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Fight! - Round 2

Fight! - Round 2

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Published by Allen Anderson

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Published by: Allen Anderson on Sep 04, 2011
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  • Basic Qualities
  • Modifying the Speed Basic Quality
  • Ki as a Basic Quality
  • New Qualities, Weaknesses, and Quirks
  • New Quality
  • New Weaknesses
  • New Quirk
  • Techniques
  • New Techniques
  • Campaign Based Techniques
  • Modifying Basic Moves
  • Modifying Jumps
  • Modifying Basic Throws
  • Advanced Grappling
  • Modifying Basic Taunts
  • Command Moves
  • Special Considerations for Moves that do No Damage
  • New Special Move Liabilities
  • New Special Move Elements
  • Buffs
  • Adding Liabilities to Attack Strings
  • Rates of Super Energy Gain
  • Variants on Using Super Moves
  • New Super Moves
  • Finishers
  • Creating and Using Finishers
  • Types of Finishers
  • Special Killer Combo Finishers
  • Custom Combos
  • Beginning of the Turn and End of the Turn
  • Berserk Attacks
  • Modifying the Time Count
  • Fighter Positioning
  • Combos
  • Damage
  • Stunning
  • Defenseless Situations
  • Defense Options
  • Blocking: Using the Defense Skill
  • Dodging: Using the Evasion Skill
  • Counterattacks: Using the Tactics Skill
  • Other Defensive Options
  • Weapons
  • Team Combat
  • Tag Team Combat
  • Tag Team Supers
  • Three-Person Teams
  • Helper Characters
  • Companions
  • Optional Rules for the End of the Turn or the End of the Round
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Walls
  • Other Environmental Hazards
  • Zone Barriers
  • Aerial Combat
  • Building Thugs
  • Building Characters as Thugs
  • Social Combat
  • Alternate Campaign Styles
  • Traditional Fantasy Gaming in Fight!
  • Mecha Gaming in Fight!
  • Supers Gaming in Fight!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Even with the focus on high-powered
martial arts combat, the default
presumptions of Fight! still permit a lot of
variety in campaign styles. Urban crime
drama, historical fantasy, space opera, and



super spies all work just fine with the core
rules. However, the flexibility of the Fight!
rules can be used for other genres of
gaming that rely on lots of action and
combat, even if they are not traditionally
about martial arts. This section will give
guidelines for using Fight! in fantasy,
mecha, and supers gaming. It is also
worthwhile to note that fighting video
games have been made for each of these
genres, so the precedent is already present
in the source material.

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