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RHNH = Reconstruction og Human and Natural Histpry
RHNH = Reconstruction og Human and Natural Histpry

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Published by: BesserwisserCosmo on Aug 31, 2011
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Faust. The pentagram? That's in your way?

You son of Hell explain to me, If that stays you, how came you in today? And how was such a spirit so betrayed? Mephistopheles. Observe it closely! It is not well made; One angle, on the outer side of it, Is just a little open, as you see.
Goethe still knew – contrary to our Astronomers (not to mention their planetariums) who deliberately dismiss the drawing of the pentagram into the circularized calendar by observing the conjunctions of Venus within 8 years in spite of the fact that the visualization of the ominous Earth<>Venus resonance is of utmost importance for the grasp of natural and cultural history, which our ancestors on the Olympic [5 ] thanksgiving to the deity may have put into the words: "Woe to the earth, if you have not closed the pentagram!”


The R H N H 1 accounts for the consequences of the S G R 2 vortex forces dominating the celestial movements, measured by the G F M I 3 itself derived from the E V U 4 .

Driven and stabilized by and embedded in the SGR-Vortices the behaviour of celestial bodies is owed to mutual resonances (not to quantified celestial mechanics – a formula is not a force!): If these resonances in the solar system are disturbed by some event (resonance disaster, destabilization, etc.), global catastrophes will result, the last of which the earth experienced ~650 ago. Although shown by logic, by documents and by natural history – ie by qualifying system analysis – the "[so far] Last Great Jolt" under the guise of all sorts of silly theories is being repressed by the collective. No teaching institution, nor any science, philosophy or religion tell us about it!

The inherent Logic of the LGJ  In the 2nd half of the Trecento (about 1372) the astronomical date for Easter had shifted in the festival calendar.


 After 7 years of precise observations the Gregorian Calendar Reform has to introduce a new leap-year rule because of the shorter year and remove 10 days from the calendar in 1582: ERGO the earth by the LGJ had been shifted.  Of its own accord the earth cannot accomplish that: ERGO exoterrestrial forces had abruptly repositioned and relocated it into a new resonance.  Egon Friedell described the time of the LGJ: „Heaven and Earth were in turmoil... earthquakes ravaged the land... If it is true that a the time a great jolt, a mysterious tremor, a deep shudder of conception went through humanity, so too the Earth must have experienced something similar, and not just the earth but also the neighbouring planets, indeed the entire solar system.“2

Dinos could not exist under quantified „Gravity“: ERGO for this reason alone Gravitation is variabel! The first instructive and investigative instrument for the knowledgeable – ie qualifying – assessment of Natural and Human History, including also the clarification of the scientific – ie quantifying and thus supposedly ”constant” – parameters of chronology. An equally innovative as inexpensive – singularly promoting researching, learning and thinking about Nature and History! – pedagogic equipment.
1) RHNH 3)

= Reconstruction og Human and Natural Histpry GFMI = Gravitational Field Measuring Instrument

2) 4)

SGR = Substance-relevant Gravitational Resonance EVU = Energetic Vortex Universe info@gfmi.li



Kulturgeschichte der Neuzeit

06.-10.04.2011 www.inventions-geneva.ch

Liberation from „Celestial Mechanics“
Many generations before astrophysical knowledge we read in 3 sentences plainly following each other:
1. A „God“A moving across the sky is dropping such a mass of stones down to earthB that more people are killed by them than in the war.


Acceptance of Vital Traditions
Mechanics“ were assumed which, because of their human-defined digits background, aroused the wishful desire of a mathematically certain „Eternity“. The RHNH leaves no doubt about the trauma of the collective by the excitation background of disastrous natural history and its reaction by repression resulting in the compulsively neurotic IBC, Irrational Behaviour of the Collective in Knowledge corruption, Holocaust, Terrorism, War, Destructive Technology & Econometrics.

2. „So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole dayC“. Contemporary conception declared the phenomenon as the fulfilment of the chief’s prayer to the god. Of all traditions reporting this event Joshua 10:11-13 is the only irrefutable one because of its inherent logic, namely that without today’s astrophysical knowledge the 3 events A, B, and C could never have been invented.

vitally required sun between her horns) then met, damaged and destabilised Mars which, in turn losing its orbit, repeatedly threatened (at the time of the prophets) the earth. ~1000 years ago followed the “Apocalypse”: Rome, indeed all empires of Antiquity perished and Istar = Isis = the Queen of Heaven = Madonna (symbolically the ) jointly with Jesus, her son by Horus/Jupiter/Joseph, celebrated their apocalyptic victory over Satan (the King of the Demons) with their quasi Resurrection/Ascension of the 2 Morning/Evening Stars.

In prehistorical time, but archaeologically deducible, the extinction of the Dinosaur and later of the gigantismic fauna (most probably the end of the Neandertaler, too) is owed to drastic changes of gravitation caused by sudden shifts of the earth’s orbit. The earliest catastrophe in historical times is the “Deluge”, originating from Saturn’s explosion blasting off the salty water (the substance predicted for its rings) which filled up the oceans from the continental shelves by ~300m (explaining the puzzle of the excessive salt content, too). Jupiter having in some way become critical from receiving most of Saturn’s debris then expells Venus (= “Newcomer”), reported as Athena “being born in full armour” (ie as a giant comet-like object) from Zeus. In 2 encounters the new “deity” thus causes the “Egyptian plagues” and ~50 years later the irrefutable Joshua event. Briefly: This even up to today most powerful “deity” of all “gods” (because as the celestial bull she could impale the
2 Planets<>Elements-relevant SGR Hg Mercury Cu Venus Sn Jupiter Pb Saturn The Queen of Heaven [Venus] and her child [Mercury] are rescued from Satan [energetic („Plasma“) appearance, evt with Mars or Saturn]

ERGO: this episode of natural history is true! But because the concomitant events („The earth shook and trembled before the roar of your thunder“ etc) – as in all such global cataclysms owed to the earth’s staggering being caused by its own torque in the “tippetop” effect – only minor (relative to the size of celestial bodies) "des-asters" occur on the surface, mostly limited to the consequences of the inertia of flowing material – from water, of course, up to magma being folded to mountains, all of which, however, flora and fauna obviously survived.

Just a single whimsy – the trauma that nature and history are not what they are and have to be disqualified by quantification, prevents the RHNH, the Reconstruction of Human and Natural History according to the available sources: from the observation of the „Gods“/Planets, rating and comparing their movements, not only created the illusion of „Mass Attraction“; worse still, without wasting a thought to the qualitative force so drastically required by Isaac Newton, a clock-like “Celestial

The GFMI conveys the evidence that the reports (written in contemporary acuity) about global catastrophes are true, since „Celestial Mechanics“ are replaced by the incalculable resonances of SGR-vortex forces which, although non-cyclic, in historical times every few centuries played interplanetary billiard: most recently merely ~650 years ago in the middle of the Trecento!
ERGO: This last repositioning of the earth (causing the Gregorian calender reform) prevents for ever retrocalculating astro-observations before the middle of the Trecento. Thus mankind will never know its history but for distorted and concocted bits and pieces...

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