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Snyder Complaint 1

Snyder Complaint 1

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SNYDER 21300 Redskin Park Drive Ashburn, VA 20147 Plaintiff, - against CREATIVE LOAFING, INC. 1911 North 13th Street Suite W200 Tampa, Florida 33605, CL WASHINGTON, INC. (d/b/a WASHINGTON CITY PAPER) 1911 North 13th Street Suite W200 Tampa, Florida 33605, and DAVE MCKENNA 2390 Champlain St. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 Defendants. Civil Action No.

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COMPLAINT Plaintiff Daniel M. Snyder ("Plaintiff") for his Complaint against Defendants Creative Loafing, Inc.; CL Washington, Inc. (d/b/a Washington City Paper); and Dave McKenna (collectively "Defendants") alleges as follows: NATURE OF THE ACTION 1. A tabloid newspaper is not entitled to defame a prominent member of the

community in order to generate circulation. Yet that is exactly what the Washington City Paper and its principal columnist Dave McKenna have resorted to with respect to their coverage of


Mr. Snyder. Mr. Snyder is a public figure. As such, he accepts the right of the public and the press to criticize him or to express personal dislike, whether or not such expressions are justified by the facts. What he will not accept, however, is a tabloid recklessly printing lies, including that he personally engaged in criminal conduct by "forging names," or that he was thrown off a public company's board of directors. Mr. Snyder is fortunate to have the means to defend

himself against such blatantly false allegations, and he will contribute any monetary damages recovered in this action to groups that are devoted to assisting the homeless. 2. Mr. Snyder is the principal owner of the Washington Redskins and co-

owner of RedZone Capital Management Company ("RedZone Capital"), a private equity fund, and Red Zebra Broadcasting, LLC ("Red Zebra Broadcasting"), which owns and operates radio stations in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and elsewhere. The Washington Redskins hold the National Football League franchise for Washington, D.C .. 3. philanthropy. In addition to his business ventures, Mr. Snyder is heavily involved in

Some of the causes in which Mr. Snyder and/or the Washington Redskins (under

Mr. Snyder's direction) have been heavily involved include donating transportation to help the Red Cross's disaster relief efforts in Haiti in 2010, donating to 9111 and Hurricane Katrina victims, establishing and funding of the Snyder Family Emergency Center at Children's Hospital (where he donated $6 million after the premature birth of his daughter) and the Snyder Family Communications Center at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 4. In 1999, Mr. Snyder made perhaps his most recognized investment when

he purchased the Washington Redskins NFL football team (the "Team") and its stadium. As the son of a journalist, Mr. Snyder has always been well aware that he, as the owner of a high-profile NFL team with millions of fans, will be the subject of constant attention and scrutiny. He was,


and is, also well aware that he will be the subject of criticism and disdain from both the media and the Team's fans when the Team does not perform well. Mr. Snyder knowingly and wholeheartedly accepted that situation when he purchased the Team. S. Notwithstanding often harsh personal and professional criticism leveled

against him since he bought the Team, Mr. Snyder has never before brought an action against any media company for matters written or said about him, whether regarding the Team, his personal and business activities, or anything else. 6. Since late 2009, defendants McKenna and the Washington City Paper

have engaged in an ongoing campaign against Mr. Snyder to smear his business and personal reputation through the publication of false and malicious articles written by McKenna. Those articles rarely have focused on the Team and, in many instances, have not even focused on Mr. Snyder's current business activities. Instead, in an effort to smear and malign Mr. Snyder, McKenna and the Washington City Paper have reached back many years to piece together halftruths and innuendo to cobble together stories that contain blatant falsehoods. The Washington City Paper's willingness to print these articles displays an absolute disregard for fact-checking and the truth, and McKenna's reckless disregard for the truth is contrary to every standard of journalism. In their ongoing effort to vilify Mr. Snyder, a recent article went so far as to

denigrate the public role of Mr. Snyder's wife, a breast cancer survivor, as the National Football League's national spokeswoman on breast cancer awareness, as a mere publicity stunt to "sell the transformation" of her husband. 7. misrepresentations. Mr. Snyder has tolerated the Washington City Paper's lies and His ability to tum the other cheek, however, was exhausted on or about

November 18,2010, when the Washington City Paper published a cover story on Mr. Snyder,


The Washington City Paper found this summary to be worthy of being the cover story. deceit. found the story's most serious charges worthy of even the most basic fact checking. Neither the Washington City Paper nor McKenna. Austin nonetheless refused to retract. This is 4 . with respect to McKenna's and the Washington City Paper's contention in the opening paragraphs of its cover story that Dan Snyder personally committed the crime of forgery. McKenna neither spoke with Mr. however. the Washington City Paper depicted the Jewish Mr. In its cover art. and duplicity. however. In fact. Snyder either in print or on-line. Snyder." Having no original material to support their assertion that Mr. Snyder was false or published the statement without regard to its falsity. purportedly providing an "encyclopedic tour" of the "heinous deeds" and "various perfidies of Dan Snyder. Snyder in a blatantly anti-Semitic way. Not content with mere lies. the Washington City Paper's publisher Amy Austin admitted in an "open letter" published in the Washington City Paper in February 2011 that "we have no reason to believe he personally did any such thing. nor did he bother to read publicly available information which directly contradicted what he wrote. the Washington City Paper added insult to injury. her February 2011 "open letter" constitutes an admission that McKenna and the Washington City Paper either knew that their statement about Mr. 9. 8. complete with horns. and dollar signs. bushy eyebrows. correct or apologize for her paper's and McKenna's admitted lie about Mr.written by McKenna. Snyder has engaged in acts of treachery. McKenna wrote and the Washington City Paper published an alphabetical list summarizing articles the Washington City Paper had previously published about Mr." Although Ms. Snyder nor anyone from his office to check any of the facts in the story.

servant. 13. PARTIES 11. including in Nazi Germany. metropolitan area. (d/b/a Washington City Paper). and each of them. Plaintiff is an individual who resides in the Washington. area. owns and publishes the Washington City Paper.. upon information and belief McKenna is a staff writer employed by the Washington City Paper who wrote the statements at issue in this lawsuit. Further. D. Upon information and belief. 5 . D. 10. Upon information and belief Defendant Dave McKenna is an individual who resides in the Washington. Snyder is forced to bring this action. Inc. 14. a Florida corporation.C. were empowered to and did act as the agent. area. a Florida corporation. Upon information and belief. Mr. 15. wholly owns and operates its subsidiary CL Washington. Defendants. and/or employee.000 years. Inc.C.. no reasonable person would accept the publication of these types of false. Nor would any reasonable person tolerate an anti-Semitic caricature of himself or herself prominently displayed on the front pages of a newspaper containing false and malicious allegations. and employee of each other and each and all the acts alleged to have been done by them were done in their capacity as agent. ("Creative Loafing").C. and/or defamatory statements.precisely the type of imagery used historically.. D. McKenna and the Washington City Paper have crossed every line of ethics and decency. and because they have refused to retract these knowingly or recklessly false claims. 12. malicious. Inc. Simply put. to dehumanize and vilify the Jewish people and to associate them with a litany of libels over the last 2.. servant. Defendant Creative Loafing. a free weekly tabloid circulated in the Washington. Upon information and belief Defendant CL Washington.

. Inc. Inc. Snyder (or. (d/b/a Washington City Paper). Jurisdiction and venue are proper because Defendant CL Washington. Creative Loafing Atlanta. Defendants have engaged in an ongoing campaign against Mr. Inc. that Defendant Creative Loafing currently operates five wholly-owned subsidiaries. 11-921. Inc. Background 17. as its agent. Inc. Inc. Defendant McKenna works as a staff writer for the Washington City Paper. Defendants Creative Loafing. as amended. in a few instances. 2001 edition.JURISDICTION 16... owns and publishes the Washington City Paper. Since spring 2010. 19. GENERAL ALLEGATIONS A.C. Sec. Inc. those who simply had associations with him) was the subject of derision. CL Chicago. Defendant McKenna also maintains his principal place of business in the District of Columbia.. Code Annotated. The subsidiary known as CL Washington. Snyder to smear his business and personal reputation through the publication of false and malicious articles in the Washington City Paper. CL Washington. and/or vilification. which is the publication at issue in this action. 6 .. AND VENUE Jurisdiction of this Court is founded on D. Each of Creative Loafing's subsidiaries owns and publishes a different newspaper. Since late 2009. Mr. Inc.. and is in tum wholly owned and controlled by Defendant Creative Loafing. Snyder is informed and believes. maintains its principal place of business in the District of Columbia. and Dave McKenna are collectively referred to herein as the "Defendants. and CL Tampa. and its affiliated website. in connection with this campaign. CL Charlotte. the Washington City Paper has published (on line or in print) more thanfifty columns in which Mr." 18. Those subsidiaries are CL Washington. and based thereon alleges.. Inc. Inc. ridicule.

but which Defendants have nonetheless refused to retract. This ongoing effort on the part of Defendants was capped by the Washington City Paper's cover story on November 19. Snyder has engaged in "heinous deeds" and acts of treachery. and the Article are attached hereto as Exhibits A. This cover accompanied an article that contained numerous outrageous. false. got caught forging names as a telemarketer with Snyder Communications. b. Snyder with horns on his head." a matter about which previously published reports had been publicly corrected. Snyder from the November 19 edition. respectively. and errors that Washington City Paper compounded in its publisher's "open letter" when she falsely stated that the trees were located "next to" Mr. B and C. that Mr. and surrounded by dollar signs. and deceit.. Snyder (the "Article").20. The Washington City Paper falsely and maliciously asserted in the Article that Mr. without limitation. the full-page interior illustration of Mr. The Washington City Paper Article 21. disloyalty. Snyder "cut down trees protected by the National Park Service" and "made a great view of the Potomac river for himself by going all Agent Orange on federally protected lands. bushy eyebrows. wherein it featured an anti-Semitic depiction of Mr. and defamatory statements of and concerning Mr.. c.2010. that "Dan Snyder . 7 . B. True and correct copies of the cover." a completely baseless allegation that the publisher of the Washington City Paper has since admitted the Defendants "have no reason to believe" is true. That Snyder was "tossed off' the Six Flags' board of directors - an allegation which the Wall Street Journal easily disproved with the most basic fact checking. the following: a. The most egregious falsehoods in the Article (or items referenced in the Article) ("the Misrepresentations") include. Snyder's property on "park service land".

of the Complaint as though fully set forth herein. Snyder. the Defendants have failed and refused to publish a retraction. A true and correct copy of this letter is attached hereto as Exhibit D and incorporated herein by reference. and executive officer. Snyder. notified the Defendants of the falsity of the Misrepresentations and demanded the publication of a retraction. Defendants were also contacted telephonically and asked to print a retraction. Inevitably. Plaintiff repeats and incorporates by reference paragraphs 1 through 23.22. inclusive. Mr. Snyder on the first page of the Article. false. Snyder's reputation as an investor. the result of such a portrayal is significant damage to Mr. through c. FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION (AGAINST ALL DEFENDANTS) 24. The Misrepresentations give the reader the wholly false impression that Mr. as well as his reputation as the owner of the Team. 8 .2010. and defamatory statements of fact of and concerning Mr. by and through his counsel. As of the date of the filing hereof. The defamatory implication and effect of each of the false statements set forth in subparagraphs 21 a. By letter on November 24. that he went on to neighboring land owned by the National Park Service and cut down trees in violation of federal law" and that he was fired from the board of directors of a public company. 23. above has been magnified and aggravated by the outrageous anti-Semitic depiction of Mr. as alleged hereinabove. 26. Snyder contained therein to be references to Plaintiff herein. malicious. Persons who read the Misrepresentations reasonably understood the references to Mr. The Misrepresentations are fabricated. 25. Snyder has been "caught" engaging in acts of moral turpitude. business manager.

