by George

B. Wallace





B ~ WallacoS

result ot the use or practice of 8JlY of the i. 1 I Tbere is a burglary d. However.sibl11 ty or liabil1 ty for ao. 197' All rights reserved. how to use it properly.c:tloIlB contained 111 tb.L inj\l1' acquaint tbe rea.n the week one can read of robbery.conte et.o. 8 TbEli purpose of this manual is .. lIox ~7~ Los J.Cop. including the to eepeoduce ttl1s book or B. ballwaya elevators and even in the privecy ot the hoee .ca unleea he is cornered. 9 P. Books Cali! ~ Printed 1D.rr.ngeles. right ~ He1ther the author nor the publisher accepts or aseuaee any rsspoD. namely the kitche.DJ' portiQns thereot in a.ny tOI'll.O.n knlte It ia the one weapontbat nea.. suppose he is tt"apped or the more dangerous type of housebreaker is involved t such as the nk111 for kicks" type? It is then the obligation of a citizen to "protect and det.y per-eoas. Case in point being the "Tate Murder case" lovol ving the llMa. t and riot. aesauj..rat Le seldom thought of in an emergency. In the majority of eases.nstru..nd the lives of himself and bois family. the United States or America . rape t theft t murder.!'ly every bome has and .18 volume. Wallace.n the Uni ted States every 16 seconds. A1most every day 1. skilled or "professional burglar" does not . 90028 Walmac. sustained by anyone 88 8..nson Family". ant physical conr. People are being attacked ill parking Iota dark streets.der with one of tbe tools of ee Lr-. de recae .1gllt by George B. or if S.

. Mothod....Olen vere ba.lB: atateBIIUlD.1s day but tb.. colorful aDd pug-_ DB. SELF-CQ/1FIDENCE C~T TIPS DISTllACTIOI!S.....elist of the Old South by.ite came into being. \lb.. Eecl!luse •••• ~oc.S to obtain food I!LD.. ays at St'r."us al .t..1ege o.... zas KlIll'E VEIlllUS THE Glrl!...liIllG TIPS :::::: ::: ~ 2~ 23 23 40 40 40 40 41 42 Stones and e1 tibe . Calle and b.. to Strike . AlID DEFENSES A...S INTRODUCTION gi~~gmg~· :::::::: OONT...ined kno". appeared.....y f1gb. • ...•• " •• " •• Metbod. " Det:nse • • • ..ere IIS.••• Changing XnU. Metbad of Blocking & Booking Vri.r.. In his man. DetensiT8 Stance w1th .n B tirst weapoDB Or Bllr'Vival.eD.DE ALONG THE AIll'I. It wasnlt until the Stone Age vas nearly over that tne true fighting knif.. 'O 'O 6 6 6 9 10 10 13 H 14 Vb.d belp defend Rgai..erican Colonies employed the uee of d... TABLE OF CONTEI'Ij!. •• TJl.. • .y did not a1 waya prove reliable or accurat9~ The knite ".I<1ng.1J' gentlemen I . the bOwie khife. . ~•..SOck. WIll THE BIJ..1.. .y. Gra~b1ng At:B.»:: TIPES OF EDGED WEl."ledge 14 the construction and shaping of tools.cks p. firearms bad been dnvent..PONS.....llCeB..... In.a. Ilolding Xnite tor Slaoh and ~hru. (Cant "d P.ed ..nst C~Ub .te IJeap0.:y~ He ""tiS 8 Cousin or the famol..• ••• 39 oee auch example 'Was 8.. COMIIOI! SEIISE IN SELF-DEFElllIE....gat in the Am. 17 Tbis country from tbe 1600 i B to about tal! H360 B has 8.ere to Strike ... discDv'ery of metal. 'O •••••••• "..clous du.. tra" Ilightta lAft Iland Bullet1 t'u. Even 'tho USb..D.nst at-tacks by wild Aga.ll. • • • . the..the name ot caeeaue Marcellus Cl8.1IlBt Def.nst A~taCkB •••••• Kni:f"e Fighter •..tG.. As tbese prill..reeee Bowie and biB famolUl knife is perhnpa the most not ed righter of b.ggel"s..t dueling.. Their primary function WQ. • .. be wrote a history af tbe bowi. Bo'th .... V1tb tb.ll extremely violent bistory as regards JIS. In fact. •• ~••. . tact the first duel to be ...dly cut.22) .. •• ~~ 24 ~~ 31 ~~ .Knife Hidden.1s favorite veapon . I j ..... and how to use the etolle k:n..fou....8 ~ ~.D 18 use of the and other tribes ot men..Pront. Henry Clay....beee tba t did not baye the publicity ttlat Bowie received and deserved~ I Dflt~n8e Aga~1l8t ~ ner eaee Aga..fe against his fellow aan . XnUe l'1ghtiDg St!l... but lived to sutfer punishment by tbe leaders of the commUIti t....PIU:PACE...ere permitted the pr1v1.... _..t. 1m1Ttes became more and more sought arter as a fighting weapon... he used the pistol.. • • • • • .not servants.... I ~ Typioal.ere were many ot. of Blocking •••• " •••••••• "..itive people ga..

