Complaints Analysis 2010-11

Complaints Management System
• Bank has state of the art CRM module to log, track and close customer complaints
• As per Goiporia Committee recommendation:
•Bank has provided complaint register in all the branches

•Customers are provided with the docket numbers as an acknowledgement •All branches use CRM to log complaints in the system. Branches are encouraged to log pending issues in CRM so as to enable tracking for resolution

• The effectiveness of the Complaints Management System, including unresolved complaints, is reviewed by Senior Management on a monthly basis

Complaints Summary (2010-11)

Complaints received and redressed
(a) No. of complaints pending at the beginning of the year (1st April 2010)

1900 157857 158633

(b) No. of complaints received during the year (2010-11) (c) No. of complaints redressed during the year (2010-11)


No. of complaints pending at the end of the year (31st March 2011)
No. of complaints pending outside TAT


No. of complaints pending beyond 7 days

52 *

* Adequate actions were taken by the bank for timely resolution of these complaints. These were pending for investigation / dispute / customer dependency / Third Party dependency

BO Complaints Trend
# Description (BO Complaints) 2008-09 8.91 2009-10 4.40 (a) Number of BO Complaints per Branch


Number of BO Complaints other than Credit Card Complaints per 1000 accounts Number of Credit Card Complaints per 1000 card accounts






Source: RBI Annual Report.

BO Awards
(a) No. of Awards at the beginning of the year (1st April’10) (b) No. of Awards passed during the year (2010-11) (c)

FY 2010-11
0 7 0

No. of Awards pending at the end of the year (31st March 2011)

Trend : No. of Complaints per branch
Number of Branches:1725

11.29 11.05


7.19 6.36 6.13
5.69 6.15 5.59

Number of Branches:1986



Apr'10 May'10 Jun'10 Jul'10 Aug'10 Sep'10 Oct'10 Nov'10 Dec'10 Jan'11 Feb'11 Mar'11

Top 5 Areas of Complaints






Cheque deposited Instant account not Address Change Delay/ Non Receipt Delay In Closure Of at branch not activated - personal Request Given At of Welcome Kit Account reflecting in details not updated Branch Not Done account

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