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EX1 Put these sentences into the correct order to make two conversations.

A Hold the line please, Ill put you through. B Holstein International Trucking. Can I help you? C. My name is Anna Larsen. D. Could I speak to Hans Schmidt? E. Hello, Hans Schmidt speaking, can I help you?

A. Yes, you can. B. Good afternoon, Holstein International Trucking. C. One moment. The lines busy, will you hold? D. Could you tell him Anna Larsen called and ask him to call me back at my Copenhagen Office? E Can you put me through to Hans Schmidt please? F Could I leave a message for him?

EX 2 Put the following verbs in the present continuous to complete this paragraph.

Mark Dean and his colleague Anna woods work for Europestar Hotels. They ________________ (visit) the Canary Islands next month for a four -day business trip. They ___________________ (arrive) in Gran Canaria at 11.00 a.m. and __________________________ (give) a presentation on the companys plan to local managers in the afternoon. On day two Mark ______________________ (travel) to Tenerife and ___________________(visit) the companys hotel there. Anna ____________________________ (not accompany) him. She __ _____________ (stay) in Gran Canaria and ___________________ (interview) people for the job of manager in the new hotel. On the third day Anna_________________________ (not work). She ____________________ (have) a days holiday. Mark ____________________ _______ (meet) local trade unions and politicians. On their last day they _______________________ (attend) a conference run by the Spanish government. They _________________________ (not leave) together. Mark ________________________ (return) home on the 8.00 flight but Anna _____________________________(not leave) until 11.00 . / 15

EX 3 Complete the text with verbs from the box. Use either the present simple or present continuous tense. attend go have know prepare speak think travel

Sofia Grammatopoulos is Marketing Manager at Kayavis Food and wine S.A., an expanding medium-sized business in Thessaloniki. She co-ordinates the work of a team of three people. Kayavis .. distributors in eleven countries in Europe and America, so Sofia often abroad. Next week, she . to Canada to visit their new retail outlet. She Greek, English and Danish. At the moment she .. an intensive German course because the owner of Kayavis of opening a shop and a large restaurant in Munich. Sofia .that she will have to work in Germany for six months, so she herself for her new assignment as best as she can.
/ 16

EX 4 Complete the following telephoning phrases with a suitable word.

Can I . your name? Just one .,please. Hold .. . I would to speak to Mr. Allan. Im .. shes in a meeting at the moment. Can I .. a message? Could you ask her to call me .. this afternoon?


EX 5 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1.A lot of / calls / day. / every / makes / she / telephone

2. evening, / watch / in/ the / we / TV. / usually

3. a / days / late / Tony / two / weeks . / works

4. often / clients? / do / how / visit / you

5. colleagues . / have / I / lunch / often / with

6. are / home / on / rarely / Saturdays. / at / they


EX 6 Complete these sentences with either the present simple or the present continuous form of the verb in brackets.

1. We .. three or four new product every year. Currently, we. a new type of air conditioner. (develop) 2. I think our sales figures .. this May. This is unexpected - normally they.. in autumn and winter. (improve) 3. It generally .. only one year to develop a new product, but the FX200 longer because of technical problems. (take) 4. Mrs Wu . all our products presentations. This week, she our next presentation in Vancouver . (organize) 5. This is where we . our products. As you can see, Martin . Some cosmetics from our latest range. (test) 6. We Sonaras laboratory until our new one is ready. Otherwise, we never .. other peoples facilities. (use)