0 such a way that the hand v1. Tn.erhand behind forearm can be used for B upport. use left hand over J'.resB dO'frlnwElrdto geeuee .eld 10. anyone 01 these een be used 'Where tbe element ot surprise 1.forearm BO tba. cutting ror-e e 1e Deeded.9 DOt necessary or possible. be sure knife 1s held firmly asa1.Sy to protect the v1 tal organs. #6. The 1ttft hand 1B re8. If necessary.D.TYPICAL KNIPE FIGHTING STAlICES In.nBt .iog downward and extra.ce. In tbi.1gh't band &l1d p. SlASHING Wben working with 8 kJl. pbotos.ter.Ilco. I #8.the style of the kD. #1. slashing and blocking that the knit.1.long arm. arm.a upper body is stra. DEPElISlVE STANCE III!I!H KNIFE ElIDDElI Ba.w. When al8.!e 19 1n view ~ Depending OD.dy to parry or blook oppcnentis hande or roet.B aide tbe knite held in blade a. A good stance 'because it is #5.1. #? ~ In thrusting uee left hand cupped around butt end of Im1fe for the thrust B. Photo~ #1 1s preferable when facing aoother knifer. The knife is is held firmly and 1. The teet are apart tor balance BOLDING KNIFE paR vle. you will note ttLat the lmi.1dden trom tbe attackers view. you will notioe tho right hand with the Sharp edge away from eoeeabout Bhoulder widt'h and.fe that has DO croBB-guard. the right hand h.t edge ot knife blade does not twist sideways.ight for good balac.11 not slip down blade edge 5 \/ben knife is used tor blocking. U8ua~ly toe f1ghting 1s done in a cautious fencing Btyle.2 & . #4.d the dght hand tor SIlid&. 6 . otb. al1gntly bent at the AND TIIROSTiliG knees for quick moves. i't ie important 'when thrus ting.

.te & death struggle ~ it ia necessary 'that every blow COl. #2.g ot muscles will slow :..A. There are times ~he.ere 1 ebue set4 ting up opponent tor rest of counter attack. At the moment or str:lkitlg. Ditto #1. triking.emely important to use C DDB ide-I""" #1. TeJlB1. grip hand. This danger of right hand edge. b.. #3.aad.IIE'l'IIODS OP STRlXING able torce whe.le and shoves.. #4. This particular usage IIlB.e a l1..ced OD. Ditto #4. Knife 18 wrapped around wrist witb blade edge cutt1. Lett band ia pla.U1. s I. I #7.y Dot come into play very ot"ten.t6. but it can be useful for maintaining 8 grip or pulling opponent ort balance for other strikes 9 . Palm It 1s erlr. DOWIl~ard slash thru clotblng. Downward 'tbr""t of collarbone4 I I #fJ.rour »eapcnsea . to side or neck. So the hand nolding knite can punch ribs or slsB'IIIb. slashing down.n. Keep 8.D. butt end ot knife Right Iland 10 used for method helps ol1"in" to Blid1llg dow blade to back or bollow #5. top right hand for added pr-ee sure ~ or I I Left band into wrist. secure but relaxed grip OD kDite handle..D. guiding 'blade. the knite cannot be put to instant use because Df th. . attack Palo! up.Le tirmJ.e angle of attaok or defense.

