By : Darpan Patil

What is Backtrack ??? Backtrack is Linux based operating system. Specially made for penentration testers . Based on ubuntu linux.

What is Penentration testing ?? Penentration testing also known as pentest. . Which can be exploited by any malicious hacker. In which a white hat try to hack his own system in order to find possible vulnerabilities present in his system. Is a technique used by ethical hackers (white hats).

Use of Backtrack. Backtrack is used worldwide by.  White hats (good people)  Black hats (bad people)  Gray hats (both good n bad) In both destruction an construction purposes .

Minimum System Requirements Processor = 1 Ghz Ram = 128 Mb Video Memory = 8 Mb Active Internet Connection .

6 Ghz Ram = 512 Mb Video Memory = 32 Mb Active Internet Connection .Recommended System Requirements Processor = 1.

S Detection Application Version Detection .Backtrack Special Tools Nmap (Network Mapper)  Nmap is a network mapping tool used to     Discover Host Port Scanning O.

Backtrack Special Tools Nmap (Network Mapper) .

Backtrack Special Tools  Ophcrack  Ophcrack is a program which cracks windows passwords  It cracks LM Hashes present in system directory using Rainbow table It can import SAM Files directly .

Backtrack Special Tools Ophcrack .

wifi etc… .Backtrack Special Tools  Wireshark  Wireshark is a packet analyser.  Which can steal or read the current data flowing in current network like ethernet.

Backtrack Special Tools  Wireshark .

I (Graphical User Interface) Comes with lots of preinstalled tools Based on linux (Ubuntu) O.S Does Not need high hardware configuration .U.Advantages of Backtrack Open Source Operating System Good G.

resources and privacy Does not have less number of application as compared to Windows .Disadvantages of Backtrack Hard to Install Can be used for destruction purposes Can cause loss of money .

.Conclusion Backtrack is very powerful tool which can be used for both constuction and destruction purposes So its upto you how you use it… According to me everyone should learn and run backtrack because to clean garbage we need to make our hands dirty.

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