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11 - Archive of Troper Tales: My Moment of Crowning Awesome is where I wear my Badass Longcoat and brush my Anime Hair, then I do a backflip and Deadpan Snark my way out of a group of socially well-adjusted Blonde Cheerleaders and Dumb Jocks to join my breathen of Lolicon Nakama.
11 - Archive of Troper Tales: My Moment of Crowning Awesome is where I wear my Badass Longcoat and brush my Anime Hair, then I do a backflip and Deadpan Snark my way out of a group of socially well-adjusted Blonde Cheerleaders and Dumb Jocks to join my breathen of Lolicon Nakama.

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Published by: Snapperiffic on Aug 31, 2011
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clue what they are writing.

So he might paint for fun but it do not imply that there is nothing else. * I recently workshopped a collection of poems which included a humorous short on getting sick. One of the reviewers wrote comments on how I relate coming down with a cold to the troubles we face in daily life. No... it's just an illness. * During teacher review and peer workshopping, [[@/{{Skazka}} this troper]] kept being asked whether my short story centered on {{Dracula}}'s Brides was a feminist retelling-- or being praised on how feminist it was. Okay, so Bram Stoker was no great shakes at writing female characters, but I do like Mina. And the three main characters of my story aren't exactly [[GirlsNeedRoleModels role models]] either-- they're power-hungry, sadistic, aggressive monsters. As much as Dracula himself is. Apparently the viewpoint character is automatically a sympathetic character. This kicked in even worse when I wrote a short piece in first-person from the POV of a callous murderer in the midst of a hypomanic episode, and had everyone asking me what made me so "angry" and noting how I really voiced my own righteous indignation in the work, and the dangers of being a modern teenaged girl. And thinking I was a total headcase. * This troper just sits back in English, and halfway through the discussion, says something based on an amalgamation of what everyone else has been saying. Works great, especially when talking about abstract things that can be interpreted correctly in multiple completely opposite ways. I.B., therefore I.B.S. I got an A. * This troper and her friend like to pretend that SilentHill3 is secretly a Marxist allegory. * This troper would like to make an open invitation to find any message (''other than'' {{Ronnie}} should not have been allowed to write fanfiction in seventh grade) in the FanFic/WhenWorldsCollide series. * Despite her claims of what the song is really about, [[Tropers/{{ptitlepgy6ymio}} 0dd1]] likes to think that Taylor Swift 's song "You Belong With Me" is written from the point of view of [[StalkerWithACrush an obssessed stalker girl]]. * This troper once had a serious discussion in high school philosophy class about the Argument Clinic sketch from MontyPython. Seriously, our teacher showed it to us and then we read a completely serious article about it. ** This troper's mother is a philosophy teacher and once used him as a guinea pig on a workshop she was designing based on the nature of argument. She used this sketch as a jumping off point. * In an odd variant, this troper has found an edition of Charles Darwin's ''On The Origin of Species'' with a foreword by what appears to be a raving lunatic who obviously hasn't read the work, and managed to cram CompletelyMissingThePoint, YouFailBiologyForever (HollywoodEvolution is NOT evolution, and no respectable scientist believes evolution works that way), YouFailLogicForever (outright ad hominems trying to "prove" his point), and CriticalResearchFailure (again, [[strike:no respectable scientist]] [[strike:no scientifically literate person]] nobody who paid any attention at all in biology class believes evolution works that way) all in about two paragraphs,

then proceeded to repeat those mistakes for a couple dozen pages. Then came the final paragraph, in which he criticized [[HollywoodAtheist Hollywood Atheists]] (never mind that his crackpot theory has plenty of theist critics) for "censoring" his introduction by tearing it out of the book. Uh... no, they tore it out of the book for the same reason editors of Wikipedia remove claims that Albert Einstein was an alpaca farmer. ** Dear lord, this troper found the very same book. A student on her campus was handing them out for free and she thought "sure, why not?" Then she began reading it, and soon after was filled with the strong urge to toss the book into the trashcan or rip out the damned introduction out of pure spite in spite of her natural bookworm aversion to damaging or discarding books. Seriously, WHO thought it was a good idea to hire someone to essentially discredit and tear down ''the book's entire premise'' in the introduction?!? I picked up this book to ''learn'' about Darwin's theory of evolution, NOT to have it drilled into my head on how ''wrong'' and ''sick'' evolution is and how I should open my heart to God unlike that poor, confused, and misguided man Charles Darwin! (I'll stick to being a Buddhist, thankyouverymuch.) * This troper likes to refer to this phenomenon as [[http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/introduction-to-poetry/ beating it with a hose]]. * When this troper's mom was in high school English, they had to read and analyze OF Mice and Men. Sick of trying to find hidden meanings, her mom wrote the author and asked him what the meaning and symbolism was. He wrote back saying there was no greater hidden meaning and he was sick of people ripping apart his stories analyzing him. The teacher was not pleased when she brought the letter in to show to class. * I want to write a story about an author who is a serial killer. He would write stories with no meaning and ask English professor-types if they think it has any meaning. After they reply and he tells them that it has no meaning, if they insist that he's stupid and doesn't know what he's talking about and that everything must be symbolic, he kills them. ** So, the serial/killer author represents the human struggle to make the world conform to a conmortable norm, but, when analyzed deeper, is a [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Messianic figure]] spreading a truth, while his victims *[=GRRrRK=]!* *** Both of you are MadeOfWin. * This troper is planning on using this trope to her advantage if and when she gets published. If someone presents a theory about something in the book that wasn't intentionally written with a deeper meaning, she'll agree with them if it sounds good enough. * This troper had an...interesting English teacher in ninth/tenth grade. He said that any symbolism in the book was intended by the author. For instance, that sentence there? That was thought about. Every possible interpretation? Yeah, the author thought of it, and wrote the sentence with it in mind. The work was autobiographical. No, none of that, "It happened and they need it to understand this," everything has a reason for existing on its own.

* This Troper had to write a 2-page short story to get into her college's Honors Program. The result was about a bunch of crows and seagulls watching Alfred Hitchcock's ''TheBirds'' at a drive in theater. This Troper treated it as an exercise in characterization-there were 6 major characters with very distinctive personalities that she wanted to get across in 2 pages. And of course it was supposed to be ''funny''. When her acceptance letter came, the Honors Program people told her that the story was interesting, but that she might have "[[{{SeriousBusiness}} explored the challenging aspects of the birds' different emotional and ethical responses to violence and death.]]" * [[@/HappyDuck This troper]] hates her English teacher for doing this. She has aspirations of being a writer, and is terrified of people over-interpreting her stories. * This troper has always been big on reading ever since she learned how. When she learned of english classes, her response was "A class where all you do is read and talk about books? HELL YEAH!!" But of course, the teachers just examine and dissect everything until it's not a story anymore, it's a science experiment. They keep telling kids "Stop with the TV and video games, Reading Is Fun!" But it's NOT fun anymore, not the way your teaching it. * [[@/InsanityPrelude I]] dared ask my high school English teacher one day, "Can't a story just be a story sometimes? You don't have to pack ''everything'' with hidden meanings." His response? "I don't read trashy romance novels" (or something to that effect.) Not what I meant at ''all.'' * My English teachers have actually been very good at averting this trope. Deeper analysis of works is done less for EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory and WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic and more for FridgeBrilliance and ShownTheirWork. For example, whenever the teachers have had the class write on a work's themes, such themes are always the most obvious and directly developed ones; ''TheOutsiders'' is about prejudice and [[ComingOfAgeStory coming of age]], ''AMidsummerNightsDream'' is about lovers running from society only to experience chaos at the hands of magic, etc. * This Troper's English teacher did an entire lesson on 'The Masque of Red Death' and the incredibly deep and complex symbolism on every. Single. Tiny. Little. THING. In the freaking story, right down to the description of the tripods in the corner. I'm sure there's some symbols in the story, but every tiny thing we went over? Riiiight. And the kicker? She assured us that Poe was some Chessmaster who sat there and planned out each and every single thing we discussed. Luckily I was able to just appreciate it as yet another brilliantly creepy Poe story. * This Troper is sick of people thinking her novel is about her. The second she explains that the main character is a ''LesbianVampire'', everyone just sort of stares... * All of the English teachers at this troper's school do this on some level, but two in particular make it the basis of their class. One does so well, in that he's open to multiple interpretations (he also won't freak out at you if you invoke "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"), he makes it fun, and he makes you draw most of the

conclusions yourself, so that instead of wanting to kill yourself, you end up going "Huh. I never thought of it that way before." The other teacher (who also happens to be head of the English department) does this well for the most part, especially in the early stages of analyzing a book, but eventually descends into such an insane pile of symbolism that you just can't take him seriously anymore. It's been proven that at least some of it ''is'' complete bull: One year, while showing a class ''ApocalypseNow'', a film he's seen multiple times, he started going on about how the static-y, broken, discordant sound quality of one particular scene was a brilliant bit of filmmaking, in that it reflected the discord, chaos and meaninglessness of the Vietnam War, etc., etc. Just as he was getting to the peak of his comment, one of the students said, "Hey, isn't this supposed to be plugged in?" and reattached a loose wire. The sound cleared up immediately. * I once read a book that tried to do this to professional boxing, I kid you not. Basically it was written by a self-identified Marxist who effectively described boxing as the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive white male capitalist overclass]] enjoying watching blacks, Irish, Jews, etc., beating each other's brains out for the amusement of their "betters". But he then went on to add that, when you become an "enlightened Marxist philosopher" and are aware that boxing is brutally exploitative and sadistically cruel, it becomes okay to watch this because you know it's part of the capitalist conspiracy to keep everyone down and therefor you are subverting the system. I don't even pretend to understand this! * For this troper's English Midterm, each student had to make a collage online symbolizing the American Dream. Being that I was run into a complete corner by this assignment, I decided to use pictures from ''DeathNote'', ''OrderOfTheStick'', ''EightBitTheater'', and ''quotes'' from ''RedVsBlue'' as respresentations. The funniest/saddest part is that the teacher actually thought I was onto something, based on the choice of pictures and quotes that I made. * Am I the only one who actually ''likes'' reading the forwards to old books? ** Since it's rare for someone to not mind if such a great story is inevitably spoiled for them beforehand, you're at least one of the few. ** I have a friend who likes to know basically everything about movies (I'm talking plot and such here) before he sees them. The problem is he also likes to talk about it, leading me into protesting that I hate spoilers. But no, you're particular phenomena may not be entirely exclusive. * In English class Freshman year, we did an activity one day where we read children's picture books and then had to present them to the class. This Troper being a bit of CloudCuckooLander, and his teammates being a little odd themselves, we successfully turned the entire story into religious allegory. Now if only I could remember what it was... ** On the flip same, this same Troper, as a writer, has had this happen to his work once. He wrote a random haiku and threw it on his deviantART account because he thought it was kind of funny and he hadn't submitted anything in a while. Within a week it was a Daily

Deviation, with the dA staff having this to say about it: "'Writing a Haiku' by ~Ekajra pokes gentle fun at how, sometimes, we as artists get so lost trying to make a piece fit a specific form, that we are oblivious to everything else." Uhhh, yeah, sure, let's go with that... * I totally want to write a story that's deliberatly meant to be picked at and studied and see how teachers will act. Basically, the plot is set in WWI and it's about a German commander and a little French girl he finds. This girl is a semi-orphan and wears a rosary. When he meets her mother, he decides to abandon his army and take them to a reclusive place in Europe, but they've got both sides chasing after them. It's...still in the planning stage. :/ Somehow, it's basically the New Testament set in WWI. * In high school, this troper was asked to analyze a poem he had never read before, from a poet he had never heard of before. He made up on the spot profound-sounding "hidden meanings". He got an A. In another occasion, he trolled a poetry forum by posting a free-verse poem (as in, prose with arbitrarily broken lines) that was about nothing (literally, about the concept of nothing). He got enthusiastic reviews about how profound and meaningful the poem was. * This troper would have made a serious-sounding essay of how [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Ptitlecwml5w8p?from=Main. ABugsLife A Bug's Life]] is a communist fable, but apparently people have been throwing around that idea for some time now. I still want to do it for [[ForTheEvulz the sheer joy]] [[SnarkBait of messing with the heads]] of [[TrueArtStickItToTheMan those pretentious enough]] to [[AcceptableTargets consider it.]] * As it says under Literature on the main page: International Baccalaureate English students. We are a <strike>borderline</strike> ''highly'' over-the-top parody of this. We've analyzed the following (in my school) --> ''RomeoAndJuliet'', ''{{Othello}}'', ''TheTamingOfTheShrew'', and ''{{Macbeth}}'' for Shakespeare. ''AnAmericanChildhood'', by Annie Dillard. Which is more or less a diary. it gets better''TheAbsolutelyTrueDiaryOfAPartTimeIndian'' and ''{{Maus}}'' which are ''comic books'', or at least partially. ''TheSecretLifeOfBees'', ''HeartOfDarkness'', ''ReadingLolitaInTeran'', where ''{{Lolita}}'' was an optional side-read to better understand the book, ''TheGreatGatsby'', ''SirGawainAndTheGreenKnight'', ''{{Antigone}}'' and ''{{Oedipus}}'', ''LifeOfPi'', ''ThingsFallApart'', ''NoGreatMischeif'', ''TheMetamorphosis'', ''PrideAndPrejudice'', ''TheBluestEye'', and a bunch of other books I can't remember. The final sum is probably about 30 or 40. No, we IB kids don't have lives. I can attest that any IB class ever is this. We tear literature down to the barest bones, and analyzed the heck out of it, for the sake of it. * For English class, I had to writer a paper about ''Remember'' by Christina Rossetti comparing it to Emily Brontë's ''Remembrance''. I was failed because apparently my interpretation of ''Remember'' being silly and melodramatic was (and I'm quoting here) "wrong." * Damn it! Now after reading everything on this page, this troper going to end up trying to find hidden symbolistic meanings in all the books he will read and stories he will write! Damn you!

--> ---Once you have finished analyzing this page, feel free to do a similar analysis of WhatDoYouMeanItsNotDidactic. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitleebkpqvvszxnh * Similar, but maybe the opposite? Anyway: -->Me: Actually, I'm gay. -->Friend: I knew there was a reason I thought you were awesome. * Similar happened to this troper at the doctor's office: -->Doctor: Now, the birth control we advocate is absistence - that's not having sex! - but -->Me: I don't care. I'M GAY. * This troper gets mistaken for gay often, and has gay men hitting on him. Thus "sorry I'm straight" is oft used phrase. ** Same for this Troper. I actually had to say "I'm straight," to a girl who was making no effort to hide that she was checking me out. * This aromantic, possibly asexual troper tried this on her [[StalkerWithACrush stalker with a crush]]. He saw through her. ** Are you sure you're not me? You pretty much described me in high school, asexuality and all. My stalker didn't believe me, though he did eventually give up when one of my guy friends threatened to run him over if he didn't knock it off. The [[{{Squick}} squicky]] thing is that the stalker started dating a girl who looked a lot like me, knocked her up, and got married. While we were all seniors. Ick. * My parents thought [[{{Tropers/Erkhyan}} I'd grow up to be a ''ladies' man'']]. Turns out, yeah, I attracted some attention from a fair number of ladies, but I'm perfectly happy with a boyfriend, thanks. Took three years for the parents to get used to it (and stop trying to hook me up with girls they knew). * This bi, pre-T transguy troper has had to use both "Sorry, I'm gay." and "Sorry, I'm a lesbian." to ward off both genders, on a frighteningly frequent basis, depending on who it is that's doing the asking. The reactions are often hilarious. * This lesbian troper has had this happen a few times, usually with hilarious results. She also has a gay male friend who is one of the most flamboyant people ever, and he told a story about being at a club when this girl started hitting on him, and she got very quiet and upset when he mentioned his ''boy''friend. This troper's response? [[DeadpanSnarker "Wow, somebody's gaydar is broken."]] ** Only used it once, on an internet friend's friend. Response? "Lesbians are hot." It was made even more funny because said friendof-a-friend spoke only Spanish, so my bilangual internet friend was translating for us :P * This straight, female troper has used this with several (also straight) female friends to protect ourselves from creepy older men trying to hit on us at our co-ed multi-age dance group. It works surprisingly well, although pretending to be crying on one another's

shoulders is more effective. * You non-bisexuals have it so easy. ** Just because we're bi doesn't mean we cant use it. [[@/BlakeDiamond I should know.]] I've used it on at least one StalkerWithACrush. The trick is to make sure whoever's hitting on you is a complete stranger, 'cause if they know any of your friends, and said friends happen to love messing around with you, that trick is gonna backfire ''really'' fast. ** This bisexual troper was once advised to use this on a TedBaxter. "It's not that far from the truth." ** As an alternative, "I like girls/guys." Because [[ExactWords it's true...]] ** Six times has this troper used the above statement, it's worked like a charm. Thank you, whoever you are. * This straight female troper used this on a male she wanted to be platonic friends with a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, he was still interested in being friends and has been hanging out with this troper almost every day for the last couple weeks. Results are predictable: she has completely fallen for him and is struggling for the opportunity to tell him the truth. ** The soultion is simple: Say you're Bi. ** Tell him quickly before the opportunity is lost. I know it's hard, but you'll be glad you did later. It takes guts to admit it, but it's better to try for it than have lost it all by not acting. ** You consider this a predictable outcome, but still did it? *** People are illogical. ** [[TakeAThirdOption Alternative solution]], if you don't want to tell him you lied: [[{{Ptitles8ehi15xdv34}} If It's You, It's Ok]] * This bi-sexual troper uses this as his preferred defense against drunk women at concerts... has only failed once, when it was actually a [[{{dropped a bridget on him}} cross dresser.]] * [[{{Tropers/Anderling}} This (Bisexual) Troper]] inverted this once. I was walking home past a group of people my age who were obviously [[FreestateAmsterdam smoking]] ''something'' when one of the girls started shouting how she was lesbian and wanted to make out with me. I replied that I was straight before making a random turn away from them. Ended up utterly lost, but it worked. ** Played it straight (no pun intended) another time, though. It was national Coming Out Day, and the free newspaper I picked up had an article about it before getting to the underground. For lack of a better thing to do, I started reading it. Three guys standing next to me started debating ([[NoIndoorVoice loudly]]) about my orientation and after a while one of them asked loudly "So are you straight or not?" It was only a few seconds until it got to my stop anyways, so I put away the newspaper and told him, "Well, I was straight until I met you, but I'm switching teams now. Good day." I ran out immediately when the doors opened, smiling and waving when they closed again and the guy had figured out what I implied. I consider this my CrowningMomentOfAwesome. *** and CrowningMomentOfFunny as well, my dear. ;) **** Seconded. Bonus points for the StealthInsult. ***** (OP) I'll say. A year after that and I can still picture the

look of fury and hurt male pride on that guy's face... ** More recent example from the OP. About two years ago, a (straight) female friend and I jokingly got married in an online chapel thing becuase our (gay) male friend jokingly insisted there was loads of LesYay going on between us. (He's [[NWordPrivileges allowed to]], since the three of us are {{Nakama}}.) Fast forward a year and a half. I was on MSN with a DoggedNiceGuy "friend" of mine turned into a borderline StalkerWithACrush insisting that I ''must'' like him since [[YouFailLogicForever he liked me and I was friends with him]] while I was trying to break the news to him that I didn't want to be friends anymore. As a last resort, I invited my female friend to the conversation and said, "Sorry, but Els and I are very happy together! ;)", citing the [[ChekhovsGun online wedding certificate]] as "proof". She played along, well aware of how much I hated the guy and wanted him to leave me '''alone'''. [[CriticalAnnoyance He proceded to use only crying emoticons for an hour]], after which I blocked him. A little while later, upon hearing this, my mother told me that she was getting very worried about his [[CrazyJealousGuy behavior]] [[LoveMakesYouCrazy towards]] [[{{Yandere}} me]], so I might have [[RapeIsLove dodged a]] [[RapeAsDrama bullet]] there... * This troper is bisexual and identifies as transgendered/bi-gendered (using masculine pronouns for simplicity's sake), but is biologically female. After a convention, while this troper was waiting for his bus home, a guy who'd also gone to the con started talking to him. The conversation was progressing normally until the guy asked, "Did you go to your prom?" This troper answered, "No." Next question: "Oh, no boyfriend?" After a few seconds' thought -- the guy seemed harmless and was fairly nice, but was showing "interest" after all of probably ''two minutes'' -- this troper said, "...No girlfriend." Unfortunately, this didn't really seem to have the intended effect. * This troper once had to (truthfully) SorryImGay a woman ''while he was wearing skinny jeans, a magenta T-shirt, a black sleeveless hoodie, chucks with pink-and-black chequered laces, and pink-and-black chequered elbow-length fingerless gloves.'' ** Well you never know for sure until you ask. Maybe she was just really hopeful. After all, you could just be really into pink. *** It ''is'' for [[RealMenWearPink Real Men]] after all. ** You could also have been Emo. Sounds like one to me. * When hanging around with a female friend and getting accosted by annoying guys in the street, this troper tends to put an arm around a random part of the friend's body, smile cutely, bat her eyelashes, say "Sorry, we're both taken!" and run away before the friend realizes what's happened, so that when HilarityEnsues it's out of earshot of the guys. (Then again, in one case she was hopeful.) ** Update: now it's happening more and more often at the ''friend'''s initiative. And recently a pair of guys trying to hit on us answered "[[HoYay No problem, we're gay too]]!" for some unfathomable reason, and the conversation concluded with us saying [[FauxYay we'd like them to give us some]] [[IfYouKnowWhatIMeant alone time]] and wishing them the best for their own romantic evening. Their fail was funny though. * Dr Impossible is asexual and loves the look on people's faces when they hear that.

* At some point, I had a (female) friend who may or may not have had a crush on me. She sure liked to hang out with me and a common friend was sure she had something for me. In the end, I mentioned in a conversation that I'm gay in a semi-casual manner (mind you this was the first time I came open to anyone in that particular friend circle). She said she had pretty much guessed it but to this day I'm not sure if she was making a saving throw or if she actually saw guessed it. Other friends of the same circle were not surprised at all. * This lesbian can attest that this does not always work. Nice, friendly guy was rather obviously interested in me. Our conversation turned toward dating and I mentioned my ex-girlfriends. Didn't bat an eyelash and didn't change a thing. Had to bloody spell it out for him. Multiple times. ** All you did was mention ex-girlfriends. He probably just assumed (or hoped) you were bisexual instead. [[AllMenArePerverts Remember how desperate we men can be sometimes]]. * This Bisexual Troper has never used this either way (I'm too [[DepravedBisexual depraved]] to bother usually) but has had it used on him by 8 girls, only once truthfully, and she didn't actually say it, but used suspiciously gender neutral pronouns when saying (in a letter) that she was with someone. She did come out later. * At the Pride parade this year, while he was wearing ''rainbowcolored suspenders'' and a rainbow scarf, this Troper's boyfriend was repeatedly accosted by an incredibly drunk girl who kept trying to grind with him, despite the boyfriend's efforts to rebuff her. * This lesbian troper went to a party where a guy grabbed her ''twice'' and tried to make out with me. I was a bit tipsy and pushed him off roughly. A guy nearby went "Dude, he's hot," and I said "I'm gay," "So?". Facepalm worthy. * This asexual troper feels weird lying to deter a male, but no one takes "I'm asexual" seriously. So I just say "I'm not attracted to boys." It's true, though not in the way they are expecting. * This troper has experienced this from the other side ... probably. I suppose I should have known better, because he wasn't (and isn't) exactly StraightGay, but he said he was bi on his profile page on an internet community, and I was crushing ''hard'' and really hopeful but too shy to tell him. I must have been pretty obvious, though. Then, on his birthday party, after having got pretty drunk, he told me, "Yeah, and just so you know: I'm never having [[UnusualEuphemism tuna]] again. ''Ever''."[[hottip:*:The previous conversation had nothing to do with actual tuna.]] Okay ... * This was, in fact, the way this editor publically acknowledged he was bi for the very first time. * [[Troper/AdelePotter This Tropette]] has a [[GranolaGirl fri]][[TeamMom end]] [[SophisticatedAsHell who is usually quite collected]] and cool. Unless of course her HopelessSuitor Dante comes talking to her. Then... [[BerserkButton not so]] [[{{Understatement}} much]]. I jokingly suggested she says, "Sorry, you're nice and all but I'm a lesbian." * This troper had to use this defense once (though, it was basically the truth. She's technically bi but doubts she'll be dating men any

time soon for personal reasons). The guy's response? Well, I just needed a good fuck, obviously! What a class act. * This troper has a male friend she talks to at school. After having to say ShesNotMyGirlfriend one too many times, he came out and said he was gay, much to the shock of the teasers as well as this troper. Although this could be subverted if he only said that to get them to shut up[[hottip:.: which they did, so if that was the case, mission accomplished]] * This (lesbian) troper has up to this point been too deeply shut in the {{Asexuality}} closet to actually use this, but now that she's considering when to come out she thinks she might use it if one of her male friends (who has a rather obvious crush on her) tries to make a pass at her. Although she did use it in a {{Shadowrun}} game when he said that his character was attracted to hers. Her character has a girlfriend. * When [[{{Tropers/Premonition45}} this troper]] was in high school, he was attracted to a girl, but her friends took me aside to say she was a lesbian. I was disappointed, but years later, I realized they said that to make me stay away from her, even finding her on Facebook again. The good thing about this is it was probably the first time I thought pragmatically about my beliefs (I'm a Muslim). * Bit of a subversion here with this (Male, straight) troper. At my previous place of work I and the head of the engineering department were pretty damn flamboyant on occasion in the halls of the office. He was married with kids, I was engaged at the time. Half of the building thought we were actually together. It was all a joke. The two actual gay guys were one of the engineers and a guy in IT. * In an extraordinarily strange version of this, this troper, whose usual method of making people go away is pulling out his [[NiceHat blue velvet top hat]] (it works, too), was being hit on. When he pulled out the hat, the girl immediately said, "Oh, you're gay. Sorry," and walked off. It still confuses me. ** You call it confusing, I call it CrowningMomentOfFunny. * [[Tropers/SirPsychoSexy This troper]] has to use it ''repeatedly'' because [[CassandraTruth very few women]] [[StraightGay believe he's gay]]. And on the occasions where [[{{Transexual}} he]] is mistaken for a ButchLesbian, people are ''still'' really surprised (and sometimes {{Squick}}ed!) to find out he's into men. Apparently [[UnfortunateImplications masculine people of either gender are only allowed to be into girls]]. ---Sorry, I'm not into SorryImGay. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

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* A female and lesbian friend of mine and I were taking care of the school's rabbits, one of them decides to scratch her on her chest. And she put the rabbit down in the cage and opened her shirt a bit and said, "Look what that stupid bitch did to me!" I answered with a {{Male Gaze}} and said, "I'm looking cause you told me to." She realized her mistake and facepalm'd. * This troper was on the receiving end of this one. Her boyfriend of four-and-a-half months informed her that [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy he cared too much about her to just cheat on her]] but didn't think he'd [[CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest be able to control himself]] because she's [[CelibateHero waiting for marriage]] and [[IncorruptiblePurePureness won't budge on the subject for any reason]], so he had to end the relationship before he was tempted to cheat (amusingly, she informed him of the fact that she'd not sleep with him ''the evening he asked her out'', but he didn't bring up the subject again for two months, and then only once, briefly, before another two months of silence). She thinks he either needs to learn self control or invest in some [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaphrodisiac anaphrodisiacs]] if the physical urge is ''that'' overwhelming. Then again, she's the one who waffles between [[{{Asexual}} asexuality]] and [[TroperTales/AllWomenArePrudes good ol'e prudery]] - but her parents somehow managed it, and she's ''quite'' certain they have "healthy" drives... >_< * This Troper was on the receiving end of this when she was Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, and had to wear a lepord-print spandex "dress." She was informed by the actor playing Mushnik that he could not be held responsible for staring at her boobs all night long, especially because this was such a rare opportunity since This Troper usually wears sports bras and baggy shirts all the time. * This Troper is a subversion. In fact, This Troper does not like to talk about it much. -@/{{YouMustDie}} * This troper sits at a table with six or seven anime fangirls. I try my best to be appropriate to point of almost being asexual but I tend to point little things out like their [=IDs=] or necklaces being a little... misplaced somewhere it would draw the eye. I once defended myself by saying "I am the only guy here. I'm obligated to be perverted." * This is one of the tropes that makes me, as a woman, seriously want to advocate castration. Luckily, no men have shown interest in me yet. ** How on earth could a girl like you still be single? ** Monster. Imagine a man supporting the removal of your breasts? ** [[TakeThat Somehow I don't see that trend changing any time soon.]] * As a guy, I can be really, really embarrassed by my friends sometimes. A common exchange goes along the lines of "You're being a pervert." "I'm a guy, I can't help it." "I'm not staring at her chest." "That's because you're weird?/What are you, gay?/What are you, a girl?". I should also note that it's often a girl who says the last part... it's a little sad that men are expected to be pigs. ** Hear ya there, bro. * This male troper tries not to be TOO overtly sexual, even around his girlfriend...but every once in awhile, if only to see if she's still

paying attention, he'll unleash a flirt worthy of Howard Stern, followed by using the trope as a defense. She laughs EVERY TIME. * This troper goes out of his way to stay single and when girls ask about sexuality,hook-ups and so on and answers in a way that would make them then ask if he was gay when truthfully he was aiming for asexual.However even he himself will give a MaleGaze to their butts the minute they turn and walk away * This troper is a 14 y/o girl. I'm very very buxom, carry 125 pounds on my back with my 5'6 frame, and have an hourglass figure. Unfortunately, many males, even [[{{DirtyOldMan}} the teacher I was forced to be in ISS with]], stare ogoley eyed at my chest and try to touch me. Though really, one day when I was getting closer to leaving ISS (I wasn't ''in trouble'', I had to finish work because of my absences), the strange old man, as soon as I bend over to peek at a computer screen, grabs my tiny wasit and [[{{Squick}} rubs his fingers across it -- in a way a staff member shouldn't touch a student]]. I wanted to screech loudly right then, "OH MY GOD!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! HE ASSUALTED ME!" in the voice that a victim would use. It was disgusting. And because every student was working around me, there were absolutely ''no'' witnesses. The perv's later reaction, as I overheard his discussion with another male member of the school staff - "I couldn't help it." . EWW. I had '''''no''''' evidence to report him either. :( ** The fuck, man, that's disgusting. That guy has no excuse at all; I'm tired of this "I couldn't help it" bullshit. Are you sure there was nothing you can do? ** Me and my family never heard anything back from the school when we reported him. I recently changed to alternative school because of multiple distractions that public middle school had for me. Perhaps it was too late by then. But I was so paranoid that I kept looking into the situation. I am not kidding when I say, months after this incident, even possibly a year, I looked on MULTIPLE county court record lookups for his name and came up only with traffic tickets, civil suits, and one case labeled [[{{ParentalIncest}} "Parent-Child Relationship"]] (incest?). No charges, unless they're appeals for traffic tickets- have been filed against this guy before. I was stricken with anger and dissappointment. Frequent teasing at school didn't help either. Shortly after, I ended up in the hospital after a few severe cutting episodes and brutal arguements with my parents. I'm alright now, though this incident is still getting to me. I agree with you that "I couldn't help it!" is a bullshit excuse. No grown man, older than 18, should be touching someone like that. ESPECIALLY IN A SCHOOL. I wish my school could've done more about it. Hell, I wish I could have too. It's so unfortunate that things like this happen in schools everywhere yet nobody belives the victims of the harrassment, instead supporting the harrasser... which is only ''one'' of the reasons why I never opted to attend public school in the first place after 6.5 years in private school. * When this troper was a senior in highschool, she had to take Art with juniors. One such junior, who annoyed this troper very much, would blatantly stare at her chest, even if she was looking right at him or during a conversation with him. One time this troper actually

waved her hand in front of his face and said "Hello? What have you never seen a girl before?" to which he replied ".............Huh, what?" with a smirk on his face. To be clear, this troper never dressed to show cleavage, in fact school dress code was very strict, and so practically no one did. Also this tropers friend had a class with a guy who sat two seats in front of, and one row to the left of her, and he would turn fully around in the middle of class to stare at her. Actually alot of guys did this to her because she was particularly...ample, so some of them could probably be justified. Probably. * This troper had a certain teacher who had considerable, shall we say, "assets", and was very fond of outfits with a lot of cleavage. One of my friends, who sat in the front row directly infront of her desk, once got mesmerized a little too long at the sight and she noticed, so she asked him a question. The first time he didn't quite hear it and the second time he replied: "Oh, sorry. I got lost in thought." Fortunately for my friend, she didn't ask him what he was thinking about. ----

ptitlefer89dxpeovn * This troper's mother is happy she's a girl, but she wanted more of a girly-girl, which this troper is markedly not. ** This troper's grandmother is like that too, about her. She (Granny) got a little bit luckier with this troper's cousin, who is seven and [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses likes Disney princesses.]] But then, she also likes {{Pokemon}}... *** While this troper has never been told of certain expectations from any of her family, she suspects that her grandmothers wish she was like she was as a little girl; socialable, friendly, liking pink and other girly-ish things like fashion. Unfortunately for them, she grew into a [[ThereAreNoTherapists jaded]], [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]], [[{{Tomboy}} tomboy]] [[{{Otaku}} otaku]] FanGirl with a hatred for pink and all things remotely fashionable-and-not-practical. She is getting a bit better (in terms of fashion, anyway), but luckily she has other, more feminine cousins that are much easier to get gifts for... **** Oh My God... are you me? **** You too, eh? ** It could be worse. This troper was pegged as a girl in every single X-ray taken right up until the day he popped out. The way I heard it, they first had to scramble for a proper boy's name, since they had picked out a girl's one weeks in advance. Then they had to bring me home to a pink-painted baby room and think about how to exchange all those baby shower gifts. *** They used ''X-rays'' to identify a ''fetus''? Don't you mean ultrasound? *** Sigh. Whippersnappers. This troper's mother suffered permanent thyroid damage from X-Rays because her pregnancy/my birth were not the easiest in the world, and back in those days they didn't ''have'' ultrasound.

** This troper is clearly expected to be a girly girl by her father and his side of the family, and her brother is clearly expected to be a man's man. He got a gearhead daughter and a social butterfly J.D.like son. Hilarity ensued. ** Weird case with this troper's mom... she wanted a daughter, intelligent, and interested in science. Well, I meet those requirements (the second on a good day, anyway). Problem: Mom also wanted said child to be socially functional, prefer feminine clothing, and not be nerdy. The resultant disapproval when it became clear that I wasn't any of those was worse than expected. ** This particular type of case was completely averted with [[@/MarinaDelGrapes this troper]]'s [[TheLadette mother]]. She wanted a fourth boy. She got a girly girl. She was NOT pleased and did a lot to make her daughter's life a living hell for it, permanently damaging her daughter's health in the process. * This troper's twin six year old cousins are autistic and developmentally disabled because of it. They spend a good amount of time in therapy because the one still doesn't speak and the other speaks with the ability of a a two year old. They spend all this time in therapy because they are capable of functioning in society if they can learn to communicate. They don't do some of the more extreme forms (the mother was a special ed teacher before she left to be a full time mother/ because it was too close to home), but they do spend what seems like a normal school day in therapy. Part of this is due to the fact that having a ridged, structured schedule is very recommended. I dare anyone to say they don't need all that time in therapy. ** Sounds like they're getting what they need. Others have been less fortunate. ** On a serious level, I agree. But the one thing to look out for with a rigid schedule is the recurring [[RougeAnglesOfSatin paper cuts.]] ** [[@/MarinaDelGrapes I]] want to hug your cousins. It sounds to me like they're working very, very hard and while working so hard at such a young age is truly bittersweet, it will pay off. Don't assume they don't know exactly what your family says about them, either. My nephew didn't speak until he was seven and he sure remembered everything. He now thinks that he is the worst person alive, poor sweetie. * This troper is ''certain'' (although she can't prove it) that her parents wanted a normal daughter. Not any particular personality type, since they seem to be fine with everything ''else'' about me, just... normal. And they got one: this troper's younger sister, who's the most stereotypical modern {{Otaku}}-lite teenage girl possible, somewhere between the NaiveEverygirl and the BrattyTeenageDaughter, who throws in the bonus of being simperingly affectionate. This troper ''herself'', on the other hand, is TheSnarkKnight, an InsufferableGenius, and a [[BrokenBird major head case]], who had [[TheBerserker a bit of a rage problem]] when she was a child, and who also has practically no interest in social interaction. I've also had problems in school -- not with marks, since I'm a TeenGenius who would probably be in college by now (at least) if being so incredibly fucked up in the head hadn't both diverted most of the attention and caused the authority figures in my life to decide I wasn't emotionally ready to skip grades, but pretty much everything else -- from day one; when

I stopped needing special handling and frequently getting pulled out of class for being TheBerserker (not to mention a light case of RaisedByWolves, but that wasn't the main issue, it just added fuel to the fire), I started skipping school, first casually, then it snowballed. The combination of this attitude itself and the inevitable ParentalFavoritism generated by having one child who fit the expected profile and one who was pretty much the polar opposite was what led to a large portion (but certainly by no means all) of my BrokenBird-hood, creating something of a vicious cycle. ** [[YouAreNotAlone You're not alone.]] And this troper's nearly weeping at work because now she knows she isn't ''either''.... *** [[EngagingConversation Now,]] [[{{Tropers/Lioyd}} now,]] [[ChivalrousPervert ladies...]] ** Oh goody, somebody left the cloning machine on again. *** [[YouAreNotAlone ...and it's spiraling out of control.]] * This troper had an older sister and older brother. Each wanted a sibling of their own sex. What they got was a female super-tomboy who was a girl, so yucky, but would not stand for being dressed up and taken shopping and other girly things. This has gotten slightly subverted as the troper has aged, though, as her sister has shown more tomboyish behaviors and the troper has found a few feminine interests. (Things with the brother, eh, less so.) * Although she never explicitly voices the desire, it's obvious that this troper's mother wishes that he were more religious and family oriented. Tis not so. * This troper was expected to be female, but wasn't. It seems that the largest problem isn't the fact that he's male rather than female, but because he is a little too much of a twin (talking Cloning here, despite the fact that we are not identical twins). Individuality is still a * very* new concept to the both of us, so we cause a lot of headaches. * Mother wanted this troper to be a quiet, demure, ladylike girl would would wear pretty dresses everywhere, play three different instruments with proficiency, execute excellent gymnastic maneuvers, do ballet and Chinese classical dance, and draw fairies. I'm loud, zany, mildly spazztic, I slouch and my idea of an outfit is a t-shirt and trakkies. I play three different instruments with about as much proficiency as a fruitbat, can do about half a cartwheel and a forward roll, do a sort of retarded stretching routine that involves dancing to my playlist which ranges from classical to punk rock through jazz, pop and country, and I prefer drawing various AvatarTheLastAirbender characters making out. (And some horses and a couple of wolves when I've run out of pairings.) Needless to say, I'm not exactly a model daughter. To her credit, though, I WAS quiet, demure, shy, ladylike and played the piano with sufficient skill...when I was EIGHT. Forgive me if I go through puberty in the six years that's passed since then. ** You might just be this troper's alternate universe clone. Her mother has said, in so many words, she would rather have had a walking Barbie doll rather than what this troper turned out to be. Aahhh, the siren sound of years of future therapy... * About a couple months prior to her sibling's birth, this troper had a very convincing dream in which she had a pretty little sister.

Despite being told--many times, in fact--that she was to have a brother, this troper still held on to the dream. Needless to say, she wasn't exactly jumping for joy when her brother popped out. On the other hand, even said brother has noted there are times where this troper is even manlier than he is. * [[@/MeganPhntmGrl This troper]] is into boys. Her brother is bisexual and living with his boyfriend. Their mother... wishes her daughter were a lesbian, because apparently same-sex relationships are "more meaningful". * Much of this troper's life has been spent listening to everyone he's encountered saying, "{{You Suck}}. Why aren't you different?" ** Don't change. You're awesome as you are. * This troper's father wants him to be a [[CorruptCorporateExecutive CEO]] or engineer or some other "real" job, which is apparent now that I'm about to go off to university. Thing is, I'm really more of an arsty kind of person, I would hate to have a normal job, and I can't do maths to save my mortal soul. He also wants me to join the ROTC or whatever it is that I join the military and get a scholarship, while I have more anti-establishment views. It gets to be a problem. * [[@/DokEnkephalin this troper]]'s grandmother, who was also his guardian for a good chunk of his formative years, always wished he were different in just about every way imaginable. Not Republican enough for her, not jock enough for her, not good ole boy rough-neck enough for her, not country enough, not talented enough (though her idea of 'talent' was being able to ''tapdance'' for gawdsake.) If she hadn't set off my crazy alarms long before the evidence started piling up then I might've given a damn about her approval and turned out into a seriously screwed up individual. I don't have to imagine it; I can just look at her children and other grandchildren for examples. * This troper gets this from her grandfather, who seems to have a different idea of how different she should be every time(wanting her to major in veterinary science rather than English, go into politics, join all sorts of clubs she has no interest in...). Although he conveys it in a passive-aggressive way that's almost more annoying than outright stating it. * Both of this troper's parents (who were never married and have near zero contact) measure their self-worth (along with their children's worth and their grandchildren's worth, (who are 3, 5, and I think 7)) by how social they are, how many friends they have, and how important their friends are. This troper is anti-social. Also both families have strong military backgrounds, while he is extremely anti-war. His father also believes in showing how wealthy he is through holding parties and gatherings (he's been implicated in multiple cooperate fraud cases) and his mother likes to show it with huge collections of priceless antiques while this troper is a absolute minimalist. * [[@/{{Sharysa}} In a strange example, this troper]] has only met ''half'' of her mother's expectations: She wanted an ambitious, smart, hard-working daughter. This troper is female, and is currently a LazyGenius mixed with DeadpanSnarker who focuses more on the arts than practical things. Subsequently she tends to get nagged about a) finding a ''real'' job after a few years despite the fact that she ''likes'' working at a craft store, b) going to college and getting

instructed in nursing or some other high-demand job instead of acting and music, and c) actually ''taking the test'' for her driver's license. Also that she's too young to be forgetting things so often, she shouldn't spend so much time on the computer, and she should be more social--but the first three are the main priority. The implications that her very ''existence'' is only half-satisfactory makes this troper wish she had enough money to move out. ** Are you me? I mean, aside the fact that for me it's Dad rather than Mom.... *** Original Troper: While she's currently forcing herself to focus on getting her license because there's a legitimate need for it, the problem now is that she's majoring in Theater--and while she does enjoy studying psychology, she's only taking classes in it to keep her mother happy. She intends on joining one of her theater teacher's troupes the minute she gets her bachelor's degree, and has no intention of actually getting a psych-related job. Moreover, she feels BAD about sort-of-lying to her mother. Does this mean she can't even lie properly? * This troper's mother has made it clear that she would prefer a dull, shapely, dependable child rather than an intelligent one who occasionally acts crazy as a bag of hammers. It makes me ''really'' sad. * This troper frequently sees this from her grandmother. Being a [[ThereAreNoTherapists jaded child]], [[{{Tomboy}} tomboy]], [[{{Otaku}} otaku]], [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic know-it-all]], a loner, and a [[BrilliantButLazy genius who would rather play on the computer than study]] frequently gets her told that she should have been different (ie more girly) by dear old grandma. Surprisingly, my cousin, who is psycho (she threatened to stab me because I wouldn't play 'princesses' with her!) gets all the love. I get points for following the family path of art, though. * I was 6 when my father remarried. Back then, I was somewhat girly, though with some tomboyish tendencies. My stepmother clearly hoped the girly side would win out as I grew up, but it didn't. [[DeadpanSnarker Oh]], [[NightmareFetishist it]] [[JadeColoredGlasses didn't]]. * Although my parents love me deeply, sometimes they drop hints that they would have rather had a successful, clever social butterfly for a daughter instead of a [[BiTheWay bisexual]] [[LonersAreFreaks loner]] who gets on with the wrong people, [[NightmareFetishist loves the wrong stuff]] and got [[BrokenBird broken down]] in her younger years by shitty friends and a year's worth of sexual abuse. * sigh* ** Jesus Christ... * hugs* ** Sierra...? Is that you? If not, I have a feeling the two of you would hit it off. * This troper knows her parents love her but is sure that her mother sometimes wishes she was girlier. I like pink and watching girly movies but ''loathe'' dresses/skirts, shoes (high heels? Ugh. I can't even ''stand'' in them), dancing and shopping for clothes. * I know my mother loves me, I'm not questioning that, but she had different expectations for me: She has a degree in Chemistry, ergo, she expected I would study some "hard" or "real" sciences; unfortunately, I'm more a creative-artistic kind of person, and I

studied Cinema, and while I know she admires creative people, it's obvious that's not what he wanted for her older son, and even worse, my younger brother actually studies something more appealing to her eyes (Biology). * This troper's mother has been asking this question for years. Troper's pasttimes confuse and perplex her mother, who can't understand why she enjoys things like cartoons, fantasy novels, Renaissance faires, science fiction movies, art and science museums, and medieval history. In recent years, however, Mom has started to mellow out on the matter and realize that while her pursuits may be "wacky" in Mom's estimation, it doesn't change the fact that Troper is a good person who does lots of volunteer work, helps out with family emergencies, and is generally just nice to everyone. Troper finally felt validated the day she heard her mother refer to her as "my ''good'' kid." Hang in there, my fellow tropers who don't meet parental expectations -- there is hope! * This troper suspects this may be the case with his father. My father is very conservative, mathematically-inclined, and firmly believes that this troper needs to continue the family tradition of the firstborn son entering into the United States Air Force as soon as possible, but instead I'm more liberal, I hate math with the burning passion of a thousand suns, love the English language, love drawing and painting, and will probably never enter the military because of a deep-set, primal fear of losing my self-control and individualism. I am far from my father's initial hopes of a manly-man who is very interesting in serving my country. And this troper would like to admit that at least a tiny part of how I turned out was intentional on my part (and possibly my mother's, too). ** You mean there actually ARE people who share [[@/{{Aryn}} my]] neurotic rage/phobia of loss of self-control to the degree that I yell at people who ask me to do things simply because of the way they phrased it? * [[@/ThirtyTwoFootsteps This troper]] saw his aunt go through this she was just fine having her first child be a daughter, but she wanted a son after that. Not in the cards, as she had three more girls. It became increasingly obvious over time, as the second and third girls got names that used to be AlwaysMale names, and the fourth got one that still is considered male by 99% of the population. Even moreso, the youngest two both turned out to be tomboys, with the third child becoming an {{Otaku}} that regularly goes to Ren Faires, and the fourth being addicted to {{Batman}} comics and cheesy movies. They end up relating the most to their older uncle/this troper's father, as that branch of the family is much more accepting of such things than their traditionally girly mother/this troper's aunt. * This troper has an aunt that is seemingly hoping for someone to be gay in her family by the amount of time she has been asking single cousins (including this one) about their sexual preference and has asked other people if there's anything odd about "cousin" not having a boy/girlfriend. There's something scary about her insistence that it doesn't matter when she asks about it so much. * This troper's parents read every parenting book (and even wrote a few). They are both college professors, and set up pre-natal tutoring

as the first step in the process of having an altruistic, well rounded genius who would eventually solve all the world's problems. Instead, this troper reads a lot of Batman. ** Pre-natal tutoring? How does that even work? * A (kinda) funny example with This Troper, since he manages to dissapoint both parents, but for different reasons. The only thing he seems to have succeeded in was being a boy. The father expected a son who was a total jock with tons of friends who got straight As. Troper is a lazy guy who gets Bs with only a few friends and who likes to play video games alot. The mother expected a bilingual ladies' man(or man's man) who was very socialable. Troper doesn't care for learning any other languages, and is an anti-social {{Asexual}} who really only socializes with friends and family. And yet, to most of his cousins, he's just perfect. So I filled their thoughts atleast. They make good game partners. * This female editor sincerely believes that her parents love her, but they have stated that they had hoped for a calm, ambitious, obedient and hardworking daughter. Instead they got me, who goes by impulses and emotions (but still using a common sense, of course), BrilliantButLazy DeadpanSnarker, talented in writing and really stubborn with [[UnstoppableRage a short fuse]]. And if her nature wouldn't be enough, she is PerkyGoth [[NightmareFetishist who has strange tastes]]. She often gets bashed about: 1) Wasting time on daydreaming and writing or not putting those writing skills to good use but wasting them in the 'fantasy-babble' as they say. 2) Being too lazy (oh I have ambition, but I don't like to waste it in things I see uninteresting) 3) Being unsocial and withdrawn or 4) Liking the [[TimBurton wrong]] [[NightmareFetishist things]]. This troper can't recall how many times she has heard the phrase "Why can't you be like your brother? He wasn't this hard at all and! Try to be normal once in a while." ** Dear god...it's like looking in a mirror... * Mom wanted a smart child who would grow up to be a doctor, or a lawyer, then settle down with a nice girl and raise the perfect American family. She got an asexual kid-hating loner who drives a tow truck for a living instead. To her credit, she loves him just the same, but can't hide ''all'' the disappointment all the time. * My parents wanted a polite,social,ladylike girl. Who always kept her hair down, wore pretty dresses, had a passion for academics, and did girly things like Barbie and ponies. But no, they got a Strange,Artsy,Bokukko,Strangely Quiet,Snarky,Cloudcuckoolander. When I was little I spent most of my time playing in the mud and watching Transformers and all that junk. To be fair my dad did want a boy at first and I do like academics. I usually get the iconic words "Will you try to be a girl/normal/social/etc.?!", but they're slowly learning to accept me. ** Honey, it could have been much worse. I'm the person whose mother was an aversion of your parents' type. Thanks to that, I'm even more chronically ill than I was at birth. * Sadly, my sister went through this with my father. This Troper was discovered to be 'above-average' at a young age (despite the discovery of Asperger's at age 14), and my father never quite stopped pressuring

my sister, despite showering me with praise. It was all made worse by the fact that he never ''explicitly'' compared us. Thankfully, my mother divorced him. ** I'm sorry, but I don't even understand what the problem was here. *** They're saying that, thanks to their own perceived merits, their father was like this to their little sister and never thought she was doing well enough. * This troper's highly educated outdoor-enthusiast of a father wanted a kid of either gender - hard working, dedicated, down to earth, fit, confident and healthy, who would work in natural scince and have a family with some abstract male no smarter than her. Her former Shrinking Violet - Teen Genius mother wanted an intelligent (read "Teen Genius"), social, well-read, beautiful Magnificent Bitch, who would eventually marry something as spinelessly loving as her own husband and beget two children, girls preferably. What they got was a (still closeted to them) lesbian, an agoraphobic and neurotic Cloudcuckoolander full of self-esteem issues and daydreams, with no actual social contacts and a crippling fear of life. * [[@/PuppyLuver This troper]]'s parents, like so many others, want grandchildren. Too bad for them, because what they don't realize is that their only daughter is absolutely HORRIFIED with the idea of sex, and is scared of being responsible for small children due to the fact that they are so fragile. Oh well. Here's hoping they'll be okay with grandpups. * [[@/HappyDuck I'm]] this way with ''myself''. ** Likewise. * I used to get this a lot from my father after I decided to drop softball and focus on dance (this was after five years of being late to both and changing in the car). He's toned it down in the many years since, and is brought to ManlyTears by my pointe dancing, but will occasionally nag me about it when I catch something well. * I'm [[SarcasmMode lucky]] enough to get this with both parents. My mom wanted a traditional, Catholic conservative that'll get her lots of grandchildren. My dad wanted a jock to play sports with, and for me to have lots of friends and girlfriends. I'm an liberal, antiauthoritarian, bisexual atheist that dislikes most religions, and I'm an otaku anti-socialite that's deathly afraid of most human interaction. They both love me, but it's obvious that I wasn't what they were expecting. * Due to my grandfather's political standing, I was raised to be a [[TheOjou gentle lady]] [[YamatoNadeshiko with good housekeeping skills]], in the vein of most of Latin America's expectations for a high-class female. Instead I'm a BrilliantButLazy GeniusDitz with CovertPervert tendencies, a self-professed YaoiFangirl, and a BoisterousBruiser. [[ParentalFavoritism Mom and Dad don't mind, they're pretty content with ignoring me and doting on my sisters, who turned out right,]][[CoolBigSis yet I don't hold it against them]]. But my grandparents, aunts and uncles tend to outright ask me what the hell went wrong with my upbringing. * This troper's paternal grandmother wanted her to be a stereotypical 'good little Christian girl'. Well, this troper is a bisexual polytheist, who is very into anime and manga, and isn't interested in

watching her grandmother's 'good, clean movies', or getting into crocheting, embroidery, and knitting. On a much, much, smaller scale, her mother has always seemed disappointed that she can't buy me lots and lots of shoes. * This troper's mom wants her to be an active, sporty, feminine athelete who doesn't use her brain (AKA, Exactly like her), when in actuality, I am a lazy, nerdy, masculine gamer who is incredibly creative and thinks about everything. My sister gets it worse off, even though the only detail she gets wrong is being smart. * This troper gets vibes of this from her mother. Although, I can see where she is coming from. My father is an alcoholic arsehole, to put it in the politest way possible, her mothers (Very much a Wallflower, though it might have something to do with her German family coming to Australia shortly after the Second World War. Lot's of prejeduce(?) going round, her father eas beaten at one point) only boyfriend, who was a chance for her to not be surrounded by her family, who more or less saw her as a burden, due to her being born when her eldest sibling was in her mid-twenties and her mum was about 50'ish. Said boyfriend spent the next fourteen years drinking away money, promising to marry her. Mum finally got the sense to leave him, finding out she was pregnant with my younger sister afterwrds. * All children other than said sister are anti-social and quite possibly severely depressed. Oldest sister, bullied, and eventually dropped out of school. Me? Bullied at school,due to my (Not as bad it could be and i feel like a botch complaining about as other people have it much much worse) physical deformity (Really not the right word, as it is quite minor but it is the only one that comes to mind) with the teachers doing all they could to stop it, which was more or less calling in the offender and telling them to stop it. I was pretending to be sick on schooldays alot. Eventually after years of bullying I got to high school, Thinking everything would be better. It didn't. So now I have school part time whilst trying to find a job, as does my older sister. I am trying to succeed and am frequently told I am quite smart if I could apply myself, which I can't due to years of bullying culminated in Severe Fucked-Upedness of the Head. ** I am talking crying at the thought of having to go to school. The work is fine. It's just the mere thought of the possibility of being teased by the people ther is the problem. Little sister is a social butterfly with good friends (Something neither me of older sister have had in a while)and does good work. ** After going through all that shit is it too much to ask for Mum to see one of her fucked up children to succeed? HELL NO. ** Is that very very hard to do with my near constant and even-imannoyed-with-it bad/sad mood? YES. ** Ah, the remembrance of spending so much of my school life sobbing about how i cannot be normal. * Semi-averted by my parents. They wanted a nice Catholic boy with straight-A grades, tons of friends, who played sports and volunteered at various charities and ended up in grad school by the age of 22. I ended up a lazy, atheist, non-athletic guy with a few close friends who spends a lot of time by myself playing World of Warcraft and is

still going to college on the 5 year plan. Nevertheless, they still love me for who I am, but occasionally some of those expectations become obvious. ** Are you me? My parents forced me into CCD or as I called it, SCCC. I think forcing me into something for over 12 years when my sister had to only go for ''SIX'' and didn't have to do ''half'' the crap I did... * While I know my parents love me, I think my mother wanted a girlier daughter who loves fashion/clothes/etc. and that my parents want a more social daughter. What they have is a (rather lazy) intelligent girl who would happily wear funny T-shirts and jeans/sweats/shorts all the time, hates shopping for shoes and clothes, and who does most of her socializing with her small group of friends and online. * My parents (my mother in particular) wanted an sporty, outgoing, sociable girl (basically an ESFP using the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator); the kind that is largely concerned with social status, clothes, and just generally being a Mary Sue. Instead they got an antisocial, somewhat masculine INTP who hates sports, loves video games/books/the internet, and has a nearly permanent slouch. This they did not take kindly to. * My parents (other than wishing I was [[BrokenBird happier, obviously]], seem to wish that I was straight, to the point of outright denying that [[BiTheWay I like both men and women]] (my mom says that my getting a girlfriend and bringing her to the house would be "inappropriate"; [[SarcasmMode yeah, because my little brothers might turn into lesbians]]. * SubvertedTrope:I was expected to be twins, but I was actually just really big. My parents didn't mind. * This troper actually got this one word-for-word from his mother shortly before finally moving out, over my disinterest in going to a Freshers Week disco of all things. I wish I could say this was the most hurtful thing that was said before I finally inverted IHaveNoSon. * While my mom is proud of me(cflib), she DOES wish I was better than I am at math. The male half of my DNA obviously wishes I was a boy(because, THEN he could have taken me hunting & camping & fishing. He operates under the belief that girls don't like those things)--he finally got his "precious" sons when I was 11. That was when I was immediately dumped like the proverbial red-headed step-child so he could be a "real" dad. I'm pretty sure that if I had been born a boy, I would STILL be a non-athletic anime-loving bookworm(which is what I am as a female). And when I was a kid, my paternal grandmother always wanted me to ask for jewelry for Christmas/birthday gifts. At the time(and to this day), I wanted books, movies, and video/computer games. * This troper got this from her grandparents a lot, one grandmother wanted a girly girl to go shopping with, the other wanted a proper lady who could dance and play piano. What they go was a WholesomeCrossdresser, BoisterousBruiser with no interest in anything feminine. She can only hope that their reactions with be ones of non surprise when she tells them all she's gay. * This troper is something of a case for his parents. They want a child who is 'successful' in the "Have a good job, and a big house in

the suburbs and a 60" TV" kind of way. Meanwhile he is a kind of a case of BrilliantButLazy, has good grades but poor drive; and the day that he gets a job will be the day I find employment that requires minimal effort (or at least is amusing. In a double case, he feels this way about his parents. They are described as the parents from {{Caroline}} but work retail instead of writing. The few ways he connects with them are the depressingly few overlaps in taste with Music and Movies. His father likes direct to DVD dramas and Action movies, his mother likes Romantic Comedies (especially ones abut christmas), while he likes Classic cinema and Sci-Fi, especially those with a philosophical bent. His father's taste in music is basically what you can find on the radio and what was popular in the last 30 years, while his mother likes about 80% of the top 40 along with country and some indie, while this troper likes Alt-Rock, Punk Rock, and some classic rock. * This troper's father can't seem to accept that this troper is ''not'' a perfect little replica of him in his youth. * This troper's parents appear to have expected that, when she was sixteen, she'd be on the top varsity tennis team at her high school, have a huge amount of friends, have 97 percents across the board, on the way to a high-paying career, and have a boyfriend. In reality, I turn sixteen in a few months, I'm going to work my butt off to impress my coach enough to get onto a varsity team, have a small group of friends in the real world, though I have more than a few online, not that they think that people I talk to on fan-fiction (dot) net are real, very close to Cs in Spanish and Biology, and still not sure what career I'm going for. I'm also a fan of shonen anime, I like the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series, and I write fan-fiction ("What's the point of spending all that time writing if you don't get anything out of it?"). And I have absolutely no idea how they would react if they found out that I'm currently questioning my sexual orientation. I love them, and they love me, but I'll give you this: twice, in the last six months, I've done something wrong and my mom said "What's wrong with you?!" * This troper wishes her mother would just accept that she's not into fashion, girly magazines, make-up and being a socialite like her older sister. She also would like it if her mother would stop calling all her fannish interests (Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, Supernatural) demonic and a sign that I need to be in prayer therapy.... * This tropers parents.. Want him to be a successful, smart member of society. That's all fine and dandy. In fact, if not for those expectaions, I know I'd be in a much worse position than I am now. It's just been these past Three years, ever since I started high school. My father has become obsessed.(and I mean OBSESSED) With my grades, my ranking in school, how well I'm doing in comparison to others, etc. It's very suffocating to me. Even then it could be worse.. he just makes a comment every time we're in the car together, or taking a walk together, about college. Another things is how it really all falls on me to be the "golden child" of the family. My brother has autism, and my sister.. well she's a pretty big nut case.. so you could say I have a bit of pressure piled onto me. Now when it comes time for my grades to be sent out, a certain creeping dread

comes over me. You see, I try in school. I really do fraking try. It was just in these past few years that my father has flown off the handle if he sees marks he doesn't agree with. I got a high B average last year in the.. second semester I think it was. He screams at me in a huge cluster F bomb, calling me a piece of Shit, how I won't amount to anything, the works. Same as last year. This time is different though. He advances towards me. I back up to the stairs leading up to my room, and I trip on them. He comes at me and grabs me by the throat. "I'll fucking kill you!" He yells in my face. It took my mother and my sister to get him off of me. I of course rush up to me room, and just stare into the mirror for a good couple of hours. My father and I don't speak for a good week. Things have gotten better since then.. and I did a lot better the next marking period, believe me.. but ever since then I've always had that fear I'll get in that same position again. That I won't live up to his expectations, that I'll fail him. That scares me to no end. ** [[SincerityMode You need to talk to someone about this.]] Seriously. What you have just described is not normal ''or rational'' in any sense of the word. * Inverted with this troper that my parents were lamenting why couldn't you be ''the same''. ** Me too. I used to be more active and socially outgoing before I turned twelve. My mom really misses it. * This troper is a Female-to-Male {{Transsexual}}, and gets this due to him not "acting like a girl". He also gets this to due to his lack of social skills and dislike interacting with people; he also tends to get this due to his hobbies and different mindset from his peers. ** This other troper was going to type in his entry, but saw that this one describes it to the letter. ** This other other troper is a Male-to-Female transsexual and early in her transition, much to her incredulity, got asked "Why couldn't you have just been gay?" Also, one of her now former friends insists on loudly calling her by the name of a man that doesn't exist at social functions. This former friend should be killed with fire. * This troper definitely gets this vibe from her parents. Her mother wants her to be very girly, smart, and hardworking. Her father wants her to be on a team and more active. Instead they got a RidiculousProcrastinator of a Tomboy who acts like a ditz and who absolutely despises sports and refuses to go out for a team. * Subverted with this troper. Mom definitely wishes he weren't so lazy, informal, inconsiderate, that he cared more about his future, that he wasn't such a joker, that he got out more and wasn't so introverted. She also looks down on most of my interests. However, she also wishes her other kids (my older sisters) were different as well. This attitude, while it's lead to some resentment, isn't a big deal in his family since him and his sisters are also guilty of thinking and expressing this trope in regards to mother and each other, and they are all aware of it. * This troper's parents wanted her to be a super-religious (Protestant), heterosexual, far-right-wing Republican and ideally a doctor or lawyer. Instead, she is a bisexual, agnostic, beyond-liberal Democrat in a long-term relationship with a woman, and doesn't have

much of a career yet. Every single conversation with her mother turns into this trope, but at least her father seems to have given up at last. * This troper's mother is mostly proud of her daughter but seems to wish occasionally that she would direct her talents towards something in particular - a Master's degree, teaching, theatre, radical leftist politics - rather than behaving in a generally diffuse sort of way towards everything and making ends meet by working in a coffee shop and tutoring English. For her brother, the pressure is to meet a nice girl and settle down. It is the only family she has ever encountered that was so radically divided in terms of goals for the kids: a career or at least a calling for the daughter, and a family and stability for the son. * My mother has dropped some hints that she whishes that I was a sociable and stable [[GirlyGirl lady]] who has sport and scientific tendencies. Instead I'm a [[TomBoy tomboy]] who has more artistic tendencies and has some... [[StepfordSmiler social]] and [[BrokenBird personality]] issues. I have the scientific tendencies, but [[BrilliantButLazy still]]... * This troper doesn't have any specific incident to point to, but (switching to first person now) but there is a definite vibe of "you need to be different" in interactions with my mother and ''especially'' my grandmother. There have been various comments about how writing fanfiction and even liking the fandoms I like are childish things that I need to grow out of. Also apparently liking vampires and supernatural stuff is Gothic and Goths are potential serial killers. (My grandmother's theory... Don't ask.) * This troper's father just wanted a kid who'd like to play football with him. Nothing else. I failed him in that sense. He does try to connect with me, and I love him for trying, but sometimes I can't help but think, if given the opportunity, he'd trade me in for a more athletic kid. * This troper's mother had a bucketload of expectations for her, all of which are pretty much 'I did bad so you do better'. Get to the best school and have the best grades? Check, since this troper is pretty much a genius. Start having children when she's twenty? Not a chance, this troper would like to get through university childless. Be more feminine? Nope, this troper is feminine enough, she thinks (and she's not a tomboy so this is kind of moot point). And, well, the last time her mother tried to tell her that she had been told the troper was going to study computer sciences in university. Be more warm, loving and daughter-ly? Not a snowball's chance in hell. While this troper is actually a pretty warm person she doesn't think the person who has called her repeatedly 'cold, cruel and robot-like', then denied saying that and is pretty much a walking Childhood Trauma for any minor around deserves it. * This troper's father expected her to be a girly girl who liked top 100 music, was kind, Catholic, intellectual and had a boyfriend and lots of friends. While he did get the intellectual, he got nothing else. Military history is my passion, to the point where I have WWI and WWII-era songs on the computer, the music I listen to is very militaristic or else it's metal (I have no interest in joining the

service, I just like the history), I dress in comfortable loosefitting clothes, I'm apatheist, I'm abrasive, blunt, only have a few real-life friends and would much prefer sitting on the computer chatting with my net buddies, and although I'm interested in someone, he lives on the other side of the continent in a different country (I don't think that'd sit too well with him if he knew). He seems to have accepted this though and realizes I'm not interested in changing. I feel like we have a better relationship this way, too. I have no idea how we'd get along if I was the expectation. * This troper's mother has made it clear plenty of times before that she wishes I was more religious, fashionable, romantic, and a good cook, like her. And a special emphasis on religion. Unfortunately while I did grow up Catholic, I actually figured out that I'm atheist a while back. And no, I do not plan on telling her. Despite all this, she does go out of her way to reassure me that she loves me. * My parents had me and my elder brother. At first they were open to any kind of kid, just the happiness that would come with raising a child would be enough for them. So they have my brother-- The extroverted, brilliant but lazy, deadpan snarker, and who is quite physically fit (obviously not all of those traits were so overt at birth, but you get the idea). The intelligence factor was noticeable though (IQ approx. 132) so they naturally think to themselves, "Hey, this kid is so great. We should have another! I bet this one will be even smarter!"... Enter Me-- The incredibly introverted, almost as smart (IQ 127), almost as deadpan, and nowhere near as fit sibling... Hence me being the youngest sibling. They don't make it obvious, mind you, but it becomes more clear at family gatherings. My extended family...they aren't the brightest bulbs in the woodshed. My parents, who talk to them about us all the time, are oblivious to the rather pointed dialogues... Here is a rather dramaticized example; "Hey 'older child's name here', how's school going? Still got that 4.0? Well that's wonderful!" ... "Hello 'My name'... I see your pants are zipped up... That's good..." ...I try to schedule different events on family reunions. It's not nearly as major as many of the other tropers here, but it is the origin of the inferiority complex and hatred of authority that marks my individualism. * While both of my parental units are proud of who I have become, my mother seemed to always wish that I could drop my overt shyness and do social stuff when I was younger. She would sign me up for after-school activities and the like. This trope gets subverted over the years when my mom finds that a nerdy, power-ranger-collecting, Sci-fi loving, girl is much more desirable than a texting, sweat-pants wearing, shejock. * This Troper knows his parents wanted him to be like his siblings; a [[SharpDressedMan smart dressed]], [[PatrioticFervor patriotic]], [[StraightMan straight man]] who would go on to University, go and a find a job, find a wife of the same nationality and raise the ideal british family, ''what they got instead'' was a [[BlindWithoutEm short-sighted]] [[TheDandy Metrosexual]] SmugStraightEdge {{Otaku}} with NewAgeRetroHippie tendencies who dropped out of high school the instant he could, has an [[DiscoDan obsession with the 80's]] ''(Despite being born in the 90's)'', [[MixedMarriage is marrying his

Japanese girlfriend]] (Who is a real life {{Meganekko}} [[UpToEleven taken to the EXTREME]]) and who is not patriotic about his country in the slightest as he has no problem in voicing his opinion that "[[CrapsackWorld This Country]] '''[[CrapsackWorld SUCKS]]'''". Needless to say, he considers himself to be the BlackSheep of his family and is probably TheUnFavourite in his parents eyes too. When his Mother finally asked him "[[SiblingYinYang Why can't you be more like your Brothers]]?", he responded with "Because I'm [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]][[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch ing]] ''me''". * This Troper's parents love her very much, but they obviously weren't expecting their firstborn to be a lesbian. She tries not to bring up the topic around them, as it usually makes the atmosphere really awkward. She's the first person on either side of her family to be openly gay (as far as she knows), so they have no idea what to do with her. * This troper currently manifests no fewer than seven genetic diseases, all of which were recessive in both of his parents. He probably won't live past 40, is asexual and aromantic, and is very much a non-social person. His mother wants grandchildren; his stepfather wants an athlete. Hah. [[WhyCouldntYouBeDifferent Why couldn't you link to a different trope?]] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlefuqkwcje * [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]: A kangaroo stole my mother's purse once. * This troper's friend has a 'kangaroo crossing' sign in his driveway. It tends to confuse people.

Ptitlefx7tcqy7 * This troper knows a mother of two who re-married after her divorce. There were problems between the boy and the new hubby, and the sentence "You don't have to tell me what to do, you're not my father!" came up at least once. * Another troper found it impossible to accept her stepfather as a parental figure, since he was only nine years older than the troperto-be, who was fourteen when said stepfather entered the picture. ** Cougar mom is cougar. * This troper cannot accept his own BIOLOGICAL father as a parental figure. Chiefly because he's a giant asshole who cheated on and abandoned his mother, only to attempt to swan back in several years later. He comes around every few days, usually to either borrow money or start an argument with me by either irritating me/ordering me about. He left, he has absolutely no right to tell me what to do. ** Pretty much the same here, except replace every few days with a few years, and replace personally myself with my family. Yeah, fun families, whoo.

* This troper played if for laughes with her father and said "you're not my mother" when he told her to do something. * Inverted with this troper. When her mother remarried, she tried to call her stepfather "Dad," to which he responded with "Don't call me that. You are ''not'' my daughter." * I said this in complete seriousness to my biological mother. Here's the short version of WHY I said it (the full version would need its own page). Basically, my mother has spent years throwing childish temper tantrums to get her way and giving the silent treatment to us for months on end (and by that I mean an upwards of 6 months of her slamming doors and ignoring everyone in the house because of something minor. And when she did decide to speak to someone it would be by yelling at them and blaming them for all her problems ["them" mostly being my dad]). Finally, after keeping quiet and avoiding her for several months, I got fed up and confronted her while she was playing the blame game again. I got right in her face and began chewing her out. After a few moments she said "I won't let my son speak to me like that", to which I replied in the coldest, meanest tone I've ever used "fuck off, you're not my mother anymore. My mother wouldn't treat her family like shit because she's having a childish temper tantrum" [[hottip:*: I guess I should mention that she wasn't always like this]]. More yelling happened after that, but the main point is that I cut ties with her because of her behavior. ** ... Cool story, bro. * I haven't yet worked up the nerve to say this to my biological mother, even though I've wanted to for years. * This Troper is going to copy and paste pretty much everything he said in the [[MeaningfulName Meaningful Name]] Trope, My father ran out on my mom when she was pregnant, her parents-in-law (my father's parents) disowned her, claiming that the reason my dad left is that she was being a total bitch and even went as far to say that the baby (me) wasn't his and that she got knocked-up after some (non-existent) drunken sex party, my mother was an emotional mess, and Her parents and the unborn me were the only things that stopped her from slashing her wrists in the bath, after I was born, she got a tattoo on her right arm saying "My heart was gone, my life was done, But you, Daisuke, Made me live again, Daisuke, my blessed savior, Daisuke, the savior of my heart.". I love my mother to death for pulling through all of this and despise the man who put her through it.. When my father returned 15 years later, I almost vomited when he called me "son". My mother and I told him that he was not welcome here, I threw out the suitcases he brought with him which led to this. --> "You can't do this to me, I'm your father!" --> "No, you're just some leach, A Vermin, I don't know you, you're not a friend, you're not welcome here, and you are ''not'' my father." * This she-Troper does not want to acknowledge her [[DysfunctionalFamily biological family]] (parents AND siblings) as anything anymore, considering they were all kinds of abusive towards said she-Troper. In court, she summoned this trope and they are still trying to deny her leaving to forge a new and happier life, although by law she has disowned herself from their relations and blood. <<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitleg0vapl8x * This troper once wrote a short film that begins with the hero waking up in a ditch across from a field full of cows and later visits a flashy restaurant called "La Vache Inconnue". The classmates who workshopped it expressed some dubiety about all the bovinity, but the troper still insists that cows are just funny. * When this troper's middle school put on a production of ''IntoTheWoods'' Milky-White the cow ended up being the most popular and memorable character. * I have fond memories of my family being on a camp site directly across from a cow pasture. I also remember I closed the blinds whenever I changed in the trailer because I was oddly self-conscious about cows watching me take my clothes off. While I can't remember where we were exactly, I ''do'' know it was a KOA campground because we took to calling it KOW. * One time in elementary school, we were making a short stop-motion film. My group's idea? "Supercow!" * Never knew it had to do with this, but I entered a school talent show with a 9 minute video based on Gaia Online's zOMG!... with a cow as the main villian (because of the ufo and cow situation in that game) * My grandmother often told me this story about when she was a teenager and how she woke up hungover from a party only to discover that there was now a cow in her living room. ----

Ptitleg4hhcusu * This troper's dad once went on a vegetarian kick and bought tofu hot dogs for dinner. This troper ate about a two-thirds, her sister ate one bite, and her brother refused the whole thing. We proceeded to feed them to the dogs, who sniffed them and left. Those "hot dogs" were really repulsive. * [[MonsterDog This troper]] has owned pet rats. As a general matter, rats will eat anything. Surprisingly, though, they hate peaches. I've never seen a rat who was willing to eat one. * This troper once ordered buffalo chicken pizza from a certain well known chain of pizza shops. It was overloaded with vinegar. Even the dog wouldn't touch it. * I'm not sure if this counts, but my stepfather and I are gluttons and will eat anything you put in front of us (including leftovers), so it's a common belief through the household that if we hate something, it can't be worth eating... then mung beans came along. * This troper's mother once made a salad, but put in too much vegetable oil. Even my cat. famous for eating mashed potatoes, potato chips, ramen, and things cats definitely should not have turned her nose up. * This troper remember's a woman's attempt at making banana bread.

Even our cats and dogs, which will eat anything, wouldn't touch it. * This troper once got a free order of [=McDonald=]'s "chicken" [=McNuggets=], and since he doesn't like them, figured that his dog would enjoy them. The dog - who had eaten books, duck feed, a bag of flour, and a screw on various occasions - refused to touch them. ** Even dogs won't touch [=McDonalds=] hamburgers. * On a fishing trip this troper was on once, the snacks purchased for the trip included some low-calorie corn chips that, upon sampling them, seemed to be composed primarily of sawdust. We started tossing them out to the flock of seagulls that was following our boat, and even the seagulls spit the things out. * The lunches at this troper's school are like this, and were worse at an acquaintance's prep school. Strangely enough, the breakfasts are said to be quite good. * This troper's grandmother once accidentally mixed cornbread and banana bread together. It literally made this troper sick. When she left the family threw the abomination outside for the birds and rodents where it remained untouched for many days. * This troper's father left a box of 1980s-era [=MREs=] in the garage and forgot about them. Several years later, we found the box again. And the rats had eaten every single one... except the ham and chicken loaf. Which was widely regarded as the single least popular [=MRE=] of that series. Well, we can now say that this opinion has been officially verified by taste-tests with actual rats! * I once saw my mom giving our late dog [=McDonalds=] fries. She happily ate them up and enjoyed them. When Mom gave her Burger King fries right after, the dog sniffed it, then reared back in disgust. Mom likes [=McDonalds=] fries but hates Burger King fries, so this, understandably, was hilarious to her, and [[CrowningMomentOfFunny to the rest of us]]. * The one and only time this troper's mum bought Quorn 'mince' the resulting bolognese was swiftly rejected by both everyone at the dinner table and the dog, who actually had one sniff at the stuff and promptly looked at us like we were nuts for suggesting he eat it. Given what Quorn turned out to be, the dog definitely had a point. * This troper is a BigEater partial ExtremeOmnivore but my cooking is.....sup par at best. I have strange tastes that often deter the people I'm serving. Once I tried cooking chicken, my folks liked it but the dog was horrified when given leftovers. A crow tried to eat it but then gave a strange caw and flew away. * This troper's buddy left an open cup of Cup Noodles under the bleachers at the soccer field on a Monday. It was undisturbed on Friday. 'nuff said. * This troper's girlfriend/adopted sister (LONG story) once decided to make pancakes from scratch for the first time, despite a lack of sugar, copious use of vanilla extract to cover the lack of flavor, and replacement of baking powder with baking soda and no acidic ingredient (like vinegar) mixed in to compensate. She ate a few bites, then tossed out the rest. Later that night the garbage was raided by a raccoon, and among the debris of food scraps and trash were the pancakes.....completely untouched. * [[Tropers/TropicalSnow This Troper]] has a cat that eats

[[{{Understatement}} anything.]] We had some canned food that we opened and didn't like so we gave it to her to eat. She promptly sniffed it, took one little taste and ran straight out the door yowling... Go back to [=~Even The Rats Won't Touch It~=], and find something else we can use as bait. ----

Ptitlegf1u3pozudh8 * This Troper's friend did that frequently while she was in charge of a class play and she had hard time making people listen to her: "Everybody get backstage! And right! Fucking! NOW!" * My friend pulled this off once. "I'M. FUCKING. GOD" after her team pwned the other team thanks to her, in a CTF match. * [[Tropers/KyleSB Someone similar to this troper]] likes to talk like this while playing Tekken 4, and when the last 3 hits land in slow motion, he yells out random swear words and objects irrelevant to the game in question. "TRI! FORCE! COCK!", "TABLE! SHIT! CAR!" "FUCK! YOUR! CATS!" * [[Tropers.FuschlatzOReilly This Troper]] occasionally does it out of boredom. -->(11:47:21) Fuschlatz's Friend: do u listen to heavy music? -->(11:47:49) Fuschlatz: Not unless Pendulum's style counts. -->(11:48:45) Fuschlatz's Friend: drum n bass -->(11:48:50) Fuschlatz's Friend: right? -->(11:48:57) Fuschlatz: Yeah. -->(11:49:21) Fuschlatz: But nowadays, they're putting more elements of metal music into their songs as well. -->(11:49:37) Fuschlatz's Friend: and how is it? -->(11:49:53) Fuschlatz: It. Is. Fucking. Awesome. -->(11:50:33) Fuschlatz's Friend: hm insteresting) * In 6th grade, three years ago, I was playing [[BigBad King Minos]] in a play of "Theseus and the Minotaur" The script called for me only saying "get in there" and pushing the heroes into the maze. On the day of the production, I decided to switch it up. --> Minos: Do you know where you are? Do you know what this is? --> Theseus: Umm... --> Minos(Interrupting) THIS. IS. CRETE! And I kicked them into the maze. It was acknowledged as the highlight of the show. * [[StarWarsTheCloneWars "All this effort... is no longer... PROFITABLE!"]] has become my catchphrase. It´s especially fitting and effective when you want to trade stuff via a message board and get bombarded by at least 100 private messages from one guy who can´t decide what he wants for several weeks. * This troper often writes as a reminder on the top of school worksheets: "THIS! IS! HOMEWORK!" * This troper and his friend have a running gag: whenever we chat on

Facebook or Skype, I'll say "I'm tired" or give some indication that I want to sleep. At this point, my friend will say: "NO (enter) SLEEPING (enter) EARL". ** LOL! This troper will do that with random friends online when they need an answer to something tough or are stressed out about stuff just to bring some levity to the situation....thankfully they always laugh at it and thank me for cheering them up. (It gives this troper {{WAFF}}'s to make people feel better like that.) * It is not uncommon for my roleplaying worlds to be inhabited by quite a few people talking like this. * Quieter conversation variant between my brother and I: --->'''Me:''' Put. It. Away. --->'''My little brother:''' It. Is. For me. --->'''Me:''' [[ShoutOut This.]] [[ThreeHundred Is.]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Sparta.]] * A kid in This Tropette's school moved to a town called Sparta. Any time someone mentions where he currently resides, you're bound to hear "This. IS. SPARTAAAAA!!!!!" * This troper often shouts "That. Is. STUPID!" whenever someone says something astronomically dumb. * This troper went to a high school whose mascot was the Spartans. 300 came out during his senior year. The remainder of the year, at every single sporting event, there was non-stop "This is Sparta, *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap*". It got old before halftime of the first game this troper attended. * I was running with one of my friends once, and he was talking with another friend while I tried to get his attention. When I failed yet again, I yelled "HOW! MUCH! DOES! [[BioShock BIOSHOCK!]] COST!!!" * This troper seriously hates having to repeat herself, which happens often with her mother since her mother isn't always paying attention when she talks, which leads to exchanges like this: --->'''Me:''' Hey mom, what's for dinner tonight? --->'''Mom:''' What? --->'''Me:''' (''louder'') What's for dinner tonight? --->'''Mom:''' What? --->'''Me:''' WHAT! IS! FOR! DINNER! TONIGHT! * In this tropers sports lesson. The teacher had a match against two of the girls. --->'''Girl:''' This is evil! --->'''Teacher:''' Evil? This. Is. BADMINTON! * I once pulled this on a guy who would Not Stop Typing Like This which pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. --->'''Me:''' Stop. ''Typing.'' '' '''Like.''' '' '' '''THIS!!!''' '' * In Rugby I was particularly pumped up. Before the match I yelled "LET'S TAKE. THEM. DOOOOOOOOOOOWN!" proceeded by everyone running up and yelling. (I snuck in a "FOR NARNIA!") * A written version of the trope name became a... Well, I'm not sure what you'd call it exactly, as it wasn't a memetic mutation, but apparently some students taking the AP English Language and Composition test the year before I did - in a different state entirely, mind - had decided to write THIS! IS! SPARTA! where their essays should be. News traveled and students the next year were warned

about it. * This troper, in words either written or spoken. I often put emphisas on things. Actually, I put emphisas on more things than I should. Like my reaction, after I first heard of {{Kuroshitsuji}}, and watched a {{YouTube}} video that was supposed to ship SebbyCeil; and as soon as I started watching Kuro, I found out Ceil was ''a boy'' ( Yes, I thought he was a girl, what sheer stupidity!). My reaction-- " OH. MY. ''FUCKING'' GODDDDD!!!", considering that I am not a [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Understatement "fan"]] of yaoi or yuri. * My personal BerserkButton is the alarm on the front door of my residential unit, which goes off if it's held open too long with a MostAnnoyingSound. Normally I will tolerate it for the few seconds it takes for the door to close, then mutter "I will never get use to that". But when someone is standing in the doorway having a conversation and doesn't react to the alarm, my response was to look up from my DS and snarl, "Get. Out. Of the ''doorway''!" They did. * I was in a performance of Once Upon A Greek Stage (you probably haven't heard of it). One of my friends was playing King Creon, king of Thebes in 5th Century B.C. During one line runthrough, he decided to improvise on one of his lines. ---> '''Creon:''' Do not forget who you are dealing with! I am ruler. And THIS. IS. THEBES! ---> '''Me:''' [[{{ThrowItIn}} TONIGHT! WE DINE! IN HELL!]] * When my sister and I were in Pictochat on the DS, I was asking where my brother was. I tend to write big, so instead of "Where is he?" I had to write them on separate slides. It came out as "Where. Is. He." * There was some graffiti once on the playground near my house which read: "THIS IS (insert hometown name here)!!" I'm sure the kiddies that used that playground found it particularly helpful for remembering their location. * Whenever something awesome happens to me, I shout "I'm Fucking MAGIC!" [[ThisIsSparta Go. Back. To. THAT LINK!]] ----

ptitlegpfbqoe0 * {{Medinoc}}: In a homebrew game which includes magic and lots of FantasticRacism over several time periods, it has become quite common to take the "pyromaniac" disadvantage at its minimum level. Or "ambitious". * I once played in a {{Warhammer}} campaign, and quickly got tired of my PC failing fear checks. I eventually bribed the GM to afflict my character with the "fearless insanity" mental defect. ** I could really use that for my wargame goblins... * Today's entertainment: go to [[FourChan /tg/]] and post a ''MutantsAndMasterminds'' build that you believe has broken the game. You will be proven wrong. * I've reached the point where I look extra carefully at the Hindrances my players take in Deadlands. A player took the Cautious

"disadvantage" (which has the sole effect of making you... well, stupidly cautious), roleplayed it as always making sure he was safe when resting etc. (being paranoid *would* have been acceptable, but he did none of that), and he demanded to be rewarded extra experience for "roleplaying" that really was the player's tricks to improve survivability. It didn't help that the player, in a campaign that was considerably interaction-oriented treated the game as going from one combat encounter to another, and refused to contribute otherwise, so Cautious *never* got used even as a guide to roleplaying the character, unless you count "I stay in my hotel room and rest" as roleplaying. * This troper's secondary roleplay group will only play D&D 3.5 and each player tends to stick with their favourite class. For me, Wizard. If I end up in a CQC (close quarters combat) without any magic left, then something has gone seriously wrong. That's why it only ever happens on a rare occasion. For that reason, as soon as I can grab the Craft Wondrous Item feat, I spend a bunch of my Xp and make a glove with once a day True Strike. On the rare occasion that I actually do run out of spells with one enemy still attacking me and no meatshield around, ''no worries!'' I've got an almost definite hit, and because I enchanted a glove (not one particular weapon), I can trade up my weapon to do more damage without losing my one-a-day definite hit. ** Wondrous Item is my crafting feat of choice for several reasons. I can create items of any kind except for items covered by a different feat. Craft Ring might let you make magic rings, but wondrous item lets you enchant equipment, bags, clothing, furniture, buildings and more. A ring that lets you fly is much less useful than a flying broom that you can ride ''and'' strap things to. Sometimes I actually choose an object that sounds like it would be awkward to use, because that way the DM is more likely to let me have it. Having a ring that lets you use "Open/Close" at-will as a free-action ''sounds'' more convenient than a statue that takes a minute long chant to achieve the same effect, but it really makes no difference, since you won't be using it in combat anyway. ** My One-a-day magic item idea applies to other things, too. You see, if I take the combat-focused spells as my prepared spells, then I don't have the flexibility a wizard should have. But since I'm quite easy to kill when you discount magic, I still want to fill my spellslots with the vital survival spells that I will need, like Mage Armour. So, I use my Craft Wondrous Item feat and have it give me onea-day versions of some spells. Things like "Knock" (so that if I need to open a mundane door without the rogue, I can do it without a spell slot) and "Leomund's Tiny Hut" (by the time I can learn this spell, it already lasts five hours so I'll never need a real horse again). Spells that won't be needed often, but might come in handy sometimes. ---Return to [[{{ptitlegpfbqoe0}} Minmaxer's Delight]] here. <<|TroperTales|>>

ptitleh0xcae3o * [[Tropers.ReikoKazama This troper]] plans to have - of all things a ''[[{{Pokemon}} Snorlax]]'' named Bob on her [=SoulSilver=]. Yes, after the {{Tekken}} [[{{Acrofatic}} character]]. * This troper is named Robert. If you don't know, Bob is short for Robert (though I normally go by Robert or Bobby). I had an uncle named Robert, but he died years before I was born. His father (my grandfather, my mother's father) is also named Robert. * This troper has an uncle named Bob. That is all. * My friends had Bob the Beholder Mage (his real name was some huge, incomprehensible string of gibberish, but it included a "bob" in there somewhere). Unique among his kind in that he wasn't an OmnicidalManiac. * On one forum [[@/{{Praetyre}} this troper]] frequents, there is a user called "communist_bob". On another, there is "Tropical Bob". * This troper's biological father and stepfather are both named Bob. * This troper had two Korean classmates: Billy and David. David seemed more like a 'Bob' type of person and his best friend was Billy so that's what he was nicknamed. Billy and Bob. * This troper's high school had a guy nicknamed Bob. It had something to with an answer he gave during an academic team meet or something. * If asked for a name, [[@/{{Cameoflage}} this troper]] will ''always'' suggest Bob on the first try. Regardless of context. * [[@/DaisyChain This troper's]] old [[CompanionCube laptop]] was named Bob. I still have no idea why. * I have went bobbing for apples, used fishing bobbers, and ate a chip... ''that I named bob''. * This troper has a friend who usually goes by Rob, but also goes by Reverend Bobby as well (including on his radio show, and yes he's a real Reverend). This troper calls him Bobert and splits the difference. * @/{{Neep}} named his pet conure Bob, because a) why not? and b) his habit of bobbing up and down on his perch when he wants attention. * In this troper's math class once upon a time, the teacher asked the class what the name of a certain point on a graph should be. Yes, the entire class answered in unison, "Bob." * "You named the three-headed dragon BOB?" "Yes, it stands for Bernard, Oscar, and Bob." * This Troper is named Bob, and his father is named Bob. My grandfather, who I was named for, was a Bob. I've become Bob to the Third Power. * My friends sister wanted to call her hamster 'Bob' but her Mum said that since it was a Russian hamster they should call it something Russian. The hamster is now called Bobovski. * This troper is nicknamed Bob by her best friend, and have absolutely no idea why. It's especially weird, since she's actually a girl. * My friend and I nicknamed a middle school crush of mine "Bob", so now whenever I see the name used seriously I chuckle to myself. * At a friend's old job, there was an employee named Bob who tended to constantly rock back and forth in his office chair. Thus it became a private joke that anytime someone said something "rocks", they'd be asked "Does it rock like Bob?".

* This troperette acted as the aunt to two friends in a French course skit/presentation. When choosing a name, instead of using her real name like her friends, she became Aunt Bob. * This (female) troper introduced herself to some people by her full (three-syllable) name. "What do you prefer to be called?" they asked. "Oh, anything," she replied. Them: "So...Bob?" They still call me Bob. * This troper's great-aunt is named Helen Bob, Bob being her last name. * This troper's friend is called Robert, but sometimes calls himself Bobster. * This troper's father is named Bob. Inversion though in that he is constantly sick, boring, all attempts for humor zoom way past the line for SoBadItsGood, and he is also a workaholic. * Slightly subverted. At school, we went to a place to learn about animation, videogames ect. one day. A guy there drew a man and a dog on the electronic blackboard as an idea for a story, and was asking for names. The man got named "Bob", and my idea for the dog's name? "Not Bob". It actually got accepted. * This troper's father is named Bob. * My stepmom's ex-husband? Bob. A childhood friend? Bobby. A kid who worked for my mom and died in a car crash? Bobby, as well. * In this troper's ThisTimeRound stories, his AuthorAvatar is partnered with Bob the Muse. He suspects he may have been subconciously inspired by Billy Connolly's Bobby the Guardian Angel in the BBC Scotland sitcom ''City Lights''. * This troper has ''two'' Uncle Bobs, one on each side of the family. He calls one (his father's brother) Robert... but everyone else in the family calls him Bob. (Oddly, both sides have an Uncle Irv, too, but then in Jewish families, coincidences like these are very common.) * [[@/{{DJAtomika}} This Troper]] calls the resident skeleton (used for drawing practice) in his school's drawing studio Bob. * [[@/ArtificialInsanity This Trooper]] has a friend who names everything "Bob" (his latest victim is a plastic pair of wheels) * Two of my OCs are named Bob and... Not Bob. * One of my friends is nicknamed "Uncle Bob Bob Billy Bob Joe Alpaca Charlie Unicorn Banana King Bob Shish Kabob Bob". Or something. * This troper's close friend and prom date in high school was a Bob. Occasionally we called him "Bobby" to make it sound less, well, silly. If we were angry at him, we called him Robert. * Last year their was a Senior at her school named Bob, he was an awesome guy. * Up until she was 10 or so years old, this troper used to crack up hysterically whenever the name 'Bob' or a person named 'Bob' was mentioned. She now owns a cat named Bob. He's nice. * This troper and a few of his boy scout friends had an... odd injoke: "Idiot monkeys named Bob will take over the world." * This troper's father's name is Robert, which, when this troper is inebriated, he shortens to Bobby. The best time was when this troper stumbled in wearing a Fedora hat, went upstairs to get his guitar and bongo drums, put the fedora on my dad and declared "Play that shit, Bobby!". Cue a 2 hour jazz-fusion jam session. This troper loves his father very much.

* Halfway through the school year, a Bob showed up in my theatre class. He became a hero within a week and is universally loved, and he knows it too. That's just how Bob rolls. * I know this girl called Robin. She sometimes goes by Rob, which has over time mutated into Bob. * At my Alma Mater, there were several bobs. GeoBob, AlaskaBob [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin BattleTechBob]] et al. One poor sap got stuck with YOB (Yet anOther Bob). ----

ptitleh6h2ojyu * Amateur film. This troper was doing a film for a college class with 2 classmates. Troper was cameraman, classmate A was the star. Classmate B played an extra in the first scene, and then we realized he'd have to play every other character in the film, too. * Similar to an example above, there is at least one substitute teacher at this troper's high school who has worked in every subject (common because of teacher shortages... or something) and had some sort of "day job" or two outside of teaching. ** My mother serves as this. Oh, she's also a salesgirl at a jewelry store, works for a cookie company, and a few other tricks. * I have an Improv group. One time we did a half-hour scene in which it was slowly revealed during a court case that I was the judge, the jury, both lawyers, and the entire supreme court. Less noticeable was the player who played all the background characters. It was only as we remembered that in this game you always have the same character that the player was revealed to be an AlmightyJanitor, and also the president of the United States. Then I bought the job from him and sold it to the devil for his soul. That whole scene was a MindScrew. * Over the last 8 years, this troper has bounced around a number of jobs, from a file clerk, to a pharmacy technician, to a tow truck driver. And yes, there is one woman in town who was his customer at least once at all three jobs.... she was suitably befuddled as to how that kept happening. ---No, really, [[{{ptitleh6h2ojyu}} Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?]] ----

ptitlehkm94ato * This troper still can't decide if the [[https://www.orderforeverlazy.com/flare/next Forever Lazy]] is real or not. Seriously, watch that commercial. If it is real, then I fear for the future of our race. ** Judging by the apparent production values, it's real. And they put me in mind of infant sleepers writ large. * One of my keypals makes Flash animations. Each episode contains several [[RefugeInAudacity overly offensive]] jokes. He says it's supposed to be a [[{{Troll}} mockery]] of people who act like that IRL

(fundies, people who are racist, FanDumb, etc). However, a lot of people who have watched his flashes gave him inflammatory feedback. * I just watched {{South Park}}'s episode "Crème Fraiche", I was laughing at the [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Shake Weight]] depicted there as I thought it was an invention from Parker and Stone; Then I went to {{Wikipedia}} and lo! ** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX1viP3TkVA It really exists!]] (link is now dead due to copyright) ** Ditto this troper, after seeing their episode about NAMBLA. ** I had seen the shake weight ads on TV, but the ones aimed at men... It's much funnier if you knew it was real beforehand. Well, except the "cool-down spray," which they invented. * This British troper linked a couple of Onion videos to a friend. It might say something about the image of Americans abroad that it took him a couple of videos to get that it was not a real news show. * In recent discussions about the TSA's passenger screening policy, it came up that the actual policies are getting hard to distinguish from parodies. When someone made a joke about penis scanners (to guard against suicide bombers lopping off their manhood and getting an equivalent volume of plastic explosive grafted on), half of those present took it at face value before it was explained as a joke. ** I'm guessing this was added before the TSA started actually doing this. * I once encountered a horribly written TouhouProject fanfic that consisted of CharacterDerailment, atrocious spelling and grammar (even to the point of using text-speak in the author's notes and synopsis) and, if for no other reason than to add insult to injury, the plot was that of JustinBieber coming to Gensokyo. Naturally I was quick to call the supposed troll out. However, after a conversation with the author via pms, I came to the realization that, unless the troll was utterly devoted to their craft, it was for real. I died a little on the inside that day. ** It's clear that the squeaky abomination wrote it himself. * [[@/{{endlessness}} I]] can't decide if [[http://www.law.com/jsp/cc/PubArticleCC.jsp?id=1202486102650&Manhatta n_Federal_Judge_Kimba_Wood_Calls_Record_Companies_Request_for__Trillio n_in_Damages this, where record labels want $75 TRILLION for copyright damages]] is serious or if it came from TheOnion. * This troper has managed to convince people of many things, including that he had Charles Heston on speed dial, that monkeys were destined to take over the world, that Willy Wonka lived inside his locker, and that his lunch box could be converted into a miniaturized C-4 bomb. Amazing what you say as long as you simply keep a straight face. * Simmilar to the one above. This Troper has a friend who is very good at telling fanciful stories with a straight face. He once convinced me that Napolean attempted to conquer the moon. I believed it until the part where he lands on the moon. I am very careful now when he starts to tell me something that sounds historically accurate. * A while ago, I was watching a video on Youtube by one of the various libertarian users whose channels I'm subscribed to. He was arguing the libertarian case for making school optional and repealing child labor laws, so children can spend their time learning how to work instead of

sitting in a classroom in some public school (Which I agree with.) Then I read the comments, and some guy was all like, "what are you talking about? Of course children are better off in public schools than working." I then responded by explaining to him that his argument didn't make sense, only to find out that he was making fun of the mainstream opinion. ([[LampshadeHanging I hope this entry doesn't contain too much]] FlameBait.) ---Go back to PoesLaw .... just don't take it too seriously. You don't need to.

ptitlehrgctnd7 * My cousin had a vasectomy, and two years later his wife turns out to be pregnant. Accusations flew, many Bad Words were spoken in anger, and tests showed that, indeed, ''the vasectomy had reversed itself'' and he was fertile again. ** @/PotatoBucket: I have heard that--while indeed rare--it's actually not all ''that'' uncommon for a vasectomy to reverse itself. Note to all those interested in vasectomy: schedule follow-up appointments. ** I have counselled dozens of men and women who thought their vasectomies/tubal ligations were foolproof and found out otherwise too late. It's more common than most young people think. ** Happened to my parents- a year after the vasectomy was done. Needless to say, the vasectomy was re-done soon afterwards. ** Happened to my parents too. * @/DesertDragon: My mother was believed to be unable to bear children after a nasty stillbirth. The fact that I'm typing this proved otherwise. ** I really thought I was the only one. My mother's doctor tried valiantly to "protect" her health by advising her not to give birth following a nasty miscarriage. Quite obviously, she didn't agree. Thanx, Mom! * I'm not really clear on the details, but I'm pretty sure my uncle had been declared infertile sometime in the past. In addition, his new wife already had two college-age daughters, and so figured her childbearing-capable days were just about over. It was a joyous surprise, but still a surprise, when she got pregnant - then a fairly major shock when it happened ''again''. * Both my step-sister and geometry teacher had this happen. Both became pregnant after their doctors declared them incapable of doing so. * My mother had originally been told by her doctor that she could never have children due to a thyroid problem. Then another doctor told her it ''was'' possible (and here I am). At age forty, she thought she was going through menopause. Turns out she was pregnant again. Both times happened without really trying. * My step-mother had her tubes tied immediately after her first child was born. Eleven years later, her son got a little sister... * My mother was told that she would never be able to have kids '''while she was pregnant with my older brother'''. Go figure. (I'm kid number three by the way)

* Happened to my mother also. When she trying for either me or my older sister (I can't remember), she suffered two miscarriages early on in the pregnancy. The last one resulted in her having to have one of her tubes removed (because the egg was stuck in the tube and my mom could have possibly died because of it), leaving her with only one. Cue to her getting pregnant with my older sister and me (which resulted in my father crying when my mom told him they were pregnant with me because it took them close to five years and my father thought it would never happen :). ** Variation with my mother. She also had a tube and ovary removed (due to an ovarian cyst that had wrapped itself around the tube). She was told she'd never have children. Mid-May of the following year: Brother #1. Early May of the year after that: Brother #2. Early April of year after that: me. After this spectacular set of miracle Irish Triplets (all of us having been born less than a year after the preceding one), my mother had the remaining tube tied just to be safe. I also had something similar happen years later: despite fallopian tube scarring from cysts on my part, apparent radiation-induced sterility on my fiance's part, and the fact we were using birth control (which, thinking back would have been ineffective anyway: it was the sixth day after I had stopped taking antibiotics, and we all know about hormonal birth control and antibiotics), my period was late. Ultimately an aversion of the trope, as I was not pregnant, but the doctor we saw did more tests and told us, that while it would be slightly more difficult for us to have a child, it was not as impossible as we had been led to believe. Lesson learned! * Variation: I have a recurring nightmare where I find myself pregnant, despite never having even touched a guy in my life (and uncharacteristically of dreamland, that fact remains true to real life). I repeatedly claim that I ''can't'' be pregnant because, as everyone knows, I get squicked out by ''kissing'' (again, true to life); and let's face it, even if your daughter was the biggest prude in the universe, if she basically insisted she'd somehow had an immaculate conception, what would you think? ** Ugggh, dear goodness, I've had that nightmare once too... except that I'm a ButchLesbian {{Bifauxnen}} instead of squicked by relationships. ** I thought I was the only one who had a dream like that! I think I had it as the result of some recent weight gain in my stomach region after going off my usual exercise routine, and the scariest part of the dream wasn't that I was pregnant, it was how I could possibly have ''become'' pregnant! Like the first troper, even though I'm a total prude, I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them that I'd had an immaculate conception. I was ''so'' glad to wake up from that. * I know a child of a couple that used just about every contraceptive ever including pills, had fertility issues... and still wound up with a kid. * A girl in my college class has had this happen three times. Each time she was using contraception (a different kind each time). And just as she's saying that this is the first new year she has not been pregnant (for 3 years)... she has missed a period and has morning sickness.

