Special studies in marketing

Psychology of consumer behavior

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 Priyanka shinde  Dipti shirke

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 Yogesh sonavane
 Vrushali sukhale  Manish yadav

Consumer behaviour
 Consumer behaviour can be defined as , “the

decision making process and physical activity involved in acquiring , evaluating , using and disposing of goods and services.”

Why do we need to study consumer behaviour ?

 Because no longer can we take the

customer/consumer for granted.

Buying decission process

Psychological factors
 Psychological factors include motivation ,

perception , learning belief and attitudes .  These factors influences buyers behaviour in different ways.

 Motivation is the inner drive to fulfill the needs.  It directs the person to seek satisfaction of the
 -

needs. Maslow’s theory of motivation seeks to explain why people are driven by particular needs at particular time. Self actualization needs Esteem needs Social needs Safety needs Physiological needs


Organizati onal Behavior / Perception

 It is impression that the consumer forms about a

certain situation .  Perception is the process of selecting , organizing and interpreting or attaching meaning to events happening in environment .
 Perceived risk

 Learning relates to change in individual behaviour

that are caused by information and experience .  It describes change in an individual behaviour arising from experience .  Therfore the marketer should try to build up the demand for their product by associating it with strong drives , using motivation cues .

Belief and attitude
 Person acquire certain belief and attitude through

the learning process and this in turn influences their buying behaviour .  A belief is a thought that a person holds about something .  An attitude is a person is favorable or unfavorable evaluation of a product or services .  It develops over a period of time .

 Therefore the behaviour of the consumers has

undergone a drastic change .  Today is the age of relationship marketing , and the age of studying the further expected changes in the behaviour of the consumer .  Communicating with the customer is the core of good customer service .

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