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Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly by Alex Flinn

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Published by Jasmine Amerol

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Published by: Jasmine Amerol on Sep 04, 2011
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Beastly by Alex Flinn

We all know the tale of Beauty and the Beast. We've seen Belle sacrifice herself to protect her father, and live with a beast inside his grand castle. But what do we really know about the beast? A witch cast a spell upon him, turning him into a Beast. But what was he feeling? Who was he before he became a Beast? We’ve never seen the story told through his eyes. Until now. Young adult author Alex Flinn explores the Beast’s side of the story in Beastly, a modernized fairytale for teens. There’s no singing, parading through the streets, or villains named Gaston in this rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Instead, there is Kyle Kingsbury, a teenage boy with perfect looks…and not much else. Read more at Suite101: Beastly by Alex Flinn – Book Review and Summary | Suite101.com http://www.suite101.com/content/beastly-summary-and-reviewa236936#ixzz1VBIqYCef

Kyle Kingsbury rides through life on his looks and his celebrity (what with his father being a big-time news anchor and all). He’s adored by all the girls in school, and gravitates toward the Barbie-doll, airhead types. Ugly people are beneath him. In fact, they don’t even exist. Kyle decides to play a prank on an overweight, green-haired Goth girl named Kendra. She stood up to him in English class, and now it's his turn to exact revenge. He invites her to the school dance as his date in order to humiliate her, secretly inviting his bimbo girlfriend as his real date. But instead of crying or becoming embarrassed, she simply walks out, leaving Kyle uneasy. When Kyle arrives home that evening, Kendra is waiting in his room. That’s when she reveals her true identity. She’s not a high school student at all—she’s a witch! And she’s seen the ugliness inside of Kyle. She casts a spell upon him, one that makes him equally as ugly on the outside. She turns him into a Beast! Kyle will only return to his human form if he finds someone he truly loves who loves him back within two years. And to break the spell, they must share a kiss. Kyle knows it’s hopeless. Who could love a hideous Beast? Even his own father ships him away to a big house with his maid, Magda, and his blind tutor, Will, where he kind hide from the world. As time passes, Kyle expands his horizons, building his own greenhouse to grow roses, and reading many of the classics like The Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein. He even changes his name to Adrian, wanting to forget his past. Kyle begins to lose hope until one day a junkie breaks into his backyard. Kyle catches him and makes the man promise to bring his daughter to Kyle’s house in exchange for not going to the police. Kyle watches the man’s daughter through a magical mirror given to him by the witch. He recognizes the girl, Lindy, from school. He desperately wants to make Lindy feel comfortable, not like a prisoner, even though that’s exactly what she is. But what if she can’t handle the sight of him? Will she ever learn to trust a Beast? Could she ever love him?

is sent by the witch elders to New York City to work as a servant. When they both go back to school. later. called her a total zero. Silentmaid is Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid. tall and slender with curly hair. • The Witch used her powers too frequently in her youth and. Anderson and the Support Group Members are members of a special online support group for people who have gone through transformations.[1] In the end.[1] • Will Fratalli is in his late twenties. He changes his name from Kyle (which means "handsome") to Adrian (which means "dark one"). Anderson is a normal person who started the support group to help people who have gone through bizarre changes. Pilot. • [1] Rob Kingsbury is Manhattan's most popular news anchor. he locks him up in a luxurious five-floor apartment because he's embarrassed of him and doesn't want anyone to know that his son is a monster. Kyle. Pilot feels uncomfortable around Kyle but as the time passes. Grizzlyguy is the prince from Snow-White and Rose-Red. and has a dog. Mr. • . When he finds out about Kyle's transformation. as punishment. encouraged by Will. When she first comes to the house. She often talks about how she 'dug a tunnel' out of her life and applied for Kyle's school. • Linda "Lindy" Owens is the modern version of "Beauty". to the upcoming dance as a practical joke. he starts to become fond of him. before she transforms Kyle. and tolerant of her father's drug-filled life. Kyle's only company is his housekeeper. rich. After a few days she comes out and tutors with Will and Adrian. she is sold again for money and drugs. She introduces herself as Kendra Hilferty. blonde. she is afraid of being used as a sex slave. He has a son. green eyes. When Kyle asks an unappealing new student. He is hired to tutor Kyle after Kyle's transformation. He is rich and handsome and lives in a large apartment with his son and the maid. At first. Kyle. Kyle's father is ashamed of his son's appearance and locks him in a large apartment in downtown New York so no one will see him. he keeps watching her. at the same time. Adrian has two years to break the witch's spell by falling in love and being loved sincerely despite physical appearances. but lets her go as a part of the deal they made earlier. the most expensive private school. when he first saw her. and is overweight and ugly. Kendra. At the end. and slowly falls in love with her. Kendra restores Will's eyesight as a part of her deal with Kyle. transforms Kyle into an ugly beast. She also is disguised as Magda. He is tall. her "ugliness" disappears and she is described as a beautiful witch. the Kingsbury's maid. He works 24/7 and barely spends time with his son.Characters Kyle Kingsbury is the son of Manhattan's news anchor. She disguises herself as a new student at Tuttle to spy on Kyle.[1] • Daniel Owens is Linda's sickly and drug addicted father. Froggie is the frog prince. and. His only happiness comes from the rose garden he plants and maintains in his small backyard. and crooked teeth. Rob Kingsbury. She misses her father. When he gets the mirror. He is blind. Kendra. bearing green hair and dark clothes. She is described as not the most beautiful girl with red hair. and handsome. She loves the roses in the greenhouse. Tuttle. she and Kyle are dating. He is the most popular guy in school and dates the hottest girls. to serve and. a blind tutor named Will and his dog. She is described as very smart. • Mr. Pilot. However. who is really a beautiful witch. Kyle/Adrian uses the screen name BeastNYC on it. Magda. but when she goes back. spy on Kyle during his two years. who serves as a helper and a watchdog. Kyle finds out everything about the witch.

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