The Misrepresentations clearly expose Mr. Snyder to be shunned or avoided. Defendants. SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION (AGAINST ALL DEFENDANTS) 31. damage to peace of mind. emotional distress. and injury in his occupation. Snyder to exemplary and punitive damages in an amount appropriate to punish or set an example of Defendants. 29. As a direct and proximate result of the above-described conduct by Defendants. this Complaint will be amended at or before trial to insert such information if such amendment is deemed necessary by the Court. humiliation. and with the intent to injure Mr. Snyder to hatred. and to deter such conduct in the future. ridicule. and each of them. Although the full nature.27. and each of them. Snyder's reputation and standing in the community. and have a tendency to injure him in his occupation. Snyder. fraud. 30. Snyder in this manner knowing that the depiction was false or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity. Upon information and belief. contempt. including damage to Mr. and obloquy and/or cause Mr. embarrassment. The Misrepresentations are libelous on their face and constitute libel per se in that they charge Mr. mortification. as though fully set forth herein. inclusive of the Complaint. Snyder's rights. extent. 28.000). 9 . and especially of moral turpitude. which amount will be proved at trial. and amount of these damages are currently unknown. and each of them. hurt feelings.000. shame. portrayed Mr. The aforementioned acts of Defendants were done intentionally or with a conscious disregard of Mr. Snyder has suffered general and special damages in an amount of not less than One Million Dollars ($1. Plaintiff incorporates by reference the allegations set forth in paragraphs 1 through 30. or malice thus entitling Mr. Snyder with crimes. Mr. such as to constitute oppression.

embarrassment. contempt. and have a tendency to injure him in his occupation. or malice thus entitling Mr. The aforementioned acts of Defendants were done intentionally or with a conscious disregard of Mr. Snyder in this manner knowing that the depiction and association was false or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity. Snyder. emotional distress. humiliation. Upon information and belief.000. ridicule. The Misrepresentations are libelous on their face and constitute libel per se in that they cast Mr. Although the full nature. Snyder's reputation and standing in the community. Snyder in a light that associates him with moral turpitude. extent. Mr. such as to constitute oppression. imply to readers of the Article . and each of them. Snyder is a dishonest. The Misrepresentations clearly expose Mr. 34. unethical businessman who habitually engages in misconduct and fraud in his business dealings and personal life. mortification.32. and obloquy and/or cause Mr. Snyder at the very beginning of the Article. portrayed Mr. and with the intent to injure Mr.000). damage to peace of mind. fraud. and amount of these damages are currently unknown. Snyder to hatred. Snyder's rights. hurt feelings. Snyder to exemplary and punitive 10 . 33. 35. Snyder to be shunned or avoided.falsely . 36. and each of them. As a direct and proximate result of the above-described conduct by Defendants. shame. The Misrepresentations. and injury in his occupation. this Complaint will be amended at or before trial to insert such information if such amendment is deemed necessary by the Court. including damage to Mr.that Mr. Snyder has suffered general and special damages in an amount of not less than One Million Dollars ($1. taken together with the anti-Semitic depiction of Mr. Defendants.

damages in an amount appropriate to punish or set an example of Defendants. and For such other and further relief as to the court may deem just and proper. 5. and to deter such conduct in the future. For costs of suit incurred herein. Snyder prays for judgment as follows: 1. Mr. together with interest thereon at the maximum legal rate. and each of them. 2.000. 3. which amount will be proved at trial. For reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. Defendants. For exemplary and punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish and deter the 11 .000). For general and special damages in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1. WHEREFORE. 4.

'f{_ 12 . CA 90067 310-553-3000 Attorneys for Plaintiff Daniel M Snyder tJ. ~.C.W. Dated: April 26. D. 20005 202-756-8000 .C. 2011 By:~~~f Richard W.C.JURY DEMAND The Plaintiff demands a trial by jury on all issues so triable. Browder D. N. FINK.and-Patricia L. JACOBS. Bar No. Washington. 19th Floor Los Angeles. WElL. 465563 Jacqueline E. Glaser. (pro hac vice pending) G. LLP 10250 Constellation Boulevard. (pro hac vice pending) GLASER. Esq. HOWARD. Bar Number 986710 McDERMOTT WILL & EMERY LLP 600 Thirteenth Street. AVCHEN & SHAPIRO. Esq. Jill Basinger. Smith D.






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~'sometbmg):SliY. Mitchell was cutin 2000 t())U~etbOm fotDallas COwboyntar..:Jv.as the MbDfecns$w.d'():.Briil'n: Redskinsfan' favorite and theNFUs. hOw.~xtrP.earlier this year.Chib. .opl~~. Snyder told hostJeff'Greenfield that his business g§pen~ed on'~mjngJ~pw.SIatewideban on smoking in bars.shQl?.Mendonca.. We .theR~sRfuswebsitefeatured a banender'po4i'irtg'. . h~ut$. S:il}'d~t: . In.ethan myRedskins P1u.apromo film fortheitol. 'iiie'~Xemp.l:g~.the team-explaining that.Was mearttto.atie.¢anih~f:fotdtop!'\y yolJ.<b. .estaurants~rhe law . a clear Vibiafidri. Asked fbr examples:ofhls. not 9ffi~etn.~fTOin:a:groupof FedExFieldth:iketQfficee~ployees who wel"en't being paiaJot.eJ!. 1 2008" StiYderf~c. HQwao we capture those market segments?" Mitchell..-guid¢--to-d.lntg9n:1ezy:Colll1ty thafwhenspepointooQut qqurt she W!JS being shottdhartg~:&hd.'says that..Qr StQp ~l1owi1l~fSjp:91gP:g" Ily4er'stoPPedfoodcmqqntik. ' Maryland Clean. In 2006.d. But the<estabilshlnent'teopened.d trouble: with.g.evet..andther~foteno.mof.tfbn.ith "$5milliQn~niches" that:hecould sell goods. . 1.aJ:~p'ZeX'~iPptiop:::for"~PSe11l~t~q 'te¢teation eInPloyees'~iitthefederaliFait L'ii'bQt.ih~'ca$e·thi1t Sn)l"d~J19Wteq'4it¢S'.'Rubin"a.saw that..Snyder s~dt"We were'lo0kins at-trend lines.t nieantthere'sgoing to be a.state code. etc.lq~e. right to sUe him "as a.$44. witb.nts.t req:uiI~d to comply-with the.Clfibirt2009. S $a1es foron:e Season.:covet lifeguaids!and . and setvicesto.new f~pilrt..~a:s~a¢hjn w 199Q.. llttp:llwww. tO$in.dririks'andfood".[<..1Y¢d c~¢etpatients':anddiab.washil1gton.:comlar.Sfanilatds Act.S80.1/29/2010 .and.t: a tQb~coo.p!~y~s. argued .Q'seasonstilldcitbenew"o.Exchange.<>~. .yw~:n9J9~g~rl}:1.~d a. Ma.6ftht}'iaw.R¢.ch~1tr bar 6ilFedEXEieIrl's Club Level.w...a: BlldLlgntttoiii tli tap.raw~it. 4().eticsodun:ngbisntatketing days.lilteinployeesto.. a lot more cancerp.Js.:Jl::o\'v' Sl:tYQer¥~e. Jike'this1'~ ]lleiJroUrf ordetedSnydet to pay.thatifre~dskins ticKetoffice was'ri. 17-12 in leSSi than tW.¢otd~Whatevet¥ prompted reglllaJ9ts:ip (mier.~ityp~per.the.!iSkedforpt6perrec6mp¢nse.:<~lpay you.greenskeepers.¢tha:s·ha.ddCllinent Wal~ingfueir.tlie aging baby hopme. MarketSegmep. s MOIifgptnetY~CountY:attotney who represented:the tickeisellers.a. going.putup a.!ha.Pagel1bf45 L:ab~tLaws.fonnernanny> S J~li~':Mendotic~ who:Jold C/.sigtt8.ecndttlorr ofemployment\" head coach Snyder·haSlllted: since buying the team. methodology.ner.Th~t¢am:.Only Norv Tum.aU~fime leading kick returner.he wasrshocked toIeam ~lurip.: ityderWllSsued."tcoveted . Snyd:erinhetjted.c!Uiu. nasposted •.JIidOorAit' Actof2007::.bY·a. . Utifortunately.ticlesl40Q63/me"C1ianky"r~skJn.lotmore diabetic' patients.~lecithe suit $tllth~eIIlplo¥ees. winning markin theSnyder'Eta.Joeitherstop sellmg.a-fan&.rdemogtaphics were commgon strorig.l)eion Sahaers..by' standard overtime Jaws> citing. Sriydt:r screamed1.. Ina iOOO'intemew ror a.Jacco sh()p po~ted:.l.Jj..g:.PBS show called CEO.. James.

2009iPa1il McCartney and U2 both'perfoI'Ined concerts atst~diUJIl. Marty.def'scrwn.b~$. FedExField has its -to mstii1l.tb~t. fans'b:~d'moeked:theYide() screetlsatFedExField as ·"Mmi'fton$"artd"Lne:Brites:..size).2Mq-2001$~~0nSi Qffcij&iveC()()rdihator Af Saundersgol. "11/29/2010 .tnlfhe.y.Metrobuses this.ofnam~s·'tbat Sn.Page 12 of 4$: u¢.. CbOl'dfuatoisgot inthe'mi".yder ¢la.tey~._def:s.H~t~. forseason ti:ck¢tl?:aym~ts [ot.offi. As oflllls.¢r~nsthat sotn:ehowworkecl.Conunitt~¢.raaintained that the team couldn't givethemwh:atth~Y'W8IlteQb~a~$(Fed. a deal for an~ i:tHlttt:ess~Jll.A Redskins ~l'sQld fotpfofitbt·SJiyderto~'Com:ffiemorateSept~Illber 11" in. . Over time. to . Otherilian.time' forth~. "..b."e?'PeOted.tl1e~eam~ut· .ard~Siiyd'eractuallysta:rtedseUili1g.nftftampwW~t:E.im.i~: lflags! Anatoltiie Gioba1. a be worn 'byth'e'Re.foneplays.999plaY'otr game.. OffiCi~Il\tJl.e few t¢Ii1oylilfro)ll the b.ear.cildm!iYQnn~ise·ap::d the Redslcins an official carpet installer. despite his biZarre refusal For' years.adQe4C:\'.. In.son. . botb'.fS. w~~ksaftetthethemeparkcnitiii filed for bankruptcy.RedskinsExtra.:'white.Headih2008.It"securitysurcharge" to. June2:t){)9..u..mlarti:Gl¢s/40063/the'"'Cranky-redskins-fans-gUide-to-d.#r~ssQ.o.theme:patks ($1.on·thepayr9ll .ExField"waSWired for @~16g" and therefore couldn't ac¢bmIfio·da.:'WhatSIiydetwasham¢dl() .on fheW:~itlng1ist for Redskins season tedu¢edJQ~ptittj:n.punter M~ttT:qrlcan41Q:ijgslj.Ads·:l:>Ql!St¢:d thC:ltth~$23~99 .0.dpreyi9.s:~e . the 20~OSseason. Sn.and Coy .c~.th~Redskins' ~~Mbtietiian 20. nd blue Pentagon sewnonth~side. .$. f 1)ringi1:tgJ1:re~rlii.a ~:. for profit or oth~se. ConY~rse~y. his PeJltagQ!i E1a.GIbbs} Mike and KylerShanehan.Zdnt.OOO~tfNumher-.~y~..iewitb. $(}'whywei'e. ¢.Flagsan.~er$cmj()r'aIidjum'0t.'Jo'e.'Rlagll~.21'l1 cotnmemoratlveproduCts.ij~nlleim~:i $..drewthedemandJoI1owing athreatened ticketholder revolt hitp. really just blackRedskiils fi'itSWith.l$x~pl~s..w~hihgtop.~.fitlskin$ Pkrltsli1'ti¢S'nydet·tO~ok"over.g{ads o'tithesides·of:.t~ CUgttaI-screens.'Qt.'~But 8hyderspokcsman Karl Swansen.I!w-ww.s~~on? N N.jjfth.299'fo1' a queen.wlieiiplugged In..yd~ha.~ tOO': FQrf.k~t~.:. dWnhi-def~ystem..tiPp~lbtothernan:~kafter:Oanmade:'a15adsnap an a fleld:goa!.co.f. wlXHe:L)et~p$iy~'C()ordinatOr'GteggWmiains broughtiil.epotism:.ck$.ds!dns c."N~r~thl:':tNFt't¢am:put.g.yetyh~d ¢oachl1e:'s'. :srf~andI<:Urt &¢p.soltBlake.:$.a1s that gave Six. l~lfll~pigitalMe.oach8$.di'il.ci'tYPaper. atteIiiptiIia 1.11s~y. the ticketpricessoon after the attacks.ahi.V(ere.·~~ lllon.e·:Q!~Jarta.he'd acc~t..!u"y ofAi. .for sale duringthe200'6 season.o.fiited·has'puUamilymembers.B()h aJob:. Snyder signed.Jim.PolIits'Maste~G~rd: Theoli11yctedihcardS~ydertoldijms. Snyder had shown his sponsorship mania by'irikirig:de.the mattresses athis.

