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HP Business Answers eBook

HP Business Answers eBook

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Published by: Hewlett-Packard on Sep 01, 2011
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Training is a smart way to increase your productvity. However, training budgets are ofen the frst thing
you cut when tmes get tough. So, how can you use technology to cut the cost of training or even get it
free? Here are some tps.

1. University courses. Apple’s iTunes University gives you free access to 350,000 flms, videos and
lectures from some of the world’s greatest insttutons.
2. Online teachers. Skype is a great tool for free internet phone and video conferencing. They have a
directory of advice and service providers, including tutors and language teachers.
3. Web conferencing. If you want to run training courses yourself, online webinars can be a way to
reach people in diferent ofces or people who are working from home, cutng the cost of room
hire and travel. Check out HP Virtual Rooms – the perfect tool for web conferences.
4. LIFE. HP recommends LIFE, the Learning Initatve For Entrepreneurs. It contains interactve business
simulatons and other engaging tools for learning new business skills.
5. Free language training. Have a look at LiveMocha, which gives you access to free online training
courses and links you up with natve speakers of your chosen language so you can practce.
6. YouTube. If you need help with something practcal, why not look on YouTube? The video site has
thousands of how-to videos, such as how to defragment your hard drive in Windows 7.
7. eBooks. There are free eBooks, guides and other documents on sites such as Issuu and Scribd.
8. Blogs. Sometmes a daylong training course is good. Sometmes a drip-feed of new ideas and
insights is beter. Sites like IT Donut and HP’s Business Answers blog can be helpful.
9. Sofware companies. Don’t overlook the informaton in your sofware help fles and on
manufacturers’ websites. For example, Microsof has a big library of online training tools and there
is a huge library of on-demand training for all the Ofce programs (e.g. Word and Excel).
10. HP Business Answers. Check out the business advice on the HP Business Answers.

HP Business Answers

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