy line: "Motherfucker, you hit me in the DICK!" * [[XanderK This Troper]]'s little sister loves doing this to him. She loves how she, a 4' little girl, can topple her 6' big brother. Unfortunately for this troper, she only does this when our parents aren't at home. * Two accounts: ** A guy who had a crush on me got kicked in the groin by another kid for the sake of being an ass. Luckily, the kid got what he deserved by getting a suspension for a few days. ** Another account was by me on accident. During recess while I was in elementary school, I kicked a dodge ball and when it went off in the distance, it hit an unsuspecting boy right in the groin. I fled. * This Troper has Labs, which being water dogs have very strong tails. They happen to be just the correct height for groin attacks. But rather than being a direct impact, it's usually a stinging sensation. Which lasts much longer than a direct hit. * Once, when this troper was five she ran up to her dad like she was going to hug him, as she usually did, but instead stopped and punched him in the groin. It's a faint memory and I can't remember why I did it for sure, but my sister gave me a cookie afterward. * After an accident in PE dodgeball freshman year, this female troper can confirm; no matter what the actual equipment looks like, getting hit down there HURTS. * This troper knows a Waffle House waitress who kicked another girl "in the box" [[SeriousBusiness for insulting]] ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. * Really hoping this trope wouldn't apply to this Troper, but on the last day of helping out at a Boy Scout Day Camp as a den assistant, it happened. Walking back from the headquarters tent to where the rest of

the den was, a scout (from another den, I might add) frisbee'd me really painfully. Took about 15 minutes to stop hurting. Luckily it was the end of the day when it happened, and I had just used the bathroom, so this trope wasn't combined with PottyFailure or BringMyBrownPants. * A friend of This Troper once executed a GroinAttack ''via uppercut''. * This Troper went to a school where they were considered normal in fights. I started wearing a groin protector in class, the first day a classmate hurt his fist on it, then everyone stopped doing it. * Suffice to say in this troper's choir there is a reason one of his friends is named "cockpuncher" * In sixth grade, while standing at a bus stop; this troper overheard a conversation that sounded something like: -->'''One Guy''': Man, I am so pissed right now. -->'''Other guy''': Then go kick that kid in the balls. -points in my direction** Thankfully, I was able to dodge the first attempt, and there wasn't a second one. * This troper used to take hapkido with his brother. during a tournament, I was paired off with a girl and whenever the judges weren't looking she kicked me in the crotch, a total of three times. I won the match, bowed out, walked five steps and promptly fell over into the fetal position * [[EtherealFrog This Troper]] doesn't feel groin pain very often. It's taken 5 punches and a couple minutes for me to feel it, and it's still perfectly within ignorable range. One of friends is very unfortunate with this though. I once ran at one of my other friends in attempt to push him. He redirected me, 3 guesses what happened next. It's like the first friend has a massive gravitational field around his testicles. You know that football -> old man's groin gag in TheSimpsons? TruthInTelevision. From all the way accross the field. ** Did it make the little ''boink'' sound? * Two particular occasions around this troper: ** When I was younger, my older brother and I would scuffle sometimes. One such time when I was eleven, brother tried to get his little sister in a body slam. I was flailing reflexively trying to support myself when my knee landed in entirely the wrong place. Did I mention he was ten years older than me? Or that he was fresh out of Army Ranger School at the time? Or perhaps that my mom (who was sitting there watching) taunted him by singing the bluegrass favorite "Daddy sang bass, ''brother'' sang tenor" ** I was backstage at my church's Christmas program with my best friend and a few guy friends. The guys were made up like the Blue Man Group for a part of our youth choir performance, and the two of us were helping with another number. Inevitably two Blue Men started play-fighting out of boredom. In an attempt to block a blow, one guy accidentally jabbed his hand right in the other's [[UnusualEuphemism blueberries]]. Blue Man went ''down''. Cue my friend and I laughing hysterically. * One of my friends was discussing a movie about man-eating koalas(Three words: Eucalyptus scented lotion). The following exchange

occurred during recess. --> '''Friend:''' DUSTIN! THERE'S A KOALA ON YOUR BALLS! --> '''Me:''' I'LL GET IT! I was wearing steel-toed boots at the time. * Dodgeball. [[{{X2X}} This Troper]] took two for the team, and was hailed as a hero. This also happened to me in Taekwondo class a few times, but I was somehow no worse for wear. Odd, huh? * [[Tropers/PentiumMMX2 This troper]] had it happen to him at a young age. For reasons unknown (I forgot the details)), one of my neighbors (A really weird girl who though she controlled me like a puppet) delivered a swift kick to my crotch. I collapsed to the ground in pain, the only though in my head was "Ow! My [[UnusualEuphemism fire hydrant]]!" * [[{{Crion87}} This troper]] got whacked in the cods [[{{AbnormalAmmo}} with an onion thrown as a projectile]] when he was a lad of only eleven or twelve. I mean, who uses a friggin' ONION as a projectile? Needless to say, it hurt. * Witnessed by this troper today at rehearsal for ''Once Upon a Mattress''. The rehearsal was for the Spanish Panic, the hardest dance scene in the whole play, and during a five-minute water break, one of the actors lunged at another one in an attempt at a flying hug, only for the other to dodge and allow the flying baseball player to drop his crotch directly on his hip. He spent a good two minutes rolling on the ground and clutching at his balls as he was dragged to the other side of the stage by his foot. ** Occurred to this troper three days before that incident. He and his girlfriend were at Magic Kingdom (yay for living in Central Florida) when they were about to start the holiday fireworks. He and his mother sat on a bench, while his girlfriend sat in his lap. She's 5'4 and has some good muscle, so there were some issues with it. Namely, when they got up and started walking to the Haunted Mansion and this troper suddenly got a horrible pins and needles feeling ''right in the junk''. * This Troper accidentally did this to her friend in elementary school. She was extremely mad at him about something and meant to knee him in the stomach. Suffice to say, he was a good bit taller than me and I uh...didn't quite reach my target. Cue me being on the verge of tears and profusely apologizing once I'd realized what I'd done. * My group that I hang out with in the morning has taught me 2 very important things. 1: Cover the nads. 2: wear thick sleeves. One girl is a biter, the other has a tendency to kick people in the groin. The most dangerous day was when her friend joined the group. He made her mad, She kicked him. He didn't want to kick her, and I was the closest target. Since I can't hi a girl, I asked one of the other girls to help. The other guy got it two more times before school started. * I was bitten by a small dog. Guess where? * Friend 1 is climbing up tree. Friend 2 has a violent rivalry with Friend 1. Friend 1 jumps down, Friend 2 is prepared. He landed on friend 2's arm, collapsed to the ground and wouldn't get up for a while. Luckily we all found it hilarious. ** Though I wince at the memory of Friend 3, who is basically the ultimate metrosexual (who will flirt with ANYTHING) decided to also

use violence to prove a point to Friend 1. He grabbed him from behind and LIFTED HIM OFF OF THE GROUND BY HIS BALLS WITH MUCH SCREAMING * Guys getting accidentally stabbed in the crotch is not an unheardof phenomenon at my fencing club. The tunic's shaped to prevent as much of it as it can, but most of them are still loose enough for the sword point to slip... * During one karate class, [[{{Latia}} this female Troper]] was paired with one of the more klutzier boys of our school, who ''ALWAYS'' does something painful to me whenever we're paired up. The excerise had one person holding a punching bag and the other kicking. At one point I moved the bag, but he didn't switch his trajectory path, and... * [[LoveIsWeird This troperette]] has done many GroinAttacks through the years. * This female fencing troper accidentally stabbed a male fencer (who wasn't wearing a cup) right in the dick at practice recently. As far as I can tell, none of the male fencers in the club actually wear cups, even the one who's been hit in the junk seven times in the time he's been fencing (And yes, he kept track.). In any case, I got the point since the whole body is the target area in epee. Heh heh... * [[KingSonnDeeDoo This Troper's]] father once walked into a crotchhigh bollard (note that this was before Said Troper had been born/concieved). Apparently, it was so painful that he thought he'd never have kids. He'd later be proven wrong. * [[EveryonesFool This Troper]] has been hit in the gonads with a soccer ball once. Oddly, I was able to keep playing-it felt only about as painful as if I'd been hit in the arm, and it was a hard kick, too...odd. * Once, in 2nd or 3rd grade, I was walking along the top of a bike rack, which I did regularly. This time, though, it was right after it rained and I took a wrong step, slipped, and got "bike racked". Luckily nothing was seriously injured, though my voice stayed really high for a few hours afterwards. * I accidentally did this to my dad once. He jumped out from behind a corner of our house while playing with my brother and scared the living crap out of me and I kneed him in the crotch. Whoops. * [[LoveIsWeird This troperette]] accidentally kicked a friend in the sweeties once (the final attack to a body beating). We were practicing our kicks when he noted that MichaelJackson fans still thought he was alive. Since I was still raw and hurting from the trauma of his death, [[UnstoppableRage I]] [[BerserkButton saw]] [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown red]]. Here's the thing he said after I kicked him in the groin: -->''"Are you..oh god...sure...oh momma...that you...owie...don't need...ooh, that hurts...practice?"'' * A strange example happened to this troper when he was once in elementsry school. While I was waiting with my friends for my class to start, a small CloudCuckooLander boy was running around the room minding his own business, and then he came and looked up to me with a strange look on his face. I was confused at why he came to me, so I merely said "Hello" to him, and then he ''landed a punch at my testicles for no reason.'' He then ran away after the groin attack. I'm still confused on why he would do something like that.

