Love, I must love you more when you burn, you must love me more when I hurt, And

through our sexual unions You place your lie over my horizontal body. As you pull tug strive and smother your sweat over my flesh, All its desire is washed away. I feel the rip from me, I hear the snapping of attachments, And I see the fading of the fond As you move back and forth, up and down, in and out, You rupture a bond. Love, I am an infidel, faithless and hollow, I crumble I kneel I wallow, I stand tall and you push me down And place your taste in my mouth, I have no choice but to swallow. Love, You are not what you should be, You are in my air, you swaddle me with an imitated hold, Yet inside it Im always cold As I perish in your winters from spring to autumn. Love, You must love me more when I burn, I must love you more when you splash on me pain, For I walk away and again I turn... And walk toward you again.

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