* @/{{Morgie}}: More of But I Can't ''Still'' Be Pregnant: While my mother was pregnant with me (14 weeks in), she basically had a miscarriage-the doctors said she had probably lost the kid and all. The next day, an ultrasound revealed my continuing heartbeat. ---She's going back to [=~But I Can't Be Pregnant!~=] But she can't be going back to [=~But I Can't Be Pregnant!~=] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlehuueseua You commited something that seconds later made you feel awful? You thought of something - ''knew'' it was wrong - and carried it out anyway? You can confess it here. We won't judge. * Just this morning I was thinking to myself how rich Dick Wolf must be. At first I figured he would be rich enough to buy Texas. Then, for some reason, the thought popped up, "Dude, he's probably rich enough to buy Heaven." Then I thought how cool a backdrop that would make. Then I invoked this trope. * Pretty much what I think the moment I think up something devious or prank to pull on someone. * There is this [[http://fuckyeahsecretfilm.tumblr.com/ tumblr]] that has cutesy SHI Nee gifs amidst... well see for yourself and go to hell. Majorly NSFW * Over a game of Hunter: the Vigil, where we were trying to investigate a water critter with the powers of a typical [[JackassGenie Jackass Genie]] *** Old lady: Maybe we find a way to get the townspeople to make a wish for us. \\ Me: *Sigh* I'll get the Amber Alert Kit.\\ * 5 minutes of laughter from everyone at the table*\\ ** I've never brought the snacks for a game session, I've realized. I'll have some ready. * I'm 12, and I've watched ''[[ElfenLied]]''. ** I saw Elfen Lied when I was 10... *** I saw X/1999 when I was 8... which is just as bloody as ElfenLied + MindScrew ** [[Tropers/{{Smerf}} This]] troper watched SilenceOfTheLambs when he was 7. This ''may'' have had an effect. Cheerfully going to hell. ** This Troper watched Predator when he was 8, and started watching porn when he was about 11. ** This Troper seen the Original Alien when he was 6, realized he liked BDSM when he was 10 and now have around 8gigs on my Harddrive chalk full of nothing but BondageHentai. Oh and I laughed through AMVhell 0 and 0/. I think there is a reserved place for me down in hell, right next Vlad the Impaler. Might as well go down with a smile. ** Proud {{YaoiFangirl}} since 12. I'll meet you there. ** Save a seat for this douche (me), if you're going down there first. ** Oh please. You people have NOTHING on me. I saw all the Scream

films, and most of the Halloween films prior to turning 7, and from then on had pretty much become a Horror expert by 11. But [[ItGotWorse it got worse]]- I started going for more "extreme" films when I was 13, and by 16 I had seen all the "new french extremist" films, Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood, and pretty all the most extreme porn and internet images you can think of (or rather, don't want to), including gruesome death photos. As of now... very few things shock me. Somewhere along the line, this thought crossed my mind... probably when I was laughing at horrifically gruesome dead baby jokes, or laughing at a woman's acting in a movie while she was raped... but I've long sense past it... * I first checked out mangas with lots of fanservice and Boys Love when I was in middle school. Did a lot of shipping. Ok. Then I went into hardcore Yaoi in high school. Then Yuri. Then human porn. Then human lesbian porn. Then human gay porn. Oh my, I'm not even 21 yet. * This troper, a growing {{Fan Art}}ist, has drawn an [[{{Ecchi}} erotic pic]] of a [[LesYay lesbian]] [[{{OT3}} threesome]], which basically consists of [[CrossesTheLineTwice a mother and a daughter sharing]] one common [[FieryRedhead redhead girlfriend]]. Link [[http://img186.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=14261_Sin_123_592lo.jpg Here]]. '''NotSafeForWork'''. The girl with the mole is the daughter of the woman with longest hair. SeeYouInHell. * This troper has the "I'm so going to hell for this" feeling every time she laughs hysterically at a Stephen Lynch song. * I'll make it easy: Every one of us who has an image folder containing (or consisting of) Naughty Nuns. * This troper has written a full-length fanfic novel based on a popular animated series - and although it's well-done in the erotic (not pornographic) sense, [[AnythingThatMoves the mother]] ends up sleeping with both of her daughters, the (female) best friend of one daughter and comes close to doing so with the (female) best friend of the other; its insinuated that she's slept with the former best friend's mother, her female assistant at work, the beautiful woman who buys her home at the end of the novel and the real-estate agent who conducts the sale - not to mention that the last encounter is a very hot threesome. [[MyGirlIsNotASlut She actually sleeps with her husband]], as well - and there are several other fiery other encounters between the two daughters, as well as both daughters and several of their friends. This fanfic is ''MADE'' of 110% pure LoveItOrHateIt. ** So what series was it? ** Am I going to Hell for asking for a link? * This troper has you all beat. I [[SchmuckBait watched]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De1wNLEGQ30 this...]]''and laughed at it.'' ** Well, that one more for a long list for this trope. ** In follow-up, this troper wishes he had sound so he could properly watch that video. Race ya there? * This Troper ships Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. She hates the both of them, but damned if they wouldn't make a cute couple. * What this troper mutters to herself pretty much every time she finishes masturbating. FETISHES ARE NOT MY FAULT.

* This is a RunningGag in my family. We laugh at things that should get a DudeNotFunny and say "we are going straight to Hell". But [[AHellOfATime all the cool people will be there]], so it's okay. * Recently a [[CompleteMonster man]] was arrested for [[KickTheDog animal cruelty]] when it was discovered he was [[MoralEventHorizon marinating his cat]]. The cat was rescued before he could go through with killing and eating it. Several weeks later a friend and I discussed the odd case, loudly, in public. Rather than focus on the grotesque nature of the act itself, we chose to concern ourselves with the logistics of feline marination. This culminated in the two of us simultaneously yelling, "But how can you marinate the cat if it's not dead yet?" in front of a young child in a stroller and his parents. ** Related to this, I am definitely going to hell for not only reading, but ''considering with interest'' the infamous thread on the NaNo forums titled, "How many bottles would a blended five-year-old child fill?" Considerations of weight, mass, bones-to-flesh density and similar were all carefully thought about with only mild interest rather than horror. Someone pass the alcohol? * This troper and he friend were watching [[FullmetalAlchemist]] and couldn't figure out what a guy named Mason did hanging around with Izumi and Sib Curtis (the main characters teacher and husband) all the time. We instantly nicknamed him 'Retard Guy' because that was out theory as to why he did so and we could never remember his name. We instantly looked up said 'if there's anything we're going to hell for it's this.' It wasn't until recently we realized he's just an employee at their butcher shop.... the nick name is still used most of the time. * I make jokes featuring celebrities lending their names to ironic or otherwise in reference to their misfortune e.g. David Blunket high visibility jackets, Eric Clapton Kerplunk, Fritzl Happy families, Princess Dianna windscreen wash, Wayne Rooney brand retirement homes, Martin Luthor King jr dreamcatchers (now available in bulletproof kevlar), Joseph Mengele's operation, Hitler's easy bake oven, 9/11 memorial extreme jenga and many others. * This troper once suggested an idea for a visual novel that had the player character be a Japanese Army intelligence officer during World War Two, charged with "interrogating" (female) Chinese partisans...the post in which he suggested said idea ended, "I'm going to hell for this, aren't I?" * There used to be a special ed kid that went to this troper's school that would wander around the halls aimlessly. This troper had a friend who was witness to the special ed kid wandering into the computer lab, a teacher in hot pursuit. Said the teacher: "David? Are you going to go to class? You're a little tardy." My friend burst out laughing at that. "I'm going to hell for finding that funny, but--" * I once laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. What was I laughing at? Terri Schiavo's gravestone. The best part? I was going to a Catholic school when this happened. * This Troper finds this [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGoyBarZPM]] to be indescribably funny. But it's okay, because I prebooked my suite before the holiday rush; I'll be just down the hall from Kid Rock, Megan Fox and Richard Pryor.

* This troper was once looking at childhood pictures of a friend who had cancer as a kid, when he saw one of the person sitting on Santa's lap, the first words from his mouth were, "I know what you didn't ask for that year ;)". To be fair this friend used their cancer as an excuse to get into a better dorm in college, so making fun of them for it is fair game. * A girl this troper's sister knew was killed a few years ago by her father when he went crazy one day. My sister was telling the story of how this girl was having a really bad day a few years previous to that. My sister used the line "She had had the worst day of her life!" This troper's response was two words: "Second worst." Mother (who was also there) and sister gave a heroic effort to look offended and laugh at the same time. I pointed out the fact that my mother (who has a dark sense of humor, but not quite THAT dark) was thinking it, too, and order completely broke down. Who's bringing the beer? * We are not worthy.. *bows* * My attitude to life * Pretty much every day in my life. My friends and I have all accepted our fate. The motto now is "If I'm going to hell, I might as well enjoy the ride." * Not quite as epic as some of these, but this troper once got yelled at for encouraging people to buy cigarettes and fund my paycheck when they get cancer. * I think that masochism is disturbing and more than just a little weird, if not solely because of the fact that I am a ActualPacifist. But one day, I discovered (Unintentionally!) that ''I'' am a masochist. I didn't think much of it a first, but a few days later, after FridgeHorror had time to set in, I was more than just a little disturbed and said these very words to myself. (For the record, I'm still just as weirded out about it as I used to be.) ** [[Tropers/{{Maverick8187}} This troper]] now envisions you as a non-lethal [[MetalGear Grey Fox]]. Skintight ninja suit optional. * When ever I talk about Dragonball I end up describing Popo as the coolest person in the series. Which led to me saying "He's probably stronger than Kami, and Kami means god so I'm probably going to hell for saying that." ** Well yeah, [[SelfDemonstratingArticle especially when the guy you say is stronger than God is black!]] *** Wh-what!? * This Troper is going to hell for laughing at [[http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/A-wild-Haiti-appears-Dugtrio-usedEarthquake-Its-super-effective/344489711614 this Facebook page]]. If I wasn't already supposedly going to hell for being an atheist. ** A wild Japan appears. Wiscash used Earthquake. Its super effective. Wiscash used surf. Its super effective. * This Troper was on a live stream/IRC channel that acts as a unofficial successor to {{Toonami}} while they were doing a marathon for the holidays that included the {{Rifftrax}} of the RankinBass special "Nestor The Christmas Donkey". Which, for those that haven't seen it, is about a donkey that constantly trips over his large ears and is chosen to be the donkey that Mary rides on the way to Bethlehem. When this exchange occured.

** This Troper: And than Nestor trips again, Mary falls off and has a holy miscarriage.\\ Other Poster: Lol, Andy that was bad\\ This Troper again: Oh, I'm losing points for that one. * I just complained about my job on TV Tropes. Subverted by that I AM already in Hell since Day One, and then the station's closing as early as March anyway. * This Troper and her friend saw the trope page for ClbutticMistake and cracked up at the idea that the word "assassinate" could be changed to "buttbuttinate" by an overzealous censoring program, and the word "buttbuttinate" became something of an inside joke. In a moment of real-life GenreSavviness, I said to my friend, "The next time a public figure gets assassinated, this will come back to haunt me." Sure enough, a few days later, there was the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords that killed six people. "My train of thought went something like, "That's awful...hehe, a buttbuttination attempt. Oh god, I'm going to hell for that." It should have been a FunnyAneurysmMoment, only it was still funny. Yes, I am immature. ** This troper told her friend about the "buttbuttinated" thing, who didn't exactly get it, but laughed anyway. I thought it was hilarious. When the assassination attempt hit, I had to bite my lip... * This troper recites this everytime he laughs at a dead baby joke. * Besides the fact that I'm not Christian and don't believe in Hell, but if it exists, [[http://img694.imageshack.us/i/blasphemyk.jpg/ I'm]] [[http://img202.imageshack.us/i/wildchina.jpg/ going]] [[http://img251.imageshack.us/i/annefrank.jpg/ there]] [[http://img715.imageshack.us/i/christianity2.jpg/ for]] [[http://img228.imageshack.us/i/hitlerxbox.jpg/ many]] [[http://img690.imageshack.us/i/heavenh.jpg/ reasons]] (Namely that I laughed at all of them). ** I laughed my ass off at that first one. I'm a Christian. And it's Easter. ''*sigh*'' Anyone for S'mores? ** This trooper doesn't know what's worse; the fact that I laughed, or the fact that I've seen all of these multiple times. Hell yea, S'mores kick ass, they need [[AxisPowersHetalia chocolate]] thouh. * This troper, who considers himself a {{Shakespeare}} nerd, paraphrased the great "Hath not a Jew eyes?" speech from TheMerchantOfVenice in a certain forum RP. Said speech was reworked into a heartfelt message of tolerance toward [[NaughtyTentacles tentacle demons]]. I'm fairly certain This Troper will be going to hell shortly after being killed in brutal gangland style by all of his former English teachers. * This troper, who considers himself a comedian, often has loud, offcolour conversations in the hallway of his high school with his friends. Said conversations are peppered with jokes about cripples, suicide, pot shots at my [[TokenMinority one black friend]] (who enjoys such jokes wholeheartedly, mind you), the flaws in organized religion, etc. Not to mention the fact that I am an atheist, an avid fan of George Carlin and Penn & Teller, I constantly swear like a man who dropped a bowling ball on his foot, and find every single FunnyAneurysmMoment throughout history to be completely hilarious. Kneel at the feet of the master, heathens. (Come to think of it, I

would consider the trope title to be a CatchPhrase of mine.) * This troper, even though she is a Christian, harbors a HUGE yaoi fetish (the more explicit, the better!) and she also um....you know..does "stuff alone" i must now repent. ** This troper's Catholic roommate is the same way, and this troper is going to hell in a handbasket because she is the one who got her roomie into it. ** This troper is a Baptist who lives in the South, and she has a yuri fetish. Every time she [[ADateWithRosiePalms goes to her bunk]], the devil's behind her with both thumbs up. * OP here. Glad to know im not alone! * This troper, a writer of fanfiction, often does such horrible things to characters. I am convinced that what I am going to do with a child/child-like character in a chapter of my fic is going to have me sent to hell. I am going to hell for emotionally torturing a fictional child robot before he is brutally killed by his "best friend" in a fanfiction. Trufax. ** This Troper mutters this a lot when she delves into fandoms she liked as a wee child. Nothing explicit on my end, but there's a certain perversity to writing R-rated (violent) fanfics for kids cartoons from TheEighties. * [[@/PentiumMMX2 This troper]]'s brother in law typically says this whenever he tells or laughs at an inappropriate joke. After a while, I got to where I typically responded to this by saying "Well, I've heard that [[{{ACDC}} Hell ain't a bad place to be]]" * This troper has broken windows, mirrors, hearts[literally!] and even killed some cats. All on accident. So it was about time I made sex jokes with my father. * [[@/{{katecarey}} This troper]] prefaces her favorite joke of all time with "I'm gonna go to hell for this, but..." Said joke was actually told to me by a ''nun'', and it's something to the effect of "What's the only thing Jesus can't eat? M&M's, because they keep falling through!" * I [[{{Firefly}} talk in the theater]]. ** The ''special'' hell for you, my dear. * I really don't care whether or not I'm going to hell, I'll still kick Satan's arse. * As someone who has not experienced but is positive in opinion regarding of IncestIsRelative, [[@/{{tehjinx}} this troper]] has found himself thinking more than once, "I hope my daughter grows up hot." Anyone up for sharing an apartment in hell? I don't mind doing dishes. * I'm agnostic, but I've still joked about going to hell for finding the killer run of ''{{Iji}}'' to be awesome on par with ''GurrenLagann'' in all of its {{BFG}}-laden, StuffBlowingUp-filled glory, and for not only presenting it that way in a LetsPlay fan adventure on the MSPaintAdventures forums, but joking about it as well. As I've noted, I have never felt guilty over killing a single alien in the game, and that includes the diary writer's girlfriend. * [[@/{{IlluminatedDarkness}} This Troper]] uses a variant of this. ("Well I guess I have nothing to lose anyway") * Let's see all the reasons I'm going to Hell. Translating the Lord's Prayer into {{Pokemon}} by changing certain references to talk about

places like the Hall of Origin? Having Mewtwo say it in a brothel while fighting the half-human son of Giratina? Just the words "The power of Arceus compels you!" should be reason enough to go to Hell. Even if it's simply invoking CrystalDragonJesus against the son of Ghost Dragon Satan, I don't think {{God}} wants me taking religion that lightly. And keep in mind, that's just ''one'' sequence. But to be honest, simply using Legendary Pokémon in such a chat in a sexual way (Deoxys. NaughtyTentacles. {{Lolicon}}. Need I say more?) while tracing the family tree back to [[{{God}} Arceus]] is asking for a one-way ticket to the Lake of Fire. * This Troper, has pretty much turned "Seeing as how I'm going to hell anyway..." into a catchphrase,used at the beginning of about 7 out of 10 sentences. * Once, I was playing ''Rome Total War: Barbarians'' and had two armies consisting of priests whacking each other with crucifixes (or whatever you call those large crosses they'd carry). I invoked this trope. * I often invoke this trope when I play ''Red Dead Redemption'' and have Marston do a shoot out in a chapel. I mean, really? A holy place of worship and I've turned it into a bloody gunfight? * I once imagined Lincoln pulling a DBZ on John Wilkes Booth. Please note I was doing this ''while I was in Ford's Theater''! Yeah, I'm going to Hell. * Remember the Dreamworks movie ''The Prince of Egypt''? Remember that scene when Moses called the guards and said the following: "There is a man tied up in my room." Well, my mind made it into a rap song, complete with Moses wearing sunglasses in a disco-bar spinning two disks while the characters of the movie danced to the song. Complete with Miriam and Aaron playing limbo with Ramses. * This troper used to feel this way for watching her personal [[SadistShow Sadist Shows]]: ''Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions'', and trashy gossip shows like ''TheSoup''. Nowadays? Not so much. * This Troper once ''recited the two lines from the rape-survivorpoetry SchmuckBait to a friend to see if she'd laugh.'' And succeeded! ...I'm off to pray, now. ''DAD, I SCREWED UP AGAIN.'' * If you're going to hell, make sure you personally kick Satan's ass when you get there. * Two words TROMA FILMS! * This Troper is not only a [[YaoiFangirl Yaoi Fangirl]], but ships religious figures--particularly certain Angels and Demons. Save me a seat? ** Edits. And she is determined to turn 'Troper' into 'Trop''h''er' * Lack of hell aside, [[@/SotiCoto I've]] been watching accidental deaths, spree killers and events of natural (and occasionally unnatural) destruction for almost three decades now, and I always take joy in seeing such things. The collapse of the New York world trade center was especially impressive to watch. I am aware though that most folk get all weird over this sort of thing, and prefer to remain enraged rather than rational, accusing me of hatred and evil and othersuch ridiculous nonsense stemming from their own deliberate ignorance. I firmly believe however that all death should be celebrated as victory over life, and as such I will continue to

support it. If you're wondering how this fits this trope at all... I know roughly what is "wrong" by other peoples' standards, but I just happen to utterly disagree. ** [[FlatWhat What.]] * Today I thought of a prank I could do if I ever go to the UK. Get a friend with me to a pub and have the friend ask me, "So, my American friend, do you like junk food? We have some here." to which I reply, "No. Never. I hate junk food with a passion. I also disagree with my government and hate war and violence." The friend would then proceed to collapse on the floor seizing ([[DontExplainTheJoke because, y'know, he's having a mental breakdown that I don't fit with the stereotypes of my country.]]). The Going To Hell part? The "seizure" is supposed to be the funny part. * Crossed with INeedAFreakingDrink with [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} This Troper]] after she wrote and published her first M-rated fanfic. Mrated fanfic is not necessarily bad in and of itself, but the fact it was dub-con (bordering on non-con) and for a freaking {{Disney}} movie?! * This troper has very... intersting things planned for characters (almost all of them under 13!) in a fanfic he's writing. Also, everytime I see a crack in orignaizied religion, another scandel break out or logic that makes no sense to me (Their views on The Pill and condoms are at the top) make me laugh. Then I say this. Also, everytime I get a headshot in Goldeneye. I just love the sounds of skulls breaking. * Two cases: ** Learning to look beyond politics in music, treating controversial viewpoints as little more than shock value--and looking for albums by a blatantly racist power electronics bunch and their frontman. I plan to pay money for them. My only justification is that I don't believe a word they say, but... ** Planning to completely and totally disrespect the funeral of a man to whom I am no longer technically related. He did a lot to deserve it, but... * This troper started reading yaoi fanfiction when they were eleven.And became a [[YaoiFangirl Yaoi Fangirl]] when they were twelve. Not to mention shipping Yaoi in the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Hellsing Hellsing]] fandom...Well, at least if I'm going to hell, my friends are right behind me and laughing their asses off along with me. * [[@/{{Seiryu}} This troper]] recently stumbled across a news article where a woman was falsely declared dead, and [[AttendingYourOwnFuneral woke up at her own funeral.]] Reportedly, she screamed, had a heart attack, was rushed to the hospital, and died 12 minutes after waking up. This troper immediately linked to the article on FaceBook, with the line "This is awful, the doctor responsible should be shot, and I am SO going to Hell for laughing at this. -->'''@/{{Seiryu}}''': Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to Hell I go! * I think I can stand up for some other troopers here. I have gone and chilled out at [[ImageBoards 4chan's /b/]]. As you all know, that sends you straight to hell. I also love racist jokes and [[ArsonMurderAndJayWalking I read this entire page.]]

* This troper reads yaoi fanfic, and has read doujins that were quite... unsuitable for kids. Her first thought after reading them was, "I'm going to Hell". * My friend on facebook posted "my hamster got raped last week, but he doesn't want to sqeek about it", I commented that I am going to hell for laughing at that. He commented that we are already going to hell for last night-when we were talking about making a film involving hamster swordfighting and naked midgets. * This troper has a rather dark sense of humor and thinks this about herself all the time. ---I'm going to Hell for [[{{Ptitlehuueseua}} sending you back to the main page]]. ----

Ptitlei015gc004kw4 [[redirect:{{TroperTales/Pokemon}}]]

ptitlei202y8to * In this troper's experience, this phrase is generally a lie. The speaker is either lazy or attempting to be mysterious, the latter of which usually comes off as quite annoying. * [[ClatoLawa This troper]] gave this answer when two girls in front of me on a bus were staring at my sombrero. It wasn't (I'd been a fancy dress party two nights ago and had to return the costume but had nowhere else to put the sombrero) but I figured it'd be more fun to make it a NoodleIncident. It didn't work, partly because there was still at least a minute before the stop I was getting off at. * [[MrZAP This troper]] rarely uses this trope, but has been subjected to it or seen others subjected to it many a time. He came to the conclusion long ago that more often than not it's simply said as an excuse to not talk about something the person doesn't want or care to talk about. So it may or may not actually be long. He's occasionally pointed this out to people after hearing it, with varying reactions from affirmation to speechlessness (or just changing the subject) to him just being wrong. On very rare occasions he actually gets to hear the story. ** This troper has come to a similar conclusion. As such, sheer stubbornness tends to make it impossible for him to let anyone get away with using this excuse. Cue attempts to get to hear the story ranging from incessant pestering to ridiculously complicated [[XanatosGambit Xanatos Gambits]]. Should this fail to work, the next time he is asked a question by whoever used "It's a long story" previously, he will [[HypocriticalHumor respond in kind]]. * This troper generally gives this response if the events started at least four months prior to the question being asked. Why? [[ViewersAreGoldfish By the time I get to the actual part that is important, everyone else seems to have forgotten what I told them at

the start, thus meaning I've just wasted my breath.]] * I once ran an Eberron game in which one character, a House Thuranni spy, was assigned to investigate the possibility of inserting agents into Reidra. Of course, everything went to hell and he had a long and destructive adventure through two continents with a pair of Reidran women, a drow, and an undead giant, and when he got back his handler asked "So, how'd it go?" The answer, which was the closing scene of the campaign, was "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." * This troper's reply when he walked out of the girl's washroom. Somehow, it worked and I don't have a bad impression across the school. Go me for sneaking into the girl's washroom... alive.

Ptitleit2ozpui * I was once helping my friend pack up her car to go home from campus for the weekend, and she asked me if I wanted to come along. I pointed out that every spare seat was now occupied by her hamsters' cages. -->'''Me:''' ''(jokingly)'' Where would I ride, the roof? -->'''Her:''' ''(completely seriously)'' Don't be silly -- there's room in the trunk. [[hottip:*: Meaning, as she clarified after I burst into a fit of laughter, [[ThatCameOutWrong we could move some of the cages there]].]] ** No kidding -- this exchange also occurred once after I got into her car to go to the movies and noticed a '''HUGE''' box in the backseat. --->'''Me:''' ''Please'' don't tell me that's another new hamster cage? --->'''Her:''' ''(completely seriously)'' Of course not -- that's just the bottom half.

Ptitlej2qa66yo * This troper's parents ''run'' this trope. I'm constantly reminding them of their own rules. Strangely, they're not senile or anything even when I was five, I was reminding them of rules they seemed to be constantly screwing. And it's not like they keep forgetting - if my sister or I ever broke a rule, they'd make sure to remind us of it. (To this day, I'm ''still'' cleaning up messes they keep leaving me in the kitchen becuase of my mom's strange inability to put her dishes away.)

ptitlej4vq9mgmlvmg * This troper once used it in a justified sense - she wrote a {{Lemon}}, clearly labeled it as a Lemon, and reiterated in the author's note, in all caps and in bold, that it was a Lemon before starting the story. Her first review was essentially: "Grr lemons are disgusting you suck." The second review was essentially: "I liked your story but I think it was a little too graphic." This troper later posted an author's note praising the second review and slamming the first. * This troper was told this after she reviewed a SweeneyTodd fic that portrayed young Lucy Barker as a jealous, irrational shrew who spouted

the word "whore" like it was a verbal tic. Granted, she would've been better off not reading it, but c'mon. ** Did they disclaim for being horribly out of character? You can't tell what's in a fic before you read it if they don't warn. And you can't exactly un-read it. * Tropers/ManWithoutABody once made a {{Main/machinima}} video for TheyMightBeGiants' song "Thirty-Two Footsteps", and then had to defend it from somebody who had less to say about the actual video than about machinima in general. Something about "Its liek one of those gay anime videos where 2 [[Main/YouGottaHaveBlueHair blu-hair]] girls fight an then kiss." There was no anime influence, blue hair, or kissing in the whole video. ** I'd call him out for using gay as an insult. * This troper will usually tell fanfic writers where they went wrong and usually gets this in return. Here's the thing, Most of the fanfics this troper likes to read are rare pairings or hard-to-find stories (Fem!Naru/Hina, Naru/Fuu, Fem!Naru/Masc!Hina, Female Naruto becomes Venom/Carnage.) and is usually trying to get the writer to improve their fanfics. ** In disbelief, this troper actually looked up the last one. The ''very first story'' he got called people out for reporting their possible violations of the site in question's rules. According to them, only people who dislike the story would report it. * This troper has been on both sides of the trope.\\ I partake in {{shipping}}. In fact, I manage a community for a particular ship on [[FanfictionDotNet fanfiction.net]]. I came across a brilliant story involving the pairing. It was [[DarkFic incredibly dark]], and it didn't exactly shed a positive light on the ship... However, it was one of the best fics I ever read. I figured that, even if it didn't really support the ship, it deserved to be in the community. Cut to a few days later, when an angry person messages me about that fic and how she didn't like the way it painted her favourite ship. To be clear, this was a fic named Stockhom Syndrome. That and the summary (a line from the fic) should have made it pretty clear that this was an abusive, one-sided relationship. ''[[DontLikeDontRead So what did you expect going into it!?]]''\\ On the flipside, I also partake in reviewing. At one point, I came across a crossover for two of my favourite fandoms. It didn't look ''good'', but eh, I figured I'd give it a shot. The fic's first and only chapter consisted of one and a half line with NoPunctuationPeriod and the most uninteresting narrative ever. I called the writer out on it, and requested that he would put some effort into his work next time (as he clearly didn't). Four days later, a message from the author comes in, telling me to "stop being such a little [explicit]" and insulting my stories (or rather, he "bet your stories suck dick"). Naturally angry, I was going to compose a reply – only to find that I was blocked from messaging that user. Lesson he didn't learn: ''if you release an abomination of a story, people will tell you it sucks''. ** Just out of curiosity, what WAS the pairing in Stockhom Syndrome? * [[Tropers/MKH90 This troper's]] answer to the "move out of the city/country if you don't like it" argument mentioned in the Real Life-part of this trope's main page usually is "I would if it weren't

so fucking expensive and complicated!" * This troper was playing WorldOfWarcraft and found out the city Trade Chat was being invaded, not by the usual spam, but by one guy talking about how much he hated the game, how superficial the story was, how people only play it because it's way to effing easy... when told "Then stop paying to play it!" his answer was "Because I have friends here, Jackass!". Cue people reporting him so he doesn't have to suffer anymore... * This Troper gets this all the time and hates this generic "rebuttal". Unless there was a warning, how can you know whether you like it or not BEFORE you read it? And even if there was, as long as it's legit critique given for it, and it's not a flame, what exactly is the point in saying this? And usually, the people that are criticizing the subject AREN'T reading it-there's just stating their own reasons for disliking it, so what's the point in screaming this to a person who obviously ISN'T reading? This is just something stupid that people like to throw around because they want to shut up everyone that doesn't kiss their asses and agree with everything they say. I've even had people ASK me to read things and then scream this when I told them I wasn't impressed. * [[Tropers/SlvstrChung This troper]], a purveyor of NSFW fiction, has handed this out a couple of times, but with a twist: he was able to say it ''in advance''. Sometimes readers will show up with that [[FanDumb Readership Equals Ownership]] mentality and start telling me, with a sad [[SmallNameBigEgo Gawd I'm So Smart]] sort of eagerness, that "I would just ''love'' to see [CharacterDerailment] happen." I get to put on my best DeadpanSnarker and respond: "I'm sure you would. [[{{Jossed}} Too bad you won't]]." (Unless they don't leave a return address. Which is, you know, always. One guy I called out publicly, only to hear from other authors that ''they'' had gotten earfuls from him too.) * [[Tropers/{{Soojinyeh}} This troper]] once pointed out that introducing random side pairings with no development out of thin air made the fic feel cheap and was accused of "flaming" and being "homophobic", even though I had made sure to praise the author and tell her how much I like her work ''in the very review'' and had said that if it was a yaoi pairing that had ''made sense'' I wouldn't have minded. She actually went and called in her friends to flame me in her reviews page after blocking me so I couldn't respond to them...and put an a/n basically saying "DontLikeDontRead" at the very '''end''' of her fic (if it's at the end it's probably too late, the person's already read it). This person and her friends still follow me around with sock accounts to try to harrass me wherever I go. This is the reason why anyone who screams DontLikeDontRead is immediately labeled a bad writer in my book. * [[Tropers/AnoSa I]] have been reading fanfic for a very long time-since before [[FanfictionDotNet the Pit of Voles]] was anywhere near as huge as it currently is. As far as I can tell, when used in fanfic summaries, 'it' is 'BadWriting tropes.' I've '''never''' found it in the summary of a fanfic which doesn't hit several of these; it seems to go along with spelling and grammar errors in the summaries, and summaries which read like we've got a bunch of doppelgangers of the

canon cast running around ("...[[TheStoic him]]? In wuv? Um...") as the warning triad of a fanfic that at its best can only be SoBadItsGood. * This troper often sees the 'if you don't like it, don't look at it' on image sites, even though you need to look at a picture before seeing what's on it. * This troper once employed this against someone who told me off on an Anti-RapeIsLove fic I wrote involving the common pairing of [[CharacterizationTags Ledger!]][[TheDarkKnightSaga Joker]] and a female OC, who usually winds up being one of the Joker's victims, usually winds up being raped, and [[RuleOfThree usually]] [[RunningGag winds up]] falling in love with the Joker as a result. The offending comment? "You really seem to like the "r" word a lot. You should stop reading the [[{{Joker}} Joker Graphic Novel]]; that action was completely out of his character period." First of all, yes, of course, I agree that rape is out of character for TheJoker, but ''this is not that Joker.'' This is Ledger!Joker, exhibiting how stupid the Joker/OC Rape!Fic cliche is by showing how it would realistically happen in that universe, since TheDarkKnightSaga is supposed to be a DarkerAndEdgier take on the Batman Mythos. It's extremely offensive to me that you think I only know two different versions of the Joker when I actually do indeed know several; anyone would know that if they bothered to look at my other stories and favorites. Second of all, I put warnings in the story description both before and after the link that yes, this story does indeed contain sexual harassment and rape, and is indeed a Rape!Fic. Furthermore, I did not even mention the word "rape" anywhere within the story itself save the author's notes, which don't even count as the story. If you don't want to read a story that [[{{Jossed}} horribly Josses]] the entire concept of RapeIsLove just because it contains rape in it, then '''''[[DontLikeDontRead DON'T READ IT]].''''' Seems pretty clear to me. * This troper finds the argument to be a serious case of YouFailLogicForever. If you make your work available to the public, you have to accept the possibility the public is going to ridicule it. If you can't handle that, you shouldn't be showing the public your works in the first place. ** Er, no. The whole "Don't like it, don't read it" argument is essentially an ad hominem. Sometimes works are just bad. This Troper doesn't care much for romance movies, but this Troper realizes that that is a personal taste and will still watch them with friends or the like. Yes, it can create some bias in a review, but such is not a guarantee. ** Would you take a review for the movie, ''{{Casablanca}}'' seriously if you read it, and it said the movie was crap, not because it was poorly acted, badly written, but because ''it was a ROMANCE movie''? And the reviewer used the logic that "Because it's a romance movie, [[NoTrueScotsman it's nothing BUT shit]], I am [[ReviewsAreTheGospel 100% right]], and if you disagree with me, [[TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong you're stupid, you're dumb for liking it, and you should feel bad]]?" I see this mentality a '''''LOT'''''. It's one thing where you say, "I'm not the best reader for this, but..." Just because ''you'' are not the best reader for a romance story does

not mean it's bad. * This troper does not like the majority of World War 2 games, most multiplayer competitive games, Sports games, and stuff like Wii Music. Yet unlike a majority of the gamers out there who are ''constantly'' [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike whining about these types of game genres they don't like]] have survived their existence in just ''one'' easy way. Not spending my money on them. It's incredibly easy and cheap. In fact, ItJustBugsMe how many people whine about stuff like "casual games" yet they somehow know all about the games as if they ''actually went out, bought, then sat down and played them''! This troper also refuses to read stuff like ''Twilight'' for that very reason... I don't like Romance storylines, why would I read something from a genre that I ''do not like'' in its entirety expecting to like ''{{Twilight}}''? Even "Well-Written" romance I'd probably find slightly duller than Quantum physics. (For the record, this troper felt some of the chapters about the romance in ''The Last Dragonlord'' were little more than filler.) * This troper managed to get a justified usage of it in a creative writing class. One person criticized another girl's work with such unjustifiable criticisms like, "You shouldn't be making this a Romance Story", "Please don't make your characters with unnecessary Japanese names and samurai swords", and "Don't describe eyes as 'Sea'". Ironically, since I had ''read'' the story and had some criticisms, I think the other person probably actually ''did not'' read it beyond the first couple pages - The "Unnecessary Japanese names" and "Samurai Swords" were because the character was ''a first generation Japanese immigrant'' who makes his income by teaching Kendo, and another girl's eyes were described as being "sea green". I told the criticizer that the story did not suck because it was a romance story, it sucked because it was a first draft. * This troper's English class is reading things like H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine" and Charles Frazier's "Cold Mountain". This troper hates both, but can't stop reading. His most obvious quality (being an extreme bookworm) is working against him, because he can't stand reading a book and not knowing how it ends. * [[Tropers/AdelePotter This fanfic-loving Tropette]] believes that someone who fails to see that it's a illogical impossibility deserves [[DopeSlap to be popped]]. In the case of the first troper, however, I'm on their side. If you give fair warning about Lemon or slash or whatever in your summary, then, yeah, it's [[JustifiedTrope justified]]. * I find that any time someone tries to tell me this I feel obliged to point out that art and entertainment are meant to be criticized by their nature, saying that your work shouldn't be criticized is tantamount to calling it dog shit(you can't criticize dog shit, you can just pick it up or leave it there). * The problem with this is that if you take the title very literally, you can't actually know if you like it ''until'' you read it. However before someone hits me over the head with a CompletelyMissingThePoint, I don't take this trope in the literal sense. However, I do find myself irritated when it's brought into the forums or comments sections on some of my favourite sites, not because it isn't used

properly but because even if it was justified ''you get a flame war forty comments long discussing the damn thing''. Considering the sites I like to visit include [[NostalgiaCritic That Guy With The Glasses]], [[UnpleasableFanbase I really shouldn't be surprised by this point]] but it always gets to me. The thing is, I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly; if you go to the website of someone who you dislike or pick up the book of an author you hate, then '''Don't bloody well read the damn thing!'''. It's pretty obvious that you are going to be made miserable by being exposed to it and that you are then going to go on a rant about ''why'' you are so miserable (it's the internet age! Everyone is going to rant about stuff they dislike! Just like I'm doing!). There are areas that you avoid when you know that they will make you angry (for example, I stay away from the stack of {{Twilight}} books in my little sister's room because I know that if I go anywhere near them I'll bring out my lighter and torch them in a sacrificial offering to a pagan god who I will probably sell my soul to in order to erase the entire franchise from existence!) There are just things you stay away from! ...However having said '''ALL''' that, if you're looking in a genre that you like, and come across something that sounds appealing to you, and when you read it, it turns out to be a horrible piece of shite that makes you want to track down the author and break their door in with some sort of sharp metallic instrument resembling an axe, then what are you supposed to do? You had no knowledge beforehand that you were going to hate it. You didn't set out to hate it, it was simply a consequence of the quality, or even maybe just your personal preference and the quality was fine but it just didn't appeal to your tastes. You can't ''know'' you'll hate it before you read it. Not unless omnipotent (and then you're just royally screwed until someone goes back in time to kill Stephanie Meyer ''before'' {{Twilight}} got published.) * I once gave a bad ''KingdomHearts'' [[MarySue Suefic]] a negative review. You can guess the author's response. It was also categorized as a [[FoeYay Ventus/Vanitas]] fic. * This Troper will quite willingly admit that he uses this on his deviantART page (in his user profile) and it's always the first thing on the first page of his notebooks or sketchbooks; he likes to write about and draw things that he knows some people don't like (body modification, transgenderism in varying forms, homosexuality, monsters, foul language). He always says, straight up and in really clear language, that those things may well show up in his work. He'd rather have people avoid his work entirely if it makes them uncomfortable, than have them plow through it anyway and flame him for reading/looking at something that they were explicitly forewarned might bother them. (He realizes this probably won't work if he should ever be published, but that's what libraries are for, isn't it? Check a book out for free and see if you like it before you plunk down your hard-earned money for it, especially if the writer has a reputation for writing bizarre things.) However, he'd never write a story full of potentially offensive things, neglect to warn people, and then get pissed off when people say they don't like it; that's just stupid. * This troper doesn't buy this argument usually. She sometimes sees it as a way to excuse bad writing. Sure they can screw with the

characters, and completely derail the plot, because no one HAS to read it! Except for that in any creative venue, your work will be criticized if you put it up for people to view, and not everyone will like it. Man, if I said that to my literature instructor in college I don't think I would've done well. * I believe this is a horrible way to excuse a bad fanfic. HOWEVER, there are justified ways to use this line. Among them are: the story is a rough draft (if mentioned before the fanfic itself), it is mentioned before the fanfic that the fic contains controversial content (sex, language, death, etc.), etc. ---[[DontLikeDontRead If you don't like this page, then don't read it!]] It's as easy as that! ----

Ptitlejp0jqu9k * The problem with this line, as far as I'm concerned, is that while it may very well be TruthInTelevision, it's been used as a break-up cliché (both in media and RealLife) for so long that it is now impossible to use it seriously without the one you're saying it to getting offended and thinking that you're heartless enough to not even bother to come up with a believable explanation. ** Case in point: My ex-boyfriend. I cared about him, I really did. I guess some part of me loved him and wanted to be [[OneTruePairing the one]] for him, but I just couldn't. And when I realised that I was too messed up (years of psychological absue during your childhood can do that to you) to give him the love he deserved, I really wanted him to know that it wasn't ''his'' fault that I was breaking up with him. Letting him know that without mentioning or at least implying this trope? Impossible. Luckily, it all worked out in the end and we're still friends, but I was dangerously close to losing him completely for a while.

ptitlek3dpejg9vq2s * I once tried to make a soundtrack to RL. * So this one time, at band camp, we played Seven Nation Army. About twice as fast as it's usually played. The director kept time by fist pumping. It was, of course, awesome. * During a game of ''{{Quake}} Live'', I put on the Yoshida Brothers song "Rising", pretty much EpicRocking with Shamisen. It was awesome. * This troper's old Geography class ended the year in style. How? The teacher began counting to get us to quiet down, she morphed into "Once I Caught A Fish Alive", and we all joined in really loud. It was hilarious, and sorta heartwarming, in that it was the first time that any of my classes had managed to do something all at once involving all of them. * This troper's younger brother's boss battle theme is apparently "Gold Dust". * Every time my best friend and i go somewhere * Battling [[TheDragon Tiamat]] in ''[[FinalFantasy Final Fantasy

I]]'' to [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Fury of the Storm]] by DragonForce? Hellz yeah! * Ventilating {{mooks}} in ''[[GunPorn Black]]'' [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome became even more of a blast]] for this troper when accompanied by AC/DC's [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything "Shoot to Thrill"]].

ptitlek97l0lf6 * [[{{Desertopa}} This troper]] eats food like this on a regular basis. Having left behind all local competition behind, I am now locked in a battle of one-upmanship with myself. However, I sometimes accidentally end up with creations that are legitimately palatable, like Fire Tofu Salad. * TruthInTelevision: While [[TheFedoraPirate This Troper]] is willing to eat anything if there's a fair chance I'll survive it, (jellyfish, century eggs, fugu, anything) one place I draw the line is a cheese from Sicily that has live maggots in it. Behold what wikipedia has to say on the matter: -->Several food safety issues have been raised in relation to Casu marzu (that's the maggot cheese), including anecdotal reports of allergic reactions and the danger of consuming cheese that has advanced to a toxic state. In addition, there is some risk of enteric myaisis, or intestinal larval infection. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and bloody diarrhea. Piophila casei larvae are very resistant to human stomach acid and can pass through the stomach alive, taking up residency for some period of time in the intestines and causing stomach lesions and other gastrointestinal problems. The larvae have powerful mouthhooks which can lacerate stomach linings or intestinal walls as the maggots attempt to bore through internal organs. ** OH GOD WHY ** Sardinians are ''hardcore.'' By which I mean bloody insane. ** [[JET73L This Troper]] is the same way. If something is reasonably unlikely to kill me and either dead, lacking a central nervous system, or both, it's worth trying at least once. But jumping hookworm quiche? No. [[NoJustNo Just No]]. Except for [[WeaksauceWeakness cow's milk, cow's cream, ice cream, and certain cheeses]], though most cheeses are worth having anyway, be it just to try or in small enough amounts that the usually painful stomach convulsions and other side effects aren't bad enough to be noticeable. Hot peppers and their products are good, too, although it's gotten to the point where what the tongue can handle, the stomach lining can't. * This troper has built up a tolerance for seriously hot peppers over the past decade or so. If you can take the heat, habaneros are really good on crackers. But to a normal, sane person the raw fruit is nothing but pain. * My [[LethalChef cooking]] resembles this. I'm the only one that eats it. For good reason. * [[Tropers/SoWeAteThem I'm]] not entirely sure I'm going to live down the time I put an entire can of [[BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce Ro-Tel salsa]] in the Hamburger Helper.

** I'm not sure if I want to lock you up for your stupidity or worship you for your balls of steel. * [[Tropers/{{Nemica}} This troper]] seems to have got a certain immunity to BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce. "I'd like to have this one... but this time could you please use more chili?" Cue the waiter staring. * Tropers/BTIsaac can attest that either Wasabi isn't what it's made out to be, or he was shammed by three different restaurants. He usually swallows the entire chunk before the sushi. It's not really burning, but once it's down, causes the sensation of a volcano erupting in your stomach. Badass. * [[Tropers/{{Dante668}} My]] friend was once treated to dinner at a sushi restaurant, where his host warned him to be cautious with the wasabi sauce. Said friend is a proud owner of a cast-iron stomach, and frequently eats sliced jalapeno peppers like they're ptotato chips, sp when the sushi arrived with the mysterious green paste, he slathered it on like ketchup. Not only did screaming and flailing result during the meal, but he also was out sick from work for three days because he was shitting blood. ** I'm calling shenanigans on this. I've eaten a lot of spicy food, and I've had my fair share of intestinal distress as a result, but I've never had wasabi "punish" me beyond the initial sinus flash and involuntary eye-watering. Once it's down the gullet, it seems like the stuff's completely neutral. I won't rule out the possibility of some kind of allergic reaction on your friend's part, but if he was indeed bleeding from the asshole, it's more likely that something other than wasabi triggered it. * One of this troper's favourite foods is an instant kimchi + noodles soup with a flavour packet. Said flavour packet makes the soup incredibly spicy. This troper tends to pour the whole thing in. Her friends call it the Evil Soup. * This troper lives near a place that serves Suicide Hot Wings. She tried one once and thought she was going to spontaneously combust. And her dad can't get enough of them. ** I met a guy that owned a restaurant that served those. They dropped that recipe a long time ago, though, their [[BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce Suicide Sauce]] was ''expensive'' to make! * Once at a restaurant, this troper was dared by her tablemates to eat one of the vinegar-soaked peppers that were in a small jar on the table. She did. Oh god, the pain. * This troper was dared to order a hamburger known as The Death Burger, the hottest burger in the country. She managed three bites and was begging for water. Her friend ate half of the burger and threw up on the table, because ''it just burned that much''. * [[{{Zero44556}} this troper]] is usually the one seeking spicier foods, but if he's with someone who's never tried japanese before, he'll usually order some sushi for them and tell them [[{{Complete monster}} "Here, the best way to eat this is slathered with this sauce, it adds a ton of zest to it"]], the reaction is hilarious, even if I do have to spend the next few minutes apologizing. ** Another story, this time one involving me, at the local sub shop,

they sell this hot sauce called [[{{Blazing inferno hellfire sauce}} "Da'bomb"]], it was the hottest sauce they sold, and (Was rumoured to have) shattered the glass bottle it's in because it's just ''that'' caustic, I tried a finger-sized drop and could barely breath, I drank three glasses of soda in the span of the next two minutes, [[{{Arson murder and jaywalking}} and it tasted horrible.]] * Maybe slightly subverted. While this troper is willing to try anything new and tends to eat the weirdest things found on menus, she absolutely MUST draw the line at any sort of spicy food. She dislikes it so much that she can barely stomach a taco. * This troper finds others' tales of their exploits to be wholly disheartening. I've taken to making my own hot sauce because of two things: Firstly, I'm too damn cheap to buy hot sauce that's actually got enough kick for me, though it does exist. Secondly, there's something to be said for simplicity in your food... fire-roasted habaneros and vinegar. That's it. And so many people can't seem to stomach it... I use it even more liberally than I used to use Tabasco Sauce, before I embarked upon my chili-head adventures, and I have yet to do anything with it that makes me truly hurt. I've also eaten whole, raw habaneros on exactly three occasions. The first time with milk. My god, the worst part--and there are a lot of bad parts--is your ears. It's so hot, that the pain somehow makes its way from your throat to your ear canal and gives you a pounding earache for about twenty minutes. Or ten, if you're me. Second if you've done crazy shit like that too! :D ** * This troper is completely obsessed with spicy food. She once ate a dish that had her sweating and tearing up. Sure, her tongue had all but burned off, but it tasted amazing, so she gets where you're coming from. * This Troper doesn't really go for this kind of food, but whenever he goes out with one of his friends, said friend usually asks the waitress if the food he has just ordered will cause him physical pain. The looks he's gotten in response are absolutely priceless. ---Ewww... are you really going to eat that Main/MasochistsMeal? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlek9eb8qja * @/DesertDragon: Perhaps the most significant sign that my brother has gotten over my [[ComingOutStory coming out]] is that he keeps asking me if my dates have a sister. ---Does [[DoesHeHaveABrother the main page]] have a brother-trope?

ptitlek9rcf846o3co * It wasn't the exact phrase, but [[QuantumToast this troper]] once

got something similar from an online friend for describing himself as bad-looking. * This Troper has worked tech support and call centers for 10 years. ''NEVER'' say "the queue is dead" or "we're quiet around here." That's when something big will break and you'll be up to your guts in calls. Likewise, never say it in an ER. ** I have a phrase for that, and I preach it every. Single. Time someone wonders about that out loud: "Avail: Don't talk about it, don't think about it, don't jinx it, just enjoy it." * This troper's closest friend has smacked her right in the face for berating herself, sometimes so hard that she (troper) falls down. She once even shoved this troper against a locker for having her feelings hurt by other people's put-downs. * This troper is really prone to having emo moments, and even when she does she'll state every negative fact about herself in the most polarising, overblown way possible. Her little sister's usual reaction is to say "höpsistä." ("What nonsense.") ---What do you mean, you don't deserve to [[DontSaySuchStupidThings go back to the main article]]?! Don't be ridiculous! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitleknqpqs1j * This troper's middle school always held "theme" dances but no one ever actually follows the theme. Every year there's a handful of sixth graders who show up to the first dance of the year wearing (for example, when the theme was Hawaiian) hula skirts or flowery dresses only to discover that everyone else is wearing normal clothes. ** Am I the only one who wishes they expelled you if you didn't do it? *** No you're not the only one. I dressed up as a Sorceress for a Halloween dance, makeup and all in 6th grade and got teased so badly that I ended up crying in the bathroom and going home early, and I'm still really scared to dress up for dances, even in normal formal clothes, afraid that I'll do something wrong. Yeah, being the 6th grader that didn't actually followed the rules is not so great. I really wish they would enforce the rules, it would be better for all I think. * This editor once had the exact opposite happen to him; he forgot about a casual-wear day at the high school he attended (which had an otherwise mandatory uniform) and thus was the only person to turn up that day wearing the school uniform. ** The same with this editor; on casual wear days, there is always at least ten people who forget. ** Ditto this editor, only she was ''told'' on the morning; she just didn't trust the teller. Pride goes before a fall. ** It's a good thing not every country uses school uniforms, otherwise it would've happened to this troper quite a few times. ** That happens to this troper all the time -- and even when I know it

is mufti day I still worry that everyone is pulling my leg. *** This troper always told her mother that if nobody else was wearing casual she was to keep driving. ** This troper once had a dream where this happened and got it mixed up with the real memory that there was a casual day that very day, resulting in the dream becoming reality. ** This troper did that once as well. On a separate, worse, occasion, the school held a "Bring Your Teddy Bear To School Day" as a charity fundraiser. This troper thought the event was being held the day before it actually was, and thus walked into school carrying an twofoot-tall blue plush monster with giant green plastic fangs. Thankfully the librarian offered to hide the thing, and this troper remembered to bring it the next day as well (the day we were actually told to bring toys in). ** Happened to this troper, but having a dentist appointment on the same morning might have had something to do with it. ** Happened to this troper, who is wondering if most of the above went to her old high school. Played straight with "Blackout Day" her Senior Year Homecoming Week: normally one to follow the rules, this troper was tricked into believing the Senior Class had been approved to all wear white instead. We weren't, but the administration let it slide because with the exception of one person in a ninja costume we ALL wore white. * Oddly enough, this troper has heard of it happening at weddings -the bride or groom will tell a guest it's a theme or costume wedding and either not tell them what kind of costume is appropriate or only tell a handful of guests. The best story was the one on Etiquette Hell when the bride told her guests to come in leather club wear. The groom didn't give the same instructions to his. * Strangely enough, it happened to a girl at This Troper's school two years ago, without any mean-girl trickery - she misread a flyer for the junior high Halloween/Fall dance, and thought it was a costume party. She came dressed as an Egyptian queen, and after noticing noone else in costume ended up having an emotional breakdown. Her friend quickly converted her gypsy costume into a party dress and after a chat the girl came through and danced the night away. ** Even stranger, at a high school Halloween costume dance, 4 to 6 kids came wearing street clothes, while everyone else was in costume. * A friend and her husband went to a costume party that wasn't dressed as statues in gold and bronze body paint and togas. * This troper's homeschool group used to have themed days such as Wear Pajamas Day and Wear Blue day. I was always afraid this trope would happen, but it never did. However, the inverse occasionally came about. Amazing how silly you can feel in day clothes when everyone else is walking around in PJs. * This troper's high school has a surprisingly lax dress code. On the few days a year we do have themed outfit days, approximately a third [[TheyJustDidntCare don't dress up]] and so if you forget, you can play it off like you didn't want to in the first place. Very useful. * Not quite a costume party, but... when [[McJeff this troper]] was in high school, he was in the chorus. Anyway, it was time for a dress rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Usually, dress rehearsal means

getting into costume or suits or whatever, but not at this school... anyway, this troper's parents refused to listen to him and sent him off to rehearsal in the full suit. However... he wore a T-shirt under the suit, so when everyone laughed he just ditched the jacket and dress shirt. One other poor kid who ended up at the rehearsal in full suit wasn't so lucky, and so he got all the being laughed at. * This troper had sort of an inadvertant and inverted example. There was this frat party (no booze) being held at a college campus that was essemtially open-door. So guess what happens? I go, dressed as myself, and everyone's wearing ''preppy gear''. The guy who told me about the party never told me that the theme was a prep party. I was the only one not wearing preppy clothes. But I still had a good time. * [[{{MiraShio}} Mira-chan]] has both witnessed and experienced a form of this trope, which in her school involves wearing the wrong kind of uniform on a given day. The example that sticks out the most, however, was during the last day of English Week. Everyone was supposed to come to school in their sports uniform, but as she had forgotten to tell her mom about this, Mira-chan ended up wearing casual clothes with what she would wear underneath her costume for the choral recitation contest that would take place later that day. -->'''G-chan''': Mira-chan, why aren't you in your uniform? -->'''Mira-chan''': It's in the wash. Besides, I thought we were supposed to come today wearing our costumes, but I'd look tacky arriving in that dress, so I just wore this. -->'''B-chan''': You're doomed. -->'''Mira-chan''': Fine. * strips off her jeans and hoodie to reveal a white tank top and white leggings in the middle of the stairwell and slips on her white costume* -->'''G-chan''': God, Mira-chan, you'd actually do that here? -->'''Mira-chan''': You told me to change. ** She still looked tacky wearing the costume long before the contest took place, though. * This Troper had a costumer party for her birthday once. [[GenreSavvy I knew]] that someone would forget. And what do you know, someone did. * This troper wrote specific instructions on her invitations and told her mom to make sure to remind other parents on the pphone that her tenth birthday party was a spa party and guests were to wear their pajamas. Her at the time best friend showed up in her nice clothes, and proceeded to spend the rest of the party trying as hard as possible to make [me] miserable. * At my high school, only seniors are allowed to dress up for picture day, and the rest of us have to wear our uniforms. I didn't get the memo when I was a freshman, and had to hide outside until my mother arrived with my uniform. * This troper subverted this, by being one of the few who turned up to a fancy dress party in fancy dress. * During sixth grade, our teacher wanted to have a "come to school in costume" day for our class, and even promised candy prizes for best costumes. On the day, only the teacher, myself and another student were dressed up, as some of the "cool kids" had decided dressing up in costume was dorky and they were too cool to do something like that. The teacher was really disappointed in them, and gave the prizes to

only me and my dressed-up friend. Then one of the "cool kids" started to whine how it was unfair that THEY didn't get any candy... and the teacher gave them a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome truly royal chewout]] over their entitlement. * This troper attended her homecoming dance back in September. Recently, the dress code for the dance was relaxed to make it more informal. This troper came wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers while most of the other girls came in nicer wear. This troper didn't really mind, though, since she had fun. * This troper was once in an elementary school musical number put on by the music teacher. She had told the entire class not to bother dressing up for the part, but the letters she sent home said that costumes were required. So this troper's mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided to follow what the letter said and '''forced''' this troper to dress up despite his protests. Yeah...and as it turned out I was the only one dressed up. * This troper was once invited to one of these by [[PsychopathicManchild a sickeningly chummy]] [[JerkAss classmate of mine]] who was celebrating [[StartOfDarkness his birthday]]. [[BlatantLies He told me it was a baby-themed party]], and I had to wear a baby costume. [[TheStoic By virtue of me not being a party person in general]], my natural aversion to costumes, and [[RefugeInAudacity the absurdity of the concept itself]], [[GenreSavvy I didn't attend.]] * An Reconstructed case with this Troper. The company Halloween event was a couple days prior to the actual night. I show up in something only a bit more colorful than normal (Troper is very fond of tye-dye and vintage clothing), and win fourth place for the costume contest as a "hippie." The ''actual'' hippies in the office (as in "Yes, I did that in the 60's") were quite amused. ---If you take this link to go back to [[WelcomeToTVTropes It's A Costume Party, I Swear]]. After all, you wouldn't want to have to find your way back from the [[{{Ptitleknqpqs1j}} Home Page]], would you? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

ptitlekp1is9d2sabh Just when you think we've all gotten past all that...... * In the middle of a Drama club meeting, our token ASB member yelled, "We're the only club on campus without an Asian on its board!" Ten seconds pass, and then his best friend who was sitting next to him and was Asian said, "Wait a minute. Dude." The first guy said, "Oh, wait. We have Kevin. Nevermind." Now its a running joke akin to me falling off a stage. * This troper was the only white girl in her urban elementary school, and had many of these moments when African American classmates would make generalizations about white people and, when she'd call them out,

they'd say that they had forgotten she was white. Zoom ahead a few years: this troper attends a predominantly white high school but, because of her background is particularly sensitive to city-bashers and racist comments. Most white colleagues are nonplussed when this troper takes offense to jokes about 'ghetto' people. * This troper was watching [[HaroldandKumar Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle]] with two friends, who were also roommates. One was half white half Puerto Rican and the other half white and half Japanese, but they both identified more strongly with the non-white half because of their appearance (neither has obviously white features) and the way society treats them because of it. In the movie some scene came up where a bunch of white guys in a car were being racist douche bags to the heroes, and one friend yells to the TV "See? That's why we hate white people!" and the other said "Because they act like friggin ass holes!" After noticing for the first time that she was in fact the only white person in the room, this troper said something along the lines of "Um... guys, you know I'm white, right?" * This Black troper had a white girl ''compliment'' him with the statement, "You're so non-threatening." Said troper was too shocked to actually be angry, but on top that, it was clear she was trying to be nice. You just gotta laugh....I guess. ** Sounds familiar. Did you post a similar example on the troper tales section of 'Acceptable Ethnic Targets', by any chance? *** Well, yes. It covers oh so many tropes. ** If it helps at all, she might have been trying to tell you that you were comforting or disarming. And some girls are nervous enough that they really do consciously think of "non-threatening" as a notable character trait in men. It's quite possible that skin tone wasn't the issue. *** Hmm, I honestly never thought of that. Which probably means I was being the racist, judging her comment due to her race. Shit, I hate being a JerkAss. I didn't mean to be. **** Everyone stereotypes occasionally, intentionally or not. It's not like only one person in a situation can be "the" racist. We're ''all'' racist sometimes... **** [[Tropers/PersonofPeeple This troper]] was reminded of Avenue Q: "Everyone's a little bit racist, sometimes, doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes!" * [[Tropers/DesertDragon This troper]] is both black and gay, but does not fit (most) stereotypes about either. Sadly, some of his white and straight acquaintances get a little ''too'' comfortable with this and think they can say anything around him because they're talking about "Those ''other'' blacks/gays." Let's just say they weren't in his acquaintance for long, at least not without a tongue-lashing that would make [[SassyBlackWoman his mother]] proud. * This troper, while American, spent a sizable part of his early years outside of the US thanks to my father's work. Thus, I spent my formative period in environments where I was a despised minority namely, an English-speaking white. Having that suddenly ''disappear'' one day was a profound culture shock. * Inverted with a black girl [[DokEnkephalin this caucasian troper]]

dated. She acted pretty consistently white, and sometimes so unexpectedly white that I just had to remark, "You know, I'm blacker than ''you''!" ** It's like a double-racist cake filled with racism. *** Guys, we've been through this. We don't know HOW he meant it. *** It may not have been meant harmfully, but it's racial stereotyping, and therefore racist. Racism isn't only about hating or murdering people, it's also about jumping to stupid conclusions for no reason other than someone's race, and we all do it... *** Actually, racism literally means "the belief that any one race is inferior/superior to other races". The "blacker than you" comment isn't technically racist. It might offend some people, but there is nothing really wrong with it, so long as you are in good company. **** It's a case of UnfortunateImplications by stating that he adheres to stereotypes associated with a certain group. Furthermore, if she doesn't adhere to them, she's apparently not black. In other words, being a member implies inherent stereotypes. It's offensive and wrong. * Inverted in the sense that this troper only screams out the trope name when people call her an 'oreo' (a person who is black on the outside and white on the inside). ** Another incident happened in this troper's TV/Video Productions Class when a [[{{Jerkass}} student]] got angry over how the teacher pronounced his name, saying that he wasn't a damned [[spoiler:moreno]] (spoiler tagged for inappropiate language). This troper knows enough Spanish to know that that is an insulting term reserved for black people and just about ready to ''kill'' the guy, but stopped herself because she was already on thin ice as it was. He may not remember the incident, but this troper will ''never'' forget. *** That depends on where you're from, though. In Venezuela, moreno is a perfectly normal descriptive term for a black person. **** This troper was never under the impression that moreno was an insult anywhere. It's simply more acceptable in some cultures to refer to people by skin color. However, it's entirely possible that there are enclaves of Spanish speakers somewhere where the word has turned into an insult. * One of the jokes with [[{{chitoryu12}} this troper's]] drama club/thespian troupe (3506 for life!) is Kaley D. She's half-black and half-white (As her sister calls them, "Halfrican American"), and the members often make fun of her for being more white than she should be. In one example, she said that she was being thrown under the bus, and her friend responded "The BACK of the bus!". When telling the story at lunch, everyone agreed that she should be slightly back from the middle instead. She herself admitted that she has a black side and a white side, and this troper termed her "Brownie" and "Double-Stuffed Oreo" because she's black on the outside, but white on the inside, with more white than black. ** What the fuck is wrong with you? ** That whole story has so much concentrated fail in it, I feel dumber having read it. ** As someone who tries very, very hard to overcome his unconscious racism, *facepalm*. *** I thought the joke about being in the middle-back of the bus was

hilarious. **** Is she okay with it? 'Cause it really depends if she's okay with it. If she started it, I wouldn't mind. If she's offended, that's a problem. Or maybe he's talking about a different type of [[IncredibyLamePun Drama]] Club ***** Hello, /b/tard speaking, I believe 4chan may have lost you. ****** This troper wouldn't be so quick to condemn, since I hang out with a similar crowd. We've got gays, lesbians, a bisexual masochist, Latinos who can pass for Black, Blacks who can pass for Latino,and any number of South Asians. Out of a group of twenty five or so I'm one of the three white people there, and all twenty five of us will say things so horribly screwed up and racist it would make a Klan High Whatever blush, but none of us take it seriously and everyone laughs at it. When you're close enough to somebody you can joke about anything, no matter how bad it would be in polite company. ******* Preach on brother (sister). When you become close to someone, you can say things, because there's a certain trust, and you know when a joke is a joke. This Black troper is currently dating an Asian, and the racial banter NEVER stops. Such gems -- Me: Hey you know how to fix a broken USB cord? Her: Um, I'm not that great with electronics. Me: Oh, c'mon! Aren't you Asian??. Then later -- Her: How come you never pursued sports seriously as a kid? Me: Eh. Never was that good at it. Her: Ah, c'mon! Aren't you Black?? (cue racous laughter). The affection and love we have for one another is what makes our banter just that, banter. And not grounds for someone to knocked the f-- out. ******* Agreed. Some friends of this troper include a cripple, a Jew, a German, blacks and gays. It. Never. Stops. One memorable line was when the Jew friend got a rat for a pet: "Damnit, even our vermin have vermin!" We also joke about having every sort of roommate except Hannibal Lector. His fridge is too crowded with his Grandma, anyway. * Once in this troper's drama class (for pete's sake), another student was arranging a group into tableaux vivants. She asked a third student to stand on a stool and arch his arms over, and said, "I know this is kinda gay, but..." This troper then quipped, "Maybe I should do it, then." She fell all over herself apologizing, which was quite humorous. * This troper has friends that occasionally make fun of religious people, nerds, geeks, and Linkin Park fans, despite this troper fitting into all of the aforementioned categories. The first time they did it, this put them in their place with a fantastic, [[{{Scrubs}}Cox]]-ian rant. Now, whenever they make a joke that applies to said troper, they are put in their place with a very wellplaced "AHEM." * *someone steals someone else's lunch at this troper's highschool* "Aw geeze, you jewbag!" And then I give them a dirty look and a what was that?! Commence guilty looks and apologies! * This troper was commonly slapped with the label of whitewash in high school. Which caused the trooper to become extra militant and a major user of the soapbox. That turned out well... * People are more than comfortable using homophobic language in front

of this hearts-and-pink-loving troper, 'cause, yeah, [[StraightGay a requirement for a female liking other females is looking like a truck driver, apparently.]] ** [[QueenOfTheBifauxnen This troper]] may be on [[ButchLesbian the butch side herself]], but salutes you anyway. ** {{Callahan}} is in the same boat, having a clueless homophobic friend. * Some of my relatives own an old-time photo store, and decided they should get a picture of me a soldier (funny considering I'd die in basic training) and then asked if I wanted to be Confederate or Union. I looked at my half-sister and then said "What do you think?" * This troper took an art class once, and one project involved coloring things with markers. For some reason (and much to the annoyance of the entire class), very few black markers were supplied, forcing this troper to head over to the next table to ask "Do y'all have a black?" They assured me that yes, yes they did, and pointed to their black friend. * Note to all high schoolers: Not all Jamaicans smoke weed! My father is a Jamaican, and everytime I say that, "Does he smoke weed?!" Of course, if you met him, and heard him, he doesn't have a Jamaican accent, but a British one, being raised in Coventry since he was two. ** Thank You!!!! ** Huh. This Caucasian troper has actually never thought that. One of my best friends is born Canadian by Jamaican immigrant parents, patois and all. I hear stories about the father living on a mountain and going to school in the village 20 miles away all the time. I guess hearing about life in Jamaica from them first means things like that never even occurred to me. * This troper's (white) mother works with two or three friendly black women who sometimes forget she's white. So far they haven't said anything really offensive, but sometimes they say things that they wouldn't normally say around white people. ** Like what? * Straight women: [[BerserkButton It is not cute or funny]] when you refer to your heterosexual male friends as [[NWordPrivileges "faggot."]] (You would not believe how many twee little college girls think this nickname is amusing.) Especially when it leads to situations like the following. -->'''[[StraightGay This Troper:]]''' *some kind of aside comment about clothes shopping* -->'''Straight Girl:''' You know, you can be such a faggot! You're like, my [[PetHomosexual pet fag!]] I think from now on I'm just gonna call you Pet Faggot. -->'''Everyone Else:''' ''(dead. fucking. silence.)'' -->'''Straight Girl:''' ... oh my God, I'm so sorry! I forgot! ** NB: It's not cute or funny when you refer to your homosexual male friends that way, either. * This troper can't believe he's the first on this page to have a story about male-bashers who forget who they are talking to. Seriously he has many female friends and each and every one has, at some time, started an anti-male rant around him only to pull up short with an '... except you'. He just laughs it off. OTOH these rants tend to be

about ex-boyfriends so maybe his single status comes from not being [[JerkAss male]] enough because [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys it seems]]. * This Troper regularly does a wrestling podcast, which is largely humorous. There's not so much active homophobia, but occasionally the other guys on the cast make offhand comments (For example, on a particularly meh episode 'I mean, its not great, but its not terrible, and I ain't gay for watching it'). * This trope seems to make up the bigger part of this tropers life. I went to an all black elementary school and got called white or told I was acting white for years because of the way I talked. To make matters worse, most of the people talked the same way. It was an effing private school! It only got worse when I got into my mostly black high school. I hated rap with a fiery passion, hate most sports, love country music, never wore my clothes baggy and never really wore and afro or dreads. I hung out with mostly white girls and was consistently told, "You're not black." Or, "You're the whitest black guy I've ever met." ** This troper is disturbed by the seemingly nonchalant acceptance of racist behavior to other tropers' faces. Buy a clue. Being told that "you're not black" is an insult, not a reason to smile or feel complimented. ** The above troper is CompletelyMissingThePoint this trope is more about laughing at how stupid the racism is. We get it's an insult but most of us find it funny that we have to remind otherwise non-racist people of this fact. This is the original troper again and his response is typically, "Yes I am. But, I'm 1960's black. Back when it meant you had to be better than the best just to get average recognition." * This troper is half African and half British, but she lives in England, which often used to result in 'friends' making borderlineracist comments, with the defense, 'Well, you're not REALLY black, are you?' * This troper was standing next to some people in her class who were making some racist comments, then they noticed the aforementioned troper. The scene went like this: --->'''Troper:''' Hi there. --->'''Person #1:''' O-OH! Uh, not you, you're really cool! Yeah! --->'''Person #2:''' [[ButNotTooBlack You're not even that black! You're, like, tanned or something!]] --->'''Troper:''' Mmm-hmm. * This Troper and two of her friends were once having a conversation about WWII over lunch, and one friend launched into a fairly antiGerman rant. Cue This Troper and the other friend glaring at herwe're both German. (To be fair, This Troper is only an eighth German, but the other friend's last name is ''Haberberger''.) * This Troper attends a nearly all-white school full of rich kids and happens to be half black. One particularly douchey pre-frat boy kid left a classroom and said to his friend, loudly, "what's up, my n*****!" This troper didn't even have to say anything, just turned around slightly which led the kid to apologize half to her, half to his friend with, "God, I always say that, I didn't mean that, I didn't even know she was there." This troper wasn't really offended but just

got a kick out of him panicking. * It's a long and bizzare tale, so I hope to write it down clearly. After breaking with my girlfriend she moved to a female bisex friend we both knew. I helped moving the fornitures and actually gifted her some new IKEA ones and built them. Our friend commented "Yes, this is what straight males are good for - building fornitures". As I resented the comment, I retorted "I'm good at other things, too", only to get answered "Because you are not ''really'' straight, too". The worst thing is that my ex-girlfriend laughed hysterically for a good minute before noticing I was pissed and say "Actually he is" in a sheepish tone. * A friend of mine once got into an argument with a Chinese girl. When I asked him about it, he shrugged and said he was always arguing with Chinese girls for whatever reason. Then he said because of that, he didn't understand why he got along with me just fine. Cue me saying, "I'm Korean." His face went through so many different emotions it was kind of funny, before he finally settled with saying, "Oh, now everything makes sense." * I guess my story would be an inversion? A year or so ago, I was a bit apprehensive about racial equality and harmony. I'm still proud to be white, but not like I used to be. I blame it on [[{{Imageboards}} 4chan]]. Anyway, I posted a rant about my non-belief in natural equality (comparable to an agnostic's stance on God), specifically about black people and how their "ghetto" behavior and culture were a drain on my country, and how I was done being guilty over my whiteness, and other comments about racial politics and most American blacks seeming determined to prove their own inequality. A friend of mine commented, and it turned out he was the son of black immigrants from West Africa... But he agreed with a lot of it! Well, half, and the other half of the post was about liberal welfare policies and white guilt anyway, but he agreed with every flaw I pointed out in the black ghetto, laziness and poverty, drug addiction and crime. I eventually got over the racism. Humorously, I ended up going to a university where half of the students are black. ** Omfg. ** I second the omfg. Holy crap. ** I believe [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0&feature=related this]] sums up the views of the above tropers to your statment. ** What? Just... what?! ** I'm rather confused about this, and, at the same time, rather angry. Is this entire TT is about you being a full-blown racist(compared to the more humorous or "poking fun"), or am I completely missing the point of all the "whats"? *** Why would you be angry? The troper in question is clearly an exracist, and has come clean in Troper Tales. It's not cool to get angry because of something that's past. * This troper is an African-American and was raised in a [[SarcasmMode wonderful]] little town in Georgia called Riverdale. (No relation to the Riverdale from the Archie comics, trust me.) Last summer, she took a class at Clayton State University: which was half an hour from her home so she had to ride public transportation aka the bus known as C-

Tran. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous characters also ride C-Tran and she found herself cornered by three black guys who all wanted her phone number. Despite the Southern setting, this troper speaks perfectly good English and has no accent, which prompted one of the said unscrupulous guys to ask: [[FridgeLogic "Are both your parents white?"]] This troper had to suppress a minor [[PsychicNosebleed Stupidity Nosebleed]] in order to kindly reply: "No, they are not." through gritted teeth and a forced smile. And no, this troper is not light-skinned. She's very, very ''brown''. * This troper is first generation Portuguese on his mother's side. He looks dime-a-dozen Caucasian and feels like Russel Peters. That one skit about children's aid and "somebody's gonna get hurt real bad"? This troper's childhood. Also curfew was IMMEDIATELY after school, as if this troper could teleport. Portuguese parenting means the troper gets blamed for every wooden spoon that gets broken on his ass for being late. So, at school - two kids in my business class actually doubled over laughing when I said I didn't have a cellphone. One of them had been through 8 in two years. Seriously, white people? I'm one of you? ** Inverted with this troper, who is first generation Portuguese on both sides. My parents were pretty lax with me growing up and I grew up in a predominately white town, so I identify as white despite looking Hispanic (albeit a pretty pale one). * Not really on the same level but this troper's friends were making fun of fat nerds who play video games and read comic books. I coughed politley. * When this troper moved school from Australia to Scotland he had never quite figured that race was an issue. In Aus it was always quite clear that I wasn't white, if not fully asian, and no-one ever brought that up in a negative sense. Well, hardly ever. But upon arriving in Scotland, everyone assumed that this troper was just a tanned Ozzie of mixed Greek or Spanish descent. Returning to school after a Christmas holiday spent in the sun in the wake of a winter spent looking sickly pale in the perpetual gloom, the contrast was notable and I was 'outed' as being of english-chinese descent. I stopped hearing racial jokes and everyone instantly accepted my quirks - my love of books and video games and my aversion to rugby, which were somehow inexplicable when I was an Australian of mixed english-Greek/Spanish descent. The times I could've said this and didn't... to be honest, a lot of racial jokes about asian people aren't funny, or maybe that's me. I have played this straight a few times since though, taking the liberty to [[DontExplainTheJoke take the time to give short speeches explaining the cultural differences which form the basis of such humour.]] Though of course, racism goes both ways. I'm [[SteathPun No True Scotsman]] either way. * So I'm Asian. And in one of my classes last year, we were allowed to finish homework from other classes. The guy next to me was working on a Chinese worksheet. Apparently, his teacher (who's apparently from China) wrote an Engrish sentence on the sheet, and the guy pointed it out to his friend, who proceeded to say "Wow, she is '''such''' a chink!"...'''right''' while I was sitting next to both of them. Then I tried to call them out in an "You know I'm Asian, right?" way, but

they ignored me. * Happened once to particularly hilarious results when two friends, the children of parents who were happily married and had been for years before they were even born, and This Troper, who was raised by her mother with some help from her mother's parents once discussed one-parent vs. two parents family. --->'''Friend''': C'mon, you don't realize how ''hard'' it is for a mother to raise children alone! --->'''Troper''': *[[{{Beat}} raises eyebrows]]* --->'''Friend''': ...Okay, so you do, but!-* This troper once got mistaken for a white boy, just because he wasn't ''black'' enough. Jesus, What's wrong with black people being other than "hip-hop gangstas"? Some white people are into rap as well, but you never see them breakdancing in the streets. And you'll never see me singing "A horse with no name". ** I have a double problem. I am Roman Catholic and White, living in an area that is predominately African American and Baptist. The catholic comments are not as common as the white comments, but pretty much everyone who isn't around a lot of white people thinks we are all racist. And it isn't hard to grow up like that. Made worse by the fact that I cannot say that I am a victim of racism (when I was little, I seriously ran into people who told me that I could not play with them because I was white. And then they proceeded to tell me, years later, that the only kind of racism at all is white on black. then they dumped a ton of snow down my dress.) and they say, no you haven't, stop lying. And then I have to be extra careful not to say anything bad at all. One time I said that MJ (before the unfortunate death)was messed up, because of the whole drastic plastic surgery,everyone I was with at the time jumped on me and yelling at me in angrish and I made out "black people are good and you shouldn't be all racist and (blah blah blah) and you can go (BLAH BLAH BLAH)" and I had to yell to tell them I wasn't talking about the race as a whole. I can't say anything. And yet in class several people just make comments like that, and only realize the person of said race was there. My childhood has been this for a while. It doesn't happen as often as it did in elementary school, but still. SHEESH. *** The problem with those people, however, is that the reverse happens so manhy times it's not funny. Switch the races, and you get what many black people -nay, colored minorities in general- get when they are "out of place". It's been beatten down to the point that nobody thinks it actually happens to them. That does not excuse whast happend to you, however, and is every bit as reprehensible as when the roles are reversed. I hope this experience hasn't messed you up down the road, and you were able to look past it, but believe me, I get where you are comming from and wish nothing but the best. **** Keep in mind that, for many people, the only thing they "know" about people of other races is what they've seen on TV. That's a sobering thought, because TV is not reality, but too many people just don't know better and assume that all whites are wealthy and racist. And that belief that "only whites can be racist" is very common, although it's crap: anybody can be bigoted toward anybody else. If we

were all the same color, we'd wind up looking for freckles or something so we'd know who to exclude. It's all mental laziness. Most people don't want to actually think for themselves, so they let traditions and prejudices do the work for them. * This troper was at work, when the following exchange occurred: -->'''Coworker''': Dang, what should I get for lunch? -->'''This Troper''': Well, KFC's just up the street. -->'''Coworker''': ... That sounded kinda racist. -->'''This Troper''' [''Looks at coworker, realizes he's black'']: ''So'' not what I meant. I meant I thought KFC sounded good and might go there myself. -->'''Coworker''': Mmm hmm. ** Then, the next day: -->'''Coworker''': Hmm, What should I get for lunch? -->'''This Troper''' [''Pauses'']: Subway? -->'''Coworker''': Eh, maybe. -->'''This Troper''': I considered suggesting watermelon. -->'''Coworker''' [''Smiles'']: I would have laughed. * When this troper's (Jewish) mother was in college, she was asked out on a date by an attractive man she didn't know very well, and accepted. The date was going fine until said man went into a rant about how intelligent and beautiful this troper's mother was, and how this troper's mother should be the type of person who should be allowed to breed, and how Jews, black people, etc. were scourges to society and should be killed. This troper's mother just stared at him slackjawed for a good few minutes, before saying, "You know I'm a Jew, right?" Apparently the man just got a look of horror on his face before rushing out of the restaurant. * This troper was once hanging out with several friends, when one of them, a Protestant, expressed his disdain for Catholicism, saying it wasn't "true religion." There was dead silence for a moment. -->'''Friend:''' What? -->'''Me:''' My brother-in-law is Catholic. -->'''Other Friend:''' My ''wife'' is Catholic. * This Asian troper was at a mall and once stopped by a college student who was conducting a poll of sorts as an assignment from his university. I forget what the poll was for, but the pollster was trying to win a scholarship for a chance to study overseas, in Europe. Once the pollster was done interviewing me he tried to upsell me on some magazine subscriptions, even telling me the cost of a yearly subscription wouldn't put much of a dent in my budget unless I was on a beans-and-rice diet. While not directly invoking the trope, I did tell the pollster, "I AM on a beans-and-rice diet, I just happen to eat them with chopsticks." ** There probably was actually no racial component to that comment. He was probably referring to the fact that beans and rice is a likely diet for somebody at poverty level, thus suggesting that you'd have to be in poverty not to be able to afford the magazine subscription. Which is why there's only one reason you give a salesman for not buying their product, that reason being "no". * T.T. is a writer who primarily writes fantasy. Most of her relatives want to read her writing, though not many have gotten the chance to

yet. One relative, while talking to her about books, went on to talk about how he didn't like female writers of sci-fi and fantasy for... some nebulous reason, but couldn't ''wait'' to read hers! No prizes for guessing why he's now at the very bottom of the waiting list for reading anything she writes, ever. * Sometimes I feel like doing this when people around me talk about intellectual-type atheists, thinking that they're the only type of people that could be atheists, but I usually just bite my tongue and let it go, because those types annoy me as well and I really just don't care that much one way or the other. ** This troper frequently experiences the same situation at the opposite end of the spectrum, when people berate all christians because of certain christian stereotypes. Especially funny when people say "You're so nice/intelligent/open/sincere, I've never met a christian like you". Added bonus because I also come from a catholic country, but am protestant. Some catholics just love bad mouthing protestants and usually don't check their audience * I was at a party when I hear the tail end someone telling a Black joke. Someone else says something that causes them to respond "There are no Black people here." Cue a couple people looking over at me. I was just amused and he facepalmed. But then again maybe I don't count. On a separate earlier occasion a guy was telling a Black joke and I jokingly pretended to be offended and said "And what about me?". He simply responded "You don't count (Troppette) you're an honorary White person." ** UPDATE: Im the OP and now I'm an honorary Asian as well! I'll work my way through all the races haha. * [[Tropers/MadamShogun This Troper]] has the opposite experience of the aforementioned black posters who hate rap music. I'm very fair skin with light green eyes and long wavy black hair, and is often confused as biracial, white, and or Italian. So people hear me talk or notice certain mannerisms they assume i'm trying to "act" black. I have no problem admitting that i'm ''culturally'' black. I get called negative names from both white people and intra-racist blacks (which makes it sting a little bit more) with a chip on their shoulder and a axe to grind with other black people. I like rock, alt/rock, prog rock, metalcore etc etc. In fact i'm in a all black female NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly, GenreRoulette band. But i also love soul and hip-hop. why should i be ashamed for liking my culture's music?? So what i'm a black woman who happens to like Soul and Hip-Hop sorry to destroy your stuck up house negro expectations, and live up to your self hating stereotypical view of other blacks. Either way i'm a proud black woman who don't care what they think. * This half-Chinese troper grew up in an almost exclusively white community. Once, on a school trip, she and her also half-Chinese best friend were talking about said best friend's attractive Japanese acquaintance. A (white) classmate who was standing nearby overhead and went off on this tangent about how he wasn't racist, but just didn't find Asians attractive. Cue another white classmate saying "dude, you know you're talking to like the only two Asians in our class, right?" * A guy I worked with married a Cuban lady from the same company. Since none of her name at that point sounded Latin anymore, an

Alabaman lady at a training event found out that she was from Miami, and asked her how they handle "the Cuban problem". She responded that, as a Cuban, it's not a problem for her. Ms. Redneck was embarrassed into silence for the rest of the event. * Got two tales, one from each side of the trope: A couple of years ago, I collaborated on some fanfiction with an online friend. We had mostly communicated through chat and phone calls, but he had visited my blog, where I make no real secret of my race. During one session, he asked me a question (I forget what exactly) about being Asian. I asked him the Trope Question in response. Apparently, he thought I was Japanese (to his credit, he never read my BIO on my blog, but still...). ** Now for the other side: I am a {{Dungeon Master}} for a D&D game which has some college friends of mine. Our group currently has only one non-black member, a white guy who (similar to the tropers above who joke about race with their friends) gets a kick out of [[HypocriticalHumor proclaiming how much he "hates crackers"]]. Well one game night I needed to get something form the store, but I was busy setting up the next encouter, and absent-mindedly gave him my card to buy it with. This was one of those cards with the owner's photo on it, and while we are both big guys, we are nowhere near the same skintone. He gave me a quizzical look, and I said "Huh....well, tell them you were working in a coal mine...24/7...for fifty years." * Occasionally, [[Tropers/{{Valbinooo}} I]] have to go "Hey! wait a second!*brandishes very pale arm*" when people make comments about how deathly pale so-and-so are and how everybody needs to tan (there's a reason one of my online handles is valbino). For the record, a tan on me would look TERRIBLE. And also skin cancer isn't [[{{Understatement}} very nice]]. ** Fellow albino and, er, not a particularly modest dresser, came ''this close'' to actually slapping a teacher for this. "Oh, my legs are so hideously pale; I need a tan before I can wear capri pants!" I was sitting right next to her, wearing a miniskirt. She was my favorite teacher, too, so that really stung. ** [[Tropers/{{Valbinooo}} Valbino]] here again, forgot to mention I'm not actually albinistic *embarrassed cough*, but the "Valbino" handle came about as a stupid pun a middle school friend made on my name. * [[Tropers/{{Trebor}} This troper]]'s friends occasionally make gay jokes or comments about Atheists; I have remind them that I fit both categories. This troper also makes occasional disparaging remarks about straight guys, only to be reminded that he is surrounded by them. ** One acquaintance of this troper told him a gay joke that (something like a gay guy and a straight girl are in a car and she can't remember the name of something but he does, then after like three time says "Gay guys know everything" then at the end the joke teller can't remember the name of something and the jokee corrects them) was immediately followed by laughter from this troper and his friend who knew that he was gay, the acquaintance figured it out and was immensely sorry. * This mixed race troper often forgets her friend's races. One time in

particular, I was putting up posters for a club I'm an officer in and enlisted the help of one of my friends and jokingly said he was my slave for the next 15 minutes. I totally forgot that he is Black. * From my group, politic fight. ---> Friend: We currently have no non australian in our group, there fore, we are rasist---> Me: (Clears troat) ---> Friend: Never mind, Latino. * Australia is VERY multicultural, so skin doesn't come to mind much, however this gem was at an annocment. ---> First guy: Vote me captian, cause I'm black. ---> Second guy: Vote me captian, cause I'm blacker then him. (He won.) * I share photos on Facebook on anything, so a lot of people online get very surprised when they find out I'm black (and overweight...and Christian). The fact that I don't use stereotypical "ghetto" lingo doesn't help. And for some reason I didn't meet a lot of black people with nerdy interests like me until my last year in high school thanks to the Scholar's Bowl. It wasn't seen as "cool". And they don't know I'm Christian because down here in the South, Baptists and Pokemon or Harry Potter generally don't mix. ---[[YouKnowImBlackRight You know I'm a troper]], right? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

ptitlekwlc96bt845f ''We all have one thing that we can't do while thinking about it. Yack about it here:'' * Playing fighting games for me. Mainly because I spend all my time in training mode learning combos and when people start watching me (or I play other people) I think about those combos and screw them up. * Performing a joint lock. * TruthInTelevision with neckties. * Breathing. We've all thought about it. ** AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! ** You have to put effort into holding your jaw up now. ** Hence the evil mind-virus "You are now breathing manually". The only downside to using it on someone is that it invariably infects you as well. *** I have only heard the line "You are now breathing manually" once, but it has been inadvertently unleashed on me regularly because it was prefaced with "[[spoiler:Even worse than TheGame]]"... so now whenever I [[spoiler:loses The Game]], which of course is often, [[BrownNote I starts breathing manually]]. Apologies to everyone who tried editing this page and accidentally saw it. (No apologies, however, to the schmucks who [[SchmuckBait deliberately looked at the spoilers]].) **** Hon, the linked part is visible even with the spoiler tag, so it didn't take a genius to figure out what the spoiler was about. And then there's people like me, who read it on purpose and have no

regrets. ** @/MmmKay: Oh ''lordy!'' I have had terrible times falling asleep due to this. I.E. I'd rest comfortably, trying to get myself into a dreaming state, but as soon as I think about it, I start breathing manually, making it hard to focus on imagination, my pre-sleeping, ''and'' my breathing at the '''''same damn time!''''' * Almost anything I do at night causes me to start falling asleep, like reading or surfing the net or even ''writing''. But as soon as I become aware I'm falling asleep, and try to put the book or the laptop away, it wakes me up, no matter how gently I try to do it. The only way I can stay in half-asleep mode is to fall asleep with the book or laptop open with my hands still on it. Kinda sucks. And yet continuing to type or read or write doesn't wake me up. What. * Playing the piano gets impossibly difficult if you think too much about the specific notes, as opposed to treating it as patterns of hand motions. ** Playing most any instrument is often like this, especially playing tunes that you've memorized...you always play the tune correctly until you start thinking about about what the specific notes are. *** This also applies to ''RockBand''. Especially weird drum beats like those found in ''Use It'' or ''A Jagged Gorgeous Winter''. They're possible until you pay attention to what you're doing. *** I noticed that the best way for me to play difficult songs in rhythm games is do them while paying attention until I've learnt how to play the various sequences, then performing the entire song one last time... While looking out of the window so I don't see the arrows. ** A lot of activities, practically all of them, are too complicated to be performed by thinking about every aspect of what you're doing, as opposed to learning them more automatically and then just only thinking "Now I'll do it." They may still avert this trope if thinking about it fails to stop the automatised skill from doing its own thing. * Saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Seriously. Try saying the words while thinking about what they actually mean. You can't do it, can you? * Blinking is a fairly famous example as well. * Not staring. * Or when you suddenly forget the proper way to hold a fork, and just can't figure it out the more you try to think about it. ** Goes equally as well with a pencil. * If you learn a bit about linguistics, and start thinking about the grammatical rules which you normally follow without any thought, you may find yourself constantly thinking things like "Wait, is that verb really irregular?" ** It's worse with phonetics, since that field concerns the small movements of the tongue, lips, and vocal cords necessary to produce particular sounds. * Not swallowing your saliva all the time. * Reading: How do you read without looking at each individual lett damn it. * Usually, an unwritten rule of poker is "don't tell another player his tells." But sometimes it's a good thing to break this rule to get

someone thinking about their posture rather than their cards or the board situation. ** Similarly, I've heard that when bowling, the best way to screw up an opponent's next shot is to ask them how many steps they take before throwing the ball. I was told this by my grandmother right before taking my turn. "Huh," I thought, "interesting," and lined up to start my approach. But do I take three steps? Four? Two?... * And, of course, typing. My words per minute got cut in half just thinking about it. * Not noticing your nose in the middle of your vision. ** Psh, try wearing GLASSES. One day, you suddenly notice the frame of your glasses, and it's a long time before you can stop seeing it again. *** Thanks a lot. I'll be seeing them for the rest of the day. Plus, I usually wear contacts, so this sudden frame-seeeing happens to me a lot. Same story with the ever-so-slight distortion of the image near the edges. *** Just like watching a wide-screen movie. I spend most of the movie seeing it as full screen until I suddenly notice the black near the end. * Memorizing lines. If an amateur actor starts thinking about his/her lines while on stage, s/he is instantly screwed (or at the very least, there will be a pause). Trust me on that one. ** Same goes for all public speaking. *** For example, the most memorable lines of MLK's speech were from the top of his head after he was done with what he had written. * Juggling. * Singing. It's basically a combination of the above comments about breathing and musical instruments, and, chances are, walking. Not to mention the things you have to remember ''not'' to do--singing from your throat, for example. ** It also involves the part about memorizing lines. Even of you've memorized the song COMPLETELY you'll still screw it up if you think too hard about the next part. * I know I'm not the only one who has on more than one occasion forgotten which way to flick the turn signal (is left up or down? And for that matter, is the freakin lever on the left or right?). More dangerously, I've also (very very very very very very briefly) forgotten which side of the road I drive on (I wasn't actually on the road at the time, luckily). * Want a challenge? Try to beat a really hard boss in a game while actively thinking about which button to press. Bonus points if you have yet to remember which button is which and only know them by color or memory. * For me, it's remembering how to do simple things without the object actually being there. How to hold a pen, or which way to turn the tap. * If you are not French, try saying the word "croissant" while thinking about it. Attempting to work out at high speed exactly how much to pronounce that terminal "t" always trips me up, not to mention the inexplicable rolled "wa" sound in the middle. WTF? ** Also, the word epitome is the epitome of this trope. Even if you know perfectly well what the word means and how it's pronounced, just

TRY not to read it as "eh-pih-tohm." * Whenever I try to think about riding my bike, or how I keep the rhythm with a posting trot on the horse, I mess up and have to quit trying to think about it and start over. Not to mention doing karate forms one move at a time... * Performing a massage. And I especially mean the tapotements. I can only perform them flawlessly if I'm not looking at what I'm doing. If I do, I mess it up. Big time. * I work in a store where well over 200 items have individual codes to enter. Usually I don't think about numbers for, say, raisins or chocolate covered almonds or all-purpose flour, because they're common purchases. However, occasionally a customer will ask, "How do you remember all those numbers?", prompting me to forget what number I'm trying to enter. To make matters worse, remembering where to find the number in the price index is a whole new can of worms, on account of having it stored in my memory for so long. * I can't blink while thinking about blinking. I also can't do a change-foot-spin on ice, but that's another story. * For me, sleep. The more time you spend lying in bed thinking about sleeping, the harder it becomes to actually sleep (which is why I don't go to bed until I'm literally dropping off). ** Seconded. It's even worse when you start calculating how many hours of sleep you'll get if you fall asleep at that moment. It will inevitably keep you up longer. ** I once was REALLY tired and I was actually crying because of it. I was thinking about WHY can't I just FALL ASLEEP. * Doing a strip tease, honestly, try it while thinking about what you're doing and it comes off clumsy. If you're a guy in a button-up shirt you'll never get those bottom two buttons done smoothly, if you're a girl in stockings you'll trip trying to slink the stocking off... Stripping is one of those things you either need to practice... or um... :cough: focus on your target during. * Asking me how to solve a complicated math problem will instantly render me unable to do it, either. * You know that example about driving stick after learning on automatic? It works in reverse too. I have wound up slamming on the breaks trying to clutch more often than not. Also, putting the car in park while trying to shift is very, VERY bad for your gears. * I like clubbing. And I like dancing. I like losing myself in the rhythm and descend to a trance-like state. And it is often at THAT very point this trope hits, causing me to lose all flow and obsess over catching up with the music. * I'm not particularly religious, but on the occasion when I go to mass I'm able to recite the Apostle's Creed ''flawlessly'', ahead of the congregation. Then I try to repeat it at home ... Similarly, I can't tie a necktie, play the guitar or drink a glass of freakin' water while looking in a mirror. * Tying shoelaces. I can't do it consciously at all, or any form of knot-tying. If I get interrupted, distracted, or think about what I'm doing, I lose track and have to start over. * Swallowing a pill. * Sneezing. No, seriously. Think about sneezing and you end up

breathing manually and then you don't get the right amount for the explosive sneeze. * Sadly, inverted (subverted?) for me and singing or dancing. Yes, I do not sing/dance very well when I think about how I do it. The problem is, this is the only way I *can* do it. So I'm more or less unable to "just loosen up" and enjoy dancing or singing, because I absolutely have to think about how I'm doing it to do it even half right. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. And as freaky, I suppose. And yes, it probably sucks out most of the fun out if either... not that I'd know. ** On that note - whenever I get told to "loosen up", it becomes impossible, of course. Because I tense up because of not complying with someone's expectation that I be relaxed, which makes me nervous and, of course, unable to relax. What the hell is wrong with people who give this "great" advice? * I can do algebra in my head and get most of the answers right. But if you ask me to show my work... * I can only sing in Rock Band/Guitar Hero while playing the guitar at the same time. * Firearms. I seem to have worse aim with pistols if I focus on the sights too much, often resulting in hand tremble as I'm no longer as focused on keeping my hands as steady. * Opening lockers, or any kind of lock that requires you to put a combination in. The minute you think about what you're doing, suddenly you can't remember the combination.... * @/JTheGreat: Sometimes I will concentrate too hard on a word, and suddenly the word looks incredibly alien and misspelled. This has happened with the my own name *{{Facepalm}}*. ** Ditto. Especially funny is the word 'Weird', because it's an exception to the 'I before E except after C' rule. So no matter how you spell it, Weird looks Weird. ** Me too. I can spell fairly well, but when someone asks me how to spell a word, I often have to write it down. If I write it, it comes easily, but when I try to think about it, I draw a blank. * Think about an image. Any image that comes to your mind. Now, think about how you're able to see that image despite said image not being in front of you nor are you looking at it with your eyes. MindScrew ensues. * @/PentiumMMX2: I experienced this when my dad jokingly asked me, while using MS-DOS, "Which one is the any key?"; which is something I never really though about until he brought it up that day. * Sex. I can't be the only person who runs into trouble when thinking about it in the middle, right? * I can solve Rubic's cubes in about a minute. When I was first learning I had to think about it, but nowadays the movements and patterns are so intuitive for me that I can't teach anyone how I do it or even do it slowly for them, because I forget how. * The best interpreting is done when you're thinking about something as unrelated as your shopping list. Don't start thinking about the interpreting process itself. "Am I translating this right?" "What does the speaker mean with that?" "How should I interpret this word?" That's when you start making mistakes.

* I danced (ballet, etc.) for years. I found that right before a performance, I'd be standing off stage and realize that I couldn't remember any of the choreography for the life of me. Luckily, I had this weird Zen mode that kicked in on stage, and muscle memory took over, but those moments of panic were awful. * Try thinking about your tongue. Good luck remembering where your tongue rests. ** On the bottom of my mouth, behind my bottom teeth. How was this a centipede's dilemma? * Playing the flute, or any instrument for that matter. Back in the day, when I played a lot more, I could play a lot of tunes (especially anime and video game themes) by ear. But then when I tried to transcribe it onto paper... Wait. That note was B flat??? I thought it was F sharp... Just goes to show how much I learned from nearly seven years of practice. * This troper cannot tie her shoes correctly if she thinks about it a little too hard. She'll forget and then have to think about it harder to remember how. ---Back to ([=* =]suddenly realizes he's editing TVTropes[=* =]) [Centipede's_Dilemma] I mean, [={{Centipede'sDilemma}}=], dangit, [=[=~Centipede's Dilemma~=]=], no, CentipedesDilemma? ----

ptitlekxk767eh * This troper is in a group of close friends who, when interested in a girl, all re-frame from any perversion in her close proximity. this was soon found out by a few girls who caught us changing the subject very quickly when certen girl were around and we explained it to them, minus which guy like which girl. good thing one of these girl did not notice sooner because all of use had enacted this on her at one time. ** I also re-frame from fantasizing about the girl I'm into at the time, which is hard right now as that she is the hottest specimen of female I have ever seen, including Celebs. * [[SwiftStrike This troper]] encounters this problem a lot, to the point that this troper's friends constantly berate him for it. This troper is beginning to consider that the right girl for this troper is one that will be herself perverted towards this troper, just so this troper can meet her halfway. * College means hookups right? WRONG for this tropette. In my case I was too perverted to a person I wanted to be my love interest and he ended up rejecting me. For a girl that wouldn't put out. Lead to a mental breakdown and full out disconnect with most of the people she met the time she was in school. * [[TsundeRay This troper]], depending on his current love interest. If she's more on the uncorrupted side, he'll keep his language clean around her. But if she's as dirty-minded as him, anything goes! * This troper never acts perverted to anyone - he sometimes thinks pervertedly, though never about the girl he likes. ** [[CanvasWolfDoll I]] really should work on that whole Sleep

Updating thing... * Upon seeing the title of this trope, [[{{Nettik}} this troper]] went "oh, crap, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?" * This trope's friend is like this to anybody he likes since he's generally a flirt. So this trope knows when he likes someone just by his actions alone. * Not sure if this counts, but after his first girlfriend this troper went from the typical horny teenager to mistaken for gay because of his prudishness. ** Ouch. * This troper finds himself nearly incapable of thinking dirty thoughts about the only girl at his school who he is actually interested in in that way, simply because he has too much respect for her. * This troper's ChivalrousPervert boyfriend went through a period where he was shy about kissing her because he [[ImAManICantHelpIt couldn't help thinking certain things]] when he did. Then he eventually broke up with her because [[CelibateHero she's waiting for marriage]] and he didn't think he had the self-control to not cheat on her waiting that long, and at least had the decency to break up before any ''actual'' cheating occurred. ** Poor guy. Met a madwoman. * This troper can't think perverted toward a love interest. He'll stop any and all fantasizing at cuddling and the like, because [[ImAManICantHelpIt he's a guy]]. * [[InvertedTrope Inverted]]: She's the ''only'' person I act perverted towards. [[ChivalrousPervert I mean it jokingly...]] mostly. She's told me that I could probably say any number of perverted things to her and she wouldn't be offended. * Take this trope, and add it with ChivalrousPervert and HonorBeforeReason, and [[Tropers/WarriorOfLight this troper]] is [[MindScrew somehow]] a CelibateHero / ChivalrousPervert. [[FlatWhat What.]] * This Troper can generally flirt with any girl except for the one he actually likes. When he tries talking to her, he ends up tongue-tied. ** This troper can empathise with that. * This troper has found it really hard to [[{{ifyouknowwhatimean}} resist]] when she keeps leaning on me when we're sitting beside eachother... * Played painfully straight with this troper. For three months I dated a girl and, though I made out with her several times I never touched her in any way that would be considered inappropriate. Finally at one point she pulls away in the middle of kissing me. The following conversation went something like this. ->Her: "Okay what the hell is wrong with you? The day before we got together you slapped my ass(it was an accident but that's another story). Why haven't you touched me since?" ->Me: "I didn't want to upset you." ->Her: "Oh by all means, upset me!" * Played almost entirely straight, There are more than enough teenage perverts (or wannabe perverts) in this world who mostly act that way because it makes them look cool or feel mature and this troper can't

stand it, so he does his best to not act perverted at all. In fact, my love interest and I are mainly interested in each other because she and I are the only ones in our grade to do so. * This troper isn't a pervert so much as a jerk ass but he still changes completely around girls he likes. ** WHY ARE YOU ME? * This troper acts perverted to half of his love interests and stays unperverted for the other half. * Long story: [[NotSoBadassLongcoat this troper]] fell in love with his Blue Oni friend long ago, it never worked out and lately, during a meeting of VampireTheMasquerade fans attended both by him and Blue Oni, he blurted something along the lines of "Y'know what, I love her for seven years now and I never had any sexual fantasies about her!". And it's true. Mostly. * [[JukanToaOfJungle This Troper]] can be a major [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold jerk]] offline, but around his almostgirlfriend, he walks on eggshells. * Inverted with [[{{lotuschan}} this troper's]] friend. He used to have a major crush on her [[LoveMakesYouCrazy (so much as to even follow her home from school most days)]], and was generally respectful, but he currently has other love interests, and is a major perv again. Our relationship is sort of the SlapSlapKiss genre, minus the kissing. * Pretty much a rule for this troper, usually a pervert with most of his female colleagues, but abstains from doing this to those he actually cares for (not a lot, really). * [[{{Adekis}} This Troper]] used to be like this. Then he found out that his girlfriend is into bondage and [[YaoiFangirl yaoi]]. He was cured instantly, resulting in some rather interesting conversations. * Totally inverted for this troper too, probably helped by the fact that my love interest has at least as dirty a mind as I do, if not worse (she is much quicker to pick up on the dirtyness of something innocent than I am). I actually often get into trouble with her best friend who I'm mutual friends with for forgetting that she is a girl, not one of my male friends, yet it's mostly that I forget which girl I'm talking too (particular problem as I often talk to both of them online, don't have the same trouble in person). * This Troper is a Chivalrous Pervert to the core. When he truly loves a lady, he is pure Knight in Shining Armor. Will not be perverted at all. When he sees you as a friend, and not someone with romantic interest, he will treat you well, but not above perverted comments. * That's how this troper is able to tell if his feelings for a girl are genuine; if he is unable to think of her in a dishonorable, he plans to get serious with her (as opposed to short-term girls, whom I can think of in the dirtiest ways imaginable). * This troper knows a completely disgusting boy who, at new year, texted random girls asking for phone sex and is generally considered to be pretty slimy and disgusting. Until recently, he was dating my best friend, a friend who constantly claimed he was the sweetest boy she knew. Thankfully, she became pissed off when he tried to get her to jerk him off during a maths lesson and dumped him shortly after. * This troper experienced something of a culture shock (or should that

be Kulture shock?) when trying to go back to normal after having a long distance relationship with a girl who was, to put it bluntly, very sleazy (Truth be told, being sexually predated was happy times), I'm now trying to break the ice with my current {{Yandere}} inspiration, and knowing that it is no longer the case that "Creepy is cute and cute is creepy" as it was before. * [[{{Pita}} I]] had a funny case of this. I used to be mildly perverted, as far as humor goes. Then I fell in love with a girl, and completely lost all perversion I had before, even though she added "That's what she said" and the like to the end of every sentence. After a bit of a bad break-up, I now make tons of jokes, most of which to the effect that I'm gay. * This troper will make long winded "jokes" that amount to...graphic descriptions so to speak to his friends. But put him near his crush and he becomes the most straightlaced gay man in the room. Jarring considering said crush once groped him. * I usually try to hold my tongue around girls I like because I've been known to have an offensive sense of humour, but, according to my first love, the major reason why we got together was because of a perverted remark I made towards her, which showed her I wasn't the prude she thought I was. In fact, most of my relationships are inversions; the girls I end up with are the ones I'm comfortable being totally depraved with. They tend to like it and give it back just as much, if not more. * This troper is a hell-bound raging pervert who does almost nothing in her spare time other than pursue lesbian porn and eroges, and thinks about doing terrible awful and often illegal things with pretty much every girl she knows...EXCEPT her girlfriend, with whom she blushes horribly when she even thinks about holding hands. Said girlfriend once expressed jealousy about not appearing in my fantasies, but after explaining exactly what they were ABOUT she agreed that it's a good thing I'm an example of this trope. ;; * This troppette has had it happen to me. The one guy who I know likes me can not at all say anything perverted to me unless it's like "I Want to Marry You" which is not in any way perverted. Funny. * This troper has a sense of humor as dark and dirty as anyone he's known, but cleans it up around women he's interested in or people he has a lot of respect for. Most recently, his current love interest said "There's a virus on my computer that keeps making porn pop up on the screen!" and this troper said, "That's annoying," while refraining from saying, "Well, is it at least good porn?" * This troper used to take this so seriously that a particular love interest genuinely thought he was asexual. * [[{{Tropers/Luo}} This troper]] used to play this one straight, but nowadays it depends on the love interest in question. For a couple of years, his love interests tended to either be non-sexual or rather critical of overt perverts. and they liked him (but [[AllLoveIsUnrequited didn't love him back]]) because he didn't leave it on all the time like the others. These days his love interests are just as perverted as he is, and he is free to avert it. Which is just the way he likes it.

