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Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » K
Name • Meaning • A huge serpent • Perfect • Forest • Actress • Son of Shiva • Name of a famous saint • Slave to god • Best friend • Abode of Lord Shiva • Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Shiva • White lotus • Prince of the clouds • Warrior • Moon • Lover of art • Sacred pot

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Kaaliya Kaamil Kaanan

Indian Baby Boy Names
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Kaarikaa Kaartikeya Kabir

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Kadeem Kahill Kailas Kailash Kairav Kaiten Kalan Kalap Kalapriya Kalash

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hiren.www.hiren. Dramatist. Slave of godess Kali.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K . A devotee of Goddess Kali • A devotee of Goddess Kali • A bird • A devotee of Goddess Kali • A devotee of Goddess Kali • Understood • Tenth incarnation of God Vishnu • Able. Fit • A Heavenly tree • Lord of perfection • A forest of wishes • Pleasant • Welfare • God of love • Lotus flower • Lord Brahama • Lord Vishnu • Lord Vishnu • Lord of Kamala Kalidas Kalimohan Kaling Kalipada Kaliranjan Kalith Kalkin Kalpa Kalpak Kalpesh Kalpvan Kalya Kalyan Kamadev Kamal Kamalaj Kamalakar Kamalapati Kamalesh Page 2 of 15 Kalicharan • A devotee of Goddness Kali • The 30/08/2011 .

Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K . Elephant • Lord of Love • Desired • Perfect • God of lotus • A raga • Sweet • Cupid • Success • Passionate • An ancient • Lord Krishna • Gold • Shining • Forest a garden • A Hindu Sage 30/08/2011 .info Page 3 of 15 Kamalkant Kamalnath Kamalnayan Kaman Kamat Kamboj Kamesh Kamik Kamil Kamlesh Kamod Kampu Kamraj Kamran Kamukh Kanad Kanaiya Kanak Kanal Kanan Kanav • Lord Vishnu • Lord Vishnu • Lotuseyed • Desired • Unrestrained • Conch shell.hiren.www. Page 4 of 15 Kanchan Kandan Kandarp Kandarpa Kandavel Kanha Kanhai Kanhaiya Kanishk Kanishka Kanishta Kanj Kanni Kanthamani Kantilal Kantimoy Kanu Kanvar Kanwal Kanwaljeet Kanwaljit • Gold • Cloud • God of love • Cupid • God Murugan • Krishna • Lord Krishna • Lord Krishna • An ancient King • Name of a king • Youngest • Lord Brahama • Krishna • Lord Krishna • Lustrous • Lustrous • Lord Krishna • Young prince • Lotus • Lotus • Lotus 30/08/2011 .Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .

Arjun • Famed • Judge • Camphor • Master • Duty • A hindu calendar month • A Hindu Page 5 of 15 Kapaali Kapil Kapindra Kapish Kapoor Karan Kareem Karen Karim Karm Karmendra Karmjit Karna Karnajeet Karnam Karnik Karpoor Kartar Kartavya Kartheek Karthik • Lord Shiva • Name of a sage • King of monkeys. A title of God. The Merciful Being • Fate • God of action • Winner over obstacles • The firstborn of Kunti • Conquerer of Karna. Hanuman • Lord Hanuman • Saffron • Karna.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .info/indian-baby-names/Boy/K 30/08/2011 .hiren.www. The firstborn of Kunti • Kind • Pure • Generous. One who bestows happiness http://www.hiren. 30/08/2011 . Sage Vishwamitra Page 6 of 15 Kartik Kartikey Kartikeya Karun Karunakar Karunamay Karunamaya Karunesh Karunya Kashi Kashif Kashinath Kashyap Kasish Kathir Kathith Katran Kaunteya Kausar Kaushal Kaushik • Name of one of the hindu months • Brother of Lord Ganesha • God of war. Elder son of Lord Shiva • Compassionate • Merciful • Full of light • Full of compassion • Lord of mercy • Compassion • Luminous.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K . Skilled • Sentiment of love. Pilgrimage spot • A connoisseur • Lord Shiva • Name of a sage • Lord Shiva • Ray • Well recited • Well Learned • Son of Kunti • Lake of paradise • Clever.www.

www.hiren. Name of Shiva • A raga http://www. Beautiful • Doctor • King of poets. Lord Ganesha • Lotus • A wise man. Other name of Lord Ganesh • The name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad • Cool breeze over the mountains • A field. Poet • Page 7 of 15 Kaustav Kaustubh Kautik Kavan Kavana Kaveesha Kavel Kavi Kavin Kaviraj Kavish Kayaan Keanu Kedaar Kedar • A legendary gem.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .hiren. A gem worn by Lord Vishnu • A jewel of Lord Vishnu • Joy • 30/08/2011 . Poem • Water • Lord of Poets.

hiren.BabyOye.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .info Page 8 of 15 Hot New Deals @ BabyOye www.www. Banner • Another name of Lord Vishnu • Lord Shiva • Cloud 30/08/2011 .com Check out Amazing New Offers on Baby Care Products.hiren. Upto 50% Off Name Kedarnath Keegan Kent Kerry Kesar Keshav Keshto Ketak Ketan Ketav Ketu Ketubh • Meaning • Lord Shiva • Little Fiery One • Bright • Son of the Black One • Saffron • Lord Vishnu • Lord Hanuman • Flower • Home.

