2. Complete the puzzle using the clues below.

Across 2. here are so many people here! How will we T find Jenny in this ? 4. f I were an I house. , I would buy an enormous

1. hoose the correct answer. Pay attention to C the underlined words.

5. hope your with Johnny Depp ends soon! I I’m tired of hearing about him! 8. y sister met Bono, and got his M box. on a CD .

9. don’t care about the latest fashion I I wear what I like. 0. y father’s a scientist, and his 1 M Einstein. Down 1. here was a lot of T entrance exams.

is Albert

before the university . He’s an assistant

1. 2. 3. 4.

We had such a lavish lunch that I was afterwards. a. hungry b. very full

2. ake is part of the film J electrician.

Colin was a spoilt child but, surprisingly, he grew up to be a very man. a. considerate b. self-centred Prince Charles often makes controversial statements that . a. please everyone b. make some people angry They’re asking an outrageous price for this flat. It’s . a. very reasonable b. far too high .

3. he actor Christian Bale got some bad T when a tape was released of him shouting at someone on a film set. 6. obert and his R their wedding. finally decided on a date for

7. often print lies and rumours about celebrities.
1 3




r o w d

5. hat politician is notorious for T a. his many love affairs b. improving the economy 6.

She used to be quite wealthy, but she’s lost a lot of recently. a. money b. weight

r u h e i r b s l s 5 6 7 i n f a t u a t r a c i i a e b t n l 8 a u t o y c i é 9 10 r e n d t i d s

r e s s w i o n

g r a p h o l 

Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books

Unit 1
3. rite T (True) or F (False) for each sentence. W Correct the false sentences. 5. omplete the sentences with a suitable C collocation. Use the correct form of the verbs take, go or catch and the words and phrases below.

F 1. A bodyguard is a personal trainer in a gym. A bodyguard is a person who protects someone. T 2. A role model is someone we admire.

breath • blind • for granted • eye wild • by surprise

T 3. When you fool someone, you trick them.

catch the waiter’s 1. hen we can W eye , let’s ask for the bill.
2. ost of us M

take good health for granted until we become ill.

T 4. Fans of someone worship that person.

3. fter I walked up the hill, I had to stop to A catch my breath . 4. hy are they letting their children W go wild ? They’re disturbing everyone.

F 5. passer-by is someone who sells things at A

F 6. When we gossip, we talk about ourselves. When we gossip, we talk about others.
4. omplete the passage with the words and C phrases below.

A passer-by is someone who passes / walks by on the street.

street markets.

going 5. ack’s dog is J won’t be able to see.

blind and soon

6. never expected to win the contest. It really I took me by surprise .
6. omplete the sentences by adding a suitable C suffix to the words in brackets to form nouns and adjectives. Make any necessary changes.

straight • pursue • willing • emerges drive • instant • in the spotlight talent scouts

in the spotlight for years as George Clooney has been a film star. But he didn’t climb 2. straight to the top. In fact, he was anything but an 3. instant star.

GorGeous GeorGe

1. om is in the T and lives in a

When he moved to Los Angeles to begin his acting career, 4.talent scouts weren’t interested in him. But he had a lot 5. drive and was 6. willing to take small of roles in television shows. Success finally came in 1994, when he was cast in a new television hospital drama, er. Soon after that, Clooney began making films and became a star. Since then, he’s had to cope with the problems fame can bring – and that includes dealing with paparazzi, who 7. pursue him whenever he 8. emerges in public. Clooney rarely tells reporters about his private life. With his typical elegance, Clooney balances his public and private lives better than most Hollywood stars.

luxurious (luxury) home. 2. hat performer (perform) often attends T charity events for good publicity (public). 3. he cares a lot about her appearance (appear), S and only wears fashionable (fashion) clothes. 4. n most places, political (politics) campaigns I are very expensive (expense). 5. here’s a special sales promotion (promote) T
this week. If you buy two CDs by the same musician (music), you get a third one free. 6. e had a delightful (delight) time yesterday W performance at the (perform).
7. omplete the sentences. Make them true C for you.

entertainment (entertain) industry,

1. f I could go abroad tomorrow, I would go to I 2. was overwhelmed when I 3. y friends and I sometimes gossip about M 4. ne of my role models is O 5. have to catch my breath when I I

Accept all logical and grammatically . correct answers

. . . 

Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books

C One verb is used more than once. have done I 8. 4. She had been performing (perform) on stage for years before she appeared in films. In recent years. Sally is eager to begin her studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. They released their last CD three years ago. finished most of my homework. and I’d like to try something different. did Reporter: Congratulations on your Best Actress award! How 1. 5.Grammar 1. ’m surprised that Lesley doesn’t know any French. being wealthy doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. buy • watch • begin • achieve • be to watch the YouTube clip I sent you. / Their last CD was released three years ago. Have they been arguing (argue)? They look upset. (ago) T Madonna has been performing since 1977. Use gerunds or infinitives. hen did he start to play for Manchester City? W (how long) After I had finished most of my homework. 1. hey haven’t released a new CD for three years. on the red carpet. omplete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. How long I been living (live) in Paris? 2. C Use the Present Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous. I stopped buying bottled water in order to save money. 6. 7. and I still don’t believe I won! Did enjoy Reporter: 3. 1. have been considering I (consider) a part in a romantic comedy. I went out. omplete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Madonna began performing in 1977. 5. (want) to win this award since I was a child. Reporter: We all look forward to seeing your next film! 3. 2. omplete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs below. had been waiting (wait) all day to watch everyone. Then I went I out. How long has he been playing for Manchester City? 4. dramatic roles. 6. C Use the Past Simple or a perfect tense (Simple or Continuous). Jessica stopped to buy a bottle of water. 4. (do) mostly serious. Do not change the original meaning R of the sentences. have been relaxing Actress: Nothing! I (relax) for these last few months! But lately. I 2. 3. Is this your first visit to a film set? (ever) Have you ever visited a film set? / Have you ever been to a film set before? 2. On her way to school. have you been working (work) on for the past few months? Reporter: Now. Don’t forget 10 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . Believe it or not. what 5. The band have been recording (record) their new CD for the past two months. / I went out after I had finished most of my homework. (since) 4. 3. feel you (feel) when your name was announced? have wanted Actress: I was shocked! In fact. including me. 2. Achieving fame is an important goal for some people. (after) 3. 1. 5. ewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. We has she had been sleeping (sleep) for an hour when we were woken by a loud noise. you (enjoy) the ceremony? Actress: It was one of the best experiences of my life! And that includes talking with some of the fans who 4.