* Definitely true for this guy. I'm moderately flirty with most girls, and really perverted with a few, one of which I'm hoping to do Truth or Dare with (in which I will get her naked and she knows it), and another who I've asked to go skinny-dipping with me. But the girl that I really like...I'd take the knight's code of chivalry if it'd get me a chance to kiss her... * This troper actively pushes perverted thoughts from his mind regarding his love interest, as aside from everything else, he feels creepy fantasizing about people he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. * When it's PerverseSexualLust and/or Cargo Shipping to a fictional character, This Troper is openly perverted. When it's with Real Life women, because my soul is perverted, I get anxious or paralysed. * With me, it's more like Can't Swear Around A Love Interest. That overlaps with the main idea sometimes. ** Same story with this troper, I will never say a swear word stronger than 'arse' around my love interest. * This Troper's friend is the king of 'That's What She Said' and no matter what you say around him, he will make a suggestive face and imply some sort of innuendo, with his guy and girl friends alike. But when he's with his girlfriend, who he unfortunatley doesn't get to see often, he is a perfect gentleman. * This Troper was once this towards his girlfriend, until she revealed she was into Yuri and Yaoi. I was relieved and we started watching girl-on-girl porn together. 'Twere good days... * This has long been the belief of This Troper, which made for a funny moment when the girl I had a crush on said to me "You have the sex drive of a five year old." jokingly, when I asked her to elaborate she said that it was because I was the only guy she knew who didn't act perverted toward her, which she thankfully appeared to appreciate. In retrospect, that must surely have give her a big clue. ---If you just CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest, then don't click here. ----

ptitlekyvqx5xp * I was like this, when I was around three. One day, my mom tried to write down all the questions I asked. She gave up around 300. At one evening, she said to me: "Please, don't ask any more questions, I'm so tired". I immediately asked: "Why are you tired?" * My sister was exactly like this from 3 to...well she's still a very curious 10 years old by trial and error I discovered how to get rid of her, answer all the questions until something really historical or scientific came to the conversation "Why the sky id blue?" or "We eat cheese because people made it an like it" "Why?" and then I give the most complete, boring, number and scientific vocabulary filled explanation and doesn't shout out until the kid get annoyed. Worked pretty well for the question thing but know he barricades in my room demanding help with schoolwork * This troper's little cousin fits this trope to a T! She's 3 and asks

every question in the world. Most of them are answerable, but there are plenty of unanswerable ones she asks. Well, not unanswerable, but very difficult, like "Why does my shirt have a butterfly on it?". Just this morning, she asked me, "Why do people have noses?" I was ready to shout "I don't know, darn it!" at the top of my lungs, but of course, I wouldn't do that. She's only 3. * Am I the only person wh is still like this at 17? Really? I feel like the odd one out...At least I'm capable of figuring some stuff out on my own so I don't always ask rude questions... ** It's alright, man. I'm ''21'' and often ''still'' like this. Doubt it'll ever change. * In my house a string of Whys always ended with someone (my mom) getting the World Book and looking it up, which later led to years of my reading the encyclopedia for fun (lookit all the cool diagrams!). Then Wikipedia came out... * I learned the hard way never to watch movies or play video games with my little sister in the room. She often asks questions that were answered mere seconds before or can't wait the few minutes it takes for the film/game to explain it themselves and makes it hard to enjoy them when she's asking constant questions. It's especially annoying with movies in other languages or games like Final Fantasy IX because she can't read the text as fast as I can and is constantly asking me what's going on. * This troper was like this. For example, her parents told her that an egg and a sperm got together, then the baby would grow inside of the mom. This backfired when she (sometime before her third birthday) asked her mother "How does the sperm ''get'' to the egg? Does it swim around the outside trying to find a way in?" When eating meat, "What part did this come from?" She was also a big fan of "What if...?" She still is this way to an extent, and she is now 22. ---But why should I go back to ElephantsChild? ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlekzrxgx4f * A BuffyTheVampireSlayer novel of unknown status in canon gave [[{{Tropers/HG131}} This Troper]] a moment of this that he ran with for a fanfic. To be exact, it's the origin of Faith's tattoo, which I use for maximum angst potential. * This troper frequently discusses FanFic ideas with her brother. He's given me ideas and hilarious lines to use many, many times. * I'm DMing a DungeonsAndDragons game at my school. It tends to get bogged down in chat and stuff, so I hadn't planned much for one session... at which point the players were unusually focused. I had to perform a quick AssPull to give them something to do, so I decided that the sword that used to bind the Pit Fiend they'd just sold their souls to had been stolen by a Plot Device. They tracked down the lair of the Plot Devices (small robots much like some of the ones from GunnerkriggCourt) and, down a side passage, found a (malfunctioning) Plot Device that gave them boxes that may or may not contain a cat

that may or may not be alive. Naturally, they captured it, and one of the party members promptly asked if he could cast Mending. They now have a [[GreenLanternRing Plot Device in a Box]]. Fortunately, the nature of said Plot Devices means they do ''exactly'' what I want, with no irritating consistency to worry about... * Like the above troper, I was DMing a DungeonsAndDragons like game. The players just finished Preparing to leave a city where they were resupplying. Up to this point I had been winging the game completely on the spot and I had no idea where I was going to take the game. One player asks if he can draw a map of the game, because I had been pretty [[SchrodingersGun "descriptive"]] of where things were in the world. I simply say, "Sure, why not?". He then commences to create a map we used for the rest of the RPG, which lasted for nearly a year. * Recently, a friend of mine hurt her ankle after slipping on an acorn on the local college campus. At her urging, I worked this situation into a webcomic I draw, even using the line "acorns are slippery" to comedic effect. Later, my mother read the comic and asked if it was a satire of the infamous voter registration group ACORN. I truthfully claimed that it wasn't my intention to satirize ACORN, but I was so amused by the thought of it that I just went with it. I mean, the comic works both literally and/or satirically, and I accept either explanation. * I once had a friend's friend draw a character of mine that so far never had a proper visual representation, with an extensive description that I realised wasn't really that extensive. She drew him with dreadlocks. I ''loved''. them and now can't imagine the character without them. (in fact, her depiction is the default mental image from now on) * One of my previous girlfriends was an artist, and she drew a series of pictures of the [[FantasyPantheon gods of one of my fictional worlds]]. I noticed she had made the sun goddess left-handed, and this instantly not only became incorporated into the mythology but was given all kinds of symbolic significance. * When interviewing a certain voice actor, he was asked if he'd ever been asked to do a character voice while "procreating". He responded with "Sure, why not?" He was later asked by a fan to do such things with her, in which he made motions to run off stage with her. Jealous fans were not amused. * This tropette and her friend do this regularly. It's how most of the major points of our book came to be. Make the guy gay? SureWhyNot? [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Werewolves have more than one form?]] SureWhyNot? [[BuryYourGays He dies as soon as he's outed?]] ''SureWhyNot?'' * I've done this a lot as a Game Master. If a Player comes up with a clever way to solve a puzzle or progress the plot that I hadn't thought of, more often than not I'll go along with it. For instance, while the party was trying to figure out a way to track a group of monsters, one of them decided to try and See the Invisible. Since these monsters were my own creation, I had no problem with making up stuff about them on the fly, and decided that these creatures leave a trail of taint behind them that can be followed by anyone able to see invisible things. One of the most memorable cases, however, was one

where I had to subvert this trope. The party was hunting this demon that possessed corpses. When they finally found him, he was lying half-dead in a cave, being very meek and non-combative. The players immediately began batting around ideas for why he was acting this way. One guy came up with a very interesting and well-considered theory, involving an accident that caused the soul of the man he had killed becoming trapped in his own body before he possessed the corpse, so that now the man and the demon were in each others bodies. I didn't go with it, though, and explained to the guy after the game that even though I thought it was a great idea, and would have been interesting to run with, unfortunately it didn't go along with the plans I had for that character, so I had to tell him that he was wrong. ** Another, more minor example: Our group has a tendency to forget the names of minor yet recurring characters, especially ones that started off as ThrowItIn in the first place (especially when said [=NPCs=] are relatives of one or more Player Characters). So it's somewhat frequent during our games to hear the following: "Uh...what was my mother's name again?" "Er...Bernice?" "[[SureWhyNot It is now!]]" ---You want to head back to SureWhyNot? Er... yeah, we can go with that. ----

Ptitlel9hiod7i * Tropers/LeonardoFibonacci likes to end his proofs with "QED, bitch". More than one math teacher has returned a paper with a question mark. * At this troper's last college talent show she attended, a singer kept interjecting "BITCH" after every verse, regardless of if the verse needed emphasis or not. It was remarkably well-received. * This troper's favourite game of today is "Doom 3, Bitches!", followed closely by "You just got JC'd Bitch!". This actually helps relieve the frustration of playing Doom 3 and Deus Ex using a laptop touchpad on a moving bus. * This troper's friend, one day, had this annoying habit of ending every sentence with the word 'bitch'. It was played for laughs at first but this troper soon got annoyed and exclaimed, "Quit saying bitch, BITCH!" * This troper was playing DragonQuestIX on Christmas day, with his character dressed in the Santa costume. I was doing a dungeon crawl, fighting the dungeon boss (Trauminator), my party members were all dead, and I was on the verge of joining them. Then I managed to finish off the Trauminator with one final Falcon Slash and yelled "MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" * This troper has a habit of yelling "BITCH!" into his headset when ever he gets a very nice kill on free for all in call of duty, beauty of that is in FFA they can hear you. * This troper's best friend has a tendency to describe stories in which people frustrate her and how she tells them off by saying "Look here, bitch..." although I have yet to hear her say it in real life. * While her friends usually just say, "Yeah!" or "Yes!" when something awesome happens, this troper is known for saying, "Yeah/Yes bitches!" * This troper heard a pretty epic one during a pickup football game.

One guy who had just caught a touchdown pass turned around and started yelled, [[BadassBoast "I'm]]{{Superman}}!!" Not too long after that, he got laid out by a guy on the opposing team, who rubbed it in by yelling, "Guess what? [[TakeThat I'm Kryptonite,]] [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH!!]]

ptitlelewwvnvy * [[{{Bisected8}} I myself]] once argued that there was a ninja in the middle of the room, since; ** You can't see or hear it, it's a master of camouflage. ** If you try to move into the space to prove it isn't there, you're clearly mad (since you're checking empty space for ninjas), [[AdHominem thus any claims you make are not valid]]. ** If anyone moves through the space and claims there was no ninja: there is already an established connection between checking that space and insanity, so... *** What if you see someone unaware of the ninja claim passing through the space? *** Ninja are also quick, and masters of distraction. *** Wait, so they're mad because they checked an empty space for ninjas, so a claim that they're mad is dependent on the premise that it's empty space, which contradicts the claim that there is a ninja in it, since if there was a ninja there it wouldn't be an empty space, so they wouldn't be mad for checking it, [[LogicBomb so you're arguing that there's no ninja there in order to prove that there is one.]] * A friend of [[{{CAD}} mine]] made up a rule called "Dilbert's Fork", which is a bit like Morton's Fork in reverse: A boss institutes two rules which contradict one another. He then rewards the employees he likes for following one of the rules and punishes the employees he doesn't like for breaking one of them. ** I have another friend who is a total StopHavingFunGuy when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He subscribes to this logic: if he can beat my Bowser, he is awesome. If I can beat him with Bowser, the match didn't count because Bowser is a low tier character and if he loses to it that means he's off his game at the moment so the battle was unfair. * In fact, this troper's grandfather was with an insurance company that either dropped him or threatened to ''because'' he was too good of a driver and had no accidents. ** That makes no sense. Insurance companies want customers who are good drivers. As long as they keep their cars insured and don't have any accidents, they pay the insurance companies without the insurance companies having to pay them. *** (Unrelated Troper here) Except in the case of companies that have poorly-written reward programs, in which they eventually start losing money if the driver continues to accrue rewards, benefits, and/or rate decreases with no screw-ups to cause a reward/benefit level reset or cause rate increases. * This troper is a living example of the Jonah Complex mentioned in the original trope description. Success is good fortune/having a generous teacher/the boss didn't notice the glaring incompetence.

Failure is "I suck." * Life with This Troper's stepmother was this daily. For example: Hang out in my room with the light open: "You should open the curtains instead of using electricity." This Troper shrugs, gets up, opens the curtains, and shuts off the light. Twenty minutes later, stepmother passes by again, and turns on the light: "You should stop living in darkness like that.* * Victims of bullying in school are often faced with this. If they snap at their aggressor, they are punished for raising their voice/violence/bad language/whatever. If they ask a teacher for help instead, they are told that they should deal with social issues by themselves. There is no winning option. ** This troper had that issue in middle school, up until my last year when I had gotten into a fight with one of my tormentors. After going into a tear-filled tirade about how the same vice-principal had complete screwed me up. My father, in a rather rare CrowningMomentOfAwesome, promptly broke the fork in pieces by telling off the vice-principal, the principal herself, the ''superintendant'', ''and the bully himself'', in his "I've wrestled with police trained attack dogs and won" voice. The police officer present said nothing as my dad and I walked out into the foyer, on a later date saying, "I'm really glad someone actually pointed out the hypocracy, I thought I was the only one that noticed". Needless to say, I think back to that day and take heart when high school or college gets tough. * This troper unfortunately went through a total of three HeroicBSODs over living a literal definition of Catch-22; he's been diagnosed with four severely debilitating personality/mental disorders, and has been trying for over a year to get on SSI and Medicaid as a result. However, each time he applies, he gets the same response; denied because the diagnoses aren't debilitating enough to prevent him from working. He can't get the testing he needs to prove that he is disabled, because he requires the government to pay for it, but the government won't pay for it, because he hasn't given them significant evidence proving that he's disabled enough to require the test. ** Even worse, the healthcare advocates he hired to help him with this predicament threw him into yet ''another'' Fork; they won't do anything until he pays them for "services rendered", yet he can't pay them until he gets on SSI. * This is how [[@/{{endlessness}} this troper]] has had to react to some [[CopyProtection DRM]] systems. Since he uses Linux as his only operating system, he can't use most of the [=DRMed=] stuff which is Windows-dependent; my choices are either finding a way to crack DRM with Linux, or [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil warez]] - both illegal. ** [[TakeaThirdOption Or just don't use Linux. :)]] * When this Troper was applying for his first credit card, he was initially rejected for not having any previous credit. He didn't have any previous credit, because he's never had a credit card before. You can see where the problem here is. * My cat sometimes does this to me by wedging herself between my computer, router, and modem. If I don't remove her, she'll eventually shift and knock over the peripherals, hence possibly knocking me off the Internet. If I try to remove her, she'll mangle my hands.

---If you click on a link in this sentence, you'll go back to [=~Morton's Fork~=]. If you don't click on a link in that sentence, you'll probably end up back there eventually anyway. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlelfhe09gi * In a fantasy-based play-by-post RPG this troper once joined, she had her character be the proprietor of a shop like this, although its weirdness did have an explanation- she was a human agent employed by TheFairFolk. * While my Mom was shopping at the mall, by youngest brother and I once spent an hour playing on a free Radiant Silvergun cabinet in the back of this weird used game store that I'd never seen before. It wasn't there the next time I went to the mall (nor any other time, for that matter) and nobody I talk to who frequents that mall has ever heard of the place. * A fancy gadget shop with amazing and innovative products opened and lasted a week before vanishing. It returned six months later in the same spot only to disappear once more the following day. Especially odd due to the fact they seemed to be having great buisness both times I was in the shop. * There used to be this little card store in a mall I visit every so often. The first time I walked in, there was a tournament of some kind thing going on, and the older gentleman running the store (alone) was extremely happy that someone FINALLY came in that wasn't looking to join in...so excited, in fact, that he knelt down and kissed my hand. I came back as often as I could, buying [[FullmetalAlchemist FMA trading cards]] every time (nowhere else sold them, as far as I could tell) until a while later, when it disappeared without a trace. People who worked in the mall told me that they'd never even heard of the store. ---[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Ptitlelfhe09gi Wait a second, this trope wasn't here yesterday....]] <<|TroperTales|>>

ptitlelfjoyg5d * TruthInTelevision for this troper. She was getting sick, and had also broken down crying under half an hour ago. She told a friend she probably couldn't be somewhere because she was getting sick, to which her friend responded, "You look like you've got a cold". Said troper, not wanting to explain she looked so because she had been crying, said, "[[SureLetsGoWithThat Yeah, let's go with that]]." * [[DarkInsanity13 This troper]] finds herself saying this quite often when explaining things, particularly anime plots and spoilers, but also whenever she comes up with a little not-so-evil plot or something

comes along that she doesn't want to reveal and people offer her an answer/reason. * Ditto for this troper. Three times I've had to use it to explain why Haruhi has such a girly voice during the first episode of Ouran * This troper studies science at university. Most of her friends and family do not. They frequently ask about complicated scientific concepts. Usually they have a totally mangled and inaccurate picture of how things work before I give up and just accept the twisted version they parrot back to me. "Ice expands because the molecules push each other apart at low temperatures? Sure, why not; let's go with that." * When this troper was explaining a particular plot in {{Bleach}} to a friend (said friend asked for spoilers), the friend interrupted in the middle, giving a theory. It was a very wrong one. This troper simply said: "...sure." * This Troper commonly answers weird or wrong statements with "...Right." * See [[AndyWaltfeld This Troper's]] page's second opening quote. * A [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming heartwarming]] example: this troper and her mother both love ''BostonLegal'', and ''really'' love [[HeterosexualLifePartners Alan Shore and Denny Crane]]. Currently, the last season is airing in the UK. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Thanks to this site]], the troper knows that Alan and Denny [[spoiler: get married]] at the end. Her mother has been trying to guess the spoiler and has settled on "Denny [[spoiler:dies, right]]?" The troper has been saying "Maybe" for weeks, and can't ''wait'' for her to find out how wrong she is. * I was at college talking with some of my fellow students when my phone rang,I have O Fortuna for my ringtone when they heard it at max volume I was asked by the most culturally savvy of the four :"That's the opening theme from Lord of the Rings right. * [[Aoirann This Troper]] has been accused of XanatosGambit in the past. However it's just me either subconsciously making a plan, or me just taking advantage of something that leads to series of events that benfit me. Either I just smile and nod and make myself look more observant and seem like I actually know what the hell I'm doing. * This prhrase is pretty much one of three catch phrases this tropes has (Along with "Ugh... [sigh in disgust] and "Damn, I'm an idiot"). Every time anyone talks to this troper, he goes: "Yeah, sure, let's go with that..." ---A link back to the original page? [[SureLetsGoWithThat Sure, lets go with that.]] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlelmwmf8fx * [[{{ZeldaTheSwordsman}} I]] had a moment like this early in June. I was waiting in the car with my mom after graduation while someone else was checking for something in the store before we went to dinner

(after which I'd be going to Grad Night). And my mom asked, not thinking, "So Brendan, you've just graduated from high school. What are you going to do now?" And I answered, grinning broadly, "I'm goin' to Disney Land!" [[CrowningMomentOfFunny We both broke down laughing]]. My mom admitted she'd walked right into that one. Everybody else in the family thought it was priceless. That was wonderful. That was the most golden setup line I've ever gotten. * I was talking to someone after finishing my organic chemistry final, and they asked me, "You just took organic chemistry at Brown. What are you going to do next?" My response: "I'm going to Disneyland! [[{{NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer}} No, seriously]], I am going to Disneyland." Finding out I passed the class made the trip so much sweeter. * This troper averts this trope by his bile hatred for places like Disney World,usually he'll quip with something completely random ---

ptitlelwo4ixfv9qsp * Deuxhero once used a character (Rogue/Shadow dancer 1) in a NeverwinterNights2 custom modal called Michael Weston (Micheal was a name I personally chose, the random generator provided Weston). He was surprised to find out a year latter o (via commercial) the name of the BurnNotice protagonist. * My mom's cousin's daughter is married to a Swede named [[TopGear Stig]], pronounced "Steeg". He does indeed own the shirt, but the reaction [[EagleLand around here]] is probably "Yeah, we know that's your name." * At This Troper's school, there is a [[TheSimpsons Mr. Gary Chalmers.]] * This troper's university course has a Stephanie Brown in there somewhere. (Since he's terrible with linking names and faces, he has yet to positively identify them and make a {{Batman}} joke they aren't going to get. * This troper once worked with a Robert Wagner, went to junior high with a Neil Armstrong, and had a history teacher named Steve Irwin. ** Okay, Steve Irwin I can understand, but NEIL ARMSTRONG? Seriously, what were the parents thinking? * This troper once wrote a DigimonTamers fanfic that included a character named Yamamoto Hiroshi. He was utterly shocked when [[ArcNumber three years later]] ( gasp!) he saw the credits for ''SuzumiyaHaruhi'', the director of which was, well, Yamamoto Hiroshi. * Every day on the way to work, this troper walks past a Sushi restaurant called ''[[SystemShock Shodan]]''. On a scale of one to ten, [[NightmareFuel how terrified should this troper be?]] * [[@/TitoMosquito This troper]] watches ''MayaAndMiguel'', and was surprised there's a character named Tito Chavez! My real name is Antonio Chavez Jr., but I always go by [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Tito]] (its much easier to remember).

* This troper's fifth-grade teacher had a husband named Micheal Collins and was always pointing out "Like the astronaut." ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Collins_%28Irish_leader%29 And the Irish Freedom Fighter?]] * Beacuse this troper went to elementary school with morons, he faced teasing because he shared the name of the Prince in Disney's TheLittleMermaid. * This troper once had a customer by the name of [[{{Batman}} Barbara Gordon]]. Coincidentally, two of this troper's cats, which he had no part in naming, are named SamAndMax. * One of this troper's friends is named Kiera Knight, not to be confused with Kiera Knight''ly'' the actress. * Bronwyn Bishop: an ultraconservative, elderly politician in Australia, or me? * This troper never realized Hubble Servicing Mission and High School Musical have the same initials until she got strange reactions online when she talked about how excited she was to watch "The launch of [[HighSchoolMusical HSM4]]!" * [[Tropers/{{RAMChYLD}} This troper]] often gets confused when people mention GOW: Do they mean GearsOfWar or GodOfWar? He has also at one point confused Wonderous Koala Blinky (Better known in the west as [[TheNoozles Noozles]], but as he is in Asia, the Japanese title with Cantonese dub is much more prevalent) with BlinkyBill, both with features koalas named Blinky but are otherwise unrelated to each other. Also, he has once been confused on Facebook with a Korean which somehow has the same name as he does. * This troper has a [[{{KISS}} Paul Stanley]] and a [[{{Aerosmith}} Joe Perry]] at his school. * This troper's father watches a lot of drag racing. Imagine this troper's surprise when he overheard that [[Series/DoctorWho Matt Smith]] had taken up racing. * This Armenian troper met the only other Armenian at his college when the school email system started sending me her mail. Her last name was Oganesyan, mine is the Americanized version, Oganessian. * This Troper had a 'Jon Cusack' at her grade school. * Around 1965 or 1966, I faced a bout of teasing because of a news report of a bank robber called Robert Baker -- which is also my name. Years later, my family got a tortoiseshell cat which they named Ginger, which led to jokes about her [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cream_%28band%29 playing drums]]. * This Troper knows two pairs of brothers (one being his cousins, the other being a pair of twins) who both share the same pair of names. It's a fairly random pair, too. * This troper is currently writing an InteractiveFiction game about a starship. Said starship's captain is a lady called Captain Sheridan. Six days later, this troper stumbles onto the CommandRoster page and finds out about BabylonFive. * My name is Carrie (and no, it's NOT [[EmbarrassingNickname short for]] anything. It's my LEGAL name and it IS [[SpellMyNameWithAnS spelled like that]].) I was actually named after the little girl on LittleHouseOnThePrairie, but [[WordOfGod according to my mother,]] who actually ''is'' a StephenKing fan, within three days of coming home

from the hospital, she and dad were already getting calls from friends and family members, [[StephenKing asking if objects around the house were moving on their own]]. Oddly, she'd forgotten about that when she named me, despite being an ''avid'' StephenKing fan! It's worth noting that I was fairly [[ShrinkingViolet quiet]] and [[LonersAreFreaks shy around new people]], often got picked on by other girls in gym class, and only had (and ''still'' only have,) ONE friend throughout high school. [[GenreSavvy I didn't go to prom, though.]] * This troper went to middle school with Dustin Hoffman (no, not [[DustinHoffman that one]]) and graduate school with Sam Fisher (no, not [[SplinterCell that one]]). ** This troper had a Sam Fisher at his high school, knew two Ashley Grahams (also the name of the DistressedDamsel in ''ResidentEvil 4''), two Rebecca Davis's, a Katie Holmes, and had a biology teacher named WilliamGibson. * This troper used to ride the school bus with an Elijah Wood. * This troper's fanfic ''TroperWorks/SoldiersOfLove'' has a small number of original characters, and only three with full names given -and I managed to end up with two out of three sharing their names with famous actors, Diana Quick and Jimmy Stewart. Not being very wellinformed about the entertainment world, I genuinely hadn't heard of either when I wrote it. * This troper laughed out loud on reading a Dickens novel in high school and encountering a character named Michael Jackson. When I explained to my friends why I was laughing, one of them pointed out (as I knew but had forgotten) that her father has the same name. Oops. * This troper shares the same name (in pronunciation) with Brian May of {{Queen}}. It does not help that I am a musician and every time I buy anything at Guitar Center or Sam Ash they need a name to clear the transaction. * This troper knows someone named Arthur Li. He has no relation to [[http://www.superfundungeonrun.com/ this guy]]. Which is good, because I don't really like the former too much. * I went to high school with a JamesBrown and a [[SherlockHolmes James Moriarty]]. * One of my basketball coaches was [[GenderBlenderName a guy named Kim Stewart]], which is the same name as Rod Stewart's daughter. * I'm called [[JustWilliam William Brown]], one of my best friends is called JamesBrown (yes, my friend is a great singer. I'm also one, but I'm a bass and he is a tenor) and my sister is called Sarah Brown (as in, the same as the wife of the first black president). Luckily, no one particularly mentions my one, probably aware of how annoying it is. Alternatively, no one read those books when they were young (to which I'm highly grateful...). * In highschool, I knew a girl who's brother was engaged to someone named JenniferLopez. She'd jokingly flip through magazines and point to pictures of JenniferLopez, saying stuff like "Hey, it's my future sister in law!" * This Troper's school has a [[BryanAdams Bryant Adam]]. * The prevalance of this trope is why this troper has no problem revealing his real name on the internet. It did result in some amusement during the old MegaDrive days when adverts started appearing

for ''David Robinson's Supreme Court Basketball'', though. * Apparently, there's a voice actor named Greg Ellis. There is also a professional American football player named Greg Ellis - who spent most of his career with the Cowboys. Cue a very confused [[Tropers/{{Outsyder 0486}} Outsyder0486]] seeing the credits of an episode of ''TeenTitans''. * Make a MegaCrossover with enough series and you're going to run into this at some point. * While planning out a Pokemon fanfic, in a fit of lazieness, I decided to call a pair of OC's "Ruby" and "Sapphire". I realized this was a bad idea not only beacuse those are the names of characters in PokemonSpecial (which I was planning on doing a crossover whith via space-time hijinks), but also beacuse there was ''another'' character named Sapphire in {{Disgaea3}}, characters from which had a cameo at some point. I decided to keep the names, though, since they fit the characters in question. * This troper knows a Nadiyah Sulayman, which sounds very similar to the name of a certain mother of octuplets. * During a call back in '03, I had a call from a girl, but the account's under the name of [[{{NCIS}} Mark Harmon]]. At the time, however, I said "*The* Mark Harmon? Wasn't he that actor from this [[ReasonableDoubts cop/legal show where he talked with a deaf lawyer]]?" * One of the dentists and orthodontists and the dental center [[Tropers/{{Premonition45}} this troper]] went to is JamesBond. * This troper goes to law school with a guy named [[HarryPotter James Potter]]. Law proffessors usually call on you using either Mr. or Ms. and then your last name, so upon hearing we had a "Mr. Potter" in the class, tons of bad AlanRickman imitations started, and when we found out his first name was James... well, yeah, much laughter ensued. As did [[DontExplainTheJoke joke explaining]] for people who haven't read the series. * [[DragonAge2 Hawke]] happens to be the name a friend of mine has been using for years. Also, my step-brother has the same initials as [[{{F-Zero}} Captain Falcon]]. Also also, a ''{{Pokemon}}''/''MegaMan'' parody flash I watched a long time ago on {{Newgrounds}} includes in its credits someone with the same name as my step-father. * This troper sat behind a Phillip Morris in a Government class, and also knows a Jacob Marley(as in, Ebenezer Scrooge's dead buddy in A Christmas Carole). * This Troper is unfortunate in that he is called Greg Morrison. No, I do not own any shops and no, it is not spelt Gregg. * ''Frostsabre.'' I once sat next to a Peter Griffin in keyboarding class. * My name is Joy and their is a Joy from my name is Earl AND SHE IS NOTHING LIKE ME. * This troper once took a class in college where the lecturer was named {{Rie Tanaka}}. Several years later, he watched a video on organ donation for a class, and one of the donors was named Rie Tanaka as well. * I bought an album (technically, two; one is the Spanish adaptation)

and later found that one of the musicians is named [[StarTrekVoyager Harry Kim]]. * This Troper's school has not only a Christopher Brown, but also a Brittany Spears. * This troper's next door neighbor is named Sheryl Lynn (married name Grater), which is one letter away from the name of disco diva Cheryl Lynn. She also named her daughter Maya Lynn, after the artist Maya Lin. * The name of both my father, and another man in the city I live in is the same. Last AND first name. Note that the name is VERY rare in the location I live in, and both men immigrated at different times. * This troper had a college chemistry teacher named James Callis, before the revival of ''BattlestarGalactica''. * [[Tropers/{{Trebor}} This troper]] once had a sub for English II H named ChrisBrown. * [[GiftedPandemonium I]] have a girl in my English class named [[StephenieMeyer Stephanie Meyer]]. Yes, she knows they have the same name. * This Troper goes to the same school as a ChristopherLee. * This Troper's father's name is Glenn Miller. * A friend of a friend of this troper is named Michelle Rodriguez. * When this Troper's mother remarried she became Lisa Simpson.

ptitlem4f37xq499gk [[redirect:TroperTales/AttentionDeficitOohShiny]]

ptitlem70prqnh * The wishbolly. [[{{Kayfabe}} You ladies know what I'm talking about.]] ** HEY! There are ''men'' reading this Wiki too, y'know? You want them to start asking questions? ** Many, many fond memories there, though I second the notion that this is not a safe topic for public consumption. ** Okay, trying to decide whether or not to research this. Can't help but feel some dreadful calamity will fall on me if I do. ** Tropette here equally clueless about this as the guys... *** Where do you live? It's Wishbolly here, but I understand it's called something different out east. *** Uh, this 26 year-old Tropette lives out east, and has NO IDEA what a..."Wishbolly" is... (She is asexual, if this has something to do sexually.) ** I have TheOtherWiki and I'm not afraid to use it. *** Good luck trying to find it there under that name. ** It's okay, us men already know ALL about the wishbolly. No need to be secretive anymore. ** I just did some reasearch and all I found was this page and porn. ** I'm also a female troper (from the east coast) who is confused. I asked a friend and she, though unsure, assumed it was [[spoiler: the act of faking an orgasm]]. [[ChasteHero Probably off-target, but meh.]]

* An inversion: Men and their rituals, usually those related to "shrinking" and "wet dreams" and "initiation" and etc. They might more open about, but that does not make it any less incomprehensible for those without a penis ** I wonder how many women have more than the vaguest understanding of [[SeriousBusiness Urinal Etiquitte]]. *** I have two brothers and a very open dad - I think I might know more than most. Things like looking straight ahead, and never, EVER going next to someone. And, on a related note, is it typical male behaviour to do your teeth at the same time as going to the loo? **** ...Not to my knowledge. **** [[FlatWhat what]] ** As a guy, the fact that some girls in our group refuse to go to the toilet by themselves is completely impossible to understand. Pissing is NOT a social thing; even being in the same bathroom is awkward for guys who know each other. *** In my group of friends, we ask to go to the bathroom in a group in case of...erm...[[UnusualEuphemism we need some supplies]]... ** What the heck is initiation? *** Generally a highly embarrassing ritual you must perform in order to be accepted into a group. Also known as "hazing". Especially popular in both college fraternities and the military. *** It differs based on where you are. * I know a guy who, as far as I can tell, knows the women's mysteries. No, I don't know how he managed this. And yes, he is straight, [[TheCasanova with plenty]] [[EthicalSlut of evidence]] [[ChivalrousPervert to back this up]]. I don't doubt for a moment there's a connection between the impressive list of women he's slept with and his uncanny knowledge of things [[BrownNote most men dare not ask about]]. * I go to a [[OneGenderSchool women's college]], and we have an {{Anime}} club. After a fun meeting, someone's boyfriend asked us, "Were you watching porn in there?" (We weren't...not this time, anyway.) I replied, "You wish." and he replied, "I do, actually." * When I was in the JROTC in high school, it seemed that only the girls knew how to tie neckties. Evidently it was a skill they had learned from their mothers because the fathers had never learned from THEIR fathers. ** I think boys are just slobs. ** Isn't that a bit of an assumption? *** It's a safe assumption that a guy who's still in high school doesn't know how to tie a tie. * The fact that there is not one mention on this website about Menstrual Cups says [[{{TroperDemographics}} something]]. ** Or simply because for some women, applying/removing them is loads messier than they're willing to deal with once a month. That's how this [[{{Tropers/Anderling}} tropette]] feels about them, anyway. (Oddly enough, I'm okay with tampons...) Remember, ThereAreNoGirlsOnTheInternet does not apply, as you and I can testify. *** This tropette has never heard of menstrual...cups? And is frankly a bit frightened. Unless you're refering to pads in a round about way. *** They're definitely not pads.

* This troper had a boyfriend who didn't realise that pregnant women don't menstruate - he thought you just skipped the one period and then it came back while you gestated. A careful explanation of just what menstrual blood is, where it comes from and what purpose it serves ensued. ** [[FlatWhat what]] * This tropette gets VERY ill tempered, when she gets her period and has been asked by her brothers to warn them when the time comes. This didn't go well the first few times because they are too easily weirded out by it. So eventually they came up with a code phrase for her to use, which is : "The cranky times are upon me." It's worked quite well for everyone becasue when this troper tell them that they tread softly around her for a week. * Averted when this tropette's mom explained, in great detail, the inner workings of a female's body to THIS TROPETTE'S BROTHER. This tropette was A. Seriously pissed and B. Incredibly embarassed. ---We'd explain to you why clicking here takes you back to [=~Women's Mysteries~=], but you guys probably wouldn't understand. (It's a girl thing.)

ptitlemlheqr7b3csw List works you think are just average, or you find a lot of others think so. Oh, and no bashing the works for being like this. That's missing the point. Also, if you consider a really popular work to be average, it's not this trope, but HypeBacklash. Despite this looking like a trope page, keep in mind these are just people's opinions. ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:Anime and Manga]] * ''FullMetalPanic'' follows the typical SuperRobot model in a lot of ways: it's about a [[http://www.wikinfo.org/index.php/Average_high_school_student high school student]] who is also a robot pilot, who is forced to deal with stresses on and off the battlefield. It also borrows a lot RealRobot elements, which are all interesting but not tremendously exciting. Along the way, a romance buds between the male and female leads, and in the end, the stalwart hero triumphs over the thoroughly villainous BigBad. Although the characters are certainly not flat, aren't exactly unique; most of the cast members fall into one of several stock character archetypes. Most of the story arcs can be categorized as

"good premise, mediocre execution" or "good premise, decent execution." The robot fights are decent but unexceptional for the most part. The series takes most common anime tropes and bundles them into a convenient 24-episode package. It's nothing amazing, but it won't disappoint as long as you don't expct it to be anything more than average. * One of the things about {{Genshiken}} that has drawn praise from critics and fans alike is how realistically it portrays its characters. True to life, most of Genshiken's members are very average people with average abililities and average aspirations and ambitions. They sit around having average conversations about average things and at the end of each day they return to their average homes and indulge passtimes like watching anime and playing video games (things that would be considered average by the anime's target audience). The group does occasionally break routine with outside excursions, but they visit perfectly average locations and seldom experience anything out of the ordinary. Overall it makes for a very average viewing experience. Genshiken is a good example of a series that aims to be So Okay It's Average and succeeds. * If you don't think ''WeddingPeach'' is some kind of marriage-pushing show, you might find it like this, [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff unless you live in Germany]]. * ''[=~Sasami: Magical Girls Club~=]'' might rub some people the wrong way for being a departure in the RefugeInAudacity tone that ''TenchiMuyo'' and its spinoffs are famous for, but as a CuteWitch FantasticComedy, it's just completely average in every way. Almost prosaic, really. * ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS''. Its strengths (great action, lovable characters, the same mix of mecha and MagicalGirl tropes that made the first two seasons so great, and tons of LesYay) are so perfectly matched by its weaknesses (terrible pacing, no plot until the last few episodes, [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters entirely too many characters]]) that one might suspect the averageness was intentional. Of course, that only made it more disappointing after the sheer brilliance of ''A's''. ** This is highly subjective, seeing that there are many people for whom ''Anime/StrikerS'' is the favorite Nanoha series. A better example of this trope would be the first, original season - good luck finding someone who hates it, as well as someone who considers it their favorite series. ** The first season helps set up the world and gets exciting in the last few episodes (it was a bit disappointing that the heroes didn't get to fight Precia, but Fate's declaration that she still considers Precia her mother for bringing her into the world provides a nice emotional closure). Unfortunately, the first quarter of the series is uninteresting and generic, and things don't get really interesting until the TSAB shows up halfway through and we see how high the stakes are. * [[{{Tropers/Kriegsmesser}} This troper]] would like to nominate ''ShamanKing''. Not great, not terrible. ** I have to agree, although I think there was at least ''one'' awesome moment.

** [[Tropers/TheEvilDrBolty This troper]] would say it's simply that it mostly just ping-pongs in quality until it ends up being incredibly average. * This troper has a feeling that Fumikane (or some exec) ran a massive experiment regarding ''SkyGirls'' and ''StrikeWitches''. While ''SkyGirls'' premiere promises action and {{fanservice}}, the real series offered more on character development, ''deep'' character development, with action and particularly fanservice considerably toned down. AS a result, ''SkyGirls'' is met with lukewarm reception; it's "just okay", but nothing more. They reversed the trend with ''StrikeWitches''; the premiere seemingly offering CharacterDevelopment and ThePowerOfFriendship, but after seeing ''SkyGirls'', decided to crank up the {{Fanservice}} up to eleven, ''at the expense of what they offered before''. What do they get? Rave, ''rave'', '''rave''' reviews. LowestCommonDenominator much? ** In its defense, Strike Witches has a lot of supporting (read: printed) media that helps cover for some of the anime's shortfalls. The anime is more of a lure. ** This troper agrees with the second troper. The anime was okay but felt incomplete, kind of like HaruhiSuzumiya. The anime's good but the meat of the thing is in the books. * ''{{Naruto}}''. There, I said it. ** That one generally seems to be rather polarizing. About anyone who cares about it either loves it or hates it. *** I think the main reason why so many people hate Naruto is because of how crazy the fandom is. A lot of the people who claim to hate Naruto hate it because it can't live up to the hype. This Troper thinks its average, but has started to go down hill in recent chapters of the manga. ** Naruto is average and [[Tropers/ProserpinaFC I hate it]] because it dares to consider itself awesome. But I was a fan. Back in Zabuza Arc. Because Zabuza Arc WAS awesome. Then came the Chunin Exams, which were awesome but too long. Then came Itachi, then Sasuke Retrieval, and then I could tell that this manga was becoming completely average. Now, 4 years later, the second half is bad and many fans admit only to it being average. The artwork is cartoonish and lazy. The facial expressions tend on the DullSurprise quality. The magic/ninjutsu is getting a bit inconsistent. And the dozens of tropes and plot threads are all thrown up into the air. Not even an attempt at juggling them. Just thrown in the air. Most fans that I know, which is a lot, don't even care about the story and are content pondering about their fanfictions and fanart. ** The romance in the series qualifies for this trope too. It's not a horrific trainwreck, but it's not that interesting either. Why do fans care about it so much? ** Thank you. THE ROMANCE ISN'T [[RomanticPlotTumor WELL WRITTEN PERIOD.]] WHY BOTHER ARGUING OVER IT? ** Finally, someone says what we're all thinking. I got into it after losing a bet with my sister and it's just... bleh. ** The only reason I ever watched Naruto was because my friend bet me if I could watch 100 episodes of it. Well, I was working at a weather station at that time and had PLENTY of free time between reports, so I

took him on. I watched the first 100 episodes and have felt no need to see any more. Naruto WOULD have been a pretty great show, if they'd put the content of those episodes in, like, around 13 episodes. It's just stretched too thin to work, and hence, it's so bad it's boring. And while I hated the Naruto (and pretty much every other) fandom way before I saw the series, I didn't let it bother me. [=BMWs=] are driven by cocks, it still doesn't mean that the car is bad. ** Naruto is the Most Triumphant Example in my mind. It isn't terrible, but it isn't great. I don't hate it, but I find myself unable to get into it or find the standard who-will-screw-who drama interesting. There are no words to describe how completely and utterly dull it is. ** Yes! Naruto is ''definitely'' this. I hate it, but i can't definitively say it's [[DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible pure trash]], if only because anything that can brag such a dedicated fanbase can't possibly be trash. I started watching Naruto when it was new and thought "not bad" - then it started to go downhill. I kept watching for a good ~80 episodes, partially because of my fanboy friends but also because i thought eventually it would re-redeem itself. Instead, i got increasingly draggy and suffered worse and worse ArcFatigue. I finally just gave up entirely. My fanboy friends talked me into giving it one last chance when NarutoShippuden was released, but the TimeSkip sequel suffers from all the ''exact same'' flaws as the original, and after ~20 episodes i gave up yet again, never turning back to it. I'll never understand the devotion the fans have, but they must see something in it. To me, at best it's so OK it's average. ** Naruto is definitely a very generic,typical Shonen anime/manga to me. Personally I think the Chuunin Exams arc is where the series started to get bland. the show is just filled with too many standard Shonen archetypes and tropes. * I'm probably going to get a lot of hatred for this but ''GundamSeedDestiny'', it's nowhere near as good as its prequel Seed or the newest series 00 but isn't the awful train wreck that many people here like to say. ** Seems alright to me. Had a lot of great ideas and leading up and through the Junius Seven drop was a fantastic watch. Then it putters out. The compilation movies no doubt help on trying to get the most out of it... and to this day [[{{Tropers/Fenrir}} this troper]] doesn't have ''that'' much dislike for Shinn. ** ''[[{{Tropers/Azure012}} This Troper]]'' kept an objectionist (IE Not listening to the either the fanbase or the hatedom) view throughout watching Destiny and liked it; but was somewhat disappointed with 00, relegating it to this trope in my eyes. ** [[{{Tropers/Gadeel}} This troper]] actually thought that it was going to be okay, obviously riffing from ZetaGundam, but not in an entirely bad way. I could accept it all, even as a UC-oriented Gundam fan. Then came the part where I went, "Shinn, man, what happened?" and "Rey, I thought you said you ''weren't'' Rau Le Creuset? What's with the change of heart?" and the end... It derailed the whole thing and defied all expectations, but it could've been worse. At least there's SuperRobotWars. ** For [[Tropers/RadicalEd this troper]], Gundam00 was this trope.

Clever at points, cliche at others, juggling between terrible moments and times where it was genuinely engaging. In the end, the verdict was, "Eh, it was okay. Not the best Gundam series ever, but okay." ** Like the above, kinda. This troper feels it was average in all aspects, the cool and clever moments were on the 'meh' scale of things, ditto the crappy ones, the entire thing was just meh at the end. * ''{{Kekkaishi}}''. I ''would'' at least find it readable, but Tokine... ''[[{{Jerkass}} u]][[MarySue gh]]''. ** She gets much much nicer and less "can do no wrong' in portrayal in the later manga chapters, though. ** Kekkaishi seems like just another generic shonen anime. It doesn't offer much thats really new. * ''CorrectorYui''. Although [[{{Aline}} I]] (and a few more people) liked it, some people hate it, and most of the others find it extremely bland and average. So average the manga is not even found in scanlation sites. * I know a lot of people really like it, but for me, ''SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' pretty much falls in here, at least from what I've seen/ read, due to my complete emotional detachment from and inability to relate to any of the cast, all of them (except possibly Jun) extremely shallow and undeveloped (if intentionally so) and a few rather unnecessary. There's also its unexplained and irritating need to "parody" ''everything'' about High School anime (do all of the important students ''have'' to be [[UnwantedHarem female?]]), which more drags down the show (since it doesn't even handle these parodies well) than makes it better. There's also the constant, pointless {{Shout Out}}s, how repetitive most of the humour actually is (I'm surprised nobody's made a Nozomu Itoshiki Rant Mad Lib yet)and [[TheScrappy Nami]], who I don't hate because she's TheGenericGuy, but because she, or at least the humour based around her, just isn't funny, and wasn't to begin with. Despite all its massive problems though, it's by no means bad; it has a unique style and there are quite a few really funny and well-thought-out moments once you get past all the tedium, and the DeadBabyComedy concept of the show never bothered me at all. Let's just say that when the anime gets to English-speaking countries, it'll get a few {{Woolseyism}}s (Not sure if this is already happening to the manga). ** Oh my God I'm not alone! ** The only thing this troper has to say is... you think Nami is a [[TheScrappy scrappy]]? *** Would you like a character who has literally no purpose other than to be called normal then say "Don't say normal"? (Anyway, she's a scrappy to me) To be fair, Kafuka and Chiri have now surpassed her in terms of sheer unlikability in my opinion. * DigimonAdventure02. Not nearly good as it's predecessor but it had a fair mix of good and bad stuff. [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot Wasted plots]] and DistantFinale aside, it's pretty enjoyable overall. * The OVA of SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration. So Yeah, this OVA gives us one DethroningMomentOfSuck for Lamia where she gets caught, stripped naked and spends most of her time as a DistressedDamsel, while she should've been [[ActionGirl kicking ass]]. The plot runs on

nonsense (but at least not cranked up to eleven as in OG Gaiden), the villain is unmemorable, and so are the mechas... all saved from SoBadItsHorrible thanks to the appearance of '''[[{{Badass}} Sanger Zonvolt]], [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome THE SWORD THAT SMITES EVIL!]]''' kicking wanton asses in a short period of time. ** Shouldn't this be SoBadItsGood, then? *** It's still mediocre. Sanger's short appearance, however, saved it from being straight up SoBadItsHorrible. Now if only he'd hog more screentimes with his sheer badassery, that'll be SoBadItsGood * {{Toradora}}. Despite the rather polarizing views of whether it's horrible or great on 4chan and the like, when you look at it it's rather average. To this troper, it seems like it would have actually been quite good if it had been a [[TwelveEpisodeAnime bit shorter]] with somewhat less [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy self sacrificing]] and a [[CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds more credible]] switch from TheHero loving Minori to Taiga. ** Interesting you should say that. [[Tropers/SgtFrog1 I've]] been doing a comparison between the animes of the [[RieKugimiya Four Tsundere Wonders]]. From what I've watched, and from what my friends' opinions on the shows are, the general consensus is that ZeroNoTsukaima is SoBadItsHorrible after about halfway through the second season since it drowns in its own {{Fanservice}}. (The Flanderized characters don't help too much, either.) On the other hand, ''HayateTheCombatButler'' is SoCoolItsAwesome, maybe because it constantly makes a mockery of itself and other animes. The second season starts getting more dramatic, so even the [[BreakingTheFourthWall fourth-wall bits]] don't get old! And yeah, as much as I liked it personally, ''Toradora'' may just be SoOkayItsAverage. I haven't watched ShakuganNoShana yet, but after reading the first three volumes of the manga, I'm anticipating another SoCoolItsAwesome series. * {{Suzumiya Haruhi}}. Yeah, you heard right. ** Agreed. It's not the best thing since sliced bread as some people like to make it out to be, but it's not horrible either. Just overrated. ** Supported. The hype was so high the expectations went beyond what it was supposed to be about, enjoyable as it is, so long was one does not have to listen to [[FanDumb those fans]] [[LoveItOrHateIt who bawl over how much of a monster Haruhi is against those who think she's just misunderstood, etc. etc.]] It's nice and all, but the fans can sometimes muddle the experience. ** Thirded; Haruhi was enjoyable, sure, and it's a breath of fresh air what with all of the shonen fighters and {{AzumangaDaioh}} copies we got when it came out....but Haruhi's attitude got tiring fast, as did the respective shticks that the rest of the cast had. I liked Haruhi, but not enough to want to watch it again. ** As a fan who read the novels and watched the anime before it got hyped up I can definitely say that all the dreaded fan waves certainly ruined some of the better parts of the series, especially since their support had plenty of influence on how the second season of the anime was presented. ** Have to agree. It's alright, I enjoyed watching it, but it's not

all it's hyped up to be. ** You're all talking about the hype, so I would like to point you to HypeBacklash. I was never a big anime fan and started watching Haruhi Suzumiya with an extremely sceptical attitude, completely oblivious to any hype and I thought it was '''great!''' If it's as good as people hoped or not, if it was overhyped or not is completely beside the point. I guess it's kind of hard to judge it if you did know about the hype, but you should really ignore the hype. *** Do you want reasons why it's average and not a masterpiece from someone who wasn't aware of the hype and watched the series? Fine. First of all, characters, while entertaining, are stereotypical and unoriginal. Whether if Yuki is a [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei]] clone, or Haruhi is the result of a [[AzumangaDaioh Tomo + Osaka]] sum are just the most blatant examples. And secondly, the fact that the main character is a powerful but lunatic reality warper could have been an excellent premise for a "slice of life" series (which is ACTUALLY how Kadokawa sold the series in the first place), but they screwed up badly by putting pretentious theological bullcrap and existentialist MindScrew potential (which was totally uncalled for), trying it to be taken seriously by the audience. Yeah, you read it right. A SliceOfLife series full with [[GenkiGirl Genki Girls]], {{Moe}}, [[TheWoobie huggable]] [[EmotionlessGirl Emotionless Girls]] and world salad ScienceFiction wants you, the watcher, to take it seriously. How did they expect it to even make sense is beyond me. '''TL;DR''': They started [[TheyPlottedAPerfectlyGoodWaste Plotting a Perfectly Good Waste]], and ended [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot Wasting a Perfectly Good Plot]]. And just for the record: the novels, on the other side, are SoCoolItsAwesome. * [[{{Mahou Sensei Negima}} Negima!]] as much flak as it gets I didn't find it that bad of a show overall, but it did have it's share of problems. ** Really, the biggest problem most fans had with it was that it mostly took from the manga's earlier parts, the parts about the harem, before KenAkamatsu injected more awesome into it. It would've been cooler to see it as that, but one has to remember that the adaptation was made before it even got there. *** No, they showed some promise with the Kyoto arc, but then they cut it short so they could get to the out of left field ending (which is the real reason many people hate it) *** Of course, even the Kyoto arc is rather conventional (not bad) compared to Mahorafest or the Magic World. * MacrossFrontier ends up here, personally. It's an okay show with okay animation and okay music and okay character design and an okay plot. It's nothing amazing, but it was a decent weeky watch while it was on. * ''{{Bleach}}'', it's really just not that good. It has good artwork, good fight scenes (if you like the typical Shonen style battles) and that is more or less all it has going for it. ** Agreed. It's like the BrainlessBeauty of manga; the good art seems to make people not notice its shallow characters and utter lack of unique ideas and direction. ** ''Bleach'' is WAY overrated. The art is mediocre, particularly in

recent chapters (the anime, however, has superb art and is therefore quite superior to the original). The pacing is glacial. The drama is inflated all the time. And the mysteries and characters just keep piling up. ** I definitely agree. Bleach seemed pretty fresh and interesting when it first started,but once the whole "Rescue Rukia" arc started,the show became monotonous,bland,very boring and repetitive. Whole episodes will have just two characters standing there talking,and every story arc essentially has the same formula:It starts off in Karakura Town with an update on what the side characters in the high school are doing,a threat from the soul society comes to karakura, Ichigo and his nakama fight them for a little bit,then go to Soul Society,where the Nakama and some shinigama captains fight off the henchman,while Ichigo fights and defeats the BigBad of the arc(if it isn't [[BoringInvincibleVillain:Aizen]]). Lather,rinse,repeat. * Noir. It's hard to hate, difficult to love, easy to dismiss as slow, predictable and downright average. * Would this troper get into trouble for deeming {{Ouran High School Host Club}} this? She doesn't mind the satire, and the artwork's pretty nice. Maybe it's just that the hosts can all be filed under JerkWithAHeartOfGold to some degree, and the fangirls get very annoying, very quickly. Or maybe she's CompletelyMissingThePoint. Maybe she's supposed to laugh or join in with the squealing at [[HoYay the blatant subtext between the host pairs]]. Only one of them is squick free, correct? * This Troper would like to thank everyone who ever compared ''PerfectBlue'' to the works of bloody Hitchcock and Lynch (!) for [[HypeBacklash his reaction]]. It's an okay film with some stupid bits, but goddamnit. Hitchcock? Are you fucking insane? ** Same goes for CowboyBebop. An okay series which tends towards incredibly slow pacing but with a CrowningMusicOfAwesome soundtrack. *** This troper agrees with this statement. Even when watching it in my childhood. [[InternetBackdraft I'll wait for the hatemail...]] * ''ChaosHead'' has an interesting premise, and it's entertaining enough to watch, but there's so much left wanting. In the end, they cram in too many things rather than taking time with the good ideas they had earlier. The pieces of the JigsawPuzzlePlot fit together in the end, but it seems like some were taken from different puzzles and hammered in there. ** Note that mentioning it in the Anime & Manga section has nothing to do with the original game. The game goes to SoCoolItsAwesome. * NeonGenesisEvangelion. Yes, I said it. The story's okay, the characters are great, the deconstruction is pretty good as well. But it's not ''awesome'' and the diabolus ex machina with Rei dying really hurt the story. Apparently someone remembered the story was supposed to be angsty and that the characters weren't allowed to start resolving their problems. ** Rebuild 2.0. 1.0 was SoCoolItsAwesome, but 2.0 made me wanna "...meh...". It's not that TheyChangedItNowItSucks, the differences made it vaguely interesting, but for all the new material I didn't feel like I was missing anything by going to the restroom and loitering at concessions.

** On the flipside, I felt the same about Rebuild 1.0. Aside from some nicer animation, I thought that there was practically nothing new other than the fight with Ramiel being of higher quality, and the incredibly MoeMoe smile from [[{{WhenSheSmiles}} Rei at the end]]. Rebuild 2.0 was where I felt it really started to pick up and move away from the original series. ** I never really got into ''Eva''. HypeBacklash don't ya know, and I think the dub hurt it a bit for me, yet [[InformedAttribute I remember reading that the dub was considered landmark for its time]]. Guh? ** The thing with NGE is that, although it is a series with pretty good animation for its time, and has a superbly executed narrative (and don't forget the soundtrack, another top note for it), the truth is that even its creators (this fact acknowledged by themselves) didn't know what the fuck were they doing as the series progressed ("[[CatchPhrase I have no bloody clue]], {{FanWank}} [[ShrugOfGod something]]", right, [[HideakiAnno Hide-Chan]]?), so the story was decreasing in quality, straightforward conclusiveness (there was never an attempt to tie the loose ends) and even sense as it was getting closer to the finale. The movies and the rebuilds aren't better in any way: The formers just screwing things up a lot more, up to the point where there really is no story to discover (or to care about for that matters) because you know how it would end from watching just the first five minutes of End of Evangelion (as if the title wasn't landmarking enough). And the rebuilds being just a mediocre attempt to [[CashCowFranchise milk the cow]] (although I give them a little credit for trying to make a real finale). So, I get what you're talking about, fellow troper. It's not that NGE is a bad series per se, there's just a whole load of things better to watch and give a crap about. * ''HoneyAndClover'': The story was good, but the anime was really draggy. The manga was better, so it's still somewhat TrueNeutral. ** And don't forget the marvelous music, which ''barely'' compensates for the overdose of {{wangst}}. Still, it's very decent, as relationship dramas go. * ''NogizakaHarukaNoHimitsu'': With one exception, the plot is pretty much cliche. It is, however, made up for by superb execution. * ''NabariNoOu'': Even the supporting characters have depth, the setting is SchizoTech personified, there are some great fight scenes, the art is really beautiful, and the Miharu/Yoite dynamic is entirely unique and incredibly interesting. None of that saves the fact that both the individual plots and {{Myth Arc}}s are ''really goddamn boring'', landing the show here. ** Seconded. The first volume of PandoraHearts, BlackButler, and NabariNoOu came in the same month at [[Tropers/BlackSun this Troper's]] country, and having heard good things from the internet, bought the three of them. NabariNoOu simply can't keep up with PandoraHearts' over-aching plot and BlackButler's even more beautiful artwork. * {{D Gray-man}}. This troper finished it fairly quickly and returned to fangirling better things. The characters are little more than archetypes, making them difficult to empathize with. Allen has no flaws, Lenalee has no personality, and Kanda has few redeeming

qualities. Lavi and Krory are promising, but we don't see much development from them because we're too distracted by the plot. Now that the number of characters has [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters tripled,]] the story's likely going to focus on the newbies and the cool things they can do. Plot driven stories are all right, but it feels like the multitude of unexplained plot threads just strangle the life out of this one. It didn't help that DGM first read like {{Bleach}} [[RecycledInSpace IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND!]] ** Seconded here, fellow troper. I mean, what's all about with this "let's put all these boring stereotypes of a shonen series together, put them into a blender and mix them" kind of show? Characters? Average [[{{Expy}} expies]] of some other series. Story? Average. Music? From average to below average. It doesn't help at all either that the author keeps putting the whole series in DevelopmentHell whenever she doesn't feel like continuing it (which is more usual than you might expect). * {{Kuroshitsuji}}. It's not bad, but it's not [[HypeBacklash OMGAHMAHHHMAZING]] either. Both the plot and the characters are pretty mediocre. Ciel's a stuck-up brat, and Sebastian's highly overrated . The other characters are two dimensional and vary from boring to annoying. This troper even prefers the anime's plot because they made a point of removing a lot of the boring parts. When the filler's [[AdaptationDistillation better than the original,]] something's horribly wrong. * This troper considers the first {{Anime/FullMetalAlchemist}} anime to be like this (but not [[SoCoolItsAwesome the manga]]). Most of what he liked about it came directly from the manga, and while there were some exciting parts in the anime, (Roy vs. Pride, Scar vs. Kimblee). On the other hand, the final showdown was quite anticlimactic, many of the filler episodes were not very interesting (like the one where Al gets left off the train), and the story was poorly paced (it takes 25 episodes to get to Chapter 16 in the manga). There was considerably more {{Wangst}}, and less humor to lighten the mood. ** Not to mention some...questionable decisions were made in deviating from the manga. I mean, come ON; why did they actually try to make [[CompleteMonster Shou Tucker]] into an [[TheAtoner atoner?]] ** The other way round for this troper. The Anime was pretty good, the manga was this trope. ** Same opinion as the troper above. The manga is interesting and better than a lot of mainstream shonen, but the plot isn't as appealing in the latter stages. Some of the divergences of the original anime were more interesting than the original source IMO, particularly the nature of the homunculi. *** Aside from better CharacterDevelopment for Lust, I found the nature of the Homunculi less interesting in the anime and bordering on DracoInLeatherPants. And it's just not the same without the existence of [[BigBad Father.]] ** I had this impression on the first anime, especially what I perceives as an AssPull ending move with Dante as the BigBad and how they got immortal. I aslo got a HypeBacklash from "Oh wow, phylosopher stones are made of Jews from the Holocaust, that's [[UnfortunateImplication SO AWESOME]]!!111", not understanding what's

the big deal about it, while always feeling something's missing/the plot was invented on the spot/I was cheated somehow. Then the second anime came out (I hadn't read the manga) and while I disliked the graphic at first, I found that the story was a lot more complex and what was said about the original that it was the upper oposite of this trope made more sense to me. *** For this troper its the other way around. I find the manga/Brotherhood to be SoOkayItsAverage compared to the first anime. the first anime had heart,emotion,a deep plot and engaging,well developed characters with a good amount of humor that didn't go too over the top. the manga and Brotherhood just seem really bland,the characters just don't seem as emotionally investing to me,and there are quite a few things that come off as cheesy and cliche(like how its made so incredibly obvious that Ed and Winry will get together). The Homunculi seem much more threatening in the first anime as well for some reason. One thing I will admit though, is that the manga/brotherhood does have a bigger and expanded plot than the first anime(but thats all it really has going for it). * ''[[{{Zoids}} Zoids Genesis]]''. My first experience impressions of it came from this very wiki, where I got the impression that it could have been great but the writers stopped caring about it around Episode 20 when the show became just about Ruuji. 16 episodes after that, I'm still watching. Sure, it may not have the spark that will propel it to greatness but it has a cast of reasonably interesting and likeable characters, an [[TheEmpire Empire]] with a military that, you know, [[MildlyMilitary acts like a military]] and a [[TheDragon Dragon]] who doesn't forget that his duties as a soldier come first and his personal grudges second. Ruuji himself? Just a young boy who sees the world, learns about the consequences of being a pure idealist, and becomes richer for the experience without the [[{{Wangst}} Wangsting]], eventually becoming great leader and diplomat material. Standard, simple, and not at all terribly executed. * ''{{Clannad}}''. [[OverlyLongGag Yeah, I went there]]. I've read so many reviews that it is a "touching masterpiece" that "you will remember forever"...However I thought it was just...okay. I mean, it's a school life anime with fairly serious undertones...but I still don't see how it is a "masterpiece"... ** True. The series doesn't even pack half the emotional punch of its predecessor ''{{AIR}}'', despite all efforts to pluck your heartstrings--and being more than twice as long. *** This troper, on the other hand, found AIR to be the So Okay it's Average anime. I liked how the anime started, but it shifted genre toward the end, at which point I've lost interest. On the other hand, Clannad and its predecessor Kanon stands amongst my favorite animes! **** I found that most people that say that it's an "emotional masterpiece" are the people that have watched the entire thing, which means watching After Story. After Story is where the emotional depth really starts to kick in and people tend to forget to say that when they recommend Clannad. * To [[Tropers/WallOfIllusion my]] dismay, I found the SpiceAndWolf anime to be this for me. I'd been looking forward to watching it ever since I heard and fell in love with the opening song by chance, but

when Funimation actually started playing it, I just wasn't all that impressed. I watched it because it was there legally and for free. I ''would'' still be willing to give the light novel a chance, [[ContemptibleCover except for...]] ** So the cover's kinda...Squicky. Just ignore it and read if you really want to! * This list is basically just "any well liked and popular anime except for [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gurren Lagann]] and [[OnePiece One Piece]]". ** I'll add ''GurrenLagann'' to this. The first part was great, had a lot of funny moments, some good back-and-forth between the characters, and watching Simon grow was enjoyable. The next part though was pretty predictable, and the rest of the series, except for one HeroicSacrifice, just seemed to be about "How can we get a bigger vehicle" with no interesting character moments at all. Then the finale managed to be both fantastic, and then cancel out it's own fantastic cred with a really bad ending. *** It was made by [[GainaxEnding Gainax.]] What did you expect? ** Seconding GurrenLagann. It was funny sometimes, awesome on occasion, and absolutely ridiculous the rest of the time (and to those who say I am CompletelyMissingThePoint I know its an AffectionateParody but that didn't make the absurdity any easier to sit through...) and certain scenes infamous as [[TearJerker TearJerkers]] came across as light {{Narm}} to me. It wasn't bad but it won't be entering my list of "Great Anime" any time soon... ** While GurrenLagann was definitely a fast-paced and overall entertaining show,I wasn't all that impressed by it,and surprisingly got bored of it now and then. * ''TheLawOfUeki''. The powers, while original, are used on your usual tournament. The characters are by-the-book shonen archetypes. The plot follows the straight shonen formula. It's not ''bad'', just... been there, done that. * ''[=~Amanchu!~=]''. After the Zen-inspired masterpiece that is ''{{ARIA}}'', Amano's latest manga feels like a bit of a letdown. Sure, it hasn't been going on for long yet, but all we got are some [[AuthorAppeal kids who like scuba diving]] and spend most of the time ''talking'' about it. This troper finds it especially disappointing that the [[RomanticTwoGirlFriendship mild romantic tension between Futaba and Hikari]] is dropped like a hot potato as soon as Ai and Makoto appear, eradicating a major selling point of the series. The artwork is excellent though and most of the cast is extremely likable, so it's not ''bad'' per se--just bland. * ''{{Bakemonogatari}}'' is, for all its visual prowess, no more but the story of an irritating {{tsundere}} teasing a typical hapless male lead, awkwardly mixed with Japanese folk tales about ghosts and monsters. It's never gets off the ground in either direction and just ''barely'' escapes being a run-of-the-mill harem comedy. The fact that one of the potential harem members is depicted as the zillionth case of an unhinged lesbian also doesn't help matters. * To this troper, OnePiece after the Alabasta arc. Everything before then was AMAZING, a perfect combination of light hearted comedy, character development, good art, and epic themes. But it's like when

they got to Sky Island...the story got SO BORING. Interesting antagonists like Smoker and Tashigi faded away, and we go for what feels like years and years at a time without any truly interesting character and plot development. Now and then and here and there, there's a fascinating slice of dialogue and art, and the build up suggests shit's going to GET HUGE one of these days, but right now...blah, I miss the beginning of the story. And I miss Oda's old art style. I'm seriously hoping that something big happens which'll kick the story back into action again. Right now, I keep thinking "Oda, I love you, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE end this thing already so I can move on!" ** Dear God, I thought I was the only person who thought this. Yes, while the fandom may continue to gush about the series, OnePiece just aint what it used to be. I thought Skipea was okay enough but then they spent way too much time on [=CP9=], Water 7, Enies Lobby and all the other rather forgettable stuff that came after it. Things look to be a little bit back on track with Impel Down but I'm just hoping for the explosive final arc to come soon so the manga can end on a good note. ** For this troper the current arc falls squarely in this category. Yes, game-changing events are taking place and the aftermath will certainly be quite a shitstorm, but save for a few instances, I'm just not as emotionally connected to the struggles as I would be with the rest of the Straw Hats present. It is nice seeing some of the old villains again and what they get up to, but it's just not the same. Between the constant [[EvasiveFightEpisode Evasive Fight Episodes]], fourteen page chapters, extra breaks, and some sluggish pacing, it just hasn't blown me away like it apparently has 90% of the rest of the fandom. Maybe it'll be better once read in volume format instead of on a weekly-basis. * Similarly to the above, ZatchBell past the Milordo Z/Zofis arc. Said arc was incredibly entertaining but afterwards the story, characters, and humor of the series got stale and less memorable mamodo came out of the next two arcs. But the action was still enough to keep me interested. Other than that, it was meh. * ''OriginSpiritsOfThePast'': The story may have been good in an OVA, but at least it's pretty. * For this troper, my reaction to most anime. I don't hate anime, but I'm just not too interested in it. The reason for this is probably because of my otaku friend, who gives me no choice in the matter whether or not to watch an anime whenever we hang out. (Though one notable aversion was when he introduced me to ''HellGirl'' (the English dub), which I found to be [[SoBadItsGood too incredibly]] [[{{Narm}} cheesy]] to not like. * BakuganBattleBrawlers to [[MmmKay this troper]]. Yeah, [[ItsBeenDone so it's a fighting anime where monsters fight each other and only appear in our dimension as innocuous toys]]... What I find more interesting than the anime is ''the mechanics of the toy itself''. It's a ball that unfolds into a crude monster when placed onto a magnet, what's not to love? Unfortunately, the overratedness of the anime overshadows the fun of the toy itself, [[http://jinsaotome.deviantart.com/art/Baku-Gorath-115847110 and this is the only

thing I found of a "customized" Bakugan toy]] that isn't just giving it [[TimTaylorTechnology more G's]]. On a semi-related note, the mechanics of the Bakugan toy are what inspired me to create [[Characters/MmmKay the DigiSpheroids]]. * BinbouShimaiMonogatari, or ''Poor Sisters' Story''. OK, it's cute, but it attempted waaay too many [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming]], most of them only managing to be mediocre or cheesy. It drags despite being only 10 episodes long, and is a little depressing overall. Still, it has genuinely touching moments and one huge TearJerker that balance out the handful of eyerollers along the way - so it's, well, average. * {{Tropers/Excel-2010}}. I find ''[=~K-ON!~=]'' to be this, despite precendent holding that I would call it HypeBacklash instead. I just can't find it in me to have any opinion on it. ** Tropers/{{Xaris}}: I really enjoyed the first season with its mix of comedy and music, but is started to lose interest in the second season with its focus apparently moving away from the general comedy and music and onto typical moe stupidity. * This troper feels it is his duty to point out how absolutely average NatsuNoArashi felt to him. The comedy was average, the drama was average, the overall story was rather average... Easily the funniest part was the bunch of references to other manga and anime series and such. And even those are pretty average. * .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet for this troper. The art's really nothing special, the plot's mediocre at absolute BEST, and it has a rather disappointing ending. Nevertheless, I really can't find anything really wrong with it, it's just...okay. * GunslingerGirl was this all over for me. The plot is not THAT bad, but it's nothing we haven't seen before, plus it keeps advancing at a veeeeeeery sloooooooooow raaaaaaate. So slow I actually combined watching this series with a good shonen or mecha chapter to not fall asleep at the middle of an afternoon in my personal anime marathons. It doesn't do any better that the main characters play the role of [[EmotionlessGirl untalkative cold-blooded serial killers]] way too perfect. But wait! then there was [[spoiler: Claes' CrowningMomentOfAwesome]], so [[ItGetsBetter it got better, right?]]... [[SubvertedTrope nope, that's it]]. Just one memorable episode from a list of 12, all sealed in a can that will hardly do you any good if you take it from the anime supermarket, but will neither do you any bad at all if you decided not to pick it up. * And I know I'll probably get a lot of hate for saying this, but WolfsRain. There, I said it. Yes, it's nice to get something other than the average shonen/shojo drivel, but really the amount of praise this series gets hardly justifies what the show actually is. Yes, there are many awesome things about it: the animation, Yoko Kanno's soundtrack, the supporting cast, that owl...but then again, the wolves are character archetypes that hardly develop for the entire series, Darcia is a completely lacklustre villain, things are in there just for symbolism, and backstories are hardly explained other than saying 'Here, this happened.' On the whole, nothing really BAD about it, but...there's not a lot good either. ** It seemed to be emo without actually having any grand emotions

painted across it. Y'know what I mean? There are anime that paint their emotions in broad strokes like ''FullMetalAlchemist'', and then... there's ''WolfsRain''. * {{Grenadier}} comes to my mind, I read the whole series, later watched the anime and kinda liked both of them, but it's quite a generic work without any outstanding atributes. * ''[[BlackRockShooter Black]]&#9733;[[BlackRockShooter Rock Shooter]]'' to [[Tropers/{{Nabi}} this troper]]. It wasn't bad (which is why it goes here), but it didn't live up to my hopes and the hype. The pacing was bad; too much time was spent on Mato and Yomi's friendship (which, while cute, dragged on after a certain point), and too little on other elements. Some of that excess time, I felt, would have been better spent explaining other things (such as what the deal with Black&#9733;Gold Saw and Black&#9733;Rock Shooter's fight was, or STR, or [[NeverTrustATrailer things in the trailer]] [[MissingTrailerScene that never made it to the OVA]]...). I also thought the way the otherworld segments were interweaved with the real world part of the story killed some of the dramatic impact of the former. It's a shame, because the premise seemed really promising. It was just... ''okay''. ** Second'ed. I never knew too much about the story and I was confused as hell with the disjointed switches between reality and the other world. Plus it seemed a bit . . . generic to me and the plot didn't really go anywhere very fast (and the fact that it was left on a cliffhanger didn't help either). Morever, I was expecting the actual B&#9733;RS song to play, y'know, ''the one that attracted a lot of fans in the first place!'' * {{GunXSword}} is, to date, one of the most [[SoOkayItsAverage So Okay It's Average]] anime this troper has watched. Basically features a Spike Spiegel expy with a cool gun and a nice robot on a quest for revenge. It's... okay. You don't really feel for Van because what happened to him is only told, never shown. Add to that that the enemy is not evil or despicable so much as downright annoying (with his flowery speeches about dreams droning on constantly) and that there is no reason for the characters to go with one another other than halfbaked motives.... I could go on. The redeeming features of the series can't save it from the average, since they are usually absurd comedy relief characters (like the Pulp Fiction-esque lovers and Captain Kaiji) or cliches the series builds. I don't know it just didn't strike a chord with me. * ''AxisPowersHetalia'' was this to this troper...''at first'' anyway. The comedy isn't always of the laugh out loud funny variety, for one. But then, it grew on me. And it was awesome. * ''{{FLCL}}'', it was just a [[WhatDoYouItWasnMadeOnDrugs trip]] by Gainax. I liked NeonGenesisEvangelion and TengenToppaGurrenLagann, but FLCL is just MindScrew for the sake of MindScrew, it doesn't have purpose, it had good moments, but it's just okay, no big deal. * General consensus of ''InfiniteStratos'' is that the premise is a ClicheStorm but it seems to be alright. * It astonishes me that knowing how gushy the "vampire" fandom is, there isn't a single special mention about TrinityBlood. But objectively talking, it's no surprise at all, considering the series

had all the elements to become a groundbreaking, elegant yet somehow violently stunning, vampire-themed story, but [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot all of them were just thrown aside]] halfway through, instead adopting [[ClicheStorm each and every cliché]] from your [[{{Understatement}} average]] vampire story ({{Wangst}}, [[RomanticPlotTumor poorly executed drama]], [[MarySue Mary Sue-ism]] and [[PlotHoles Plot Craters in behalf of the drama]] amongst other ones) and just ran with it. Even when the author was alive and working on it, the plot was suffering heavily from ArcFatigue (and [[spoiler: Catherina's HeelFaceRevolvingDoor [[JumpingTheShark joining Rosenkreuz and getting back to the church]]]] was the most triumphant example of it). ** I was crushed when I finished the series, sat back, and was astonished at just how ''unmemorable'' the whole thing was. Atsuko Nakajima character designs do not make a good series alone. * ''TheCatReturns'' for [[Tropers/ClatoLawa This troper]]. Despite plenty of good scenes (Haru's rescue of Lune with the lacrosse stick and the domino walls in the maze were standouts), I found it far below StudioGhibli standards in pretty much every aspect. The plot was badly paced, several characters were under-developed and I just did not find Haru as interesting as [[PrincessMononoke San]] or [[SpiritedAway Chihiro]]. It also doesn't help that I found her CatGirl form significantly more attractive than her human form. I think this is one that HayaoMiyazaki should have directed himself. * ''{{Avenger}}'' an unusual SpaceOpera that's not particularly exciting while at the same time not an outright snore fest for the patient viewer. With the story of a [[DarkAndTroubledPast mopey girl]] and an [[TokenLoli adorable little doll]] and their [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg friend]] [[OnTheRun on the run]] across Mars. With standard budgeted animation somewhat lazy characters and a plot that slowly and slowly builds to very little of a climax the series just sort if fizzles on at a mildly brisk pace. Overall there aren't a lot of surprises or unique revelations that we already could have probably guessed. Music is decent, sound work and acting are decent in both languages it's just decent. [[/folder]] [[folder:CardGames]] * In the days when it was all FollowTheLeader to ''MagicTheGathering'', just about any game that wasn't broken was this. They worked, but nothing to set them apart. * Speaking of ''MagicTheGathering'', there's the Masques Block and the Kamigawa Block. Both were full of cards that... did stuff, and... didn't suck as bad as ''Homelands''... and, yeah, they produced a few tournament-worthy cards. But compared to the absurdly powered Urza's and Mirrodin blocks that preceded them respectively, or even the balanced but fun Invasion and Ravnica blocks that followed each of them, Masques and Kamigawa were just ''blah''. * Trope mentioned by name in [[http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/li/53 this]] article on the official ''MagicTheGathering'' website. * Texas Hold 'Em. Seriously, what makes it any better than simple 5-

Card Draw? ** More players. * Pinochle, Wist, or any kind of "Trump" game. [[/folder]] [[folder:ComicBooks]] * ''{{Trinity}}'', the third weekly title [[TheDCU DC]] has put out since ''InfiniteCrisis''. The first, ''[[FiftyTwo 52]]'', is SoCoolItsAwesome, and the second, ''Countdown to Final Crisis'', is SoBadItsHorrible. Nothing is really bad about this per se, but sometimes it gets to a point where it just gets boring when reading it, the story really could have done with less {{Padding}} and it seemed like it was only being [[WritingForTheTrade written for the trades]]. ** As a troper reading the trades (rather than the single issues), I find that the first volume is mainly set-up and slow build-up...while the second volume rockets forth to awesomeness. So while some of ''Trinity'' is average, other parts of it are pure awesome. *** But here's the thing... this was billed as a book about Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The entire second trade... features almost everybody '''but''' them. * ''Batman: Year One'', while this troper deeply enjoyed DKR, he found this book by Frank Miller to be painfully average, the art was unremarkable, the book felt void of any plot, and the book focused more on Jim Gordon than Batman without even bothering to examine the relationship between the two until the last few pages. @/{{Lorddaddyfunk}} * ''{{Ultimatum}}'', this troper felt that about it, probably "thanks" to negative hype backlash. The random deaths, character derailments, the plot and dialogue were very stupid sometimes and the excessive gore was totally unnecessary but there were some good moments wich saved it from being horrible. * BrightestDay: it has the unfortunate timing of following the awesome BlackestNight, plus the sub-plots rely too much on how much you enjoy the characters. I personally like the Martian Manhunter, so his story is interesting, but at the same time, I wish I could skip Hawkman and Hawkgirl's story and I could take or leave Firestorm's story. Like the above view on Trinity, its probably [[WritingForTheTrade Written For The Trades]]. [[/folder]] [[folder:Film- Animated]] * ''TheSimpsonsMovie''. Not the magnum opus of the series. Not filled with rapidfire high brow jokes of the first six seasons. Not great if it were its own episode. The plot doesn't make much sense. There are worse movies. Would I recommend it? I don't know. It's okay. ** Same here. It was great while I watched it, but I forgot about the movie the very next day, and I haven't had the urge to watch the movie again (and I've had several chances). ** The first part was a blast, I dug the opening Itchy and Scratchy bit as well as Homer complaining about paying for something you could see on TV for free, and aside from [[MemeticMutation Spider-Pig]]

(which is just so fucking unfunny) I didn't have any real problems with it. It was when the family got outside the dome that it all went to hell. For me, most of what made the show so good was that they were able to create this huge universe full of funny characters. So being forced to abandon them for such long stretches of time and watch '''yet again''' as Marge says that it's over between her and Homer (I really wish they'd stop using that plot) was a real drag. Having Arnold as President might have been funny if they had gotten him to do the voice, but instead it just feels like they were scared that the general public wouldn't "get" President Wolfecastle so the whole thing just came off as lame. And I know it's a little ridiculous to ask that every character have a "moment", but seriously, no lines for Skinner? That's beyond fucked. ** This troper loves Spiderpig but agrees that the outside-the-dome part sucks. No one needs to see another story about Homer and Marge's relationship and Bart got massive CharacterDerailment. Also, I didn't expect all of the characters to have moments, I just expected at least some of them to have any impact on the story - and they didn't. ** I was excited about the movie when I first heard about it. I thought it was about ''time'' they made a movie, and I don't watch the show much at all due to both Fox being unwatchable and because of possible ContinuityLockout (yeah, I know better now) but anyway, I was probably able to consider it a much better movie than I would've if I ''did'' watch the series. But even if not, I really didn't see what was ''so'' lacking about the scenes after the escape. Now that you mention it, I would say the earlier parts are much better, but I liked the whole movie. ** TheMovie also shoehorned the characters into that typical "middle aged man feels inadequate" movie plot [[{{MostWritersAreMale}} that so many screenwriters are fond of these days.]] Marge [[spoiler: erasing their wedding video]] and Bart [[spoiler: moving in with the Flanders family]] seemed like [[{{CharacterDerailment}} blatantly out of character ways]] to make Homer need to prove something. * ''BrotherBear''. The animation was beautiful, the voice work generally good, and the overall concept ruled, but it just doesn't seem to have the magic. Could be because Phil Collins did infinitely better music work in Tarzan. Could be because it's jarring to have a nearly-unlikeable main character through 50+ % of a Disney film. Could be because the moose were only sort of funny and even less necessary to the story... the "funny sidekick duo" formula had finally worn out. Whatever the reason, this troper finds the film just good enough to ignore the bits that aren't working, but friends whose taste she respects are unable to do the same. ** Nope, this troper is totally with you there. There's also something hard to take seriously about the cycle-of-revenge-against-bears, though. Still, it's a passable movie by Disney's standards, as you said, especially with its high-level production values. But it definetly lacks magic. * [[Tropers/JMorgan This troper]] felt this way about ''MonstersVsAliens''. It could have been [[SoCoolItsAwesome so freaking amazing]], but instead it's just kind of good. I mean, Ph.D in ''dance''? That's the best you could come up with?

** I agree, its seemed very gimmicky (though this troper likes him some gimmicks) but it was very underwhelming. Maybe it would have been more impressive if it was in 3D when I saw it the first time. *** That is what you get when [[DreamworksAnimation Dreamworks]] tries to compete with {{Pixar}} (who released MonstersInc seven years earlier). Don't let the years difference fool you, the fact remains that Dreamworks thought they could do monsters better and failed. The same could probably be said of MegaMind vs TheIncredibles. All that said, I did enjoy Monsters Vs. Aliens. *** This troper recalls hating the movie when it first came out, but now looks back on it and realizes the hate stemmed from the fact that he expected it to be good but it was this trope instead. He's seen plenty of movies since then that were about as good that he did not hate, due to lack of personal hype backlash. * This was more or less the reaction of me and my friends when we walked out of the theater after seeing ''[[Film/{{Nine}} 9]]''. The visuals were amazing and most of the characters were truly endearing, but the script needed an editor and the characters we didn't like (1 for the CharacterDerailment and 9 for being [[MarySue so damn perfect all the time]] [[NiceJobBreakingItHero until he]] [[TooDumbToLive suddenly wasn't]]) lead to some of the film's biggest flaws. The biggest letdown was with the talent behind it could have made it so much more. ** The most fun this troper has ever had has been looking up reviews for this movie, especially the ones taped or recorded shortly after the review saw the film. Unless they really hated it, everyone has this opinion, even its fans. ** Agreed. The movie could and should have been a lot better and more intelligent ("They're like the black people, get it? Get it?") and the third act is completely assinine but it's not bad by any stretch. * ''{{Igor}}'' managed to be this in a way that made it a bad film instead. The entire movie failed to elicit any response from me, good or bad, save for twice during the movie, when I emitted a noise that might be called a laugh if I were watching a better movie, and after, when I ruminated on what I'd just watch and felt incredible disgust that it hadn't even managed to elicit disdain. In other words I hate the movie because it failed to make me hate it, if that makes sense. * Disney's ''{{Pocahontas}}''. Nowhere near as great as ''TheLionKing'' and it has more artistic licenses than Jabba the Hutt has chins, but on its own terms, it's pretty decent. * Disney’s ''ChickenLittle''. [[Tropers/DiscoGlacier This Troper]], who previously believed that [[AllAnimationIsDisney Disney was the end-all be-all of animation]], was expecting something that can live up to the typical Disney standard, and was [[HypeBacklash horribly let down]]. Flat, unlikable characters followed by stale gags and pop culture references, along with [[MerchandiseDriven tons and tons of merchandising]] really bog down an otherwise original idea, while the fact that the entire film [[FollowTheLeader felt like a ripoff of]] [[DreamworksAnimation Dreamworks]] and a misaimed TakeThat at Pixar, rather than a "true" Disney film, put the final nail in its coffin. While it is tempting to say that it’s one of the worst films of the DisneyAnimatedCanon, it's still too decent to be a bad film overall.

* ''TheBraveLittleToaster [[RecycledINSPACE Goes to Mars]]''. I actively try to keep the NostalgiaFilter from clouding my real opinion of certain movies, so even though I loved it as a kid, I don't quite "love" it anymore. The plot is nonsensical, there's not a lot of entertaining or gripping bits (and those present are generally cheesy), but it's not so ridiculous that I hate it or anything. It's definitely not as bad as the title alone makes it sound, as far as actual story goes, not scientific accuracy. [[SpaceDoesNotWorkThatWay The portrayal of space travel in this film is still one of the most unrealistic ever.]] I do really like the original movie, and as for the ''"To The Rescue"'' movie that belongs in between, I haven't watched the whole thing recently enough to remember, but I expect it to be better based on my memory and knowledge. * ''{{Shrek}} the Third''. Nowhere near as good as [[ContestedSequel the first two]] or ''Film/HowToTrainYourDragon'' but not as bad as ''SharkTale'', and kind of sappy and unfocused...but inoffensive, with a GREAT beginning and ending. The first ''{{Madagascar}}'' straddles the line between this and "pretty good". * YourMileageMayVary but This Troper couldn't really come up with much of a reaction to ''CorpseBride''. It was ''okay'', but it's nowhere near as good as, say, ''TheNightmareBeforeChristmas'' or ''{{Coraline}}''. ** This Troper is probably one of the few people who finds TheNightmareBeforeChristmas to be SoOkayItsAverage. It wasn't bad at all but I can't say I found it to be all that special. *** This troper admitted that it didn't seem to match the hype (Jack is still frikkin' awesome), but it's not the best thing over. *** Remember the hype was all pulled up like, say, 10 years to say the least, after the movie was originally released. It could have been a groundbreaking movie when it first came out, but it just didn't age well, to the point that some of the concepts the movie handles are seen as clichés nowadays. *** The main problem with the movie is that Jack is a total badass and every scene he's in is BRILLIANT, but literally every other character (with the possible exception of Zero) is poorly conceived (ESPECIALLY Oogie Boogie). The result is some of the best scenes in Disney history ("What's This?" comes to mind) coupled with some of the most awful scenes in MOVIE history ("Kidnap the Santy Claws" and "This is Halloween"). The film had so much potential that got bogged down by an idiotic supporting cast and pathetic subplots. * This Troper feels rather alone, but ''{{Coraline}}''. It was pretty but kinda slow, disorganized, cliche, and emotionless in the plot. This troper found herself not really caring aside from some casual annoyance because she'd been told it was Oscar-worthy so many times. This troper found her reaction to be along the lines of "Oh. Okay. Cool, I guess. * shrugs* " Then again, this troper may just have major issues because she wasn't even very scared by the movie, while her mother was commenting about how terrified she was to go to bed when the film was over. ** I am currently glaring this comment down in absolute rage. I know everyone here is entitled to their own opinions, but this one I can just wholesomely not agree with in every fiber of its being. The

entire movie was an incredible feat in stop-motion animation. *** So Crysis was a great video game because it was an incredible feat in graphics? *** It's wouldn't have to be a great game or movie to not be on this page, just not average. ** I cannot second this enough. It's like eating paper. ** I, too, second this. The animation was absolutely beautiful, and god knows how much blood, sweat and tears were poured into this film, but the story could've been ''so much better.'' I really wanted to love it, but... ** Also agree. Everyone I knew came out of this going "What a brilliant piece of art! This is just another example of animation outdoing regular movies!" I did not get that impression at all. It almost bordered on bad, but it had its moments, though I also agree that it just wasn't scary. ** In all fairness, the source material was a little scarce, so I think they did a fantastic job fleshing out the characters, and the art was the peak of claymation-style cinematography. But all and all, I wouldn't put it on par with say "The Nightmare before Christmas" or "Beetlejuice". ** I watched ''Coraline'' and thought that some of the animation was beautiful, ESPECIALLY [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome the garden sequence]], but after that, I kind of lost interest and decided that it wasn't worth paying that much attention to. I think the SeenItAMillionTimes story, especially by NeilGaiman, may have contributed to that. By that, I mean a plucky girl goes to an alternate world where her mother is "ideal" but then discovers that she's not all she's cracked up to be. Isn't that the same exact plot of ''Mirrormask''? ** This troper also seconds (thirds? fourths? fifths?) this opinion, although he comes from the opposite end of the spectrum. Most of this tropers friends disliked the film, and while this troper did not see anything especially wrong with it, he didn't see it as the maginficent work of art most of the reviewers seemed to bestow it. * DespicableMe was not nearly the emotional, heartfelt, original, or quirky movie that everyone told me it was going to be. It felt like a rehashing of many "feel-good" cliches condensed into a period of time even shorter than the average feel-good family movie. It was meh. [[/folder]] [[folder:Film- Live Action]] * ''{{Cloverfield}}'', as noted by several reviews, including that by the Nostalgia Critic. ** This is either YourMileageMayVary or LoveItOrHateIt - this troper knows several people who hate it, many who consider it so okay it's average, and dozens who consider it the best film ever made. *** And many more who couldn't finish it due to motion sickness. * ''StarTrekIII'' is this for some. It's probably the best of the oddnumbered films, which just elevates it here. ** ''StarTrekInsurrection'' qualifies, too. Not the best Trek movie by any stretch of the imagination, but there's just something too fundamentally good-natured about it to hate on it, unlike, say, ''Nemesis''.

* Name a Hugh Grant romantic comedy. Any one you like. Except for ''SenseAndSensibility,'' of course, but even that's more of a romantic drama. ** Haven't seen it myself, but isn't he in ''LoveActually'', and isn't it supposed to be excellent? *** He is, and YourMileageMayVary. This troper found it one of the few movies in his ''life'' that he rented and couldn't bear to finish. *** This troper would actually consider it one of THE most average films she's ever seen. *** This troper as a general rule avoids romantic comedies, and liked this one. It'd be a stretch to call it a Hugh Grant movie, though. It's an ensemble cast, so it's more like a movie that Hugh Grant is in. * TheRemake of ''TheDayTheEarthStoodStill''. Comparing it to the original makes quite a few fans knock this down to "mediocre", those who haven't seen it get a fairly normal movie with good production values. The "Okay" factor comes mostly from the plot, acting, and action. Or averageness thereof. Without comparing it to the original, the remake offers a fairly standard SpaceWhaleAesop about saving the environment or aliens will come and mercy kill us to save the planet. The characterization is consistent but not that driving, though many have said this is the role [[TheStoic Keanu Reeves]] was born for, his deadpan acting doesn't really stir the soul. The action, though interesting at times, was mostly SpecialEffects glitter. You get your money's worth, but feel no urge to get the DVD. * Aside from the huge disappointment to Stooges fans, ''Snow White and TheThreeStooges'' is like this. * The ''Film/FantasticFour'' films. While Johnny and Ben are well cast and have very good chemistry, the other half of the FF family feels out of place. Not really phoning it in, but somewhat miscast or out of touch with the roles and chemistry. The action can be good, but stays within expected limits of superhero flicks. Compared to the fights in a typical ''{{Film/Spider-Man}}'' movie these aren't as energetic, nor do they use the teamwork the FF is famous for. ** Hey, Sue Storm was cool too. But then again, this Troper [[PerverseSexualLust likes me some Jessica Alba.]] But Dr. Doom? Let's not even ''go'' there! ** Sue Storm is awesome until Jessica Alba opens her mouth; then we're left saying things like [[SarcasmMode "Sure. You're a director of genetic research. Of course you are."]] ** This Troper agrees wholeheartedly about Johnny and Ben. In fact, Chris Evans is the only reason I had an interest in the films. Funnily enough, I ended up enjoying both films regardless. ** Of course, if you happen to be a fan of character complexity in villains, particularly villains like Doctor Doom or Galactus, those movies might easily slip into SoBadItsHorrible territory for you, even with the redeeming chemistry of the Ben & Johnny pair. * Ask anybody about ''{{Wanted}}''. Almost all of them will say 'It was good, but not great,' or some variation thereupon. This isn't even to do with the AdaptationDecay that went between the comic book and film, the film is simply a well shot yet formulaic bullet time action movie. The points it gets for it's [[CrossesTheLineTwice crosses the

line humor]], [[RuleOfCool stylish exaggeration]], are swiftly deducted by a plot with more holes than the magical loom that tells them who to kill. If you go in expecting a popcorn flick and good humor, you ''might'' come out feeling rewarded at that. ** This troper, personally, thought that Wanted would have been a much better movie had it not had the [[ClusterFBomb disgustingly high amounts of swearing]]. The humor, plot, and general sense of cool factor could have benefited from not having "Fuck" being spouted by every character every couple of seconds. ** I personally found ''Wanted'' pretty good compared to Hollywood Blockbusters. Maybe not as good as ''FightClub''... but more than just "ok". * Any JamesBond film that "[[StrictlyFormula sticks to the formula]]". The unofficial film ''NeverSayNeverAgain'' has to be one of the dullest of the lot. So bland and formulaic in every aspect that you feel no real desire to see how it turns out, but not enough distaste to actually turn off the tv or switch the channel unless something [[DistractedByTheShiny shiny comes along]]. ** This troper and her friends rather liked "NeverSayNeverAgain", actually, if only because it was so pointless and random. YMMV? Very few Bond movies have a really fascinating plot anyway, and this troper legit lol'd at the clinic fight. Ah well. *** Considering ''NeverSayNeverAgain'' is just a rehash of ''Thunderball'' this description is totally [[JustifiedTrope justified.]] ** The JamesBond film ''ForYourEyesOnly''. It's probably the only Bond movie that fits this trope to a T. After the incredibly over-the-top ''{{Moonraker}}'', the producers (wisely) brought Bond down to Earth again, though I get the feeling it's too far down. The [[SceneryPorn cinematography]] is gorgeous, but the Bond girls and Bond villains aren't particularly compelling. It's nowhere near the worst of the whole series, but I wouldn't put it in my top 5. * ''{{Twilight}}''. Not worth the praise of its fans, not worth the incessant hate from people not in its intended audience. I hated it before I sat down mostly because of OurVampiresAreDifferent and came out feeling that my time wasn't completely wasted. For reference purposes, I am an 18 year old Australian male. ** Same here, and I'm a sixteen-year-old girl. I watch the fandom to make fun of both sides: the deluded, crazed fans, and the haters, who are sometimes just as funny with the way they get so worked up about the series. ** Some haters, like me, find it So Okay Its Average and the reason we are haters? Because we were attacked for thinking this way. Hard to be a fan after you were attacked by fans. ** I'll never read the books, but I will watch the movies (and even enjoy some parts unironically), which are pretty average because I find that EVERYONE except Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are really trying their hardest to make this good, which kind of balances things out. *** This troper agrees. I hate the series because of the crazed fangirls who demonise people who don't like it. I had to put the first book down and so a head desk when Edward started sparkling (it

explained nothing and felt like a really bad cop out), but I could easily ignore the series if I wasn't bombarded by the idiot fangirls on a regular basis. When New Moon came out, I was forced to listen to them gush over how it was "teh best movie evah!!1!1!!!1" all day. ** You're all wrong, Twilight is clearly SoBadItsGood. ** The problem is that the haters would have a valid point in calling Twilight bad if they would look past "they sparkle." You could say that it's genuinely badly written, you could say that it's a SelfInsertFic for the author herself, or that most of the characters are some form of [[MarySue Sue]], but the fact that most people only see a vampire sparkle and look no further sort of detracts from the argument. Yeah, it's got its good and bad parts, although [[TheBarney more bad than good if you're not in the target demographic]], but at least look into what you're hating. * ''{{Eragon}}''. It's too dumb and clichéd to be a particularly good movie, but it's actually not a quarter as bad as snarkers try make it. All in all, it's just an average movie that I will just forget about. * The ''SilentHill'' [[Film/SilentHill movie]], especially in the context of [[VideoGameMoviesSuck video game adaptations]], can perhaps best be described as "it could've been a lot worse, but it could've been a lot better". Terrifying moments of tension and subtle horror are alongside moments of pure {{Gorn}}, interesting and sympathetic characters are alongside vapid cliches, and powerful, emotional scenes are alongside scenes of [[ZeroPunctuation Sean Bean doing something absolutely fucking irrelevant]]. ** I concur. This movie does provide an interesting lesson, though. Many visual and sound elements that make a video game immersive and terrifying, once transferred to film can become either overwrought or boring. * The ''StarWars'' prequels certainly possess no shortage of flaws ([[CriticalBacklash which won't]] [[HypeBacklash be reiterated]]), however neither are they devoid of numerous positives. Besides, even the "worst" moments still have [[JohnWilliams John]] "CrowningMusicOfAwesome" [[JohnWilliams Williams]]. ** ''The Phantom Menace'' in particular has [[{{Badass}} Qui-Gon]] and [[TheScrappy Jar Jar]] pretty much cancelling each other out (and the pod race cancelling ''itself'' out due to [[OverlyLongGag length]]). * [[Tropers.SharmHedgehog I]] once had to go see ''Hotel for Dogs'' with my class (why? I have no clue, especially compared to when we used to see stuff like ''The Forbidden Kingdom''). Well, it wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't say it's a great movie either. * ''{{The Bucket List}}'' was so formulaic it might as well have been called ''[[MorganFreeman Morgan Freeman Movie]]''. As always, he does what he does, and that's okay. * The direct-to-video sequels to ''{{Darkman}}'' are okay. Sometimes they're even kind of fun. Just not as good as the movie. Even if the movie had never existed they're still be...watchable. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they would have made a damn good TV series. ** Interesting, as that is how [[Tropers.GwenStacyWannabe I]] view the first film. The acting goes over the top sometimes, but it's neither awful nor particularly praiseworthy. The main character and his origin story feel rather like someone threw [[{{Batman}} Two-Face]],

[[AvatarTheLastAirbender Prince Zuko]] and [[{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]] in a blender, and nothing about it was particulary memorable. Still, it wasn't a total waste of time. *** You do realize that Darkman came out ''before'' Avatar, right? * ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0242798/ Proximity]]'' is the very definition of this trope. * ''AngelsAndDemons''. It was definitely more AdaptationDistillation than AdaptationDecay-- the Hassassin was genuinely creepy, they did a very good job [[spoiler:making the camerlengo an AntiVillain]], and there were some amazing visuals (including a TakeThat at product placement) but for a thriller it was pretty lacking in real tense moments, Robert's job could probably have been done by a total moron with a good map, and Vittoria's presence was completely pointless. Not a ''bad'' film by any measure, but it isn't exactly going to leave emotional impressions on anyone. ** It's not good for [=MST3King=] and it's not mcawesomesauce, it's just.. there. By doing away with all the stupidity from the DAN BROWN FACTS it actually loses some of its' charm. ** The movie was already shitty, because it was to depressingly unrealistic, especially compared to TheDaVinciCode. That hassassin manages to enter CERN by dressing up like a janitor and simply killing one scientist, tearing out his eye for retinal scan (why wouldn't he just knock him out and press his head against the retinal scanner?). He then manages to kidnap three ''preferiti'' with no one noticing or intervening, and later on kills more than a dozen policemen singlehandedly. And this troper thought it should be a serious movie. The Italian police is, according to this movie, the stupidest and least competent police force in the world. So are the Vatican Guards. And every other authority in this movie. ** The previous film, ''TheDaVinciCode'' is also this. It's very well directed, the score is [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome amazing]], Tom Hanks is decent, [[LordOfTheRings Ian]] [[XMen McKellen]], Jean Reno and Paul Bettany are great, and hey...[[{{Amelie}} Audrey Tautou]] is in it, so with all those factors going for it, it's still watchable. But it's overloaded with exposition, and I don't think many would argue that this story was all that great to begin with. You won't regret watching it, nor will you be particularly glad. * ''BallisticEcksVsSever'' wasn't NEARLY as terrible as most people said it was, sure the story made little to no sense and the acting was pretty mediocre, but the action scenes were pretty well-done and it's rarely ever boring. * ''TheGoldenCompass''. Disliked by fans of [[HisDarkMaterials the books]] for cutting the world-changing ending of the first part (like ending [[StarWars The Empire Strikes Back]] before Luke's duel with Vader), eradicating [[CorruptChurch everything controversial]], and changing the order of events in a manner that caused some serious FridgeLogic. And yet, and yet... scene by scene, it is a beautiful, well-produced fantasy film that generally did a good job of making Lyra's world come to life on the screen. It would make awesome stills for an illustrated version of the book. Except, you know, for that last chapter... ** As someone who never read the books, the only thing that makes

''TheGoldenCompass'' this trope is the lack of resolution at the end. They obviously planned it as a SequelHook, but it caused the film to do so poorly we'll probably never see it. * One writer said that ''SupermanReturns'' was "met with a thundering 'Meh.'" This troper found that description very humorously appropriate. * ''PaulBlartMallCop''. [[@/AriRockefeller I]] originally saw it because I was with my friend and a group of her friends, and it was her birthday. So we went to the movies and saw this. I was only mildly amused throughout the whole thing. I eventually decided that it was the worst type of movie you could come up with--it was ''meh''. (Follow me here. It was right down the middle in terms of quality, content, etc. It wasn't the kind [[SoCoolItsAwesome where you could quote it and gush about it for days]], and [[SoBadItsHorrible you couldn't possibly justify saying anything really negative about it]]. You couldn't say anything about it one way or another.) ** This troper seconds this. My mom loves Kevin James (though she hated King of Queens for some reason) and she loved Paul Blart. I, on the other hand, thought it was just ok. It's not the un-expectedly awesome movie I had been hearing it was, nor was it the mindless trash the other side claimed it was. There were a few moments that made me laugh, but overall it was just average. * This troper caught the first two ResidentEvil movies on TV late at night, and watched out of curiosity because he knew beforehand how everybody hated them. And the reaction was "meh". Good bits, bad bits, average overall. Even the worst, the third movie, sucks in a distinctly average way. ** I can not find a single person who seems to feel the same way about these movies that I do. The first is most definitely SoOkayItsAverage. I can bring myself to sort of enjoy it, but it's a struggle. The second is not quite SoBadItsGood, but not quite SoBadItsHorrible either, mostly just a stupid action movie with an ''amazing'' ending and [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome theme song by Killswitch Engage]]. ''However'', the third is by far my favorite, despite having the least to do with any of the games out of all of the movies so far. WTF? And then ''Afterlife'' just takes it right back to BoredOnBoard levels of SoOkayItsAverage. ** ''Any'' movie written, directed, or produced by Paul W. S. Anderson. I'll admit I actually like all the ResidentEvil films (although Extinction not so much), but I wasn't that into the games so I didn't have a reference, and I was very entertained by the DeathRace reboot and {{Pandorum}}. Overall they're the type of movies you throw on when you just want to lounge on the couch and munch popcorn. * ''WarriorsOfVirtue'': Not quite bad enough to be good, or bad enough to be ''bad''. * ''{{Terminator}} Salvation''. Sure, it has good effects and there's nothing there that's really terrible. It's just not very captivating or involving. ** To me, it felt like filler, and didn't really resolve that many major plot points. It just... is. It's a poor Terminator film, but it's overall average. * ''{{Catwoman}}''. Admittedly a mediocre movie (and [[InNameOnly it's

not about the comic book character]]), but passable entertaintment it didn't deserve the {{hatedom}} it got. (So sue me.) * Amazingly, TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen for me. It had a lot more {{Mythology Gag}}s and robots [[spoiler:and robot combinations]] that I wanted to see ([[IfYouKnowWhatIMean and parts of robots I didn't want to see]]), but it was too heavy on the raunchy humor, and the fact that the Twins actually made me start liking Bumblebee (not that I hate him, I just think he gets too much focus) ** I got that feeling from the original, mostly because the liveaction cast were almost all phoning it in and the plot was silly even for {{Transformers}}. ** The Agony Booth review described ROTF as doing the impossible, somehow managing to be aggressively dull. Stuff blows up, giant robots fight, thousands of people are killed and you just can't bring yourself to care. * ''Film/{{X-Men}} Origins: Wolverine''. The plot is OK, the characters are cool, the action scenes and effects are good but not exceptional. Not as big as the X-Men trilogy, not as bad as some paint. ** Seconded. This troper wrote a review of the film where the basic opinion was it was simply mediocre. Would have been better if not for the Character Assassination of {{Deadpool}} and Emma Frost, but even from the viewpoint of someone who hadn't read the comics, it's just okay. ** Agreed. If you've bothered by the stupid shit in this movie, there are enough continuity errors to safely ignore it as part of the X-Men movie universe. Also, it's way better than the third X-Men movie. ** The movie doesn't seem to leave almost no positive or negative impression, the only thing that was particularly bad was the explanation for Logans amnesia. An undestructible but still gunpowder driven bullet can't pierce his skull, drugs or electricity would have been a better/more logic explanation. * The ''Haunting In Connecticut'' movie, even the "positive" reviews said so. This troper really ''wanted'' to recommend it to people but all she could say was that it was "pretty good", "not as bad as people are saying", or just "decent" * The 2009 Film/SherlockHolmes. Other than the tiring use of the HoYay between Holmes and Watson and the slow-motion fighting, it's probably the first time Holmes has been depicted in film as rugged. Robert Downey Jr. played the role very well. Not the depiction this troper got from the books, but not bad either. ** This troper finds it this, but for a different reason: everyone is too wooden and it is hard to hear the lines at the usual volume (I actually had to put the subtitles on the second time I watched it), but the plot is engaging and the fight scenes are pretty cool. You'll probably have forgotten most of it by the time you reach the credits, but you'll probably not be able to find much to either praise or hate about it. In short, it's got a great story, [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot but you'll not want to particularly watch it twice in a night.]] * ''Hart's War.'' A 2002 war movie starring [[BillingDisplacement Bruce Willis]] and Colin Farrell. With a 58% from RottenTomatoes and

such riveting quotes as (taken from the back of the DVD cover) "absorbing" (Roger Ebert) and packed with "crisp action sequences" (''Los Angeles Times'') it is the very definition of average. * ''JurassicPark III''. Upon further reflection, ''TheLostWorld'' suffered from EndingFatigue and actions of the so-called "[[DesignatedHero heroes]]". Part III had nothing particularly wrong with it; there was just no way it could be as good as the first movie. The ending was a real cop-out, though. * The StarTrek [[StarTrekXI Reboot]]. I have no real issues, only 3 slight concerns. 1, all the annoying lens flare crap, and 2, going back to the TimeTravel (or AlternativeUniverse) well straight away, and I can somewhat justify it because it pretty much actually changes the universe, justifying the 'reboot' changes. Finally, the product placement and music choices in the first part of the film. I mean, I love the Beastie Boys, but I don't think it's an appropriate choice. ** Seconded. As popcorn entertainment passable, but the plot makes no sense and the characters ae assholes - but it was better than Nemesis. * ''Film/{{Avatar}}''. [[{{Tropers/Anaheyla}} This troper]] thought that it was a good movie, but hardly God's gift to cinema as one side believe, nor the cliche ridden filth(maybe it has cliches but they don't really stand out or ruin the movie) that's worth less than an UweBoll movie that the other side believes. ** Ah, finally a Troper who agrees with [[{{Tropers/MadarseLizard}} me]]. Maybe if it wasn't marketed as God's masturbation aide I wouldn't of disliked it so much. Sure it was pretty, but the acting in parts were atrocious, the plot was "meh" and it was primarily shown in [[ScrappyMechanic 3D]], but ''some'' of the concepts were interesting and it had the woman from Alien, so it wasn't horrible. * TimBurton's take on ''Film/AliceInWonderland''. As a Wonderland fan and someone who had seen Tim Burton movies like ''CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'', this troper went in expecting pretty much exactly what they got. ** For [[Tropers/BloodNightmaster this troper]] too. Good concept, good effects, good acting, but it all came across as rather... ''underwhelming'', considering the hype. I'm not sure if this had to do with Burton not being able to fully execute his ideas (it being a Disney film and all) or just with him getting tired of his own ideas altogether. (For the record, she usually enjoys the films of his that [[BigFish aren't]] as [[EdWood anticipated]] as opposed to his [[TheNightmareBeforeChristmas more]] [[CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory popular]] ones.) ** This troper agrees. It just seemed to be missing the spark. Lost its muchness, perhaps. ** This troper liked it, but agrees it could have been better. ** This troper loves Burton movies and had a great time watching the movie but can't give it more than a mildly positive review. It definitely doesn't deserve it's Hatedom (especially from [[HateDumb people who hate it so]] [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch much they never saw it]]) but it really was underwhelming. ** Agreed. When I went to the movies, I didn't really dislike it, the acting and plot were fine, it was just so dull I fell asleep for a bit of it. Not horrible, not great, just average.