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ffomthe-futare? 1 Mike Madden Stacy' November 1'7.in.der.l~Ittg~thaw:..S~atanc(:'$2.OOO-per""year·deal designed tobrlng tQun.to settle-the-matten The':sch9QJ.$~on"tQ l¢t:.a.llpesw¢rehanded_to··cotlsultartt November l7..Attb.art of. Th~'.withtlle'ipcal c()Il¢ge\.on¢eived in 2{)OO after the Redskins broke their training~.wh~~. Md.~Iiv~~..e~iyeC.lde.the.~LS~~'W:'Mepu. 01lrRe.e. the :leXl.tbi'qu~t. Feiiisteih. f Vunillit:Flavo!".J.Snyder default~ on th~4~sp' h...:Jn2001l Snyder paId the school $750.th¢'Red$klns<tO:POnce Geotge's:County.'Wl'ote'thatS~yder?-s·se~:t:\g:::d. c.n'g~.WlidW~Wot1cingasabirtg()~alletat.1. adm.Page 1501'+5 or vanilla.·S331.cort.jt¢m. 2010 Stacy.n and' $10paf~ijj:g.¢Qnsisted of"t!n:eegilmt canisters' of'ni'eltitig:3.retirement communities in Michig~ when.ltjl.h ~p...s(>.$lO.OfiooCiieam thatSlo/der.vQf's tee cream" and a:note tbatsaid ~~rdonot Iike-vanilla.Prlnc¢s~ RestautantihF'rostblitg.90uJd·boldtraii:lirtg camp:~atRedski1lS :park.b.h.that this post comea.QOQ.g'tohumiliate"anetriployee into cnriHmg·sothe eJ:n..p}qyer CatuYQid payit):g severance.~ ti:gle.Ja~k:Kent'~o.4 million remaining onruscoIitract. tb.rs Say t JimZqtQ.st: doil~~ to we~ternM~J~(. John..carnP'il~a.Oordin~to:rMike<Nbran"'s.2.lspTay-calling·d.oUghtlnto.hhn.the·U10n~yto estab1i~h an:end0WInent nanr¢d fot Cooke.Snydet hited.tn~coacfikndvi(.oke and :Maryland public emasculatfon. 2010 ftappear&.Hedidn : "tquit. :att~ ~ foss loDa:l1~~.¢arly in.wQ(4W~·b).()ffi~ W' Shortly aftetbu)tiiigjhe~team. .of'h~dcoach ZQrn:: Verb meariJJ:J. j W~~s.the 200~:sea:sonl: after Snyder engineered 'a.dwrierelthis:schemes:wereisimplistic.Fta.~~c.eagt:~etlt. Shertntewis~.:ili. Zom." 'fWIc::u£ ~Qtte..:.l!Sea.issio. Ja:wmak~:had'wotke'd:puta' to"year.anh_¢'.d'tj.zqm.

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e Ris Novemher 18:.for4.rl. Josef-Stalin doesn't :1'8 R(chigd November 18'l 20IQ Mr .to-d.~a~..lteam:thatonee:.l::~~~·~2Q$~~~.to.~y~t\iGGHeaqnrres. ..~~st. dIe:nn Petty November 18~2010 Page17of45 ·13' Brilllant.9~t:SklIt$gam~~tTQd.be.e' fo.hYQ\lhav~.g ItleaiierslUp. Nice .. 11/29120'1·0' .iYWe.cOfularticles/40063!the-cranky .i." lnd longer wear the ball cap.the:undyiiIg loyalty ofits. Wliatiart:asshoie.20n) 'Iheressheuld. I'was. attend games.six WASIIScre~y! N9Ytml.i~rUlnJ Nov-ember kEKittl< wliether·theywinor lose.. Our DMRposts have always followed games.:in:efurinyiin:dinfoFIllative. It's a i:.2..0TO WOVl~ Having:.! much needed.pf. Snyd'el".•.2QI0 MY G}tEAT AG wt:ic...1:ike~t6'thiji:k.dol1~l1ete. triri {knew Diln'Snyderwas acoJllplete asshat but this thorough away! http.com hta pqst Galled 'ipear Mr.':Il].· We:critique.*e.theteanLha.m.s q¢bliiled trn.dI:lY night arealmostlikekamta teal' Sha. or care rs. 4'010 coming 'around..er 18.S: noodlez Npvemb. Pe. N<w¢rnhetl'$~tOl0 N6vemb¢r'lS.b8 eta reference combo.ttcllt and attet'teading this William Clay Forcldbesritseem se'bad . Even after atl W:e've'Witriessed.a Redskins fan my whole life but as .a Riggins elltty in th. 12.:yel:lts detailing of his steltatasshattetyblowsme Wliat a totaLdouche.butwe lack-the resources (and frequently the energy). but :\¥e'will almoUr'readersto.washi~gtOhCitypaper:.ma~ttm>iece'TODAY! Loved "700"/01].fans. Games like' thi~. 20TO I'm from either Mas~~ 17. aft~r 'that(which Was'thtfS'econd worse day oimy redskin tandom life) riiondaynight massacre! 16 Matt NOYemb~ IS.bt·SnYdet'.'20101 FUCKlNG CLASSI~J!. a litany:likethis isjaw-dropping.this.otilyUveqip.pastMoI).deservetl.d. 4Q(he·greap~¢lU'c...redskins-fans-guide .ber 18:.:tl'www..

flh.201P· rioideatllatSItlrts.e ti.cootdinatot whoran..this..ey¢I'.."bingo. 11/29/20.eali~~ t1ta(ifthfs: guY'has pee:Jicall..Pa.Snyderbougb.Ihad 'timbo November 18. go moll a bid witb·hiIrt.r~tb:.g ofthePack. Z6m. switched outduringsigning.g~l.J)9tt0l11·thfr~:lq.wasn'tjust son:ie 'Snyder crony. http://www.tedtopoi!rl'outthatSherman Levvi~~who was a. 22' anda.the Packers ()ffel1~~&~g t1l.ipt¢J.ayis-ay.update thisarticleas needed.'iSiwas ahi~y'-regatdedOfferisive.was totaIlydassless. remember how he screwed. EvetYhoa¥krtows witat acibwn praatices.. too.clucling Touchdown Club inorder to get a November.nLavar Arrlngtoniscontract got.erl$.iiadifso bad... 18.gcu~t()mersto'buy seasoh.~ of 4~ 'NFL since.tari~:tQr.ti¢k¢t.e:.bri:qging LeWlsID...am has'oeen"'ori the fl'eId:* . replaced with another draft'thateutS3 million in.This. 2010 This isexceptionaI11 wen dQJ}'e.rQ:qnl.of'theteam by pretendihgtawruit to. 21" .everi.4:' ooo-yay? ' '.ei' i8.'Qt. KJLHD on sueing' customera.~·. whichc()uldb:eI>lg tatitl'f'orDanny M" I-aYOri't-day Ink~thayooo""yataye-hay ay-ay ooo~clayut-whay ig-Payatin-Lay. 2'5' Soared-to Say November t8.1 se'l$c!i\$'(he w~with ail} Walsh~s. pieceJastyear ~. Still'. NQf~1J..49ers.PIease continue to.S.2010 Let's..Oreen..dutie.foi Jim.ghtin' shacly. .cal. Joe: November 18.qllg1i .cranky-redskins.GREAT!! N()venib.not forg~whe. too}.tilOron Snyder lsbiifThad'l1o ideahe-was this bad.2010 'nAndYro~. - . So h¢. speakin.fans'.selling tickets "packages"lP.Qe$1l't ~Y¢llfully(fe.aro.washingtoficitypape:r.'24th best recdtdfu the t~... (qr th~tkindof·exPose •.up~tl?Qw. Ndvenif.~401Q Wow.I1Qy~andQellllfs..Iwan.tQ-<L.12Q1Q Falls Church Grumpy 2:3'.ft~ An9·d.st rs. y' ou should have also mentioned.esGrimaldi's...jS. out the backdoorjand:f6rcin..fans-guide.s.tling J.10· .day .conr/.ooo 2.tQ·tP~. Be$tariicle.dealsand ii'probably means that tbere::are':twicea's many-stunts he's pulled that nobody LMAO .'l1e~ h~ef1. ." .Ier" when he took QyeltplarcaIling.manytitnes knows ab().eve1tinlcu.rnere goodness about D~yeDo.articl. TnisPackersfan extendshiSSynipathies.. Once I got.lY¢:lIlto how:aWfulthe te.bonus.John Coeke-out.meney! Also.Trn sure there are many.es140063/the.

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be1teveti.b~rrassro.:.anS.1tkely to keep '_poople..1 thi~guy~I'dC'oIitend Shyderkilled illtichofthe ..AR Novemher'18\..such. 38. wave at thegame..f6rs6dasatfedex.e~1?~di~:gto1.people 8'ti11paytQgo'see em and in 'doing so .<illS fat)... a#iown$pos(9111that.:enth~wj'elcl."lildirectly impacted by Snyder. ' .. Wifueaeb:passing.alrydue to the ap~t:hy.DallasIWashingtott'n.' . The flagshad a sticker on .ayear... p .. ' Iilb.~s~C'$a m1Jchbeftet thai. cash. Since· the iriftasttucture'wasnot 9 designea. '4) fllP.hisisand has aJways been.wapost.: .incompeteIlt owner. collect:ll):o.el:ed!.Mcj"r.i.Dan.... you can't numb to the pain and em.1riey reinforce his self'lmage..Su.". Most of the beha:viotis his help but.i."weare de~#l1~.M'cbiseandfan ba:se.iids.. as-·this. 1am~$T.have..h"altl bad nOldea how'tetrt151eDan Snynder'is.~:fspqrts .in~Qase.ty.ditectly or..y.9u14b~'¥orse.change because he cannot ~...iield 6). 1S.~) he di~1).one. .p~kin'gafreil+()telQts'wjth bus serwceto stadium MIX November.nyder has pav~: N'6veinberJ8'!:201Q . TIm November 18~2010 whaM .redskins.1llliljngthe~kinsj.be. • .' ._.Lsports.torit qfthestaqhnn itt buckets. ThiS-lS the.fr.temiil1.". EYeIiidilriilg. :36 $ can'tbuy pride.ot.na.o1..Katrina. Being a fan.wiishi:qgtonol~apet.QD.2:~#.the differeneehow inept he is atl.most-artieulate arx~isllccinct d~cription qftlte tr~havrotof Dan' Snyder.hQboi!....rll1l1$e~Jt. ".easy tqbe~.1gl>:ea: R~sI...' .t:~ll&~t~wHhpg PQuntrbet6.~'d..20JO This 'is. J feellikeJerry Jones gets-a. TliehiiinaofShananarlahd'D6tuiyMac'are'butthe cUl1'entact. Ci:>upie orotnlssiorist 37i' tl1®:"ma9~incb.Page 20 of45 JfJJ~~lClti:r~9r:~~i. .year orMs $ ieigjLUilfoI'furiatelYj lcari'tsee:him ~elfingthe't~.gzown .futiUty.. 'N9y@ber.' AW¢&Ciill'e piec'e.~H:e'was replimancied by'the'colll). .CowQ:oy:s f@! Despite being J.frombrlngingin food. ' . The buckets were out tif. No other local sports team:does this~ . soen. 11/29/2010 • y.ty.'mentioh hadeIllplo.hiwethat::capaci..ye~.http://WWW.neY £.g. YQUrt~. 5)11'0 Straws. @i ' '' .Ji'iiiide&outAiriedcanflag!):f6rpeopldcr .hebas ins~ne"finhjs f..~p~CQm~:evellcl()se to th:e: )'b()dYQfwork"thatJ:). N()y~\)~r l~" ~(J1o.c. 2()}O 40' c.iJ. .but the article. Snyde.bufldoritt.()J)Oseats. : ··'i. does an absolutely fabu]ou:sjoo •ofremiIldfug:u.4 t~~b'~~1lieth¢:Chlcago'Ctl'bSoftlie./7~it..lillly¢'6ec'OmeJes$ota Re<:lskihfan.anytime.v. Most.let of 9l:~n¢fsm.' ""..ofthis tI"agedy.eally. Interrns.UlIAAd~ts:f~$.fans-guide-te-d.tna" 2) post-Katrina-he 1) post9inlle..'iredskmS'reHet'fund"·'no..t1.s"ailwhatan.' 18 20H} .~pe¢t:.proiessio. MrSl)ydetwliln~vet .to. See lW6/04 a:rticlein .~ onthls .re.¢'6m1amclesJ400631the~cranky .'WhemI said this in the sptin. I g<)u.