which makes notorious for 4. 4. to observe (observe) the private life of a celebrity. 8. Being famous is all she is interested in. Despite all this. working (work) for a celebrity often means extremely long hours and includes 6. 11 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . I’m tired of this game. abloids have been printing articles about David T and Victoria Beckham for years. heri used to sing in a band. travelling (travel) with them – leaving very little free time for oneself.Unit 1 5. 3. being a personal assistant to a star or a nanny to their children can be interesting and fun – and provides a way 7. so they went T wild when the exams were over. Correct the errors. 2. I bought milk on the I way. working / (work) for them. I stopped to buy milk on the way home. (stopped) 4. Has estat fent ioga durant molt de temps? / Fa molt (de temps) que fas ioga? 5. (regret) 6. ewrite the sentences using the words in R brackets. Be famous is all she is interested in. així que van embogir quan van acabar els exàmens. S (remember) 2. Havien estat estudiant durant setmanes / Feia setmanes que estudiaven. ary wants M fan club. She had been directing plays for five years when she decided to direct a film. Working for the Stars With busy lifestyles and work that often takes them far from home. many celebrities rely on large staffs 1. Use gerunds or infinitives. Use gerunds or infinitives. he had never dreamed of win Britain’s Got S Talent. haven’t seen (not see) you to join (join) the Blur (meet) I regret to inform you that Mr Smith died last week. Sheri stopped singing in a band years ago. ave you been doing yoga for a long time? la connexió a H Internet. I didn’t forget to write my essay and hand it in on time. to take (take) responsibility for a great deal in their lives. I Els diaris de premsa sensacionalista han estat publicant articles sobre David i Victoria Beckham durant anys. 1. he was directing plays for five years when she S decided to direct a film. 1. 5. it’s not always 2. 1. im is an incredible guitarist! How long J has he been playing (play)? 2. We’ve been playing since noon. didn’t forget writing my essay and hand it in I on time. am sorry to inform you that Mr Smith died last I week. I (remember) Grammar review 9. I (regret) I don’t remember ever meeting your parents. 2. Lamento haver-li dit aquelles coses. 3. Although it may be exciting to meet / meeting famous people. 6. am didn’t think of thanking us for all our help. but she hasn’t S done that for years. id Steve suggest D for dinner before the film? 5. (meet) easy 3. / On the way home. (stopped) Sam didn’t remember to thank us for all our help. miss you. itnesses said that photographers W had been pursuing (pursue) Julia Roberts for about five minutes before she shouted at them. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the verb in brackets. regret saying those things to him. Havíem estat intentant comprar entrades per al concert durant dues hores / Feia dues hores que intentàvem comprar entrades per al concert quan vam perdre 4. In addition. Translate the sentences. didn’t go straight home. I’m tired of this game. e had been trying to buy concert tickets for W two hours when we lost the Internet connection. I I for a month! 3. 7. 5. shouldn’t have eaten so much last night. I regret eating so much last night. Some stars are to work being (be) spoilt. omplete the passage with the correct C form of the verbs in brackets. There may be more than one correct answer. There may be more than one correct answer. them extremely demanding bosses. 1. We’re playing since noon. hey had been studying for weeks. meeting 4. don’t think that I’ve ever met your parents. She had never dreamed of winning Britain’s Got Talent. 5. 3. I stopped to buy milk.

According to an article in the respected business newspaper. urprisingly. ake paparazzi photos account for about F “… recently estimated that about half of the celebrity photos we see fall into this category. and it’s not always positive or to the stars’ liking. subtle response to bad publicity is to issue A “This can be done directly. W hy do some stars hire photographers to “surprise” them in a private moment? Because that way they can better control what is published about them. In fact not surprisingly. . they receive only bad publicity c. The editor of an American gossip magazine recently estimated that about half of the celebrity photos we see fall into this category. .. denied publishing fake paparazzi pictures c. lanned (paragraph 3) p 4. public relations for stars / trying to get publicity for stars 1. in this age of … mobile-phone cameras and especially the Internet. rite T (True) or F (False) for each sentence. a. eported on the phenomenon of fake r paparazzi photos 5. company. 50% of published celebrity photos. ook at the title of the text and the pictures. ecessary (paragraph 4) n 4. ow read the text and check your answer. paparazzi. But for those who do care. N 3. there’s often too much ‘ink’ …” F 2.. Or a more subtle approach can be taken by gradually shifting attention to different. Katie Holmes. orchestrated fake paparazzi photos d. 2. damaging or embarrassing articles and photos. it means . publicists are essential. F 1. This can be done directly. L What do you think the text is about? 2. armful (paragraph 2) h 2. some stars and their publicists have found a way to try to control coverage and to beat the tabloids at their own game: they hire their own photographers or give paparazzi advance notice so they can “catch” a star in a supposedly private moment. they’ve got a problem b. damaging subtle orchestrated essential 1. they have got a publicist d. Or a more subtle approach can be taken …” T 3. effect on media coverage of celebrities. ind words in the text that mean: F Promoting the Stars Public relations (PR) is the business of promoting a person. Choose the correct answer. product or idea by generating media and public interest. ot obvious (paragraph 2) n 3. When a celebrity gets “ink”. In addition. such as by releasing a statement responding to the published information. they’re written about The Wall Street Journal . 12 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . W Find information in the text to support your answers. many celebrities claim not to care about their public image or what the tabloids print. That’s why a big part of a celebrity publicist’s job is to help stars respond to false. there’s often too much “ink”. a statement. Answer the question according to the text. such as their involvement with charitable or social causes. in this age of tabloids. And personal publicists to the stars seem to have the easiest job in PR because “getting ink” (receiving media coverage) for celebrities is seldom a problem.. Of course. new technology has had little S “… not surprisingly.. The Wall street Journal.readinG 1.. such as releasing a statement . . a. published the first photo of Tom Cruise’s wife b.” 6. examples of these carefully orchestrated fake paparazzi moments include photos of Gwyneth Paltrow leaving hospital with her first baby and the world’s first glimpse of Tom Cruise with his wife.. mobile-phone cameras and especially the Internet. positive aspects of the stars’ lives.

despite In conclusion. 6. On the one hand most people don’t benefit directly from arts funding. 4. On the other . se the checklist to check your work. hoose the correct connector.Unit 1 writinG 1. Student’s Book page 148 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books 13 . espite / Despite this / In spite of the cold weather. / Jim is buying flowers for Sally. 2. and the arts are crucial for our culture and society. Furthermore / . so you T won’t need to hire a car there. 3. U Then write a final draft. but I didn’t know all the answers in the test. Write B a list of pros and cons. 3. ecide which view you support. arts funding allows many museums to offer free entrance. I didn’t know all the answers in the test. / Although I studied all week. See Writing Guide. Write a first draft. 3. woke up late and left the house quickly and I arrived at I school and I realised it was Saturday. I checked my grammar. I didn’t know all the answers in the test. studied all week. Yet even that amount helps Britain to preserve its artistic heritage and nurture new generations In addition / of artists. Make sure you understand the issue. contrast and example. I used a variety of connectors of addition. 2. Then D decide which of the ideas above you will include in your essay. 2. creates job opportunities and helps promote tourism. I avoided run-on sentences. 1. Use a full stop and C a capital letter or a connector. 2. public transport and the police. it has always been customary for the government to provide financial support However for the arts. in comparison with those services. I I studied all week. spelling and punctuation. I realised it was Saturday. some people wonder whether it is time to end this custom. I believe it should continue. PlanninG your For and aGainst essay 1. There may be more than C one correct answer. ChECkLiST I followed the plan for a for and against essay. hand arts funding accounts for only a small portion of the government budget. A despite • on the other hand • furthermore however • in addition • such as • on the one hand 3. It’s her birthday today. rganise your ideas. Jim is buying flowers for Sally because it’s her birthday today. The funding provides many benefits. Jim is buying flowers for Sally. it’s her birthday today. and many never take advantage of this help. Plan O pening: tate the issue / controversy. the arguments against government arts funding. you’ll need a car in Los Angeles. - celebrities can influence people - elebrities have got access to the media c - n issue that a celebrity supports may get a more publicity than other important issues that lack celebrity supporters - elebrities can help raise money for a c cause - eople may believe celebrities’ opinions p without doing their own research • dd your own ideas to the list. 2. Furthermore . 4. 6. omplete the for and against essay with the C connectors below. I woke up late and left the house quickly. 1. . D none of the actresses wore jackets. government funds In addition for the arts means less money for essential services. your task rite a for and against essay about the W advantages and disadvantages of celebrities publicly supporting social and political causes. 7. such as schools. However / Furthermore / On the one hand. When I arrived at school. Closing: Conclude and state your own opinion. S B ody: resent arguments supporting P each view. 5. • ook at the ideas below. 5. here’s excellent public transport in New York. Which are pros? L Which are cons? Which could be either a pro or a con? 1. Government Funding for the Arts In Britain. Use the model in O Exercise 3 and the plan below to help you. rainstorm the two sides of the issue. Write 100-150 words. health care. orrect the run-on sentences below.

