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Published by: turnbull_ann_l on Sep 02, 2011
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It was a cold winter night, John was walking through China Town to try and find a present for his son, Roald. He found a store called ‘Ying Yong $100 store’. Although he didn’t like the sound of it, he entered. There was a great deal of gifts in the $100 store such as gift vouchers for the Chinese store around the corner, gift vouchers for the massage place next door and toys for young children (Roald was 23) and a box, a moving box. A man came out from under the counter, “What’s in the box?” John asked “Not for sale,” he replied. He disappeared under the counter again. John opened the box and a cute creature lay inside. It had orange fur around its body and a white stomach. It had big blue beady eyes with a big face (It was a good mix, in Johns’ opinion). A boy came out from the door that John had entered. He looked like the man’s Grandson. “I’ll sell it to you for $5, OK?” he asked. John felt like bargaining it down but, sure enough, it was a good deal. “OK” John said in a voice that wasn’t very enthusiastic. The boy lifted the box. They left the store and started to walk down the street. “Never, feed it after 12PM,” the boy began. “Do not give it any water. As long as you follow these instructions, you’ll be fine.” When Roald’s dad gave the gift to his son he explained, “Roald, make sure you don’t feed it after 12 PM and never give it water. Oh, by the way the guy who sold it to me called it, ‘Gremlin.’ As John walked out the door he turned back and said, “Merry Christmas” “Merry Christmas,” Roald replied. He took Gremlin into his room and put him on the bedside table, where a glass of water was. It was 5 minutes to 12 so Roald decided he might be able to just fit in a stick of celery so Roald left the room to get the celery. Roald came back from the kitchen, with a stick of celery in hand. There were ten more Gremlins around the room. The glass of water was now empty. “So that’s what happens!” Roald said to himself. He decided to give celery to the smaller Gremlins so they could grow. Then Roald realised. The wire on the clock had been bitten so it was 7 minutes slow. Suddenly, all of the Gremlins he had given the food to started to turn green. They weren’t fury any more, they were now slimy. One of them leaped at Roald and started to scratch with its claws. Roald got a big scar down his face. He pushed it out the apartment window (Which was 2 storeys high). Roald started to push the other Gremlins out the window. Except for two. The original and a bad Gremlin. The bad one broke free and Roald jumped at it. He just got it in time and threw that one out the window too. He landed in some water so another bad one was born.

Roald saw this and left the building to chase after it. He caught it after a big chase and killed it. The original Gremlin and Roald were happy together.



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