Do Dot release rigbt hand until sure lett band hae knif •• {l6. Left hand ha e knife with blad. Knife can be kept: in that POBt tiOD for fencing 01" folded back along left forearm. facing Bring dght opponent. forward.ME~1I0DS OP STRIXING COIIT' D On cccae ron 1 t might be nece eaar'y to use tbruBt immediately. Photo' 9 #7 't c #10 111uEltrate grip. pail" of sci. 11 &: #8. is The palm used tor 'Knife tbe oupping Bupport Right fr~m 'the butt and of wben thrusting. keep point aiming at opponent. matcb.. ? 10 11 . SInce there iana guard 'to 'prevent hand from slipping. Example Photo t e. handle ae he Id between may be necessary to knife Neyer tOB8 'knife IT""iiiiy be dropped bat 'may ueve ohanged to a fencing band to confuse Dr one band tbe style opponBnt~ of other.". if!. com- If necessary to shift knife. point to drop and bandle 18 caught between fingers per Pb.injury otber Sbiftin. They should be 'Used in a punching or tbruettng menner. to the from one hand to the or knocke d to floor. #S. "to Left Hand Ohanging from knife an . knife N3. Be #2. It may make him wary and allow you to complete ohenge . 51. WeigM of blade all. #4.'"om underneath. Blade 1s held along forearm. band to front w1th point #54 Left hand grabs ha:ndlefl.10B ti tut B Weapons Sometimes the only weapons available are a small paring knite or 8.

Knit. OP BLOCKING AND HOOKING pull against WRIST oppone. 88 bcuee punch to .reee or downward strike club attaok #1. Tbla eupport might be neeeee ar-y against large 0ppoJlent. in pla. and tendons. 12 I} . 'ForoBrm block off on outeide arm. 115.oted wrist of' a right puncc.itb blade edge at an angle in ordsl.. 'The blow can De a round- such Thi8 blow could be a be okband ot" 8 atraigbt punch to cheee .e .' to get a good bite. given bere to bead.nt of tho METHOD It is used to drag or balance for other strikes. Roll knife over top ot arm and at same time turn fist over 80 !mife edge will fsce attackers wr:1at. #4. tbe defender arm. Tbis already occur-s when blooking arms coming down or up. inside 12. ThiB block La dir.MmHODS OF BLOCKING witb knite. be euce and If blade 18 twi·sted aid aCSJU'lot ~H8abla attackers Wh1le blocking have a firm gr1p~ ways. As you block roundhouse Md backhand blowe. #J. Porearm bloc-leba8 tbe support of tne left band.. #6. slide blade upv8l"de in order to cut muscle.