* [[{{Hertzyscowicz}} This troper]] has accidentally deflected a roundhouse kick by trapping it under his leg while throwing a higher roundhouse. Twice. * Once when backyard wrestling this troper got a cat dropped on his nads. A freakin' cat!!! * If you annoy this troper too much, this will happen to you. Also, I once got kicked in the groin and managed, through sheer force of will, to not collapse or comment about the pain. I nearly fell on the fence, though (to give you an better idea of the scene, the fence was about knee height). * This Troper gets threatened with this fairly regularly but defuses the situation with the magic words, "I don't believe you can hit a target that small." * [[{{Latia}} This female troper]] takes martial arts was practicing with a young, very klutzy boy. She held the pad up for him to kick, he kicked...and missed. She would like to invite anyone who believes this doen't work on girls to find a girl to kick in the crotch (or alternatively get someone to kick you in the crotch). [[{{ShareTheMalePain}} Share The]] ''[[{{ShareTheMalePain}} MALE]]'' [[{{ShareTheMalePain}} Pain]], my ass. * Bored boys at my summer camp used to play a game called "Sack Attack". Everyone sat in a circle, legs apart, and took turns throwing a football at the other participants' sensitive bits. Last person to show pain wins. * This female troper has had a few groin attacks on her. The first one was when she was a kid and riding her bike. She crashed into a car head first, her groin hitting the handle bars...there was a really ugly bruise. The second was in 10th grade when playing goalie for soccer. Her friend had the ball and kicked it as hard as she could which then struck her square in the groin. ThisTroper groaned in pain and then started laughing. It hurt like hell but she had to admit [[ActuallyPrettyFunny it was pretty funny]] * This troper often gives lengthy explanations to his friends on why groin attack is [[AwesomeYetPractical more practical and effective]] than most martial arts, and is often involved in GroinAttack-related incidents, but the one he remembers the best is when he "accidentally" slid a steel Rubik's cube (yes, steel) across the floor into the crotch of a friend sitting cross-legged. What happened afterwards is best left unknown to fellow tropers. ** His obsession with his trope started in middle school. It as a relatively unregulated school, though for some weird reasons students are required to wear uncomfortable uniforms, which include, as you might have guessed, steel-toed boots. The then-geeky troper [[TookALevelInJerkass quickly worked his way up the food chain]], often using this fact to his advantage. Oddly enough, he doesn't feel most groin attacks. * this troper had PE at the Y back in 8th grade. One day her class was playing baseball or softball. The batter was a girl, the umpire a boy. As this troper was watching, the hitter swung the steel bat behind her to warm up her arm, and well, you know the rest... * To all male equestrians out there: ever been doing a posting trot when the horse comes to a stop and you end up falling onto the part of

the saddle that curves up in front of you? It's not pleasant. * This troper used to practice Tae Kwon Do in highschool. One session was a form of toughness training where eveyone was lying on their backs in line, and someone would literally walk on their stomachs. Being the most frail looking one, this troper was picked to do the walking. Problem was that his of footing was not quite right, and ended up steeping on everyone's groins instead (OW!). It didn't help that the resulting noises everyone made reminded him of sounds heard from the ThreeStooges TV shows that he couldn't help laughing (the instructor thought his feet were being tickled, since training, like all martial arts, is done barefoot). * At this troper's LARP group, there's an old saying "It's not a real adventure until Ollie gets a pod-shot!", seriously, the poor bastard gets hit every single adventure. * This troper is male and has been hit so many times in the groin (through sports, accidents, etc.), that hits to said area no longer hurt at all. This troper is wondering if something is now wrong with him and if he should seek medical aid of some sort. * This Troper [[CombatPragmatist always]] aims for the groin * As a {{combat pragmatist}}, I've done a few of these on purpose to my brother (he's older). The funniest was when I did two accidentals in a couple of hours. I sometimes randomly feel pain in my nuts for no reason. ** This Troper has had that happen to him as well. If it's still a problem, I recommend you ask a doctor about it. * An iScribble conversation between This Troper, a female friend, and two male friends turned into a warning in this conversation. Male Friend 1 had recently gotten a pet kitten: -->'''Male Friend 2''': never let cats play with toys on ur laps -->'''Male Friend 1''': ...Why not? --> '''Male Friend 2''': for various reasons --> '''Male Friend 1''': Should i be fearing for my life? --> '''Male Friend 1''': Oh... --> '''Male Friend 2''': more like your pride --> '''Male Friend 1''': [[OhCrap Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...]] --> '''Male Friend 2''': they scratch --> '''Male Friend 2''': alot --> '''Female Friend 1''': xD --> '''This Troper is chortling''' --> '''Male Friend 1 stares at the cute cat on his lap.''' --> '''Male Friend 1''': Oh dear... --> '''This Troper''': Cute should not be trusted. --> '''Female Friend''': xD xD * This troper suffer an accidental groin attack from his friend. She was trying to hit the guy next to me, but hit me in the balls from behind. * This troper's friend kicked a guy in the balls so hard he went flying into a laundry basket. It was hilarious and I was oh so very glad I wasn't him at the moment. * It wasn't quite me, but at the middle school I went to for eighth grade, I had some classmates who, during gym class, would re-enact scenes from Jackass. One of them (a tall guy, dressed in goth, rather

friendly guy) stood up against a wall and let himself get sacked down low with volleyballs, repeatedly. And then out of nowhere someone lost control of a basketball and it got him right there. To this day I still get sympathy pains from it. And for a straight example, my younger sister LOVES trying to pull these on me, which thankfully I've learned to shrug off (and for the record, she's 7 years younger than I am). * Happened just today (10/20/10) to This Troper while I was being a referee for a flag football game. The previous play had been incomplete and the ball was thrown back about 20 yards to the line of scrimmage. Looked a lot like what happened to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5z-EPqgK8Q Brett Favre]]. * I actually GroinAttacked myself. with Nunchucks. Not toy nunchucks, either. These nunchucks were made for the sole purpose of causing pain. They were made for usage by riot police, and when I bought them, I was warned I would get hurt. That was very, extremely painful. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find some BrainBleach. * I had quite an experience with this. My father got Groin attacked bad. Mom threw a TV remote to him and it his right the groin. He curled up into a ball and started saying that he couldn't move his legs. I laughed so hard at it. * This troper (thankfully) has never been a victim of an intentional groin attack. However, just last night, I had a book land right on my testicular region. Much pain was had. On the other hand, I also tend to be the one threatening people with a groin attack. * This male troper was repeatedly struck in the groin during a fight when he was thirteen. He had never been so glad to be [[CursedWithAwesome born without testicles]] before. * My friend had a pretty bad groin attack. He jumped into a swimming pool and he landed right on top of someone, on his balls. He actually had to have surgery to fix them, and after that everything was all sore and had swelled up, except for his penis, which had shrunk...then a few students training to be nurses came in and looked at it. He was so embarassed as well has having the worst GroinAttack I have ever heard of. * Whenever this editor deals with little kids, there's a good chance he'll end up doubled over and clutching his whatchamacallem at some point. It's usually not on purpose - little buggers are just the right height and love to run around. Everyone else finds it hilarious for some reason... * Two stories: the first one was about a friend of mine (a little girl at the time), who, while playing in a park, landed in her privates...on a tube. She told me her parents took her to the hospital and that it left a scar, but for obvious reasons I didn't saw it. ** Second story: I played tennis once with two guys, resulting in one of them (let's call it Bob) getting the trope by the net (Bob was passing from one side to another, and his brother raised the net by accident), by a ball (twice) and I think also by the racket. Bob was so angry at his brother (who was LOL ing at him), that he throwed him the ball directly in his nuts, making he stay in the floor for a while. It was a funny game. ---> Bob: There goes my offspring.

* One of this troper's much loved [[WeaselMascot pet ferrets]] was an adopted stray. We don't know what happened to him while he was roaming, but shortly before the shelter found him he apparently suffered a nasty accident which caused him to rip his genital sheath off - ferret penises are hidden in a skin pouch when not in use, as their legs are so short the important bits would drag on the ground if they weren't tucked neatly away. The important bits were unharmed, or at least were till we got him neutered (un-fixed ferret hobs tend to become irritable and smell funny), but inadvertent circumcision can't have been fun. We had to disinfect the wound every day for a fortnight after we took him home, which was rather more information about ferret anatomy than we really wanted. * A few years ago, two friends of this troper (all three of us are girls) were having an argument (I've forgotten what it was about) and one of them got kneed in the crotch by the other. The one who got kneed ended up doubled over in pain, and apparently the bruises lasted a long while. * This troper knows a guy from college that has: ** Had a hornet fly up his loose shorts and sting him...there. ** Missed a target with his BB gun and nearly turned a bull into a steer. Needless to say, the bull was not happy. * This troper (same guy as above post) seems to be a magnet for groin attacks himself, ever since childhood. ** Took a shot directly to the nards during a game of dodgeball. ** Has been on the wrong end of a well-aimed snowball. ** Always seems to be getting hit by an errant swinging purse or backpack. ** To top it all off, this troper's cousin - a nine-year-old girl - is [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy now aware of the effects of said attack on the male body and psyche]], and uses the threat of it often to bend him and her own two older brothers to her will. When this troper has [[TemptingFate refused her requests anyway,]] she has made good on the threat. * This Troper's father just learned to ''never'' sneak up behind her and scare her on karate night. * One time at lunch, one of my friends was being annoying. Eventually, another one of my friends had enough and did one of these. The one on the wrong end is by far the smallest and lightest kid of the group, and the one dishing it out was only beaten in size and strength by a six-foot-tall ginger. Yeah... * I've taken 2 soccerballs to the groin and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking 1 toy hammer.]] Yeah... [[DontAsk Don't ask.]] * According to my high school wood shop teacher (who may have exaggerated this story or made it up so we'd take the machines seriously), one of his previous students was hit rather hard in the groin by a plank when the table saw he was using kicked back. Allegedly, his first words after a half hour of being in too much pain to speak were, in a strained voice, "Will I still be able to have children?" He was still able to, and his flattened testicle ultimately returned to its natural shape. * This troper, as a child, didn't ''quite'' comprehend gender differences, to say the least, and was a bit of a BoisterousBruiser.

