Taming Wild Words
BY CHUCK GREEN My idea books include a section devoted to commissioning work from illustrators and photographers. I said there and repeat here that artwork commissioned for a specific project has an impact like nothing else can—it makes the publication uniquely yours.
Michael Clark is a calligrapher and the consummate word tamer—his subjects are full of life, some even a little dangerous-looking. Yet, on close examination, it is evident that he is in complete control. If you're used to domesticated type, you're in for a treat. Clark is a rare bird. Years ago he gave up life as a banker and taught himself the art of lettering—today he lectures on the subject at calligraphic societies and universities. Most of his time is spent designing logos and titles for a long list of companies, book publishers and advertising agencies. But he also works with private corporations on the development of typefaces and calligraphic illustrations. Some examples of his work:

...from a book jacket design for Random House

...an illustration for one of Michael Clark's books

...a logo for a restaurant

...another book jacket for Random House

...a headline for a poster

...an experimental composition using his latest font family


...from a book jacket design for Ballantine Books

...a title design for a theatre company

...a headline for a contact lens manufacturer

...a title for a magazine

...a poster for a theatre company

...a company logo for an insurance firm

If you'd like sample sheets of Mr. Clark's work or if you have a project to discuss, you can contact him at Michael Clark Design, 804-261-4965, e-mail typerror@aol.com.

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