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Supply Chain Calendar - September 2011

Supply Chain Calendar - September 2011

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Supply Chain

September 2011 Activities
We’re really looking forward to September – it’s going to be an active month for the Supply Chain Community. Join us on 2degrees, as we explore the sustainability issues surrounding soya and cocoa. We’ll focus on agriculture and development, and try to improve our understanding of sustainable development on the ground, in producer communities. We’ll also look at examples of successful supply chain collaboration, how to achieve zero waste and look at practical steps of how to reduce water demand.

How to Achieve Zero Waste: The importance of managing, minimizing, and monetizing material waste
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 4:00 P.M. (BST) / 11:00 A.M. (EDT)

This webinar will discuss how RecycleMatch has helped organizations understand that waste can be used as a valuable resource. RecycleMatch’s ambitions are to make landfills obsolete and to open up new markets for the 7.7 billion tons of material currently considered waste. Join the webinar to gain an understanding of RecycleMatch’s new enterprise software which helps companies manage and monetize their waste streams effectively. Speaker: Brooke Farrell, President and Founder of RecycleMatch
Also see: 5 Ways Your Company Can Get Good at Zero Waste, Driving Cost and CO2 Reductions Through Waste Prevention

Sustainable Soya: How business is tackling the issues

This panel discussion will take a look at the impact that the growing global demand for soy is having on sensitive environments around the world and what businesses can do to tackle the issue. It will discuss WWFUK’s Save the Cerrado campaign, highlighting impacts of soy production on the Brazilian Cerrado, and explore solutions to tackle these issues

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 3:00 P.M. (BST) / 10:00 A.M. (EDT)


including sourcing independently certified soy and alternatives to soy. Speakers: Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury's Brand; Gavin Neath, Senior Vice President for Sustainability at Unilever; and Isabella Vitali, Senior Policy Officer for Livestock and Soy at WWF-UK.
Also see: Soya and the Cerrado: Brazil’s forgotten jewel, Save the Cerrado: Commit to Sustainable Soya

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Supply Chain
September 2011 Activities
How Corporate Sourcing Can Empower Communities
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 3:00 P.M. (GMT) / 11:00 A.M. (EST)

The Sustainable Food Lab, a global network of food companies and NGOs, discusses how corporate sourcing practices can effectively deliver development benefits to poor communities while bringing new and reliable agricultural suppliers online. The speakers will specifically address the successes and challenges of their joint project to assist Kenyan flower growers to export retail bouquets to Asda. Speakers: Stephanie Daniels, Program Manager, Agriculture & Development at Sustainable Food Lab and Abbi Buxton, Researcher, Sustainable Markets Group at the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED).
Also see: How can the food industry address climate change collectively?, Wake Up and Smell The Coffee: An insight into farmer-owned business models

Successful Collaboration for Effective Supply Chain Management
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 3:00 p.m. (BST) / 10:00 a.m. (EDT)

In this webinar Sedex will illustrate: why a collaborative approach is key to addressing ethical and responsible issues; how organisations can engage with suppliers more effectively and why capturing key trends can help to drive improvements. The webinar will also discuss the most common challenges associated with ethical supply chain management. Speaker: Jo Webb, Stakeholder Manager, Sedex
Also see: Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Report 2011, Reducing Carbon in the Supply Chain

From Chocoholics to Economics: Sustainable Producing Community
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH 3:00 p.m. (BST) / 10:00 a.m. (EDT)

This webinar will discuss the myriad of factors that influence the lives and livelihoods of players within the Supply Chain of cocoa production. Find that support a sustainable cocoa supply chain. CadburyKraft
Also see: Beyond Labels: How UTZ CERTIFIED-Good Inside improves supply chain standards and value , Are we running out of cocoa? – the case for sustainable & responsible supply chains

Development in the Cocoa out how Kraft Foods works towards a vision of thriving rural communities
Speaker: Anna Swaithes, Head of Development for the Cocoa Partnership at

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Supply Chain
September 2011 Activities
Built to Last: The case for high-quality, durable products

This webinar will explore how longer lasting products could offer enhanced value while reducing environmental impacts. If we created fewer but better quality products, looked after them carefully and invested more in repair, renovation and upgrading, would this direct our economy onto a more sustainable course? Professor Tim Cooper will explore the role of design for longevity in waste prevention, and discuss the consumer influences on product life-spans. Speakers: Tim Cooper, Professor of Sustainable Design and Consumption at Nottingham Trent University
Also see: Driving Cost and CO2 Reductions Through Waste Prevention, Taking Costs and Risks out of the Supply Chain inc. Morphy Richards Case Study

3:00 p.m. (BST) / 10:00 a.m. (EDT)

Every Last Drop: Managing Water Responsibility in Core Industrial Processes
3:00 P.M. (BST) / 10:00 A.M. (EDT)

In rich countries, industry accounts for almost 60% of water use. And as water availability comes under fresh pressure from increased human, industry will have to reduce its water consumption accordingly. This webinar describes a logical, progressive 6 step action plan to reduce water demand by as much as 50%, all without risking core industrial processes. Speakers: Rob Terrell, Expert in Water Treatment at ABB Ltd
Also see: Lean Operations for Water and Wastewater , Transforming wastewater treatment to reduce carbon emissions

Brewing Responsibly: SAB Ltd’s Journey Towards Sustainable Water Management

In this webinar, André Fourie will describe how SAB has made significant strides in responsible water management during the brewing process, including main challenges and opportunities encountered. The webinar will highlight the important work being done by SAB in re-using processed water and increasing water efficiency in breweries.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 4:00 P.M. (BST) / 11:00 A.M. (EDT)


Speaker: André Fourie, Executive Assistant, Corporate Affairs, SAB Ltd
Also see: Water Footprinting: Identifying and Addressing Water Risks in the Value Chain, Rewarding water users to minimize water use impacts: Towards an international stewardship standard

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Supply Chain
September 2011 Activities
Biodiversity and Agriculture: How companies can improve ecological sustainability
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 4:00 P.M. (GMT) / 11:00 A.M. (EST)

The reduction in global biodiversity has emerged as one of the greatest environmental threats of the 21st century. Urban and agricultural development have traditionally been primary drivers of encroachment on important, biodiversity-sustaining ecosystems. This webinar aims to address the issues faced in reduced biodiversity and establish the role that companies can play in improved ecological sustainability. Speaker: Ignacio Gavilan, Sustainability Strategy Advisor for Accipiter Sustainability Advisory Services
Also see: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Policy Makers Report, International Year of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management: SciencePolicy Interfaces

Open Innovation in the Agricultural Supply Chain
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 4:00 P.M. (GMT) / 11:00 A.M. (EST)

This webinar introduces a novel method from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for improving decision-making in agro-food production chains. ‘Social Spaces for Innovation’ is a collaborative framework that will facilitate greater interaction between stakeholders and address price volatility in world food supply chains. Speakers: Francisco Perez-Trajo, Senior Advisor at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
Also see: Lifting the Lid on Innovation & Sustainable Supply Chain

Management, Surveys Uncover Value & Leadership Traits.

Coming next month:
In October, we will look at the emerging issues in sustainable procurement. Taking examples from around the world, we’ll understand different perspectives on what true sustainable procurement looks. What are the standards we need to understand, what tools should we be using? We’ll also look at the innovative technologies being used in water processing, reasons why, and how businesses should prioritize waste, and examine various emissions trading schemes in the transport and logistics sector. Be on the lookout for the following activities: o o o Water in Agriculture The Future of Sustainability Scorecards Carbon footprinting with suppliers: global developments and future trends

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