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  • AURA


Ellie Crystal Everything has an aura. In metaphysics, Aura refers to the energy field emanating from the surface of a person or object. This emanation is visualized as an outline of cascading color and may be held to represent soul vibrations, chakric emergence, or a reflection of surrounding energy fields.


Auras may be viewed by the naked eye, though some psychics, like Edgar Cayce, believe this ability weakens with age. Focused training may improve one’s ability to see auras. Layers of aura are separate and distinct yet connected to all the remaining layers. In the books of Carlos Castaneda auras are referred to as luminous cocoons. Modern New Age metaphysics identify the aura as electromagnetic fields. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the known world is a scientifically proven fact. What is debatable is whether or not humans can see these electromagnetic fields as colors with the naked eye. This claim is considered paranormal because devices that sense electromagnetic fields at magnitudes many times smaller than that which allegedly exists in auras have recorded nothing. However, these energy fields are sometimes claimed to be documented by a rare form of photography called Kirlian photography. These claims are vigorously denied by debunkers about paranormal activity. The magician James Randi, for example, has for many years (as of 2004) offered one million US dollars to any person capable of repeatedly

2 detecting auras, no one has yet succeeded, (though at least one has tried and failed). The test would involve the aura reader standing on one side of a room with an opaque partition separating them from a number of slots which may contain either actual people or mannequins. All that would have to be done is that the aura reader would have to consistently be able to tell which were real people and which were not. In truth this energy field not only goes around you, but moves within your body as well. It is not just the outside of your body that is made of electromagnetic energies, every part of your and everything your experience in third dimension. Auras vibrate to different color, sound and light frequencies. The color spectrum varies with one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Auras are in a constant state of flux. When I do a psychic reading with someone, I always check their aura first. If the aura sways back and forth, the person has a chemical imbalance, due to drugs, medication, drinking, a chemical imbalance in the body. When I look at a photo of a person who has no aura - or the aura appears black - I know the person has crossed over - in part - or totally - as their physical body no longer has an electromagnetic energy field. Your aura usually consist of more than one color at a time. It can extend out very far or remain close to the body, which occurs when the person is protecting themselves form someone or something. Some people can psychically look at the subject and see images within the person’s aura. These images may include symbols/archetypes, people, digits, or even another aspect of the person’s soul that is coming through in their third dimensional aura from another realm. When two people have just been lovers, they will show up in each other auras, the color of their auras depending on the nature of their relationship. When people have done healing work together - or shared any physical contact - they will share a common auric field for a period of time as they have just merged their electromagnetic energies. Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically, or both.


To practice seeing auras have the subject stand in front of a white background and look to the side of their body - either side is fine. Daylight is often the best light as the sun’s rays are full spectrum. If you watch the person for a minute, you will see their electromagnetic energies as sort of wavy lines of energies. This looks a lot like the energy you see when you are watching an airplane taking off in a movie. Please do not strain you eyes. Relax. You might want to let your eyes go a little out of focus while you are looking for an aura. You may only see the aura for a few seconds, then it will disappear. After you see that energy, you may also see or sense a color frequency, maybe two or three colors, in the aura. After several minutes you should be able to see some sort of energy field around the person, even if you cannot determine the color. Remember that auras change all the time according to the person’s mood and environment. As with all psychic tools, learning to read auras seems easy for some people while others need lost of practice. The color of your aura is determined by your emotions, physical surroundings, spiritual work you are doing, items in the room, such as crystals which can magnify or change the colors of any aura. Anything that can affect an electromagnetic field can affect a change in one’s aura. As everything that is in our reality is created from electromagnetic energy, everything has an aura - plants, animals, etc. When you are working as a healer, you are bringing balance to the person’s electromagnetic field. You should observe the person slowly then determine if they have holes in their aura. It would look as if the electromagnetic energies had suddenly stopped. This will tell you where there is a problem or imbalance in their physical body. I always suggest you discuss the problem with the person first. All physical illness comes from the emotional which created the

move them slowly to and fro.about two inches apart. Soon you should be able to see the electromagnetic energies as a field of light .you should both experience some sort of change in the energy flow. Now try pointing your fingers towards each other and feel those energies. As you move your hands across the person’s aura . Focus on one side of your head. You must find the psychological cause of the problem first. light and color are all interconnected at source. Again move your fingertips to and fro. Do you want to feel the electromagnetic energies coming from your body? Try holding the palms of your hand facing each other . to determine if the person actually wants to be healed on an emotional and soul level. find a mirror that is in a well lit room. musical tones/notes. Look at your head or head and shoulder area. You will feel the movement of your aura. as they all resonate to the same frequency. You do not touch the person—just the auric field of that person.4 problem in the first place. You can repeat this with another person. the healing and balancing can only last for a sort time and will revert back. or manifest in another area of the body. Try moving your palms further and further apart slowly. Relax. Sound. that will hamper the energies. your aura. Look between your hands to see the electromagnetic energies. You will feel something. If you hands are nervous and cold. If they are they are not ready. Remember to check periodically by moving your hands slightly and slowly. the chakra system. All healing must be done on the soul level first! You can use your hands in a slow sweeping motion over the part of the aura where the energy (chi) does not appear to flow properly. See how far you can go before you no longer feel the ‘pull’.around your head. . If you would like to see your own aura. Once you begin to feel the sensation of electromagnetic energies between your palms. Aura energies are linked to colors. Wait a few second. This healing technique goes to Therapeutic Touch.

Everything is made of energy & vibrations. Aura is an energy field that reflects the subtle life energies within the body. But it can extend. .often long before the onset of symptoms. Do you feel attracted or repelled to some person without even knowing them? It is because we can feel energy of other people’s aura subconsciously. Basic Aura looks like layer of Light covered body from 23 inches. In 1975 The University of California at Los Angeles was able to measure Auras with great accuracy. Meditation or working with anything that can enhance your electromagnetic energy fields will raise your frequency and move you to a higher frequency color of light. In other words . the meaning of aura colors and how to see auras. It is a reflection of the body’s spirit energy.the AC (alternating current) system that we use in our homes today & DC (Direct Current) is Edison’s invention) The Soviet Union included Aura Photography in the psychic research conducted in the 1960’s. That’s why everything has an Aura. they cry. When they don’t like the color of the aura above the head. Ever wondered about golden haloes around head of saints. (By the way Tesla invented system for electrical transmission. mental activity & emotional state. It’s a personal electromagnetic energy field around each of us shaped like Eggshell.you hold a few clear quartz crystals and meditate—>take your picture——> it will have a clear white tone unless you have a serious medical problem. What Color is Your Aura? Sachin D. Kirlian photography. You can see colors in extended part. Aura Photography There have been various attempts to photograph the aura. Anchan looks at auras.5 I have had fun changing my aura while taking an Aura or Kirlian Photo. or if this color is much different from their parent’s aura. Very young children can see aura spontaneously. no matter how much smiling the person does. Aura Photography was first experimented with by scientist Nicola Tesla in the 1890’s. Psychics can see auras. So as you see all things are connected by the flow of the electromagnetic energy fields that create our reality. Infants frequently look ABOVE a person in front of them. gods or spiritually enlightened people shown in their pictures? It is called Aura. It reflects our health. It also shows disease .

Meaning of colors Purple: indicates spiritual thoughts. natural healing ability. Kirlian photography involves the transferring of a high frequency charge through a metal plate attached to a Polaroid film camera base. . Indigo: The color of the seeker who has inborn psychic and intuitive abilities. after the film develops. Green: restful. the Kirlian photograph is complete and the subject’s energy field is revealed. as the movement of light particles in the auric field responds to external forces. They call it the “Kirlian Effect” (pronounced keer-lee-an) In the late 1940’s the Russians began serious research. very generous and not attached to anything.6 Semyon D. Kirlian a Russian technician was repairing equipment in a hospital when he noticed something unusual. Blue: Balanced existence. and often does. There are many different colored bands in a person’s aura. eased nerve system. modifying energy. The finger tips are lightly placed on the film which is encased in a light-tight bag. All natural healers should have it. change color. Sixty seconds later. People who glow yellow are full of inner joy. It represents an astounding ability in the handling of practical matters. imprints of living organisms developed on film. and an electric exposure is made. People with a green strong point in their Auras are natural healers. sustaining life. emotional. freedom. The color of the Aura is based on frequency (cycles/second) of light energy. transmitting forces and energy. Each color has significance on a physical. mental and spiritual level. People with blue strong point in their Aura are relaxed. but it was not until the 1970’s that Kirlian photography research began in the United States. He later found that through the interaction of electric currents and photographic plates. non-attachment. freeing or releasing vital forces. Yellow: joy. the Aura may. Kirlian and his wife developed the process in 1939. balanced and feel ready to live in a cave and survive. For this reason.

Situate the person in front of a very softly illuminated PLAIN WHITE background. 4.7 Orange: uplifting and absorbing. The longer you concentrate. Inspiring. A sign of power. Predominantly red Aura indicates materialistically oriented person. Gray: dark thoughts. distracting. Look at this spot for 30 to 60 seconds or longer. 3. the better you will see it.5 m in front of a good size mirror. PRACTICE for at least 10-15 minutes each day to increase your sensitivity and develop Auric sight. A color background will change Aura colors. thoughts about the physical body. Remember. negating spirituality. How to see Auras Now do you want to see the Aura? If yes take this exercise: 1. Follow instructions above for seeing Auras. presence of a dark side of personality. concentration on one spot increases your sensitivity by accumulating the effect of the Aura vibration reaching your eyes. 2. Choose ONE SPOT to look at. In the beginning it is best if the background behind you is plain white and there are no shadows. The middle of the forehead is VERY GOOD. Some combinations of background and Aura colors may cause misinterpretation problems. How to see your own Aura Stand about 1. Brown: unsettling. . Red: materialistic thoughts. Remember that practice is required to develop Auric sight. This is a location of so called Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. materialistic. so you need additional knowledge about combining colors. Resist temptation to look around. Ability and/or desire to control people. You should see that the background nearby the person is brighter and has a DIFFERENT color than the background further away. This is your own perception of the Aura. depressing thoughts. Illumination should be VERY soft and uniform not bright. unclear intentions.

above and below. perhaps an alien . and help you on your physical journey into spiritual awareness. however they are perceived. are there to do just that . A guide can save you during an accident. place you in conflict. They are above in higher frequency. Those with mental illnesses. Communication is generally telepathic. while you experience the physical below. clairaudience.. clairvoyance. with archetypes and visual imagery. programmed to seek reunion to feel complete.dual aspects of a soul. The number of spirit guides one has various within that person’s experiences. Spirit guides may be viewed as any type of non-physical. To help get a point across.SPIRITUAL GUIDE The term Spirit Guide generally makes reference to one or more entities who watch. will attract negative experiences and blame it on their guides or dark forces. guide you to the positive. teach. etc. spiritual development. Each guide generally comes to you for a specific purpose .. I have discovered that people who live in balance have humorous spirit guides and manifest positively in the physical. The twin soul reference to ‘spirit guide’ remains with you until you rejoin when leaving the physical body.. and in a healthy way. by entering your body or stopping time. observed during meditation.. even unrecognized. spirit guides work with you ‘above’ to create viable synchronicities that occur below. Spirit guides can go by many names. The more you practice. in general. oneness. the easier it gets. are experiences created by your soul to bring you into greater awareness. channeling. Often they connect with more than one people at a time.creative abilities. dream time.. yet sensed. please seek professional help and get evaluated. 8 . healing issues. Guides . Some people call this method of connection. and drive you crazy. Not true in most cases. The strongest connection is with the aspect of your soul referred to as your Twin Flame . Synchronicities. heal. If the voices in your head confuse you. or just learning how to focus. especially if you deal with substance abuse. look and listen to messages received.. using identities that are comfortable to those they communicate with. faster now than ever before.

BENEVOLENT GUIDES: Many people believe they have spirit guides. It may also appear in the form of a long-dead ancestor. These are some of the more commonly found types of spirit guides: Ascended Masters: These are guides often found by people who do energy work. Their primary focus is that of helping all of humanity. If a spirit guide has a negative influence on your behavior. and help out with problem solving. these entities are seen as reincarnated guides. if you believe you have one. and they have appeared to you for a purpose. or Teacher Guide: A typical spirit guide is archetypical. 9 . Typically. a spirit guide is there simply to guide. you may find your guide appears in the form of a warrior. They are known to provide insight by way of dreams or meditation. and may only hang around as long as you need them. may see these types of guides as guardian angels. They may also introduce you to other archetypes along your journey. not as an entity that you need to give yourself over to. or who had some sort of blood connection to our family. because they are the spirits of someone who loved us during their physical lifetime. Ancestral Guides: An ancestral guide is one who can claim some sort of kinship with you. that purpose is to teach you and guide you along a particular path. symbolic or representative of something else. Regardless. such as your dear Aunt Tillie who died when you were ten. even Jesus. but something else entirely. Buddha. depending on their religious upbringing. based upon your needs. then chances are good that it’s not a spirit guide at all. Some people. Ascended masters usually work with collective groups of souls — in other words. you’re not the only one he or she is helping. a storyteller. For example. It’s not uncommon for an ascended master to have access to Akashic records. Krishna. Some refer to theirs as angels or guardians. Common Spirit Guide. A ascended master who appears as a spirit guide is often a being that led a physical life and has moved on to a higher spiritual plane — for example. or a wise woman. In some schools of thought. such as Reiki. Also referred to as Master Teacher guides. if you’ve got an ascended master hanging around you. then move on.

and you’re really super special. · Your spirit guide claims to be from another planet or world that is as yet undiscovered by scientists. · Your guide talks about magical doorways.perhaps by way of a Ouija board or other method of divination — and the next thing you know. · The spirit doesn’t mind you bragging about it to friends. If any of the following scenarios seem familiar. which provides teaching and/or protection. a person may have an animal totem. or gates that you somehow managed to open. then chances are that what you’ve connected to is not a spirit guide at all. talk. etc. keeping you company through the grieving process. and basically wants you to . secret portals to other worlds. and nobody else ever has. it encourages you to isolate yourself from friends who think the spirit guide may well be full of poo. · The spirit claims to be hanging around in order to protect you from some other spirit that you’ve never encountered.. things are getting weird.10 Animal Guides: Although many people claim to have animals as spirit guides. In some spiritual traditions. · The spirit claims that it needs your help — and only yours — to help it do things like write. such as various Native American or shamanic paths. Not only that. and your spirit guide is handily there at all the right times to help you out. but gets grumpy whenever anyone questions its existence or purpose. which is why they’re sharing their message with you and not two hundred other people. Is Your Spirit Guide Really There To Help?: Every once in a while. It’s not uncommon for a deceased pet to linger around. Weird stuff happens. someone will manage to contact what they think is a spirit guide . often these entities are more companions than anything else. How to know your spirit guide isn’t really there to help: · You’re the only person the spirit has EVER contacted.

