Figure and Ground Relationship

Description: A pink vase and two black faces Reason:

Description: Old man playing trumpet and a face silhouette Reason:

Principle of Closure Description: First seen as square but is made of four unconnected straight lines Reason: Description: First seen as Dalmatian but is made of different figures Reason: .

Principle of Similarity Description: Circles and squares Reason: Description: Repetition of human figures and colors and Reason: .

Principle of Proximity Description: Figures Reason: Description: Repetition of color and circles Reason: .

Principle of Continuity Description: Seen as two crossed straight lines rather than 4 intercrossed connected lines Reason: Description: Reason: .

Law of Pragnanz Description: Three overlapping squares Reason: Description: Overlapping triangle and bean Reason: .

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