Copyright Martin Armstrong all rights reserved August 31st, 2011

A few people have asked why EUROBONDS and will this solve the problem? What we are facing is the complete meltdown of the World Economy. It might not send us to the Stone Age, but we are in a very delicate position here and we have to take this one step at a time. The EUROBOND is essential to keep Europe together as an economy with the freedom of movement and liberty. Europe is on the doorstep of disaster. If it breaks-up, the trade barriers will rise with regulations and freedom of movement will cease as everyone will be pointing fingers at everyone else as the cause. That opens the door to WAR whether or not you want to even entertain that possibility. This decision that there is EITHER a unified Europe or it disintegrates will have to be made VERY soon. The volatility is appearing off the charts starting in November and lasting back and forth going into June of 2012. I am deeply concerned that the world will turn VERY, VERY Ugly and we are not talking about long-term stuff here. The EUROBONDS are a FIRST STEP to stabilize Europe as an entity. It will NOT solve the crisis long-term. I am trying to just keep it together for now. The SECOND STEP is the reform of the debt structures. I have been invited by some on Capitol Hill to visit for discussions behind the closed doors. I AM WILLING TO ASSIST EUROPE in its time of need and will debate anyone they wish to bring. I just warn Europe. I strongly urge that anyone they may wish to debate me better have real experience and not theory. I did that in Vancouver where I debated the top of the central bank advisors in the 1980s. I do not play by the same rules as the bought and paid-for economists who compare statistics they know are bogus among nations who all use different formulas for political purposes. When I told the truth about the numbers, he became so disarmed all he could say was he was tired of us Americans telling Canadians what to do. The moderator Mike Levy jumped up and that ended the debate. I was then asked if I would debate the top three economists in Australia by the Australian Associated Press on national TV Downunder. I agreed, but no one would debate. If it’s a debate you want, give me someone with REAL experience in the REAL world. Time is running out!

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