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--------------------------I. System Requirements --------------------------Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows 2000 200Mhz Processor 32MB Ram 16-bit capable video card 16-bit Sound card Directx 6.0 --------------------------II. How to Play --------------------------Object: Form words from the letters provided. Find at least one word that uses all the l etters to continue to playing. Find all of the words for bonus points. How to Play: Click on the balls to form a word, then press the ENTER button. If the word is in the dictionary for the game, it will show up on the left-hand side of the gam e. Use the TWIST button when you get stuck to help you see other words. You may also use the keyboard to enter words. Play Full Screen: You can select full screen mode from the options menu. --------------------------III. Keyboard Controls --------------------------Spacebar - twist letters Enter Enter the word or repeat last word remove last letter clear all letters

Backspace Tab -

--------------------------IV. Customer Service --------------------------If you are experiencing any problems with TextTwist, don't hesitate to contact o

and is licensed to an individual user. Credits --------------------------TextTwist was created at GameHouse. please visit: http://www.com/scripts/rnforms/tech_service.real. copyright (C) Firelight Mult imedia. TextTwist makes use of FMOD sound and music system.asp If you are playing the free version and would like to upgrade to the full versio n. All rights reserved by GameHouse. Inc.ur customer support: http://customerrelations.com/games/texttwist/plus. Inc. 1994-2001 .. Inc. by the following people: Garr Godfrey Ben Exworthy Marina Fish Dave Ryan Jason Katsanis Valuable assistance provided by: Ron Powers Joe Hitchens Music by Super Maxi Sound TextTwist is a trademark of GameHouse.html --------------------------V.real. All software included in this package is the property of GameHouse.

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