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fhope Snyder continues toriin.made .'Whatj'$ihe'.m~ Weil."soJ:llaybelmis$ed ithese.! wi11.nq sudh.ec~q. JF'sJolog at:nttp:/lwww.plagued . stones ~..a. Post's press passes 4t ':Snyderan(rhiW~ife fir~~. l1q.N'o.p:~.keep.C()inlthe. Shyder! ' HOl'atio' :rij1pm:ti:anyb~~nq..' W1tat~a:scumsu:cIdn:g:lioucheoag .rt:we.fr.d~lother:p. 2010.readl €Jreat.wh1chh¢.t:heir'q~n4..feinsteinonthebritlk~comlindex.oftheWashington after: they coritinuallyhashed'hiin for hismis~managelilent. AWes6fui Agf~at:cht.ih. .venibetl:fk'2010 .Ee..fQ1"d.Trif6i'riiative'and eveJ1'ti~ite J start to thii1k·tJlatSil.at~-Q~lingwith"the$fline .ctiti9i$1ll()f'~ysQrt. a copy-handy REfIuntJr httpdlwww.51. Hetook away'lIlost.'.iimi:!l~r.~piIlgjs 'crrnihal" .washingtoncio/Paper.s~¢i~l.8.Ftlnts.t()cqm~~Maybe h~ Wi1I..hwn·an~.your'sohiti:6ilil).ih'aJJtQ.desetVe'to oe:tteatedin"such. ~..tih:iscreti:ri~'s fii'egiomanfactendendes.o.teYen. inf0nlla~iv~ J aqlalso an Eagles fan·and·.derfu'¢gl1i9st'():fthe~~S1{in$'.'em~i~s. the skins intothe gr9Jln4.thing. be 2.t he would':dp.~clea. wh!l..yecr~Inop~::mr$..heard some of'these .nng. ~ hilarious.llp? .HdlON.lme~t:\tWh~ :YQ\lihave.1rta'PllblicrestalJJarit~du..T:luytheqi~M$and Eagles too'! .~t tak:e. Ni'ce.lvd$'h I:CQJ7. so she sued them.l:re. 2010.~~clcng.oru:cie Nov. in court for unpaid wa:ges.tjob •.'Y'ifitRro'Ba'blels.11/29/20 10 . .ag~~. Skins fans should start by boycotting 'Th¢ Reuski:ns ftancnise n$.masn:sports.S~y..2.'Wblithis~a.'.:e..yd~r fs'. re9..a:PtQudand storiedhlstory and What this small minded (and small ·m.m~tter ~. Snyder isa'gertital watt and n~$ to he:t¢4iQ.. What. ' 3fSnyQercanp.com/articleSl40063/the-cranky-redskins~fans-guide . 52.onecol'ls@ittllroug'houttliese'¥ears {to Qij9t~ ~h.·v~ lSi'ovempet'Fa.'snanny and: didn'] payher a di:rne..g:uY$liuh'? 5~:Stiyder.p.had.ari) i~.htrn:l -ih writing t.. Don't forget to aqrltheIIl" 'criticized ataIl'Check out. clliihied tllM he shoUld not. tlUs team for the last 10 FLIPPIN' YE1\RS.there:fs.-whole'Pi'9t1. the grieving families of cancer victims 'in hospitals.millioilsbytargeting 'b~teavementbaskets.~'.. SeanO November 18.edi(d!ik~~71f~AAyqli. selling:1hem na'n.~ple:ge~'S'Qtrie"ij:itiotialattenfion.iilid won.nQ.f Oruy\thenam~oftl1~ coa¢hes have :chailg~~falid. afterguarante¢fug't)1em tha.ategQri¢~J)'an%20'Snydef'andhttp://www.} hadrioiaeailiecd~ptho.to-d.Ptt'lhlem.tl...hut.:Qffice'staffwheii he to9kovetJn:W99.2QI0 :issu'esthafhave.010 gam~._spottsjunkieS/2010/I.Guid~t():Dan Sro-der. 2010 bfihe:Snydeieta.c~.V~tb~li:y':abU$ing j-Q!m.Q~s:i\lilites.li$R~d$Idn fans (actually fans of ariy<team) don~t.O/the. .' ffondoH:Qwatd November k8.W~hington City'Paper Page 22'of 45 48 '~:~bQjtt8~.a faeistrnanner.As it CoWboys fan. 'c.ember 1.TheCrankY':RedsldnS'..14>s:~yt1i~t'w:¢:llt:.

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:.Pnal!hlstotyigpinfbaekmany years 'with Dan.ston'cftanchise.C~WbQY~bJan Ff. .ts'of:fb.At:t:wlw·$nyg~rfd:r~e4toparkIIfQrellian: 1I2'mileawa.2010 sll:1wly KlLLIN.besQ much November 18~.to remove thi~.(BenJ~)1litl §fj).seumhag .lverygneQY'I1J.rr'SctiiLy ~:""" " Novem1>er:18.y dJJting a'Redsl<ins Ravens. for an extended'period.had to deal with spoiiingfoodandno heat or'horwater: The".tita..rr. up §j' McNabb DonnIe .. What can wedo.flmblltnever.2010 Myfav(jrite.er: th0Ught I would feettbisway: I .llie.. .hlaeke. .partisD~ihp.. fafts'caildo. 20'10 D.0tO J\s a lifelong Eaglesfan:"J lOYe. ...siid anc1~.ls for conserving electrlcityand helping yOuf'lieighbor.sham:e.£an . For'days.·Mo~'¢ll~$'itr. But &nyder thmnb~d:bis.r~tty go.rneigJibo.llIJ.' .ther'datnage.while so many people.JlewaB. Kenn:et1.~qfm:..am ~o.lriev.thatwhole section of thecouritywent:williout heat and other basics due to the-storm. gahle. jerry :klble November 18.~.'Y:e1lt'~~Y-~i ' .t cari'tbelieve lamg6iltg'losay thihg..~S:.e'to'.(}:the glory"ofout.fur.Umingrightnow arrdwishJknew sontebodyih fueJegaLptOfessrontocoIiSult with ahd.om ifCOwboys. ali'.a hugeb1i'~a:rd kn:opk. 201a terp .S'anders tefusaJtopay backtIle 8m signingbonus.? ram literallY f..Req'$~~I!~JaI.. .l:l9.dwoik.November 18" 2010 l'h~ye<ltpets.Suyderis an tht~.nose:at.andhe sufferedoyet'anoilier.Josh I w~·T?()tnanqrais~~a.$.'.:S'orryfQry'~l1R...()rrtforg~fthe..bi. '.. Noveniber' 18..i'eceab~... November 18..edon in thePost.fims. _ ..trme a few yeru:s ago when Snyder~s.thin& that we.K.2o:tO wot:Se.:eep. in a manner-thatIeff everbody pissed.M.ye" . This has gone on foroyer adecadeandJ have zero doubt:that Snyder will EVER give up the' team on his own.l. ' .MQntgomery County -riclghbors went nuts after. " ' ' . ..''Wasbad.eri 'a:F:ootball.-..fe during November 18.calls bypubll'c'offiCi!i.. and am.· What:a 'greatp. On:iookersciaimedthathis'com.ed otitPoweri~ thci.know-the exact outcome. ~. ..butI)aniel. :and old enough to vividly :.gieedy id(ot ftoIIl~orii:mitting.r:el1iov:e :Snyd~ from our great city 'and its team.~2QlO 'Ql: Great article.inghis-home 'generator.'Supet'BbWLWfu$.findout:ifsomesoitoflegitimate boycott or even iI~ssactiQP: lawsw.J qqJl1qbe Jl.:9<ig-qy~qJo.of you is that once upon a time.wet¢..at-Qund 80 years' oldaHhe:tifue.incident was widely rq>ort.pound was.'November..so proud lobe a' Redskins'fan.At~y'q()w4J'#t]. Many people were in dire strl:#ghts..~eeingSnyderskwere<lr~ke' this • .' .]s<thete truly no. All Icaatellall. Thete..a:bo\it it'?' remeriiber'theJasHwo. team. . LLOVE. What kind 01 an idiot doesn't have clauses bqilt i:tl1:9profes~ionalsports-deals.lVs.1.la.lit up.andl'nUl0t:W.r:hood.. I. thegoo.eqskiri..2.~hecwas ap.likethesum.. Lden't.I thQughtQ'QtOWUet.undetStobd »'P'y ..lcan:S'eehow thing$ colll<l.

71 .tedthatcillowMhim tooWn·the. Tommy November I'was·.~. he asl<:~Forq'wh9.'Friaay ~.. And·Qneoftb~funDiestthitig~..Tony . - .tne.20l0 .Mike Bro'WIlhas.. .in. ltoweV'ercompared to (as Jon.awayfrom the sta~illlllf:AI.ofyow'way:t<?not. we'dunderstand if you wannadumpyour 1:5.. 74 ~it.neWi>wtiet was-after being introduced to William Clay Ford.ID.an· extension? Kudos to As afffeiongiRedskihs:tan .Love how you.vember··1'8j. You :foIk~:h.much care for the Skins but .ih:fs Stu::fflip. .ldsay) l'HtSOW. On Qehalr:Qf ALL NFL Football fans.wduld. (Cuzya KNOW tii-atiittle shrt1's gonnaoVih1lri·for<allt>ther.e~and believe m. .well .goouf. 11/2912010 .~.:f:gUs.atth~g. adopf:anotIrert~.4irtY' l~""":Y1>~YI No.8.•.towait f()r~omeQq:e:to come pick him' up. Bengals owner.~Y~~::al1donlyJt~ issmartenoughto1<:n6:w it.18.a t(an'Spa.ethatls $aying November 18::t201P and denial isbeingpu11e4.20lQ...' November: 18'1' 2Q10 ltJs'abourtirtiMhattheveiI6fseci::e¢:y JOIl.grosslY:mi~manag~q the Bengals. 2'QIO oh MAN! r feel for ya Skins fans! As·a40+ year:Packer Jan.40Years. McNabb. Ldon't.r~.w:te\Y'h:er1.MQqeU.sshe'Qpera. gre\itN jtd~ciorlh:ownit' '!l hell .Qmh¢iseramongDan'sem:ployees.J!J.i.1ike to peisoria1{y"thank Daniel Snyder.. .on-e.at well.andtUmed atQUIidandserit' Aft the bill. Dave Ess: November18. .Gruden wo'i:i. 1"011.·2.b~d. 18~2010.w~shihgt0ncitypapeI'ico1l)/aIiicles/400631l:he-cranky-redskirts:-fans-guide~to-d. It Was pathetic.I)fll1nyBQY'~$()$a:t 9PWtor Itrfich.fucks show up to payi(. We'orily have ourselveste blame for such. jitn~Y· . . NoyelI):ber 1.l1Iak:e.e ~olfcart..WithArt. allegiancete them and.ay.hedida:sa.off.. I'm just sorry for ya havin'ito endure Steve th:atmidget.bet..Page2$of'45 tourafficlei$ . http://www.fr~ 'all¢gianc¢ltrade.he$likable'8$ a person at least. 'G.' f'ot¢ed.±.~..tetttas$h'di'ei:HW··candnly charge irtoneyfor'parking whenstupid.. againwtheegoirtaruacalownet . th~ worst-than .) .DaIi1l)' Boy. Dari Shyder only makes money when sheep gptQ shittY blowoutS and buy 10 dollar-beer.ttyp:€! o. thanksrromJJallas JO~.theR~lVensto parktheitbuses..'>LioiiS.QJQ As{an:Bagte~·fan/i..'ilii~gIlyis ofaJof.~~llon N"bvem. l{~fuckin~ow..e~ameQ·~pecialdi~ensl:ttion .