At about 8 she discovered a guy's 'weak spot'. This ended about as well as you'd expect. * This Troper was in a sissy fight with his sister and it eventually ended with her kicking him, with her heel, in the crotch. '''''HARD.''''' * Same troper. Last summer he was playing 4-square with some friends and a camp councilor and the councilor had the ball, threw it down and it bounced up square into his groin. * This Troper had a tree root slap him ''down there'' while picking up garbage on the highway. * This troper falls in with [[{{Juggalo}} a certain group of people]]. We really like to wrestle and stuff like that, obviously. We also like pain-based games. One such game is called "cup-checking". It usually involves a gentle slap to a pair of unprotected testicles when the victim isn't paying attention. Sometimes, we go overboard. I've been cup-checked with a crowbar, a wooden board, and a tossed football. None of these were nearly as painful as [[AxeCrazy my nephew's]]version, however. He likes to wait until you're sitting down, then he puts you in a choke-hold and drives his fist directly downward into your scrotum as hard as he can from a 90-degree angle, shouting [[BattleCry "CUP CHECK, MOTHERFUCKER!!!"]] at the top of his lungs while [[EvilLaugh giggling like a lunatic]]. [[TeensAreMonsters The kid is fourteen years old]] [[BitchInSheepsClothing with the face of a choir boy]] and is [[BewareTheNiceOnes naturally shy around strangers.]] * This Troper remembers at incident at a high school dance (wasn't present to see the incident) where one of the girls deliberately and apparently unprovoked, kneed one of the guys in his [[UnusualEuphemism guys]] so hard he spent two hours in the toilets crying. * This Troper was outside tossing around a football with his little cousins and brother. the ONE cousin that is a guy isnt old enogh to understand it beyond "ha ha, it makes guys fall down!" decided to WHIP the football from a few feet away. i was inside the rest of the day. * This troper took one in gym class. We were playing softball, and I'd misjudged a ground ball that bounced up and nailed me in the nuts. I finished the play and spent the rest of the class on the bench. * This troper's cousin seems to have a liking for this. Especially to girls whom she considers as a bitch (Incl. me sometimes). Once she swung a nunchuck from behind for teasing her too much, which led me into a serious Potty failure. On another occation, I pranked her younger brother by punching his nads, while drinking. He got really angry and came towards me, only to stopped by his sis as we are cool for a while, and it became a joke. Thank god, later then she told, "My womb almost exploded out of my arse when I did the someting similar to him". He is a football player. And a Red Hulk. * Do you know how you [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique interrogate]] a Norgorber priest in {{Pathfinder}}? Pull down his pants. Pull out his own war razor. Ask him if he wants to keep his manhood intact. When he says you don't have the guts to do it, [[TemptingFate prove him wrong]]. Totally worked for [[Tropers/ElodieHiras me]]. * I was doing the high jump in gym class. I ran, jumped, and didn't ''quite'' clear the bar. One leg made it over but the other didn't.

That's all I say. * [[Tropers/TechnoDragon64 This Troper's]] experienced some himself, but cannot (and like most sufferers, would prefer not to) recall specific examples, but his best friend/roommate has lately taken to occasionally trying to perform the dance move known as "the worm". ''On hardwood floors.'' Among he and his friend, this has basically become a [[RunningGag regular thing]], to the point where anytime the friend yells [[CallingYourAttacks "THE WORM!!!"]] he knows exactly what is coming. * On a (high school) senior retreat to a campsite, this troper finally got over his [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes fear of heights]] enough to try the campsite's zip line. The harness was fitted rather snugly around the groinal region. When this troper jumped, gravity ensued...shortly followed by a lot of pain. ** Same troper, same high school. Circa 2003-2004, a guy could not walk through all two-and-a-half hallways of the high school for fear of getting a 'meat shot' from another male classmate. This 'game' eventually went UpToEleven, with guys whacking each others' crotches in more creative, stealthy, and unpredictable ways. On more than one occasion between classes, a male student in a large crowd would randomly sink to the ground and people would start to gather around him. Perhaps mercifully, this troper had very few to no close male friends in high school. * Never ever get your nuts whacked by balls (of the basket or soccer variety). They do NOT mix. Also, please make sure to don't sit on them by mistake either. ** This troper's taken a basketball to the pills before and agrees that it hurts like hell, but argues that baseballs do much more damage because they are smaller and commonly thrown much harder. Example: he heard a story about a former classmate (he had transferred by this point) on a high school baseball team that had been taking bunt practice, [[TemptingFate which some of the players normally did without cups.]] As he squared around (turning his body and the target in question toward the pitcher), a fastball went awry and drilled him right there. You guys can [[ShareTheMalePain wince now.]] But ItGotWorse: [[spoiler:Apparently, [[{{Squick}} one of them exploded.]]]] *** This might have been a case of LaserGuidedKarma meets DisproportionateRetributon. Said victim of GroinAttack also dealt one (although nowhere near as severe) to this troper during his last week at the school. ---Limp back to Main/GroinAttack. ----

GroupieBrigade * Tropers/AGroupie has, [[MeaningfulName true to username]], been involved in two GroupieBrigade incidents with zis friends in 2010, both involving YoshikiHayashi of XJapan. The first was in LosAngeles before the Yoshiki Foundation party and Born To Be Free video shoot,

then was Chicago at the Ritz-Carlton. That said, zhe is harmless, has a very well defined idea of the difference between "groupie" and "stalker" and actually cares about the person outside of his musician persona. * This troper has used this joke in a sprite comic before. ---[[GroupieBrigade OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THEM??? THEY'RE OVER THERE!!!]]

GrowOldWithMe * This troper's grandparents. Even after having raised four children together, they still kiss each other good morning and hold hands as they walk together. If they were more vocal they'd be SickeninglySweethearts, but as they're very low-key, it's just [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming incredibly cute]]. * This troper counts surviving teenaged-hood growing old together. We are almost adults now. We were 11... ---[[GrowOldWithMe Grow old along with me...the best is yet to be...]] ----

GrumpyBear * Odd case - I'm cynical... in a rather OK part of the United States. I fall under KnightInSourArmor, due to the endless ass-fucking I read about every day that people and corporations and government and (insert BigBad of the day here) do to each other, but I'm somewhat optimistic about what good can be done (though, still being cynical, it probably will fail or won't last long, ''if'' some sort of optimistic agreement can come about). He does, however, hate idiots who think the world is GrimDark and humans don't deserve to live or "they know the gullibility of humans" or "people are too stupid to think this will never work". Yes, I know people are gullible. Try meeting some people before you whip out your "LOL I'M THE ONLY GOOD GUY HERE 'CUZ I'M FUCKIN' CYNICAL" card. ** We're quite a bit alike. And I come from a city usually voted in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. ** [[CompletelyMissingThePoint Wait a second... you mean to tell me the world isn't a crapsack world? But... how does that work?]] * At home we had a real Grumpy Bear chasing a tourist a for this troper unknown distance and for a couple of weeks ago tropers mother had a bear growling at her. ** [[CompletelyMissingThePoint *facepalm*]] * [[MisterAlways This troper]] and then some. * My parents have no idea how I turned out to be such a pessimist. Neither do I. I like to refer to myself as an optimistic pessimist, though -- I want good things to happen and hope they do, but I won't be surprised when something goes horribly, horribly wrong. * This troper is accused of this because my "base state" emotion looks to be rather depressed and the mention of said fact usually sends my

into full on Grumpy Bear * This Troper's mom. When I brought up the idea of a machine that can record dreams, she instantly started thinking of all of the bad things that could happen because of it. * This Troper's brother-in-law is NotAMorningPerson, and thus has received the nickname of Grumpy McBugbear in the mornings. * [[{{Tropers/Luna87}} This troper's]] dad is like this at times. Sometimes, it seems like he cannot stand being the only person not in a good mood. ** Unfortunately, if you ask my mom, [[{{Like Father Like Son}} I have shades of this too, at times]]. * This troper doesn't know whether to label herself a Grumpy Bear or an Eeyore (which may be due to the fact there's no Eeyore troper pages on this site). Whenever she tries to think of a happy thought, it's followed immediately by horrible, pessimistic, negative ones. She doesn't even have a justifiable reason for being so negative (and neurotic), considering she grew up in a perfectly acceptable (not perfect, but acceptable) household filled with loving family, good friends, and is financially stable. But everything she sees is a tragedy waiting to happen no matter how good the outcome, and is more than willing to question the values that America holds so dear to their society. She's so depressed that she wonders if the love she receives from her family is real or not. In fact, she has to take prozac pills every day to stave off obsessive negative thoughts, and is right now trying to pull herself together from a certain semibreakdown (something about loss of reality, inability of perfection, worthlessness of basic values, stupidity of good emotions like happiness and loyalty, cruel afterlife, endless pain, etc) that she fears will be with her for the rest of her life. Whether she happens to be an insane, cynical wreck in a perfect society or has viable reason for being so depressed, she votes for the former (because somehow she's too skeptical to think there's a happier alternative). * Zigzagged: When I'm a GrumpyBear, I'm right. Then suddenly, I'm a WideEyedIdealist who eventually realizes I'm wrong, then...(continues for another million printable pages) ** [[{{Tropers/Ventisia}} Sounds like me.]] I tend to be friendly, curious, explorative, and optimistic at one point... but as soon as you put me with someone who is similar, especially if they are naïve, I put on my JadeColoredGlasses. * This troper's grandfather, definitely. It's kind of become a joke in the family, and he's been given various gifts with Grumpy from Disney's SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs on them. ---Pah. [[GrumpyBear Good luck, you'll be assfucked when people simply won't care. It can't be avoided, but you morons can't see that.]] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GuideDangIt * Sonic 3 was my favorite video game for quite a while, so naturally I

