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Compare_Full-Test vs Alternative_ASME PTC6

Compare_Full-Test vs Alternative_ASME PTC6

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Published by: gopiiitkgp on Sep 02, 2011
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General comparison between full-scale test and alternative test of ASME PTC.

Full-scale Test Alternative Test Remarks 1.3.1 The full-scale test requires extensive thermal cycle 1.3.3 The alternative test relies on fewer measurements Description of ASME PTC 6 measurements and calculations which provide detailed and makes greater use of correction curves for cycle information about turbine HP, IP, and LP individual adjustments and heater performance with resultant cost component performance. savings over the full-scale test. Fewer (Approx.80) Thermodynamic properties which directly have an effect on the heat rate calculation are only measured by test instruments. Steam cycle equipment Test scope Steam turbine only ,including STG and other steam cycle equipment, e.g. condenser, feedwater heaters, BFP, extraction piping. Computation of results Easier Base, complicate Correction of the test results to specified conditions is carried out by using correction curves.

Number of test measurements

Base (Approx.300) Large number of test instruments for measuring almost all thermodynamic properties in the thermal cycle.

Cost of performance test Location and type of test instruments Measurement Uncertainty


Economical and Practical

Fig. 4.11(a)

Fig. 4.11(d)

Minimum (Approx. 1/4%)

Slightly increased (Approx. 1/3%)

Expressed as a heat rate.

Toshiba’s experiences

A few cases specified by the customers

Usual method

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