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INTRODUCTION Ø 4/6/12 A formal project and product based group formed to achieve a predetermined goal or objective Group consisted of electrical engineer Roger Jellicoe mechanical engineer Gary Weiss and other 20 engineers from the company Main motive was to design a flip phone with high end engineering concept within one year of limited time Ø Ø .


FIVE-STAGE MODEL OF GROUP DEVELOPMENT Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø 4/6/12 Forming Stage Storming Stage Norming Stage Performing Stage Adjourning Stage .

4/6/12 GROUP STRUCTURE Ø Predefined Roles Ø Role Expectations Ø Psychological Contract .

GROUP DECISION-MAKING TECHNIQUES Ø 4/6/12 Nominal Group Technique A group decision-making method in which individual members meet face-to-face to pool their judgments in a systematic but independent fashion. while withholding any criticism . Ø Brainstorming An idea-generation process that specifically encourages any and all alternatives.

4/6/12 NEGATIVES Ø Team of 20 members Belongs to the same background Delay in project completion Product doesn’t meet it predetermined specification Ø Ø Ø .

4/6/12 Thank You .

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