got more frustrated with it than any other Guide Dang It situation. When I found the article on TV Tropes, there was Sonic in the picture doing about the same thing as I was, stuck in that very same room as I got stuck in so very many times. The worst part was that I was too young then to know to use the internet to look for a guide. * I'm quite proud of myself for figuring out Sonic 3's Barrels of Doom without any help at all! No, really: After ten minutes of wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do (something I'm sure you all remember), I do the thing I usually do when stuck in a video game area: waggle the control stick all about in frustration (I'm playing on Sonic Mega Collection). Then, I notice that the barrel starts to bounce, and I realize what I have to do. All in only ten minutes! * I think that's the only reason anyone got through that part in the first place. * This troper has experienced several of these in the [[TheLegendOfZelda Legend of Zelda]] series. Particularly in Twilight Princess. How was I supposed to know to use the hawk on the monkey? And the entrance to the [[DownTheDrain Lakebed Temple]]? ...Ugh. I had to use a walkthrough for both of those. Plus in Ocarina of Time, I had to look up a walkthrough to find out a: that you have to jump down into the web instead of [[YouHaveToBurnTheWeb burning it]] to get to the bottom floor of Inside the Deku Tree, and b: you have to clear the shooting range minigame in Castle Town to get the bomb bag (as opposed to [[AnEconomyIsYou buying it]].) * This Troper and Zelda fan has had this happen to him at least once per Zelda game, at least before he became a frequenter of the internet. It all basically ended after I got online, BUT I have since came up with a scientific method to Zelda puzzles: ** Basic Logic ** Open Minded Item use ** Playing through every Zelda game chronologically released before current one and be reminded of a simple yet easily forgotten dungeon/enemy/boss/item convention ** [[{{RTFM}} Reading the Freaking Manual]] ** Gamefaq ** ?!@#$%! <- either an exclamation of DUH! or something resembling a Hylian hero ordering a salad in a loud angry voice at a deku restaurant in his native tongue while simultaneously realizing he's only got a quarter of a heart left and what he has just done... ** If still stuck, proceed to assume the foetal position... and cry. * This troper and his five friends once decided to pool their collective love of video games, story telling, character design, and computer programming to create our own game. Anyway we had another friend beta testing it and he got to the third mission where you are required to use a certain character. Said character has a very specific fighting style that relies on drawing cards from a deck and selecting which one is thrown as a projectile. Now the number of the card denotes power level(ace being highest) and the type denotes how it damages the enemy(diamonds slice so they're good against plants but horrible against rocks). Anyway he gets to the level and only then do we realize that we never really included instructions on how to use this character's weapon. Ten minutes later my friend Gandhi(it's a

nickname) says: ->Gandhi(programer): Err...this could be a problem. ->Angel(Character and Weapon Designer): You think!!! ->Me(Story and Director): Let's not argue and focus on fixing this, okay? * Deuxhero:High School English, particularly the "symbolism". Does anyone actually figure this shit out on there own? ** (insert snarky and anonymous comment about there verses their here.) *** Oh god, someone else unable to read any sort of symbolic crappy "Deeper meaning" to books and stories nobody gives a shit about! FRIEND! *** You fail to understand. It's not about finding the deeper meaning it's about taking your own ideas and [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory forcing them on the text]]. *** ... book-rape? *** "Versus". *** Sad thing is, [[{{@/Icalasari}} This Troper]] managed to actually get it, to the point that I would have gotten 100% on an assignment if my paper was a little less disjointed. Led to me interpreting one of the poems as a [[TakeThat]] against High School English. *** What adds more salt to the wounds in this type of assignment is when you figure out a meaning, write as much detail as possible to prove that, yes, you read the work and, yes, you do understand it and, here, this is what you think the moral is, only to find out that you did wrong or get written off otherwise because apparently the instructor was looking for an entirely different meaning that you may not have thought meant anything in the first place. It's like if you read a book about an evil overlord who [[LoveRedeems turns good when he fell in love with a light princess]], only to [[RedemptionEqualsDeath be killed to save her]], and you write that the deeper meaning is about true love and how it conquered all. However, what the instructor was looking for is [[ObviouslyEvil never trust an evil overlord]]. [[CaptainObvious They're evil]]. * Non-game example for [[{{Dallenson}} This Troper]] where he restarted his computer at one point. What happened next was that it said "System32/CONFIG/SYSTEM" was missing for no reason. Turns out he was attempting to noot from a disk that had said file missing, * WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, [[{{Overlylonggag}} WHAM, WHAM, WHAM,* ]] ** On a bit of the same not, He was trying to get [[{{Commandandconquer}} Red Alert 3]] to Install, It would not read the Disc (It was a DVD Drive too) and kept making Grinding noise, His Explorer Crashed so He restarted. * You have the gift of not seeing what [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic isn't there]]. Seriously, compare the symbolism to the better WildMassGuessing. * This troper's college professor did this - Because he was under the delusion that "Learning is its own reward" (and somehow hasn't learned that for most people, this is not true), put content that was not ''even covered in lecture, lab, or even on the study guide'' on the exam and this made up a ''sizeable'' portion of it. Absolutely

''nobody'' would have thought to look ahead seeing as the syllabus did not say we would cover this stuff until at least a week ''after'' the Exam, so literally the ''entire class'' got 60% or lower. And yet he ''still'' couldn't figure out that learning isn't its own reward. ** This happened to my dad once, in biochemistry, except the reason for everyone getting a low grade was that this teacher was old and almost ready to retire. The next semester was spent at home studying. He aced the next test in 20 minutes. ** Where's [[http://xkcd.com/169/ Black Hat Guy]] when you need him? * Rubix cubes anyone? * This troper was in a video game class in a college once, and created one hell of a ThatOneBoss, Primordius. The game was in RPG format. Most of your characters have around 300 hp, with the mage having 200. Primordius will happily spam Curse, which deals heavy damage and adds on poison, confuse, and dark. Yeah. He also spends his time using Tera Breaker, which deals enough damage to each character to reduce them to 1 hp, which he always follows up with Grand Cross, auto-KO. Another lethal attack is HellFire, which deals heavy dark damage, which the best armor in the game is weak to.He also has 5000 hp, when at most you will be doing 50-100 damage, maybe 130 from your tank. The trick to him? Use UselessUsefulSpell Vanish, which I even put the little message on the Vanish spell ''makes someone invisible, and spells do less damage, but is pointless, do not use''. * This troper once didn't know that Lothering would be destroyed in his first playthrough of DragonAge. As such, I had to go through the game without Leliana and Sten. ** To be fair, Sten is considered to be a terrible character and Leliana is redundant if you play a Rogue. * [[RaidenFighters Micluses]]. They're the reason 99% of this troper's ''RaidenFighters'' runs end in restarts rather than {{Game Over}}s. * I'm pretty sure the first time I ever had to use GameFAQs (well, extensively) was for [[TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]] back in 2000. ** For [[@/KatanaCat This Troper]], it was what the page picture is of - the Barrel of Doom from Sonic 3. ''I wasted 2 or 3 weeks on that thing!'' The only thing I had used the site for before that was some help with ''FinalFantasy 1'', so I'm glad I thought of it or I'd STILL be stuck. * RPG Maker game [[{{@/Icalasari}} This Troper]] is working on qualifies. Certain interactions will lead to other interactions, and picking the wrong action (including in a flashback that would seem to have little effect) can screw you later. For example, there is an optional boss who is the Sage of Water. [[ThatOneBoss She is a very difficult boss,]] using status inflicting attacks and a nasty whip. However, if you [[spoiler: choose to have your kid self leave the Baby Naga alone in the flash back instead of trying to beat her with a stick,]] then she will happily greet you and even start hitting on the main character. Seeing as how you can battle her before the first proper dungeon, this can be the difference between recruiting her in the late game due to difficulty or having a powerful ally that will steamroll some early enemies * The MagicalMysteryDoors maze on the final planet in ''Rad Gravity''.