hiren.www. Garuda • Charitable. Beneficent • Lord Buddha • Old Arabic name • Friend • Immortal • Cleft • Treasure • Welfare • Sunshine • Happy • Perfect • Old Arabic name http://www. Good • Page 9 of 15 Keva Kevalkumar Kevalya Kewal Keyur Khadim Khagendra Khagesh Khairiya Khairy Khajit Khaldoon Khaleel Khalid Khanjan Khazana Khemchand Khursheed Khush Khushal Khuzaymah • Lotus • Absolute • Only • Only • Armlet • Servant of God • Lord of the birds • God of birds.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .info/indian-baby-names/Boy/K 30/08/2011 .

info Page 10 of 15 Kindam Kingshuk Kinnar Kinshuk Kintan Kiraat Kiran Kiranmay Kirat Kiratidev Kireet Kireeti Kirik Kirin Kirit Kiritmani Kirk Kirtan Kirti Kirtikumar Kirtin • A Rishi in Indian Mythology • A bright red flower • Singing gods in heaven • A flower • Wearing a crown • Hunter • Ray of light • Full of light • Lord Shiva • Lord of light • Crown • Another name for Arjun • Sparkling • Poet • A crown • Jewel in the crown • Dwellar near Church • A form of worship • Fame • Famous • Celebrated http://www.hiren.www.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K 30/08/2011 . 30/08/2011 . Fresh leave • The Sun God • Young • Kind • Brilliant • A newly born bud • A delicate bud • Conquering millions • Sage • Wise • Wise • Lord Krishna • Has a twin sister Kripi • Merciful • Shortform of Lord Krishna • Lord Krishna • Lord Shiva • Fire • Another name for Lord Vishnu • Lord Krishna and Lord Shiv combined Page 11 of 15 Kishan Kishlaya Kishor Kishore Knud Koormadhi Kopal Koshin Kotijit Koundinya Kovida Kovidh Kriday Kripa Kripal Krish Krishan Krishang Krishanu Krishay Krishiv • Lord Krishna • Lotus.hiren.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .www. Page 12 of 15 Krishna Krishnala Krishnendu Kritanu Krithik Kritika Kritiman Kritya Krivam Krivi Krupal Krutarth Kshantu Kshaunish Kshemendra Kshiraj Kshirin Kshitij Kshrugal Kuber Kuberchand • Lord Krishna • Lord Krishna • Lord Krishna • Skilled • One of the Shiva's son Muruga's name • Well Starred • Sculptor • Achievement • Sun and Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva's combind name • Lord Shiva • Ruler of the world • Obliged • Patient • King • Lord of welfare • Nectar • Flower • Lord of Earth • A name of God Shiva • God of wealth • God of wealth 30/08/2011 .www.hiren.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K .

Son of Sivan • Lord of youth • Moon • Sone of emperor Ashok • Lord Vishnu • Pure • Golden • Strong • Grove of trees • Embroidary • God Murugan • Shining 30/08/2011 .Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K Page 13 of 15 Kularanjan Kulbhushan Kuldeep Kuldev Kuleen Kulik Kulveer Kulvir Kumar Kumaran Kumaresh Kumudesh Kunal Kunda Kundan Kundanlal Kundir Kunja Kunjan Kunran Kunsh • Star of family • Ornament of family • Light of family • Family diety • From a noble family • Well born • Hero of the family • Hero of the family • Prince • Lord Muraga.www.

info Page 14 of 15 Kuntal Kunwar Kusagra Kush Kushad Kushagra Kushal Kushanu Kushik Kusumakar Kusumesh Kutraalan Kuval Kuvam Kuvar Kvanh Kyle • Rice • Prince • A king • Son of Lord Rama • Talented • Sharp.hiren.www. Shrewd • Clever • Fire • Grandfather of Rishi Vishwamitra • Spring • Lord of flowers • God Sivan • Wisdom • Sun • Fragrance • Melodious sounds • Crowned with laurel.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K . Victory 699 More Boy names from K » 30/08/2011 .hiren.

This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources.hiren. By Taking The Name of a Child For Years That Will Develop Their Personality Traits According To The Meaning For His/her Name. many of these are submited by visitors therefore we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity. Whether You Are The Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby. Brought to you by Tata DOCOMO Boys: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Girls : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z The purpose of this list is to help Indian Parents in choosing names for newborn baby. because the name is for Page 15 of 15 Win HTC Chacha Now www. Many People Believes That Speaking Negative Creates Negative Energy And Speaking Positive Creates a Positive Energy Around Them. We Have Collected a List of Modern Indian Baby Names With Their Meaning. Remember! a Name isn't just for a Birth Day .com Test Social Networking quotient & Win.Indian Baby Names » Boy Names » Starting From K . Most important Task is Giving a name to the baby that would be parents usually's for Life! Some People Says That Names Have a Significant Effect On The Babies Development And Personality. These Names Are Modern As Well As Unique.TataDocomo. Like 20 Send this page to a Friend 1 http://www.Snq. This List Has Been Created To Help The Parents. These baby name lists are organised 30/08/2011 . The Name Will Be With The Baby Through The Rest of Their Life. Because Every Name Has a Meaning.www.hiren.