Abdominal . Fatal. due to rib cage.h if atteJlded. :u left unattended. across large auecf ee of tbe bieeps. 6 . will cause death trom loss of blood ~ 14 'IS . side of De ck will UD- 4 .ahort time. Thrust will cause shoe k and eventual deat. sl.eee ~ Force h.delbow will render arm ueet.Jugular veill UDdttr nAdams Apple Thrust 1nto hollow results in death in a very sbort t!me" I!_ • 2 .Femoral Arteries" Deep slashes at the upper inside ot thigh will sever tbe various veins and to drop his veepce .sh on el'tber cause death.Stomacb.D. Slss'b. Sla. to 9 ever t sedona or tbe inside of wris t 8.Heart.WERE TO STRIKE BROIIT 1 . Ditto 110.Arms.i. 7 . a 5- v'ery .D.asb. Usually best to avoid great left :5 . 3. .Area. Ca'rot1d Arteries.

e brain blood and External af. ligaments and blood vessels. c uttlng tur.Acbilles Tendon. A deep thrust great shook and :internal will cause hemorrhage.nder leg UBeleB:9~ 11 .Carotid & (Ill. Slash the neck .sh lIill prevent opponent from Btandin.WEllE TO STRIKE BACK B . to in extreme 10s8 a very short time. A sla. blood. 10 .Ligaments behind Knee ~ A deep slash will cut tbe auecLee .neya. ai ther tile arteries tb. This will re. of 9- Kid. 17 16 .de of which results death in Jugular.g' OD injured Leg .n1sb.

neck. a de rensnve stance is taken before the counter9 Roundhouse Strike to Ribs Right Hand facing is #1. 116.nside #2. it '._te forearm.. Defender atepe forward so that tis right Side Le attacker.. Slash adde ot Backhand Strike neok with palm up. It 1t were DOt poss 101e .D:SFEIISE AGAINST CLUB ...t B.d.n..e grab upper 8. hook wrist t at same tim. #1. .. toot. raisi. #4.I.rd.a you slasb.TTACI(S 10.U"16ft ba.!orws.eet. past hi. e eep forward and Stay clear or 16 19 . grip #? AS attacker passes you release on his arm and slash sid. of D:ee. I?~ Remove knife. A. Attacker swings club in a roundhouse strike aiming tor ribs..:to .. leap . order to Gave apace. Note: Left toot 18 c Lcee to attacker.1'111 be aeaua-. As club . d #5. with YOI.1D wi tb right opponent.r:II. Pull attacker past you with nbook_ grab" cOJlb1natioD. As soon as arm 1s hi to block 1.bdoman . Slide left band over butt ot knife 8.Righ.move inside roundhousB strike as illustrated ill PhD'tO.nd. Roll knife around and. At the same time and cut his I . Block: !'orearm. toea Btep back and let" club swing past you. ed that for each attack.k.urne for backh.a.k::nJ.ILd'thrust to a. awing. I #8.

#74 Grab cppcneuee wrist "ltb your hand. Attacker 1s left b.. ami.. one band to the In any event step in with.. leap forward and preas cl\tb arm downward vi tll your left band while slasbiIlg neck.e down outside of blocking .. bie 'bac..DElEliSE AGAINST CLIlll ATTACKS .reax #8~ . #5· It aaaa llant to floor. kie. Bt!Ialert to e.arm in order to 6I'ab it ~ .cross neck. Bide Btep to .for fJto:mach or body to the :right parry-a club vi th hie club ill'id tvi:atb.anded or 18 B. #2.r:II B. to #6. right and place yourselt behind the attack&.foot ing Stop arm lett This otber.Ild up efce e to your 0ppollent. to slid. Strike able bas Ilot been kDooked .kha.nth firm lett Q.&8 you 20 21 . Step forward .rt band.. Backhand. Defender leaps toward attacker and bloclts club.wi ten 01 ub from.itb rigbt toot and quickly elash a. fl. Ja. Stomach ...eek~ cut neck .Right BAnd #1. AS def'ende'r parrya ing to the r1gbt " ne should opponents nea..nd swing witb a strong toreblock.8..l.liDg at #4. and pull hill do.ttackers ani. trom tbo inside . Allow a.b iDto ribs and lert I As attacker defender twists a. ott balance IoIi11 X"OO"lll or etrike f to D.t the same time arm.ttack to Bead . punch or block from attackers l.jabs .l"Il..