Even the Nintendo help line told us to cheat and use the Teleport Beacon to glitch through the walls. ** This troper also once rented ''Mystery Quest'' without a manual, and couldn't figure out how to make a certain jump in the first castle. It was not until GameFAQs that I learned that you could run by tapping the fire button. * I once had a math problem, and it seemed like a standard pattern problem where you had to find the next few terms. The numbers given, in order, were 1, 2, 6, 10, 4, 5, 9, 3. The solution? [[spoiler: From the book, "the numbers are arranged first according to the numbers of letters in the name of the number, and then in numerical order." So it's basically one (1), two (2), ten (10), four (4), etc.]] And the next three numbers were [[spoiler: 7, 8, 40]]. GuideDangIt does not even begin to describe the absurdity of that problem, and it was so bad that out of our class, which had quite a few geniuses (including myself), only one of us figured it out, and the rest needed it to be spelled out for us. Needless to say, our teacher won't have future students doing that problem. * In {{Persona 4}}, [[Tropers/{{Ripheus}} This Troper]] was GenreSavvy enough to realize that [[spoiler: killing Namatame]] was a one-wayticket to [[NonstandardGameOver Nonstandard Game Overville]] ([[BadEnding or worse]]). Unfortunately, he chose the wrong dialogue option [[spoiler: objecting because it was murder, not because of any lingering doubts]], and so still got the BadEnding. * After the [[spoiler:Club Titiboo segment]] in ''{{Mother 3}}'', I continued on while wondering when [[spoiler:Kumatora]] would come back. I noticed that the boss battles were really difficult, but didn't think much beyond cursing the developers. It wasn't till I received an item meant for that character and saw the gap in the party during a cutscene that I consulted a guide. Turns out they were in an undisclosed location near the factory, waiting for me to come all that time. There was NO indication at any time that they were a) waiting there b) that I'd have to go and fetch them; previously the characters railroaded themselves in and out of your party. By that time, they were ten levels lower than the rest of the party. * ThisTroper happened to be big into Koei's Musou/Warriors games in the PS2 days, but only two unlockables gave him much trouble. In DynastyWarriors 4 Xtreme Legends, we have Yuan Shao's level 11 weapon. The issue with it lies in that in order to acquire it not only for you need his level 10 weapon first and to play it on the highest difficulty in a stage with an [[{{NintendoHard}} impossibly]] [[{{TheComputerIsACheatingBastard}} powerful]] boss...But it also requires you to never fall victim to a near-uncontrollable event in battle: the morale of your horribly-outmatched allies falling at any point disqualifies you from acquiring the weapon. Now changing pace a bit...SamuraiWarriors 2, the fourth weapon for Honda Tadakatsu. It required killing five enemy officers rapidly, so naturally ThisTroper decided to grind for a beefed up version of Tadakatsu's third weapon to make it easier. The problem arose when it turns out the weapon was so strong it allowed me to slay the officers [[{{BeyondTheImpossible}} so fast that the game's event system didn't register them properly.]] It turns out it required you sitting around the corpse for a few

seconds until the event ticker confirmed you just killed Generic Edo Period Officer #3 before you could move on and kill Generic Edo Period Officer #2. Neither of these instances were helped by any guides of any sort actually failing to mention these criteria, most guides being mere translations of inaccurate criteria from Japanese(and at times even Chinese) sites. Yeah... ** Just to be fair, what the [[{{NintendoHard}} impossibly]] [[{{TheComputerIsACheatingBastard}} powerful]] boss in [=DW4XL=] was? Yan Baihu riding Shadow Runner, a horse that riders cannot be dismounted from unless they're killed or hit by boulders from scripted events(which didn't occur in said stage). While on a horse, all characters are impossible to stagger, are immune to being frozen, and fire just extinguishes itself before significant damage. This meant Baihu was free to attack pretty much any time and his status as a "boss" officer made his attacks cancel out many of yours(in addition to dealing a [[{{Understatement}} crapload]] of damage. Still easier to defeat than fulfill the requirements of getting Yuan Shao's ultimate weapon! * This troper's Agricultural law class has pretty much scared me the fuck away from ever going into Law School. (Other than the fact that it's expensive and I'd have to go into debt to do so anyways.) So the first two "projects" were okay because they were essays and we were actually told what we were supposed to do and were actually given resources to look up. The other two? Well for starters; we were strangely given Project 3 where we had to do some kind of math problem that ''WAS NOT FULLY EXPLAINED'' and the other one we ''weren't even TOLD'' whether or not this was a project and half of us didn't know if we had to sum up a guest lecture (And he thankfully gave us a list of stuff to consult, ie statutes, but apparently ''we weren't supposed to use this!'') When I asked for help on the math problem one he told me "Remember what we talked about in class" and "ReadTheFreakingManual". Dude; my sister's an education major and sometimes the reason people are flipping ''ASKING'' about stuff you talked about in class was ''they weren't freaking THERE'' - Chances are you talked about it when I was ''sick''. Oh, and as for the ReadTheFreakingManual bit? The chapter he told me to download from the website was ''nonexistent''. Checked the list numerous times...no chapter. Not hidden in any of the other chapters, That's right...I had inadequate information to complete the project ''and'' was told to download a chapter that ''WASN'T THERE''. So you can bet when evaluations come, I'm going to downrate the ''hell'' out of that class and call man out. I know, you're a Vietnam Vet and all, you really went through a lot, you actually didn't grade us as Law School Students, but please...don't give us projects without enough information in the sheets. I'm not trying to pull the "My tuition pays your salary" card, but it ''really'' makes us students feel cheated when you don't give us adequate information and are vanishing from your office when we need help. * I was stymied by the parrot delivery sidequest in ''ProfessorLaytonAndTheUnwoundFuture'' (in which you're given a parrot that hops around mindlessly and you have to use ropes to get it to land on a platform). Most of the puzzles rely on absurd trick shots,

and you have no way of really predicting in advance which way the parrot will bounce when it hits an obstacle. Given the choice between using a guide or [[TryEverything connecting every dot to every other dot and seeing what happens]], I went with the guide for most of these. ** Similarly, I usually head straight for the guides for the final bonus block puzzle in each game. Not because I don't want to try figuring it out for myself, but because sometimes I want to do something ''else'' with the DS besides that puzzle. If the games had a "save puzzle state" option so I could pick up and put down the puzzle whenever I wanted, as if it were a real physical slidy-puzzle-thing, I might be more inclined to keep at it on my own... * This troper wrote the guide to ''[[CarmenSandiego Carmen Sandiego: Secret of the Stolen Drums]]'' and later did a video walkthrough of the game. What drove this troper nuts was that the game manual mentions an alternate ending could be unlocked if you collected [[HundredPercentCompletion all 450 amulets]] in the game. The problem? I wrote my guide based on the PS2 version, which only has 449 amulets, something that drove me ABSOLUTELY nuts for a good six years of my life. It wasn't until I found and played the GameCube version of the game where I finally found out where the 450th amulet was. Oh, and the alternate ending the game manual mentioned? [[spoiler:It can only be seen if you set the in-game text from English to French in the GameCube version, and the only thing that's changed is that the main character has his head bandaged in one minor scene. This "alternate" ending, and I use that term loosely, doesn't even exist in the PS2 version when I later examined the game DVD in my computer, making the game manual [[BlatantLies a lying bastard]].]] Given that the amulets in the game can very easily become LostForever, this was a case of where the person who wrote the guide [[EpicFail could've used a guide herself to find all 450 amulets]]. * GuideDangIt isn't always video games. I've found a GuideDangIt in a Colors of the Wind for band. The second verse is cut off part way through and goes straight to the bridge. Try figuring that out without listening to the accompanying CD. * All the secrets in CaveStory. Where do I get the little guy again? * Turn the wayback dial to 1996, maybe '97. I was a teenager with no Internet access playing through ''Yoshi's Island'' for the first time. I was stuck at ThatOneBoss at the end of World 3 for longer than all the other bosses put together, possibly longer than the whole rest of ''the game'' put together. I'd pelt him with eggs until I died, and I died ''a lot''. I played 3-8 over and over, day after day. As I played it more and more I could last longer and longer, but that awful Piranha Plant still wouldn't die, no matter how many hits it took. But I was stupidly stubborn and kept wasting my life (it was spring break IIRC) fighting the boss over and over. The battle music would be stuck in my head day and night. Every so often I'd get a hunch and think I'd found the trick to beating him, but these leaps of intuition would only get me killed. I even thought that maybe the boss was an unbeatable decoy and I had to find a different path through the level. I'm not sure how, but finally I came to the epiphany that his one weak spot was his friggin' belly button! How much sense does that make?!?

Once I knew that, I defeated him easily. This might not really be relevant to GuideDangIt, since I figured it out without a guide, but a guide sure would've helped! * SenshiSun back again, this time to talk about a GuideDangIt in her online course. In a practice test required by the teacher, one of the questions had three blanks and four answers. Sounds easy, right? Well, the blanks were in list form. This troper got 1/3. She had an idea as to how the forms worked and figured that the system would only accept one answer when any of the three would do. After an algabrac style explanation to the teacher, I get a message saying that now a correct answer could go in any spot. So I saved four classes from this trope. * This troper found all 3 Phoenix Wright games to be GuideDangIt games. She's not bad at them, but there are so many instances where a certain piece of evidence SHOULD prove something if the case was real, but there's apparently another piece that works better or a correct piece of evidence should be presented on another statement. * Geez, this is part of why I don't play WoW anymore. Guilds make you watch boss videos before you even attempt to defeat the boss! If I wanted to have to watch something to get what I pay for, I'd watch HBO, not WoW guides. I wish we had a community where we still have a strong trial-and-error tradition. * Relationships, anyone? * This troper had the hardest time figuring out why that guard wouldn't let you into Saffron city in Pokemon Blue. She even tried restarting the game ad picking Squirtle, for some reason thinking it would fill a cup of water or something stupid. Finally, at the age of seven, she finally purchased a guide book, which told me he wanted water. Water? Well, without buying the book and the fact that in 1998, and being seven I had no clue how to work the internet to find out, HOW was I supposed to know that?? * When this troper had an Amiga 500, he received an RPG called BlackCrypt as a present. One day, this troper was playing Black Crypt and reached a room with two alcoves, each of them containing a water flask, and a sign with the word "HCTIWS". This troper picked up the water flasks and spent days looking for a hidden switch, with no success. As he was thoroughly stuck, he became convinced that there was nothing else in the game because the developers just did not feel like creating the other levels, despite the presence of their maps on the manual. This made him so mad that he actually took the original floppies of the game and formatted them to get rid of the game! Only years later, reading a guide on a website, he discovered that there was no hidden switch, but he was supposed to SWITCH the contents of the alcoves. However, he never regretted to format the game diskettes, because by doing so he got rid of a game that only made him angry and gained four disks to store the [=AMOS=] programs and Deluxe Paint pictures he made. * Waaay back when I first played ''MediEvil'', I kept getting stuck in Castle Peregrine, when Dan has to escape within about two minutes. I could see the exit (marked by Zarok's green energy trail) yet I could not figure out how to get through it. At that time, I had no internet access so it was months upon months until after some goofy maneuvering...all I had to do was jump onto the nearby catapult.