The spirit informs you that people who love you and care about you are secretly plotting against you. but the information you’re receiving is of no real use. other than to make you believe you are way more enlightened than everyone else. and that the only one who truly understands you is the spirit itself. logic. that only you will be privy to. The spirit seems to have no real purpose other than to share information with you. laws of science and physics.Patti Wigington . In exchange for this voluntary form of possession. All the information you’re being given by the spirit goes against common sense. and basic human decency… and yet it all makes sense to you now.· · · 11 become its instrument of operation. because you’re the only one special enough for the spirit to talk to. . the spirit will impart you with all kinds of nifty new wisdom.

the right side sends. but this is not necessary. Send your Yes or No question telepathically or verbally i. Accept the first answers. They may be accompanied by physical sensations on your body such as: · pressure on top of your head . The left side goes to the right side of the brain.e. Is today Monday? Relax and allow the answer to come naturally as a thought. 12 . Continue with other non-personal Yes or No questions until you are comfortable.. Keep practicing. please use a recording device and record what you ‘hear’ or ‘see’. Ask questions only once. Focus on your guide.MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES Ellie Crystal The lessons below can be done in conjunction with the meditation at the bottom of this file. or another that you connects for you.. Before you start. Hello! You may hear a greeting. If you are writing your answers you are doing automatic writing. The left side receives. Find a quiet place. If you are using telepathic communication with your guide. the intuitive side. you may sense the presence of your spirit guide. There is no hurry! Spirit has no ‘time’ table. · a sensation on the left side of the body or face.opening of the crown chakra. as one tends to forget what is given. You may also practice this with another guide. Today you will ask spirit questions that are not personal. be sure to write your responses down when you are finished. If communication is verbal on your part. Relax and get comfortable.Listening and Viewing It’s time to meet one of your spirit guides. Clear your mind. Send the thought . and can be answered by Yes or No. free of distractions. Lesson 1 .

Spirit Eagle. Names can be long and make have to be shortened. how? · How many spirit guides do I have? · What is the purpose of our connection? · Are you my twin flame? · What is my mission? · Are you my only spirit guide? · How many guides do I have? · Other Lesson 3 . Trust what you hear.13 Lesson 2: Getting to Know your Spirit Guide Prepare paper and pen. Greet your spirit guide.Other Lifetimes Together Prepare questions. There may be more than one name for a spirit i. Send the message What is your name? If you have trouble understanding the name. focus. Send the message (Name of guide) Are you ready to answer questions? Wait for an affirmative answer. Spirit will accept whatever name you give. Sample questions · Do I know you? · Have you ever helped me? If so. Sample questions · Did we know each other in another lifetime? · How many lifetimes have we been connected? In what relationship? · Have we ever reversed rules where I was your spirit guide while you lived on the Earth plane? · Have you always been in my life in this incarnation? · Other . Get comfortable.e. then come as close to what you hear as you can. Begin a dialogue.

but remember now to censor the answers based on personal needs. · How big is the universe? · How and when was it created? · Is there life on other planets? · Do entities watch us from UFO’s or other places? · Did I know you in an alien form? · Are there angels? · Who is God? (Close your eyes and think Show me!) · Are there many/any dimensions? (Close your eyes and think Show me!) · Can a soul exist in more than one dimension? · Does the future co-exist with the past and present? · Do we have free will? Lesson 5 . In the follow lessons try asking personal questions.Getting Personal With Your Guide By now you should feel comfortable with your guide and able to differentiate his/her thoughts from your own. You may have met more than one guide by this time and learning about the many ways each one guides you. Spiritual Questions :: · Am I on the right spiritual path? · Will you guide me to the next part of my spirit journey? · Should I be working as a healer? · Will you lead me to a book or home page to further learn what I have to? . Sample questions: · Explain reality. Creation. Take your time over as many sessions as needed. Reality Prepare a set of questions pertaining to the Universe.14 Lesson 4 .The Universe.

Biological..use this for biological and adopted family members..15 Is my current teacher good for me? Should I seek another? Do I need to move to a new location to find my destiny? Suggestions? · Do I need to travel to fulfill my destiny? Where? · Is this another aspect of my soul experiencing in this reality now? Lesson 6 . walk. · Is my main karma in this lifetime to be the caretaker of (name person ..Your Career and Job Most people change jobs or careers in a lifetime. · If you believe you are a .usually the parent).. Lesson 7 . or Foster Family Relationships Your greatest karma (learning lessons and responsibilities) are with your family or those close to you who are like family to you. Generally they are not.. many returning to school.theirs and yours. · · Sample questions: · Are members of my biological family from my past lives? Ask for names and other information If adopted or had foster parents .in.. Sometimes these people remain in your life forever and other times they stay for a while and move on... · Determine is a deceased family member is a guide to you. Spirit guides have a tendency to guides these changes for the better. but may linger around and be sensed as guiding in some way. Adopted... Sample questions: · Do I have a chosen career or am I here as a searcher? · Is the career I have chosen a lifetime career? · Can I find a career that I am passionate about? . ask about all family members . · Questions about the members of your family in relationship to you and to each other.

Lesson 8 . create a list of desired job choices.Your Love Life You are ready to ask questions about your love life. · Sample questions if you have a partner now · Is my partner my soul mate? · Are we together because we have karma to work out? In what way? Where does the karmic debt lie? · Is my partner for the rest of my life? Will I have another? · Is my partner growing spiritual as I am? .. etc.. low self-esteem or learning disabilities? · Am I smarter than I realize? · Could I succeed in school after years of absence? · Can I work from home? Choices .16 I want to work in Metaphysics. Can I earn a living working in that field? Can I work part time in metaphysics? · Will I have jobs or should I go to school and train for a career? · Is my job a dead-end or will it improve? get promoted? more money? · Does my boss appreciate my work? · Am I being back stabbed at work? · Should I begin an affair at work? · Women: Would I truly be happier at home raising a family and changing diapers? · Would I be happier working part time? · Can I support myself with two part time jobs? · Am I best suited to be .. · Should I start my own business? alone? with a partner? · Will my business merge? Evolve into something else? Fail? · Will my race / ethnic background. impede my chances for finding my suited career? . Now this is where things get tricky as the ego always kicks in here and you want to connect with The One.help my career? · Am I settling for less than I could be because I have emotional problems..

live with someone . which I would not be able to do if I was straight? · Am I afraid to admit that I am gay? Sample questions if single · Will I ever marry? · Will I live wit someone? · Will I find a soul mate? · Does my soul mate exist on the Earth plane? · Will I marry? . I am now 40 and have never met the perfect partner.? · Will I wind up alone? · Do I need therapy to maintain a relationship? Do I sabotage relationships? · Will I ever have a child? · Is my destiny other than marriage and children? · As my guide. Is this because I am too picky or I really don’t have a partner out there? · · · · · .(or female) role? · Is this the first time I came in gay? · Am I a gay male to hold female frequency.17 Have we grown apart? Am I holding on to a relationship that is over? Does my partner still love me? Does my self esteem make me remain in this relationship? Why do I stay with my partner? Finances? Family? Afraid to live alone? Other? Sample questions if gay · Is there a reason I came in gay? genetic? karmic? · Was I prejudiced in a past life? · Are there learning lesson here? · Does my soul prefer a male . can you bring me a partner? · Does working with rituals help manifest partners? · Would my soul’s needs best be met by living alone? with a mate? · I have searched for a partner all of my life.

Driving is an important time for spirit to watch over you and to chat.. Married people Why are my partner and I together? karma? love? soul mates? money? afraid to be alone? Other Lesson 10 . Spirit guides are always there and ready to talk to you if you focus. You can always send a question telepathically and you will receive an answer.My Goals in Life Sample questions.Connecting with Spirit Guides While ‘On the Go’ ... · Are my goals in life realistic? · Do I need to change my goals pertaining to my love life? marriage? work? other? · What goals will I accomplish? · Other Lesson 11 . decisions will be made about your experiences..Your Love Life Only the first answer is the correct answer. You · · · may also chat with your guides during the drive.18 Lesson 9 .Is this my true soul mate? Ask detailed questions. Remember to pay attention and act quickly if the ‘little voice in your head’ sends an urgent warning.. For those searching for love · Do I have a soul mate? · How will we meet? · Will that person recognize me? · Will that person be ready for a full time commitment? · I am dating . As you go about your day. Is there traffic ahead? Where? Will I be late? Other ..

stone tablets.SPIRIT GUIDE REUNION . It is your spirit guide the twin aspect of your soul. The flowers are fresh and flow gently in the breeze their fragrance intoxicating. with whom you forever seek reconnection. You move closer and greet each other a glowing recognition between you a flame ignited. in balance. It is the twin part of your soul that guides your journey now. 19 . who moves through many realities as teacher and author.. Prepare as you would for Meditation.. You go on a sacred journey into awareness. Relax . Enjoy your journey. scrolls. It won’t be long before this becomes your reality The writer of these pages is I. You are at peace . a return to conscious awareness and higher frequency of light through the grids that create our reality.. light. Many will remember and quote my teachings in texts.. Your heart chakra bursts open with love.. A stream flows gently over white stones as you listen to its rippling sounds. The day is sunny and clear. Thoth The Scribe. keys of knowledge. I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force having come here through the Gates of the 12 Pyramid Matrix to create realities. balance and oneness. or encoded genetic memories to be found at the end of each cycle.12 PYRAMIDS Your spirit guide is the twin aspect of your soul.. Your Mind . In the distance you see a form coming closer to you. Your Body Envision yourself walking through a beautiful field. and unconditional love.

came to this place and wrote this book for you to find at this time. Within each of the 12 pyramids were 3 entities for a total of 36 creational forces. Within the book are your keys. When the 36 were complete they left the surface of the planet in their pyramids and remained outside of the physical planet where they created a grid system which linked together all things on and off the planet.. . And I shall help and guide them. We shall now journey to the first of 12 pyramids that waits beyond this reality. And these 36 forces set down upon the Earth life forms of different shapes and designs. And they shall remember. At the time of my writing these 12 pyramids stood on the physical planet placed there by design. to guide and teach the souls who would come to this place. They used energies of light and the tones of crystals to create. I. Your coming here has unlocked the door for those who were the priests and priestesses of a time once entered in the story of humanity. I am here to tell you a story of 12 pyramids that came through that which you call the void to enter this world and create a physical reality in which souls can experience.. yet holds its creation in place. A great pyramid was built by my design on the surface of the planet. who would be a scribe and teacher within the matrix. If you have come to this place you have come to the temple that will take you to twelve pyramids of light. This was in the form of a matrix. These readings shall be found at the end of a cycle which transcends time and space. Though each pyramid may appear to the human eye to look like the others .20 I have entrusted my original teachings to those who were my priests and priestesses who must one day restore this knowledge in full definition. remember that each one is unique in frequency and purpose. Thoth. It would be a duplicate of that which is above and would link to it. At that time they shall incarnate as the teachers and healers of their timelines. At that time. And I would come through this pyramid many times in many forms. web.

duality. the story of Adam and Eve and their bloodline. were created. And the cycles would be calibrated by the number 12. And the sacred symbols of this creation would be genetically encoded into those who would . It would be known as the Great Pyramid and would maintain the Illusion of Time. would be round and seen as wheels within wheels. It linked to the matrix through a portal of energy. And so the Cycles of Time began. or clocks within clocks. based on the 12 pyramids of creation. From here the nature of time and space. Their very existence would be created as a metaphor for the creational patterns of humanity’s earliest roots. It is my job to recalibrate each cycle wherein Time would take on a new dimension. I would perpetuate the Illusion of the Cycles of Time. The 12 pyramids moved into position and through consciousness created physical forms based on geometric patterns that would follow the cycles until the end of time. cause and effect. with Time and with Illusion. It is from this pyramid that a tale was told of the first humans who came to play on Earth’s soil and give it life. The Pyramid over Egypt links with the Hourglass. The Gods and Goddesses of Sumer You would know this place as the Cradle of Civilization.21 Pyramid ONE My story begins as 12 pyramids were positioned around a planet you call Earth. And the soul sparks emerged into the matrix through the rainbow prism of light and color As I watched from above and below. As Keeper of Time. And these timepieces would work in synchronicity with the pyramids and the matrix. The gears of these clocks. Each pyramid was to bring meaning and purpose based on their own programming. My story unfolds in the land of Khem. And these cycles would appear to begin and end as they move through the synchronicities of their creation. marking cycles within cycles. To mark these cycles a geophysical timepiece was created on the Earth’s surface. They remain in higher frequency until my story has been told and the souls have left. known best to you as Egypt. This portal was created by the 12 pyramids in their likeness and was placed on the center of the planet. Pyramid TWO The pyramid above the Middle East is the focal point for the first story of humanity. These would be known as the Cycles of Time which would be experienced by each evolving civilization.