* ''GIJoeTheRiseOfCobra'': Has some awesome techo fantasy "boy toys" that you don't see in modern cinema anyone and doesn't take itself seriously. Yet has a plot that's "beyond" stupid and in regards to characters it makes Lady diana look faithful. * ''TheHurtLocker''. This troper was not even aware of its existence when he happened to watch it by circunstance. It was one of the most average movies I ever saw. Lots of interesting story hooks, but none actually developed to any significant extent. * ''TronLegacy'' is getting this reaction from critics. [[SoCoolItsAwesome Audiences, however, have a different reaction]]. And [[ToplessRobot Rob Bricken]]... [[ADateWithRosiePalms Maybe we shouldn't mention his reaction]]. * ''Film/IronMan 2'' is getting a lot of this from critics. Most seem to think it's a reasonably good time at the cinema, certainly not bad, but not spectacular either. ** Could have been much better if it didn' go through the less exciting storylines from the comics. * Felt this way about ''{{Halloween}} H20: Twenty Years Later''. Kept hearing how good it was, watched it, felt it was pretty bland and generic, and that the only thing it really had going for it was Laurie. * ''TheBoatThatRocked'' was [[HypeBacklash hyped]] by a friend of this troper, who hates films but loves this one "so it must be good." Two unbelievably formulaic and [[PlotHole plotholed]] hours later, I concluded she hadn't seen many films. To be fair it had a couple of funny and/or surprising moments, thus rendering it completely average. * I felt this way about'' BreakfastAtTiffanys''. A large resounding Meh. The characters irritated me at some points and the story didnt make a whole lot of sense. but I still got some enjoyment out of it. * ''{{Predator}} 2''. An inferior sequel, but still entertaining, with a good protagonist and not damaging the title alien's reputation. * The SciFiChannel ''{{Pumpkinhead}}'' sequels (''Ashes to Ashes'' and ''Blood Feud''). * I would claim that most of ArnoldSchwarzenegger's action movies after ''[[TheTerminator Terminator 2]]'' fall into this category. Come to think of it, so do some of his earlier ones, like ''RedHeat'' and ''RawDeal''. * Disney live-action films from...the eighties and onwards. Seriously, excepting PiratesOfTheCaribbean, what was the last memorable film to come out of their live-action studio? And don't say "High-School Musical" just because it attracted the pre-teen girl crowd. ** This troper wants to nominate the Pirates films. While the first one did its job as a pirate movie, it wouldn't exactly Oscar-worthy in this troper's book. The second one, I feel was just a cheap excuse to build upon an already decent film. The end result was overkill. Again, not terrible, but was way off. The third one? This troper, seriously, FELL ASLEEP about 45 minutes into the film when he went to see it. I've seen bits and pieces of what I missed on TV, but I'm still not impressed. The LegoCrossoverGame better make up for it! * The ''BlackChristmas'' remake. ''Everyone'' seemed to hate it with a passion, so I went into expecting the worst and, well, didn't think it was that bad, just this.

* ''HardTarget''. Here we have a 90s JeanClaudeVanDamme movie directed by JohnWoo and produced by SamRaimi. The plot is about rich people hunting hobos for sport. Seriously. It was perfect for SoBadItsGood material, and yet it turns out to be...just average. The start is slow, and the ridiculous action scenes don't start until 2/3rds of the way through. And the plot actually made sense, like the writers were trying or something! Thankfully, once Van Damme's character starts punching snakes and we're introduced to his uncle played by Wilford "Diabeetus" Brimley the movie starts to pick up. * Seriously, ''{{Napoleon Dynamite}}'' is not the modern-day comedy masterpiece its fans say it is, nor is it the all-out sack of shit its detractors say it is (TheCinemaSnob called it one of the worst movies of the aughts. Seriously?). Honestly, it's just a harmless little quirky comedy, and there are much worse movies one could watch to kill 90 minutes. * The second ''TheChroniclesOfNarnia'' movie, which makes sense considering it is the least popular book as well. This particular troper literally forgot most of what happened in the movie after watching it. It was just that forgettable. * ''GhostRider'', TheMovie is one of those movie where you sit there, watch the whole thing, then you get up and leave. It's as if you just went to the market, balanced your checkbook, or did any other mundane task. The thing just sorta... happens. * The 2004 ''Film/KingArthur'' film. The special effects aren't fantastic, it rides too much off of the back of stuff like ''{{Gladiator}}'' and it really shouldn't've been cut as a PG-13, but I can't say I outright hate it. * For the same reasons, ''{{Terminator}}: Salvation'' and ''AlienVsPredator 2: Requiem''. Both arguably succeed in depicting something audiences have wanted to see for decades (the war against the machines and a Xenomorph invasion of Earth) and both have decent but not stellar performances. On the other hand, both are stripped of almost everything that made previous installments good - Arnold Schwarzenegger (mostly), Linda Hamilton and Nick Stahl for the former, Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henriksen and the claustrophobic environments of the latter, to name a few examples. In the end, not bad enough to strike from my personal canon, not good enough to include in marathons. * ''QuantumOfSolace''. It still doesn't have the terrible puns and ridiculous gadgets of the Brosnan films, and (somewhat) continues the realism of ''CasinoRoyale'' but...ehh, kinda disappointing. * this is the feeling this troper has towards ''{{Jaws}}: the Revenge''. the execution was poor and so was some of the dialog but it was am okey film overall. and this troper likes to go with the more realistic shark death from the original cut. * The remake of TheManchurianCandidate. No, it was not as good as the original, but it was certainly watchable. However, it lags, is dull at times, confusingly obtuse at others, and is a generally predictable movie. Overall, very meh for me. Also, very disappointing when you consider the actors (MerylStreep, DenzelWashington, and LievSchreiber), who are all talented enough to give excellent performances that are simply not grounded in a decent enough

narrative. * The ''[[Film/GreenLantern Green Lantern]]'' movie wasn't "good" or "bad." It was adequate. Bland. It wasn't in the same league as ''Batman Begins'' or ''Iron Man'', nor was it anywhere near the trainwrecks of ''Elektra'' or ''Fantastic 4''. It was just "OK." * ''SuperheroMovie''. Despite the script starting out as as ''ScaryMovie 5'', it's actually quite tolerable. Sure, there are plenty of the gags typical of the ScaryMovie franchise remaining, but Drake Bell and LeslieNielsen make it enjoyable enough to watch. It's not gonna topple ''CitizenKane'''s prestige any time soon, but it's certainly no ''TheHottieAndTheNottie''. * Mr and Mrs Smith. While there are some interesting moments it tries to be a comedy/action movie/love story and is O.K. at all of them without being good at any of those genres. * ''{{Salt}}''. The premise is brilliant, the actors are pretty good. Salt herself is a magnificently complex character... but poor writing and directing turned this into just another action film. [[/folder]] [[folder:Literature]] * The InheritanceCycle. It's not nearly good enough to deserve the praise it initially got, but still not quite as awful as everyone [[SnarkBait makes it out to be nowadays]]. The third book ''does'' introduce some halfway decent concepts, so the final book just ''might'' redeem the series to This Troper. The film adaptation was worse, but not quite bad enough to be SoBadItsHorrible. ** This troper concurs. Really, the only reason it got any attention in the first place was because its author started it as a teenager, and was thus billed as a child prodigy and the Next Tolkien. Take away that and the media hype it got him, and you have a profoundly mediocre Generic Epic Fantasy that would probably be swiftly forgotten. * In [[@/MrGuy this troper's]] opinion, Isabelle Allende's ''House of the Spirits.'' The characters are kind of interesting, the plot should be good, the prose is all right, but none of it is quite good enough to make it at all interesting. Not helped by HypeBacklash from nearly every major periodical in the country. * Tropers/{{Ororo}} read ''{{Twilight}}'' a few months ago, and thought it was "okay." It wasn't a ''great'' book- hell, it wasn't even a ''good'' book. It was just... okay. Like an enormous ball of average. ** From a bibliophile here -- I can attest, having raided my school's middle school library to find some of the diamonds in amidst the coal ([[{{BerserkButton}} diamonds...glint...they do not...sparkle...anymore]]) -- Twilight is like every other fantasy (or lack thereof) book in the shelves of a library aimed at twelve to fourteen-year-old girls. The heroine having a lacking or contradicting personality is the same, being average despite the author inserting here or there that she was otherwise; the love interest a [[GaryStu shining example]] of his supernatural or mythical species (okay, so Edward has the distinction of...sparkling); the optional rival is either a man that in real life, a girl should be glad to date, or someone more selfish so that the love interest's own selfishness, at

the worst cases marketed as a form of perfection, would be dulled down; and the villains, usually heavily into BDSM of sorts...or, you know, the murderous psychopath; its plot, providing twists that would make a more rational person muse, "this adult man has decided that he is destined for the child of a girl he used to dig. Okay..." but provide fodder for the twelve-year-old to gush for; and the writing, usually ''purposefully'' splattered with purple, glitter glue prose. *** Continuing on from the previous point: ''When I picked up the book at 13, the year it came out, before the hype began, I read the flap and thought, "Oh, it's one of those books," and put it away again.'' Because it ''is'' one of those books. Worse than some, possibly better than others. The only difference between this series and all the rest that pimp such material for the previously described is that, once girls put down most of the rest of those books with their series, they don't think back on said books. They're not rabid fans. Especially by the time they leave middle school... Which is why I like to think of the entire phenomenon as a random play generated by those guys who throw dice around to screw with humanity, picking a damn average book out of the preteen throwaway stockpile that is its genre, and seeing what kind of ridiculousness they could generate out of it. **** This Troper is so happy to see others saying this about ''{{Twilight}}'', as she remembered being puzzled at its popularity after having the exact reaction described above (in the italics) when the book first came out. I was 15 or so and had read a lot of YA romances (as well as plenty of shoujo manga), so I thought nothing more than ''Been there, read that. Moving on...'' Both the reaction that it's amazing and that it's the worst book ever are confusing, although I can sympathize with the {{Hatedom}} more because I have often wondered why ''this'' one is the generic YA novel which achieved super-fame when there are so many better ones out there. More interesting, less ClicheStorm, better-written, with an author more aware of what her ideas come off as (like, less unintentional {{Squick}} like you get with much of ''BreakingDawn'', and less ValuesDissonance in terms of the Anvilicious "abstinence" plot and Bella getting married at age 18). *** This Troper adored the books, as she was lulled into reading them by an enthusiastic friend. She got all the books as they came out and sighed at the appropriate romantic snippets. Now, after the terrible movie, the horrifying hype, and a little bit of maturity helped her take a closer look at the series, this Troper can't find it in her to hate them, but doesn't gush over them either. *** This Troper completely agrees with the above opinion, but it is a little more bitter since everyone she knows basically hates everything Twilight. ** I read Twilight when it first came out, before all the hype. My well-meaning grandmother bought it for me after hearing that I was doing a [[ArchiveBinge massive binge read]] of all the vampire novels in my mother's book collection. She gave it to me, and the only explanation about the book I got was that "it's about teenage vampires" because she DidNotDoTheResearch about the plot beyond reading the reviews. After reading it, I realized that [[CrowningMomentOfIndifference I had never before felt so ambivalent

about a book]]. I'm the type who simply stops reading a book if it's bad and I usually feel very good after finishing a book, so I was [[DullSurprise dully surprised]] at the pervasive feeling of "meh" I had after finishing Twilight. My expectations weren't that high to begin with, but going into it I was expecting something more akin to {{Vampire the Masquerade}} and got a sappy baseline love story instead. I was not inspired to read the sequels, and I neither have nor will ever watch the movies, partly because I'm naturally leery of film adaptations of books but mainly because I don't want to catch whatever the Twilight hatedom has that makes them froth at the mouth over such an uninteresting book. * In my opinion, TheLordOfTheRings. It took me several tries to get through it, I was so uninspired by it. When I finally finished, it was three tomes of adequacy that didn't spark any emotions or memorable moments in me, good or bad. I've never felt the desire to read them again, and if it wasn't for the films (which I loved), I'd probably have forgotten what happens. ** Well, to be honest, the books probably seem uninspired because they inspired most, nay, all the other fantasy books. So, if everything seems a bit too cliched, it wasn't at the time and you have to remeber that. *** I'm well aware of their unique position in the world of fantasy literature, and allowed for it. I don't think they're cliched, just dull. ** This troper spent days of his teenage years just rereading certain passages for the beautiful language. Has since moved on, but still. ** I don't think Tolkien is great at writing the narrative, but he does an ''unbelievable'' job of making the world seem real. ** I liked the ideas in the book, but I personally felt that Tolkien was utterly clueless when it came to pacing. It's pretty glacial. The prose is very beautiful at times, but it's often stuck in when you'd rather have something, you know, ''happening.'' That's why I like the movies so much more for taking material with potential and making it actually entertaining instead of boring as hell. ** This troper watched ''Fellowship'', liked it, read TheHobbit, great book, went to ''LOTR''... and considered the books boring as hell. Finished the first two with much effort, but wasn't motivated enough to read the third before the movie came out. ** There is definately a bit of SeinfeldIsUnfunny to ''TheLordOfTheRings'', usually depending on when in one's life one has read them. A person who has read those books earlier in their reading experiences will often consider them to be the gold standard for fantasy. Those who read lots of other fantasy books before reading ''[=LotR=]'' tend to regard them as SoOkayItsAverage due to ArcFatigue and HypeBacklash. * I have equated the name "Kevin J. Anderson" with utmost mediocrity for some time now. His Dune books were bad because they were {{Dune}} but on their own would have been almost enjoyable. Same with his {{Starcraft}} books. I heard of some valuable contributions he made to StarWarsExpandedUniverse but I didn't really look into it to find out how they really were. His main flaw, I think, stems from his attempts to make a {{Crowning Moment of Awesome}}, only to succumb to

{{Clichestorm}}s and ending up with a supremely bland (and not even Narmy) product. ** All these things said, he did score one major {{Dethroning Moment of Suck}} though: During one of the "House" books (Dune Prequels), Shaddam reviews a list of executions, then promptly ticks them all because he has other things to do and can't be bothered. It was bad that it reduces the Villainy of the Emperor to a comical level but nothing compared to the real DMOS that comes next. Reading one of his Starcraft novels, This Troper noticed Arcturus Mengsk ''doing the very same thing!''. Even the way the events were described were identical! Rage Ensued. * GoodOmens. The plot and idea behind it was interesting and original, and hearing the jokes and awesome moments described on this wiki makes it sound amazing, but when this troper actually read it, it was just meh. Probably because this troper just doesn't get British humor and has just never found it funny, but most of the jokes only got a small smile or chuckle if lucky and the writing style made even the what could have been awesome just dull. For the most part she was just happy when she was done and could say she read it but would probably never read it again unless extremely bored. * This troper seems to be the only one in the world, but this is how she feels about everything by NeilGaiman. As someone who has loved fantasy since I first learned to read, Neil Gaiman seems to write the most generic stories without ever actually being bad in any way. I even went through a period where I read tons of his books and graphic novels just trying to find a single original idea that hadn't been used by 500 other fantasy writers aleady. I eventually had to give up on that. ** Seconded. Unlike the troper above I liked Good Omens and love Terry Pratchett, but I still have not been able to finish one of his stand alone books. I don't think they're SoBadItsHorrible, I just find them meh and easily forgettable. * ''TheKiteRunner''. My teachers and peers were telling me it was amazing, and when I sat down and read it, it was really nothing special. It did a good job establishing mid-70's Afghanistan, and there was some genuinely good moments like the [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome kite fighting contest]], marred by flat characterization, [[{{Narm}} ham-fisted attempts]] [[TearJerker to make the audience cry]], and quite possibly one of THE most cartoonish villains in literary history([[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Half-German Nazi Taliban Gay Child Rapist]], natch). * I'm a recent fan of {{Discworld}} and I picked up ''[[{{Discworld/Eric}} Eric]]'' after seeing it referenced a lot on this wiki. Pratchett is an awesome writer but it's very obvious that he half-assed this entry. It reads like a first draft, lots of plot points that could have been expanded on and lots that could have been thrown out. It has a few moments, but not as many as his better work. When finishing ''[[Discworld/SmallGods Small Gods]]'' and ''[[Discworld/GuardsGuards Guards! Guards!]]'', I felt like I'd just come home from an amazing party. When finishing ''Eric'' I felt that vague sort of satisfaction you feel after doing the dishes. * I'll get shot for this someday, but I recently read {{Looking For

Alaska}} because of all the praise it got. While it was a good read (if only to pass the time), I was disappointed. Considering all the hype it got, it was an average read. Miles is forgettable, and Alaska's so-called "feminism" is annoying. * For [[Tropers/{{Twentington}} this troper]], the ''HarryPotter'' franchise. It was by no means ''bad'', but I just didn't get what was so amazing about it. Even though I don't read that many novels, it still didn't feel to me as if it were doing anything particularly new or interesting. [[/folder]] [[folder:LiveActionTV]] * If you really look at it honestly, most people will admit the first season of even terrific shows tend to be this, at best. It takes a while for even great shows to really hit their stride, and the first seasons of many spectacular shows are either incrediably dull like ''TheSimpsons'' or almost painful in their mediocraty like StarTrekTheNextGenerations. * ''StarTrekVoyager'' - Aside from its low points ("Threshold") and high points ("Timeless"). ** Adding to this. The vast majority of Voyager episodes sit in this bastion of mediocrity. They may have [[PlotHole Plot Holes]] and FridgeLogic everywhere, but most of them were not aggressively bad. If you just sat there and watched them, you wouldn't feel damaged by the experience, but you wouldn't feel particularly interested either. It was just aggressively... mediocre as a series, as if the writers ''intended'' to deliver mediocrity every week. ** Unlike most people, I actually like Voyager despite its flaws. However, this trope fits my opinion of the show's finale, "Endgame." Not the payoff I was hoping for, but not a huge disappoinment either. A moderately satisfying ending to the series. * A lot of the American SitCom genre falls into this category. The ones that don't get prematurely cancelled are entertaining in a broad sense, and maybe somewhat unique, but rarely exceptional in terms of writing, acting, or concept. * Hispanic {{Soap Opera}}s who are not destined to the "strong" slot (8 or 9 PM, depending on the country) tends to fall on this, especially if they are remakes. They cover an slot in early afternoon, have a following and bring the network some audience, but they to be forgotten immediately after they end and another one is premiered in the same slot, and media press ends referencing to them to "isn't bad, but not special or memorable". * For [[{{Tropers/LexLogic}} me]], this is how ''{{Firefly}}'' turned out. Yes, I watched the ''exact'' same show you did, and your reaction just now is part of why I found it so unbelievably middle-of-the-road; it came so [[HypeBacklash highly recommended]] that frankly, I was expecting something more from the show than it just being okay for what it was. Not a bad show at all, just '''okay'''. I'd theorize that it may also have something to do with my total lack of awed reverence for Joss Whedon, but I'm not going to waste any time exploring that. ** That was my reaction, too. Well, that and a couple What-the-Fuck moments and a little {{Narm}}.

** Honestly, if you don't like Joss Whedon's work, you should have ''known'' not to pay any attention to all the recommendations. *** [[TaintedByTheFanbase Well, I know that]] ''[[TaintedByTheFanbase now]]''. *** Given sheer amount of "Firefly" adoration on this site this troper was nonplussed to be watching a blander, less interesting version of ''RedDwarf''. And given the size of the CrowningMomentOfFunny this troper expected something as funny as Red Dwarf. Well, it was ok. A few chuckles in places. The characters were kind of fun. But I kept wishing Rimmer and Lister would show up. **** It's really funny you say that, I'm a huge Whedon fan, and Firefly is my favorite Whedon show. But Red Dwarf? A bunch of my friends raved about about that show, but when I finally watched it, I thought it was the most average comedy I'd ever seen. ** This troper is actually a huge fan of Whedon, but I feel that Firely just isn't up to par with his other work. The episodic nature of the show left me cold, and while the characters and setting were very strong, they felt underused. It's very likely that the show would have grown into the masterpiece people say it is if it had survived more than one season. But as it is, it just left me very underwhelmed. ** This troper watched Firefly on Hulu by his brother's recommendation, and this was my reaction to the show. I had never heard of the show before, and afterwards, I believed it was nothing spectacular. Yet I was amazed at how big a fandom it has. Though, that still hasn't changed my opinion of "meh". * ''BirdsOfPrey'' - It feels so cheesy and [[{{Camp}} campy]] and yet it tries to be BadAss. Part of you cringes, part of you gets bored, part of you wonders where [[RoguesGallery the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze]] are, part of you thinks that having a Batman show without Batman sounds like crap, and another part of you is intrigued and entertained enough to keep watching. * Most Disney Channel shows. They are moderately amusing little pieces of fluff with moderately talented, fairly attractive people and sometimes ham-handed Aesops. They are not great, but I would point out to those who insist they're terrible that usually such critics are well outside the intended demographic of 8-14 year-old-girls. * ''{{Merlin}}'' would be this except for the [[SlashFic slash]], which, for [[YaoiFangirl some]], turns it from a cute, endearing yet ultimately forgettable show full of FridgeLogic and AnachronismStew into a great big pile of {{Squee}}!! * ''Zoey101''. The comedy's all right, the drama's okay, but nothing seems to reach out and grab you. Still, it's not an abomination upon the earth. It's just...fine. * ''BattlestarGalactica'', new series. Just can't get into it. I occasionally watched an episode here and there (I did watch the miniseries), but I cannot stand the camera work and it's constant movement. Worst example is a pan-zoom-tilt-pan move when someone was shaking hands with someone else. The stuff that isn't ruined by the camera junk is okay. * In this troper's opinion, ''AccordingToJim''. Not particularly great or noteworthy, but not terrible like most people seem to think either. * ''iCarly''. Being what it is, it could have been a lot worse, but it

could also do without a lot of the Dane Cook-esque yelling. * ''SonnyWithAChance''. It's funny enough, does the relationships between the characters really well, doesn't go over the top much. About the only part that actually sucks is their show within a show stuff, which turns pretty awful after the first 3 or 4 episodes. ** And another average factor is the fact that they shove the Sonny/Chad pairing down your throat so hard that you ''know'' they're going to end up together sometime. There's no suspense to it whatsoever. *** I actually found their chemistry is what made the pairing so completely obvious, it's practically constant, hot verbal sex from episode two. I think it's refreshing that they appear to actually be moving pretty quickly, but also averting 2 cliches in the genre, the LastMinuteHookup or a random SlapSlapKiss moment. **** I think I was the original troper for this entry, and the aformentioned movement on the Chad/Sonny relationship makes me elevate it to just a touch above "average". * For me, BigTimeRush, at least in Season 2. I loved it in Season 1, but in season 2 it really lost a lot of its appeal and at points became unpleasant to watch. The episodes range from terrible (Welcome Back Big Time and Big Time Crush) to only okay, with ''some'' great (Big Time Christmas, Big Time Pranks, Big Time Songwriters). Thus, I place it as a whole here. * You know what? {{Dollhouse}} isn't great and it isn't awful. It's just... there on your TV screen when there's nothing else to watch. ** This troper ''loved'' the first season, but kind of agrees with you about the second. * The {{V}} reboot. Dear god, the V reboot. This troper has never encountered any media so agressively mediocre. * {{Two and a Half Men}} is completely average in every way imaginable. It doesn't inspire vast hate in me; I can't remember the last time I actually found a joke in it funny enough to repeat. I laugh once or twice an episode, but if someone asked me what I felt about it, my response would probably be, "...um, eh. Ish." ** [[Tropers/HopelessRomance This troper]] feel the same way. As a huge fan of TheBigBangTheory, I really want to like it, but I just don't. I don't think it's as hilarious as many believe. But it's not awful either. There's nothing that interests me enough to watch it regularly. The snark is fine, but many shows have done it better. The acting is fine, but not really spectacular. I can't work up anything but a "meh" response to it. * {{Bones}}. I've watched a few episodes after being told it was the Best Thing Ever and was completely underwhelmed. The characters are bland, grade-A cliches, the WillTheyOrWontThey is painfully obvious, and the episodes are filled with standard Hollywood Science. However it's completely un-hateable. Maybe I just haven't watched enough. ** In this troper's opinion, ''{{Bones}}'' started out great but devolved into this trope after season three's ShockingSwerve finale (and when the writers started pushing the WillTheyOrWontThey to near''{{Friends}}''-level ridiculousness). ** I second Bones. It's just a sort of ''{{CSI}}'' spinoff... with a woman protagonist. Since (at least the original, I have the same

opinion on ''CSIMiami'' anyway) is SoCoolItsAwesome, Bones can't be SoBadItsHorrible... so it ends up here. * I think both of ABC's attempts to recapture ''{{Lost}}'''s Crowing Moment of [insert your favourite trope here]: ''[[FlashForward2009 Flash Forward]]'' and ''{{Happy Town}}'' qualify. I just don't feel anything for any of the characters. [[{{Cancellation}} Apparently not many others did either]]. * For this troper, ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' falls more or less into this trope. The concepts are often cool and downright inspired in some cases, approximately half the cast is quite likable, the protagonist fights with her wits and brute strength over magical plot devices, and the vampires, while kinda lame mooks, are at least monstrous and demonic instead of svelte and sexy. That said, Xander is the most obnoxious character on Live Action TV, Buffy herself is a rather poorly mixed blend of hero and valley girl(and the fact that she flat out loses her super strength by the second season bugs me to no end), and the episodic nature of the series prevents any of the wondrous and intriguing supernatural plot points from having any real impact. Yeah, there's all sorts of bizarre and unique demons running around amidst magical surges that cause Twilight Zone events, but everything gets so handily wrapped it, it seems less like good triumphing over evil than it does mundanity triumphing over adventure. ** Very definitely agreed. The episodic formal essentialy destroys any chance the show has to build up to anything worthy of a reaction surpassing "meh", the fighting is pretty much "meh", the acting is good but not amazing, the overall character moves are between bad and "meh". Really, the whole series could be described as "meh". * UmbertoEco wrote an essay about Mike Bongiorno, a very popular Italian TV host in the '50s, where he argued that Bongiorno was popular because he created an image of complete mediocrity, and every viewer could identify with him. * ''SaturdayNightLive'' has been on the air for just shy of 700 episodes as of this writing and if you could take the 50 or so greatest bits from the show and put it on one DVD it would be one of the funniest things ever created by man. Problem is that 50 or so bits would be the only good parts of the show. Basically the show averages 1 or 2 absolutely purely killer bits per season, but that's almost literally it. * The ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "The Curse of the Black Spot". None of the ideas fall flat, nor do they ''quite'' gel, though it doesn't feel derivative either, just a kind of wasted idea. If it aired in the more spotty-in-quality series 1 and 2, I'd probably think higher of it, but as something off the heels of "[[SoCoolItsAwesome The Impossible Astronaut]]"/"[[{{HSQ}} Day of the Moon]]", I kinda liked liked it, I guess. * '''Flashforward''' A very cool premise that the show went absolutely nowhere with. * ''ThirtyRock''. It's got a good cast, but IMO the show itself is just not that great. Tina Fey, in particular, has the potential to be a great actress (her voice acting in ''{{Ponyo}}'' and ''MegaMind'' was fantastic), but on this show (and in a few of her movies) she's merely ''adequate'', not phenomenal. Why or how the show and Fey keep

getting heaps of adoration is beyond my understanding, but everything under the sun has its fanbase, I guess. [[/folder]] [[folder:Music]] * [[{{Ptitlewiz5pz1p}} Guns N' Roses]] long awaited album, ''Chinese Democracy'', is this for a lot of people. To them, after all the years of work, and millions of dollars, that went into it, it was forgettable and barely worth more than one listen through. ** And then to others, it truly is a testament to art that beats out almost all of the songs of the many genres the album encompasses. * The "new and improved" SmashingPumpkins. Sure, they're not horrible, but they're not remarkable either. * Anything by Screaming Trees before ''Sweet Oblivion''. * {{Godsmack}} is what immediately comes to mind for this troper. Decent songwriting and one of the only [[NuMetal nu-metal]] and {{post-grunge}} bands I can stand, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a less original rock band. Just a watered-down Alice in Chains that sometimes tries to be Metallica. * This troper has been saying this for a long, long time about Ireland's current music scene: all the bands are catchy and poppy and all the rest of it, but there's nothing you can really ''say'' about any of them... * {{Weezer}}'s ''Green Album''. To some extent ''every'' album they've put out since, but this one stands out as being the most average (if such a thing is possible): Taken on its own each song is reasonably fun and hooky, but listen to the whole album and the only things you're likely to remember are "Island In The Sun" and "Hashpipe". A lot of this probably has to do with strict adherence to formula every song has the same verse-chorus-verse structure, every guitar solo restates the verse melody, and if a song starts with a guitar lead, it's going to show up again as the bridge. * Metalcore bands Girugamesh and Demon Hunter are this to [[@/{{Xaris}} this troper]]. On one hand, they are better than bands he despises such as Underoath and Bullet For My Valentine, but on the other hand, they still sound like melodic death metal lite with poppunk elements. Especially egregrious considering that compared to traditional death metal, melodic death metal is already death metal lite and metalcore feels and sounds horribly watered down, even compared to melodic death metal bands that are already unusually light such as Scar Symmetry and Opeth (Granted, Opeth is harsh to anyone not accustomed to [[ProgressiveMetal overly complex 12+ minute songs]]). * FooFighters. Nothing you can say bad about them, but nothing's thrilling, either. * This troper felt this way about the covers of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by EmilieAutumn. * TaylorSwift. She's not ear-bleedingly terrible, but she's not really good enough to warrant a second listen. She's just kind of...there. ** That's the thing, though. She really is just a normal (as of this writing) 20-year-old girl! Granted, she is a normal 20-year-old girl who is currently the best-selling country musician of her generation...I really like her music. Most of it anyway.

** I stopped hating Taylor Swift and other teeny-bopper performers for being cliched (I still hate them, make no mistake, just not for that specific reason) when I realized that they are to music what bridal magazines are to print: On an individual level, their audience is temporary and fleeting, so there's no need to bother coming up with anything new because by the time they'd have to do any innovating, their old audience has already moved on and they now have a brand new audience to work with. Musicians like Swift are unoriginal and stale outside their target demographic because we've heard it all before; their target demographic has not, which isn't a bad thing so long as the young whippersnappers understand that New to You &#8800; New. * Nightwish, both pre and post Annette. Seriously, both Tarja and Annette sound good, but the male singer (whose name I'm forgetting) sorta makes it sound meh. In this troper's opinion, most of the better songs from this band don't include his singing, and even those are kinda average. ** On the flip side, this troper thinks Marco Hietala is the best part of Nightwish and that, talented or not, Tarja doesn't do anything special compared to vocalists in similar genres such as [[{{Epica}} Simone Simons]] and [[WithinTemptation Sharon den Adel]]. *** That's funny, Nightwish is this troper's favorite band and Tarja her favorite singer (followed by Within Temptation and Sharon, respectively), and she is of the opinion Epica is one of the most doggedly average bands she's ever heard. They're not bad, they're just an ordinary, paint by numbers Metal band, and as for Simone's voice... meh. I'll be listening to an Epica song, and when it's over it'll take me at least five minutes to realize it. **** [[{{FandomHeresy}} This thread is blasphemous!]] That's okay though, cause this troper is going to join in. While this troper absolutely LOVES WithinTemptation and {{Epica}} (and most gothic metal for that matter), and thinks {{Nightwish}} is at least INTERESTING with Tarja's epic voice, contrasted by their WordSaladLyrics and HeavyMithril, this troper thinks the Gothic Metal band LacunaCoil definitely falls into the "So Okay It's Average" territory. While Cristina Scabbia may be a good singer, perhaps even a great singer, the male vocalist, Andrea Ferro totally [[{{Narm}} RUINS it for me when he tries to sing.]] Yes LacunaCoil worshipers, [[{{FlameBait}} bring in the torches and pitchforks]] because this troper prefers {{Evanescence}}! * Dave Matthews Band seems to fit this category perfectly. This troper has never had any reason to hate them the way DMB haters do, yet I won't go out of my way to see any of their live shows nor consider myself to be a fan. They're just...okay. * The worst of {{Megadeth}}'s twelve albums is easily ''Risk''. It's not a bad album, though, and it might actually be "good" if someone else put it out. As it is, it's easily the weakest album Mustaine and co. have put out, and it's likely to keep that title if ''Endgame'' is any note of their current direction. * "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something. It's mildly catchy and there's not really much you can say that's ''bad'' about it, but it's nothing too memorable either. * Most of {{Radiohead}}'s work. How's the music? Nice. Lyrics? Okay,

maybe even smart [[TheUnintelligible when you can understand the]] PerishingAltRockVoice. Can this troper tell their individual songs apart? ... No. ** Although it's easy to recognize the phases: before ''OK Computer'', standard alt rock. ''OK Computer'' and beyond: as weird as possible. * SmashMouth. Fun songs without any pretention, and despite some of them suffering from severe past overplay, it's hard to label them as bad. * Like the above, Sugar Ray. * ''Falling Into Infinity'' by DreamTheater. It's the kind of music you instantly forget the moment it's over. [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Some live versions of these song however ...]] * SpocksBeard take 70s "symphonic" progressive rock clichés (dramatic swells of Mellotron strings, widdly-widdly guitar solos, RockOpera overlapping vocal parts) and make bland, flavourless musical mush out of it, with melodies/song structures on loan from 80s arena rock and emotion-free singing in the style of singers for commercial jingles. ** just the 70's? Spock's Beard career, discography and lifespan are all this. Hell, they could easily switch their name to ''"So Okay It's Average: The Band"'' and still no one would give a penny about the group's name change. * [[TheKillers Brandon Flowers']] solo album, ''Flamingo.'' "Crossfire" is a great single, and the rest of the album has its moments...but, compared to [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome much of the output]] of his [[TheKillers day job]], there's something missing. * Seal. Many hits, and his songs are featured in movies, but meh. * In spite of the scorn they heap on the internet, I'd have to say {{Nickelback}} is this. * {{Beyonce}} is this to me. She has great singles. I like all of her songs. I just don't love her or feel a desire to get her albums. (ESPECIALLY the latest one I Am.Sasha Fierce) * Music/{{Muse}} does it for me. Sure, the music videos are pretty cool, but it seems silly for a mainstream band to be singing about revolution, and the music itself doesn't inspire much in the way of emotion. * {{Paramore}} for me. It's not a horrible band: they have OK pop rock music and an OK female singer. But I don't get why almost EVERYBODY loves them so much and thinks that they're some sort of a super-edgy and unique band when their music sounds like something Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson would do. And I absolutely HATE it when people act like Hayley Williams is unique for being a female singer in a rock band. [[WithinTemptation Because]] [[LacunaCoil obviously]] [[{{Nightwish}} there]] [[{{Evanescence}} aren't]] [[{{Flyleaf}} a]] [[TheBirthdayMassacre lot]] [[{{Epica}} of]] [[AfterForever OTHER]] female-fronted bands. ** Oh GOD, Paramore IS this trope. I had semi-high hopes for them after the first few promising singles off of their second album (the one that broke through, I guess) and the release of their song for the first ''Twilight'' movie, but after that... just... so... average... * Despite of his [[PeripheryHatedom reputation]] on the internet, in my opinion Justin Bieber is a very average pop artist. ** Agreed. Bieber is sandwiched equally between HypeBacklash and

CriticalBacklash that the only real place to put him is just as average and generic. * This Troper recently watched the "Friday" music video by Rebecca Black. Considering all of the hype about how awful it was, she was surprised to find it was the embodiment of this trope. The music video wasn't awful, the singing wasn't the best, but it didn't suck, and the lyrics were no worse than most popular songs by Ke$ha, aside from the lack of rhyming. Somehow, that made it funnier. * For this Troper, TheBirthdayMassacre is a band that's not unbearable, nor are they one of the greatest rock bands around. They're just a group that know how to exploit their target audience through visuals and harmonic choices. (On a side-note, they are not [[{{Industrial}} industrial]]. [[SeriousBusiness Don't even try to suggest it.]]) [[/folder]] [[folder:VideoGames]] * Most sequels after the first two or three games in any of the ''MegaMan'' series. ** MegaMan9 says hi. *** As does the word "most", reminding you once again that it is an entirely separate word from "all". * Most [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames licensed games]] actually fall into this, as long as they are playable and not riddled with bugs. These average ones catch flak from fans not for being bad ''per se'', but for [[AdaptationDecay not living up to the source material.]] * ''{{Spore}}''. The hype generated over the game was ridiculous, and it obviously didn't live up to it. Several key features of the game were removed beforehand: depending on your point of view or who you listen to, it was due to time limitations, ExecutiveMeddling, or [[OneGameForThePriceOfTwo deciding to split the content of the game into 15 different expansion packs to sell people the same game in 15 installations of 30 bucks each]] ala ''TheSims''. Everything is very customizable, but it doesn't actually affect gameplay. Sure, you can make a flying elephant or Bender from ''{{Futurama}}'', but playing as either will still get you the same experience. The only thing that would significantly alter the game, choosing between an aquatic or terrestrial creature, was removed in production. Each stage is very, very shallow. Cell phase is a crappy version of ''FLOW'', creature phase is ''{{Cubivore}}'' or ''EVOTheSearchForEden in 3D'', Tribe Phase and Civilization phase are both stripped down [=RTSs=]. The focus is less on gameplay and making you feel like you're doing something grand, but FridgeLogic makes you realize just how bland it all is. Space phase is where the meat of the game is, and there's so much focus on it, it almost feels like there [[GoldenSnitch was absolutely no point to the earlier four phases]]. And Space Phase, while very fun, has a lot of frustrating aspects that ultimately could have been fixed with a little foresight. You have to personally ship all your Spice Around yourself, your entire species can have a galactic empire spanning 100 solar systems and still only have a [[ItsUpToYou SINGLE STARSHIP]] (geeze, spring for another, guys), and the detail on the planets dips sharply in this phase to 9 creatures

and 3 plants each - and you can't even visit those up close or really interact with them. Despite all this, the game has great art, and is not ''horrible'', persey. It's just like someone took five mediocre games from several different genres and stapled them together in a heaping pile of mediocrity. And most of the ideas and features in the game have been done before, just not in a novel evolution story setting. And the one thing that was supposed to make it stand out customization, ''ultimately is nothing other than a cosmetic skin''. At least it doesn't take itself that seriously and has a ton of great writing and comedy. ** For the record, [[WordOfGod Will Wright himself]] takes the bulk of responsibility for the gameplay shift.[[http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/210/8555.page#137577 This is proof.]] ** This troper would have enjoyed Spore a lot more if not for the critical bug that deletes your save file the first time you reach Tribe phase. You'd think they might have spotted that in the 2 years of bug removal. ** Space stage would also have been far more enjoyable if colonies and allies didn't [[TooDumbToLive need help with the tiniest things CONSTANTLY.]] Hand crafting a beautiful gem of a planet or a vast,galaxy spanning empire? Too bad,you get to be hammered with distractions every ten minutes! * ''SuperMarioBros2''. There are a lot of problems with this game, most notably that it's ''[[DolledUpInstallment not a Mario game at all]]'', but also its less-than-memorable soundtrack, its oddball baddies, its uninspired graphics, and the annoying way the screen scrolls. On the other hand, it's the only Mario platformer to give you such a wide choice of characters to play as (and for once, the Princess is actually the best of them!), it turned Toad into a character in his own right, its gameplay is truly fun and inventive, and who doesn't like Shyguys? All in all, it's not a bad game, but it just feels like kind of a speed bump between the twin masterpieces of ''SuperMarioBros'' and ''{{Super Mario Bros 3}}''. * While we're on "second games of iconic company mascots" SonicTheHedgehog 2. While the Death Egg Zone was some of the most memorable boss fighting in the series, the game was riddled with entire stages that rarely stick out in any way. Aquatic Ruin Zone? Hill Top Zone? Mystic Cave? These weren't so much stages as places you went through to get to the rest of the game, and this mediocrity makes up about half the game. And this troper is actually referring to the first game he ever actually owned, and loved as a kid. ** [[Tropers/SharmHedgehog This editor]] disagrees, although ShadowTheHedgehog definitely fits. I really don't know what my opinion on that game is. ** Aquatic Ruin and Hill Top maybe, but between the Spike Pit of Doom and the hilariously awesome music, I don't see how you can forget Mystic Cave... ** ''SonicUnleashed'' can also fit into this category. The day sections where you play as regular Sonic are fun and well made, but the werehog sections are... Kinda boring. It's not that they're ''bad'', it's just... kinda boring. The whole game sort of averages

out to "okay". Still, it's a hell of a lot better than [[SoBadItsHorrible Sonic 2006]]. ** [[@/DrNamgge This Troper]] found [[SonicTheHedgehog2006 Sonic '06]] to be more average than awful. Sure the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading amount of loading]] you have to endure is ridiculous, and there's a few moments of terrible ideas, but for the most part it's alright. Not at all a great game, but hardly the steaming pile of crap people make out. * The SNES ShootEmUps ''Blaze On'' and ''Super Earth Defence Force'', both of which are not especially bad, but pretty boring and generic despite decent production values. * ''{{Halo}}'', if you've ever played an FPS before it. ** Agreed. I played Halo at a friend's behest. There was nothing badly wrong with it, but it didn't drive me wild. ** This troper would disagree (to an extent) with the above troper and think only the sequels need be here. This first game was great, even with previous FPS experience (since Doom), but the sequels got a lot of hype with them that sort of disappointed this troper when it seemed less awesome than was described to me. ** Weird subversion of SeinfeldIsUnfunny: Halo exposed the concept of capable online play to thousands of console players, something that had existed, in a more advanced form, on the PC for more than a decade. *** Halo 2 may not have been the first online game on a console, but it was one of the real groundbreakers that got a lot of people to pick up a Live subscription. And This Troper always liked the matchmaking system, and has never been that huge a fan of modded gameplay, for the way it quickly matches you up with players of a similar skill to yourself, something rather hard to do in the wild west serverlist of a PC FPS. * [[{{Tropers/goodtimesfreegrog}} This troper]] would like to nominate ''WarioLand: Shake It!'' (also known as ''The Shake Dimension'' in Europe) as SoOkayItsAverage: While not necessarily a bad platformer, its gameplay felt like it would be more at home on the Super Nintendo rather than a current-generation console. The visuals were quite nice, though. ** YourMileageMayVary however, as some gamers have found the simple gameplay and the entire game's nostalgia factor to be part of it's appeal. *** True, but this troper still feels that retro charm and nostalgia are no excuses for uninspired level design and gameplay. ** In this troper's opinion, there weren't any real problems with it. It just lacked the charm of the Game Boy games (making Wario vulnerable again and taking away most of his transformations was a bad idea.), but it looked great and brought back Captain Syrup! * ''Disaster: Day Of Crisis''. [[YourMileageMayVary Your opinion of rail shooters will affect your opinion]], but if you can accept those, you end up with an entertaining but forgettable game. The story, however, is more [[HoYay amusingly gay]] than ''MetalGear''. * The ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' FPS Firewarrior. The game really doesn't do anything ''wrong'', per se. It has its down points (what got in the developers' heads to make them think that only being able to carry two

guns at any given time is a good thing, in a game world with Daemon possessed PoweredArmor-wearing [[ChainsawGood chainsaw-axe]] waving AxeCrazy SuperSoldiers with guns that are effectively [[{{BFG}} fully automatic armour-piercing rocket-propelled-grenade launchers]]?) but the only real inventiveness about the game is that there has never been a Warhammer 40000 FPS before. It's a solid rental, if nothing else. ** YourMileageMayVary indeed. The game sucked completely. Level and mission design sucked. Story logic sucked. Controls sucked. Weapons sucked. Animation kinda sucked. Music, I can't recall if there was any, so either there wasn't or it was completely unremarkable. Enemy AI, oh boy, sucked so bad it's not funny. Name one thing about it that even resembled positive entertainment, I dare you. *** Considering how you worded that, there's not a damn thing I can do to change your mind, so I won't even bother. So, let's just leave it as "YMMV", shall we? * This troper hereby declares ''Summon Knight Swordcraft Story 2'' to be So Okay Its Average. ** This troper hasn't heard anyone remark on its gameplay, graphics or storyline, just that it has some yuri subtext, if you're the girl. * ''[[GrandTheftAutoIV GTA 4]]''. Besides the graphics and the improved feeling of a real city, it is worse in almost every aspect than [[GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas San Andreas]]. Less types of vehicles, less interesting missions, no sense of accomplishment, nearly no interesting [=NPCs=], lame ending ([[spoiler: who cared about this naggy bitch anyway?]]), the area and smaller towns were purged, it's once again just a city, it took the annoying girlfriend missions from SA and increased them by a factor of 10 etc etc. [[{{Tropers/Klaue}} This Troper]] was once again confirmed that hyping something doesn't make it good. GTA IV was not a great game like San Andreas (and I don't even like "Gangstas"), it was just, well, okay. ** Honestly, GTA is suffering badly from CapcomSequelStagnation. How many games can they make where you are essentially running around the same cartoon environment doing the same damn cartoony things? GTA 3 was shiny and new, Vice City had a fun setting and fixed most of the little annoyances from the third one, San Andreas was underwhelming, and I was bored of 4 after about 20 minutes. ** While I haven't played it, and so can't provide my own opinion, it's interesting to compare how different people reacted to it. People who played the first three for their VideoGameCrueltyPotential seem to have found the serious approach to violence a bit off-putting. Meanwhile, a critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, which with a few exceptions has somewhat highbrow tastes, declared that "Grand Theft Auto Grows Up" and gave it five out of five, while describing it in the same terms the film critics used for ''CityOfGod''. As someone who doesn't "even like 'Gangstas'", you're an outsider who can presumably view it somewhat objectively. ** This troper actually welcomed the 'serious' story. Apart from the stuff mentioned above, what really made the game average was that while the story may have been serious the entire world itself was still the same old goofy GTA world. * @/SkarmoryThePG would like to reccomend a game that is usually

considered SoBadItsHorrible. Here and now, he states that he's played through the entirety of ''{{Daikatana}}'' and enjoyed it. What's the trick? Using a (glitched!) godmode cheat to make your allies invulnerable. Remove those crutches and it becomes a fairly decent FPS. * This troper must confess he has this belief about ''Tsukihime'', and technically the entire {{Nasuverse}}. The characters are certainly quirky enough with plenty of HiddenDepths, but ''many'' of them seem to completely ignore the idea that going to therapy might be a good thing for them. Shiki's an interesting twist on the average high schooler thrown into a crazy, crazy world, but his powers seem ''too absolute'', with his limitations more psychological than anything else. The instances he embraces his KnifeNut heritage, he essentially becomes a BoringInvincibleHero. That and this troper has a profuse hatred of anyone that forces a smile for whatever reason due to working at a fast food restaurant for one summer, which ''everyone'' puts on sooner or later in this series. ** ThereAreNoTherapists (at least none that deal with problems like "I see cracks in the world" or "I'm turning into a demon" ^_^). Shiki's hardly invincible; his opponents are halfway godlike themselves, Shiki nearly dies in most of those fights (though only two give the player the chance to die), and his limitations are only more psychological if you count both "hates to kill" and "brain might explode" as psychological. Can't really fault that last one... although I just got the amusing image of Kohaku and Sakura running a fast food restaurant ("Our smiles hide the pain! Fries with that?"). ** Forcing a smile is something which near everyone does at least once... *** This troper doesn't on the account of BrutalHonesty. ** Speaking of the {{Nasuverse}}, let's not forget FateStayNight. Horrible writing that favours several paragraphs to explain things when one or two sentences would do, a (poorly-drawn) protagonist who deserves all the hate he gets, very little respect for the myths behind the various figures pulled in (most of those primarily featured are Greek, so there's not much variety), a simplistic and straightforward premise, a boring, 2-D villain (I realise Kotomine's more developed in Heaven's Feel, however Zouken's the enemy there, and he's not that great either), a typical, uninspired cast (for the most part) and a dull anime adaptation that follows the most boring route. However, some of the characters (mostly the servants) were really good (remember this is still where Archer originated), the idea of summoning heroic spirits was a creative one (even if the story treated it as a nifty idea and nothing more), the character art had a lot of thought put into it (sans Shirou) and the music, while overrated, was well-done. ** FateStayNight must be impressive to get listed both here and also in SoCoolItsAwesome. Tsukihime does seem rather average though. This may be partially due to some of the technical limitations of when it was made though. Poor programs available for rendering the art, limited space for story length etc. really hurt. *** (Regarding FateStayNight) This is a TroperTales page, [[LoveItOrHateIt just because some may adore it doesn't mean others

will]]. *** (Regarding {{Tsukihime}}) It might partly be program limitations (I get goosebumps thinking of a possible Tsukihime adapted with Fatequality artwork and programming), but definitely not story length. The lack of popularity is probably more due to exposure. Fate was a full commercial release instead of a doujin product, and regardless of both anime adaptations being less-than-stellar, only one of them was pretty much entirely disavowed by the pre-existing fans. ** The anime was rather average due to being based off the most generic route. UBW takes it to somewhat-above-average-but-still-notexactly-awesome levels as a whole. The ''real'' average seeming part about this is the [[DarkerAndEdgier final route]], which makes several characters like Rider and Kotomine much more awesome, but is too strongly reliant on an idiot plot and gets a little too near character derailment at places. It's like they tried just a little too hard to one up the previous route and couldn't quite do it. * This troper feels this way about a fair number of games; the most notable one is probably ''ShadowTheHedgehog.'' Critics widely panned it, fans decried it as Shadow becoming more of a [[TheWesley Wesley]] and the leading force of the SpotlightStealingSquad. I literally got the game just to spite them, and considering some of the...comments thrown at it, I was pleasantly surprised. It's certainly not a ''great'' game, but it wasn't completely broken either, as many of the reviews made it out to be. The gunplay could have used some work, but it was worked okay too. I mostly enjoyed the create-your-own-path thing and the wide variety of missions, before I realized that just about everything before the Last Story was pointless in terms of plot...but the Last Story itself did a decent enough job in finally wrapping up Shadow's story. All in all...pretty average. ** A milder case is ''TalesOfSymphonia: [[OddlyNamedSequel Dawn of the New World]]'', which was thoroughly blasted by people who played the Japanese version, and given [[FourPointScale not-worth-it 6/10's]] across most gaming review sites. The game I played wasn't nearly as memorable as the original ''Tales of Symphonia'', but it wasn't a terrible game either. I would have liked to see a little more of what Lloyd was doing, but Emil and Marta weren't bad characters either, despite both arguably being {{Canon Sue}}s. In fact, most of the reason I'm disinclined to play it again? My sister insisted on playing nothing else for about three weeks, so I got sick of it due to oversaturation. But it really is an okay game. * ''QuantumRedshift'' was completely average. It was SO average, that the sequel was sent into {{Vaporware}}. Still, the cheesy storylines, the ethnic languages and the ''beautiful'' graphics kept it from being crappy. * ''NoMoreHeroes'' is very meh. After playing it for a good while, I wound up just getting annoyed at the obvious flaws used to draw out the game, or the ways they seem to be saying "Look how clever we are! Look how much everyone else sucks! We're not going to fix it, but it sucks, doesn't it?". It was.. good, but I really can't bring myself to pick it back up and finish it. ** This troper agrees. It has awful graphics, really repetitive gameplay and it's only saving grace is the quirky writing. I think it

would have been forgotten on any other system than the Wii. * I received ''EternalDarkness'' for my birthday, after all the good things people told me about it. Played it, finished it, and felt that it was "just okay". The Magick system was neat to mess with but to me it just felt like "''ResidentEvil'' with magick powahz and just as cheesy voicework". The story was all right but it just didn't grab me. Ever since I beat it once on Xel'otath's Alignment I've felt no desire to pick it up again. ** It doesn't help that [[ScienceMarchesOn the fourth wall has grown]] [[PaintingTheFourthWall out of that particular painting.]] * ''MetroidPrime 3: Corruption'' did this to me. Prime 1 was a masterpiece for its time, and Prime 2 blew me away (although I know many others would beg to differ), but Prime 3 just felt... not as mind-blowing as it should have been. The controls were amazing in nearly every way, The story and environments were incredible, filled with crowning moments of awesome the whole way through (especially how Dark Samus got upgraded from a silly generic excuse villain to a deeper, more terrifying one), the hyper-mode mechanic was a blast... but the whole thing was lacking. Tiny worlds, linear gameplay, lack of a variety of weapons, a much less substantial soundtrack than either of its predecessors, and a perfectly forgettable ending have inspired me to not pick up this game again after beating it twice. While it is a must-play for any Wii owner, it's "just okay". ** On a similar note, ''Metroid Prime Pinball''. The game was promising, and what was there had heart (The non-boss tables were surprisingly deep, all 2 of them), but it was such a blatantly unfinished and featureless game that there's just no point in playing it after accepting it for the good proof-of-concept it was. ** Metroid Prime: Hunters felt this way as well. It was a perfect proof of concept, but the repetitive single player and the broken multiplayer held it back. Too bad no one took a hint from the great controls and used them as a base for a truly great shooter on the DS. ** The original Metroid is this if you played the sequels first - the gameplay is the same and the game has good moments but is hindered by the SurpriseDifficulty ([[NintendoHard bordering the abusive]]). ** Adding ''Echoes'' to the list. The first Prime game remains one of my favorites and Prime 3 is fun, but Prime 2 suffers from random difficulty (which can range from walk-in-the-park to just-lost-to-thesame-boss-forty-seven-times), having two of its four main environments be bland as all get-out (Aron Wastes is BLAH and so is Temple Grounds, Torvus Bog is okay and Sanctuary Fortress is the only one that lives up to the first game). Overall, it wasn't as atmospheric like the first game nor did it try as many new things as the third. A game that in the end is both enjoyable and forgettable. ** OtherM has become this for this me. It's a fair bit of fun when playing the game, but it's pretty unbalanced as it seems to be broken in both good and bad ways in regards to the sense move and especially concentration. It's also wayyy too linear, and the unskippable cutscenes add insult to injury. But then again, you get to fight Phantoon, the Queen Metroid and Nightmare in 3D as well as a lot of old and beefed up enemies, it's the first 3D Metroid that isn't fully first person, and some of the upgrades like the Screw Attack are a

hell of a lot of fun to use. The environments are average and level design is bland though. It just all averages out to be a fun game, but nowhere near the standard of previous Metroids. If it focused less on story and action and added more exploration, as well as not rehashing Fusion a lot, it might have held up a lot better. *** Same person again - Corruption is definitely this for me. It gets good later on, but the level design is so bland compared to the first two games and the first 1/3 of it is just so dull it makes me not want to play it again. The final boss confrontations and even most of the upgrades didn't really gel with me that well either, it didn't really feel like I was getting much stronger. Especially because most of the hypermode upgrades were shit compared to the normal phazon beam. And that in the end you'd never use all the other upgrades due to being forced into perma-hypermode. * It's possible to fit any of the ''AtelierIris'' trilogy in here, but the most glaring example of this would be the third game, ''Grand Phantasm''. Not bad or broken in any way, however due to its [[FetchQuest design]], including the fact that you access all of the (very few) locations fairy early in the game (sans TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon), as well a [[ClicheStorm mostly unremarkable plot]] (whenever you get to advance it, that this) make for a game that's very difficult to recommend outside of a very niche audience. On the upside though, it's got the best villains in the entire series (although that's [[CompleteMonster not]] [[CardCarryingVillain up]] [[DirtyCoward against]] [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain much]] [[SmugSnake competition]]). * With the exception of [[ValkyrieProfile Lenneth Valkyrie]] and occasionally [[RadiataStories Jack Russell]], ''any'', and I mean ''any'' ''Tri-Ace'' (makers of ''StarOcean'', ''InfiniteUndiscovery'' and the aforementioned games) protagonist (personality and designwise, not battle-wise), and quite a few of their side characters. Pretty much all of their games too. ** I find that their games tend to only be middle-of-the-road on ''average'' - they always have one or two absolutely awesome ideas and gameplay elements, which are always overshadowed by terrible flaws in the execution. So you're alternately tearing your hair out or drooling, but rarely things in the middle. * ''Darkstar One''. With the exception of the loud thud noise produced by its station-turret {{Scrappy Level}}s, it's pretty much "meh". * [[SpyroTheDragon The Legend Of Spyro]] trilogy, reboot of the classic nineties Playstation game with a complete retool ''lives'' on the YourMileageMayVary trope. Critique from players ranges from outright hatred, to general dislike, to fondness, but the general tone seems to be that it's okay - and ''just'' okay. Granted, it was probably never going to live up to the ''original'', which was amongst the games which set the bar that little bit higher for Platformers during that particular era. * H.A.W.X. is okay. There's nothing great about it that isn't bogged down by something equally bad. * When you're not enraged by [[FakeDifficulty it's intense grenade spam]], the Treyarch-developed ''[[CallOfDuty Call Of Duty: World At War]]'' is this.

** Especially when compared to [[ModernWarfare CoD4]], and especially the multiplayer. They took a great online multiplayer game, [[RealIsBrown turned everything brown]], added nigh-indestructible vehicles to half the maps (which are generally pretty bad in the first place), and utterly failed to improve anything. They even copied the red-dot reflex sight (as the "[[AppliedPhlebotinum aperture sight]]"), and failed to properly render the sniper scope (there are holes in the layer mask around the scoped area). It's so bad that [=CoD4=], the ''previous installment'', currently gets more unique users online on the Xbox 360. *** Oops, I very quickly pushed this into So Bad It's Horrible territory. Sorry. ** Come to think of it, basically the entire ''Call of Duty'' and ''[[MedalOfHonor Medal of Honor]]'' series, and wartime [[{{FPS}} FPSs]] in general (''[[Wolfenstein3D Wolfenstein]]'', TomClancy, etc). Yes, they're fun, the chest-thumping brass and strings soundtracks are pretty epic, shooting waves {{Mook}}s from ThoseWackyNazis (with the occasional NinjaPirateZombieRobot) to [[MakeTheBearAngryAgain Making The Bear Angry Again]] ''are'' very satisfying, but gamers have played that scenario so many times, it's worn rather thin. ''[=CoD4=]'' is seen as something of an exception to this rule. *** Agreed. WW2 in general is way too overdone. Games, movies, books, documentaries, everything. *** at first I thought Call of Duty in general was a "bleh" rip off from the Medal of Honor series. **** The [=MoH=] series moved from the "so okay it's blah" territory to hey this is pretty good with [=MoH:AA=] and then went back to "blah" again before basically getting cancelled. *** They seemed to have realized this, as a ''Modern Warfare 2'' has been announced. They've dropped the CallOfDuty name, incidentally. ** Call of Duty 4 for this troper. While the entire modern thing was welcomed, it was on the whole just another average shooter. Ditto the sequel. * Speaking of {{Modern Warfare 2}}, I never really got the big deal of it. It was a good game. Several very fun moments and several moments of intense frustration upon dieing over and over and over. It did grip me for as long as I played and several moments such as the infamous Airport shooting and [[spoiler: General Shepherd killing Roach and Ghost]] almost elicited a genuine emotional reaction. Maybe I'm having a case of {{Hype Backlash}} here but I finished SinglePlayer, did some of the side missions, turned the game off and didn't return to it in weeks. * [[BattlefieldSeries Battlefield Heroes]] is looking to turn out like this. It has a few neat ideas and the beta maps are amazingly balanced for not being symmetrical but even in a vehicle going from A to B is a chore and the maps' balance is offset by the fact that upgraded abilities are earned by merit of playing the game for an extended amount of time, or using real-world money to buy you a faster way to them. * [[NightsIntoDreams NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams]] isn't anywhere ''near'' as good as the first game. That said, while the controls are weird, the in-game graphics outdated, the plot silly and the voice

acting averages "bland", the game has wonderful music, decent game play and (aside from the kid protagonists) kickass character designs. (Also has the best version of Wizeman ''ever''.) Alltogether this results in an avarage game. * The later generations of handheld {{Pokemon}} games may suffer from this in compairson to the earlier games. ** For me, the Hoenn games are just... okay. Sure, I'll give them credit for introducing a lot of features that the competetive battling community holds dear, and the new Pokemon were mostly awesome. But the games themselves... ehh. They're a nice way to pass the time, but quite possibly the least interesting games in the series. * ''{{Castlevania}} Judgement''. The fighting and controls are simple, the voice acting and graphics could use work, but it has a few cool character designs, and [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome an awesome remix]] of the classic ''Vampire Killer'' theme. Not to mention Carmilla's JigglePhysics... * ''SoldierOfFortunePayback'' wasn't nearly aw awful to me as it was to some people, though maybe that's cause I never played any of the other SOF games, the game had some hilarious gore, cheesy dialogue and decent music, though the last 3 levels were needlessly difficult and the ending was bullshit. * I never got what the big deal about ''GearsOfWar'' was, I found it more frustarting then fun even on the easiest difficulty, the story and characters weren't that interesting, the level designs were average at best, and I was only able to beat the final boss at all because of an extremely lucky GoodBadBug, so I never had any urge to purchase the sequel. * I just finished FinalFantasyXII. And it's a resounding "okay". It doesn't deserve the searing dislike of the haters, nor it doesn't deserve the lavish praise of the fans. ** Although I may be hated for this, I feel FinalFantasyVII should be here. I found it good, yes, but no where near the level the hype led me to believe. *** This troper will second FFVII. Great story, great characters, great graphics, and a lot of tedious gameplay that has to be waded through to get to the good bits. *** Agreed. It feels really unfinished, and has a lot of ''horrible'' ideas, like the CPR minigame, or the minigame where [[CharacterDerailment Tifa - a trained martial artist - gets into a slapfight with Scarlett: an untrained, generic villainous rich woman with no combat training]]. It basically falls apart after the first disk, and even the first disk has a decent amount of unfinishedseeming parts, like the SoBadItsHorrible dialogue given to pretty much all the unimportant [=NPCs=]. *** The dialogue was allround bad as was the story, it was SoBadItsGood on the whole. ** That was this troper's reaction to FFXIII. YMMV, of course, but I have never had less of a reaction to a game in my entire life. I can't call it bad, but its absence of interactivity and odd pacing meant I had no investment in any of the moments that were supposed to be awesome. Maybe other people had a better experience with it, but to me it felt like ''Random Encounters: The Movie''.

*** This troper had a similar experience to FFXIII. I enjoyed the battle system and its linear nature didn't really bother me too much, but the plot didn't really pull me in. The main characters were all right for the most part, but they weren't terribly interesting. The main villain was pretty cool, but unfortunately he didn't seem to be a very engaging character. The story itself failed to get any sort of emotional response out of me, and a lot of elements seemed horribly cliche. It certainly wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't incredibly memorable, either. * Most open source games. Open source games (and heck, free games in general) run the gammit from SoBadItsHorrible to SoCoolItsAwesome, but at least 90% fall in the "okay" category. * ''Kid Niki: Radical Ninja'' is the epitome of the average game for me. Like, it's so average that I feel the need to shout this fact to the world for no reason at all, a la [[MemeticMutation Vegeta discussing Goku's power level]]. * ''CrossEdge''. Outside of the MassiveMultiplayerCrossover aspect, the game is overall completely unremarkable in every way (doesn't help that [[spoiler: the plot turns out to be a rehash of ''{{Darkstalkers}} 3'']]). Technically I feel this way about many crossovers InTheStyleOf ''SuperRobotWars'' (at least the [[SoBadItsGood atrocious voice acting]] of ''ChaosWars'' [[BileFascination made it stand out]]) but ''CrossEdge'' can triumphantly sit on the throne of "Who the hell cares?" ** On that topic, I quite frankly don't like any of the {{Nasuverse}}, and I find ''SuperRobotWars'' to be overrated and obnoxious. Put the two together, and you get ''BattleMoonWars'', a game I couldn't care any less about. Actually even if I liked the {{Nasuverse}} I still would've found ''BMW'' to be mediocre at best. * Dark Sector, a mediocre third-person shooter for the 360, PS3, and PC. It has some good points; the gameplay is pretty slick (in this troper's opinion the controls should be standard issue for all thirdperson shooters) and the "finisher" moves are pretty cool, but the game gets real old real fast. The plot is really what kills it. The storyline is actually quite interesting, but the game ''barely'' explains what's happening (this troper had to bust out Wikipedia to find out what in the Hell was going on) and as a result the game as a whole suffers dearly. The protagonist seems bland and one-dimensional, the cause of all the chaos is only hinted at, and the origin of the technocyte virus is ''never'' explained at any time. It's a shame because this game could've been really good if only the plot had been more clearly explained. * [[InternetBackdraft I'm probably gonna catch a lot of shit for saying this]], but...''Tetris'' on NES and Game Boy. While the addicting gameplay is there, there is a reason newer versions amend the gameplay mechanics: in the NES and GB versions, the gameplay isn't as fast, pieces lock instantly upon hitting a block or the floor (rather frustrating if you're trying to slip a piece under an overhang), and the completely random generator means that I can get a pretty undesirable sequence of pieces. True, it's more challenging than, say, ''Tetris DS'' (hi, [[GameBreaker infinite movement and spin]]), but it's what I consider the [[FakeDifficulty wrong kind of

challenge]]. * ''{{Scribblenauts}}''. This game is definently worth checking out, and it's quite a feat in video games, but...it really is just average. For one thing, the novelty wears out, you use the same items over and over again (wings, GiantEnemyCrab, wings, GiantEnemyCrab). The level creation mode is impossible to work with because you can't freeze items or make any levels like those in the game, and you're left with templates of the real levels. The controls are abysmal, as said many times, and finally most objects aren't realistic, such as a mountain which can wobble and fall over. All in all, it really is a nice idea to spawn ''anything'', but it really feels like they didn't do enough with it. I have a feeling though that the sequel will be much better, this is because with DrawnToLife, the first game was again SoOkayItsAverage, essentially just a platformer with a gimmick, whilst the second game was expanded beyond belief with everything improved. It's a clever way to rake in money, not saying that's bad though. ** I totally agree with you. 23,000 items, you say? Too bad a good 60% of those are pretty much [[PaletteSwap Palette Swaps]] and [[UndergroundMonkey different-looking things]] that did the exact same thing as the other 40%. TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything was hilarious, and the puzzles often quite clever, but adding in hundreds (if not thousands) of incredibly obscure animals and food items just seems like {{Padding}} to me. ** Thankfully, Super Scribblenauts is much better. The puzzles require more creative thinking (the developers probably noticed that levels with danger in them were pointless, as someone could just make an [[CrazyAwesome "invincible Cthulu"]].). * ''SaintsRow 1''. The story missions were pretty fun. The "respect" system was highly annoying. The characters were interesting. The main character rarely talked. The voice acting was pretty solid across the board. Some of the dialogue was garbage. Some of the activities were fun. Some of the activities were atrocious. Was it a good game? Sure. It was okay. The main selling point was having a GTA experience on a next-gen system, but with the release of the far superior sequel and of course, ''GrandTheftAutoIV'', the original ''Saints Row'' has been rendered sort of obsolete. It still commends respect for being the first open-world crime game with a high level of customization (more so than ''GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'') but is not much more than a fun rainy day game nowadays. * The ''Corvette'' game, released for the company's 50th anniversary, was pretty meh. * The ''Strikers 1945'' series. You'd think that since it's a nice halfway point between old-school shooters and BulletHell shooters that I'd be playing it a lot. Sadly, it isn't the case. The ships all have cool weapons, the bosses have nice transformations, but it isn't putting me at the edge of my seat like a [[BulletHell Cave shooter]] or something with fast bullets like ''Raiden'' or a Toaplan shooter. ** Though the sequels are some of my favorite shmup ever, I agree that the original qualify. * ''[[BackyardSports Backyard Skateboarding]]''. So many opportunities with so many characters and arenas in the series...sadly, there are only twelve playable characters (not including the custom player) and

four levels. * ''ChronoTrigger''. Yes, you heard right. It's a fun game, true, and the soundtrack is amazing, but it's not the best thing since sliced bread, as many people claim. ** Agreed. There's nothing particularly memorable about it. And the story and characters seem quite generic. *** This troper sees ''Chrono Trigger'', along with other SNES [=RPGs=] such as ''FinalFantasyIV'' and ''LufiaII'', as serious cases of SeinfeldIsUnfunny. Back when the games were created, they WERE awesome, but they just didn't age well. * ''{{Braid}}''. Decent platformer, story is mediocre, I'd have rather played ''SuperMarioBros'' or ''SonicTheHedgehog'' again than dropped 15 bucks on this. * ShadowtheHedgehog was this for me,it just wasn't as bad as it was let out to be,all the guns to play with vehicles to drive and people to murder,that's amusing and it just didn't have the folleys of SonicHeroes or Sonic '06.The levels however were horribly designed,it was a Narmtastic attempt at being DarkerandEdgier. It just felt like SonicAdventure2 without the charm. Definitely the point where the 2D series looked really good but this didn't stand out ** I think this might have been the perception that it was supposed to be an homage to platformers, when it didn't really thematically have much in common with them; it may have been more satisfying if you went into it as a puzzle game with platform elements. * ''Half-Life 2''. There's nothing exactly ''bad'' about, it, but there's nothing ''good'' either. The combat is dull and repetitive, you face the same enemies again and again but without fun gameplay to make it enjoyable, the storyline is lazy, the protagonist is nonexistent as a character, there's no innovation, and the whole thing comes together as "meh." ** Something tells me you didn't play it when it came out. This sounds very much like a SeinfeldIsUnfunny, but saying there's no innovation is not an opinion, it's just plain wrong. Sure games [[OlderThanTheyThink before Half-Life 2]] had a physics engine, but that game was the first to really show the capabilities of one. Nowadays we see them everywhere, but Half Life 2 was the one that made them popular. *** Other than throw things around with the gravity gun, what did they really do with the physics engine? It's a welcome addition, but he's right: Half Life 2 was underwhelming (and it is the first FPS I ever played with a physics engine). It lacked the atmosphere of the first, and the entire ending segment past the strider battle was dull and monotonous. * Any ''GuitarHero'' game after Guitar Hero 3 that isn't Guitar Hero ''Metallica''. I think that most of the problem is the setlists which have got less and less inspiring with each instalment, and when you've got a game which relies completely on it's setlist being fun to play in order to make the game fun, a dull playlist is almoist a death sentence. The graphics are good, it's still cool to play on the guitar and drum controllers, but there's nothing to keep you constantly booting it up and playing when you only want to regularly play about 4 songs out of 70.

* Call this troper a WRPG fanboy, but having played Planescape and [=NWN2=] : Mask of the Betrayer, I find it INCREDIBLY hard to enjoy the storys in other [=RPGs=]. * ''ThunderForce V''. On one hand, it still got the fine gameplay, atmosphere and soundtrack of the rest of the series. On the other hand, free-range completely wreck the game, the ship feels slugish even at maximum speed and it has some weird design descisions (How come the Blade and Railgun weapons are only in the 2nd to last level?). * ''{{Portal}}''. It's not that it's so short (although I did want to play with the portal gun more). No, it's the fact that [[HypeBacklash when people endlessly repeat the lines from the game and call it one of the funniest games in recent memory, AND give a minor object]] EnsembleDarkhorse status, it makes it impossible to see it on its own merits, and it makes the fact that you're not laughing at everything the computer says glaringly obvious. And the Weighted Companion Cube... what made it different from all the other boxes? But the portal gun is so fun to play with; it's just a shame that the rest of the game doesn't live up to the endless hype. ** [[DontExplainTheJoke There is nothing different about the companion cube]] ** That sounds more like plain old HypeBacklash. Like, a textbook example of HypeBacklash. The fandom being obnoxiously overenthusiastic and praising it beyond the point where ''anything'' could possibly live up to the hype doesn't change the quality of the game, and you don't seem to have any substantial complaints about the game itself. *** Not really. Portal is a standard puzzle game. The only novel thing is that it's in first person mode, but otherwise it might as well be a flash game (and is). Portal's entire fanbase arose not because of the shooting portals to solve puzzles thing, which while enjoyable enough is pretty forgettable, but because of the goofy story and clever one liners. The problem with the hype is that it is talked about all the time like it's the greatest thing anyone's ever seen, and then you play and see 'the cake is a lie' scrawled on the wall and think 'oh, there's that...' That tends to be a problem in general on the internet and in particular on this Wiki. You go to (e.g.) the crowning moment of awesome page and read about all this cool stuff that's so mindblowing, and then you go see it for yourself and it's just...not so much. For the record, I threw my companion cube in the furnace and wasn't moved in the slightest by it. Who cares? ** Not necessarily. I thought that the portal gun was pretty clever and the overall gameplay solid, but didn't care for the quirky humor, which seemed pretty forced to me. It was fun overall, but the uninspired dialogue reminded me of all the things I dislike about nerd culture and made it impossible for me to really love it. ** This troper found Portal's humour not only unfunny but forced and annoying. Also im not a big fan of puzzle games and had to look up the answers for some in a GuideDangIt sorta moment. But it wasn't that bad with the early puzzles being enjoyable and the last level was kinda fun (mainly cos the puzzles were simple). Maybe I just dont get puzzle games I couldn't stand AmnesiaTheDarkDescent puzzle sections either. * VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine. It may be good, but not as good as

VideoGame/SuperMario64 (and better yet, it NDS remake), and the TWO SuperMarioGalaxy games. * When I was a kid I loved the game ''Hocus Pocus'' (nothing to do with the movie), but now I'm forced to admit that it's So Okay It's Average. It has some amusing lines and the gameplay's perfectly serviceable, but it doesn't stand out in any way from the sea of sidescrolling platformers released during TheNineties. * This tends to happen to games that don't have occasional {{Camp}}, {{Narm Charm}}, or really any funny moments, as most videogames that don't have an ExcusePlot tend to be rather cliche, borderline B plots at times. When played completely straight, even though done competently, it tends to get tedious and boring, so the humor acts as a sort of CatharsisFactor as by comparison makes the better dramatic moments seem better. * Many, many Playstation One [=JRPGs=]. Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Alundra, Wild Arms, Kartia: World of Fate, and Vandal Hearts are some that come to mind. Wild Arms in particular. How can a RPG series with 5+ sequels and an anime series be so bland and forgettable? * For this troper, ''{{ICO}}'' wasn't what she was hoping for. She's heard people talk about it like it was the best game to ever be created, so she was rather disappointed when she discovered a game with mediocre controls, ho-hum puzzles (aside from one or two that actually showed some ingenuity), and a dull combat system that revolved almost entirely around making certain that [[TheLoad Yorda]] didn't get pulled into a vortex. And, sadly, the game's audio was just a bunch of blowing wind and other background noises, with the occasional song to mix things up. Even the graphics were hit and miss, with some enviroments looking amazing and others looking awful, and the camera, in it's desperate attempts to be cinematic, would often lodge itself in places that made it harder to tell what was going on. The story, often touted as the best story in any game, was fairly good, but due to the lack of dialogue between Ico and Yorda, it became increasingly difficult for this troper to care about either of them. In the end, I beat it just to beat it. It's not a total bomb, mind you, but it wasn't really all that interesting. ** Thank you, you've summarized my thoughts exactly. It's not ''bad'', it's not ''good'', it's...okay. *** Thirded. Meh. * I actually like Video Games that are basically given these sorts of reviews, especially nowadays. Their builds tend to focus less on wow factor and play fairly smoothly with a more honest approach. SummonNightSwordcraftStory and MagicalStarsign are some games I liked that got average ratings. * The Afro Samurai game fits this magnificently. The graphics are fine, the controls work, the story...well, it's Afro Samurai, story isn't its strong point. It's just so monotonous and boring. You run around with a specific task in mind and cut through baddies in your way. Not a whole lot of challenge or variety. To be fair, this troper wasn't a fan of the anime for the same reasons (partially from the combination of the mediocrity and the Hype Backlash). * DragonQuestII fits this trope. [[TheScrappy The Prince of Cannock]]

always makes things more miserable for you (usually he dies because [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard always seems to target and get lucky hits against him]], and TheHero can't cast magic. Meaning, early on, if he dies, you'll have to resort to reviving him every now and then. The Princess of Moonbrooke learns extremely useful healing spells, but she's squishy. Oh, these two will [[NintendoHard die a lot]], especially in that [[ClusterFBomb fucking Cave of fucking]] [[ThatOneLevel Rhone]]. For a 1987 game, it could be an instant classic if they polished it a bit and it wasn't ridiculously NintendoHard. (of course, not like CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurse US NintendoHard, which takes NintendoHard [[BeyondTheImpossible to a higher level]]. Back to DQII. It's just that DQII suffers badly from SeinfeldIsUnfunny. [[DragonQuestIII Its sequel]], thankfully, is a huge improvement and it turns out to be a SoCoolItsAwesome (and it has [[YourMileageMayVary aged well]], despite it's a 1988 game). * While I've heard lots of praise for the console version of ''SpidermanShatteredDimensions'', the DS version is the most carefully manufactured piece of meh I've encountered this side of a LadyGaga song. The combat system's technically flawless but has absolutely no new ideas. The powerups were given just enough thought that none of them is a GameBreaker, but not enough thought to make collecting and experimenting with them a fun exercise. The plot's an [[ExcusePlot excuse]], but lacks any real Wall Bangers. Even Spider-Man's oneliners seem to have been given the minimum amount of time and effort ("I'm about to delete some memory!") Overall, there's nothing I can actually ''criticize'' except for the overly complicated controls, but I can't help but feel like I and other Spider-Man fans were just cashgrabbed. (It might be relevant that this is the first {{Activision}} game I've played since their [[FollowTheLeader change in design philosophy]].) * ''Castlevania'': ''HarmonyOfDissonance'' for me. Many fans say it's one of the worst games in the series - true, especially compared to the other {{Metroidvanias}} (ie Symphony and the DS titles), but it's not horrible. It has pacing problems and the backtracking gets annoying, as well as the poor sound quality, but the areas of the castle are unique and original when they're not homages to SOTN, and playing as a Belmont again is nice, and the spellbook combos are pretty cool. It's fun to play, but it's not superb. It keeps it simple, which can add to it's appeal, and has some unique ideas (the crush boots and crush tip as well as the unique setpieces). People bash it because it doesn't compare to other games, not because it's completely horrible or anything. ** On a related Castlevania note, CastlevaniaIISimonsQuest was this for this troper. The game was dramatically different, and although it created the MetroidVania subgenre, some things were just odd. (the lying villagers had nothing to do with translation errors or why I think this game's average; the original Japanese version had lying villagers too) The controls felt a bit unresponsive and awkward. The fact your hearts were reset to 0 when you get a game over basically meant you had to farm all over again (and the shops are closed at night, making planning to get to the shop before night very tricky). The days flow way too quickly (a minute equals an hour in-game), and

if you wanted to get the best ending, you can't afford to mess up once. (and it's not easy, because all the good items are [[GuideDangIt in obscure and hard to reach places]]. The fact that you can get screwed over by the day/night transition doesn't help much either. * This Troper thinks that of SengokuBasara. It has its share of good, even excellent points: some of its characters are really interesting and unique, and their quirks make them likeable. However, the gameplay is an almost identical copy of SamuraiWarriors, and even worse: While the latter "does" put some interesting challenge in the gameplay (like, protect a base, keep an eye on your allies and so on)and follows history (as closely as it can), SengokuBasara is even simplified (go in and kill everyone). The third game is probably the worst offender: They basically kept most of the playable characters of the old games regardless of the historical accuracy like Motonari Mouri. Then they wiped out half of the old characters and put a few of new entries... and some of them like Magoichi and Tsuruhime are just (in terms of moveset) old characters (namely Nohime and Ranmaru), and far too many characters are NPC. At least SamuraiWarriors, boring or not, has a really large cast of PC usable in each game, and in the whole series only three PC were discarded (Goemon, Musashi and Kojiro). Let's just say that SengokuBasara (expecially, in this case, 3) isn't bad, but could be a lot better with some improvement. * The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks for this one. They're not bad at first; the graphics are decent, the stories are vaguely interesting enough to keep going, the controls are good, Linebeck and Zelda are awesome... But certain things about them like the Temple of the Ocean King, the glitchy-ass flute songs in ST, the boring temples and bosses (minus the big beetle guy) and those weird trains things that insta-kill you just killed the enjoyment for me. I completed Phantom Hourglass but I still haven't completed Spirit Tracks because I can't get past one of the flute songs even though I did the others with no trouble (I'm sure you know the one if you've played it). I honestly found The Minish Cap more enjoyable, and I hate the 2D overhead games *shoos Link to the Past back into it's corner*. A review or two even managed to scare me off buying Okamiden for a while because they said that the gameplay was similar to these games. * [[LANoire L.A. Noire]]. Sure, the face capturing tech is interesting, though not the genre shattering people have made it out to be. It has slightly above average writing and voice acting, but due to the incredibly repetitive gameplay, it isn't in the same league as RedDeadRedemption or GrandTheftAuto4. * AmnesiaTheDarkDescent The only true Survival Horror game I have played (I dont think DeadSpace really counts) but I have to say it was pretty mediocre i didnt find it particularly terrifying, the game was really formulaic, all the rooms looked the same and the puzzles were more frustrating than anything else. But it wasnt all that bad at least it worked and it wasnt partiularly hard either and I appreciated the multiple endings and the way the insanity worked. * While most say it's SoBadItsHorrible (okay, not that far, just bad), I think DukeNukemForever is this. Call me someone who's not a true Duke fan, but, honestly, I'm not. I guess the reason why is that I honestly didn't have any expectations since I only got into the series

relatively recently with the 360 port of DukeNukem3D. Essentially, it's not bad, not great, just okay. ** As a fan who ''did'' grow up with the series and had high (but not too high) expectations...I agree. While I think it plays more like a glorified clone of {{Halo}} 3, the Duke's [[BondOneLiner snarky]] [[DeadpanSnarker personality]] remained intact and balanced out most of the poorer aspects of the game. * Look past the Trainwreck of a translation and you'll find Zerowing to be this. * ''{{Oblivion}}''. Sure, the quests are good, the voice acting is good enough, and the graphics are phenomenal. "However, it doesn't provide a great roleplaying experience and you're character's alignment depends on which faction you're in instead of your actions. It's not bad at all, it's just... bland. [[/folder]] [[folder:Webcomics]] * CtrlAltDel. Far from an excellent webcomic, but probably in the upper parts of [[SturgeonsLaw the ninety percent]] if you read many other webcomics. ** I'd argue that it averages to being average, if that makes any sense. Choose a joke at random from it and ''PennyArcade'', and the odds are that the ''Penny Arcade'' joke will be funnier. That said, I don't think ''Penny Arcade'' has ever been as good as the absolute best of ''Ctrl Alt Del'' (for instance, compare the jokes each made about ''The Eye of Judgment'' judging the player.) *** Really? I think that Penny Arcade has always been infinitely better than anything Buckley could hope to produce, though it's not as great as it used to be. About the Eye of Judgement, I found both jokes to be kind of lame, but felt that Penny Arcade's was much better executed. Though, to be fair, I'm the person who defines Ctrl Alt Delete as SoBadItsHorrible. But that's just me. *** Well, what can you say when a webcomic guided towards gamers with a sense of humor gradually changes into barely gaming-related halfassed attempts at humor while aiming more at some kind of elaborate storyline than any kind of TwoGamersOnACouch humor that it was full of in the beginning, it usually loses much of its original charm. When you look at [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20080602 this infamous strip]], you really have to ask yourself if it really is a gamingoriented webcomic or some kind of self-insert fiction drama with a few comedy parts and gaming references here and there. In short, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Its Changed Now It Sucks]]. * {{XKCD}}. This troper finds it very overrated, and a lot of the comics are quite contrived. That said, when it's good, it's ''very'' good. It's just not ''consistantly'' good. ** I actually ''like'' XKCD overall and I agree that "not consistently good" is a fair description. A lot of its day-to-day fare is corny, or based on a cheap joke, or both. * {{Kevin and Kell}} has become sort of this lately. I have engaged in extensive {{Archive Binge}}ing and read all strips since it started and for most of its time, it was fun. Sometimes contrived and issues seemed to be solved too easily but I enjoyed the {{Carnivore

Confusion}} theme and the characters overall. Lately however, I haven't been really enjoying it. Most recent strips do nothing more than a "Meh" these days. I think I'm still following it purely out of habit at this point. * {{Dreamless}}. It's got a fascinating premise, gorgeous art, and some genuinely surprising plot twists... but the writing is sometimes so stilted it hurts and Elanor is an AngstDissonance-inducing CanonSue. All together it adds up for a mildly entertaining read, if you've got nothing better to do. Just make sure you don't read anything Bobby Crosby has to say in the comments section. * CyanideAndHappiness is this for this troper. I get the feeling that fans think that the only ones who don't like the strips are those that are offended by the little jokes, but there really isn't anything very offensive for that matter. Or even remotely funny. Seriously, I read some dozens of strips and I couldn't bring myself to so much as a ''smile'' in any of them. It's not horrifically badly written, just boring. * PrincessPi feels more hit-and-miss than [[PlatypusComix Peter Paltridge]]'s other series do. Sometimes Pi has hilarious stories ("Princess Pi vs. Everything," "Princess Pi vs. Prince William"), other times her stories feel dull and/or derivative. At the Platypus Comix forum, the talkback thread for Princess Pi's first season finale (a word-by-word recreation of a ''SaturdayNightLive'' sketch) has no replies at all. [[/folder]] [[folder:WebOriginal]] * ''TalesOfMU''. Admit it--you're reading it mainly for the FetishFuel. ** It started out with brilliant writing and characterisation... but quickly nosedived into "meh". Mostly, I suspect, so that the author could twist the plot and devote her energies to forcing in the damn boring fetish fuel so it could rightly be called "erotic" fiction. Bland-as-custard Amaranth becoming a main character didn't help. * ''TheNostalgiaCritic''. Yes, he has some hilarious moments, but the average episode is just that, average. Enjoyable enough, but not consistently great and not, in this troper's eyes, really deserving of the reverent following. ** While the average episode of NC isn't the best, he has a lot of phenomenal episodes that're just plain awesome. His ''BatmanAndRobin'' and Wizard reviews were very awesome. The co-hosted reviews, however, were the best, such as the review he did with AVGN on the ''{{TMNT}}: Coming Out of Their Shells'' tour documentary, the ''FernGully'' review he did with NostalgiaChick, and the ''AloneInTheDark'' review he did with Spoony and Linkara. ** This troper loves TheNostalgiaCritic, but didn't really love {{Kickassia}}. I mean, it was good, but it isn't incredibly amazing like everyone seems to think it is. *** Kickassia seemed less like a "love letter to the fans" and more like a "trying to up my street cred with a full-length feature." Fortunately, [[{{AuthorsSavingThrow}} Santa Christ told everyone to stop trying to run a small country and go back to reviewing things for

snark.]] * ''WhateleyUniverse''. It's a whole lot of FetishFuel and not much else. ** Agreed. * The fact that this page has no Facebook likes is rather telling. * You will all excuse me, but I found ''[[KyonBigDamnHero Kyon: Big Damn Hero]]'' to be somehow this. Okay, putting all these characters from [[SuzumiyaHaruhi Haruhi]] (pretty average on their own to begin with) in [[CrisisCrossover crisis crossover]] and [[TheMatrix Matrixesque]] situations is fun; now let's be honest, this is not the most ground-breaking work since the grilled cheese sandwich (and you can ask [[ItsBeenDone hundreds of thousands of fanfic writers out there about it]]), let alone being original. Now, apart from the excessive [[{{Squee}} squeeing]] and FanWank (features apparently every haruhibased work enjoy), the real problem in the story is the [[TropeOverdosed overuse]] of the [[TropesAreNotGood tropes]] concept, because they actually dissect the story (smashing off one of the entertaining parts of reading a fictional work) in order to tell you that "in plot X of arc Y inside story Z, tropes A, B and C are involved". [[SarcasmMode 'Woo-hoo, what a funny read' doesn't even begin to describe it]]. Seriously, the overuse is so much I couldn't stand, nor care about the direction of this fanfic, after chapter 2. In conclusion: having characters from your favorite series travelling around the universe in your head while using stuff or concepts found in a guide? True, it's entertaining, but far away from being considered the best fanwork ever made. Granted, [[TVTropesRuinedYourLife TVTropes did ruin the author's life]]. * At the risk of being banned, I'll put the TV Tropes web series ''EchoChamber'' in here. Watched the first three episodes thinking "it has potential", then watched the next three, then I dropped it. Now don't get me wrong, the idea of having a trope-made show is cool, and having a trope as the main plot in the episodes, which apparently are told with a real tie-in between them is interesting. Now put aside the {{Jerkass}}, PrimaDonnaDirector male lead, the [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]], [[GenreSavvy savvy]] female lead (who still has to achieve being funny [[CannotTellAJoke at telling her punchlines in]] SarcasmMode), the PluckyComicRelief, ButtMonkey, filler character the cameraman is, and the DontExplainTheJoke-esque dialogue full of LampshadeHanging at every character's lines, and you have an overall good show... except there's almost nothing left if we take these things away. There's nothing wrong in having a format of its own (that's, in fact, signs of good scripting and a real planning), but really, is using over 300 tropes at every episode just to explain another one, with insufferable characterization, really necessary? Again, it's a brand-new work who will probably [[GrowTheBeard improve over time]], or maybe I'm CompletelyMissingThePoint here, but its current run definitely falls into this in my opinion. As a show explaining what a trope is and how it works, it's good and pretty illustrative; as a trope-explaining, comedy-based show, ehm, not so much (and by "not so much" I mean, not at all). [[/folder]]

[[folder:WesternAnimation]] * ''StarWarsTheCloneWars''. The CompilationMovie that was effectively the pilot was received HORRIBLY by critics and fans. However, the show itself was received pretty lukewarmly... Until it beagn to [[GrowingTheBeard grow the beard]] with the introduction of the bounty hunters and a nice helping of DarkerAndEdgier. Now it's effectively transcended into SoCoolItsAwesome. ** This troper felt this way concerning bits of the second season and virtually half of the third. I'm a diehard Star Wars fan, and in the beginning it was new and cool. By the second season it lagged a bit, and the third season was the first time I'd actually never bothered to watch certain epsiodes (before I'd seen every single one the night it came out, and even had to make special arrangements to do so on the Kit Fisto episode due to a Christmas party). The only thing this troper hates is the treatment of the EU (I don't care who you are or which version of the Mandolorians you prefer, they have NEVER been pacifists!), aside from that the show is good but some episodes overemphesize boring concepts and politics. While the show does have many truely epic moments, watching through the bits between those moments gets tiresome. * And from the same block comes ''TheSecretSaturdays''. * What do you get when you mix a bunch of superhero cliches with okay writing and absolutely not one shred of originality? ''DannyPhantom''. ** By the same creator, ''FairlyOddParents'' has some stellar moments of comedy and is an entertaining exercise in escapism, but the mindboggling adherence to formula and, again, complete lack of origniality result in this. *** Don't forget RefugeInVulgarity. ** Oh god, I thought I was alone in that sentiment. * The first season of ''{{WITCH}}''. [[GrowingTheBeard The second season]] did a complete 180, but alas, the weak reception of the first season [[TooGoodToLast did the whole show in...]] * After seeing the show so many times on TV, I've come to realize ''JohnnyTest'' is a perfect example: A nice little GenreSavvy show; while it isn't exactly revolutionary, it's still mildly satisfying. Not too great, but far from [[SoBadItsHorrible terrible]]. ** Agreed. I watched it with a younger cousin once and was bored by it, but not bored enough to leave the room or anything. It's ''okay''. ** {{YMMV}} there, friend. Johnny Test pretty much eats up the schedule on CartoonNetwork. The sad thing is, [[Contributors/AllsparkSpinOut I'm]] is a huge fan of JamesArnoldTaylor, but the show just... Drags him down with horrid Flash animation and poor comedy. * The most recent (as of this writing) ''{{Superjail}}'' episode, ''The Budding Of The Wurbuxx''. A combination of missing elements, plotlines that the writers really ''try'' to make come together, and blatant shock-value makes this episode ring out a truly astounding "Meh". * The DC Original Animated movies. The animation's consistent, the voice casts are pretty good, and the stories are okay, but there's nothing that grabs you. There isn't much that's bad about them, but there also isn't anything that's particularly stellar. They're just

acceptable. * [[Tropers/{{terlwyth}} This troper]] actually prefers the 11th and 12th seasons of TheSimpsons over the 13th-15th because of this.Seriously the Mike Scully era is just a big scapegoat for all that is wrong,but even his era had its crowning episodes of awesome such as "HOMR" or "Trilogy of Errors" or "Hungry,Hungry Homer" or "Take My Wife Sleaze". Once Al Jean returned,the show just had bunch of seasons of meh. Just another random Lisa-centered episode,another cliche joke,and it felt watered down,yet it lacked the horrible episodes of the Scully era or Seasons 16 to 19 like "Homer vs Dignity" or "Million Dollar Abie". ** [[Tropers/{{Twentington}} This troper]], on the other hand, thinks that ''TheSimpsons'' as a whole is this trope, ranging from the early years to the "dark period" of the 11th and 12th seasons to the modern day. Sometimes it's mildly funny, sometimes it's just dull, but never is it offensively bad in this troper's mind. * [[Tropers/MarkLungo This troper]] thinks that both ''SonicUnderground'' and ''LoonaticsUnleashed'' are mediocre series that attract an undeserved amount of {{hatedom}} because many fans believe the shows [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks take beloved characters]] and [[RuinedForever ruin them forever]]. If you judge the two shows on their own merits, they're not ''that'' bad--but they're not that good, either. * Every {{LEGO}}-based animated movie or TV series done so far by TinseltownToons. One would expect more originality and creativity from productions about a toyline revered for these very qualities, but no. The graphics are nice, voice acting is mostly good, the stores are easy to follow... but the plots are paper-thin, the characters are bland, the villains are plain and incredibly easily defeated (Come on, with only one hit? Or just by taking their weapon out of their hand?), they use every cliché in the book, and, well, even when they try to be funny, they fail because you've seen and heard it all before. Although being MerchandiseDriven, they sometimes do a bad job at promoting the toys too. At least, they didn't convince me to buy any of them... especially those prominently featured characters [[ToylessToylineCharacter that don't exist as toys]]. An exception might be [[LEGOTheAdventuresOfClutchPowers Clutch Powers]], which wasn't a masterpiece of an animated movie by any means, but for a DirectToVideo release, it delivered. It had a different writer and director than the rest, so... ** The {{Bionicle}} movie by Tinseltown Toons looks much worse in comparison to the three movies made under Miramax. However, it DID have MichaelDorn and JimCummings, so there's that. * JimmyNeutron was pretty blah compared to most other shows on Nickolodeon and was never anything other then a predictable timewaster of a show(though at least it's not SoBadItsHorrible unlike say ''TheXs'' or *shudder* ''Mr.Meaty''). * AvatarTheLastAirbender. Tried to watch it when it first came on, it was... a pretty average kids adventure cartoon. Forced to watch later episodes by obsessed friends (college students, mind you) and it was... still a pretty average kids adventure cartoon. Average characters, average jokes, average episodes, average pacing, average

plot, average romantic subtext, ''so. very. average.'' It's not bad. I'll even grant achieves things other cartoons don't. But entertainment wise, it's just bland. ** I have to agree with this observation. Never really made a point out of following it (not that I could keep up with the chaotic way it airs where I live anyway), but sat through a couple of episodes. Everything seemed to be done okay. But that's it. It wasn't outstanding. The fight scenes were quite creative at least. * ''TheClevelandShow''. It isn't as bad as some of the worst ''FamilyGuy'' episodes, but it's no near as good as ''AmericanDad''. The bad episodes aren't too bad, but the good episodes aren't too good. * FanboyAndChumChum. It's just.... meh. * So far, TransformersPrime is this in [[Contributors/AllsparkSpinOut my]] opinion. The writing's rather bland, there's a sad lack of fun and/or humor, [[TheScrappy Miko]] is rather annoying, and worst of all, PeterCullen's role as Optimus Prime is riddled with DullSurprise! On the plus side, however, StevenBlum does an EPIC job as [[TheStarscream Starscream]]; [[FrankWelker Frank Welker's]] new voice for Megatron kicks the crap out of his original voice; Jack and Raf are both rather likable for human sidekicks (although not to the level of [[TransformersAnimated Sari]]); Arcee is literally leaps and bounds above her previous incarnations (especially her [[FauxActionGirl movie]] incarnation); Ratchet is awesomely crazy; and Bulkhead's, well... [[BigFun Bulkhead]]. The action scenes are generally well done, and the show is a breath of fresh hair from a long drought in good Transformers fiction (Aside from LastStandOfTheWreckers) since the premature death of TransformersAnimated. Compared to the idiocy of [[IdiotPlot All]] [[AllHailMegatron Hail Megatron]], the immense dullness of the ongoing, and, of course [[{{Sequelitis}} Revenge]] [[TransformersFilmSeries of the Fallen]] and its numerous [[TheScrappy Scrappies]], it's a nice breath of fresh air. Still, it hasn't quite reached the heights of BeastWars or Transformers Animated yet. [[MerchandiseDriven The toys look gorgeous, though]]. October 1st can't arrive soon enough! ** Almost the same here, but I see it as being a nocth above the avarage. The show is good, has some dumb and annoying moments, but these are balanced out by the positives. Still, there hasn't been anything so ''special'' about it that would elevate it to the level of ''Beast Wars'' and ''Animated'' in my eyes. Or, to be more precise, it may ''have'' got something, just not that ''much'' of it. Yet. The writers can handle character interactions well, the cinematography is great, a plot thread is building up, but it lacks some of the charming light-heartedness that made the aforementioned shows so enjoyable. Despite this, I am fully expecting it to live up to its "rightfully huge" reputation. It is still leaps and bounds better than most other Transformers shows, so compared to those, it is already SoCoolItsAwesome. * SpongeBobSquarePants was a very funny show for the first 3 seasons, but after the movie it became average. Not horrible, but not any better than any other children's cartoon and I think it gets a disproportionate amount of popularity for its actual quality.

