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Manual DoubleCAD

Manual DoubleCAD

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Published by Felipe Ordenes Odi

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Published by: Felipe Ordenes Odi on Sep 04, 2011
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You can save styles in template files, so that you don’t have
to create styles from scratch each time. To do this, set up the
styles you want for doors, schedules, slabs, etc. Then use
File / Save As to save the file as a *.2ct file (DoubleCAD
Template). Place the template file in the “Template” folder
of the DoubleCAD root directory. Then when you want to
open the template, use File / New, and select New from

NOTE: This also applies to tool Properties; set the properties
you want, such as door dimensions or wall width and height,
and save them as part of the template file as well.

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