on this soil where creation was said to spring forth. And these myths would take on many imensions and lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles. These myths would be regarded as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency. by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix. and their descendents. Darkness would return to Light. as he weaves the patterns of his stories throughout the energies of the matrix. to move through its matrix of geometric shapes and understand how the first man and woman were created. And the souls would be free and healed. A new Tree of Life would spring forth from this pyramid its matrix joining with the other 11 pyramids of creation. Ta-She-Ra El Amun will embrace the souls and take them to the Pyramid where they would find healing from all they had endured on their Earth journey. Myths are not bound by space nor time. at the same time. These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles. Pyramid THREE pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe creating great mythologies for the souls to experience. For it is here that I. The Middle East would carry the frequency of this information throughout the cycle. one known as TaShe-Ra El Amun. Triogenes the Storyteller. For in truth. Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own. . Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering. Thoth the scribe. It is in this region that the Lords of Light and Darkness would play out their earliest games. He is one who can capture the imagination of one soul.22 come to be part of this land. write many of the storylines as dictated to me by the souls. or all souls. Myth is All. Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of the creational process. battles that would continue until the end of this cycle and the beginning of a Golden Age of Light. It is time for humanity to return to this pyramid to heal in the womb of creation. each with its own cast of characters incorporated in a body of work that would have no beginning nor end but would weave forever creating new stories. Much blood would be shed by the keepers of the secrets. And there would be a new beginning. and may be entered as the souls may desire. All is Myth. For it is these souls who would awaken at the end of this cycle to lead the others into the next creation. There you will be able to interact in all myths. to be brought forth by the keeper of this pyramid.

The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency. shall now take you to the Pyramid of Atlantis so you may experience all that you are.23 Pyramid FOUR The Atlantean Pyramid creates the illusion of realities in time on the Earth plane. For there is no beginning. Fear not. It tells of priests and priestesses who used massive crystals and walked with giants and strange creatures on the surface of the lanet. This pyramid tells of I. The Atlantean Pyramid would create tales of the fall of this great civilization as warning to those who would walk the earth at the time of this reading. into the light. as the souls need only remember their way home. That this place would be the land of Khem. Through this crystal matrix a race of evolved humans was born. In the temple of the crystals the goddess sits. . who ruled the land of Atlantis for thousands of years known there by many names and descriptions. and others from Atlantis. And I. I went with my consort and our high priests and priestesses in great spaceships. The Atlantean Pyramid has great mythology about an ancient time when man used his gift of intuition and worked with spirit. ‘Amenti’ meaning ‘Mankind’. known to you as Egypt. And many would search for these records in their quest to remember why they have come here and who they are. And when it was time for those souls to once again submerge in the sea of creation to evolve into a new experience the crystals would echo the harmonics and the souls would remember and align for transition. Listen now for the echoes of their tones within your mind. ArlisCochizel. she whose consciousness creates all and everything from within. nor is there an end. would record and store information in great libraries. known as Thoth the Atlantean. And they would feel that they have greater purpose in this timeline and seek to find out what that purpose might be. to create a new home and a new civilization. That I. Thoth. And you will remember what you must do. And humanity would worry about the destruction of its earth home. in a place to be known as the Halls of Amenti. It is written that before the great civilization of Atlantis fell. And you will understand what happened in the game of Light vs. Darkness. or Tehuti. Thoth the Atlantean.

Go there now to this Pyramid of Lemuria. as scribe. Teco-Porima. Those who followed named it the place of Shambhala. It is within this pyramid that spiritual teachings are created. then taking the form of Tibetan monks. The true nature of this pyramid is to maintain and enforce awareness of higher levels of experience. through this pyramid. and spiritual guides. to see to it that these teachings were recorded through oral traditions. in channeled manuscripts and other art forms. based on the needs of each culture as it evolves. in sacred texts and scrolls. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the requency. And it was my job. These teaching can be found within the matrix of this pyramid given in keys at the end of this cycle. and those of reality. Many souls will have memories of ‘arriving’ on planet Earth. It is in this pyramid that the entities known as spiritual masters and teachers. Join with the energies of the three . in hieroglyphs and pictographs. in stone formations. The Lemurian Pyramid creates the illusions of dimensions or levels of reality. Understand the nature of higher creation in the sea of celestial evolution. The Lemurian Pyramid is one of two pyramids that creates a storyline about a reality that supposedly once existed in third dimension but has volved into higher frequency. As they move between the portals of their minds. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature. This is the creational pyramid which connects us with our spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is written that these teachers have secret scrolls hidden away since the dawn on mankind. Enter now this pyramid where these scrolls await you. originated. Join forces with those who create this matrix. It has sometimes been viewed by passing sailors on long voyages in the open seas. within the energies of crystalline bodies. for if Mankind can understand that there is more than just his physical expression he will be in readiness to move to his next level of consciousness believing that his Lemurian ancestors rose to those very heights. they have seen such a pyramid before them.24 Pyramid FIVE On our journey through the matrix of the pyramids we come upon one that is both vague and fluid in density. gods and goddesses. Tsu Li. Pyramid SIX It was here in the area of Tibet that a Pyramid was placed in frequency. angels. The pyramid can be found in the grid over the region known as the Pacific Ocean.

The Pyramid of Dreams is located in the grids over Australia. And that soul shall understand how to create in dreamtime and how that creation becomes manifest in the physical. which would be considered a portal to other planetary grid systems. Their souls having experienced through the energy of this pyramid as those who come from Sirius. The Dreamkeeper helps them resolve problems. Once given. The Dreamkeeper takes the souls to his matrix of never-ending dreams. Venus. And there were many entities from these far away worlds that were once part of the story of your planet. All souls visit the Dreamkeeper and are linked to his matrix by way of their dream experiences. Andromedia. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature. Within his matrix they may select experiences just as they do in their physical time. the dreamscapes continuing after consciousness returns to the physical body. Arcturus. the soul may return to thephysical with the ability to move back and forth between realities. the Pleiades.25 creators of this matrix. Pyramid SEVEN The soul who creates through this pyramid is the Dreamkeeper. and teaches the true nature of their experiences. Vega. Then you will know. Heed their messages. it is there that they meet the Dreamkeeper. Lyra. Pyramid EIGHT The first pyramid is presently located in the grid over the area you call Antarctica. their journeys encoded within the matrix by Xerthaneus and his two assistants. A part of all souls remains connected to the matrix and the Dreamkeeper to reconnect over and over. ask the Dreamkeeper to show you your destiny and awaken your consciousness. Xerthaneus. Nibiru. When souls go to their place of sleep time. Orion. This knowledge is given in symbols during dreamtime to those ready to access it. And here the souls can fly. Read their words. where anything can happen and usually does. The function of this pyramid is to create and guide experiences linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities who were part of the history of planet Earth. Before you go to sleep. . Some will see this dreamtime as the truer realityfor it is as real as anything else within the matrix. It is within the energies of this region that the chosen priests and priestesses incarnated to guard and protect the creational knowledge stored within the matrix of dreamtime. and be free. Mars.

26 Jupiter, among others familiar to you. And so the storylines would read that these entities came to your planet in great spaceships and interacted with those who lived on the planet, in the water and others below the surface. And there was created a tale of a great spaceship buried beneath a giant lion, who serves as a marker. And similar stone markers were left on every place created in the heavens which linked to the matrix. The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul experience at this time on planet Earth. Those souls would carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a truer reality than that which they came here to embrace. And when this book is found, the ice shall melt from this place, revealing starships created by this pyramid, left behind as reminders of their work and interaction on your planet. And the energies of this pyramid shall still be read in the matrix of this total creation and experienced by those who would come to these creational forces for guidance. And Xerthaneus shall guide their souls through this geometric matrix so they may remember and join with other expressions of their creation. And soulmates shall meet in many worlds and forms. And they shall join in union, then be thrust apart, to once again rejoin in other alien forms. Pyramid NINE There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness once frozen in time now melting down and hifting on all levels. Harmonic Ice Crystal The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name,Sophia Hokhmat, creator of all knowledge and wisdom. Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge flowing through the consciousness matrix, where souls experience. There they may study the natural laws of creation, then learn and develop their abilities to think and understand that which is occurring in their realities. For it is in Sophia’s matrix that the souls understand the connection of all things to this matrix, to the 12 pyramids, and to the central Source that acts as a hub in the center of all of this, the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids, and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design. Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time, taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience. Within this pyramid, one can create and access great wisdom by a mere thought. And that thought is linked to all

27 other thoughts, which bind the souls together. And that in one nano-second of your timeline, all information is learned and understood by all. It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix. Then you will understand all things in your world. Pyramid TEN There is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design. The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah. Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago when ancient travels from the stars descended to the surface creating a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience, later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple. It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced ranging form lowest frequency to those of pure light energy. The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing in that which you experience as formless waves of energy, which shift within each soul from moment to moment. And the souls shall know all ranges of these emotions for they are in the matrix and they have come to experience the gamut of them all. And the souls will place in highest esteem the frequency of Light which is creation and contains all emotions in balance. And they will connect it with that part of their being that links to the Source of creation, the heart, that which expresses what they shall call ‘Love’ and keeps the soul eternal. They shall strive for this place of higher emotion. In so doing, they will experience great suffering, which will help them bring forth higher understanding. And the souls will feel torture and torment, and love and compassion. And they will place all emotions into words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act. And great works shall result in the expression of their emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix. And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find their answers, not always as their senses have guided. And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension of humanity. Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself. Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion. Let not old fears blind your way. Throw away all concepts of emotion and see the truth in who you are. I will teach you how to find peace and the balance in your soul.

28 Pyramid ELEVEN The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity. The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl. Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are created in accordance with the Laws of Creation. They are carried throughout the matrix ombining all wisdom and knowledge within their design. They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming the totality of human experience. In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix attracting the keys that synchronize with needed experiences. And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces to guide the souls into higher consciousness. He placed his keys within the matrix to be found by those who were chosen, so they may teach humanity about the changes that occur at the end of a cycle. And the two souls who assist Quetzalcoatl, operate and maintain the keys, as they will be found and the information unlocked. Join me now within the halls of this pyramid as there are keys that will return you to your natural state of being. You will recognize your keys of light. They will open your soul and your consciousness. Pyramid TWELVE Darkness emerged from the void moving into the pyramids of consciousness, ending as souls cross over the bridges of time, space and illusion. The sacred spirals of geometry guide their journey home. The end of my story takes me to the Pyramid over New York City. The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency Isis for She is the feminine aspect in all that moves through the matrix. It is She who expresses herself in the form of the Earth Mother. She, who is Creator of Life and Evolution. She who sends energy to the matrix that perpetuates the reality in which souls may manifest. She, who has no permanent form, but that of Light. It is She that you knew as Sekhmet and Hathor, among other Creational Forces. It is She who creates from her pyramid, weaving her creation into the Fabric of Time. Her energies move through the matrix touching all that is in creation, all that flows through consciousness, all and everything that is both old and new, for they are one and the same. From her Pyramid she brings the matrix full circle, Creator and Destroyer All in One. Travel with me to the Pyramid of the Feminine, She who now returns to planet Earth to express herself in the light harmonics of creation.

in the Judeao-Christian concept an angel is a spirit that has never lived a human life. Spirit Guides have lived many lifetimes and by doing so have gained much wisdom. And guess what? They often act as messengers or workers of the Divine. Percentagewise. “What are Spirit Guides?” These are entities that are known by many names.WHAT ARE SPIRIT GUIDES? The question is often asked. So what are they and where do they come from? Well. they are souls or spirits that have lived many lifetimes and have gained much wisdom. You picked them to help you before you were born and they agreed to be your helpers. rather acts as a messenger or worker of the Divine. They will offer their opinions and advice if you ask for it. They are all of these things. The other had worked for other successful businesses and had owned his or her own successful business but just didn’t want the headaches of owning his/her 29 . I have heard them called “controls” or “spirit controls”. Now what is the difference between an angel and a Spirit Guide? Well. but they will NOT tell you what to do. Helpers or Spirit Helpers. They are there to help and assist you and are your friends. there are very few angels that have not lived physical lives. you already know them. And even though you may not consciously know it at this time. I do NOT like these names as they do not in any way try to control you. They feel that this is your life and that you must live in it. Spirit Guides. Angels and Guardian Angels. Guides. they will not make your decisions for you. Both had MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees. but one of them was fresh out of school and had no experience. They do truly love you and would NEVER do anything to harm you in any way. No. These names are usually used by phoney “mediums” or phoney “psychics” who are trying to milk some innocent sucker out of their money. It is your life and you must decide how to live it. Say that you were going to start a business and were going to hire a business advisor to help you run that business and had interviewed two applicants for the job. in fact they are the best friends that you have.