Ijust.l'g~ downtaio..ilIlySriYder'wili .pourin~down'rain fora-teamheaded by this Putz?'I: The fans should revoltan9 .un<iennined:Schottenlieim.t.Ca)ling him'a:greedy.Cutin thatt'reezing.a Don Nov:¢liloet 18. 11/29/2010 .(>: N9VeJ.theJout? He's tike·'aeockroach..'QJJ.Calling him. .chandisean.Pag~26 of 45 %-0.8. seum.feeding on everybody else's money. fbr the Redskins.a team.d sitUng:in tltetainJ:owatch theWb:rst team ia professIonal. . Snyd~·t9fire11.sh.IDe'fatl&. 2.Iong. At the end of the season. until he sells..(ljgf..ofhis otitoi'tbWn guests..eedY:~scum bag would be an undesstetementI won'rbepaying for any tickets.Into something elmosf t()tallyu1)recogni~~ble.befter!!! 79.J'm sure someoftheplayers:1ia:ve-thissame arrogant attitude. NQiI¢tfib¢t 18 ZO](').. 2010 So sad.hetter! !! 1.{ 1.pori 17- November '18.rlO~i~. How does a.1bis certainlyisn!tthe Sante team 1 greWlipwilll. ~towl). .asb«. Morgan Hope1.!UlY d·ckets. @Bud 1 Jtlstbi 80 We canalway~"Zorn'l'lri. Fans 'Qoy(X)tt him 1ll1tirh~ cartfteatyo-q.? Om we all have aREDSK1N tea party an':el'jusfboycott.cranKy:'tedSkins-fans-guide-fo-d .n1 81 .Jong"time loyal:tmlpl()r~~ allerbuyil1gtliej~~.o~der •. J justc!Ui't slipportthe 'Skitiswhilehe runs them into the groUn:ci.).that'.~e~bJJying m:eJ.)...j:T:eillng:Na'tiveAmen:eafi 'aetivistS:'tIfat he wo:uiclheV'erchang¢. '1010 The fans sat.Ilber18}2Q10 Thfs man has ffiIllSf0I'niecl this team.. andrea ~ove~p¥r 1.bag would be an understatement I wc>il'tbe_payhlg for.toift1:ck you! As theSex'}l'lstolsoncesald.andselitoa competent-owner. But.. "Everleel 'Uke You'ye been: sWf'ndled1:'.. 3.l'tnsure some of the players have this same arrogantattrtude.im.hea.:&jv~:him th¢:co14!. nahriy. FariS boycott him jintfJ he can' frea:tyou.wasrungtortcitypapet~C6miartibtes/4006<3/the .r~Zu. for. But.:oa lifiiQlJl!lnq wouil1n:'..20'io' Th('f(!1)~~~tQul4t.i1lkeepdindingways.Ririilg.letbta~ner useit fot sotiie.ilie'racistnickname 1 Nr6~efrtbet 1~ idto Vince ])rasnerpushed o~e. as...4th~t~!mf.t: J. .ored.0tle ofhispartfiers-1' Dhisner .theteamt http://www.:14 le-ft.f..w.~y-like this continue to thrive?. Aslong ~.dedby this Putz?! The fans should p'qWi~g re-voItand give':him<thecoldshould~.ei's authority because Maityw~usihg the i\go.:. sports.fear that it will be decades from .

1t{)d~y-9.~ defend the"di):'tydWarf.s'j.t?ijlythemselves e NOTHING .eenaJbke. $ecunty people.yder·zypeof:Inov:e. 201 o http://www.Ul.waS.esQIM WaQkQ CQnsp~cy gu-y~qut't9~.20lO. Tfii$Jeam lias: lO1ig. WeIi done .fS.'jfi in the 35.ycleris It cleata-hole .1~()llth(jwhe:.f stattdon so that he could. of all..$l1. 84 Art NovemberT8>.iri.q.:Jeany ~y¢-~. I Npvemh~ 19.Andpeople to. IJ<p.tlie.-gtollian. .wilshingtOricitypaper..dskins Novel11ber18 •.....:'the:.hadapused and humiliated NoN TUtIier after a loss.T thought Snyder:was a creep. GREA1'arUcl'e.DaIiSn.atilll~.2010 CapsCa}>.most.pjlyf~t·tibJcets. and fan.iikea.No:vetriber'. other t~s' fan:~areonhere'wi~hC()ndolences'.during.ed.yqt1t'.n~tiveWaslUD.>. go IluHetsl).2Q1Q.t $ .l~s fbrihe intetWewiridfid:in:g notto:t66i<:.oeatlast M Wilt This:.OOO'tahge after 12 yeats . ~.gUide-to-d. 201Q ¥ou:knewrightawayw'hat. box.emb. Atnazlr!rfthilt'th~fiti{hbyS$ti11 .f.QuY:fQQ~.we. the wai'ting. whocontinue to go didn~tthin.l1ot iIitl!ei~.~et 'Novemoet18"2010 .1.Gity P~~'@ril¢le lsthe~penectc1._asa.tc ..ow~t~$fi:clwhen.Period • .Page27'of45 S :$qQtfMbD. Who thatwon-derful~arrte. He.kan¥thmg' cbuld. up for hiIn't(.Gi'~t4iiiQie. our-teams EXCEPTthe.g BIngo! Nov.said before the interview heg.Mpndaynlght knew THIS' season would be better.cOlorof:tli'e:Repu'&H'canpaiitydtseem.jQh'U ~... Thanx: again" go().a$erfor season for Redskiltfuil.:Oo~"G~~nitnot~l1. . 'Tom F6n. :) (go Caps.MNltg~e ~glP.11/29/2010 .fbt when virtually the first action taken by this creep was to brag publicily a.l~kfh:e te..Il'st.jerseys. lifsgru:ne.R:e.&:I li9PtH_~on't Sound lik.000 Snyder's iyirig< The Packers. . have about 84.com/anicleSl40063/the-cranky-redskiiis-fans . goodgrief b ~. Witl.t¢d 'bemg. w~'merQb~I1~'$~. $'et a....tae.. that's the only reas6rithis Ifttiecreep owns the team. be taller than Geronimo .sCaps to blame. The:douchelsnitwiUilig:tbacc.·&i. fil14 was given ru.. 20tQ Wbw •..l.:Sn.~t~ Whell tbe :I{~dsJ#n~woreaI1 :req.heiPterviewedSilydet.epf 83~ Gibbsl thii:teverythirig':he touches With the Redskills' turns to dust.~. flmlouswaiting 1ist in the :namesbn.b. but man! I sure wish lack Ken] Cooke had not left or been forced to leaY~$:db an ()ner6USwill lor son John. whohave..changes'With thiSleamluntil the fans$top.interview.·2Q1Q 2(jO~OOo':orilh'ewalting:tis4 eh? NFL.emnSr0ntftllat.~m 106. : I he~rd.Snyder in theeyesdurlhgthe interview.Also. Artnch~M 'Novemb~rl:8.hav¢. packerla:ttdmike: Novemher.were.er 19.

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.in"theait.:R~g.AE~r9pean soccertea.}I. tl)ahiastgamewC!..1ring andteiliilgthem. l'royeml1. 20}O: SkilisFrut7Q Doesn:!.an.athing.:i:rSor the'R¢QskinsundetStiyderrs own.. $p'On$~.s4()Jlld:'~~.DEXdeIivezyoftiCkets? S http://www~waShii1gtoIlcitypapet. - .lcity'in NFL .¢t 19. My Jersey Piitriot a. Noy¢m.youshould.O'lQ :~8 Efffu:g O~e CLA:SSICr N~Vembet19.holders to pay f6rFE.L -Largest Stla:t1iig.li' chants.2/3oftheJield.fQl"t1ieS~~lai~~i$ti¢C(:$shilly.. so 'you canonly see.too .myhatr.slioplcl b.seasore 7-9 for30.j's tll~"oWnera). 'it '~ NqYe.ingl.pO.td ~h()\.tnber . Takebackyour team" aqdyman November 19.n¢ver settle for this crap... Organize a .¢onilarnCles/40063/t1fe-ctariky-redSkihs-fans-guide-to-d.'~was:gQo.iessnould know'that they can't s~1l'theitprQducts:t9 Reds14tt$'. ftf . . J.owner was Ircreep~and they was there.AAd lose $igh(ofthebalI iflt gets up highet:than 20' feet...OUide:.years'almo·~tseemshopeful.the. If strong .fem:eniherfaug. Ceke.srs. 'I'h. '2'010 '1 r~eD}!ier ~x. TW Sh9111dlil$ob.s.Hbwlsit'possibld'oran. as. FedEx. . thahllie..WhiCh you get when you push 20.$e' 'heartgoes out toRedsldnsf~s.ut.e4t¢'!l§.y¢$..yJiUIfilltrbelhg .Y~>:1l q~t'Iet $nyq~~dn~.apl.Redsldns .. forrefreshing.rcifatioA'l1nd:er:'.campai'gnto those sponsots.. " Page 29'0£'45 'Th~s :tellJ. I loye hi:Dtasour owner.fue tel:lijl $lJo.In o 'additioil? .(Busch.edforDanny B'qyand1tiS"IIUnJqn$·.m.itt~et.your season tlGkets.2. C. Snyder» Washington City Pap.' 4o.BO:yeotfthe television games.fansiftb. Boycott the radio broadcasts..:¢Oachotplay. Boycott-tickets sales:tu).0Q'. -werell'fg()i'ngJo'Wip.eJ.eat. 9.b.orpeseason tick:el. wear no Redskins geaz:. ym:ler'f. ossible.Snyd¢r'.akepefefAhgelos 16okg6:od? See'abdve.$9f.4(:JQ'~.saying so. often as.oy~ttalf.TIi~.oprg!1~ea.2010 Gimotl.e:5U. .Eagles':fan). ~' .fug:in DPti:Ql1J.and.d Redskins geat~ 'If YQucan~ Pattwith . Dick Clark Ptoo.suc:ll as Qrange or sky blue .Snyderl n'cartl.~]Qngas.1iber1'9.paig~.Snydez:.000' seals backup undei"ilie: second deck.Sprint.bolfrdSbfthose.ngas.).d'-natw.00mpan.skins:cQ!or f'unityasso9i~ted with Sl$l.comp'arrleg.5\ . Myprediction:in the seeoad. 'question: l:Qi::2!:J'lQ tb.. Ofco~~e.er . . '1 had no idea how muc~ of a creep he was. behind pillars. 1]/29/20:10 .start 'iSelldt.wear all~n'.bQd.!.t.uctiCfhS) and: should l'etthe.mts f~s would..Iis~Fan's.Answwerr ' Jeopardy.lldbtgarilt~'aletterWritihg.gtlys 'snyder is. NoveJ. p 81$.~: lmo. .e~ lQ.1fyou must go.J)oycott of~ythingelse'SAycJerowns (Red:Zebra. 2010 Sigll. etc.Cl'ai'lkYRedski.N:o.ersl'1ip.letweett ll\¥ $epd$ !!Iid r (tim.t6 Dan.'!S:eJUt.gx.1.ncession~~.instead.kllowit '2Q•.t.Oticanhotbuy co.