. it would pay to have SOme knowledge ct knife handlinS for self-defense.cast him.n armed assailant.a.faced with a life or death situation in your home.found in the ldtcben. I'fothing may ever happen to you.te ...l. intruder.D.a. A very b. even at formal cccem.r-e !orced to face a. 1 The techniques or handliIlg are dir!erSDt from tbe u.ife.t. As H need could arise wbeD you least expect it. The tact that you would have tc be very c Lcae to the attacker .me in bis long career. THE KNIPE VERSUS l!I!E GUN 1/Jl.eeene of defending yOUI' life.ioiD.y-.~ways rea. his termB ~ Clay 11ved to tile ripo be claimed hiB longevity reaction to attacks upon old age of 83 end was due to .0 danger wi thin our own bomes thee steps have to be baken to protect ourselves and our fa. when our lives are 1.milies.firearms.your lifo I OF EDGED IlEAPONS There are three types ot kni~8s that you sbOuld know about.ivilized sooiety of today.J' challenges caae his wa. fast and rutb.ingle cutting edge and the thil:'d knHe is the siugle-edged butcher or boning kn1.stalling af A nel"V'OUS guo owner could make an irrevocable mistake.iJe.D.e and to the type of atte..ncekni ves are essential tools almost every hom. there aTe .40) 22 . an excel. e.for personal protection 'while conduct1ng our daily work~ 1Jben ve he. he was our Ambassador to tbe Cour't of Rue. fire and tb.. Think of eej r-aer enee training as io a 11011ted working for h\llDal1 l.three dollars Most eta tee. Violent people about who care :noth1. In our carry weapona .itlon plus tbe need to practice could be expene I ve .en . we are not permitted .tioll. l"'equire some form ot registration or licensing or ..les8 atta.sual.sia. but it eould COflt you plen'ty by not being prepared .ve laws and police pr-otrectn on . • • OD. good locks OD doors aod w1. Tha lOathcd of defense ShOWDaere Me been deaigne. it i8 important that you develop appropriate responses. Relatives a. Olay was a. People bUy insurance tor 10SS8S resulting frOID injury. The kitcben knife \iiould C06t t.eft. It was alwa78 his habit to carry a pearl handled bowie knife.udOWBplus a means of eacape to a void ph. This mea. I a Careful planning . this 1s proper. .ck one might encounter. Ex:cluding firearms. (Cont'd P.~ manual is about.the i.lent weapon of dej'enee ~ the cost tor gun amGIlJ. \lb. none is needed for the kn. TYFES Unfortunately ~ human. However.Lon . a kitchen knife 1s tile only weapon available for eelf-prot"ec.nd even neighbors have been mistaken for burglars.a setting up safeguards . \/0 stiU have dangerous.n.a.dy to accept. knife f1gbti.e is BO equipped. 10 many cases. Si."o or. nature hae Dot cb.1s important to protecting your home trom Lnvaa.yeical ccneece w~ th til.ene .:n.makes a mistake bighly UDlikely for 'tbe knife ue er-.d for your use in the event you. Since be bad an eye for the ladies of the court. Tho fighting knih (atUotto or dagger)w1th the double cutting edge.11e the gun i.rd.At one t1.cEod sinoo tho bogioning of time. Tbe hunting knife with .ng but well sui ted to the knife found in the hom. DIB. It is tbe kitcnen knife that this tr. Finally. it all this 1'ails.