for example • moreover • despite such as cultural 2. omplete the sentences by adding a suitable C suffix to the words in brackets. on’t eat any more of the biscuits! (stop) D At the top of the hill. 4. can’t believe I’m finally meeting you! You’ve I been my heiress / role model / fiancée for years! 5. 3. 2. ome rock guitarists in the 60s and 70s were S spoilt / lavish / notorious for their drug use. omplete the sentences with the correct C form of the verbs in brackets. Hugh Jackman! He 2. Everyone acted really calmly. we stopped to admire the view. inda’s very tired. I fell asleep on the sofa you been following a vegetarian diet ? writing 7. After I 2. running through fire and jumping from a moving car. Do not change the C original meaning of the sentences. including a modern dance performance (perform). omplete the sentences. I managed to my mobile (I’m sending the picture with this e-mail). went abroad for the summer? Write soon! Love. 2. 3. we paused and admired A the view. 3. For example . You’ll never guess who I caught sight of last week. 1. (remember) I I don’t remember locking the door. ewrite the sentences using the words in R brackets. 4. When did you start to follow a vegetarian diet? How long have had been reading all afternoon. 1. But before he eye 5. Use gerunds or infinitives. take. 3. 2. 2. t the top of the hill. 14 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . read all afternoon. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. He looked at a few shirts. Lynda 1. omplete the passage with the connectors C below. catch anyone’s . 1. Stop eating the biscuits! 6. 1. . Use the Present Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous. don’t think that I locked the door. Then I fell asleep on the I sofa. hey had been going out (go out) for two T years when they decided to get married. Moreover . This Hollywood stuntwoman has performed such as hundreds of difficult stunts 2. omplete the e-mail by forming collocations C with the correct form of the verbs catch. he president emerged / pursued / gossiped in T public for the first time since the scandal began. 1. She hasn’t L (not get) enough sleep lately. Have 1. there are free T (culture) events in the park. tried not to 4. his summer. or go and the words below. and then left. took everyone when by surprise he walked into the shop. but nobody 3. y friends and I enjoy debating controversial / M instant / wealthy issues. he young musician (music) appeared on T chat shows as part of a publicity (public) tour to promote his new CD. its dangers. she created new seat belt and helmet designs that are widely used during stunts. 5. went wild . large crew / crowd / passer-by has been A gathering all morning to greet the team when their plane lands. abroad • everyone by surprise • sight of wild • anyone’s eye • a photo Hey Sue. (stopped) 3. she’s designed safety equipment. Now aren’t you sorry that you 6. he children watched in amazement T (amaze) as the magician performed his impressive (impress) tricks. Choose the correct answer. take a photo of him with did.Progress check unit 1 Vocabulary 1. despite Sallie Larson loves her job. ou look great! Y been getting you been working out (work out)? 3. Grammar 4.

The facts emerged 2. she’s never got used to the cold. the teacher had handed out the test. very summer. It sometimes seems that they are more entertainment a part of the 6. omplete the sentences with a suitable C connector below. Here are my keys! 2. There are often articles about their 4. It took forever! We had been waiting for three hours when we finally saw the doctor. hat restaurant is notorious for its bad / good T service. (while) He was listening to music while flying. nevertheless • in spite of • furthermore moreover • however • although • despite 1. b y the time / I / walk in / the teacher / hand out / the test By the time I walked in. Let’s start to appreciate sports stars again for their 7. 3. outrageous (outrage) behaviour. Nevertheless / A . / I’ll go shopping after I go / 4. and are photographed at lavish parties with famous 3. 4. (after) F 4 a. M Grammar 4. 1. He listened to music during the flight. They were surrounded II 1. 2. expensive (expense) watches and 2. I 1.Unit 1 Progress check unit 1 Vocabulary 1. I Why don’t / do you like him so much? 3. but it didn’t work. slowly. He tried to fool 4. to me about their other friends. Photographers pursued 3. 2. / Furthermore 15 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . Don’t give the dog more treats. have gone to the bank. musicians (music) and actors. Then I’ll go shopping. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. he pressure from his parents makes Ron feel T relaxed / nervous. 3 e. Successful sports stars appear in adverts for 1. by a lot of people. writing 6. However I think he’s very nice. as well as about their occasionally 5. (stop) Stop giving the dog treats! How long have you been learning karate? 2. omplete the blog entry by adding a suitable C suffix to the words in brackets. a small crew performs on / E builds a stage in the park. They gossiped 5. rite a logical response with the words W below. amazing (amaze) performances and not for the 8. 1 d. hoose the correct answer. lot of people don’t like him. I’ll go to the bank. there’s no view. me. I have been looking for them all day. When did you start to learn karate? (how long) 3. Pay attention to C the underlined words. ’m not going to rent that flat. ewrite the sentences with the words in R brackets. the actor into his hotel. I got to school late today. After I go / have gone to the bank. fashionable (fashion) designer clothing. I’ll go shopping. 3. irst. I / look / for them / all day 1. (entertain) business than the sports business. Use the correct form of the verbs. 3. atch i to ii to form sentences. don’t understand your infatuation with him. luxurious (luxury) homes and yachts. Although she’s lived here for ten years. 5 b. publicity (public) they give to products or for what happens in their private lives. I Moreover . 2 c. It’s too small. w e / wait / for / three hours / when / we / finally / see / the / doctor 2. 5. after a long investigation.

2 Now that the rain has ended. 16 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . The greenhouse is creating climate changes effect which will affect the types of crops that can be grown in regions of the world. In fact. T Make them logical by replacing the words and phrases in bold with the correct word or phrase in bold from a different sentence. it’s going to take a lot of work to clear all this debris . inhabit 4. omplete the captions with the words below. forests here. avoid 7. 3. If we have to pay the DJ £400. halfway • fuel • logging • shortcut greenhouse effect • crops • banned bellies • voyages • renewable energy environmentally friendly • lack 3 What a shame that we can’t see much of the city today because of the air pollution . C 2 2. Susan and Jim are still devoted here. but should be arriving soon. devoted debris • pollution • landfill • trash 1 Why do I always have to trash out? take the 6. If we don’t ingest our spending. 1. we won’t have any savings left. Experts agree that it is renewable energy . I had driven halfway to your house when I realised that I hadn’t taken the short cut you had suggested. Giant pandas cut down remote mountain areas in China. ingest 2. 6. use up 3. We’re going to build a club on top of it.Going Green Vocabulary 1. destroy 9. Severe time causes children’s bellies to become very large. lack of food for a long period of 3. making their way 8. My parents use up driving in bad weather. They got stuck in traffic. This factory doesn’t inhabit dangerous substances because it was built with new emit “green” technology. 4. they never drive when it’s snowing. It is harmful to birds and sea animals to destroy plastic. Many scientists are now making their way to studying the effects of climate change. Space environmentally friendly to use Logging is banned in all the national voyages require a great deal of fuel . cut down 5. 2. omplete the sentences with the words C below. Everyone fears that the hurricane will emit thousands of homes. 1. we’ll avoid most of the budget and won’t have any money for food. he following sentences don’t make sense. 4 Soon. this landfill will be covered. 5.

