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The Designer's Guide to Brand Strategy

The Designer's Guide to Brand Strategy


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Published by: auntcat on Oct 04, 2008
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e argument of PR vs. Advertising is probably best
reenacted by an Advertising account manager and
comparable PR associate where you try to defne the
better activity to build a brand. It is commonly held
that PR can make a brand and Advertising reinforces
it. For instance, an event or actual experience of the
brand is what literally defnes it in the customers’ or
audiences’ minds. Advertising can introduce a brand
but it probably cannot convince the customer to make a
purchasing decision. Pepsi dropping star endorsements
because of the star’s actions or recent activities does
more to create a position in the consumer’s mind than
the advertising which just reminds you of the news
item you just watched on Madonna getting dropped or
Ludicrus being replaced by the Osbornes.


If that argument gets too heated, interject that none of
them exist without the brand to work with in the frst
place and leave before they realize that you didn’t really
ofer anything useful there. Or suggest that they read
some of Al Ries’ writings for further information on the

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