Hi Shashank, Apart from the setup which system did automatically through the setup tool, I have done

the following basic setup in inventory and purchasing module. Inventory Setup 1. Created two inventory items (EP620456, EP620457) in “Express Peripherals Ltd (201)” organization. 2. Define and Assign categories to the above items (Inventory - FINISHED GOODS.MISC). 3. Define Item cost & subinventories (DS and Sales) and assigned the same to the above items. 4. Define locator (A1.N1.45) for the Sales subinventory. 5. Opened Inventory Periods Purchasing Setup 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Supplier : EASTERN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Supplier Site : EP Mysore Define the Sourcing Rule : EP Sourcing Assigned the sourcing rule to the above mentioned items. Define the ASL to above items Approval Group “100K” to job “Purchasing Director.FI0002” Quotation “1” to Supplier “EASTERN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS”.

HRMS Setup 1. Assigned the job “Purchasing Director.FI0002” to Employee “Mr.User Emp1” I have also created two PO’s in purchasing module for testing the setup but they got stuck in the approval process. I would look into this issue on Monday and then would go through the OM setup. Thanks, Vipin Singhai