. don’t even know the size of our own 6. . They’re more dangerous. break down. There’s so much to learn for this exam. I missed the first two lessons. b. It was more than we expected. pick everything up quickly. When Lori and I see sad films. pick up until early next year. The study 8. He’s easy to talk to. 3. 5. You can achieve anything you want. b. I’d like to go 4. pick me up. With your education. 3 c. usually break down at the end. a. a. 6. My computer isn’t working properly. nightmare scenarios of the future of life on Earth. emitted by each person in Britain. John’s very down to earth. My glasses vanished into thin air. We need to 4. If I could take a voyage anywhere. b. I couldn’t find them anywhere. bring it up at the meeting. Lee said he’ll 7. leisure activities accounted. including leisure. . 8. This problem is the tip of the iceberg. the sky’s the limit. It’s really not a problem. b. a. carbon footprint . Surprisingly. expect that we’ll soon face other problems I as well. 7. The money we raised is a drop in the ocean. . I should cut down on accept all logical and grammatically correct answers. I’m not taking the bus home. amount reducing the of damaging 5. 2 d. The last thing of mine that broke down was 6. . Most of us. You should be more concerned. b. atch I to II to form sentences. My worst nightmare is that 7. but I think I’ll 3. carbon dioxide we produce. 2. The only solution. of course. break it down into sections. Most experts don’t expect the economy to II 7. many respected scientists have 1. hoose the sentence that best follows the C original. I don’t expect there to be any more difficulties. we 6. She talks too much. made waves by describing terrible 2. Think about this the next time you watch a football match in a brightly lit stadium or go away on holiday! 1. 17 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . b. b. 4. We need to raise a lot more. dioxide-producing activities into 11 categories. 4 f. But a recent study of the 7. Pollution has wiped out many species. omplete the passage with the words and C phrases below. b. . harmful environmental impact of an average British citizen provided some interesting broke down carbon information. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. home-energy use and commuting. carbon footprint • nightmare • emitted amount • carbon dioxide • cut down broke down • made waves • harmful Leisure and the environment In recent years. on average. I think it would be easy for me to pick up 5. a. a.Unit 2 4. 7 g. they say. Make them true for C you. 6. 5 e. 1 b. a. is to 3. 3. She’s not like everyone else. a. omplete the sentences. for about one-fifth of the total carbon dioxide that is 9. They were exactly where I had left them. This would mean 4. One of the locally grown crops is 2. . He’s very depressed. M I 1. 5. cut down on pollution. I was brought up 6 a. Her personality brought a breath of fresh air to the office. 1. They no longer exist. That’s a great idea! I’ll 5. a. here’s a limit to what you’ll be able to T achieve. I hope it isn’t going to 2.

7. 2. have to laugh / must laugh / must have laughed when Frank Schiavo decided. should have thrown / would have thrown / must have thrown into the bin. We could have helped them. rite a sentence to describe each picture W with the words below. He shouldn’t have cut (should / cut) it. can’t recycle / shouldn’t recycle / could have recycled. 1 Zero Rubbish Some people 1. environmentalists insist on repairing or donating items that you 4. 3 they / be / delighted they must/should be delighted. But nobody’s laughing these days. a. I would have taken (would / take) the bus. 18 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . that he was going to try to reduce the amount of rubbish he produced. That means following what some environmentalists call “the three Rs”: Reduce. 2 Mark / leave / the keys in the door mark must/may/might have left the keys in the door. 5. b. 4 we / get / here / so late We shouldn’t have got here so late. Use the affirmative or negative. 1. 4. recycle anything possible and reuse food waste to make compost. they’ll be on the next one. Karen / wear / a jacket Karen should have worn a jacket. It hasn’t rained at all today! 2. b. I don’t think I’ll need it. They might have missed the train. Recycle and Reuse.Grammar 1. After following a zero-rubbish lifestyle for 16 years. Choose the correct answer. I’m going to be late! I should have (should / wake up) an hour ago! needn’t have brought woken up 1. The fish at the restaurant must have been (must / be) off. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. a typical month’s worth of his rubbish 6. In addition. but it left as I arrived. Schiavo succeeded in reducing the amount of rubbish he 5. 3. In fact. Reduce your purchases. Use a modal or modal perfect. 2. affirmative or negative. b. Keith looked better with longer hair. I might leave my phone at home. we now 2. 4. a. must fit / might fit / could fit into a small paper bag. If they hurry. 3. so I might buy (might / buy) two pairs. If they did. You should have been there! a. so I called a technician. about 25 years ago. a. All these jeans are on sale. 3. I wonder why they didn’t ask us. Lucy’s got a bad case of food poisoning. have to give / had to give / must have given Schiavo credit for being one of the first to adopt a “zero-rubbish” lifestyle. Now I’m sorry that I haven’t got it with me. b. I wonder if they’ll ask us to help. There may be more than one correct answer. Joe couldn’t repair (could / repair) my computer. The former environmental studies lecturer knew long ago that one of the ways we 3. 6. 4. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the modals or modal perfects and the verbs in brackets. can’t reduce / can reduce / could reduce our personal carbon footprint is to cut down on our rubbish. It was a fantastic concert. hoose the sentence that best follows the C original. they’ll catch it. We (need / bring) umbrellas with us.

It looks great on you. 4. Would have Jane helped you? 6. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. It might have been Madonna. . 1. Windsurfing (windsurf) is a popular sport in Australia. it might be madonna. (might not) Jeff might not have received the message. Last year. 3. C 1. had 3. 2. When I was younger. 5. I think he’s having a heart attack! We should / call an ambulance immediately! i don’t see emma here. . The water in this river is too polluted for us to drink. she must have left. We had been playing (play) tennis for an hour before Carol joined us. ur country must cut down the amount of O energy that we use. no hauries d’haver tret el tema dels diners. or I’ll be very angry. People my age can’t 5. 2. / i can’t believe that story is real. Translate the sentences. 19 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . 2. Make them true C for you. shouldn’t eat so much junk the president should have begun worrying about the environment years ago. ewrite the sentences with the modals in R brackets. (can’t) s’hauria d’ensenyar seguretat viària als nens/es per evitar accidents de trànsit. 4. We mustn’t drink the water in this river. ou shouldn’t have brought up the subject of Y money. My parents think I should accept all logical and grammatically correct answers. Our teacher school for the past 20 years. had better i’m not sure who’s singing that song. 5. There’s no need for Julie to help me cook for the party. I might 2. affirmative or negative. elia may have broken down because of the C bad news. This milk smells (smell) off. 1. There may be more than one correct answer. 4. I doubt that story is real. . 1. Have you got a pen for me to borrow? (can) Can i borrow your pen? 2. Would Jane have helped you? We’d better get petrol soon. (not have to) 5. orrect the errors. I should have gone (should / go) on holiday last month when the prices were lower. The president should has begun worrying about the environment years ago. We’d better to get petrol soon. 3. Next year. 4. 7. oad safety should be taught to young children R to avoid road accidents. 3. omplete the sentences with the correct C form of should or had better. omplete the sentences. . 2. 5. that story can’t be real. . You should wear that colour more often. I know that I food. has been working (work) in the 1. You use any of my things while better not I’m gone. el nostre país ha de reduir la quantitat d’energia que fem servir. Potser la Celia s’ha posat a plorar a causa de la mala notícia. I don’t see Emma here. 1. She must leave. . .Unit 2 5. It’s possible that Jeff didn’t receive the message. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the words in brackets. serà millor / val més que agafis la drecera o faràs tard. I should have Grammar review 10. (mustn’t) 9. 8. I don’t have to 7. my parents should have 6. My friends had better not 4. I’m not sure who’s singing that song. 3. 4. Julie doesn’t have to help me cook for the party. 3. You’d better take the shortcut or you’ll be late. At weekends.