30 own business. but you have to make all of the decisions. They all have their “MBA’s” and are your “business advisors. but as I understand it. are Spirit Guides angels? Yes. it went something like this. And He/She was alone. For a good book that describes life between lives (where these entities come from) try Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. obviously since I am in a human incarnation right now. In the beginning. Dr. Jesus and Moses were two of those sparks as were Buddha and Muhammad. And (are you ready for this?) so were you and I. my understanding is limited. because you have the physical body. or you can go out. . you can return to Me now and become one with Me again. Both candidates were willing to work for the same pay. So He/She took minute sparks of Him/Herself and said to them. you are the Chairman of the Board of that business and your Spirit Guides are members of that board. So. there was the Creator.” They will advise you and tell you their opinions. Since then he has made an ongoing study of the subject and regressed many in this fashion. His book includes case studies. learn and grow. Right now you have two choices. Some of those divine sparks are now your Spirit Guides. I have talked about what they are. I give you free choice. One. others decided to go out. learn and grow up and become like me until you can once more become one with me. Which would you want working for you? One who had only studied business or one who had studied business and had “gotten their hands dirty” working in business? In a sense. now where did they come from? Well. and they are angels that are very experienced with physical life. “You are now new souls. Newton was using regression hypnosis with patients when he accidently regressed a patient to a time before birth.” And many of them did return to the Creator at that time. human life is a business.

Get good and relaxed.” Somewhere on your body. You already know them. Remember this touch. please touch me.D.” If you can hear their thoughts in your head. It does not matter at this time that you do not consciously know them. 31 . you picked them before you were born and they agreed to help you this time around.” You should feel some sort of sensation somewhere on your body. If you don’t know how to do these things see the sections on Cleansing and Meditation. goose bumps. it took me years before I could reliably “hear” them. arm. but mine. (your forehead. Fill yourself and the room with a white light (this is a spiritual light. It could be chills. So if you don’t hear them. then you know that there are at least two of them. they can help you. but it will be a pleasant sensation. Now call your spirit guides to you. Ask.’s of all of your guides. “Number one. you can go on to the next step. an absolute beginner can meet his/her spirit guides. It may be chills. Say. Now say. It was not their fault. back of your neck. It is the I. warmth. In this manner you will determine how many guides that you have. Next step. It was one of the very first things that I did. “Are there at least two of you?” If you feel the sensation. Next step. To start. all is not lost.D. Most people have between one and seven. Whatever it is it will simply be a sign to you that they are there. somewhere) you should feel something. “Please tell me hello. I was cutting myself off. Continue the process until you have the I.MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES First of all. you are one of the lucky ones. warmth or a tingling. “Is there at least one of you?” You should feel the sensation. back. Having identified (for you) a way to tell their presence. “Please touch me. Continue this process until you no longer receive any sensation. determining how many of them there are. I would suggest that you have a pencil and paper handy. not a light from a light bulb or a candle). Ask. of that spirit guide. I wasn’t. in fact it is a good idea to write it down. Now ask. and he/she will always touch you in the same spot with the same feeling. leg. Now find yourself a quiet place. goose bumps. a tingling or whatever. they will be there for you. Cleanse yourself and the room thoroughly. shoulder. Everyone has at least one guide.

Assume that there is a table lamp in the room with you and it is turned off. and this is an important step. ask. I was helping a young man to meet his guides and he referred to one of them as “he. it just takes a little more effort.” Suddenly. I could often judge how emphatic the answer was by how energetic the nodding was. I have had my entire body jerk. “Is the door open?” Got a “No” answer? Is the front door closed? There is a reason for these apparently “wrong” answers. Ask them. When you go to ask them a question in the future. He said. You can still ask questions and get answers.’” You will also find in time that they will not be quite so insistent on the precise wording of your questions. the most common being a nodding of your head as though you were nodding a “yes” in answer to someone else’s question. As you work with them and get to know them. ‘I’m not a he.” Assume that the door to the room that you are in is open. only trying to get you to learn to be precise in your wording. Now ask the question. The actual motion may be very slight. Once. . there will be some movement at this point. I’m a woman. it is a very good idea to first ask. there will be a motion. they are not being contrary. but you will be able to feel it. “Is the table lamp in this room turned on?” Now the answer should be “No. you asked the wrong question.D. in these words. Ask the question. they like a good joke as well as you or I. but will also insure that it is one of your guides and not some stray spirit that happens to be passing by. When I was using this method.” Pay close attention to your body. the lamp is indeed on the table. touch. That will not only let you know which of your guides that you are talking to. “Who is with me?” Then look for the familiar I. almost imperceptible.32 Assume that you don’t hear them. “Please give me a ‘No’ answer. his eyes opened wide and a smile crept across his face. And they all have their own individual personalities. and to make sure that you really do know what you are really asking. as it has to be couched as “Yes/No” questions. And I heard. “Please give me a ‘Yes’ answer. the most common being a shaking of the head as if you were shaking your head “no”. Now ask. “I just got my face slapped. you will find that most of them have great senses of humor.” Again pay close attention to your body. “Is the lamp on?” Did you get a “yes” answer? Were they wrong? Not at all. Now lets get some practice.

But unknown to you. and Queen Elizabeth. and you have to make the decisions and live with the results. I wish you the very best in your efforts. lost. Or you can E-Mail me.. Yes. The reason is simple. people.. it just happens to be some confused spirit who has recently died and is still wondering around.. they are after all. And if you have any questions.33 When you ask your guides for advice. would you . Otherwise. if a spirit shows up claiming to be a new guide for you. Now you want to ask your guides a question and you start out by saying. they all have names. They will NOT tell you what to do. check it out with your known guides before you accept anything that it tells you. But I have tended to discourage using names until you really develop a discernment in identifying them by their thoughts.”. See what I mean? But that touch is a positive ID. Let us assume that you have a guide named Susan.. but are more than happy to tell you their opinions. Please let me know how you make out. feel free to ask in the comments section of my guest book and I will get back to you (make sure that you leave your E-Mail address). Remember that it is your life. sure you were Nefertiti in a past life. you may not get an answer. Put your questions to them in the format of “If you were in my position.” OK. too. you can be her too if you want to.” or “In your opinion would it be best for me to . you assume that is your Susan. ask for their opinions. Mata Hari? Yeah. “Who is with me?” and you clearly hear “Susan. don’t take it at its word. In the future. . And you are willing to talk to her! WOW! She will tell you anything that you want to hear.

the other method that I described for meeting your guides is the easiest and most accurate that I know of. Keep walking down the tunnel. Say “I call to my guides to be with me. You may also light some incense if you wish. in through your nose and out through your mouth. Enter the cave. you will see daylight as you near the end of the tunnel. as you breath in. but right ahead of you there will be a mountain. you will see that you are in a beautiful place. again not necessary. Now I assume that you have read the meditation techniques that I have on my web site. If you do. But if you do. Let it fill you so full that your body can’t contain any more and then let it spread out to surround you completely. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. a special trip through a magical space. I also sell an ebook where I describe two more methods. then try this one.ALTERNATE METHOD Other than having someone such as myself introduce you to your guides in person. Unfortunately. a 34 . This is going to be very similar to the “Quiet Meditation”. well you can still contact me. Ahead of you.” Now visualize yourself getting up and going through the door. Just keep it there for a while. Now. As you go deeper into the cave you will notice that the walls are glowing softly and you will realize that it really is not a cave. about where your solar plexus is. Sit up straight in a comfortable chair or sofa with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. but rather a tunnel. get into a quiet room where you can be undisturbed for a while. You may light a candle or two if you wish. I would suggest blue ones. If you can’t get either to work. When you go through the door you will find yourself outside. I still recommend using the other method first and if you can’t get that to work. you are going to take a trip. it does not work for everyone. I would suggest frankincense or myrrh. visualize a beam of clear blue light (about the color of this print) entering the top of your head and moving down to the center of your body. you should find yourself to be very calm and peaceful. As you exit the tunnel. Visualize that clear blue light spreading out from that point to fill your entire body. Now. but that is not necessary. like a sun. In the side of the mountain you will see the opening to a cave. Visualize a bright light above your head. First. You should find this to be very relaxing. Because of this I am offering this alternate method.

such as the “yes-no” swaying of your body or nodding of your head as I described with the other method. and plenty of open space where grass and wild flowers grow. Or you may be on the beach of a tropical island with palm trees growing. establish some other method of obtaining answers. come back via the same way that you went there. . Sit down and lean against a tree. This will be your guides. When you go to leave and return to the here and now. but it may not be in words.35 magical place. Just relax and let whoever it is come to you. They will also communicate with you. Now someone will approach you. You may talk to whoever it is. a lake or a brook. There may be large majestic trees. It may be a single individual or a whole group. or to give you some other positive ID so that you can identify them positively in the future and not confuse a stray spirit with one of your guides. Or you may be somewhere else that will be beautiful and peaceful. If you can not hear their thoughts. it may be in feelings! Ask each of them in turn to touch you so that you can get that ID feeling.

And if you are an older soul. in fact I have resisted doing it. Age is not really a good term to use here. They are souls whose “age” is approximately the same as your own. you would have come here to learn certain lessons. Your soul guide will be working with a group of souls. soooo. perhaps degree of soul evolution would be a much better term. The main problem that you would be faced with is that you would not really know what those lessons were.. You would have a desire for your soul or spirit to evolve to a higher level. And as result has learned very much more. they are friends of yours in the Spirit Realm. And your soul guide will work with you over a great many lives whereas your spirit guides will likely only be working with you for the one lifetime.SOUL GUIDES Michael Newton I had not intended to make this page. you may be assigned a job or task to perform while you are here. So you would want some plan to follow in order to learn the lessons that you needed to learn at this time. or how to go about learning them. one of which you are. 36 . and to grow. Let us assume that you have been feeling the urge to come into the physical and that your soul guide agrees with you that it is time... You and your soul guide will get together and make a general plan of what you need to learn during the coming lifetime. Now why have you come to Earth in a physical lifetime in the first place? Let us assume that you are a young soul (you are not. although serving a similar purpose as Spirit Guides are really different. Some of your guides may also be his/her students. You will plan the general circumstances of your birth and the family that you will be brought up in. Spirit Guides are souls that are more or less dedicated to you for this one lifetime. This is where the Soul Guide comes in. Regardless of how you wish to define it. But I have been urged to make it. even so far as choosing your parents. I felt that it could confuse the issue of Spirit Guides. This is an “older” more evolved soul that has been through many more lifetimes than you and your spirit guides have been through. else you would not be reading this). Soul Guides.

you will also examine your efforts on that to see how successful that you were in that. your Soul Guide has an even older more evolved Soul Guide to help him/her. and which ones that you failed to learn. but in time you will have to examine the life that you have just finished. . from lifetime to lifetime. Until you as a spirit reach the level of maturity or evolution that you are able to do this without help. And just as you have a Soul Guide to help you evolve and grow. you may be given a period of rest. your Soul Guide will help with that task. and have moved back into the light.37 After you have lived your life. so does your Soul Guide belong to a group of souls. So your Soul Guide is there basically to help you to grow. If you had a task or job to perform. Now. are you ready for this? Just as you belong to a group of souls that is working together. older and more evolved than yours. and have made your transition back into the Spirit Realm. You will look to see which lessons that you successfully learned.

but it is possible that one or more of them will not actually make contact with you at this time. but nothing happened. During that initial contact. Use one of the cleansing techniques then fill the room with white light and try again. but I do fill the room with white light. simply because you are not yet ready to work with them. generally all of them will be there.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Below are several questions that I have been asked many times. It may be all of them working together or just one answering for all. you don’t have to keep your eyes closed. It is hard to write notes while your eyes are closed and your notes are important . Q: Won’t it affect the connection with your spirit guides when you pause to take down notes in between conversations with them? A: Pausing to take down notes won’t hurt a thing. Q: Is it possible that one could have more than 7 Spirit Guides? A: Yes. the most common is that your personal energies at the moment are not “clean” or that the energies in the room are muddied. but it is very 38 . Why? A: There are a number of possible reasons for this. So you do not have to cast a circle. but it won’t hurt. will the touch mean that all your spirit guides are responsible for the sensation that you’ll receive? Does the touch mean that all your Spirit Guides are there with you? A: During the first contact. Q: Do we need to cast a circle for this meeting? A: I am not a Wiccan and have never cast a circle in my life. Q: In the first contact. that initial touch will just be a general “We are here” sensation for you. do we keep our eyes close throughout the meeting? A: No. Q: When we visualize we close our eyes. it is possible that one could have more than 7 Guides. Q: I tried what you said to do. See below for methods of spiritual cleansing and how to fill the room with white light. They are very understanding and very patient. They also want to be sure that you get it right.

