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Published by: Sweta Chawara on Sep 03, 2011
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Human Resource Assistant

Reporting to the Human Resources Manager and supporting the entire HR Team, the Human Resources Assistant is required to provide a variety of administrative and human resources duties. It is imperative that the Human Resources Assistant provides exceptional customer service in a warm, inviting atmosphere for all associates.
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Provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for all associates. Ensure our external and internal customers are being provided with superior customer service. A passion for excellent service and the organization’s vision. Commitment to learning what our customers' needs and wants are. Encourage mutual accountability in service and inspiring others. Handle confidential and proprietary information on a daily basis. Ensure that office inventory is maintained and order office supplies on a monthly basis. Screen and forward inquiries to the appropriate HR team members. Input all new hires and changes into our HRIS database. Update organizational chart as required as well as the Workforce Status Report. Order proxy cards and issue picture ID for all associates. Ensure that any and all changes related to associates are updated in our HRIS system. Assist with the “sign-on” process when required. Participate in at least one resort-wide committee. Develop and continuously replenish areas for benefit forms, vacation forms, handbooks and other general HR documents and office supplies. Attend weekly HR department meetings when possible, and act as recorder. Sort, record and distribute all incoming and outgoing mail and other correspondence including keeping a log of all information. Assist in the preparation of correspondence to associates (ie. Attachments to paystubs) Responsible for creating and maintaining a database for invoices and PO system Coordinate HR team calendar including common room schedule. Maintain the comprehensive administrative filing system consisting of the employment and confidential personnel files of 600 Casino associates, as well as training files.

you may continue to apply for this position by selecting the APPLY NOW button. responsible for maintaining records on a company's employees. benefits and tax information. comfortableworking both in a team environment and independently. Human resource assistants also may update employee records. wages. Office duties will include faxing. responsible for maintaining records on a company's employees. prepare employees for orientation and answer employee questions. is also part of the job description. Excel and PowerPoint Excellent interpersonal skills Self-starter. They also maintain employee personnel files and prepare employee reports for managers. Other duties as assigned. THE INDIVIDUAL          The incumbent will have successfully completed Grade 12 Completion or near completion of an HR Certificate or Diploma The preferred candidate will have at least 3-5 years experience in a corporate organization focusing on administrative/HR tasks in a fast paced deadline driven environment. photocopying and filing. Company discounts including worldwide hotel/resort discounts. wages. . They also maintain employee personnel files and prepare employee reports for managers. Free parking and/or associate shuttle service from west Edmonton location. including job titles. Must have experience with coordination of 600+ employee files. Some clerical work.   Run various reports from HRIS software to assist the HR team and assist with any tasks as assigned by the team. Knowledge and experience working with an HRIS system including running reports. including job titles. Further information is forthcoming. WE OFFER     A competitive salary and benefits package. Experience in the hospitality or gaming industry is an asset. Subsidized associate dining room. Efficient with Microsoft Office. We thank all applicants for their interest in our company. benefits and tax information. place job announcements. such as answering the phone.

prepare employees for orientation and answer employee questions. Maintaining the records of an employee including the details about the addresses. Read more: HR Assistant Position Description | eHow. security. Verifying the documentation of the staffing. grievances and performance management. such as answering the phone. Human resource assistants also may update employee records. wages. is also part of the job description. Some clerical work. Gathering information from other departments and employees.  Providing response to the general HR enquiries verbally and written.  Providing company committee facilitation and participation.com . They also maintain employee personnel files and prepare employee reports for managers. welfare. Arranging the various training and development programs. prepare employees for orientation and answer employee questions. benefits and tax information. responsible for maintaining records on a company's employees. wellness and health. such as answering the phone.   They offer help in monitoring the employee performance process.  Maintaining the routine correspondence and assisting the managers with the research and other important projects. They provide administrative support like arranging meetings. benefits and procedures to the employees.  Administering the duties of the appraisal and salary review process. Some clerical work.  Updating the staff handbook and updating the personnel records. The HR Assistant performs the day to day functions and operations of an organization and carries out the various responsibilities such as maintaining the employee relations.  Ensures about the employee safety. place job announcements. Searching employee files for obtaining the information about the authorized persons and organizations. reports & forms and preparing correspondence. place job announcements. is also part of the job description.Human resource assistants also may update employee records. An HR Assistant is also responsible for the recruitment and selection. maintaining the database and personnel files and providing worker’s compensation and safety. and so on. recruitment. absences. HR Assistant Job Responsibilities       Explaining about the company personnel policies. weekly earnings. including job titles. training. providing the training and developmental programs.

ehow.http://www.com/about_6098908_hr-assistant-positiondescription.html#ixzz1WrPi027L .

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