" .nky~re~.~l:rUHJ.20.makes us feel better that we know. that is lifting himup. ft's sadlo'thinkthat.•(. the Nationals somedaY. .¢ome.te!Jfiis::~~arhi$ith$d.' '.ns:iDstead .asking: whytoO't for this' team.-pleas·estop. feesithe.Andheco!fe¢tsseasonffcket:$'j"i. why p~p.drop:fothe anofhetNl"'L ~am.A:ftel"all thejacked.dgor on the head coach's office.eady have enQifgh maferial fOiithe ilexffivefyeats~' 102 .ilofaRedskins.Hbwcan anyone afford to be a Skiqs fan? I bet thathe·putsadome .ngt~tits:9tb:et. fan.:feeding this feeding this .fa. 0 . aug th~ SCOl'll he rc¢~ive.teams iri.fans.n~JiR. Novemb~ 19.Sllnday1s:'MtS Cup).persoJleou1d bnngdbwn a franchise that once stood f(}f eveIYt!#ngth. reaehi~gllieplayoffs.to-inform usall.thegtory years is the unifoini. have a jerkf6r'ah6wiler.in·th.QtioslltgWe should all be.2alO P~rtriileSSHig On that stadium soon and W .oftheleague.Pl~i~ m()ren#1ng.a:T tbi~m~JS OtEAIUXNOT!.sk..washingtoncitypaper·.~"~e.ofhattedweshouldhaveforuTheQWner".SJlyder 1$ cle~ly.lsta:fter"supei. ff'ontyh¢ would fall .thom.lSJci. it could be Novernber 1'9.sucks out allfue.iI)steam:lia..(tbe Rangers. 'Folks.)2010 td4..nt i'{:ep.afr.one." 11/29/2010 . 19.~?ne§ is.'shOiltd'rnakethis a regular colUlll.w. A cbtdi1dlogf¢afhist()tY':bt~Snydet's' incompetence and greed Wou1d'have::o~en Qeep_Iy c:lepres..gl~$. 2910 thadtIl:ust change the cnlUW¢l.$mcQIi1titojl~with the. 20]'0 We in Dalla§ realiie we worse.Up..bQ\\il)'invests itand:tlten FEDEX' nxsjusthefore .to-d.ox..the." .'tO.llughtSkirts F:kti.0'.gJike :the.1 ·You. ·November 19~.otherwisecHd noekno:w·'tJje"degree.' .e Wl~~gs r¢1uming t<>pron1ine~¢e)... Ljust nttp:llwww.~b)e.$.aloyar·fa. ShUIlkW November.eIlhe~sucks out-every Iastdbllar httheitwal1et.you:r'pairi--it's not fun:wafchin:g y@urteam.ly hope some of W~Jri. ·Noverriber't~ ".il. J'am.th. W6w. sadly I use that term loosely as.bilt it. :T1iank YOU fot having the balls.ict$. g~t#zyg:pi~tQll1~upp~Mefrom~thtlr Oalla.eqtyPaper~S'omethinglike Ypu. 105 rHsb.o()3.'-WIl$Pi~·t'ev~:1>ef()re .perBqw1s.. Vincent J~sta. " •.leru.· .oise:than Cuban Pete 'in Baltimore or the late.)t find .so discouraged sin~eSnyder bought our faithful team' tha:t..t p~.sfs. LlttIe Danny-Sl1yder has treateq R:~dskfus.r 19~.entlte life and Ltoo am./th~-cr:{l.. a drugde~ertfeat$:(m(ckadd.ckj ~en. chi¢Q. «an on.?'ftisn:ot:any..my.:e. . 'I'he'()nlything'tnecwre.d'ondW~ b~om.~" ·:PaiiSp':){der!$Ta[n.ns.ygert.eveliw.ingan4~1111()~t.90mlarlicl~40._M" ".niymChi'co fOL 'iJ)anny's Doucbehaggery.t:l. Wh. we.e.t~inbI'~nner. .arid cnargesfot:iiirtanks.thin. Ge9r. llly 9¥~aI<t.e.the most fan:-tlfifrtendlyownel' Jive ever.tl~eamed.. I'bavebeen.. Winning'the iALpeniiarlt~ FC DalhispI4yingin.and:chucldirtg.~sQn..:orgariization tha:t 'Wc?11. Spit's hard fot me to fa. ". rteeI..'.'3i$1l. Novembe.bU{this A-'Z:guid¢ totheRiedskin~"idwlightsreal1y keepsydu reading.revolving.« a~is'~Q/tb~: YEAR.Off the higbnorselbox. mal'Vellng..s:-FbrfWptfu:tei!lPs..beast.guide.Q'Yer.-but'r:opt fO'r9oltege.20'lO Btirriantpie~.sjerzy.r (the CapitaIs.'Wfimiiig:tne(Statil¢y Cup. Ul)rea.il:cross.ittIeP~IUll1Y' L t()()~ over..tes'tilt'catCtf6rthis feam.

.Dull.. loyal Redskirts:.w1i.aclam.redskjt)s. $I!. 2010 SicinsFan76 Noy~p~r 19.. there<!skins:.10. about'NF:L. TJitsJ$ ~ greararti¢le.a. The team is ajoke in the N. . I.. SAyder needs toGO lEvery company he touches geesto shit.~jc Cetratoi.ld thrive in theitmai1 to man defense.saying stupldstufflike·~'these~yscahiehete'to.~ redskins. WhelLFrartk Herzog: waS fired ffonttheradi1J ShOW1'~lllyfriends:and d.'g:toganres·anctbe'll fecht'! 111 ...spacesavailable'for"thefans.toan(fpath... andmark brunpelI WIl$. . Fans really need to just stop buying gear ana goin.~jded that the neWguy':s name I Was' "Noi:PrAAkii..tPp.even ... Do..)..andgave." .ught he'Wou. silyder prattle. ·ineptC¢rra. November 19.leave mOl'eparIdhg. YQ.washingt()ncitypaper~com.l....fans...etleaders carpoo] with eachother'inorder to. . 9aJl.noll1ore sbuttles to and from the Metro.nhe. to?::' November 1~·.for what should' have been asttaightup trade.1e def'el1se••.lling'tne grea.day! NQ. 2.dari.es'Tecl Deonsis have th~mQn:(zyjo'l. . .o' the.tlantatwo dtaft piCKS for.to.}ihds'eyJ&han . 'u ommlfte<f'rh'ea:damatdhulettafiasetb . ":. . though adlfuloril}<had... 'fNQt EI1U1klfis 11.Z()1rO .Q f}:te'd~cI9:i~tt~(ie.):ut.yet they got 2 3tdround draft pick.m . 1l.farticl~L4009J/the-Cl.11/29/20. aIoriea successful footbltl1 team..deservedeach on the tCii'fcprlllcQb<:il~()lt. ...ttstenmgtQ.g9itlg to'be'cttt:by jacksonyiIIe..margj:nalSpeed . cut bra:ndbn•.o.#' aJ.a1$Q (Qrgpt:t9mentIQ!l thatpertowmilk¢s the Ghe. -.SI1ydetsJr~awrent of.tiety.(. to? jQ~lDl'eg&19C1c N:oy'@lber'l~~)Zql . Butaslong as.20 to 13'arch iittp:llwwW..he!s:rilakhtg$$$. telltldiot..:Page n of4S ho~¢. an.tmanagea:si1¢. .CeSsrullenr6nitde.•the. Thafsa longwalkl ..thatI am 'alive tos¢e that.::~. mt.yet the.'f~~ns::app!!iei1tly thp.. 'Atl~ta:.skinsgavejaxa and the po:r:tis trade fromd~nvet rot champ bailey . . othel" Iistening.san n-an wasg6ingto draft piCkSfrCifuthe:'redskins.heb~don t Uoydttade..it9m. .¥emhet J9... play footbali" ...Uie:sSQfthe WaShingtOn Red'Skinssmce he came on board.-fans-gti:ide-tQ-d~. trom san'fran .tst~rtsa.i'L ~d.Jorgotab.thrivedinchicagobears\secondary whoprimarliy played ~·izot.whowiU "pay" for parking.hern never stop.. The guy is a scum bag 'and has beeIflQ.toman defense.and could flot play man..anl<:y". .f.lef '.2QJO . 0 .. . ~g~ 1..:gavedenvera Znd round draft pick .1. Anq$er high point inPan.: stand .yg~t GO\!'i9l1. :~ john rebstock NovelliberlQ~ 2atd .:teq~kins never used.playerperso:nnelisC9mp'arabl~'to .>:t1ytl1...

moneywell·dFies>up wiUhesel1jlfisteam.t"nad s<::a8onlfckets fot 8 years and ~a. 'AJtfans.ls:tbtffirsUhlng yO:u.qftl:iiste~..!il).<llis lJ. coming at the price of his p. Tony.ve'thern upthis.'hi.ti1ll With.everywh¢T. Wbrdhas..2010 Great a. personal 'Devils Advocate-and wotkftomDS.W'the 'Uncle TOily.:the.just email .the own¢rjW!iy? BecauseDanSriyderls scum! SalJ>l:iraqjse November 19~20B} I:m'bettingJhJs':guyisa '.:.o:f course.' :Npvemper 19'i)20rto. Only when. ls.. ~li:ank.rlj.emher 1:9.suppdrtifigthisiVile Scilril.a 'tea1'jouma1iStaridisho.Q:fcQ'U:rse.PborKew S'~fPiira:dise ~w~yfr9p:tJhekh~tI.qk.e. h()weyer-.dayhe-tsies to workthemasses ashe goes.yO'eris.yearbecause'l couldn'ttakeil anymore. thathe is noJonget.~d .'Ni.· 0tirownetS ateri'tttlean:~just. ridecFd' ·.. Sheehan . three decades.eQ'QrSu:y4¢..M. their $¢!tSQn' ttck~~. .jJ$atJoeT. factually feel s()ttyfor:hisas eaeh.fhis fabulo\)S'teiatiPl1s.and it worked..aWashlrigton Redskins.Page 32' of 45 :ill': thank'youJor'wnting:tbj$' '" . still T seemghi's-shrlilkafter each. the.b1iyiiigtnetchan:dise and . Like:Mike· Ditka.andhe'll ten yon.' Novenibet 19~2010. 1 wonder' how the people who wor~.lp. TQm:Cliiise? read! ' Thisis'great.ears jake ill Noy. obejctive jourIia!is_ts. WhlCh. .1)etteranv full11he:. butI will no longerrootfot te@it:ls1ortKas]).l1eed t(j:giy~']. I' still 'Wonde(hpwT<)llY Kornheiser m~age$..$n.dumb.h~vetedemptrQA. bai'tSl1yderis :scWlll this 1t4: " 115: '116 RepUbican .:veOi'&~··19~201·O N:Qt :eVM ~fmen..tfianksfor .good NicK 113\ .2010 fan.allfMs willfin!dly :SrMA 1 ha'veb'eeIl.ttlcle.forliim at hismdi9~tations:can say they arereaI.n:dall he $OWe$jsp¢wing lowbudgetpropaganda actUallY'ihlnkshe~san Objecfiivejournalist.'charactol's(!)poprilar in urban Americall.fans for more than.give up when you live your own.: Novemberl~".r" ..is" hat thought alone must have To:nkK.l~. ~~f. butlief'dbes mention everyday. "stQ~.gliywno ptessed.~howe..· Sbe¢ll. t18 Dan Snyder is.g9()<hie$S I'm aE.th:mo.an .show~ That bigp~ycheck he brags about.dUhat Snyder:'wa$.....andelity places.togethiIn hired on MNF. a typical Jew. to \\i'o:rkfpr him. NQ..

It is.at.a~t1tet6p degremains-tliesame.t th¢ir po.01 0 . crankY~redskins~fa. much abuse-we have:t*t:nas.¢nt thail.Jbelievewe to..J~clCassi . would. r'ni a.otsecQnd to Danny Boy: End result-is many. November . many more years of mediocrity (~tbest)and:httiniliation: (atworstl~ .'Page 3'3:of45 JQh~.area Bt. Who the dQesnftbdieyehe'haq EVB.Allen'andMikeShanahan..but.-.120.ewoU1d only W~¢ upartd Y9t. typicaiass1101e. this once proud and 'Classy .<crim~whathe ha.J:no faI..it ain't gQlngtochat.'about the bigwoz:4s1ike ·'evoI1ltlo.ndbe.'JKc.ciketb.YOti.As.edskins. haSn'hili. b\1ll~b#.Rav~ris.eontract extension . http://www.-ftS.fqn. .the t<>p :otthelieap.~ . about makingallllck" being patient. Skit:ls fans..anged." ' SllydeI' isd~spic~ble.ite::hi~:cl~.l't'u~trlj.seIJ~:the·tea.'H~02ta do with the McNabb .You.ig~ a tnmg:as: lOhg.llq. Fortunately.oks '(sto'P g91ng to the games. 2010 This-team wiltNEVERbei~llccessfuL~ longas Napoleon Snyd¢r ownsi]. He seems Hke:theJHndofguywho used to get shoved into locketS in higlisehoolan~l11eJl~.~~Il1Pty l:nlcketTb..'''BYoJution'' means go outSide behind your gt@dlJddy~s.ire·'a4l.o.lQa'se deserves. iracle. 1'9'<2'010 "'-'.n.washm.ifsoourseand:t'rasblikeyou die:sQonetanq.OlQ Jake. You can bringjna'dozel1'n~V'lhead coaches.-sony..howeyet.i1}:)M~~.i l>u.&Jle.still' thi1lk he's heavily.j~:.sell are .always come in~di$. mUSt navcroned: over ihliis'gra'Ve at least 100·times since Snyder bqug'htthe Snyder i&a disgusting example ofan:ap'og~t littleje* who thinks owning a team is alLabout marketing. And~yoli're.' .2.much better.W.ile~g as$}::ip}esinthe'c.' 8ritisemidc ' ·'~hh. '~:~~inberJ9)2010 1f~.gt()nc!typ~per.ns-guide-to-d:. . Whh.s dpne to.t:4 tosell.franchise~. atypicaLasshole.. cmt..qol.How·YOt1 made ittotbispdi1'ltintiine m selectionwil1 run.fariaritlThavealways disJiked the R.a dozen free agents •. r.and tbe timingof it? If you believeiit'was allB.stuck With: tills l'umtLor..pfeyolutiolli . NEVER.llt1ift}.diffb.this. Each yem:.'g9ban"lcrqp~'.>. Snyder is surely one 9fthe. Noveffi15er 20..fucldn~fPunk.!iis.ruce. DeSJ.l~ej ~tkYQ1.shed and shdotyoutseIt: Thete"Th~Ws.pfrilosophy.ganizatlori for at least: another' IS or sO'ye~r~:gj:yel1Sny~¢J7sage.f hl$. Y()ll~e a..:tb contrtrry..eal Novettib¢t'20.If'peop1.~g0terpi 1l9! N()'l~b~l9V2QlO .ihvolved in team operations.:fhtqe& it. natural willfadeaway~ Continue tolead an empty life so you can forward..1f.RY1.yQu areoneof't1l9sefoo]swbo Danny Boy just loveatefleece.hns.iy. Ite~UsticaUy.I1/29/2.amazing'how is remarkable.a.i$:year: is:.n.o~t!:Y..·otber and why? Because the man.a:rticles/40063/the .a lifelong Skins fan. r2~:' Teresa· team. I prayev«rY 4aytb~f·$lly~~rc. PS: Jake .ewltJ. 8.\~. all()w th¢humanrace'tOn1ove On topicigreafaniCle.g~ttiItgrev~nge • .mQt. those fools who fall for it are Jt:lth919mgi.exsu~e'{Otyoure . st~pbuying the merchandise)" Snydez.and building a winning tradition will .conv. . he and his tnaiketiilg teain try to fool us With a message bfhope and each year.