If you Spiritually cleanse thoroughly and fill the room with white light before attempting to contact your Guides. how then would it be possible to have new spirit guides? A: Yes. Q: How can you keep out evil spirits while you are meeting your guides? A: Another good question. but you will be told about them. your Spirit Guides were chosen by you before you were born. then you would need more than 7 Guides. Q: How would you know if your first meeting with your Spirit Guides . before you even think about accepting them.39 unlikely. or are slated to introduce the next major religion to mankind. If you don’t know how to spiritually cleanse. as I mentioned above that you will not make contact with one or more of your Guides at the first meeting because you are not ready to work with them.if the spirits that present themselves to you are not just some stray spirits and are your real Spirit Guides? How can you be sure? A: Good question. from Europe. and from the Far East and I only have 7 Guides. you may get an extra Guide that will come to work with you for a while for some special purpose. If you are to be working with a lot of people. Once in a while. that will keep out any negative entities. see the descriptions below. you will have more than if you are to be working mostly with objects. and your Guides will keep any wandering spirits that happen to be passing through from trying to make contact with you. Q: You mentioned that your Spirit Guides were chosen by you before you were born. The number of Guides that you have is determined by your life mission. It is possible. I have been helping people from the USA and Canada. If this happens. or are slated to go into politics and will end up uniting the world under a single united government. If you are to be the next messiah. And the answer is the same as to the question just above this one. check them out with your known team of Spirit Guides before you accept anything from them!!! .

three. like Christianity.we.40 Q: How do I know that the thoughts that I hear in my head are really my Guides and not just my imagination and my own thoughts? A: Another good question. Is that a good idea? A: No. If that doesn’t work.. “(Your name). Why? A: It is possible that you are trying too hard or that you are nervous. nothing happened. two. (your name)..four. but until you develop that discernment.” Then start counting.love. four... we. then that is you and your imagination. Is it too early for me to meet my Spirit Guides? A: Wicca. we love you..” “(your name). love. Q: Could your Spirit Guides. Notice that the words go through your mind one at a time. Use the link below to find the “Quiet Meditation” to help you relax. I have introduced many people to their Guides in person and have always insisted that there be no one else in the room with us. is a religious thing.five.... In time their thoughts will “sound” different to you than your own thoughts.. Q: I am just starting my study of Wicca.” If what you hear in your mind is like this. The counting is you and the other is your Guides. Try asking them to say. Meeting your Spirit Guides .. Q: I tried what you said... but still... Then that is not your imagination.”. “One. “spoken” at the same time..………. five. The presence of other people and their energies can interfere with what you are trying to do.. hurt you? A: Absolutely not! Your Spirit Guides love you too much to even consider such a thing. Relaxation is vital here.... you can use the comments section in my Guest Book to ask further questions. like.two.three. Q: My friends and I intend to do this at our next coven meeting...... five.. two.. Notice that the words come in one on top of the other. “one. there is another way that you can tell the difference... three. you know. you. If on the other hand what you “hear” is like the following: “One.. I even cleansed until I felt chills and goose bumps all over me.you.. four.

Picture in your mind a large helix (a coil spring) of golden light. not really on your nose. Well. If a thought enters your head. It should be large enough for your body to fit inside of it. By the time that you complete this.” and again visualize the lowering and raising of the helix. Put all of your attention on that air. I cleanse my body and soul. Of course. One more. but on the air flowing in and out through your nose. You should soon find that your mind is quiet and peaceful. that state didn’t last long after that meeting.) Now. Methods of Cleansing Cleansing: In this sense. Now say. you may very well experience a sensation of goosebumps or chills all over you. lower and raise the helix. Ignore it completely. but rather refers to that higher part of you which is enlightened and Christ-like. cleansing simply means ridding yourself and immediate surroundings of all negative energies. Now I am going to use the term “Christ Spirit. they like a good joke as well as the next person. Can you help? A: Sure. Picture it above your head and spinning slowly. Q: What happens if your guides get mad at you? A: I have been working with Spirit Guides. or pay any attention to it. I cleanse my body. And they have a great sense of humor.41 is a spiritual thing and has nothing to do with your religion or how far you have gotten into it.” visualise the helix lowering to your feet and then back up to above your head. “In the name of the Christ Spirit. just let it pass on through. but they won’t be mad with you. Understand that as you do this. Q: My mind is constantly going. . “In the name of the Christ Spirit. I was an atheist when I first met my Spirit Guides. Try this. all negative energies are being removed from you. as you repeat the words. Concentrate on your nose. Now you can continue with your mediation. my own and other peoples for more than 30 years.” Again. I cleanse my soul.” (This has nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity. don’t try to supress it. They may get frustrated if you insist on playing games and refuse to communicate with you until you decide to stop playing games and get serious. I have never known any Spirit Guide to get mad at anyone. “In the name of the Christ Spirit. I can’t seem to quiet it for meditation or anything else.

He uses a cross of blue flame to bar negative energies from outside. either will work. you would probably want to be alone if you use it. Use the same affirmations that you used in the above method. Again. either aloud or in thought. starting with your head and working your way to your feet. You should feel a slight tingling sensation in them. picture yourself rising up (while the Christ Spirit lowers down) and merging with the Christ Spirit. what I do is to intone. Note that this is a spiritual light and NOT a light from a light bulb or candle. larger and brighter than the Christ Spirit. think of the Christ Spirit as existing physicaly “above” your head. “I AM THAT I AM. much as though I were doing an “om” the following. It is often easiest to visualize this as a glowing ball of golden light. but whereas the first method can be used anywhere. First an explanation. Sometimes I feel almost as though I’m about to float away. Now say. Now to fill yourself and the room with white light.” As you repeat these words three or four times. For raising your energies. the Christ Spirit and I are one. . white ball of light. And as you cleanse your body and soul. As you go to cleanse your body. use your hands as though you were brushing dust off of yourself. Now. Visualize and feel the light coming down in a beam and entering the top of your head. Michael is also sometimes called Christ Michael. in a monotone. I continue until I feel that I have raised my energies high enough. only brush off a surface an inch or two away from your body. “I am one with the Christ Spirit. As you cleanse your soul. Finally. You can visualize it as a beautiful entity or simply as a glowing. you will probabaly feel goosebumps or chills. I think of the higest part of any human as being a godlike being. Years ago I had been told that I could call to him for protection and when I did.” over an over while visualizing myself rising up and merging with that golden light. do the same thing. And don’t be surprised by goosebumps or chills here either. here is another. simpler and easier method of cleansing. you can call to the Archangel Michael. I use the following. When I really want to get my energies up there. for general protection. anytime. I was somewhat surprised to see the flaming blue crosses appear to the four sides. and above the Christ Spirit.42 In case you have problems visualizing. Feel the light filling your body and then spreading outward from you to fill the room. Start off by briskly rubbing your hands together. above and below me. do it the same as cleansing your soul. visualize that ball of white light above your head.

In fact. The problem is that meditation is normally a very relaxed state. I will also attempt to show how you can use meditation to start finding your answers. and as being any number of other things. as being a state of deep relaxation. feel free to look elsewhere for information on the subject.MEDITATION There is no way that I can cover the entire subject of meditation here. as being a transcendental state. it depends upon your needs and circumstances. There are as many different ways of meditating as there are people who practice meditation. you are very likely to fall asleep. I would not suggest that you attempt meditation in bed. maybe more. It certainly will not hurt my feelings. that means that it is time to go to sleep. some of them are very good. Remember.” And that is really not what you are trying to accomplish. How long does a session of meditation last? Anywhere from two or three seconds to five or six hours. do so. is that you start with the first meditation that I describe. even you. I don’t have all of the answers. “I’m meditating. others are very poor. What I will attempt to do here will be to cover the subject in enough detail to give you some ideas of techniques that you can use. then by all means. by all means. What I suggest at this time. Each person must find the form or forms of meditation that work best for them. I will also suggest that you read this entire chapter before you attempt to use any of the techniques that I describe. Use each meditation for at least ten days to two weeks before continuing on to the next. 43 . This will start a subconscious conditioning that says. Entire volumes have been written on the subject. If you find that this becomes a subject of greater interest for you. Use it daily for ten days to two weeks before continuing on to the next one. Who can meditate or use meditation? Anyone. I will only suggest one no-no concerning meditation. I will explain only a few of the more common. especially if you are a beginner. If I pique your interest enough to consider reading other books. Meditation has been described variously as being an altered state. and if you are lying down in bed. When can you use meditation? Just about any time. a state of intense concentration. the “Quiet Meditation”. nor do I intend to become your guru. what is it? The answer is that it may be any or all of the above.

Take three or four (or five or six) deep breaths in through your nose. Feel the tensions and stresses flowing out. or stop and examine it. Crossing your legs or stretching them out in front of you may be comfortable at first. You may find some unusual thoughts passing through your head. Close your eyes. If you can get into this position comfortably. it has to be comfortable. Or you may find yourself feeling things. I have even heard bird songs and smelled flowers or perfume during a quiet meditation. and maintain it comfortably for the duration of your meditation. You may also find yourself seeing pictures or visions. As you exhale. There will be plenty of time to think about it all and examine it later. start coming back to the physical reality slowly. As you inhale. Your feet should both be flat on the floor in front of you with your hands in your lap. Don’t worry about it. OK. just let them pass through. Just remember. but after a few minutes could cause tensions that will interfere with your ability to get the most out of your meditation. Some people believe that you must get into the lotus position (a yoga position) in order to successfully meditate. picture all of your tensions and stresses flowing out with the exhaled air. just let it drift on through. Start by sitting up straight in a comfortable chair or sofa. Take a few deep breaths and direct your attention toward your physical body. and if you feel that it is necessary. Then exhale through your mouth. you may find it helpful to picture a white light coming in with the air and filling your entire body. and I still use it at times myself. Just let them go. this is the best form of meditation for a beginner to start with. Now let your mind become quiet and still. or tension or any discomfort. If it causes stress. don’t try to suppress it. If a thought enters your head. When you feel that you have been in a meditative state long enough. It . then I suggest that you skip it. unusual feelings or emotions.44 Quiet Meditation In my personal opinion.

sights and feelings that you experienced during your meditation. I sometimes meditate for what seems to be five minutes only to find that actually a half hour to an hour has passed. again be seated as in the quiet meditation. but it is not at all unusual. They can often be a source of insight into yourself. Again. Taking a Trip Before you start the actual meditation. If you do use a timer. picture yourself rising from your chair and going to the door. As you picture yourself opening the door. you may also want to turn off the ringer on the telephone during meditation. you may want to examine the thoughts. open your eyes. Don’t worry about it. use a gentle one. This does not have to be any place that you have ever seen or been to before. This may be a garden. you may be in for another surprise when you open your eyes again. you need to pick a goal or destination. I have had the telephone ring when I was meditating and it was almost like someone had hit me. Time doesn’t seem to move at the same speed during meditation as it does normally. you will find yourself on a pathway that leads quickly to where ever you are going. Once you have gotten relaxed and quiet. At other times I may meditate for what seems to be twenty minutes or a half hour and find that only five minutes has passed. If you happened to notice what time it was when you started your meditation. you may have become completely unaware of your physical body. As you travel along the path. and going through the door. After you are back in the here and now. or a beach or a mountain stream or a woodland pond or anywhere else that seems peaceful and calming to you. any raucous or loud noise can be quite a shock when you are in a meditative state.45 may surprise you to discover that during the meditative state. After you have chosen your destination. For this reason. You may want to set a timer if you feel that you want to meditate for a certain period of time. When you feel that you are back in the here and now. close your eyes and take the deep breaths and let go of the tensions and stresses just as you did during the quiet meditation. that doesn’t always happen. or even seen a picture of. let yourself .

” Whatever you do while you are there is entirely up to you. you can gain insights into yourself that you didn’t have before. Please surround me with protection and be with me. Soul Trip Again.” Again. taste it. you are just trying to avoid a “bad trip. You may want to just sit quietly and soak up the surroundings.” allow yourself to experience it fully. question this. You don’t want to leave part of your consciousness “out there” somewhere. that is. why? For instance. you should see the same sights coming back as you saw going. It is even more important than during the quiet meditation. there may be fish in the brook. See it. allow yourself to hear the song of the brook. if there is any there. allow yourself to see them in their everyday activities. take the deep breaths and visualize and feel the white light filling your body and surrounding you. but experience it fully. allow yourself to see their colors and smell their perfume. smell the salt in the air and hear the gulls. After you have gotten relaxed. If there is a brook bubbling over the rocks. And after you are back in the here and now. The exact wording is not critical. When time comes to end the meditation. If something that you would have thought should have been pleasant was unpleasant.” . If there are animals. feelings or visions that you might have had during your meditation. seat yourself comfortably as before and close your eyes. Again. repeat the following words. come back to the here and now slowly. If you end up at a beach. allow yourself to hear their songs. and look closely. examine any thoughts. Or you may say. “I call to my Guardian Angel. If there are flowers. Now repeat these words. “Please lead me on a trip where I can find something that is important to me.” Again. either aloud or in thought. deliberately. feel it.” You may either speak the words aloud or merely think them. Please lead me on a trip to some place that will have significance to me and be at my side. if dangling your feet in the water was uncomfortable. the exact wording is not critical. you may want to “dangle your feet in the water. and if appropriate.46 experience it completely. use the same path. why was it uncomfortable? Again. “I speak to my Guardian Angel. return in the same manner that you went on the trip. see and hear the surf. hear it. smell it. If there are birds. Where ever you end up on your “trip.

as you feel led. the fear evaporated. Regression Meditation This meditation also uses the help of your Guardian Angel. Only this time. Ask your Guardian Angel to surround you with protection and to be with you.” Don’t be surprised if you relive an incident from your childhood that you had completely forgotten. And it is amazing how many times that I have met Cleopatra! . you will be going where ever you are led to go. I have had some irrational fears. particularly during the soul trip or the spiritual meditation. such as a temple. when you are ready. ask your Guardian Angel to lead you to a high spiritual place. Then. don’t try to analyze anything as it happens.47 Now. I don’t think that I have ever met anyone that has had that few previous lives. Past Life Regression Probably no subject arouses so much interest in beginners as past lives. It has happened to me. Don’t try to analyze anything that you experience during the actual meditation. Ask for the protection and the Guardian Angel’s presence. Then use the relaxing deep breaths with the white light filling and surrounding you. They go to “fortune tellers” and “psychics” to find out “if I have ever lived before and if so. once I became aware of the cause. Earlier in my life. Again. Incidently. save that for after the meditation. repeat the words. I have even known people using this form of meditation to experience things that had happened in a previous lifetime. Again. Interestingly. save analysis for after the meditation. “I ask my Guardian Angel to take me back in time to some incident that is having an effect on my life today. during your trips. If you are a beginner. how many times?” I have had people smuggly tell me that they had “lived 3 times before!” or 5 times. Spiritual Meditation Prepare for this just as you did with the soul trip. just as before. let yourself experience it fully. visualize yourself getting up and going to the door. I would not start out with this meditation until I had become very practiced with the other forms of meditation that I have explained. Then. don’t be surprised if you should meet someone during the meditation. During a regression meditation I have seen things from previous lifetimes that had caused them. when you are ready.

