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Free-Choice Time Pursuit Ideas!

Toys and puzzles Pentominoes (including polyomino addition puzzles) Rubik’s Cube Metal puzzles Tangrams Building and Making Art Make a video showing off a math concept. Make a poster for the room about a mathematician. Build a geometrical model (origami, sticks, paper models, Zome, Geofix, 3D printer) Explore graphing software. Paul’s symmetric design activities Computer programming Light-bot Gate Cellular Automata Scratch BASIC LOGO Making Community Design a math lesson for younger kids. Going on a scouting mission to see what an upper middle school or high school math class is like. Interview students in the class. Report what you find out. Post on MathOverflow or MathematicsStackExchange Be a Peer Reviewer for a Peer Points article Pick or find a living mathematician. Put together a description of what they study in your own words. Conduct an interview. Maybe make a poster for the room. Games Play a mathematical game with each of your classmates. Write a strategy guide for a game. Bloxorz Gate Create a mathematical game. (Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge) Packets Geometrical puzzles packet (e.g. Erich’s Puzzle Palace) NYML problem types packet Arithmetic exercises Logic puzzles packet Calculator explorations packet Doing some Addison-Wesley worksheets 1-100 project Online Problem Projects Khan Academy Project Euler Jr. Alcumus

Project Euler Problem of the Week (solve, submit, design)

Writing Write a review/recommendation/report for an article or book Solve a problem from a magazine and do a write-up. Write a biography of a mathematician. Write an article for Peer Points. Other Independent research project Learn how to use LaTEX Find a piece of advertising that is mathematically false or misleading. Do something inspired by the Weekly Digest A list of some two-or-more-player mathematical games: Pentago Chess Hex Miniblokus Go Set Othello Mastermind Nim Bidding Tic-Tac-Toe; Tic-Tac-Grow Keep your eyes open for these: Find a Cool Math Person to add to the list. Find a link for the Weekly Digest. Find a book or article that would be great for our library.