Simultaneously the mite arm is brought ..elp of' the lett hand to pres.wUtly .nd Quickly step in with len foot aD..cross body and at the eane tims cup butt end of knif. left b. Step for . #6. 4. opponent..Lett CLUB ATTACKS Hand #1. While blocking descending club arm.d use heel ot palm.. #5.FEI!SE AGAINST A.i. through cloth:ing. above heel ot palm left hand onto chin or nose or attacker. rd with right foot and tu.Corlfard to block leg strik •• aide witb neck.DJ. .ce of attacker to upset balance. Step ecr-cee to at-tackers rigbt right toot vhile elash. with rising knife hand. draw knife eceoee Continue stepping until clear #? or 2.g aDd proceed t-o slaSh dOWIlWB.rn knit'e over 80 point faces cei11D. #2.ith the lert toot leading.ttack to Head .4 . Hove forward .Lert Ha.and intD ta..ttackto Leg. Thrust into a't1d.l"d with the h. On cOlapletion ot downward slasb.ollWlor ee cwaeb . #3. #4.. with lett hand.

As cb..nst your body.nt with your lett . In any event. with a strong forearm block.1tb knife hddden .me tim.ring to a horiz..ile swinging left hand sbould reacb tackers bead bacbards balanced.5 standillg in defensive posit. Immed. It£.ontal . _ //-7.JlD. around #4. 'block: I hook m1..c ker is prepa.j~ .fa and aDd #5. is bac.IIL8.i8:tely after wrist of attacker.e pull hooked arlZl around aga1. Swing r1g11t log "'elliDd your ee U at the Sa. Always step away from attacker after eounter'-at'tack. the defense Le tb.rcou and alash sida ot neck.ng1ng froID.erlth r chain.nd tilt atuntil be is un- '"1£ prr-r-' . I I "8' .k: out of range. into post tion.a. Wh. UhSIl attacker drops chain. Tne ohain at-tack could be a roundhouse ce 11 figure "8 type Q~ attack.DEFENSE AGAiliST CElAIN ATTACK Attacker has chain ba. unhook wrist and s t ep back avay troll aseaila. r #8.D.i.e same. #3. ~-:- ~14. Until opponent drops to tloor he 1$ stil.. ne reudee 1. . #1.ion . ~: Le!t foot of de!liInder 19 level.o. your around a. strike I str1. Atte. J ••• 26 . _r ·i - .ke leaps in 8WUJJg I defender Before ohain ce tuecs ill a backhand defendel:' leaps forward aDd stops returning arm.l extremely dangeroua.. his hand about wa. #2.

Attacker H2.DEFENSE AGAINST CilArN ATTACK AIL alternate defense.Laeh .ey_ 28 . cpponenv. Defender moves back to avoid #3.D. blocks chain am 111'1h bis left t band and at same time alashes muscles of upper cbain arm~ toot #4.baiD • hit.... in qu:l.ckll" and. opand. step back vitb left that your right aide faces back of' \Jh11e doing this'l prepare Jrni. BO ". Step with right foot towarll.fe thrust. preparing to strike wi tb being #1. thrUB't to kid. Defender leap. .rter a. for ponent A.

froll:! attackers band 31 . At eeee time 818sb eide of neck.fe arm towardu b1e body. When ee.cb. Make a gesture towards throat of oppcnent . the defeuses ar-e very much the. alash move in. ob~ect #5 &: 6. Defender should parry tbe band 1. In this c e ee at face ot attacker.pOn~ Against the cautious typs of lcn1ter a dHferont type of defense is needed In tbis caae . The knife 19 placed in the palm Witb the blade [or. it not.". Wben 9ttackere knife raffles to slash s.B held ready for parry1ng.eeee . quickly elaob wrist balding knife.ard and tbe cuttint edge towards the tbum'b. If knife drops rer. 8 foroeful manner similar to club attacks.DEFENSE AGAINST THE KlfIFE FIGHTER It should be noted that when a kn1ti& 18 UIHtd in. Pace opposing kn. ing or for d1straction. throw If keys or eoee hie bBDda raise to protect hie face. If opponent 18 burt but not knocked to ground ernve 1n q1). Your hand 1. "ait side #7. III tbl. 'blook- #2 . of neck.!: 3.tb blade forand rigbt side faoing opponent.t your 'wrist Lean back and qutckly kick at hiB knee 4 #4. ODe exception 'would be the Jab to the atO'JD8.netead of "tbe ""88. cs •• tbe defend. i ward left 11.1!er . tbe blad B along the a:rm doe B not allow enougb 1'18xlb1~1ty for all ine subtle moves needed in lencing. !mite band rs used for the dls'trBct:1on.another opportunity.r.iokly pres8ing Btt80kera kn1.