ead the text again and choose the best R answer according to the text. produces about 2% less CO2 than airlines b. creates about two-thirds more CO2 c. But what does this mean for the average computer user? Estimates are that every 15 minutes we spend online performing a Google search or viewing web pages can generate up to 10 g of CO2. are among the most energy-saving facilities b. . a 15-minute Google search . omplete the sentences according to the text. Compared to an electric kettle. generates 10 g more CO2 3. E-mails. 1.. By using e-mail. generates a similar amount of greenhouse gas as airlines do c. What are some of the causes of the problem? huge amounts of Google searches / web page viewing / complex. couldn’t have met without travelling long distances. billions of web pages being viewed and new fuel needed to pick up and deliver them 2. consume a great deal of energy c. The culprit. produces fewer grams of carbon dioxide d. ead the article quickly.. a. computer data centres . the information technology industry emits approximately 2% of the world’s CO2 (carbon dioxide). “among the most energy-intensive facilities imaginable”. is the electricity needed to run the huge server computers of Google and other data centres. the each day. 3. online virtual-reality game playing 2. The Environmental Costs of Being Online There’s no doubt that the Internet has got environmental benefits. of course. Every day. . You might be surprised to learn that. for instance. The average Brazilian consumes about the same amount of electricity in a year as players of online virtual-reality games do over the . don’t need a lot of electricity d. many scientists believe it’s time to find ways to cut down the Internet’s environmental cost. more than 200 million internet paper. we’re able to save same period searches are performed . save on paper. help Google conserve energy 3. But online activity itself has definitely got a carbon footprint... says researcher Evan Mills. a. 1.. which are. 4. And video-conferencing brings together people who. emits 2% more carbon dioxide than the airline industry d. As we increasingly get more news and music online. creating about the same amount of greenhouse gases as the global airline industry. The information technology industry . Online purchases mean fewer car trips to shops. 1. uses more energy b. Find words in the text that mean: 1. And players of online virtual-reality games can use nearly the same amount of electricity in one year as a typical citizen in Brazil uses over the same period. the cause of a problem (paragraph 3) culprit 3. electricity costs for processing ordinary letters and the fuel needed to pick up and deliver them. a few years ago. This is about two-thirds of the amount created by boiling a cup of water in an electric kettle. C electricity With more than 200 million Internet searches performed costs for processing ordinary letters and on . According to Evan Mills. according to a recent study. a. What problem does the writer describe? online pollution 2. energy costs of producing and transporting newspapers.readinG 1.. create (paragraph 4) generate 20 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . things that are bought (paragraph 1) purchases 2. . ignoring difficult R words. online services such as Twitter gaining in popularity. magazines and CDs are being reduced. creates much less greenhouse gas than the airline industry 2. Then answer the questions.

(Can’t wait to hear from you.writinG 1. Buying music online is cheaper than buying Cds. laying sport regularly is part of a healthy P lifestyle. concern regarding the type of CD packaging used by NewSounds Records. plan Opening: tate the purpose of your letter. 5. 3. U Then write a final draft. strongly urge NewSounds to do the same in order to reduce its carbon footprint. se the checklist to check your work. I (really don’t like) 3. i look forward to your reply. Think about D the following questions: 11 Pickwick Road Corsham Wiltshire 7th May 2010 - hat effect does the problem have on the W people in your community? - Why does it bother you personally? - What actions should be taken? 2. Buying music online is cheaper than to buy CDs. 2. rite a first draft. 2. I like sport. brown eyes and long legs. 1. I used formal language. James Emerson 3. G Closing: Request / Demand action. ewrite the sentences using parallel structures. I object to the chemically-treated type of paper on which the inserted booklets are printed because it is unsuitable for recycling. To begin with. writinG a letter of complaint 1. W 5. sam has got blond hair. Use the model in O Exercise 1 and the plan below to help you. 21 . ecide what you want to say. Write 100-150 words. Which of the following sentences could be used in your letter? Ms Allison Murray President NewSounds Records 49 Dean Street London Dear (Allison) . eam sports make you feel part of your T community. Sam has got blond hair. 4. Yours faithfully. oung people who participate in sport are Y less likely to be bored and get involved in crime. strongly disagree that your company uses plastic wrappings. spelling and punctuation. tim’s scooter is newer than rachel’s. Tim’s scooter is newer than the one Rachel has. R 1. hink of a way to convince the reader that T this problem is important. ChECklIsT I followed the plan for a formal letter. I checked my grammar. madam 1. rganise your ideas. Many record companies are packaging CDs in paper or plastic cases made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Student’s Book page 149 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books 2. to express my I’m writing (to tell you about) 2. Replace the informal language in brackets with formal words and phrases. 3. (Sincerely.) 5.) 6. Second. your task Unit 2 rite a letter of complaint to your local W newspaper about the lack of sports facilities in your area. brown eyes and his legs are long. Producing new plastic wastes valuable natural resources. 4. Being an athlete makes you more popular. See Writing Guide. Read the letter of complaint below. S Body: ive information and details. I (really think that) 4.

There may be more than one correct answer. 4. The suspect seemed to disappear while the police were chasing him. When the boy saw his injured puppy. 3. compared in the ocean to the amount of electricity the gym uses. 6. Specially-designed exercise machines capture the electrical energy produced by exercisers. Possible Answer in my opinion. Use W the correct form of should or had better. 2. which then becomes 3. I really think you’ve got to do something really fast to solve this problem. please? have called (call) you sooner. ewrite the sentence below using formal R language. Why did you start to talk about my party in front of Donna? I asked you not to! should ask (ask) Lynne for 1. 4. I don’t want to cause problems. broke down 4. She shouldn’t have/ (prepare) so much needn’t have prepared food. the 4. vanish into thin air 6. omplete the passage with the words and C expressions below. She knows a lot about computers. make waves 5. ewrite the sentence using parallel structures. Can/may/ I Could Would you like (like) to join us? could have (predict) his 6.renewable energythat helps provide power to the gym. Nobody predicted reaction. I busy. We / work / on / it / today We had better work on it today. they’re also a source of 2. He / go / out / tonight he shouldn’t go out tonight. She / let / her hair / grow / long / again she should let her hair grow long again. fuel to power the lights above the machines. amount Of course. something must be done quickly in order to solve this problem. of energy 5. 2. would 3. 22 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . Grammar 3. carbon footprint ? 2. Excess energy is stored in a battery. carbon footprint • bellies • amount a drop in the ocean • renewable energy fuel • environmentally-friendly People who work out at Central Gym in Hong Kong are not only trimming fat from bellies their 1. rite sentences with the words below. bring up 2. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of a modal or modal perfect and the verbs in brackets. 5. recycling plastic is better than putting it in landfills. writing 5. David’s not feeling well. human-powered energy will be much more widely and efficiently captured and used. There may be more than one correct answer.environmentally-friendly that’s created by these a drop workouts is only 6. but I was have (have) some water. Make any necessary changes. without picked up any formal training. eplace each word or expression in bold R with a suitable expression below. He really surprised us. . I think we help. so I won’t complain. what could be better than increasing your fitness while reducing your 7. break down • pick up • make waves cut down • vanish into thin air • bring up 1. I don’t think Ellen looks good with short hair. Nobody was very hungry. Many people could easily decrease the amount cut down of water they use. he began to cry. 1. R Recycling plastic is better than to put it in landfills.progress check unit 2 Vocabulary 1. 3. You’ll fail the course unless you finish the project on time. She learned photography on her own. So. But researchers hope that eventually.

