Closed doors By Thomas Fullmer Closed doors, forbidden alleys, Places we shouldn’t go, Lure us in with a little sin, To see

what we might know. Curiosity killed the cat, But who killed my youth instead, Lying in the arms of my friend, My childhood already dead. Unholy union of flesh and blood, With no one left to see, How together two boyhood friends, Were tempted by morality. All we wanted was to know Just how it felt inside, To feel the touch of bodies close from our shame try to hide. These many years held secret In my childhood dreams, I partook of forbidden fruit became lost in silent screams. Some others may say it’s normal To have known another male, But to me it seemed so wrong, It left me in a kind of hell. For when out bodies parted, It left an awful scar, never will completely heal, my soul this sin must mar. It’s an itch that can’t be gotten, It’s numbness gone awry, It’s spread its taint with in me, For deliverance I only cry. But who will hear my voice? Who but God has any care? After all it was my choice. That truth is always there..