. f/3. US. 32 33 . fr-e e and aer-o •• body with 'Point faciDg attacker.1mee w'hen you may be confronted w1 ttl more than one at tacker One attacker ItIsy grab you 80 that bie partner mA. St ep .A IIIST GRABBING ATTACKS 4 Thera might be t. . pull lotH. This will expose tbe abdominal area for knite 17 .rda~ It h1e pa:rtner approaches fro. quickly kick lor his groin before treeing yourself ~ #6 All of these moves are e1mul taneous.bin.f•• thrust fl4..forward to stomach. 1. e e knife over head and ja b . extremely 1mportBIlit that you 'Work tast to tree YOUTself and U pcae Ib Le wee the grabber Be a sbield.. raisa #1. If po•• 1bl.Y overcome you~ It 1". p ner Quickly elide lett root beb Lnd opponent and at eeee time 1'8166 your latt arln forcing attackers arms up and bend bim back.1 bow into r1 be or 9 tomacn .er bee approached from rear and is bending defender ba.ckwe.. higb in order "to e Lae.D]. If knife 1s ""lQiakened but not relea.m tbe tront. Botb 'Wrists Grabbed trom the Front. Cup left hand over butt of 1m1."!'ENSE A(. Upon being grabbed. grip band rt toot kick: attackers tor Jd 01<.sed.h wrist. Cboke and wi tb ri gbt from loot Rear OIId !'orearm Wr19t Grab #5. Attaok. #2. thruS't. Tighten neck muscles and bear down on attackers arm rlth cb1n.

#6" towarcs you. Stall Stop back w1tb rlgbt toward B him and and pull side of J4 . #5. wr19t~ roll kn1te foot slash over attacker neck. At top book opponents of circle. Immediately punch or palm into . If attacker 1.raee of attacker to 10086n grip. still grlpp1ng 'Wrist. aboTe knife towards floor and making 8 large circle (clock-wise). USEI bee I ot r cr-ce him to 11>.ife GRABUNG Arm ATTACKS ordel" to #1.EFENSE Two Hand' G·rab pl"tlv-ent AGAINST of Kn.D. 12. to #4. UO'6 Attac'ker g'r-abe arm in of knife.

I.neck.ware partner Arm Grabbed #1.e moat cases clock-wise.t top or .D.edi8.rele upward again. 4 Im.1!!Iard 36 37 .. After eu. .DEl!'EIiSE AGAINST GRABBING AT:l!ACJ[8 Knife a.On dOWllward part muscles ot upper thigh. J". ci.tely kick sideways with bottom of In ta1s case 1 toe attacker may ce defender having knife and'ing thigh. at #2. trom Side ot loot onto knee of 8ssa11aDt the knee 'Would be dieloea ted.IILIlke circle a slash thru #3.. It grip 1s weakened.a is trying to restrain defender. of circle follow and start on side #4. dO\l. slash. of #5.lll. c Lec Le .

d.ckf1at to face.d be a long exna. A8 you get in'to poe I tiOD I SqWlt a 11ttle to break hie balance and to maintain your own bala.rget ~ to tbrUB't pas 1ti OD. Stomach i6 done drop atrep back with ..e trams1de of If da-cppf.Ie ) and prevent coughing .t ~ theDstep forwardW'ithrignt root and slash Deck witb blade along artn~ }9 .• Front Choke #1. Immediately exhale tbru mouth to keep throat open (it shoul.s Boon as choke 1s brokso. . 1s being f orsarm #3. Throw yOU]'" left arm over a.A.right toot to pull him otr balance. Attacker #2. Keep your back: atra.1gb. execute a fast blade to thrust position La cUtflcuJ.ttackers :forearms and pin them to your chest.t. While-this te.DEFEIIS:E AGUIIST lfAABBIIiG ATTACKS baa grabbed tbrOilt witb both of hia hands.. At the same ti.