* For [[Tropers/HotelCalifornia this troper]], it's ''[[{{FriendshipIsMagic}} My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic]]''. To me the writing is bland, the characters are pretty annoying, and the jokes aren't that funny to me. I do praise LaurenFaust for making a show that has such a strong fanbase, but I just don't see what the appeal is. You can flame me now. [[/folder]]

---[[SoOkayItsAverage That list was okay.]] ----


Ptitlensfzkfi4 * Me and my freinds, while in highscholl, introduced ourselves to a new student. Baisically we all said our names and moved aside for the next person. This troper found this hilarious and couldn't help it, and said "And we are the Ginyu force!" I started cracking up while the others just stared at me like i was a maniac. * [[{{Tropers/HG131}} I've]] accidentally swore (normally I'm a walking ClusterFBomb when alone or with friends) in front of my parents. They ignore it. Purposely pulled this once on a friend ("accidentally" praised lolis). Response? Agreement. Yay! ** I've also started using trope names in normal conversation. When something is really fucking insane, I'll refer to it as BeyondTheImpossible {{Up To 11}}. My family actually uses some trope names just from being around me. ** Physical example: Remember [[Series/DoctorWho The Master's]] taptap-tap-tap tap-tap-tap-tap drums? Well, I do that subconsciously now. *** This troper does that exact same thing! It drives her friends nuts. ** While talking to a friend (online), a joke popped into my head and out my mouth: "Hermaphrodites: Bringing new meaning to Go Fuck Yourself" ** Proving I'm a bit too obsessed with BuffyTheVampireSlayer, I've used "goddess" in place of "god" (for exclamations) alot. Luckily, I've only one it alone so far. * When my science teacher proclaimed that his grandma won the lottery the first thing my brilliant mouth pops out is, "Well, she's gotta die sometime." * Happens to me and my friends all the time. * -->Substitute teacher:Your regular math teacher will be back next week. -->Friend1:NOOO!! -->Everybody is looking at him. -->Me:You shouldn't have said that loud. -->Friend2 yeah,that's kinda dumb.You know teachers talk about things

like this.And you know he is a drunk nutcase he is gonna make you pay for this. -->Me:And you should call our math teacher drunk nutcase in public. -->Substitute Teacher:Anyway... -->Next Day our math teacher sneeks into class drops his books and says:Good morning everyone.You see I am back earlier than you might expect.And my substitute told me everything that happened. -->Me:Oh,F...ck -->Teacher:Something wrong Mr.Cage? -->Me:No,nothing sir. -->Friend 2:Lay low he proly doesn't know that we called him a drunk. -->Teacher:What!?!(starts screaming) -->Friend 1:Sir we are sorry we didn't meant to insult you. -->Me:We apologize for what we said. -->Friend 2:We didn't meant nutcase in a bad way you are just very ...eeerr -->Classclown:Nuts? -->Teacher:Ok,that's it to the principal all of you. -->My cellphone rings I try to turn it off but the teacher is faster. -->Teacher:Explain yourself. -->Me:It's my sick grandma. -->Teacher picks up:Hello. -->My girlfriend answers with very sexy voice:Hey cutie... -->One of the funniest days of my life but sorta bittersweet because of the "punishment" afterwards. * By the way in front of the principal's room we could hear a conversation he had with his secretary. -->Secretary:Mr.XY(the Math teacher) is waiting for you. -->Principal:Not that lunatic again. * This troper is quite prone to this sort of thing. Although she hasn't said anything embarrassing, she must sound crazy to the people around her. Such as the time in her English class today, when the class was discussing Frankenstein, this troper, after following a somewhat-logical train of thought, says out loud, "But wouldn't it just eat the gazelle?" * This troper can't be the only one who does this sort of thing in real life. Except it involves him writing pieces of dialogue in his head, and when they slip out without context, he just looks crazy. ** No. No, he's not. Several members of [[@/KickingK this troper]]'s family are unaware when they're ''singing'' out loud, as in ''About A Boy''. *** [[@/{{Sylocat}} This Troper]] ''can't'' listen to music on headphones, because he ''always'' starts singing along, and ''never'' realizes it until someone taps him on the shoulder and he looks around to see people staring at him. *** It happens with [[@/{{LittleMai}} This Tropette]] often, too. Except she '''tries''' not to sing loudly. Just tries. *** This troper did it during a school production of LesMiserables back in jr. high (I was in the Pit playing percussion). I wasn't that loud, but the violas were all like "dude, shut up". It was during the actual performance, by the way (to be fair, though, I only did it

during big ensemble songs like One Day More, not solos like I Dreamed a Dream). ** This troper's older brother sometimes starts reading lines out loud when reading on the internet. He was apparently unaware of doing so until this troper finally questioned him on it and pointed out that he'd been doing it for years. ** This Troper recently found herself muttering aloud a piece of dialogue she was planning on writing down later in the day. In a public place, with stares to be received as well. Then it happened again a few days later. I've started to suspect/fear I've been doing this a lot before too, which would explain why people tend to think I'm weird surprisingly quickly after meeting me. * This troper is always very careful about letting his internal monologue get out in the open. As a matter of fact, it is one of the reasons he doesn't like sleeping around other people...he talks in his sleep, and he has no ability to censor what he is saying. One of his greatest fears is everyone knowing what he thinks uncensored. ** I can sympathize with that. When sleeping around others, I have to nearly pray I don't see any dreams that'll cause any inconvenient sleep talking. *** Ditto for this troper, i was told by my stepmother and my friend that i talk in my sleep .sometimes i fall asleep in my 6AM Church class. i am very scared that i talked and said something embarrassing and no one told me about it. Maybe i'm paranoid but its a possibility * Not only does [[@/{{SquirrelyMalk}} this troper]] read her own IM replies out loud at times and sleeptalk, she will also ''answer the phone'' in her sleep and wake up halfway into a conversation. This has created some very odd moments. ** At least you woke up halfway... [[@/LokiFenrisulfIV This troper]] only found out when his mother complained about him not giving her the message he was asked to by his grandmother. ** A friend of a friend of [[@/RobinZimm this troper]] didn't know she had answered the phone until she called the same person the next day, thinking they hadn't spoke in a long time. * This troper was once listening to her friends defend ''Twilight''. Once said friends mentioned that the vampires sparkle/are perfect in OMG EVERY WAY EVAR, this troper immediately rolled her eyes and without even realizing it stated, "OurVampiresAreDifferent." [[{{TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life}} Cue strange glances.]] ** [[@/{{Aque}} This troperess]] has done it multiple times with different tropes. In public. When English isn't her native. Thank goodness her friends are very understanding. And thank goodness she does it mostly to the friend that lurks around TVT. * This troper makes sound effects without realizing it. It hasn't caused a problem yet, but I'm still not comfortable with the fact that I talk in my sleep. * Once, my brother was talking about vocabulary and all the most complicated words in it at dinner. Well, I thought, "I bet he doesn't know what pulchritudinous means." And he said, "That's not a word. Do you know what 'forfend' means?" Way for me to talk out loud, because that triggered an argument over vocabulary that even our parents couldn't break up...I think I'll be mean and leave you to find out

what "pulchritudinous" and "forfend" mean. * [[@/LoveIsWeird This troperette]] is a writer with one VERY overactive imagination, even with paper and pen. Whenever I think of dialogue between two characters, I walk around and start talking. One time... -->Me: (as Karone) "So I talked to Shampoo and she told me..." -->Mom: Are you talking to yourself again? * This troper used to do this constantly. I'd only realise I'd actually spoken when the person I had been thinking about got mad because I'd just said something incredibly offensive about them. * This Troper always does this, without fail, when reading books, ''with voices''. Which makes reading on public transport a more stressful activity than it ought to be. ** This troper does the same, but I try not to speak in other voices in public. [[FailsafeFailure I don't have much success]]. * this troper will script or revise her short stories in her head while waiting for or travelling on a bus... and frequently finds herself muttering them out loud. ** This troper does the same thing, only she /tries/ not to do it so much in public. It is common for her to be walking circuits around her room while working on stories, muttering dialogue, making wild arm gestures, and looking like a complete loon. *** I think we can agree that writers would be the most common perpetrators of this trope. *** I have certainly been up at two in the morning, pacing my room and muttering about plot holes. Especially during NaNoWriMo. *** When trying to write dialouge that sounds awkward in my head I say it in front of a mirror. The thing I have the hardest time writing is romance. My family has heard me make some interesting propositions to myself. *** [[@/{{SquirrelyMalk}} This Troper]] can be found acting it out with the dialogue. Her brother has once walked in on an imaginary staff fight with her doing voices and motions for both the villain and hero. He just [[{{BigLippedAlligatorMoment}} left the room and we never spoke of it again.]] *** At least doing this in public means [[NotGoodWithPeople strangers leave you alone.]] **** And avoid eye contact. * Partially subverted by my brother and his friend as he let something slip: -->'''Friend''': ''<talking about his crap computer>'' It sucks. I don't have enough memory to store my anime and hentai... -->'''Brother''': Wait...what? -->'''Friend''': ''<thinking about what he said>'' Yeah, that's right * This Troper works the nightshift at a factory and due to reduced staff, spends most of the shift separate from the rest. In order to pass the time, he invariably ends up talking to himself (topics include, but aren't limited to: the complete history of the Star Wars galaxy, complete history of various [=RPGs=] and their backstories, massive chunks of dialog from popular movies...). This went on for several years before he realized why people were occasionaly giving him odd looks from across the factor floor...

* This troper talks to herself a lot when she doesn't think people are listening. Sometimes, they are. Also, she's been informed that she talks in her sleep and she knows for a fact that she has some very odd dreams. This is why I'm glad I have my own room. * This troper's CrowningMomentOfEmbarassed happened a few years ago when he and a buddy were waiting on line at a movie theater. Said troper glances at a girl in front of him and remarks to his friend, "Man, she is cute for a white girl." Said troper was horrified seconds later when the girl turned around and said, "Oh, and I guess white girls are ugly normally, huh?" That was over 5 years ago, and this troper is still thoroughly embarassed. * This troper was arguing with a friend about his confrontational manner. The friend said "Because that's the way I am!" This troper automatically replied "It's because you're a moron!" * [[@/PotatoBucket This troper]] hangs around with friends who can find a DoubleEntendre in literally ''everything'' anybody says, ever. So, naturally, a lot of the things he says turn out this way. ** This Troper is one of those people. I apologise on our behalf. *** As am I. It's become a joke between me and two friends that if anything that can be taken as a Double Entendre is said, I'm to say [[RedVsBlue Bow Chicka Bow Wow!]] * This troper tends to plan out conversations in her head before she says anything. Sometimes she does this at night for fictional scenarios. When she had to start sharing a room with her sister, she quickly found out she tends to start whispering the dialogue. Also, sometimes when reading or watching something she's obsessed with, she has to stop and explain the brilliance of the plot or characters to empty rooms. ** Are you the female version of me? ** Or me? ** No, no, [[RuleOfThree no]], she is clearly MY DistaffCounterpart ** Apparently I got to this page before I knew it existed and wrote this. Except I don't have a sister... I just wander around muttering to myself. I will do this anywhere. Gets some odd looks. * In a physics class about electricity and magnetism, at the start, the lecturer asked the class "Could you simmer down so that we may begin?". This troper, with smart-arsery in mind, replied with "No!" much louder than what was intended. Thankfully, the lecturer didn't hear it over the other noise, unless he did. * This troper is the head of my theatre's costume department and as a result of chronic lack of interest in costumes I tend to spend a lot of time alone in the costume shop. This results in long drawn out debates with the sewing machines, the naming of irons, and the filter coming off when it comes to swear words. Two weeks ago I was giving some high school freshman a couple lessons and my sewing machine started acting up. A very sweet mild mannered seamstress suddenly dropped the F and C bombs before hitting the machine until it worked again and returning to talking to the students without apearing to see anything amiss. I can only imagine what it must of been like. * Recently this troper was doodling [[StarControl Admiral ZEX]] (the current object of my fangirling) in my biology class when my friend who has no idea who he is stole the drawing asking if she could add to

it. Now, in my head I was thinking 'No because you don't know the character and you'll balls up my drawing'. What I ended up yelling out? "NO, YOU DON'T KNOW HIM". Cue hysterics from my friends. * This troper does it with sound effects. When he's reading, listening to music, or even just imagining something, he'll make explosion noises and machine gun noises and stuff like that. One time complete with pretending his hand was a ship. [[HilarityEnsues Cue English class looking at him]] * Apparently for quite a while when I was younger I'd say what I was typing. Probably in an effort to not type faster than I was thinking. Now however we have Ventrilo! Screw you keyboard! * This troper has the tendency to go trough theoretically possible future conversations and answers to mails in his head and unfortunately also quite audibly. He makes sure no one is around (or, more often than not, awake) when he does that, but I think I was heard. Also, when working on the computer, he'll often mutter out stuff like "why the hell was this goddamn exception thrown?", even when he's at work. He thinks he once even sung along to a song he was listening over earphones (something he often does at home). ** This troper, while at work, sometimes states her reactions to things she is reading out loud. She is sure her boss has heard her muttering. ** Umm, This troper thinks that he wrote that, but he can't remember... creeeeeppyyyyy * This Troper recently found out on a tour of Italy and Greece that without my mother telling me to behave that he automatically does it on his own. The confusion of my classmates was confusing till I started listening to what I was saying, "Stop it!" "Don't touch that!" "Bad, Bobby!" "Eat with your mouth closed!". * With this troper, it's more "Did I just say that again under my breath?" It really annoys people, but i'm getting it under control.I think it's a way of revising my statement to catch a "Did I just say that" moment early. ** Are you my long-lost twin? I do the same thing, only I can't really control it, and my parents say it's a type of stutter. ** Or mine? Except mine is more or less under control now. It just comes back sometimes. * This troper is an amateur author/game maker, who has a tendency to run through dialogue and storyline in his head. Sometimes it doesn't stay in his head. No {{Crowning Moment of Embarassing}}... yet. * This troper once made a comment about masturbation along the lines of "using one's left hand", which earned him some strange looks. (Note: this troper is right-handed - but uses his left hand to... you know what I mean). * Oh boy do I ever suffer from tis. I'm a writer, and an actor, and a singer, so I get afflicted in nearly every way. I have gone over long lines of dialogue, scripted out scenes aloud, run throughthe entire history of my various stories, just to keep things straight in my head. Most of my friends know this about me, but when I'm out in public I have to actually pay a lot of attention to myself. I sing along to almost everything I listen to, and whenever I read a play or poetry (English Lit student BTW) I always read it aloud. Also, I often

do this in e-mails, which is even worse because there's no real way to retract it. Basically, a large portion of my female friends have realised not to take anything I write seriously if the e-mail was sent after twelve am. ** I am not alone! YES!!! * Once, in this Troper's science class I was very excited (Even more so then usual) while talking to my friends. As we talked a kid at anothed table called to me with a, "Hey, (Troper's name)!" to which I reponded to with a louder than intended, "WHAT!?" It was so loud, infact, that it caused the rest of the room to significantly tone their voices down to look at me. Oops. * Occurs to this troper some times. Once he even followed it with the trope name ("You're mean. You're the prettiest girl in school, but you're mean!"). * This troper is a fanfic writer. Once I was in bed going over what would happen in a chapter, then my sister (who sleeps down at the opposite end of the hallway) opened the CLOSED door and asked "Who are you talking to?" ** "Going over"? Is it ''that'' kind of fanfic? * One day freshman year at high school after lunch, [[@/HappyFork This troper]] was walking upstairs to his next class and noticed a (supposedly science) teacher with the Periodic Table on her shirt. I then ran a conversation in my head concerning an actual table in the shape of the Periodic Table. When someone greeted me in the hall a few seconds later, I answered with "What an odd shape for a table". I quickly realized what happened, though, and decided the most epic response would be to just keep walking. * This troper often talks about the oddity of JRPG plots whilst playing them. She has been known to have debates about them using different silly voices. She has done this with friends in the room once or twice... * While I was suffering a bad bout of sleep deprivation I waited outside for class and let loose a verbal gem that got about half the class laughing, I didn't even realize it until after I said it. I was talking to this one girl outside of class since we had arrived early and had to wait for the class ahead of us to leave. While waiting I told this one girl she didn't have to worry about me using pick up lines on her because "I never want to get married and I have no sex drive" I was still half asleep at the time that I said it so when the entire class laughed I decided to say it again on purpose this time....even the teacher was laughing at that one. * This troper witnessed an interesting blend of this trope and Dead Baby Comedy. was watching Hercules in choir and we were at the part where Hercules is crying over Meg's dead body. Cue a classmate giggling "Now he can do whatever he wants..." before hearing the rest of the class laughing hysterically and saying "DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?" She might have gotten away with it by saying it wasn't her. * In this troper's Spanish class, people were talking hermaphrodites for some odd reason. One of the girls proposed the idea that she would have man parts below the waist and woman parts above the waist. Another girl asked why anyone would want to have both male and female organs. This troper said "Double the fun!" It got reeeeeal quiet for a

minute, then [[HilarityEnsues hilarity ensued.]] I regretted saying it instantly. * This troper can't remember why the subject came up, but she once asked her Social Studies teacher if he'd seen the National Treasure movies. When he said no, I immediately blurted out "And you call yourself a HISTORY TEACHER?!?" Then a pause as the name of the troper flitted through my head before nervous laughter and "Just kidding." All he did was say he taught Social Studies, and go back to the lesson. * This troper often finds himself voicing his own character's monologue, vocalize everyting he writes and ends up saying things he never intended people to hear. He also finds himself thinking up major plot twists and vocalizing them in the middle of class. He has also notived that he says: 'Oh dear Allah' a little too loudly on occasions. * In study hall some of the kids were playing hangman (the teacher didn't care what we did as long as we didn't cause trouble). I was sitting in the back watching everyone guessing wrong answers. I got annoyed since the answer was obvious and said "It's Underarmor, dumbasses!" (one of the guys was wearing an Underarmor shirt with the logo clearly displayed). The funny part was that everyone was more amazed that I even talked at all (I was a quiet guy who only talked if I had something important to say). * This female troper once had a conversation along the lines of "Can I give you a ride home?" "You don't have to" "It's no bother" "That's very nice of you" interrupted by a bystander saying "He totally wants to bone you." Cue horrified look of realisation from the bystander that yes, she ''did'' say that out loud. (And was wrong, the guy was gay and just actually very thoughtful.) * In her Literature class, this troper's teacher once got very into his lecture on identity and seeing in the dark (it happened awhile ago, so the lecture itself is a vague memory). In the middle of him joyously shouting out his speech, he said "do you know what I'm thinking?" Cue this troper, through years of honed sarcasm reflexes, to shout "Arby's?" A less amusing example would be when this troper took a high school class on child care. A part of the class was working with a group of kids, planning lessons for them and so forth. During one lesson, a medic came in to give a lecture to them and at one point asked if they knew what one piece of equipment was for. It was that thing which straps around your arm and tests your blood pressure. One of the kids turned to me and - without thinking - I whispered "Blood pressure". The kid quickly shouted this out and another student told me off for giving him the answer. * When [[@/NoirTheExecutioner this troper]] finds something [[CrowningMomentOfFunny funny]] or flat out [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome cool]], she has a tendency to memorize the dialog and repeat it to herself endlessly for the following few days. Cue her finding an Lolcats picture: -->Mother: (walks into room) -->This Troper: Excuse me sir, but on behalf of the internets, I regretfully inform you to GTFO and take your fail with you... -->Mother: ...

* [[@/FoxxPark This Troper]] does it all the time. As an involuntary action ** When I'm away from Wordpad wher I type my ideas, I recite them ouloud, it could be a rant, dialogue from a a fanfic I never post anyway, to a post I'm going to put on youtube, it helps me remember, but is embarassing when someone catches me. * I also mistakenly told an old best freind I love her plenty of times, only for her to stare at me like I was some sort of monster, I did a couple of times voluntarily, but the same reaction, we arn't best pals anymore. - Mysteria * Not me but my sister was standing next to me when I was trying to see one of those magic eye thingys. My sister said "Yeah, all you have to do is cross your ey-ohhhhhhhh. She had forgotten that I had one eye. Happened with my older brother when he was trying to do the seeing through your hand thing. He started explaining and then stopped remembering myh eye "Oh. I am a horrible, horrible person." * One of this troper's favorite jokes is to randomly say "did I say that out loud?" Hilarity tends to ensue, especially if I say "Thank goodness" after being assured I hadn't. * I was in the middle of a group presentation talking about groups that are being followed in the communications studies for research when one group member was talking about using surveys on a group as a source of data when one group member tossed out a group of nurses at a medical convention when you're looking for doctors when I just blurt out "Or whores." in the most casual manner as possible. After that I just stand still wondering if I said that while everyone else including my teacher is just looking damn near stupified before laughing. It basically became a running joke to add "Or whores" to every presentation. * This line is frequently uttered by this troper. Quite often, though, I did NOT say it out loud. * One time, my classmates and I saw this teacher (not our class adviser), whom one of my friends want to hit on, and I said, ''WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? FUCK HER!''...And my class adviser walked behind me. Subverted by the fact that she didn't even remember me saying anything after my classmates told me off. * I used to be part of this guy's [[UnwantedHarem unwanted harem]] and so when he said "My teacher [[TeachersPet likes me the most]] in the class. I think she's in love with me." I replied without thinking, "Well, everyone's in love with you!" Cue gasps from the rest of my class. * I know this guy who just said fuck. AT A SCHOOL. ** Big deal, people swear at school all the time. * My friend does this a lot, simply because her mouth moves faster than her brain. I think the best example is when we (I'm also a girl, by the way) were fighting over a PS3 controller and she screams 'take it from one of the other guys!' It took her at least a minute to catch why we were laughing, and she said the trope word for word after realising. * My friend was playing Silent Hill, with me looking on occasionally from what I was doing. During the game she has to find certain items

and one of the times I look up she picks up a can opener and a video tape. Without thinking AT ALL, I say "I don't know what you're going to do with that can opener, but that's going to make [[NoodleImplements one hell of a porno]]." There's a beat and then my friend nearly chokes laughing while I turn red in shock at saying it out loud. * This troper has theater songs on her ipod and always mouths/sings and acts them out, even while walking her dog in a public place, usually i catch myself and i haven't noticed if anyone gives me weird looks * I'm usually innapropriate in public because i say the wrong things at the wrong time. The only time i got wierd looks in front of people i knew was when my family was watching [[{{Super Why}} Super Why]] and there was one part where a villian erased a village by erasing the name on the sign, I realized they would just write it back, so i screamed "WRITE [[{{Touhou}} GENSOKYO]]" everyone gave me weird looks. * Once in computer class, I was nearly falling asleep at the keyboard while sitting near friends. Outside the class door, all of us hear "I wanna be a MILF." I widely wake up in disbelief and look over to see a teacher walk by, and start talking, confirming that she was the one who said it. Cue nervous laughter from my friends and I. * An emo-gothy friend of mine was dragged to church by her parents for a special occasion. While in Sunday school she responded to the question "What would Jesus do?" by saying "Tick off the fuzz and get nailed to a tree?". To her credit she was properly embarrassed and apologized to the horrified teacher. ** To her credit, that's hilarious. * A friend of this troper wound up, in a chatroom with a whisper function, forgot to use the whisper command to this troper... and wound up saying "Vaguely homoerotic is my middle name!" out loud (as it were), and completely devoid of context. * Was out with a couple of my friends and this really cute girl walked by. This is the conversation. -->Friend: Man she is hot. -->Me: Totally. -->Friend: Nice, beautiful-->Me: Feet. God, her feet are beautiful. -->Friend: ... What? -->Me:... Did I just say that-->Friend: Yes and let's never speak of that again. -->Me: Sounds good... -->Five Minutes Later. -->Friend: A foot fetish!? REALLY!? -->Me: At least I'm not a furry. -->Friend: Touche. * This troper told her crush (in a confusing way that shouldn't even be counted as telling) how she was annoyed and attracted to him at her school's small library. He didn't give a straight answer and everyone heard...[[FacePalm Damn it]] * The way my mother says this is "Did I use my outside voice to say that?" * A variation: I was sitting at the same table as my Literacy teacher

and was reading a ''CalvinAndHobbes'' book. At one point, my teacher called over some guy so she could chew him out. At the exact same time, I'd found a really funny strip in my book and was trying not to laugh, lest the guy think I was laughing at him for getting in trouble. I hid my face behind my book and tried to keep my mouth shut. Didn't work. * I ''evoke'' this trope in combination with InnerMonologue -->Me: I stood there, absolutely confounded at the idiocy my notquite-bright friend displayed. I found myself wondering whether if I should tell him that his girlfriend is cheating on him. No, I probably shouldn't. -->Friend: '''WHAT!!''' * This troper has almost no verbal censor, which results in saying stupid things out loud at the worst possible moment. For example, my mother asked my father (who has been a pill of epic proportions of late) what he would like for his birthday. While reading in the adjoining room, I replied "A new attitude." Whoops. * This troper was in an argument with her algebra teacher over how she let the TA's answer their cell phones during class. At one point the teacher said I was crazy for bringing this up in class. I have serious stage fright, so when I noticed that everyone was staring I said the first line of "The Tell-Tale Heart". On the other hand, I'd prolly've ended up in the principal's office anyway... * [[Tropers/KentuckyTroper1990 This troper]] has a bad habit of trailing off into his thoughts and unintentionally vocalizing private thoughts. Like this little gem. -->Me: ...There's nothing wrong with thinking [[{{Kuroshitsuji}} Sebastian]] is kind of hot. -->My older brother: What?! * This troper has a lot of problems with this. You see, I write fanfiction and stories. I often, in my free time, think about this. Then, five minutes later, I realize I have said it all out loud. Most of the time, a lot of people are around. Then I think of yaoi. I have a "voice" so I often... talk it out loud. In school. Then I talk in my sleep. And my father mumbles random things in his sleep. * In my Gov class, we were taking a test and as I was doing it, I was thinking of a song. Everyone turned to me eventually and the teacher said "...are you ok?". Apparently I was humming rather loudly and I didn't even notice I was doing it out loud. * In WoW once, I was doing an instance with a less than stellar Druid tank, so I said into guild chat "Man, I hate terrible bear tanks". The priest in the group said "Damn...that was harsh", and I realized that I accidentally said it in party chat instead. So I saved my butt with "...which is why I'm glad you're tanking instead of a terrible bear tank". The druid seemed mollified at that, but it was pretty hilarious. * This troper once looked at a classmate she had known for, like, three years when she realised something. -->ME(very loud) : "Oh my god, you haven´t got any eyebrows!" It slipped out so fast I couldnt stop it. He seemed serously offended and made a remark about my eyebrows being bushy.

* This troper once did this while attending an auction. After spending the entire night losing, she eventually won something that she bet on, only to have it given to the old woman standing beside her. Without thinking, she immediately screamed "What the holy [[{{precisionFstrike}} fuck]]!?" It wouldn't have been as embarrassing if she hadn't have said it right in front of her insanely religious father. * This troper once got really mad at someone, started cursing, calling her a whore. Then I said "... Did I just say that out loud?". Now no one likes me. * This troper once shouted out "SECRET BUTT FUN!" in the middle of one of his classes. And then he turned around and saw the teacher. * In anatomy class last year, this troper's class was discussing dialation of the eyes. The teacher decides to give another, more personal example, saying when she has her baby her dialation would be about 10cm. This troper, who wasn't paying attention, immediately shouted: "10 INCHES?! THAT'S ALMOST A FOOT!!" Hilarity Ensues * This troper does this a lot, quite often for his own amusement. Upon saying something stupid, instead of acting embarrassed, he will often say something along the lines of "No [Troper], shut up, don't be stupid. Bad dog! Get in the basket!". It confuses people immensely, and they get embarrassed instead. However. this is a less than exellent thing to do in class when the teacher shoots down your idea. Especially when there are only five of you in the class. * This troper also does this with physical movements, such as the guitar for a song that he knows how to play, or the (abridged) movements to a new martial arts pattern, both of which are often, embarrassingly, complete with sound effects. Still, it keeps my friends guessing. * This troper has an unfortunate habit of doing this when placed under pressure or caught unawares. The filters between brain and mouth disappear with occasionally hilarious results. It doesn't help that I'm viewed as particularly laid back and nice, though my inner monologue is a great deal harsher. Notable instances include: ** When being teased by a person in my English class, who thought he was God's gift to women, that apparently I fancied him I responded with a rather harsher than intended "I don't even know your name!" Made worse by the fact I'd been sat next to him the entire previous year and had genuinely never bothered to learn his name as he annoyed me even though he knew my name and we'd interacted quite frequently in that class. ** In an introductory lesson for a class the teacher was joking about possibly calling us by our last names only. I muttered that shouting "Brown" down a corridor in a mixed race school could potentially be VERY awkward. There was a pause and then my friends collapsed in hysterics. ** When filling in an evaluation form the lecturer joked about the fact that he didn't need to explain that on the form 1 meant bad and 5 meant good as it was clearly written at the top and we were all clearly literate. A boy in the row in front who I had never talked to put his hand up to request another copy as he'd filled it in wrong. Out of my mouth spilled an unintended but loud enough for him to hear

"So basically you fail at reading!" Oops. * My dad was tring on clothes and he tried on this hideous sweatshirt. My mom tried to talk him out of getting it, and I wasn't really listening and I said, "It makes you look fat." without realizing it. My dad wasn't happy with me. * One of this troper's friends once had to buy a Secret Santa present for a girl but had no idea what she might like. Since I knew she loves horses quite fanatically and owns a couple, this troper immediately suggested "a sex toy for horses". That wasn't the funny part (I said it deliberately and my friends are used to my awful sense of humour) rather that all of us laughed except the guy who had to buy the present. He only looked thoughtful and after a moment said, in such a tone that we knew he genuinely believed it, "Yeah, that ''would'' make a good present." Cue hysterics. He claimed his train of thought had run away while we were laughing, although the real question is what it ran away ''to''. * This troper's friend confessed to her that he liked her via facebook chat. He then immediatly followed that up with "...Did I just say that out loud?" This troper, trying to make light of things due to the fact that she didn't share the same feelings, responded with "I think you typed it," leading him to say, "...did I just type that out loud?" * This troper practically lives by this trope due to a bad habit of letting his mouth work before his brain. ---This trope is the lamest thing ever! Wait, [=~Did I Just Say That Out Loud?~=] ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitleo00tgxbo * You know that [[{{Tropers/HG131}} This Troper]] says to this? NinjaPirateZombieRobot Vampire Alien Kittens that work with sentient bread that loves to drop [[ClusterFBomb Cluster F Bombs]]. * Played so straight with this troper it's a pain in the ass. I want to be a writer when I get up and every one of my ideas has been compared to a video game(doesn't help these are games I played). ** One story is about a group of people that fight creatures spawned by emotions and beings that sacrificed their emotions to escape the pain of their lives. Guess which popular game series it is apparently a rip off of. ** Another stars a kid that can freely move between two worlds, earth and another world populated by creatures that are tied to human emotions. The boy also has psychic powers. Guess which two game series it is a rip off of. ** Another idea has been called Twilight meets Kingdom Hearts' Organization 13 meets Final Fantasy. Although many of my friends say this actually makes it awesome by default. ** My last idea has been called Tolkien meets [=FF7=] and, interestingly, I agree with them on this one. ** In case you haven't guessed yet I'm a huge Square Enix fan.

* Actuall conversation with a friend after watching TheDarkKnight: --> '''Me:''' They should totally do a elseworld story where Harvey Dent is the Dark Knight. Think about it, spend all day as the honest prosecutor only to Put on a suit at night and punish those that has escaped the law. --> '''Him:''' Isn't that The Daredevil's stich? --> '''Me:''' ... shut up. * This troper once though of the idea of a girl with psychic powers who unwillingly felt peoples emotions and and read minds, which caused alot of accidental MindRape to her. I hadn't even heard of {{Firefly}}. One must wonder if I somehow read Joss's mind. ----* Admit it, you have said "THOSE BASTARDS STOLE MY IDEA!" while watching/reading/playing something. ** Yep. Worse, [[PointPleasant it]] got canceled after less than a season. *** On the other side of the scale, you might have said "Well that saves me a lot of trouble!" **** Actually, on the off-chance you DO become involved in the entertainment industry, it hurts you even more. You COULD, conceivably, convince someone to fund or sell your idea if it is similar to an earlier success. A earlier failure? Not so much. ** Oh don't get me started on this. I have four different ideas. Square Enix and Stepehenie Meyer have taken all of them. The worst part is my idea was BETTER than Meyer's but now if I do it I will be unfairly accused of ripping her off(even if I make her story better in the process) ** I KNOW THIS ALL TOO WELL. I like referring to it as "[[FridgeLogic They stole my idea before I even got to think about it!]]" ----* [[Tropers/RAMChYLD I've been beaten to death by this:]] ** I came up with the idea of transforming kiddie rides into real vehicles long before PhineasAndFerb (I think the idea first came in 1991 or 1992) ** I came up with the name "D-Teams" long before Sega created DinosaurKing (somewhere around 1992-1994) ** I wrote an article on remote TV viewing with a peer-to-peer streaming system using set top boxes and paid for premium channels from servers set in certain countries in the world, as a college assignment, back in 2003. So far, the only thing that wasn't stolen and commercialized is the fact that the system is to be region-free. ** During one of my roleplaying sessions in the early 90s, I coined the name ''DavidDOS'' as the name of a computer operating system. Guess what? I later found out that there is already a DavidDOS OS for the Apple II. :Facepalm:. ----* I once had a fantastic idea for a horror story involving a ghost possessing one of my characters and thought about publishing the story afterwards... A few months later, Stephenie Meyer's novel ''TheHost'' came out. Needless to say, I was rather annoyed that someone got there before I did... :( ** You should be fine, since as I understand it the core idea of

TheHost seems to be 'What, no, these totally aren't goa'uld/BodySnatchers.' * Yet another story idea I had was a story involving an ''Original Character'' (With short hair) who goes into an ''UnstoppableRage'' when infuriated and emotional... Then I watched a new anime a few months later... Where Sumiere from VenusVersusVirus anime, resembled her a fair bit. * A friend of this troper wrote a fanfic called 'A Rouge's Tale'... A few months later, I watched ''StormHawks'' and the humour and situations were soooo similar, despite the fact he wrote the fanfic earlier! ''MindScrew'' Also ONE word: PIPER! ----So I've been thinking about a rhythm game where you play the keyboard I had no idea that RockBand was already in the process of doing it. ----* This troper has come close to calling out "THOSE BASTARDS STOLE MY IDEA!" with the portrayal of magic in ''TheDresdenFiles'' as it is very similar to an idea he has had for a fantasy story where magic is another branch of physics. In both ''The Dresden Files'' and his story; magic still has to follow the laws of physics (conservation of energy and such). This troper has avoided the aforementioned shout because there are enough differences with ''how'' the magic in his story follows physics and how it does so in ''The Dresden Files''. ** I once discussed an idea for a spy novel which was almost ''exactly'' the same as ''The Bourne Identity'' (which I'd never read/watched before). When my dad pointed that out I yelled in annoyance. *** Speaking of Jason Bourne, [[XIII]] is a Belgian comic book by William Vance and Jean Van Hamme, first published in 1983 (and still running), featuring an amnesiac badass found on a beach with a "XIII" tattoo on his shoulder. And a TV series has been made out of it in 2008, featuring Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer, with much [[ExecutiveMeddling character rewriting]]. ** This troper once thought of writing a book about a blind man who becomes friends with a deaf man. After awhile, he heard of the movie "See No Evil, Hear No Evil''. Oddly enough, this troper's teacher actually asked him if the idea was his. *** This troper also once made a fictional cereal brand called "Super Muncher Crunchers", which had five pointed stars with holes in them. I later discovered the design was practically identical to that of the King Vitamin cereal. **** Never heard of King Vitamin, but that cereal sounds just like Honey Stars... ** [[EndersGame Kids playing games are actually fighting in a real war...]] ** Looking at the newer SonicTheHedgehog games, this troper often thinks 'YOU STOLE MY IDEA! ...AND SCREWED IT UP!' *** This Trope thought of a large system of underground tunnels below the Pokemon world long before Diamond came out... but it was supposed to be another method of travel. **** But Generation I had the Underground Tunnel between Celadon and Lavender, and the other one between Viridian and ... Whatever the

place with Lt. Surge was called. ***** Vermilion. *** This troper ''can't'' (please?) be the only one to have thought up [[ExpansionPackWorld a whole new region complete with connections back to the original area]], and new pokemon to go with it (including an Onix evolution and a water-based legendary bird), long before even hearing about Mew, let alone Gold and Silver. (Biggest difference was mine was to the north instead of the west...) **** I did that...and now I just want it to be an MMO. *** This troper came up with a grass-type evolution for Eevee called Vineon before even GSC had came out. I grew up, and left the franchise for a few years, before rejoining it recently and discovering that they'd come up with a grass-type evolution, which looked nowhere near as cool as Vineon, and called "Leafeon". To quote the troper above "You stole my idea, and you screwed it up!". That isn't even mentioning Vulkrow, Batmag and Vespilectra. *** Considering that back before Gold and Silver came out, every single one of my friends came up with the idea for "Leafeon," it's a bit less impressive. *** This troper made up a four-legged Pokemon with a cute, shy face and a demonic tail that posessed the Pokemon at random intervals, and named it Psyfreak. She was actually pleased to see the idea better realised with Girafarig. *** Speaking of video games ideas, this troper created a game design document for his game design class as a sophmore in college, where the idea was a 2-dimensional character in a 3-dimensional world, where you could do things such as hide by turning on your side, so the enemies couldn't find you. About five years later, Super Paper Mario comes out. ** [[@/{{Quarma}} This troper]] made a Fakemon when he was six that was a reindeer with eye-like antlers that had psychic powers. A year or two later, Stantler. ** Bayonetta, right down to clothes made out of hair and guns attached to high heels. ** This troper had plans for a novel which involved a wormhole on Earth that led to a large desert planet in the throes of revolution. Then her stepfather heard the idea and said it sounded exactly like the movie {{Stargate}}. She pressed on with the idea, with some reluctance, until she described it to her father. As soon as she mentioned the giant worm-like creatures that ate people and burrowed under the sand, he told her about the book {{Dune}}. She gave up in frustration, convinced she was ripping people off even though she hadn't even heard of either of them at the time. *** You never heard of Stargate or Dune!?!?!? Where the hell have you been? O_o **** I was thirteen at the time, it was years ago, and Stargate at the time was an obscure movie - the series didn't exist yet. ***** Did {{Tremors}}? Or {{Beetlejuice}}? ****** Never heard of the first, never watched the second. I live a sheltered life. **** Away from science fiction fandom, presumably. This troper had to explain the sandworm in ''TalesOfSymphonia'' to his 14-year-old

brother. ** This troper had an idea for a CombiningMecha that could split the blade of its weapon in two to form the hilt of a {{BFS}} LaserBlade. Then he saw GaoGaiGar's [[TransformationSequence Final Fusion]] and [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Bardiche's]] Zanber Form. :( ** This contributor in junior high had an idea about a fantasy story one of the characters would be a wizard partly inspired by the legends of Cu Chulainn, partly by Thomas Covenant, and partly by my own experiences. In essence, when confronted with crisis, he becomes flustered, than angry (making his magic stronger but less controllable), then he finally breaks and becomes [[TranquilFury cool and collected, knowing exactly what to do and how to do it]], representing the pinnacle of his strength. A few months later, a friend showed me a fansub of DragonBallZ, where Goku first becomes a Super Saiyan. Goddammit. See also: ''ever other freaking anime EVER.'' Goddammit! ** [[@/{{Brodyaga}} This troper]] had ideas for films nicked by Tarkovsky not once, but twice. (My ideas were roughly analogous to Stalker and The Sacrifice.) I'm not sure whether I should find it comforting that they were both incredibly brilliant films or disheartening to know that I surely would have done worse than the master if Tarkovsky hadn't made his films first. I also accidentally ripped off something by Pasolini (Teorema) down to, I swear to God, the Rimbaud references. Needless to say, I get really paranoid whenever I start a screenplay now. ** [[@/ShotgunNinja This one]] was thinking about {{Shipping}} for quite a bit after reading the various tropes and realized that many people valued it more than the actual story/world they were reading about. Thus, he came up with an idea where the main goal of saving the world in a story would end up failing and everyone would end up dying [[AdamAndEvePlot except for the main couple]], [[{{Deconstruction}} as a way of showing this discrepency]]. Then he remembered ''[[spoiler:[[NeonGenesisEvangelion End Of Evangelion]]]]''. That was not a pleasant moment. * This troper had the idea that. since Doctor Joseph Bell was the real life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, why not have a series about Joseph Bell solving crimes with Conan Doyle as his assistant. Then along came Murder Rooms. * This troper was playing a RollerCoasterTycoon-ish game, and thought it would really be neat if there was a game where you could create the park, and you would have an avatar that could ride the rides. soon after, {{Thrillville}} came out. I forgot the idea shortly until after I got the game. ** You've never heard of Theme Park World? * [[@/DoctorWorm This troper]] and some friends discussed a concept for a website where one would input whatever ingredients one had available, and it would suggest a recipe that could be made from those ingredients - perfect for the hungry and disorganized young adult. Then we discovered that http://www.cookthink.com already existed. Damn. * this troper is sure that some one was spying on him when the liger zero phoenix was designed. He even drew it up on paper along with some

other liger armors looking a lot like the one on zoids fuzors although sadly he can't claim credit for it since this was when he was in sixth grade and didn't write his name on the page...(Although it wasn't a fuzor.) * This troper used the phrase "I fart in your general direction" for a '''year and a half''' before actually seeing (or even realizing it was said in) [[MontyPython Monty Python and the Holy Grail]]. My friends' replies of "your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries" immediately became significantly less perplexing. * This troper came up with a brilliant idea to make a sculpture of an art museum guard. Then she visited one in Kansas City that had just that, by an artist named Duane Hansen (who does hyper-realistic sculptures of various types of people). All I could think was "That bastard stole my idea!... 10 years before I was born!" * This troper invented a "book of promises" that appears whenever an animal swears something, and they have to write the promise down. If they break it, then they die. Then along comes JKR with her Unbreakable Vows...although this is kinda a vague example. ** She also had an idea about [[{{Ratatouille}}a snake who gets captured in a restaurant and who helps a kid cook delicious and fancy meals to save his own life...]] * This troper, as a child playing with LEGO, came up with a group of heroic astronauts called the Space Police. Mere weeks later, he had his first encounter with the LEGO Space subtheme of the same name. * This troper's father once complained that he was about to start writing a script for what he thought would be a great movie... Until he saw The Village, which is a perfect inversion of what he had in mind. ** Wouldn't that be [[spoiler: a bunch of people pretending that they lived in the future by using ''future'' technology?]] How would that even work? * When this troper was little, he though he invented the insult "bucko". Then he saw the intro for {{Hey Arnold}}. ** [[@/{{TheSausageTroper}} This troper]] dropped an F-bomb on a classmate in elementary school, thinking it was a made up insult. * I was thinking about writing a KnightsOfTheOldRepublic prequel that followed a female Revans experiences during the Mandalorian War, filled with "HeWhoFightsMonsters" analogues. Then I watched BattlestarGalactica and realized that I had pretty much re-invented Admiral Cain, including the MoralEventHorizon of demanding that a disobeying officer surrender their sidearm just to shoot said officer with it. * Anyone who's ever done a degree in art or design will be familiar with this. This troper can specifically recall showing a tutor sketches of an idea for a funky in-car DVD player that looked exactly like an existing one, and suggesting a bath where the water poured in around the tub from the top edge - and being told that was a literally a large toilet with a plug. Back to the drawing board... * This troper was pondering about mortality one day. The thought occurred to me that every living organism seems to have a certain lifespan; an upper limit to how long any member of its species can live. Then I thought about trees. There doesn't seem to be any other

living organism that can live anywhere near as long, and there doesn't seem to be an upper limit. The oldest tree in recorded history was cut down in 1964 by some retarded grad student, and was measured to be about 5,000 years old. This caused me to wonder if trees ever died of old age, and then I asked myself: if a tree was to grow in utopian conditions, with sufficient light, heat, water, lack of competition, and without disease, could it live forever. I was all set to write a story about it, when Darren Aronofsky came out with ''The Fountain''. * This troper, in a ''Vampire'' game, used to play a [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld childlike]] [[ManipulativeBastard Lasombra]] "born" two or three hundred years ago, living in New York since the Thirties and linked to {{theMafia}}. And then ''the entire group'' saw ''{{Baccano}}''. The character is now nicknamed Czes-kun. Ouch. * This troper used "Why so serious?" a lot before TheDarkKnight was ever even filmed. Stupid clown stole my favorite phrase. ** [[TheLordOfTheRings Samwise]] [[http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tttsubtitles/160-180/index.html was doing it]] before the Joker. *** [[TalesOfTheAbyss Jade Curtiss]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1tcFERQ3LY said Why So Serious years before the Joker.]] * [[@/SciFiChica This troper]] is a queen of this trope. It's not even funny. Some examples: ** I got an idea for a tough genetically engineered girl fleeing from the government agency that gave her her powers. A month later, I started watching DarkAngel. *** See also [[strike: ''TheSecretWorldOfAlexMack'']]([[GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke never mind]]) (which far predated DarkAngel), ''Replica'' (more recently, but still before Dark Angel), and, in the last few years, ''MaximumRide''. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head with protagonists that are female and young, and thus girls. It's not so much that you had the same idea as it is that you had a different idea in the same subgenre. ** I started writing a short story about a girl so neglected/ignored she turns invisible. Got into BuffyTheVampireSlayer, watched the episode "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind." ** Got a script idea for a girl cursed to have perpetual life (worse than it sounds) and cannot die until a certain condition was fulfilled. I hadn't even fully fleshed out the idea when NewAmsterdam came on... * sighs* * [[@/FyreNWater This troper]] spent ''years'' creating freaky UncannyValley MindScrew FetishFuel monsters based off various human personality flaws, fears, etc. that were scary because they were ''so wrong''. Then she discovered SilentHill. ...Damn. * [[@/FigmentJedi This troper's]] Art History professor once made a mounted head of sorts out of a worn out bicycle seat of his. Then he discovered that Picasso had already done it, "stealing his idea years before he thought of it". Bringing up this story in a lecture of his was enough for me to make a ShoutOut to this trope. * I'm currently in writer's limbo for a series of short stories of a cloned secret agent who turns against the organization behind his

creation. I noticed that's onyl some part of the Metal Gear series, but it still counts. * I had an idea for a story about a guy who gains godlike powers, but doesn't think he is a god. If this doesn't scream "[[{{Watchmen}} Doctor Manhattan]]" at the top of its lungs, nothing does. I have actually had this happen to me several times. * This troper is angry at both [[SuzumiyaHaruhi Nagaru Tanigawa]] and [[{{Bleach}} Tite Kubo]] for stealing his idea for a cute, childish, busty redhead character. Although, at least Kubo tried to make it up to me by creating a [[FetishFuel black, nudist ninja girl]]. ** I'm also mad at [[TooDumbToLive Sarah Palin]] for ([[{{Jerkass}} among]] [[CorruptHick other]] [[BlatantLies things]]) stealing her look from one of my characters. I'm planning on writing it into the story as the character's BerserkButton. * This troper had a funny idea for a comedy sketch where, in a past life, RobinWilliams was a {{Shakespeare}}an actor, who of course acted just like he does now. And then she saw a ''SaturdayNightLive'' sketch from 1986 which was just that. Damn. *** Hey, at least '''you''' didn't [[http://welcometolemora.webs.com/25redyellowandblue.htm lose your job, see your reputation destroyed, and become forced to leave school over it]]. I'm not even sure who to be madder at, ''SNL'', Bill Clinton (for signing the TV ratings bill into law), or my former coworker who started the dispute to begin with. *** ''(Clicks link. Reads.)'' Clearly the experience drove you insane. **** I also had the idea for ''[[FreddyvsJason a movie where Freddy Krueger meets Jason Voorhees]]'' while in the sixth grade--with concept art, no less--back in 1986 or '87. Yes, I am old. ** She also had an idea for a ''FamilyGuy'' fanfic which would have included a joke punning on the AnimalWrongsGroup PETA and Lois's pronunciation of "Peter"... but then "Dog Gone" aired and now that fic's down the shitter. * shakes fist* [[strike:[[MisBlamed MACFARLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!]]]] [[SkywardScream STEVE CALLAGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!]] * @/RadioactiveZombie. In short... ** An emotionless, nano-machine controlled Black Operations {{bishonen}} sergeant with white hair, and always thinking from a Military perspective, eventually cracking and returning to his old personality? [[MetalGear Raiden]], [[NeonGenesisEvangeleon Rei Ayanami]], [[FullMetalPanic Sousuke Sagara]], and [[FirstEncounterAssaultRecon The Point Man.]] ** A wacky government spy (also Bishonen) master of disguises? That one crappy movie from 2001, Master of Disguise. Oh, and his main persona? Deadpool did it first. ** Oddly enough, a CuteShotaroBoy turned ChildSoldier (military experiment - long story, he also got telekinesis and Darkness-like minions in the form of three hellhounds) looked a lot like Yuri from KyouKaraMaou. In fact, he was writing him up, then saw an ad. (He also incorporated bits and pieces of [[BloodPlus Riku]] and [[{{Loveless}} Soubi]]. In fact, he's also quite shy and knows how to cook... which he learned that was also like Riku. Oh, and they have the same rape face, too.]]

* This troper had in mind an idea for a series or a series of books, an urban fantasy kind of thing, a battle between Good and Evil, where neither must win or lose, thus both need to be moderated and moderate themselves... then saw NightWatch and DayWatch (which even had the ending the Troper had in mind!). Oh well... * This troper, as a teenager, started a series of stories that ended up with the following plot: A heavily cynical DeadpanSnarker finds himself forced to act as the MoralityChain for an immature and dangerously irresponsible TsunDere RealityWarper with a SuperPoweredEvilSide whose misadventures across various genres causes them to meet a RagtagBunchOfMisfits that includes [[HaruhiSuzumiya time travelers, sliders, aliens, and psychics]]. That story may be trapped in DevelopmentHell forever because of the similarities. * [[@/RandomSurfer This Troper]] was in a production of ''A Midsummer Night's Dream'' which had all-original music. Our Titania played the violin, so the composer spent a week banging his head against a piano trying to compose the ''perfect'' tune for her to play. The result sounded exactly like "There's a Hole in the Bucket." * Exactly how many people had the exact (and I literally mean the exact) same idea as RockBand. Seriously, after playing GuitarHero, I thought "Hey, there could be a game like this. Only, there would be two guitar controllers, one for guitar, one for bass. Yeah, and then a mike for singing. Hey, Karaoke Revolution did it, why not this. Of course there would be drums, but they would have to be brand new made for this exact game. Maybe four pads and a pedal on the floor. But there would have to be a four port hub. Meh, ship one with it." Wait a couple months... or a year... ok a few, rock band comes along. ** [[@/EternallyAnonymous I]] had a similar idea (sort of)in 2006. It consisted of playing GuitarHero and KaraokeDanceRevolution at the same time. I called it [[WordSalad Karaoke Guitar Dance Hero Revolution]]. * This troper sent an E-mail to Strong Bad which asked if Strong Bad would ever make an amusement park. The week before the E-Mail "theme park" came out. He had to see it twice to enjoy it. The first time, he was pissed that his idea was stolen, the second time, he actually saw it. * This troper made a cartoon about two sisters named Doreen and Maureen, and their mother Noreen...then he watched {{Hairspray}}... * This troper wrote a Series/{{Doctor Who}} fanfic which involved the Daleks attempting to destroy all of reality. Then ''Journey's End'' aired.... ** This troper was in the process of writing a story in which the companion is meeting the Doctor for the first time while he's meeting her for the last time. Then River Song showed up. Although with her it was the other way around... * This troper has before had a conversation that ended with me saying, "Dude you just invented the scooter". * This (new) troper had an idea for an episode of FamilyGuy where Quagmire would be short on cash and have to earn it back by participating in medical experiments that would eventually turn him gay. It didn't help that Family Gay was in his opinion one of the worst episodes in the entire series. * This troper recently watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 with a

friend who vowed never to wath another episode again. The reason? They'd done something he had been thinking about for quite some time. * This troper has had a few ideas that have been stolen in one way or another: Sending back your consciousness to your younger body (was made into an (unsucsessful) tv series). Reviewing bad films. A game where each decision affected how people around you felt about you (Fable). ** The above troper's brother also invented the [[StarWars double bladed lightsaber]] and [[StarTrekX secondary shielding]] years before they were seen on the big screen! * With thousands of [[MagicTheGathering Magic: the Gathering]] players and years of player-made sets, the chances of the real R&D department coming up with something some player already thought of hit 100% years ago. Yet they still manage to pull off elegant and interesting ideas, which says something, IMO. * This troper had a brilliant idea of a secret confederacy of historical figures that fought cosmic horrors, whose ranks included Nikola Tesla, Charles Fort, H.P Lovecraft, Annie Oakley, Harry Houdini, AND Wong Fei-Hong. Guess [[AtomicRobo who]] stole it? * This troper had a idea about a character being stuck in a house, traveling between our world and a spookier one with dangerous beings by going through mirrors. A few months later she watches a LetsPlay for [[SilentHill Silent Hill Origins]], which is basically the same idea but with a whole town. Dammit. ** That's also DarkSeed. *** It also sounds like a horror movie that came out not too long ago, but water with the mirrors were the doors. And I justt can't remember the name of it... * I know it's happened to me before, but I have forgotten where. Instead, this troper can recall creating many, many names for a RPG I did with a friend and EVERY SINGLE ONE (except for the lame ones) were taken by something or other. And, though I'm afraid to ask, anyone know of anything regarding 6-8 year old kids with mental disabilities who can visit other universes? If there is, I'm pretty sure I'll explode... ** Ah yes, now I have one. A little while ago, in Geography, I started sketching [[AxisPowersHetalia people who were countries and based on their stereotypes]]. I don't mind, though, APH is one of my favourite anime at the moment. ** And another one. I had been toying around with the idea of using ''chemical'' elements in battle rather than the nature ones (Fire, Water, etc). Turns out it had already been done [[SeikonnoQwaser in a far more perverted manner]]. * [[@/{{Pinkbaron}} This troper]] had an idea kicking around in her head for a TV show involving vampires to be shot in Houston. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Best_Friend_Is_a_Vampire GOD DAMMIT!]] * [[@/{{DreadBaron}} This troper]] has been creating comic books for years, about a barely competent supervillain with a penchant for disguises. Then, I discover Lazy Town's Robbie Rotten. Damn it! * This troper and her friends came up with an idea for a romance novel set in Victorian England where the heroine was a gorgeous, eighteen-

year-old blonde, and there were two potential love interests: a boy about her age who was a childhood friend returning from a long time away, and an older gentleman whom she regarded as an uncle of sorts. There was also going to be an evil governess, and some rape. Then, we read [[http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php/weblog/comments/dev ils_embrace_by_catherine_coulter/ this review]] of Catherine Coulter's ''Devil's Embrace''. Our heroine's middle name was even the same as Coulter's heroine's first name! * This troper tried to write many books but most of them have been written or are films: ** One of them was the story of a boy and his sister who move to an old house, after strange events, he begins to see and befriend fantasy creatures and goes on an adventure with them, Then she read the first book in the Spiderwick chroncles series. ** She tried a disney styled story about a girl who's step-parents are mean to her, and one night she is kidnapped and taken into the sewer system and ends up in an fantasy world, turns out it got revesed in the movie Enchanted. ** Then She tried a Vampire Trilogoy series, in the first book, they drink fake blood, try to make the public not fear them, and face hunters, during a writers cramp she heard about a TV show with a simlar story called true blood, and the populairty of vampires due to Twilight pretty much killed it. * This male troper planned once to write a fanfic about ''{{Supernatural}}''. After he noticed that most of these series fanfics were written by moaning fangirls and were filled with author incarnation Mary Sues doing it with the Winchesters, he began to work on the idea of introducing a blatant MarySue as the ''enemy''. It would be a perfect girl, so good in anything that an entire town and their male inhabitants in particular would do anything to please her, including killing their wives. Then the Winchesters would come to the town and discover that said girl was a ''siren'', but Dean would fall under her enchantment and as a result Sam would be forced to fight him. The day I was about to begin writting, [[spoiler: the CW aired ''Sex and Violence'']]. * I had an idea for a strange, fantastic world featuring its own languages and beasts and races, unlike anything done before. A major character was one of the last of an ancient race that once ruled most of the continent, with a head that looked like a lamp or a conical monitor. Numinous powers would speak in riddles, and the ancient power was in the middle of a circular sea... then I read RiceBoy. * Inversion here. This troper is a regular at a StarWars forum with a section for customizing. For the uninitiated, we paint, sculpt, and generally improve action figures to create better versions of characters, more accurate upgrades, or fan-fiction. Many of us, at one point or another, have created something that is, in whole or in part, soon made "for real" by Hasbro. * While in college many many years ago, at a small gathering at a friend's house, we hooked an oscilloscope up to the outputs of a cassette player. While listening to the music and watching the lines squiggle on the scope, my friend had the brilliant idea that if

someone could just take those electrical signals as they appeared on the oscilloscope, and somehow make a record of them, they could be played back ... just ... like ... a cassette tape (Doh!) Wacky weed was involved. * In a Biology Blass on Taxonomy, This Troper said loudly to a friend. "Get out of my genus, you do not deserve to be called a homo." turns out, {{Futurama}} made the same joke the night before in an episode I hadn't watched. {{The Simpsons did it}} only about 9 hours ago. * [[@/MiffTheFox This troper]] had an idea for an OS built around a web browser instead of a traditional desktop manager. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrome_OS Yeah]]. * Long ago, this troper wrote a story involving seven magical {{MacGuffin}}s which, when brought together, could grant any wish. He'd never even heard of DragonBall at the time... * This troper. A short story idea involving a war very much like, but not quite, World War One, with a little bit of steampunk and the Vietnam War thrown in, involving a female soldier named [[SweetPollyOliver Polly]] with an exceptionally... ''interesting'' unit. Low-key gay couple, religious zealot, deadpan snarker... thankfully, no vampires, or I would have been even more unnerved when I finally got into Terry Pratchett by way of picking up ''Monstrous Regiment''. Damn, damn, damn! ** Also, a PsychologicalHorror series with the basic premise of "''{{Oz}}'' plus ghosts, gorn, and psychic MindScrew" with an AntiHero protagonist unable to remember his crime. Already been done. [[strike:Already forgotten the name of the game that did it.]] Now why am I wanting to go play ''TheSuffering''? Oh, yeah... * Inverted with this troper: I made a story, with a very simple and obvious premise I can't believe no one has ever tried it before (And even today, I keep searching for some series/movie/book that sounds similar, but...NOTHING). I would mention it, but I don't wanna tempt my luck * [[@/JET73L This Troper]], since he was a young child, had plans for a fantasy series that should properly be classified as science fiction, as it codified magic in a way that was similar to science and explained by being in another universe where it was much easier for certain people to affect reality via willpower, including various gods [[AnthropomorphicPersonification and the like]] being real and a deconstruction of different fantasy species such as [[AllTrollsAreDifferent "The Hobbit" style trolls]] and vampires. Of course, it would have to be PlayedForLaughs, since nobody could take such a concept seriously at first and it would be relegated to the pulp sci-fi shelves, or worse, dumped in fantasy and taken as a person who doesn't get that fantasy should be fun (despite all the serious fantasy out there). Since then, he has become an avid fan of TerryPratchett's ''{{Discworld}}''. He also had the idea for ''Strata'' (which was written before the ''Discworld'' series started) while reading ''TheDarkSideOfTheSun'', thinking that it could be interesting to have someone discover a [[{{Precursors}} Joker]] artifact similar to the Discworld, and invented many a [[RobinsonGoldbergContraption Rube Goldberg Device]] that had a less complicated device I had never encountered (''including'' a better

mousetrap- a one-use-per-reset live trap with multiple failsafes). * I had a idea that could be decribed as one of the following: "Warehouse13 with a larger cast and a much larger budget", "the SCPFoundation with agents and leaders that have a shred of morality in their body", or "TheLibrarian if it took itself more seriously". The idea predated all three of those, and while none of those three shows/sites/movies are ''quite'' like my idea, they are probably close enough that if my idea were to be made people would call it a "Warehouse13 clone". * While not QUITE a TheSimpsonsDidIt as I never really thought much of writing it, I'll also include this: I had a idea for a fanfic where the TARDIS ends up in the 1890s, but then somehow the "Time" in Time and Relative Dimension in Space ceases to work, forcing the Doctor to find some buddies to help him out: SherlockHolmes, Captain Nemo, Professor Challenger, a student from America's Miskatonic University named "Lovecraft", SpringHeeledJack, and a monster-hunter named Van Helsing. And they'd fight the WarOfTheWorlds martians. [[LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen I'd yet to read Mr. Moore's treatment of 1890s literature at the time.]] Oh, and for those who care, the story would have been resolved by the Doctor talking HGWelles' time traveler into giving him some spare parts. * Now, given that I am [[DidNotDoTheResearch too lazy to do the research]] and am not sure where events may have met based on the Atelier series' releases in Japan and whether certain aspects remain the same. So this may or may not be an example, it may just be a "THOSE BASTARDS STOLE MY IDEA!!" moment. But imagine my surprise after coming up with a concept for a character who absorbed elements and manipulated them for special attacks roughly a year before Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana came out in the states. * This troper once wrote a short story about [[{{Alien}} A spaceship crew who gradually get killed by a mysterious extraterrestrial creature until only one survivor was left.]] * This troper had an idea for a Superman short story with the [[PlanetOfTheApesEnding twist ending that Krypton was Earth]], and Cal-El was sent back in time to prevent the catastrophe happening in the first place. "Hey dude you should read this awesome comic called ''RedSon''"... * This troper was walking home from watching "Aliens in the Attic" at her hometown theater, she thought it would be cool if they took the remote controlled human concept into another movie, except it would be about people controlling other people in a live action video game like sport, Then a week latter the commerical for "Gamer" a movie with the same concept was on her TV. * This Troper came up with an epic PoisonChaliceSwitcheroo idea... only for a variation of it to show up once he read ''ThePrincessBride''. [[spoiler: The poison was in both cups, just like in the book, but the good guy had the antidote in his pocket.]] * Kids who think they're playing games are actually fighting a real war? [[EndersGame Curse you, Orson Scott Card!]] * This Troper had the idea for a ''TransformersCybertron'' two years before said series existed. DAMN YOU TO HELL HAS[[JustForPun BLOW]] * ''SuperRobotMonkeyTeamHyperforceGo''. I shit you not. Only there

were just two of us, and no human characters. We came up with it to make jumping on a trampoline more interesting. * This troper was about 70% finished on an indie role-playing game that blended ideas from Supernatural and Dexter with a heavy helping of Lovecraftian goodness called ''A Murder of Crows.'' Then Chaosium games released a supplement for their Call of Cthulhu game called, I kid you not, ''A Murder of Crows.'' This troper still suspects telepathic theft. ** If it's only the title they had in common, this troper can't see why you suspect theft. A "murder" ''is'' the collective noun for crows, and anyone might be struck by the possibility. Indeed, the exact same title appeared on a list I once made of good titles for crime novels I might one day write. (Several other titles on that list, I later found out, had ''also'' already been taken!) * This troper has been repeatedly baffled by finding tropes on this very wiki that fit ''almost exactly'' what I though were original ideas. Among them: BoisterousBruiser, MobileSuitHuman and MalusExMachina. * This troper had an idea for a story about ancient gods trying to evolve and deal with humanity's lack of belief in them. Then I read AmericanGods... I also came up with the concept for a fantasy series, only to realize that it bore a striking resemblance to [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar]] and [[{{Firefly}} Firefly]]. * On the subject of Neil Gaiman, this troper has written one story in which, among other things, a male-to-female transexual is sent to heaven at the end. He planned a sequel before deciding that it would have undermined the themes of the original. But one of the scenes he wrote before abandoning it showed this character in heaven, and she had become a fully-functioning female. He still thinks it was a good idea, even after learning that this already happened in ''{{Sandman}}''. * This troper once had a friend who literally thought that those bastards had stolen his idea. Unfortunetly, she can't remember what it was called anymore, sorry. * This troper has been planning an action-oriented story in which the main cast includes, essentially, [[SoulEater Maka]], [[{{Bleach}} Hitsugaya and Orihime]], complete with powers and fighting styles. This was long before hearing about ''SoulEater'' or caring about ''{{Bleach}}''. ---DoomTay: I'm still thinking of a story I conceived years ago, and has learned for quite a while, that it's a double whammy of this. The premise is "a boy becomes TrappedInAnotherWorld and has to find a collection of Macguffins" I saw the trailer for ''[[TheDarkIsRising The Seeker]]'' and it took a while to realize the similarities. The other half is that I want to title it ''The Protector'', but a quick imdb search tells me there are ''nine movies with that title'', and now I'm wondering if it's only the title's genericity that prevents any of them from getting lawsuitted, just as James Cameron lawsuitted the guys behind the LiveActionAdaptation of [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar]], [[JustBugsMe but not]] the series. To this day, I'm worried that if I ever make this into a TV series, I might get comparisons to,

or accused of ripping off of, Avatar, or Narnia. * This troper was working on a story about a group of vampires that swore off human blood and had to try and live in secret while struggling to control their curse. Then I heard about Twilight. They stole my idea, but I guess I should thank them because it turns out it sucks (no pun). ---This troper had an original short story project about a bunch of kids who never meet face to face but instead have all of their most fulfilling relationships online. It would eventually culminate in them all being forced to save the world together and thus an inability to just ignore each other when they get pissed off with one another. I was really excited to tell my friends about it, but got the universal response of 'It sounds like [[Homestuck]] did that better.' ---* Me: Hey what if young Bruce Wayne was shot in the head during the robbery and ended up catatonic and dreaming up all the various versions of Batman from his bed. * Me (three minutes later): Wait a sec -- that's just the plot to the Batman/Planetary crossover ---* This troper thought it would be a good idea for music companies to sell music on something like a video game cartridge to prevent the skipping associated with worn-out [=CDs=]. Then I realized, wait, we already have MP3 players. ---* [[@/AndyWaltfeld This Troper]] once had a friend who was obsessed with [[ShootEmUp Shmups]], and was busy drafting his own game featuring the pilot of "Sigma 1" becoming involved in a torrid love affair with his alien girlfriend rival. Cue his plans being revealed in high school dangerously close to the release of ''SigmaStarSaga''. ---* This troper once had an idea for an animated series that invovled a group of characters spread out across the world that slowly discovered they had superpowers, and eventually came together to save the world. I was in 5th grade (2005) when I thought of this...then more than a year later came [[{{Series/Heroes}} Heroes]]. * For many years, [[@/{{Joelkazoo}} This Troper]] had been kicking around a sci-fi/comedy story in his head about a grown man forced to redo his entire pre-secondary education (even preschool), but could never come up with a good reason ''why'' he would have to do it. An attempt in 7th Grade English class in 1991 had a high school senior fail an experimental test after a night of parting too hard. [[{{Understatement}} It sucked]]. He had to start in preschool and do ALL 14 YEARS over. I gave up after the character (We'll call him Barry Crumpleton,because that was his name I gave him) was in 3rd grade, and have the test creator call the experiment off. I pictured John Candy or Chris Farley in the Barry role, because I thought it would be ''SO FUNNY'' if I had them [[TrailerJokeDecay slide down one of those indoor play set slides and have it collapse when they were halfway down]] ([[CaptainObvious because they were SO FAT! Get it?]]). Then, in 1995, ''Billy Madison'' came out. While not a critical masterpiece,

it made decent change and had a somewhat more plausible reason as to why one would have to do such a thing. Now that I think about it, Barry Crumpleton DOES have the same number of syllables as ''Billy Madison'', and also starts with a B! I still have the hard copy of the story! [[AreYouPonderingWhatImPondering Maybe I have a case...]]? ---* [[@/{{Gabel}} This troper]] once said to his friends ''there should be something like a dead cat to wear on your skin'' ([[http://www.atlanticview.biz/FX7E1.jpg a protection from wind you put one a microphone]]). His friends response? ''It's called fur'' ---* [[@/SapphireFlame This troper]] swears that the idea of parasitic plants that grow on your skin was original when I thought of it! [[NintendoWars Advance Wars: Days of Ruin]] using that same idea a few years later was just coincidence. ** Don't worry about it; [[OlderThanDirt Nature beat them to it]]. ---* [[@/MikeK I]] was toying with an idea for a story where there's some sort of AppliedPhlebotinum that causes immortality, with the catch that anything that would normally be fatal would cause as much physical damage as it would otherwise, just without killing you. Then I happened to look at the CameBackWrong page and realized it sounded similar to the potion in ''Death Becomes Her'' (which I ''had'' seen once before). My vague ideas involved using the idea for straight BodyHorror rather than that movie's dark comedy take on it though... ---* [[@/TheNinth This Troper]] wrote a short story about a vampire and a werewolf who actually get along and enjoy each other's company. They share a house and get mixed up with other supernatural things going on in the area. I actually ''sold'' it and was excited about going on with it. And then the ''{{Being Human}}'' pilot aired in the UK a few months before my story was released by the publisher. ---* [[@/SeasideMessenger This Troper]], after going back and forth between the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain during an 06 trip to Disneyland, thought "Hey! A HauntedHouse [[InSpace In SPACE]] would be pretty freaking sweet! Cue DeadSpace..... and retroactively for when I watched EventHorizon. ---* This Troper envisaged a story concerning ninja-mailmen that delivered messages, parcels and miscellaneous goods while evading detection from the governing body that monitors all communication. They would employ the rooftops, side-alleys and windows to reach their destinations, clambering up buildings with great agility. Dramatic scenarios involving the murder of ninja-mailmen and frenetic pursuits across cluttered rooftops emerged. This Troper had the working title ''Shadow Post'', but nothing serious was written. Six months later, [[MirrorsEdge Mirror's Edge]] was released. ** This Troper had the ''exact same idea'' and is now thoroughly

creeped out. ** It's also been done with a tabletop RPG called [[http://www.ninjaburger.com Ninja Burger]], although, as the name implies, what these ninja covertly deliver is fast food. ("Delivery guaranteed in 30 minutes, or we commit seppuku!") ---* Upon reading this page, [[@/SabreJustice this troper]] is rather glad that I prefer to steal and modify ideas from everything ({{Homage}}, not plagiarism!) because anything I think up often can be and has already been done. At least then I ''know'' it's been done. Also, I have to fight the urge to edit in ''other'' examples of your ideas being OlderThanTheyThink, [[EvenEvilHasStandards but]]... ** ...oh dammit, I got back from watching ''Film/{{Avatar}}'' and realise they stole one of the few ideas I considered original- a fourlimbed alien race that evolved from a six-limbed family of animals, via the upper two sets fusing into arms. Though in my case said aliens are known for having great upper body strength as a result, and [[BizarreSexualDimorphism the females still have]] [[MultiArmedAndDangerous four arms]]. And mine are slightly more different than RubberForeheadAliens. * This troper's sister used to try and have Santa Claus make her impossible things. Like a skateboard with two wheels, with a stick that comes out of the front to steer. (He got her a scooter.) Also, this troper had a really good idea for a story, where a girl werewolf (it was genetic, too, not transmitted by biting) falls in love with a normal boy at her high school. When describing this to a friend, they said, "You mean, like BloodAndChocolate?" Cue much grrrrrring. * This troper came up with the ideas for ''WestSideStory'' and leg warmers decades after they'd already been done. * This troper has seen this a lot, partially as a result of creating characters out of boredom. As an example, I once thought up a Medusalike character and decided it would be interesting if her backstory stated that she was a normal girl who had been bitten by an unusual snake, transforming her into her current form. Not long after, it hit me that that idea is oddly similar to SpiderMan (I barely read comics, but still). * This troper came up with the idea of a ZombieApocalypse with a HiveMind while thinking about what it would be like for a necromancer to [[AGodAmI ascend to godhood]]. Then I discovered [[{{Halo}} The Gravemind]] * I saw my first Snuggie commercial when I was wearing a robe backwards. Damn them! Damn them all! ---* After dealing with the phrase "low-budget film", I followed it up with "no-budget film". So did others. No biggie there. I also came up with the idea of kissing at midnight on New Year's as a way of carrying love into the new year. Turns out people already do it. ---* [[@/BulldozerBegins This Troper]] worked on a miniseries for Ferris State's PEG channel, dubbed ''[[http://dozerfleetwiki2.wikisite.com/index.php/Blood_Over_Water Blood Over Water]].'' THEN...the Livingston Brothers released a completely unrelated book titled

''[[http://www.theboatrace.org/article/newsandmedia/books/bloodoverwat er Blood over Water]]''. ** In the Ferris miniseries, two twin ''brothers'' intend to go fishing by ''a river''. One ends up [[spoiler: dead]]. They share a friend in common, who works for a CorruptCorporateExecutive at a water bottling center titled Sleet Mountain (BrandX for Ice Mountain). That friend's ''loyalty is tested'' between his friendship bond with the brothers and his greedy boss' agenda. The [[spoiler: surviving]] brother must figure out what happened to his twin. ** The book, however, is about how the Livingston ''Brothers'' raced each other in canoes in ''a river'' in England. Their family ''loyalty was tested'' by them having to compete against each other. ** Then, there's a GuildWars guild named [[http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57884947707&v=info#!/group.php ?gid=2332037676&ref=mf the Blood Over Water Guild]], which has no relation at all to the other two. * Really freaky example: this Troper once wrote a short story for his English Lit course about a vampire who hires the greatest artists of the age to paint her portrait, and pays the best with just a smidgin of vampire blood to extend their lives with the POV character being a struggling-but-talented painter from renaissance Tuscany. Not two weeks after submission, a collection of shorts set in the {{Warhammer}} world was released, including ''Portrait of My Undying Lady'', an almost word-for-word match with my own short (''True Art Lives Forever''), set in Tilea, the Old World's expy of renaissance Italy. Freaked me out, and almost got me busted for plagiarism, until I pointed out that even though the story must have been written before mine, it was published after, and unless they were claiming I was in a position to intercept mail between the author and publisher, there was no way I could have had access to it to copy (note- this was before file-sharing sites made widespread piracy of advance reader copies feasible). Also, would I really be so stupid as to copy a work and then bring the published version to their attention (as I did, to forestall someone stumbling across it anyway)? * I was drawing little people with cat ears and tails when I was seven, since kitties r teh awsum. Then I found out about anime and the furry fandom(thru teh internetz), and although all that stuff probably outdates ''me'' by at least 20 years, my first thought was "Hey! They stole my idea!" ** Same troper, one day I was ranting to my mom about how the bras looked so skimpy these days(walked past Victoria's Secret) that you might as well just [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasties paste little stickers on your nipples and be done with it.]] * Happened to this troper lots of times. One of his ideas was a concept similar to ''Cannon Fodder'' from ''{{Memories}}'', only in his version it was specifically the island of Manhattan that was turned into a giant battleship. Another was a concept similar to TheMatrix, which he came up with about a year ''after'' watching the movie (he was either too young or too stupid to understand what the movie was about at the time), only realising it after watching it again a couple of years later. And also, way too many AlternativeHistory ideas to count, at times it seems like there is

nothing in it that has not been tried. * This troper had an idea about a story for a video game where you start off as a [[KidHero young boy, early in his childhood,]] and he progressively gets older as you play further through the game. Eventually you fall in love with your childhood friend and have a kid, [[AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent who becomes the main hero in the next half of the game.]] I thought I had a pretty original idea until I heard about FireEmblemJugdral and DragonQuestV...Still, they're both amazing games and I'm not annoyed at them for "stealing" my idea. * [[@/{{Turtleducks}} This troper]] had a ''brilliant'' idea for an urban fantasy novel, involving a guy who just moved to a new city where the supernatural are prevalent. He works in a special "agency" devoted to these creatures. As well, his boss is a demonic woman, and his best friend who helps him out sometimes is a wizard...what do you ''mean'' that sounds like the cartoon UglyAmericans? * The first successful multi-chapter fanfiction [[@/WallofIllusion I]] ever wrote was for ''YuGiOh'' and was about Seto going to Egypt to talk to the Ishtars because he was having visions of Kisara--but this was back when the anime was still making its way through those two odd filler arcs. When it got the Ancient Egypt arc and threw this exact idea in, I was not pleased. (Though, granted, the anime's version wasn't a [[{{Shipping}} Seto x Isis]] theme as far as I know...) ** I also named an OC Jindal by combining letters at random, without realizing that it was the name of a politician. * An early version of a tabletop [=RPG=] that I'm writing had a race driven from their home, nearly to extinction, roaming the galaxy on their ships, and confined to environment suits. Then ''MassEffect'' was released. Cue major rewrite. * This troper had an ambition of writing a StarTrek script back in high school (the late Next Generation era) and came up with an interesting script for an episode where an old commander of Geordi's hijacked the Enterprise to go pick a fight with the Romulans, but never quite managed to finish the story. A few months later, the episode "The Pegasus" appeared... in which an old commander of Riker's hijacked the Enterprise to go pick a fight with the Romulans. * This Troper had an idea. What if there was a 4-dimensional platforming game? I was suprised when I saw that XKCD strip... ... Granted, my idea handles the fourth dimension movement a bit differently, but it still isn't different enough to make it "original". ---This Troper once needed an electric motor which applies torque to the rim of a wheel rather than the axle. He had been reading up on Gauss guns and decided to adapt the idea of magnetic coils firing in sequence to create acceleration into something that works as a motor. Once he had finished his design he told his uncle, who replied with "Oh yeah, that's the Bedini motor. They were invented some time in the eighties I think." Cue this Troper being rather annoyed. ---* [[{{Tropers/Stickmeister0}} I]] tend to unintentionally rip off

things I like. ** "Alright, so there's these 12 women of 12 different colors and nationalities and are all immortal and ReallySevenHundredYearsOld, and...wait, what do you mean LegendOfZelda did this first? GOD DAMMIT!" ---* Meta-example: [[@/HersheleOstropoler this troper]] joked to his girlfriend about his great idea, ''[[DieHardOnAnX Die Hard]]'' [[DieHardOnAnX in a skyscraper]]. Then he saw the ''ThirdRockFromTheSun'' example on the main page.... * This one's still painful to think about. When I was in high school, I wrote, in essence, Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" without knowing it had already been done. (I'm now very glad I never showed it to anyone!) I still say mine was better, though.... ---* This troper had the idea for a plot where an FBI Agent had to team up with the GentlemanThief he'd always been pitted against. Damn you, WhiteCollar! Wait. . . damn you, Frank Abagnale, Jr., and your life! Wait, wait. . . Damn you, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Takes_a_Thief_%281968_TV_series%29 It Takes a Thief]]! Aww, I can't stay mad at any of you. . . ---* This troper, when I was young, had an idea to improve pokemon, that was remarkably similar to super smash bros, complete with regular A button attack and special moves mapped to B. Except my mental image was the quagmire fight from the third pokemon movie. This was thought of years before I played super smash bros. ---* This [[Tropers/{{Seiryu}} troper ]] has been writing a story since senior year of high school. It starts off with people being able to control the [[ElementalRockPaperScissors elements of nature]], and then discovered AvatarTheLastAirbender. ** Also, in said story, there's a girl who can talk to animals. One fight scene against the bad guys involved the girl singing, bringing the animals closer, then setting them on the bad guys. Then the third {{Shrek}} film came out. -->'''Seiryu:''' SON OF A [[ThisTropeIsBleep ***** -**** ing ***** !]] ---* [[Tropers/SirPsychoSexy This troper]] wanted to work out how to invent a heated ice cream scoop. Turns out [[http://www.amazon.com/Salton-ICS22R-Heated-Ice-CreamScoop/dp/B000CFR70O they]] [[http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HUKYTK/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_2?pf _rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B000CFR70O&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1QQMB4R 9WMVPJYVS8EFX already exist]]. * I had an idea to start spreading around the acronym "DSFA", for "Doesn't Stand For Anything"... It turns out someone running a Dutch record label [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSFA_Records had the same idea]]. ---* [[Tropers/{{Kittengrl39}} This troper]] has been entertaining an

idea for some time based on AvatarTheLastAirbender. It's set in the far future of the original series, where Sokka and Teo's father's inventions have paved the way for an industrial revolution. The main character is a Water Tribe girl, and the main antagonists are antibending fanatics. [[TheLegendOfKorra Guess what's coming out in 2011]]? Only difference: The Avatar isn't reincarnated, just dead. ---* This troper had an idea for a story about a man whose beloved wife dies, but lives on in his mind. However, his mental version of her turns scheming and homicidal, and eventually he is forced to realize that the "wife" in his head is only a mere shade of his wife in reality, thus ending her. Then she saw {{Inception}}. ---* This troper had an idea where this was a land where {{Nicktoons}} lived, and my character was teamed up with SpongeBobSquarePants, DannyPhantom, [[TheFairlyOddParents Timmy Turner]], and JimmyNeutron. [[NicktoonsUnite Guess what came out a few years later.]] Though this ended up [[TropesAreNotBad as a good thing]], as this troper [[Animated/TheAnimationCrossroads came up with something better]]. Hopefully nobody steals ''that'' idea as well. ---* When [[@/FabianCH this troper]] was just learning to read, he remembers having had the brilliantly revolutionary idea of "just continuing a word on the next line if it doesn't fit on the previous one"! Happened to me a lot when I was little. ---* I was planning a furry Science Fiction comic after having an idea. A quick look on TV Tropes lets you discover that there are lots of them already. ---* I had two ideas that would revolutionize movies as a child; a secondary crew allowing the movie to shoot on more than one location at once, and the ability to "record" and playback a camera's movement. These are known as the Second Unit and Motion Control Photography(used in 2001 and Star Wars: A New Hope). ** I also had an idea for a graphics technique where a model is rendered with the standard amount of polygons, yet a map with varying shades of grey is applied to it, to indicate where it's made to ''look'' more detailed than it actually is. This is called "Normal Mapping", and is used in such titles as ''GearsOfWar'', and "bumpmapping", used in ''Halo'' from Halo2 onward(barring ''HaloWars''). ---* I had an idea for a piece of fiction in which a school formed a club, headed up by an energetic, over-the-top teenage girl, apparently for innocent purposes, but that ends up attracting those with unusual powers - all unbeknownst to the rest of society. [[HaruhiSuzumiya Take a guess what I watched afterwards, while slamming the desk with impotent rage.]] ---* Tropers/{{Excel-2010}}. As a film student, I constantly share my ideas for movies. My sister watches them far more frequently than I

do, so once in a while I ask her for her opinions on my ideas. Most of the time, she just gives me a movie title I've never heard of. It works the other way around, except I usually give titles of media other than movies. Consequently, I hold Ecclesiastes 1:9 as the most important Bible verse for creative artists. Incidentally, the method I use to avert this involves taking subtler tropes common in one medium and applying them to another and hoping that the result makes me look like a visionary. ---* This has happened to me [[Tropers/AirOfMystery multiple times]], but I tend to more feel happy that someone agrees with me that it's a good idea/I got it right than anything else. For example, some of the things the {{Naruto}} characters said in a fanfic I wrote before I saw the whole series were extremely similar to things they said in later episodes, but I'm glad I fluked on good characterisation. Similarly, I described solipsism using a chair as an example, then later read the Wikipedia page on solipsism. The Buddhist section of the page uses a chair as an example in pretty much the exact way I said it. ---* Tropers/{{Klon}}: My last attempt at writing fanfiction has been totally crushed by this. I had to find out that someone had done a Star Wars/Azumanga Daioh-crossover before me. But perhaps I should not give up yet. ---* This troper managed to mix Krypton, Galactus, the Silver Surfer, and the Celestials in the backstory of his novel, without noticing until ''years'' later, when it was pointed to him. ---* Welcome to this troper's life. Everything she does, from writing a story to making up a trope to thinking up a mathematical...thing has already been done. The worst thing is she comes up with them independently and without knowing that someone's already done it. ---* This troper once suggested to his friend how awesome it would be for [[EnemyMine Batman and Joker to have to team up]], and end with Joker's betrayal. [[spoiler:My friend casually remarked it's been done.]] * This troper recently had an idea for a Prestige D&D class where the PC willingly channeled an EldritchAbomination so he could use it's magic (think of a Warlock but TurnedUpToEleven). I just [[WikiWalk read]] about the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Classes/DungeonsAndDragons Binder]] class. * [[Tropers/SizzlyBacon This troper]] has a problem coming up with original humor, usually relying on ShoutOuts. When he '''DOES''' think of something original, it's [[CrowningMomentOfFunny laugh-out-loud hilarious.]] * This troper wanted to make a novel about [[MagicalGirl magical girls]] with enough [[WaveMotionGun firepower to down star destroyers]] working in a sci-fi military with plenty of [[MagicFromTechnology magitech]]. Then I saw

[[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Nanoha StrikerS]]. Oh well, [[TheDeterminator gonna find a way to do it anyway.]] [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer Just gotta be a little more creative...]] * My first song idea basically was Be Strong by Delta Goodrem. I was pissed! ---* This troper had an idea for a piece of work which involved an entirely virtual world, which was destroyed when it's core became sentient. Then I played MegamanBattleNetwork 3... * This troper's brother came up with an idea for an offensive football play, only for our father to tell him the name of that play and what year it was invented. He's also described a videogame idea to a cousin of ours, only to be told "it's been done, sorry." Also, this troper thought of a magical school years before HarryPotter, and half her creative ideas have been done in some shape or form. It can be frustrating. * A friend of mine wanted to create a show about Magical Girls, but with more blood, and a deconstruction of the genre. [[PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Guess what happened.]] Worst thing? [[SincerityMode I love that anime.]] * This Troper was looking to create a Web Original video series centred on criticism, and settled on reviewing drinks since that was a seemingly unexplored area, with pop culture a more common target. Not long after putting several episodes into production and posting the first couple online, he came across The CinemaSnob (AKA Brad Jones) an already established internet comedian/critic with a growing following and the support of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com - arguably the leader in the web original comedy criticism genre - doing much the same thing as "Brad Tries". Cue this Troper's head impacting heavily with his desk. ---* I invented a strong, female character for a {{Pokemon}} fanfic that used AppliedPhlebotinum to summon and use a variety of magical weapons and dressed up in ridiculous cosplay outfits that she designs in her spare time. Somewhere down the line I realized I had basically invented an evil version of [[FairyTail Erza Scarlett]] (albeit with a different, much less tragic backstory). ---* This troper had what he thought was an awesome idea for an Original story, About a futuristic Japan where the Edo period never ended, The head honcho's of this alternate Japan were a bunch of corrupted rich aliens and the only ones who could stand up to them were a bunch of rag-tag twenty-something year old samurai who were also fighting against a sword ban and an 'Anti-Samurai' Police Force. I told my friend about ''my awesome idea'' and his reaction? --> "Ah, so you watch {{Gintama}} too, eh?" ---* This troper often gets this with made-up character names: during a web search one day, I found out that several of my particular gems were already the names of companies. ----

* This troper encountered this a few times in fan fiction. One time, I read a DragonBallZ fan fic that had Goku and Chi Chi having to call a friend for bail money because they caused a fight and ended up in jail. The thing was that this was written some time after I wrote a fic with a similar plot idea. When I pointed this out to her, the fic writer apologized and claimed that she had no idea. Thankfully, there were some very clear differences. * The second time was when I came across an Iron Man fan fic that had him paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident on the battlefield. Naturally, I thought that the writer was inspired by a well known Iron Man storyline that had him paralyzed from the waist down from a bullet. When I told her that, it turns out that she never heard of that storyline. ---* @/DRoy-I came up with a sci-fi novel; There's city and many people are infected with virus that can infiltrate or take over the brain to steal information. In combat, it can take over entire host's body and turn it into deformed fleshy form of weapon. The said form can combine with other hosts and their body mass as well. The MC is a scientist who accidentally released it and infected with it so he goes around and cures people by extracting the parasite out of them and sometimes he has to fight them, using the virus in his own body to turn his body into weapon. I showed it to my friend, and his response? -->Friend: So...[[{{Prototype}} He's infected with ZEUS?]] ---[[{{ptitleo00tgxbo}} A link like this]] has been done already? Damn... * And I was just going to do the same thing... ** you ''too''! *** Oh, c'mon! **** [[FiveManBand And I thought I was being so original]]... <<|TroperTales|>> * So i think the lesson here is to either just think of the idea or type it, so if someone "steals" it you can at least say here"s the proof, but NEVER talk about it, it will get jacked.

Ptitleo6x5bs8l * I've accidentally sworn in front of family members (anywhere else and I'm a walking ClusterFBomb at times). They just ignore it. * [[Tropers/RedWren This troper]] has a habit of fading into the crowd, being [[WiseBeyondTheirYears more attentive than others think she is]], or simply [[YoungerThanTheyLook younger than a person talking would assume.]] After a saucy joke/reference to sex/whatever, this sometimes happens. -->''[[{{Beat}} [General realization dawns] ]]''\\ Me: Shall I just pretend I have no idea what you're talking about? * '''Friend:''' Jesus Christ!

* '''Teacher:''' 'What' was that? * '''Friend:''' ...Cheese and Rice? * I have pretty much adopted this as my catch phrase, especially around my somewhat immature friends. For example, one of my younger friends said that they had a random thought involving the size of... certain extremities. I slowly and quietly backed away and uttered this on the way to my class. * I once went to the park with a large group of friends, one of whom offered me the rest of his beer. I was quickly finishing it, but did not bin it in time and someone in the group yelled this out. A person cleaning the park up thankfully said they "didn't see it". * I have a tendency to be in the same room as rather sensitive conversations involving my advisor, either regarding inter-teacher politics or simply sensitive issues with other students. I tend to be glued to my laptop the whole time. The advisor in question allows me to do this because of the following conversation: -->Advisor: Don't repeat any of that. -->Me: Any of what? -->Advisor: Right answer. ---It's a good thing I can't see you going back to [[{{Ptitleo6x5bs8l}} the main page]].

ptitleo80g8a6lb0j8 * It happens to me and my neighbour all the time. Once I was being very quiet, pondering what would be the best way to fix a do-ityourself attempt gone [[{{Understatement}} horribly]] wrong. I came up with a semi-plausible resolution, when the guy spoke... only to make a remark about something we had [[FlameWar discussed]] three hours ago. * While this troper and his friend generally '''are''' thinking the same thing when either asks, the other will invariably rattle off a list of NoodleImplements before the initiator comments, "Precisely." * This troper once asked this to a friend, in which she responded to him, "No. No, I am not." After that, the two of them proceeded to kick open the doors in front of them at the same time, with no interaction between the two about it beforehand. She was clearly pondering what he was pondering. ** This troper believes that it might be related to [[DidAKoreanPersonDie the death of that korean guy]]. * Slightly inverted: this troper was once reminded of the time she ran downstairs in her dorm room wearing nothing but her total clutching a piece of pizza to her chest. She has a very rambling mind...one thing will remind her of something which reminds her of something else and so on until she's thinking of something totally unrelated to what she started out thinking about. So here we are sitting in a church (after being dragged there, I'm [[HollywoodAtheist not religious]]) and my friend turns to me and says "You're thinking about the shower-pizza incident, aren't you?" * [[MinusZero This troper]] generally is confronted with this question by his friends when they are plotting one of our vicious schemes. responses will vary from "I'm sorry, I wasn't very much paying

attention, would you run that by me again?" to "But fire doesn't exactly promote brain health" to simply "yes." * [[{{Jefepato}} This troper]] invariably responds to any question along these lines with "I think so, but where are we going to find a barbershop quartet at this hour?" ** ...[[PinkyandtheBrain PINKY?!]] * [[{{jinxedblackcat}}This troper]] did this with her friend the day after the last episode of FMA was aired. Got to school, made eye contact and yelled essentially "Royai's Canon/it's canon!"... which caused echo in the lobby and many odd looks. * [[JapaneseTeeth This troper]] and his best friend have been known to finish each other's sentances, and react to things in ''exactly'' the same way. We referred to it as the "mind meld". It later extended to the rest of the {{Nakama}} and became the "HiveMind". * This troper has been accused of this, due to {{Wiki Walk}}ing in her head without realising it. She tends to suddenly speak up with things which ''are'' totally related to the conversation, but it would take several minutes to explain exactly how. ** This troper does this to his wife all the time. He finds the several minutes of explanation as to how he got to that subject are more fun than the seeming nonsequitur itself. "See, this reminded me of that, which reminded me of that, so I started thinking about this..." ** When I blurt out nonsequiturs, the exchange is generally to the lines of: --> '''Other People:''' Wait, what? How were you thinking about that? -->'''[[TheTallOne Me:]]''' Well, I was thinking about what we were talking about and... [[GenkiGirl *confused look*]] I don't know. ** This troper does the same thing. Sometimes, I'll be able to explain it; most times I don't know why I was reminded of it. A couple old high school friends would say I was being random, but I know have other friends that just roll with it. Sometimes it helps to make a razorsharp wit. In one case, a college associate was explaining an npc in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game that he had fleshed out as his love interest and described her as a Native American "spirit chaser." I had been reading something else in one of the books and just piped up with, "so she's an alcoholic?" * Just from the title, the Conservative Party: "Are you thinking like we're thinking?" Which later turned out to be during the General Elections that no, they were not. * This troper, who uses "ponder" in sentences all the time, get people who thing it's a reference to That One Show all the time. But it's a good show to refer to, so she answers it... well, as often as she can. * This troper has an identical twin, so if one asks "Are you thinking what I'm thinking", the answer is almost always yes. ** Yes, a hundred times, yes. From another twinned troper. Her husband finds it VERY funny. * This troper was at a small party with a group of friends, and since he was already drunk, and likes hearing the sound of his own voice, he was making a goofy little speech before opening a bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock. He comes to the close of the speech and says, "Now before I open this bottle I'd like you to all join me in singing

an old sea shanty..." And before he could start singing "Dead Man's Chest", the other five people there burst out with [[SpongebobSquarepants "WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?!?"]] ** This troper would like to award your friends with a CrowningMomentOfFunny. * This troper suspects he is slightly psychic: he is able to instinctively know the last word of a sentence someone is saying just before they it. [[spoiler: [[ParanoiaFuel Yes, I know you didn't believe me.]] ]] * This troper has this thing happen where she'll be thinking something, and that thought will be spoken aloud by her mother. Even if it's something [[CloudCuckooLander completely out of the blue.]] ----


Ptitleoa48fdbm * This Troper was going to an convention with some people. I commented on one of the girls (who I just met that day) Sweet Lolita dress and we started talking about how much we love Lolita fansion. I mentioned that my one of best friends was going to the con in an outfit that one of her friends got for her. The girl said that she did the same thing for one of her friends. I started to get curious so I asked what the girls name was. Turned out that she was talking about the exact same girl that I was talking about! * This Troper once met a girl at a party who was visiting the host from out of town. She and I chatted for a while and got on quite well. A couple of years later, I met a girl at a festival who later become my girlfriend. After dating for a few months, she introduced me to a good friend of hers, who happened to be the same girl who I'd met at the party! To top off the whole bizarre ordeal, it turns out that the girl from the party had only recently told my girlfriend that she had always regretted "not hooking up with that cute boy" she'd met at the party years earlier! No word of a lie! * This troper moved to France for a few months last summer with complete strangers as part of an internship scheme. When the scheme ended, one of the other girls moved to Australia. Where she promptly made friends with a girl this troper went to secondary school with in London. On a slightly less bizarre scale, while I made friends with another girl in France, my best friend had gone to uni and made friends with my French friend's best friend. * So, [[{{Bibliophile20}} this troper]] happens to be the primary beta for [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/884184/ S'TarKan]]'s Naruto stories. One day a few weeks before this entry, I find the {{FanFicRecommendations}} page on this site and find my mentor's writing rec'ed there by {{Rogue7}}. And then yesterday I find out that {{Rogue7}} is a member of my college's gaming club. *boggle* * This Troper used to go to school with a friend of hers who was a {{Pokemon}} fan until about sixth grade. Fast-foward to This Troper's

sophmore year of high school. She is signing in for attending the school's anime club meeting, and she discovered that the same {{Pokemon}} fan she went to school with in the past came to her school for high school. Small world, huh? * This troper's Australian mother and Australian grandmother once unexpectedly met each other in the street. In London. * This troper ran into a former neighbor at a huge Warhammer convention. Said neighbor had recently moved to Wales, and neither party had any idea the other played, and are both building similar armies. (And, apparently, this troper is also recognisable from behind with his long hair down and wearing a BadassLongcoat, when previously only seen with hair up and not wearing the coat.) * This troper has two: ** On a trip to Pakistan, this troper and his family ran into TWO sets of family friends while at the airports in Karachi, Pakistan. The first set was randomly met with both parties at the airport dropping someone else off, and the second was when this troper and his family were in the process of boarding their return flight home, and the family friends were just arriving in Pakistan. ** This troper recently found out that the top student in his high school (an engineer) recently started work at the same accounting firm (that admittedly provides computer solutions) that the troper has been working at for two years. Admittedly, this troper was pleased to find that he had been working longer and (likely) earned more as it represented a {{take that}} moment for this troper: while considered to be in the top 5 or 10 students in the grade, never felt he got the credit he deserved. * Upon reaching my first active duty station I discovered that a member of my high school graduation class had also just arrived at the unit. Said person had entered the Marines two years prior to my own enlistment. It's my mother, however, who is the queen of this. Anywhere she goes, ''anywhere'', she will run into someone she's met before. ** Same thing happened to me. Not once, not twice, but three times. While in Japan, I was paired off on shore patrol duty with a chief petty officer whom I found out was originally from my hometown in WA state. A hometown of maybe 35,000 people, tops. I then [[CrashIntoHello literally ran into]] a girl I knew who came into the Navy from the same recruiting station as I did. OneThingLedToAnother, but that's neither here nor there. And finally, a man was stationed on the very same ship as me who had graduated from the same high school as I did, though around eight or nine years separated. A ship of a little over 200 people fully packed, mind you. * This troper's mother happened to crash into an old coworker of hers when we went to the Last Night of the Proms. Said coworker was from a job ''ten years old''. * This troper was wearing a shirt with her high school name (in [[{{Joisey}} New Jersey]]) on it on the streets of ''Paris''. She was stopped by a man who had gone to the same high school. Both were slightly shellshocked. * This troper reunited with an old friend whom she had not seen for a good 6 or 7 years (when both of us were about that same age) when we

accidentally sat next to each other in the mall food court. * This troper moved across a state and still managed to meet someone who not only had gone to school with her ex, but still occasionally heard gossip about him through friend she kept in touch with. * This troper has found other people who are part of the Anonymous Hivemind in the same town. ** Same here - he actually randomly said a random /b/-meme to the new guy. Turns out, he was a /b/-rother, too. * This New Yorker troper once met his Spanish teacher. At the freaking ''Comic-Con''. ** Dude, BEST TEACHER EVER! * This troper's boyfriend collects a certain brand of very rare foreign car. One time when he was talking about it, she told him "I think my dad has one of those." So he sent her pictures of the different kinds of that brand and she picked out one as being just like her father's car. He then informed her that he'd been hearing about a "crazy guy" from around a nearby town who had one of those cars. She wasn't convinced it was her father, until the story changed to "a crazy guy with cancer," with which her father had just been diagnosed. * This Troper's (sadly deceased) grandmother wins this hands down. Managed to work out that someone she spoke to in a doctor's waiting room had a granddaughter that was in my year at school. * This troper had dinner with the niece of the woman my family in another city had dinner with that same day. * This troper went to school and was in the same grade as the granddaughter of a man who grew up in the same town in Poland as her own grandfather. * This troper and her husband had a series of these when they were first getting to know one another. Troper's mother and husband's uncle were friends in high school. Husband has several cousins -- two went to high school with the troper, another was the troper's babysitter. Perhaps most bizarre of all, one of husband's cousins died a few years before he met the troper, and the police officer who responded to the death was the troper's father. * Does this count? [[LadyNorbert This troper]] was discussing fanfic with some relatively new acquaintances. Troper had her own fanfic recommended to her. * [[{{BrainDamage}} This troper]] has two. When I was coming back from Florida, someone in line a few people behind me at the airport called out to me. It was the son of one of my college professors, who knew it was me because of my iconic hat. I went to college in a different state than where I'm from, so it was a weird coincedence to see him there. The other one, I just found out that not far from me is a girl I went to high school with. I'm in Japan now. In the Tohoku region. The isolated rural area. * My Dad went to Berlin a few weeks ago for a weekend. The day after coming home, he went into the University. As he came out of the lecture, a girl stopped him and said "You were in my city on Saturday." Turned out she'd seen him in Berlin and recognised him in the University! * This Troper once saw a character in an international MMORPG who was

clearly from his country. This Troper never made contact, but he noticed him here and there, because he was sorta high-profile. When this troper started High School, he ended up in the same class as him! * This troper had a slight crush on a particular boy in high school. She met him in a history class, and later had auto shop with him, where they became fairly good friends. A year or so after graduation, she ran into him working in the mall. Upon hearing of this, her thenboyfriend said he was a family friend and gave her the guy's number but she was too shy to call back after the first time, the phone having been picked up by his mother. Some time after that, the againsingle troper and the boy met again - one was taking the bus to college, the other was taking the bus home from college. The same college. Third time was the charm, and about a year later they were married. * This troper was once asked by his college roommate, "Did you graduate with a girl named Karen?" Turns out, he had sat next to her on a plane trip; he was coming back to school from California, she was coming back from school -in- California. To give an idea of the odds of this, there were only sixty people in our graduating class. * AlterAlias ran into a girl he hadn't seen since primary school when at a protest rally. On a later occasion encountered his uncle and said uncle's current girlfriend at a Radiohead gig. * Fully half of everyone [[PG556 this troper]] and his family has met and talked to (sales people, doctors, random guys at hobby shops) while in Perth, capital of WA, has lived and worked in my home town of Karratha. This is a small mining town of around 15-20 thousand in the middle of nowhere (nearest town is 30km away, nearest of the same size is 200, and its 1600km north of Perth) Also, the other half of those people- they've never heard of it. It's kind of jarring. * This troper can top all of you: His mother ran into a student she taught some ten years ago while on vacation in Florida. In the line for [[ItsASmallWorldAfterAll Its A Small World!]] * The following conversation occurred at a card party a few months ago, with a woman who was engaged to the best friend of a man my family knew from church: ---> Woman: I teach theater arts for a living. ---> Me: Oh, really? I'm getting involved in theater arts myself. Where do you teach? ---> Woman: At X City College. ---> Me: Huh! That's where I go! ---> Woman: Are you enrolled in the Day Rep class? It's required for theater arts students. ---> Me: Yeah, I just saw that performance yesterday. ---> Woman: I was the one who presented that act. I'm your teacher. ---> Me: ... I ''thought'' you looked kinda familiar. * This troper has two notable examples: ** She managed to meet a boy from her town. In Orlando. At the airport. On the bus that was taking everybody to the rental cars. After she'd moved away from said town three years before, and having lost all contact with the people there. And living in the States at that time. *** This Troper did somebody similar, I saw two people from my School

in the Airport of a different country, ** Thanks to Facebook, she tracked down her best friend from middle school. Only said middle school was in Paris. When confronting information, troper and former best friend realised that: their parents are from the same Italian region, he lives in Rome, where the troper's parents live, too,(troper lives in Milan, currently) and they were both back in Paris during the summer...and not only that, but they had the same experiences throughout the ten years in which they hadn't heard from each other. * RadioactiveZombie has ran into his first grade principal when he was in third grade, found out his best friend from fourth and fifth grade in the City College class, ran into his best friend from sixth grade on the street, encountered a classmate from Freshman year at a haunted house during Halloween, accidentally flipped off his godmother on the street (seriously, honking + sunglasses + biking with angry drivers = mistaken identity), and so on. * A coworker of [[{{Hinoa}} mine]] is the absolute king of this. Consider this: He knows someone from my hometown--said town being about 1000 souls (and maybe double the actual people)--that graduated the same year as me. Also, I had one of these moments freshman year of college: one of the people who lived in my hallway was on the Quiz Bowl team for a school mine played against. * This troper was introduced to her cousin's girlfriend, who turned out to be her classmate from secondary school. * This Troper met her kindergarten substitute teacher for when her regular teacher was on Maternity leave in 3rd Grade. At a different school. She was subbing for my teacher who was also then on Maternity leave. * This troper's boyfriend once ran into a former high school classmate on the streets of a totally different city, which neither of them was living in permanently but was there for a work term. The troper herself can top it, though: through a chance discussion, she and one of the boyfriend's university classmates discovered that they had, as children, lived in the same city and the same neighbourhood, attended the same elementary school, and had the same French Immersion kindergarten teacher. They had, in fact, missed being childhood classmates by three hours each day. * There are two teachers that teach in side-by-side rooms at this troper's highschool; one is his mother, the other obviously isn't. Now... the brother of the latter teacher was at a baseball game in the San Fransisco bay area and for some reason was talking to someone who teaches in (my puny little town). Another guy turns to him and says "hey, my sister teaches there, too". It's this troper's mother's brother. Tell me: what are the chances of the brothers of two teachers who teach in what can be described as the middle of near-on nowhere meeting up at a baseball game in fucking San Fransisco? * [[JohnnyBGoode This troper]] has had a few involving a volunteer job and some summer school classes. The first and second ones might not count, as they're pretty straightforward: I went to summer classes with this girl (I was about to go into freshman year high school). A year later I ran into her working the volunteer shift right after mine. Second one: I ran into a girl I was working the same shift as at

summer school. Third one: I saw this guy applying for a job at the volunteer place while I was working. I forgot about it after a while, and then I ran into him at summer school (where he did seem to be oddly familiar with me, but I chalked it up to him being a friendly guy) Then, after summer school, I ran into him also working the shift after mine. * While on vacation, this troper met with her former teachers. ''We were staying at the same hotel''. * This troper's family were friends with the local policeman when he was in primary school in an extremely small Australian town, until he transferred out. Subsequently, during a holiday visit to the grandparents in Sydney, we bumped into that same cop. Now, living in a coastal area, guess who's in charge of the local police force? * Not sure if this counts, but [[PotatoBucket this troper]] works with a girl he has a [[AllLoveIsUnrequited crush]] on who, through conversation, has come to notice that he has only just missed meeting her before by (sometimes literally) moments. Twice at concerts, alone. * This troper celebrated her seventeenth birthday by inviting both her school friends and church friends to a laser tag party. When introducing one of her school friends to another of her church friends, they stared at each other in shock for almost a full minute. Apparently, they both volunteered at the same place and became well acquainted during their time there. * [[RitiTroll This one]] recently met someone and was asking if she knew someone and started describing someone, and then the person she was talking to mentioned that her roommate was a girl who this one knew in middle school. Creepy, isn't it? And she once ran into a drama teacher in the airport, going on the same flight. * This troper, at Halloween Horror Nights, has randomly run into a girl who had a class next door to his in the same period and recognized him by his hair (despite him having full Joker makeup on), a few kids who sit at the table next to his in the morning who he has never spoken to, and, most importantly, a friend who left school after being kicked out of the house by her mother whom he hadn't seen for a long time. * This troper's mother has the hands-down winning example. In spring of 2008, while on a cruise in the Bahamas, she met and befriended -for one evening -- a woman in the casino. The woman is from Michigan; Troper's Mother is from Pennsylvania. The two parted company without exchanging anything except first names, and Troper's Mother keenly regretted not getting an email address or something. Two months later, the two women bumped into each other...in a restroom at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. * This troper's friend's grandfather used to be in the same amateur rugby club as this troper's dad, as did his maths teacher. His biology teacher is also good friends with his cousin. * I used to live in a small town of about a 1000 people. I now live in a large city with my Dad. One of my Dad's friends comes over, and he brings his daughter with him. His daughter, in turn, brings her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was from the same town as me, and the last time we saw each other he had suckerpunched me and knocked out one of my teeth. The reunion did not end well for him that night.