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:An&wefifus hav~ done,NOTHrNGto deservcthis,.n:ollii.Pg. Wc,are !!Illoll!ftlie:oo:o~tloyal·fanb~se$iti

tbe;'N~I:<.At1dwhat''db We.get·for:o'lit years oflqyalzy? Ai. cOriniving,)yirig. .rettenownee named Dan. ~nydet:who conld·:gi;Ye:.lJ,:fly,ipgd.*mnaboutyou'orme. Daye Nd~etnber20,,2010 S:t ~\nldfng~Fa¢ility Fe~;fof:tlictmostrecentPatil McCartrieysho\V @.Fed:JE:xField. I.wanted to -take my ~~ly of~oUl' ~o,tli'~::$110W)"9o.~g Qn;Ly;a:f{qtdjt l:iy gc>Jngfo":i1i<'l)$'6$ (clteapest)'tickets~ bruy toha:veia, $59 pet 'ti ¢ke.t.l3tiilditig'FaciHty FeeAvruting at the end o'fthe:,bu;ying proc~s~;l)r~aKing D1yb~ a.c~llnt

tl;1~PQifitl.'!:1P:qldri':t:svvmg- theseat$ •

•B¥ com,parison~the;m;QsU:e¢en:tMcCitt.ti1ey'showin:Miamf featured $25 tickets released the week of'the

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November 20,.,2010 Ea(;)hw.edc, t.tWetb watch the Redskins lose, knoWing'.ful1well;that Lwill.see the grieving face of Daniel' M.SnygerOn 'tb.e televist<m. ~fm~esmedlU1ce like I did when France fell. And Snydees unpopularity he.tp'§-withmy~ntii1Uing:effortsto. beratehistribe.8.nydeds the Roy Cohn of NFL ()WA~r,s.,

,Novenip~'2Q~.2.010 . When my DadW!iS ali've.~:he,w~sa Redskin.fan (this.w~sthepre-SnY4er-reghne.J I)a~fistrot around fO sw hoW S,nyder has'ruined his b'clbved"Skil1s".


Honestly I'm: glad my

NoverLiber'20,101'O as a 16ngJhne,Giantsfan it.was alwaysj~st:PaJj of'the.seasonte know Y()tlhadt(Hryand beat.the' tt<d$k1~s'.YQw. team was:the'euemy, that S!iic!;:you,QQIltdes~lYe tb.~§,.n,QJ<at:~:L,lmighldW~lIiilgfon.Mafa do:esrtthavefd: shake:haodswith tilis scumbtfg:. ..' .' . .. ." . . You;:foJJ{~ n~~tQ seri9U~ly orga..m.z(:;.ahdboyeott. Pickett the' pa.tldhg:'.!Qts:. You and.a1i.footbaH fans deservebetter,then this,_ ..... ..

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Nti;~b~ 20,2010, you forgetR> RoOtleyrule·.,Howfiapoleon qiI'cumverttelftherooneyrule by staging a-couple of'fake irit~iewswii1l b1ackcq~be.sthen lnunediatelyhirin'g,s4anahanwith Whom. e had 'already negotiated a: h .COhttapt.,O'i''cOUtse one o'fth(jse~.coacheS,'Wil1 probably win a super bowl before Mike does;' .'
The6rgaruzaiionneverchanges;,.insteadofcollecting fantasy players he now collect fantasy coaches. What.hasMike,doite.sirtceelWayretited? Terrible. But.Mtke was the big "name" out there so napoleon jl..lst,h.~·tO,'havebi,l]l; November 20, 2010 AmaZing:! More Snyder.;.era,player/coachqashirig would've been nice. I guess that.ceuld be an entire book.


128. t<>n:ycalvater@l

ht:tP;/lwww~wa.$l1ingt()ncitypa.pel"-¢Olnlarticlest40063/tbe-cranky;;redskirts-fans-guide-to-d.... 1111-912010

Remenlb~·that~r.UcJetll'W'r,a,ljpuJ las9P:q~:pbellMingth~.11th starting quarterback (a:t tlte time) St'4i;e,Sh'1der ,tocikoY,eri .•i Iowdthe starnngo-recordltdslints ... Gus VrerQf:t~Tony 1{e~th';~bul~,.; ~';P-S: '



Redskill;s~o.~"~:1¢k(~tb;{)~4~ :::$:tJ~S'

Why go yqp:;fai'Q-ts:C()lif.ilrti~ tP'$p~ttthis: assholewho tepeatedl)isflckshis hand into your wallet and giv.es,'you a:komOle tan,experience? . pjQfi:Jyout¢a1fz--e:theienti'ie nan6nWas laughing:at"y'Ol.i:b:ibes for sifting-in:the cold rain in your $200
seats, after'pay.Ut:g $:'l$ to. pa(kan,Q tllenfa,;-ing,a2d1ourdtiveJtQ:tne?
. $tqprenewingYQUrrse~Qn.,ti6ketsJhat. no orteelsewa.ntsand J~3..Q .!mothercQwhoys fan
quit bemg


()wnez:; never kAewh~w~an idiot,andscumhag of a ):illmat;lb!:lJug,A~t\lally"sym:patIrize; w/Y0:tl.slciliS'fans"J Gef would:Jiot'spend a dime .oil the: skins until i1~!sgouec,

Wow! alW~ys;'astthotigbthe:waSal1 idiotteam j . .. . .

Novemher20 •.2010


·N6vembet~O;.20l0 Ple!l'$:~'k~p up:garirtg:tl:l:~aJ;t'i¢le vvifu<spm¢'ofthe irtf'o:Y6ti're getting,iJ'rth.e cOllllUent,sections., There's still. rOO'sof'more'gr,eat'y~a.mplesiour'plagl,le'ofan'·o:wn:et··has C()~nmlfed Great···artic1e!




Oreatartrcle. b.ui:it did leave 6utt11e;,Steve Spumer:Er.a ... The Era that began after Snydergdtridof Shotenheimer an4,g~ye SpUIT1.era $;45miIltQ,ll contract that was;thetil!)stlu:crati've,. at the time, in the history otth~'NFLSputrie.t g!'it"rid~ofphwttr,back Stephe~i DaYi~an4repl~cedhlm with Trun'gCanidate -l)il~g t*~tQ,ngQMjaa;t'e~ oan:~nyd:e:risa vilewtetched:h.Urrtart bcing~and .themoStincompetent owner theiNFL.has eyers~,Shy.der-is scum, ASa,Jifelon~'fan Ihavegr-own a,patheticwith each passing, sea$<'>n.Snyder'wow~tbe,noWhete inJlfe rfhe didn,~t'havepublishing magnate and real estate tycoon multi-b~1Ii9!;1a~MOrtZ.:tlc1<;elJl:l:~ b!llllqQl!ingevetyfailed venture, the dumb retarded weasel Was ever been inVO'tve.d:,Ui.up ruitiLn6·.putcnasedtbe Redskins. on DEBT ALONE.lfMQUZQckennann .Was b~~<>llin.gA.NY6.i"itE ¢venaflerthatpers6h lost $3 Milliouon a greund.breakinginnovative.concept such. as"JIC~pu,sUSA}"th.a~~~i'vidual W'Ollldbecol)lea..miIJionaireat some .point which is exactly what happened withB.ozo Snydet'TheClo'Wn.

Novemher 20, 201:():


Novemb~r20, ~010'

Bob Sanders

a fopne,l' se~~on ~clce~holdef, aho1Jt 40~Yeru:Sbetw~nillYfather'®dJ, I finally gave up,fhetickets, and ro;otingf6r the Reaskin:s,becauseit seemed being a, Redskin ffil;iWas similiar tobeing,anI)3M fa,n" L.e.!lUnply'ro,QPn;g ;fora"bJlsine.ssJo,rlo Well -sothehow:,Srtyder managed to remind us professional . football w8Sca,huslness..,Wll.en,:t;no!)tother Owtlersi!l:aJl other'sperts-somehowmakeus feel.lt. is: a hoiIletbwn:te;;liti~.,
The-last: straw in 'giving up the'tickets w~sconthll1iD:g to pay-fer parking. at the stadium, and havingno

sp~a¢,eS' Oeln& left.. and,b:avi'fig nobodyto line up the:cars when pulling in;:all facing the right way, as:was the c!lsein.lt£.:I~. Snydwis '8. doosh,

1'34 -'-"'.



Page 3'6 o'f45'

:Sob Sanders
ij:'¢y, Jake-!", lli,,' just


saw your p()s(;.yo~are . also;;a,>d()o~,:aQPe:yo'Uia,tenot reprodu()mg' - you pindick .' .... ..... ,




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'Nov:em't>er:20, ,2dJO


Pave.,yoP h~veoutdon'efr0titSelfthis ilin'¢~Van never failtoimpress:.

I w(jnderif'the'E~ttellteS'kins,pblit&uto nlive starled bafui:ing 'people ,fi,orn lirtkitrg,thisarti de ill posts?, It 'wouldn"t s1¥PJ:ise'm~{;:peQpJ~ ()1J;th~~qon'lwantthi~Site' togainextta ttaffi¢,be¢ausethey'f~afraid that
peoptertii@t1~arn ilie:ttUth. ab6ut:,their daddy Bnrder:. ., Wi~l'Lo:iidoUi1,Larrytalk about this ¥tj'¢.1.'e:?aIaULY' :'~otip®li



A:weS:(;lIne:~r:ticre; b'lltp:(ithing abuuttheA16ertHaynesworth;d'ebacle?Jnevec"th()ught.Snyder could pbssibly,makeaworsedecislon than signing peiop. ~'ander:s>:but hen he signed Haynesworth that was w th~$i'St'<:omp<Uisonth~tpoppedint()myb.ead.Can. youimagino'whlif.wo,uldhave happened if Snyger hado~I;l~'tfi~te~ltl wb~~ tbeQO,WQ'Qys'werelo:6kirtg to tra4e'Hersch¢lWa1ker? The Redskins would ha~eglven'\lP everyflt$t, secorid;:andthird,round~pick:{ol"fhe'next ten:YearS,'ThiS guyfs an. ab$olute 'moron~::pl'ain and sfmpte;JackK¢!;!tCookella:d,tiitee ebampionships'because he had agoodG.M, who got the players a great head coa¢h ne~ed:andhe W!;'o.tethecheoks to pay the people Beathard and Gibbs We11Mut and got,albeit withou(ia'salary cap. SItyd:erneeds to uhderStand that paying orreortwo players 25%of the team payroll only ensures that the t,e~.doesnQt:,have.a,tostel" fuUof;capable players from top tobettom. This teeny weeny jackass does norundersiand th~t, you 'pl~y f~~~y foo.fba:llbydtaftlng players ,from 'around the league onto a 'FANTASY t:e:am~nors.igningJias hecnsJo a;reaI team thathas to paYltlassiye contracts with millions ~~e,(J~J vvj,li'MYe.r go. t(j;Fe4EX:.Fi'eId for ~otltet:g'am:e;andJtnt1ybelieve; as much as itpains me say thi~thattheRedskins wilLno~wm~cither ~~p'er13Qwl as long"~s'Tiny Danny Snyderowns. the teflln.Tl:l:¢'NFL needS::td, reaJ'lzethat hefs abloton:the'1ea,gue and' force him. to sell the' team. Unfortunately $ny4efS ego js:t,ool?tg.tQ1l!IQW him to see-what he has done to the,frohtoffice, employees, 1'1ayetsartd fans of;aoIlce:great organization. 137'



