Monster House Movie Worksheet

best believes

observing rescue

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travel convince

The teenage DJ is [1] _____ observing______ his neighbor Nebbercracker on the other side of their street. When DJ's parents [2] __________ on the eve of Halloween and the abusive nanny Zee stays with him, he calls his clumsy [3] ________ friend Chowder to play basketball. But when the ball falls in Nebbercracker's lawn, [4] _________ they find that his house is a monster. Later the boys [5] ___________ the smart Jenny from being eaten by the house. The trio tries to [6] _________ the babysitter, her boyfriend Bones and two police officers that the haunted house is a monster, but nobody [7] __________them. The teenagers ask their video-game addicted Skull how to destroy the house, and they disclose its secret on the Halloween [8] _______.

Watch scenes 9 - 12, and correct the sentences below:

A girl named Jenny Bennet is on the street selling Halloween chocolates. When DJ and Chowder see her going to Nebbercracker's house, they rush out to warn her, but they couldn’t catch her before she is eaten by the house. Jenny decides to call for the police, but when police officers Landers and Lester arrive, they believe their story and enter the house.

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