* This troper lampshaded this when he was literally five years old. His parents yell at him for trying to climb the tree out back because it's against the rules to climb trees. I then proceeded to ask how I was supposed to know it was against the rules because nobody ever said it was. Especially since I was allowed to climb another tree on the exact same property with no problem, so what about ''that'' tree was so bad? I got yelled at for talking back, and this has also happened whenever my parents changed the rules around without telling us. "But if you changed the rules and didn't tell us, how are ''we'' supposed to know?" * Back in the '90s, [[CodeMan38 this troper]] had a ''GamePlayers'' Magazine strategy guide that featured, among other things, ''SuperMarioBros3''. The guide mentioned the location of the first warp whistle. It even mentioned that to get it, Mario needs to drop through a white block and run behind the level exit. Unfortunately, it didn't specify ''how'' to drop through the block--and holding down on the D-pad for several seconds is hardly obvious. * First time through the 2008 Prince of Persia, I healed the land, sealed the evil back in its can, watched the credits roll, and then found myself in a small patch of desert, surrounded by unscalable cliffs and bottomless chasms too wide to jump, with no idea what I was supposed to do next. For some reason, it never occurred to me to attempt to unleash the sealed evil and destroy the world in order to get the ending... ---[[spoiler: Be honest, did you have to use a guide to find your way back to GuideDangIt?]] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GuiltByCoincidence * This troper belonged to a Trenchcoat Society in his high school days. Shortly after the Columbine incident -- which occured several years after he'd graduated, one of his fellow Trenchcoat alums ''was fired from his job as a disruptive influence'' because one of his coworkers became suddenly and irrationally afraid of Trenchcoat enthusiasts. This in spite of the fact that (a) said former-Trenchcoat enthusiast hadn't wore one regularly in some time, and (b) said coworker ''had gone to school with him, had known him for six years by now, and had been on friendly terms all that time''. ** Trenchcoats are really creepy, though. In a bad way. ** I was a REALLY angry little freshman. My PE coach worried about me, and now, in Senior Year, I found out why(and now I am plagued by guilt): I recently found out about Columbine, and saw that, as a Freshman, I was like a Jr. Harris. Add to that the absurdly obvious "visual similarities" and you have insta-guilt. Don't worry, I didn't play DOOM, though. As a Senior, I got better. I am now a laid back type, although that evil anger sometimes resurfaces. * Real world example: This editor has had first-hand experience with this trope. During a particularly advertised Amber Alert, someone

called the cops on me while I was waiting at the bus depot, mistaking me for one of the kidnappers. Apparently, my height and (as above) trenchcoat were similar to that of the perp in question. ** This troper has been in the same situation, during a stint as a door-to-door salesman. Apparently, someone matching my height and haircut was wearing the same suit I was as the robbed a nearby convenience store... and the police themselves brought me in for questioning. ** This troper had the cops called on him for watching children play in the park while wearing a bulky overcoat. It didn't help that I had driven a white van to the park and had given a child a popsicle. That child was my 8 year old sister, who I was watching over because I was worried about a recent wave of...wait for it...missing children in the area. ** Just a few weeks ago, this troper was sitting at a bus stop after having patronized his local Goodwill store. Out of nowhere, two cop cars suddenly pull up ''on the sidewalk'' on either side of me. No guns, and they were polite, but asked to see ID. Turns out that there had just been an altercation in the Goodwill involving a heavy-set, fifty-ish man with a beard, wearing a ball cap and blue shirt. (Three guesses what this 52 y/o, bearded chubby was wearing that day.) They quickly realized I was not their guy, as the perp was carrying a 12pack of beer (I was not), and they reasoned (a) no one would ditch such valuable cargo, and (b) there hadn't been enough time to drink it all. * This troper's Dad was interrogated by police, not for having the same features as the criminal they were looking for, but the same name. ** This troper's father was once taken in for questioning by the police when this troper's ''brother'' (who shares our father's name) was the criminal in question. * I once accidentally got an innocent kid in trouble when I thought he looked like someone else who had mocked me. But what's the twist? I realized that I had accidentally picked the wrong person, but he still got in trouble [[{{Wallbanger}} when the teacher wouldn't believe me that I had mistaken the kid for someone else.]] ** Possibly the teacher thought you were recanting out of fear. It's been known to happen. * [[{{Tropers/Crion87}} This troper]] once had a HeroicBSOD (or VillainousBreakdown) whereby he ranted on about rather evil nasty stuff. So nasty it was that National Security was called on him, and the police questioned him about whether he was one of the TerroristsWithoutACause. Sure enough, he just co-operated with the cops, and then they checked his unit - he was found innocent and they dropped the charges. Phew! * This troper's four-year-old nephew was on the terrorist watch list due to having a similar name to a known terrorist. Yeah. ** Kids these days... ** And not just your nephew. There are small children being put on those lists all over the globe because their names are similar. It gets [[{{Understatement}} kinda ]]ridiculous when a ''baby'' is on the no-fly list because of a name...

* [[{{Tropers/Mysterynovelist}} This troper]] was once mistaken by police as a child that had gone missing in a department store and dragged me away to be inspected because I was standing around waiting for my mom to get back from another part of the store. [[WallBanger My mom thought that I had ditched her, and assumed the worst when the police dragged me back to her.]] Thankfully, the police explained everything, so I avoided punishment. * In middle school, this troper was in gym. We had just finished the warm-up exercises when I had a question. I went up to the teacher to ask said question, and before I could say ''anything'', she remembers that we had to run laps that day. Everyone in the gym saw me next to the teacher and figured that I must've told her. Despite the fact that I repeatedly told them I didn't, they still don't believe me. * In his younger days this lurker would study while walking and his favorite haunt was the grounds of his former primary school, now a teacher's college (quiet, no one bothered him after hours). One day while practicing Latin he was appraoched and detained by police. Turns out something had set off the silent alarm in the college. Thankfully whatever it was hadn't stolen anything and he was allowed to go with a warning about lurking around empty buildings. * This troper had this happen ages ago during an event at church. Someone had managed to open a window and dump a bucket of ice onto the people running the snowcone booth below, and that person was assumed to be me (They saw a kid who looked a lot like me fleeing the scene shortly after it happened, but failed to catch him). I managed to get off the hook by calmly explaining my side of the story to them, which proved that I was innocent. About a year later at the same event, I actually met the kid who dumped the ice, and we wound up becoming good friends as a result. * Sorry for the long setup, but it's worth it. Six people in one car. One of those 3 AM Wal-Mart trips that we used to do all the time in college. Getting kicked out for playing marco-polo? We deserved that. After that, though, when States (long story) had fallen asleep in the back seat, there was a plan to steal the signs from the walmart parking lot. The signs were taken from the posts no problem. Then, on the way out, the cops stopped the car. The flashing lights and siren woke States up. He, like the rest of the group, was banned from Walmart for life. (On a related note, he went with the rest of the group a week or two later and it really didn't matter.) * Had this happen to me twice. Once while wearing all black, topped off with a leather motorcycle jacket (which just about everyone I knew at the time wore), but once it was proven that I wasn't the person the police were looking for I shrugged it off. My friends wondered why I didn't get upset over it; I told them I was but making a fuss with the police would have just gotten me in trouble anyway so there was no point. The second time was in the middle of the summer, I was walking back from a convenience store wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt, the same thing the suspect in a drugstore robbery up the street was wearing. Again I let the officer that stopped me search me, and had to explain to her that I didn't have my ID on me because I lived just up the street and had just grabbed the money for what I needed from the store. Again, annoying, but no sense in making a fuss, and getting mad

over a 30 second explanation. * I can remember three distinct times this had happened around me. Twice were on me, and the other on my brother. The first was when I was in high school. Like too many trenchcoat wearers before me, I was asked along with a few other kids in the Science wing of the school, to wait in one of the empty rooms and empty our pockets. Around me were a few people I knew, most of which looked like [[ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Chester]] [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean A Bum]] or were black. Pretty much we were profiled for looking like drug users/dealers. Admittedly, yeah, I did do drugs, but wasn't stupid enough to buy or use in school, and, yeah, I wouldn't show up to school for weeks at a time because I didn't feel like it, and, again, yeah, I used a brief case as a back pack, and the aforementioned trenchcoat. Thing is, if you asked anyone who didn't know about my [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean "recreational activities"]] they were likely to have no idea or even a guess about them. I emptied my pockets, had a single pen and a pocket watch, and my briefcase was looked over, and had a book, a laptop and a few scraps of paper in it. The other kids had nothing either. They let us go, and no one asked what it was about because we pretty much summed up what it was about when we saw each other. We all laughed about it then, and some of the few guys I still talk to from then still laugh about it. It happened a few other times since, and a few before, but I dropped out soon after it. ** Another time this happened to me, was a few months after I had dropped out of High School. One morning, I had woken up to the sound of "Springfield County Police, Open up" from outside. I let my mother or my brother get it, and went back to bed. Thing was, they weren't home. I woke up a few minutes, or maybe an half hour later to the sound of them having entered my home and still sounding off they were the "Springfield County Police." I had then made my presence known from my room. They asked me to exit the room, and I responded, "Okay, lemme get some pants on." I grabbed a pair of jeans on the floor, started putting them on and opened the door while zipping the zipper up, soon noticing the one Officer and one Detective both pointing guns at me.I then went back into my room, grabbed another pair of pants and followed them into the Living room." They asked me to sit down and answer a few questions. It seems a few unlucky coincidences had allowed for this incident. Our mailbox had been hit days before and sill laid out front knocked down, the screens to one of the windows had been cut out (because I locked myself out 2 years prior and used that to get in), they had found a key in the front yard (which had been lost in the snow a month previously), and there had been a few break ins around the neighborhood done mostly by teens (which I was) mostly during school hours (which it was). The best part was, I didn't have an ID of any kind to pin me to the address, nor were there any pictures or me or any family member. They were questioning me for 2 hours, about 10 minutes before taking me down to the station before they had found an old ID of mine in the house. It now has become a lovely little anecdote I tell people, I have even made a stand up performance over it which grossly exaggerates the details. My brother doesn't find it too funny, which is odd, since I'm extremely antipatriotic, and he's pro.