. This is the stream of time. The next method also starts with meditation. or when your guides tell you to. What happens next will depend on you. it will in all likelyhood cost you some cash. walking upstream. you will find yourself in the past lifetime. When you go to the end of the hallway or path and through the door. Now call your spirit guides to you and ask them to lead you back in time to a past life that is important to you in this lifetime. If you look carefully. you could go to a hypnotist that specializes in regression techniques. Again. Each of these doors will lead to a different past life. Although these are both regression meditations. After you have filled the room with white light. they are specifically geared to past life regressions. There are many methods. Now. your guides and circumstances. Now as you feel compelled. But even though that will work. ask your guides to take you to “the hallway with many doors”. I didn’t fork out any money for that! Others have used such unreliable methods as Ouija Boards and the like to get their mis-information. one or two of them is enough. get good and calm and relaxed. For instance. Or you may find yourself walking beside a stream. As you go through the door.) Also ask them to allow you to remain. Start just as you would for the quiet meditation. I was once even told that I was Paul. you can see people and events taking place in the stream. (Note: If you have five or six or seven guides. methods that are reliable. as you feel led. you may immediately find yourself in a past life. Usually. they don’t all have to be there for this. as an observer. I will describe only a couple of them and let some others describe other methods. for a reasonable amout of time and then bring you back to the here and now. you know the one that in the early days of Christianity put women in their place? Fortunately. There are some reliable methods that won’t cost you anything but time. Or you may go through the door and find yourself in a hallway or on a path that leads to another door. There are many methods of discovering who or what you were in past lives. Start exactly as described in the above method. And anyone who has the time to go to a phoney “psychic” or to play with something like a Ouija Board has the time to use a better method. And many of these poor people have been given that mis-information by phoney “psychics” in exchange for their hard earned money. visualize yourself rising from your chair and going out of the door. jump in and you will be in the past life.48 And I have met Nefertiti almost as many times.

Incidently. beginners will sometimes become frightened with things that they don’t understand. After a group meditation. Try dancing all alone. make a loose fist with one hand except have the thumb inside of the fist. I have had people describing the scene that they saw after the meditation and had them agree on details that I had not mentioned.49 ask them to allow you to remain in the past life as an observer for a reasonable time and then to bring you back. . either to music or to the music in your mind and let your mind and thoughts flow where they might. Then. and even those for whom the “Quiet Meditation” works can try a Dance Meditation. With neither of these methods do you have to wait for your guides to bring you back. if you become frightened by something that you don’t understand. As the group gains experience I will extend the meditation period up to about a half of an hour. when I am working with a group of beginners. Some Notes I have led groups in meditation many times. inexperienced groups I always start off with the quiet meditation and keep the sessions to five to ten minutes and this is how I would recommend that you start if you are inexperienced. I keep close watch on them. you can do this. Before you start. After the group has had some experience. you can come back on your own at any time. Interestingly enough. Or you can try chanting. simply squeeze your thumb and you will be back in the here and now. let your mind go where it will. Pick a word or a phrase and repeat it over and over in a monotone. If you are a beginner and are afraid that you may run into something that may frighten you. I describe to the group where we are going to go.” In this case. I move on to the “taking a trip. Even though there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. it is a common practice for each person to share with the group what they experienced during the meditation. Again. or perhaps they are looking for something that might be described as “higher energy. Use the quiet meditation for at least ten days.” These people. With new. Active Meditation There are some people for whom getting quiet simply does not work.

start slow. Some people find that this works very well for them. I suggest that you follow the same sort of routine yourself.50 After gaining experience taking a trip. If you wish to try this. The only problem that I have with it is that the unblinking concentration on such an object can cause eye strain that can distract from the relaxation that you are trying to achieve. . The first thing that comes to mind is a crystal ball. by all means do so. Other things include a candle flame or a cross or a picture. to name only a few. Meditation can help you to get into closer touch with yourself and get to know who you really are. don’t be too anxious. One last note on the subject. I may move on to some of the other methods. Some people like to meditate by concentrating their vision on some object.

that thinking. Our bodies are self repairing. And what happens here depends upon the individual. Its design and engineering is far in advance of anything that we humans with all of our learning and sophistication and technology could even attempt. we slowly loose some of our abilities to self repair. When the living part of us ceases to activate the physical body. and each in our own way are on a spritual quest. we are really spiritual beings having a physical experience. So what happens after the phenomena that we refer to as death? Well.DEATH AND THE AFTERLIFE Most people fear death. So what is death? Death is when that immortal part of us. 51 . and our bodies age. Cut your hand and the wound will heal. Yet. But death is nothing to be feared. departs from the physical body and severs most of its links with the physical body. is it? What we are really interested in is what happens to the spirit or soul. The human body is a marvelous thing. even those who claim to believe in a life after death. Damage the body and it will repair itself. And just as we cast aside worn out clothing in favor of new clothing. And remember that the first paragraphs will be describing minorities. In the following paragraphs I will describe briefly what happens to different types of individuals. But that is not really the part that we are interested in. or perhaps there is but that they have not been good enough during their lifetime and that they are not going to end up where they had hoped. feeling part of us which is really the real us. The majority of souls will follow the description outlined in the final paragraph. we cast them aside just as we would cast aside a worn out suit of clothing. There always seems to be some doubt that just maybe they have been wrong and that there is no life after death. so we cast aside our mortal bodies in favor of our immortal spiritual bodies. our bodies wear out or are damaged beyond their ability to repair themselves. While it is true that each of us at the present is in a physical body. the physical body starts to break down. in reality in a much larger sense. as time goes by. that awareness. When this happens. and return its elements to the mother Earth to be reused. Eventually.

but it has come upon them very suddenly and without warning. So they remain on the Earth plane. In time they learn that it is not necessary to turn a door knob when they can simply move through the closed door as if it were not there. They only know that suddenly. if they remain at the physical plane long enough do learn to effect physical objects. Let me give you an actual example of this type of soul. While it is true that they will have to pay for any evil that they have done. Still. when they died they . and need to move on to their proper place. they can no longer pick up a fork or a ball or turn a door knob. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: These are usually souls that feel that they can not leave until they have accomplished something. these are confused souls. I ran into the spirit of a woman that had died over a hundred years earlier. AFRAID TO MOVE ON: These are souls that have died and fear that they have been too evil during their lifetime and that if they move on that they will be faced with eternal damnation. They are not of the physical plane but have remained at that energy level. if they were good. But these confused souls do not realize that the objects of their anger are no longer around. About thirty years ago. everyone is totally ignoring them. seeking to finish something that is impossible for them to do. And in truth. they are confused. This something may be revenge upon someone who themselves are dead. And to top it off. In time.52 SUDDEN. some of them. Basically. UNEXPECTED DEATH: This is usually a case where a young person has rightfully believed that they had a long time ahead of them to prepare for death. These poor souls often do not even realize that they are dead. Often either as an accident or murder. All of her life she had heard ministers telling about how. that payment does not include burning in eternal hellfire. some of them are pretty bad dudes. I have met some of these poor souls and they often do not realize just how many years have passed since their own deaths. DIDN’T SEE THE PEARLY GATES: This is probably one of the saddest of all. For instance. they suddenly find that they can’t even interact with physical objects that they had always been able to in the past.

they may hover about for a short time. NORMAL: For most people. she looked around and decided that I had the brightest light that she could see. They generally go through a period of rest and then will examine what they have accomplished or failed to accomplish in the lifetime that they have just finished. Others will be met by a loved one who has gone ahead and be escorted to the light. Well. rather that she needed to seek the light that would surround her and be everywhere that she looked. no St. I have kept all of this very brief and abbreviated. Often they will receive the help of an older soul who is acting as a Guide (not a Spirit Guide) to them in their soul growth. Peter at the Pearly Gates and see the streets of heaven paved with gold. So she had been wandering the earth plane for over a hundred years. I explained to her that she needed to seek out the light. Some do not experience the tunnel but move directly toward the light. I finally got her to a point of acceptance that her Spirit Guides from her last lifetime could come to her and lead her away and into the light. For instance the pining and longing and grief of those left behind can keep some of them from moving on. observing. loved ones who have gone ahead (and are not yet reincarnated) will greet them. And when they enter the light.53 would see St. It took some fast talking. These are just four types of problems that can keep someone bound to the earth plane. For a good book that describes life after death in much more detail than what I have . Then they can return to the group of souls that they have been working with until they again feel the need or urging to incarnate again. What I have written about here on this page could easily be expanded into an entire book. I talked with her for a long time. When she died. Peter and no golden streets. she didn’t see any Pearly Gates. when they detach from their bodies. As they move toward the light they may find themselves in a sort of tunnel leading toward the light. There are many others. So she thought that she had simply not been good enough in life to go to heaven. but I finally got across to her that I was not the light that she needed to seek. Now let us examine what happens to the vast majority of souls when they die. Then they will notice a light and will feel a “pulling sensation” toward that light. so she would stay with me.

Very soon. Someone such as myself who uses a lot of energy and does a lot of energy work will have a larger. Let your eyes get slightly out of focus so that they are slightly blurry. You just have to learn how to do it and then let yourself do it. Now you stare.54 done. And different people find different forms easier to develop than others. The wall should be flat. If no such wall is available some pale colored wall or even a large piece of paper behind them will work. you should see a pale light around the other person’s head. Since then he has made an ongoing study of the subject and regressed many in this fashion. And for all practical purposes. But regardless of what type of person that you are. a certain amount of effort and the determination to do it. rather just beside their head. Keep staring. Dr. It will be much easier if you can get someone to help you with this. You will be working with energies. Have them sit quietly in front of a white or light gray wall. they are the same thing. His book includes case studies and is clearly written in layman’s language. Psychic Awareness Psychic awareness takes many forms. Every living thing has a field of energy around it as a result of the life energy. And this ability is inherent in all. Clairvoyance: This is simply the psychic ability to see the energies that I talked about in the preceding paragraph. Just beyond the etheric double . blue or white. Before I actually get into a description of any of the psychic abilities. Now keep looking. I need to explain something. it just takes patience. Plants will have a smaller and simpler energy field that animals and animals will have a smaller and simpler field than people. not glossy. This light is sometimes called the “etheric double” and will extend out anywhere from one to three inches. you can develop all of them. and their part will be very simple. more defined energy field that the average person. try Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. Newton was using regression hypnosis with patients when he accidently regressed a patient to a time before birth. not directly at them. It will be a very light gray. spiritual and psychic energies. On this page I am going to describe the three major and most common form of psychic awareness and show you how to develop them.

I will list color correspondences and what they mean. but you will only see the colors that are there. the changes may be very subtle and you may have to really look for them. can be seen the same way that a person’s aura can! It will take some practice and they are not as easy to see as a person’s aura because their energy levels tend to be at a higher level. it does not mean that one of you is wrong. Do all of these things. And you may notice many colors around the same person. Now go stand next to someone and see how you feel. Just let it flow. See how easy it is? The energies that you are learning to feel can also be impressed on an inanimate object. It is unusual for a person to have only one color around them. And it really is not hard. and remember that these may be very subtle. Now are you ready for this? Spirits. Hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Place your hands on their shoulders and RELAX. that is. Does someone that you know have a favorite chair that he or she uses all of the time that no one else uses? Sit in it and see if you don’t feel their presence. So how do you go about it? First. a necklace. even Spirit Guides. Don’t try to force it. Something else that you can do. stress or whatever. As you first start to do this. Now see if you feel any impressions. what is your emotional state. Psychometry: The energy that you have been learning to see can also be felt. any aches or pains. Borrow an item from someone that they normally have on them all of the time. If more than one of you are trying to do this at the same time and you see one color and the other person sees a different color. You will see the colors that you happen to be “tuned into”. These may be any color. etc. This colored light around a person is called the “aura”. They may be feelings or ideas. Now you should start picking up impressions. just let it happen. a watch. By practicing all of these . a pocket knife. concepts. Think of them but pay close attention to yourself. check your entire body. you just have to let yourself do it. And remember that you can do it! Any sudden changes will be what you are picking up from them. Stand behind them as they are seated. take inventory of how you feel. but you can see them! Later. and this requires the cooperation of the other person even though they might not really realize it. Did your emotional state change? Do you suddenly feel tired or feel any discomfort anywhere in your body that was not there before? Remember you have to relax to do this.55 you will start to see some colored areas.

they already know. And actually. if so. You say that you don’t have a partner that you can work with? Well. you will find that it comes easier and easier. you do have your Spirit Guides that you can work with. you will send it to the receiver. so faint in fact that you are not even sure that it was there. chances are that you didn’t. The methods of learning this are very simple. Choose a thought to send. Lets start with the sender. And you don’t even have to teach them how to do it. Now. You had picked up their mood. One person will be the “sender” and the other will be the “receiver”. ask your partner if that was what they were trying to send to you. And repeat. the thoughts of others and . Do not try to suppress all thoughts or you will also be suppressing the thoughts that are being sent to you! Now as a thought enters your head. It is also the manner in which your Spirit Guides can communicate with you. I will explain more about that in another lesson. Form the thought as clearly in your mind as you can. and that your own sensitivity to them will increase. how do you know that the thought that you are picking up is someone else’s and not your own? Well. You may even have been at a party or other gathering of friends and had someone else enter and seen the mood of the entire group change. Now that you are becoming aware of how this can happen. Mental Telepathy: This is simply the transference of thoughts from one mind to another. It happens all of the time. Do not try to hold the thought in your mind for if you do that is exactly what will happen. But in time. in a number of ways. Let your mind become quiet and still. It may be that it seems rather strange that you would think such a thought. Now for the receiver. but it does take practice. By letting it go. an object or idea. Surely there have been times when you were in a particular mood and had someone come near you and your entire mood changed. And at first the thoughts may be very faint. This is easiest to learn if you have another person to help you. you will learn how to control it so that others can’t have such a negative effect on you. As you gain experience. they will strengthen. Then let it go. It may be a single word.56 things. you will hold it and not send it. With practice you will become more and more sensitive and will surprise yourself at how accurate you can become! Take turns at being the sender and receiver. you have been doing this all of your life without even realizing it. a simple phrase.

