Fifth Grade News

Curriculum Highlights
Literacy: Focus Skills/Strategies ideas (Brainstorming) Social Studies Focus Spelling Focus
Cowlishaw Elementary School

Volume 1, Issue 1 September 2011

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Prefix, Suffix, and Roots Preview selections Make predictions Revise predictions Main Idea and Supporting Details

How can the study of history help show our country’s diversity? What are some of the basic beliefs or values that Americans share? What were the contributions of the Western civilizations? Culture Doll projects Focus

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Word Study Weekly spelling units

Fifth Grade Team:
 Mrs. Kelly:  Mr. Klein:  Mrs. Hebenstreit: michelle_hebenstreit@ipsd. org  Mrs. Williams:  Ms. DeGeus:
Reminders: -Please be sure to have your child bring in all school supplies. -Remember to update your transportation sheet when changes occur. Your child must follow the transportation sheet directions unless the school is contacted. -Students should bring in a water bottle during the span of hot days. -Time for Kids money is due!!!

Mathematics Focus

**Students are to read daily for at least 20 minutes.
Writing: Focus

Unit 1-Number Theory


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All About Me posters Introducing Writing Workshop Creating “seeds” of

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What is a scientist? The Scientific Method

Fifth Grade Happenings
**Sept. 5: No School: Labor Day *Sept. 6: No School: Building Articulation Day *Sept. 9 @ 4-8pm Band/ Orchestra Registration at Hill Middle School on . *September 15th. 6:30-8: 00pm: Curriculum Night. *September 14th-15th: CBM Benchmarking Dates *Sept. 22: ELL Curriculum Night @ 6:30pm *Progress Reports: Sept. 23. If your child does not bring one home, please contact your child’s teacher immediately.