Sally especially likes British bands such as F 4. With a price tag of over $100. When you ingest something. . There’s certainly no 3. you can’t be seen. When you pursue something. When you emerge. or rich businessmen like the the sky’s when it comes to founders of Google. ewrite the sentences using the correct form R of the words in brackets. When you emerge. how long have you been studying environmental science here? sir. it’s unlikely that the Tesla will trend . you throw it W away.000. F 6. hen something is a breath of fresh air. celebrity owners certainly create good 8. hen you ingest something. omplete the passage with the words below. 1. Sir. t 5. C Grammar 3. but there was a lot of traffic. such as George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio. the limit lack buying a car. you had better not park here. For instance. its become a widespread 7. parking isn’t allowed here. choices of they all made an interesting choice of a new car when they were among the first purchasers of the Tesla Roadster – a new electric sports car made by a small. There are many ways to conserve water. but there was a lot of traffic. 5. 2. / he’s never had a teaching job before.Unit 2 progress check units 1-2 Vocabulary 1. pollution • trend • wealthy • harmful lack • lavish • publicity • the sky’s the limit For 1. (had better) he’s never taught before. you visit it. 1. wealthy actors. 5. . we . hen you are willing. However. I have to tidy my room every week. W Correct the false sentences. When did you first begin to study environmental science here? (how long) 6. and has much less of a 6. F 1. it’s new and different. . you had better park somewhere else. of 4. harmful effect on the environment. But recently. (before) Jeff would have arrived earlier. Jeff planned to arrive earlier. This battery-powered vehicle produces far less 5. This is his first teaching job. When something is a breath of fresh air. lavish vehicles. (must) sam must be disappointed. t 3. accept all logical and grammatically correct answers. W 6. When you inhabit a place. 2. you consume it. 3. However. I have to . Flying in a plane is faster than it’s good for the environment. In addition. . (should) 3. 2. 4. I regret not bringing my iPod with me. i should have brought my iPod with me. omplete the sentences with a logical ending. C Pay attention to the words in bold. you offer or agree to W something. The service at this restaurant is terrible. you live in it. pollution than an ordinary petrol-powered car. publicity for electric cars in general. 23 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . you follow it. either. I’m sure that Sam is disappointed. independent manufacturer. you can be seen. / sir. writing 4. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. (would) 4. Dave likes to watch TV and F 2. rite T (True) or F (False) for each sentence. When you inhabit a place. 2.

please don’t crash now! My report’s due in the morning! 6 a. ut he restarted it and everything’s b fine now. He was relieved 5. He finally turned off the television II 4 Our market research shows that the time is right to launch the new TOP phone. 2 I want a style that doesn’t expose my bald spot. Oh. 2 g. You have to enter a password 7. C expose • launch • crawl • lean • crash 1 You can’t continue to crawl You must drive a bit faster. when you log onto this website. e 4 e. 3 Oh. ven though he’s denied it. . nd prevent other people from a seeing what’s on it. no! Please. hat he hadn’t accidentally deleted t his work. y 8 c. our job interview didn’t turn out well. no! What am I going to do? This message says 8. omplete the captions with the verbs below. a 1 d. I 1. 7 f.Online World Vocabulary 1. hat all my files have been t permanently removed. atch I to II to form sentences. M 3 2. I know you’re upset because 4. 3. 3 b. 24 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . 5 h. He taught me how to keep my computer safe 6. 5 Please don’t lean on my car. Jake had a problem with the computer this morning. I’m sure that Ben has read my e-mails 2. nd helped me tidy up the flat.

You charge Nouns: • your password • an attachment • a song • information • a mobile phone a mobile when its battery is low. because I want to be able to take it to cafés. 3. 5. When did you first hear about (hear) this? 4. It sometimes takes a long time to download a song onto a computer. Make them true for you. 5. a fence was built over / around the pool. . Sally 8. Steve was polite. A netbook sounds perfect. omplete the sentences with a suitable C collocation. phone enter your in order to access 2. I had a sudden urge to eat meat. C pressing • affluent • close-up • overjoyed 1. online • available • user-friendly updated • google • access social networking sites • portable overjoyed to see Salesman: May I help you? Ellen: Yes. We have several pressing topics to discuss. 1. You have to buy those separately.. When you want to send a document or photo to someone. Verbs: • download • enter • charge • forward • post 1. available that are all smaller. but the most urgent is the book fair.Unit 3 3. omplete the sentences with the correct form of C the verbs in brackets and suitable prepositions. 5. I’ve thought of (think) the perfect present for her. 2. you post information . access the Internet wherever there’s a wireless connection. 7. 4. This software comes with a tutorial that provides a discount / instructions. please. 6. The Olympic athletes entered the stadium. omplete the sentences. you forward an . Ellen: OK. especially if you’re going to use it mainly to go 2. For safety. hoose the correct answer. 2. He depends on (depend) his parents for money. Just turn it on and you can 7. social . omplete each sentence with the adjectives below. 3. 3. I’m looking for a new computer. 1. . You have to password some websites. google people or visit 4. such as Facebook. 3. If I were affluent. We’ve got networking sites several models 5. I applied for (apply) five jobs last week. userThey’re also very 6. My music files are organised on my computer / in CD boxes. Pay attention to the C underlined words. wearing / carrying poles with the flags of their countries. so I ordered a hamburger / became a vegetarian. 5. Let me see what you’ve got . 5. A burglar stole / delivered ten laptops yesterday. A lot of affluent high-tech executives have expensive homes in this neighbourhood. 2. When you add something to your Facebook page. updated programs. and weigh and cost less than a typical laptop. I bought an amazing device that . 25 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . 8. . 4. online to 3. Use the verbs and nouns below. I would . My favourite social networking site is 2. Ellen: Do netbooks come with 8. Diana keeps all her important papers / T-shirts in a folder. C 1. Salesman: I think you should consider a netbook. 6. portable . 4. – there’s nothing friendly complicated to learn. 4. All employees use cars / computers from the company’s fleet. omplete the dialogue with the words and C phrases below. reminds me of (remind) you. like the latest version of Office? Salesman: No. Someone once forwarded me . 7. I recently googled Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers. It’s got to be lightweight and 1. but he wasn’t me.. I can see every detail of the bee in the close-up . attachment 4. 3.