1dde. Do not al10 ..'01.rrereot weapoD8 to increase yOUl' .. Leave your residenc.:r wise to avoid physic. Staring at his eyes could ha.da a variety ot attacks i covered in tUB manual.ry tb. defend wi th all tbe spir1 t and ruthleeall9ss neceee8. t1.i. the delense 1s against a hard.your cpponentr .e an IlJ'pnoti ziIlg eff'eot and 81o¥' your reactions.=.(loUB dif.n against the arm . a loud yell will eoae-. SELI'-COIIFIDE1'lCE Confidence in :your abilities to defend yourself iB as 88Dt1al.. tba best teacher ot all.1 .tllrown If you pt'8.fereDce between... knives and brokeD.16 to deceive.m.en tra1.t be injured when .queeare very illportant.Y 10U9 .8 ueua.C tice using the you are i:t 1. knife 1s ta. Aft Br tbe ecvea bave been memorized. able you to see bis handa and Lega . . Watcb out \lb. Create and practice tbat could as TRAiliING TIPS. Your tavored hand migb. otherwisB the 6Plot1on of panic B. if 1GU az-e positive your life 18 in danger.newspapers of different lengtha to represent clubs.take an injl. winJliJlg and witb a partner. Dot be uecbnt. This . 80 chaoge and add sui table.h:~~:r~r t!II:~t~~~D o~ !O~d muscles of assailants arm at the eeae time. it 18 j\l8t cOlDIRon sense NOT to use real knives.our attention to be div'erted for an instant from. WI There 1a a better ebence of success with the blade b. the 1e. RiB objeot .may. .e business at hand . Never look: away trolD.m ner-vcus.ttack you.e polic e.e a tremell. the thinking or your opponent.TIlE . tollow up with un-renearsed attaoKS Vitb d1. It is impossible to picture .i..r :!:s:. Practice :. can block and cut the to of The attacker c Icee . A split second 01 diBtraction can mak. look over an opponent' a shoulder could make hi. .surpriuB 1s an important element to w1.. th . tn._r:1 to win.n. incr-eeae the ape ad 01 the a actioD 1f there is an intruder in your home.D.Dee and study.ll...Ild cut'tins at' a.ft hand .sbort circuit COI2I011 BfliISE IN SELI'-DEl'fliISE I 110 matter how "ell tra..irly 10n8 And there 1s DO guard to prevent the hand froll sliding dOWlledge of blade while thrusting.111 en .BLAllE ALONG TIlE 1JlII TlleUBual buteb.. tor objects 40 that may be . Use rolled up . Do not be affected by remarks the.nd. A hand 1D motion. an o:pponent lDi8h:t a.1 Alter hi... 1D8. fear will 'take OVer9 Practice of knife where every possible coi.1 need it most.8. On tb:tlI other or keys at face of' intruder could aid in defesting bim. As you improve..e ~d Dotl..te 1n your right hB"nd. bala. throv1. vi tal area 1 stay olear He may Dot know the seriousness of stLll could be ertremely DISTRACTIONS . A.. be sura tIJl practice wi'tb. last knife arm.1I"J' Be alert I in orde..ting ~ Since the attack.mes freeze the action of attack.yo~ movea slowly tor accuracy. . opponent may make. . Practice is CQHBAT TIPS geep your eyes on the chest of your opponent.

f'd.The author has been a student and teacber of the Martial Art. i. Black Belt in Juj.1tau and specializes iD teaching the use of weapons f'or sel. H.~ i- . e.&fenae. adnce 1956.