* My Australian cousin was dating a guy and it was going rather well. Said cousin's sister lives in London and one night, on the way home from work, started talking to an Australian tourist. Somehow, they got on to topic of boyfriends, and the Australian tourist started describing hers -- it was the same man my Australian cousin was dating. You read correctly; my London-based cousin found her Australian-based sister's boyfriend's mistress on the bus. * This troper once was given tickets to a professional baseball game a good distance from his hometown. Upon arriving, he found that he was seated next to an old friend and high-school classmate whom he hadn't seen since graduation. * [[{{PictureFrame}} This troper]] is from a small town in central Illinois, USA. On a family vacation when this troper was in high school, they met a family from their town in Yellowstone National Park, the family of a boy one of her brothers played soccer with in Custer State Park, South Dakota, and a friend of her mother's from college in the same park. * This happened to this troper's grandfather twice. My grandfather was a very popular and well known high school teacher in his small home town. Everywhere he went in town, people would greet him enthusiastically. After retiring, he and my grandmother would make a road trip somewhere each year. The first "small world" event was when he went down to Florida and was greeted enthusiastically by a former student in a fast food restaurant. And darned if that didn't happen AGAIN... in Nova Scotia the next year (or year after). Still boggles me to this day. * [[{{this-guy}} I]] have two, but the first might not really count and the second isn't all that amazing. [[BrilliantButLazy I went to summer school]]. There was one girl who was there. When I returned to school that fall, she ended up being in my lunch period and English class. Number two: I live just southwest of Poughkeepsie, and I go to Arlington High School. My busdriver, Frank, quit. Many were saddened. I met my awesome former busdriver while redeeming a coupon or something in Danbury, Connecticut. That's the closest Sports Authority store to my home. * This German troper switched universities a couple of years ago and didn't see any of her year mates since... apart from the one she met on a movie night in Osaka. * This troper was quite into ShamanKing back in the day (c. 2003)... and absolutely ''adored'' a certain writer's fanfiction. Fast forward to 2007, and this troper picking up Oban Star-Racers - she started talking with a mod over at the official forums, and, well OneThingLedToAnother... several months later, cue a conversation about Shaman King between her and her now-girlfriend, during which the words "Wait, you're ''that'' MasterOfThePen?!" were uttered. This troper has ''still'' not lived that down.... * This troper's mother lived in Berkley, Michigan (just outside Detroit) until her 10th or 11th year in school. She lived a few houses down from a boy a few years younger than her named Frank. At the same time she moved down here to Florida, Frank moved too, living a few towns over. They met at a screening of ''TheRockyHorrorPictureShow'', not knowing who the other was. About 20 years later, he became the

main tech guy for her office, and they both looked at each other for a bit on the first day before bursting out "Rocky Horror!" ** Sort of similarly, this troper went to see a local live showing of Rocky Horror a few years ago, only to realize that Janet was played by her middle-school drama teacher upon reading the program. Poor woman was mortified when I went to talk to her afterwards but ended up laughing about it. * If you live in Rhode Island, this is bound to happen on an weekly basis whether it's in town or just out in the middle of nowhere, there's always somehow a way you run into someone from RI. It's been dubbed as "Only in Rhode Island". Three stories from this Rhode Islander -** She was grouped with three other people for a big project. They had worked on it and were heading back. She offered this one guy a ride home. As he was giving her directions, she started to recognize the area. It was where her grandmother used to live. She pointed down towards the street and said that her grandmother used to live there and then he said "Oh I did renovations on a house there for this old lady that's like family to us". Turns out that lady was my grandmother's next door neighbor. I paused for a moment and then looked at him.....he was one of the neighborhood kids who used to come and play with her and her siblings as kids. ** When this troper's mom was young and stupid living in the city, her and her friends used to love to harass this one youngish very straight laced cop that was around their age. It was an ongoing thing during her early 20's or so. Years later, when this troper was in 9th grade, she was talking to this one girl who talked about her dad who used to be a cop in the city. Her dad was that very cop my mom used to love to harass. ** This troper's older sister started out in 1st grade and was taking the bus home from school. Her stop was the final stop and as my sister was dropped off, the bus driver got out of the bus and talked to my mom. Turns out that the bus driver was a cousin of ours. Combine this with the fact that this troper's 3rd grade teacher was her 3rd cousin as well (same side of the family too!) and it really IS a small world. * As a teenager, this troper was once cited by a policeman for trespassing. A few years later, guess who was sitting next to him in a community college math class? * This Troper has two... ** While still in high school, this troper was a fan of fanfics written by a particular author. Years later, after leaving college, the troper struck up an IM friendship with a girl via a message board. It was a few months before she realized the author and her new friend were one and the same. ** She also went on vacation to Mackinac Island, a couple thousand miles away from her hometown, during the off-season for tourism. While there, she was approached by a couple '''from her hometown''' who recognized her from where she worked. * This troper once was on his way back home from Europe. We had to stop over in Houston (after nearly missing the plane) and I ran into my principal, theater teacher, and a lot of the APs on the plane. They actually called to me. It was SO embarrassing.

* This troper just missed out on one when she asked a friend what she had done over the holidays. Said friend had spent the october long weekend in Normanville. This troper had spent the october long weekend at Caracalinga, ''the next town over!!!'' * This Troper met a member of his Drama group, who he hadn't seen in at least a year, when she turned up early for her German Tutor 5 minutes early. Which happened to be during My German tutorage, by the same Tutor. * [[{{MiraShio}} This sophomore troper]]'s classmate has a cousin whose boyfriend was this troper's classmate in second grade. * This Troper's father, when on vacation in Dakar a long time ago, met a fellow Frenchman. As they talked, he discovered that that person, whom he had never seen before in his life, lived in the same town as him back in France. On the same street. In the same building. Just a floor below. * Met a girl I knew from junior high on my first day at a mentorship program that sent me to an interview at a scholarship program where I ran into the first girl I'd ever had a crush on. * This Troper's teacher, who sponsors the community service club she is in, flew up to Texas for a meeting. There, she met one of the girls who was also in the same club. It definitely is a small world. * Seriously, how many people I know would all happen to be at one public place AT THE SAME TIME?? MANY. ** This troper went to [=McDonald=]'s and spotted a former classmate just as he was leaving. In line, she spotted her best friend. When she was finished eating, another friend arrived with her family. It was pretty amazing. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wollongong Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.]] AKA ItsASmallWorldAfterAll, the City. * Back when this Troper lived in Australia he ran into one of his classmates and her family in a shopping centre in Burton on Trent, in England. * Small, but worth a mention: This troper went to a local middle school during 8th grade for a UIL meet. She hung out with a boy she had a crush on, but when that boy met up with a best friend of his from the middle school the meet was held and spend his time with her more, she grew jealous and did not speak with the girl despite the stranger being very nice. Fast forward to freshman year where this troper was sitting all alone during lunch on the second day of school due to all of her friends having a different eating period. A girl sits with her and strikes up conversation, and they quickly become best friends (even now, almost four years later). After a freshman conversation, guess who she found out was the girl this troper was insanely jealous at? Ironically, her and the boy I had a crush on are no longer friends at all. * This troper's mother and father split up, and her mother eventually moved about a hundred miles away to a small villiage in Norfolk literally, just a pub and a church and a street, and that's it. Her dad later became interested in our family history, and managed to track it all the way back to the 16th century... To an ancestor buried in yes, you've guessed it, her mum's villiage. To add to this, another ancestor of her father lived just down the road to the ancestor of her

stepmother - and to give you an idea of how weird this is, the stepmother's family then emigrated to South Africa for generations before coming back again. Just in time to marry my dad. * This troper and her parents were on holiday in France (I was 2 at the time) when we ran into my grandfather, whom my mum hadn't contacted for at least 5 years. * I lived in Israel for a couple years. Met a couple people at school there, a brother and sister. Return to the U.S., and about a year later, who do I run into at synagogue services? The older of the two siblings! I also run into his little sister, and an older sister who was too old to have been at the same elementary school. Oh yeah, his father is the executive director of the synagogue. I have a second. I was born on one coast. I moved to another coast. At my Bat Mitzvah, on the second coast, I invite two friends from that first coast. I've known both of them for a good 10-11 years before that... what we discover at my Bat Mitzvah is that the two of them are RELATED! Apparently the two parts of the family had become estranged about two generations before. * There was a span of years where my mother and I couldn't go on vacation without coming across somebody we knew. I also once ran into my grade school librarian when she was visiting a patient at the medical facility where my mother worked. Being a bookworm, I was very familiar to her - enough so that the first thing we both said was, "What are you doing here!" Oh, and the friend she was visiting turned out to be a teacher from my mother's high school, albeit one she'd known but never been taught by. A customer I had at my cashier job turned out to be the sister-in-law of a former Sunday school teacher and my line also had the eighth-grade math teacher, former crossing guard, and senior year religion teacher (did I mention said religion teacher was a nun?) come through it. A friend I met at college turned out to be a friend of the guy my former best friend took to senior prom. At freshman orientation, I came across a kid I knew from grade school, who just happened to be living in my dorm as well. And now I've just found out that a girl I knew in grade school (friend-of-afriend) is living in my hallway at college this year. This happens to me a lot... * This happened to me twice: ** There are three other people from a forum I am on, who live in the same town as me. I found out that two of them are a couple...and my sister's boyfriends parents, and the other one is a girl who I lost touch with in my last year of high school (she moved away), and havent seen in ages. *** Another story involving this friend, was that after she moved back into the same town as me (3 years later), she had a party, inviting a few of her friends from the town where she used to live. One of those girls who was from this other town, who I had never met before, added me on facebook a few months after the party. She turned out to be facebook friends with someone I went to school with (who my friend didnt know, she went to a different school back when she used to live here). This girl was friends with all of the people in my class in high school, although we had never met. ** I was in a city a few miles from where I live, when I heard my name

being called. I turned round and didnt see anyone I knew, and presumed it was someone calling for someone else with my name. Back at school, my best friend mentioned being in the same city on that day. I asked her if she was the one who called my name, and she said no, but she heard someone call my name. The girl who sits in front of us in the class we were in turned round and said that it was her who called my name on that other day. Big coincidence having three people in the same class, on the same street all at one time, without any of us knowing. * Having gone through the whole high school research competition circuit, this troper is likely at most 3 degrees separated from anyone in America who participated in major research competitions in 2010. Needless to say, I've been surprised more than once when examining my mutual friends with others on Facebook; for example, one of my best friends now goes to college with a kid I met online on a music composition forum. * When I was about 5, the first girl (not related to me) I had ever made friend with moved away. Sadly I thought I would never see her again till about four years later me and my family were at a local pool when a mysterious girl helped me get one of my pool toys away from one of my cousins; we started playing games and swimming for a while when we finally started talking. She said she was visiting family from the place my friend had moved to so I asked where she had lived before. It was the same girl. Absolutely giddy with excitement we both went running to our mothers to tell them this and they were shocked. We spent the rest of the day playing till she had to go, sadly, I haven't seen her since. * [[Troper/{{Meshakhad}} This troper]] ran into his ''high school guidance counselor'' and said counselor's family while visiting Israel. Admittedly, I went to a Jewish high school, so the chance of anyone from said school taking a trip to Israel is fairly high, but ''still''. * [[@/HersheleOstropoler I]]'ve almost certainly done this more than twice, but off the tom of my head: ** My parents gave my then-girlfriend and I tickets to a show they were unable to use. In the lobby beforehand we ran into my mother's aunt. ** I'm volunteering for a political campaign in the 2010 election cycle. I went to an event in mid-October and saw a friend of my father's. * This happens to this troper more often than you might think. Highlights tend to happen when I go on camp, for example I made friends with a girl whose cousins I have known since I was tiny - they go to our church. Another time I befriended a girl on camp who went to the same school as a guy I met ONLINE on a forum, and another girl appeared at a camp very far away from where I live - who is a year below me at school! * If you have a large family in the Caribbean and/or Bahamas--like me-it is remarkably difficult to go anywhere without running into someone related to you. My father used to be a guidance counselor and remains a pastor, while my mum used to be an English teacher and school administrator, now retired. Mum constantly bemoans his habit of

stopping to chat with people, though she's prone to it on occasion herself. And that's just New Providence, Bahamas. It apparently works on other islands in the chain too. * I have a few. ** My best friend's mother's boyfriend used to be friends with two of my cousins and an aunt. ** My shrink's helper is best friends with one of my teachers. ** Another teacher has a friend that is friends with Paramore. * My life is this trope: ** We're at the Smithsonian, in DC. Comouters are down, so we're chatting to the guy behind the desk while they're being fixed. He's an French exchange student, here for a couple of years, and he came over early so that he could explore the country a bit before work/school. He told about some of the places he's been, including this small village in Maine that had this black-and-white dog sleeping in the middle of the crossroad. Cue jaws dropping. That was our village, and our dog. (It wasn't as dangerous as it sounds back then; it's an oddly configured crossroads and almost nobody drives through the center of it.) ** I'm on Ogunquit Beach, talking to an old guy with a metal detector. Turns out he grew up in my hometown, although in a different section. (It's one town technically, but it's comprised of a few different villages.) ** I've moved down to Massachusetts and am working in Lexington center. Chatting with one of the Assistant Managers, we find out that we just barely missed being in school together, as his family moved out of my hometown just before I entered 1st grade. ** Slightly before that, when I'd first moved down and was starting my job hunt in downtown Boston, I suddenly hear, "Hey, Name!" I turn around to see a guy I knew from high school and a local theater group. (And had a crush on, but that's neither here nor there.) Turns out he was taking care of some last-minute stuff downtown because he was leaving the next day to teach English in Japan. ** A girl I know at college is friends with my niece and has been for a while. We only found out about the connections this summer. * This Troper was involved in jury duty for a five day trial, and all the jurors introduced ourselves by giving our names and what we do for a living. When I mentioned where i worked, the guy sitting next to me asked to clarify the area and the shop. As it turns out, I was working with his wife, who I'd only met several days earlier. * This troper was in a Scout troop in Florida before moving to Italy and staying there for five years. At the end of that, we move back to Florida (not even the same city as we lived in before) and after about a week of eating my lunch quietly, I overhear a converstion from the group sitting next to me. One of them mentioned a familiar name and having been in scouts. It was one of the guys from my old troop! It also turns out that they're the local gaming club at the school. * When doing a high school study abroad in Spain, this troper's group ran into another teacher in the Madrid airport. He was visiting family and didn't expect to be mobbed by a bunch of his students on vacation. The look on his face when he saw all of us was priceless. * This Troper gets a lot of this. At one point in Cardiff I was

working two part-time jobs, with about half-a-dozen co-workers in each office. A co-worker from one job used to live in the same house I lived in at the time, years before. A co-worker from the other was the stepdaughter of '''the woman who performed my marriage ceremony'''. I've moved again, and one of the local gamers went to my high school at the same time I did. That was a decade ago, and on the other side of the country. * My high school English teacher last year told us an instance of this...she was having surgery done so the doctors drugged her of course, and as she was laying on the operation table, right before she lost consciousness, one of the surgeons leaned over and said, "Hi, Mrs. C.". He had been one of her students years ago. * When this troper was 8, she had one of those Pokemon handbooks- a birthday gift from her grandfather. Only weeks later, it was stolen from her school desk, along with several other books. The books were found in a trash can, but not that one. Everyone, including this troper, gave up.On this troper's 18th birthday, she walked into a second hand bookstore, just to look. On the shelf, she saw a copy of the Pokemon book, and pulled it down. On the inside front cover, in familiar, childish handwriting, was her own name. cue tears of confusion and joy, blubbering, " it's my book. my book..it's my book" * When this troper went for a scheduled visit of the college she later attended, this troper's mom began talking to the college recruiter that was giving this troper the tour of the college. The recruiter began talking about her son hanging out with some boy who just happened to have the same name as this troper's older brother; this troper's mother just happened to bring up that her son was hanging out with a boy with the same name as the recruiter's son. When we asked the recruiter's name, we found out that she was the mother of my brother's best friend. * this troper goes to a rather large school, pretty far from any family members other than her mom, dad and brother. one day, she was helping in the school library, when a boy came up to the desk with a book. she scanned his ID, noting that his last nam is the same as her great grandparent's, on whom she'd just spoken about in history class. It's not very common, least of all not in California, but she was more concerned about the computer not working. as the school librarian started fixing it, she ( the librarian) made made small talk, and asked the boy if he was related to the arizona [last-name]s( this troper's relatives). he was, and this troper sorta freaked out about it- it turns out he's her third cousin or something. * This troper has a rather chilling example (take it as you will). While chatting on Omegle, I began talking to a supposed 23 year old girlfriend of a Minnesota Twins baseball player (they aren't public with the relationship yet). Cool enough. I began talking about my rather boring life as a high school junior. Turns out, without any prompts on my part, that this girl was on the annual staff. She held the position of business manager. Same as I. Then, off handedly, she types, "my name is shelby, btw." Ok, minus a slightly different spelling, WE SHARE A BLOODY NAME. Minutes pass as we reflect on the coincidence. Shelby begins to say how she is excited for the beach,

but has to load up on SPF 70 since she has extremely pale skin and red hair. At this point, I'm screaming because that is my physical description TO A T. What is going on in this world? Stalkers, I'm calling you out. * When [[Tropers/ClatoLawa This troper]] added the Friend Wheel application soon after joining Facebook, I was stunned to find a link between a friend from Primary school who I had not seen in since Grade 1 (I had moved interstate), and the school captain of my high school. I soon learned that they had met at a conference in Year 11. * [[Tropers/HarDHarKoopa This troper]] went to SacAnime 2010, and happens to have a small reviewing channel on youtube (Most video gets maybe 5000 views. Again, small). While there I strike up a conversation with a guy by noticing a Star Wars Holiday Special DVD. We begin to move into TGWTG talk, and then into anime. I mention my struggles with my (at the time) most viewed video, when he asks my username. It turns out he had watched my video a week before to do the same kind of list as I did. I still have no idea how this happened. * This troper went to a summer camp halfway across the nation from her hometown. She met a guy there and became friends with him due to similar interests. She went back home and a couple of months later entered her new highschool, which only accepts 100 people each year. The same guy was in her class, in a district of several thousand students. ---Hey, it's you! Don't you remember me? We both met editing [=~It's A Small World After All~=] at the TVTropes wiki! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

ptitleocg6iflv079q * As GM [[{{Tropers/Camacan}} I've done it]] dozens of times in my own campaigns. Of course I must not let on: my players need a sense of free will as much as I need to keep design time down to a practical level. * In one VampireTheRequiem campaign I ran, I had originally planned for the BigBad to be the Prince's majordomo, who was [[TheMole secretly an agent for VII]]. As a sidequest (so to speak), I introduced some vampire hunters from the Vatican who believed the Prince to be working with an ill-defined EldritchAbomination I came up with called the Sabbath King. A few weeks later, it hit me. VII claimed to be the legacy of a king who had been wronged. The Sabbath is the seventh day. Seven. Sabbath King. It was too perfect. I swiftly positioned the Sabbath King as the majordomo's ManBehindTheMan and new BigBad, and the rest was history. * As GM I have a bad habit of preparing for every possible decision the player's might take, when 95% of the time they just go the most obvious route and the other 5% they catch me completely off guard and I have to do this. * This was one of my methods for cheating at Battleship when I was a kid. I would keep track of my opponent's guesses, and then move my

ships to any unexplored section of the grid. I only got caught once. ---Go pick up [[{{ptitleocg6iflv079q}} Schrodinger's Gun]] again. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitleoe7myb9t * Judging by how much people say ItsEasySoItSucks and how it is a ScrappyMechanic, [[Tropers/WaxingName I]] am pretty sure that this is the reason gamers hate {{Nintendo}}'s patented [[MercyMode Super Guide]]. However, this seems to be dying down as of late, since games with the Super Guide have progressively gotten ''[[NintendoHard much harder]]'' since it has been introduced. * Apparently some disabled folks are like this. They get offended if someone tells them, "I feel bad because you're xyz..." When they get offended, they [[Understatement get offended]]. * This tropette. When I tell people my dad was murdered, most people say, "Oh, my God, I'm so sorry," or "I'm sorry for your loss." Honestly, I don't really understand why they're sorry. I don't want them to be sorry for me or pity me, because I just hate it. I hate the feeling of someone feeling sorry for me and pitying me. It's pointless. I don't need a hug, I don't need someone to feel sorry for me. I don't cry over his death. I'm over it now. Stop wasting your sympathy on me, because I really don't want it. I don't tell people about my dad because I want attention. Far from it. I'm not an attention whore like [[SoulEater Black Star]], and I just don't want your fucking sympathy and pity. It just pisses me off. He's dead. I'm over it. What's done is done. Don't pity me. It's as simple as that. ** Well, what's wrong with being nice? ** Propably they just don't know what to say. I don't know many people who had a muredred person in family and if I met one I would feel shocked, but also uncertain what to say. Nobody can know if you're over it or still feeling the loss, so they chose the safest and most polite option. * People wonder why I get moody when they make a giant deal over the death of pets. It's over, I don't need to be reminded, and no, I don't want your hugs. * While this troper was in high school, he had a favorite teacher who said troper liked immensely. At prom, the teacher convinced a physically attractive, popular girl to ask this troper to dance with her. The conversation went as such: Teacher-"Here name, this girl wants to dance with you" Troper- "No she doesn't, please don't patronize me". The troper didn't hate the teacher's pity as much as he hated the girl's pity. ** This troper feels similar to that, specifically when some friend of mine told me he found a nice girl for me to dance with, and due to my night not being very good and pretty much being a TraumaCongaLine of

seeing an old flame and someone I really liked with her boyfriend, and all my other crushes similarly engaged. I pretty much screamed at both of them, "DONT YOU DARE FUCKING PITY '''ME!!!'''" The dance stopped for an instant and then I went outside to cool off. * This cyclothymic (i.e. partially bipolar) troper is a bit like this when he is feeling down. He doesn't get angry about it like some people on this page, but he really doesn't like people trying to comfort him when he's depressed, due to the nature of his condition it actually makes him feel worse and it is much better to leave him to sort himself out. * I do somewhat of a variation. My (only) brother and mother died in the past two and a half years or so, and I don't get mad when people pity me, and from time to time appreciate the concern. However, when talking to people who don't know that about me, and when I enjoy the conversation and the atmosphere, if the subject of mothers or brothers comes up, I often talk about them in a way that implies they are still alive (I don't actually say "alive", but who does about living people?). When people later find out, they are usually very confused and assume I'm ashamed or something, but I'm really not, it's just that that pity completely ends any conversation that went on before it, and things often become awkward (as I said, these people don't really know me, and people ar often don't know what to say in situations like that) after that. Sometimes a light conversation with a stranger is just what I need, and the pity can just wait for some other time.

ptitlepps3x0jg * The squirrels at this troper's university are strangely domesticated. They will not run from anything. This troper has personally gotten within a foot of one just chilling out near a tree. ** Do you attend the University of Michigan? The squirrels there are ridiculously tame (and fat). * This Troper during her Biology class in Freshman year would stare out into the courtyard and watch the squirrels run around. One day, she saw a squirrel eating out of some foil. It was a sandwich. Eventually, he took the sandwich and left the foil there, and ran up the tree. It was very thrilling. ---Go back to {{ptitlepps3x0jg}}.

ptitlequhjapo1 * This troper's wife works at one of the better local restaurants. On the one day a week we have a mutual day off, we usually end up at her restaurant for a meal. (Part of the reason may be because she doesn't have to pay for that meal.) * This troper works(or will have worked, by the time you read this) in Mail Services on campus, and as a regular recipient of mail or occasionally having to bring mail to and from my house, it's a

reminder of how much I dislike it. He is also trying to sell off part of his shirt collection, which coincides nicely with his new job selling shirts, though somewhat illegally... * Any. Nurse. Ever. Just ask [[@/{{Zordauch}} this troper's]] wife, who got stuck caring for me after I got my tonsils out in the middle of her maternity leave. Even worse: In America, maternity leave only lasts six weeks! * If your job involves anything that can reasonably described as "fixing computers", there is a very good chance that your vacation will at some point involve "fixing relative's computers" ** Or "Help me learn how to use X computer peripheral." This troper's mother when the troper was home for Christmas from the service, with a digital camera. ** [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} This Troper]] seconds and thirds that. Thanksgiving was spent upgrading my aunt's computer. Christmas was spent arguing with mom over upgrading her TWO computers, and she was arguing with me on how to do it...when I get paid by the government and have several certifications and shitloads of studying to do this. I go over to my Aunt's place, only to get a text from my BFF regarding her OS crashing and her Sims game not working. This is followed up by my twin wanting me to fix her mods for Knights of the Old Republic. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE! And my family ''wonders'' why in the fuck I drop out of sight for a couple weeks? ** [[{{Tropers/Andrusi}} This troper's]] family openly refers to him as their tech support/sysadmin. Something of a subversion, though, as I was doing this before I actually had a relevant job. * Many computer programmers spend their off time writing programs for fun. The stereotype is so commonly true, those of us who avoid it may be considered weird. In a recent job interview, this troper admitted he prefers to do other things with his spare time; the interviewer claimed that as the reason they hired someone else. * On the lower end of the pay scale, the staff at movie theaters often get free admission to the movies, provided that they come on their day off. (That was the case when I worked at one.) ** [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} This Troper]] seconds it. Worked a movie theater partly because I needed to have a second job to pay off college loans. So why not work a gig that offered such a fun set of perks? ** Theme parks are often an example as well, for precisely the same reason. ** i used to work in the food court of a movie theater, if there wasn't a midnight showing for the public of a new movie, then there definitely was one for the staff. gotta make sure those program files aren't corrupted y'know. * If you work on cars for a living it will seem like everyone you know has you on speed dial when their's breaks down. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

ptitleqxvqql7oro2v * [[PotatoBucket This troper's]] boss' last name ''is'' Layman, so [[IncrediblyLamePun everything he says is in layman's terms]]. ** That was a [[IncrediblyLamePun layman pun]]. *** As well, that was. * This Tropette is often asked to repeat what she said, only less confusing. [[AWizardDidIt "Magic,"]] is always the answer. * [[{{Bisected8}} This troper]] once mentioned to a friend at university that he enjoyed reading [[MonsterCompendium fictional bestiaries]] (my exact words). When he got a blank look from her he tried to clarify with "a list of creatures which the writer, fictional or not, allegedly encountered" (this may not seem too bad an explaination, but my voice is rather low and hard to understand), he then proceeded to say to her "...like a [[{{Pokemon}} Pokédex]]." and she not only got it, but even mentioned this trope. * [[{{DrunkenGrognard}} This troper]] works tech support, and has a habit of, when a customer asks me what a given step is going to do, tends to respond, "Would you like the explanation in English, Technical, or Technobabble?" Those who chose English get a metaphorical explanation, usually using car repair to frame the explanation, those who chose technical get a straight up technical explanation(usually followed by explaining half the terms used in said technical explanation) and those who chose technobabble get the technical response with the phrase 'and adjusts the phase transducers' thrown in. * [[{{Tropers/Allronix}} This Troper]] also works tech support. When one of the customers replies "Sorry, I'm computer illiterate," I just let them know that I wouldn't know the first thing about running a store, so we're even. That being said, "spooler" becomes "the program on your computer that manages traffic to the printers." [=IPv4=] addresses become "the computer's idea of a postal address," and I've literally used the movie {{Tron}} to explain motherboard archetecture to my librarian twin. * If [[{{Gerusz}} This troper]] is called to repair something, and asked for an explanation, he starts a long speech in {{Technobabble}} thus forcing the layman to ask for an explanation in layman's terms. This is to avoid the long explanation of the technical terms mentioned above. Then the usual layman's terms explanation is: "shit is fucked up, and will remain fucked up until I fix it, which will be in X hours." Remark: X equals double the time it will actually take. Hey, if it worked for [[StarTrek Scotty]]... * This troper's RP with a friend involved this, with one of the characters describing the enemy invasion force they were up against. The whole conversation boiled down to "which means?" "...We're screwed." * Every time my familly asks what I'm learning at univercity. Even with first year math ask by PhD in Physics. * Every time I need to explain an engineering concept (I study EE). Also, sometimes I teach classes for new students (how to build simple circuits, use multimeters/oscilloscopes, use circuit analysis programs etc...) and this often happens. There's some stuff you just can't explain if the other side doesn't have a good knowledge of electronics

and physics. * This Troper tends to use his full vocabulary, especially concerning a subject that interests him. He ends up using a lot of specialized terms and words that sometimes border on the archaic. Typically he associates with people of above average intelligence or knowledge, but unfortunately none of them seem to have been very adept in English class, or at least the vocabulary portion. This of course results in having to explain some words. * This troper's first biology class opened with the teacher showing us her final project in studying biology, which was something along the lines of (very roughly) "studying the proteins of a butterfly larva through use of a centrifuge". Now consider that this was in Finnish, which means most of the words there meant absolutely nothing to the class. My reaction to the person next to me? "In Finnish, stick maggot in spinny thing and watch what comes out." * [[{{Omurice}} This troper's]] job involves writing scripts for the TV news. I always encounter materials containing tons of numbers, legal jargon, and whatnots, and it's my job to simplify everything so the viewers will understand what the report I'm writing about is, and then squeeze all the data into a one-minute, 30-second script. It doesn't help that [[SarcasmMode we're a news program catering to Class AB viewers with Class CDE brains.]] * Whenever I'm explaining Series/DoctorWho for someone, I go off in this huge tangent and they reply with, "huh?" So I say, "A man and his friends have adventures and they fly around in a blue box." ---Take your mouse. It's the thing that's not your keyboard. No, that's a speaker. Your ''mouse''. Good, good. Now move it. See the arrow on the screen? No, not the ''window'' screen. Your mon-i-tor. See that arrow? Use the mouse to move the arrow to-No, don't put the mouse on the screen. You can't shove the arrow with it. Leave it on the mouse pad. See how the arrow moves when you move the mouse? Now move the arrow to the link. Those nice red words. No, you can't move it with your fingers. Use the mouse. Yes, I guess it ''would'' be easier to use your fingers, but you can't, so use the mouse. Now, click on those nice red words with that button on top on the mouse. No, the other one. There. Now you've gone back to [=~Layman's Terms~=]. ... Are they gone? '''''GAAAH!''''' ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitler48hvy75 * [[Tropers/FuzzyBoots My]] grandmother was fond of telling (and retelling) the tale of when she was a nurse and one of the attendants mistakenly pulled a container of breast-milk for use in their coffee. Every time, she'd point out that the coffee must have been very sweet.

ptitlerax1116nu5ji ---[[foldercontrol]] [[folder:Animation]] * Back at Otakon 2008 this Troper sat in on an anime showing next to a woman and her young son. The anime was [[Hellsing]]. Needless to say they left about ten minutes into the first episode. * This troper once turned on "Zatch Bell" while my 5-year-old cousin was in the room, and he saw Folgore singing his song and dancing(and you know exactly how wierd Shonen Jump's animation is). He COMPLETELY went histerical!He screamed out of the top of his lungs and ran straight out of the room to his mom, saying, for some reason, that "the muppets were going to get him". After that, my mom told me not to watch that "kid-unfriendly" show. But then, I caught him turning on Family Guy right in front of them BOTH (my mom is very sensitive about family guy). And neither of them said a word. Go figure. ** That is f***ed up, considering Zatch Bell is rated TV-Y7 and aired on ''Toonami''! * This troper notices how the ratings system varies on country with animation. For example, Tekkonkinkreet is rated R in the US and certainly earns it. In the UK, it is rated 12, likely because it is animation. Also, Steamboy is rated PG-13 here and earns that too, while in the UK it earns a PG rating while Noein earns a 15 rating! ** Also, the Naruto: Shippuden box sets are all rated 12 last time I checked, even the bloody ones. *** As well as Eureka Seven, which had advisories for all the extreme violence on AdultSwim. I kid you not. * One day at Best Buy, this troper thembled across the anime section... right across from the kids movies section. It was mostly ''{{Naruto}}'',''{{Bleach}}'', ''FullmetalAlchemist'', ''OnePiece'', StudioGhibli films... Nothing ''too'' nightmare inducing. Then, not being able to resist, I browsed for a few minutes... then I found it. ''ElfenLied'', right across the aisle from ''KungFuPanda.'' * This Troper volunteers at her local library and has successfully averted a mother from checking out TenchiMuyo for her kid, considering the fact that it's a herem Anime and has nudity, that was a good thing. This troper also had to explain to the mother of an eight year old about Jiraiya the pervy sage, but she also made sure to suggest that the mother watch the [=DVDs=] first before letting her son see them as they were the uncut sets without edits. * I work at a library. So I tend to get both AnimationAgeGhetto (if there is an animated movie, I guarantee it'll be in the kids section of [=DVDs=] unless I tell my boss about it myself) and with books. The most egregious example is a lady picking out ''The Kite Runner'' to read with her kids. Those kids couldn't have been more than eight years old. * This lurker recently had to explain to her nine-year-old niece (and her parents) why she couldn't buy her ''PuniPuniPoemi'' as a birthday

present. She thought that it was 'Like SailorMoon, right?'. ** Even Sailor Moon, at least in the Japanese version, isn't what Westerners would call "kid-oriented"[[spoiler:, being as almost all the main characters die by the end of the VERY FIRST series]]. * Because of one of [[@/{{Draga}} this troper's]] many idiotic moments, a 13 year old innocent kid now knows of Elfen Lied. * headdesk* ** The anime or the manga? The anime is a gornfest, sure, but the manga made this (20 year old) troper cry. ** Don't worry. He'll be too busy playing ''{{Halo}}'' to watch it. *** Hey! This Troper is 13 and very well enjoys Elfen Lied. It's not for children ... but it's definitely for those who can value the complex themes. *** [[@/SeanTucker This troper]] is 15 and discovered Elfen Lied 3 years ago. *** Hell, [[@/{{Dmysta3000}} this troper]] was '''10''' the first time he saw it "Hey why is that naked girl killing all those people?" *** [[Tropers/{{Lime}} This troper]] was also 13 when she first watched it, though she knew exactly what she was getting into. She guesses her parents somehow overlooked the bloody, naked woman on the cover when they got her the first volume for Christmas... (It's also worth noting that she saw the entirety of ''ExcelSaga'' when she was ''12'', and was watching {{anime}} on AdultSwim before that.) *** My friend's younger brother, a 9-year-old, watched it with us. Now, this wouldn't be a bad thing, because his brother is already irreparably damaged:[[RefugeInVulgarity he swears all the time, spews racist comments, asks if anyone wants to have sex, among other things.]] What's bad is that afterwards his brother decided to watch the show a second time, with their ''6-year-old'' sister. *** Feh, don't beat yourself up too much. [[@/{{Misskirsten101}} this troper]] was about 13-14 when she first watched Elfen Lied, and knew what she was getting into. Considering she also watched mature anime like Chobits, Dokuro-chan, Higurashi, and the occasional hentai around the same time period, this wasn't anything new to her. Not that her parents knew what kind of stuff she was watching at that age, however. *** This Troper? Just turned fourteen years old (seriously, like, he's editing this on his 14th birthday). Anime watched in past couple months? Elfen Lied, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira. Next planned anime to watch? Probably Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni or Serial Experiments Lain. And it's not as though his parents are oblivious to what he's watching, either! Hell, he got the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie from them for Christmas! (granted, they haven't seen it, but his mom at least is interested. Ohhh, this'll be fun.) * This troper's five year old brother likes cartoons. This troper records anime such as ''BloodPlus'' and ''CodeGeass'' to watch when she goes home for the weekends (residential school). This troper's mother used to let said brother watch said anime. She... doesn't anymore. ** Your mother let a ''five year old'' watch an anime that has a MASSACRE OF CIVILIANS and a MASS SUICIDE in the FIRST EPISODE? * Anyone remember the anime art movie Cat Soup? This troper (13 at the time) was at a Japanese language immersion camp (where there were kids

from 13-18), where they had a movie time in the schedule. One counselor, apparently not having seen the movie, started it, and when we got to the scene where the man (wearing fetish gear) tries to cook the cats, they bolted over to the projector and shut it off immediately. Then, after I went home, I rented the movie and watched it on my own. ** [[BigWhat What?]] [[CatSoup This Cat Soup?]] That movie doesn't have a single line of spoken Japanese dialogue (and only about 4 other lines of speech bubbles). What were they doing showing it at a Japanese '''language''' imersion camp? *** Yup, that Cat Soup. It's not just a language immersion camp, it's also a cultural immersion camp, so "any Japanese movies=ok" in the counselor's eyes, I guess. However, a contemporary, surreal art movie definitely wasn't the best choice. * This troper, along with half the people he knows, suffered the WatershipDown [[AnimationAgeGhetto cartoon treatment]] as a youngster. * Here's this troper, coming in with another tally for WatershipDown. "''The field... It's covered in blood!''" * shudder* * This troper never actually saw ''WatershipDown'', but her 5th grade class had a [[RecursiveAdaptation book of the film with screenshots]]. At first she looked at the cover and went "Bunnies!", but then she opened it and was like "OH MY GOD! BLOOD EVERYWHERE!". ** [[@/{{Sciatrix}} I]] often see the ''WatershipDown'' fear all over TVTropes and feel rather baffled. In a bit of a subversion, the book has been one of my favorite reads since I was about seven. In fact, I missed the bus on the first day of third grade because I was in the middle of the bit where Bigwig is in the middle of the ditch and holding off Woundwort. *** Likewise for [[@/{{Guessmyname}} me]]. It actually helped me get over the loss of my first rabbit to [[FateWorseThanDeath flystrike]]. *** [[@/{{rocknrollchick}} I]] first read Watership Down at eight. I loved it. *** First reading Watership Down as a 17 year old, this troper agrees that the book is not for kids, but more for the reading level required rather than the gratutious amounts of bunny violence. In retrospect, the only scenes that really shocked me, and thus would have screwed me up as a kid were [[spoiler: the tearing apart of dead rabbits during the escape from Sandleford]] and [[spoiler: Hyzenthlay's reaction to being called by Bigwig, which to me, from a human centric point of view, at least, implied that the efrafan officers had on previous occasions raped her]] To say the least, the novel was quite an enlightening experience for someone who as a kid only saw two episodes of the tv series. ** I read WatershipDown when I was... 10 or 11, maybe, and was so thoroughly disturbed I still don't remember much more than "really, really bleak and dark and disturbing". Why did I pick it up? Because I was really into {{Redwall}} at the time, and the cover said something along the lines of "great for fans of Redwall!" Granted, Redwall is not the most innocent thing if you really think about it, but still... the copious amounts of violence in Redwall are still not all that bad compared to... ''it.'' * This troper's little sister, at the age of about four, used to watch

{{Gundam}} shows on Toonami. This lasted until our parents actually watched it themselves. Said little sister was ''greatly'' disappointed, and did not go back to ''SailorMoon'' happily. (Of course, now that she's more like 14, she's allowed to watch more violent anime freely, and does so. Her general response: "Wow, why didn't this [[NightmareFuel scare me half to death]] when I was little?") * This troper once worked in a books/music/video super-store with an Anime rental section, next to the sci-fi section, WAAAAY on the other side of the store from the children's movie section. Despite this, I still had to repeatedly ask parents if they were sure they wanted various titles - like ''CuteyHoney'' (aka ''Honey Flash'') - for their six year olds. ** This troper also narrowly avoided being written up for attempting to explain to a woman why we put "18+ Only To Rent" stickers on "those cartoons next to the Star Wars movies" and why maybe a movie called "Wicked City" wasn't something her 8-year-old should see, rather than just giving her the refund she asked for and an apology she didn't want. *** Because she thought the title meant the movie was about a city that's [[TotallyRadical wicked]]? * One of this Tropers younger cousins once asked if he could see Ninja Scroll, we did not let him. * Semi-aversion: my brother happily watched the squickier parts of ''Main/{{Mai-HiME}}'' and ''Main/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' with me, until my mother saw the scene where Gendo was told to increase the pressure of Shinji's LCL, and ordered me to stop showing him "that non-child cartoon". * This troper is currently in the middle of explaining to his family why, as a 19-year old male, he wants [[http://www.funimation.com/lyricalnanoha/ this]] for Christmas. ** Whatever you do, don't tell them it's because you [[UnfortunateImplications like little girls.]] * When this troper saw ''South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut'', he noticed a mother who'd brought her six-or-seven year old daughter. ** Considering the main subject of the film... Tastes like delicious anvils. ** This troper's mother rented the film for me and my sister (then 11 and 9 years-old) shortly after it was released on VHS, needless to say she [[UnderStatement wasn't best pleased]] when "Shut ya fucking face Uncle Fuckeeeeer!" started blaring from the TV. * This troper has seen ''The Boondocks'' in the children's section of a local Barnes & Noble. ** This troper was in a class in high school where one of the things they did was go to the local grade schools to help with activities to teach the kids how to read better. One day he was wearing a FamilyGuy T-shirt and all the kids started pointing out which character was their favorite. [[AnythingThatMoves Quagmire]] came up quite a few times. ** This troper's local Blockbuster has the ''CowboyBebop'' movie in the "Children" section. But come to think of it, they also have ''The Crow'' in the "Horror" section and ''BreakfastOnPluto'' in the

"Comedy" section, so what do they know? *** This troper also remembers seeing ''LegendOfTheOverfiend'' (!!!) in the kids' section of the local video library in the mid-90s. *** This troper's mother actually rented some awful hentai for her once, at the age of twelve or thirteen, figuring "it's animated, ergo, it's for children." Despite this troper herself telling her, numerous times, that not all animation ''is'' for children. I don't even recall what it was now, because I've tried to block it from my mind completely. (Sidenote: Troper's Mom has gotten better in the years since.) *** This troper saw ''GraveOfTheFireflies'' in the Kids' Anime section of Netflix, surrounded by ''{{Pokemon}}'' films. ** This troper saw ''SerialExperimentsLain'' -- aka ''Serial [[NightmareFuel Nightmares]] Lain'' -- in the kids section of a major videoclub. ** This Troper has seen the second Berserk DVD in the children's section in video rental store. It has a quite clear mark on the back telling that it is not for people under fifteen. She has thought about mentioning this fact to the clerks, but hasn't got to it. ** this troper once saw the ''FamilyGuy'' and ''SouthPark'' [=DVDs=] at a record store in the children's section, directly above [=DVDs=] for the littest kids. With anime it's at least relatively excusable, since it isn't usually mainstream, but what the hell happened ''here''?! In an aversion, this troper her also seen animated movies such as ''WatershipDown'' in the anime section of her local Blockbuster. They aren't actually anime, but at least they're separated from Carebears. *** Because as we all know, [[SarcasmMode all mature animation is Anime]]. * This troper is part of a film appreciation group and at the end of May the organizers like to show anime films to attract younger patrons/families. In 2007 the movie was PrincessMononoke -- enough said, but we didn't get a lot of young folks anyway. In 2008 they showed an anime film that was described as for the young and "youngat-heart": ''[=TekkonKinkreet=]''. The group was ''lucky'' we didn't get a lot of kids for that one, because the ''adults'' were uncomfortable enough when a little boy set a mook on fire...and that wasn't the half of that film's violence. This troper learned that one of the organizers had pushed the film through, and that some of the others had not even viewed it in advance. She's been told they'll be more careful in the future. (What's particularly frustrating is that she's suggested more appropriate titles like ''My Neighbors the Yamadas'', but as of yet those haven't gone through.) ** Speaking of Princess Mononoke, this troper (the same one who posted about Cat Soup above) watched that movie when she was seven. For some reason the blood and gore didn't bother her. It was a little funny when she went along with her dad to an SCA gathering (where they had that movie playing, and as soon as she walked in the door, someone hastily shut it off. It was a little tempting to say "Watch out, Ashitaka, or you're going to be cursed." * A friend of this editor had to run across his school at top speed to stop the anime club from accidentally watching ''BokuNoPico''! Just in

case you don't get why this was bad from just the name, that's a {{Yaoi}} {{Hentai}} focusing on the {{Shotacon}} fetish. ** BerserkButton: BokuNoPico ''is not yaoi''. It's shotacon for men. ** In a similar incident, this troper heard the school Anime club was watching ''LaBlueGirl'', panicked, and ''cut the power'' to the host portable building. Luckily, his very cool school principal was patient enough to listen through the whole story and let him off scot-free. *** Man, you two are saints. I would have just stopped by to see the reactions. (At least, if the Anime club consisted of kids similar to my age, I would have.) **** This troper went to a high school where the reactions probably would have been laughter, excitement, or nothing at all. The guys were always talking about sex anyway. ** This troper experienced a similar situation to keep her art teacher from airing "Kai Doh Maru" to the anime club. Granted, the audience was 14 years and older and Ibaragi Doji getting his arm hacked off is more tame than men having sex with little boys, but these are still things one does not air at school. ** Subverted with this troper in a similar situation. I had brought ShakugannoShana to show my school's anime club and someone actually had to come up to me to warn about the unsettling parts of the show. I had to explain that the episodes I was showing were safe, but it was nice to see I was warned. * This troper once got derided by her mother for not informing her that not all anime is child-friendly after she'd gone into her room while she was gone, borrowed her copy of {{Maze Megaburst Space}} OAV, and played it for her seven year old niece. She came in just as the [[spoiler:rape scene]] was about to occur. ** Might as well add that to just about anything else Akahori Satoru writes or produces. At least once while babysitting, kids have tried to get me to let them watch my Master Mosquiton DVD. * Also, this troper once saw copies of ''MagicalTwilight'' (under its old USA release name, The Hex Files) in a Toys R' Us. No joke. For those of you who don't know, it's a {{hentai}} movie. Yes, a rather 'softcore' one, but it's STILL a hentai movie. * [[@/{{Brontozaurus}} This troper]] once saw, in the kids section of a local video store, ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. Let me repeat that: ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. In the '''KIDS SECTION'''. The AnimationAgeGhetto strikes again! ** Or they actually [[ShownTheirWork did the research]] and knew that HideakiAnno '''did''' [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids intend it for kids]]. * This troper has had to explain to his older sister a few times that just because it is animated, doesn't mean it's for kids. She's had a go at me about watching "kiddy" stuff as I watch some anime shows without seeing what violence and that is in them like ''[[FullMetalAlchemist FMA]]'' and ''{{Bleach}}''. * The local TV station apparently thought that ''{{Akira}}'' was a good cartoon to show as a kid's movie. This troper couldn't stop laughing when an obviously false error message came up about 20 minutes in... * When this editor was eleven, he got into an argument with his mother in the menswear section over buying a tie appropriate for church. I

was being allowed to get a cartoony-jokey one and I selected one with Homer Simpson streaking across the tie and where necessary a heartshaped chocolate box protecting his 'modesty', while Mum presented a ''SouthPark'' tie with nothing that could be offensive apart from it being a ''SouthPark'' tie. This editor accepts that ''TheSimpsons'' is a family show and not a kids' show, but it wouldn't be unusual for an eleven-year-old to be wearing merchandise from that rather than from something that's strictly for adults. This editor conceded to wearing the ''South Park'' tie with "Well honor thy Mother and thy Father. Let's see how long it is before we get excommunicated!" Someone who was GenreSavvy at church must have tapped Mother on the shoulder because I was never allowed to wear it after that. * This Troper's mother had this coupled with a JawDrop moment. While I was watching ''BlackLagoon'' she returned home from work and immediately proceeded to complain about me watching Children's Cartoons only to be cut off by one of the characters asking 'Is that chick taking it up the ass?' She hasn't complained once since. * Once this troper was called to babysit two little boys. The mom told them to pick out a movie for them to watch - unfortunately, they looked through my [=DVDs=] and they selected ''SouthPark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut''. I immediately snatched it away from them knowing it would probably screw the oldest one up even more than he already was and the younger one was at an age where he would imitate everything. I advised their mom that it wasn't appropriate for her kids. Another time they were looking for a video game to play and they chose ''Grand Theft Auto: Vice City''. I took it away from them to%„ª»M&#65533; =%Õ_E_ˆÃÀ@_ñ´Ëtu’B‡?m–PËî¢&#65533;uè_P_ÿÿ_Lhem play it but I told them that I was more responsible and they were 8 and 4. ** *looks at the last part of above troper's entry and [[CrowningMomentOfFunny cracks up]]* [[Tropers.ReikoKazama I]] think you broke the [[BuffySpeak formatting type thing]]. But seriously, what the hell did you do to make the last part of your entry end up so... freaky? * One of the earliest anime this troper and his brother watched was ''DevilHunterYohko'', which his parents let him rent while at Blockbuster one day. In the end, their reaction was more "Woah, should have read the back of the box on that one" than "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!", especially since they let us watch ''BackToTheFuture'', ''Elvira'', ''{{Blackadder}}'', and dubbed Samurai movies when we were even younger. * This Troper once got into an argument about the {{Animation Age Ghetto}} with a co-worker. Even after explaining {{LaBlueGirl}}, he ''still'' would not admit that not all animation is for children. His excuse for {{La Blue Girl}}? Obviously I was mistaken. As it was work, I couldn't bring in source materials. Damn it. * The first anime series [[@/JethroQWalrustitty This Troper]] saw as a kid was ''Silver Fang''. Aww, it's about a boy and his dog, and... hey wait a minute, did that dog just rip a chuck out of the bears throat? Cannibal dogs? Er... * This troper went to an FYE the other day and was browsing the anime section. The {{Hentai}} titles were covered up with boards that said A18, but they could be easily moved by a little kid who was curious.

{{Gantz}} was in full view, both the individual and box set, where Kishimoto's boobs were ''almost'' in full display. The second {{Hellsing}} OVA was in display too, the only thing covering Jan's bird flipping was a sticker, so it was pretty clear what was happening. Thankfully ElfenLied was too high for little kids, but there was a sticker covering up the 18+ rating. * This Troper once had an argument with a mother who was horrified to see the shows that are on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, despite the fact that the network runs frequent warnings about said content. The mother's reply amounted to Cartoon Network [[{{AnimationAgeGhetto}} should always be kid-friendly]]. * This 14 year old tropers mother was with him while watching "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" one time and was shocked when Yoko showed up (for non fans she's a girl with giant breasts and for most of the series wears nothing but a Bikini top and short shorts.) along with some of the more crude jokes, violence, and swearing. ** Me again. Somehow my school's Manga Club (Which is 6th through 12th and is ''really'' strict about content of things) somehow got to show Afro Samurai Resurrection, uncut, no questions asked and open to the entire student body! ** But, ''GurrenLagann'' '''is''' for kids. It even aired at the same time as ''PrettyCure'' * ''GetterRobo Armageddon''. One of this editor's friends, who only knew of Getter from ''SuperRobotWars'', assumed it was a fairly light series... and the mainstream series were. The OVA ones... aren't. Ironically, she was more freaked out by the ''Armageddon'' binge we undertook than her twelve-year-old daughter (actually having to leave the room when Ryoma turned up [[spoiler: in Black Getter and completely flattened the 'brain' Invader]] with blood and bits splashing allover the place). [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome The daughter is now a huge SuperRobot fan and she eschews my doorbell in favour of yelling]] "[[InTheNameOfTheMoon Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange]] [[TransformationSequence Getterrrrr One]]!!" [[NoIndoorVoice at my door.]] * This troper was recently talking to several friends of hers who said that ''Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni'' couldn't ''possibly'' be scary/violent, because look how cute those girls were! The following occured: --->''Me:'' * plays several of the bloodiest clips* --->''Friend:'' O_O --->''Me:'' Well? --->''Friend:'' I feel ill... * The Tygre: A lot of kids in my generation came into anime via such classics as Speed Racer, Pokemon, and whatever Toonami deigned to show at the time. This troper? This troper came into anime with AKIRA. And he hasn't looked back since. He'd also like to thank his uncle for leaving his lesbian-hentai stash on the video shelf where he thought no one would notice it. * As a Child, This troper used to go to her friends house and watch RanmaOneHalf. Apparently her father knew perfectly well about the gratuitous shirtless-ness, but he was like "Eh, you're girls. You'll be growing breasts eventually".

* This troper began watching SouthPark at age ten. His sister first watched it at age ''eight''. * This is why this troper's father refused to buy him ScottPilgrim. * At five, this Troper's favorite anime was RanmaOneHalf. Even after his parents actualy watched it. Go figure. * One day, during a family barbeque, this troper went inside to watch TV (to be fair the barbeque was getting OBSCENELY boring and it was starting to rain). I turned on Toonami and started to watch Yu Yu Hakusho. And then my mother walked in. I was like, 8. And the character on screen at that particular moment was Luca. That sorceress who wears nothing but conveniently located vines. ** Oh no, the edited version of Yu Yu Hakusho, which is rated TV-Y7 and horribly cleaned up (though since it's Toonami and not 4Kids or others, it's still pretty cool)! [[SarcasmMode That must have scarred you, seeing a woman in vines!]] * This troper watched Akira at 11. I found the bikes and stuff cool. Until Tetsuo's little...[[BodyHorror accident.]] I screamed and ran out of the room. That night, I had nightmares about my arm exploding. I woke up screaming, "my arm!" Then I tried to emulate Kaneda(dress in red and with a jacket), and I got in trouble when I broke the bully's nose for picking on my friends. * This troper once managed to stop this trope in action. A mother was buying cartoons (animated movies) for her kids, who were about 6 or 7. She had mostly done well, except that in addition to gentle titles such as TheLandBeforeTime and SpiritedAway (I told her all about Haku and the blood.), she had also picked up a few titles which would have left her kids screaming for BrainBleach. She had, believing in the [[AnimatonAgeGhetto animation age ghetto]], gotten [[NeonGenesisEvangelion End of Evangelion]], [[Eureka Seven PocketFull]][[TheMovie OfRainbows]], AhMyGoddess ( TheMovie ), and GraveOfTheFireflies. I explained to her that EoE was something created by a depressed druggie off his meds. The second was alright, but probably should have waited until they were 9 or so. The third was okay, if heavy. Finally, for GotF, I told her that the movie was so sad that f you didn't tear up from it, you had no soul. "It's about two kids who gradually die in Japan after their mother dies from injuries sustained from an allied firebombing. [[TearJerker The opening scene is of the little boy dying of starvation on the floor of a train station.]] ** I had this happen to me when I was 15 and pretty good with scary games. I got F.E.A.R. The clerk said it gave him nightmares. I didn't develop issues. ** Now let's be fair: even people who ''played'' Kingdom Hearts weren't expecting the manga to be so creepy. * This troper began watching South Park at age five. Troper's little brother began watching it at three. ** When this troper was a young lad of six, his stepdad used to sneak him downstairs at night to let him watch South Park because his mother didn't allow him to watch it. Oh, the memories. * Slight subversion in that this troper and her brother loved ''{{The Brave Little Toaster}}'' when they were kids, but upon viewing clips on YouTube as college students, were horrified and completely confused

as to why the hell they hadn't been scared out of their wits by its heavy doses of {{High Octane Nightmare Fuel}}. ** This Troper completely agrees. When she was young, her parents and older sister were actually a ''lot'' more creeped out by the movie than she was. This troper watched it again recently, and... holy ''moly'', that thing is pretty dark and disturbing. ** Played straight with This Troper. She got it from the library to watch, because she saw one of the sequels and it was SO CUTE! Then, the scene with the repairman guy or whoever and "...did...did he kill that one? He RIPPED things out from it!" and then, at the scene in the car scrapyard...urgh. She hasn't watched it again. (Although, in retrospect, the same library put {{Animal Farm}} in the kids' section... * This troper was in the local video store, and browsing some anime, when said troper glanced across the isle to the Children's movies (Yes, right across the isle from Bleach, Berserk, Elfin Lied and such) And noticed a DVD volume of "Happy Tree Friends"... HAPPY TREE FRIENDS in the CHILDREN'S section. This gave my 16 year old brother nightmares, I don't want to think about what it could do to a 5 year old. * This troper has been watching anime since she was 9 years old, and abridged series since she was 12, and thought that her 13 year old cousin would be mature enough to handle a few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho abridged seeing as he enjoys that kind of comedy. The minute episode 1 was over he was swearing at his 6 year old sister... never again. * This troper's friend wanted her 11 year old sister to watch ''{{NaruTaru}}''. Said friend never watched it herself - she only saw the amazingly misleading opening credits and thought it would be a cute Mon series. Luckily this troper has read the manga and told this friend to keep her little sister THE HELL AWAY from this series. * This Troper was just at an HMV and in the "Family" section there was a few shelves of anime. Word of advice to anyone who works at a video store. ''{{Neon Genesis Evangelion}}'' and ''{{Death Note}}'' are not family friendly! * This troper's mom nearly loaned his nephew his copy of ''{{Ghost in the Shell}}'' (the movie). Then again, this troper was allowed to watch movies like ''{{Robocop}}'' and ''{{Predator}}'' as a kid, so... yeah. * Either Nova Scotia is more relax rating system than America, or this trope is playing in full effect. G ratings given to Up(which contains a few jokes that [[CrossingTheLineTwice Crossed the line twice]], Epic MoodWhiplash, blood, a implied ([[UnfortunateImplications or unfortunately so]]) miscarriage, a big helping of NightmareFuel, and one villain that sounded like Foamy from Neutrocially(sp?) Yours. And that's not including the [[MoralEventHorizon The villain]]. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids If this was intended for children, I would be shock]]), , and TheSecretOfNimh (Which got a G rating in the states too- I guessed this is the modern WatershipDown- [[FridgeLogic Why do the reviews on her dvd case says it's a-Ok for kids?]]), PG rating on 9 (which contains a scene that even scared her, human corspes and [[spoiler: five stitchpunks getting their [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath

souls torn out of their bodies on screen.]]]]), Iron Man (an alcoholic superhero, and was shown graphically totured by terrorist in the first few minuites- 'nuff said.) and The Dark Knight (... Do I need to explained this?), and a 14A(The Canadian's equivalent to PG-13) to District 9 and Inglorious Basterds. However, they gave The Disney Hunch Back of Notre Dame movie a more fitting rating of PG(While an Adaption Decay, still had the villain singing about raping a woman, intittled 'hell'fire, and five minutes in trying to drown a baby for looking deformed- [[MemeticMutation You know, for kids!]]) * This troper and a friend went to see [[{{Nine}} 9]]. The movie is rated PG-13 for "violent and scary images" for a good reason, but that didn't stop a man from bringing his two children (who both looked about eight) from seeing it. About the time the Winged Beast made its first appearance, we heard whimpering coming from behind us. Once the Seamstress reared its ugly head, you could hear the screams outside the theatre. I am under the impression the father was a complete idiot. * This troper's friend had a situation in which her younger siblings were watching Animal Farm, which seems to fall into this a lot. Her stepdad apparently wasn't paying attention when they asked to watch it. Her mom made them stop before they saw anything, though. * This troper remembers one time that Treehouse (A Canadian tv station, in case you're wondering) showed TheLandBeforeTime (The first one). It wouldn't be so bad; If weren't for the fact that 90% of the time they aired C-rated shows (other 10% was a very mild G rating) And lord knows how DonBluth 80s works (And Anastasia- sort of.) [[TearJerker went]] [[NightmareFuel out]] (The original intent for the great valley [[ParanoiaFuel Wa]][[KillEmAll s Heav]][[BitterSweetEnding en]]). Yeah.... ** Now I can tell why a bunch of nostalgia buffs in their teens and twenties who religiously grew up with ''AnAmericanTail'' weren't too pleased with the DVD bonus features for that movie. * In an odd inversion (Or not, depending on how much the {{Animation Age Ghetto}} is followed by families) the anime section is next to the adult animation section in the video rental store This Troper frequents. Said anime section includes {{Paranoia Agent}}, {{Ghost In The Shell}}, {{Neon Genesis Evangelion}}, [[{{ArsonMurderandJaywalking}} and...um,]] {{My Neighbor Totoro}}. * [[@/{{Eccentric}} This troper]] had the {{Watership Down}} experience at age 6. She also saw the [[Film/HeavyMetal Heavy Metal]] at age 3, {{A Clockwork Orange}} at age 6, and {{Pink Flamingos}} at age 9. My dad's anti-censorship stance went a bit far. ** Did he watch them with you? If not, then I agree, stuff like A Clockwork Orange is a bit intense for someone that young. If he did, however, and actually provided the Parental Guidance that the PG rating...you know...stands for, then I applaud him for taking an active role in your development, even if the material you were watching could be considered challenging. *** [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne You object to a little kid watching A Clockwork Orange and not Pink Flamingoes??]] This troper saw the latter at 15 and couldn't make it past the chicken sex scene. She had to run out of the room to go puke, and never looked back.

* When I was younger and the ''SailorMoon'' / ''DragonBallZ'' / ''{{Pokemon}}'' series reached our shores, followed by ''{{Digimon}}'', ''MonsterRancher'', and so on, my parents decided that "{{Anime}} = daughter's interests = kids' stuff". Thus, they went through a phase where they'd snap up anything that looked like cutesy anime stuff. Like the ''MermaidSaga'' series, some ''RanmaOneHalf'', ''ProjectAKo'', ''GallForce''... Eventually, my dad took me to see ''PrincessMononoke'' and ''[[OsamuTezukasMetropolis Metropolis]]'' when they hit theaters (the later was shown at an art house theater near where we lived, so...). By ''that'' point, he'd figured it out, at least. Ironically, my ''mother'' currently swings between thinking AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles or childish fluff... despite those two extremes being rather difficult to reconcile. Dad's much more sensible about it, though. * [[@/JET73L This Troper's]] sister watched ''InuYasha'' with him when she was probably no more than seven, and liked the show (though I tried to make sure to warn her if it was an episode with a particularly monstrous demon), which was surprising considering she yells and storms out of the room if we watch ''IndependenceDay'' with her in the house. However, since it was the [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids TV-Y7 cut]] with sexuality and gore (beyond blood spatters) cut out, the ''real'' WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids was the uncut version of ''FullmetalAlchemist'', which I unsuccessfully tried to keep her from watching (since I knew what it was like as of Warehouse 5 onward), and didn't get any negative reaction. (The troper himself was allowed to watch pretty much anything that didn't have sex onscreen [aside from ''{{Teletubbies}}'' to avoid potential negative effects of such stupidity], under the condition that he didn't do or say anything deemed inappropriate, and was the least foul-mouthed kid at his school, and only moderately cynical, and avoided anything he couldn't handle, like shock/surprise horror, of his own will.) * A hypotheical example, but with Bowling For Soup doing some kid friendly works (ed. PhineasAndFerb), I could picture the [[JawDrop Jaw Drops]] parents who thought it was an enterinal child friendly band (Ed. Just listen to the lyrics to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggMjlxawLQw this song]]) * This troper recalls seeing [[OsamuTezukasMetropolis Metropolis]] several times in the kids section of her local movie store, and always wanting to see it, but my dad never let me for 'some reason'. I vowed to myself I would rent it by myself when I was older and watch it. ...Glad I waited. * This troper remembers his young cousins wanting to watch some anime, and my older cousin making me. I showed them ''HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi''. They haven't asked since. * Interestingly, [[@/{{thegreatpl}} this troper]] was not allowed to watch the Simpsons when he was younger, which meant my Mother got some funny reactions from other parents when she mentioned this. Of course, this was when she was younger, it wasn't for kids. * [[@/FoominBlue Back in elementary]], our fourth grade teachers came up with a great idea -- we found an animated movie about Greek myths! Let's pool our classes together and show it to the kiddies for a

super-fun and educational party day! Apparently, nobody thought to watch the movie ''beforehand'', so us little kiddies got to watch Perseus lop off Medusa's head and slaughter her sisters, among other interesting visuals. I dimly remember the teachers getting agitated, but nobody actually thought to ''stop the tape'' until it started into Actaeon's discovery of a bathing, very naked Artemis. The class just ''roared'' [[NakedPeopleAreFunny with laughter]] as she scratched her backside, and then the teachers ''finally'' stopped the tape and desperately changed the subject. Good times... ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamorphoses_(film) This]] is probably the movie you're talking about, which was known as ''Winds of Change'' in the U.S. I never saw it, but it was written up in a 1986 book reviewing many titles that were commonly placed in/marketed to children's sections at video stores. The reviewer (who didn't think much of the film as a whole) was shocked by the content, including the scenes you mentioned. * This 13 year old troper tends to watch shows/movies like ElfenLied, HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi, WatershipDown, and ''{{Felidae}}''..But can't get anyone else her age to watch those animations too. Or even older people (her 38 year old mom couldn't watch the last volume of the first season of Higurashi). At least I can buy such horror (well, [[YourMileageMayVary minus]] Higurashi which is just a {{Tearjerker}} through and through) content and games thanks to [[strike:her parents not caring enough to look at her games]] the [[CoversAlwaysLie cute covers]]. * This troper grew up with ''{{Pokemon}}'' and ''SailorMoon''. She was also bilingual and able to read at a very early age. She was also allowed internet from an early age. This led to finding out about "anime" and "manga". She LOVED it, albeit her living in a country where this wasn't very easy to obtain (This led to her reading about series like ''Ranma½'', and becoming fans of them without even reading the books.). Her father bought her the second volume of a ''DragonBall''-manga, and was later met with the comment "What a strange old man, wanting to feel Bulma's breasts..." Her father let her keep reading it after checking it briefly. Said troper also picked up ''{{Metropolis}}'' in the kids/animated section from a rental video store. Her father watched it with her. Most of it went over her head, if if she really liked that film. She still loves it today. Albeit the fact that she'd been traumatized by the ending. She also enjoyed watching Anna and the king, all of this taking place before she was eleven years old. * This troper once babysat a seven and nine year old. They loved anime such as ''{{Pokemon}}'' and ''Cardcaptors'' so their mom had picked up some anime from Blockbuster for them to watch that night. The anime she picked out? ''HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi'', ''FullmetalAlchemist'', and ''PrincessMononoke''. Luckily she managed to have a little chat with the mom before the kids got to watch. * Subversion: This troper's parents took me, at the age of nine, and my little brother (then aged around 4) to see ''{{Who Framed Roger Rabbit}}''. Far from being frightened, I absolutely loved the movie (even if some of the jokes went over my head twenty-some years ago) and to this day it remains one of my most favorite movies of all time.

(And my little brother had a toy Roger doll that he carried around everywhere.) * This troper brought ''{{Coraline}}'' home. Her ten-year-old sister enjoyed it. This troper is now explaining to this sister why she is ''not allowed'' to borrow ''AmericanGods'' for a few years. ** Wait, WHAT? You let her watch Coraline?! that thing gave me an irrational fear of plumbing doors for WEEKS! * This troper's brother let her watch PrincessMononoke with him one time. She was 9. * When this troper was 9 or so, she discovered an anime rental shop in her town. (Sadly long gone, now.) One time, she rented what looked like a slightly-more-badass version of {{Sailor Moon}}. Teen girl hero, monster-slaying - even a similar hairstyle! Luckily, her father was able to pause the TV before she saw the seriously Not For Kids parts of . . . {{Devil Hunter Yohko}}. * When AmericanDad first premiered, I watched a preview on another channel of the show. Halfway through, the narrator said something along the lines of "Kids are gonna love the wacky antics of the alien and goldfish..." and I realized that the channel probably [[DidNotDoTheResearch didn't know much about the show.]] * This troper just realised how bad him and his relatives actually are. To start, when I first got into anime and manga, I didnt think about it being only for adults. Then I stumbled across CHOBITS. Yeah, anybody that has seen or HEARD of it can guess what happened next. Worse? My younger cousins (8 and 6) said they watched South Park. Their parents didnt stop them past saying 'oh it has rude jokes mememeh'. Besides that, I started watching family guy at 12, but its ok, [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean I knew how 'that' stuff works]],and I was used to all the bad language (dont ask). * This Troper believes that ''{{CLANNAD}}'' fits into this category, specifically during the latter half of the After Story. It's got a cute art style, funny characters, sakura petals abound... the perfect anime for your six-year-old girl, right? [[spoiler:Something's telling that Yoshino-san pumping himslef full of narcotics in his flashback and Nagisa dying in childbirth won't exactly hit home base with the kiddlies...]] ** The main issue with Clannad is that it's slow-paced and psychological, and for much of it, not a lot ''happens''--hardly "perfect" for a six-year-old girl, unless she needs a nap. Kids' movies have different pacing from grownups' movies for a reason. * I have seen [=DVDs=] of ''{{Bleach}}'' in the kid's section of the local video store. Apparently, people turning into monsters, said monsters eating people's souls, people getting cut up with swords (or getting shot by guns or magical attacks), an incredibly creepy amoral MadScientist who happens to be one of the good guys and the fact that a couple of the series most popular characters (Kenpachi, Grimmjow) are PsychoForHire [[BloodKnight Blood Knights]] classifies the series as quality family entrainment for little Johnny and Suzie. ** Eh... ''Bleach'' is a bit iffy for this trope. No one argues the "for kids" status of ''DragonBall Z'', and that's just as bad; Goku getting a hole blown through him with visible intestines and blood, Zarbon getting a hole punched through him (followed by showing him

impaled on Vegeta's blood-covered fist), one mook being '''decapitated''', and [[spoiler: Android 16 having his head crushed by Cell, with a blood spurt]]. *** All of the violence you just described was seriously toned down in the versions aired on Cartoon Network (ie: Vegeta didn't punch ''through'' Zarbon, he just gave him one very solid gut punch). The uncut versions of DBZ are usually accompanied by a "13 and up" sticker in the stores, and Bleach is in the same vein. I guess that would make it a borderline example of this trope. *** In the UK, episodes of Naruto sold in stores can have anything from a PG to a 15 rating. If a boxset, the highest rating applies. Probably because they have japanese audio and subs as well as the dubbed option, so they are not {{bowdlerised}} and it is illegal to sell such material to children. One Piece may well be the same. Then again, the [[Horrible/VoiceActing British dub]] of {{DragonBall}} Z shouldn't be sold to anyone. **** Actually, everything Naruto DVD released so far has been a 12 or 15, and the dub wasn't {{bowdlerised}} at all, the subs have as much swearing as the dub, but only like "damn" and "crap" (this is the Uncut dub, not the Jetix worse-than-4kids hell). Dragon Ball Z Season Set Imports are rated 12 on Amazon.co.uk, although the AWFUL AB Groupe movies dub was only rated PG, but then that was just... awful.. * A chain video store has had a ''FritzTheCat'' video in the kids section. ** I just died a little inside. * [[@/{{RAMChYLD}} This troper]] is from Malaysia. He can't believe that a certain local TV station is plugging MahouSenseiNegima, GetBackers and even CrayonShinchan at young children. Don't believe me? Check out [[http://www.ntv7.com.my/Schedules.aspx The station's schedule on Saturdays and Sundays]]. [[CriticalResearchFailure And the station is even calling Shinchan a kids' hero!]] Granted tho, the episodes aired are toned down during dubbing and censored to death, [[TheInternetIsForPorn but what if...]] ** To be fair, [[{{ptitle3aa6c4mw}} the Japanese version of Crayon Shin-chan is for kids]]. The English GagDub, on the other hand... *** Thought the manga is a {{Seinen}} title. The anime just airs during a children's timeslot. * This troper was watching ''AdventureTime'' when her dad came by and randomly decided to watch it with her. It was the [[MoodWhiplash Tree]] [[ShockingSwerve Trunks]] ep. It's a weird feeling, seeing your normally composed dad hit by the {{HSQ}}. Afterwards, he immediately declared the show to be "Not For Kids", only to immediately reverse himself by adding that Finn's age (mentioned as 12 in the ep) revealed what age group it was marketed to. To be fair, he was obviously [[{{Understatement}} really confused]] and just had ''no'' idea what to make of it. * At a local pop culture convention, this troper's friends witnessed a girl no younger than six have her parents walk her over to a hentai booth... It didn't end well. * This troper has a game he plays with his dad called "Anime is not for kids". We watched Akira, Steamboy, Paprika, PrincessMononoke, BattleForTerra, 9, and HeavyMetal and this troper has yet to win. Said

dad still has to be reminded not to buy ElfenLied for his 6 year old cousin. * I recall seeing a display for some kind of SouthPark thing...in my ''elementary school theater/library.'' I asked my dad about it, and he told me it was inappropriate. Thank you, Dad. * When this troper was younger, she would get up every morning and watch anime on WB, although I didn't really know what anime was. At around age 13, I now knew what anime was and I started watching it on Adult Swim. Well, one night on a weekday my mom and I were watching Adult Swim and Family Guy was on. It was the episode involving Peter getting those sexual instruction tapes. Needless to say, my mom told me to not watch Adult Swim anymore, that didn't stop me. Every weekend, I would get up and watch Inuyasha, which came on at around 11:00 PM (during this time my mom was most likely asleep). Well one night she came out and started yelling at me for disobeying her. I asked her to watch the show with me and see if she would let me watch Adult Swim. She agreed and watched the rest of the show with me and all its bloody glory. Afterward, she agreed to let me watch Adult Swim as she didn't really see anything wrong with the show. Also, when I was 3, my mom would allow me to watch her play DOOM on her computer. * I saw a cute little cartoon in Weather Channel Desktop. I was going to show it to my sister (3 at the time), until I saw a TV-MA warning in the corner of the show...HappyTreeFriends. * Aversion: [[@/ShiningCharizard This troper's]] dad regularly watches Adult Swim: [[BloodPlus Blood +]], TheBigO, CowboyBeBop, GhostInTheShell, and his personal favorite, InuYasha. It's pretty awesome to describe the plot of DeathNote to a parent, have him agree that the premise/style (XanatosSpeedChess) of the series is cool, and then go see the live-action movies with you in theaters. * This troper's school anime club has watched some mildly edgy anime in the past, such as ''PrincessMononoke'', but has recently toned it down a bit because the school now has a junior high section. The kids were allowed to pick an anime to watch and have its name drawn into the contest to see what anime would be played to the whole school. While some suggestions were tame, such as ''Ponyo'' or ''SpiritedAway'', some must have been looked at without a second though, such as uncut ''Naruto'', ''CowboyBebop'', ''ElfenLied'' (yes, I said it), and ''LaBlueGirl''. Luckily, they picked ''SpiritedAway''. * While browsing a local video store earlier today, I realized that this trope is still in full effect with anime. While anime is in its own separate section, it's unfortunately RIGHT NEXT TO THE KID'S SHELF! There's not even a divider to differentiate between them! It's still pretty funny to see the first RebuildOfEvangelion film three [=DVDs=] away from Baby Einstein and Beverley Hills Chihuahua, and the uncut version of AfroSamurai five [=DVDs=] away. * I was up at night watching the Adult Swim Action block when my little 8-year-old sister came in, with my mom groaning. She had trying to put her to bed since 9:00, but she wouldn't because "it's Saturday!" My mom told me to watch her and hopefully get her to fall asleep. I warned her I was watching the Adult Swim Action block, but when [[AnimationAgeGhetto she saw animation on the screen, she told me I was just trying to get out of staying with her.]] It wasn't worth

arguing with her, so I just set my sister down on my bed. At this moment it was [[FullMetalAlchemist FMA: Brotherhood]] on the block, which I was hoping she was going to fall asleep during, but she didn't. She watched the whole thing and didn't say a word. Next was {{Kekkaishi}}, which is mostly tween-friendly, which she told me she became a fan of later after watching it with me. What's next? Bleach. She hid under the covers and screamed a bunch of times '''FOR NO REASON AT ALL'''. She later told my mom I was watching "bad shows with her in the room." Yeah, because "Adult" Swim Action doesn't give you a warning. * In an inversion that probably explains why she's so screwed up, this troper watched GraveOfTheFireflies with her mom when she was ''eight''. Instead of turning it off as soon as the firebombing start, her mom mentioned that Japanese did things to the Chinese like raping them and deliberately slaughtering children and then even now some of them pretend that it never happened, and that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasake [[NightmareFuel were much worse]] than the Kobe firebombings depicted in this film. At the end she explained that even though the two protagonists were victims, they weren't the only victims and that war does things like that to everyone. And after all that, the only thing about that film that gave [[@/{{zerky}} This Troper]] nightmares was when Seita's mother is bandaged in the hospital... because she looked like a mummy. * This troper doesn't think Common Sense Media really understands logic. Several people on this site were scarred of ''WatershipDown'' as children, and they think it's appropriate for ''eleven year olds''! Over 70% of the parents said "too much violence" in their comments! Use some common sense, "Common Sense" Media. * This troper used to be bullied at school by her classmates because her parents didn't allow her to watch shows like TheSimpsons or SouthPark. She (and the rest of her classmates) was 9 years old at the time. Looks like her parents were the only ones in the area who actually saw through the cartoony images. * My cousin brought over a movie she wanted to watch that looked interesting. She had to be 10. The movie? ''{{Felidae}}''. Hooooo boy. * Several years ago, this troper's mother decided that ''PrincessMononoke'' would be a good movie for her young sister due to the fact that this troper was a fan of a much more innocent Miyazaki film, Kiki's Delivery Service. Boy, was she in for a surprise... * Sometime in mid-2010, there was a Redbox machine in a Wal•Mart that had ''TheSkyCrawlers'' at the bottom-right corner, below Spongebob Squarepants and to the right of Strawberry Shortcake. For those of you not familiar with Redbox, the Childrens section always takes up the bottom two or three rows. Kids, of course, always love slow and psychological war dramas. After all, it's [[{{AnimationAgeGhetto}} animated]]. * When [[{{Tropers/Fungal88}} this tropette's]] grandmother was driving she and her sister to their community college (because they're too scared to drive themselves) the following Friday before Halloween, the college's anime club was having a Halloween party in which the members were given the option to dress up. She decided to just wear her street clothes, but her sister decided to dress up as Edward Elric

from ''FullmetalAlchemist'', and her grandmother ended up saying, "You're in college, not grade school!", despite not even knowing that the anime apparently targets mostly the teen/young adult demographic as much as other animes that appeal to said demographic...in the Western world, that is. ** She was probably talking about dressing-up for Halloween. * My local video store shoves everything that's animated to one side, so as a result the disney section happens to be beside anime. I found it somewhat amusing to see something like 'Princess and the Frog' right next to 'Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 2' with the cover where Jan Valentine is flipping the bird in full view. That disappered when I saw a little boy grab the Hellsing DVD and ask his mom to get it and she agreed without really looking at it. Granted she had a baby who'd started crying and she probably wanted to get out quickly, but still... * When this troper used to work at a video store, he had a few parents do this. A tale that stands out, however, is one mother who rented '''{{BERSERK}}''' for her son. I found out he was eight. When I told her that Beserk ''really'' isn't for kids, she said "Why not? It looks just like that [[MyNeighborTotoro Toto-something movie]]." I gave her a blank stare and told her to get the entire family to watch it. * Not long ago, this Troper finally got around to ordering all 3 volumes of KeyTheMetalIdol off of Amazon. Being the cheap bastard I am, I opted to save $2.50 and order parts 1 and 2 from the seller who described his as "having library stickers on the cover". When they arrived, the stickers (which peeled right off) showed me that the small-town library in Kansas that recently housed these [=DVDs=] categorized them as "Animation", meaning that the likely sat on the same shelf as CareBears and TheLionKing. I can't help but wonder how many parents rented them expecting a cute little [[BecomeARealBoy Pinocchio story]] and got a TearJerker HighOctaneNightmareFuel Fest instead. * When This Troper was around five or six, her grandfather thought that since she was such a big fan of movies like MyNeighborTotoro and TheCatReturns, having her watch PrincessMononoke was a fantastic idea. She hasn't watched the movie since (though she really should, it was beautiful), scenes of two soldiers being dismembered and those creepy black tentacle-pig things are still among her most vivid and terrifying childhood memories. ** On the other end of the spectrum, when this troper went to England at age 14, she took her 12-year-old sister to see AvenueQ, since the age limit in England is apparently lower than in the US. We both enjoyed it very much and know most of the song lyrics now. ** This troper is guilty of exposing a seven-year-old to uncut OnePiece. Hey, he was disappointed that it only came on Saturday mornings on 4Kids at the time and saw my One Piece DVD and kinda grinned and...yeah. * [[{{Nakayama90}} This troper]], when mentioning excitement for ''TheSimpsonsMovie'' at work while on break, was asked "you're still a kid at heart, eh?" by a coworker. Apparently she DidNotDoTheResearch, else she'd have known that TheSimpsons isn't really a kids' show, especially in the more recent seasons. In retaliation, I replied,

"when has Simpsons ever been a kids' show?" * This troper has a ten-year-old brother who loves anime. I got him hooked. All kinds of anime. ''Pokemon'', ''Bakugan'', ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'', ''Naruto'', ''Dragon Ball Z''...''RomeoXJuliet'', ''Kekkaishi'', ''Bleach'', ''Fullmetal Alchemist''... ** I don't know about ''RomeoXJuliet'', but those last three shows ARE childrens shows in Japan. ** Honestly, all of the shows you listed are appropriate for a tenyear-old, give or take a few episodes of FullmetalAlchemist. * This troper regularly finds various anime in local Empik's (Polish chain of muli-media shops) filed under Family Movies. Most often it's ok, but seeing {{Hellsing}} (TV series) and Samurai Champloo there, made him question what can be understood as family movie. On the other hand he watched {{Hellsing}} and NeonGenesisEvangelion beind around 13 and he is not AxeCrazy PsychopathicManchild, [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial no siree.]] * TheOtherWiki links to [[http://web.archive.org/web/20021001200825/http://seattlepi.nwsource. com/movies/76964_powerpuff03q.shtml an article]] on the PowerPuffGirls that explicitly warns that the animation is not for "toddler age or under." The notion that anyone would think so fits this trope (and is baffling to say the least). * I went into my video shop of "what do you mean it's not for kids" (seriously, this happens ''a lot'') last week and saw some rather...interesting things. For one thing ''6teen'' was in the "free kids' movies" section. This is the place where ''Arthur'' and other preschool/kindergarten shows are located. For those of you that don't know, ''6teen'' gets pretty risque, even in it's edited form (which this version was not), and would be set in the "older kids" section. Then, sees FullmetalAlchemist in the last row of the "older kids" section, which is where they keep all the PG-rated movies with fart jokes. Then, he slips over to the video game section to rent TruamaCenter...and saw it a few games away from Scribblenauts. Um, okay. Then, sees the game ''You Don't Know Jack'' next to MarioKart and didn't bear to look at anymore. * While visiting relatives a few years ago, this troper's cousin started getting a little restless, so my mom and great-aunt decided to entertain her with a YouTube video. Let's see, what do you show a three-year-old girl who likes Disney Princess, Barbie & the Diamond Castle and the like? Why, ''Charlie The Unicorn'', of course! I don't think she was affected by it, but the adults certainly were. * A recent conversation on TV.com's FishHooks forum involved a member worried that the new episode was going to involve Milo die. The next user said they were just bluffing like many kid cartoons do to tease you...he began to list off these kid cartoons like ThePowerpuffGirls, Animaniacs, and...DrawnTogether? * Utterly and delightfully averted at [[Tropers/YvannaIrie my]] local library, which from the start has had a three-way split for anime manga and japanese animated films: kids (TokyoMewMew, Studio Ghibli movies (except PrincessMononoke)), youth (GingaDensetsuWeed, InuYasha, OnePiece) and adult (Silent Möbius, GhostInTheShell, ErgoProxy). * I was reading an online forum and someone told a story of when his

reletives were visiting. He left his laptop unlocked and when he came back his younger female cousin was watching ''PantyAndStockingWithGarterBelt''. Then she went arround the house saying Father F***er. * This troper's local DVD shop has three-episode volumes of CaseClosed scattered across the children's section, with "as seen on Cartoon Network!" written on them. Most of the episodes weren't ''too'' scarring...except one of the volumes included the episode with the dead hobo. * A few years back, this troper had to pratically tackle his mother to the ground to keep her from purchasing NeonGenesisEvangelion for my then-seven-y.o. brother. Apparently since the animation looked like those "weird {{Pokemon}} and YuGiOh cartoons" (her words not mine) he watched, it too must be child-friendly. * This 12-year-old (13 in 3 days as of writing) troper has always had a childhood with anime. I was watching ''Gundam'' when my brother was born (I can remember since my dad recorded me groaning and saying "Can't this wait till a commercial break?") at age five, and Yu Yu Hakusho, InuYasha and others on Adult Swim. I watched Elfen Lied last year (at 11) with my dad, along with Berserk (we both couldn't stomach that). Also, one of my internet friends recently got me hooked on When They Cry. My brother? He's 8, and I let him watch anime like Eden of the East and FLCL. He doesn't look very scarred. ** Did he understand ether of them? The thing about ''EdenOfTheEast'' is it's about how Japan is a flawed country and we need you (Akira) to fix it. But as ''KinoNoTabi'' has taught us '''every''' country is flawed. I'm just worried that your brother will think that Japan is this horribly broken place since he probably isn't old enough to know about all of the problems that America has (or whatever country you live in if that isn't it.) *** I really don't know why he likes EdenOfTheEast. He might just like it because he thinks the main girl is hot, or maybe he understands it. All I know is he's excited for Paradise Lost (second movie). I think he knows every country is flawed, and that's why I let him watch it. And FLCL? It's just a laugh-fest for him. I would never let him watch a show which only reflects on negativity and violence like ElfenLied or WhenTheyCry until he was able to understand, though. * This troper found ''NausicaaOfTheValleyOfTheWind'' at his local library in the Kids [=DVDs=] section, and immediately moved it. ** This troper still doesn't understand why the hell you moved it. *** For pretty much the same reasons the movie is mentioned on the main page. * This troper has been watching South Park ever since he was eight. The greatest part; where i live, The Netherlands, it is rated for six years and older! * Subversion: This troper once saw a 5-year-old kid expressing his wishes to borrow a ''{{Naruto}}'' DVD (apparently containing Gaara's DefeatMeansFriendship battle with Naruto in full glory) at his local library, and couldn't be persuaded that it is not for him. However, the kid's mum (who doesn't seem to have direct knowledge of the series) took a look at the rating and ''absolutely'' refused to borrow it. Lady, you just won the 'Most GenreSavvy Parent of the Year' award.

* When this tropette, Horror Girl Lucy, was in 5th grade, I saw the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga in the school library. I liked anime, and recognizing the manga/anime art style, I decided to check it out. Only a couple of pages in, when the main character, I forget his name, said he had a weird dream, one random boy says, "Was it a sex dream?" or something along those lines. This was before I learned what sex even was, so I just continued reading. My mom's boyfriend, upon recognizing the title, let me watch the anime. My mothers reaction while I was watching it? "What the fuck is my daughter watching, boyfriend?" * YouTube sticks their anime and regular children's animation in the same category on their movie service. "Let's see, $2.99 for a Charlie Brown special...or this movie Dead Leaves for free? Hmm..." * Ugh, story of my life. I tend to keep my interest in animation a secret outside of family and a couple of close friends,though it would appear my Mother thinks my favorite foreign series - AKA Fullmetal Alchemist - is some sort of pokemon clone. I've also had a minor amount of trouble at school before I left due to my liking of SpongeBob Squarepants and owning a pretty cool Bart Simpson pencil case, though it wasn't an ongoing thing. I would like to note that my family are aware that not all animation is for kids (Considering the fact they watch South Park for a start, this shouldn't be surprising), and even went out of their way to rent Coraline for me to watch. [[{{Tropers/FantasyOfLulz}} FantasyOfLulz]] * This troper watched InuYasha and CowboyBebop on Adult Swim with her dad when she was 10 or 11. At worst, it seems to have flavored her taste in anime to "dark". Her dad obviously knew exactly what it was, but she's alway suspected that her mother's reaction to seeing most of it would have been this... [[/folder]] [[folder:Comic Books/Super-Heroes]] * Word of advice: if you have kids that like Batman, and you happen to own a videostore that rents Batman VHS, don't assume that just because there are no pictures on the cover, they are safe to have around. Specially if you have older kids in the neighbourhood that are gonna insist you play that ''Batman movie'' on more than one occasion, being fully aware of what they're going to see. * As I was seeing ''{{Watchmen}}'' (avoiding easy pun) for the second time in the theater, I couldn't help but notice some guy brought his six years old twin daughters to the film. They left during the Silk Spectre/Nite Owl II sex scene, but by that point, the kids had already been subjected to, among other things, bones breaking in gruesome, slow-motion detail, people exploding, a man's face boiling off, and Dr. Manhattan in all of his nudist glory. My god, what did the father think "R" stood for, "Rambunctious Children Welcome?" ** This troper went to a screening of ''Watchmen'' where a bloke brought his son, no older than five, into the theatre. This turned into an inversion, as the child probably had no idea what was going on and didn't cry of fuss at all, whereas my sister and I were the ones hiding behind our eyes when a henchman's arms were being sawn off.

** My parents, neither of whom ever read a graphic novel or heard of ''Watchmen'' before seeing the trailer, took my fourteen-year-old younger sister to see the movie. The only regret my mother had about taking her to see it was "that huge sex scene." I was dismayed that she apparently didn't care about the arson, maiming, cruelty to animals, attempted rape, nuclear warfare, finger-breaking, and general man's inhumanity to man (and woman). *** That seems to be a common theme. This troper went to a ''Watchmen'' showing where a woman saw fit to bring her 8 and 12 year old. She made them leave the theater for the scene in the Owlship, but not five minutes later when the man's arms are graphically chopped off with a circular saw. {{Facepalm}} indeed. * This troper was hanging out at the Barnes and Noble manga section, looking for some stuff which she could share with her ten-at-the-time brother. She knows her manga, and her brother was pretty mature, so she felt comfortable enough with series like "LuckyStar". Well, the only other person in the section was a college student looking at a graphic novel from across the row- they put the manga and the western graphic novels across from each other. While she was looking at YotsubaTo, one of her favorite series, she noticed something. {{Loveless}} was on the shelf next to it. She shrugged that off, figuring that since it was just light ShonenAi, it wasn't to big a deal. It did seem a big close to {{Naruto}}, though. Then, right next to Loveless... JunjouRomantica. Right near the stuff 9 year old cartoon network and 4Kids junkies beg their moms to buy them. Unwrapped. This troper has an anxiety thing, which comes with intense shyness and moral guilt. A little bit shakily, she decided that she would ask her 16 year old *she was thirteen* brother about it. He said that someone would figure it out and deal with it eventually, but she felt like she was indirectly showing teensy-weensy Naruto fanboys yaoi by not telling someone. All the same, she was too shy to go up to an employee and say, "THERE'S PORN WITH THE KIDS STUFF!" Eventually, when she went home, WarriorCats book in hand, she felt so nervous while setting the table that she eventually spilled to her mother that there was an adult series in the manga section. Her mother called Barnes and Noble, and they said that some pervert *read: YaoiFangirl* must have taken it out of the adult section, unwrapped it, and read it, then put it in with the normal manga when they were done. The whole thing was solved, and this troper had successfully prevented some eight-year-old from getting hooked on yaoi. She was still shaky during dinner, though. * This troper saw a man smuggle his kids into see the second ''{{Transformers}}'' movie in a trench coat like some pervert. ** This troper took his cousin to the 2nd Transformers movie and during some of the more violent scenes he asked me "How did Transformers go from a kids show to THIS?" ** Heck, the entire theatre was filled with kids when this troper went there. Most of them laughed at the humor. After all, the humor WAS on their level. ** My mom suggested I take my six year old cousin to the movie. I explained why I shouldn't and she got mad at his father for taking him to the first one.