*** Speaking of my brother, this last one happened to him. This one happens between the two previous incidents, on one of my last days of High School, my brother drove me to the school because I had to be in a meeting with some of the officials at the school and in the county school system and such, and needed a parent with me, but my single mother was working, so my brother was there instead. On the way there, his tire blew out. At the stop light before pulling into the school, his tires stopped rolling, but his front right hubcap didn't, and rolled into the gutter across the way. He dropped me off and parked in an empty block to work on replacing the one with his spare. I went inside and waited for the meeting. The rest of this story, is told from what he told me, so sorry if he's an UnreliableNarrator. So, he goes inside and tells the person at the front desk that his tire blew out, and he's working on it out there. She proceeds to do nothing, and leaves for lunch or something. Fearing he might get his suit jacket dirty, he puts it in his car, and since it's so cold, he uses a throw blanket to cover himself. So, we have a random guy lurking in a high school parking lot, doing stuff near a car, and covered in a black blanket. So, the school officer, and a few of the secretarial staff go out and try to (I couldn't make this shit up) surround him... in a parking lot... a near empty parking lot... in pantsuits and a brown police officer uniform. He sees them coming, and when they finally get to him, he tells them about the tire. They ask if he needs help, he says it's already on the way, at which time my Grandfather shows up. They leave to get a tire... because the spare was a blown one itself. What I wouldn't give to have seen 4 secretaries trying to sneakily surround my brother. * This happened twice to me, just a year apart. ** The first time, my grandmother had given me her kimono. It was warm, and I wore it on the days we had woodshop as it was a coat I could wear indoors. One day I was pulled aside by the school police officer and told that it was "too long." Later I learned about Columbine, and realized that the kimono was black, but still find it rather silly as I couldn't really hide anything under there. ** The second time, I was just quitting band, and I turned in my instrument as it was a rental. Well, it turned out, that part of it, just the part with the serial code, was another girl's instrument. I nearly got blamed for it, AND the theft of my old one, but I still don't know how I managed not to realize I had someone else's instrument for about a week. * I was once followed down a street by a police car because a girl matching my description was on the police watch, apparently. I was walking home from my friend's house when I noticed a cop car driving slowly behind me. I didn't think much of it until I had walked a while more and was wondering why I hadn't seen it pass me already, so I stopped and turned around. A cop came out of the car and asked me my name, and when I told him, got back in and drove away, leaving me standing there dumbfounded in the street. (I never actually found out why they were looking for a girl of my description, only that her name was Jane, which he told me before he drove away.) * My friend was called into the principle's office because a girl claimed he grabbed her ass. Now, he had done nothing wrong to this

girl at all, and had been no where near her. How had he been "caught"? She said it was male with a black back pack and medium length, wavy hair, and then looked through the year book and said "oh yeah, that looks like him" and reported him. They almost took him all the way to court, until they realized that since he had people who could vouch for him and had no previous record and they had almost no evidence against him to let him go.. But still. ---You look too much like GuiltByCoincidence -- it ''must'' be you! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

GuiltyPleasures We're all equals here, so feel free to share your tales of all those things you don't usually want to admit you watch/read/do/listen to. ---'''Please put your entries in alphabetical order according to your Troper Name.''' * Tropers/Legato ** The Live Action Resident Evil Films. Well except for Apocalypse * Tropers/AckSed ** I have a secret thing for {{shoujo}}: *** ''FruitsBasket'': Melodrama up the wazoo, yet I was still hanging on tenterhooks over who Tohru would pick. *** ''HanaYoriDango'': I hate soap opera. So why am I still reading it? [[spoiler:In the hope of a happy ending for the main couple]]. *** ''TheWallflower'': [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy I just want to see Sunako happy]]. *** However, I hold my head up high and pronounce that ''KimiNiTodoke'' is the best shoujo ever. ** ''KamenNoMaidGuy'': Simple fanservice comedy with just [[strike:five]] [[strike:three]] one redeeming feature[[strike:s]] Kogarashi. He's an [[CrazyAwesome incredible]] and [[HeroicSociopath hilarious]] character that could only exist in such a series. Naeka's boobs and Fubuki are just a bonus. ** ''MahouSenseiNegima'': Yes,I [[strike:also]] read it for the fanservice involving the many, many cute girls. And to see a 10-yearold boy being [[strike:badass]] a bloody HERO. *** And to see Jack "CrazyAwesome" Rakan in action. ** ''Ramen Fighter Miki'': It's bereft of any higher influences, yet it somehow wraps right round from 'idiotic' back to the most elementary Looney Tunes-style slapstick comedy. ** ''{{Sekirei}}'': FetishFuel. I... I have no other excuse. ** ''BlackLagoon'': I burn with shame every time I hear the theme song, yet I dance along to it any and every time I hear it. ** ''{{Change 123}}'': Okay, I'll admit I initially came for and stayed for the boobs, but the main story's winning me over with its adherence to realism. Plus, introducing a believable, developing

romantic plot between main characters is my catnip. ** {{Anime}} and {{Manga}} in general, mostly because I can't admit to anyone in my age group that I ''like'' the simplistic morals, the impossible stunts and the fanservice that pervades the medium, and the LongRunner nature of most of the {{Shonen}} series. I noticed this when I showed off my collection to someone and she wasn't that impressed by the quality. ** ''GoodWillHunting'': Some call it {{Glurge}}, but [[RobinWilliams Shaun's]] advice to Will is the finest, most inspirational and humbling dialogue I've ever heard. Same goes for the dialogue in ''DeadPoetsSociety'' - ''Carpe Diem''! ** Lately, fanfic. I read, nay, devoured ''FanFic/ThousandShinji'' just so I could see the Angels get [[CurbStompBattle violently kerbstomped]]. I read its sequel ''FanFic/TheOpenDoor'' for the big, big guns being used in a multi-crossover UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny... and I liked it. *** I will say that ''FanFic/{{Team 8}}'' and ''FanFic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality'' are worthy of all the praise they can get. ** I don't have a defined musical taste, so this isn't that surprising, but - Hal Cali. Apparently, my brain doesn't like cheesy, sparkly J-pop unless it's served up with rap sauce and seasoned with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyS7_w7eP48 a funny vid]]. To quote fandomsecrets, "WTH self?" * Tropers/AcrossTheStars ** When I confessed to my best friend that I secretly listen to Paula Abdul, he said, "Oh, honey" in the same tone he would have used if my cat had died. Who cares? I am [[ShoutOut Forever Her Girl]]. * Tropers/AgentAlpha ** Musicals. Granted, I have a very ecletic tastes when it comes to music (the only genres I don't listen to are country western and hiphop), but I do enjoy certain musicals, particularly anything with lyrics by DannyElfman or StephenSondheim... or has anything sung by NeilPatrickHarris. ** ''StarWars'' fanfiction. Actually, that ''used'' to be a guilty pleasure. I haven't read (or written) any in years. ** Yoga. It helps that I'm flexible enough from taking eight years of gymnastics as a kid. * Tropers/{{Agent0042}} ** None. I refuse to feel guilty for any of my pleasures when it comes to media. And if anyone is telling you that you should for any of yours, you need to consider where they're coming from and what is motivating them to say such. * AllyG ** the Jeremy Kyle Show and Ricki Lake Show - strangely addictive, and excellent viewing when you're ill :P ** Card Captor Sakura ** Anything by Britney Spears :)

* Analiza ** Reading, writing, or otherwise involving myself in fan fiction. ** The HouseOfNight series. Yes, OurVampiresAreDifferent has already been done to death. Yes, Zoey Redbird is a shameless MarySue. Yes, the level of TriangRelations and UnwantedHarem has become ridiculous. So why can't I stop reading? ** GreysAnatomy. ** And last but not least, the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures, ''Total Wipeout''. *hangs head in shame*

* Tropers/AndThenIWasAZombie ** Oh, for the love of all that is holy, {{Kampfer}}. The plot is thin, the twists are obvious, and the characters are two-dimensional as all hell, but if you get in the way of me watching the next ep ''I will end you.'' * Tropers/AndThusDiscord ** Any music from 1900 to 1950, and by extension, music that tries to emulate that style. Occasionally racist, usually cheesy, brainshrivellingly patriotic in some cases, but ''oh, so catchy.'' I blame [[{{Bioshock}} Bioshock]] and [[{{Fallout}} Fallout]]. * Anime King ** TheLastAirbender- There. I said. I liked the most universally revilled movie of 2010. I mean, when you compare it to adaptations like DragonballEvolution and StreetFighterTheLegendOfChunLi, M. Night Shamaylan at least knew what he was adapting. ** Moe girls- [[{{Naruto}} Hinata Hyugga]], [[{{Bleach}} Orihime Inoue and Momo Hinamori]], [[BlackButler Maylene]], etc. I guess I prefer them over girls who [[{{Tsundere}} constantly yell at and beat their boyfriends]]. ** The Transformers movies. ** DragonBallTheMagicBegins. ** [[FinalFantasyVIII The]] [[FinalFantasyIX Post]]-[[FinalFantasyX VII]] [[FinalFantasyXII Final]] [[FinalFantasyXIII Fantasy]] [[KingdomHearts games]]- By the way, fuck you [[TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]. ** Sexy {{Cosplay}}- I guess it gives me an excuse to fantasize over fictional characters. Though, the one I often desire the most is Tifa Lockheart in her original game costume. ** DisneyChannel sitcoms. ** iCarly. * Annie Hero ** {{Glee}} big time. It's {{anvilicious}}, filled with horrible continuity, and its songs are auto-tuned to hell and back, but damn if I don't love it. ** A huge guilty pleasure is StarTrekTheOriginalSeries. Let's just say that, to other people, it did not age well. ** I really, really like the song 'Kyrie' by Mr. Mister. I really do.

