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Application Development ToolSet for AS/400 Report Layout Utility

Application Development ToolSet for AS/400 Report Layout Utility

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Published by: alfaaz1 on Sep 03, 2011
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With RLU, you can design the textual image of a report without exiting from the
Design Report display.You can then save the report design and print it at the
same time.

When you are designing a report, you can use sequence line commands, command
line commands, and Control Language commands.This chapter contains rules to
follow when you are typing any of these commands.

You can perform the following tasks on the Design Report display:

Change the edit session environment
Position the display
Exclude lines on the display
Show excluded lines on the display
Shift lines without truncating data
Shift lines and truncate data
Create horizontal windows
Show format lines
Prompt for a record
Define and insert skeleton lines
Show and set tabs

When you are editing a report, you can copy lines, move lines, repeat lines, insert
lines, and delete lines in a report.You can also:

Search for a specific string
Specify the Browse/Copy Option
Edit a member while browsing another member or spooled file
Switch to full screen mode editing
Print a report prototype

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