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Irish Nationality Alice Stopdford Green

Irish Nationality Alice Stopdford Green

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Published by: Sol Desireet Santander Mendoza on Sep 01, 2011
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JOYCE, P. W. Social History of Ancient Ireland. 2 vols.

1903. This book gives a general survey of the old Irish

civilisation, pagan and Christian, apart from political


FERGUSON, SIB SAMTJEL. Hibernian Nights' Entertainments.

1906. These small volumes of stories are interesting as

the effort of Sir S. Ferguson to give to the youth of his

time an impression of the heroic character of their history.

GREEN, A. S. The Making of Ireland and its Undoing (1200-

1600). 1909. An attempt is here made to bring together

evidence, some of it unused before, of the activity of
commerce and manufactures, and of learning, that pre-

vailed in mediaeval Ireland, until the destruction of the

Tudor wars.

MITCHELL, JOHN. Life and Times ofAodh O'Neill. 1868. A

tjmall book which gives a vivid picture of a great Irish hero,

and of^the later Elizabethan wars.

TAYLOR, J. P. Owen Roe O'Neill. 1904. This small book is
the best account of a very great Irishman; and gives the

causes of the Irish insurrection in 1641, and the war to


DAVIS, THOMAS. The Patriot Parliament of 1689. 1893. A

brief but important study of this Parliament. It illus-

trates the Irish spirit of tolerance in 1689, 1843, and 1893.

BAGWELL, RICHARD. Ireland under the Tudors and the

Stuarts. 5 vols. 1885, 1910. A detailed account is


of the English policy from 1509 to 1660, from the point of

view of the English settlement, among a people regarded

as inferior, devoid of organisation or civilisation.



MURRAY, A. E. Commercial Relations between England and
Ireland. 1903. A useful study is made here of the

economic condition of Ireland from 1641,funder the legisla-

tion of the English Parliament, the Irish

Parliament, and

the Union Parliament.

LECKY, W. E. H. History of Ireland in the Eighteenth

Century. 5 vols. 1892. The study of the independent
Parliament in Ireland is the most original work of this

historian, and a contribution of the utmost importance

to Irish

history. Mr. Lecky did not make any special

study of the Catholic peasantry.

Two Centuries of Irish History (1691-1870). Introduction by
JAMES BRYCE. 1907. These essays, mostly by Irishmen,

give in a convenient form the outlines of the

history of the

time. There is a brief account of O'Connell.

O'BRIEN, R. BARRY. Life of Charles Stewart Parnell. 1898.
2 vols. This gives the best account of the struggle for
Home Rule and the land agitation in the last half of the

nineteenth century.

D'ALTON,4E. A. History of Ireland

(1903-1910). 3 vols.

This is the latest complete history of Ireland.



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