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Highway Sa H afety Fact Sh heet

Oklaho oma Department of P Public Safety Highway Saf Office fety 3223 N. Linc Blvd. coln Oklahoma City OK 73105 y,

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Labor D Day Holi iday Fata alities 2005 ‐ 2010
9 10 9 9 6 4 2 1

Phone: 405 5.523.1570 Fax: 405.5 523.1586 www.ohso

Fatalities incr reased from nine in 2009 to ten in 2010


2007 Fatalities F

2008 2009 2010

Alcohol-relate fatalities ed decreased fro six in om 2009 to five in 2010 n Two motorcyc operator cle fatalities were not wearing e helmets.

Alcohol Fatalities

Crashes & Fa C atalities
The T 2010 Labor Day Holiday was a total of 78 hours which b r w 8 began at 6 p.m. on Friday, Sep ptember 3 and a ended at midnight on Mon nday, Septembe 6. During thi time period, t er is there were ten persons killed in ten fata crashes. Five of the ten fatalities occurred in alcohol-relat crashes. k al e ted Two T fatalities w occupants of pickup truck three were o were ks, occupants in a 4-door passeng ger vehicle, one was an occupant of an SUV, two were motorcyc operators, o was a drive of a v o cle one er truck-tractor/semi-trailer and one was a pede o estrian.

Restraint Use Among Fat R e talities
Three driver fat T talities and thre passenger fa ee atalities were oc ccupants of passenger vehicles/pickup trucks. Two driver fatalities and two passeng fatalities we not using re t ger ere estraints. Two T motorcycle operator fatal e lities were not w wearing helmet ts.

Labor Day Holiday 20 010 78 Hours Friday September 3, 2010 (6 p.m.) th y, hrough Monday September 6, 2010 (Midnigh y, ht)
Injury Severity Fatal Injury Total All Crashes Crashes Perso ons 10 197 489 10 319 1059 1 Alcohol-R Related Crashes Crashes Persons 5 27 7 60 0 5 50 105 Person Type Driver Passenger Restraint Use Among Fatality Vic ctims Unknown In Use No in Use ot 1 1 2 2 Total T 3 3 6

Injury includes incapacitating, no s on-incapacitating a possible. and

Total 2 4 Excludes one ped destrian, two moto orcyclists, and one driver of a truck-tractor/sem mi-trailer.

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