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Management Planning of melaleuca plants (Melaleuca leucadendron) At BKPH Sukun of KPH Madiun

Hendrikus Charles Mbelo Enge Fransiskus Xaverius Dako1 and Stefanus M. Kuang2


Forest planning is a part of forest management process to get cooperation anvil and law anvil in order to materialized orderliness and law assurance in forest utilizing optimum, completely function and the power of utilizing as preserve. Management planning of melaleuca enterprice grade at BKPH Sukun of KPH Madiun. There is not yet special planning to management of melaleuca plants still gather together with grade of teak enterprice. The aim of this practical work (PKL) are (1) to increase the students acknowledge about forest planning knowledge, (2) to understanding management seedbed planning, plants, safeguarding, quotation, and felled tree. The method that used in this practical work (PKL) are interview, observation and study of bibliography. Based on the result of this practical work management grade of melaleuca enterprice at BKPH Sukun, routine activity is in construction, safeguarding, production or quotation and felled tree. Management activity in melaleuca is used based on planning arrangement plants manufacture. The concern comes all the of activity melaleuca forest guided based on planning of time arrangement forest planting manufacture.

Keyword: Planning, Management, melaleuca plants

The student of Forest Resources management study program, 1st Supervisor of practical work (PKL), Forest resources management study program, 2 nd supervisor of practical work (PKL), Agricultural management of posses a dry soil study program.