** Similar to the second example above, this troper's entire school (Not that much, about 100 pupils + 10 or so teachers) went to see the second Transformers film (This is including some pretty young kids) and the humour really is on their level, they got just about every joke and most of them were mature enough not to make cringe-worthy jokes afterward. Now, as for the older kids... ** There is a reason this tropers mother calls the second film RoboPorn, because she had to sit through it on opening day with this troper. * I recall a news story about a local Scholastic Book Fair, around three years ago, selling a lot of manga. That isn't the odd part, they've always sold a smattering of manga from random sources. The not for kids part? Besides being pretty bloody for a book sold in elementary schools, several of the manga sold had explicit sex. Woohoo! ** It's not ALL bad. After all, when this Troper was nigh into third grade, a Scholastic Book Fair was where he found his first volume of ''YuYuHakusho''. Granted, the sudden and tragic death of Yusuke in the first chapter likely didn't help my life outlook, but I'm sure my psyche's fine. *** No way! That's how This Troper really got into manga! I was ecstatic to see YuYuHakusho in there. Granted, I'd already seen an episode or two of it on Adult Swim, but I was just so happy that I didn't care. I hadn't realized that Yusuke would die, but oddly that didn't seem to bother me much. I was more embarrassed to have been reading it at lunch and blushing when Yusuke lifted Keiko's skirt and commented on her panties. And every time it swore, I had to look over my shoulder to make sure there wasn't a teacher there. Now, I'm much less discreet. But I'm a senior, so the swearing's not a big deal to me anymore. *** While not exactly manga, this troper was volunteering at one fair and got the Moribito novel. Nothing says preteen literature quite like children who are on the run from thier own father's assassins and monsters from another dimension. She also got an issue of ShonenJump at an earlier one. * As an elementary school kid, this troper only recalls being discouraged once from reading a comic book that was "too grown-up." Despite having a mature semirealistic view on superheroes, the story wasn't really adult at all. (No, it wasn't ''Watchmen''.) At the same time, she was allowed to read books with prostitution and jokes so filthy they'd stop her in her tracks ''today''. Hmm. * This troper's four year old sister loves the various XMen, {{Film/Spider-Man}}, and Film/FantasticFour movies, the Film/IronMan and TheHulk movies, BatmanTheAnimatedSeries, SupermanTheAnimatedSeries and JusticeLeagueUnlimited and wants to read the comics they're based on, (I even drew a picture of Batman, Robin, Superman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, the Hulk, Spiderman and Fantastic Four for her). Oh Boy... ** May this troper recommend the Marvel Adventures digests? Not dumbed down, but definitely safe for kids. ** There's also the Marvel Manga series, Spider-Girl, Batman the Brave and the Bold, or you could pick up some of the collected [=TPBs=] from

the silver age. ** This troper found her much younger cousin looking through her comic collection looking for superhero comics to read. She managed to talk him into reading Marvel Adventures while she stashed the Authority book he'd been flicking through somehwere high. * After reading this page, this troper has the inkling feeling that her mother shouldn't have gotten her (troper's) five- or six-year-old cousin a symbyote-possessed Spiderman comic for Christmas... * This troper works at movie theatre and saw a girl, about 6 years old, going into "The Dark Knight" with her parents, I advised them that the movie was insanely scary and that their kid would be scared out of her wits. They ignored the warning saying "How bad can a ''{{Batman}}'' movie be?" Three hours later as they came outside the little girl was screaming "I don't like clown-man, don't like clownman!" ** For me that woulda been a CrowningMomentOfFunny ** {{Moe}}! * Utterly bizarre, but utterly real, tale: This troper was riding the bus back from the comic book shop, having purchased a nice new copy of Watchmen. A woman on the bus with a couple of kids (I'd guess somewhere around 8 and 9) mentioned that she'd seen me come out of the comic shop and asked if her kids could read my newest purchase! "Because a girl as old as YOU shouldn't be reading books for children." (Direct quote.) Needless to say, I held onto it like grim death and tried to explain that Watchmen is ABSOLUTELY NOT for children. But she huffed at me angrily and stomped off to the back of the bus. (Seriously. There's a smiley face with BLOOD on it on the cover. Who figures, "Oh, it's probably like the Teen Titans"?) ** Oh, it's not only the parents themselves who think ''Watchmen'' is a kids' comic. I went to my local [=ComiCon=] to find the new reprints of the first issue as door prizes. A kid who didn't even look old enough to be in high school procured one for himself. Concerned, I asked him how old he was, and he replied, "I'm eleven." *** Actually, that kid might have know it wasn't for kids and wanted to read ''for exactly that reason''. This troper knew a lot of people in elementary and middle school who wanted to watch movies ''simply because'' adults said they were inappropriate for children, including 4th graders bragging about how many "R" rated movies they'd seen. *** In response to the first, er... [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] [[AdultsAreUseless trope?]] ** People like that drive me ''crazy''. It would have taken every ounce of self-restraint I possess to not thwack her on top of the head with the book. (And I've never even read ''Watchmen''.) *** I'd be more pissed that a random stranger asked me to give her kids my book that I was in the middle of reading. * This troper attended an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery called Krazy, which was about comics, graphic novels, manga, anime and video games. Many people brought their young children, apparently unaware of the existence of comic artists like R. Crumb. ** Similarly, this troper attended the opening night of Takeshi "Louie Vuitton" Murakami's art show in LA and was amused/horrified at the number of young children present, particularly around the ''life-

sized'' statues of [[http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/wpcontent/uploads/2007/04/murakami2.jpg "My Lonesome Cowboy"]] and [[http://www.takashimurakami.com/images/art/murakami5.jpg Hiropan]] (NWS!). ** [[@/FigmentJedi This troper]] encountered several groups of parents with kids in the Tetsumi Kudo exhibit at the Walker Art Gallery. Tetsumi Kudo being a Japanese artist who kept incorporating severed phallic symbols into his work as a symbol of pollution. Oh and some other stuff included decaying arms and other body parts... * This Troper was dumbfounded when he saw that the graphic novel section in his local Library was next to the Junior Fiction books like HarryPotter and DeltoraQuest. This wouldn't normally be so bad, but do you KNOW what one of the Comics was? ''{{Watchmen}}''. This editor can only imagine the reaction of a kid seeing it...... ** My local library also had the comics section next to the children's books. Including a copy of ''Sandman: The Doll's House''. Yes, the one with the serial killers. *** My local library put "Sandman" upstairs in the comics section, along with "Maus" and next to the popular art books. Then they put "V for Vendetta" in children's books. **** As a volunteer at my local library I get thrown into the Youth Services section (i.e. the section they throw everything they have for small children as opposed to a wider age group like it technically should be) the vast majority of my time there. We've got pretty much everything you three have mentioned right there in front of kids that honestly shouldn't see them to get the impression they should be reading them. This and any manga regardless of subject matter. The Youth Services director is obviously somewhat annoyed about it. * The library [[@/ManCalledTrue this editor]] frequents sometimes shifts where it puts the manga it has available. ''FullMetalAlchemist'', however, is continually in the kids' section. Next to ''freaking {{Hellsing}}''. (And he prefers not to think about the lazy shelvers who once put a volume of '''''{{Berserk}}''''' there -- normally, ''Berserk'' is much-more-sensibly in the adult fiction.) * This troper was never bothered by blood and mild gore as a child, and thus was not scarred by material deemed too intense for kids my respective age. However, when I was 12ish, I found a copy of my older brother's Yu-Gi-Oh manga. Already knowing that the manga was far more mature than the franchise I was familiar with, I started to read. That one issue happened to be the one where Kaiba sends Yugi through the Death-T challenges, and I had nightmares on and off for about a year. Especially haunting was the chopman. Kaiba describes how he once killed and mutilated six scouts, and I had just came back from a scout camp that same afternoon. I cringed well into adolescense everytime I heard a chainsaw or similar sounding device. * This troper saw what appeared to be a ''four year old'' in the next row up when he went to see ''The Dark Knight''. That kid was ''very'' quiet during the movie. ** ''This'' troper was the one who added the Batman films to this trope. Yesterday she went to see ''The Dark Knight'' again and two rows behind her was a girl who looked about nine and one frightened kindergarten-age boy who was whimpering in terror of the Joker. This

troper went up to their dad during the interrogation sequence and suggested they bail out. It didn't really work. ** [[@/{{Bryce Bryans}} This troper]] had a friend who worked at the movie theater during the release of the Dark Knight and the problem of keeping adult and children's prices straight while charging given the mixed audience. My reaction was "Why are you charging a child priced ticket at an adult movie?! Why didn't you charge them all as adults?" ** This troper and two friends went to see Dark Knight the night it came out, and there were under-10 children there with their parents. She was only 16 at the time, but she still wouldn't have dreamed of taking anyone younger than 13- at the very least. *** There was a little boy sitting right in front of this troper when she went to see it for the second time. Said kid started crying when the Joker's thugs started blowing each other away in the opening bank robbery, and my male friend asked the father, none too nicely, to take the kid out. The father did - and brought him back five minutes later, in time to see the Joker's big reveal. The kid would start to cry and the dad would take him out, then bring him out five minutes later. The dad finally kept him out after the kid went absolutely bananas when he saw Two-Face for the first time - so thank God he didn't get to see Two-face [[spoiler: kidnap Gordon's family and hold a gun to little Jimmy's head]], but when my friend and I left, the heartless slob was yelling at the kid for "being a little pussy" and crying at a "kid's movie." (Because horribly scarred mass murderers just ''scream'' "kid friendly.") The kid was like three or four - I thought my friend was going to lay the guy out! **** He ''should have'' laid [[AbusiveParents that guy]] out. ** During one off this troper's viewing of ''The Dark Knight'', I saw two adults bring in what looked like a TROOP of kids into the theatre. Wow, now that would have been one heck of a fun playdate to explain to the parents! * When this troper went to see ''{{Hancock}}'', there was a guy two rows in front of him who'd brought two or three under-six-year-olds. I'm not sure if that falls under the "Fresh Prince" or "Superhero" clause -- probably, most likely, the "Too Cheap For A Babysitter" category. * This troper's English teacher thought that comics were for kids until he looked at my ''{{Watchmen}}'' graphic novel. He told me it ruined his day. * This troper was at a middle school as part of her college class where she has to help/observe the teacher and students in a classroom. One day, they were going over climate change and how the earth can be harmed (life science class, btw) and they decided to watch a movie to help get the message home. A female student brought in the VHS for ''Earthian''. ''EARTHIAN''. A manga drawn by the same woman who draws Loveless, with the art style of the movie done by Clamp. I was so terrified at the thought of the students asking questions about why the two main male characters were kissing or what have you, that I politely drew the teacher aside to explain the premise of the movie. It was not shown, thank heaven. ** I have never read ''Earthian'' (though I have read {{Loveless}} and I know I wouldn't show ''that'' to middle schoolers), but I'm not sure

I understand why a male-male kiss would be inappropriate for middle schoolers. *** Because [[GayPanic gay people are scary!]] (To be fair to the first troper, she probably would have gotten a lot of complaints from conservative parents wanting to know why she'd exposed their precious children to the icky gayness — not a fun experience, especially for a student teacher.) * This troper works in a bookshop (as well as tech support) and was once accosted by a pushy woman who INSISTED on buying ''{{Sandman}}: Preludes And Nocturnes'' for her seven-year old son. Yes, the one with the mind-controller who escapes from Arkham Asylum and ends up murdering an entire diner full of people, in ugly ways. After trying to explain, this troper gave up and called her boss to deal with the woman, and went on her lunch break. Boss came in fifteen minutes later and started banging his head against the wall. Thanks, Mum. ** This troper tried to read the "Season of Mists" volume at the airport once. Due to lack of seating at the gate, I was sitting on the floor while reading, which clearly is the international sign for "I am bored and desire a small child to try to crawl into my lap so he can read my book." Said child couldn't have been over five, and while ''he'' was okay with "sweetheart, this is a grown-up book, you don't want to see it. Get off me now please" (actually he pretty much lost interest after I told him that I wasn't reading about Batman), his mother was deeply offended that I wouldn't let him look at my little comic. ** This troper got into ''Sandman'' half-heartedly at twelve (and more seriously at fifteen) and apparently the local library classes ''all'' volumes of ''Sandman'' as Teen Graphic Novels. Except if you go to said library and look at the shelving, their teen section is essentially their tween section. It's on the same shelf as ''{{Twilight}}''. Enough said. (Quick-- someone write me {{Twilight}}/{{Sandman}} crossover fic! I want Edward running into the Corinthian, Alice bumping into Delirium, and at least one member of the Cullen family getting all mopy with Despair. Because if there's anything the Cullen clan can do, it's wallow in angst.) *** Due to various cataloging and space issues, a lot of libraries are resigned to having a rather broad definition of "teen" or "young adult" literature, meaning things like ''PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'', ''{{Twilight}}'', ''HarryPotter'', and ''WarriorCats'' end up getting shelved alongside... more mature titles. Thankfully, most parents this troper has encountered understand that not all YA books are created equal and examine them on a case-by-case basis, but as this page proves there are always exceptions. * [[@/GwenStacyWannabe This troper]] was fortunate enough to stop a possible disaster-in-progress when she encountered an ''IronMan'' graphic novel in the "children's graphic novel" section of Borders. I didn't open it, but the rating on the back cover was T+ , or ages 15 and up. Knowing what a [[SarcasmMode good]] [[WhatTheHellHero example]] Tony Stark is in the comics - let alone, the movie - I took it upon myself to save some poor parent a lot of grief and moved it back over to the ''real'' graphic novels section.

* [[@/{{Mysterynovelist}} This troper]] had a hard time explaining to her mother why she couldn't read ''FruitsBasket'' to her three-yearold brother. ** In a slightly DarkerAndEdgier example, it took this troper ''years'' to explain to her parents that anime's main demographic audience were people 17+ ; they had assumed that she was still watching cartoons and should stopping watching that 'animated garbage'. * This troper's local library put ''{{Watchmen}}'' in the comics section that was situated in the kids section. ** I guess it's too hard to just open the first page look at the giant pool of blood and the Comedian being brutally (and just as bloodily) murdered. ** During this troper's preteen years, he frequented the local library's comics section, which contained such family-friendly titles as JudgeDredd, Nemesis the Warlock, The Sandman and Druuna. Not to be outdone, the local video rental shop didn't mind renting him {{Akira}}, {{Ninja Scroll}}, {{Urotsukidouji}}, {{Robocop}}s, {{Alien}}s or {{Hellraiser}}s. * This Troper's friend was looking around the theater before the previews to ''{{Watchmen}}'' started and noticed a seven year old in one of the seats. The parents ended up leaving with the kid after the kid loudly asked "Why are those two women kissing?" For those of you who haven't seen the movie, the only time that anything like that ever happens is in the opening credits, maybe seven minutes into the film. Minus points for taking your kid to see ''Watchmen''. Least you knew when it was time to leave. ** Really, you're discussing Watchmen, and you're mad about [[UnfortunateImplications children seeing two women kissing?]] There's worse things in that movie! ** There was a girl about that age when this troper went to see it whose parents did ''not'' have the insight to leave when she shouted "Oh my gosh!" during the above mentioned kiss. She also said "I'm scared" when the Comedian's apartment door burst open... This troper, who had read the graphic novel and knew that it would get much worse, had to restrain herself from yelling across the theater. ** This Troper was disgusted when one set of parents brought their small children and infant to see ''{{Watchmen}}''. On opening night. Needless to say I could barely keep myself from exploding with laughter during the sex scene and every time Doc Manhattan's glowing blue penis took the screen. * This troper, a film student, was trying to explain things like plot and character to her thirteen-year-old cousin, who like many boys that age thought {{300}} was a cinematic masterpiece. She happened to mention that she was really looking forward to the movie of ''Watchmen'', because of how well Alan Moore had written the novel. Piped up the child, "Yeah, I can't wait for it either, it looks so cool! Can I borrow your copy of the book?" She might have let him just for shits and giggles - it wasn't like he was six - but she fears her aunt's ** ... Your aunt's what? Please finish the sentence. *** Jumping on the grenade here, but I think her aunt is Candle Ja-

* This troper was once in the manga section of the local bookstore and overheard a woman telling her friend that she was going to buy {{X}} for her ''nine-year-old daughter'' because "she just ''loved'' CardCaptorSakura." This troper quickly but politely pointed out that while both series are indeed written by {{CLAMP}}, {{X}} is very much [[AnyoneCanDie not]] [[BreakTheCutie safe]] [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt for]] [[CrucifiedHeroShot children.]] [[EyeScream Very]] [[LoveMakesYouEvil much]] [[KillEmAll not.]] Thankfully she was convinced, and this troper sent her on her way with a ''much'' more reasonable suggestion; MagicKnightRayearth. * [[@/PurplePantherGirl This troper]] was once BROWSING the manga section at Borders (which is riiiiight next to the kiddie's books) and found several copies of a book teaching you to draw Manga... Manga ''porn''. You bet she told someone. ** To be fair, the majority of those "adult" books are graphic novels in the upstairs kids/teens section (thankfully, she hasn't found Watchmen there yet). * This Troper has quite a few stories. First, my grandparents had VHS tapes of Batman and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Mind you I was maybe three, now 22), and I recall being grossed out by the Joker's teeth being punched out and blood on his face. Even scarier was near the end of Roger Rabbit, what with certain parts of Toon Town and the Judge being flattened and revealing he was a toon. Then of course he remembers calling his older brother a wuss before his dad took him to see Batman Returns...yeah. The only bad part this Troper sees in retrospect was that it kept him from seeing several other Burton films including Nightmare Before Christmas, his personal favorite film. * I was recently in the Kids's section of a bookstore (I was there getting a ''WarriorCats'' book which is, in itself, an example of this trope), when I realised that the store had located its ''entire manga section'' within the kids' section. * Sigh* * Yet another manga example: [[@/JET73L This Troper's]] local library, when they first got manga, had it all shelved next to the Juvenile Fiction section. Then they got the first couple of volumes of Arm of Kannon. The ''first page'' had a naked woman tearing a hole into her chest between her breasts to seduce another charactecovered in a plastic wrapping, and that section in my Borders is under surveillance. So employees would know if someone was sneaking a peek. * I remember seeing a kid, maybe something like 8-12 at most, coming out of [[DarkKnightTrilogy The Dark Knight.]] Odd part was that he was talking about how awesome two-face looked. That scared the crap out of me the first time I saw two-face. * [[@/PurplePantherGirl This Troper]] was in Borders, in the teenage section, when a mother and daughter walk over. Mother grabs 'TheCuriousIncidentOfTheDogInTheNightTime' (you know, the one with the boy with asperger's who finds a murded dog? And loads of shit happens?) and shows it to her daughter saying, 'It's a murder mystery, like the FamousFive? You like them yes? You'll like this.' Daughter (who couldn't be over twelve) looks at book suspicouslly but nods. * While [[@/DarkInsanity13 this troper's]] local Chapters is fairly good with putting the right manga in the right sections (the more adult series are by the graphic novels section, the shonen/shojo

series are in the teen section, etc.), she finds it a little worrying to have the teen section in plain view of the kids section, as well as finding series like DragonDrive and KingdomHearts in the kids section...Not to mention the main branch of the local library puts the majority of manga andr (in a dream sequence, but still), explicit rape (male-on-female, female-on-male, attempted male-on-male, creature-onmale, creature-on-female), and ended the first volume with a woman being StuffedInTheFridge, with all four limbs ripped off and the stubs of her legs spread apart. They shortly moved the entire comics section next to Adult Nonfiction and Archived Periodicals. After moving, they got rid of Arm of Kannon and tried to sort the manga and comics between two sections by Teen and Adult Fiction, but gave up when (presumably) someone complained about Ken "ClothingDamage" "Akamatsu Nipples" Akamatsu's ''{{Negima}}'' being placed on the rack next to various books starting from "unsuitable for children under seven for complex sentences" (to books "unsuitable for children under sixteen for sexual references and cursing", which mostly if not all remain in the combined Juvenile+ Teen section). Inversion: His parents refuse to allow Teletubbies to be played while anyone under eight or so is in the room, because it's too juvenile for anyone that young to watch) * My wife was OK with me buying Ultimate Spider-Man for my 9-year-old, until she started talking about things like attempted rape. * A rare inversion: when [[@/RiL this troper]] was twelve, she had to choose a book to read for her English class's unit on the Holocaust. Her father recommended Maus. His logic began at "it's a graphic novel and you love comics" but extended into "you're old enough to handle this, so now it's time for you to see just how deep and meaningful comics can be." * This tropers parents are constantly at him to put away childish things and stop buying things like comics and [Anime cartoons]. For the past year, however, his father has been collecting his regular titles from the comics store and has learned which ones are safe to read on the bus home and which ... aren't. This troper has also been to stacks of 'comic book' movies (you know Watchmen, BatmanReturns, TheDarkKnight, IronMan, etc.) where kids have been there with parents. Many adults, like the tropers parents, automatically equate 'comic book' with 'child friendly' and do not understand that the two have not been synonomous since the first time [[WomenInRefrigerators someone was killed for 'dramatic potential']] * This troper once saw a Dark Knight Junior Storybook in a shop, and what tempted to buy it, just to see how much they'd change it... * [[@/NielJacoby This Troper's]] Father let him(This Troper borrow his(the father's) copy of Watchmen at about 9-10-ish years old, as well as SnowCrash, TheDiamondAge, Girlfriend In A Coma and Cryptonomicon, let him borrow [[FrankZappa Make A Jazz Noise Here]](not as bad as Joe's, but there's still "Stevie's Spanking"), as well as telling him, when he got Joe's Garage from the public library at 13, "This is one of the most offensive albums I've ever listened to, although Sheik Yerbouti is worse. Don't let your mother hear you listening to it.", let me watch Reservoir dogs at 12, The Shining at 10(I read it in 4th grade), practically raised us on Blackadder, [[ArsonMurderandJaywalking Doctor Who, and MST3K,]] had a conversation

with me about how the f-word can fit any part of speech except the conjunction, and is totally awesome. This Troper has shown his 7 year old brother Manos, Red Dwarf, and Hot Fuzz. I'm awesome. * My mother is the opposite of this - she jokes that every manga volume on my shelf is porn. Even the stuff like Yotsuba&! which she "won't read because it would spoil my judging you." * This troper, on one of his library trips, found a huge hardback collection of Tom of Finland standing amidst the comic books. He couldn't stop laughing for weeks. * This troper's junior high library has a "graphic novel" section, where such kid friendly classics as Watchmen, a R-Rated Buffy comic, and Sandman reside. (Note: Buff is ''naked'' on the cover of her comic.!) ** I've done a fare amount of lookage for that comic cover after reading this. Could ya give us a link? * This troper has once attended a Church rummage sale and found, between old copies of ''Narnia'' books and "Veggie Tale'' [=DVDs=], a copy of the ''Battle Royale'' manga. * This Troper was at an airport bookstore when she came across the "Children's" Section. Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Kickass were just some of the graphic novels on the top shelf. YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS! On the middle shelves were manga such as Vampire Knight and Death Note. The bottom shelf was the Cat and the Hat and Are You My Mother.Cause yeah who needs Hop on Pop when you can read Watchmen! * This troper was just waiting for her mom to pick her up from the library and was hanging out reading manga that was from the kids' manga section. A mother and her two kids walked through the section only for the mom to say, "Oh, comics. This isn't good. We need something more mature for you two." I stared up just when a someone from the MegaMan manga I was reading died. Apparently Goosebumps and AmericanGirl is more mature than manga. * This troper was at a Borders store one day when this troper found that someone left ''{{Claymore}}'' and some ''shonenai manga'' in the ''kids manga section.'' * There is a small manga section at This Troper's library were they have kiddy friendly manga, such as Tokyo Mew Mew and Yotsoba&! next to Mirai Nikki and Hellsing. * This troper remembers being in the manga section at borders and seeing a man and his son (who was couldn't have been older then 8) walk into the asle. I figured he get somthing like ''{{Pokemon}}'' , but what does the kid walk out with? ''{{Death Note}}''. [[{{SarcasmMode}} Niiiice.]] * I remember having to explain to a mother who wanted to buy ''{{Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni}}'' for her daughter who "Just loved ''{{Tokyo Mew Mew}}'' just exactly WHY It has the rateing is does. * I once went to the manga store asking for a good {{shojo}} manga at the age of 11. The comic book store guy recommended KoiCupid. It was in the shojo section and it was by [[TokyoMewMew Mia Ikumi]], so she bought it. I later read and thought it was pretty good, and it was pretty appropriate for kids, too! So how did I find out it WASN'T for kids? When I went on ThatOtherWiki, she searched up "Koi Cupid", and on the "Koi Cupid" page, ThatOtherWiki claimed it was "{{seinen}}". I

edited it to change the demographic to "shojo", but when I went back I while later, it said "seinen" again, and now in the genre section, it said "{{lolicon}}"! I don't read "Koi Cupid" anymore. * This troper was once directed to the kid's section of Waterstones upon enquiring about manga, And not only that, upon inspecting the area, noticed a sex guide on the shelf exactly opposite. * [[{{Tropers/Sharysa}} This troper]] desperately wants a job at a bookstore to reduce the instances of this. Like many others on this page, she's constantly seen the unholy trifecta of ''{{Akira}}'', ''FullmetalAlchemist'', and ''[[GraveOfTheFireflies GRAVE OF THE FUCKING FIREFLIES]]'' being dangerously close to, if not already in, the children's sections of her local bookstores. Also, she's seen RRated and NC-17 yaoi right next to things like {{Naruto}}. Most of them are plastic-wrapped, but the ones with shiny, flowery cover art and suggestive but tame blurbs don't get such precautions--and they're often [[CoversAlwaysLie the most sexually-explicit series in THE ENTIRE STORE]]. * When I was younger, This Troper was sent to bible camp. And every night, we were shown a bible movie. Unfortunately, one of the movies had been damaged or something so they needed to get another movie for the last night of camp. So the day before a couple of the counsellors had gone into town and visited a movie store looking for a ''bible movie''. And they found [[BibleBlack Bible Black]]. I can hear the conversation now, "Well it's a cartoon, [[AnimationAgeGhetto it must be for kids]]! It even has the word Bible in the title. We don't have time to read the back of the box, let's just pay for it and go."\\ \\ That night, they started the movie and left to do camp counselor stuff or whatever. We saw the first two episodes before they came back to check on us. I won't pretend it didn't affect me (as a teenager I had some pretty... [[AnythingThatMoves weird]] views on sexuality) but I will say this; I don't know if it's because it was the first "dirty" movie I had ever seen, or if it' because it was the first time that week I had heard anything that didn't involve my "totally cool pal Jesus", or if it's because I just like depraved hentai, but I maintain that that night was the best movie night ever. * On iTunes Movie Trailers [[http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/familyguysomethingsomethingso methingdarkside/ Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside]] is listed as a family movie. * I had just moved some manga from Savers over to the young adult section when an employee moved them back to the Ages 6-12 section. (I really thought she would get the hint too since I was talking to my brother RIGHT NEXT TO HER how we were shocked the store doesn't check the age label.) {{Dragonball}} I can get for mistakenly putting it there, but RurouniKenshin?! Since it's a second-hand shop, god knows what will happen if someone ever donates yuri, yaoi, or hentai. * The local library near this troper has a rather piss-poor graphic novel section, and pretty much all graphic novels of all ratings are lumped together. For example, there was a cutesy looking Little Lulu comic right in between Death Note and Watchmen (I can't remember whether the shelve just wasn't sorted alphabetically, or if some

people just lazily happened to stick those two books in the nearest spot they could find). Not only that, but it's in the middle of the children's section. Other graphic novels stuck in that shelf included (but was not limited to) Chobits and Akira. ** Actually, this same troper has a (not particularly interesting but relevant) story to go along with this. When walking home from school a couple years back, she decided to stop by her local library from some light reading. After doing a quick browse through the tiny manga/graphic novel section, she chose a western graphic novel called [[http://www.comicbookbin.com/escapefromspecial.html Escape From "Special"]]. After doing a quick page through and seeing the simple art style, she decided it was just another collection of childrens' comics and would be good enough for a light read. Only when she got home and read it did she find out what she really got herself into. The book is a collection of semi-autobiographical of an unusual and precocious girl. The story contains talk of sex and rape, F-bombs (and various other colorful language), questioning and rejecting religion (may be a sensitive topic for some readers), thoughts of suicide and self-harm, and full-frontal nudity (although this is shown on a television that the protagonist is watching and, at one point, when the protagonist is thinking lustfully about penises). Granted, this didn't really bother this troper as she was used to both reading and watching things much more inappropriate than that. In fact, it was much better than she expected and was quite an enjoyable read. She was just surprised to find something obviously aimed at much older readers right in the middle of the children's section. After browsing through that graphic novel section once again, this time more carefully, this troper decided that the mind-set in that library was graphic novel = comic = totally appropriate for all ages. * When I was but a lad of about 10 years and a huge fan of TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles, my mom bought me a graphic novel with several issues of the original comic. I made the mistake of asking my mom what 'disembowelment' meant. Her response was to the effect of "why the hell are they using a term like that in a kid's comic?" I let the matter drop, mumbling some lie about hearing the term elsewhere and continued reading, realizing that I'd happened upon some secret treasure that I was apparently not meant to have. Oddly, my mom also never protested when I read Conan comics at the same age. * This Troper and her mother are polar opposites. This Troper found her first volume of manga - Ranma 1/2, volume one - at around seven years old. Within the first few pages there was a shower scene with hardly-censored breasts. She didn't bat an eye. Meanwhile, her mother has always been extremely sensitive to stuff like this. When this Troper was ten, she was forbidden from watching a certain show because it was too violent. The show? Yu-Gi-Oh, the 4Kids dub, the early episode where Yugi first whipped out Exodia on Kaiba. * This Troper bought a graphic novel version of Beowulf. At his brother's ''elementary school book fair''. Emphasis on the Graphic part. * This troper recieved three volumes of a Japanese comic book, called {{Sanctuary}}, from her uncle when she was ten, because all kids like those harmless Japanese comic books right? He really should have read

the blurb about the story being about a childhood friends who grew up to Seinen Politician and Yakuza leader, and features such child-safe plots like gangsters raping waitresses, yakuza punching reporters, and politician bribing politicians. * A lot of bookshops and libraries avert this where I live, with the graphic novels either with the young adult or sci-fi books, which are often well away from the childrens section. I also found a copy of ''Monster'' at my local church fete in with the regular bookstall books, instead of the shed, where the kiddy stuff (books and toys) are sold. * This troper found ''BatmanUnderTheRedHood'' in his local Blockbuster in the Kids New Release section, next to Ben10. Having watched it the previous week I was compelled to recommend to the staff that it be moved. A week later it had been. ** Good thing they did, IMHO it was more violent than TheDarkKnight. Nothing says kids movies quite like ColdBloodedTorture and dudes heads exploding. *** And lit molotov cocktails being shattered in people's hands. I still can't figure out how they missed the M15+ Rating on the cover. * This Troper's middle school administration seemed to assume that any fantasy below the level of, say, Wicked or MistsOfAvalon was intended for children. ''Batman: No Man's Land'' was in the library, as was the PrincessDiaries series (not fantasy, but [[{{SarcasmMode}} since Disney made movies about them, how could they not be kids' books?]]). * When [[Tropers/QuackorTheFowl this troper]] saw ''ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'', at least one family in front of him had a boy who couldn't be older than 7. However, as we left, it looked like the boy and his family genuinely liked it, as he was acting out his favorite parts as we left the theater. * This troper was genuinely surprised at the number of small children in the theater when she went to see Iron Man 2. Granted, it's no Watchmen, but hello, PG-13? Some Material May Not Be Appropriate For Children Under 13? [[spoiler:We get to hear a guy's spine twisting 180 degrees and Iron Man bemoan his slow death by palladium? Need I mention the whole party sequence?]] Yep, that's kid-friendly fare, all right. ** She also recalls seeing a few little kids in X-Men: First Class. They were all very quiet, if they were even there (I can't quite remember) but she ''hopes'' they weren't, because she ended up watching the [[spoiler:coin through the head]] scene through her fingers and covering her eyes completely during Hank's transformation. * According to a friend, the library has {{yaoi}} in the kids' section. ** 'Hey look, two boys hugging in a cloud of sparkles! This'll be PERFECT for the little dears!' * This Troper once brought some comics to a swimming carnival to read, and some of my friends, initially surprised at the fact that I read comic books ("Aren't they for kids?"). Anyway, one of them started reading Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and eventually reached the page where Robin accidently knocks a guys head off with a rollercoaster track. He was incredibly shocked at the gore, and showed everybody. I asked him how he could have missed the mature, violent

and adult-themed storyline? His answer: he was skimming. * The ''HidamariSketch'' (or Sunshine Sketch if you prefer the English title) manga is placed in the Children's section at the library. Now most of it is fine for kids but in the chapter where they go to a festival Miyako wears a Yukata that's too short for her and Sae comments that she looks like a hooker. Well, [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean I guess they want to teach kids new words]]. * Averted at our local ibrary, which splits manga and comics into "kids/teens" and "older teen/adult" sections. Kids' section has stuff like {{Naruto}}, DragonBall and OnePiece(nothing over 13+), while the more "mature" stuff (anything 16+ and over, basically) like {{Higurashi}} and {{Berserk}} is kept in the adult section. * This troper was taken to V for Vendetta in IMAX at age 12, and had a Blast, and this was before being allowed to watch any of the Matrix movies... when it came to R movies, it all depended on content. Not just the 'R' rating. * This troper is developing a webcomic that he suspects will fall victim to this. For starters, it features several races of alien [[FurryFandom furries]]. Perfectly child-friendly, right? In a setting centering around a drawn-out, bloody war between a totalitarian empire, which has little regard for anyone who hasn't undergone cybernetic enhancements (and holds those that did as the future of their society), and the opposing empire, which has a history of enslaving any race or nation that refuses to join them and their beliefs, assuming they don't simply wipe said race/nation out. Mind rape, body horror, police brutality, and war is hell abound. And yet, cute furry aliens! Of course it's kid-friendly! ** Just to further demonstrate this, I'll focus on the main character, one of the aforementioned cute alien furries. He's a [[CombatMedic medic]] within the elite branch of the former empires military, which means he's a [[HollywoodCyborg heavily augmented]], [[BiggerIsBetter ten foot tall]] (In the setting, 8 feet is the average normal height,) [[PoweredArmor power armored]] [[SpaceMarine space marine]]. If you are on his side, or not an enemy combatant, he will treat you in a professional manner (as in, actively trying to heal you, with as little pain as possible.) If you are an enemy combatant, he will kill you without pause. He is also a pyromaniac, and his preferred weapon is a mil-spec flamethrower designed to kill enemy power armored troops. Also in the setting (Which does include some fantasy elements,) every character has the potential to learn various powers, including pyrokinesis. He also has a not-uncommon mutation that multiplies his potential power, and a rare trait that effectively turns him into a walking nightmare that can read, and thrives on, the emotions of others. He has also developed a sadistic streak, a risk that comes with first tapping into that latter ability, alongside going mad. He has earned himself a (richly-deserved) reputation as a soldier who leaves any soldier he doesn't torture to death (usually for information, but sometimes just because [[CompleteMonster he wants to hear someone scream,]]) as a complete [[MindRape mental wreck]]. Clearly a good character for kids! (Bright side: I do plan for him to become [[TheAtoner an atoner.]]) * I was at the adult literature/comic book section in my local library

when a dad with two pre-school age kids bumbled in and declared to his children they had arrived at the children book section. Always a MomentKiller, I sent him in the right direction when he failed to realize his mistake even when picking up books by FrankMiller and the likes. I think it was the fact that he was ready to introduce his 7or-thereabouts-old daughter to {{Maus}} that made me act. * This troper is watching ChoujuuSentaiLiveman at his cousin's house. The two kids of my church's women's ministry saw me watch them, and the eldest boy of 3 siblings (he's 6 I guess?) asked me what I was watching. I told them Liveman, and he thought at first they're PowerRangers. Thankfully, he understood that it's one of the old Sentai series. We watched Episodes 13, 31, 43, 44 and the finale (since they're my fave episodes). I had to explain them that ''it's all the bad guys fault'' whenever something bad happens (Like the deaths of Jimmer!Mr. Tanaka, Guildos and Butchy). Yes, ''I showed them the episodes where the series got DarkerAndEdgier.'' Good thing I told them why these happen in shows like this. Now he asks me if I'll watch Liveman again. =] * [[Tropers/NintendoNate25 This troper]] saw a little kid carrying (but not actually reading) a volume of ''{{Hellsing}}'' when he was at Barnes & Noble once. [[SarcasmMode Because vampires are SO kidfriendly]]. [[/folder]] [[folder:Fantasy]] * A teacher in this troper's school showed her kids TheGrudge in class, only because they're on the second floor which means you can watch PG-13 movies. (This troper goes to a private school with some weird rules.) Let me repeat: A school teacher let her class full of 6th to 8th graders watch a horror movie. It just so happens this troper's friend is in this class (We're both 14.) and she HATES horror movies, so she was scared out of her mind. Why my school's library had TheGrudge in their movie collection and why a teacher decided to show her kids that movie, I will never understand. ** Hey everyone, OP again. Guess what movie my teacher got for our last day of School. [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422272/ Fragile]]. And let me remind you, this is coming from a teacher that thought the live action GeorgeoftheJungle movie wasn't for kids. * While in a Supermarket I saw two 40 - odd women in the DVD section buying a present for an eight year old. In the particular section they were looking at was Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They somehow came to the conclusion that Temple of Doom was the first film and said (And I quote) "I think he will really like this film" Some poor eight year old is probably in therapy right now... * [[@/{{Regiment}} This troper]] once heard a father telling his terrified son that the 'Dinosaur' ride at Disney World is "just like 'Peter Pan'. Now, granted, it's a Disney ride, but 'Dinosaur' is ''extremely'' intense, with huge dinosaurs lunging out at your car (one of which always scares this adult troper), a countdown to a meteor that's going to hit in less than a minute, and a lot of sharp, jarring turns in pitch-blackness. It's ''not'' like the slow, calm,

and happy ''Peter Pan'', which takes you peacefully in a flying pirate ship over scenes from the movie. * Similar to the ''Hancock'' example above, this troper was a little surprised to discover a mother with three under-ten children -including a toddler in a stroller -- watching ''[[TheMummyTrilogy The Mummy]] -- Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'' with him. * This troper remembers seeing a disgruntled parent take her child out of MonsterHouse because it was too scary, then proceed to walk across the hall to ''Dead Man's Chest''. Yes, the one with the Turkish prison scene in which a man has his eyes pecked out by a crow about fifteen minutes into the film. * This Troper remembers when ''Beetlejuice'' used to air on Disney. Yes, you heard me... ** It also aired on Nickelodeon once, and Cartoon Network aired it on behalf of them airing the (decidedly more kid-friendly) cartoon series based on it. * Someone put ''EdwardScissorhands'' in the children's section of a video renter when this troper was a child. Although she enjoys the movie now, it gave her the jibblies when she was younger. How someone came to the conclusion that it was a children's movie is absolutely befuddling. * This troper is a mod on a ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' forum, and got into an [[strike:argument]] heated discussion with a mother who registered to complain that the show gave her two year old son nightmares. * This troper remembers being surrounded by preschool/kindergarten aged kids when she saw ''BruceAlmighty'' in theaters. * For a while, [[@/TromboneChild this troper's]] 11-year-old sister used to watch ''{{Supernatural}}'' with her and enjoyed it (she looked away during the scary parts and I made sure she only watched the lessgory episodes). Then she saw the end of "No Rest For The Wicked" (the Season 3 finale), had nightmares (she wouldn't tell me what happened in them), and now she won't even let me talk about it while she's in the room. * So many things, but I'll only tell a few. Although one of this was my fault, since our class was unprepared on doing something fun for their free time, I somehow found the movie pans labyrinth in my bag. I told them it was a fantasy movie. some weren't that excited while others wanted to watch it since it's better than nothing, boy were they suprised on what it was trully about and it doesn't help that i was the only one laughing while the rest were just trying to hide the faces. The best part, we were only 11 years old. I was already used to it since at that time I have read elfen lied, gants, 20th century boy and many more. * Don't get me started on people who are convinced that ''{{Harry Potter}}'' is for little kids. The first three books, sure, although upon re-reading them as an adult, there's some pretty questionable stuff there too. The Dursleys are downright abusive to Harry, and at the end of Book One, ''a man dies from his skin blistering and burning up.'' Book Four has Wormtail slicing his hand off, and it only gets darker from there. This was of course 100% intentional and very shrewd of J.K. Rowling, to have the stories mature with the characters, but

it tends to go over parents' heads. Of course, marketing is very much to blame. ** Here I was thinking I was the only one... ** Actually, I read the first 5 when I was 8 or 9 and wasn't scared at all. ** That would be fitting. JKRowling herself has actually said that she thinks that eight is the minimum age for which the series is appropriate, but admits that her daughter Jessica, who first read the books at seven, proved to be an exception -- "maybe she's tough, like her mother." * [[@/JP4490 This troper]] has seen some Waterstone's bookstores place the ''{{Twilight}}'' books on shelves labelled 'Children's Bestsellers'. In one store, this meant they were under a banner picturing '''Thomas the Tank Engine.''' * This troper's middle school library had Anne Rice's The Mummy: Or, Ramses the Damned on its shelves. Chock full of graphic sex, violence, and other fun things, my friends and I would read excerpts of it at lunch. How it got into the library, I'll never know. * This troper has seen C.S. Lewis's ''The Screwtape Letters'' in the kids' section at Barnes & Noble, because apparently since C.S. Lewis wrote one children's series, all his stuff ''must'' be for kids. I clued an employee in and they moved it. She also found--I shit you not--''[[RepoTheGeneticOpera Repo! The Genetic Opera]]'' in the KIDS' SECTION at Blockbuster. That's just an EpicFail level of stupidity there, because you only have to look at the case, with "From the producers of SAW!" on the top, to realize that just because it's a musical definitely does ''not'' make it a kids' movie. * When this troper saw ''{{Twilight}}'', someone brought a BABY. This troper heard the poor little kid crying. ** That's probably more to do with the fact that even babies can sense quality that bad. * In [[@/{{Igordebraga}} this troper's]] country, ''ReignOfFire'' got an "for all ages" rating. At the first minutes, a woman talking to her son could be heard. But not on the rest of the movie - wonder if the scary dragons and ellaborate action scenes had something to do with it... * This troper saw a kid who couldn't have been older than six or seven at a showing of TheLovelyBones. She ''ran'' out of the theatre. What the ''fuck'', people. I know the movie is a tad tamer than the book, but geez! * This is sort of a weird inverse - this troper's mother won't let her read books like [[SoBadItsHorrible Twilight]] and Eragon because she thinks she'll have nightmares or be freaked out. The books she let the troper read were a different story: the first Ghostgirl book contained a lot of swearing (but cleaned up for the second book) and Order of the Odd Fish featured a really disturbing scene towards the end of the book. * I was disturbed when I went to see the [[DarkerAndEdgier new]] {{Remake}} of NightmareOnElmStreet, and found two small herds of children, ages ranging from four to ten being led into the theater by their mothers who I could hear discussing to each other about how the ticket sales girl asked them why they were bringing their kids to see

the "Campy Freddy remake." Oh, yeah, because the child molestation, impalement, dismemberment, and [[spoiler: AttemptedRape]] in the climax are ''[[SarcasmMode totally]]'' kid friendly. [[MostAnnoyingSound The kids were all sobbing before the fucking title card could come up,]] [[CompleteMonster and the mothers made them stay for the whole movie.]] * This troper remembers seeing horror movies next to kid-friendly titles such as ''BedtimeStories'' at the "New Releases" section of his video store. "It's right next to Bedtime Stories, it must be kidfriendly!" Mmm. * This troper's local Wal-mart is selling unabridged copies of Dracula, ThePictureOfDorianGray, TheStrangeCaseOfDoctorJekyllAndMrHyde, and Frankenstein for Halloween. Where are they? On a shelf in the Children's Books section. Made even better by the About the Author page in Dorian Gray, which isn't exactly subtle in regards to what Mr. Wilde was up to in his spare time. * This Troper once looked in a magazine that had a page of film and TV reccomendations. What was under the "reccomended for kids" section? [=~9~=] and {{Twilight}}. You'd think the age ratings would have given enough hint? * This troper's mother wants to prep her 4 year old niece for her trip to Disney World, she is planing to show her the 1st pirates of the carribean film, this troper is betting that once she see's the cursed skeleton pirates, she'll never go on the ride for the whole trip. * I once saw three or four ''{{Gor}}'' books in a library. A school library. An elementary-school library. A church-run-elementary-school library. Presumably donate, though I can't imagine why the donor thought that would be okay. * This troper was ''seven'' the first time he watched SleepyHollow, for the main reason that it was a Tim Burton film. He shivered at the gore, but loved it anyways. * For some reason, someone in Netflix decided to put HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows Part I under the Children & Family Section. Did they even see the rating?! Let's see, deaths of cute characters, ColdBloodedTorture, naked Locket Harry and Hermione making out, and [[MemeticMolester Scabior]]. [[NostalgiaCritic You know, for kids!]] * This Troper was asked by her aunt if she thought her ''seven-yearold cousin'' would like Wicked, or was the vocabulary too hard? [[FacePalm This is the same aunt who won't let said child, now nine, read Harry Potter.]] * The Harry Potter films from The Goblet Of Fire onwards are rated 12 in the UK for a reason (and I still believe they made a slight mistake in making The Chamber Of Secrets PG, but I digress), yet I recall seeing kids roughly nine when I went to see it. I also recall having a friend of my dad showing his two younger-than-eight year old daughters Titanic when he was looking after us while my dad was on his honeymoon (this was roughly October 2008). * [[{{Tropers/Mort08}} Mort08's]] local supermarket has a shelf of little kids' books near the front, consisting of such delightful material as NiHaoKaiLan, ToyStory, ThePrincessAndTheFrog

and...[[{{Literature/Twilight}} Eclipse?]] * In an example of just because it's Disney doesn't mean it's for (little) kids, this troper went to see TheHauntedMansion with her family (at the age of 12, her brother was 7) in a theater filled with toddlers / primary school children. There were some older kids, but most of them were under the age of 6, and most of them freaked out and/or cried through the entire movie. At the climax (the "damn you all to hell!" scene) she thought she would go deaf from shrieking. Aside from the obvious ghosts and for-mentioned swearing (delivered by a ghost) there's the scene at the beginning of the man who has hung himself, there is a woman who has been kidnapped and is being forced to marry (despite being already married) or have her children hurt, if not killed, and there are also zombies. A lesser version occurred at PiratesOfTheCaribbean 3, where a man brought two young girls aged about 3 and 4. They left before anything scary could even happen because by the time the previews were over their attention span was used up, and they were running around the theater screaming (not in fear, just the way little kids do when they play) within the first five minutes of the movie. A lot of people complained and the manager had to ask him to take the kids and leave. Maybe bad parenting (assuming he was the father) or just a serious overestimation of how long little kids can sit still. [[/folder]] [[folder:Fairy Tales]] * This troper's family has many fun stories to share along these lines... ** When I was ten, I was in a production of The Wizard of Oz. My parents bought me the book ''Wicked,'' knowing only that it was a new version of the Wizard of Oz and blissfully unaware of how dark it is. I read it, and actually self-censored a bit, flipping past all of the stuff that had sex in it, which I found really disinteresting. When I was about sixteen, I went back and reread the book, and was completely bowled over. ** This is actually how my best friend and I really cemented our friendship, the day we met. -->Me: Oh hai, you're a theatre kid? Me too! What's your favorite show? -->BFF: ''Cabaret''. -->Me: Oh, my family loves Cabaret! My sister knows all the words to Two Ladies. -->BFF: Oh, that's nice. -->Me: She's eight. -->BFF: 0_0 * An older version of this trope, my mom told me her father once read her some of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales when she was around 5, assuming they were children's stories. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Match_Girl The Little Match Girl]] in particular. A little girl tries to sell matches in winter, lights them one by one, and freezes to death. Yeah. Not really a Happily Ever After. * ''BlackSwan'': [[Tropers/{{puddingpie}} I]] knew a co-worker who saw

it with his 10-year old daughter because it had ballerinas. They sat through the whole thing. Apparently she was very very wide-eyed and very very quiet. For that matter, as a kid I read an illustrated book of the ''[[SwanLake Swan Lake]]'' story and was shocked by all the betrayal and suicide. [[/folder]] [[folder:Science Fiction]] * This troper had to explain to her brother, who was then ten, why he couldn't watch {{Torchwood}}. Her father apparently didn't know that [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids it was the Sex and Violence Spinoff]] either, and seemed to suggest that their family of Series/DoctorWho geeks should all watch the show together. It's a very good thing that they didn't, because the disc in question had the infamous alienorgasm-monster episode. ** This Troper was surprised to learn that Series/DoctorWho ''IS'' a kid's show. Albeit, one that causes nightmares and leaves even the adults leaping behind the couch, but still! *** Hell, it's not even for teenagers of some mind-set. This troper had actually looked up Torchwood and decided that the much more often character deaths weren't for him. My brother decided to record an episode and watch it. We'd both heard that Jack was bi, but he was actually stunned when Jack [[spoiler: found his namesake and KISSED HIM]]. *** Oh no, a man kissed ''another man'', the ''scandal''. No doubt your delicate psyches are permanently scarred. *** Why are you stunned by that? It happens on British TV a lot (more often than in the States, anyway). Maybe because 79% of the population has no problem with homosexuality (and only 9% admit to having a problem with it), compared to only about 50% stateside. There are worse things in Torchwood. The Cyberwoman episode, The evil camp gay demon worshipping time traveller, the fact one of the Torchwood crew [[spoiler:is undead. Can't eat, can't drink. Doesn't have to breathe. And is worshipped by an alien species who live in the sewers]]. And the entire Children of Earth arc are some of the things that make the show disturbing and interesting. And no, it's not for kids unless they're The Nightmare Child (who may turn up as of yet.). *** In response to the second post, we've never really SEEN anything like that on TV, and we're both in our late teens. We've READ stuff like that, but not seen it on TV before. The {{Gay Panic}} has apparently reached us, but not in the fanatical way that most parents are dealing with it. * This troper saw (R-rated) ''RoboCop'' in the theater, and right in the front row was a family -- Mom, Dad, and three or four kids ranging from preteen to toddler. I guess all sci-fi must be family-friendly. * This troper has a friend whose mother saw ''{{Aliens}}''' in the local video rental store (oh, how times have changed), and thought it would be cool for her ''9 year old daughter'' to watch. My friend, considerably more knowledgeable about such things, invited me over to watch the fun. To the little girl's credit, she did pretty well. She covered her eyes during the two chestburster scenes, but when Drake got [[BloodyMurder sprayed by acid blood]]...well, let's just say the

mother was regretting her decision. * This Troper once had the unfortunate experience of having to sit behind a 5 year old in the theater while watching ''JurassicPark III''. For the record, the kid kept screaming at the top of his lungs. To all you parents out there, just to clarify things -- '''NOT''' EVERY DINOSAUR MOVIE IS ''THE LAND BEFORE TIME''! There's a good reason ''why'' the ''Jurassic Park'' films are PG-13. ** When the first Jurassic Park movie was brought out in the Netherlands, it was '''not''' rated. So all dinosaur-crazy kiddies, including this Troper, went there. Cue muchos [[NightmareFuel crying, screaming, and traumatization]]. ** [[Tropers/LadyBealzabub This troper's]] great aunt let me watch JurassicPark when I was ''four''. It apparently involved a misunderstanding involving Barney. ** Inversion. My mom used this movie to "lul" me to sleep after I was scared of those evil unicorns tha went extinct many thousands of years ago... ** [[Tropers/{{Lime}} This troper's]] grandma apparently shows that one to the dinosaur-loving kids she babysits all the time, and they don't get [[NightmareFuel scared out of their wits]] or anything. In fact, said troper watched the original with her when she was younger a lot and loved it (some parts scared her, however). ** This troper remembers adoring the first two Jurassic Park films when she was just a toddler. She would never be at all frightened by any of it, and laughed at parts like when the Lawyer is eaten by the T-rex when he tried to hide in the toilet. The weird thing is, she only realised how scary they kind of are when she got older! ** This troper was scared of the first Land Before Time when she was the target age- she can only imagine her reaction to Jurassic Park. (Sharpteeth were ''scary'', okay) ** I was taken to watch Jurassic Park III when I was four or five. I don't remember being all that scared by it. * This troper remembers back when ''{{Firefly}}'' was on the air, and he watched an episode with a neighbor's six-year old kid. The episode in question? ''"War Stories."'' You know, the one where Mal and Wash get tortured, Mal gets his ear cut off, and then gets stabbed in the chest with that bladed-tentacle thing, complete with a long, drawnout, horrifying scream? Yeah. * Fun subversion: at some point during what was probably middle school, this troper went with her (slightly) older brother, mom, and dad to see ''Alien Resurrection'' in theatres. This troper only needed five minutes into the film itself to figure out that the bad guy who wanted to control the Alien Queen was going to fail, and that everyone in the movie had a good chance of dying horribly, and in a mixture of being freaked out and of the ending being spoiled (though she's never actually gone back to see the rest of the movie since then, so she could be wrong), this troper immediately made her mother take her outside and they spent the rest of the movie at the petshop down the road. * Slightly relative. This troper once went to see the live action ''DeathNote'' film, which of course was unrated. Being I only around 12 or 13, my mom came with, and brought my baby sister. When my mom

had heard it was unrated, she asked me if she should go in with the little one, since I'd known of the story, and she didn't. On account of Ryuk, Rem, etc., I'd just told my mom to take her to another movie. ** One would think that the name 'Death Note' tipped her off to the fact that a baby girl probably ought not to see it. * This troper's little sister's best friend (she was 7 when she started this) has watched all the SAW movies. ...O-o * Luckily this was pretty averted with my Mom. Although she did almost accidentally take me to GhostInTheShell when I was about five, before being told it [[{{understatement}} wouldn't be a good idea.]] (In her defense, she had no idea what it was.) ** I'm also pretty sure my crippling entomophobia is due to my mom's [[{{Jerkass}} boyfriend]] taking me to StarshipTroopers when I was seven. All I remember is spending the entire movie under the seat, terrified. * Due to idiotic broadcast standards, by the time [[{{Narvi}} I]] was nine, I had already watched ''{{Akira}}'', the second {{Terminator}} film, and (except for the nasty ''[[NippleAndDimed seex]]'' scenes) completely uncut ''StarshipTroopers''. Not to mention several bloody horror films, like the ''ChildsPlay'' series before it devolved into SelfParody. I suspect it twisted me slightly during my teen years. ** Similar case here: my parents let me watch {{Alien}}, {{The Rocky Horror Picture Show}} and the first {{Terminator}} before I was 9. Most of it went right over my head at the time, but some of it definately got lodged, because I'm now fourteen and using the trope page as a shopping list. ''Definately'' twisted. And I love them for it. * This troper had a conversation once with some preschool/kindergarten aged kids and they told her that their favorite movie was ''ScaryMovie''. ** This troper finds that easy to believe, [[TakeThat given that fiveyear-olds are probably the only people entertained enough by poop and dick jokes to sit through the entire movie.]] *** That explains why this troper enjoyed ''AustinPowers'' (the first only thankfully) so much. *** You did not just compare '''Austin''' "risque jokes without nudity" '''Powers''' to '''Scary''' "let's see how offensive we can get and how much fake crap, vomit, spoof and penises we can show on screen before it gets old (hint: less than this)" '''Movie'''. * This troper was having a conversation with one of her friends, and her friend said that she saw ''ScaryMovie'' in theaters for her sister's birthday. This troper did the math. The sister was turning 7 that year. ** This troper was working as an usher when ''Scary Movie'' came out and remembers seeing a couple and their kids (who were most likely older than the previous examples, but couldn't have been more than 10) walk out of the film. Fortunately, they did realize what they were getting into very early on; it was just early enough in the film's running time that in all likelyhood their hasty exit was caused by the scene where Carmen Electra got stabbed in the breast implant. * My father sometimes gets ticked off when I stop playing videogames and leave the room when my nephews are around. I'm twenty one, playing

DeadSpace. My nephew's four, and is afraid of certain scenes from Star Wars (The Sand People in a New Hope, for the record). I'm just doing my duty to keep my nephew from having nightmares. * This troper's Junior High school library included the book So Long and Thanks For All the Fish, right next to books aimed at a MUCH younger audience. Even odder, this was the ONLY Hitchhiker's guide book in said library. ** For people unfamiliar with which [=H2G2=] book is which, that's the one with the flying sex and a chapter focused on the question "does Arthur Dent, in fact, f[[spoiler: uck]]". [[spoiler: He does, but the reader is invited to skip to the chapter about Marvin if it offends their sensibilities]]. It could arguably not count for this trope, but only if the other books in the series were there too (which they weren't). * This troper cought Aliens (I missed Alien) on TV as a kid. I watched it for about half an hour or so but it was late at night so I just said "Meh" and went to bed. Even to this day I rarely have problems with gory stuff. On the other hand though...I watched The X-Files when I was a bit older. Watched a few episodes. Got freaked out pretty hard. Had a few nightmares...then I forgot to follow the show and ended up watching other stuff. * One of the cable channels recently showed all six {{Star Wars}} movies, and my wife and I decided that at 7 and 9 years old, our daughters were old enough to watch them. Neither of us had seen episodes two or three ourselves... By the time Anakin walked into the Jedi Academy, our 7-year-old was already pretty upset. But then my wife exclaimed "Oh my gawd, he killed them all!", ruining any chance of his off-screen actions going over her head. * [[@/{{Count_Luna_Orlok}} This Troper]] was watching time ago [[DarkerAndEdgier Kamen Rider: THE NEXT]] until his cousin came to his room with her children. When she saw Kamen Rider No. 2 fighting, she thought it was like [[{{Macekre}} Saban's Masked Rider]], ergo [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids it's like Power Rangers, it must be for kids.]] Until she [[spoiler: saw No. 2 vomit blood. Filtring through his mask.]] Being the moral spaz she is, I still wonder how she would've reacted if she [[CrowningMomentOfFunny saw the naked Shocker women agents at the beginning of the movie]]. * This Troper saw elementary school kids in the theater in which he saw ''DistrictNine'', perhaps brought in by their parents who, because of MonstersVsAliens, thought extraterrestrials were family friendly. Cue racism, extreme poverty, disturbing transformation, violent gangs, and, last but not least, {{Gorn}}. And lots of it. Specifically people [[LudicrousGibs exploding into millions of little pieces]]. Again, ''it was rated R'', so ''why would you take your kids to see a movie that received the same rating as {{Saw}}?'' ** Granted, ''DistrictNine'' wasn't THAT violent compared to ''InglouriousBasterds'', its contemporary; for reference, when this troper and a few friends went to see the former, it was on roughly three screens with no one checking [=IDs=], two of which were giant stadium DLP theaters. The latter was shoved waaaaaay in the back of the theater complex building, with no less than THREE security guards blocking kids out.

* This troper remembers that, at the age of about three or four, she obsessively watched Jurassic Park over and over. It didn't scare her at all, although she always got upset about the scene in which the Velociraptors were killed, because they were her favorite dinosaurs. * When [[@/FuriKuri this troper]] went to see ''District9'', some mother brought her infant, crying kid in. It took her a ridiculously long time to leave for a movie that has people exploding throughout. (On a different note, my parents let me read ''TheDarkKnightReturns'' and play some M games when I was fairly young, but they generally judged if I could handle something or not, not letting me see ''PrincessMononoke'' until I was older) * [[Tropers/PentiumMMX2 This troper]], as a kid, wasn't allowed to watch some things that where kid friendly (Like TheTick); however, he was allowed to watch things that where obviously ''not'' kid friendly (Like {{Futurama}}). * Troper's room-mate had a friend over once, and said friend's little four-year-old daughter. They get into a discussion of films, roommate's friend spots ''9,'' on the shelf, takes it down, looks over it a few times..."You think my little girl would enjoy this?" [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel Uhhh...nooo-o-o-o....]] * As a reminder that you do not know what will stick in the mind of the kids, this troper remembers sleeping over at his grandparents' at age four, and the 1959 version of War of the Worlds was on TV. The single thing that stuck in my mind was the scene where the protagonists hide in the basement. Cue ten years of nightmares about sitting in a basement, just waiting for the aliens to come and kill you. * This troper put in Scary Movie in the DVD player in my room when I was 3. Luckily, my grandma told me to turn it off via phone when I told her I was watching it. So I did; didn't even notice the racy content half-way in. Heck, I didn't even know it had racy content until I was 7. * In Germany they aired the first two seasons of Doctor Who only on afternoons, but they cut much of the scenes because they were seemingly too brutal for German kids (like the scene where the Daleks took their plumbers and sucked on the head of some scientist who was later shown to be a grey, dusty corpse). Who in the world comes to the conclusion that a show with such a content would be a kids' show? * Also in Germany, every movie with a 12 rating is apparently also able to be watched by 6 year olds, when in company of their parents. I was jarred when I saw Steven Spielbergs War of the Worlds and parents bringing their children in the cinema. Oh boy, I hope they either stopped looking at it or didn´t realise what they saw. * Two words: Series/DoctorWho. It puzzles this troper to no end that the new series is still considered a "kids" or "family" show. Here's another word for you: Daleks. It was when I had to LOUDLY EXPLAIN to by COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS parents that their currently-GRADE SCHOOL daughter was being mentally scarred for life that I decided everyone in my family was a complete idiot. It's been years and I STILL have Dalek nightmares. Thank's a lot, guys. (Not that I'm saying that I don't like Doctor Who, of course. But... the Daleks...[[HighOctaneNightmareFuel * shudders* ]])

** To be fair, one has to actually ''watch'' the show (I'm assuming your parents didn't) to know the Daleks are potentially scary to anyone. You wouldn't know just from seeing them, since they look rather silly. In fact, my mother, who ''does'' watch Doctor Who, has often remarked on finding the Daleks amusing because they look like giant salt shakers with plungers. * I recently went to see {{Inception}} for a second time with a few friends. In front of us was a mother and a young-looking (six or seven-ish) girl. One of the girls got into a conversation with the mother along the lines of "...Uh, this movie is a [[{{Understatement}} total mind-fuck]], why is your little girl here?" The mother said that her daughter had already seen it, because she really liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt after seeing him in "that movie with the teenagers". I'm hoping to GOD that movie was {{Ten Things I Hate About You}} and not [[MysteriousSkin anything]] [[{{Brick}} else]]. * Why, why did I not prevent a bunch of little kids I was overtime babysitting from watching ''JurassicPark''? Because I'm cruel..and fired. * This troper remembers going to Avatar on opening weekend and wondering if he was in the right theater because almost everyone else there had a young kid with them. * This troper went to see {{Inception}}, ... and was surprised to find parents bringing kids there. Must be the whole "from the director of that Batman movie" thing. Not that it contained any tramautizing scenes per se... * Okay, so there we were, driving past a drive-in theatre, and my mother saw the word "Kubrick" on the marquee. She'd loved ''2001: A Space Odyssey'', and figured any Kubrick film must be worth seeing. Which is how I managed to see the double feature of ''A Clockwork Orange'' and ''Easy Rider'' before I was ten. * This troper was shown Jurassic Park around the age of 4 and was terrified for quite some time and had fear for dinosaurs for several years. These days it's one of my favorite movies though and the great deal of emotions associated with it probably helped it to become that (as did the fact that it is a good movie). * Subversion: My dad took the older of my two younger sisters, along with myself, to see ''{{Alien}}: Director's Cut'' five days before her eleventh birthday (I was fourteen at the time). He did this intentionally to give her a sense of perspective about all of the socalled "scary" movies (''{{Scary Movie}}'' and the remake of ''{{The Mummy}}'' are the ones I remember, but I'm sure there were others) her best friend had gotten her to see and the ''{{Goosebumps}}'' series, not out of ignorance about the film's content. Played straight: My mother almost took my extremely squeemish, then eleven-year-old sister to see the ''{{Friday the 13th}}'' remake. I actually had to explain who Jason Vorhees was and why seeing that movie was a bad idea. HumanTorch2 * When I was six, an inverted version happened to me: I really wanted to see ''The Lost World'', but my mom was worried about the violence and things like that. So, she decided that could watch ''JurassicPark'' (which we owned), and if I was good with that, then I could go see ''The Lost World''. It all worked out because I read

every dinosaur book I could get my hands on (including Jurassic Park itself), and was thus completely prepared for everything. I was even a little upset that they didn't show Nedry getting disemboweled in the movie. * This troper once saw a few volumes of BattleRoyale in the kids section of a bookstore. A very unfortunate child probably needs therapy now. * When we were growing up, my sisters and I didn't have much parental supervision. As a result, when I was six years old my favorite movie was "Carrie" and my favorite book was "Firestarter", both of which my then-12-year-old sister had introduced me to. * [[{{Nakayama90}} This troper]] just got back from ''{{Paul}}''. Holy cow, you should have seen the number of parents with young kids present. ** Tell me about it. When I (Metal Gear Chick) went to see it, THERE WAS A MOTHER WITH HER 7-YEAR-OLD CHILD IN THE THEATER! I'm guessing she thought, "Oh, it's got a cute cartoon alien on the poster! My child will love this!" But IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE POSTER, "FROM THE DIRECTOR OF SUPERBAD"! Let's see what that child was exposed to: Tons of nasty language, crotch grabs, illustrations of aliens (male and female) with three bare breasts, an illustration of Paul giving the middle finger (complete with the words "FUCK YOU" written), mentionings of sex, mentionings of homosexuality, [[spoiler:Simon Pegg GETTING A HUGE FUCKING HOLE BLOWN THROUGH HIS CHEST]], yeah...[[SarcasmMode perfect movie to take a 7-year-old to]]. * When this troper went to see Battle Los Angeles last week, she was appalled to see so many kids there. Because all alien movies that aren't rated R are for kids, I guess. One of them (with decent parents who realized they'd screwed up, I'm assuming) left half-way through, but when I left when the credits rolled I saw lots of tear-stained little faces sitting quietly in the audience, and one of the kids sitting close enough for me to see was pretty much sobbing in quiet, abject terror throughout the whole thing. * This troper recently went to see Scream 4 in theaters, and had the unfortunate experience of sitting right behind some idiot who'd brought his daughter – who couldn't have been more than seven - in. Note that the ''Scream'' franchise is famous for ridiculously gory deaths, even if most of them involve knives. One murder early in Scream 4 even uses an obscene amount of fake blood as part of a gag, while another has visible intestines. She was crying in the [[RratedOpening opening sequence.]] But they stayed for the ''entire freaking movie.'' * Today, while working at my job as a cashier, a little girl and her mother came to my counter. The girl, who was probably no more than eight or nine, was reading her mother a story off a piece of paper. I asked her what it was, and she explained to me that it was a fanfiction of sorts she wrote for her class... based on the film SuckerPunch. * I asked a parent at a theater screening for ''Paul'' why she took her little kid to see the movie. Her response was, "He needs to learn to watch other things besides [[AnimationAgeGhetto cartoons.]] Of course ''Paul'' '''is''' an animated character.

* C. S. Lewis's [[TheSpaceTrilogy Space Trilogy]]. My local library placed these books up in the kid's section, right next to the Chronicles of Narnia. They are definitely ''not'' children's books, especially the third one, were one of the main villains is a rather nasty sadist who freaked me out (and I was a grown-up when I read it). I can't image that they would have thought it was even remotely appropriate for kids if it did not have C.S. Lewis's name on it. ** Especially ironic when you consider that Lewis wrote mostly for adults and ''TheChroniclesOfNarnia'' are his ''only'' kids' books. * Whoever slapped a "Great for Kids!" sticker on the cover of TheHumanCentipede needs to get his head checked. ** As is the mother of two 4 year olds that are playing GrandTheftAutoViceCity. * This Troper was 10 or 11 when he read So Long And Thanks For All The Fish. Cue him rereading it later in his life and releasing what the scene whith Arthur Dent flying was REALLY about. [[/folder]] [[folder:Talking Animals]] * This Troper was scarred for life after seeing the LiveActionAdaptation of ''AnimalFarm'' when she was 5. What? It's not farm animals like on Milo and Otis? It's a violent satire of Communism? Thanks for buying me that movie, now. ** Be thankful you didn't see the other movie that carries that name. ** Now that you mention it, I can imagine how that troper would've possibly reacted ten years later when she would've been forced to read it in a high school English class, because I was forced to read it in a high school English class myself, especially since I can tell why it is commonly considered SchoolStudyMedia...for high school ''teenagers'', that is...pardon the [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment redundancy]]. * The evening entertainment at a holiday camp this troper visited a few years ago was provided by Keith Harris. For the uninitiated, he's a comedian and ventriloquist whose most famous puppet, a cute fluffy green duck named Orville, got to #4 in 1983 in the notoriously novelty-friendly British charts with a song about how he wished he could fly. The parents who took their children to the show soon realised that was by far the most family-friendly thing in Harris' repertoire, and it had been scheduled after the {{watershed}} for a reason. * Anyone heard of WarriorCats? That book series filled to the brim with gorn, all in a fluffy feral-kitty package? Give it to a fourthgrader who's had furry fandom (and all that implies) imprinted in her head ever since she saw TheLionKing. I wasn't scarred for life, though. I loved it to death. And still do as a Ninth Grader. And write GOOD fanfiction for it. Besides that, there's always the Yaoi obsession that runs between my sister and I. How did we get that? Well, my sister's friend had an older friend that she was bothering. So said older friend, in order to shut her up, shoved a legendary Black Binder in her hands. Said Legendary Black Binder was filled to the brim with Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi lemons. My sister's older friend read that as a little 12-year-old. She had no idea what she was reading, but she

liked it. So she showed it to my sister, who, when I was old enough (being two years younger than them), showed me. Fun times. ** That's nothing. I know a ''seven-year-old'' who loves those books! (She's very intelligent and has been moved up to the fourth grade. The school librarian isn't sure what to do with her.) ** This Troper was hooked at age 8 after she finished ''{{Animorphs}}''. Not scarred for life either, but I'm not recommending either of them as bedtime stories. * This tropette remembers seeing a DVD in the library children's section. The cover portrayed a cute talking animal story that looked very child appropriate and not violent at all. At the tender age of five she took it home and watched it. What was this DVD? "{{Animals Of Farthing Wood}}". This tropette will never underestimate a talking animal movie again. * Deliberate aversion with my brother in law. He's a middle-school history teacher, and {{Maus}} is required reading in his class ''because'' he knows many of the kids in his class read graphic novels, and would rather use that than the now-sadly-overused Diary of Anne Frank. [[/folder]] [[folder:Video Games]] * This troper happily read PokemonMaster when I was 10, despite all the gore. Maybe because of the Author's SnicketWarningLabel... Well, I'm surprised I lived through that DarkFic... It was only when I was older I realised how dark the series was compared to Canon. * This troper's parents are hardcore gamers and fantasy fans, so this might come off as something of a subversion. I started playing Diablo in kindergarten, EverQuest in first grade, WorldOfWarcraft in second, and Sid Meier somewhere in that bubble, all ''with'' my parents. I've been reading adult fantasy novels since age ten (I'm an incorrigible bookworm, you see), including DragonLance, CodexAlera, TheDresdenFiles (Jim Butcher's one of my favorite authors), TheLordOfTheRings, and TheOdyssey (not really fantasy, I know). My favorite videogames include the FinalFantasy games, LegendOfZelda, and KingdomHearts, and while these aren't quite inappropriate for a fourteen-year-old girl, they can draw a few surprised glances, moreso when I tell people they're also my ten-year-old sister's favorites, as well. And yes, I am mercilessly bullied at school, but I'm happier doing what I love. * Well, a while ago, most video games were viewed as kid-friendly. So, I got to play {{Marathon}} when I was less than a year old. I am, as of 2011, a 15-year-old male. I don't plan on changing the latter part. All of my annoying friends are angry about me still liking this game for... Whatever retarded reason they came up with this time. Anyway, it's a pretty gory game about an AI trying to become god, and other stuff. More importantly, when you shoot somebody with a grenade, you get to see their 16-bit digestive system! At least, unlike {{DOOM}}, however, which I also played at a young age, it doesn't look like beef. ** I also played Bungie's {{Myth}} at a young age, and played {{Halo}} when I was 7. I think Myth was the goriest, unless you count punching an alien corpse in Halo.

** This Troper played the Marathon Trilogy at around age ten. Didn't even notice the violence. [[MagnificentBastard Durandal]] was my main role model growing up past that point. * This troper played "SayaNoUta" as his first visual novel at the age of 13. Nuff' said. ** [[FlatWhat What.]] ** What up, "Saya no Uta at 13" buddy? * A (former) friend of mine has been known to troll his little sister with Pokémon creepypasta. I tried to warn the mother several times and it took me describing one in incredible detail until she believed me. * This Troper once saw a mother attempting to buy ''GrandTheftAuto III'' for her three sons, the oldest of whom looked about 10 (This is in the UK, where it has a BBFC 18 rating and is therefore illegal to sell to kids). It did, however, lead to a CrowningMomentOfFunny for the guy behind the counter when he asked her how she coped raising three midget sons. ** This Troper has seen a friend who is about 13 buy GTA 4. The manager immediately stopped the kid, forcibly refunded the game, and fired the sales guy. My friend thought that the manager was nuts. ** I've seen a mother buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for her six year old, not a good idea. ** Hey, this troper grew up on GTA. I'm pretty sure I was playing GTA 3 when I was about 8, and the original GTA years before. Maybe the mother thought her kids were mature enough at their ages to handle it? ** This tropers parents bought GTA III/Vice City double pack for his little brother. After seeing him playing the game, they asked where he got it. At this point, brother (11) just pointed at the parents which promtly shut them up. Best. Comeback. Ever. * This Troper has several friends who have worked as clerks in stores that sell games, and they tell me of parents who bring their little kids in and buy M-rated games. Even more chillingly, when said clerks warn them that those games are T and M-rated, the ''most common response'' is, "Eh, whatever." ** Well, I don't really see the problem with that as long as they understand what that means. It's really only problematic when they ''know'' they don't want their kids to see some type of content and then don't pay enough attention to realize they're responsible for giving it to them. * This troper, hanging around in a [=GameStop=], was asked by a mother whether or not she should buy GodOfWar for her sons, because it was rated M (18+ ). I said that it was basically like an R-rated movie, and said that if she let them watch R-rated movies, she might as well let them have the game. She bought the game. This troper isn't sure if he did the right thing. ** This troper thinks he did. * While this troper been guilty of being a bit...lax about video game censorship (not out of this trope, but from just not thinking period) at times, like playing a new Mortal Kombat game with my brother (new as in 3D on the PS2) without censoring it until a few rounds later, I think the biggest experience of this was when I found it he watched Saw at a sleepover. He was 7 at the time, and so was his friend. Luckily, my brother was smart enough to shut his eyes when [[spoiler:

Dr. Gordon saws off his foot]] But geez...Of course, knowing he's seen Saw, I'm feeling he'll be fine with the new FMA series. At least that isn't realistic to a (now) eight year old... * [[@/SmytheOrdo This troper]] was in Gamestop and a couple came in asking for a racing game appropriate for their child. First thing reached for was Burnout 3...you know, the one with the swearing DJ? I told them that might not be the best choice...but the clerk made an even worse one for them, the redneck cousin of Burnout- FlatOut! You know, the one where you send people FLYING THROUGH WINDSHIELDS? * As a Gamestop employee, I see a lot of parents buying M rated games for their kids. A few days ago, a woman comes in with a kid, looked around twelve, wanting to buy [[Left4Dead Left 4 Dead 2]]. I informed her that the game includes cursing and graphic violence and what not, only for her to say he'd played the first one. I was going to protest more, but the kid asked me this: "Hey, do you know if you can refuel the chainsaw with the gas tanks?" I blinked, said I didn't know, and let her buy it. I figure if he knows that much about the game, I might as well let him buy it. ** At 12?! You were iffy when he was 12!? I think that loops back around into Overprotectiveness. * This troper got his first Halo game (2) when he was about 12 or 13. Originally played it for the multiplayer, then got into the story. Eventually got the first one. Got to the level 343 Guilty Spark, where the Flood first appear. It seemed good at first, gave no thought to the ominous atmosphere and the near-silence of the Forerunner structure. Then came the part after the recording. My brother and I (we played almost all of that game in co-op) actually KNEW something bad was about to happen and high-tailed it (in game) to the nearest small room. Eventually we were forced to leave the room to progress. Cue this troper repeatedly making little strangled screams as he spins around while frantically spraying the hordes of Infection Forms with bullets. Ironically, now he's not scared of the Flood (he still finds them damned creepy, but still) and is now a huge fan of Halo. Go figure. ** I had almost the exact same experience with the first Halo; I got it when I was eleven or twelve I think. I played through on co-op with my brother (who is about three years older than me), and whilst at first neither of us had any problems with it, we then got to 343 Guilty Spark. Cue several hours of trying persuade each other to be the first into (and out of) every single room and corridor, and freaking out at the smallest noise. It took quite a while for me to be willing to play that level by myself. And now that I think about it, some aspects of the rest of the game (corpses having infite amounts of blood which can be extracted by melee attacks, for example) might not have been too healthy for me at that age either... ** I played H1 at age 6, on Co-Op Legendary (ON MY FIRST PLAYTHROUGH). I wasn't scared of the Flood, oddly enough. * Combine this with [[{{Political Correctness Gone Mad}} easy to be called a racist]], and you get this: This troper saw one guy nearly being fired for not selling Dead Space to 14-year old kid. There were three kids, two white and one black(I'm I allowed to say that?). Two others bought what-nots they were allowed. When the black kid tried to

buy Dead Space, the employee refused to sell game. After five minutes, half of the store was calling him racist. Hell, even manager got it wrong. Only after the employee explained that it's K-18, people calmed down... Geez. ** Does the store in question have some sort of rule against selling M-rated games to minors? Otherwise, I would assume that a 14 year old purchasing Dead Space probably isn't all that innocent or incorruptible. ** I facepalmed. 14? Really? As I just said above, I played Halo 1 at 6, The Punisher for the Xbox before I was 10 and by the time I was 10 (I'm 14 now, which adds to my rage) I had seen Heavy Metal, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and plenty more. 14 is plenty mature. *** ...seriously. You ''seriously'' think that your personal maturity and experiences apply to every 14 year old in the entire world. [[YouFailLogicForever What.]] *** [[@/{{Ventisia}} This troper]] is 15, and her parents have openly called her very mature, but they still don't allow her to own rated-M games. She simply plays them at her friend's house. Yes, they're overprotective, but still, not every family lets their 4 year-old watch rated-R movies or play God of War. It depends on the parents. * This 14 year old tropers dad once tried to give him his old copy of Duke Nukem 3D. I had to explain to him why I could not have it(look it up on the other wiki if you don`t know what i mean). Sure, there is a ouption to turn off the mature themes, but I will not take the risk of my mom seeing it. * An odd combination of subverted and played straight with this troper. This troper's mother had a very good sense for what was appropriate and inappropriate in terms of films, books, TV shows, etc. for him to watch, managing to distinguish rather easily between things which were very deceptively similar to children's things, with bans on things such as the Simpsons. However, she had no concept of this for video games, so this troper was playing Diablo in kindergarten, Starcraft in the second grade, and [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri]] at age 9. Also, since the censoring parent was actually the primary breadwinner, she was not actually around to enforce the bans on her declarations of appropriateness, so this troper, aged 6 through 13, was a loyal watcher for all seven seasons of {{Buffy The Vampire Slayer}}. ** Really? I started playing Diablo in Kindergarten, as well (with her father, no less), and was quite shocked to find that it was not for children. * I'm only a gamer because my uncle and my parents didn't figure this out earlier. My [[GatewaySeries first drug of choice]]? MortalKombat. My cousin had a SegaGenesis, and if there was one thing I wanted to do while I was over at his house, it was play MortalKombat. My parents never found out how violent it was until years later, around the time of Deadly Alliance. Or more accurately, my mom never found out and my dad had very little problem with it, taking me to the arcade where we played Mortal Kombat 3. * Somewhat subverted, in this troper's case. When he was about twelve or so, he was playing things like Star Wars: Battlefront. His mother bought his brother and he {{Halo}} 2. We originally played it for the

multiplayer, but I eventually got curious and started playing the campaign. I didn't get very far before mother bought us the first Halo game. My brother and I played it together, and we were having a lot of fun before we got inside the building in 343 Guilty Spark. I was already freaked out after the recording played and began to outright PANIC when the Flood showed up. Granted, I'm now over that fear and will not freak out at the sight of them, but they scared me half to death when I was younger. A few weeks ago, he bought {{Dragon Age}}: Origins while at Wal-Mart with his brother. I'm tall for my age but they still asked for an ID. It isn't that bad, really. Except for the beheadings, the mildly gory injuries, spurts of blood and the fact that even after a fight against ONE PERSON your character can be absolutely covered in blood, it's not really that bad in his opinion. * This troper once saw Silent Hill: Shattered memories in the Children's section of the local CeX. the same Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that has Cheryl, frozen over, giving you the evils on the cover. and a huge, bright red 15 rating. * This troper is glad that the best game shop nearby is staffed with video game nerds, because they know what is and is not good for kids. Case in point, they wouldn't let me buy Dawn of War. Dawn of War being the game where giant robots with horrifically mutated soldiers in them pick up demonically mutated soldiers who are mind-slaves to the god of hatred with their robotic hands and painfully crush their bodies in a splatter of blood and gore while screaming stuff like "I WILL DESTROY ALL HERETICS". Not child friendly. * This troper was at Blockbusters one time when he saw a kid, who looked no more than 9 or 10, getting his dad to rent not only GTA 4, but Watchmen as well. When this troper tried to explain that he was probably too young for them, his dad's response was [[WhatAnIdiot "He's old enough to handle it."]] * An inversion here. I begged my mother to buy me Star Wars Battlefront, when I was 10 and the game had a 16 rating in Germany. My mother had qualms about it. When I played it with there being not more violence than in the movies I really was puzzled why this was 16. * Some time ago, This Troper saw the Age Ghetto in action: a mother was buying a copy of the ''[[BeyondTheImpossible extremely]]'' [[{{Gorn}} violent]] ''GodOfWar 3'' for her son/nephew/grandson, who looked to be about ten years old. The screams must've been heard for miles. * I once read a story posted online by someone who reviewd video games for their own fansite. He said that in a review of an M-Rated game, he used M-Rated language. He got an e-mail from an angry mother chewing him out for said language because there could be young kids reading his review. When he explained about the rating of the game, her response was "You mean M doesn't stand for Mild?". ** Why am I suddenly reminded of [[FoxTrot a certain comic strip]] for some reason? * This was averted with this troper. I was buying some games at a GameStop with my parents when the clerk looked up at my mom and asked, "You do know that these are rated M, right?" Of course I was already 18 at this point, but at least he asked. * This is why I think M ratings should be split up. I know plenty of

people who played {{Halo}} or CallOfDuty at like 10, and though that's a little young, I don't think it's ''really'' bad. (I am, however, a soon-to-be-14-year-old about to buy BioShock). But then when their parents say about FalloutNewVegas, GrandTheftAuto, or FirstEncounterAssaultRecon "It's rated the same as Halo or COD, it can't be that bad..." * A camp This Troper went to had CoD4, Oblivion, and Halo 3 in the "Trated" folder (half the time we spent playing action video games, despite the label "advanced strategy.") It gets worse: the camp director still insisted that Oblivion was T. Ditto for SSB:M in the "E" folder. ** Oblivion ''was'' rated T. But then ESRB changed it, partly, though allegedly not exclusively, for the dumbest reason ever: Buried in a texture file you won't see during play, there is a not very detailed texture of bare breasts. The rating was changed very shortly after the game came out, which was also shortly after the Hot Coffee incident, as it happens. * A subversion: This troper used to freak out over something as tame as the 20th Century Fox fanfare. Averted (and defied as I replay this theme) later on, as I later played T- and M-rated games (WoW at 10, Halo 3 at 13, Modern Warfare at 14.) * Inverted as this troper saw and went to a summer modding course for Half-Life 2 offered to 13-16 year-olds ("but it's rated 'M'!). In one session, I was the only camper in that course. * I remember when I was in Gamestop and a kid who was like 4 or 6 walked in and begged his mother for Call of Duty Black Ops and the mother bought it. This happened yet again another time I walked in to Gamestop. * I was about 5 when [[ConkersBadFurDay Conker's Bad Fur Day]] came out for N64. Despite the huge-ass warning on the front, my mom mistook it for a kids' game and rented it for me. It was my favorite game for YEARS until the video store stopped renting out N64 games. What a sad day that was... ** Why didn't you buy it? * This troper has facepalmed multiple times when parents come in to buy video games for their children. One notable instance was a clearly 7-8 year old child being gifted with Dead Space, Bioshock and Mass Effect 2 for his birthday. In the end, this troper had to pull out 'But Mass Effect has sex in it' for the mother to reconsider her purchases. Because clearly, space zombies and clubbing people to death are completely fine. ** Jack is the main reason ME2 is rated M, with her mouth. But Christ....'''DEAD SPACE'''???? For a EIGHT YEAR OLD? * This Troper was involved in something like this himself several years ago. Shortly before graduating from high school and moving out of his mother's house he bought a copy of {{Manhunt}}, a game that has been described by some as a "murder simulator". The trope comes into play as my 2 year old sister decided she wanted to watch. Naturally I tried to get her to leave, even going so far as to carry her into the living room while she shrieked in outrage at me not letting her watch. After explaining to Mom and Stepdad why she was crying they decided they'd rather risk a couple mental scars than listen to her scream on

the couch. The hilarious thing is it may have been more scarring to me. I still get chills when I remember her giggling as I stabbed a thug's eye out with a shard of glass. And before you say it I DID try justsro playing something else but got the same shrieking reaction as trying to force her out. :P ** You know, I'm scared of that girl. * Same troper as above. On a more personal note my middle school library had quite a selection of novels based on [StarTrekTOS] most of them fine but I remember one (whose name I can't remember anymore sadly) that was essentially a surprisingly graphic [FilmNoir] set on Vulcan. I was a pretty mature kid growing up but that one stuck with me for a while. * This 12 year old troper enjoys AngryVideoGameNerd and NostalgiaCritic very much. It's a GuiltyPleasure of mine. * [[SwiftStrike This troper's]] first FPS would have to be [[DarkForcesSaga Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight]], when he was about... eight? Maybe seven? He was always confused by that fact that lightsabers didn't work the way they did in the movies (that is, able to cut through anything). At ~12, he was overjoyed to discover that Jedi Outcast had a code that did exactly this, and had many gleeful hours watching stormtroopers clutch their severed limbs in agony. Just made sense to me - if you're playing a game based around the use of highly destructive weapons, why not make it realistic? * [[{{Tropers/Punkreader}} This troper]] remembers having to, along with a Best Buy employee, explain why, to her next door neighbor, God of War is a horrible game to buy ''for your five year old''! This guy thought all videogames were for kids - I eventually got the little guy to pick out Happy Feet instead. But it took me an ''hour'' of arguing with the man. An. Hour. * Back when I was a young 11 year old, I happily opened the T-rated Final Fantasy VII and popped it into the PSone disc tray. Little did I know that it was filled to the brim with cursing and and enough blood to make God of War notice it. Wanna guess who got me it? MY MOM. She thought about how the first Final Fantasy was all cutesy. To be fair, I said Mild Language and Fantasy Violence on the back. Several "shit"s and the Midgar Zolom's impaled body ain't mild! Then I played FF8 and witnessed how Squall got his scar and Faceless Squall. * [[{{Tropers/Mort08}} This troper]] was horrified to learn that the group of 6-to-8 year-old boys she was acting with in a play were all fans of AssasinsCreed. When I asked them about the content, one of them was kind enough to ''demonstrate a killing method for me.'' This led to a conversation with another boy... -> '''Boy:''' I meet six-year-olds when I'm playing the online parts. -> '''Me:''' Playing AssasinsCreed? -> '''Boy:''' No...playing ''Call of Duty: Black Ops!'' * This troper has a overprotective aunt and grandmother who do not like violence in video games, when they come visit me they complain to my mom that video games like Assassins's Creed and Battlefront are violent games, I just facepalm thinking about the many 8 year olds I've seen playing God of War, Gears of War , and GTA. [[/folder]]

[[folder:Other]] * This Troper has grown up with her parents not worrying about sexual things. They see sex as a natural thing and as long as they were sitting there with me watching it. So I vaguely remember watching the pilot of south park with them at age 3. And have grown up with it. Same with Simpsons, South Park, the HBO Sex and the City, ect. Violence they weren't AS liberal but I saw the second half of scarface at age 10/11. But The Summer of this troper's 12th year, they subjected her to Pink Floyd's The Wall. This Troper isn't sure if she blinked though out any of it. And can assure you that she slept in her mother's bed for a good month. ** Did the above troper list south park on her list of shows she grew up with, twice? * Subversion, I was allowed to watch shows like FamilyGuy, even though my family ''knew'' it wasn't for kids. Played straight however when my grandmother got me DevilMayCry for my 6th birthday...and I beat it while only getting scared of the water and the walls in hell. * Back in 2003, as a special treat before kids went back to school, the WGN Superstation out of Chicago aired a week of family films in prime time. Two of the films were ''Being There'' and ''Victor/Victoria''. Both of these films ''were'' PG-rated in the U.S., but this troper's seen the former, and nowadays (due to the sequences that revolve around sex, most notably the "I like to watch" scene between ChanceTheGardener and Eve Rand) the film might well warrant a PG-13. She wasn't able to catch the airing and see if it had been EditedForSyndication. As for the latter, it's rather well-known that it's a comedy involving cross-dressing and issues regarding sexuality are part of the plot. These two make for an especially odd case, as there's little about these films that adults could mistake as being kiddie-oriented. (Except that Julie Andrews plays the lead in ''Victor/Victoria''.) * This troper's first impression of ''LittleMissSunshine'' was a Family Comedy, and it turns out I was nowhere near the actual story. ** This troper, under the same belief, put it on in the video store where she works to watch. Naturally, there was at least one family with young children in the store during all the inappropriate bits. ** This troper's dad had the same thought, and suggested once that we could rent it and watch it together. (I have two younger sisters, who were 11 and 6 at the time.) I was quick to tell him it was R-rated. * One movie to never show children: ''Stepbrothers''. This troper saw a man bring his 4 and 6 year old children to see, and only left when Alice had sex with Dale. * [[@/MiniNephthys This troper]] was at a performance of ''AvenueQ'' where a woman looked at her (thirteen) and her cousin (fifteen) and commented, "I was going to say I hope no one brought their kids to see this." * This troper went to a presentation of ''TheCanterburyTales'' for school groups. Anyone who studied ''The Canterbury Tales'' knows that it contains some of the bawdiest humor of the Middle Ages, and the play was ''very'' faithful to its source material. There were elementary school classes there which quickly left after "The Reeve's Tale". Hysterical play, though.

* Shakespeare -- For crying out loud, teachers of the world, at no point in his career did the playwright or his employers intend for these plays to be searched by pre-teens for some deep, hidden meaning! So stop forcing them through hours of reading speeches they're either too young to understand or [[DoubleEntendre shouldn't]]. Once they reach an age when they ''would'' be able to appreciate them, it's spoiled by memories of their JuniorHigh torture! ** Except for the double entendres and other wordplay, Shakespeare really isn't that difficult to understand once you submerse yourself in the language (having read a lot of 19th century poetry, surprisingly enough, helps tremendously with understanding the sentence structures and basic vocabulary). This troper (now 15) has been devouring the Collected Works since 7th grade. (She also seems to recall enjoying an abridged A Midsummer Night's Dream when she was seven or so.... ) *** By abridged, you probably mean {{Bowdlerized}}. Huge difference and a perfect example of TropesAreNotBad. ** In an inversion of this trope regarding Shakespeare, this troper's teacher taught us Romeo and Juliet during Grade 8, and made us analyse most of it's contents. She also explained every single dirty joke in the play, and took us to a field trip to watch a play with a pretty... dirty adaptation. * This troper's parents had a video store. When I was growing up, my favorite movie was Wild Thing (a B-movie about a kid who watches his parents get murdered by drug dealers, grows up on his own in the worst part of town, and becomes sorta like a Tarzan/Batman mix, fighting crime...I've seen it at least 16 times...then I stoped counting) I was also very found of Basic Instict, and The Graduate - but I would stop paying atention after the prank they play on the main character at the very beginning...it was the only thing I liked in that movie. * This troper once saw a man at a Godsmack concert with his young son sitting in front of him getting angry because apparently hard rock bands aren't allowed to swear. The fact that the band made a take that to Creed didn't help and it went something like this "You don't like hard rock? Then wait for Creed to come back in style." * This troper went to a Seether concert and right in the center was a five year old boy and some of the songs contained several f- and sbombs. ** Swearing does not have half the power of NightmareFuel or sex scenes to cause trouble as long as the kid is old enough to understand the concept of "don't say that", which most five-year-olds are... unless the f-word is being used as a verb. Then trouble can be caused. *** Not like sex scenes can cause any mental trouble. Personally, I've been listening to older rock most of my life, mainly {{KISS}}, and, well, anyone who knows what KISS music is like knows that there's alot of songs about sex by them (I Was Made For Lovin You, Heaven's On Fire, Christine Sixteen, Calling Dr. Love and plenty more). No mind warp here. Also, I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show before I was 10 as far as I can remember. * In something of an inversion, I retain a taste for YA books to this very day, although I've become somewhat self-conscious about reading them in public. (It at least didn't ''look'' weird when I was a kid,

but they've been far below my reading level for the entire time I've been reading them.) * This troper has a friend whose sister let her son (the sister's, not my friend's) watch ''Law and Order'' when he was a toddler. Yes, really. ''LawAndOrder''. Because apparently she watched it all the time while she was pregnant with him, and he'd learned to recognize the theme song. So he liked to dance to the opening theme and he liked to yell along with the DONK DONK. It was apparently ''so terribly cute'' and he would get bored and wander off at some point during the show, so his mother didn't bother to stop him watching it. * This troper saw ''MulhollandDrive'' in the theater. When it was over, as he was walking out of the room screening the movie he saw a father pick up his son (who couldn't have been any older than 7) and tell him "Don't tell your mother we've been here and I'll buy you an ice cream cone." This troper doesn't know about the troper reading this, but something tells him that kid's gonna wind up pretty warped. ** Yeah. Just imagine his reaction next time Grandma and Grandpa come over. "Gimme a hug, Bobby!" "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! * shoot self* " * "Enh! Let him watch ''Schindler's List'', everyone should at least once!" "Daddy...wha-what is he going to-* POW, Goethe kills a Jew with a sniper rifle, brains plainly in view* WAAAAAAAH!" Yeah. Don't watch ''Schindler's List'' when you're 10. * [[@/{{Atagamay}} This troper]]'s aunt somehow got the idea in her head that complicated anatomy textbooks with graphic pictures of dissected cadavers were suitable reading material for her four-yearold niece. Of course, since her niece was me, they [[{{geek}} really]] [[CreepyChild were]]. * As a very small child, this troper's grandmother read her bedtime stories. Most notably The Dragon Riders of Pern, Dracula and various extremely steamy romances (Harlequin preferred). They also trusted me to decide on my own entertainment without actually ''checking'' any of it. The Nightmare on Elmstreet and {{Heavy Metal}} at age six made for an interesting childhood. * In a somewhat bizarre inversion of this, from ages 5-10 this troper had no problem with violent movies or anything similar, but bring on the Disney movies and let the screaming begin... * This Troper and her colleague decided to treat our classes of sevento-ten year-olds to a DVD afternoon on the last day of school. I asked my students to suggest some titles, with the caveat that they had to be "PG or lower" (i.e. the lowest two ratings in New Zealand) and was appalled at recommendations such as ''KungFuHustle'' and ''The Dark Knight''. What are their parents thinking?!! (In the end, my colleague decided to show them ''[[CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory]]''. Which includes the {{Nightmare Fuel}} scene in the boat tunnel.) ** Hell, this troper volunteered in an elementary school classroom last year and was struck speechless when, in the middle of March and appropos of nothing, a fourth grader handed her his DVD of ''Gladiator'' and vehemently tried to persuade her that it'd be better choice for the class to watch than the scheduled (and, um, actually on-topic given our study subject at the time) "March of the Penguins".

They don't tell you how to deal with things like this in Graduate School -- but let's not get into that... * This Troper saw children at the traveling Body Worlds exhibit. I highly doubt that kids would feel comfortable around plastinated human bodies. Especially when they looked at the sexual organs. ** "It's OK! It's educational!" Well, boy howdy, you can't say the kids aren't [[BodyHorror getting]] [[TheydCutYouUp an]] [[NightmareFuel education]]... ** Even ''adults'' tend to go pale and shy away when they reach the [[TearJerker pregnant woman]]. ** This Troper [[YourMileageMayVary sees nothing wrong with it]]. It's an interesting scientific exhibit, and what of sexual organs? They are sensibly presented, far better than they would be in most media. ** Agreed. This Troper was a middle-schooler when she went to see the plastinated bodies; I remember having one of the best times of my life. The only thing that our teacher said afterwards was that she wasn't quite expecting to see so many [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean balls]]. (during the exhibit: "Whoops, guess I was wrong about the genitalia.") Although, to our credit, we did act mature and keep the giggling and finger-pointing to a low minimum. *** And then one of the idiots in our class tried to climb on the horse display. ''Bad'' idea. * This troper works at a movie theater, and has seen parents become angry when their kids couldn't get into ''Step Brothers'' on their own. What do you mean, it's rated R? It's Will Ferrell! He's family friendly! And God help the five- and seven-year-old kids whose father brought them in with him. * A girl in my science class yelled at my teacher when she dissed Caddy Shack, "You just saw Caddy Shack yesterday? I saw that when I was like five! Its the best movie ever!!" * One of [[@/{{Lurkerbunny}} this troper]]'s childhood favorites is ''MrsDoubtfire''. It is usually described as a family movie. It is also rated PG-13 and contains swearing, sexual references, and that urination scene ([[{{Squick}} it didn't look faked either]]). That said, this troper wasn't scarred for life by it either. In fact, the sexual references went right over her head (the were done by [[RobinWilliams the master of]] GettingCrapPastTheRadar), and I guess the only lingering effect was developing a thing for men in dresses (not old lady makeup though). Having a LateToThePunchline moment about the sex jokes was a pretty weird feeling too. ** This reminds this troper and how she was at a garage sale seeing a man looking through a box of movies with two elementary school aged girls. He held up said movie and was like "Kids can watch this one." ** This troper had a similar experience with Mrs. Doubtfire, though finds it odd, looking at it now, that it is a [[{{Irony}} family movie about ''divorce'']]. * Is it just me, or do a lot of people take kids under 10 to see the musical ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''? Once when I saw it, the brief pause after the Phantom rages at Christine for unmasking him in Act One was spoiled by a little girl piping up with "What did she see?" ** Never mind ''Phantom,'' what about ''Les Miserables''? Prostitution, child labor, suicide, a massacre that wipes out about

half of the named characters (including a 10-year-old boy!) and a running time that tests the attention span of some adults...but hey, Cosette has that cute "Castle on a Cloud" song so it must be okay, right? * This troper's leader of her old Girl Scout Troop said she took her five-year-old to ''TheMothmanProphecies'' in theaters. Luckily for the kid, he fell asleep about five minutes into it. * This troper remembers well the time when her mom came home toting two new books for the children. (This is when I was around seven.) The two books she gave to me and my older sister to read were, first, Speak (which, if you didn't know, concerns rape...) and a book...well, I can't remember its name, but it involved a male observing intercourse between a brother and sister. I couldn't finish it after that and said mother confiscated both after we reported on their contents. ** ''Fade'', by Robert Cormier--which is about exactly ''how'' BlessedWithSuck having the ability to turn invisible could get. It should be mentioned that he seems to have ''very'' bad luck overall, especially since closing his eyes when invisible doesn't work, his eyelids are transparent. Only a few of his novels actually ''belong'' in the Young Adult section, but guess where you'll find them? * This troper once returned a faulty copy of ''Romance with a Double Bass'' to a mainstream video store. The clerk, an arrogant snot, refused to believe it was actually faulty until he found out for himself. Figuring that a British movie with that title would be a romantic drama, he put it on the overhead monitors throughout the store ... * This troper distinctly recalls skipping over to her best friend's class in perhaps second grade or so, flopping down on the big couch in the attic, and having length movie marathons... all your favourite childhood films. ''AliceInWonderland'', ''{{Labyrinth}}'', ''My Neighbor Totoro''... oh, and ''Cabaret'', ''Titanic'' and ''Monty Python and the Holy Grail''. About halfway through the film version of Cabaret, her brother interrupted this... distinctly educational experience, gave me a look and asked me sincerely, "Do you know where babies come from?" I said yes, and he left me right to it. [[NightmareFetishist I never fully recovered. Thank you, Nora.]] * Quite a strange example, some kindergarten kids at the elementary school my mother teaches were forced to watch the inauguration of Obama. I'm doubting that any of the kids understood anything about it. Or even know what an inauguration is. Or how to spell it. * [[@/DialgaX This troper]] once browsed through the LandBeforeTime archives on fanfiction.net and has found many fan fics rated PG-13 to R. Please understand that LandBeforeTime fan fics may contain material inappropriate for the target audience of LBT. ** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2550278/1/Out_of_the_Shadows ''Out of the Shadows'']] is a key example of an LBT fan fic inappropriate for the target audience of LBT. Intensely violent and loaded with NightmareFuel. Hell, some of it crosses into HighOctaneNightmareFuel ** ''Ducky's Torture'' is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin exactly what you think it is]] and is pure HighOctaneNightmareFuel. *** The admins apparently got onto that. The story has been taken

down. *** For the lucky people who didn't read it, it was a story about Ducky getting date-raped by a T-rex. The rape scene was shown, and yes, it was graphic. ** Same problem with the {{Redwall}} section. "Doodoodoo, let's read fic ... Wait, did that critter just get ''raped to death?!"'' (Not that the actual book series isn't bad enough from the perspective of an eight-year-old, but ...) If anyone else has heard of a now-deleted fic called "The Spreading", you'll see what I mean. Read it when I was eleven and was freaked out beyond compare. Strangely, now I'm twenty I rather miss it. *** I think it's fairly safe to assume that ANY Fanfic ''in general'' is, at least 75% of the time, gonna be [[{{Rule34}} inappropriate for the target audience of LBT.]] *** ''[=~Pokémon~=]'' also has a wealth of "Not for Kids" fan fics. One of the most famous is ''[=~Latias' Journey~=]''. Yes, it has some hilarious and outright [[MindScrew weird]] images. But it could quite rightly be called a gorefest. * Ignore what the quotes of the cover of ''IAmTheMessenger'' by Markus Zusak say about it being a fabulous novel for kids. Though it is a great book, it is '''not for kids'''. It has tons of swearing, sexual references, and at one point the main character watches a woman get raped (from a distance, and is suitably shocked, but still). Thankfully, this troper's only ever seen it in the YA section of bookstores and libraries. ** Well, the author also wrote a very grim (though touching) novel about the Holocaust narrated by [[TheGrimReaper Death]], so you'd think that would be a hint. *** Interestingly, this troper has seen ''The Book Theif'' (the above mentioned Holocaust novel) on the "ages 8-12" shelf at a few book stores. Personally, she thinks 8 is a ''little'' young . . . *** A ''little'' young? [[TearJerker Death's description of the concentration camps]] haunts jaded adults for ''days''. * This Troper feels kind of bothered whenever she comes across overly gory war images in non-fiction books aimed at KIDS. I saw one on Gallipoli that was aimed at the 7-9 age range, and one of the images showed a dead Anzac soldier with half his head blown away, complete with brains coming out. It squicked me out at SEVENTEEN. Sure, [[WarIsHell war is not all pleasant]], but I'm not sure little kids need to see really gory images at about 6 or 7 years of age. Although, of course, you do get the kids who would [[NightmareFetishist not mind]] anyway... * This troper's aunt once brought her 8 and 6 year old daughters to Wedding Crashers, needless to say she pulled them out of it and was pissed apparently not knowing it was r-rated. * This Troper got to have her own BigDamnHeroes moment! She has a friend who is married with two kids (ages 6 and 8); and being the happy little family that they are, they like to watch movies together. Once she was visiting and noticed two netflix DVD covers on the table. After inquiring as to what he got, the friend replied that since the whole family likes to watch Westerns, he found a TV show that none of them had seen before. This Troper was expecting something along the

lines of {{Gunsmoke}}, but what she saw was {{Deadwood}}. Cue freaking out while friend looks confused: "No, no, NO! You can NOT watch this with your children!" --> "Why not?" --> "I'll ''show you'' why not..!" She popped in the first disk and made him watch the first ten minutes of the episode in all ITS criminal-hanging, shooting in the head, whore beating, F-bomb clustered glory. Needless to say from then on this troper is called by the parents whenever they are picking out a movie to watch with their kids. * After watching a [[FamilyUnfriendlyViolence showing]] of [[{{Blade}} Blade II]] this troper noticed a bunch of quiet (traumatized?) preschool aged kids leaving the theater (What were their parents thinking?) * When this troper was 12, her mom suggested she read ''The Scarlet Letter''. (For those not familiar with the book, it's about the repercussions of being a known adulterer in Puritan New England in the late 1600s. And one of the main characters dies at the end.) She read it, but she hated it. She liked it much better when she had to re-read it for her English class in 12th grade. ** Hehe, last year, when I was thirteen, my English teacher gave us a rather simple assignment: pick a classic to read, then draw a wheel sectioned off to correlate with eight major plot points (each section including a picture and a description). Being the challenge-loving nerd that I am, I chose the Odyssey (which I found thoroughly enjoyable, though that is neither here nor there). My friend, however, a thirteen-year-old female like myself, decided to do ''The Scarlet Letter''. She got permission, and all was well until she remembered that we had to [{DoubleEntendre present our wheels]] to the class. HilarityEnsued. ** Pfft. You think THAT'S bad? This troper's brother was reading lemons (sex stories) on fanfiction.net at eleven. She read them at eight or nine. And one of them had rape in it. Besides, most 12-yearolds know about that stuff anyway. *** Here's a link to said rape story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3312475/1/Haunted. Yes, this troper read that garbage in the third grade. * [[@/{{Ronnie}} This troper]] watched GoldenGirls with his mom as long as he can remember. He still does- LateToThePunchline moments are fun. XD * Cinemark Theaters have a policy of not letting children under six into movies that are rated R... if the movie starts after 6:00 PM. * Somewhat subverted here. One time, me and my mom went to see the live action G.I. Joe movie(which I found rather boring for an action packed film). I saw the rating being 14A(I live in Canada, so we have a different rating system), but was old enough. When we got to the first battle scene, my mom whispered that this wasn't her type of movie. Afterwards, she wondered why the film was rated 14A, as the violence wasn't that bad (Canada gave The Dark Knight a PG rating, so that may justified it)and I simply said in case parents who watched the original TV show of the 80s thought it was completely kid friendly and might take their kids along. ** Wouldn't that be a defied trope? * This then-nine-year-old troper's mother was a fan of ''Cybill'' and

allowed her to watch it with her. At the time, Mom's logic was that the sex jokes would be so far over my head that it wouldn't matter. She chastises herself for it now, but she was right. Nine-year-old me found the slapstick funny and completely missed the racier stuff. * This troper usually goes into the local Spencer Gifts at the mall, and will occasionally find some kids around the age of 8 in there. May I remind you of what Spencer's sells; stuff related to [[SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll sexual intercourse, marijuana, booze, and RRated metal bands.]] Even worse, in the back of the store is where they sell ''[[IfYouKnowWhatIMean womanly needs]]''. But hey, who could blame them with a business that has the faces of [[SesameStreet Elmo, Cookie Monster]] and the {{Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles}} on their door? ** It gets worse at Halloween Time, this tropers parents took her into the store when she was 11 and it was about a month before halloween, so they were selling not just costumes, but frigtening Latex masks of monsters and freaks and gory and realstic halloween decorations (Example severed heads with their bloody guts still attached) which broke this troper into shivering any time she passes the store around halloween, and they did sell a Limted (read small) selection of childrens costumes. * Less horrifying than some, but still missing the target audience by roughly a nautical mile: the library where This Troper works classifies ''CreatureComforts'' and ''IchigoMashimaro'' as Children's [=DVDs=]. She's not sure whether to point out that they're really kind of not... but she did do so for the similarly not-horrifyinglyinappropriate-but-not-really-for-kids GraphicNovel ''Vogelein: Clockwork Fairy'', getting it moved to Young Adults. * [[@/{{Syldoran}} This troper]] recently went to a four-band concert and wound up stuck behind a couple who had brought their kid, who couldn't be older than ten. Bands featured included Papa Roach, Saving Abel, AvengedSevenfold, and to top it all off, Buck Cherry. Papa Roach is probably the ''least'' offensive of any of those bands and they still had a number called "Hollywood Whore." The parents explained to this troper and her friends that the son liked the bands and he especially liked Avenged Sevenfold. And while this troper can agree with the kid listening to ''some'' of the music by any of them, the concert was a bad place to be anyway. Troper's best friend went home smelling like beer because of a lady ''next'' to her. ** [[Tropers/DarkInsanity13 This troper]] understands. She and her brother went to an Offspring concert and saw someone with a kid no older than six wandering around wearing [[http://www.merch.com/images/a30.01.ibh.jpg this shirt]] (which, of course, was being sold there). Both of them wondered how on earth the parent considered this to be an appropriate place to bring their child, especially since the band ''before'' the Offspring was '''Pennywise'''. * [[@/{{Skellie}} This Troper]] has no idea what was wrong with her father, but for some reason his preferred method of babysitting his 4 year old daughter was a copy of ''{{The Rocky Horror Picture Show}}''. Yeah... This Troper has a feeling that excessive exposure to this film from such a young age has permanently affected her.

