Haaaa mr drewby on the track I always look ahead nigga aint no turn back But I keep myself tall

man call me cat Take a look on the boards at the top of the stat Cus im the killah Never had ta bill hah Ha and im the man right now Dudes always askin wonderin how But I keep my game on the court so they never callin foul Got my mind on my prey so u can just call me an owwl maaan Im on that microsft flow Bill gates told me wer never ever slow Im repin kentucky for my boy john wall Just like johnson I got dat footfork so u neva see me fall im Stackin money with a feelin so like wayne said there aint no fuckin ceilins cus if there wer there would prolly be a fan and fans are crazy just like that lil girls tan oh and u can find me watchin degrassi got a huge pool man call it kyle massi and it aint fuckin over til its over but im getting pretty tired so this will be the closer

¾¯ f -  f f f ff° ¯ ¯f°–°  ¾ff¾f¾°° °  ½¯–f¯ ° n¾ °  nf°€ ¯¯° °¯½ ¾nf°©¾nf¯ f°¯fff° ¯°f¯n¾€€ –f ¾ ¯  °    ¾ ¯ ½° °n€¯ ©°f ¾ ©°¾°– f€€¾° f¾ ¯ €f ¯fn°¯° f€ ° ¾ f° ¾f   f°°€n°n °¾ n¾€      ½ f€f° f° €f°¾f nf©¾ f–¾f° f° nf°€° ¯ fn° –f¾¾ –f– ½¯f°nf ¯f¾¾ f° f°€n° ¾  ¯– °–½  ¾¾  n¾   .

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