a young Englishwoman whose popular series of videos about applying make-up led to her own make-up line that 9. rite a logical continuation with the words in W brackets. BECOMINg FAMOuS ON YOuTuBE When Jawed Karim. 2. Y (forecasts / give / on several websites) Forecasts are given on several websites. Use the passive. Use each verb only once.30 yesterday . now produced 26 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books Matt Harding dancing in India . have been created (create) over the past few years. whose video “How to Be a Ninja” 8. his photo must have been T taken in the winter. omplete the passage with the correct form C of the verbs in brackets. ince the band put their latest song online. In addition. he phone should be charged (should / T charge) for 12 hours before you use it. are uploaded was bought (upload) to the site. nobody 2. to be sold been completed by 11. had completed was 2. ew products N often launched with publicity campaigns and free samples. Use the passive form of the verb. S has been it (download) by downloaded thousands of fans. (buy) by Google in 2006. 2. was launched (launch) in April 2009. television shows. everyone B the exam. many YouTube “stars” 6. as well as some short films that 5. Another YouTube star is Lauren Luke. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences. ’ve just received an e-mail from Amazon. It’s this unpredictable variety of videos that keep people hooked on YouTube! 1. 5. 4. he invitations are finally addressed. T (they / not / send out / yet) My package will be delivered next week. I (my package / deliver / next week) 2. Experts consider junk food to be unhealthy . 1. Each minute. launch • complete • consider produce • believe 1. he computer game she designed T being by a major games company. A major games company is now producing the computer game she designed . posted (post) the first video there could have on 23rd April 2005. predicted (could / predict) that the website would become one of the most popular on the Internet. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the verbs in brackets. which 4. The selection of videos includes films.30 yesterday. Companies often launch new products with publicity campaigns and free samples . it B had been answered (answer) by 420 people. 3. documentaries. ewrite the sentences in Exercise 3 by R completing the sentences below. People . 3. is 5. 5. has been viewed (view) over 20 million times so far. (watch) watched by millions of people. The exam had 1. ou can check tomorrow’s weather. y 11. 3. Look at the snow! will be / are going (sell) next week. I (all the food / eat / by the time / I arrive) 3. one of YouTube’s founders.Grammar 1. t I once world was flat. These are people have been whose videos 7. didn’t eat anything at the party. thanks to his videos of himself dancing with people all over the world. 4. They haven’t been sent out yet. are considered (consider) to be original and artistic by serious critics. homemade music videos. All the food had been eaten by the time I arrived. once believed that the world was flat 2. omplete the sentences with the correct C active or passive form of the verbs below. (must / take) 5. 4. 4. and Ryan Higa. are 4. at least 20 hours of video 3. ickets T 3. Among these stars are Matt Harding. 1. Use the active or passive. y the time we completed the survey. unk food J believed that the is considered to be unhealthy.

We should have gone (should / go) to a different place. ertain expensive items can be bought only by C affluent people. omplete the e-mail with the correct causative C form of the verbs below. 3. I’m late because I’ve checked S my teeth at the dentist today. 1. Skiing (ski) is a popular sport. eople think his videos are very entertaining. ifty years ago. ewrite the sentences using two passive R structures. Translate the sentences. hey’re using computer animation to make the T film. It is believed that Internet addiction is a growing problem. Computer animation is being used to make the film. t the moment. 5. Aquestes imatges no s’haurien d’haver eliminat del nostre lloc web. Thanks for the e-mail! I’m glad you finally 1. orrect the errors. hat girl T (review) in several (look) familiar. The dates of the meetings will be sent to everyone. cut I 2. xperts believe that Internet addiction is a E growing problem. willget made to my flat. he book was reviewed T newspapers last week. Certs articles cars poden ser comprats només per gent adinerada. e didn’t like the restaurant that gina W recommended. so you can set of keys have a set when you visit next week. 2. 2. I was sent flowers on my birthday. new product has just been launched for the A European market. 2. 3. 8. had / got my hair the other day. Es diu que els dispositius de memòria USB són bastant assequibles. looks 27 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . 3. burgers and chips delivered . 7. omplete the sentences with the correct form C of the verbs in brackets. passwords are been changed. 9. The film is being made by using computer animation. The concert tour dates will be e-mailed to everyone next week. have / an extra While that’s being done. obody understood why all those photos had N been deleted. Mrs Rivero. we should invite friends over. have / get new tyres put on . P Fifty years ago. It is thought that his videos are very entertaining. rent have a couple of films and 5. SB flash drives are said to be quite affordable. 2. 1. The decision has already been made. T 4. omeone sent me flowers on my birthday. he dates of the meetings will be sent everyone. 5. Grammar review 1 0. S’acaba de llançar un nou producte per al mercat europeu. Internet addiction is believed to be a growing problem. e were met by friends who W had been waiting (wait) for us for an hour. See you in a few days! Angie 4. this computer was considered to be the fastest one in the world. I’m busy these days – and not only with studying. 4. 5. His videos are thought to be very entertaining. S Flowers were sent to me on my birthday. When you come. I 4. hese images shouldn’t have been removed from T our website. 4.Unit 3 6. There may be more than one correct answer. cut • install • put on • made • deliver Jon@gmail. 5. C 1. and today I’m taking my motorbike to the garage to 3. e will e-mail the concert tour dates to W everyone next week. I’m late because I had my teeth checked at the dentist today. The decision has already be made. u Ningú va entendre per què totes aquelles fotos havien estat esborrades. Everyone will be e-mailed the concert tour dates next week. Sorry. passwords are being changed.com Hi Jon. Mrs Rivero. At the moment. 1. this computer was considered to F was the fastest one in the world. A 3. had / got an Internet connection installed . orry.

readinG 1. including rehabilitation programmes in South Korea. 4. Internet addiction is not yet accepted as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association or similar professional organisations elsewhere (though it may soon gain official recognition in China). was the first patient at ReSTART. Since the mid-1990s. Critics may point to this as proof that addiction specialists are already benefitting from creating a new group of patients to treat. loses (paragraph 3) 4. 1. how Internet addiction differs from some other addictions 2 2. ead the first sentence in each paragraph in R the text. whether Internet addiction is considered an official disorder 4 2. though. ental-health professionals first began M 2. pay attention to (paragraph 1) 2. when the problem first began to be widely discussed among mental-health professionals. gaming or computer addiction – now commonly called Internet addiction. discussing the problem of Internet addiction in the mid 1990s . In which paragraph do you think you will find the following information? @ Internet Addiction Do you neglect responsibilities whenever you have the urge to spend time online? Do you feel depressed if you’re away from a computer game for too long? Do you lie about the amount of time you spend online? Is your virtual social life more important than your real social life? If so. ocialising online only s 2. or who gains emotional satisfaction only from their gaming or virtual social life. ind words in the text that mean the opposite of: F 1. Instead. The most important factor to consider when making a diagnosis of Internet addiction is .. a. China. what needs to be considered when making a diagnosis of Internet addiction 3 4. what must be examined is the negative effect the activity has on someone’s life. He didn’t finish university because of his inability to limit the amount of time he spent playing the video game World of Warcraft. neglecting responsibilities c. outh Korea and the united States are among S the countries that already have got . ReSTART will enable Ben to regain control of his life. the amount of time spent online b. comparisons have been made between excessive computer use and addictions to gambling.. spending money online b. for instance. Choose the correct answer. Moreover. drugs or alcohol. Someone who stays home from school or a job in order to remain online.. a person’s favourite online activities d. they say. . the impact online or gaming activities has on someone’s life c. a. rehabilitation programmes for Internet addiction sufferers 1. Complete the sentences according to the text. suffering (paragraph 4) neglect excessive gains benefitting 28 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . But that probably doesn’t matter to sufferers like 19-yearold Ben Alexander who. should be considered an addict. N 3. hy Ben Alexander was in a treatment w centre 5 5. a treatment centre in the USA. Hopefully. the USA and other countries. ow read the entire text and check your answers.. not enough (paragraph 2) 3. depression d. especially as Internet addiction doesn’t usually involve losing money or pose an imminent threat to one’s physical health. some signs of Internet addiction 1 3. many experts say that an Internet addiction diagnosis shouldn’t be based mainly on the amount of time devoted to the activity. a wide range of treatments is already available for it. 1. mong the signs of Internet addiction NOT A mentioned is . Despite this. they may be signs that you have an Internet. in September 2009. There are differences. . whether someone uses the Internet at work 5.