NQy.($lber21, 2.0.10

Dan is inthe'l>w~mess'Qfma.kipgm.(mey. Atthathe:"isincredibly as.lorig as:h:6'g maldrig;,mant:y.How do YOlvstQpit?

successful and will-never sell the team

- Dorl1f;r,enew season tickets -JfYp'u~e~r~)r'paiijfQt1j#ketsiP:ldfeel YOUinUstgp".avoid !Wendi~$- ne red cent while you. are o there. Take the. m:ep'Q.t:s~e~Jnb'eex:~;,e~J:peforehan<i.Ibinkaboutit - if¢y~ofthe 90;OQOpeople in a1tendati<:espendS .$40Jessl'er: gaffi.'e;:tliatwould be a loss.of $28M1year~90Kx $40 x8 games). It's a ~.Don'.t'buy'.ANYRedskins merchandise, If you wanrto support.theteanrbuy.a genetic Surgtlndyl601d shirt, .. ut·withotiltlleRedskins/NFL logo.on.it, h - .Jfyouwantto: he;relllly{tggressiv:~; b,Qy~ttall sponsors, and mostimpcttantly, let them knowwhyyou ate b0y¢Otting them. . .


ded the money Q<:<::a'U~~ J:th1rik. iti~'a. them. ete.n:1?~~11l1311$'·. but two of l them Still iivedhereandrespondedwhenthe Ski1l$caU~d In 1998i an4theybought the tix. Howls iraslitprise:'to anyohethiit a guywho made millions . 142':' Charles.).years.team..orte:h·ac:rdied.e.gt6n¢itypap.lt.full .Cj.~m¢YiO. ~y tp'tailcapolJ.. and Snyder..eppO'ckets.l3LE\V ~.a moneychanged..$}i:Qi1lSnyder's de.urstbiioo l~l 139 lnto.. th~:wai( sf was!. .A:RSEA..ebeen thinking mote·artd. lea:g\le'tl.1:l1~ptiqnedsJl4IgJheiplaJady ana oth. in fact..nitio..erate a. 2010'. fhmcbise~ . one no lO)!lg~rived in.e!:s.www•.tj.~aHmgHst.er.s..tlHW¢ouldn'fpay fotfueir'..t11ey'wer.off'and Qupemotepoople. So in 1998.1·1/29/2010 W ."who qQw.e.got Iffancy package earlier this year in n the mail sdliciting1.¢asonticket&. much stuff . l'i4:!i' :O(iesjiQbQdyetse:UiinktbatlastS'und~y1sgariie Desert Rat was aprotesfby theteam7 N~yem'b:er:Zl.J cutouUhehaid ~py and wiIlkeep'it.but you converiientlyptit{a1most) aUofftln one.ithe. At+yfhHlgto siph911 millicm.6litinuetb.e'W:'m~ng·'to NoY..redskins ..:It was.TaA'f's how hl.}ye. Duh.the DC area.~b.m~h):g:m.gtow<:L· Robert:Risher '. bus !' SNYPE:ij. 143 hungry' asshole? This~ieopard!s. the:waitlist is GONE.copsaHfri'es.d~u. ashlri. t':V. support to Desert:Ral Novciribet21. thete:ist06.brljSe iigettfugJe~ed" N6vember.te 11C01tfcall'itp~iliIrg 118t$.'blls btittgjqgtl)'e fo~tb~l players to the stadium -for ~e Pat1dijgt!ITheRaven~rrefiisMtopaYI slimy greasy 'Snyder finally cavedin and r~fun. .S:ON TICKET WAITLIstr In 1998.9UUty toeD. NQvVin2010. .heis sending out expensive wisoliCitedmaH pieees.color .'21year$.sort ora new licensing feeJQtpro sports? Like.et. SnyderJs:sucl1 a tqtal jerkt~a:ncart't eycp:t?~plcUn it..to-d. SOl1:1~.and. a'coworker W!lS' waving aroupdrus MW Re4skinse~o'n tickets. R~em:b¢.' told me>he.s tOQWIr tlletelUlibe'qujte literally idolized-as a child -."" th~:p..21.chargeddhe~f.fortlie. He.eG'ebi:getownstudents ..e~on . have hot been tbagartie iIi 'ten.p~~JodQfor.f(:): seas~ntix:.tne..ll. 1. :ify6ti ap.2010 ~¢W .ll~·lliarthehQme team can't charge the Visitirlg:teamto enter the stadium ROTF .11.2ptn Ml GR'EATJOBl ManY'ot1l~ pg~~~ J'l:av~.TWENTY~ONEyearsearlier had all signed up . bJtp.prosports:fnfuchi'sei! thetiyou have to payXXXrriillion oryoll get shut down.there was a gameagafnst the Ravens.CQmiarticIesl40063/the~cranky . schools.. andpu. 2(hO.$lIiy'B~y wtifown this team arid c.giingg. Also: How great woul(l if~e{or PG'E..fthem~.2o:iO.tiQtsQm.!hi's piece WMheaV)' stQck.'[of 4$ As 19n9@h.·opposing·team'g.. THANKYOtH' .2t.This-mailer must have 'cost three to four dollars per copy 'to'r)::r~Jl~)\it.pec. RetlllY"~epr~ssth~.place..tthis QlI:e? rs:e~chetlbut()9u1dri~Lfiiidateference . .mbreiiboul'the:actofmoYlngmy anotlierteam.toward the cOunty's general fund.fans~guide.t':YE.pSnYder ls tb ripc.·¢rsWhen . :N6-vet:n:ber :it.sp()tshaven'lever Noventber·21j 2010:.just beforeihecretin Snyder' b()ughtthe1.remains.happt:ll.td.and I am not on any blly Skins list.Oftht(f():ut. Wow.>plerronr o~)tortown.*'because:l<he-was a money-hungryasshole . thteetoommates when. wou1dbe~brilIiant. .Page 3.

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Theyjpstendeda49:year dr(}uW1tby winni~gthe Stanley Cup>'iastSpring.tart'with :th'¢'PC MaYO. One of my "Bucket Lis] ":dreams ReQ$1$l.America is.I1~e.were the playby-pfaygUYs..ip..:JIH~gomblckha:wks whp for yaers were nrismanaged by a.g():l.A¢~.LandS while.an..I. . {fpwdid s~~a!v~a.EdWa..if.hls ass out ofptibl'ic and to'riev¢Fteturn .d.actillg'Jike tbey1re not going iq lellye.~9.d.:ust la$t1season Dan 8t1yder'was ban:trlfig.d onee'they break out of slavery and itcan be 9Y~rn.:can!$.:. Ilinnot one to delegate tesponsibilities but fue.. f 11/29/2010 .igh...tJeaccduntablefor 'theccming Indiru4Hispani¢'~d'n¢gri<l' g¢n$:ations otu:p. +""e. . ans-guide-to..:whoownsAmeticaand. I feitro Ibve with the: '$kiUs: tb. m:: Jint res Simultan~usly d~r<::s~mg ~qiIJ:siglttftt.2O:1{) .and.brihe Washington Redskins.did~te: Aop:ut-$ynder' at:!:d theItrdtan$'l'sJ.ire boy Jordes .l'ries}t's.plantcotil.wn:er.nf:l Bill Wirtz.l.:e.O:W hav~~ga waipng li!)tof'~:O. l give he I'ean.Dan's Ass.! .······ IU..· . ".::: ~~~.irIi..er thmt J1.al! celors that-don't IleedtO be slaves ~you.pWIiet..ml:lin siluationhel'e.t]te cloth.ead with awh.J:dLBalti. .Indiana-besides casinos that can't.<lver(.games Were.Wve.m. t hrtp:!fwww...nd'ers 'Who's'peIjur~dth eF'lag' and1'he ':Rep~blic out tof6relgrn*$..I'm a Canadi~.Q TIiis~'eis:awesome.lugsmiles. off the side of t yqur:hea.)llstw.a:dtot).dditas long as Little Danny Snider owns the team.(ie all local .Seasons ticket base-of 6.p~pr~'md¢m.Th~:CtankyRedsld.n.~ty dOh. .W~1l4on.n'.neyearil for the genial despotism ofJack: Kent Cooke.run.cl1.s·:g·..tbo:k.overiand:thirigswenton:an. ·hasnot. his soh Rocky..(jryo~'vec:J()lle: ~1l4jh~t!s 'even a £'ootl:)41f team callinga1:'latton of People whom is-as rich aS$~der ifther o111~'1mew :their Rights asHumanslo.. I was a fan for life. i'ariiig@202~393w91321202 .charges and a slew of infari9usQbseq~io1.:in.()¥lqr~e:iY~·ut$~ndered~igp~lsfromthe:Ro~trester: <::l3S affiU~t~~ Whq ·cartiedfue·NFC'Bast.i.~r~c .:~Mi~ontQ:e.. .washiri8't0hcitypaper.getsued for committing'peljury MCl'w~. They went from a totanynegative!f~irLexpetienc.~"" .e.e.b~tiW.y wearJs in forati'"eatwhierll'Jil suing all 6fyou for 'o/h:a. He was a bastard but he was our bastard you supp'orters.lswhere'likt: the.~c~lbehaviQr~ p1$.dfrQm\l.re~fmustbepu. ..l~ tyral!n..!.ope.~ first.:stand. ..Noy:etnber22~.000 fan~J !Q' D. . Giants and Cowboy I ~I$~rche~fot:th~{.t:.. 'ely·.S~t m.CityPaper Page39~of45 N(j.4L a.ceGrayto.onll:d:~pl[lt~.in.y~ fan. do~<::S~'tm'eanhe children and their t 'fiUJ:lillescan'tberree...upwardtrajectoryfron1there.Mt te:ach.pat Siitrin1tirallai1d'tdm Btooks1iife. . I'mnot $qgg:estingtllatoneot"youJocals pqtac'!lp· in. n~s'appreciated otttGood.iS: an outtbbe. racist coup YOu'vego. .ana:a'454..lll'oJ4. Qffofthe'Am:erican Media datJ1ngstbe. Mr Wirtz died...ton the' hill.ev~rgeflijsclay.l#~nA~(.t1ieit Rights to theit.~likerelil' Blac~s:i'$ why J.J.e]~ep\lblicreq\li. .·· mi7.t.20i !t::was . .v¢m:b~22.124.le(j andthe People regain 'theircoIiScience'sworldwide:.'C~ 'and see'tl1e rS'kiits:live. D'aUasCowplops by-kickinglliehell mow..dtb. . ·Th···· o"'y .bIQcked'out on local TV·..:Guideto Dan Snyder: '''WaShlngten.aJl'been:these'42Yrs'With noneof'you everbeing black-enough to stanq up and fight for >H:UIIl~ Rl'ghtsthat l:.time: rwai¢hedthem wipe the Sl1. O.evetlike lllsboy.lgchildten of.~n .\lSe Indilllisdon't hav¢.yol:lall:eyerknowh()w priceless-i] is to be FR$EEH!..i~hfulthi@ng Lsuppose.Ferity/whom must.•.redsk:ins . LitfI¢.. I!ILtiever .st ·0· .. 0 J5. 'P:atti:ck a:e~p.r!lihtosu0haproud and storiedfranehiseas this? It makes o.terrible o.l. was to he. '!io't'wilI: ever .co .efuber'2:2'. Gun Lawsin~C~adl:! Cll'eopgll.LOt..tn.game.anq if you know I'deserve a Debate: with PerJtiredVince.2QJO Nl~y'Qf'ln(l'e~nd(mfQllp.TY 8.chi1&enhOw to JIve and he cultllIed~w&Shingtoilake that Indian.eomlarticlesl40063I:the:-Craiiky . Grie:fi: out ofIhem. ..haye:¢a~h'chil#illidfaJ:tiily C. Nov.esthe.s fan~::h~v~s~rm'·so lowth~twe: 4ave to accept condolences from Eagles..@fay..s. a fteakilig f09t~all~arn.f·hg4. and comi1.as:}?-abit:uaJof'fe. ~November22.J grew up on the rtOtthshote'ofLRke Ontario. c~ge.ish~Jor cath(jih~chariti¢sesp¢¢~auy)ca.!npre'is sti1lrulll}ing'furM~YO:r:ofDG. l. .. swerious debt ro.OOO!andofferingagtei:lt fan experience aNhe.ts'ili~ to:thehlll fot'under Oathperjury.:tli. '~49.ns Eililts...m 1191Nayor but-it.393~] 909~tetriember i't~sIt Catholic charity facdtiy ~1l.

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