She was pleasant enough to talk to. It has happened to me a very few times. self confidence. She always dressed in such a way as to portray the image of a hard boiled sex kitten. I was not interested in the persona that she was portraying. I took her hand in mine and closed my eyes for maybe 5 seconds then said. let me see your hand for a moment. And use the other abilities in other ways.” She looked a little confused but handed me her hand. Frankly. they are innate to everyone. did I read her mind? No. relax. We all use them all the time without even realizing it. but I did find out what kind of person that she really was from feeling her energies. This article is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in print or on websites without permission from Spirit Circle. As with clairvoyance and psychometry. A few years ago I used to frequent a particular club. “You are trying to look like a hard boiled sex kitten. the keynotes are. You are a phoney!” She looked really confused and asked what I meant. Let me give you an example. Some Thoughts on Using Psychic Abilities: As I have often said. everyone has all of these abilities. Now. Finally I said. The following article is reprinted with permission from Spirit Circle. but you are nothing but a damn softie!” She laughed and agreed with me and told me that she even cried at soap operas. There was also a rather attractive woman who also frequented the same club. We actually became rather good friends after that.57 those of your Guides will “sound” different in your head than your own. I have even known people that could “hear” thoughts being sent to them so clearly that they actually thought that they were being spoken aloud. But one evening I happened to be seated next to her and we got to talking. “Betty (not her real name). but what I was feeling from her did not jibe with the image that she was portraying. I said. “That’s what I thought. And I can not stress those three keynotes enough. practice. Spirit Circle . even though I do like women. Now do I go around reading other people’s minds? Absolutely not! That would be an inexcusable breach of their privacy! But I do use telepathy to communicate with my Guides. And things didn’t add up.

. why bother? If we can think of Earth as one gigantic classroom. so for them it is not a matter of belief.58 Spirituality and the Human Experience eincarnation Charles Grooms This is a very controversial subject. Then they will have to decide what circumstances that they need to be born into in order to learn those lessons. or even in ten or twenty lifetimes. I am one of the latter group. Now don’t get the idea that only young souls have lessons to learn. I have had people tell me that they had lived 3 times before or 5 times. A young soul just starting out on its human experience is really fairly ignorant. An older soul may have a pretty good idea what it needs to learn next. we can begin to understand. So they will be assisted by an older. but younger souls do not. And some actually have memories of past lives. rather knowledge. it will be something in between. more evolved soul in planning out what life lessons that they need to work on in their next incarnation. Some are not sure one way or the other. First of all we need to understand why there would be such a thing as reincarnation in the first place. For instance. but it is vital that they be learned as they will be the foundation upon which other lessons will be built. Physical life is for learning. In order to understand that. just stating a fact. That is after all why we have human lifetimes. I don’t think that I have ever met anyone who had lived so few lifetimes. will they be born into an incredibly wealthy family or one that is dirt poor? Will they have the chance to earn a doctorate degree or will they be born into a situation where they never learn to read? With most. whether it is on its first physical life as a human or on its last or anywhere in between has lessons to learn. Every single human being. There are a great many lessons that each soul has to learn and there is no way that they can all be learned in one lifetime. I am not being insulting here. Some people simply deny that there is such a thing as reincarnation. They usually have gotten that bit of misinformation from a phoney psychic. we have to understand why we have physical bodies and lives at all. Some firmly believe in it. During its lifetime. and paid good money for it at that. These initial lessons are really fairly easy ones to learn. it has certain lessons to learn.

Or take that soul that had been born into the incredibly wealthy family.59 Now why would a soul choose to be born into unfavorable circumstances? Lets look at a couple of situations. it had scoffed at others that were not so gifted. the unlearned lessons will simply be assigned again. Often lesson “A” must be learned before lesson “B” can be learned. and lesson “B” must be learned before lesson “C. Or had the star athlete used his body to set an example for others of what could be achieved and tried to help others to become their physical best. fast. it will learn them all. . On the other hand. each soul has several lessons to learn each lifetime. usually in the next lifetime. and acted altruistically. if while wealthy that soul had looked upon others as equals. Or take the individual who hates and persecutes some particular ethnic or racial group. Reincarnation is also used to pay off karmic debts. If it is lucky. Again. this is not karma. It is the same with life lessons. or into a similar group. then there would be no need for it to be born poor next time. it might very well choose to be born into a body that had some birth defect that resulted in its being crippled in the next lifetime. Had you done something in one lifetime to incur some bad karma. You had to learn to count before you could learn to add and subtract. And many things had to be learned before you could begin to understand calculus. What if while in that lifetime it had looked down its nose at others and felt that it was superior because of its wealth. then he likely would not need to be born a cripple the next time around. This is not a karmic debt type of thing although many might think so. While you may look upon this as a punishment. But what if it does not learn all of the lessons that were assigned to it for a particular lifetime? Well. And it would also be learning some of life’s lessons. and looked down on them. But what if while in that “superman” body. superbly healthy. Generally. Well there is nothing wrong with that. Rather it is an attempt to learn what it is like to not have a perfect body. again to learn.” This is not because someone has decided that lessons must be learned in a certain order. you would very likely choose to place yourself in a life situation where that karma could be paid off. it would be a punishment that you chose. Say that a soul has the body of a star athlete. There is a good chance that they will choose to be born into that group. strong. In such a case. rather because one lesson may be needed in order to understand the next. Then that soul might very well choose to be born into that dirt poor family next time around.

This article is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in print or on websites without permission from Spirit Circle. But that is a topic for another entire series. In time we start referring to them as “old souls.60 As souls live lifetime after lifetime and learn more and more of life’s lessons. This is not necessarily true.” Old souls normally have tasks to perform. Old souls are often found in very modest situations. A soul normally has great wealth because they crave wealth. or is in a position of power because they crave power. The following article is reprinted with permission from Spirit Circle. An old soul has learned through the many lessons that they have gone through that wealth and power are not necessary. And often by performing their tasks or doing their job. When that time comes. death and rebirth cycle any longer. or jobs assigned to them as well as their lessons. they become more and more evolved. they are learning more of life’s lessons. a soul will prove that they have reached that point in their soul evolution by ascending. Someone once concluded that old souls would probably be wealthy. or in positions of power. Normally. there is no longer any need for them to go through the birth. Eventually a time comes when a soul has learned all of life’s lessons. . Only if an old soul had a need of power in order to perform his or her job would he or she be likely to be in a position of power. they have outgrown that.

and neither of them is strictly true. Many Pagans speak of the Three Fold Law (whatever you put out comes back three times) or the Nine Fold Law (whatever you put out comes back nine times). the age or evolutionary level of your soul AND your intent. So to make the scales balance. I tend to think of karma as a sort of cosmic balance scales. that by cosmic law must balance. but in time they WILL come into balance. karma is weighted. Actually. it is an oversimplification. And that may well be far more that nine times the injuries done originally. Let me explain this. Some say.61 Spirituality and the Human Experience Karma Charles H. Grooms In this session. both bad and good. And even that view does not completely describe just how karma works.” While this may be true. They may be out of balance for a very long time. They get mad at someone and take a swing at them and give them a black eye. karma is a universal spiritual law. and many different ways of stating it. That is a one times return. The scales really tip this time. they get mad at someone and give them a black eye. And to complicate matters even more. Karma does not occur simply because of acts of physical violence. because that old soul should have known better. they may end up getting mugged and having the living de-doodle beat out of them and end up in the hospital to recover from their injuries.” they normally think of bad stuff. they have just earned some bad karma. When most people hear the word “karma. These would be examples of weighted karma. So the Three Fold Law did not apply. But now lets take another example with a really old soul. OK. The same scenario. Sometimes they are so minor as to be unnoticeable. And something equivalent to what they did will happen to them and the scales will come back into balance. or they may be very major. Practically everything that you do has some sort of karmic results. It depends upon your actions. comes around. and even less the Nine Fold Law. “What goes around. There are many ways of looking at this. their results. we will discuss the subject of karma. The karma is satisfied. The scales tip. Lets look at a few examples: . Personally. But there are different types of karma. Let us take the example of a young soul.

he stops at a connivance store to pick up something. the couple and their 4 children. Her lies manage to find their way to Joe . This person goes to a dealer and buys a brand new top of the line Cadillac. Unwisely. when he stole that older Chevy. He steals the car. Lets say that Susan really likes Joe and would like for him to become hers. So by stealing that older car. This car belongs to a family that is operating at poverty level.000 car? Certainly. On the way home with his new car. Susan is sure that if she could break them up. But. he has earned some bad karma. he leaves the windows open and leaves the keys in the ignition. But Joe and Betty seem to be a thing. and earned some bad karma as a result. so the thief can’t see them.000 a year. but it would not matter to him anyway. So she gets the word to Joe’s friends that Betty is a kleptomaniac. The groceries are in the trunk. and he can afford to buy another. The fact is that you have stolen an apple. She also gets word to Betty’s friends that Joe is involved with drugs and has a police record. but that probably is not that person’s only car. Not very smart in today’s world. They have just spent almost all of their week’s income for groceries for that week. then she could have Joe. stealing the car. And he also stole the food that would have fed that family of six at the same time. or for stealing a $2. and are even thinking of marriage. Now it does not matter if you buy more apples as a result of that sample or not. He sees an 8 year old Chevy with the windows open and the keys in the ignition. Someone else saw them get out of their car and noticed that the windows were left open. Now in which case do you think that the thief will earn the most bad karma? For stealing a $50. They look good. So you decide to sample one. But lets take that same thief. And it will be paid off. he stole that family’s only transportation and may have made it impossible for them to get to work.000 car. he caused much more harm than he did by stealing the new car and his karma will be greater. he has hurt the owner of that new Cadillac. so he gets in and drives off. Certainly. and occasionally engages in prostitution.62 Lets say that you are in a grocery store and you see a variety of apple that you have never seen before. but you don’t know if you will like them or not. and this is a big but. Let us say that there is a person that makes $500. He goes over and sees the keys in the ignition. Even the same or similar action by the same person may have different karmic results.

her intentions . that will also tip the scales. but also by actions toward animals or even the environment. that will gain some good karma. She has earned some major karma. it doesn’t work that way. And a person who leads a life of crime may very well incur enough bad karma that it will take them several lifetimes to pay it off. but refrain from doing so to keep from gaining bad karma. “Oh boy. She went on home and had dinner with her family. Doing good simply to earn good karma will not earn good karma. So your motivation is important here. they may have no idea why life is treating them so rotten. both good and bad. that will not stop you from getting the bad karma although it will lessen the karma that you receive if you had actually committed the act.” Sorry Jack. but it will be much less than what you would have received had you done the same good willingly. Now this woman was not wealthy herself. However. I am going to go out and do some good and get me some good karma. Bad karma may be earned not only through our actions that directly effect other people. Good karma is earned when good is done through a sincere desire to do good. And the sad thing is that because they do not remember consciously what they did in previous lifetimes. I need to mention that motivation also plays a part in bad karma. She passed a family that was hitch hiking. So even your thoughts can generate karma. And that good can either rebound to us by having something good happen to us. So even though there was no violence involved. And I know that there are some who will read these words and think. she got to thinking of that hitch hiking family. But karma may also be of a good variety. a man and woman and two young children. we have spoken only of bad karma. her dinner had consisted of dried beans and rice. And since I have mentioned motivation. So far. Once I read of a woman who was driving home one day with her children.63 and Betty and the couple break up. or can help to pay off the bad karma that we may have accumulated. She therefore went looking for them intending to feed them. Susan’s lies have really harmed two people. But she had prepared an ample amount. Unfortunately. If you really want to harm someone else. in the opposite direction. she was unable to find them. After she had eaten. If you do good reluctantly. or through an act of compassion or love. When we do something good through compassion or love.

