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1.Number series 2.Wrong Number series 3.Number Analogy 4.Number Classification or Oddman out 5.Letter Series 6.Letter Analogy 7.Letter Classification or Oddman out 8.Word Analogy 9.Word Classification or Oddman out 10.Coding and Decoding 11.problems Based on Alphabets 12.Time sequence,Number,Ranking and miscellaneous 13.Directions 14.Sitting Arrangments 15.Blood Relations 16.Analytical reasoning 17.Logical-ven Diagrams 18.Coded inequalities 19.Logical Statements And Conclusions 20.Data Sufficiency

1. Basic Mathematics 2. Percentages 3.Profit And Loss 4.Ratio And Proportion 5.Partnership 6. Problems on Ages 7. L.C.M and H.C.F 8. Averages 9. Simple Interest 10.Compound Interest 11.Problems on Numbers 12. Time And Distance 13. Time And Work 14.Boats And Streams 15.Trains 16.Pipes and Cisterns 17.Areas 18.Voluems 19. Data Analysis