Really. * anon. e. mus. ** this male troper has watched rosario+ vampire, likes the story called what i did for love, * Anonymous troper who won't admit her identity: ** I have hoodies from Hollister and Abercrombie. Oh, God, why. They were so soft. I couldn't resist. Soft things are a huge, huge weakness of mine.

* Tropers/{{Anthony_H}} ** Oh god, the [[EurovisionSongContest Eurovision Song Contest]], but honestly, some of the songs are actually really good...about the 1%, but stil... ** [[TotalDramaIsland Total Drama Island]], not so guilty when you're a teen, but when you're 23... ** Countdown shows, you know, like "top 100 most whatever" ** The Surreal Life, at least, the first 3 seasons ** Music & Lyrics, the movie with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore * Tropers/{{AnthonyMercer}} ** The first season of {{Joey}} wasn't that bad, dammit! * Tropers/ARandomSerf ** Music: I have a prejudice against bands (not against rock and metal per se, just bands), and I'm inexplicably proud of not following any...damn you, Nightwish, why did you have to make Ghost Love Score so enjoyable?! Most of my pleasures that most people would consider guilty I'll readily concede. * Tropers/{{Arcadiarika}} ** In roughly alphabetical order: *** {{The Angry Video Game Nerd}}. Second only to [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] for personal favorite Internet reviewer. While I am not a fan of {{Refuge In Vulgarity}}, somehow he makes it work enough for me to enjoy some of it (that isn't swearing). *** Boy bands of the '90s. Backstreet Boys, N* SYNC, you name it. Heck, some pop music from the '90s in general. Yes, that includes the Spice Girls. Cheesy, but it's so good. I kinda miss that. **** And while I'm on a roll with music, {{Nightwish}} as well. Whether it's Tarja or Anette, the band always comes through with brilliant, epic music. (Yep, I happen to like both lead singers. You can't make me choose, darn it!) *** ''{{Legends Of The Hidden Temple}}.'' Basically, your basic {{Nickelodeon}} game show [[XMeetsY meets]] history. And who doesn't groan at the people who utterly fail at putting together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey? Or make other such slip-ups? *** ''{{Nickelodeon Guts}}''. Whether it's the original or ''Global GUTS,'' it's fun to watch contestants and make fun of some [[SarcasmMode 'winners.']] Also, the, er, friendship of Mike and Mo.

*** The ''{{Pokemon}}'' video games. I especially like the main series games, ''{{Pokemon Mystery Dungeon}},'' and ''{{Pokemon Ranger}}''. The other games, [[{{Anime/Pokemon}} the anime,]] and the manga? Not so much. (Especially, for some reason, the main Dex Holders in the manga come across as [[MarySue Mary Sues]] and [[MartyStu Marty Stus]] to poor old moi...) *** ''{{Power Rangers}}''. I happen to like some of the series (* cough* ''[[PowerRangersLightspeedRescue Lightspeed Rescue]]''* cough* ). And sue me, I happen to like, say, ''{{Power Rangers Mystic Force}}'', but only for the [=~So Bad It's Good~=] factor. Same goes with, say, ''{{Mighty Morphin Power Rangers}}.'' *** ''The Smoking Gun Presents: The World's Dumbest...''. While some people may not like the program, I find it to be enjoyable. It's stupid people doing stupid things. And is it me, or are there some [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Crowning Moments of Awesome]] featured on the show that are already listed in that entry (the karate instructor defeating a pimp, for example)? *** Weight gain fanfics. I have written several, and how much the body can gain tremendous amounts of weight in fiction is rather interesting. Even though such massive amounts will never work in real life for humans, obviously. * Tropers/{{Arcana07}} ** ''{{Maury}}'', particularly the "paternity test" shows. It's fun trying to predict who's going to be proven correct that [x] is the father of [y] and who will be coming back onto the show to test another guy, plus there's a "{{Refuge in Audacity}}" thrill in seeing a woman who's already tested something like 7 or 8 guys coming back to test more. ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italo_disco Italo disco]]. Yes, I know they're prefabricated groups orchestrated and controlled by largely Italian producers and if the singers aren't from America or Great Britain the singing sounds rather weird and stilted, but Kano's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LvTpjK-MEY I'm Ready]]" was one of the first techno singles ever, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZpySe5RMpo Change]] sounded so much like something out of the Chic Organisation, and Valerie Dore had such a great voice. ** ''{{Americas Funniest Home Videos}}''. I've stuck with this program from the Saget years to when John Fugelsang and Daisy Fuentes cohosted to the present era with Tom Bergeron and I still can't get enough. Even though they have the audience playing more stupid games now and the "winners" selections are largely on the dubious side, it's still fun watching those home videos, and almost aS fun picking out which videos were set-ups and which ones looked real. ** {{Barry Manilow}}'s "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFR8hJcNIg0 Copacabana]]". I know it's supposed to be the cheesiest song ever, but I can't help but get into the song whenever I hear it on the radio and have admittedly looked up the song on YT in the past to see if I can replay it if the urge to do so strikes me. A similar effect comes over me with the similarly cheesy original theme to the 1979 NBC dud "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUERtAe73NI Supertrain]]", which I

just cannot get enough of. ** ''{{Finding Nemo}}''. I hate animation as a rule and have always found them (with the exception of the animated shorts "{{Sesame Street}}" used to air) far too juvenile for my liking. I've always felt cartoons were for little children and I've never been one of those, not internally anyway. So why do I find myself drawn to ''Finding Nemo'' any time a doctor's office plays the DVD? ** ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lawrence_Welk_Show The Lawrence Welk Show]]''. I am theoretically light years younger than this show's target demographic, which is supposed to run more toward my mother's and late grandmother's age groups, but still, every Saturday night when PBS re-airs one of those episodes, I'm right there in front of the TV with my dinner, eating and watching this show. (Fun fact: Did you know the guy who provided Michael Jackson's singing voice when he made a guest appearance on "The Simpsons" is the baby brother of a popular sisterly singing group that frequently made appearances on "The Lawrence Welk Show"?) * Tropers/{{Arnold McGuire 335}} ** {{Toku}}. As long as the toku has heroes in spandex, that's enough for me! ** DisneyChannel sitcoms. Only select ones, though. ** {{iCarly}}. Both for fanservice from Carly and the Creddie ship. ** {{Victorious}}. Just for 3 of the 4 main girls. (Sorry Jade West, unless you're happy that Tori's having bad things happen to her, You'll never get my respect. EVER.) ** TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager. ** MacrossFrontier. ** DemiLovato. * Tropers/{{Arruruerie}} ** ''{{Arthur}}''. I've loved it ever since I was tiny and still find it thoroughly enjoyable. ** ''America's Most Smartest Model'' - believe me, I normally find those shows somewhat painful to watch, but this one I seriously found hilarious. Shame they never came out with the second season. Or perhaps they did, but I'm not entirely sure. ** ''ThePowerpuffGirls''. Actually, I have no real shame in watching it and can do so on lazy weekends happily alongside fellow fans who are some of the biggest [[BadAss Bad Asses]] I know... yet somehow I feel kind of awkward asking around stores if they're carrying [=DVDs=]. ** Similarly, I feel no shame in being a fan of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'', but I realize that my favorite/comfort episode of choice is "Forces of Nature". Screw the {{Anvilicious}} nature of it, Beast Boy the {{hypocrite}}, and all of that. Thunder and Lightning make this troper think respectively of one of her siblings and herself. ** ''ChibiRobo'' is a friggin' adorable, inventive, and overall fun game, but I doubt if I mentioned it in public anyone who recognized the name without having played it wouldn't lose ability to take me seriously.

* Tropers/AsleepInTheBooks ** I don't really feel shame for most things I like, even if they are subpar in quality or below my maturity age (19 years) except today (April 10, 2011) I bought a Frankie Stein MonsterHigh doll. This is only because they didn't have a Draculaura doll. She is now standing atop my computer tower. * [=BADavid=] ** All reality shows, particularly TheXFactor, StrictlyComeDancing and BritainsGotTalent. Normally this troper enjoys complex cult TV shows like LOST, and even his non-geeky peers often sneer at reality shows for being lowbrow and trashy, but this troper can't get enough of them... ** RatchetAndClank, while not anything to be ashamed of within gamer communities, is a guilty pleasure to this troper when he's talking to his peers and friends in RealLife, who are quick to criticise the games as childish and ask patronising questions about when I'm going to buy "proper" games. ** LEGO is this troper's favourite hobby - he enjoys building it, collecting it, and discussing it with other fans, but to this day he's only ever been