a nation or even the planet Earth. it teaches the soul right from wrong. But the only way that you can do it is by shooting him. Or take the small village that has a single traffic light.64 alone generated good karma for her. when she first saw them. That city will earn bad karma. Karma is not restricted to people. they send aid in the form of food. good from bad. you may do something that under normal circumstances would gain bad karma. motivation can also have a direct bearing on karma. he is gaining bad karma. actual physical labor. This karma is generated by the actions of the city in general as well as the actions of the individuals that live there. And as she recounted the story. But you find yourself in a position to stop his slaughter. Lets look at another community. Obviously. Sometimes. but by shooting him and stopping his slaughter. Assume that a city has heard of another city. And it may be either good or bad. There is a sniper on a rooftop shooting and killing people. The village’s police officer sits at that traffic light where he can . The politicians in this city are corrupt. and the citizens of the city know it. As was stated earlier. The individuals who make up that group contribute to the overall group karma. A group can have a group karma. medical supplies. So karma may be thought of as a teacher. whatever. she was saddened that she had not thought of feeding them earlier. you will not gain bad karma because your intent is the greater good. Let us look at a dramatic example. but continue to elect them. Some small rural communities learned that they could make an income by turning their town into a speed trap for motorists from other areas that did not know about them. but because of the motivation will gain good karma instead. In this case. The town or city that you live in has karma. And that karma may be either good or bad. That group may be as small as a group of four ladies that meet once a week to play bridge or a group as large as a city. the soul learns that there are consequences for its actions. That city will earn good karma for that act. So as an act of compassion. you would gain bad karma if you only stood by and watched him. money. Lets take some examples that can generate karma for that city. By returning to the soul the same type of things that the soul has sent out. town village or even country that has had something really bad happen.

it got much worse. And very likely not knowing why. Now medical statistics say that anyone that has that problem for that long will develop emphysema. I was somewhere between 12-14 years old. They started me on 5 mg a day. I worked up to 20 mg per day. That is that you perform some action in one lifetime and develop karma that must be paid in another lifetime. that it will slowly get worse and is fatal. and as time passed. I was a bit older than that when I was diagnosed with emphesyma in late 1999. normally in their 50’s.65 control it. If I got off of it for a few days. And the planet Earth also has karma. Saddam Hussein earned karma when he invaded Kuwait. One of the main problems with asthematic bronchitis is a lot of bronchial congestion. they happen. whereupon he is then given a traffic ticket. you are obligated to that other person. This causes feet and ankles to swell. Suppose that you do something that has a really deleterious effect on another. This was treated with prednisone. These two disorders at the same time are called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) They make it hard to breathe and the doctors all say that there is no cure. He makes certain that the light will be red for any driver who does not live in that community. I went into respiratory arrest and was hospitalized in critical care. along with a heart attack. so can nations. lol. These last two examples incidently are not made up. Still. I ran out in April of 2003 and ended up in respiratory arrest again. More critical care. or the lifetime after that. Over the years it slowly got worse. In early 2000. One of the other problems that they cause is congestive heart failure. I developed chronic asthmatic bronchitis but it was not diagnosed until I was 18. And you are unable to pay off that karmic debt in this lifetime. There is one more aspect of karma that I feel that we need to deal with and that is karmic obligations. but so did Iraq. Just as communities can earn karma. In your next lifetime. I needed stronger doses just to maintain. . This is something that normally takes place over lifetimes. But we had to start treating my problem agressivly. you will find yourself in the position of paying off that karmic debt. HEALING Back about the time that the Sumerians were inventing writing. I recovered. And it will stay red until the driver gives up and runs the red light.

or Christ Spirit. while trying to help someone else. or the God Presence. there was a very lot of it. I used to wheeze constantly.” So your higher self.66 A few months ago. Spirit gave me a self healing technique that I have shared with a few people here. Many people speak of a “higher self. and part of the rest of the day as well. So I am going to make both of these healing techniques public. I AM Healing Method Although there are more parts. You may click on the links below to read about them. My feet and ankles would swell up so bad that if I did not put shoes on when I first got up. this higher self is thought of as the Christ Spirit.. I am also going to reduce my dosage of predisone. there is almost none. I used it on myself and did see some improvement in my condition.5 hours because my chest would tighten up on me making breathing difficult. the highest self. surrounded by white light. This is not Jesus and has nothing to do with Christianity. You may think of this as either a beautiful entity.” in metaphysics. every 4. The part that you are most familiar with is the physical body. What many people do not know is that there is a much higher part of every person. Using the two of them on myself has convinced me of their value. It is after 9 PM as I write this and I have only had two of them today. often referred to as the “I . I discovered another method of healing that seemed to work better and faster than anything else that I had ever used before. I also had to take breathing treatments 5 times a day. or simply as a bright ball of white light above your head. Then a couple of months ago.. The word “christ” is from the Greek “christos” and simply means “anointed. I do not wheeze any more. My feet do not swell now. I would have to tightly wrap them with an ace bandage for a while before I could get my shoes on. I have found that if I stop my self treatments for a while. now. is simply a part of you that is anointed. that my condition will worsen until it is like it was before I started. either will work. That is the you that you presently inhabit. I would spend half of the morning coughing up that congestion. To make an already long story a bit shorter. we are interested in three parts only of a human. And this can be thought of for these purposes as the second part. so I decided to use it on myself as well.

or goose bumps or the like. three to five times. Affirm 3-5 times. and the two bodies merging. Then picture the healing energy flowing down to you. then you may continue on to: The next step. now you can simply talk to your own I AM presence.” As you do this. give thanks. you should feel your own energies climbing through the roof.” OK. My own experience here is that if I specify certain areas to be worked on. repeat. . I do see slow improvement.67 AM” presence. just “my body. now we can get down to the nitty gritty. surrounded by gold light. When you feel that your own energies are high enough. affirm 3-5 times. If I can remember what it was. lol To start. or more if needed. You will know when you have accomplished your goal when you feel a sensation of chills. You may think of it as your own Father/Mother God. it is so. or as a brilliant ball of golden light. that it is a part of the overall you.” As you continue to do this. even larger and brighter than the Christ Spirit. “I am one with the Christ Spirit. “Father. You may think of this as a beautiful entity. the Christ Spirit and I are one. normally call it. You may wish to pick a particular problem area that you wish to have worked on first and ask for restoration of that part of your body first. “I am the Christ Spirit” Next step. but if I do not specify what I want worked on. “It is done. OK. that it is happening. This part of every person is God like and is actually Divine. while the Christ Spirit lowers. entering your body and going to the problem area. “My physical body is the perfection of my own I AM presence. I personally for convenience sake. Next step. Just remember. it may help to visualize yourself rising up. Do this all at least once daily.” Ask it to use its healing energies to restore your physical body to health.” then the flow of healing energy is much greater and I even feel it in places where I was not even aware of a problem. Again. Know that because you have requested it. When you are done.” Then. This is not THE Creator. It is your own personal Creator. either will work. Feel the energy flowing and working on you. metaphysical stuff out of the way. “I am that I AM. intone much as if you were doing an AUM.

Heal this body. Father.68 Just as an example of how I talk to my I AM Presence for this: “Father. in the name of my own Christ self. I give thanks. .” Then after the energy flow stops. and make it whole. Burn away any energies that may be preventing perfect health. I ask that you direct your healing energies to this physical body to restore it to perfect condition.

head to toe. serene energy into her.ENERGY BODY HEALING Consciousness Projection It was just a couple of weeks ago as I write this. I was not able to maintain it for very long. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try it for healing as I could get some immediate feedback.” 69 . she said that she had felt it. I knew that second body was me even though it lacked a lot of the details of my physical body. Now I live on the east coast of the US. I was also aware of an energy connection. I felt another energy rush. Then (with my eyes closed) it was like I could “see” a second body and I was aware of being here in the physical. that she was now calm and was no longer shaking. Again. and I felt that this could be used for healing as well. When it did. My friend and I were talking on MSN Messenger and when I told her what I had done. My initial experience when I projected was identical to the first time that I tried it. But even after I stopped. Again. a distance of about 3000 miles (about 4800 KM). I was still aware of that other body. Suddenly I felt an energy rush. I was not able to maintain that for very long so I let it stop. That was when I decided to try an experiment. between me here and me there. So the next Thursday in the Spirit Circle healing circle. I placed the hands of my energy body on her shoulders and projected calming. A friend was complaining of being very nervous because of impending major dental surgery. She was so nervous that she was shaking. I would try to project my consciousness to her location and perhaps my energies would help to calm her down. out there. and again I felt the energy rush when the energy body rejoined me. So I called it back and it instantly rejoined me. We talked about it for a while. She commented that she wished that I could be there as she felt that my presence would be calming. I mentioned that I was done and her comment was “WOWIE! I felt that. but also being there in an energy body. So I thought of my consciousness being out there. I placed the hands of my energy body on the shoulders of the woman and projected healing to her. with her permission. one of the people there said that she could use some healing. she lives on the west coast.

she said that she could still feel the effects of it. And the interesting thing is that I could feel it when my energy body worked on my physical body. You can bet that I will continue using this on myself. As is normal with this condition. . within the past week. so I explained it to them. and my congestion level seems to be less.70 Naturally. One of the biggest problems that this causes me is a massive amount of bronchial congestion. We talked for a while longer and even after fifteen to twenty minutes had passed. almost 63. When I was about 12 to 14. I was diagnosed with early stages of emphysema in late 1999. I was 62. Now anyone who has that condition that long will normally develop emphysema during their 50’s. I developed chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Anyway. I have used this same thing on myself a couple of times. it slowly worsened over the years. they wanted to know what I had done.

. It may take many years to develop a full rapport with your guides/angels. but it is important to remember that it is a normal part of your spiritual unfoldment. Self-discipline is important so that the guide only draws close when he/she is invited to do so. but this method will get you started on your journey to spiritual understanding. Step 1.HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE Exercise: How To Connect with your Spirit Guide “I am convinced that becoming aware of the next stage of existence beyond the earth biosphere is very largely a matter of becoming attuned to its vibrations”— Arthur Ford (Life Beyond Death) 71 If you are sincere and attempt to raise your consciousness through regular meditation. have limitations. Just because you have made contact with your guide/angel it does not mean that you are in any way unique. you are likely to feel the invisible presence of your spirit guides. Many people find this an exciting experience. It is spiritually beneficial for you to establish a communication in this life for this will help you to accelerate your spiritual unfoldment as well as prepare you for the life to come. or chosen for a special destiny. What is particularly helpful is a medium who can guide your group. it is now difficult to find good teaching mediums. A regular time for attunement helps both sides to blend your consciousness. like us. Let the warm feeling of relaxation spread upward from your toes and feet until your whole body is completely relaxed. It is also advisable to avoid “guide worship. This is best accomplished by sitting in regular meditation with like-minded people with a similar intent. The guides/angels are also eager to establish a connection and need to know when they can draw close. You need to establish a regular time to sit for meditation in order to attune yourself to your guides/angels. It is important to remain modest and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Step 2.” The guides that help us with our life are spiritually advanced beings but. As you become more relaxed you will notice your breathing slowing down. Unfortunately. allowing yourself to slip into a deeply relaxed state. Sit upright in a comfortable chair and let go of all stress.

Within this stillness you will become aware of the gentle loving vibrations of your guides. . Pay close attention to everything you experience during meditation. such as a wife. Step 5. You are being given guidance from intelligent spirit people who have been charged with helping you. take you over. Once you are completely relaxed. Broaden the bridge between you by inwardly thanking them when you believe that you have been given a glimpse of your guide/angel or have intuitively received some helpful information. be aware that not everybody “sees” the spirit people. as this shows that your mind is opening to new ideas and inspiration. or a parent. or anything else for that matter. Your thoughts are potent forces that go out from you and influence the world. Be encouraged if you see swirling colors or visions from your own mind. This allows them to align their rate of vibration with your own. During this state you may have a glimpse of someone who was known to you and who loved you. The thought processes you are having will help to strengthen the link between you and the spirit world. You are totally relaxed yet remain alert and awake. Step 4. you will notice that your mind is slowing down. They will be received by those in the spirit—even if you are not aware that they have “heard” you. Also. husband. For a while just enjoy being in this comfortable state.72 Step 3. Step 7. It is most important to realize that what is happening is real. The spirit guides are able to influence your consciousness when your mind is quiet and still. These clairvoyant visions may make you feel happy and inspired. At no time are you in any danger and you are always in complete control. You may also discover that this technique increases your ability to communicate telepathically with people in this world as well as in the next. Step 6. It is just as valid to inwardly “hear” or “feel” your spirit guides. You are establishing a spirit-to-spirit communication and at no stage can the guide.

philosopher. It may be given to you coincidentally. or something you read in a book. these guiding spirits are limited beings. inspire you in times of crisis. Know that you will be guided. or king. pauper.73 Step 8. They will help you overcome your negative traits. throughout time. Step 10. help you rid yourself of selfishness. You will get a reply when you are ready to receive it. as these spiritual beings blend with your own character and thought. You may. that even though they are part of a hierarchy of angelic beings dedicated to helping people with a spiritual intent. of course. It is often the most humble people who live the most spiritual lives. ask the occasional question. such as an overheard conversation. and enable you to become a better person. It does not matter whether your guide was a great saint. Intervention by angels. however. It is still happening today. . Your most important insights will come in the form of a silent influence. but the answer may not always come immediately. Be patient. like us. has been accepted as an important part of most religions. reaching for the expected answer. Do not bombard your guides/angels with a stream of requests. or during a later period of reflection. Discovering the identity of your guide/angel is not of primary importance. You will not be receptive while you are straining your intellect. Step 9. Do remember. Your answer may come though during meditation. What matters is the quality of the spirit person who is helping you.

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