* @/{{Xaris}} This troper went to see StaticX and BlackLabelSociety while they were touring with {{Mudvayne}} with some friends (two of which were actually there for Mudvanye). We arrived late for StaticX, but that's a different story all together, and after Mudvayne took the stage, this troper went to sit down and noticed a mother with a child under the age of 6. At a metal concert with one band (Black Label Society) that has (and performed) a song called "Stoned and Drunk" and another band (Mudvayne) with a vocalist that lets out a ClusterFBomb every time he addresses the audience. * This troper's parents wanted to see a Robin Williams movie. You know, he was in Disney/{{Aladdin}}, and Mrs. Doubtfire, so ''DeathToSmoochy'' must be family friendly! Also, a hypothetical example would be if a younger kid discovers any of Bob Saget's nonFullHouse/America's Funniest Home Videos [[RefugeInVulgarity work]]. * At this mini-mart that this troper likes to hang out at, they recently added a display dor these small toys like water balloons and glow sticks and such. But one of the items, they used to have, were these [[SmokingIsCool portable ashtrays]] you could put on a key chain, and had pictures of [[TastesLikeDiabetes fairies and unicorns.]] He can't imagine anyone over the age of 18 using those. There was an even ''[[ItGotWorse more]]'' [[ItGotWorse unfitting]] item that was sold, a gun-cylinder shaped herbal grinder. So not only is it something with [[MyLittlePanzer metal spikes]] placed next to yo-yos, [[CrossesTheLineTwice but it's intended]] to grind up an [[DrugsAreBad illegal substance.]] But at 10 dollars, how could he refuse! * In an example of bad parenting and this trope without the parental objection to it, 'Gothica'. When I was 10, my step-cousin was letting her 3yr old watch it, and invited me to too. Thankfully, my mom pulled me out the door immediately, although I didn't get why at the time. * I'm currently (together with my superiour) in the process of relabeling all the awful labeled comics, [=DVDs=] and games in the library I work at. We get these from a central library depot that does all the buying and labeling. We're getting a lot of games where they just ignored the 18+ sticker on the label and put it in the kids section, not to mention the more brutal manga that's suddenly in the 8-10 year old bracket. The worst part? We get a hefty fine if we give these things to kids. * This troper and her best friend have an agreement to preserve innocence in children whenever possible, which is why I was not amused when I found out that her little sister is now a [[Music/{{Voltaire}} Voltaire]] fan. ** In addition, this troper was watching TheGlassHouse DVD with her friend (a different friend) and her friend's little brother. For those who don't know, The Glass House was an epic Australian show where two celebrities would join the three panelists and talk about news affairs and whatever happened after that. The DVD has four options, each consisting of the best segments from that year. This troper was watching the 2005 one (I think) but had to switch to the more suitable (I thought) 2004 episode. Thankfully I remembered to turn that one off before they started talking about fingering. * This troper is a DJ at a network affiliate radio station, one that

carries The Cooper Lawrence show, she's currently harping on this very subject. * [[@/{{Ghondar}} This Troper]] have some tales to tell: ** He watched ''Robocop'' when he was ''6''. And ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day''. No wonder he ended up being a /b/tard. Also, ''Aliens'', but he deserved it. ** ''Who Framed Roger Rabbit'' deserves a special mention: This troper couldn't sleep for two days after that scene. Yes, you know ''which'' one. Blame his parents and "It's a toon!, so it must be for kids!" mentality. ** The heart ripping in ''Temple of Doom'' also made this troper what it is now. Thanks, George Lucas. ** When this troper went to see ''Watchmen'' for the first time, he saw two kids (6-7 years old) in the front row. The look on their faces when Dr.M blow that dude was priceless. The second time, he saw a little girl who was pretty excited with the violence and the sex on screen. And she wasn't older than the first two. Same thing happened when he went to see ''Dark Knight''. * My father's elementary school decided to show the fourth grade boys ''EasyRider'', thinking that it was just a nice motorcycle/road trip movie. ** And once again: it's rated R in the US, and 18 in the UK. As nonsensical as the movie rating process may be sometimes, it does have its uses... * This troper wonders about some of these. He saw many of them as a child much younger than the target audience and didn't have any issues, outside of... being younger than the target audience and having no real idea what was going on. * [[@/{{Ziggerfreud}} this troper]] and his brother had some delicious LateToThePunchline moments with [[DownPeriscope Down Periscope]], for one thing the mentioning of [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Welcome Aboard]] tattooed on Capt. dodge's penis, We heard [[EmbarrassingTattoo "tattooed penis"]] and totally missed the joke as well at the plethora of other "Adult" jokes- our favorite things about it were Nitro, buckman, [[ChewToy marty getting his ass kicked]], and anything that didn't involve said adult jokes, oh and dodge dropping the [[PrecisionFStrike F-bomb]] didn't bother this troper one bit[[ClusterFBomb his parents were worse in bad traffic.]] * One time when my sister and I were little, our parents rented a couple of movies and decided it'd be fun for the whole family to watch ''DocHollywood'' first. PG-13, yeah, but what's so bad about a fishout-of-water comedy starring Michael J. Fox? Then came Julie Warner's [[NakedFirstImpression topless]] [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment scene]] about twenty minutes in, and Mom and Dad were pretty quick to plug in ''{{Film/Beethoven}}'' instead. * In a rare, and rather bizzare, inversion, this college-age troper's mother always wants to watch the movies his siblings bring home to watch, just so they don't see anything inappropriate. Thing is, my brother and sister are eighteen and seventeen, respectively. My mother is also the most easily offended person I know, so most of those movies end up going right back to the store. For instance, she walked out on ThePacifier, and after seeing the ''cover'' of LieToMe, she

determined it was forbidden. They have stopped trying to get her approval on movies and now watch them in their rooms at night. * When this troper was at his mom's family for Christmas one year the dad put in a CD of John Michael Montgomery and the song playing in question was The Little Girl about a girl with neglectful and abusive parents and the dad abusing the mom on a regular, then one night the girl witnesses her father kill her mother then he committed suicide and his five year old daughter started singing along to it everyone thought it was adorable, but I doubt she even knew what the song was even about. * This troper's parents have a "If you can reach it, you can read it." policy with the books in our house, and this extends to other mediums as well, including movies. One movie that comes to mind is {{Desperado}} at the age of 8, as a standard. A movie were everyone, [[spoiler:even the bartender]], is shot full of holes. * This troper's uncle had a very loose idea of what was appropriate for kids. I know for a fact my cousin saw ''{{Gladiator}}'', ''{{the Mummy}}'', and all the ''JurassicPark'' films before he was nine. * This troper's dad is very loose with what movies he lets me watch. Example: ''WeddingCrashers'' at 12, this troper was particularly freaked out about the way that Gloria gave Jeremy a hand-job under the dinner table, and later that night ties him up to have sex with him. Looking back, I found it much more repulsive than it really is, it still freaks me out a little though. * This troper had an... interesting childhood regarding such things. Grew up with a single dad and an eight-years-older brother, no neighborhood friends, and was born in 1993. She remembers seeing, in no particular order as a young child: all of the {{Austin Powers}} movies, The Mask, plenty of HBO specials, saw the first Film/{{Matrix}} (all of them, really, but the rest were meh) in theaters, {{Futurama}}, some zombie movies, {{Dead Like Me}}, and one episode of {{Family Guy}} where Stewie goes inside Peter to erase his unconceived brother from existence. Her brother introduced her to anime via Toonami- {{Gundam}}, {{Sailor Moon}}, DBZ, {{Zoids}}. She'd already been watching {{Speed Racer}}, {{Pokemon}}, {{Digimon}}, and a few others without realizing they were anime. Then said brother let her stay up late and see {{Rurouni Kenshin}} in all its TV-version gory glory. When FMA first started airing on Adult Swim, she watched it from the 3rd ep- and from the 10th on with her father. She probably also caught snippets of some things, since she often was reading in the living room while her dad was watching TV. She fondly looks back on watching her brother play video games, including Zelda: {{Ocarina of Time}}, and while a little scared by the "zombie-thingies and baby lizard skeletons!" had no nightmares from such. She also has watched all of the {{Stargate}} shows, and started watching the reimagined {{Battlestar Galactica}} with her father when it came on. Her brother and his friends also introduced her to {{Hayao Miyazaki}}- by way of {{Princess Mononoke}}, after knowing how much blood and gore there was- and subbing by [=DVDs=] of DBGT. Books were never really censored- if she could understand the words and what was going on, she was old enough to be mature about the subject matter. The only censorship from her brother came from not wanting her to watch

{{InuYasha}} because there were too many episodes and I'd be lost of I jumped in now. Oddly enough, her father has gotten more strict recently. He was fine with us watching {{300}} as well as the parody {{Meet the Spartans}} and most of the * insert genre here* Movie movies (although those only when there was NOTHING else on), but didn't want to let this troper see {{Watchmen}} because of one guy being nude- no matter if it's not really commented on directly and no really lewd jokes are made of it, it's too much for my virgin eyes (which really aren't- this troper was scared of showering for about a month after one nightmare, so would only shower with her dad.... can see how that might be odd-sounding, but it really wasn't).... Basically, dad's jumping on the censorship bandwagon a mite bit late, and this troper had a very uncensored childhood. * When I was about 9, we were in Blockbuster and somehow persuaded my mom to let us watch ''EpicMovie''. Oh, it gets worse. We had also somehow confused ''unrated'' with not-rated-but-probably-okay. Yeah. When we finally gathered for family movie night, things got...interesting. * This Troper ended up seeing movies she never wanted to see at a young age thanks to having a crappy babysitter. Water Boy I could handle, because ya know. Adam Sandler. However, I really didn't want to see Anaconda at the age of 6. For those of you who haven't seen it, the scene that sticks out in my head the most was a man getting swallowed whole by the giant anaconda. Thanks to the CGI that's kind of narmy in retrospect, you could clearly see the outline of his screaming face and his hands pressed against the snake's stomach as he dies. Nor did I want to see Jurassic Park at the same age (although I do recall actually laughing at one of the deaths...). My mom let my brother and I watch more mature movies, as long as she was in the room and we didn't repeat anything said or done. Things like Austin Powers were fine because I found it funny but didn't get a LOT of the jokes. (Now I do!) But Full Metal Jacket...Dear GOD. How did this movie not scar me? I must have had a mind filter made of STEEL. I watched it again recently and was shocked by the copious swearing and violence. (Although, ya know. 'Nam.) I also didn't remember anything after the one guy shooting their drill sergeant and blowing his own head off. I think that was the point where I just decided to bury my face in a pillow and forget I was there. (Thankfully, my Mom did remember to warn me before the bullet-to-the-head thing, saying "It's pretty gross, you might not want to see it." Then I found out my mind's image of it was a lot worse than the real clip and regretted being haunted by the idea for half my life) * By the time this troper was 8, she had seen all of the Austin Powers movies. When she was 9 or 10, she was watching Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim with her father. By 11, Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, and Neon Genesis Evangelion were under her belt as well, though she did have to revisit most of those series to really understand them. And to top it off? She hated- and still does- any live action movies with explict violence (sexual refrences are still fine with her, though). * This troper recently saw ''{{RENT}}'' at a dinner theater, and before the show started they announced the audience members who had

birthdays that day. One of them was "And Joe Schmoe is celebrating his twelfth birthday!" This troper is generally quite liberal, but letting a 12-year-old see ''RENT'' just doesn't seem right... ** That sounds like a joke name to me. * As someone who works at a movie theater, this troper has many stories of this (mostly of parents bringing their kids to R-rated movies and saying "oh they can handle it" or "oh they'll just sleep right through it" when they're warned). One story in particular that always comes to mind is when she was working as an usher and cleaning one of the theaters that was showing MarleyandMe. She saw this little boy crying his eyes out as his parents were trying to calm him down. More proof to NeverTrustATrailer * This Troper honestly believed the "parents who sneak their children into R-rated films" story to be a rare occurrence. It could never happen to her. She was disproved when she went to see KickAss one weekday. A couple came in with two very young children to watch the film. The kids themselves were amazingly well-behaved and barely made a sound, but...this is KickAss. Gore that made this Troper flinch and turn away? Profanity that rivals that of PulpFiction? A title that was censored in various parts of the world? [[SarcasmMode No grown up would be stupid enough to bring a small child into a film like that.]] Worst part is HowToTrainYourDragon and Disney's Oceans were also playing that afternoon. Much better films to bring children to. * This troper, who used to work for Blockbuster, was once accosted by a woman complaining about the content of the Ray Winstone film NilByMouth, a dark, gritty movie about domestic abuse which drops the F-bomb 522 times (over 4 times a minute), which she had rented for her ''children''. When I pointed out that not only was it rated '18' but that ''half of the front cover'' carried a warning about how much swearing and violence it contained, she angrily told me that she always showed her kids '18' certificate films and they were usually OK. From then on, I always refused to serve her unless she could produce her card or ID, which she frequently couldn't. * Violent Japanese cartoons? Cartoons with infered holocausts and unfortunate implications? Moderate sexual themes and mild nudity? Psshh, light weights. I watched Predator, Alien, Rambo, and dozens of uncut war documentaries before I was twelve. Then I started hunting and killed to white tail deer every year and pulled their guts out with my bear hands. And it has had no negative effect on me what so ever. KILL! MAIM! BURN! KILL! MAIM! BURN! KILL! MAIM! BURN! [[{{HypocriticalHumor}} Sorry about that, it happens to me occasionally.]] ** [[IncrediblyLamePun Of course you weren't disturbed, you're a bear.]] * A few years ago, the theater in my old town had some sort of ratings mix-up, advertising SuperBad as rated PG. In this case, the parents simply not having ''any clue at all what the movie is about'' and going by rating is excusable. That they sat there with their, like, 6year-old kids through the entire film is not. * A rather weird subversion; when this troper was younger her parents wouldn't let her watch TheSimpsons because they considered it "too adult"... but they didn't object when she started watching

BuffyTheVampireSlayer. * This troper's very conservative Christian parents unwittingly let me listen to [[{{Rent}} "Rent"]] and [[{{Hair}} "Hair"]] growing up without realizing what either musicals are about. If I ever have kids, however, those kids will totally grow up on "Rent" and all of my other favorite musicals, since those kids will [[HasTwoMommies will be raised]] [[CampGay by gay parents.]] AvenueQ, on the other hand, I will hold off on. * This troper experienced two possible subversions: There was a boy in her sixth grade class who recommended that she read {{Watchmen}} (she didn't). He probably knew that it wasn't for kids (since he once asked her about Hugh Hefner), and just read it anyways. There was also another kid in the same class who watched HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi, and happily told said Troper about all the blood and gore in in it. * A bit of a subversion (Given that we are speaking of 12-15 years old teenagers), This troper went to a conference about the life and work of the Marquis de Sade, the next day he was asked by his principal about him, then the principal said that he was planning to buy some of his work for the school´s library, then this troper had to be more direct and tell him that he might be a classic and well known author, but his books are intended to be and are pornography. * This lurker was recently looking up the movie BabyMama in her library system's catologue. For some unexplained reason that movie was kept in the children's section in one of the branches. It wasn't misplaced there. It is labled "Children's [=DVDs=]" Seriously, [[FlatWhat what?]] ** Maybe it's because of the birthday party scene at the end of the movie that had ''AnAmericanTail'' being shown on a plasma screen TV followed by the last few seconds of a TomAndJerry cartoon. * When I was in elementary school, there was a book of "Doctor Jokes" in my elementary school library. The cover showed a stereotypical cartoon doctor and the format was similar to the format of most kid's joke books, and it was placed alongside all the family-friendly "riddle and puzzle books". Of course, being all about medical humor, this book was filled with obscene jokes about [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean every possible aspect]] of the human body. Considering how most of the kids were at that "Hahahah, sex if funny!" stage, though, the jokes were about the same level as those whispered to each other on the playground. There was also a book of ghost stories with particular gruesome illustrations (Suprisingly, ''NOT'' [[ScaryStoriesToTellInTheDark from the infamous Alvin Swartz series]]). One story told of the ghost of a man who was hanged for murdering someone, and the illustration showed the aftermath of the crime with the victim's bloody corpse floating in a lake. One girl caused a bit of a disruption by jokingly holding up the open book, pointing to said illustration and shouting "IS THIS APPROPRIATE FOR A LIBRARY?" (Strangley enough, this girl was usually the NightmareFetishist of the class, so it's more likely she was just trying to cause trouble than voicing legitimate concern.) * This troper has a few interesting stories. ** Add me to the pile of people who saw PansLabyrinth and found tonnes of kids in the theatre (despite a 14A certificate for "Brutal

Violence".) ** A number of weeks later, I'm at the video store, and I hear "Hey kids, what about some Snakes on a Plane?" ** I also found it interesting during a screening of {{Predators}} how a movie with someone getting his spine and skull ripped out, and said victim sexually fantasizing about his sister and saying "5 O'Clock, Bitch Raping Time" was apparently suitable for a 6 year old in attendance. ** Not forgetting the auditorium for {{Watchmen}} on opening night being half full of kiddies. * When [[Tropers/SunnyV I]] was about nine or ten, I found a book at a local thrift store. Sice the store usually had child-friendly books in that section, and since I was fairly mature for my age, my mother let me get the book. It was an autobiography by a woman who had, starting when she was ten and ending when she was sixteen, lived in Berlin during World War Two. It included such [[SarcasmMode lovely]] details as borderline AbusiveParents, a graphic depiction of a hanging draftdodger, and her only American friend's entire family being killed by bombs. My mom only checked the cover and didn't know this. The store [[SarcasmMode probably]] should have checked. * When this troper worked at an elementary school library, he saw a box of old books that the kids could pick through and take home as a "treat". Said books included The Chocolate War and Don Martin Mad paperbacks. I made sure to pick up those ones so no kid would take them home (yeah, don martin is pretty innocent, but why risk it?). I also got copies of Gremlins, Goonies, and BatmanMaskOfThePhantasm from the librarian who apparently had to learn this trope the hard way. * When I was in eighth grade, my English teacher started out our unit on ''TheGiver'' by asking if anyone had ever read a dystopian novel "such as [[NineteenEightyFour 1984]]." There was a resounding negative. He looked right at me - who had [[BookWorm something of a reputation]] - and said "''You haven't?'' Wow, I'm surprised." I think he was mostly joking, but... ** This troper had read it by then. * [[{{rocknrollchick}} This Troper]] thinks people are making a big deal over nothing with some of this. She saw many of the things mentioned in the article as a child and turned out fine. * [[http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/64cba02e-0c44-48119f73-07bae3cbb157.jpg This]] picture on FailBlog shows that sometimes, it's best to at least read the ''titles'' of the books your placing in the childrens' section of a store instead of just looking at the cartoony illustration style. * Despite AOL Kids trying to say they have family-friendly search, searching up TV Tropes gives not only the site but right below it gives a link to DidYouJustHaveSex. * At the {{Gorillaz}} concert I went to, I swear I saw some kids probably under 11. * This troper has a few tales to tell: ** Cartoon Network once had ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' on in the afternoon. [[ThisIsSparta Neon. Genesis. EVANGELION!!!!]] Discuss. *** It was part of {{Toonami}}'s "Giant Robot Week," it was heavily edited and they only got up to episode four. Nothing too catastrophic.

** FullmetalAlchemist. I actually assumed it was a kids' show at first. Even after the amputation and AndIMustScream in the first episode. Around the time of [[BodyHorror Xiao]] [[AndIMustScream Tucker]], I concluded otherwise. Play...with...Ed...ward? Definite NightmareFuel. ** The StarWarsExpandedUniverse. Do ''not'' let your children read ''LukeSkywalkerAndTheShadowsOfMindor'' (BodyHorror of various kinds, MindRape), ''ShadowsOfTheEmpire'' ({{Robosexual}}, [[PowerPerversionPotential Xizor as potentially a rapist]]), the BlackFleetCrisis ({{Robosexual}}), ''I, Jedi'' (more sex stuff, but it ''is'' film noir), the NewJediOrder (BodyHorror), the DarkNestTrilogy (MindRape), or ''especially'' LegacyOfTheForce (all of the above, plus the {{shota|con}}tastical world of Tahiri Veila). ** When I was 14, I rented a copy of ''LaBlueGirl'', not knowing what it was. Um, why does that girl have to masturbate to go to the netherworld? And [[BodyHorror why do those demons' dicks explode]]? * This troper has also realized that his parents had little concept of this sort of thing when he was young. What did my dad use as bedtime stories? The Hobbit and the Tell-Tale Heart! Also, rather than the usual lullabies, they sung old TV show theme songs, (Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, for example.) and when this Troper was 5 or so, he had the lyrics to "Friend of the Devil" by the GreatfulDead memorized. And his favorite part of Fantasia was Night on Bald Mountain. Lastly, this troper's father let him watch the David Lynch version of Dune when he was 6 or so. Yes, the one with Sting in a speedo. This is what happens when your dad grew up reading the classics of Science Fiction, I guess. * My parents never seemed to censor what my brothers watched, at four, my brother was in the room while my dad watched things like friday 13th, halloween, nightmare on elm street. He seemed to enjoy it and wasnt scared. I was the one who told my parents about how bad it was for four year olds to watch such violent things. My other brother is 8, but he plays more mature games, as he is so good at games the children's ones are way too easy. Hes very mature though, isnt scared by it, and understands that its only a game and he cant do stuff like that in real life. He watches SouthPark and FamilyGuy which at first started when my parents thought cause it was a cartoon, it was for kids, but he doesnt seem affected by it, the ruder stuff goes right over his head, and he enjoys the funny parts. * This troper had to gently explain to her mother that just because TeamAmericaWorldPolice had puppets, it was in no way a children's film and it would not be a good idea to let her much younger sister watch it. * This Troper has gone to many R-rated movies where people took small kids (300, Clerks II, The Missing, Watchmen, Land of the Dead, Capitalism: A Love Story, Zombieland, the Halloween remake, My Bloody Valentine, A History of Violence, etc.) but the one that stands out was when I saw a whole bunch of little kids at Rambo. Apparently, the film considered one of the most violent of all-time is good for little kids. However, the little kids loved it. A year and a half later, this troper's mother went to see The Ugly Truth and had a little kid kicking her seat the whole time while I was in another auditorium

watching another movie. The movie that I saw? The G-rated Ponyo. * This troper rather enjoys looking on MoralGuardian websites for the sheer hilarity of all the things they find offensive, and to see which of her favorite shows made it on the "Worst Show of the Week" list. After watching an episode of {{Glee}} and immediately falling in love with the show despite my previous doubts, I went on one of the websites. There was one article that named Glee the Worst (as in, most offensive) Show of the Week list. It was the second episode, in particular. The first episode was fairly tame, so there were still many parents and MoralGuardians believing it was a kid-friendly ripoff of HighSchoolMusical. They were all proved wrong in the second episode, and they really expressed their anger. Needless to say, I was proud my new favorite series became a target of the MoralGuardians so quickly. ** Preaching to the choir. I thoroughly dislike moral guardians. *** No, their only Moral Guardians if they're activly trying to get the show off the air. * This troper watched FRIENDS when she was like 7-13. Didn't really mess me up. I just have a healthy attitude to sex and a big understanding of adult relationships. Maybe contributed to my commitment phobia though. ** [[@/{{Ventisia}} This troper]] used to watch Friends with her mother when she was as young as four or five. Despite the fact that she was the one who wrote about her parents not allowing rated-M video games. * This troper's experienced this first hand for about a year with the books of Terry Pratchett, specifically Guards! Guards!, Pyramids and Wyrd Sisters. Those were the first Discworld books this troper had ever seen, and they had the (now much loved by him) Kirby covers, which made this troper assume they where children's books. The blurb on the back of Guards! Guards! didn't helped, that particular spanish translation became infamous because of the blurb which tells of an entirely different story, something about an army of dwarfs coming to the city to kill a dragon, and Discworld being called something that translates roughly to Visionworld. Also this troper was convinced back then that all fantasy was for kids or preteens. So for about a year, he just walked past those books on the library, until some internet acquaintances told him the Discworld saga was great, and still doubtful this troper bought Guards! Guards! Next day, having finished it, this troper ran into the library, freaking out at the possibility the other books might have been bought already (not likely, they had been there for a year), and bought them all. * This troper has NO idea what her grandmother was thinking, except possibly that she hated children, when she gave me a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank when I was six or seven. Seriously, that should count as child abuse. ** I read it at 10 years old. It's not ''that'' inappropriate. Well, maybe for extremely sheltered kids who don't know anything about WW2, but child abuse? Seriously? ** I thought the same way you did second troper did but please, put yourself in the shoes of the first troper. He was SIX. He probably learned how to learn read 1 or 2 years before. Does a little kid who

just learned how to read need to read about that. * This troper's cousins daughter loves scary movies and her favorite movie is the hangover, she especially likes the naked guy in the trunk scene,and she is in 1st grade, if that is disturbing, I don't know what is. * One of my mother's friends got tickets for her and her mentally disabled son (who has a mental age of eight or ten) to see AvenueQ when they were in New York a few years ago. Thankfully she did a little research before they got to the show, but she was shocked, ''shocked'' that the show wasn't family-friendly. After all, it had won a Tony. [[SasrcasmMode You know, the award they give out for being kid-appropriate.]] * I've (AlmaKarma) been reading the manga for DGrayMan since I was ''ten''. My mother also bought me the M rated game {{Prototype}}, and my father didn't mind buying AssassinsCreed2 for me... when I was ''twelve''. I wonder about them sometimes. One a side note, my middle school had a number of less then appropriate books like TheHungerGames. Oh, yeah, and I read this site. Oh, and I have fond memories of my older brother and I watching our copy of Princess Mononoke back when we were little and memories of my 3-4 year old self watching Gundam every morning. I watched all of CodeGeass in the sixth grade and even shared it with some eighth graders! Ah... memories. Not wonder I love gore so much right now. On a side note: A friend of mine who is a bit younger then me loves CSI and GhostWhisperer, and her little sister... likes some odd things well, like TheSimpsons. Her exboyfriend/guy friend also watches HetaliaAxisPowers (the english dub, no less) too, and he's about 14 or 13. And I have so many more to list... ** Oh I, (still AlmaKarma) almost forgot: I watched some of TheRockyHorrorPictureShow when I was ten with my father. he told me how he used to watch all the time when he was a child... Another one of my friend's father also bought the movie for her so that she could understand the Glee episode better. * This troper was once scanning through my church yard sale to see, in the children's book section right next to the picture books, a Dave Barry, the name of which escapes me. Its cover, of course, had bright colors and a silly title, so of course the people just slapped in down next to Arthur without knowing what the heck it was. * Once found EightCrazyNights in the kids section of a Half Price Books... * A fairly tame movie by comparison to a lot of them, but I'm happy my dad instilled a love of BlazingSaddles in me at a young age. * By the Time I was 13 I had read and watched most of the manga , anime and comics you mention on this page. Watchmen , Punisher Max , Hellblazer , The Walking Dead , Hellsing , Akira , Neon Genesis Evangelion ,Eden Of The East , Death Note , Full Metal Alchemist ,Code Geass , Black Lagoon , Elfen Lied and By God Welcome to the NHK!!! , i could never find the novel , but the anime and manga i loved. I understood all these series perfectly. No scene actually ever made me squick . Either i was messed up already or I was maturer than the average twelve year old. * At a showing of the Producers, a family brought their five year old

twins. The Producers contains sex jokes, homosexuals, nazis, random violence, and more. Near the end, the lead character looked at the children (They were in the FRONT ROW), and said "This must have been quite an educational experience for you." ** Whoever was doing Max in that performance has the makings of becoming a great comedian. Though, in my opinion, they really ruined the Producers by doing the 2005 movie/stage musical. I watched the original when I was about 6 and ADORED the 'Springtime for Hitler' number, among many other witty, amusing things. * This troper saw ''JustGoWithIt'' and the new ''BigMomma'' movie heavily advertised on Cartoon Network. Well, okay. BigMomma was stupid but light, and ''JustGoWithIt'' kids will like, cuz, you know, it's Adam Sandler...then turns around and sees a promo for ''BlackSwan'' on Nickelodeon. And, JUST NOW, ABOUT A MINUTE AGO AS I AM TYPING THIS, a promo for an upcoming movie which included some ''pretty'' gruesome violence that'll probably be rated R on Nickelodeon. * [[Tropers/FuzzyBoots I]] worked with a {{Shakespeare}} group in New Jersey for a while. One of our productions was ''KingLear'' and an audience member had their 6-year-old there. Admittedly, Shakespeare is full of sex and violence, but most references will go over a kid's head and the scene where eyes are plucked out and squashed... we warned the parent and gave them a refund. * [[Tropers/{{Mort08}} This troper]] was about 6 or 7 when her parents rented ''Moulin Rouge!'' and unsucessfully tried to drive her downstairs so they could watch it. Having heard the soundtrack and knowing it was a musical (so it ''must'' be lots of fun,) she wanted to actually see the movie and refused to budge. Finally her parents gave up and let her join them, on the condition that she would have to leave if it got too raunchy. She did have to leave when Satine mistakes Christian for the Duke and tries to seduce him...but by that point she'd already sat through the Green Fairy scene, several suggestive musical numbers and the sight of Satine [[spoiler:coughing up blood.]] And for the record, she was very disappointed about not getting to see the whole film. ** Subverted when her parents not only let her watch MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail with them knowing exactly what she was going to see, but had been telling her stories about the movie for years beforehand. She'd known all about the KillerRabbit and the Black Knight and had a basic knowledge of what went on in Castle Anthrax since she was practically in kindergarten. * Double story for you: I watched Silver Bullet when I was 5. Had nightmares for a week. Watched Cabin Fever at 10. Scared the crap out of me. Then, something clicked in my brain and in the next years I had watched the Terminator 2 and 3, Little Miss Sunshine, Torchwood, and a host of other 'mentally scarring' things/ horror movies, all without any complaint, even got around to rewatching Cabin Fever and find it awesome if not hilarious... and then I watched House of Wax a little while ago and couldn't get through the whole thing because someone started peeling someone else's face off. This coming from someone who watched all the Saw movies pretty much just going "Woah. Cool." through all the death. I don't understand my mind. * This trope was part of an 'encourage the youth to read' group during

one summer as a volunteer position in a new city he had moved to; as part of this group we were in charge of children between 7 and 16 years old and given a list of books to try and encourage the kids to read; on it were included the classics TheGiver, TheCatcherInTheRye, and ATaleOfTwoCities but since these kids were exposed to television like NCSI, JerseyShore, and DesperateHouseWives I guess the books weren't as bad - having this list made me uneasy when I realized no one else in our group really knew what these books were actually about. What was worse was MORE disturbing to me however were the other books listed as appropriate for age 14 to 16 -> '''[[MercyThompson Moon Called]]''' (''sex, abusive relationships, alpha male syndrome.''), '''AnimalFarm''' (''slaughter, racism, nihilism, factionalism...''), '''BigTrouble''' (''sex, violence, and such.''), and '''{{Spellsinger}}''' (''furry sexy, gore, violence, etc etc.'') ** This was made even worse by the group leader of this volunteer session when he was busy handing out a copy of WaterShipDown to another leader in our group and four of the kids while saying "This books about bunnies in England, I'm sure the kids (''7 and 8 year olds!!'')) will love it!" Obviously he DidNotDoTheResearch!!! * When I was in school, the library had a couple of SvenHassel books, and one day I picked one up and read a bit of it. I distinctly remember going very pale, stuffing the book back into the bookshelf, and feeling very uncomfortable throughout the ensuing history lesson on WW2. I still have no idea why the teachers thought it was a good idea to keep those books in the library, especially since our school had an infants and juniors section as well as the seniors! * [[{{Tropers/Spinosegnosaurus77}} This troper]] has seen an ad for Just the Hits 2011 on {{Nickelodeon}}. [[http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/images/B004Q3RKLE/ref=dp_image_0?ie= UTF8&n=916514&s=music Do you see that sticker in the bottom left corner?]] ** Same troper as above: My local movie theater has a [[{{Understatement}} somewhat]] twisted way of rating films. Basically, anything that's actually rated G, PG or PG-13 is advertised as being G in the posters near the entrance. It's only the R-rated movies that are labeled PG-13. Cue ''[[TheFastAndTheFurious Fast Five]]'' and ''{{Rio}}'' both being rated G. [[MindScrew Make of that what you will]]. *** But...the ratings are printed on the posters. How does that even ''work?'' *** The people who put up the posters put a postcard-sized piece of paper with it. This paper has the theater's rating i.e. G for the G, PG and PG-13 films. It is larger and more noticeable than the rating that's actually printed on the poster. In any case, TheWalrusWasPaul. * While [[@/{{Midna}} I]] did get plenty of laughs from this page and the questionable choices some parents make for their children, I'm also sort of concerned by the fact that, according to most tropers here, if you're under 11 you should be wrapped in styrofoam, be accompanied by parents at all times, and should not even know what blood or violence ''is''. Granted, ''Warriors'' and the later ''Harry Potter'' books (and moreso the movies) are not exactly intended for preschoolers and toddlers, but there's nothing in them most nine or

ten-year olds couldn't handle. * This troper was a big fan of Vanessa Carlton in eighth grade (still sort of is) and owned her first CD. Since it didn't contain any swearing and she couldn't find any inappropriate conent, she recommended it to her seven-year-old family friend whom she thought might like it. Her friend later bought Vanessa Carlton's second CD when it came out because she liked the first one so much. This troper eventually bought the second CD and found out the meaning of the infamous "White Houses"...and nervously thought "Whoops!" Luckily, my friend now owns an Ipod and hardly listens to that CD anymore. * In somewhat of a subversion; this troper has fond memories of watching the old {{Guyver}} OVA's, EvilDead and NightOfTheLivingDead with his mother between the ages of four and eight. * This troper's uncle asked me if he could borrow my copy of ''GossipGirl'' Season 1 on DVD. It was only after it was returned that I found out that he had borrowed it for my (early secondary schoolaged) cousin, and presumably had not watched it himself. To say the least, I freaked out a little, and the next time I saw her I made it clear that she would ''not'' be borrowing the second from me. (Sadly, she already had more recent episodes downloaded, so the damage, if any, has been done). * This troper could add many examples from over two years of employment for the public library. The general philosophy seemed to be that picture books are for kids seven and younger, anything else with characters who at least start out under the age of 16 is for the 8 12 crowd, anything with characters between 16 and 25 is for teens. And all graphic novels were shelved in the kids' section (and any animated movies were with the children's [=DVDs=]), even the ones that had PG13, 18A, or M ratings. Changes only came if multiple parents complained about the materials their children were finding, which resulted in the materials being re-cataloged as adult (or moved from kids' to teens'). When the troper asked about why this is, she was told that the content was not checked (basically nobody read the books) before they were put out, and most of the assignments were made by reading the plot summaries. Yep, even at the library, they judge books by their covers. * This troper is the guitarist and lead singer of a cover band, we mostly do heavy metal and industrial rock, but what sets us apart is our set pieces. We started out in a middle school talent show, (I was 13) and we were put in the watershed hours. Despite EXPLICIT WARNING from the principal, the soccer moms and their four year olds refused to leave, but the teens decided not to. We were set to play Get Even by Angelspit (Kind of scary) so we walked out in these elaborate costumes, (I was wearing a robe, with hooks splitting fake skin, revealing my "Heart")... and we see a bunch of mothers, toddlers and the like, and all of them are wondering what the fuck is going on. So four, incredibly awkward, moments of mock-witchcraft, surgery (we operated on our bassist), innuendo, and glitchy distorted fun, put into a crescendo with our keyboardist being mock beaten to death by me, screams included. So at the end, a HotBlooded mom walked up, ON STAGE, and said, "You should be ashamed of your self, playing this

music to kids!" I replied, "You know, if you weren't so fucking dense, you would have noticed that you were supposed to GET OUT when the principal said to, and we weren't going to waste the thousands of dollars worth of special effects because of idiots like you!" After that, she realized we were ironically the friendliest band there. (One playing gore-themed deathgrind.) [[/folder]] ---- Better get back to [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids What Do You Mean, It's Not For Kids!]] Your little sibling might be looking at examples! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

ptitlergt7v5mzioey * I'm 15. My first taste of alcohol, that being the ''communion wine'' I finally decided to have a bare sip of last Sunday, left me with a slight headache, woozy feeling, and tendency to laugh at things that weren't funny. It might have been the placebo effect, but, still... I'm not sure I see much heavy drinking in my future. ** ''Seriously?'' That amount of ethyl alcohol you could just inhale by being near a beer. You sure you're not a demon and the blood of Christ is bad for your health? ** Also possible you're allergic to one of the many compounds in wine that isn't alcohol. This troper's mother has a bad reaction to sulfites. *** Yeah, my mother is allergic to red wine. It makes her woozy and nauseous, and if she drinks enough of it she gets sick to her stomach. ** On a similar note, [[@/{{Toric}} this troper]] suffered a fit of uncontrollable giggles during a Passover demonstration, even though he was explicitly told beforehand the substance was non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. ** At my church, if there's any Communion wine left, the Eucharist Minister has to drink it in one gulp, because it's disrespectful to sip it for whatever reason. This is all fine and well when there's a teaspoon left, but this (15 year-old) Troper had to down a quarter of a cup once. In one gulp. ** As to the OP, possibly a variety of [[FakeHigh Fake Drunk]]? Not with a placebo, exactly, but still expecting to get drunk after a tiny amount of booze. * This troper doesn't drink often, and is pretty far into being underweight for his height, despite being a BigEater. Trying to keep up with two heavier and more experienced friends one night resulted in him first losing all memory of events, then throwing up and having to be dragged to a taxi to be sent home. * [[@/DarkInsanity13 This troper]] officially hates beer after being tricked into drinking some. Her family owns a bunch of glass mugs you put in the freezer like the ones from the A&W restaurants, and this troper loves root beer. One day, at lunch, her father decided to put a dark ale in one of the mugs and set it at her place. Really, she should have thought about ''why'' there would be a mug of root beer

waiting for her, but nonetheless, she sat down, picked up the mug and took a chug or two. Cue her pausing at the horrid taste, then spitting what she had in her mouth back in. Her father wasn't amused after that (but he drank it anyway, as it was a waste of beer otherwise), and she felt sick to her stomach for the rest of the day. She's sworn off alcohol since (and she's not even of legal drinking age yet!) * The most this troper's ever drunk in one day was a pint of cider and a glass of bucks fizz last year at Christmas. I puked my guts up that night. * I have never, to my recollection, drunk any kind of alcohol, and I don't plan to: I'm really damned ''thin''. ** Has nothing to do with it. This Troper is overweight and gets tipsy from ONE Corona...anything beyond that and he gets sick to his stomach. I can drink even less of harder liquor...and I'm 25. * [[@/{{Nomic}} This troper]] has drunk a few glasses of wine and hated the taste. Infact he doesn't drink at all, not because he can't hold it but but because if he would get drunk, he would either become extremely annoying or start acting way too much like a normal human being. * This is the reason [[@/SerenYGogledd this Troper]] quit drinking. She used to be able to hold it, then [[AlcoholIsPoison had to quit for a while during pregnancy]]. A long time later, her parents bought her a rum and coke on her birthday - yes, one drink! - and it gave her a hangover the next day. She said "That's it, I'm never drinking again" and ''meant'' it... * [[@/{{Be}} This troper]] is pretty proud to be a subversion. He was goaded into drinking fairly heavily for a non-drinker on his 20th birthday and, despite being rather inebriated on the night, escaped a hangover and can still recall the night perfectly even now, months later. * [[@/{{Arc9}} This troper]] first had a taste of vodka when he mistook the entire bottle for one of water (only two gulps got through), but the first time he actually got drunk, he 1) had several poppers and more than a few shots of Eau de Vie, 2) fell in and out of sleep during a conversation concerning Star Trek physics (and no-one else noticed this), 3) threw up for an hour straight in the bathroom, and 4) woke up staring at the ceiling, morning light shining bright. By this point, he didn't even have enough alcohol in him to feel tipsy, let alone have a hangover (the first of which is an entirely different story). * This troper once drank half a glass of wine during a lunch and subsequently he felt incapable to get up from his chair. * Never mind tasting liquor [[@/{{Kingogtheingdaw}} This troper]] can't even stand the ''smell'' of the damned stuff. Besides I'd probably get drunk after 3 bottle because I'm really skinny. * This troper was on vacation with his family in France, including his not-so-discreet heavy drinker (but not really an alcoholic) Uncle. At a restaurant we all decided to get flambé for dessert, not realizing that ALL FLAMBE'S LOOK THE SAME. Naturally the waiter mixed up the orders, so the next few minutes we were passing around plates. My uncle had gotten my order, but before he realized it he blew it out because he wanted the alcohol still in it. So when I took my first

bite it tasted like rubbing alcohol, but being that it was expensive I tried to eat a few more bites before finally stopping due to disgust. That night I vomited. '''A lot'''. How much alcohol goes into those things anyway? ** Like about 4 ounces of brandy. * Despite my mass (just over two hundred pounds) I really have a low tolerance for alcohol. One beer is enough to make me tipsy. One shot of hard liquor will have me on the way to smashed. This also extends to caffeine - one Excedrin tablet, or one 12oz can of Coca-Cola, is enough to leave me feeling weak and shaky, and unable to sleep for several hours. Don't get me started about prescription medications and side effects. * [[@/{{Sciatrix}} This troper's]] aunt is seriously terrible about liquor. She's been known to get drunk enough to throw up all over the bathroom off of approximately three glasses of wine, and this when she was in her thirties. It's possible that I may follow in her footsteps; the glass of wine I finally got round to trying last Thanksgiving either made me ill for the next three days or exactly coincided with my catching a cold. I'm not terribly keen on trying again... * This troper has a two-glass minimum when it comes to wine (and rarely drinks anything else). Since she's also Jewish, this tends to make Passover...interesting (as you would expect of an event where there's a four drink minimum). She also doesn't drink anything ''but'' wine, mostly due to not liking the taste of beer and rarely drinking enough to be exposed to anything else. ** [[@/{{Momonga}} This]] Jewish troper's family understands that she hates the taste of wine, so instead of four glasses she takes four sips (and winces with each one). She's also gotten second-hand tipsy when her parents had each had a few drinks (pure placebo, of course) and one of her eyes started acting strange after she had a mixed drink containing ''a third of a shot'' of coffee liqueur (and no other alcohol). Then again, she's on some medications... * [[@/DialgaX This Troper]] got a hangover from working with alcohol in a lab. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] by the fact that it was 95% denatured ethanol. * [[@/PotatoBucket This editor]], at 22, has never had a drink. Ergo, were he to leap boldly from the wagon--aside from stumbling and probably landing on his face--would probably end up puking in somebody's hair (not necessarily his own). * Slightly subverted with [[@/{{Sainsbury}} this troper]], who, on his first night of hard drinking with friends, won a tequila shot contest by drinking 20 over the course of the night. Of course, it was played straight in the morning when he woke up covered in sand and vomit. * [[@/{{Haruko}} This Troper]] is a total lightweight. I've gotten drunk three times in my life so far, all of them accidental. First time I was in a foreign country eating pizza with my cousins and drinking root beer, when over half the glass was gone I was almost falling out of my chair and giggling for no apparent reason, cue my cousins telling me that occasionally actual beer is put in it in their country. Second time was also with my cousins but several years later, I went on a bit of a girls night out and we got something to eat, on the ride back to their house I started giggling like mad and they

realized what I had eaten had an alcohol based sauce on it. The third time happened during lunch in my freshman year of high school: a friend brought a drink they had made at home one day and while everyone had a quick sip, I only ''smelled'' the fumes coming from the bottle and was completely out of it during the class right after lunch, luckily I sat in the back of the room so no one noticed. * [[@/{{Agustinaldo}} I myself]] [[TruthInTelevision am an extreme case of this]]. I'm so allergic to alcohol, one single glass of beer can KILL me. No kidding. ** How do you know about these things? Have you had a little taste and collapsed? * Ambien sends me into an acid trip -- everything in the room looks alive, and I don't remember the NonSequitur stuff people tell me I said. And people wonder why I know I shouldn't drink... * [[Tropers/{{Orihime}} This editor]] can barely drink 1 1/2 or 2 beers. Few minutes later, she's either sleeping/dozing in a CornerOfWoe or [[VomitDiscretionShot puking her guts out in the nearest bathroom.]] * [[@/{{Temascos}} This troper]] cannot hold drinks that much. I hate beer but I absolutely love cider, forgetting the damn drink actually has alcohol and has on four occasions throughout university gotten completely hammered to the point of laughing at everything, curling up into a small ball, and then spewing as discreetly as possible (In order to avoid embarrassment of course, but my friends keep checking on me, dang) and then being quiet for the rest of the night. Alcohol sucks. * What's the relation between being skinny and not managing to get booze? This troper is fat and can't really stand most drinks. She only could drink those Kip Cooler bottles, but stopped after a while, a bit before she started taking her antidepressants... Then, no alcohol to me. I feel dizzy just by one sip of champagne, due to the side-effects (not that I ever liked champagne, it was for New Years). * This troper has gotten drunk on one glass of champagne and, on a separate occasion, an over-six-hour high from half a .5 mg tablet of Ativan (for reference, that's the smallest dose manufactured), complete with mild hangover symptoms the next morning and the ability to ''feel'' the drug starting to come on about ten minutes after it's been swallowed. ** Stoned with 250 &#956;g of hypnotics within 10 minutes... * I'm not sure what's up with me, as I'm not yet of legal drinking age (less than a year, though), but my alcohol tolerance seems to be...odd. I don't have too many problems with wine or champagne, as I can have two or three glasses without feeling too bad (i.e., I'm still able to get up and slow dance at wedding receptions). On the other hand, last Thanksgiving, I drove all the way home to find that the only cold drinks in the fridge were a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager -after most of the bottle, I was either extremely tipsy or just overthe-edge drunk, and ended up making wall-of-text rants on {{Facebook}} and {{GameFAQs}}. I shudder to think of what might happen if I have ''two'' bottles. On the other hand, one of my closest friends' tolerance can barely down a glass of Smirnoff ice, and even then very slowly, otherwise she ends up all happy and bouncy and totally out of

it. OrSoIHeard, at least -- I have yet to actually see her like this, despite my pleas. And ''no,'' I am ''not'' pleading like ''[[IfYouKnowWhatIMean that]]'', {{you bastard}}s! * This troper's dad tends to get sleepy and goofy after having one beer. While she was talking to him when he was in such a state, he started staring at a point on the ceiling. She asked what he was looking at, and he said, "A fly," and pointed with both hands. It's not like he's a small man, either, and yet one beer is all it takes. * I can drink beer (pilsener) no problem (on a typical night out I drink up to 9 glasses (250ml) without anything worse than a dry mouth the next morning). However, one drink of hard liquor (tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc) and I get drunk almost instantly. Good thing I don't like the taste of stronger drinks :D * Subversion: This troper knows someone - a rather petite woman of average weight and build - who, as a teenager, would drink [=NyQuil=] [[DrowningMySorrows when depressed]] (when she could get a hold of it), who reportedly didn't feel the effects of drunkenness even after gulping down (IIRC) a little over two shots, which for her weight would have probably meant a blood alcohol concentration of about 0.08 percent. She did, however, fall asleep as a result, because it was, well, [=NyQuil=], which has more in it than just alcohol. ** Along the same vein, this troper has no problems holding his liquor, but [=NyQuil=] makes him hallucinate, then pass out. ** This troper has the same problem with [=NyQuil=], even the [=DayQuil=] variant (which is just [=NyQuil=] without the alcohol, if you look at the ingredients). "Non-drowsy formula" my ''ass''. I'm lucky if I can make it ''across the room'' after a single dose, much less ''all the way down the hall and into my bed''. * This troper's family was relieved that we discovered I suffered from this trope at home rather than at a party. We also agreed that it would probably be better for us all that I didn't drink again. * Not being old enough to drink, this troper can't hold her energy drinks. One can of Monster is seriously enough to get her so buzzed that she can't see straight. Not an enjoyable experience for anyone, i assure you. * This troper's mom left a cup of wine sitting out. Well, behind the chair, but I smelled it anyway. Wondering why the heck she liked it, I decided to take a tiny sip. I was dizzy for the next three hours. * This Troper has a pretty good story relating to this. I was on a trip in Germany with the rest of the German class (the ones who decided to come anyway) and we were at a beergarten in Munchen. The food was all amazing, excellent fish, pork, fowl, etc. Now, the 4 other guys goaded our Frau (frau being what we call our teacher) into letting them get a giant mug of non-alcoholic beer. I wasn't interested, we live in a backwater Upstate New York town so I correlate alcohol (or alcohol imitative drinks) with crushed Coors cans and people acting like jerks. So they worked on it until about 9:30 when me, the girls, and the teacher wanted to head back to the hotel and sleep. There was maybe half a cup worth of beer left in the mug and they kept on goading each other to chug the last bit, this went on for around ten minutes until I snapped and said "Holy shit, I'll drink it for christ's sake" I chugged it and instantly regretted

it. Most drinks kinda mix with food in the gut, I felt this linger there on top of my rather large meal. Well, I managed to keep it in until the hotel wherein I ran to die toilette and vomited so hard that I broke every blood vessel around my eyes. A few weeks after I got back home I decided to try one of the Corona's we had around the house. Had maybe 3 sips before puking and feeling very off-kilter the rest of the day. So yeah, I'm pretty much done with alcohol or at least with beer. * Utterly subverted by [[@/{{Wahrheit}} this troper]]; despite being 6'1" and only 145 pounds on a ''good'' day, I can outdrink almost everyone I know. It takes a pilsner glass full of 1/3 whiskey, 1/3 tequila, and 1/3 Mountain Dew to start getting me a buzz. I don't go to bars much; too expensive. I blame Texan/German heritage. ** Played straight, however, by one of my former roommates. Despite being 6'3" and almost 300 pounds, he was unable to walk a straight line after ''a few sips of mojito''. * I go directly from "very mildly buzzed" to "nauseous and headachey" without ever getting to the ''fun'' stage of drunkenness (at least, other people assure me it's fun). This is over the course of approximately one beer. If I drank more often, I might not have this problem, but the fact that I do have this problem means that I don't ''want'' to drink very often. Hooray, catch-22! * Half a beer is enough to take this troper through "mildly buzzed" straight to "asleep" to "hung over". * [[@/JET73L I]] once knew a dribble glass that couldn't hold its liquor. * Surprisingly Averted in the case of [[@/K2Misfit This troper]] as I always expect to be a lightweight and even at a party FULL of seasoned veterans (cops and firemen no less,) I ended up miles above the birthday boy who's game plan was "Get everyone more shitfaced than me," which would've totally backfired except for one girl. I ''started'' with orange vodka then beer then back to vodka, beer, shot, soda, shot and soda. End result: I'm at most buzzed and slightly dizzy, but regulate by pacing myself while my friend is temporarily down like he lost a boxing match and only the previously mentioned girl is worse based on her throwing up in the backyard and spending at least an hour barely conscious on the bed with people checking if she's too drunk to drive. At worst, I just needed food (pizza,) a nap then a full night's sleep to kill the hangover and go on as if it all took places centuries ago. * @/{{dotchan}} is a total lightweight. Any alcohol rockets her past the "loses all inhibitions" part and to the "feeling like crap and want to lie down" part. * This troper is a pretty big guy and has no taste for alcohol. I can't stand the taste. Despite my size, a couple sips of champagne gets me uncomfortably warm and a little funky. If I downed the whole glass I prolly wouldn't be able to stand. * I'm generally seen as a lightweight- and that ain't ever really been a problem for me, y'know? If I'm a lightweight, means I spend less getting drunk. 'bout a third of a bottle of brandy, and 10-15 shots of tequila(or whatever shot's drinkable), and I'm fairly drunk. Wine, on the other hand- a glass've wine, and I'm flat out on the floor drunk.

'course, this's talking about being able to `handle one's liquor`, and I really can get out of control drunk on anything, if I've got enough money and enough time (problem here lies' that one tends to believes they're in complete control, even when they're hammered outta their head)- just happens easier on wine, as I avoid the stuff like the plague. General assumption seems to be that, alcohol tolerance goes up, the more you drink the stuff. And the less you drink it, the more likely it is to mess with you... though, don't take my word for itI'm really not one for research (and I wrote this drunk. Something to be said for 21 aces, I'll tell you, haha) * This troper's mother. She can barely get through a bottle of Bacardi Breeze before needing to stop, and she once had a Bahama Mama that left her completely trashed. This troper, on the other hand, requires a whole six pack just to get drunk. * This troper can't hold his liquor without gagging because alcohol tastes and smells ''exactly'' like vomit. Or in the case of beer, like the time I ate asparagus and had a bladder infection. It probably ''tasted'' better too. (It was something German I drank - biggest mistake of my life) * Nonalcoholic example, as this troper is underage and doesn't drink: I once took a dose of extra strength Midol to get rid of some particularly nasty cramps. I had some kind of weird reaction, presumably to the caffeine and/or the medications I take for another ailment, and found myself both falling-asleep drunk and having weird floaty/crawly sensations, followed by a dead sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah, I never took that stuff again. * If you give [[@/TacoNinja this one]] any more than a pint of weak alcohol she'll fall right asleep on whatever object/person/animal is nearest and start drooling. * This troper is fairly lightweight, but even she pales in comparison to her affectionately named "half-blind skinny little theatre buddy". A pint of beer at dinner one night gave her a nice buzz. He stumbled for the next two hours on two-thirds as much. * A friend of this troper [[DoubleSubversion doubly subverts]] this trope. He can take his hard liquor or cider as well as would be expected for his size, maintaining relative sanity most of the way through a bottle of whiskey. But a single bottle of beer and all motor control goes out the window, any attempts at making sense are futile, and vomiting becomes an inevitability. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxphDxnoIC0 Observe.]] * This troper used to be like this. My boyfriend took me out for parties and I once had four drinks in thirty minutes, resulting in throwing up seven times. Over the years though, I got better and more immune, resulting in having at least thirteen drinks in a night with my friends and not feeling hungover next morning. [[TheAlcoholic I'm aware that this isn't a good thing.]] * This Troper thoroughly disproves the fact that weight makes you able to better hold liquor. I'm 6'3, 110kg and out like a light after spewing for 5 hours straight after just a few drinks. * This Troper is rather prudish when it comes to alcohol, and has never consumed enough alcohol to become even slightly tipsy. I did, however, on New Year's Eve, manage to give myself a stomachache by

drinking about 4 ounces of a cherry ale that was only slightly higher proof than beer. * This troper, used to be a subversion. At 5'8" and 110-115 pounds, a year or so ago, she could keep up with people at least twice her weight, who could drink alot. And back then she'd never get past tipsy(unless she hadn't eaten AT ALL that day and say drank 2 bottles of wine, or 2 shots of rum, 2 beers and 5 shots of absinthe, or whatever it was that one time on her friend's birthday...). However, since then she has both lost weight kinda (on average 105-107 now) and is under her so called "magic weight". This, along with lessened drinking because of meds, has resulted in her becoming a 2-3 beer person these days. * My roommate's boyfriend. He has a bit of an ego problem, and thinks he can drink like a champ. Unfortunately, he never weans himself onto the drink so that he can actually live up to his 'master drinker' ideal. He just binge drinks every few months, usually ending with disgusting but hilarious results. He takes friendly teasing very seriously, so one night, when my roommate and I told him he was handling the liquor he'd already had like a little girl (i.e. stumbling around, shouting incoherently after only two or three drinks), he took that as a challenge and proceeded to do four or five more shots of Captain Morgan in between lines on Rock Band. Needless to say, he woke up the next morning in his own vomit, wearing no shirt and three pairs of underpants. * I dont like the taste of alcohol, so I dont drink. Its a good thing I dont as I got a hangover the morning after a party, just from being around people who smelled of alcohol. my friend completely averts this though as she had a lot of vodka at that party, yet was acting completely sober. * This troper has a pretty good alcohol tolerance, enough so that it's not really how many drinks in a night but how many in an hour. I'm unable to even get drunk off of beer because I can't actually drink enough of it to get drunk, only being able to consume half a gallon of beer an hour with a small amount of food and digesting it around the same speed. I do enjoy my beer, but for this reason I only really drink hard liquor when I'm trying to get drunk. Despite my normal tolerance, I'll never forget when I learned the hard way how badly exhaustion and an empty stomach can affect tolerance. After not sleeping for three days, being far more active than normal, skipping breakfast and lunch, then drinking a mere eight ounces of sake I was completely trashed. This was made altogether worse by being in a public (and busy) place and underage at the time... The most amazing tolerances I've seen come in two types, one guy who has to drink at least third proof (140+ proof) if he wants to get anywhere at all, and another who is an ordinary heavy drinker (where you'd be impressed watching it) except once he is drunk he only stays drunk for about an hour. * This troper has low tolerance for alcohol. Made worse because he is a bit short, light and only drinks vodka. * The first time we ever got drunk with one of [[{{Smerf}} this]] troper's friends (it didn't take much, in his case), we realized we hadn't seen him in a while. Cue us finding him sprawled on the toilet

with his pants down, having trouble standing up and wanting to know "which one's the soap?" Our ''female'' friend was the one that had to help him stand up and get his pants on, because the troper himself was too busy laughing. We have never let "soap-boy" live it down. * This troper has a 'friend' who becomes ridiculously drunk (in a stereotypical TV kind of way, of all things) after very few drinks. He's also a borderline alcoholic, sooo...bad combination. I myself am sometimes an example when my alcohol tolerance is being low, although my tolerance seems to vary wildly for no readily apparent reason. The first time I drank, though, I ended up sitting under the table and ultimately sitting ''in'' the toilet asking my best friend repeatedly if I was going to die. Not ''on'' the toilet. ''In''. ''[[NeverLiveItDown In the bowl]]''. I also once almost knifed the aforementioned 'friend' while drunk, but he seriously had it coming on that particular night. * This troper (American of a 100% German heritage) has no problem drinking beer steadily over the course of a night. But if he drinks even one beer too fast, he goes from tipsy to smashed and has an insane hangover. Sadly, since he hasn't learned to pace himself, he's hasn't trusted himself to order litres anymore except at Oktoberfest. He sticks with pints since he runs out quicker and forgets to refill. * I always thought I would be a lightweight, what with being very skinny, but I learned that that isn't always the case thanks to several frat parties. At one of them, the host had all-you-can-drink Sex on the Beach for a dollar (a drink that's about one third alcohol, but tastes like fruit juice straight out of the bottle). I downed four of them, and although I ended up throwing up later, I had no hangover the next morning, and at other parties I've managed four or five drinks without throwing up, and maintaining a high degree of sanity. Contrast that to one of my good friends, a normally tough as nails kind of chick, who turns into a giggling mess after one beer. * This troper may have taken this to the extreme. She doesn't need to drink at all, she just needs to be contained in the same room with an open bottle of liquor to get between tipsy and drunk. A couple of bad decisions (regarding cosplays) later, it is now prohibited to drink in my vicinity, unless I have some source of uncontaminated air. Strangely though, cooking alcohol has no effect on her, while a friend of hers is infamous for being smashed drunk upon contacting any food with evaporated alcohol... * Subverted by this troper's mom. She has to drink alcohol for her back problems, but even downing multiple shots of vodka never gets her buzzed. She, who BTW has only started drinking in the past few months, even out drank her fiancee, who has been drinking ever since he was legal (he's in his 40's). * This troper once got drunk on beer and(according to my friends)made a handstand and sang the French anthem. Can´t remember a thing though. She also tends to act very upbeat but feel miserable when drinking alcohol. * I recently proved I cannot hold my beer. I was stumbling after a pint and a half of pale ale. My arms felt like balloons and my head was heavy. That might have to do with [[TooDumbToLive the cold medicine I took earlier, though]].

* During a vacation, when I was 9, I saw a drop of something red on my Game Boy(I now suspect the "something" of having been wine or something) Not knowing any better, I licked it off(but it was lying on the kitchen bench, so I thought whatever it was, it was probably edible), and thought it tasted kind of weird but I just shrugged and went on with the rest of my day. Later, I woke up in the middle of the night to throw up. * [[@/{{Anomaly188}} This Troper]] once got drunk on a six pack of Mikes while watching wrestling at a friend's house. I started making fun of the N logo for a stable by saying that it represented the amount of talent between the five members; that being "None." I later passed out on his couch and woke up sometime after midnight and drove home. * Utterly averted with this Russian troper. I can hold any alcohol in any combination. Once I was able to drink about 5 bottles of vodka (2,5 liters) in less then 5 hours and still get home on my own, though I don't remember all of it. And another time during medieval festival I drank 15 litres of beer, 2 litres of wine, 400 ml of absinthe and 3 bottles of vodka over course of one day and night, and still was able to fence, sleep with a girl I picked up, get back into my city and pass next day university examination with an A. Though I have been drinking since I was 10, so I've got a lot of practice, and I'm a huge 6'10" guy with excellent alcohol tolerance. * One of the reasons I don't drink is that I don't know what my limits are (because I don't normally drink, haha). I'd rather play it safe than start drinking a lot and then realising that I can't hold my liquor. I CAN, however, drink an apple sour mixed with lemonade and not feel any negative effects, so I know that I can handle that...also, I have a friend that got completely pissed from drinking a tiny bit of wine mixed with a glass of water. I don't actually know if that's normally possible, but I wouldn't put it past her. * When this troper gets drunk, he'll get touchy with anyone, [[{{AnythingThatMoves}} anyone]], then gets tired, sick and falls asleep. * This troper (Edgy) had a friend who was notorious for this... or was faking it. Two beers and he'd be trying to tell a story, forget about it midway to tell another story, start the first story over again, finish it, repeat the ending, and pass out. * This troper is a subversion since he grew up in Russia and hung out with the Irish when he moved to America, he practically inhales vodka and doesn't get even 1/5th as drunk as the people here do. * This troper once drank two pints of Guinness (roughly 4.2% for those who don't know) in 45 minutes. To quote myself, "I'm not pissed, I'm on the drunker side of sober." (justified slightly, as I hadn't eaten or drunk much that day (well, does 4 wheetabix, a cup of tea (breakfast at 8 o'clcok) and 4 sausage rolls (roughly 12-1 o'clock) count as a lot if you did the drinking at quarter to four until half past four?) and it was the most I'd drank in my life beside 3 plastic water cups of vodka over two hours). He's also worked out what happens when he drinks 1 pint of beer: he finds it slightly difficult to walk in a straight line, is noticeably more, erm, [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean interested in the opposite sex]], talks more and feels tired.

---Stumble your way back to [[{{ptitlergt7v5mzioey}} Can't Hold His Liquor]]... Uh, maybe we'd better call you a cab. ---<<|TroperTales|>> <<|OlderThanDirt|>> <<|OneLiner|>> )

Ptitlerwc2j24ka224 * If this troper had a death metal band, he'd name it "Ümläüt". ** Win! *** There's a Finnish band called Umlaut, spelled properly without any Umlauts. * This troper is currently using this taken to 11 for his IM handles. It can't be repeated here because some of the letters won't paste. * This Troper's university's snack bar sells "Smoöthies". She tried ordering a "smo-uht-tee" once, it didn't work. * This troper makes a point of pronouncing Motörhead with the actual ö. Just because. Also it sounds vaguely less/more ridiculous. ** This troper does too. He also likes pronouncing Mötley Crüe as /&#712;mœtli 'krüe/ and Spinal Tap (sorry but this form will not accept an N with an umlaut) as /&#712;spa&#618;&#331;l tæp/ to make those names sound more ridiculous. * Subverted once by this troper: I created a WoW character (an early death knight) whose name was similar to my hunter's. A ß replaced the first letter which was a B. The kicker: I pronounced the first consonant as a hard S, not B. Fortunately for my guild who didn't buy that pronunciation, I deleted him. * How do you do that? What key combo do I press? Seriously! ** On Windows, Alt+0223 on the numeric keypad. Alt+225 works too. * This Troper always found the notion that umlauts make words more hardcore pretty hilarious, as in actual German these sounds make the words sound softer for the most time leading to big cases of MoodDissonance. An especially egregious example is DC's city of Blüdhaven (which I guess should trigger associations with the word blood) which actually makes me think of a peaceful meadow ("Blüte" meaning "bloom"). * A few of the reasons why [[@/MidnightMan I]] love Linux and other Unixoid systems: Cömpösë këÿ, b&#7869;tt&#7869;r d&#7869;ãd k&#7869;&#7929;s, and it takes [=AltGr=] UpToEleven by making it work with ''every'' key and even with Shift. &#321;&#337;ä&#273;š øf &#7869;x&#359;&#345;å ç&#295;ærå&#263;t&#275;&#343;&#351; &#261;&#355; &#7721;&#462;ñd. * This Troper remembers encountering a random [[WorldOfWarcraft Dungeon Tool]] player with at least 4 Umlauts in his name. It looked ridiculous.

Ptitlery3x1vn0 * I was in a middle school play where an actor's mic was left on while

he was changing. He used the F-word multiple times, parents were not amused. It turned out something wasn't working so someone ran to the dressing rooms to tell him to shut up, prompting the comment "Wait this s** t is on!? * This troper has a sort-of example involving a television monitor at school. A friend of hers had recently downloaded a video game system emulator (he's very computer savvy) onto his school account, and was playing some sort of game on the computer during lunch in our teacher's classroom...which was hooked up to the monitor screen so that the forbidden game was being broadcasted to the whole class. He claimed to be aware that it was on and that the teacher had given him permission to play the game, but still, the not-quite-so-lenient assistant principal (who never liked the poor kid anyway) could have walked in, and then he wouldn't have been so lucky. * This troper was in a play, and on the final night on someone's last scene, they forgot to turn his mic off. Resulting in a loud "WOOOHOOO!" being heard by everyone in the audience. Followed by loud whisperings on "The mic is still on!"

ptitles0gzw9wy * I once impaled a lovebug on a pine needle, ripped off it's antennas and then let it go. It took a good hour to die from that. * This troper has GM'ed games of Mutants & Masterminds with the now infamous villain, Dismemberment Man. His ability to recover from just about everything the players could throw at him led them to shout, in classic form, "Why won't you DIE?!" and later, after running him over with a car and splattering him all over the pavement, "How many times are we going to have to kill him?" They finally beat him by opening a crack in the ground and buried alive. They ''hope'' that was enough. * [[{{Tropers.Akiba}} This Troper]] has said this verbatim when trying to kill a particularly hardy beetle in his room. * Spiders. They just KEEP. MOVING! Dammit, why won't you die?! ** [[Tropers.ReikoKazama I]] see where you're coming from. I had a friggin' huge spider in my room last night, and it took ridiculous amounts of Raid to kill it. (By the way, my mum was the one spraying the spider, not me. I won't even go near the bloody things. They creep me the fuck out.) * Ticks. Especially deer ticks. Even after you pluck them off of your clothing, in order to actually kill them, you either A} flush them down a toilet (easy), or B} impale them (not so easy. It requires a very sharp pin and a good amount of force to crack the shell.) ** And [[{{Pokemon}} Arceus]] forbid you live where they're common. This troper's sister even once got one in her bellybutton. Dogs especially are tick magnets (maybe it's the fur). Good thing they make tick repellent for dogs. ** [[{{KillItWithFire}} Fire]] works wonders on ticks, but be warned they stink. * Cuban cockroaches.Troper steps on cockroach.Cockroach stops.Troper removes foot,roach keeps going....This happened 4 or 5 times before we brought out the big guns (namely, [[KillItWithFire Cologne and a lighter]]

* This Troper, like the above, tried to kill a cockroach, but unlike the above, it was in a somewhat poetic manner rather than bringing out the big guns. After being [[BreakTheCutie broken]] by some imbeciles outside, I was depressed. I saw something besides me. A cockroach. I stepped on it, with full force, and at first sight, the cockroach seems dead. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it is still alive, legs moving. With no insecticide in sight, I tried to kill it... with a meat cleaver. Even though it was broken in half, it was still alive! I was horrified. I then resorted in using fucking ''everything'', from an actual insecticide to a [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer hammer]], from mechanical tools to flushing them down the toilet, but more and more of them just kept coming. I finally cried out the words: "Why Won't You Die?!?!?!?!?!" * This troper usually says it about ants. Even tiny little sugar ants will still squirm, if not walk, when you try to squash them with your fingers, and carpenter ants pretty much need to be stomped on with boots, otherwise you ''will'' end up wondering WHY WON'T ANTS DIE! * Fleas. The car was full of 'em at one point. We can't crush 'em, they're way too fast and it took us a week and several cans of lavender-scented nerve gas to KillEmAll. ** Gives new meaning to the term "hotbox." * While playing Elona and in the arena and fighting monsters with high HP, this troper will, after a while, start saying die while hitting the fire button. This often runs past 50 "Die!"s * Asked of this troper's dog almost daily by members of the family. Let her put it to you this way: the dog was purchased at 3 months old when this troper was 13 years old. This troper will not disclose her age (rude to ask a lady), but suffice it to say she has three children of her own. Heavens. * [[{{Tropers/Kadorhal}} I]] ended up yelling variants this at my DS just about every time I met something in [[PokemonDiamondAndPearl Diamond version]] that managed to piss me off in some way (usually anything that keeps making my team fall asleep or be confused). I lost my copy of the game, but now that I have [=SoulSilver=], the pattern is starting again. However, the game makes up for it with [[VideogameCaringPotential how ridiculously cute interacting with my team is turning out to be]]. * This is what I thought about Aizen on Bleach. No matter what was thrown at him, that smug bastard just wouldn't stay down... ugh. * Inverted by [[{{Tropers/slashhearts}} this troper]] when playing Trauma Center: Second Opinion for Wii. I was having difficulty with the defibrillator and just when I was about to lose the patient, I was screaming at the TV, "Don't die on me!" * This troper had a grandfather with lung cancer. Said grandfather has been on his "deathbed" for years and forced my mother and aunt to fly across country (and cost out the yazoo) because he was about to die... 6 times over the course of 8 years. On a normal visit where my brother and I also went we found out that he not only was a pilot in WWII (and had been smoking since before then, and this was 2004) he had about 8% lung capacity, was on a personal oxygen machine for the last 12 years AND WAS STILL SNEAKING CIGARETTES. Being the first time I'd actually met him, not being one to care much about blood family (long story)

and finding out he was a douche, I was pretty much relieved to hear when finally kicked the bucket 3 years later. At least he's not costing the twins hundreds of dollars for random pointless trips anymore. * If there's anyone that had this sentiment in regards to the Westboro Baptist Church, like this troper does, raise your hand! ** My hand is raised high. * We live in a pretty woody area, so having mice and rats come and go is pretty much accepted as just part of life. When they come into the house, they may bite and give you rabies, so you kill them; such is the way of things. We use traps, but try to avoid poison, since there are cats in the neighborhood who might eat a poisoned rat. Anyway, I've done the "why won't you die?" dance with two rats, once as a teenager, once at 32. Here's the tales: ** Alone, as a teenager, when a rat showed up in the kitchen. It wasn't obviously hurt, but from its movement and lack of startle reflex I concluded it had been poisoned. I forget why I wanted it in a container but I somehow managed to get it into a plastic tub that used to hold licorice. Then I got the B B gun and started trying to shoot it. It started moving then! but couldn't get out of the container, so it basically just ran in circles as I tried desperately to hit it. I soon concluded that it was not going to die unless I drowned it, so I was all set to add water when it finally stopped moving. Luckily I didn't add water, as when I moved the container there was blood on the floor: I'd shot holes in the bottom of the bucket. ** More recently, a rat got caught in a trap. I'm not actually sure what got caught, as it wasn't his head or hand, but for some reason he couldn't get away. I said "Don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery soon." That "soon" was more traumatic for me than the one I did as a kid, and I won't give you the details of trying to kill the thing, but I did find out that rats seem a little like chickens, in that you can go so far as to completely bludgeon their brains out and still have the body moving around. WhyWontYouDie indeed. * This troper asks this to every single roach she encounters. Since it doesn't die that easily, I just end up hitting it till its lying on its back, spray it with insecticide, place it under a tissue and step on it before leaving it to die in a trashcan. * [[{{Ptitlegi61rfw8}} Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth]]. "[[BlatantLies Final]]" BossBattle. [[spoiler:Quercus Alba]]. [[MemeticMutation You BASTARD]]. ''Why won't you concede!?'' * A running gag with this troper is that, whenever he fights a boss in a video game that takes more than five minutes to defeat (one minute on a bad day), he will start yelling at it to die, occasionally combining the ClusterFBomb with some unusual (and potentially [[MemeticMutation memetic]]) curses. [[{{Warhammer40000}} "Emperor's beard!"]] is a particular favourite, as is [[NorseMythology "Odin's beard!"]]. And yes, both are done [[LargeHam with a side helping of ham]]. * This tropette gets freaked out by any bugs that aren't ladybugs, butterflies, or katydids, i was just chilling one day listing to music or whatever and this millapeide or centapeid or whatever crawls up, i scream and drop my iPad on it(when im scared i do stupid things)i lift

up the iPad and the thing runs out, cue me grabbing my high-heel boot and dropping it on it, thing STILL didnt die... i just slept on the couch that night * This tropers honors class put on RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead, only we altered the part where Hamlet kills Polonius...think the [[MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail BlackKnight]]. It has now become somewhat of a meme at my university. ---Go back to WhyWontYouDie. ----

Ptitles8ehi15xdv34 [[AC:TroperTales]] [[AC:Involving Celebrities/Characters]] * [[@/{{Blinded}} This Troper]] Would TOTALLY go gay for Nathan Adrian. Raise your hands if you agree. * David Bowie causes everyone of every sexuality to question it. * Less about gender and more about age: I don't make a habit out of sleeping with octogenarians, but Stan Lee could do whatever he wants to me. Hell, I'd pay for it. * The theory has been circulated that, no matter their sex, gender, and primary alignment, every person on Earth is additionally (Johnny) Depp-sexual. ** Sorry. This troper's a flag-waving Republican. Depp's a [[CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey]] masquerading as a US citizen. ** Takes only one exception to prove that a theory is not a fact, and I'd offer the exception of my pastor-teacher, Depp being one of the few actors he just can't stand. ** This (hetero but perfectly capable of admitting that certain guys look good) Troper will offer himself up as proof as well. Two examples of Depp characters, in characterization, that sound down right horrible are Jack Sparrow (sure, he's got wits sharper than his sword and a CoolBoat to boot, but his hygiene is very rancid and he's likely to sell you to save his own skin) and Willy Wonker (who is, despite greatly rich from making candy, is a pale to the point of disbelief, this troper begged for the boat through the gruesome images sequence from the original movie (something he never thought he would do)). Add to the fact that, sans Hollywood make up, Depp looks like a rocker who has abused his body with drugs to the point of ugly, this troper just cannot see the attraction. ** This (female) Troper would like to second what the above troper said, especially in relation to Captain Jack Sparrow. *** This other (female) Troper would like to third what the above above troper said, especially in relation to Willy Wonka. ** This lesbian troper has actually stated these words before, specifically after seeing ''Sweeney Todd'', of all things, and being very confused when all I kept thinking was "Damn, Johnny Depp is hot." So, here's lending some support to that theory. ** This bisexual troper would like to say she would never like Johnny

Depp in any fashion because he's kind of creepy, so please scratch that one off the list. ** So if [[@/GwenStacyWannabe I'm]] ''not'' Depp-sexual, am I an [[AlienAmongUs alien]]? *** If you are, this hetero female is from the same planet, because Depp does nothing for me and I think he's highly overrated. *** This also hetero female must be a HalfHumanHybrid--she sees the attraction, but doesn't feel it. ** This (male) [[{{Asexuality}} heteroromantic demisexual]] troper finds Johnny Depp to be way too AxCrazy to be even remotely attractive. ** Ew. No. He's not remotely like the geeky kind of people (of either gender) I like. ** This troper's friend has said on several occasions that Johnny Depp is the only guy he'd go gay for. Personally, this troper doesn't know what he sees in him. ** This troper had a very um... something dream in which he and Johnny Depp were eating pudding in their underpants across a table from eachother. No talking... just pudding. What was disconcerting was that I hadn't seen him in any movies in the previous three months and wasn't anticipating anymore either. ** This troper used to be a counterexample. But damn, Willy Wonka! HOT! ** This lesbian troper has had this Johnny Depp poster since before she came out, and is keeping it, dammit. ** I call BS. Even though this troper's mother thinks Johnny Depp is hot, he does not see one iota of sexiness in the man. DudeLooksLikeALady to him- and not even an ''attractive'' lady. ** This (straight male) troper not only finds Depp not attractive, he finds Depp incredibly annoying and thinks he's a horrible actor. Then again, I don't really find any guys attractive, the closest any guy comes to being attractive for me is Captain Jack Harkness. I'm not turned on by him per se, but for some reason the thought of him isn't an automatic turn off like every other creature with a Y chromosome. 10th Doctor too actually. That's probably connected somehow. ** This (straight female) troper has seen several movies with Depp in them, and finds him off putting and creepy. * This (male) troper's (female) friend once posited the theory that any man would pinch hit for the other team if the man he was doing it with were Patrick Stewart. After a little consideration, I came to the conclusion that as a theory it definitely has merit. ** This (male) troper thinks that you are completely insane. I'm completely straight though, probably don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to what guys are hot. * [[MetalGearSolid Big Boss]]. ** Hell, any of the Snakes. Even Ocelot, especially when he starts talking like Liquid. * [[Series/DoctorWho David Tennant]]. he can whisk this troper away in his tardis any day. ** If someone was crazy enough to refuse then make it David Tennant and John Barrowman and it is impossible for anyone to resist. *** I have achieved the impossible.

*** Row row, fight tha power, dude/lady/(other?)! *** I don't know, I'm completely straight but if I had to be gay then Tennat + Barrowman would be my first choice I guess. If the Tardis came with the package I'd take the deal in a second though. Travel all of time and space, and all I have to do is become gay with two guys who are considered super hot anyways? Count me in. * This troper has yet to meet ''anyone'' who wouldn't have banged XFiles era David Duchovny like it was going out of style. ** Especially if Gillian Anderson was also involved. Hubba hubba! ** Let's meet up some time. Gillian might make up for it though. * The [[@/SpiriTsunami requisite]] [[ShamelessSelfPromoter plug for my fiction]]: This appears to be the case with Mari in ''[[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2335712/2/Conn_A&M Conn. A]]''. * [[@/{{Be}} This troper's]] female friend once told him that this applied for Liv Tyler, an interesting selection. In return, this troper had to admit that, yes, if his life were on the line, he'd be Deppsexual. * This straight-as-an-arrow troper has a giant man-crush on Christopher Lee because of his sexy, sexy voice. ** I'm not ''attracted'' to him, per se, but I would probably do anything he told me to because his voice is that compelling. * This troper knows a ''lesbian'' who is straight for Michael Phelps. So, is that an inversion? * This [[@/PotatoBucket troper]] had a huge man-crush on "Three Cheers"-era Gerard Way. He'd also {{Squee}} at the chance to meet Daron Malakian. * This troper and his friend like to joke that they are [[{{Supernatural}} Winchestersexual]]. * This troper must confess to having a mancrush on NathanFillion. ** This troper who is as straight as it gets met Nathan Fillion at a convention, and was actually rather perturbed to realise that he's a damn sexy man. * For this troper, it's Hugo Weaving. After playing [[TheMatrix Agent Smith]], [[LordOfTheRings Elrond]], [[VForVendetta V]], and [[TransformersTheMovie Megatron]], if that man ever asks sexual gratification of me, I will not say "no." * This troper has a friend who has a theory that every straight guy, regardless of homophobia or other factors, would pinch-hit for the other team if they were doing it with Patrick Stewart. As a guy myself, I'm not going to confirm her theory, but at the same time I can't actually deny it either... ** Patrick Stewart or Paul Newman from when he was 20 to when he was like 55. * This troper has an otherwise friend who finds Sean Connery to be extremely attractive. That is Sean Connery now, not when he was Bond. ** How do you know me!? ** This troper is now wondering if this trope is what influenced Max to create [[http://ytmnd.com YTMND]]. * This troper had heard a surprising amount of female friends expressing a willingness to switch to the other side for Angelina Jolie. But she's mine first. * It took seeing Billie Piper in leather dominatrix attire during an

episode of ''Secret Diary of a Call Girl'' to make this troper realize she's not completely hetero. She also owns up to a massive girl-crush on TNA valet So-Cal Val. * [[@/{{Aela}} This]] straight female troper will admit to a girlcrush on [[Series/DoctorWho Freema Agyeman]]. Her lesbian best friend, on the other hand, maintains that she's straight for Jimmy Stewart. * Ewan McGregor for me, Gwyneth Paltrow for the Missus. * Might not ''quite'' count as I seem to be racking up the "exceptions", but my biggest? SummerGlau. * This Kinsey 6 lesbian troper has one fictional exception, and that would be [[FateStayNight Lancer]]. [[http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/43490/animal-fate-stay_nightlancer-male-shirtless-wolf Hamina hamina hamina]]! (picture is worksafe unless your workplace objects to a ShirtlessScene, ads on page might not be) * This boring old heterosexual would switch teams for Miranda Kerr in a second. If Miranda said no, I'd see if [[MadMen Christina Hendricks]] was available. * This otherwise-straight troper saw the Kamina/Yoko kiss scene in ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' and realised that this is one of the few where it's possible to envy both participants. [[StupidSexyFlanders Stupid sexy Kamina...]] * This Troper's girlfriend is 100% lesbian, with the exception of Alec Baldwin. This (bisexual) Troper is more than a little intimidated by the depth of her better half's infatuation with the man and [[YourMilageMayVary can't see the appeal herself...]] * This Troper would go straight for [[BattlestarGalactica Kara Thrace.]] * This Troper is a straight male, despite some people's Yaoi fantasies, but would become gay for BigBoss. Or DavidBowie, but only if he dresses up as the Goblin King. ** This Troper is kinda creeped out by Goblin King Bowie, but would probably go gay for Young Americans or Berlin Trilogy-era Bowie. * Nicole Kidman is this troper's girl-crush. And Lady Gaga, but whether it's a girl-crush is a matter of debate. * This otherwise completely straight female Troper has a total crush on [[KingdomHearts Aqua]]. It doesn't help that she plays the role of "knight in shining armor" to Cinderella for most of that story. * This troper is disgusted by {{Shotacon}} and strictly only ever goes for guys aged 16 and up, maybe 15 in specific cases. But Jake from {{Outnumbered}}...[[StupidSexyFlanders Stupid Sexy Jake!!!]] * This (straight) troper would go for Joe Cocker in a heartbeat. Partly the voice, partly the name. * Hello, have you SEEN [[Series/DoctorWho Karen Gillan?]] * This (other) male Troper was not pleased that there's only a romance option for female Sheppard's with Garrus. I'd go right to Garrus' sidequests just to hear ''that voice''! ** I've seen an online discussion or two where someone theorized that the reason Bioware didn't put in any {{Gay Option}}s for male Shepard is because everyone would just complain that they couldn't have Garrus instead. * This Troper's close male friends have all unanimously decided that

they'll go gay for [[SeanBean Sean Bean]], and Sean Bean only. Especially if he [[AudioErotica talks dirty to them]]. * This troper has a very good friend who's gay. Despite this, he'd totally hook up with Elizabeth Mitchell or Gillian Anderson if given the chance. * AdamLambert. Damn, I'd go bi for that man ( my girlfriend even said she'd let me kiss him XD ). [[IncompatibleOrientation Too bad he's gay, too...]] * This lesbian troper would jump ZacharyQuinto's bones so fast it's crazy. Too bad she [[WildMadGuessing suspects]] [[YourMileageMayVary that]] [[AmbiguouslyGay he's probably]] [[TransparentCloset gay]] ** For one of my gay guys friends, it's Miranda Karr. For another one, it's Lady Gaga (because he's so gay even his "straight crush" is stereotypically gay.)For one of my straight friends, it's KristenStewart. * I'm pretty certain that everyone is gay for NeilPatrickHarris. I've always liked women with nice singing voices, and then I heard NPH... yeah. I'd hit that in a heartbeat. * This troper has told numerous people that he is completely straight...until Usher comes along. * This (straight, female) troper cannot help admitting that Emma Watson is hot. * This (straight male) troper has a gay friend who finds [[PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt Scanty and Kneesocks]] hot. The aforementioned troper can see why, because, well, [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday he's straight]]. * I'm immune to the gay thus far, but that's opened me up for problems in [[{{Lolicon}} another direction...]] Dammit, [[ShakuganNoShana Shana]], stop being so fucking hot! You too, [[{{Ptitlei015gc004kw4}} Dawn]]! * My friend recently came up to me, said "I'm not les, but Lady GaGa's fit as fuck." She then walked off. * This lesbian Troper has a straight female friend who shares her deep love for HelenaBonhamCarter. * I (a straight male) would have sex with SteveBlum's voice. Or [[CowboyBebop Spike Spiegel]]. Whichever one is easier to do. * This nonsexual Troper has mini-crushes on characters based entirely on their voices or manner of walking. [[StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier Sybok]] has both of these qualities, cranked up to 11. I'm still dealing with this one... * This lesbian troper would let [[PokemonBlackAndWhite N]] do all sorts of things to her, not even gonna lie. * This male, straight troper would totally go for BJ Novak. Maybe because I relate to his character on ''TheOffice'', or perhaps just because he's so darned adorable. Then of course there's Damon Albarn, again, partly because he's the singer for my [[{{Blur}} all time favorite band]]. [[AC:Personal cases]] * This Troper's sophomore Spanish teacher. . . oh gods. One of the most flaming homosexuals I know admitted he would go straight for her. My MOM admitted she would go lesbian for her. Hell, just about

everyone in (and out) the school wanted her. Actually being from Barcelona probably helped her, but she was genuinely naturally gorgeous. * One of [[@/DaNuke Da_Nuke]]'s high school mates -- he currently works part-time as a ''MODEL'' -- has been described as "the only man you can call attractive without coming across as gay". * This troper's girlfriend is a flaming dyke. Really, really gay. He's the only exception. ** This troper has the same [[CursedWithAwesome advantage]]. Cute little girlfriend, completely lesbian, except for him. * This Troper has been surprised over the years by how many of his straight friends and acquaintances have told him they'd "go gay" for him; what's been more surprising is that a number of them have -- to the point that he recently made a public oath he'd never be another friend's "just that one time" experiment again! * Apparently, I subvert this entire trope. * [[@/AcrossTheStars This]] bi-romantic lesbian troper has no interest in a romantic relationship with a guy - the sole exception being her longtime high school crush. ** You just... sort of contradicted yourself, there. How are you biromantic but with no interest in having a romantic relationship with a man? Wouldn't that make you homoromantic? Do you mean a ''sexual'' relationship with a man? * Every blue moon when the stars align perfectly, this 99% gay troper looks at a woman and finds her mildly attractive. * Unfortunately, this trope is played [[IncrediblyLamePun straight]] for me ([[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife frakking tropes...]]). I'm completely hetero, have a girlfriend...and I have a crush on this straight guy at my school. And, of course, [[ItGotWorse he's a good friend of mine]]. * This [[ObliviousToLove troper's]] otherwise totally straight friend had an [[AllLoveIsUnrequited totally one-sided]] crush on her in highschool. Ironically, this troper is a lesbian, who liked a completely different straight friend who was in an IfItsYouItsOkay situation with yet ANOTHER straight girl. * This troper identifies as a straight female, but if that one blonde, blue-eyed, pale as the stars, eternity in short-storts girl from KFC asked, she'd go in a second. Some people just take your breath away, regardless of gender. * Not This Troper but her best friend, towards This Troper. Subverted (maybe?) when she later begins openly claiming she's lesbian. * this straight male troper did have one exception for one friend who just so happens to be gay. my first sexual experiance was actually with him, and thats also how i learned i was straight.... except for him(or so i realize now adays after 4 years). * This troper went to an all-girls' Catholic high school. While this troper is pansexual this trope applies to a lot of her friends. Since it was a small school we all developed intense emotions towards each other and some straight girls were prone to falling in love with their best friend. * This Troper is asexual, but makes an exception for a female friend (he hasn't told her yet, due to nerves), Ian Mckellen and Christopher

Lee. [[ItGotWorse You think that is confusing?]] How about if I told you that said female friend is pretty much my opposite sex clone (glasses, singing style, talking style, etc.). Kinda worrying when you realise I'm hetroromantic... * This (male) Troper's best friend is a lesbian...but has said that the next time she's single, she'd like to experiment with me. ** [[AThreesomeIsHot Why wait until she's single?]] * This troper. Mostly-straight YaoiFangirl...with a [[SchoolgirlLesbians girlfriend.]] We've been [[VictoriousChildhoodFriend best friends for a while]] and she's helped this troper during difficult times. (This troper's currently trying to return the favor...) ** And said girlfriend is a LittleMissBadass, {{Moe}} in a [[LuckyStar Konata]] sort of way, incredibly talented and just...charismatic all over. [[SayItWithHearts <3]] ** Said girlfriend would like to add that this is actually the trope that, when discussed, prompted a confession from the lady above. At that point in time [[UnrequitedLove I had almost given up]] but I still remember her relating us to this as one of the happiest moments of my life. [[SickeninglySweethearts I'M NOT USUALLY THIS MUSHY]] [[JerkWithaHeartofGold OR SENTIMENTAL]] [[HiddenHeartofGold I SWEAR.]] Also, I guess you could say [[TVTropesRuinedYourLife TV Tropes greatly improved my life.]] *** {{Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming}}. ^_^ <3 * Weird variation with my best friend's boyfriend. He's says that I'm the only person besides him who's allowed to make out with his girlfriend, as long as he gets to watch. Apparently he really wants to see some girl on girl action with her involved, but I'm the only one he trusts to do so because he knows I'd never hurt her. Too bad for him, she's very straight and I'm very asexual. * This [female] troper is asexual and homoromantic, but fell for a man anyway. It completely took her by surprise, since she hadn't felt anything for someone nearly that strongly in her ~20 years of life experience, and he asked her out about a week after [[LoveEpiphany she realized her feelings.]] =/ * This troper has a weird version of this, where I am straight, but occasionally I'll switch through guys that I have a man-crush on. It's never more than one guy, but it often changes. * This Troper's boyfriend for Tobey Maguire. We both think he's absolutely {{Adorkable}}. Personally, I'd be all over P!nk in a heartbeat if she let me be. * This Troper was only ever attracted to men (specifically, very muscular, hairy, manly men) until she met her current and only girlfriend, [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl The Tomboy to her Girly Girl.]] * This female troper identifies as straight... except when it comes to the fact that she has a raging crush on her lesbian best friend. She didn't even realize this until said lesbian best friend got into a relationship with a bisexual classmate of theirs. Cue jealousy. * This female troper's neighbour has an otherwise-gay brother who acts in an [[StalkerWithACrush uncomfortably friendly]] manner towards me. I would be fine with this if he wasn't a borderline PsychopathicManChild.

* This asexual, apparently heteroromatic, male troper is romantically involved with a [[FriendsWithBenefits friend]] of his, who's also a male, but is trappish enough that he essentially considers him a girl anyway. It confuses even me sometimes. * this straigh gay and kind off misogynist troper has something for bell Nanthita, her voice, her face , she´s such a cutie and her voice is a freaking eargasm, if this troper could have something with a transgender person would be good if it´s with bell... ** sorry the horrible english :P * This (male to female transgender) troper's boyfriend is gay. When I came out about being transgender to him (we'd already been going out for 3 months) he just said, "I'm bi for you then." MELT~ * This asexual troper is very, VERY sexual for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. * This tropette is gay for [[AxisPowersHetalia fem!Prussia.]] Also, fem!Austria and fem!China. ** This (straight) troper is so gay for fem!Prussia. * This troper has been friends with a lesbian who, while having lived with her girlfriend for several years, has also said that if he wanted to visit, he could expect 'cuddles and worse' from them. Apparently no one else has gotten that kind of invitation from them before, which is at once intriguing and worrying. [[TooKinkyToTorture I know these people after all.]] * This Troper's current girlfriend has described herself as not merely preferring women but generally [[DoesNotLikeMen despising the male gender]]... with the exception of him. Awesome. =D * A close friend of this troper is known for having an unholy number of people foster crushes on her - almost everyone she knows has had a thing for her at some point. It's known for overriding sexuality and age. She's EVERY STRAIGHT GIRL/GAY GUY SHE KNOWS' If It's You. Ironically, while she's bisexual she's entirely aromantic, and, age 19, is still a virgin...somehow. * This Troper is pretty much completely asexual and aromantic... except for his ex-girlfriend. * This troper's girlfriend is completely, 100% straight. Except for me. I mean, damn, [[EveryoneCanSeeIt all of our friends]] thought we were practically a couple long before we actually got together. * This troper: A lesbian. Her girlfriend: An asexual MtF transsexual. I love her for who she is on the inside, and she's attracted to me in spite of the fact that she usually has no sex drive to speak of. Score :3 * This troper never really had a crush on another man until he had the most awesome teaching assistant ever for a film class back in college. Doesn't hurt that he gave one of my class projects the best compliment I've ever received. ---Since it's you, I'll let you go back to [=~If It's You, It's Okay~=]. ---<<|TroperTales|>>


* My mother once bought a package of turkey nuggets. The back of the package featured a character named Nugget Dude, who was essentially a turkey nugget with eyes and a mouth. So of course, my brothers came up with a short jingle in his honor (sung to the tune of ''Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog''): -->There once was a man made o' turkey -->His name was Nugget Dude -->But he went out with a woman with a big appetite -->And he soon became her food. * Not sure if this falls exactly under this trope, but I grew up in a fairly rural area, and while we didn't own a farm, we did raise two female pigs one year. The intention had been to take them to a local slaughterhouse to be made into bacon and ham and such. Of course, after my sisters and I named them.... well, let's just say my parents ended up trading those two pigs for the meat of a larger male. At the time, it satisfied me that I was at least eating an animal I had never met... but ten years later I've become a vegetarian. * This troper raised cattle, turkeys, and pigs a few years ago. The steers had names like meatlaof and stewbeef, and the chickens had bizarre names like Food. the trukeys, while unnamed for the most part, were free range and acted like puppy dogs. And in terms of the chickens, this troper has both killed, plucked, eviscerated, and disceted them. They tasted much better than store bought turkeys. Nowadays, this troper compares all chicken, turkey, and beef to those tasty tidbits. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlesftpqz9p * While I was living in an apartment, there was a boyfriend and girlfriend who lived directly above that were the most annoying version of this trope ever. Every. Single. Night. The girl would be crying and screaming this, while the boyfriend would yell back at her, "I'm leaving! I'm leaving!" And this kept going on until I left. ** That's hilarious! If I were your friend I'd come over with a bag of popcorn. ** When you moved out, you should have gone upstairs and informed the girl that you were leaving her. * Ive done this a few times, all with the same person, my best friend. Every time I think she is here to stay, she always has something that happens that means she has to leave. Now its been a few years, Ive began to get over this...then she announces she is moving, didnt say where. Please dont leave me Laura. * This troper has an incredibly irrational but utterly paralyzing fear of being abandoned. Many an argument with her parents has ended with her crying and screaming "Don't leave me! Please don't leave me!" over and over. Her parents don't know where she got this from, and she doesn't know either, because they've stuck with her through just about everything so far in her life. * This troper recently developed a strong fear of being alone.

Although I never voice this fear, every time my mother leaves at night (and she's the only parent I've got around), I'm silently wishing that she wouldn't leave. My little sister, however, says this every time my mom goes somewhere, day or night. ---Don't leave me all alone here! Take me to [=~Please Don't Leave Me~=]! ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitlet11ynhqc * While I was watching the CGI ''{{Appleseed}}'' movie, my brother looked at the T.V. and said, "Is that Barbie?" * Regarding the ''{{Yotsuba}}'' example on the other page, my nineyear-old sister absolutely loves reading that series. The fanservicey aspects probably go right over her head, so I don't really see a problem with it. * This troper's mom thinks that every anime is like ''{{Sailor Moon}}'', despite whatever violence or mature themes that indicates otherwise. * [[{{Tropers/Fungal88}} This tropette]] was a huge fan of the SpiceGirls during the days of their huge popularity in her early "tween" years, but luckily, the "crappiness" of the lyrics to some of the songs seemed to fly right past her, which was quite natural for a lot of [[TheNineties 90s kids]] as a possible reason for why they often [[NostalgiaFilter pride themselves of spending their childhood in that era]], and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJxdL0pH9pw this little ditty]] from ''{{Animaniacs}}'' is definitely no exception. * [[Tropers/{{Encypted12345}} This troper]] often gives his elementary school age sister various cutesy {{Seinen}} anime to watch like HidamariSketch or LyricalNanoha. When I mention that these anime are [[LargeHam FOR MEN]], my parents don't believe me. ---Go back to WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForLittleGirls. ---<<|TroperTales|>>

Ptitletgbpyix5 * This troper belonged to an all-male Strat-O-Matic baseball league; one year, the girlfriend (now wife) of one of the players decided to join, largely to be near her man. Naturally, she won the championship. (I still remember her profuse apologies to me when one of her lighthitting players smacked a home run in the 12th inning to win a playoff game.) * Truth in Television: This DM (female) had a clingy boyfriend of one of her players (also female) insist on joining the group to see what she was doing on game days. This troper ended up banning him from the sessions due to his whininess over what his girlfriend and he should be able to do in game (that I wouldn't allow).

** Subversion seen by this troper: After the girlfriend joined the game it was decided GM duties would be issued to a volunteer group of the players in turns. During the GM turns of the original GM and his girlfriend, they ended up attempting to subtly screw over their significant other to avoid the appearance of bias. This added an oddly fun element to things trying to save them from each other, was repeatedly [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]], and ended up taking on a life of its own. ** Another subversion: When this troper's DM invited his ultra-girly girlfriend (a friend, but not necessarily a close one to the rest of us) to join, we all had our doubts. Turned out she was also a closet ultra-GEEK. One year later, at least two of us consider her an equally integral part of the {{Nakama}} as her boyfriend. ** Maybe a half-subversion: This troper's DM is the boyfriend of her best friend, but this best friend is a serious player. The only part that really pissed off the group was the fact that she had prior knowledge of everything that was going to happen. * Yet another subversion. This troper had someone in a play-by-post join (with everyone's consent). We didn't find out for a while she was the GM's girlfriend, though we knew the two knew each other in real life and she was new to the game. The only benefits she really gets in-game are ones that anyone who can talk to the GM face-to-face would get. * A