Student’s Book page 150 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books 29 . A writinG an opinion essay 1. in order to make online purchases. because / it costs us since time and money for the ink and paper. 2. the ability to print boarding passes or tickets at home is presented to consumers as an advantage – but it is also an inconvenience 3. se the checklist to check your work. I checked my grammar. online orders are often difficult to change. love your jacket. you have to show your student ID. Therefore. First of all. Second. Use the model in O Exercise 3 and the plan below to help you. Write 100-150 words. While many people like this trend. Look at the points below. The dogs fur is white. 4. For this reason / people are nervous about making 4. Write a first draft. 5. C There may be more than one correct answer. 3. 3. / Due to / Because S she’s not sure that she wants to attend university anywhere else. Body: resent reasons. Consumers should let companies know when they don’t like this self-service approach. I don’t think that consumers who do their business online are always treated well. 2. a credit or debit card is usually needed 1. ’ ’ ’ ’ Too Much Self-Service Online? More and more business is being conducted online. dd apostrophes where necessary. Therefore people who lack these cards can’t take advantage of Internet deals such as low-priced plane tickets. Which could be used by someone who agrees with the statement above? Which could be used by someone who disagrees? - ignoring people when using mobile phones - same as talking face to face - loud mobile-phone ringtones - lit screens disturb - acceptable behaviour today 1. I think it has disadvantages for the consumer. I’d like to introduce him to your sister. omplete the opinion essay with suitable connectors. I 3. facts and P examples to support your opinion. Finally. plan O pening: Present the issue and your opinion. he enjoys living here. an you hear the peoples screams? Theyre so frightened. See Writing Guide. I checked that the verbs and subjects agree. Choose the correct connector. M 2. rainstorm ideas you can use to support your B opinion. rganise your ideas. All in all. As a result. D Think of facts. 2. C 3. U Then write a final draft. some online purchases. ecide which ideas to include in your essay.Unit 3 writinG 1. I used connectors of cause and result and connectors of purpose. ake sure you understand the issue. but its tail is black. from banking to booking travel tickets. Closing: estate your opinion and / or make R suggestions. 2. 6. 1. and customer service is not always readily available. Its beautiful. / P Because / For this reason. your task rite an opinion essay about the following W statement: Using a mobile phone in public venues is impolite. o that / Due to / In order to get an iPhone at a S discount. 7. As a result /. ChECkLIsT I followed the plan for an opinion essay. details and examples to support your arguments. Therefore. ecide if you agree or disagree with the D statement. aul is one of the nicest people I know. spelling and punctuation.

is friend’s / friends’ jacket is very expensive. Use the active or passive. are said (say) to be true but aren’t – have been around for a long time. their 30 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . 4. Everything will D perfectly. 3. 3. 6. Because of electricity bills were incorrect. but there’s no available / pressing I appointment today. about Sue’s for 5. omplete the passage with the correct form C of the verbs in brackets. But even if we know that urban legends are untrue. 6. hey offer good prices on all the cruise ships in T fleet . 4. rumours 2. writing 5. he grew up in an affluent / updated family. ate applied K her provisional driving licence yesterday. They’ve even become the subject of research for some folklore specialists who keep a close eye on the Internet to learn which are “going viral” – that is. are being read (read) by and forwarded to millions of people. the January 3. so S she never had to worry about money. Therefore . but I wouldn’t depend I on him for anything important. lot of cafés offer free wireless Internet access A because it attracts customers. ou forgot to remind me Y birthday. In recent years. ’m sorry. omplete the sentences with a suitable C preposition. which urban legends 8. they chew gum.progress check unit 3 Vocabulary 1. 2. Grammar 4. was referred (refer) to as Spring-Heeled Jack. tales 4. urge turn out 1. 2. she has to M read food labels carefully. spread / were spread (spread) of the existence of a man who 3. Urban legends – those scary or weird stories that 1. turn out • fleet • urge • deny • access delete 1. hen some ex-smokers get the W for a cigarette. It’s unnecessary. 1. result or purpose. 5. he password / tutorial is easy to remember. H 2. (read) that certain tight jeans can kill the wearer and that live poisonous spiders often 7. It’s / Its going to rain soon. He had a terrifying appearance and could jump very high. T 5. Nowadays. omplete the sentences with the words and C phrases below. 4. like Charles. he pole / fence around our garden is made of T wood. have no idea why I can’t I Internet at the moment. I didn’t lose my work when my computer L crashed / restarted. Since the mid-1930s. on’t worry. (live) in passenger jet bathrooms. deny that he had been cheating? 1. id he D access the Due to / a computing error. Both of these stories are false. have been told (tell) of alligators living in the sewers under New York City. 2. uckily. Pay attention to the words in bold. ou should delete this sentence from Y your essay. 1. e’re going to stay W on the beach! at / in a hotel right 3. urban legends 5. are making / (make) their way around the make world with the click of a mouse. have read millions of people 6. In the 1800s in England. eg can’t eat sugar. for instance. Choose the correct answer. omplete the sentences with a suitable C connector of cause. ome packaged foods seem to consist mainly S of chemicals. There may be more than one correct answer. 6. Choose the correct answer. 2. 3. many of us still enjoy reading them. on’t crawl / lean on the wall! The paint is wet! D 2.

4. Make any necessary changes.” said one New York lawyer. out of a molehill 2. want to go on holiday this summer. Did you 4. and details about his private life have also been exposed . 2. already begun by the time . C There may be more than one correct answer. forward an e-mail containing a post silly joke to a friend or 2. shouldn’t be (should not / allow) to write allowed whatever they want anonymously. think that those who say it’s dangerous to meet I people through social networking are making a mountain . Next time. We took umbrellas but it didn’t rain / even though it didn’t rain. 5. sites 1. A judge 3.Unit 3 progress check units 1-3 Vocabulary 1. What’s your opinion on the matter? 1. before you click. omplete the sentences with the words and C expressions below. made in New York (make) Google reveal the name of a blogger who. W The concert had 4. I need to I earn some money. were angered (anger) by this decision. There may be more than one correct answer. which 6. had insulted (insult) model Liskula Cohen. computers and other electronic M devices shouldn’t be disposed of landfills in . Should writing 5. 4. ew facts about the businessman’s crimes have N emerged in recent days. may not want to bother him / her with an unnecessary e-mail. 1. I 31 Viewpoints 2 Workbook © B Burlington Books . pause for a moment. computer scams and hoaxes u fool a lot of people. was upset. would have agreed (would / agree) with the judge’s verdict. was considered (consider) to be a threat to free speech. Many people 5. W I want to go on holiday this summer. e took umbrellas. shortcuts • landfills • emerged • devices exposed • delete • fool making a mountain out of a molehill tip of the iceberg • social networking sites 1. 3. but the blogger 8. Is your friend studying so much that he / she catch his / her breath? Then you can hardly 3.hadn’t threatened (not threaten) Cohen in any way. new messages or pictures on our Facebook page. it didn’t rain. I was also embarrassed. as it’s difficult to know catch sight of it. Have you watered the plants? Have the plants been watered ? 2. omplete the sentences so that they have C a similar meaning to the original. and the scams we know about are only the tip of the iceberg . we arrived 3. omplete the passage with the correct form of C the verbs in brackets. ewrite the run-on sentences below with R suitable connectors. nfortunately. Make any necessary changes. Remember: think who will 5. in one of her blog entries. have been asking (ask) since August 2009. I was upset and embarrassed. take / post a photo of someone that might embarrass them? Then perhaps it’s better not to put it on your Facebook page. so I need to earn some money. ome combinations of computer keyboard keys S shortcuts can be used as quick to delete add or text. forward • post • take • catch We do things so fast online that we don’t always stop to think before we 1. “I 7. ’ve I / have never eaten Thai food before . 2. Grammar 3. obile phones. 3. e got to the concert after it began. This is the first time I’ve eaten Thai food. omplete the passage with the verbs below. But other people celebrated the judge’s decision as a reminder that people 9. be blog identities (should / be) private? That’s the question many people 2.

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