Topic: What should be the qualities of an ideal sales manager in a hostile situation of a market where your products are destroyed by the competitors in an unethical way? The qualities of an ideal sales manager in the above situation are: The first step he/she should take is to call a meeting that includes all the higher members of the company. He should inform them about the situation and should discuss about the next step that should be taken. He should register a complain in the polic e station. He should call a press conference and should inform the media about the situation. This can improve the company s image and it can also help in gaining customers sympathy. He should direct the production team for further production of the pr oduct at the minimum possible time and should inform the consumers about that and should apologise to them for the problems that they are facing. Example: Samrat Ceramics. Samrat Ceramics, one of the leading crockery manufacturing company of India.

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